Mar 25, 2016

Friday, March 25, 2016, Warren Stabler

Theme: We need to get rid of our PR department.

This is our third puzzle from Warren who has two Monday LATs under his belt. It was difficult to parse his re-imagination of PRISM as PR IS M. Words that begin with "PR" are recast with "M" to create new phrases. There are no other PR words in the clues or fill. The triple nines in the NE and SW make this an impressive grid featuring  many lovely words like ARMATURES, PERSONNEL, EXTENDERS, STOMACHED, RAPID FIRE, ANECDOTAL. Let us take a trip through Warren's creation.

17A. Songs without words? : MIME NUMBERS (11). PRime Numbers, a math concept becomes an odd concept of people acting out the music. I started out wanting INSTRUMENTAL which luckily was too long.

27A. Earthquake consequence? : MOVING GROUND (12). PRoving ground I believe started with a term for the place where the military tries out its weapons. This fill gave me the letter(s) switch.

46A. House cat's challenge? : MICE INCREASE (12). PRice increase. 

61A. Money-making fiasco? : MINTING MESS (11). PRinting PRess. A double dose of changing pr to m. Good or bad?

68A. Solid that, when divided into three parts, describes this puzzle's theme : PRISM. For all of the math people who comment here, we are talking geometry not light waves when the clue is a solid. LINK.


1. "Dancing With the Stars" network : ABC-TV. Quite the interesting new group this year.

6. Early sign of spring : ARIES. The first sign of the Zodiac.

11. Big, uncouth guy : APE. Generally hairy.

14. Flap : HOOHA. With or without the closing "H" this version may come from the Yiddish הו־האַ meaning hullabaloo. In the Urban dictionary, the meaning is very different.

15. Now : TODAY.

16. King of ancient Rome : REX. This took too long as I was trying to think of one of the KINGS.

19. Celebrity known for wearing gold jewelry : MR T.
20. Like : AS IF. We learned this when Winston was pushing their cigarettes as tasting good "Like" a cigarette should. My fellow 10 year old kids loved saying "as if a cigarette should."

21. Check for a poker player? : NO BET. Literal.

22. Corner of a diamond : BASE. Third is the "hot corner."

23. Place name derived from a Koyukon word for "tall" : DENALI. Yukon tipped me to the Alaska connection and Denali filled.  I knew nothing of this language or PEOPLE.

25. Touch : ABUT ON.

31. Span. title : SRA. One lazy Friday I misidentified this abbreviation for Señora.

34. Pasta sauce flavoring : BASIL. Is a spice a flavoring?

35. Jane __, only female Chicago mayor : BYRNE. It is hard to believe Chicago elected this interesting outspoken CANDIDATE.

36. Strong flavor : TANG. I think more of tangy, but this was okay.

38. Dog or fox : CANID. Per wiki any of a family (Canidae) of carnivorous animals that includes the wolves, jackals, foxes, coyote, and the domestic dog.

40. One looking ahead : SEER. The Romans used them as important advisers, called them oracles. Reagan used astrologers. Also a word in C.C.'s Monday.

41. Autobahn autos : OPELS. Cool, now it is here.

43. Dreaded mosquito : AEDES. We have so many diseases spread by mosquitoes. What the CDC says.

45. Mercedes roadsters : SLS. SLS stands for "Sport Leicht Super" (Sport Light Super).

Sorry this is the correct car, I was thinking of an example rather than the plural.

49. Supplements : ADDS TO.

50. Date night destination : CINEMA. No ATM this week.

54. Corporate money mgrs. : CFOSChief Financial Officers.

55. Hustler's genre : DISCO. The dance, not the con man or the street person.

59. Dollar alternative : AVIS. Rental cars.

60. Pop __ : HIT.

63. Important time : ERA.

64. Leader of the pack? : SCOUT. Literally the one who goes out first.

65. Main artery : AORTA.

66. __ Taco : DEL. This chain of texmex is not down here but they have locations in Orlando. Never tried it.

67. Manage : GET BY.


2. Capital on its own river : BOISE. I did not know this geographic fact. Looks pretty.

3. "__ Thro' the Rye": Burns : COMIN.  A snippet...
Comin thro' the rye, poor body,
     Comin thro' the rye,
She draigl't a' her petticoatie
     Comin thro' the rye.

4. Kin, informally : THE FAM. I have a cousin who actually says this.

5. Soccer practice transport : VAN.

6. Sphere opening : ATMOsphere.

7. Lynda Bird's married name : ROBB. She married this man. LINK.

8. Auteur's starting point : IDEE. French authors have their ideas in French.

9. Stock-tracking device : EAR TAG. Not your portfolio, but your cows. Nice clue/fill.

10. Part of PBS: Abbr. : SYS.

11. Current-carrying components : ARMATURES. I know nothing  of electricity or electrical engineering but I read in a current events manual that in DC machines, the magnetic poles are stationary, while the armature rotates-- and hence is also called the Rotor. In AC machines, the armature (heavy coil windings) remains stationary (and hence it is called the Stator), while the magnetic poles rotate inside the stator. This gives us LINK.

12. Staff : PERSONNEL.

13. Substances that add protein to meat : EXTENDERS. I did not know this either and you
probably do not want to read this LINK. And more food controversy 61D. Stir-fry additive : MSG.  MonoSodium Glutamate. There is a really great Article about the Chinese Food Syndrome and MSG.

18. Pioneer mainframe : UNIVAC.

22. Depth indicators, at times : BUOYS.

24. Court ploy : LOB.

26. Texter's "Gimme a sec" : BRBBRight Back. Also in Monday's puzzle.

28. Son of Abraham : ISAAC.

29. Levi's Stadium player, familiarly : NINER. Pick you seat....

30. Skate : GLIDE.

31. Stood : STOMACHED. I will not make a political comment here.

32. In quick succession : RAPID FIRE. Questions, for example.

33. Like some speech components : ANECDOTAL. The great speakers all are able to insert little stories to make their points. Wonderful word used infrequently in puzzles.

37. "Cagney &  Lacey" co-star : GLESS. Sharon, who reappeared on Burn Notice 

39. Church VIP : DEACON.

42. Rest : SIT.

44. Govt. stipend provider : SSI. Social Security provides Supplemental Security Income

47. "Fat chance" : NO DICE. Another of many multi word fill.

48. Charm : ENAMOR.

51. "If __ Would Leave You" : EVER I. Ah, Camelot...

52. Perfume applications : MISTS. At least the department stores no longer spray when you walk in.

53. State in northeast India : ASSAM. And this too was in Monday's puzzle.

56. How ties may be broken, briefly : IN OT. In overtime.

57. Re-entry need : STUB. Your ticket stub at the game, the concert or the movie.

58. Word in many place names : CITY.

62. Opening : GAP. Why did I think of this...

Well Spring sprung, and Warren tried his skills at a Friday. I was really impressed with the long non-theme fill. I think this could have easily morphed into a themeless. I missed my Friday Shakespeare but Camelot was fun. Thanks Warren and all of you, Lemonade out.

Notes from C.C.:

1) TTP wrote an updated post on "How to Create a Blogger Account. It's now archived under Olio on the blog front page. Thank you so much for taking the time and writing detailed instructions for newbies, TTP!

2) A few years ago Husker Gary created this fantastic Crossword Corner map. For those who want to add their name to the map, please feel free to email Gary ( Please also let him know if you want to drop your name from the map. Gary will publish an update map once he has the updated info.


Mar 24, 2016

Thursday, March 24th, 2016 Mel Rosen

Theme: Name Games - two famous (?) names combine to form a third ... thing.

17A. Rich and Chris in a capital? : LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas. Rich Little. Chris Rock.

23A. Billy and Minnie on a road? : SUNDAY DRIVER. We've all experienced a few of these. An international phenomenon too, in my experience. Billy Sunday. Minnie Driver.

38A. Vida and John in a ballpark? : BLUE JAY. Toronto diamond denizens. Vida Blue. John Jay.

49A. Karen and Adam on a hill? : CARPENTER ANT. They like to nest in dry wood. Not good for our timber-framed homes here in California. Karen Carpenter. Adam Ant.

59A. Eddie and Arsenio in a concert venue? : ALBERT HALL. More correctly the "Royal Albert Hall". A landmark music venue in London, it was named by Queen Victoria in honor of her late husband, Prince Albert. I saw Eric Clapton and Elvis Costello play there, but it's more usually a classical music venue. Eddie Albert. Arsenio Hall.

Thursday already? I'm up in the air over ... somewhere en route from New Jersey heading back to LA. I'm not sure about anyone else but I scored about 50% on name-recognition with this puzzle. Thank goodness for solid crosses.

I went back to look up who I didn't recognize one jot (four) and one who I think I'd vaguely heard of (one). I now know I need to brush up on my impressionists, my evangelical preachers, my left-handed baseball pitchers, my Chief Justices and actor/activists.

The center section gave me conniptions - I didn't know either of the theme names, and some seemingly impossible letter-progressions had me staring at a big white space. Finally, the penny dropped with "NOBLE" and that was the key for me.

Here's one of the aforementioned theme people in celebration of what was quite startling videopop back in the early 80's.

And .. let's see what else we've got.


1. See 44-Across : BABA. Something to peeve the cross-reference-haters right off the bat. Barry already had one on Tuesday this week.

5. Bremen or Hamburg, locally : STADT. Thank you, high school German classes. "City".

10. Fast-food order : SODA

14. Joie de vivre : ÉLAN

15. Circus Maximus attire : TOGAS. Pedantically, it might be quibbled that it might be TOGAE.

16. Pizza chain started in Chicago, informally : UNO'S. Formally, Uno Pizzeria and Grill. New York pizza lovers, avert your eyes - here's the original deep-dish version from the original Pizzeria Uno.

19. Pond denizen : NEWT. A man walks into a bar with a large newt on his shoulder, orders a drink and glass of water "for Tiny, here". The bartender asks him why he calls him "Tiny". "Because he's my newt".

20. Stumped : AT SEA

21. Fragrant hybrid : TEA ROSE

27. Pub order : ALE

30. Cause harm : DO ILL

31. Capt.'s direction : E.S.E.

32. Family member : SON

33. "__ Mir Bist Du Schoen": Andrews Sisters hit : BEI. High school German classes didn't include the Andrews Sisters. "To me, you're beautiful".

34. Come out : EMERGE

37. i follower : POD

40. i follower : PAD

41. Nicks on albums : STEVIE

43. 1980s-'90s gaming console : N.E.S. Stood for Nintendo Entertainment System.

44. With 1-Across, woodcutter who stole from thieves : ALI

45. River island : AIT. Also Eyot. I lived close to Chiswick (pronounced "chissik") Eyot (pronounced "eight") in London. Awkward place for tourists asking directions. It's a reference point on the annual 4 1/4 mile Boat Race contested each year between crews from Oxford and Cambridge Universities, the eyot coming just past the half-way mark

46. "I gotta run!" : SEE YA!

48. Animal in the Chinese zodiac : RAT

53. Eellike fish : LAMPREY

54. Brand with classic "beep beep" commercials : AAMCO. Popped up a couple of times recently.

58. Forte : AREA. Hmmm. I get it, I just don't like it. I don't think you really describe someone's forte as their "area".

63. Scams : CONS

64. __ firma : TERRA

65. Exam type : ORAL

66. Some honored Brits: Abbr. : KNTS. No. I don't care what you can dig up from online dictionaries, the abbreviation differs according to which honor you are awarded and none of them are "KNT". The closest are either a Knight Bachelor, or "Kt" or a Knight of the Order of the Thistle (KT). Take your pick from KG, KT, Kt, KCB, KCMG, KCRO or KBE. 

67. Aerosol targets : ODORS

68. Europe's highest volcano : ETNA. Etna's Italian buddy Vesuvius is the only active volcano on mainland Europe.


1. Composer Bartók : BELA

2. Settled down : ALIT

3. Cricket equipment : BATS. One flat side, usually made of willow. Here's the legendary West Indies batsman Gordon Greenidge showing the England team how to use one. I'd explain the rules to you, but it would take me two weeks and you still wouldn't really understand.

4. Starting stakes : ANTES

5. Jeanne d'Arc, e.g.: Abbr. : STE. French. St. Joan of Arc, Ste. Jeanne d'Arc.

6. Craggy crest : TOR

7. Earlier : AGO

8. Three-syllable foot : DACTYL. Did a pterodactyl have a three-syllable foot? Probably not.

9. Expressed disdain for : TSK'ED

10. Often photogenic event : SUNRISE

11. A round of 73, usually : ONE OVER PAR. A classic 18-hole golf course is par-72 (Four par 5's, four 3's and 10 4's).

12. Use a divining rod : DOWSE

13. Fall flower : ASTER

18. Acclaim : LAUD

22. "You __ Destiny" : ARE MY. A song written and first performed by Paul Anka.

24. To the manor born : NOBLE. My key to unlocking the middle of the puzzle.

25. Dijon deity : DIEU. French saints and gods today.

26. Property recipient, in law : ALIENEE. The dictionary tells me this is a dated term for grantee. I'll file it away for future reference, dated or no.

27. Nile threats : ASPS. Cleopatra famously committed suicide with one.

With thy sharp teeth this knot intrinsicate
Of life at once untie: poor venomous fool
Be angry, and dispatch.
—Cleopatra, Act V, scene II
Anthony and Cleopatra

28. Hot stuff? : LOOT

29. Affection : ENDEARMENT

34. Campus breeze : EASY A. This is a tough one to parse, especially when it's clued a little obscurely.

35. It might be a big benefit : GALA

36. Cut and paste, say : EDIT

38. Muzzle wearer, probably : BITER. Do they make muzzles for asps?

39. Derisive shout : JEER

42. One way to get backstage : VIP PASS

46. Worked in a salon : STYLED

47. Art major's subj. : ANAT. Anatomy.

49. Rattling sound : CLACK

50. Golden calf maker, in Exodus : AARON. Thank you crosses.

51. "Peachy-keen!" : NEATO

52. Second-deepest U.S. lake : TAHOE

55. Trading center : MART

56. Feud faction : CLAN

57. Clay crock : OLLA. There's a traditional Spanish dish named charmingly named "olla podrida", "rotten pot" which is a stew of pork, beans and garbanzos.

60. Good bud : BRO. BFF went in, came out.

61. Guess wrong : ERR

62. Dorm deputies: Abbr. : RA'S. Resident Assistants.

That should do it for me - and heeere's the grid!


Notes from C.C.:

1) Happy Birthday to Rainman (Ray Hedrick). What's up, Ray? Still playing tennis daily?

2) For those who prefers Blogger rather than Google +, please read Tuesday's comments section. TTP, who saved this blog from Google hell a few years ago, gave detailed instructions there in his various posts, esp the 5:06pam one. Read Anon T and aka Themla's comments also. 

Or if you want to have a blue Blogger account with an avatar picture like most regulars here on our blog, their tips help also, esp Dave's link here. oc4beach turned blue quickly. This old post I wrote 7 years ago still has some valid points as well. 

3) TTP has a created a specific post on how to have a blue Blogger account. Please click here. 

Mar 23, 2016

Wednesday, March 23, 2016, Matt Skoczen

Title: A Peeling Duty

Kitchen Patrol is a common stereotype of punishment in the armed services. As most other military terms, like MP and AWOL, it has acquired an acronym - KP. No character better represents a soldier who is in constant trouble than our favorite buck private Beetle Bailey who is on KP seemingly interminably.

Matt's offering today offers four theme phrases which are two-word phrases that begin with the letters K and P respectively.

Theme entries:

17. *Freebie with fries : KETCHUP PACK - Are they easy to open for you?

38. *Spicy Chinese dish with chicken and peanuts : KUNG PAO - Or how a Superhero would order it

11. *South Korean subcompact : KIA PRIDE - Does 6' 1", multimillionaire Michelle Wei really drive a KIA or just cash their checks?

37. *Beer pong venue : KEG PARTY - In this Beer Pong game, somebody on the other team must now drink that cup of beer perhaps drawn from a KEG.


50. Mil. grunt work, and a hint to the answers to starred clues : KP DUTY - In the Navy too! Spitz?

1. Tatum O'Neal played one in "The Bad News Bears" : TOMBOY - Her character was also a GRIFTER, a word from last Thursday's puzzle. 

7. Burn a tad : CHAR - A CHAR-broiled Clearwater, Nebraska steak. Can't do better!

11. Keystone bumbler : KOP - Mack Sennett's wacky silent-movie police force

14. Running by itself : ON AUTO - Otto Pilot appears in my funniest movie ever

15. Drought-ridden : SERE - Not ARID this time

16. Suffix with infant : ILE

19. Woodworking tool : ADZ

20. Kosher deli offering : LATKE

21. Sipped sherry, say : HAD A NIP

23. Nails, as a test : ACES

24. Baptism receptacle : FONT

25. How some Bibles present Jesus' words : IN RED - Jesus had a lot to say in Matthew 11 and 12

28. Secure with a seat belt : STRAP IN - A lot of us grew up with strapless cars!

30. Stool pigeon : RAT FINK 

32. Barrister's topper : WIG - London Lawyer's Fake Coif

33. Playing card symbol : PIP - Go ahead and count 'em all. 364 pips + 1 joker = 365 days in a year and + 2 jokers = 366 days for leap years

34. Chief Valhalla god : ODIN - Valhalla is the Norse Hall Of The Slain ruled over by ODIN

35. Whiskey barrel wood : OAK - Aging in CHARred OAK barrels give whiskey its color

41. Big name in ice cream : EDY

42. It may be gray : AREA

44. In medias __ : RES - "Into The Middle Of Things" For example the start of the movie The Da Vinci Code has 
Jacques Saunière being pursued and killed in The Louvre by Silas and we don't find out what that's about for a while

45. Dr. Mom's forte : TLC

47. Source of early clothing? : FIG TREE - I wonder what size Adam wore

49. With 56-Across, blamed for : CHALKED paired with 56. See 49-Across : UP TO

53. Antique photo : SEPIA - So named because the the ink sac of the cuttlefish SEPIA was originally used in photography

54. Heavy hauler : DRAY - Add to our Cartage discussion this month

57. Recognition : ACCLAIM

59. Fund : ENDOW

60. Part of dpi : PER - Resolution quality in Dots PER Inch

62. *Of its species, only the emperor is larger : KING PENGUIN

64. 747, e.g. : JET

65. Cyberzine : EMAG - Here's some EMAG's you can try online for 2 weeks for free

66. Inner strength : METTLE

67. Wily : SLY

68. Very best : TOPS - Baby if I'm the bottom, You're the TOP(s)! Can't go wrong with Cole Porter

69. Verne __, Mini-Me portrayer in Austin Powers films : TROYER - Verne and his ex-wife Genevieve Gallen. 


 1. Gertrude Stein confidante Alice B. __ : TOKLAS

2. Like Chekhov's "A Marriage Proposal" : ONE ACT

3. "As a __ of fact ..." : MATTER

4. Firewood-sizing tool : BUCKSAW - Here's a cute one on a whirligig 

5. Will-wisp link : THE - Problematic Musical Maria - A flibbertigibbet! A will-O'-THE wisp! A clown!

6. Thou, now : YOU

7. Political channel : C-SPAN

8. Intellectually stimulating experience : HEAD TRIP

9. Conquistador's chest : ARCA - Same root for the item Indiana Jones was seeking.

10. Weave anew : REKNIT

12. Antique : OLD

13. Brick-shaped candy : PEZ

18. Unit of loudness : PHON - Number of dB's at 1,000 Hz. You're welcome.

22. It may be supplied at a booth, briefly : INFO

24. Work (out) : FIGURE

26. Writer Bagnold : ENID 
A father is always making his baby into a little woman. And when she is a woman he turns her back again. Guilty as charged, ENID!

27. Seventh Avenue fashion initials : DKNY - Donna Karen New York or

29. Water__: oral irrigator : PIK

31. "So what?" feeling : APATHY 

33. Family-friendly ratings : PG'S

35. Big galoots : OAFS

36. Grammy winner India.__ : ARIE - She added the period because she liked how it looked 

39. "Ready for forty winks?" : NEED A NAP - Everyday at 1 pm when I sub!

40. Portuguese hi : OLA

43. Symptom ending : ATIC - My brother was ashthmATIC

46. Held fast : CLUNG TO

48. Dishonest activity : RACKET - After all his RACKETEERING, this sent him to Alcatraz

49. Kid's summer spot : CAMP - Hello Mudder, Hello Fadder...

51. French star : ETOILE - You can probably translate this children's song: Brille, brille, petite  ÈTOILE

52. Real drag : DOWNER

55. Gibson's "Lethal Weapon" role : RIGGS

58. Stretch __ : LIMO - I'm trying to get my mind around what group would use this one

59. Cabinet dept. : ENER

60. Nightcap complement : PJ'S

61. Sushi fish : EEL

63. CPR pro : EMT - Because of 
declining populations,  required training time and necessary availability at a moment's notice, some small towns no longer have  EMT's

All in all, a very nice mid-week exercise but now I've got a few taters to peel! Looking forward to your comments which I hope you will Keep Positive. Dismissed!

Mar 22, 2016

How to Have a Blogger Account

(This instruction post is from TTP.)

CC, here are my instructions and explanation for someone to "go Blue," and doesn't know how.

If you don't have a Google account and want to "go blue" then read on. It means that you'll need a Blogger profile.

No matter what Google apps you want, whether it's Blogger, G+, a YouTube account, or others, you'll first need a Google account.

A Google account always start with the creation of a Google profile that includes setting up a GMAIL (Google email) account.

If you already posting comments to the blog, an easy way to get both the Google account and Blogger account setup is to do the following:

1) At the very top of the comments page is a large white B in an orange background. Select it. 

2) You'll get a Google screen that says "One Account. All of Google." "Sign in to continue to Blogger."

3) Skip the sign in and go to the bottom and select "Create Account." 

4) Fill out the form to create your Google Account.

5) The next screen will be a Welcome screen. Select "Continue to Blogger"

6) On the next screen, select "Create a limited Blogger profile"

7) On the screen after that, create a Blogger profile name (Display name) and then "Continue to Blogger"

8) On the next screen, find your Display name in the upper right corner. Select it, and then select Account.

9) At the next screen, choose Account Overview. It's in the middle column under Personal Info and Privacy.

10) After you select Account Overview, select View Dashboard. 

11) Scroll down to Blogger. To the right of Blogger, you should see "Edit Blogger Profile." Select it.

You can add a picture as an avatar, and then fill out a Blogger profile with as much or with as little info as you want to share.

12) When satisfied, go to the bottom of the screen and select "Save Profile." 

Please read this post for the thread. Thanks so much, TTP.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016 Ed Sessa

Theme: Jumblgram - Playing with the letters of the word, WORD.

53A. Ogden Nash specialty, and a hint to this puzzle's circles : WORDPLAY. WORD

20A. Gradually exhaust : WEAR DOWN. RDOW

37A. Salon task : BLOW DRY. OWRD

11D. Furniture maker, e.g. : WOODWORKER. DWOR

28D. Restaurant reviewer : FOOD WRITER. ODWR

Argyle here. There is no connection between the theme entries other than the word jumble contained in the circles. Having the circles could be of some help in the solve but not necessary. Similar pinwheel to Monday but with the reveal in a different place and the corners are more isolated.


1. Wife of 25-Down : FRAU partnered with 25D. Husband of 1-Across : HERR

5. Flipping burgers, e.g. : McJOB

10. Victorious shout : "I WON!"

14. Sylvester's speech problem : LISP

15. Now, in Nuevo León : AHORA. The State of Nuevo León is located in Northeastern Mexico. The capital city, Monterrey, is the third largest city in Mexico.

16. Nixed, at NASA : NO-GO

17. Corrosive stuff : ACID

18. Be homesick (for) : YEARN

19. Country legend Tennessee Ernie __ : FORD. "The Ol' Pea-Picker"

22. Helpful staffers : AIDES

23. Amiss : AWRY. Awords.

24. Nag : SHREW

26. Embarrassing slip-ups : GAFFES

29. Bottom-line red ink : NET LOSS

32. "That's all she __" : WROTE. Appropriate after 29-Across. "Turn off the lights, the party's over".

33. Bear shelter : LAIR

35. Infamous vampire, familiarly : DRAC. "Whatever happened to my Transylvania twist?"

36. One's self : EGO

40. Korean carmaker : KIA

41. Like Lady Godiva on horseback : NUDE

43. Author __ Stanley Gardner : ERLE

44. Upright : ON END

46. Darkest lunar phase : NEW MOON

48. Some school uniform parts : SKIRTS

49. Salon task : RINSE

50. Part of a progression : STEP

51. Corned beef solution : BRINE

57. Count for something : RATE

58. Cooper of shock rock : ALICE. A far cry from the Ol' Pea-Picker.

60. Pre-euro Italian money : LIRA

61. Sign of the future : OMEN

62. German thanks : DANKE

63. One of seven for Julia Louis-Dreyfus : EMMY. Seinfeld (one), The New Adventures of Old Christine (one), Veep (five).

64. Skin growth : WART

65. Ice cream helping : SCOOP

66. "Slammin'" slugger Sammy : SOSA


1. Imperfection : FLAW

2. Grain in some cakes : RICE. Slight misdirection.

3. Where billions live : ASIA

4. Rising air current : UPDRAFT

5. City VIPs : MAYORS

6. Like taffy : CHEWY

7. Cusack or Crawford : JOAN

8. Bobby of the Bruins : ORR

9. Outlaw : BAN

10. Shortstop's realm : INFIELD

12. "Puss in Boots" baddie : OGRE

13. Signaled yeses : NODS

21. Geeky type : DWEEB

22. Singer Garfunkel : ART

24. Derogatory : SNIDE

26. "Miracle on 34th Street" actor Edmund : GWENN. Mr. Kris Kringle.

27. Pick a fight (with) : ARGUE

30. Superdome NFLer : SAINT

31. Tons : SCADS

33. "SNL" producer Michaels : LORNE

34. Piercing tool : AWL

38. 13 popes : LEOs. Is there another 3-letter pope?

39. Teamed, as oxen : YOKED

42. Highly respected : EMINENT

45. Baby bottle parts : NIPPLES

47. __-man band : ONE

48. Meryl of "The Iron Lady" : STREEP. The biographical film based on the life of Margaret Thatcher (1925–2013).

50. Great, in show biz : SOCKO!

51. It may be furrowed : BROW

52. "__ Lama Ding Dong": doo-wop hit : RAMA. Another genre? heard from.

Sorry, no embedding again. Muppet version

53. Sot : WINO

54. Wheels for the well-heeled : LIMO

55. Akimbo limbs : ARMS. Stand with hands on the hips and elbows turned outward.

56. "Divine Secrets of the __ Sisterhood" : YA-YA

58. Magazine fillers : ADs

59. Fond du __, Wisconsin : LAC

Notes from C.C.:

1) Happy Birthday to dear PK! So happy and comforted that you're back to the blog. Please don't leave us again. We all adore you!  Sorry, Dave, I stole one of your cakes. 

2) Our blog reader Robert has a Google Plus account, but he wants to have a Blogger account like most of our regulars. Does any of you know if it's possible for him to create a Blogger profile? I recall helping Misty return to her Blogger profile with this link last time. But Misty already had a Blogger account. Robert doesn't. Thanks for the help.

Mar 21, 2016

Monday, March 21, 2016 C.C. Burnikel

Theme: VII - Four sevens.

16. *Mozart and Robin, in their own way : BOY WONDERS. Seven Wonders of the World.

39. Number associated with the ends of answers to the starred clues : SEVEN

59. *Windy day ocean condition : CHOPPY SEAS. The Seven Seas.

10. *Earth-sized collapsed stars : WHITE DWARFS. Seven Dwarfs

23. *Best female friends : SOUL SISTERS. The Seven Sisters. The Pleiades star cluster.

Argyle here. Tidy little pin wheel from C.C. today. I'm sure we all can come up with other 'sevens' so have at it. I'll start with "Seven Samurai" but I have no idea how to clue it so 'samurai' is the last part of the answer.


1. Pure joy : BLISS

6. Fairy tale bear : MAMA. One of three bears.

10. Athletic org. founded by Billie Jean King : WTA. (Women's Tennis Association)

13. Sports channel summary : RECAP

14. Apple's shuffle or touch : iPOD

15. Melville captain : AHAB

18. Fancy airport ride : LIMO

19. Poker declaration : "I RAISE"

20. Last word of many fairy tales : AFTER

21. Fundamentals : BASICS

24. Recliner feature : LEG REST

26. "Xanadu" rock gp. : ELO. (Electric Light Orchestra)

27. Not on time : LATE

30. Bird feeder supply : SEED

31. Like the accent in cliché : ACUTE

33. Loading dock access : RAMP

35. Graceful bird : SWAN

38. Echoic first name of Olympic hurdler Jones : LOLO. Lori "Lolo" Jones

40. Pet gerbil's home : CAGE

41. Simple : EASY

42. Rounded hammer end : PEEN

43. "Casablanca" actor Peter : LORRE

44. Land surrounded by water : ISLE

46. "Star Trek" helmsman : SULU. George Takei is on Facebook.

48. Gave grub to : FED

49. Fiesta food : TOSTADA


52. Irish playwright Sean : O'CASEY. (1880 – 1964)

54. Threepio's pal : ARTOO. No arguments.

55. Swindlers : CROOKS

58. Fortuneteller : SEER

63. Canadian Conservative : TORY

64. Gravy vessel : BOAT

65. Craze : MANIA

66. Supergirl's symbol : ESS

67. Repairs with turf, as a lawn : SODS

68. Nail file material : EMERY

                                 Musical Interlude.


1. Texter's "Gimme a sec" : BRB. (Be Right Back)

2. Lion in the night sky : LEO

3. Far from friendly : ICY

4. 2005 horror sequel : SAW II

5. Website with timed trivia quizzes : SPORCLE. LINK

6. Calf-length dress : MIDI

7. Zoo primates : APEs

8. Gourmet mushroom : MOREL

9. YouTube annoyances : ADs

11. Makes less unruly : TAMEs

12. Scrub, as a launch : ABORT

15. Outdoor, as cafes : AL FRESCO. "in the open air"

17. Curiosity-launching gp. : NASA

20. __ of Reason : AGE

21. Memphis music festival street : BEALE. The Beale Street Sheiks ~Beale Town Bound(2:54)(can not be embedded)  

22. Metal wrap giant : ALCOA

25. "Around the Horn" channel : ESPN. A debate about the hottest sport issues.

28. Lemon or lime : TREE

29. Roof edges : EAVES

32. Film that introduced Buzz Lightyear : "TOY STORY"

34. List of dishes : MENU

36. Think alike : AGREE

37. Emotionally demanding : NEEDY

39. Made haste : SPED

43. "I'm just so fortunate!" : "LUCKY ME!"

45. Poet __-tzu : LAO

47. Script "L" feature : LOOP

49. Tentative bite : TASTE

50. Twistable cookies : OREOs

51. "Bless you" prompter : [ACHOO!]

53. Tea region of India : ASSAM

56. __ hog : ROAD

57. Chooses, with "for" : OPTs

59. "Madam Secretary" network : CBS

60. Opposite of WSW : ENE. 67.5°

61. Put on television : AIR

62. For example : SAY...