Oct 29, 2020

Thursday October 29, 2020 Michael A. Macdonald

Theme: In First - IN is inserted to the start of each common phrase.

 17. Anger at progress?: INROAD RAGE. Road rage.

 27. Embezzlements?: INSIDE SWIPES. Side swipes

 47. Bills' places?: INVOICE BOXES. Voice boxes.

 60. EMT assignment?: INJURY DUTY. Jury duty.

Boomer here again, filling IN another blog slot. MM will be back next Thursday. Hope all goes well today, MM.

Thank you for the birthday wishes. Oh well, 73 is not so bad. 7 + 3 +10.  The number of frames in a game of bowling and the number of pins in a strike. 


1. "__ Come Undone": Wally Lamb novel: SHE'S.

5. They're on the house: COMPS.  A few more at the bar and they may really end up on the house.

10. Sty fare: SLOP.

14. Guinness logo: HARP.

15. Extra rival: ORBIT.  I am sure there are a few satellites floating around up there.  So why is my DirecTV causing me trouble?

16. Info on a blood donor card: TYPE.  I am O-Neg.  Too old to donate now.

19. Writer Blyton: ENID.

20. See 56-Down: POETRY. And 56. With 20-Across, Homer's medium: EPIC.

21. Tops: APEXES.

23. Move laterally: SIDLE.

24. Human being, for one: MAMMAL.  I think you need warm blood also.

32. Did not participate: ABSTAINED.  We continue to wear masks and ABSTAIN from groups

35. All-star game side: EAST.  East is East and West is West and the wrong one I have chose.

36. Rank above maj.: COL.  Right above Major is a lieutenant colonel wearing a silver oak leaf.  The next up is a "full bird" Colonel with a silver eagle on the collar.

37. Place for a mineral scrub: SPA.

38. U.N. workers' rights gp.: ILO. International Labor Organization.

41. __ chi: TAI.

42. Amman native: ARAB.  Let me tell you about AHAB the ARAB.

44. National Storytelling Festival VIP: RACONTEUR.  I try to be one of these, even if I cannot spell it.

50. Flora and fauna of different regions: BIOTAS.  Didn't they wake up Sleeping Beauty?

51. Prepares, as leftovers: WARMS.

55. Some colas: PEPSIS.  Add DIET and its in our fridge.

58. "Groovy!": FAR OUT.  Lookin' for fun and feelin' GROOVY.  Simon and Garfunkel.

59. National gemstone of Australia: OPAL.

64. Apply with a tube, as frosting: PIPE.  When I first quit the nasty cigarettes, I leaned on a PIPE for about a year.  I have been tobacco free now for about 18 years.

65. Down source: GEESE.

66. Curved molding: OGEE.

67. Whole bunch: SCAD.  I have a SCAD of Baseball Cards.

68. Chic, to a Brit: NOBBY.

69. Challenge for the cleaning staff: MESS.  Where I ate for two years.


1. They might be icebreakers: SHIPS.  Our driveway gets icy now and then but we never clear it with a ship.

2. Asian capital on the Red River: HANOI.  HANOI Hilton is a nasty place where John McCain spent about five years.

3. Flubbed a play: ERRED.

4. Drew attention to: SPOTLIT.

5. Buffalo Bill Museum city: CODY.  I think it's neat to have a city named after you.  I have driven through Wyoming on I-80 but the closest I got to CODY was Rock Springs. 

6. Two-time Art Ross Trophy winner Bobby: ORR.  The greatest hockey player on ice, and then Gretzky came along.

7. Deg. offered at Duke's Fuqua School: MBA.

8. Pua of "Moana," e.g.: PIG.

9. Cooks in a bamboo basket: STEAMS.  Nope, we use a stove top and an oven.

10. Metal marble: STEELIE.  I had many, along with agates, cat eyes, and peeries.

11. Forest cat: LYNX.  Minnesota's WNBA basketball team made famous by Lindsay Whalen, now coaching the lady Gophers. 

12. Ryan Hurst's "Sons of Anarchy" role: OPIE.  Never mind.  We all remember Ronnie Howard.

13. Sidewalk traffic, for short: PEDS.

18. Sports venues: ARENAS.  Now baseball and football are building enclosed venues but they call them domes. 

22. Fox foot: PAW.  Dad on the "Beverly Hillbillies"

24. Mosque tower: MINARET.

25. Drink suffix: ADE.

26. Docs: MEDICOS.  I saw six medical professionals in the past 6 weeks, and I think if you called them MEDICOS the injection might have gone a little deeper than planned. 

28. Sample: SIP.

29. Cracker topper: PATE.  I use cheese.


30. Old Testament twin: ESAU. Jacob sold his birthright to ESAU for a bowl of stew.  Too bad because I think ISAAC had a ton of Apple stock. 

31. Recipe verb: STIR.  Shake, but not STIR. James Bond.

32. Dark purple berry: ACAI.

33. First word of two Springsteen album titles: BORN. In the USA.

34. Balkan native: SLAV.

39. Salmon cured in brine: LOX.  Brine sounds like something that could shoot up my blood pressure.

40. Like some city streets: ONE-WAY.

43. "Cool Runnings" vehicle: BOBSLED. When I was a kid in Minnesota, of course I owned a sled. 
Of course we would slide down hills, but then watch the Olympics to see guys risk their lives on the BOBSLEDS. 

45. Court org.: ABA.

46. Russia, until 1917: TSARDOM.

48. Son of a son: III.  They all need the same first name.

49. Guarantee, as a loan: CO-SIGN.

52. Nice red: ROUGE.

53. Silences with a button: MUTES.  Silence is golden!

54. Lid woes: STYES.

55. Bursts: POPS.  DADS on "Leave it to Beaver."

57. Dad: PAPA.

58. Glenn of The Eagles: FREY.

61. New prefix: NEO.

62. Bush in Florida: JEB.  Former Governor of Florida, Brother of George W., and made a run for the oval office in 2016. 

63. Port letters: USB.


Notes from C.C.:

1) Misty, we're so sad that you lost your sweet Dusty.

2) Big Easy sent me these pictures of his side yard after Hurricane Zeta. Thankfully the snapped oak tree did not hit his house.