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Nov 20, 2018

Tuesday, November 20, 2018 Craig Stowe

"Larcenous Behavior"

17. Traditional Easter dinner: ROAST LAMB.

25. Steinway seat, perhaps: PIANO BENCH.

33. Ohio's has wheat and arrows: STATE SEAL.

51. Boating safety feature: LIFE JACKET.

59. Glancing blow on the road, and a hint to the puzzle's circles: SIDESWIPE.  Forms of thievery are found by combining the circled letters at the leading and trailing sides of the compound words


1. Worked off nervous energy, say: PACED.

6. Grounded fast jet: SST.

9. Like imitators: APISH.

14. Maine town on the Penobscot: ORONO.    Named after the Maine town, the Lake Minnetonka city of Orono, Minnesota gets little reference in crossword puzzles.   It deserves a CSO. 

15. Letter after sigma: TAU.

16. Food from heaven: MANNA.

19. "... better __ worse": wedding vow words: OR FOR.

20. Wedding rental: TUX.

21. "Not bad, not great": SO SO.

22. Cuts anew: RESAWS.

23. "In your dreams!": AS IF.

27. Biological mapping subjects: GENOMESAbout the Human Genome Project

If you want to find out about your ancestral lineage, buy a kit from National Geographic for $70.  That's the Genographic Project. 

29. By the seashore: COASTAL.

30. Garden tool: EDGER.

31. Scientist Wernher __ Braun: VON.

32. Undercover agent: SPY.  Secret agent man.  Secret agent man.  They've given you a number, and taken away your name.   I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that Desper-otto has the song on his music server.

38. Transmission type: Abbr.: STD. Standard.

41. Line on many a receipt: TAX

42. Hold (onto): LATCH.

46. Take advance orders for: PRESELL.

49. Colder than cold: SUBZERO

53. Former couples: EXES.

54. Curly-horned goats: IBEXES.   Sure-footed creatures.

Alpine Ibexes live in the mountainous alps of Europe.

Nubian Ibexes live in the mountainous desert areas of the Middle East and parts of Africa.

55. Mama's mama: NANA.

57. Vietnam New Year: TET.

58. Renaissance fair garment: TUNIC.

61. Still soft, as concrete: UNSET.

62. Sci-fi vehicle: UFO.  After subzero earlier,  we need something warm.  How about this hit from the British rock band ?

63. Golf targets: HOLES.

64. Jury members: PEERS.

65. Wooden pin: PEG.

66. Wide-mouthed pitchers: EWERS.


1. Canoe carrying: PORTAGE.   Probably pretty safe to assume that the city names of Portage Michigan, Portage Indiana, and Portage Wisconsin were each influenced by the language of the French fur trappers of early America.  I read there are 8 more city names of Portage in the U.S.,  and 1 in Canada. 

2. Turned on: AROUSED.  See the image at 47D.

3. Cajolery: COAXING.  Arm-twisting. 

4. Running trio?: ENs.  Quantity three of the letter n.

5. Colon components: DOTS.  In this clue and answer, the punctuation mark.   Not the large intestine in human anatomy.

6. Equilibrium: STASIS.

7. Polynesian island nation: SAMOA.

8. "Rub-a-dub-dub" vessel: TUB.   A container for the butcher,  the baker, and the candlestick maker.

9. Microscopic organism: AMOEBA.

10. Analyzes grammatically: PARSES.

11. Babies: INFANTS.

12. Mt. Hood hood?: SNOWCAP.

13. How scolding words may be spoken: HARSHLY.

18. Leisurely gait: LOPE.

22. ABC exec Arledge: on Roone Arledge

24. Enemies: FOES.

26. Cpls. and sgts.: NCOs.

28. Muscular 2017 "Dancing With the Stars" competitor: Mr. T

31. Distress: VEX.

34. Book of maps: ATLAS

35. Gymnast's powder: TALC.

36. Vatican vestment: ALB.

37. Lounge (around): LAZE.  Initially had loaf.

38. Call it quits: SPLIT UP.

39. Chicago newspaper: TRIBUNE.

40. The "D" of "NORAD": DEFENSE.   When I served, it was the North American Air Defense Command.   Now it is the North American Aerospace Defense Command.    

43. Silk or cashmere: TEXTILE.

44. Climbing vine: CREEPER.

45. Snack cake maker with the Nasdaq symbol TWNK: HOSTESS.

47. More appealing: SEXIER.   Error 404 - There's nothing here.

48. Spits out, as a DVD: EJECTS.

49. Old salt: SEADOG.

50. __ Reader: eclectic digest: UTNE.   Utne Reader is a digest of the new ideas and fresh perspectives percolating in arts, culture, politics, and spirituality. - - About

52. Chef's cutter: KNIFE.

56. Tennis great Arthur: ASHE.

59. "How's it hangin'?": SUP.  Slang.  Contraction of What's up ?

60. __ factor: impressive quality: WOW.