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Apr 30, 2015

Thursday, April 30, 2015 Jeffrey Wechsler

Theme: "Got Glue?"

Three different takes on the act of sniffing.

20-Across. [sniff] : I'VE CAUGHT A COLD. In my case, I'm sniffling because of allergies.

37-Across. [sniff] : THIS IS REALLY SAD. All right, fess up. How many of you cried at the end of "Steel Magnolias"?

56-Across. [sniff] : WHAT'S THAT SMELL? Does your S.O. hold the milk up to your nose and ask if you think it's still good?

I have blogged Jeffrey's puzzles so often, that I can finally spell his name without looking back at the puzzle information. ;-)


1. Bit of plankton : ALGA. Nailed it. ("This is gonna be a piece of cake!")

5. Venus and Mars : ORBS. ("Ummm...")

9. Actress Thompson of "Veronica Mars" : TESSA. ("Uh-oh, I'm in trouble...")

14. Small deer : ROES. I wasn't thinking in the plural!

15. Roman numerals may be seen on one : DIAL. My first thought. But I held off because everything else up north was pretty blank for a while.

16. Coveted annual honor : OSCAR. Took a minute, but it came to me.

17. Very aware of : TUNED IN TO.

19. Caroler's wear, often : SCARF.

22. Sun. speech : SER.mon.

23. Expressive music genre : EMO.

24. Sport fishing quarry : MARLIN. I found lots of clips on you tube, but this one was just crazy scary to me. 3:19

26. Way around London : TRAM. I noticed immediately that "double-decker bus" would not fit.

28. Debatable skill : ESP.

30. Manner of speaking : TONE.

31. Rueful : GRIEVOUS.

36. Shepherd's __ : PIE. I still remember the delicious shepherd's PIE that my grammar school cook used to serve.

41. "Jingle Bells" contraction : O'ER.

42. Some road signals : BLINKERS. The car's blinkers, or the yellow blinking light?

43. Desertlike : ARID.

45. Otoscope user, for short : ENT. I never knew that Tolkien's giant trees used otoscopes?  ;-)
(Ear Nose and Throat doctor)

46. Hurricane __ : LAMP.

50. Knock it off : DESIST.

52. Inflation meas. : PSIPounds per Square Inch.

55. "Alice in Wonderland" (2010) star Wasikowska : MIA. She and Johnny Depp were very good in this version.

60. Botch : MISDO.

61. Cockpit option : AUTO PILOT.

62. Expensive : STEEP.

63. Not at all pleasant : GRIM.

64. NYC-to-Montauk system : LIRRLong Island Rail Road.

65. Frauds : SHAMS.

66. Barnyard meal : SLOP.

67. Cocker spaniel of film : LADY...and the Tramp.


1. Recording __ : ARTIST.

2. Vent opening : LOUVER. Nit.  The louver is what covers or exposes the vent opening.

3. Canis and Felis : GENERA. Your generic dog and cat.

4. "Give me __" : A SEC.

5. Disgust : ODIUM.

6. "Don't Pass Me By" songwriter : RINGO.

7. Bad thing to take in Vegas? : BATH.

8. Pinball machine feature : SLOT. Ah yes, you never get to use all the other features until you put your coin in the SLOT.

9. 1900 Teatro Costanzi premiere : TOSCA. Nailed it. Rome's original opera house.

10. Go with : ESCORT.

11. Food often served seared : SCALLOPS. I just made those the other night, and served them with a balsamic reduction. Yumm.

12. Autonomous region of Italy : SARDINIA. There were five choices.

13. Dog's declaration : ARF.

18. Actor Daniel __ Kim : DAE. Remember him from Hawaii Five-O?

21. Pharmaceutical container : AMPULE.

25. Grant factor : NEED.

27. Classic two-seated roadsters : MGs.

28. It happens : EVENT. Because "S**T" was too short.  ;-)

29. Overcharge : SOAK.

32. Barbecue morsel : RIB.'s getting to be that time of year, when we use our favorite 52-Down. Cookout site : PATIO.

33. The Skerries in the 39-Down, e.g. : ISLETS. And 39-Down. View from Liverpool : IRISH SEA.

34. Yeats' home : ERIN.

35. Camera shop offering, briefly : SLR.

37. "The Wind in the Willows" figure : TOAD.

38. Legalese adverb : HEREWITH.

40. Fashion monogram : YSL. Yves St. Laurent.

44. Crown jewels item : DIADEM.

47. First name in aviation history : AMELIA.

48. Upper-class address : MILORD.

49. Insignificant : PALTRY.

51. Conductor's calls : STOPS.

53. Tread heavily : STOMP.

54. NetZero, e.g.: Abbr. : ISP.

57. Puts (out) : TAGS.

58. Throw hard : HURL.

59. Paper or pepper source : MILL.

60. Ed.'s pile : MSSManuscripts. The second "S" is not just the plural of the abbreviation.  It follows the rule of doubling the last letter of the abbreviation, similar to using "pp" for the plural of "pages."

And that's it from me for now. Your turn!

Apr 29, 2015

Wedneday, April 29, 2015 Ed Sessna

Theme: WHY AREN'T YOU IN BED? or WHY iS THERE A TV IN YOUR BED ROOM?  The first words of the theme answers are the first names of a sequence of hosts for a TV show that airs too late to stay up for - at least for me in my time zone.

17 A. *Knave in a black suit : JACK OF CLUBS.   A most excellent clue!  In Britain, and among bridge players,  the Jack of a card suite is known as the knave.  This guy's counterpart is the JACK of Spades, offering another theme opportunity, depending on how many letters were needed.  The host referred to is JACK Paar [1957-62], who got into a big dust-up with the network suits for making a joke about a toilet.

24 A. *Griddle-cooked corn bread : JOHNNY CAKE.  Southern fried fare, and the iconic, always impeccably dressed JOHNNY CARSON [1962-92.]

38 A. *Symbol of nakedness : JAY BIRD.  If you ever wondered where this expression came from, here is your answer.  In my 'ute, a common insult, slightly bowdlerized was," If you stuck your brains in the hindquarters of a JAY bird, he'd still fly backwards."  JAY Leno [1992-2009, 2010-14] is known for his car collection and his chin.

48 A. *Like a well-made lock : JIMMY PROOF.  A JIMMY is a short pry-bar used to force open a door or window, and by extension a device to force open a lock.  JIMMY Fallon [2014 - ] is the current host of the program yet to be identified.

If you haven't sussed it by now, the unifier completely gives it away.   60 A. With "The," post-prime time fare since the '50s, four of whose regular hosts appear in sequence in the answers to starred clues : TONIGHT SHOW.  Since its inception in 1954, this is the longest running regularly scheduled talk and entertainment program on U.S. TV.  Not included in this list are the first host, the brilliant Steve Allen, [1954-7] and Conan O'Brien [7+ months spanning 2009-10] whose short stint was sandwiched between Jay Leno's two runs.  Carson had the longest tenure, but Leno had the greatest number of hosted episodes. 

Hi gang, JazzBumpa here.  Not really a TV maven, but I assume everyone knows about this program and its roster of celebrity hosts.  Let's get through this quickly so I can go to bed at a decent hour.


1. Senate electee : MEMBER.  One who joins, or in this case is [s]elected to be in a group or organization.

7. Russia-Manchuria border river : AMUR.  The world's 10th longest river meanders generally west to east, making the border between the Russian far east and northeastern China.

11. Simile center : AS A.  Right now I'm feeling smart AS A mule.

14. Esoteric : ARCANE.   Secret, mysterious and/or understood by few.

15. Without help : LONE.  

Four and a half minutes of misery

16. Amendments 1-10 subj. : RTS.  The Bill of Rights from the U.S. Constitution.

19. Prefix with state : TRI-.  Referring to a town, city or region that encompasses parts of three states.  There are several such in the U. S.  

20. Maldives landform : ATOLL.  A ring shaped coral archipelago.  The Maldives islands are one such, located in the Indian Ocean, 470 miles south west of Sri Lanka.

21. Taxi pickup : FARE.  Here is a not at all typical example. 

A sad smile, just the same [6:40]

22. Corrosive compound : ACID.  In either of a couple different senses.

23. Tofu source : SOYA.  Glop made from bean curd.

26. By way of : VIA.

28. Former Yankee manager who's now an MLB exec : TORRE.  Joe, who managed the Mets from 1987 to 81, Braves from '82 to 84, Cardinals from '90 to '95, Yankees from 1996 to 2007, and Dodgers from 2008 to 10.  

29. Comedy team who voiced the Piel Brothers of beer fame : BOB AND RAY.  

BOB AND RAY, the Two and Only 

35. Things to avoid : NO-NOS.  Just ask Nanette.

37. Goya's year : ANO.   En Español y sin tilde.

40. Clinker in a Glas : EIS.  And now,  in German, ICE in a glass.  Tin Man, just skip this one.

41. India's first prime minister : NEHRU.  Jawaharlal, in office from 1947 to 1964.

43. Pulitzer-winning WWII journalist : ERNIE PYLE. He died in combat in Okinawa on April 18, 1945.

45. Learns : HEARS.  Well, that is one way to learn.  If you listen.

47. Casual day, perhaps: Abbr. : FRIday.  Dress down day at work.  I never could get myself to wear denims, though.

52. Low-__ diet : CARB.  A la Atkins.

56. Big name in elevators : OTIS.  Big name in crosswords, too, though he had his ups and downs.

57. N.Y. commuter line with a Hempstead Branch : LIRR.  Long Island Rail Road.

58. Malia's sister : SASHA.  Obama, first and second daughters, respectively.

59. Flight-tracking fig. : ETA.  Estimated Time of Arrival.

62. Craving : YEN.    Derived from obsolete English argot for opium craving.   Meanwhile, I considered going to Japan, but didn't have the Yen to travel.

63. Some Alcan Highway pumps : ESSO.  Canadian petrol brand.

64. Email again : RESEND.

65. Soon-to-be grads: Abbr. : SRS.  Last year's JRS.

66. Afterwards : THEN.  Refers to the ensuing subsequent event that followed.

67. "__ End": 1970-'71 Streisand hit : STONEY.  

I forgot about this one


1. Subjects of two Goya paintings : MAJAS.  Anything worth doing is worth doing twice - right?

2. Muse for Millay : ERATO.  The muse of lyric poetry, especially of the romantic erotic, or perhaps even BAWDY variety.  Her name, meaning "desired" or "lovely," derives from the same root as Eros.  This muse is especially appropriate for Edna St. Vincent Millay, who was both a Pulitzer Prize winning poet and wildly promiscuous.

3. Kelley's "Star Trek" role : McCOY.  

4. Syrup-topped pastry : BAKLAVA.  Filo dough, nuts and honey.

5. Organic compound : ENOL.  This always bothers me, first, because the clue is so vague - there are literally millions of organic compounds, and second, because enols are inherently unstable, and quickly transforms into ketones.

6. One who whistles while he works : REFeree.  Cute clue

7. God of Islam : ALLAH.   Same God as Christians and Jews, just a different name.

8. Grieve : MOURN.

9. Not having yielded : UNBENT.  House Martell of Dorne has this motto as it's House Words: "Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken."

10. Hi-__ image : RESolution - clarity of image, having nothing in particular to do with New Year's Eve..

11. Ed Norton player : ART CARNEY.  From the Jackie Gleason sit-com, The Honeymooners; not to be confused with Ed Norton, the actor who played the un-named protagonist in the movie Fight Club.

This guy, being shown the door

12. Drill successfully : STRIKE OIL.  My dentist did some drilling a couple weeks ago.  Nothing this exciting ensued, I'm happy to say.

13. Parenthetical comment : ASIDE.  A comment a stage-play character makes to the audience, rather than as part of dialogue; or more generally, a comment in a text that is ancillary to the main topic.

18. Fiscal exec : CFO.  Chief Financial Officer.

22. Phobia lead-in : ACRO-.   Fear of heights.  I can relate.

24. Actress Pinkett Smith : JADA.  Veteran of many movies and TV shows, including the voice of Gloria the Hippo in the animated Madagascar movies.

25. Over there : YONDER.

27. Strain or sprain : INJURY.

29. Interdict : BAN.

30. Game that's close to perfect : ONE HITTER.  A baseball game in which the pitcher gives up only one hit to the opposing team.   In a perfect game, there are no hits and no walks.

31. Dvorák and Smetana : BOHEMIANS.   Two gentlemen from that geographic region in the Czech Republic, rather than the artsy-fartsy proto-hippies of the 19th century.  Though both were composers, so who knows. 

32. Deli option : RYE.  Bread.  Of course, there are also RYE whiskey, and RYE beer, for the trifecta.  

33. Like many dicts. : ABR.  I guess "dict." is the ABReviation for "dictionary," but I'm have a hard time making sense of this entry.  UPDATE:  As Argyle and some others pointed out, ABR is short for ABRIDGED, so we have, in ABRIDGED form an ABRIDGED dictionary.  Thanks, guys! 

34. Feminine force : YIN.  The make counterpart is Yang.

36. Kalamazoo-to-Cincinnati dir. : SSE.  South-South-East.  There's also a song about Kalamazoo, which has been my ear worm for about the past month.

Everything's O-K- . . .  

39. Jazz solo : RIFF.  Not really.  It's more of an ostinato phrase that might support an improvisation.  Here's a classic example.

Frank Rosolino on the trombone solo

42. Lambs' kin : RAMS.  The kids' dads and uncles.

44. Artist who had a Blue Period : PICASSO.  Pablo had his blue period from 1901-4, painting mostly in shades of blue.  These works were unpopular at the time, but are very popular now.

46. Jumping-in-puddles sound : SPLOSH.  Not SPLISH nor SPLASH?

All wet

48. Young hoppers : JOEYS.  Kangaroo offspring.

49. Car wash cycle : RINSE.   Heavy metal laundry.

50. Hunter seen at night : ORION.   The constellation that is home to Rigel and Betelgeuse.

51. Kin of gov : ORG.  Two top level domain url suffixes, for government agencies and organizations, respectively.   The ".org" designation was originally intended for non-profits, but now includes other types of organizations such as schools, opens source projects, and communities.

53. Pale : ASHEN.

54. French wine region : RHONE.  In southern France along the Rhone river, where wine grapes have been cultivated since around the year 600 A.D.

55. Off-color : BAWDY.   Lewd, or, more specifically, dealing with sexual matters in a humorous way.

58. Editor's mark : STET.  From the Latin for "let it stand," indicating that a previously noted editorial change should be ignored.

60. Vietnamese holiday : TET.  The lunar new year.

61. Billing nos. : HRS.  For attorneys and other professionals who bill according to time spent on a project. 

Well, that wraps it up.  Good puzzle, nice theme, well executed, albeit with a couple questionable entries.  Hope you didn't lose any sleep over it.

Cool regards!


Apr 28, 2015

Tuesday, April 28, 2015 Robert E. Lee Morris

Theme: Hey buddy, can you spare a medi? - The sequence of the letters in the word SPARE have been changed and scrambled inside 17-, 32-, 38-Across and 11-, 29-Down. If you have the circles, that's fine. If you don't, then it's an added challenge.

17A. Airport security indignity : STRIP SEARCH

32A. Flour packaging : PAPER SACK

38A. Diva's big moment : OPERA SOLO

11D. Social gathering at a home : HOUSE PARTY

29D. Region beyond our atmosphere : OUTER SPACE

54A. Pocketful of coins, and what literally occurs in the circled letters in five puzzle answers : SPARE CHANGE

Lyegar here. I found having the circles and knowing the gimmick helped a skosh in the solve. Otherwise, a standard grid with mostly standard fill. Too many proper names?


1. Tennessee senator Alexander : LAMAR. (Andrew Lamar Alexander, Jr) Unknown to me.

6. Disgusting : GROSS

11. Summary on a timecard: Abbr. : HRs. (hours)

14. Olds model : ALERO

15. Emotionally expressive, as poetry : LYRIC. Dictionary approved.

16. OPEC commodity : OIL

19. Charlottesville sch. : UVA. (University of Virginia)

20. "Mazel __!" : TOV. ("good luck!")

21. Flair : ELAN

22. NFL Network talk show host Rich : EISEN. A journalist who attended the University of Michigan and was NOT an athlete although he was co–sports editor of the school's paper.

24. Father of Cain and Abel : ADAM

25. "The Maltese Falcon" novelist : HAMMETT. (Dashiell Hammett)

27. "That's enough!" : "STOP IT!"

30. Get started, as a grill : FIRE UP. Oh, yeah!

31. One-eighty : U-TURN

35. Bon __: witticism : MOT

36. Animal skins : PELTS

37. __ v. Wade : ROE

41. "Another card, dealer" : "HIT ME". Playing Blackjack.

43. Citizens under Caesar : ROMANS

44. Gorge : CANYON

45. Pure joy : ECSTASY

47. Quaint dagger : DIRK. 'Tis the one ye Scots wear in their hose.

48. Controversial Nixon records : TAPES

49. Blue jay or oriole : BIRD

50. Down in the dumps : SAD

53. Actress Thurman : UMA

58. Mo. with the shortest day of the year : DEC. Day meaning the period of sunlight.

59. Elaborate display : ECLAT

60. The "A" in "CAT scan" : AXIAL. (computed axial tomography) Older and less preferred term. per Wiki.

61. Fair-hiring abbr. : EOE. (Equal Opportunity Employment)

62. Thick-furred dog : SPITZ


63. Colorful tank fish : TETRA


1. "The __ of the Mohicans" : LAST

2. Choir voice : ALTO

3. "Jeopardy!" creator Griffin : MERV

4. The D-backs, on scoreboards : ARI. (Arizona Diamondbacks)

5. Tricked by a scam : ROPED IN

6. Sparkle : GLEAM

7. Meg of "You've Got Mail" : RYAN

8. Bruin legend Bobby : ORR

9. Attack, to Rover : SIC

10. One with a devious plan : SCHEMER

12. Metal fastener : RIVET

13. Bias : SLANT

18. Bed support : SLAT

23. Don of morning radio : IMUS. "Don Imus Leaving Fox Business Network". Didn't know, don't care.

24. Auto financing abbr. : APR. (annual percentage rate)

25. Aware of : HIP TO

26. Greek god of war : ARES

27. Japanese wrestling : SUMO

28. 'Vette roof option : T-TOP. The '68 Corvette coupe was the first U.S.-built car to feature a T-top roof.

30. Niagara __ : FALLS

32. Showy flower : PEONY

33. Crooner Perry : COMO. If it's hip to be square, this dude was.

34. Sharp : KEEN

36. "The more you know" TV ads, e.g. : PSAs. (Public Service Announcement)

39. Repetitive learning : ROTE

40. Builds up : AMASSES

41. Construction site headgear : HARD HAT

42. Bic filler : INK

44. Newspaper sales no. : CIRC. (circulation)

45. Technique-mastering piano piece : ETUDE

46. Short film role : CAMEO

47. "Legion of the Damned" series writer William : DIETZ. What? His website.

49. Naughty kid : BRAT

50. Cranky state : SNIT

51. Biology lab gel : AGAR

52. Fashion's Oscar __ Renta : DE LA

55. Narc's find, briefly : PCP. Angel Dust.

56. Boxing immortal : ALI

57. Firefighter's tool : AXE
Yes, too many names.


Note from C.C.:

Kerry S, a long time lurker on our blog, sent me this fun picture yesterday: 1-A: Town in Italy!

Apr 27, 2015

Monday, April 27, 2015 Mark Bickham

Theme: Thumbs

17A. Color named for a fruit : LIME GREEN. Green thumb, the ability to grow healthy plants.

37A. Legendary Lady Godiva watcher : PEEPING TOM. Tom Thumb, disambiguation There are several.

42A. Stiff from horseback riding : SADDLE SORE. Sore thumb, something you don't want to stand out like.

62A. Clumsy ... or what the ends of 17-, 37- and 42-Across are? : ALL THUMBS

Argyle here. Bit unusual to have entries longer than the themes but not confusing. They add some panache to an easy-peasy Monday.


1. Flat-topped hill : MESA. Not loma this time.

5. Bash thrower : HOST

9. Arctic or Antarctic : OCEAN

14. "Are you asleep yet?" response : "I'M UP". Would not be my response.

15. Not tricked by : ON TO

16. Modeler's wood : BALSA

19. Like a mosquito bite : ITCHY

20. "Ah-oo-gah" horn : KLAXON

21. __ rally : PEP

23. Howls at the moon : BAYS

24. "Hold on a __" : SEC

25. Seek the affections of : WOO

27. Stop producing opportunities, as a financial market : DRY UP

29. Prefix with red : INFRA

31. What a musty room needs : AIRING

34. Ancient invader of Rome : GOTH

39. Converse competitor : AVIA

40. Gets rid of, as weight : LOSES

41. Park path : LANE

44.Soon, quaintly : ANON

45. Set aside a day for : PLAN ON

46. Word before house or plant : POWER

48. Oafs : LOUTS

50. Tyke : TOT

51. Eric Stonestreet's "Modern Family" role : CAM. In his role as Cameron Tucker on Modern Family, Stonestreet has earned three consecutive Primetime Emmy Award nominations for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series (2010, 2011 and 2012), winning the award in 2010 and 2012. He also received three Golden Globe Award nominations (2010, 2011 and 2013) for his work on the series.

54. New Zealand fruit : KIWI

56. Affirmative vote : YEA The other side. 13D. Negative votes : NAYS

58. Pepsi competitor : RC COLA

60. Slip past : EVADE

64. Judge's hammer : GAVEL

65. Jacob's first wife : LEAH

66. Lewd material : SMUT

67. Go on tiptoe : SNEAK

68. Like centerfolds : SEXY

69. Glazed Easter meats : HAMS


1. Does a farm job : MILKS. I guess mucks isn't a Monday word.

2. Author Zola : ÉMILE. "J'accuse"

3. "Poison" plant : SUMAC

4. Peak : APEX

5. Cornucopia : HORN OF PLENTY

6. "__ Life to Live" : ONE. A soap opera that had a 43 year run. Any fans?

7. Dance move : STEP

8. Got into shape, with "up" : TONED

9. __-Wan Kenobi : OBI. Star Wars.

10. Agile thief : CAT BURGLAR

11. Yosemite monolith popular with rock climbers : EL CAPITAN

12. Pale as a ghost : ASHY

18. Red-carpet garment : GOWN

22. Commendable : PRAISE WORTHY

26. Black-and-white cookies : OREOs

28. Yang counterpart : YIN

29. "That never occurred to me" : "I HAD NO IDEA"

30. Ancient storyteller : AESOP

32. Forbidden act : NO-NO

33. Fed. agents : G-MEN

34. Quick inhalation : GASP

35. Running track shape : OVAL

36. Seaside disaster cause : TIDAL WAVE

38. 1995 Reform Party founder : PEROT. (H. Ross Perot)

43. Singer Reed : LOU

47. Engrave on glass, say : ETCH

49. Makes watertight : SEALS

51. Punctuation mark in large numbers : COMMA

52. Scrapbook : ALBUM

53. Supports for sails : MASTS

54. Tapped beer holders : KEGS

55. Tennis great Lendl : IVAN

57. Out of the wind : ALEE

59. Like an easy job, slangily : CUSH. (cushy)

61. Moose relative : ELK

63. Southern Cal. airport : LAX


1) Belatedly Happy Birthday to Lea's grandma Kay (Kazie), who joined this blog the year I started. I'm awfully sorry that I blanked on Saturday morning, Kay! We've been in a frenzy to prepare for our card show next week. I hope Barry and you did something special.

Kay and her husband Barry on Tamborine Mountain, overlooking Brisbane

2) The real Big Easy sent me these pictures of Justin Rose, the winner (22 under par) of the Zurich Classics. Big Easy has been volunteering for the event for years.  The other Big Easy skipped the event.

Apr 26, 2015

Sunday, April 26, 2015 Don Gagliardo & C.C. Burnikel

Theme: Tea Party. Adding a TE, TEE or TY to a common phrase for a punny result was enough, but C.C. and Don also made a vowel sound in the new phrase with an alternate spelling. This made for a delightful "TEA PARTY" that is short on finger food but long on wit and cleverness.

It was a hoot to work and I am tickled to try to 'splain some of the wonderful fill these two great constructors have provided us! I am so pleased C.C. chose this FAULTY GUY to blog her and Hard G's construction!

Theme Answers

23A. Profitable agreement? : PLUM TREATY - Some of those treaties were more plum for one side than the other. One side didn't get so much as a PLUM TREE

29A. Ending a relationship in a text? : FAULTY BREAK - Talk about being on different pages! Maybe it happened during FALL BREAK and someone was feeling restless. Still a gutless thing to do!

37. Sherpa's responsibilities? : MOUNTAIN DUTY - After having a MOUNTAIN DEW?

63. Sale of Babe Ruth to the Yankees? : MIGHTY MISTAKE - Mated autographs of the greatest baseball player ever and the idiot who sold him to the Yankees to finance some Broadway musicals. Did he ever say, "That was MY MISTAKE!"

81. Search for the right beard? : GOATEE HUNTING - You could GO HUNTING among these for what you want. Do you recognize all the famous owners?

103A. Adoring father-to-daughter words? : THAT'S MY CUTIE - When she looks at me like that, THAT'S MY CUE to tell her what a cutie she is!

113. Result of substituting fabric strips for chips? : RAGGEDY ANTE - Yeah, substituting these for poker chips might make for a sloppy game even for RAGGEDY ANN

124. Delicate one in the kitchen? : DAINTY COOK - Probably never heard of comedian DANE COOK


1. Walk casually : AMBLE

6. Work : OPUS - A compilation of Michael Jackson's work

10. Soul, to Aristotle : ANIMA

15. In addition : ALSO

19. Place for highlights : SALON - Before and after

20. Walked out : WENT

21. Complete : TOTAL

22. __-pedi : MANI - I had one of these in a SALON and felt like a fish out of water

25. Path : TRAIL

26. Organic food giant : EDEN - New to me

27. Arabian pop : SIRE - A black Arabian Stallion

28. Canadian roadside sign : ESSO 

31. Ideal chaser? : ISM. Idealism.

33. "Wanderlust" actor Alan : ALDA - He'll always be Hawkeye, won't he?

35. "Love Jones" co-star Long : NIA - Okay, new to me

36. Ice show venues : RINKS

42. Elantra competitor : CIVIC - Kelly Blue Book says it was the 9th best selling vehicle in 2014

44. "Head and Shell" artist : ARP - One of Jean's pieces

45. Cal. listing : APPT - I've got APPT's with four different doctors this upcoming week just for checkups 

46. Exhausted : BEAT - Have you ever heard exhaustd as, "All in but your shoelaces!"

48. Aleve alternative : ANACIN - You're near my age if you remember this

52. Chilling spot : SOFA

54. Shanghai locale : ASIA

56. Stick together : COHERE 

59. Lennon's love : ONO - Our ubiquitous crossword resident

60. "Edda" author __ Sturluson : SNORRI (11-79 - 1241) - Yeah, if you thought I knew this guy, I've got some ocean front property in the Nebraska Sandhills I'd like to sell you

66. First, second and third : ORDINALS - Here compared to Cardinal numbers

69. More work : UTOPIA - Thomas More's 1516 work

70. Sea damaged by Soviet-era waterworks : ARAL - In 1989 and 2014

71. Like some breezes : GENTLE

72. Windows runners : PCS - We now officially have nary a Windows machine in our house!

73. "Murdering Airplane" and "The Hat Makes the Man" : ERNSTS - This is Dadaist Max Ernst's 1920 "Murdering Airplane" collage that depicts man's powerlessness against modern warfare

75. Mountain lake : TARN - From the Scandinavian tjǫrn

77. H.S. cooking class : HOME EC - My Family and Consumer Science colleagues bristled when I said Home Ec. BTW, no one takes "Shop" anymore either.

79. According to, with "in" : AS STATED 

84. Waffle : SEESAW - To be or not to be, make a decision already, Hamlet!

86. Bach's "Mass __ Minor" : IN B - Sure, I guess...

87. Surfing needs : BOARDS

88. 4 for He, e.g. : AT WT - 4x heavier than H, but doesn't blow when used in blimps!

91. Spanish surrealist : DALI - For him 
time didn't fly, it melted

92. Rankle : FESTER - Let it go, already! 

94. Talk back to : SASS

96. Exercise consequence, maybe : ACHE

99. __ cat : LAP - Ours is named Lily

100. Early Indo-European : ARYAN

106. Eddy : WHIRL

109. Poseidon's realm : SEA

111. Bullring cries : OLES

112. Chicago's __ Center : AON - At 200 East Randolph Drive

116. Condé __ : NAST

118. Societal troubles : ILLS

122. Run in place : IDLE

123. Jetson at the Little Dipper School : ELROY - George and Jane's 'toon boy

126. Traffic sound : TOOT - Road rage ain't worth it!

127. Provide, as money : PUT UP - As noted above, Harry Frazee sold the Babe so he could PUT UP money for theatrical productions

128. Mid-seventh-century year : DCLI - Into each puzzle some compromise must fall

129. Way around Paris : METRO - A single ride ticket is 
1,80. Unlimited day pass €7 ,00 and up

130. Grandson of Adam : ENOS

131. Hit hard, biblically : SMOTE - Adam's youngest son was SMOTE by his older 

132. Check : TEST

133. Time-time link : AFTER - A lovely song by Cyndi Lauper  

1. Some hieroglyphic squiggles : ASPS - There he is

2. Niger neighbor : MALI - Sure, it's between Mauritania, Burkina Faso and Niger 

3. Indistinct memory : BLUR - Joann said we had the month of March this year, but it's a BLUR to me

4. Chinese menu offering : LO MEIN

5. Upper-level doc? : ENT - These docs work on our upper-levels

6. Is behind, perhaps : OWES

7. "Frankenstein" torchbearers : PEASANTS - Pitchforks too

8. Incalculable : UNTOLD

9. Babe's home : STY 

10. Naan flour : ATTA - New to me

11. Like a shutout : NO RUN - Don Larsen's no hit,  NO RUN, perfect game in the 1956 World Series

12. Right-leaning, in a way : ITALIC

13. Curaçao cocktail : MAI TAI

14. Side (with) : ALLY

15. Longtime de facto U.S. national anthem : AMERICA - Rasmussen Reports survey said 82% of Americans favor keeping The Star Spangled Banner

16. Weighed down : LADEN - See Sherpa above

17. Stealthy sort : SNEAK

18. Pen emanations : OINKS

24. Update, as charts : REMAP - Before the Corps of Engineers channelized the Missouri River, the Nebraska/Iowa border had to be REMAPPED every so often

29. Lot : FATE - My feeling on FATE

30. Pickling liquids : BRINES

32. __-puf: old laundry product : STA

34. Home to the skyscraper Burj Khalifa : DUBAI

37. Considerable number : MASS

38. Maine college town : ORONO -Proud home of

39. Available to the highest bidder, say : UP FOR GRABS - If you don't buy Boardwalk when you land there, it's this

40. Bar brew, briefly : IPA - India Pale Ale that is regularly on tap here

41. Rides for tycoons : YACHTS - From the Dutch word Jacht which 
means "hunter". They were originally fast boats for chasing pirates

43. "Esthetic" and "egis" : VARIANTS - Can also be spelled Aesthetic and Aegis 

47. Miss Gulch's bane : TOTO

49. Large-grain seasoning : COARSE SALT - They sell 'em both

50. "__ Dinka Doo" : INKA - A signature song for Jimmy Durante who wrote the music

51. December number : NOEL - One more Christmas Carol in December and I might have lost it

53. Gung-ho : ARDENT

55. Uses Gchat, e.g. : IMS  - Instant Messages. See 29A. in theme answers above for a stupid one

57. Plugs : HYPES - We'll be hearing HYPE from now until Nov. 3, 2016

58. 34-Down dignitaries : EMIRS

61. Dog star's first name? : RIN - A staple of my youth

62. Supposedly : IN THEORY - Bobby Burns warning on what should work

64. Prada competitor : GUCCI - C.C. have you got $750 for Stonewashed GUCCI jeans to go with your Jimmy Choo shoes? ;- ) 

65. Covered in ink, with "up" : TATTED - Don't complain if you interview with all your TATS showing and fail to get a sniff at the job

67. Word heard coming and going : ALOHA - I hope to say this to our friend Chef Wendy on Kauai someday

68. Nocturnal primate : LEMUR

72. Watched the cats, say : PET SAT - Our dear neighbors PET SAT Lily while I was in the 
hospital. It was very comforting to know she was in good hands

74. Motor oil letters : S.A.E. - Society of Automotive Engineers.

75. Week-ending cry : TGIF - Everyday is Friday when you're retired!!

76. Crackerjack : A-ONE 

78. Pencil points and erasers : ENDS - Johnny Carson's pencils famously didn't have both

79. Cut taker: Abbr. : AGT 

80. __ Lama : DALAI

82. Big band era singer Ray : EBERLE - Sang with Glenn Miller

83. Sounding stuffy : NASAL

85. Picnic cleaner : WIPE - A staple at our house

89. Yuletide quaffs : WASSAILS

90. Where to see old MGM movies : TCM - Gets a lot of play here

93. They often have concentric circles : TARGETS - I think most of you know that the highest score in Darts is not in the innermost concentric circle or Bull's Eye.

95. Tongue site : SHOE

97. Marriott competitor : HYATT

98. Car starter? : ECO - Ecocars.Some of these cars are routinely getting over 100 MPG

101. Shelter : ASYLUM

102. Not far from : NEAR TO

104. Bridge holding : TENACE - Holding a broken honor sequence such as A
❤ Q❤. Our Bridge players knew that.

105. Danny Kaye was its first celebrity goodwill ambassador : UNICEF

106. Blog, say : WRITE

107. Wore : HAD ON 

108. Digs in the snow? : IGLOO

110. Have __: be ready with an excuse : AN OUT - My sister always has one when she skips family functions and she fools no one

114. Acct. entries : DEPS - Early in our marriage, our DEPS and W/D's were pretty close 

115. Blog, say : TYPE

117. Sulky state : SNIT 

119. Ex-senator Trent : LOTT - Did LOTT's wife looked back when she left D.C.

120. Traditional accounts : LORE - I wonder if C.C. remembers any folkLORE tales from her days in Guangzhou (From C.C.: Have any of you heard of Cantonese opera? It's steeped in Cantonese folklore)

121. Hershey's toffee bar : SKOR - Love 'em

124. Banned pesticide : DDT 

125. Sumac of Peru : YMA

Husker Gary