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Feb 18, 2019

Monday February 18, 2018 Kurt Krauss

Theme: Vowel Movement -  A, E, I, O, U between B and N.

17. Extreme-weather restriction, perhaps: TRAVEL BAN.

25. Title bear of '60s TV: GENTLE BEN.

37. Brit's trash can: DUST BIN.

51. Classic French song whose title means "It's so good": C'EST SI BON.

61. Frank holder: HOT DOG BUN.

Boomer here.  

Hello all.  Just got back from an annual trip to Las Vegas. Graybar Electric hosts a retiree reunion at the Orleans. At the banquet on Monday, President Kathy Mazzarella reports on the previous year's successes. I give a little stand up comedy, and first I thank President Kathy for hosting the fine banquet, and then thank her for letting us know that the people they hired to replace us are doing a helluva lot better than we ever did. I did pretty well in the casinos this year. I like to play for low stakes and I found a draw poker machine where you can play 100 hands at the same time for 1 cent per hand. Also played a little low minimum craps on the machines.

Below is a photo C.C. took of me at the flower display at the Wynn on the Strip. The lunar New Year of the Pig is celebrated everywhere in Las Vegas.  C.C. and I were both born in pig years.  (Not the same year of course,)

I may have turned a corner Thursday, After a couple of ordinary games of bowling, I decided to resurrect an old Storm "Virtual Gravity" bowling ball out of the bag and nailed a 235 game with 7 strikes. (two doubles and one turkey !).  Guess what ball I will be using this morning. 

You can see more pictures here. Connie is my sister, who lives in San Francisco.
Boomer and the Pig, Wynn


1. Class-conscious gp.: PTA.  Harper Valley's is most famous.

4. Big name in underwear: SPANX. Never heard about this brand.  Are you sure it is not just BIG underwear?

9. Near-sighted Mr.: MAGOO. Voiced by Jim Backus who became more famous as Thurston Howell on Gilligan's Island

14. __-de-sac: CUL.

15. Conical home: TEPEE. Minnesota was historically the home for many Native Americans.  I often wonder how they survived Minnesota winters like the one we are having this year.  Minus 25 a couple of weeks ago, followed by around two feet of snow.  Brings to mind that famous song, "I'm dreaming of a white Groundhog Day."

16. Do penance: ATONE.

19. Dwindled: WANED.

20. Krispy __ doughnuts: KREME. These guys came to Minnesota about 10 years ago and cars were lined up at the window, but eventually they failed. I don't see any stores around any more. Maybe because the spelling was poor.

21. Chat room chuckle: LOL.  I see this all the time but I never hear "out loud".

23. Japanese computer giant: NEC.

24. 18-wheeler: SEMI. Another interesting connotation. I always see the whole truck,  doesn't SEMI mean "Half"?

28. A flirt may bat one: EYELASH.  Be careful if you are in the on deck circle.

31. Mount McKinley, now: DENALI.

32. '60s "acid": LSD.  LBJ took the IRT in the USA, What did he see?  The youth of America on LSD.  (An old acronym song in my youth).

33. Like baggy pants: LOOSE.

36. Bewilder: ADDLE.

39. Paris' river: SEINE.  When will I again, See you there, on the moonlit banks of the Seine.

43. Boxing's "Iron Mike": TYSON.  I lost interest in boxing when he bit Holyfield's ear.

44. Yahoo! rival: MSN. Add "BC" and get the news.

47. Obtain through intimidation, as money: EXTORT.  It is Tax season.

49. Attached, as hotel rooms: EN SUITE.

54. Unexpected thing to hit: SNAG. Or sometimes a centerfielder will snag a hit away.

55. Cornfield sound: CAW.  Cannot scare a crow without a brain.

56. Suffix with iso- or poly-: MER.

57. Footnote abbr.: OP CIT.

59. Sci-fi author Verne: JULES.  Very deep works. "Twenty thousand leagues under the sea", and "Journey to the center of the earth."

64. Leaning: ATILT. We have all seen or ridden on a Tilt a Whirl.  I used to call on the company that made them, Sellner Manufacturing in Faribault, Minnesota.

65. Battery post: ANODE.

66. Absorbed, as a loss: ATE.

67. Fishing line holders: REELS.  They make really hi tech reels now.  Guaranteed to catch fish.

68. What a rooster rules: ROOST.  When I was young, in my house my Mother ruled the roost.

69. Like seven U.S. flag stripes: RED.


1. Cut for an agt.: PCT.  Not a cut for Matt Kuchar's caddy, but he is trying to atone.

2. Thanksgiving birds: TURKEYS.  This clue is so easy even I can figure it out.

3. Fearful: ALARMED.  Okay, but if you ALARMED your home, you should not be fearful.

4. Flower part: STEM.

5. Brazilian soccer legend: PELE.  Only one name and everyone has heard of him.

6. Msg. for a cop car: APB.  All Points Bulletin

7. "Their Eyes Were Watching God" novelist Zora __ Hurston: NEALE.

8. Arc lamp gas: XENON.

9. Animal's gullet: MAW.  Also Mrs. Kettle.

10. Finished: AT AN END.  If it's at the end of a rope, you are finished.

11. (Having) spoiled: GONE BAD.

12. Like amoebas: ONE CELL.  I think the largest single cell is an Ostrich egg

13. Wordsmith's ref.: OED. Oxford English Dictionary.

18. Wedding wear: VEIL.  "Here comes the Bride"

22. Inc., in Toronto: LTD.  Also a big old Ford

24. French salt: SEL.

25. White-sheet wearer, on Halloween: GHOST.  Dangerous costume, do not trip and watch out for cars.

26. Singer Rimes and soaps actress Hunley: LEANNS.

27. Never, in Neuss: NIE. Do we like foreign words in puzzles? Personally, I don't think it's fair.  Like getting Canadian money in change.  Sorry Ms. Eh

29. Birch family trees: ALDERS. Are Older Alders Elders ?

30. Not worth a __: SOU.

34. Hog's home: STY.  I think pigs live in stys. Hogs live in stylish stys.

35. "Barnaby Jones" star Buddy: EBSEN. Famous as Barnaby, but also as Jed Clampett in the "Beverly Hillbillies". But his bad luck was he was cast as the Tin Man in "Wizard of Oz" but had to withdraw because the metallic face makeup made him sick.

38. + or - particle: ION.

39. "Just a __!": SEC.

40. Carry out, as a task: EXECUTE.

41. "Don't believe that!": IT'S A LIE. You are correct.  Sometimes I cannot believe where my golf ball ends up.

42. Ailing: NOT WELL.

44. Hotel room amenity: MINI BAR.  We did not have one of these at the Orleans.  But I'll bet those who have them pay more for an ounce than I lose at the tables.

45. It's a law: STATUTE.  I wonder if there is a statute of limitations on the number of statutes we can have.

46. Opposite of pos.: NEG.  Yup, we have a pretty negative Post Office in our city.

48. Comic Conway: TIM.  Ensign Parker in McHale's Navy, but also appeared on "Laugh In" quite a bit.

50. Maritime safety gp.: USCG.  Hope they are all paid and back to work.

52. Joy of "The View": BEHAR.

53. Maine college town: ORONO.  We also have an Orono city in Minnesota.  Lots of well-to-do folks have homes there.

57. Sports betting numbers: ODDS.  Here are your craps odds when the point is: 4 or 10 Two for one, 5 or 9 - three for two, and 6 or 8 - six for five.  Once the point number is established, you can place double your pass line bet behind the line (some casinos offer more). It is not marked on the table because casinos rarely show a bet that has no house advantage.   

58. Browning or Burns: POET.  You're a poet and you don't know it, but your feet show it.  They're Longfellows.

59. Pickle container: JAR.

60. Ave. crossers: STS. Okay, but where do lanes go?  In bowling centers  

62. As well: TOO.

63. Beatty of "Deliverance": NED.  I loved "Dueling Banjos"


Feb 11, 2019

Monday February 11, 2019 Joe Deeney

Theme: DOWN PAYMENT (25D. Typical mortgage requirement, and what ends each answer to a starred clue)

3D. *Grade-boosting option: EXTRA CREDIT.

8D. *Singer's spouse who co-wrote "Ring of Fire": JUNE CARTER CASH.

14D. *Chess situation that forces a draw: PERPETUAL CHECK.

Boomer here.  

Good morning or afternoon as the case may be. Last week was fairly uneventful.  Lots and lots of snow.  I had a VA appointment last Wednesday. Only took about 25 minutes for the trip West at 7:30 AM, but leave the clinic and head back toward Minneapolis while many were on their way to work, was a solid hour.  Free snow for everyone! Just bring an ice chest or a trailer and a shovel and take as much as you want off my yard!


1. Org. whose product is measured in barrels: OPEC.  Gas prices are still affordable here, about $2.00 per gallon of 87 regular.  I have heard the federal government is considering a small gas tax to fix roads and bridges. 

5. Pillar of Islam involving travel: HAJJ.

9. School near Windsor Castle: ETON.

13. Hugs-and-kisses symbols: XO XO.  My sister signs cards this way sometimes.

14. Pacific island host of two "Survivor" seasons: PALAU.

15. Medical image: X-RAY.  This must then be a kiss by the sun.

16. Analogy words: IS TO.  IS NOT!

17. Modern John Hancock: E SIGNATURE. Mr. Hancock is very famous for signing the Declaration of Independence so that King George can read it without his spectacles.

19. Epithet never actually used by Jimmy Cagney: DIRTY RAT.  Rumor has it that he said "You Dirty Mouse."

21. Angsty music genre: EMO.

22. LAX posting: ETA. MSP posting is indeed "estimated" depending on when they get the snow cleared from the landing runway.

23. Elect (to): OPT.

24. Dressed down: SCOLDED.

28. Songwriter Porter: COLE. Yes, but my favorite Cole is Mr. Nat King.

30. Frightening: FEARSOME.  This could be the "Fearsome Foursome" defensive linemen of the Minnesota Vikings in the 1970s.  Honored on the "Ring of Honor" at U.S. Bank Stadium.  Includes Notre Dame Grad Alan Page who went on to become a judge.  What is interesting, Alan was born in 1945 in Canton, Ohio.  His Hall of Fame honor will be there forever.

31. Red wine choice: MERLOT.

33. Fairy tale baddie: OGRE.  My fairy tales only had Big Bad Wolves.

34. Be victorious: WIN.

35. Was in debt to: OWED. "I owe, I owe, so off to work I go."

36. WWII naval threat: U-BOAT.  This was a Nazi submarine.  Abbreviation "Underwater boat."

38. Picnic invaders: ANTS.  Also pants invaders.

39. Grass roll: SOD. These things are heavy and hard to work with. Seed takes longer but it is light and easy to apply.

40. Shopping complex: MALL.  Of course, on the old site of Metropolitan Stadium, 60s and 70s home of the Vikings and Twins, now stands the Mall of America.  It's huge with many stores but it's a bit of a tourist trap.  C.C. and I have been there a number of times. It's a nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to spend there.

41. Go by, as time: ELAPSE.

43. They're planted in snow while skiing: SKI POLES.  Oh, I thought they were people from Poland who like to ski.

45. Civil rights icon Parks: ROSA.  Highly respected!

46. Largest living bird: OSTRICH.  True, and also lays the largest eggs.

47. Emails a dupe to: CCS.  Not to be confused with C.C.'S

48. Couture initials: YSL.

51. Tapped-off cigar remnant: ASH.  I mentioned my friend George Ash last week.

52. Hours for cuppas: TEA TIMES.  I am a golfer.  I suppose the leaders get the later ones?  Just kidding.

54. Cord cutters' reception aids: TV ANTENNAS.  I think you need to be my age to remember these.  We have a dish on our roof right now,  Many people have their shows delivered by cable. 

58. Air filter acronym: HEPA. High Efficiency Particulate Air.

59. __ hop: gym dance: SOCK.  We had Sock hops in High School.  The idea was to take off your shoes so you would not scar the gym floor. (Most left their shoes on however.)

60. Infatuation: CRUSH.  Orange soda, yum.

61. "I'll take care of that": ON IT.

62. Log splitters: AXES.  Paul Bunyan was not an Axe.  But I have heard that he split a few logs in his day.

63. Spade of handbags: KATE.  I am not a handbag expert, but I have heard Kate Smith sing the National Anthem once or twice.

64. Education support gps.: PTAS.  Let me tell you of the story of a Harper Valley's widowed wife.


1. Nitrous __: OXIDE.  Sounds like the name of a laundry detergent.

2. Theorize: POSIT.  I remember a German toast "Prosit" I think.

4. Crotchety oldster: COOT.  That's me!!!

5. Attacks: HAS AT.

6. Got off a horse: ALIT.

7. XKE, for short: JAG.  "I was cruisin' in my sting ray late one night, when an XKE pulled up on the right.  Won't come back from Dead Man's Curve."  Jan and Dean.

9. Raves about: EXTOLS. Many EXTOL their work on crosswords!

10. Play about Capote: TRU.  Stock ticker symbol for TransUnion.

11. Rowing tool: OAR.  "Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, Life is but a dream."

12. TV scientist whose show has won 19 Emmys: NYE. Bill.

18. Love, to Luigi: AMORE. "When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie" Deano

20. "Carpe diem" initials: YOLO. You Only Live Once.

24. Game Gear creator: SEGA.  I never got past Nintendo.

26. Gives off: EMITS.

27. Closely packed: DENSE.

29. Out-of-date: OLD.  Here I am again!!

30. Deceives: FOOLS.  If you bluff in a poker game and get called, the fool could be you.

31. Meno __: not as fast, in music: MOSSO.

32. Furry C-3PO worshipers: EWOKS.  I never was one of those Star Wars fanatics.

37. "Eww!": BLEH.

38. Small batteries: AAS.  AAAs are smaller. An Ass is much larger.

40. Somewhat wet: MOIST.  Yup, we have moist snow on the ground.

42. Nowhere to be found: LOST.

44. Practical jokes: PRANKS.  April 1st is sooner than you think.

47. __ and desist: CEASE.

49. Vintage photo tone: SEPIA.

50. Exams for aspiring judges, briefly: LSATS.  I took an SAT test in High school.  I think it is an acronym for Standard Aptitude Test, but we did not have to stand when we took it.

52. Item listed above "u-bolt" in a hardware glossary?: T NUT.  Sometimes called a TEE NUT.  That's what I am, waiting for the snow to melt -- "FORE".

53. Blue-roofed eatery: IHOP.  International House of Pancakes.  Delicious, but they sell flavored pancakes for about a buck apiece, and a 25 cent cup of coffee for about $2.00.  Maybe the owner will be running for president soon.

54. Airport safety org.: TSA.  I am very happy that they are back to work and getting paid.

55. __ populi: popular opinion: VOX.

56. Blackjack half: ACE.  Ace is the place with the helpful hardware man.

57. Gun lobby org.: NRA.


Feb 4, 2019

Monday February 4, 2019 Winston Emmons

Theme: NO NO (59. Forbidden thing, and what each of four long answers is?)
20. Misdeed exculpation: NO HARM NO FOUL.

29. Done tidily and without stress: NO MUSS NO FUSS.

46. Precisely: NO MORE NO LESS.

56. Exercise mantra: NO PAIN NO GAIN.

Boomer here.

I noticed that there were ten (count'em) TEN "nos" in today's puzzle.  I believe that is a no no.  I hope you all had a great Groudhog Day and if you missed the Bill Murray movie, I think it was on 6 cable channels Saturday. We had a typical Minnesota week this past 7 days, but I also noticed that a huge section of the country had the same.  We got about 30 below on Tuesday and Wednesday, then a thaw on Saturday and Sunday.  

Exploding toilet tank & Frozen noodles
My bowling was postponed due to weather last Monday and Thursday was not the best or worse. 

Last but not least, condolences to the L.A. Rams.  They played a pretty good game but were scratched by the Superb Owl and upended by the Brady Bunch.  I was disappointed by the commercials.  Although nothing will ever compare to Betty White playing football with Abe Vigoda. Shame on Budweiser for hiring someone to sing "Blowin' in the Wind" while trying to sound like our Minnesota native Robert Zimmerman, aka Bob Dylan.  I have listened to Mr. Dylan for years and that was not his voice in the Bud Commercial.

1. Gather in a pile: AMASS. I go every Sunday but we don't pile into the church.

6. City transport: BUS. Add an "S" and you may have a fuse.

9. Assume the role of: ACT AS.

14. Dashed in the direction of: RAN TO.  Sounds like a role for Sylvester Stallone.

15. Fireplace remnants: ASH.  Once there was a tobacco store in a mall in Minnesota.  The proprietor was George Ash. The name of the store was Ashes. Really! You could bring in your pipe and sample his stuff.

16. Baseball's home __: PLATE.  Yeah, but it is made of rubber, and not the shape of  a glass or ceramic plate.

17. Military decoration: MEDAL.  Everyone who serves gets one or two, however a bronze star or silver star is special.

18. China : cha :: U.S. : __: TEA.  "Cha for two and two for cha"

19. Resistance member: REBEL.  Johnny Yuma was one.

23. Garden product word: GRO. Really have never seen this.  But be careful with "Roundup"

26. Lyricist Gershwin: IRA.  If you have money in one, it is not taxable … yet.

27. Ages and ages: EON.  Should it not be "EONS" ?

28. Word after photo or black: OPS.  Reminds me of Donald Sutherland in "JFK"

33. Skillful: ADEPT.

34. Early riser?: SUN.  I notice it does not rise so early in winter.  Maybe Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow.  Then we will only have 5 weeks and 6 days of winter left.

35. Wyatt of the Old West: EARP.  My sister Barbara was a HUGE Hugh O'Brian fan.

39. Bedouin abode: TENT.  How much is Five T plus Five T. 

40. Takes out the sloop: SAILS.  Beach Boys sailed on the Sloop John B.

42. Classic cookie: OREO. The favorite treat of Crossword constructors everywhere.

43. Mediocre: SO SO.  The favorite denial of my wife, C.C.

44. Suffix with alp: INE.  If you have not yet heard, Minnesota's favorite woman ALPINE skier, Lindsey Vonn has announced retirement.

45. Models for some Adam and Eve art: NUDES.

50. Texter's "I believe": IMO.

53. Louis XIV, par exemple: ROI.

54. Badminton partition: NET.

55. Originally called: NEE.  Maybe too many three letter answers ??

60. Minotaur's island: CRETE.  This was a question in Saturday's Pogo Trivial Pursuit.

61. Overtime cause, in sports: TIE.  Also neckwear of which I have thirty, and wear one or two per year.

62. Seashore: COAST.  This is C.C.'s favorite soap bar.  I like Irish Spring.

66. Brother of Moses: AARON. Also the surname of Hank who hit 755 MLB home runs.  Coincidentally, now there is AARON Judge who may approach Hank's record someday.

67. Right-angled pipe shape: ELL.  Generally 90 degrees.

68. Came to a conclusion: ENDED.

69. Slope: SLANT.

70. Prefix with -lexic: DYS.

71. Gives medicine to: DOSES. We covered this last week.


1. Pitcher's asset: ARM. And probably a million dollar home and a BMW.

2. West of "My Little Chickadee": MAE.

3. Plus: AND. "Two AND two are four, four AND four are eight. AND what did you learn in school today, dear little boys of mine?"  (Tom Paxton)

4. Ollie's partner: STAN. Oh how I loved the reruns of Laurel and Hardy when I was a kid.  When I visit a friend in the hospital, I always bring hard boiled eggs and nuts.

5. Single singer: SOLOIST.  Yes I was, in the Benilde High School Glee Club.  My best was Poor Old Charlie on the "MTA".

6. WWII Philippine battleground: BATAAN.  Very tough duty.  My father served there as a medic.

7. Manipulative sort: USER.

8. Causing disgrace: SHAMEFUL.

9. Cooks' protective wear: APRONS.

10. Sheet music symbol: CLEF.

11. Forbidden: TABOO.

12. Consumed eagerly: ATE UP.

13. Disposes of on eBay: SELLS.  "She sells sea shells on the sea shore".  Say it 5 times really fast.

21. 60-min. periods: HRS.  Hank Aaron and Aaron Judge's stats. 

22. Subjects, usually, in grammar class: NOUNS. "Twas' the night before Christmas and all through the house..  NO UNS was sleeping, not even a mouse.  And not even Talullah's brudder in law and he's a rat."

23. Bitty biters: GNATS.  The DC MLB Baseball team is sometimes called the Gnats.

24. Show with horses and bulls: RODEO.

25. Warning signs: OMENS.

30. Model Kate married to Justin Verlander: UPTON.  Pitchers get all the girls.

31. Willow twig: OSIER.

32. South Korea's capital: SEOUL.

36. Elizabeth of cosmetics: ARDEN.

37. Creator of yummy "pieces": REESE.  Creator of yummy Yankee stories, Pee Wee.

38. Entourage: POSSE.

40. Do what he says or you lose: SIMON.  Simon says "The words of the profits are written on the subway walls,"  and Garfunkel says , "And tenement halls."

41. Made sacred, as with oil: ANOINTED.

45. Observed: NOTICED.

47. "Murder on the __ Express": ORIENT.  Minneapolis story.  Years ago Northwest Airlines was "Northwest Orient" now it's known as "Delta".  Big airlines get swallowed up by bigger ones.

48. Marx co-author: ENGELS.

49. Cultural funding org.: NEA.

50. Machu Picchu builders: INCAS.  Remember Jimmy Durante ?  Inca Dinka Do.

51. Point of a fable: MORAL.

52. Wagner work: OPERA.  Spend a night there in 1935 with the Marx Brothers. Were Groucho, Zeppo, Chico and Harpo their real names??

57. Huge amount, as of homework: A TON.  Load 16 of them and Whaddaya get.  Another day older and deeper in debt.  Was "Tennessee his real first name"?

58. Slick, like a garage floor: OILY.  If your oil pan leaks and you don't get it fixed you may deserve to slip on your garage floor, after you buy a new engine.

63. Spots on television: ADS. "Spots" is very kind.  Some last over a minute and all are BORING !

64. Understand: SEE.

65. NFL scores: TDS. A scant one in this years big game.


Jan 28, 2019

Monday January 28, 2019 Susan Gelfand

Theme: COOL CAT (38. Hipster, and based on their initials, what each of 16-, 22-, 52- and 61-Across is?) - Each well-known person has a AC initial.

16. "360°" CNN anchor: ANDERSON COOPER.

 22. "Uncle Vanya" playwright: ANTON CHEKHOV.
52. "Appalachian Spring" composer: AARON COPLAND.

61. 19th-century steel industry philanthropist who built an eponymous concert hall: ANDREW CARNEGIE.

Boomer here.  

Excuse me, I am an electric guy. When I see "A C" I think of alternating current. Good morning and enjoy the weekend off with no meaningful football. Bowling has been a little tough this past week.  I will keep you all informed.


1. Take it easy: LAZE.  That was a pretty easy clue.

5. Cabo's peninsula: BAJA.

9. Sheepish smile: GRIN.  I really never saw a sheep show its teeth.

13. Cabinet dept. with an oil derrick on its seal: ENER.

14. Immortal racehorse Man __: O WAR.  Man O'War lived to the ripe old age of 30, which I suppose is about 150 in people years. The horse was a legend when I was young, however he was superseded by Secretariat in the early to mid seventies. The interesting thing is the gambling. I wonder how many fans would show up at the Kentucky Derby if no wagering was allowed.

15. What kneaded dough should do: RISE.  Aaron Judge "All Rise"

19. Bud: BRO.  I thought Bud was a beer.

20. "How disgusting!": ICK.

21. Gave medicine to: DOSED.  So THAT'S what it's called. I am getting dosed several times every day. Sometimes when I have DOZED I have to get DOSED.

27. Yoga posture: ASANA.

28. Krypton or xenon: RARE GAS.  The real rare gas is the stuff under $2.00 per gallon.

32. Semester: TERM.

34. Pea surrounder: POD.  I remember Ollie telling Stan that they were like two peas in a pod uh.

35. One of about 268,600 in Tex.: SQ MI.  Republican did not fit.

36. You, to Yves: TOI.

41. Blender setting: MIX.  I just have 1 through 9 on my blender.  But I have heard of Tom, a silent movie Western star.  He's buried at Forest Lawn.

42. Hubbubs: ADOS.  Not to be confused with Adieus which mean good by - see you later.

44. Like Letterman's humor: WRY. Sorry, I liked Johnny Carson better.  Cast your vote in the Comments section.

45. "See ya later": TA TA.  Adieu sounds much better.

47. Dugout seats: BENCHES.  Yup, and in Cincinnati, one of them belonged to Johnny. 

49. Put together, as equipment: RIG UP.

56. Lustrous bit of wisdom: PEARL.  Has anyone ever found one of these in an oyster?

59. Tokyo's former name: EDO.

60. When repeated, a Gabor: ZSA.  Don't confuse her with Eva of Green Acres.

66. Nod off: DOZE.  Careful if someone tries to DOSE you.

67. Prefix with correct: AUTO.  They are selling these on Carvana now. The next McDonald's of car dealerships.

68. Dunham of "Girls": LENA.  I know her, Ole's wife.  I have plenty of stories about them.

69. Snow transport: SLED.  I had an American Flyer.  Friends and I would fly down the hill below the ball field at Burnes Park, Hopkins, MN.

70. H.S. math subject: GEOM.

71. Clog fillers: FEET.


1. Becomes aware of: LEARNS.

2. Explanatory comment written in the margin, say: ANNOTATION.  Don't scribble on my homework.

3. British alphabet ender: ZED.  Here's a story for Canadian Eh.  I have relatives in Saskatoon. Their surname is Grayczyk.  My cousins visited one time many years ago, and there came a time when the guy my age was asked to spell his name. When he got to "Z" I had no idea what he was talking about.

4. Bard's "before": ERE.

5. Title cop played by Titus Welliver: BOSCH.

6. Came to: AWOKE.  In China, after you AWOKE you make breakfast in A WOK.

7. First mo.: JAN.  Pretty easy. I was thinking of one of the three stooges.

8. Rainbow shape: ARC. Somewhere over it, Birds fly. Why oh why can't I.

9. Slots cut with a chisel: GROOVES.  Lookin' for fun and feeling groovy. (I like Simon and Garfunkel, almost as much as the Chad Mitchell Trio.)

10. Fabric flaws: RIPS.

11. "Got it": I SEE. "I See" said the blind man, but he really didn't.

12. Bookish type: NERD. I don't think we had "Nerds" when I was young. Were they invented in  "Animal House" ??

17. Rock's Ocasek: RIC.

18. Dumpster emanation: ODOR.  We have had this before.  I always think of Rougned of the Texas Rangers.

19. Sheep bleat: BAA.

23. Half and half: ONE. That's interesting.  I was trying to think how I could get Coffee lightener into three letters. 

24. Agent on a bust: NARC.

25. McDonald's founder Ray: KROC.  This is debatable.  There were actually six fast food places franchised by the McDonald brothers in California in the forties.  Ray Kroc got involved around 1954 and opened McDonald's restaurants everywhere.  I guess it's not there anymore, but the golden arches in Des Plaines, Illinois is questionably the first McDonald's. Kroc owned the San Diego Padres for about ten years, until his death in 1984.  He was rumored to have 600 million dollars at the time of his death.    

26. Dove into vigorously, as work: HAD AT.

29. Stylish men's monthly: GQ MAGAZINE.

30. Parisian pal: AMI.

31. Common dinner hour: SIX.  Mine is FOUR. I get hungry early.

33. Grass cutter: MOWER. I am so old that when I grew up I mowed the lawn with a push mower.  You know, the kind with two wheels and a long handle, and you never had to put gas in it.

34. Two-__ tissue: PLY.  Have you ever tried to pull apart a Kleenex ?

36. Restaurant bill: TAB.  Coca Cola's first shot at a sugar free soda.  The diet drinks of today taste a little better.

37. Poem of praise: ODE.  "It was the 3rd of June, another sleepy, dusty Delta day."  For Billie Joe.

39. Approximately: OR SO.

40. Baseball rain delay cover: TARP.  Sometimes used at Target Field for a snow delay.

43. Like Capone's face: SCARRED.

46. Up to, informally: TIL.

48. Partner of hearty: HALE. Revolutionary War hero Nathan, or Golfer Mr. Irwin.

50. Vote out of office: UNSEAT.  Lots of legislators are concerned about 2020. 

51. Kiss in a busy store, for short: PDA. Public Displays of Affection.

53. "Sweet!": NEATO.  I haven't heard this since Haight-Ashbury was a busy intersection.

54. PC drive insert: CD-ROM.

55. Buff suffix: OON.  I was thinking of that rich guy in Omaha (ETT) because the places where I love to eat only have one "ET"

56. Footballer's shoulder protection: PADS.

57. Hydroxyl compound: ENOL.  This stuff and the ADZE sound like something you need to "Ask your doctor if they are right for you".

58. Axe relative: ADZE. See above.

62. Happy tail movement: WAG.

63. Billiards stick: CUE.

64. Legendary seasonal helper: ELF.  only 331 days until Christmas.

65. "Holy cow": GEE.  That's a WHIZ of  CLUE 


Jan 21, 2019

Monday January 21, 2019 Kurt Krauss

Theme: Company Slogans

17. "Am I coming in loud and clear?" (Verizon): CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?
28. "Waiter, isn't my steak ready yet?" (Wendy's): WHERE'S THE BEEF.

47. "Don't settle when it comes to personal potential" (U.S. Army): BE ALL YOU CAN BE.

63. "No fakes here" (Coca-Cola): IT'S THE REAL THING.

Boomer here.

Last year, the Superb Owl came to Minnesota and if you read the news, it cost the city and state around 55 million dollars (however I believe hotels, restaurants, cabbies, Uber, and MSP Airport did just fine.) This year, Minneapolis' U.S. Bank stadium is hosting the NCAA Basketball Final Four, and rumor has it that we are spending 110 Million bucks on security, traffic control and various protections. I cannot afford a ticket but it's nice to know that my tax money is paying for something worthwhile.   

Congratulations to our L.A. Times own Rams for their victory in overtime and a trip to Superb Owl number LIII.  (If you are not Roman that's 53.)  Good Luck!!!


1. Broadway auntie: MAME. "You charm the husk right off of the corn."

5. Sean Connery, for one: SCOT.  The original 007.  I think I saw every 007 movie when I was a kid.

9. Strong winds: GALES.  Reminds me of Dorothy Gale who was blown to Oz by a strong wind.  Then there was Gale Storm - "My Little Margie".  Interesting weather related name, but I doubt it was real. 

14. Words while calling a bet: I' M IN.

15. Any volume of Hume's "The History of England," e.g.: TOME.

16. Banded marble: AGATE.  We had steelies, peeries, and agates. Kid fun was great before computers and smart phones.

20. Boutros-Ghali's successor: ANNAN.  Served in the U.N. Kofi just passed away last fall. 

21. Happen as a result: ENSUE.

22. USCG officer: ENS.  Whenever I see this answer, I think of Ensign Parker in McHale's Navy. 

23. __ Tomé and Príncipe: SAO.

24. Round Table title: SIR. But how do you thank someone who has taken you from crayons to perfume? It isn't easy, but I'll try.  It was a Lulu of a hit song.

26. Bluesy James: ETTA.

34. The Vols' sch.: U TENN.

35. Astronomical red giant: S STAR.  I have never heard of this, so I Googled it,  Now I still don't know what it is.

36. "The Wizard __": comic strip: OF ID.  Not the Wizard that Dorothy Gale visited.

39. Gawk: STARE.  I suppose this is an "E" Star.  Sort of like an "S" Star but part of one of those stupid constellations that everyone talks about.

42. Like Cheerios: OATY.  I like GM cereals, but I have to admit, I buy the off brand copies. I bowl with a guy who retired from General Mills.  I think I will ask him if they make the Wheat, Rice, and Corn Chex, and package them in a different box for Aldi and other grocery stores. They sure look and taste the same. 

43. Sonata movement: RONDO.

45. Flu symptom: FEVER.  Peggy Lee - "Fever in the morning, Fever all through the night".

51. Cylindrical cheese: EDAM.  I love cheese, but I never buy round chunks.

52. Genetic "messenger" initials: RNA.

53. "Morning Edition" airer: NPR. One of C.C.'s favorite news channels

56. Letter before omega: PSI.  Omega is the final letter. Graybar retirees (like me) belong to "Older More Energetic Graybar  Associates" Aka OMEGA.

59. Largest Greek island: CRETE.

61. Drink served with marshmallows: COCOA. I have to drink my cocoa straight up.  Marshmallows have too much sugar.

66. Shire of "Rocky": TALIA.

67. London art gallery: TATE.

68. A single time: ONCE. Upon  time there were three bears, Mama, Papa, and baby,  Oh, never mind, you have all  heard that story.

69. Precipitous: STEEP.  I think we make tea this way.

70. Flock's "Absolutely!": AMEN. So be it!

71. Garden scrapers: HOES. Garden waterer - HOSE


1. Layered minerals: MICAS.

2. Appliance brand: AMANA.  Famous manufacturer in Amana, Iowa.

3. Bait fish: MINNOW. I bowl with a Minnow.  His real name is Marlowe, but everyone calls him "Minnow".

4. One-named New Age singer: ENYA.

5. Consecutive alphabet trio that spells a name: STU.  A big husky guy may be called Beef Stu.

6. Easy to understand: COHERENT.

7. Black cat, to some: OMEN. A strange movie about a weird young boy.

8. It includes cups, a pot and a sugar bowl: TEA SET.  Don't forget the Barbie Doll.

9. Reproductive cells: GAMETES.

10. 242, for the USA: AGE.  71 for me. (A baby boomer),  Happy I am old enough to remember and enjoyed all the hoopla surrounding 1976.

11. Narrow street: LANE.  "On Penny Lane there is a barber sharing photographs"

12. Berkshire school: ETON.

13. Puts in stitches: SEWS.

18. Initial stage, as of the flu: ONSET.

19. Baseball's Babe: RUTH.  The "Bambino" among other nicknames.  It is scary to think how good he might have been if he stayed in shape and laid off the brew. 

25. More than annoys: IRES.

27. Soak up: ABSORB.

29. Gathering around the quarterback: HUDDLE.  In the old days, the guy with the single digit number called the plays.  Now I think they have speakers in their helmets and call what the coaches tell them to do.

30. Big mess: SNAFU.  In high school we had a goofy guy named Anthony who we nicknamed Snafu.  I suppose every high school had a snafu.

31. In-flight approx.: ETA. Maybe a little early if with the wind.
32. "Dig in!": EAT.  Please pass the chicken.

33. Cook in oil: FRY.  I mean, please pass the FRIED chicken.

36. Heavenly body: ORB.

37. Them, vis-à-vis us: FOE

38. Once-lifetime link: IN A. Once in a lifetime.

40. Make over: RECREATE.  The fried chicken plate is empty.  Please recreate more. 

41. "Dear __ Hansen": 2017 Best Musical: EVAN.

44. British buddy: OLD CHAP.

46. Legislate: ENACT.

48. Easily maneuvered, at sea: YARE.  Umpire talk - "YARE OUT"

49. Mafioso code of honor: OMERTA.

50. Affluent Los Angeles district: ENCINO.  I don't know much about the logistics of Los Angeles.  I hope the teachers can get back on the job and schools become more to their liking.   

54. Explorer __ de León: PONCE.

55. Fits of anger: RAGES.  Argue with an ump and he may call "YARE OUT" (of the game.) 

56. Indy service areas: PITS. I wonder if they allow "SPIT" in the PITS.

57. MD's "Now!": STAT.  This comes from Latin "Statum"  which means right now.  For some reason medical professionals needed to know Latin. I think they used to write prescriptions Quaque die.

58. "Cast Away" setting: ISLE.  With Gilligan, the Skipper too, the millionaire and his wife.  The movie star, the professor and Mary Ann here on Gilligan's Isle.

60. Angels or Saints: TEAM.  We know about Albert Pujols' Angels.  St. Paul, MN has a low level minor league team called the Saints.  Apologies to Drew Brees.

62. "Oops!": OH OH.

64. Game with no winner: TIE.  I have a few neck ties that are winners.

65. Actor Cariou: LEN.


Notes from C.C.:

1) Happy 71st birthday to our young Madame DeFarge (Janice)! So glad you bumped into Abjeo. Otherwise, we would never seen this great picture.

Left to Right: Abejo, WikWak, Madame DeFarge  and TTP, July 19, 2018
2) Happy 11th birthday to our blog!  Thanks for being here for me all these years. I can't imagine what my life would be without you guys.

Jan 14, 2019

Monday January 14th, 2019 C.C. Burnikel

Theme: ISH (62. "Give or take" suffix ... that can be added to the end of 18-, 23-, 51- and 60-Across to form a sort of set) - ISH can be added to the last word in each theme entry to form a language.
18. Recall ability: MEMORY SPAN. Spanish.

23. Well-groomed guy: DAPPER DAN. Danish.

51. One making a living in government, briefly: CAREER POL. Polish.

60. Knockout drink, in old gangster movies: MICKEY FINN. Finnish.

Boomer here. Makes me think of Denard Span and Dan Gladden of the Twins. And Mickey Mantle had a great Career.

Good morning everyone and I hope you enjoyed the nitty-gritty of football winding down soon to the Superb Owl.  Bowling is getting better. This weeks scores for the three game sets were Monday - 585 and Thursday - 583.  (note to TTP) I only missed one ten pin in the 6 games. I left at least a dozen.


1. Parks who wouldn't give up her bus seat: ROSA. I wish I could have met her. She had spunk!

5. Jewel box item: CD ROM. Compact Disc and a Real Old Man. 

10. Colored eye part: IRIS.

14. Cartel acronym: OPEC. Organization of Petroleum Exporters. Iraq, Iran and others. I bet they are flush with cash to pay their help.

15. Prizefight venue: ARENA. Prize fights don't seem to have the attraction that they once had.  (When Ali was "The Greatest").  It seems that the arenas are now filled with All Star Wrestling.

16. Brit's "Later!": TA TA.

17. Version to debug: BETA.  I just remember when beta competed with VHS.  Not me.  Anyone want to buy my VHS tapes ?

20. Blew like Etna: ERUPTED.  Sorta like the KC Chiefs erupted over the Colts at Arrowhead.

22. Black as night, e.g.: SIMILE.

26. __ XING: crosswalk sign: PED.  Short for pedestrian.

27. Noteworthy period: ERA.  Earned Run Average.  Pitchers with low ones are getting huge raises for 2019.  Take me out to the ballgame.

28. Removes, as a cork: POPS.  Did anyone ever call their Dad Pops ?

30. Nowhere close: FAR. "She wore it for her soldier who was far, far away." Marching tune.

33. Places to swim: POOLS.  If your SLOOP turns over, you may be in a pool.

36. Geek's cousin: NERD.  These guys got revenge on "Animal House".

37. Fodder storage site: SILO.  There's one of these on every barn.  I am not sure if they are used much anymore.  South Minneapolis has miles of grain elevators.

38. Hauls with effort: SCHLEPS.

40. Japanese warrior: SAMURAI.

42. "Right back __!": "Me, too!": AT YA. George Bush was a student AT Yale.

43. Flashy promotion: HYPE.

45. Turn topsy-turvy: UPEND.  Maybe FLIP,  His son is now coaching the Timberwolves.

46. Water-testing digit: TOE.

47. "__ With the Wind": GONE.  Pee Wee Reese describing a Mickey Mantle fly ball.

48. Map app path: Abbr.: RTE. "Get your kicks on RTE 66"

49. Cantina condiment: SAL.

56. Small piano: SPINET.  What Pat Sajak tells contestants to do to the Wheel of Fortune. 

59. Motivate: INSPIRE.  INSPIRE could inspire you to clean energy.  (Wind Power)

63. Puma rival: AVIA.  These tennis shoes cost more than $4.95. 

64. Australian gem: OPAL. October Birthstone.

65. So last year: PASSE.

66. Cafeteria staffer: COOK.  Chef fits too.  I think it was Nixon who said "I am not a cook".

67. Heredity carrier: GENE.  I think of Gene Rayburn on "The Match Game".  He thinks he's funny but he's not. 

68. "Some __ time": "Not now": OTHER.

69. RR stops: Abbr.: STNS.  Take a ride.  If you pass GO, collect $200.


1. Dressed like a judge: ROBED.

2. Mozart work: OPERA.  Not to be confused with "You get a car" Oprah.

3. Arrange in advance: SET UP.  Paul Newman and Robert Redford did this in 1973.  They called it a Sting.

4. Like singing sans instruments: A CAPPELLA. I will be singing "Lucy Baines" at the retirees reunion soon.

5. GoPro product: CAMERA.  "Old Friends"  I have a photograph.  Preserve your memories, they're all that's left you.  - Simon and Garfunkel

6. "Judge __": Stallone film: DREDD.

7. Sleep acronym: REM.  Rapid Eye Movement.  But it was also the name of a rock band years ago.

8. Lennon's love: ONO. Oh no, not another Yoko Clue

9. Red planet: MARS.  At night sometimes, you can see Mars in the sky, but it is not red, it looks yellow/orange.

10. "Who's there?" reply: IT'S ME.

11. In quick succession: RAPID FIRE.  Like the questions on "Jeopardy".

12. Emphatic type: Abbr.: ITAL.

13. Fit to be tried: SANE.  Fit to be Tied would probably be INSANE.

19. Puppy's barks: YIPS.

21. Succinct: TERSE.

24. Orangutan, e.g.: APE.  I'll bet his name is Hairy.

25. Swedes' neighbors: NORSE. Ya Shure, I have Scandinavian heritage Don'tcha know.

29. Kissing at the mall, for short: PDA.

31. Actor Cumming: ALAN.

32. __ rage: bodybuilder's concern: ROID.  They have a preparation for that.

33. H.S. junior's exam: PSAT.  I'd like to meet the genius that writes these questions.  I would ask him a few bowling questions, or what is a Square D Wiggy.

34. Numerical prefix with -pus: OCTO. The month of my birthday.

35. Self-affirming retort: OH YES I CAN.

36. "Bye Bye Bye" band: NSYNC.  Very tough to pronounce.

37. Large political spending gps.: SUPER PACS. Our new congressman Dean Phillips would not take their money.  I wonder how long that will last.

39. Rice noodle soup: PHO. Vietnamese noodle soup.

41. Trumpet mufflers: MUTES.

44. Veggie in a pod: PEA. Split it and it could go in soup.

47. Sheer joy: GLEE. Indeed, in high school I was in the Glee Club.  I think they call it choir now.

48. Jeremy of "The Avengers": RENNER.

50. Often-twisted joint: ANKLE.

52. Washer cycle: RINSE.  Wash, Wash, Wash the Blue Cheer way, Rinse, Rinse, Rinse the dirt away.

53. Whirl on one foot: PIVOT.

54. Hunter constellation: ORION.  Constellation are so interesting.  We looked forever into the night sky.  The only one that made sense was the Big Dipper.  Then I found out it was actually supposed to be a Bear.  Ursa Major - I told you I had four years of Latin.

55. Plumbers' problems: LEAKS. We finally got our bathroom fixed. No more leaks into the garage!!!

56. Air quality concern: SMOG.

57. Frosty's corncob accessory: PIPE.  And a button nose, and eyes made out of coal.

8. Autocorrect target: TYPO.

61. Budgetary excess: FAT. I am sure those poor federal workers do not have this problem this month.

Note from C.C.:

Happy Birthday to dear JD, who joined our blog not long after I started it. It always brings me joy to see the pictures of her grandkids.

JD & Bob