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Jan 13, 2020

Monday January 13, 2019 Matt McKinley

Theme: Californian Hoopers

 18. Manicurist's tool: NAIL CLIPPER.

28. Eponymous '60s-'80s "Airways" entrepreneur: FREDDIE LAKER.

47. Attacker or defender of online information systems: CYBER WARRIOR.

62. "It" novelist: STEPHEN KING.


65. Org. for the ends of 18-, 28-, 47- and 62-Across): NBA
68. Home state for the ends of 18-, 28-, 47- and 62-Acr.: CAL.
Boomer here.  

Well, football season has ended here in Minnesota.  Good luck to the NFL teams that remain.  Although the NBA theme of this puzzle is a different sport and that season ended in Minnesota AROUND 1959.  Luckily, bowling season is still with us so here we go.


1. Hanks who plays Mr. Rogers: TOM.  I like him in "A League of Their Own".

4. Spanish houses: CASAS.

9. Watched secretly: SPIED.

14. Dr.'s group: AMA.  Stands for "I AM A Doctor"

15. Scarlett of fiction: O'HARA.  Shocking line in "Gone with the Wind".  "Frankly my dear. I don't give a d..."  Shocking four letter word in a 1939 movie.

16. African river: CONGO.  In the middle of Africa.  Flows into the Atlantic.

17. Server of shots: BAR. "Bar tender" is the actual server.

20. Word with sprawl or renewal: URBAN.  Also the name of Popes in the third and eleventh centuries

22. Norse trickster: LOKI.

23. Walrus feature: TUSK.  "I am the egg man, they are the egg men, I am the walrus" (The Beatles)

24. Made stuff up: LIED.

26. Like Mattel's Cathy doll: CHATTY.  My sister had one of these.  You had to pull a plastic ring on a string to get her to chat.

33. Like desperate straits: DIRE.

34. Send with a stamp: MAIL.  The first class stamp is now $.55.  Besides me, who remembers when it was .03 cents?

35. Old Detroit brewer: STROH.

39. Like frozen roads: ICY.  It's really bad here.  I hate to complain because Minnesota is my home.  But we had snow two weeks ago, then it melted a bit, then it got cold again and guess what happened.

40. Resolves out of court: SETTLES.  I would prefer ___ like dust, on the shoulders of the old friends.  (Simon and Garfunkel).

42. Paris summer: ETE.

43. Spot for a friendly kiss: CHEEK.

45. Bit of cat talk: MEOW.

46. Mennen lotion: AFTA.  I don't use it.  Got some "Old Spice" for Christmas.

50. Water heater: BOILER.

53. Nuremberg no: NEIN.  I learned a few words when I was in Deutschland.  This was ein of them.

54. German auto: AUDI.  A German vehicle.  If offered to me, I am afraid I would say nein danka.

55. Movie lab assistant: IGOR.  He did the monster MASH.

59. President #2: ADAMS.  John.

66. Remove the chalk: ERASE.  A "Stay after school" punishment.

67. Muslim holy city: MECCA.

69. Monica of tennis: SELES.

70. Beautify: ADORN.  "Major League II"  ADORN bought the Cleveland Indians from the lady.

71. Suffix with Japan or Milan: ESE.


1. "Forbidden" fragrance: TABU.

2. Actor Epps: OMAR.  Rep. Ilhan of Minnesota makes the news too frequently with negative opinions.

3. Bakery item Jerry stole from an old woman in a classic "Seinfeld" episode: MARBLE RYE.  It was the last one the bakery had.

4. Fooled in a swindle: CONNED.

5. "Figured it out!": AHA.

6. Windsurfing need: SAIL."We sail the ocean blue, in our saucy ships of beauty"  Gilbert & Sullivan.

7. Guthrie of folk: ARLO.  "You can get anything you want, at Alice's Restaurant."

8. Quarterback-tackling stat: SACK.  Saw a few of these on Saturday.

9. Biol. or ecol.: SCI.

10. Toaster snack: POP TART.

11. Data to enter: INPUT.

12. Spew out: EGEST.

13. Not at all cool: DORKY.

19. Kiss from a pooch: LICK.  I HATE that Allstate commercial.  Where do they come up with tripe like that.

21. Teacher's helper: AIDE.

25. Ten-cent piece: DIME.  U.S. keeps messing with quarters and dollar coins, but the good old FDR ten center remains the same.

27. Gas brand with toy trucks: HESS.  A collectable toy tow truck.

28. Bank acct.-protecting org.: FDIC.

29. Wealthy: RICH.  "Happy Days RICHie Cunningham:.  Not OPIE

30. Cake directive Alice obeyed: EAT ME.  First she drank the "Drink Me" potion and became too small.  So than she tried some "Eat me" cake and blew up like a balloon. A little more potion and she was Just Right. 

31. Soda bottle buy: LITER.  Mostly in Europe. Also a white wine buy.  I think Canadian gasoline is sold by the Liter.  It sounds cheaper that way.

32. Permit: ALLOW.  First you get a driver's permit. Then soon you need to spend your allowance on a car.

36. Arrange new terms for, as a loan: REFINANCE.  Banks and loan companies always make this sound like a good deal.  I feel sorry for people that have to refinance due to cash flow issues. 

37. Bart's bus driver: OTTO.

38. Perceive aurally: HEAR.  What??

40. Terrier type: SKYE.  In an Island off Scotland.

41. McGregor of "Doctor Sleep": EWAN.

44. "Total" 2017 event visible in a coast-to-coast path from Oregon to South Carolina: ECLIPSE.

46. Very dry: ARID.

48. Soft French cheese: BRIE.

49. President #40: REAGAN.  One of two Presidents whose history included a divorce.

50. Diamond quartet: BASES.  The Twins used to have an announcer named John Gordon who would shout "Touch 'em all" whenever a Twin hit a home run --BORING

51. Off-the-wall: OUTRE.

52. Perfect: IDEAL.  It's a wonderful toy --- "It's Ideal" (Commercial.)

56. Govt.-owned home financing gp.: GNMA.  Sometimes called Ginnie Mae.  They might do a refinance.

57. Gave the nod to: OK'ED.

58. Wealthy, to Juan: RICO.  You would think the Hurricane was bad enough.  Now they are living in the results of an earthquake.

60. Corp. execs' degrees: MBAS.

61. January "white" event: SALE.  Pitcher Chris who the Red Sox got from the White Sox.

63. "For __ a jolly ... ": HE'S. --- Good Fellow.

64. ATM giant: NCR.  Remember when you could request $25.00 or $50.00?? Those were pretty stingy machines.


Notes from C.C.:

Here are three fantastic pictures from Spitzboov. Cute and handsome.

 I’m 17 mos, old.  Before we moved upstate to the farm

I’m being hoisted into the helicopter from the ship’s fantail for transfer to the carrier Randolph in the right center background.
I’m in my full-dress whites - on occasion of ship’s change of command ceremony.  Sporting Lt.jg shoulder boards.

Jan 6, 2020

Monday January 6, 2020 Craig Stowe

Theme:  LEADING LADY (58. Female box office star, and what the starts of the answers to starred clues can have) - The first word of each theme entry can follow "Lady".

17. *American independence symbol with a storied crack: LIBERTY BELL. Lady Liberty.

25. *1990 Gibson/Hawn film: BIRD ON A WIRE. Lady Bird.

35. *Pure chance, in poker and lotteries: LUCK OF THE DRAW. Lady Luck.

50. *Group of narrow bodies of water in upstate New York: FINGER LAKES. Ladyfinger..

Boomer here. 

I once visited the Lady Luck casino in Las Vegas and saw a wonderful magic show performed by (I believe her name was Belinda) a long time ago. Since back in those days my gambling was conservative nickel slot machines so I did not lose too much but Lady Luck was not near me.

Lady Luck was with P.J. Fleck and the "Row the Boat" Gophers on New Year's Day. I watched the game from my recliner chair for 3-1/2 hours and I was exhausted just watching P.J. run up and down the sidelines.  The Vikings did not "Row the Boat." They hooked up a 25 hp Evinrude to water ski past the Saints in the Big Easy. Both of our Minnesota teams were cast as severe underdogs but they proved the predictors wrong.  49ers here we come. 


1. Hired help: STAFF.  Wilson Staff is a sporting goods brand but normally takes a back seat to the specialized equipment makers.

6. Swiss currency: FRANC.  Very competitive to our $$$.  One Franc will cost you $1.03.

11. Show with a Miami spin-off: CSI.

14. With 31-Across, Spanish artist with a Blue Period: PABLO.  31. See 14-Across: PICASSO.

15. "Chicago" showgirl: ROXIE.  I believe there is a theater in San Francisco named ROXIE. I have two sisters that live out there.  C.C. and I were out there once but we did not see the theater.

16. "2001" computer: HAL.  Hal 9000 first appeared in a movie in 1968 back before anyone ever had seen a computer.

19. Civil War prez: ABE.  Until the golden dollars were minted, there were only a few presidents who had their likeness on money.  Abe made the penny and five dollar bill.  He deserves the recognition.

20. Fencing sword: EPEE.

21. "__ Haw": HEE.  I watch the reruns now and then.  Buck Owens and Roy Clark are talented but not my style. The jokes are CORNY.

22. About, on a memo: IN RE.

24. Some MIT grads: EES.  Electrical Engineers but I have never heard them acronymized.

29. Xterra automaker: NISSAN.  Seems to be a Japanese third to Toyota and Honda. I do like the looks of a Rogue but would not buy one.

32. Type: ILK.  The type M ILK comes from cows.

33. Four qts.: GAL.  The bells are ringing for me and my GAL.

34. Guy: MAN.  I am not old enough to remember MAN O'War but I know he passed up a ride in the Kentucky Derby because his owner thought the length was more that he could handle.

40. Gym exercise unit: REP.  Our Minnesota Rep is Dean Phillips, Dear Abby's grandson.  I like him but he sort of stays out of the limelight.   He is the first DFL Rep in our District in Minnesota since about 1961.

41. Peace symbol: VEE.  CNN showed "back to the 60s: films over the new year".  Lots of hippies with their VEE signals.  Timothy Leary tuned out in 1996.

42. Sticky stuff: GOO.

43. One kicked out: EVICTEE.

46. Maker of candy "Pieces": REESE'S.  And peanut butter cups.

53. European mount: ALP.  I wonder if they are sliding down one of these they holler "HALP"!

54. Waggable dog part: TAIL.

55. Deux halved: UNE.  In school I took four years of Latin and two quarters of French.  I don't know why unless it is required learning for "Jeopardy" and crosswords.

56. Shpeak thish way: SLUR.  I never was a drinker that got to slurring. but now I am on the wagon forever.  Doc says my pills and alcohol don't get along.

57. Cookie container: JAR.  If you drink moonshine out of a JAR, you may start to SLUR.

62. All-hrs. cash source: ATM.  Most only give twenties, but Las Vegas gives Benjamins.

63. Break up with a partner: END IT.  Sometimes three strikes will end it.  Baseball or bowling.

64. Mountain song: YODEL. Lady Hoo

65. "I'll do it!": YES.  There's a young lady bowler named Shannon Pluhowsky that hollers "YES" after every strike she rolls.

66. Plant anchors: ROOTS.  Alex Haley's Saga was one of the best TV dramas of all time.

67. Like Oscar Madison's room: MESSY.  And the "Odd Couple" wasn't too bad for comedy.


1. Organ near the stomach: SPLEEN.

2. Taiwan's capital: TAIPEI.  Taiwan is known as the "Republic of China". The "People's Republic of China" is the mainland.

3. Monastic sister's superior: ABBESS.  This is almost as confusing as what to call China.

4. Run away from: FLEE.

5. Jump-joy link: FOR.

6. Line cook's cooker: FRYER.  I have seen this produce great chicken under pressure in about 8 minutes.  I suppose KFC uses them non-stop.

7. Dressed like a boxer entering the ring: ROBED.

8. Firefighter's tool: AXE.  Normally they would use a hose ?

9. Nothing: NIL.  1956 Game Five of the World Series.  Yankees 2 Brooklyn Dodgers - NIL.  Don Larsen pitched for the Yankees that day and allowed NIL hits.  The toughest part was he had to catch Yogi jumping on him as the game ended.  Don passed away last week.  RIP.

10. Pertaining to the abdominal cavity: CELIAC.

11. Compelling charm: CHARISMA.  You don't see this much anymore.  I know I don't have it.

12. Handheld reciprocating cutting tool: SABER SAW.  I think I sold mine.You need to handle with care.

13. Land in la mer: ILE.

18. Consider: THINK OVER.  I have thought this over, and I think if you consider something, you think IT over.

23. "Straight Outta Compton" rappers: NWA.  See more here. Used to be an acronym for Northwest Airlines until Delta bought it.

25. Pitcher's wrong move: BALK.

26. Colorful fish: OPAH.  OOPS.  I better think this over.  At first I thought Ms. Winfrey was being called a colorful fish.

27. Color named for an African river: NILE GREEN.  Is this in a Crayola box??

28. Ages and ages: EON.  Like a PGA tournament ??

30. [Not my mistake]: SIC.

33. Onetime telecom giant: GTE.  Used to be a huge telephone company.  Now it just stands for a credit union that stole the acronym.

35. Rise in the air, as in a magic act: LEVITATE.  Belinda did not levitate anything, but part of her act was a motorcycle driver who did loops on the stage.

36. Indignant: UP IN ARMS.  Please do not get "Up In Arms" but this answer reminded me of "Babes in Arms" - a musical that my High School Drama club performed.

37. Have a hunch: FEEL.  How do you FEEL so far ??

38. Bucks' mates: DOES.  "Doe, a deer, a female deer, Re, a drop of golden sun."  The hills are alive, with the Sound of Music.

39. CanapĂ© topper: ROE.  "Row the Boat, Gophers"

40. Football official: REF.  It seems that they are ALL called "REF" even though some are line judges and back judges.

44. Cinematic FX: CGI.

45. Bank employee: TELLER.  I spent awhile at the bank on Saturday. Either they did not have enough tellers or some of the customers took a long time with their business.

47. Beet and bean: SALADS.  I had a big salad for dinner on Saturday.  The kind Elaine likes on "Seinfeld".

48. Manages to evade: ELUDES.  It's amazing how sometimes a ten pin can elude me without even moving.  I picked all the buggers up on Thursday on the way to a 576.  I am getting better.

49. In an acrobatic fashion: SPRYLY.  No, I was not bowling SPRYLY.

51. Accountant's investigation: AUDIT. April 15 always comes too early.

52. Furrows, as one's brows: KNITS.

56. Gin flavoring: SLOE.  SLOE is some kind of a British fruit.  Leave it to some wise chap to figure out how to make liquor out of a prune.

57. Leno on TV: JAY.  I always liked him on the Tonight show.  I don't care much for his garage.  My garage is full of baseball cards.

59. Rock producer Brian: ENO.

60. Excitement: ADO.  "Adieu, Adieu, my friends adieu, yes adieu.  I can no longer stay with you."

61. Workout facility: GYM.


Notes from C.C.:

Here is the hummus recipe from our foodie Steve.

He said "This sounds like a lot of work, but it really isn't. The blender does all the work, and all you're really doing is peeling an onion, separating a bub of garlic into individual cloves and boiling some water."

Dec 30, 2019

Monday Decemer 30, 2019 Matthew Stock

Theme: HANG IN THERE (62. "Don't give up yet!" ... or a hint to the answers to starred clues) - HANG is hidden in each theme entry.

17. *Baseball batting statistic measured in degrees: LAUNCH ANGLE.

28. *Common food thickening agent: XANTHAN GUM.

50. *High-ranking heavenly beings: ARCHANGELS.

Boomer here. C.C. said this might be another puzzle debut. Congrats, Matthew!

Greetings everyone. I am HANGing in there. We had a great Christmas. We celebrated with my son and his wife. I prepared a a ham which might have been too large. Now I am having ham for lunch probably into 2020 and beyond.

Keeping an eye out for the Gophers in a January 1 bowl for the first time since I started shaving, and also watching the Gopher basketball team that plays in a stadium that was opened in 1928.  Happy New Year and Happy new decade to all!!


1. Beloved British princess: DIANA.  I still remember the day of the shocking tragedy.

6. Clothing designer Perry: ELLIS.  Coincidence - ELLIS is my aunt Gerry's maiden name.

11. Lakers rivals, on NBA scoreboards: LAC.  Los Angeles Clippers. I am old enough to remember George Mikan and the Minneapolis Lakers.

14. Improvise: AD LIB.  Yeah, I know I do a lot of this on the blog.  C.C. lets me.

15. Coolness under pressure: POISE.

16. Every bit (of): ALL.  Ultra free clear liquid soap.  9.99 per gallon at Target.

19. In addition: TOO.

20. Arizona city or landform: MESA.  We had a bit of rain, sleet, and snow over the weekend.  I wonder how things were in MESA.

21. Cucumbers used as pickles: GHERKINS.  I think someone made this word up because they couldn't spell or say cucumber.

23. Peyton's quarterback brother: ELI.  Word is that Eli may retire after this season.  I wonder what insurance company he will be touting next year.

25. Cooking need: HEAT.  Miami's NBA team.  I guess Florida does not get Minnesota weather either.

27. 10-Down may have a sixth one: SENSE. 10. See 27-Across: SEERS.

32. Beet or ginger: ROOT.  "Root, Root, Root for the home team, if they don't win it's a shame".

33. Accustom (to), as hardship: INURE.

34. Best songs countdown list: TOP TEN.  I think the Gophers Rowed the boat into the Top Ten for a week or two this season before running into Wisconsin.

36. Soy sauce often gluten-free: TAMARI. Left one.

38. Actress __ Brie of "Mad Men": ALISON.  Sneak one more "L" into name and it reminds me of Minnesota Twin great Bob Allison.

42. Inlaid artwork: MOSAIC.

46. Emcee's opening: INTRO.

47. Crescent point: CUSP.

52. Dad's brother: UNCLE.  "I ain't down"  HOLLER UNCLE !  "I ain't down.

54. Appear to be: SEEM.  "SEEMS like old times ''...

55. Corned beef on __: RYE.  Add some Swiss cheese and sauerkraut. Reuben. 

56. Fragrant climbing plant: SWEET PEA.  Popeye's young friend.

58. Make, as money: EARN.

61. Altoids container: TIN.  German Shepherd RIN TIN 's surname.

66. Number of U.S. states with three-word capitals: ONE.  I'm going with Salt Lake City.

67. Fibber's admission: I LIED.

68. Fable writer: AESOP.  Odd name.  I know of no one named AESOP.

69. Rx writers: MDS.

70. In the ballpark: CLOSE.

71. Calendar entries: DATES.  Teens go out on them, older folks have them for dessert.


1. Indian lentil dish: DAL.

2. Boise's st.: IDA.  "Sweet as apple Ciida"

3. Foil metal: ALUMINUM.  I use it all the time.  It's incredible how they can make a metal into a sheet for baking.

4. Yellow-striped pool ball: NINE.  I remember when they used to refer to a baseball team as NINE.  Now it only works in the National League.

5. Basics: ABCS.

6. MPG-testing org.: EPA.

7. In olden times: LONG AGO.  "A long, long time ago, I can still remember how the music used to make me smile".  (Don McLean - American Pie - RIP Buddy Holly)

8. Start to shine: LIGHT UP.  "You Light up my Life".  Debby Boone

9. Capri or Wight: ISLE.

11. Guy watching Telemundo, probably: LATINO.

12. Pete of the N.Y. Mets who broke Aaron Judge's rookie record for home runs in 2019: ALONSO.  Polar Bear #20.

13. Room for a broom: CLOSET.  We have three closets in our home. We keep the brooms in the garage.

18. "Verrrry funny": HA HA.  Very Funny Name.  Ha Ha Clinton Dix started with the Green Bay Packers in the NFL.  I think he is with Chicago now.

22. Letterspacing technique, in typography: KERNING.

23. Highway off-ramp: EXIT.  Bad accident in Texas fog Saturday.  A semi truck was forced to exit to the right shoulder and rolled his trailer onto a pick up truck.  What could he do?... Another driver changed lanes right in front of the semi and forced him off the road.   

24. Singer Del Rey: LANA.

26. Tolkien creature: ENT.

29. Stomp all over: TRAMPLE.  "We've trampled the woods in the forest, and raided the pirates at sea.  We have no indenture, we're out for adventure as anyone plainly can see...(One of my high school solos in the Glee Club.)

30. Protagonist: HERO.  A big sandwich.

31. L.A. commuter org.: MTA.  "Well let me tell you the story of a man named Charlie on a tragic and fateful day.  He put ten cents in his pocket, kissed his wife and family, went to ride on the MTA".  (The Kingston Trio and another one of my High school Glee Club solos.)

35. Tiger's ex-wife: ELIN. I heard that Tiger's ex-girlfriend, Lindsey Vonn, from Minnesota, is engaged - not to Tiger.

37. "Love __ Battlefield": Pat Benatar hit: IS A.

39. Most harsh: STERNEST.  I though it was the farthest seat on the back of the boat.

40. Paris airport: ORLY.

41. Smell detector: NOSE.  This would be a seat farthest in front of the boat.

43. Hall of talk TV: ARSENIO.

44. Frozen periods: ICE AGES.  From October to April in Minnesota.

45. Guerrilla Guevara: CHE.

47. Made-to-order: CUSTOM.  I have my bowling balls drilled to order, but my golf clubs are "off the rack".

48. Chillax: UNWIND.  If you UNWIND a Yo Yo it won't work.

49. Movie takes: SCENES.  "Well a Scene! I want to make a scene!" (Chad Mitchell Trio - The Hip Song).

51. Congregation response: AMEN.  So Be It.

53. Moral standard: ETHIC.

57. Gloomy aura: PALL.

59. Somewhat: A TAD.

60. Flightless South American bird: RHEA.  Rhea Perlman was CARLA, a bar waitress at "Cheers" for about ten years. 

63. Suffix with fluor-: IDE.

64. __ v. Wade: ROE.  Amazing how some Supreme Court decisions last forever, but most of them we seldom even hear about.

65. Short albums, for short: EPS.  I remember albums were about 14 inches in diameter and we played them on a 33 1/2 RPM turntable.


Dec 23, 2019

Monday December 23, 2019 Robert E. Lee Morris

Theme: Whistle-blowers.

17A. Whistle-blower in the street: TRAFFIC COP.

53A. Whistle-blower on the court: NBA REFEREE.

11D. Whistle-blower during phys ed: GYM TEACHER.

28D. Whistle-blower at obedience school: DOG TRAINER.

Boomer here. 

Hello everyone. I am looking forward to the big game tonight in the NFL. Packers vs. Vikings - SKOL. Back in the 1960s, (Yes I am that old) the Packers came to town and stayed at a hotel in Hopkins, MN. As it happens, I am from Hopkins and I delivered pizzas for a restaurant there. The Packers would order 2 or 3 large pizzas delivered to the party room where about 30 Packers were having a good time. Paul Hornung, who turns 84 today, always paid and a $10.00 tip was not out of the question - probably the largest tip I received in my four year career.  I never witnessed Bart Starr or Vince Lombardi however, I guess they preferred to stay sober for tomorrow.s game. Later in life, as part of my district responsibility, I visited the Graybar branch in Green Bay. The bay is an extension of Lake Michigan and guess what ??  It is NOT green.  Go Vikings! 

Happy Birthday, Paul Hornung!


1. Burning: AFIRE.

6. Do some angling: FISH.  A favorite pastime in Minnesota.  C.C. and I used to try our luck at a nice lake in Annandale, MN.  Not so much anymore.  C.C. is too busy and I hate cleaning the catch.

10. __ Benedict: brunch choice: EGGS.

14. Like some clock numerals: ROMAN.  Clue number XIV across.

15. Dealer's request to a poker player: ANTE.  You cannot win if you don't get in.

16. Harp constellation: LYRA.

19. In the thick of: AMID.

20. Rainbow site: SKY.  I will be looking for a sleigh with 8 tiny reindeer, and a little old driver so lively and quick, I knew in a moment it must be St. Nick.

21. Indian or Arctic: OCEAN.

22. Blackjack player's request to a dealer: HIT ME.  In Las Vegas, you just brush your cards on the table or maybe signal by bouncing your finger off the felt.

23. The "P" in POTUS: Abbr.: PRES.

24. "8 Mile" rapper: EMINEM.  Makes up a name that sounds like candy.  Boo hiss.

26. Kidnap: ABDUCT.

29. Beltway region, briefly: DC AREA.  Okay but there are many, many cities that have a "beltway".

30. Hooch: BOOZE.  I gave all of mine away last year.  It does not go well with my pills.  But go ahead and make your Christmas merry!

31. Frontier explorer Daniel: BOONE.  My sister and I used to like Pat Boone back in the late fifties.  Now he sells walk-in bathtubs on TV.

32. Network with an eye logo: CBS.  I have a bone to pick with CBS. Last Sunday they showed hours of commercials, and once in a while they would interrupt the commercials for a few minutes of a Viking's football game.

35. Therefore: ERGO.

36. Singer Simon once married to James Taylor: CARLY.

37. Visit the mall, say: SHOP. The season is almost over.  C.C. and I could not believe the skill needed to find a parking spot, and the long, long lines at the checkout registers.

38. Vietnam holiday: TET.  Not my favorite.  Once upon a time in 1968 the Government called me in January to neutralize TET.

39. Three-dimensional: SOLID.

40. Good, in Guadalajara: BUENO.

41. Fights off: REPELS.

43. Boo from the stands: JEER AT.  You won't hear that at U.S. Bank Stadium tonight, but you might hear "SKOL".

44. Rio Grande city: LAREDO.  I am terrible at U.S. Geography.  Maybe Desper-Otto can help with this.

45. Dryer fuzz: LINT.  This really builds up in the screen that every dryer has. We used to play with it like a blanket only smaller.

46. Strange: WEIRD.  Al Yankovic.  Not sure why he chose that adjective.

47. Treasure stash: TROVE.

49. Mischief-maker: IMP.  IMPossible

52. Sicilian volcano: ETNA.  My sister has been to Italy, not me.  But I have heard that ETNA is a volcano that erupts frequently.  Don't build a house by it.

55. "Yes!" in church: AMEN.  In my church I believe AMEN means "So be it".  I think it is Latin.

56. RC Cola alternative: COKE.  I drink Diet Pepsi but in my younger days sometimes we would drink Coke.  Never Never Royal Crown.

57. "Not possible": I CAN'T.

58. Social oddball: NERD.  Learned about them in "Animal House" Movie.

59. Plow-pulling team: OXEN.  OXEN is one of the few plural words that do not end in "S".

60. Chef's hat: TOQUE.


1. Martial __: ARTS.  Linkletter and Garfunkel.

2. Tined utensil: FORK. Favorite for eating peas. They just won't stay on a knife.

3. "Possibly":  I MAY.  "Captain MAY I?  Yes you may"

4. Brit. pilots' squad: RAF. Royal Air Force.

5. Make sure people obey, as laws: ENFORCE.

6. Turns toward: FACES.

7. Ancient Peruvian: INCA.  "Inca Dinca Do".  Jimmy Durante.

8. Totally, as sober: STONE-COLD.  Steve Austin of the WWE

9. Cool, like a cat: HEP.  "For a long time now I've been aware, that I'm so Hep the rest of the world is square,"  (Chad Mitchell and friends.)

10. Julia's "Seinfeld" role: ELAINE.  I watch the Seinfeld reruns frequently.  I like Elaine, but I cannot stand George or Kramer.

12. Fairy tale brother: GRIMM.

13. Marquis de __: SADE.

18. "Law & Order: SVU" actor: ICE T.  Don't forget Mariska Hargitay. She is Jayne Mansfield's daughter, but I suppose you knew that.

22. Add to the staff: HIRE.

23. "The Godfather" novelist Mario: PUZO.

25. Multitudes of: MANY.  "How MANY roads must a man walk down, before you call him a man."  Minnesota's own Robert Zimmerman, You may know him better as Bob Dylan.

26. Help in a heist: ABET.  Something you place at the Kentucky Derby.

27. Yawn inducer: BORE.  Sorry if you nodded off.  I am doing the best I can.

29. Actress Day: DORIS.  Born Doris Kappelhoff.  No wonder she changed it to DAY.

31. Polling place receptacle: BALLOT BOX.  We are sneaking up on 2020.  Funny I never see a ballot box any more.  We make our selections on a huge sheet of paper, then one of the volunteer judges slides it into a big computer and the vote is counted.  (I hope).

33. __ fide: BONA.

34. Dalmatian mark: SPOT.  There were 101 dalmatians in a movie I once saw and none of them were named "SPOT"

36. Like dorms for men and women: COED.  Years ago, my High School was all males.  Now it is COED.

37. Sheep fat: SUET.  Remember we used to hang it on Christmas tree branches to give the tree shape.

39. Zoomed: SPED.

40. Be of help to: BENEFIT.  SO many commercials this time of year asking for money.  I'll support the Salvation Army bell ringers, but I wonder how much of a potential donation from some of these non profits go for advertising and administration. I have heard that DAV wounded warriors is suspect.

42. Quick trip to the market, say: ERRAND.  We have gas stations with convenience stores attached called "Kwik Trip".  I guess fourth grade spelling was a problem.

43. Nonsense: JIVE.

44. "I'll do it": LET ME.  "Open the door and LET ME in. Not by the hair of my Chinny chin chin".

45. Actress Sophia: LOREN.  Alive and well and living in Italy.  She was 13 years old when I was born.  That makes her a senior senior citizen.

46. Gradually withdraw: WEAN.

48. Garden tool: RAKE.  I think there might be some leaves left on our yard, but we do not rake snow.

49. Baghdad's country: IRAQ.

50. Diner handout: MENU.  Some of the Diners in St, Paul are adding about 3% to the menu price for employee health insurance.  They are in trouble now.  I think it would be easier just to raise the prices 3% .

51. Basketball Hall of Famer "Pistol __" Maravich: PETE.  A shooting guard with a clever nickname.  Sadly left us at age 40 of congestive heart failure.

53. Sgt., e.g.: NCO.  Do NOT call him "Sir", he works for a living.

54. Green prefix: ECO.

Enjoy the hectic today and tomorrow and have a happy and solemn Christmas.  "All is calm, All is Bright.


Note from C.C.:
Happy 75th birthday to dear Misty, who's always so caring and kind towards all regulars. Here is a picture of Misty and her husband Rowland celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary in 2009.

Dec 16, 2019

Monday December 16, 2019 C.C. Burnikel

Theme: LINES (68. Botox targets ... or what 17-, 28-, 45- and 60-Across all have) - Different lines are featured in the four theme entries

17. Screenwriter's creation: FILM SCRIPT.

28. Gucci or Versace, notably: FASHION HOUSE.

45. Grand Central, for one: TRAIN STATION.

60. Math student's plotting sheet: GRAPH PAPER.

Boomer here.

Christmas is coming and my former employer, Graybar Electric, from which I am a retiree, hosted a fine lunch at the Minneapolis Golf Club in St. Louis Park, MN. This was a new location because a young lady and friend, assumed the promotion to District Vice President of the Minneapolis District last February. DVP's receive a private club membership of their choice. One of the Board of Directors from St. Louis attended and gave a long talk after the meal and let us know that the people that were hired to replace us are doing a helluva lot better than we ever did. 

C.C. and I were spiffed up for the occasion.


1. Be indecisive: WAVER.  I saw many of these during the MLB playoffs. I still am convinced that the Minnesota Twins started the Wavers of Homer Hankies in 1987.  

6. Crop-raising business: FARM.  Old MacDonald had one.

10. Tightly closed: SHUT. UP !

14. San Antonio landmark: ALAMO.  High up Santa Ana, we're killing your soldiers below, so the rest of Texas will know, and remember the ALAMO.

15. Almay rival: OLAY.  I think this is an European Rider Cup cheer.

16. Whittle (down): PARE.

19. Ferris wheel, e.g.: RIDE.  I think Coney Island is the biggest.  At least it made a GEICO commercial.

20. Oblong pastry: ECLAIR.  This is not a city in Wisconsin.  I think chocolate ones are the best.

21. Outback and Legacy autos: SUBARUS. We are still looking at a Santa Fe.

23. Outdoor gear giant: REI.

24. Chickadee kin: TITS.  I'll leave this one alone.

27. Beam of light: RAY.  A player on the Tampa Bay Team.

33. Nest egg letters: IRA. Was a tax haven until you get to 70 1/2.

35. Office sub: TEMP.  We have not been above 32 degrees here for a couple of weeks.

36. Poker pot pay-ins: ANTES.  Many games in the caddy shack when I was a kid.  Earned a pretty nice fee for eighteen holes and got to play free on Monday morning.

37. Leave high and dry: ABANDON.  I watched the Thanksgiving Day parade and they had A BAND ON.

39. "Are we on for the project?": IS IT A GO.  It is in Cribbage if you just have high cards.

41. Social slip-up: GAFFE.

42. Cole Porter's "Well, Did You __?": EVAH.

44. "Of course!": AHA.

48. Civil War side: Abbr.: CSA.  It's really difficult to remember a time when Americans fought other Americans.

49. Poker table giveaway: TELL.  I heard he shot an apple off his son's head.  Did the cell phone still work after that ??

50. Vanilla extract meas.: TSP.  Vanilla is good stuff.  I think you need more than a teaspoon.

53. "That's deplorable!": I HATE IT.  Thanksgiving dinner??  I did not HATE it, I ATE it.

57. Strange thing: ODDITY.

59. Supermarket section with a scale: DELI.

63. Sailors' patron saint: ELMO.

64. "That stings!": OUCH.

65. Partner of well: ALIVE.  ALIVE and WELL, Well, Well, Well.

66. Mathematician Turing: ALAN.

67. Have to have: NEED.  "As long as he NEEDS me."  Minnesota's own Judy Garland 1964.


1. Communion bread: WAFER.  My aunt, Sister Caroline used to make these in a convent in Clyde, Mo. Please don't call them wafers.  Most people I know call them hosts.

2. Wonderland visitor: ALICE.  "This is the story of Alice, told without any Malice.  Alice was very beautiful, ... Except for one little thing.  (Chad Mitchell Trio, of Course).

3. The 4 Seasons frontman Frankie: VALLI.  I hooked up with three other guys at Fort Campbell and we sang "Sherry" at the Top Five Club.

4. Jane Austen classic: EMMA.

5. Spanish-speaking Muppet: ROSITA.

6. Tit-tat link: FOR. FOR all we know.

7. "Thrilla in Manila" victor: ALI.  Yup, I was alive then.  I could not believe all the hype.  But I was never a boxing fan.

8. Knocks hard: RAPS.  Why not just ring the doorbell ?

9. "I'm up!": MY TURN.

10. Artificial bronzing product: SPRAY-ON TAN.  Never used it.  I use the sun streaming on the golf course.

11. Beauty salon focus: HAIR.  "She asked me why, Why I'm a hairy guy.  ... Stylin' , Streamin', Gleamin', Flaxen Waxen.  One of my favorite Karaoke numbers.

12. Pakistani tongue: URDU.

13. Many short-sleeved shirts: TEES.  Also many golf ball holders.

18. "The Count of Monte __": CRISTO.

22. Iranian faith featuring a 19-day feast: BAHAI.

25. Big place to surf: THE NET.

26. __ card: smartphone component: SIM.  I only have a dumb phone.

28. Stories by devoted readers: FAN FICTION.

29. Percocet, e.g.: OPIATE.  I took a little OXY when my back was hurting, but I quit it pretty quickly.

30. Great Salt Lake state: UTAH.  I've driven by that lake a number of times (On my way to Nevada to bowl).  I believe it is a wonder of the world.  It is huge and I believe it is over 4000 feet above sea level.

31. Genesis creator: SEGA.

32. That, in Toledo: ESO.

33. Letter-shaped beam: I BAR.  You may go to an I BAR, but you cannot get a drink.

34. Tennis rival of Roger, familiarly: RAFA.  I am not a great tennis fan, but this guy Mr. Nadal is very good.

37. Actor's rep.: AGT.

38. Like thick fog: DENSE.  I drove into this once in South Dakota, on my way to see Mount Rushmore.  I never got there because there was no way I would have been able to see it in the fog.  Maybe some day.

40. 1862 Tennessee battle site: SHILOH.  I read a book about this battle site many years ago.  Shiloh is near the Tennessee River and there is a memorial there.

43. Brewery vessel: VAT.  Sven says to Ole. "VAT are you doing ?"  Ole replies "None uff your business."

46. Former name of Vietnam's most populous city: SAIGON.  Now Ho Chi Minh City.

47. Longtime chum: OLD PAL.  "Can you imagine us years from today. sharing a park bench quietly, how terribly strange to be seventy."  (Simon and Garfunkel). 

50. Easy hoops shot: TIP IN.  Looks like our Gophers are in for a rough season.  I am not much of a hoops fan.

51. Tech mogul Jobs: STEVE.  He was Mr. Apple Inc. until he passed in 2011.

52. Combustible heaps: PYRES.

53. Thought: IDEA.  "If I only had a brain."  Never mind, we had all that last week.  

54. Land down under?: HELL.  I don't think that there are Angels there, but some motorcycle owners think there are. 

55. __ mater: ALMA.  Also a city in Wisconsin.  On the eastern shore of the Mississippi.

56. "T" on a test: TRUE.

58. Surrealist Salvador: DALI.

61. Top pitcher: ACE.  High ranking card.  Would like four on a draw poker machine.

62. Scholar's deg.: PHD.  Pronounced FUDD.