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Mar 12, 2018

Monday, March 12, 2018 ~ Craig Stowe

Theme: synonyms

20A. *Samsung Galaxy, e.g.: SMART PHONE

37A. *Trick that's "pulled": FAST ONE

51A. *Optimist's perspective: BRIGHT SIDE

11D. *Yeast-free bakery product: QUICK BREAD

28D. *Hairpin turn, e.g.: SHARP CURVE

65A. Group described by the starts of the answers to starred clues: MENSA

Argyle here. Definitely not Mensa material today. 


1. Medicare section for doctors' services: PART B

6. Number of sides on most game cubes: SIX

9. Fit of __: irritated state: PIQUE

14. Western neighbor of Wyoming: IDAHO

15. Omelet meat: HAM

16. Finnish hot spot: SAUNA

17. Deck: PATIO

18. Some Little League eligibility rules: AGE LIMITS

22. Aberdeen native: SCOT

23. Salty waters: SEAS

24. Eastern neighbor of Wyoming: Abbr.: S. DAK

26. Sewn loosely: BASTED

29. Put together, as IKEA furniture: ASSEMBLE

33. Pale: ASHY

34. Urge forward: IMPEL

35. Curtain holder: ROD

36. Reggae relative: SKA

39. Bit of energy: ERG

40. Capek sci-fi play: RUR

41. Jerk: IDIOT

42. Taxi meter amount: FARE

43. Tickle the fancy of: APPEAL TO

45. Puts up with: ABIDES

47. Big name in banking: CITI

48. "So that's it!" cries: O-HOs

49. Heavy hammer: MAUL

57. Barbra with Oscars: STREISAND

59. Ballet skirts: TUTUs

60. Donates: GIVES

61. NHL surface: ICE

62. Layered cookies: OREOs

63. With 21-Down, dictation taker's need: STENO

64. Bobbsey girl: NAN


1. Apple seeds: PIPS

2. "The Voice" judge Levine: ADAM

3. Pro __: in proportion: RATA

4. Needing a drink: THIRSTY

5. Crocheted baby shoe: BOOTEE

6. Persian monarchs: SHAHS

7. "Othello" villain: IAGO

8. Marvel Comics mutants: XMEN

9. Pitchfork-shaped Greek letter: PSI

10. Sean Penn film with a Seussian title: I AM SAM

12. "Do __ others ... ": UNTO

13. Dawn direction: EAST

19. Reduce: LESSEN

21. See 63-Across: PAD

25. What a stet cancels: DELE

26. Iraqi port: BASRA

27. Invite to one's penthouse: ASK UP

29. "Are not!" response: AM TOO

30. Dalmatian mark: SPOT

31. Sitcom producer Chuck: LORRE

32. Boundaries: EDGES

34. "__ just me ... ?": IS IT

37. Royal decree: FIAT

38. Goes off script: AD LIBs

42. Narrow crack: FISSURE

44. Astronaut Collins: EILEEN

45. "That feels good!": AHH!

46. Inning half: BOTTOM

48. Poet Nash: OGDEN

49. Inbox list: Abbr.: MSGs

50. Going __: fighting: AT IT

52. Reason to roll out the tarp: RAIN

53. Peruvian native: INCA

54. Cal.-to-Fla. highway: I TEN

55. Couples: DUOs

56. She, in Sicily: ESSA

58. Prefix with -bar or -tope: ISO


Mar 5, 2018

Monday, March 5, 2018 ~ C.C. Burnikel

Theme: Them's the Breaks - Target word(DEAL) is split with some letters stating a theme answer and the remaining letters closing the theme answer. Also known as bookends.


19A. *Life in a breakfast bowl, say: DRY CEREAL

22D. *Oral health care network: DELTA DENTAL

25D. Negotiations killer ... or, in a way, what each answer to a starred clue is: DEAL BREAKER

Argyle here with our award-winning constructor. The puzzle has vertical symmetry and one spanner.


1. The Bounty, e.g.: SHIP. There was a mutiny of the Bounty.

5. Remote control targets: TVs

8. Landowner's document: DEED

12. Subtle glow: AURA

13. Spruce oneself up: PRIMP. To titivate.

15. Addresses with forward slashes: URLs. (Uniform Resource Locator)

20. Move like a crab: SIDLE. Walk especially sideways or obliquely.

23. Often-stubbed digit: TOE

24. Black Russian liquor: VODKA. It's just vodka and Kahlua.

28. Nivea competitor: AVEENO. Skin care products. 63-Across. Body covering: SKIN

30. Invalidate, as a law: REPEAL

31. Rapper __ Wayne: LIL

32. Disney's title lamp rubber: ALADDIN

36. Sailor's agreement: AYE

37. Stage designs: SETS

39. Emulate flowers on a hot day: DROOP

40. Source of linen: FLAX

41. "Dilbert" creator Scott: ADAMS

43. "Little Women" woman: MEG. Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy.

44. Spongy cake laced with rum: BABKA

45. Scammer's targets: DUPEs

47. Step in a flight: STAIR

49. West Coast state: OREGON

51. Everglades waders: EGRETS

54. Layer of eggs: HEN

55. Target practice props: TIN CANS

59. "__ you awake?": ARE

60. Software test version: BETA

62. "M*A*S*H" actor Elliott: GOULD. From the movie. Trapper John.

64. Racetrack shape: OVAL

65. Homer Simpson's wife: MARGE. She of the blue hair.

66. Four-legged companions: PETS. Also known as our overlords.

67. Give a holler: YELL

68. In the future: AHEAD

69. Gratis: FREE


1. Pathetic: SAD

2. Tint: HUE

3. Nest egg acronym: IRA. (Individual Retirement Account)

4. Ping-Pong need: PADDLE

5. Piece of land: TRACT

6. Instagram upload: VIDEO

7. Messy campfire snack: S'MORE

8. Firestone competitor: DUNLOP

9. Pitching stat with a decimal point: ERA. In baseball statistics, earned run average (ERA) is the mean of earned runs given up by a pitcher per nine innings pitched (i.e. the traditional length of a game). It is determined by dividing the number of earned runs allowed by the number of innings pitched and multiplying by nine. TMI?

10. Inventor Whitney: ELI.  Best known for inventing the cotton gin.

11. Broadband option, for short: DSL. (Digital Subscriber Line)

13. Maj. for a future shrink: PSY. Psychology.

14. "The 18-Down" poet: POE. 18-Down. "Nevermore" speaker: RAVEN

17. Structure with skyboxes: ARENA

20. Dip for chips: SALSA

21. Like the outfield walls at Wrigley Field: IVIED

26. Whitewater craft: KAYAK

27. Amazon Echo Dot's voice service: ALEXA

29. Well-worn: OLD

30. Harshly criticize: RIP. I had RAP crossing ALADAN. Oops.

33. Octopus' eight: ARMS

34. Deer mom: DOE

35. Dalmatians, e.g.: DOGS

38. Far from self-effacing: SMUG

40. Inside the foul line: FAIR

42. Dalmatian marking: SPOT

44. Hefty supplies?: BAGS. This could have been another baseball reference.

46. Hard puzzle: ENIGMA

48. Watched over: TENDED

49. "This could be a problem": "OH BOY"

50. Christopher of "Superman": REEVE

52. Done to death: TRITE

53. Sight or smell: SENSE

56. First matchmaker?: NOAH

57. Make better: CURE

58. Tiny pond growth: ALGA

61. "__ in favor, say 'aye'": ALL

63. Coppertone letters: SPF. (Sun Protection Factor)


Feb 26, 2018

Monday, February 26, 2018 ~ Robert E. Lee Morris

Theme: No Politics - Theme word can be to the right of the target word(center).

17A. School group excursion: FIELD TRIP. Center Field.(baseball)

31A. First single by a rapper to reach #1 on the Billboard Hot 100: "ICE ICE BABY". Center Ice.(hockey)

36A. Somewhat conservative, politically ... and where the first word of 17-, 31-, 43- and 60-Across can literally be found: RIGHT OF CENTER

43A. Economize: CUT CORNERS. Center cut.(meat)

60A. Actor's pseudonym: STAGE NAME. Center Stage(theater)

Argyle here in the middle which happens to be where the reveal is.


1. Perp chaser: COP

4. "E pluribus unum" language: LATIN

9. Agreement to stop fighting: TRUCE

14. Tycoon Onassis, familiarly: ARI. Aristotle Onassis, second husband of "Jackie" Kennedy.

15. Enticing smell: AROMA

16. Steam, e.g.: VAPOR

19. Santa __ racetrack: ANITA

20. Absolute: TOTAL

21. Ad infinitum: NO END

23. Oakland's county: ALAMEDA

26. WWII craft: LST. (Landing Ship, Tank)

27. Prime rib au __: JUS. Prime rib with its own natural juices from cooking.

30. Costner's "The Untouchables" role: NESS. Kevin Costner/Eliot Ness.

34. Feudal drudge: SERF

35. In the altogether: NAKED

41. Pink cocktail, for short: COSMO


42. Greek "i": IOTA

46. __ Linda, Calif.: LOMA. (Spanish for "beautiful hill")

50. Vintage auto: REO

51. Earl Grey, for one: TEA

52. Optometrist's test: EYE EXAM

54. Infant in a crèche: JESUS

56. Railroad in Monopoly: B AND O

57. Continuous humming sound: THRUM

63. Reeves of "Bill & Ted" films: KEANU

Wyld Stallyns 

64. More than ready: EAGER

65. Civil War soldier: REB. A subtle SO to our constructor?

66. Winning: ON TOP

67. Operative: AGENT

68. Evidence on "CSI": DNA. (Crime Scene Investigation/DeoxyriboNucleic Acid)


1. Lounging robe: CAFTAN

2. Baltimore bird: ORIOLE. The Baltimore Orioles are in the same division as 6-Down. Canadian A.L. East team: TOR. The Toronto Blue Jays.

3. Michelangelo sculptures: PIETÀs. He was working on this Pietà when he died.

4. Soup scoop: LADLE

5. Singer Garfunkel: ART. Did You Know: Despite being a native New Yorker, Garfunkel is a lifelong Philadelphia Phillies fan.

7. "You can count on me!": "I'M IN!"

8. Seaport in Italia: NAPOLI. (Naples)

9. "Rabbit ears" on an RCA cabinet, back in the day: TV ANTENNA

10. Mapmaker __ McNally: RAND

11. News org. since 1958: UPI. (United Press International)

12. Camper's snoozing spot: COT

13. Pitcher's stat: ERA. (Earned Run Average)

18. Hightails it: LAMS

22. Upper-left PC key: ESC. (escape)

24. Lose weight: DIET

25. Prefix for phobia meaning "height": ACRO. Acrophobia.

27. One of the Blues Brothers: JAKE. John Belushi was "Joliet" Jake Blues. Dan Aykroyd was Elwood Blues.

28. Ride for hire: UBER

29. Pink Floyd guitarist Barrett: SYD. Song originally written by Syd as a teen during the height of Bob Dylan mania in Europe (pre-Pink Floyd).

32. Jennifer Hudson's "Dreamgirls" role: EFFIE

33. Slugger's club: BAT

34. Typical Western: SHOOT 'EM UP

36. Don Juan: ROUE

37. Analogy words: IS TO

38. Yukon automaker: GMC. ((General Motors Truck Company))

39. Apple throwaway: CORE

40. Craftsy website: ETSYLink

41. "Lookin' Out My Back Door" band, initially: CCR. (Creedence Clearwater Revival)

44. High-__ graphics: RES. High Resolution.

45. Queasy feeling: NAUSEA

46. Like unfatty meat: LEAN

47. Ventura County's largest city: OXNARD. Henry Oxnard ... intended to name the settlement after the Greek word for "sugar", zachari, but frustrated by bureaucracy, named it after himself.(1897) History

48. Lunatics: MAD MEN

49. Single-celled organism: AMOEBA

53. Film critic Roger: EBERT

54. Jupiter's wife: JUNO. Roman deities.

55. Guys-only: STAG

57. Boxing outcome, for short: TKO. (Technical KnockOut)

58. Farm clucker: HEN

59. Stool pigeon: RAT

61. Cake candle count: AGE

62. Mil. bigwig: GEN. (general)

Did it seem like a baseball sub-theme to you? Think I'll sit and look out my back door.


Feb 19, 2018

Monday, February 19, 2018 ~ Gail Grabowski & Bruce Venzke

Theme: Buddy, Can You Spare A Dime? - Synonyms for living the dream.

20A. Inquiry meant to entrap: LOADED QUESTION

35A. Nonfluctuating method of doing things: SET FORMULA

40A. Impressionist once labeled "The Man of a Thousand Voices": RICH LITTLE

52A. Wealthy, and a hint to the first word of 20-, 35- and 40-Across: ROLLING IN DOUGH

Argyle here. The Monday mavens have struck again.


1. Android downloads: APPs

5. Array around a surge protector: WIRES. I would have said plugs.

10. Words after deal or count: ME IN. Or, as one word, my take-out order.

14. Bridges of Hollywood: BEAU

(left to right) Jeff, Beau and Lloyd Bridges.

15. Part of a sports complex: ARENA

16. Enveloping glow: AURA

17. "NBA Friday" channel: ESPN. (originally an initialism for Entertainment and Sports Programming Network)

18. Peachy: DANDY

19. Dental exam image: X-RAY

23. Right-angled shape: ELL

24. Per __: daily: DIEM

25. Freebies with a bowl of soup: CRACKERS

30. Mud __: type of wasp: DAUBER. Learn more here.

34. Sharp-eyed flier: HAWK

37. Org. supporting flossing: ADA. (American Dental Association)

38. Freelancer's encl.: SAE. (stamped addressed envelope or self-addressed envelope:)

39. QB scores: TD's. Touchdowns.

45. Pedometer unit: STEP

46. "Already?": "SO SOON?"

47. First-stringers: STARTERS

49. Honorary legal degs.: LLDs. Legum Doctor is a doctorate-level academic degree in law, or an honorary doctorate, depending on the jurisdiction. Wikipedia

51. Ipanema's city: RIO. Ipanema is a neighborhood located in the South Zone of the city of Rio de Janeiro.

59. Pop music's "hottest spot north of Havana": COPA. While your already dancing ....

60. Shut down: CEASE. What the heck; let's make it drei.

61. Three, in Germany: DREI

62. Baking chamber: OVEN

63. Makes docile: TAMES

64. Folklore brute: OGRE

65. Remain up in the air: PEND

66. Sport with clay disks: SKEET

67. Can't live without: NEED. Crosswords.


1. Brother of Cain: ABEL

2. Cuban currency: PESO

3. Respected Smurf: PAPA

4. Basking locale on a cruise ship: SUNDECK. On your way to Rio.

5. Walks like a duck: WADDLES. "If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck." Add, "Walks like a duck."

6. Baghdad's country: IRAQ

7. Eye care solution brand: RENU

8. Pulled the plug on: ENDED

9. Ties the knot: SAYS, "I DO"

10. Largest amount: MAXIMUM

11. Money in Malta: EURO

12. Mideast nation in a 2015 nuclear deal: IRAN

13. Vote against: NAY

21. Lodge logo animal: ELK. The Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks.

22. Hazmat suit hazard: TEAR. Hazmat is an abbreviation for “hazardous materials”.

25. Seals in the juices of: CHARS

26. Traffic report source: RADIO

27. Spy plane acronym: AWACS. (airborne warning and control system)

28. Sit for a bit: REST

29. ERA and RBI, e.g.: STATS. Statistics for earned run average and run batted in.

31. Montana city: BUTTE

32. Tribal leader: ELDER

33. Talks hoarsely: RASPS

36. Stetson hat material: FELT

41. The Netherlands, informally: HOLLAND

42. Lounge around: LOLL

43. Formally accuses of, with "for": INDICTS

44. Heart-to-heart: EARNEST

45. Used to change a ceiling light bulb, as a chair: STOOD ON. Not a good idea.

48. Relieved (of): RID

50. Move on tiptoe, say: SNEAK

52. Wander: ROVE

53. Take the lid off: OPEN

54. It usually has a set of rules: GAME

55. "That makes sense": "I SEE"

56. Hard-to-resist feeling: URGE

57. Actor Richard: GERE

58. Moved quickly, old-style: HIED

59. Squad car driver: COP. Car 54, where are you?

I shall stand not upon the order of my going, but go at once. I won't stand on a chair either.


Feb 12, 2018

Monday, February 12, 2018 ~ Jerry Edelstein

Theme: An Honest Puzzle Would I lie to you?

16. Trifling matters: PENNY ANTE STUFF. Penny ante is the smallest ante in poker; Lincoln Penny.

27. Focal point in a theater: CENTER STAGE. Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts is a 16.3-acre complex of buildings in the Lincoln Square neighborhood in New York City.

34. John Paul Jones was a commander in it: CONTINENTAL NAVY. Lincoln Continental: luxury car from Ford.

42. May observance for those who died in military service: MEMORIAL DAY. Lincoln Memorial on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

54. Statesman born 2/12/1809 whose surname can precede the starts of four long puzzle answers: ABRAHAM LINCOLN

Argyle here. Happy Birthday, Abe. I'm sure we can come up with a cake for you.


1. Send (to), as an inferior place: RELEGATE

9. Partner of Paul and Mary: PETER. Peter, Paul, and Mary.

14. Trite: OVER-USED

15. WWII bomber __ Gay: ENOLA. This answer isn't trite but is over-used.

18. Iroquois enemies: ERIEs

19. Editor's "never mind": STET

20. IRS form IDs: SSNs. (Social Security number)

21. One out on the lake, e.g.: BOATER

24. Cookie holder: JAR

29. That girl: SHE

32. 18-wheeler: SEMI

33. Tablet with Mini and Pro versions: iPAD

39. Chevy subcompact: AVEO

40. Rowlands of "The Notebook": GENA. "The Notebook" is a 2004 film based on the 1996 novel by Nicholas Sparks. Interesting concept.

41. Originally named: NÉE

46. Two-__ tissue: PLY

47. Troubled state: UNREST

48. Has a midnight snack, say: EATS

52. __ upon a time ...: ONCE

53. Kate's TV sidekick: ALLIE

59. Señor's squiggle: TILDE

60. Schemed: CONNIVED

61. Bottomless chasm: ABYSS

62. Ones storming the castle, say: INVADERS. Hagar the Horrible's forte.


1. Lassos: ROPES

2. Activist Medgar: EVERS. Civil rights activist assassinated in 1963.

3. Russian Revolution leader: LENIN. Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, better known by the alias Lenin as we learned recently.

4. Diving seabirds: ERNEs

5. Fellows: GUYS

6. Busy __ bee: AS A

7. Bill with Hamilton on it: TEN

8. NYC summer hrs.: EDT. (Eastern Daylight-savings Time)

9. Be a nuisance to: PESTER

10. Goes in: ENTERS

11. Promote big-time: TOUT

12. North Pole worker: ELF

13. U.K. flying squad: RAF. (Royal Air Force)

17. East, to 48-Down: ESTE. 48-Down. Legendary Spanish hero: EL CID

21. "__ there, done that": BEEN

22. "I've got this round": "ON ME"

23. Prickling with excitement: ATINGLE

24. Tokyo's country: JAPAN

25. Tequila source: AGAVE

26. Color again, as hair: REDYE

27. TV forensic series: CSI. (Crime Scene Investigation)

28. __ Pan Alley: TIN. The collection of New York City music publishers and songwriters.

29. Rascal: SCAMP

30. Ramshackle home: HOVEL

31. Hostile force: ENEMY

35. In addition: TOO

36. Kennedy and Koppel: TEDs

37. Gray's subj.: ANAT. (anatomy)

38. Dismiss from work temporarily, with "off": LAY

43. Put spots in magazines: RUN ADS

44. Foot's 12: INCHES

45. Side squared, for a square: AREA

49. "__ like ours / Could never die ... ": Beatles: A LOVE

For educational purposes only. Do not use commercial.

50. Flooring specialist: TILER

51. Mails: SENDS

52. Paris airport: ORLY

53. Kendrick of "Twilight": ANNA. No idea about her or "Twilight".

54. One step __ time: AT A

55. Baby's spilled food protector: BIB

56. 1101, to Romans: MCI

57. Chaney of horror: LON

58. Bill for mdse.: INV. (invoice)


Note from C.C.:

Happy Birthday to dear LaLaLinda, who used to post regularly on our blog. Health issues have prevented her from engaging with our little Corner community actively, but she still solves puzzles daily and reads our blog.

Feb 5, 2018

Monday, February 5, 2018 ~ Jeff Eddings

Theme: Big Game - not really about the game, just words that start with a B and G.

17A. Nonconformist Harley-riding groups: BIKER GANGS

25A. Rose and Orange: BOWL GAMES

38A. Places where critters procreate: BREEDING GROUNDS

46A. Honey Ryder and Mary Goodnight: BOND GIRLS

59A. Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb ... and a hint to 17-, 25-, 38- and 46-Across: THE BEE GEES

Argyle here. A debut from this constructor but there may be more in the near future.


1. Closest pal, in IM shorthand: BFF. (Best Friend Forever)

4. Fish-eating raptor: OSPREY

10. Wretched: VILE

14. Period of history: ERA

15. Put a new flannel layer in, as a coat: RELINE

16. Fruit punches: ADEs

19. Picky details: NITS

20. Chief Norse god: ODIN

21. "Hulk" director Lee: ANG

22. Photoshop creator: ADOBE

23. Longtime "SNL" announcer Don: PARDO

28. Hoppy brews, for short: IPAs. (India pale ale)

30. Dog command: HEEL

31. Shake, as with fear: QUAVER

34. Demeanor: MIEN

35. "__ on a Grecian Urn": ODE

41. Camera initials: SLR. (single-lens reflex)

42. 35-Across, e.g.: POEM

43. Gulf War reporter Peter: ARNETT

44. Cancún house: CASA

45. Quick cash sources, initially: ATMs. (automated teller machine)

50. "Fantastic!": "SUPER!"

54. Like beer in a cooler: ON ICE

55. Unit of resistance: OHM

57. Lost fish in a Pixar film: NEMO

58. Letter before eta: ZETA

62. Rowing tools: OARS

63. Pine secretions: RESINS

64. Antonym of post-: PRE

65. Gin fizz fruit: SLOE

66. Remove, as a chin strap: UNSNAP

67. The "S" in iOS: Abbr.: SYS. (Internet (i) and operating system)


1. Jazz style: BEBOP

2. Mexican artist Kahlo: FRIDA. Self-taught painter (1907-1954) Wiki

3. Fire-walking mystic: FAKIR

4. Bruin legend Bobby: ORR

5. Nintendo rival: SEGA

6. Backup strategies: PLAN B's

7. Drummer Starr: RINGO

8. London's land: Abbr.: ENG. (England)

9. "Okay": "YES"

10. Graffiti creator, perhaps: VANDAL

11. Figure of speech: IDIOM

12. Do not disturb: LET BE

13. Letters before tees: ESSES

18. Curly salad green: ENDIVE

22. Child psychologists' benchmarks: AGE NORMS

24. Where to find columns with views: OP-ED PAGE

26. Millard Fillmore, partywise: WHIG

27. Ogle: LEER AT

29. Melodic passages: ARIOSI. Italian

31. NFL play callers: QBs. (quarterback)

32. Internet address: URL. (Uniform Resource Locator)

33. __ Lingus: Irish carrier: AER

34. Roaring-lion studio: MGM. (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer)

35. Washington's bill: ONE

36. Banned pesticide: DDT. (Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane)

37. Winter hrs. in most of Michigan: EST. (Eastern Standard Time)

39. Not far: NEAR

40. Like heroes deserving more recognition: UNSUNG

44. Jewel box: CD CASE

45. Hearth receptacle: ASH BIN

46. Obnoxious clowns: BOZOS

47. Basketball's Shaq: O'NEAL

48. Part of TNT: NITRO

49. Rich soil: LOESS

51. Pals, in slang: PEEPS

52. Nail-filing board: EMERY

53. Kentucky Derby flowers: ROSES

56. "American Beauty" actress Suvari: MENA

59. __TV: Turner channel: TRU

60. Farm layer: HEN

61. Telepathy, e.g.: ESP. (Extrasensory perception)


Jan 29, 2018

Monday, January 29, 2018 ~ John Guzzetta

Theme: Do Effects Affect You? - Place the word, EFFECT beside the last word of the theme answers.

17A. "Blueberry Hill" R&B singer: FATS DOMINO. The domino effect, when one event sets off a chain of similar events.

23A. Title passenger train with an "ever-lovin' light": MIDNIGHT SPECIAL. Special effect, usually plural. Some movies seem to be made just to show off the special effects.

37A. Cho-Cho-San story on which a Puccini opera was based: MADAME BUTTERFLY. The butterfly effect, when a minute local change can have large effects elsewhere.

48A. Body of water bordering most of Connecticut's coast: LONG ISLAND SOUND. Sound effect, again often plural, can be silly, like tires squealing on dirt.

59A. Undesired medication consequence ... and what can literally go with the end of 17-, 23-, 37- and 48-Across: SIDE EFFECT

Argyle here. Three spanners plus two more; big for a Monday. John has been busy but not with LAT of late.


1. Pearl Harbor site: OAHU

This photo of USS Arizona Memorial is courtesy of TripAdvisor

5. Breaks under pressure: SNAPS

10. Fabric woven with metallic threads: LAMÉ

14. Dec. 25: XMAS

15. Aerosmith frontman Steven: TYLER. Here with daughter, Liv.

16. Apple tablet: iPAD

19. Telephoto, for one: LENS

20. Had lunch, say: ATE

21. Cry from one who's all thumbs: "OOPS!"

22. Boot camp nickname: SARGE. Sir! Not in my boot camp, Sir!

27. Integer after zero: ONE

28. Bank job: HEIST

29. Frosty coat: HOAR

32. Plant's sticker: THORN

34. Arabic "son of": IBN

41. "Total Request Live" network: MTV. (an initialism of Music Television)

42. Bedouins, e.g.: ARABS

43. 90 degrees from norte: ESTE. (Spanish, north / east)

44. Ear-related: AURAL

46. 007 creator Fleming: IAN

55. Ancient Peruvians: INCAs

56. Place to order a Reuben: DELI

57. __ Paulo, Brazil: SAO

Museu de Arte ( Museum of Art)

58. Chow or lo follower, in Chinese cuisine: MEIN. Just American Chinese, C.C.?

62. Marching musicians: BAND

63. Opinion pieces: OP-EDs

64. Fishing decoy: LURE

65. Gold medalist Korbut: OLGA

66. Bottom-of-the-barrel: WORST

67. Copies: APEs


1. Britain-based relief agcy.: OXFAM. Oxfam was founded in 1942 as the Oxford Committee for Famine Relief. More

2. Prized violin: AMATI

3. Abhorrent: HATED

4. Navy sub initials: USS

5. Moe, Curly or Larry: STOOGE

6. Lorelei, for one: NYMPH

7. Roster of invited celebs: A-LIST

8. Signer's writer: PEN

9. Sign of a sellout: SRO. (Standing Room Only)

10. Purple flowers: LILACS

11. Pre-dinner drinks: APÉRITIFs

12. Japanese comics: MANGA

13. '50s Ford flop: EDSEL

18. Bump off: DO IN

22. River through Paris: SEINE. Running a little high right now.

24. Screenwriter Ephron: NORA. (1941-2012) Alma mater: Wellesley College.

25. Attempts to score, in hockey: SHOTS. Noun.

26. Saucy: PERT

29. "I'm thinking ... ": "HMM ... "

30. Grain in Quaker cereals: OAT

31. Getting promotions: ADVANCING. Ah, the Peter Principle. Wiki

32. Little League precursor: T-BALL. Pitchers and catchers report mid-February.

33. Center of a wheel: HUB

35. Sandwich letters: BLT

36. "Science Guy" Bill: NYE

38. Roger who broke Babe's record: MARIS. On October 1, 1961, but the season was eight days longer than when Ruth set his record.

39. Times often named for presidents: ERAs

40. Alternative to Vegas: RENO

45. Where Amin ruled: UGANDA. The Rwenzori Mountains(surprised? I am.)

46. Least active: IDLEST

47. "Yeah, right!": "AS IF!"

48. Dance under a bar: LIMBO

49. Tatum of "Paper Moon": O'NEAL

50. Puff __: snake: ADDER

51. Requires: NEEDS

52. Exhaust: USE UP

53. Mother-of-pearl: NACRE

54. Adores to death, with "on": DOTES

59. Spread, as discord: SOW

60. NYSE debut: IPO. Stocks(initial public offering)

61. Ga.'s southern neighbor: FLA.