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Jan 25, 2021

Monday January 25, 2021 Craig Stowe

Theme: JUMPING BEAN (59. Tumbling seed, and a hint to each row of circled letters) - Four different beans are split up (jumping over other letters) in each theme entry.

18. Entirety of a manufacturer's goods: PRODUCT LINE. Pole bean.

23. U.S. Forest Service mascot since 1944: SMOKEY BEAR. Soya bean. Soybean in the US.

39. Indoor tanning aid: SUN LAMP. Snap bean.

53. Out-of-office investigator: FIELD AGENT. Flat bean.

HUMAN BEAN - Boomer. 

This puzzle is similar in approach to the PULLED PORK puzzle we had last week. Pretty tough for a Monday I would say.

RIP Hammerin' Hank Henry Aaron. I believe he started with Milwaukee in 1954. We Minnesotans adopted the Braves as our Major League team until The Twins moved to Minnesota in 1961. Below is a picture of 1955 Topps Double Header card of Hank. It is not mine, but I own the exact same card in my collection. It's in nice condition but has not been graded yet. Looks like this one got an 84.  Notice how the left margin is more narrow than the right. That will knock about 60% from the value. 


1. Hesitant sounds: UMS.  University of Minnesota Singers?

4. Grand __ Auto: video game: THEFT.

9. A and B, for blood: TYPES.  Forgot O

14. Long of "Third Watch": NIA.

15. Gung-ho: EAGER.

16. Finnish bills: EUROS.  I purchased a bunch of EURO coins on Ebay when they first came out.  I'm not sure what I did with them.  Maybe I sold them at a flea market.

17. Method: WAY.  And more, much more. I did it "My Way". Frank Sinatra.

20. Sent out: ISSUED.  Tax return documents are ISSUED soon.

22. Inspiring Greek group of nine sisters: MUSES.

26. __ and found: LOST.  Oh My Darling Clementine.

29. Peace of mind: EASE.

30. Hightailed it: RAN.  If I RAN the zoo, said young Gerald McGrew I'd make a few changes and here's what I'd do.  Doctor Seuss.

31. Namesake of a new wing, often: DONOR.  I am not a DONOR, but I may be eligible for a new wing at the VA clinic some day.

32. Dolphin communication method: SONAR.

35. Oregon city south of Salem: EUGENE.  I had an Uncle Eugene, but we called him GUS.  His last name was Gustafson.

36. 4, in 2 + 2 = 4: SUM.  "What did you learn in school today, dear little boys of mine."  Tom Paxton.

41. Reuben bread: RYE.  Break out the corned beef and Swiss cheese.

42. Put-down: INSULT.

44. Inception: ONSET.

46. Lighter brand: ZIPPO.  I owned a couple of these. Don't need them any more.

47. Degree for a CFO: MBA.

48. [Purchase at your own risk]: AS IS.  Now they are selling plastic inserts for masks so you can talk and breathe better.

52. Floride, par exemple: ETAT.

56. Late-night host O'Brien: CONAN.  I miss Johnny Carson - Of course now I am asleep by late night if I'm lucky.

58. Whip (up), as grub: RUSTLE.

63. AAA service: TOW.

64. Author Asimov: ISAAC.  Author of a lot of those goofy quizzes in the newspaper.

65. Lawful: LICIT.

66. Night before: EVE.

67. Rock or pop: GENRE.  I'm afraid I never got out of the Sixties.

68. Traditional piano key wood: EBONY.

69. Like half a deck of cards: RED.  Also Pete Rose.


1. Not prudent: UNWISE.

2. Swamp gas: MIASMA.

3. Final approvals: SAY-SOS.  Or if your boat is sinking.

4. Conical home: TEPEE.  We have many of these in city parks in Minnesota.  Native Americans are hurting due to Covid.

5. "Jude the Obscure" author Thomas: HARDY.

6. Big head on the set: EGO.

7. Nourished: FED.  Did I mention taxes?

8. Writer Capote: TRUMAN. President when I was born.  Dewey did NOT win.

9. Lunar New Years: TETS.

10. Holiday fireplace blazer: YULE LOG.  We have a station that shows this on TV for 48 hours or so.  Not to me though - I spend my time with MSNBC, CNN, and the Game Show Channel.

11. "Orange Is the New Black" extra: PRISONER.

12. Geological period: EON.

13. Toronto-to-D.C. dir.: SSE.  You need to have a Covid test and a mask to make that trip now.

19. Mangy dog: CUR.

21. Hawaiian strings: UKES.  Famous golf  tourneys in Hawaii now.  No strings attached. 

24. __ flakes: cereal: BRAN.  I prefer Chex and Grape Nuts.

25. Body part thoughtfully tugged on: EARLOBE.  OUCH!  Not mine Please.

27. PlayStation maker: SONY.

28. Sloth's hangout: TREE.  We only have squirrels in our trees here.

31. Fool: DUPE.  Be careful on April 1.

33. Norsk Folkemuseum city: OSLO.

34. Macadamia __: NUT.  I don't think I've ever had one.  I like cashews.

35. Pair of madmen?: EMS.

36. Evaluate, with "up": SIZE.

37. Army outfit: UNIT.  Before Hardheim, Germany - I was in the 606th Medical Company (Ambulance) - Fort Campbell, KY.

38. Female '80s arcade sensation: MS PAC-MAN.  Never played her much.  I was an original Pac-Man player.  I think I mentioned that I drew a crowd about 30 years ago at Great America, Illinois with a score of 208,000.

40. Like neat freaks: ANAL.

43. As good as expected: UP TO PAR.  Golf season is on hold here now.  Too hard to find the white balls.

45. Graffiti signatures: TAGS.

47. Mix at a party: MINGLE.

49. Irish pooch: SETTER.

50. Smitten: IN LOVE.  If you go OUT here you'll need MITTENS.

51. Slow-boiled, as prunes: STEWED.

53. Convection oven need: FAN.

54. Water escape route: DRAIN.  I don't think water will escape from our driveway for a few months.  We need some 40 degrees please.

55. Unc's spouse: AUNTY.  That looks like a constructor's way to spell AUNTIE.  Ain't that right MAME?

57. "Good one!": NICE.

59. "The __ is up!": JIG.

60. Employ: USE.

61. Tot's mealtime protector: BIB.

62. Prefix with friendly: ECO.


Jan 18, 2021

Monday January 18, 2021 Bruce Venzke & Gail Grabowski

Theme:  PULLED PORK (63A. Shredded Southern barbecue dish that's depicted in this puzzle's circles) - Letters PORK are pulled apart.

17A. Energy-boosting munch: POWER SNACK.

23A. Explosive container for muzzle-loading guns: POWDER FLASK.

40A. Period or comma: PUNCTUATION MARK.

50A. Escape from jail: PRISON BREAK.

Boomer here. Another BAG (Bruce and Gail) treat. It's Bruce's theme idea, as his name is first in the byline.

Okay, pulled pork!  It's a very tasty military meal, served in mess halls throughout the country.  Maybe one of the reasons the hall is named mess.  Here in Minnesota, we received some wet snow followed by a few inches of lighter snow blown by 35 MPH winds.  C.C. and I will be staying home for a while.

A little news for our puzzlers.  Leah Remini (Formerly of "King of Queens" sit com) is scheduled to host a new show called "People Puzzlers" on the game show channel (my DTV 233) beginning Monday January 18 I believe at 5:00 PM - Central Time.  No, I am not being paid for this commercial.


1. "Field of Dreams" state: IOWA.  A great movie set in Dyersville, IA.  I visited there once but I was a little disappointed. Only the ball field and a small souvenir stand. 
5. Easing of govt. control: DEREG.

10. Snow glider: SLED.  I've heard of these.  We had a great hill to ride down from a baseball field to our backyard. But then someone built a house there.

14. Iranian ruler ousted in 1979: SHAH.

15. Teaser ad: PROMO.  We see these all the time.  Stores double the price then have a two for one sale.  I was not born yesterday.

16. Buzzing colony: HIVE.  A home for the fleas, a hive for the buzzin' bees.  A nest for birds, there ain't no words for the beauty and the splendor and the wonder of my HAIR.  The Cowsills.

19. "Be it __ so humble ... ": EVER.  There's no place like home.  Auntie Em and Uncle Henry.

20. Former SeaWorld attraction: SHAMU.

21. Meadowland: LEA.  Albert LEA in Southern Minnesota got some snow also.

22. Convenience store inconvenience: LINE.  I think the lines I have seen to get a vaccine are a bit longer.

27. Miss a birdie by one: MAKE PAR.  Back in the days when C.C. and I played regularly on a par 71 course, she made 11 birdies one summer.

31. Base runner's undoing: TAG.

32. Not fer: AGIN.

33. Qualifying race: HEAT.  Miami's NBA team.  I took a business trip to Florida back in the 1980s.  Visited Epcot, Disney World and Tampa but skipped Miami.

36. Waterproof fishing boot: WADER.  A lot of Minnesota fisherman use these.  Not me, I always used a boat.

43. With regret: SADLY.

44. __ Ration: old dog food brand: KENL.  Only served to old dogs?

45. Opera star Pinza: EZIO.

46. Covert __: secret missions: OPS.  Kevin Costner meets with "X" (Donald Sutherland) in JFK.

48. Lip applications: GLOSSES.

55. __ Emu: insurance ad bird: LIMU.  I really hate Liberty Mutual ads.  ALL of them.

56. Dublin's land: Abbr.: IRE.  On my way to Germany, our flight needed to refuel in Shannon Ireland.    We only could layover in the airport bar however. 

57. Lauder of makeup: ESTEE.

62. Seaweed gelatin: AGAR.

66. Buster Brown's dog: TIGE. "I'm Buster Brown, I live in a shoe.  That's my dog Tige, he lives there too."

67. Cybercommerce: E-TAIL.  A huge Christmas venture last year due to COVID.

68. Word after cutting or leading: EDGE.  Growing up, we had a car dealership named "Town's Edge Oldsmobile".  It was in the middle of town.

69. Poetic tributes: ODES.

70. Battle of the __: SEXES.  It looks like we may have one for Alex Trebek's job.

71. Stack under a tarp: WOOD.


1. Web access cos.: ISPS.

2. "I know! Call on me!": OH OH.

3. Toddler's drink: WAWA.  Later on in life, they learn how to say "PEPSI".

4. "Can I get a word in?": AHEM.

5. Two-outs-in-a-single-AB stats: DPS.  Double Plays. There are usually one or two in most baseball games.  In 1990 the Twins made two TRIPLE PLAYS in a nine inning game vs. Boston.

6. East end?: ERN. Eastern.

7. Author Dahl: ROALD.  "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" author.

8. Ceremony host: EMCEE.  I've never been a master of ceremonies.  But sometimes they call on me to tell jokes.

9. Low-riding, open-wheel racer: GO KART.

10. Sleight-of-hand scams: SHELL GAMES.

11. Wife of Augustus: LIVIA.

Livia and her son Tiberius

12. Odds opposite: EVENS.  Seems to me this was a coin flipping gamble waiting for the school bus.

13. Jeter elected to the Hall of Fame: DEREK.  I believe his "Rookie" card is 1993.

18. Kentucky's __ Arena: RUPP.  Named for a famous basketball coach of Kentucky, Adolph Rupp.

24. Island near Maui: OAHU.

25. Inflict, as havoc: WREAK.  Lots of NHL games WREAK of havoc.

26. Stag's daughter: FAWN.

27. Weather report visual aids: MAPS.  We still see them on TV, but drivers use SIRI or ALEXA or some other talking ghost.

28. Isla surrounder: AGUA.

29. "Be __: rewind": old video rental reminder: KIND.  I still have a few.  Maybe I can sell them to a museum someday.

30. Extras in an envelope: ENCLOSURES.  Many times it's a well printed invoice that you need to send back with your payment. 

34. Didn't fast: ATE.

35. Hint of color: TINGE.

37. Häagen-__: DAZS.  "I Scream, you Scream, we all SCREAM for ICE CREAM.

38. The "E" in the mnemonic HOMES: ERIE.

39. Bygone theaters: RKOS.  We had an RKO Orpheum theater in Minneapolis.  All theaters are struggling now.

41. Keying-in error: TYPO.  I get a red line under all mine.

42. Cantina crockery: OLLA.

47. "Blade" star Wesley: SNIPES.

49. Gave the nod to: OKED.

50. Student of Socrates: PLATO.  These older Greek guys are all famous.

51. Stiff as a board: RIGID.

52. Public persona: IMAGE.

53. "Et tu, __?": BRUTE.  "How many eggs did you have for breakfast Caesar??"

54. "No reason to get all upset!": RELAX.

58. Eject, as lava: SPEW.  Really have not heard about one since Mount St. Helens.

59. Chore list heading: TO DO.  Visit L.A. Times Crossword Corner; shovel front step, eat breakfast. 

60. Hence, in logic: ERGO.

61. Barely made it, with "by": EKED.

64. Tell it like it isn't: LIE.  Remember if you lie, everyone will know, and the Boogie man will get ya.

65. Golf's "Big Easy" Ernie: ELS.  On the Champion's Tour now but still shows up on the regular PGA tour now and then.


Jan 11, 2021

Monday January 11, 2021 Jeffrey Wechsler

Theme: Looks Similar - The first word is a present participle. The second words are plural nouns which share the same string of letters as the first word.

20. Providing post-bath garb to red-breasted singers?: ROBINROBINS.

31. Doing poorly in baking class?: MUFFING MUFFINS.

39. Growing dried grapes?: RAISING RAISINS.

54. Recording easy putts?: TAPING TAP-INS.

Boomer here. It's certainly an intricate theme for a Monday puzzle.  I was definitely not smart enough to figure it out.

In another ballpark, I have been patiently waiting for a vaccine. The VA contacted me twice but I don't feel closer to returning to the lanes yet. Age 73 with diabetes and cancer is not needy enough yet.  Then I picked up the morning paper last week and there is a story about a convicted criminal in a Minnesota prison getting his shot at age 53.  Praise the Lord and pass me another mask.

Dates like today, I always wonder if there is any history.  I am thinking of 910 years ago.  I wonder if there was free gold nuggets given away on 1-11-1111.     


1. Story like "Roots": SAGA.  The story was definitely bone-chilling.  It made me feel guilty living in a country that once condoned slavery.

5. K9 Advantix II targets: FLEAS.  Dogs have them and markets are named after them.

10. Dance that tells a story: HULA.  My memory does not remember the dance as much as the HOOPS.

14. Capturing device: TRAP.  It only took about eight of these in our home, but we FINALLY got the little bugger in a glue TRAP in our basement room.

15. Cuba __: rum cocktail: LIBRE.  With a name like this they should be free.

16. Former Lacoste partner in sportswear: IZOD.  Interesting crocodile logo.

17. Taj Mahal city: AGRA.  Minnesota is a big potato in AGRA business.

18. 5,000 feet, roughly: ABOUT A MILE.  Walk it in my shoes.

22. Keep a roomie awake, maybe: SNORE.  Not me, I stayed awake all last night and did not hear myself SNORE once.

23. Letters before an alias: AKA.  Also Known As.

24. Window sticker: DECAL.  I don't like them.  They mess up car windows for sure.

28. Surg. areas: ORS.  ORS in southern California are filled with COVID victims.  I hope things get better for them soon.

30. Chocolate-filled cookie: MILANO.


36. Became the champ: WON.  There did not seem to have all the attention that college bowl games usually attract.  Maybe next year?

37. Farm bleaters: GOATS.

38. Like many SSA payment recipients: RET.  That would be me.  And I received a big enough raise this year to pay for two games of bowling.  Now all I need is a vaccine.

44. Mischievous doings: ANTICS.

45. Jaguar XK-E, e.g.: CAR.

46. Tomato concentrate: PASTE.  We went through gallons when I was a pizza cook.

47. Hope/Crosby film destination: RIO.

50. Make roar, as an engine: REV UP.  I don't know why people do this, except in Indianapolis.

57. "That's slightly inaccurate": NOT EXACTLY.

60. Bluesy James: ETTA.

61. Put one __ on: fool: OVER.  Peter Graves surname in "Airplane" - Only I think he spelled it Oveur.

62. Gadget used on an apple: CORER.

63. Ace, as a test: NAIL.  Or a Hole in One in Golf.  Sorry, I've never had one.  Came close twice. Six inches.  Once actually rimmed the hole and turned ninety degrees to the right!

64. High roller's rolls: WADS.  I enjoy a craps table or machine, but not enough to carry a WAD. 

65. The ones over there: THOSE.

66. Abound (with): TEEM.


1. Overhead twinklers: STARS.  I often wonder if they are like the sun and have planets around them.

2. One of the noble gases: ARGON.

3. Actress Greta: GARBO.  A Swedish Actress Don'tcha know.

4. Two that match, as socks: A PAIR OF.  Golf shoes, bowling shoes.  But A PAIR OF pants is not really a pair.  I am waiting for a PAIR OF shots in the arm!!

5. Flier on a pole: FLAG.

6. Heavenly scales: LIBRA.  We used to visit our LIBRAry years ago. 29. 6-Down and 11 others: SIGNS.

7. Kindle download: E BOOK.  There were not any E BOOKS in it.

8. Dutch-speaking Caribbean island: ARUBA.

9. Alien-seeking org.: SETI.

10. "And he ... HE __! ... The Grinch carved the roast-beast!": HIMSELF.

11. Israeli weapon: UZI.

12. Enthusiastic online "Ha-ha!": LOL.  I seldom use this acronym. I do not laugh at my computer.

13. Beverage suffix: ADE.  LemonADE in the shADE.

19. "__ I don't?": challenging words: AND IF.

21. Foam-based ball: NERF.  Are they still around ??

25. Piled-stones memorial: CAIRN.

26. Authors Rice and Tyler: ANNES.  And a lady from Green Gables.

27. Suffered defeat: LOST.  I think our Vikings are 0-5 in Super Bowls.  At least I do not have to worry about them getting to 0-6 this year.

30. Beethoven's love: MUSIC.

31. Polynesian Disney princess: MOANA.

32. Watts and volts: UNITS.  I know a bit about these.  Lately I have been adding an LED bulb to the same circuit that has regular incandescent bulbs on it and the LED will not light.  I guess it was prejudice.

33. Rich holiday drink: NOG.  Holidays are over and once again I passed on that stuff.

34. Long-nosed fish: GAR.

35. L.A. commuter org.: MTA.  I thought Boston had the MTA.  The Kingston Trio told me.  Poor old Charlie. Did he ever return ??

36. Rolled-up sandwich: WRAP.

40. Paid tot minders: SITTERS.  While I was selling hamburgers for 15 cents, my older sister was minding tots for 25 cents per hour.  Now she is still doing it in San Francisco, but I think she charges a bit more. 

41. Mountaineer's tool: ICE AX.  We fished through ICE on a lake, but we used an auger to get through the ICE. 

42. Lee whom nobody doesn't like: SARA.  "Everybody doesn't like something ... but"

43. Sinner's atonement words: I REPENT.

47. Copier brand: RICOH.

48. MC's opening words: INTRO.  No visit to Las Vegas this year (next  month).  I always look forward to the MC's INTRO for me and I get to go onstage and see if I can make my friends laugh.  

49. Looks untowardly toward: OGLES.

51. Curriculum __: résumé: VITAE.

52. Loosen, as a knot: UNTIE.

53. Song of worship: PSALM.  I don't hear them much in church anymore.

55. Treaty: PACT.

56. Spare in a Brit's boot: TYRE.

57. Currently: NOW.

58. Egg cells: OVA.  That's a YOKE on you.

59. Talking stuffed bear of film: TED.



Jan 4, 2021

Monday January 4, 2020 Gail Grabowski & Bruce Venzke

Theme: C AND W (67. Grand Ole Opry genre, briefly, that's also a hint to 21-, 33-, 41- and 51-Across) - Each theme entry is in the pattern of C* W*.

21. Comfy clothing: CASUAL WEAR. 32. T-__: 21-Across item: SHIRT.

33. Fowl fencing material: CHICKEN WIRE.

41. Forecast that calls for a scarf and gloves: COLD WEATHER. 49. Like extreme 41-Across: HARSH.

51. Circle with primary and secondary hues: COLOR WHEEL.

Boomer here. I am familiar with all of these entries, especially COLD WEATHER!

For those readers who were not here last week, our beloved constructor Gail Grabowski passed away on Christmas eve. 

C.C. said that this theme idea was Gail's, since her name comes first in the byline. Bruce filled the grid and Gail clued the whole thing. This is how the legendary constructing team GAB (Gail and Bruce) collaborated.

Gail and Bruce


1. Play for time: STALL.  Also a horse's bedroom.

6. Soup aisle array: CANS.  We have a cupboard full of  soup, vegetables, and other stuff that C.C. does not eat.  I think she is afraid of our electric can opener.

10. Murder mystery staple: BODY.  Of course, "Mr. Boddy" was the victim in the game of Clue.  "I think it was done by Professor Plum, in the kitchen, with the knife." 

14. Apex predators of the sea: ORCAS.

15. "I __ my wit's end!": AM AT

16. Sacred Nile bird: IBIS.

17. Many a Mumbai resident: HINDU.

18. Triangle ratio: SINE.  "About binomial theorem I am teeming with a lot 'O' news with  many cheerful facts about the square of the hypotenuse," (Gilbert & Sullivan.)  

19. Hand over: GIVE.  "GIVE me a break for a Kit Kat bar."  Not me, too much sugar.

20. Do as told: OBEY.

23. Dog walker's need: LEASH.  We do not have a dog.  We had to catch a mouse with one of those glue traps.  He deserved to be caught, he started to think that he lived with us. 

25. "Little ol' me?": MOI.

26. Supernatural: OCCULT.

29. Appetizer platter items: VEGGIES.  Yup, gotta eat those green things every day..

36. Morse "T": DAH.

37. Gas container: TANK.  Ours stays pretty full.  We do not travel much in the pandemic, and the grocery store is about one mile from home.  Maybe I can use a bit more gas when golf season opens.

38. Abu Dhabi's fed.: UAE.  I guess Emirate is just another word for state. 

39. Nativity scene threesome: MAGI.  I believe the three Kings visit to the manger is celebrated on January 6.  They brought gold, frankincense. and myrrh.  Now guys just bring cigars.

40. Red Cross offering: AID.

45. Plasterboard: DRYWALL.  We had some water damage to our garage ceiling.  We hired a DRYWALL handyman last fall and he fixed it up very well.

47. Separate by type: ASSORT.

48. LAX : Los Angeles :: __ : Chicago: ORD.  Funny name for an airport.

55. Variety show lineup: ACTS.

59. Apple gadget with playlists: IPOD.  C.C. had one.  I don't know how it works.

60. Sinuous swimmers: EELS.

61. Letter-shaped opening: T SLOT.  I struggle to fasten my seat belt in the Santa Fe.  It's not a T slot but it sure seems like one.

62. Column before ones: TENS.  "If you bought a premier seat to "'Hamilton" for $850.00 cash, how many Hamiltons would you need to pay the bill.  They asked this on "Common Knowledge" and none of the six players had the correct answer.

63. Pudding starch: SAGO.

64. Prefix for Rome's country: ITALO.

65. Jittery: EDGY.

66. Spiderweb, e.g.: TRAP.


1. Artsy Manhattan area: SOHO.  North Pole area - "HO HO".

2. Chicago daily, for short: TRIB.  Our Minneapolis daily is StarTRIB.  We used to have a morning Tribune and an evening STAR.  They combined many years ago. 

3. Proactiv+ target: ACNE.

4. Female symbol of good fortune: LADY LUCK.  A fun Casino in down town Las Vegas.  I went to see Melinda's magic act there years ago.

5. The SEC's Tigers: LSU.

6. Acapulco abodes: CASAS.

7. Pennsylvania sect: AMISH.

8. Half a Mork-to-Orson farewell: NANU.  Robin Williams aka Mork from Ork left us in 2014.

9. Soft-shell clam: STEAMER.  Stanley's last name.

10. Kingpin: BIGWIG.  In the movie "Kingpin" Bill Murray was a lousy bowler.  They should have cast Pete Weber or maybe Parker Bohn.

11. NYC drama award: OBIE.

12. Female opera star: DIVA.

13. Belgian river: YSER.

21. Blanchett of "Ocean's 8": CATE.  Probably the only actress who ever cut herself with a chain saw.

22. Theater tier: LOGE.  This is where the cigarette smokers used to sit.  Not any more.

24. Deer in a lodge logo: ELK.  I joined a lodge many years ago.  They sponsored a Little League team that I coached.  However it seemed that in the lodge they just sold low-priced drinks and pull tabs.

26. Set of eight: OCTAD.  Years ago I had an OCTAD of teeth.  Now I have a set of two dentures.

27. Committee head: CHAIR.

28. Williams of "Laverne & Shirley": CINDY.  Lots of reruns on cable TV now.  Years ago, at the Graybar City Desk we used to have two customers I called Lenny and Squiggy.  Cracked everybody up. 

29. Beach house selling point: VIEW.  Minnesota has miles and miles of lake shoreline, but not too many beach houses.  The ones that exist are way overpriced. 

30. Boise's state: IDAHO.  I have two cousins that live in Twin Falls of the potato state.

31. All fired up: EAGER.

34. Void partner: NULL.

35. Fistful of dollars: WAD.  Does anyone use dollars anymore??

39. Calif. Cascades peak: MT SHASTA.

41. Author Caleb: CARR.

42. OK Corral setting: OLD WEST.  Three deaths in October, 1881, and Wyatt Earp got his own TV show in the sixties.

43. British noble: EARL.

44. Donkey: ASS.  Very impolite answer to the clue, I would say.

46. Like a forest: WOODSY.

49. Hägar's comics wife: HELGA.

50. Writer of tales with talking animals: AESOP.  A famous Greek who told a lot more stories than me.

51. Name in a footnote: CITE.

52. Page with opinions: OP-ED.  I usually skip this page in the StarTrib..  Most Opinions usually do not match with mine.

53. Time-consuming: LONG.

54. Catch wind of: HEAR.

56. Tartan-sporting family: CLAN.

57. Broke the news to: TOLD.  "Though it never made the New York Times, in the Daily News the caption read - Save the life of my child."  (Simon and Garfunkel).

58. Store securely: STOW.

61. Personal quirk: TIC.


Dec 21, 2020

Monday December 21, 2020 Fred Piscop

Theme: Say It Again - The first parts of the theme entries are homophones.

6A. In general: BY AND LARGE.

61A. Bring on difficulty: BUY TROUBLE.

15D. Fluent in two tongues: BILINGUAL.

28D. "See you later": BYE FOR NOW.

Boomer here.  

Hello Fred!  Great to see a puzzle BY you again.  Naturally we all miss working on your puzzles for the USA Today.  

The great Paul Bunyan is residing in Brainerd, Minnesota wondering where his Axe is.  Well the Big Ten worried about it and decided to reinstate the Gopher/Badger game last Saturday,  It had been cancelled earlier due to COVID-19.  What can I say?  The Badgers won in overtime 20-17 so the trophy AXE will remain in Madison.  


1. Leave unmentioned: OMIT.  I hope Pfizer did not OMIT any state in the distribution of vaccine. 

5. Source of French fries, informally: TATER.  I'm a baseball nut, and sometimes a home run is called a TATER, but I don't know why.  It sounds like something Yogi might have started.

10. In good physical shape: FIT.  I've dropped a few pounds, but my clothes still FIT.  I've maintained my bowling and golf muscles but I still go between XL and XXL

13. Glowing review: RAVE.

14. Mirror reflection: IMAGE.  Really??  I thought it was I.

15. Army installation: BASE.  There are three on a baseball diamond.

18. Aches and pains: ILLS.  Not enough room to share my personal items on this blog.

19. Beachgoer's footwear: SANDALS.  You may need these if you book a day or two at the Island Resorts of the Florida coast.  You may need a high limit on your credit card also.

20. Cast-iron pan, often: SKILLET.  My Mom had one of these.  Weighed about 20 pounds.

22. Hardy's Miss Durbeyfield: TESS.

24. A bit teary-eyed: MISTY. The Crossword Corner Misty.

May 7, 2010

25. Air Force B-52, e.g.: BOMBER.  I've been called this, but I prefer Boomer.

29. Worker with bricks: MASON.  Lawyer named Perry.  I guess I am old.

32. Does as told: OBEYS.  Yes Sir! 

33. Pre-Easter period: LENT.  The church has relaxed the rules a bit on those forty days.  Catholics were losing too much weight.

34. What you wear: GARB.

38. Post-it jotting: NOTE.

39. Loaded with beef, say: MEATY.  We have received three boxes of four from Omaha Steaks. Thank you, Irish Miss.

40. App-based car service: UBER.  Credit card only.  You need to be at least 18 years of age to ride.

41. Unable to hear: DEAF.

42. Cruel creature of fable: OGRE.

43. Michael of "Alfie" (1966): CAINE.  Drop the E and you have Abel's bro.

44. Beyond heavy: OBESE.

46. Like many margarita glasses: SALTED.  I never drank a margarita, but I like peanuts and cashews.

47. Keystroke-saving shortcut: MACRO.

50. The "first" in "first and ten": DOWN.  My oncologist's name is Dr. DOWNS.  Not sure if he's a football fan.  He's waiting for a vaccine at the VA, just like me. I guess the front line health care workers in the COVID-19 section of the hospital receive it first.  I and Dr. DOWNS are a bit further DOWN the list. 

52. Like the taste of much breakfast juice: ORANGEY.  ORANGE juice is a little tart.  C.C. buys these small Mandarin oranges that are a bit sweeter.  That's the ORANGES!  No one is sweeter than C.C.

55. Downloadable talk show: PODCAST.

60. Nevada casino city: RENO.  Great City!  They built a huge bowling center there in the mid nineties so, of course, I visited there for a couple of ABC/USBC tournaments.  Bowling shot was a bit difficult but the souvenirs were great. 

Boomer is second from left.
Boomer's Souvenir Coins

63. From the beginning: ANEW.  Not now, we are almost halfway there.

64. Need a Band-Aid, say: BLEED.  I have not worn a golf glove on my left hand since October.  Sometimes the hand would BLEED when I took it off.  The glove, not my hand.

65. Dog-biting pest: FLEA.  C.C. and I spent many weekend mornings at FLEA markets in the past.  I mostly sold baseball cards and hand-crafted zipper pulls.

66. Young fellow: LAD.  "When I was but a LAD of ten, my father said to me.  Come here and take a lesson from the lovely lemon tree.  Late 50s song.  NOT performed by the Beatles.

67. Mails: SENDS.  Post office says they are getting overwhelmed with Christmas cards and packages.

68. Govt. agents: FEDS.


1. Spheres, to poets: ORBS.

2. Yucatán native: MAYA.

3. "Terrible" czar: IVAN.  This is why no one names their kids IVAN any more.

4. Work behind, as the bar: TEND.  Difficult job that I never had.  Our governor closed the bars for a month again around Thanksgiving but he is contemplating an extension since our COVID cases are still bouncing off the ceiling.

5. Boat's steering device: TILLER.  Hmmmm.  Years ago, my boat had a steering wheel.

6. Store up: AMASS.  I have not been since the archbishop told me not to go last March.  Sometimes they email me a video, but now the associate pastor has COVID.  He is quarantined but doing okay.

7. Waterproofing gunk: TAR.  Our driveway could use a replacement.

8. Omelet staples: EGGS.  I can make the BEST - but it's too much trouble so I just have a bowl of cereal.

9. Stink to high heaven: REEK.

10. Niagara __: FALLS.  Minneapolis has Minnehaha Falls.  It's a bit of a trickle in the winter however.

11. Speck in the ocean: ISLET.

12. In a crabby mood: TESTY.

17. Goes out with: DATES.  A great fruit to put on top of a cookie.  Careful of the seed.

21. Texter's "I think": IMO.  "IN MY OPINION" I am not sure.

23. Applied sloppily, as lipstick: SMEARED.

25. "__, James __": BOND.  I saw all of the Sean Connery movies but then I couldn't keep up.

26. Double-reed woodwind: OBOE.

27. Self-referential, in modern lingo: META.

30. Start the poker pot: ANTE.  Great memories of nickel ANTE poker, when waiting in the caddy shack for a job.

31. Pig's home: STY.

33. Some chicken servings: LEGS.  I'm pretty sure they are called drumsticks.

35. Slightly: A BIT.  Some times we would win A BIT or lose A BIT.  But some guys would come off the course with their daily earnings and blow it all in the poker game.

36. Russo of "Thor" movies: RENE.

37. Raised, as cattle: BRED.  My great uncle Bill had no cattle.  I guess you could say he BRED hens.

39. The bossy Stooge: MOE.

43. Like a positive attitude: CAN DO.

45. Where cranberries grow: BOG. Oh I thought they grew in cans.

46. Dueling weapons: SWORDS.  I really liked the dueling banjos in "Deliverance"

47. Lesson from Aesop: MORAL.

48. Place for a concert: ARENA.  The Twins have Target Field and the Timberwolves have Target ARENA downtown right next store.

49. Repaired with wicker: CANED.

51. __ out: declined: OPTED.  I OPTED out of my bowling leagues so far this year.  Our governor has closed the bowling centers about a month ago, so four weeks have been delayed or cancelled. 

53. Flows back: EBBS.

54. Christmas season: YULE.  "Deck the Halls" -- 'Tis the season. 

56. Shirt sleeve's end: CUFF.  The most difficult button to fasten on a shirt.

57. Having the skill: ABLE.

58. Vehicle pulled by huskies: SLED.  In some places, but in Minnesota we kids ride them down hill with no help from doggies.

59. They accompany crumpets: TEAS.  C.C. is the expert.  I usually pour mine over ice.

62. Japanese coins: YEN.


Dec 14, 2020

Monday, December 14, 2020 Bruce Haight

Theme: Going Postal - Each even-letter-numbered theme entry is consisted of all two-letter state abbreviation.

18. Florida swim-with-the-dolphins park: MARINELAND. MA/RI/NE/LA/ND.

23. Energy source with tunnels: COAL MINE. CO/AL/MI/NE.

53. Huge corporate agreement: MEGA DEAL. ME/GA/DE/AL.

63. One requiring a token payment?: ARCADE GAME. AR/CA/DE/GA/ME.


39. With 43-Across, America ... or what 18-, 23-, 53- and 63-Across contain, briefly: UNITED.

43. See 39-Across: STATES.

Boomer here. This grid is a special 16x14. 

When I was a kid, I remember having a boxed "Game of the States" but like many of my 1950s baseball cards it is now history.  I noticed that Minnesota's postal abbreviation did not make it into the puzzle. I suppose it's because it does not have a vowel.  But North Dakota made it!  DaMN.


1. Food nutrients that might be saturated: FATS.  Speaking of Minnesota, I'm sure you've all heard of Mr. FATS.

5. Trooper automaker: ISUZU.  Some autos have strange names. Who ever heard of Hyundai?

10. Docks: PIERS.  Also, when I was a kid, we had a dock at our cabin at North Star Lake.  I think it has to be a lot bigger to get PIER status. 

15. Father of Leif: ERIK.  Yes he was and Leif took the surname Erikson.  I guess Thorvaldsson was too hard to spell.

16. Curry spice: CUMIN.

17. Away from the dock, maybe: AT SEA.  "We sail the ocean blue, in our saucy ships of beauty."  Gilbert and Sullivan - HMS Pinafore.

20. Lightning-fast Bolt: USAIN.  I think he owns eight Olympic golds from three Olympics.  I think his Mom should have named him Lighting.

21. 1860s prez: ABE.  Honestly?

22. Energy source: OIL.

25. Slangy "Now it's clear": I GOT YA.

28. Miler Sebastian: COE.  Another owner of Olympic medals. Not so many as "Lightning."

29. Tree pod used as ersatz chocolate: CAROB.

31. Muslim mystic: SUFI. Whirling Dervish.

34. Bellicose god: ARES.  Greek god of war.  Said to be an Olympian of Greek history.

38. Symphony wind: OBOE.

41. Black-clad subculturist: GOTH.

42. Boy Scout groups: DENS.  I'm pretty sure that Boy scout groups were called Troops. Cub scouts met in DENS.

44. "Back forty" unit: ACRE.

45. "What's more ... ": ALSO.  I see Alabama

46. Words of woe: AH ME.  Now it looks like Maine.

47. Favored on Facebook: LIKED.  I use Facebook now and then.  Now they are getting sued.  Mr. Zuckerberg got too big too fast I guess.

48. Pester: NAG.

50. Amber and epoxy: RESINS.

58. Zodiac butter: RAM.  LA football player or a Dodge truck.

59. Smartphone no.: TEL.  I only use a dumb phone.

62. Rossini work: OPERA.

66. Sexy poster: PIN-UP.

67. Big blood vessel: AORTA.

68. Grand __: auto race: PRIX.

69. Bloodhound's clue: SCENT.  Did someone say South Carolina ??

70. Haughty one: SNOOT.

71. __ Spumante wine: ASTI.


1. Hurricane response org.: FEMA.  They had a lot to do on our Gulf Coast last summer.

2. Many a Syrian: ARAB.

3. Flat-fixing tools: TIRE IRONS.

4. Slider on a slope: SKI.  Popular in Minnesota.  We have a golf course south of Minneapolis that becomes a ski area in the winter.  Right now it has no use.  We did get a bit of snow in October and early November but it is long gone.  It was 47 degrees last week but getting colder now.

5. Seal the deal: ICE IT.  Cannot do that with temperatures like above.

6. Pilot played by Hanks: SULLY.  Quite a feat, he landed his plane on the Hudson River.  Saved a lot of lives.

7. Actress Thurman: UMA.

8. Brass component: ZINC.

9. Loosen, as a knot: UNDO.

10. São __, Brazil: PAULO.

11. "I'm baaaack": IT'S ME AGAIN.

12. Morales of "Criminal Minds": ESAI.  I remember him on NYPD Blue.

13. Equestrian's control: REIN.

14. All there: SANE.  I see Nebraska.  

19. Gaming novice: NOOB.

24. Stomach __: digestive aids: ACIDS.

26. Starts one's daily jog: GOES ON A RUN.  We used to go on a daily WALK.  I am too old to run.

27. "Take me __": "This is me": AS I AM.

29. Musical finale: CODA.

30. Biblical shepherd: ABEL.  Cain's BRO.

32. Unmitigated: UTTER.

33. Greens __: golfer's payment: FEE.  I have made plenty of these.  Thankfully the course does not charge by the stroke.

35. Rolling Stone interviewees: ROCK STARS.  We keep a few rocks in the garden area.  The stars are overhead and you can only see them at night.

36. To be, in Toulon: ETRE.

37. Mower storage spot: SHED.  Our Association hires a lawn service.  Thankfully because I don't think we would have room for a mower in the garage.

39. Grammar lesson subject: USAGE.

40. Utmost degree: NTH.

47. Corona wedge: LIME.  Bartender's favorite garnish.

49. Modify to fit: ADAPT.

51. Muse with a lyre: ERATO.

52. Anwar of Egypt: SADAT.  No one ever said what he was SAD AT.

53. Deck-swabbing tools: MOPS.  I was not on a ship, but we used MOPS in the barracks also.

54. Large-scale tale: EPIC.

55. Heredity carrier: GENE.

56. Small batteries: AAAS.

57. Scientologist Hubbard: L RON.

60. Radiate, as light: EMIT.

61. Thompson of the LPGA: LEXI.  This young lady is now 25 and well established on the LPGA tour.  Can you believe that she qualified for the women's LPGA U.S. Open at age 12?

64. __-Magnon: CRO.  I am not as old as this guy but some days I feel .... Oh never mind.

65. College transcript no.: GPA.


Notes from C.C.:

 1) Amazing puzzle, Bruce!!

2) Here is Kathy (Yellowrocks) entering her new home on Thursday (Dec 10, 2020). So glad you settled in and are back to our Corner family quickly.