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Aug 14, 2017

Monday, August 14, 2017 ~ Gail Grabowski & Bruce Venzke

Theme: Bookends - Same letters at start and end of theme entries.

65A. Wander aimlessly ... and a hint to a divided word in the answers to starred clues: BUM AROUND

17A. *Half a percussion pair: BONGO DRUM

24A. *Fill-in-the-blanks agreement, e.g.: BUSINESS FORM

34A. *Cake soaked in alcoholic syrup: BABA AU RHUM

44A. *Brand for bubble blowers: BAZOOKA GUM

52A. *Security device that may be silent: BURGLAR ALARM

Argyle here. A lot of entries for a Monday but little trouble. Gotta love a puzzle with FONZARELLI.


1. Rifle range rounds: AMMO

5. Rainfall measure: INCH. Lately, that should be plural.

9. Transitional state: LIMBO

14. Bread buy: LOAF

15. NYC area above Houston Street: NOHO. Not as famous as SOHO.

16. Hunter constellation: ORION

19. "__ bleu!": SACRÉ

20. From India, say: ASIAN

21. Civil uprising: RIOT

23. Account exec: REP. (representative)

28. Post-WWII feminine flier: WAF. Women in the Air Force (WAF), organized in 1948 and active until 1976.

31. Small swallow: SIP. No, not a bird.

32. __ bubbles: SOAP

33. Bigheadedness: EGO

39. Cake pan trademark: BUNDT

42. Zilch: NIL

43. Africa's Sierra __: LEONE

47. Trivial point: NIT

48. Yet again: ANEW

49. High-arcing tennis shot: LOB

51. Purported UFO fliers: ETs. (Extra-Terrestrial)

57. Opposite of WNW: ESE

58. __ about: roughly: ON OR

59. Soothed: EASED

63. Golf analyst Nick: FALDO

68. Get ready to compete, bodybuilder-style: OIL UP

69. Parting words?: OBIT. (Obituary)

70. Actress Hayworth: RITA

National Screen Heritage Award of the National Film Society (1978)

71. Crisscross frameworks: GRIDS. The answer is right there in front of us!

72. London gallery: TATE

73. __-bitsy: ITSY


1. Actress Jessica: ALBA

2. Cattle chorus: MOOs

3. Salon service with a pedi: MANI. (pedicure/manicure)

4. Gift __: chattiness: OF GAB

5. Hoosier St.: IND. (Indiana)

6. Here-there link: NOR

7. Butter-making device: CHURN. I found one like this in our horse barn.
8. Bro: HOMIE

9. One in need of spiritual guidance: LOST SOUL

10. Gershwin brother: IRA

11. Emcee's need: MICROPHONE

12. Destructive insect: BORER

13. Hr. after noon: ONE PM

18. Burden: ONUS

22. Mount of Greek myth: OSSA. In Greek mythology, the Aloadaes attempted to pile Mount Pelion on top of Mount Ossa in an attempt to scale Mount Olympus.

25. Bro, to a sis: SIB. (sibling)

26. "Brusha, brusha, brusha" toothpaste: IPANA

27. Cab ride price: FARE

28. Jack of "Dragnet": WEBB

Jack Webb Harry Morgan Dragnet 1968

29. Water, to Juan: AGUA

30. Full last name of a "Happy Days" cool dude: FONZARELLI

35. Gargantuan: BIG

36. __ in the conversation: A LULL

37. Self-storage compartment: UNIT

38. Citi Field team: METS. The New York Mets, National League East division.

40. Doorbell sound: "DONG!" (the DING! is broken.)

41. Figure skating jumps: TOE LOOPS

45. Nine-time U.S. skating champ Michelle: KWAN

46. Extinct emu-like bird: MOA

50. Uncle Remus rabbit's title: BR'ER

52. Confuse: BEFOG

53. TWA competitor: USAIR. Both names are no longer in use.

54. Many a modern assembly-line worker: ROBOT

55. Caribbean resort isle: ARUBA

56. New Zealand settler: MAORI. What they think of us? Pic

60. Hearts or clubs: SUIT

61. Sinus docs: ENTs. (ears, nose, throat)

62. WWII turning point: D-DAY. June 6, 1944.

64. Defective firecracker: DUD

66. Cambridge univ.: MIT. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

67. Munched on: ATE


Aug 7, 2017

Monday, August 7, 2017 ~ Bruce Haight

Theme: Monday Jumble - The key word letter order is changed and placed in circles.

16A. High-altitude pilot's equipment: OXYGEN MASK

22A. Cellphone setting during flights: AIRPLANE MODE

35A. "Nobody's successful every time": "YOU CAN'T WIN 'EM ALL"

46A. Deli supply: LUNCHEON MEAT

56A. Postnuptial alteration, and a hint to each set of puzzle circles: NAME CHANGE

Argyle here with Bruce on a Monday. I haven't looked but I don't think Bruce does these jumble puzzles much. A nice grid spanner, lower left to upper right slash. Nothing really stood out to me but, all in all, quite pleasant.


1. "Hogwash!": "PSHAW!"

6. Group selfie: USIE. (us-e)

10. Hanes competitor: BVD. Named after the three founders of the New York City firm Bradley, Voorhees & Day (thus "B.V.D.").

13. Sierra __: Freetown's country: LEONE

14. Lace place: SHOE

15. Take wing: SOAR

18. Injection source, briefly: HYPO. (hypodermic needle)

19. Fundraising school gp.: PTA. (parent-teacher association)

20. Country singer McCoy: NEAL

21. Tub for water: BASIN

25. Like the house in a Hawthorne classic: GABLED. "The House of the Seven Gables", published in April 1851.

28. Elevate a golf ball: TEE UP

29. Eye impertinently: OGLE

30. Beer vessel: STEIN

32. Genre with spoken lyrics: RAP

39. Cake candle count: AGE

40. Hall of Fame pitcher Ryan: NOLAN. The Ryan Express, of the New York Mets (1966, 1968–1971), California Angels (1972–1979), Houston Astros (1980–1988), and Texas Rangers (1989–1993).

41. Facts, for short: INFO

42. Help desk prompt: [ASK ME]

44. "The Wind in the Willows" character with a "Wild Ride" at Disneyland: MR. TOAD

50. Fancy burger beef: ANGUS. The all black bovine.

51. Rowing tools: OARS

52. Baseball topper: CAP. I bet Nolan has a collection.

55. Author Silverstein: SHEL. {insert favorite poem here.}

59. Window ledge: SILL

60. Patron saint of Norway: OLAV

61. Fall zodiac sign: LIBRA

62. Photo __: media events: OPS. (informal term for photo opportunity)

63. Get one's feet wet: WADE

64. Some fitness ctrs.: YMCAs. We're getting some mileage from this old favorite.


1. Sit (down) unceremoniously: PLOP

2. Send a racy message to: SEXT

3. Georgetown athlete: HOYA

4. "Hulk" director Lee: ANG

5. Dog on a bun: WEENIE. Among other names.

6. Hawaii and Alaska are usually inserts on one: Abbr.: US MAP

7. "__ We Dance?": SHALL

8. iPhone platform: IOS

Ios Island, Greece.

9. "A mouse!": "EEK!"

10. High-voiced choir lad: BOY SOPRANO

11. Dull: VAPID

12. Robotic aerial spy: DRONE

15. SeaWorld orca: SHAMU

17. Square one: NERD

21. Designer Geoffrey: BEENE

22. Knighted actor Guinness: ALEC

23. Enjoyed home cooking: ATE IN

24. Opposite of ja: NEIN. German.

25. "The Naked Maja" artist: GOYA. (Hot stuff for a Monday.)

26. In awe: AGOG

27. Navy/Marines aerobatics squad: BLUE ANGELS

30. Florida univ. named for a canonized pope: ST. LEO. In St. Leo, Florida, 35 miles north of Tampa.

31. Pan Am rival: TWA

33. NATO alphabet word for "A": ALFA

34. Trudge: PLOD

36. Egyptian crosses: ANKHs

37. Alaskan seaport: NOME

38. Catcher's glove: MITT

43. Racing shell: SCULL

44. Cougar automaker, for short: MERC. (Mercury is defunct.)

45. How a poor decision might be made: RASHLY

46. Dogie catcher: LASSO. Dogie definition: a motherless calf on the range.

47. Far from cool: UNHIP

48. Wanderer: NOMAD

49. Novelist Binchy: MAEVE. Maeve Binchy.

52. "Mad Money" network: CNBC

53. Taj Mahal city: AGRA. India.

54. Little veggies in pods: PEAS. Petits pois in French.

56. Right away: NOW

57. In the style of: À LA

58. Objective: AIM. Accomplished.


Jul 31, 2017

Monday, July 31, 2017 ~ Lila Cherry

Theme: Play Ball! - We can't! All the bats are broken.

17A. Popular pool game: EIGHT BALL

32A. Nearly: JUST ABOUT

40A. Bulletin board sticker: THUMB TACK

5D. Healthful cereal: OAT BRAN

42D. Doctor's order: LAB TEST

58A. Cause of wood splinters in the infield ... and what each set of puzzle circles represents: BROKEN BAT

Argyle at the plate and "Really Rich" pitching. You should draw a walk but you still could be caught in a "pickle".


1. Outdoor party area: PATIO

6. Hot tub: SPA

9. In-the-wall security devices: SAFEs

14. Andes beast of burden: LLAMA. Two 'L'. In 29A. Great Wall continent: ASIA we have 60A. Tibetan beast of burden: YAK

15. Fox foot: PAW

16. Flashy display: ECLAT

19. Pretense: GUISE

20. Sneaks out after being grounded, say: DISOBEYS

21. Spinach-eating sailor: POPEYE

22. College dorm VIPs: RAs. (resident assistant or resident advisor)

23. Loo: LAV. (lavatory)

24. Blame for the crime: RAP. Noun usage: take the RAP, Slang. to take the blame

25. Capital One's "What's in your wallet?," e.g.: SLOGAN

31. Singer Rimes: LEANN

37. Eduardo's eight: OCHO. Spanish.

38. Brown-toned photo: SEPIA

39. Crowd silence: HUSH

42. Doone of Exmoor: LORNA

Badgworthy Water, a small river flowing through Malmsmead on Exmoor.

43. Israeli statesman Abba: EBAN. Abba Eban died in 2002.

44. Poland's capital: WARSAW where you might see 26D. Peace Nobelist Walesa: LECH. Lech Wałęsa.

45. Sophs, two yrs. later: SRs

48. Milk buys: Abbr.: QTs

49. Kernel holder: COB

50. Bernadette of "Into the Woods": PETERS

52. Surprise winner of fable: TORTOISE

57. Japanese mushroom: ENOKI

59. Hollywood VIP: CELEB

61. Barely enough: SCANT

62. Garden plantings: SEEDS

63. Ambulance initials: EMS. (Emergency Medical Services)

64. Short and not so sweet: TERSE


1. Asked earnestly (for): PLED. Pleaded, plead, or pled, per, et al.

2. Et __: and others: ALII

3. Clothing price sites: TAGS

4. Texter's "If you ask me": IMHO. (in my humble opinion)

6. Neuters: SPAYS

7. Buddies: PALS

8. Punching tool: AWL

9. Classical guitarist Andrés: SEGOVIA

10. __ of coffee: A CUP

11. Advertising handout: FLIER

12. No-sweat grade: EASY 'A'

13. Precipitous: STEEP

18. Lima or fava: BEAN

21. Linguine or tortellini: PASTA

23. Eye surgery acronym: LASIK

25. One in a casino row: SLOT

27. Honolulu's island: OAHU

28. Pointy-hatted garden decoration: GNOME

30. Detest: ABHOR

32. Lees on your legs: JEANS

33. Scannable mdse. bars: UPC. (Universal Product Code)

34. For us: OURS

35. Pres. Carter's alma mater: USNA. (United States Naval Academy)

36. Unfreeze: THAW

38. Runs, hits and errors: STATS

41. Backyard beef on the bone, briefly: BBQ RIBS

44. Employment: WORK

45. Project details, for short: SPECS

46. Actress Zellweger: RENÉE. Post surgery.

47. Took badly?: STOLE

49. Broth-spoiling excess?: COOKS. "Too many cooks spoil the broth".

51. Barely managed, with "out": EKED

52. Theme park transport: TRAM

53. At a former time: ONCE. Once upon a time. (In to the Woods?)

54. Letter-shaped beam: I-BAR

55. Without, in France: SANS

56. Suffix with kitchen: ETTE. (kitchenette)

58. "Ciao!": "BYE!". "See ya later!"


Jul 24, 2017

Monday, July 24, 2017 Robert E. Lee Morris

Theme: Two Letters - S & A (essay)

35A. Anthology of personal writings ... and a phonetic hint to what is literally comprised by the answers of 17-, 23-, 46- and 56-Across: ESSAY COLLECTION. Words starting with S and A.

17A. Wise guy: SMART ALECK

23A. Original "Tonight Show" host: STEVE ALLEN

46A. Home safety feature: SMOKE ALARM

56A. Home of the NBA's Spurs: SAN ANTONIO

Argyle here. Easy-peasey Monday.


1. Part of a flower: PETAL

6. Not working: IDLE

10. Final notice?: OBIT

14. "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" playwright Edward: ALBEE

15. "Hud" actress Patricia: NEAL

16. Foreshadow: BODE

19. Highway off-ramp: EXIT

20. Major Can. city: TOR. (Toronto)

21. Composer Stravinsky: IGOR

22. Reverse of a hit 45: B SIDE

26. Computer antivirus brand: McAFEE

28. Dugout rack lumber: BAT

29. Neon or Freon: GAS

32. Oyster gem: PEARL

33. Tasseled topper: FEZ

34. "City of New Orleans" singer Guthrie: ARLO

39. Madeline of "Paper Moon": KAHN. Trixie Delight(1973)

40. Lennon's lady: ONO

41. "Grey's Anatomy" patient who proposed to Izzie: DENNY. I'm sure some Cornerite can fill us in on this.

42. Suffix with legal: ESE. (legalese)

43. __ de plume: NOM. Pen name.

44. Yanni's genre: NEW AGE. Music.

49. Helped with the dishes: DRIED

51. Spice Girl Halliwell: GERI. Ginger Spice.

52. "Sorta" suffix: ISH

55. Charged particles: IONS

59. "Famous" cookie guy: AMOS

60. Saint Laurent of fashion: YVES

61. Surplus: EXTRA

62. Madcap: ZANY

63. Small salamander: NEWT

64. Status symbol watch: ROLEX


1. Over and done with: PAST

2. Red Muppet: ELMO

3. Ski lift: T-BAR

4. __ Lingus: AER

5. Shoot the ball, in hoops lingo: LET IT FLY

6. Totally smitten: IN LOVE

7. Big name in field equipment: DEERE

8. Fond du __, Wisconsin: LAC

9. Antlered animal: ELK

10. More than a little heavy: OBESE

11. Where Ali did his rope-a-dope: BOXING RING

12. Confession to "Who broke this?": "I DID"

13. Noggin in Nice: TÊTE. Nice, France.

18. Tommie Ageeof the Amazin' Mets: AGEE. Tommie Agee, the center fielder who made two of the most spectacular catches in World Series history, died in 2001 in Manhattan. He was 58.

22. Sandwich initials: BLT. (Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato)

23. Transparent wrap: SARAN

24. Brother of Cain: ABEL

25. Lounge (about): LAZE

26. Flat-topped formations: MESAs

27. Profits from: CASHES IN ON

30. Unaccompanied: ALONE

31. Walkman maker: SONY

32. Chinese lap dog, for short: PEKE. Pekingese

33. Progressive insurance spokeswoman: FLO

34. Elite group: A TEAM

36. Man the grill: COOK

37. Treater's words: ON ME

38. PC device also called a burner: CD WRITER

43. Wordless acknowledgment: NOD

44. Washington Nats' div.: NL EAST

45. Make, as money: EARN

47. In disarray: MESSY

48. Nixon's first veep: AGNEW. (Spiro Agnew)

49. Actress Cameron __: DIAZ

50. Tomato type: ROMA. Not the type for a BLT though.

52. Part of IOC: Abbr.: INTL. (International Olympic Committee)

53. Stable father: SIRE

54. Fraud: HOAX

56. Thesaurus abbr.: SYN. (synonym)

57. Fifth in NYC, e.g.: AVE. (Fifth Avenue)

58. Kitchenware brand: OXO


Jul 17, 2017

Monday, July 17, 2017 Joe Schewe

Theme: L C - but not a Lost Cause.

17. '70s Wonder Woman portrayer: LYNDA CARTER

23. Wonderland creator: LEWIS CARROLL

36. Borden cow ... and a phonetic hint to this puzzle's four longest answers: ELSIE

44. Her fashion company made the Fortune 500 in 1986: LIZ CLAIBORNE

55. "Who's on First?" funny guy: LOU COSTELLO

Argyle here. Joe Schewe hasn't been here since that punny Sunday in 2016. There are several subtle connections between some clues.


1. Gumbo pod: OKRA

5. Built with, as straw, sticks or bricks: MADE OF

11. Sculler's need: OAR

14. Indian bread: NAAN. Now a crossword staple.

15. On the train: ABOARD

16. Sport-__: versatile vehicle: UTE

19. Dreidel, essentially: TOP

20. Thus far: YET

21. Bulletin board fastener: TACK

22. Not at all serious, as threats: IDLE

27. Bridge support: TRUSS

29. Rime: HOAR

30. Source, as of knowledge: FOUNT

31. Plane arrivals: LANDINGS

35. Plane measure: AREA. Different plane.

38. Joint malady: GOUT

39. Said again: RESTATED

41. Longtime P&G soap "for women": CAMAY

42. "Who __ blame?": IS TO. "Not moi!"

43. Purvey provisions for a party: CATER

49. Gabor and Perón: EVAs

50. Hubbubs: ADOs

51. Treat like a dog?: PET. Aah.

54. Luau serving: POI

59. Drop the ball: ERR

60. Accumulate on a surface: ADSORB. [to gather (a gas, liquid, or dissolved substance) on a surface in a condensed layer] Antonym of absorb?

61. Like a busybody: NOSY

62. Ham on __: RYE

63. Itty-bitty: TEENSY

64. Henna and others: DYEs


1. "For Your Eyes __": Bond film: ONLY

2. Multi-talented Danny: KAYE. From White Christmas (1954).

3. Go ballistic: RANT

4. "Furthermore ... ": "AND ... " (more rant)

5. Colorful parrots: MACAWS

6. Old calculators: ABACI

7. Nerds: DORKS. Originally as a slang term for “penis”, I'm surprised to see it here.

8. Break bread: EAT

9. Metal-bearing rock: ORE

10. New Deal pres.: FDR. (Franklin Delano Roosevelt)

11. One-up: OUTDO

12. Wake Island or Bikini: ATOLL

13. Fend off: REPEL

18. '50s nuclear experiment: A TEST

22. Provide water to artificially: IRRIGATE. The "to" should be dropped from the clue.

23. Maniacs: LUNATICS

24. Indian spiced tea: CHAI

25. Top-rated: A ONE

26. "Cool!": "RAD!"

27. Ripped up: TORE

28. Bitterly regrets: RUEs

30. Partner of wide: FAR

31. '60s hallucinogen: LSD

32. Alaskan city on the Seward Peninsula: NOME

33. __ gum: thickening agent: GUAR. Not AGAR for a change. Wiki

34. Pigs' digs: STY

36. Soulful James: ETTA

37. First of 13 popes: LEO I

40. Comm. system with hand motions: ASL. (American Sign Language)

41. Art able to: CANST. Archaic.

43. Singer with Stills, Nash and Young: CROSBY. David.

44. Sufferer healed by Jesus: LEPER

45. Old piano key material: IVORY

46. Former name of the Congo: ZAIRE

47. Breakfast strips: BACON

48. Smells: ODORS. But bacon frying is an aroma.

51. Clever tactic: PLOY

52. "If all __ fails ... ": ELSE

53. Santa's sackful: TOYS

55. Back muscle, for short: LAT. (Latissimi dorsi)

56. Keats creation: ODE

57. Waste not: USE

58. Tackle's neighbor on the line: END. And our end, too.


Jul 10, 2017

Monday, July 10, 2017 George Jasper

Theme: Stuck in the middle with you (Stealers Wheel) - A partner to the target word (AGE) may be found in the middle of the theme answers.

17. Beverage from a German vineyard: RHINE WINE. New Age.

27. Unauthorized recording: BOOTLEG ALBUM. Legal Age.

44. Nuclear power: ATOMIC ENERGY. Ice Age.

61. Period after young adulthood ... and a hint to each set of circles: MIDDLE AGE

Argyle here. George Jasper appears to be a newcomer. Very easy except .... I think one might still find the AGEs without the circles. They aren't perfectly in the middle but they do span two words.


1. Stinging insect: WASP

5. Storied broom riders: HAGS. I didn't remember Hogwarts librarian Irma Pince.

9. Distinctive aroma: SCENT

14. Govt. workplace monitor: OSHA. (Occupational Safety and Health Administration)

15. Yemen neighbor: OMAN. They are the toe and heel of the Arabian Peninsula boot.

16. Copier need: TONER

19. Wheel spokes, geometrically: RADII

20. Triangular Greek letters: DELTAs

21. Coexist peacefully: GET ALONG

23. French fashion monogram: YSL. (Yves Saint Laurent)

24. Boot front: TOE

26. Anteater's slurp in the comic "B.C.": ZOT

33. Do the play-by-play, say: ANNOUNCE

36. Like Cheerios: OATY

37. Slightest: LEAST

38. Medical ins. plan: HMO. (health maintenance organization)

40. Tree trunks: BOLES

41. "To know me __ love me": IS TO. No need for sugar in your coffee this morning. 60A. Whitney Houston's "__ Always Love You": I WILL

42. Musician at ballparks and churches: ORGANIST

48. Put the kibosh on: NIX

49. Klutz: OAF

50. Noah's boat: ARK

53. One of a group of versifiers that included Wordsworth: LAKE POET. The Lake Poets were a group of English poets who all lived in the Lake District of England. Wiki link

58. Stubby piece: NUBBIN. A variant of Middle Low German knubbe, knob?

63. Excessive enthusiasm: MANIA

64. Partner of proper: PRIM

65. On a yawl, say: ASEA

66. Small hippo type: PYGMY

67. Trillion: Pref.: TERA

68. Mix together: MELD


1. Verbose: WORDY

2. Barbecue residue: ASHES

3. Con man's setup man: SHILL

4. Breathe heavily: PANT

5. Question in response to "I need this in a hurry": "HOW SOON?"

6. French friend: AMI

7. Criminal group: GANG

8. React to pepper: SNEEZE

9. Layer upon layer: STRATA

10. Mined fuel: COAL

11. Prefix meaning "within": ENDO

12. German no: NEIN

13. Pre-calc math course: TRIG

18. Go to a steakhouse, say: EAT OUT

22. Get dolled (up): TOG

25. Make an engraving: ETCH

27. __ buddy: BOSOM

28. Citrus fruit: LEMON. CSO.

29. Senseless: LOONY

30. South Pacific resort island: BALI

31. Sport-__: versatile vehicles: UTEs. Sport-youths?

32. Classic PC game: MYST

33. Et __: Latin for "and others": ALIA

34. Source of many tweets: NEST

35. Partnership for Peace international gp.: NATO. (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)

39. Sandwich cookie: OREO

40. "Baa Baa Black Sheep" wool unit: BAGFUL

43. Mom's mom: GRANDMA

45. Not out-of-bounds, as a ball: IN PLAY

46. AFL merger partner: CIO. (American Federation of Labor / Congress of Industrial Organizations)

47. Not subject to taxes: EXEMPT

50. Demean: ABASE

51. Bright Orion star: RIGEL. (Beta Orionis)

52. Work, as dough: KNEAD

53. Like a wet noodle: LIMP

54. On a trip: AWAY

55. Mattress option: KING

56. Kind of tournament round, briefly: ELIM. Usually, a single-elimination tournament.

57. Run out of gas: TIRE

59. Smile broadly: BEAM

62. S, SE or SSE: DIR. (direction)


Jul 3, 2017

Monday, July 3, 2017 Brock Wilson

Theme: Got your boarding pass? - Airlines.

17A. Law of the jungle, in the Old West: FRONTIER JUSTICE. Frontier Airlines.

23A. 1867 territorial acquisition dubbed "Seward's Folly": ALASKA PURCHASE. Alaska Airlines.

35A. 1973 Helen Reddy chart-topper: "DELTA DAWN". Delta Air Lines, a legacy airline.

49A. Melted yellow square on a burger: AMERICAN CHEESE. American Airlines.

55A. R. Kelly hit whose last title word is aptly rhymed with "sky" in the lyrics ... and a hint to the starts of the other four longest puzzle answers: I BELIEVE I CAN FLY, from the soundtrack to the 1996 film Space Jam.

Argyle here. My first flight was on a DC-3, Mohawk Airlines. On another note, nice puzzle.


1. "Hometown Proud" market chain: IGA. (Independent Grocers Alliance) Our town's IGA closed in 1999.

4. First-string squad: A TEAM

9. Actor McGregor: EWAN

13. Election Day mo.: NOVenber

14. "Lord Jim" author Joseph: CONRAD

16. Field-plowing site: FARM

20. Freezer cubes: ICE

21. Top-notch: A ONE

22. Texter's gratitude: THX. (Thanks)

28. Old King Cole was a merry one: OLD SOUL

29. Reason for unbalanced books: ERROR

30. Southeast Asian language: LAO

31. __ hasty retreat: BEAT A

34. Walk-__: bit parts: ONs

38. CBS forensic series: CSI. (Crime Scene Investigation)

40. African virus: EBOLA

41. ID on an auto title: VIN. (vehicle identification number)

44. Causes pain: HURTS

47. Refreshing break: RESPITE

52. "Let me think ... ": "HMM ... "

53. Smell: ODOR. Burning rubber? That's just me thinking.

54. U.S. intelligence org.: NSA. (No Such Agency)

61. Extremely: VERY

62. On __ knee: kneeling: BENDED

63. Suffix with human: OID. (humanoid)

64. Celtic language: ERSE

65. Pulled into piles, as leaves: RAKED

66. Hi-__ graphics: RES. (High-resolution)


1. With one flat, musically: IN F

2. Largest living primate: GORILLA

3. Guacamole fruit: AVOCADO

4. Perform on stage: ACT

5. You, to Yves: TOI. French.

6. Opposite of WSW: ENE

7. Pianist Claudio: ARRAU

8. College focus: MAJOR

9. Little newt: EFT

10. Serves food to: WAITS ON

11. Bow-and-arrow wielders: ARCHERS

12. Santa Fe's st.: NMEX. (New Mexico)

15. Dummy: DUNCE

18. Monster's loch: NESS

19. 61-Across: Ger.: SEHR

23. "You've Got Mail" ISP: AOL

24. NBA great Bryant: KOBE

25. "The Clan of the Cave Bear" author Jean: AUEL. An old crossword favorite brought out of retirement.

26. Place setting disc: PLATE

27. Elvis __ Presley: ARON. It's what is on the birth certificate, alright? Anons keep away.

32. Bill with cocktails: TAB

33. Decorate: ADORN

35. Like desperate circumstances: DIRE

36. Baldwin of "30 Rock": ALEC

37. Laundry: WASH

38. __ of commerce: CHAMBER

39. Hot seasons: SUMMERS. Now if it were Nice hot seasons ....

41. Competes to get: VIES FOR

42. "That's not true!": "IT'S A LIE!"

43. Bridal bio word: NÉE

45. "Star Trek: T.N.G." counselor: TROI

46. Flip of a hit single: SIDE B

48. Teller's comedy partner: PENN

50. Tarp, e.g.: COVER

51. Hockey venue: ARENA

52. Bee home: HIVE

56. Soapmaking supply: LYE

57. "Beats me," in texts: [IDK]. [I Don't Know]

58. Mediocre grade: CEE

59. Tack on, as tax: ADD

60. Golf hole meas.: YDs. Yards