Aug 5, 2021

Thursday August 5, 2021 Susan Gelfand



Two weeks ago we had a REVEAL without any explicit THEMERS.  This week constructor Susan Gelfand gives us four punny THEMERS with no need for a REVEAL - just four people trying to make ends meet by holding down two jobs (or maybe even three!):

20A. Alternate job title for a locksmith?: HAIRDRESSER. (or a THERAPIST?  Could be a little sTRESSful).

55A. Alternate job title for a librarian?: LOAN OFFICER.  (or PC TECH SUPPORT? - part of a librarian's job these days).

11D. Alternate job title for a file clerk?: MANICURIST.     (or a HANDY MAN?)

29D. Alternate job title for a chiropractor?: DISC JOCKEY. (or a PRO FRISBEE PLAYER?)

Here's some more work for you ...


1. Assorted mockery: JABS.  Much in the news these days.  I'm not sure mockery is the inducement needed to convince everyone to get the JAB.  But if fear of death doesn't do, I don't know what will.

5. "I Know This Much Is True" author Wally: LAMBThis dark novel was also made into an HBO mini-series.  LAMB is also the ideal meat for Shepherds Pie.  Here's my recipe.

9. Comfy and cozy: HOMEY.  And occasionally cluttered.  At least this office is.

14. Algerian port: ORANOran, also called Wahrān, French Ouahran, is a city in northwestern Algeria. It lies along an open bay on the Mediterranean Sea coast, about midway between Tangier, Morocco, and Algiers, at the point where Algeria is closest to Spain:

15. Type of rug: AREA
16. Dodge: EVADE.  Draft dodging is no longer a big issue, although it was in the 60's.  I was a 1A during the NAM years, but was never called, as I won the Nixon lottery when my BDay was assigned number 326. A brilliant stroke, as dividing the 1As into "will be called", "might be called", and "won't be called" greatly reduced the number of protest marches.

Despite now having an all volunteer army there is still a Selective Service System.   One remaining major issue with it  is whether WOMEN should also be compelled to register.

17. Rural landscape standout: SILO.  Also an image for compartmentalized thinking and/or poorly integrated information systems.

18. Google competitor: BING. Microsoft's current excuse for a web browser.  Or BING cherries - they're in season.  Yummers!

19. Unoriginal: BANAL.  Meh.  Something we take for granted. But perhaps we shouldn't.  Hannah Arendt, a political philosopher and Holocaust survivor coined the phrase "The banality  of evil" after watching the trial of Adolph Eichmann in 1961.  The phrase captures the idea that evil acts are not necessarily perpetrated by evil people. Instead, they can simply be the result of bureaucrats just doing their jobs, dutifully obeying orders.

23. Little rascal: IMP.  My favorite IMP is a rascal named Till Eulenspiegel, immortalized in the eponymous tone poem by Richard Strauss.  Here's just the horn motif that Strauss uses to identify him. 
The whole piece is over 18 minutes long and you can find Kurt Masur's complete performance on YouTube if you want to hear it.  Alas, Till meets an awful fate in the end, but is reborn again in every generation to trick us with his merry pranks.

24. Eucalyptus eater: KOALAKoala bears are not really bears, but rather marsupials, completing the later stages of gestation in their mother's pouch.  Koalas are herbivorous, and while most of their diet consists of eucalyptus leaves, they eat the leaves of other trees as well.  Aren't they cute!
25. Chicago exchange, briefly, with "the": MERC.  They handle futures and options trading.  If you need more than this, ask JazzBumpa for a second opinion.

27. Least civil: RUDEST.  One of the things I like about the Corner is how civil people are to one another.

30. Workshop debris: SAWDUST.

33. "Lone Survivor" actor Hirsch: EMILE.

34. Trattoria choice: ZITI.  The English word for trattoria is trattoria: a small, convivial Italian style café.  And ZITI of course looks like this:
36. Machiavelli's "Dell'__ della guerra": ARTE.   The Art of War.  The perennial game of "Let's you and him fight".

37. "S.W.A.T." home: CBS.  Everything you need to know about "S.W.A.T.".  Now if I could just think of something to deal with those pesky mosquitoes in my garden!.

38. Short-order tool: SPATULA.

41. James' creator: IANHere's a spine tingling article on Fleming which will tell you who the real James Bond was (if you read to the end).  It was posted on the WWII Museum in New OR-lins.  And a CSO to our Big Easy.  Perhaps he'll stop by and tell us how his home town is really pronounced - it seems to be a matter of some dispute.

42. Roman aqueduct section: ARCH.  Aqueducts: how ancient Rome brought water to its people.  Aqueducts were used throughout the Roman Empire, and even in Britain.  The first aqueduct I ever saw spanned a valley in Northern Wales.  Canals, run partly over aqueducts, were also used as a part of England's system for transporting raw materials and finished goods to and from factories.
44. Apple music holder: IPOD.  Clecho to 64A.

45. Rosters: LISTS.  E.g. this blog is a ROSTER of clues and answers.

47. Garb often shortened to three letters: PAJAMASPJS.

49. Uncle Sam feature: GOATEE.  I resemble that remark!

50. Portent: OMEN.   Comets were often considered OMENS.   Halley's will be back in 2061:
51. Chases off: SHOOS.  DW wants me to get a new pair of SHOOS.

53. __ drop: MIC.  I always thought it was a singer taking a deep bow with his floor mic, but apparently not ...

mic drop
an instance of deliberately dropping or tossing aside one's microphone at the end of a performance or speech one considers to have been particularly impressive, e.g.
60. Signed: INKED.  While I sign official documents in INK, I do my crosswords in PENCIL.  As I am HUMAN, I tend to ERR a lot.

62. Cut with a beam: LASE.   An article that sheds some light on laser surgery.  See also 34D.

63. Skirt length: MAXI.  My father used to offer to buy extra material for all of my sisters' MINI-skirts, so they could alter them to MAXIS.  I don't think any of them ever took him up on the offer.

64. Jobs in high-tech: STEVE.  Tech-jobs are all virtual these days, but STEVE JOBS definitely was not.  He was the real deal, and the company he founded continues to have a major impact on society.   For example users are still queuing up at midnight for the next shiny new version of the iPhoneJobs was definitely a genius.  Among his biggest inventions was the Silicon Valley work ethic, i.e. all the time!

65. Layer: TIER.

66. Poet during Augustus' reign: OVIDPublius Ovidius Naso, better known to modern readers as Ovid, most famous for his compilation of Greek myths in his work the Metamorphoses.

67. Played (with): TOYED.  In this clip Leopold Mozart (Wolfie's father) TOYS with a symphony:

The credits on the clip attribute it to Michael Haydn (younger brother of Joseph), but it is now thought to have been composed by Leopold Mozart.

68. Bygone GM line: OLDS.

69. Pet pros: VETS.


1. Kid: JOSH.

2. Puccini piece: ARIA.  This is Nessun Dorma ("No one sleeps") from Puccini's last opera, Turandot. Turandot is the beautiful "Ice Princess", who refuses to wed unless her suitor can answer 3 riddles. Any who try and fail are beheaded.   A stranger, the Unknown Prince Calaf) appears, accepts the challenge, and succeeds.  She is bereft, but to demonstrate his love Calaf offers her a way out: if she can learn his name before sunrise the next day, she can have him executed.  He sings this aria in the night while Turandot's soldiers scour the city for those who they think might know his name, torturing them in a desperate and ultimately fruitless attempt to discover it.   It Puccini's only full-length opera with a happy ending:

 3. Java neighbor: BALIBALI is an island in the Indonesian Archipelago . As this might not be a good time to visit, here is a taste of Indonesia's distinctive GAMELAN music:
4. Marine explorer's aid: SNORKEL.

5. Maze runner: LAB RAT.   The original standardized breed of LAB RAT, also known as the "Wistar Rat" (trigger warning: contains actual pictures of RATS) was co-developed by a woman named Dr. Helen Dean King (1869 – 1955) ,  as a part of her genetic researches while at the Wistar Institute in Philadelphia:
Dr Helen Dean King
6. Flounder's best friend, in Disney: ARIEL.  He seems a little chubby for a flounder ...
7. 98th-percentile group: MENSA.  I suspect that there are more than a few in that group, certified or not, loitering daily on the Corner.

8. Captures: BAGS.

9. __ Bible: HEBREW.  A cornerstone of Western civilization, the Hebrew Bible records the history and the stories of the Jewish people.  The major Western religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, all trace their origins to the events described in this book.
10. Egg cells: OVA.

12. Dutch cheese: EDAM.  The cheese with the RED rind.  As opposed to EDOM, the Kingdom founded by ESAU, as described in the HEBREW BIBLE!  And not to make light of it, but this book is also a valuable resource for cruciverbalists.

13. Dining review site: YELP.  Here's the Wikipedia's take, which explores some of the controversy around this site.  It also seems that reviewing YELP itself has become a cottage industry among scholars.  Here's a small sample with a ROSTER of article titles churned up by Google Scholar:  unfortunately they're all behind journal paywalls.

21. Rx specs: DOSES.

22. It's often checked by surfers: EMAIL.

26. Nutritional abbr.: RDA.

27. Sum up: RECAP.  Patience please.  We're almost done this RECAP.

28. Sunspot center: UMBRA.
  1. the fully shaded inner region of a shadow cast by an opaque object, especially the area on the earth or moon experiencing the total phase of an eclipse.
    • Astronomy
      the dark central part of a sunspot.
    • literary
      shadow or darkness
30. Small jewelry item: STUD.  I think this NY shop is unclear on the concept.  Any ladies on the Corner thinking of this guy?
31. Condition: STATE.  It seems like physicists these days find a new STATE of matter at least once a month.

32. Present, e.g.: TENSE.  Just thinking about this topic makes me TENSE.

34. Microwaves: ZAPS

35. Skater Midori: ITO.  I just realized that there are no other sports reference in this puzzle.  We'll make it up with a TRIPLE PLAY:
39. It has hammers and keys: PIANO.  An instrument introduced in the Classical era.  Here pianist György Cziffra plays Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach's Sonata in B Minor, H.245, showing us what Johann Sebastian's son could do with those hammers and keys:
40. Standoffish: ALOOF.

43. It may be glazed: HAM.

46. 1994 sci-fi memoir: I ASIMOV is Isaac Asimov's third memoir, published posthumously.  The title is a pun on I ROBOT, a 1950 novel derived from an earlier collection of nine science fiction short stories:
48. Combined: MELDED

49. Low-level workers: GOFERS.  The University of Minnesota sports mascot, GOPHER, was used as the name for an eponymous app to fetch ("GO FER") files  from remote servers distributed across a wide-area network.  GOPHER was developed by U of M programmers, and was an early prototype of the Word Wide Web.  Hi C.C. and Boomer!

51. Slowpoke: SNAIL.

52. Washed (down): HOSED.

53. Fine spray: MIST.  Let's see, have I MIST anything?  Oh yes ...

54. "__ the Woods": Sondheim musical: INTOInto the Woods intertwines the plots of several Brothers Grimm fairy tales, exploring the consequences of the characters' wishes and quests. The main characters are taken from "Little Red Riding Hood", "Jack and the Beanstalk", "Rapunzel", and "Cinderella", as well as several others.  Here's the Finale (Pt 1):

56. Part of SATB: ALTO.  This acronym was new to me and stands for Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass, the 4 vocal ranges commonly used in small ensembles and choruses.

 57. Yield: CAVE.  No, not one of these:

This is the Lechuguilla Cave in Eddy County, New Mexico.  Sounds like it's got some pretty exotic geology: the picture is a GYPSUM stalactite.  Back east LIMESTONE caves are all we have.  A hand up from any of you Southwestern Cornerites who know of it or who've been there.  Lucina?CMoe?, OwnKl?

58. Theater sign: EXIT.  Almost there.  Walk, don't run!

59. Purges (of): RIDS.

61. "Killing __": BBC America drama: EVE.  A British spy thriller and one that DW and I don't have on our watch list.  It YELPs highly, but the trailer is a bit NOIR, so maybe not.

Here's the grid 



Aug 4, 2021

Wednesday August 4, 2021 Sean McGowan

Theme: ABOUT FACE (58. Military command, and a hint to each set of circles). Face parts are hidden in the theme answers. (Added later: The face parts are reversed in each theme entry.)

 17. Trite: HACKNEYED. This one is easy to see. The others need to be anagrammed.

 24. Exodus participant: ISRAELITE. Ear.

 35. Desirable vocal quality: RESONANCE. Nose

 50. Environmental catastrophes: OIL SPILLS. Lips

Boomer here. 

Doog gninrom enoyreve.  Happy first week of August from smoky Minnesota.  The weatherman says that Canada is on fire and of course we are on the border of that great country.  Most of us are wishing Jose Berrios well in his new Blue Jays uniform also. 



1. Cuba, por ejemplo: ISLA.

5. Laundry brand: TIDE.  Did Proctor & Gamble get the name from the Ocean?

9. Surveys, as a crowd: SCANS.  I've been SCANning Target field from my TV chair and even though the Covid restrictions have been removed, no one seems to be showing up for this team, including me. 

14. XXX: CHIS.  THIRTY did not fit.

15. Bad doings: EVIL.

16. App with personalized celebrity videos: CAMEO.

19. Two-tone treats: OREOS.  I am not allowed because of diabetes.  I do manage to sneak in a chocolate chip cookie once in a while.

20. Thompson of "SNL": KENAN.

21. Overwhelming fear: TERROR.  Well My PSA is a bit too high.  It is not overwhelming fear, but I will have to listen to the doctor next week.

23. Vine variety: PINOT.

27. Corp. attention grab: PR STUNT.  I guess I cannot call this a PR Stunt, but CC and I got our Pfizer shots at the first opportunity.  Now our governor is bribing the unvaccinated people with $100 dollars of federal money.  I wrote my congressman, I will let you know if I hear back. 

29. They're sometimes slashed: PRICES.  Not at the gas pump.  We are right around $2.99 per gallon here.

30. West in old movies: MAE.

31. Start over: RESET.  I call that a Mulligan.

34. Nicknames for grandmas: NANS.  I have only heard NANA.  Reminds me, C.C. and I visited Interlachen, an exclusive golf course in Edina, MN,  for the 2006 U.S. Women's Open which was won by Annika.  Now there is a senior Woman's Open I watched on TV and the NANAs still have it. 

38. "Anybody __?": ELSE.

41. Divided Asian peninsula: KOREA.  North and South.  Our car came from South.  Nothing but trouble comes from the North.

42. Hosp. crisis area: ICU.  Filling up with Covid patients again.  I sincerely hope that everyone in our blog venue is safe and healthy.

45. Exactly right: DEAD ON.

48. Ron of "Hellboy" (2004): PERLMAN.

53. Composure: POISE.

54. Arnold Palmer ingredient: ICE TEA.  I am sure there is another ingredient also.  I miss Arnold.  We have acquired some of the post office's commemorative stamps honoring Arnold.

55. Wasteland: HEATH.  I think this is also a candy bar I am not supposed to eat.

56. Do some housework: CLEAN.

61. Jazz but not Bulls: GENRE.

62. Dance partner?: SONGCloudy, the sky is gray and white and cloudy, sometimes I think it's hanging down on me.  Simon and Garfunkel.

63. LAX postings: ETAS.

64. Start to twine?: INTER. Intertwine.

65. Family ___: TREE.

66. Burden for many students: DEBT.  Not just students.


1. Start of an iconic JFK quote: ICH.  He visited Berlin a few years before I was stationed in Hardheim.

2. Super Bowl LIV performer: SHAKIRA.

3. Driving need?: LICENSE.  We have a state congressman who lost his Minnesota License so he got one from Wisconsin.  Now he was stopped for a traffic violation and he is in trouble.

4. Start of an iconic JFK quote: ASK NOT. what your country can do for you.

5. Prom attendee: TEEN.  Prom has been a long time ago for me.  High school reunion #55 is coming soon. It's really been 56 but it got covided back one year.

6. Wall climber: IVY.

7. Tries to lose: DIETS.  I never tried to lose.  Once diabetes hit me, the pounds just fell off and I had to buy new clothes.

8. Senior: ELDER.

9. Ball game official: SCORER.

10. JFK daughter who inspired a Neil Diamond hit: CAROLINE.  Sweet.

11. Miss __: AMERICA.  Is Burt Parks still around ??

12. Liberal start: NEO.

13. Distress call: SOS.  Steel wool cleaning pad.

18. Disposition: NATURE.

22. Knock sharply: RAP.  I do not like the music.

23. Meas. of concentration: PPM.  Parts Per Million.

24. "There, there": IT'S OK.

25. Big __ Conference: TEN.  It is now the BIG 14.

26. One of a sisters trio: ESS. Letters in sisters.

28. Vintage video game console: NES.  Home of Super Nintendo.  I got hooked on the Legend of Zelda.

32. Ambient musician Brian: ENO.

33. Rain delay sights: TARPS.  The Tarps are back at Target Field. While we had the air-conditioned Metrodome, tarps and jackets were not needed.  This summer has been a run of 90+ degree days and I bet they wish they had the dome back.

35. Post-world-war paranoia: RED SCARE.

36. Formerly named: NEE.  I don't have a "NEE", but I've been called other names.

37. "Magic" flier: CARPET.

38. Long-ago Tokyo: EDO.  I don't follow the Olympics much.  They don't have bowling as one of the sports.

39. Garden garland: LEI.  Somewhere, over the rainbow. Judy.

40. Notable: SALIENT.

42. Copy: IMITATE.

43. On-the-go game show: CASH CAB.  I never watch this.  It's a terrible show.

44. Avignon article: UNE.

46. Season's first game: OPENER.  They cannot sell beer at Target Field this year.  The Twins lost the Opener.

47. Coll. hoops tourney: NIT.

49. Lounged: LOAFED.

51. Bare minimum: LEAST.

52. Work: LABOR.  Labor Day is about a month away.

55. Enormous: HUGE.  There's a huge number of three letter solve words.

56. Sci-fi film FX: CGI. Computer-generated imagery.

57. Dance judge Goodman: LEN.

59. Hydrogen's atomic number: ONE.  "ONE is the loneliest number"  Harry Nilsson, then the Beatles.  

60. N.J. winter hrs.: EST.



Aug 3, 2021

Tuesday August 3, 2021 Ed Sessa

Today's puzzle is pretty self-explanatory.  The the circles are arranged in a square, and the letters in each square spell the word FAIR.  Interestingly, the first two letters of the unifier also form one of the 5 SQUAREs.

35-Across. Honestly ... also, like each set of circles?: FAIR AND SQUARE.

1. Big __, California: SUR.  It looks pretty.

4. Photographer's directive: SMILE.

9. Medicare section for doctors' services: PART B.  Everything you wanted to known about Medicare Part B, but didn't know to ask.

14. Functionality: USE.

15. Hauled away: TOWED.

16. China from Japan: IMARI.  Tricky, tricky!  Not a typical Tuesday clue.  Imari is a term for a colored style of Japanese porcelain (china).

17. Cowed, aptly: BUFFALOED.

19. To help, to Henri: AIDER.  Today's French lesson.

20. "House" star Hugh: LAURIE.  Hugh Laurie (né James Hugh Calum Laurie; b. June 11, 1959) was also George Blackadder, a character in the BBC comedy Blackadder.

21. "I can't think straight right now": I'M FRIED.

23. "Rocketman" John: ELTON.  We were Sir Elton John (né Reginald Kenneth Dwight; b. Mar. 25, 1947) adjacent last week, when his lyricist partner, Bernie Taupin, appeared in the puzzle.

24. "It's obvious": I SEE.

26. Baba in a cave: ALI.  A reference to the Arabic folk tale Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, from One Thousand and One Nights.

27. "The Waste Land" poet's monogram: TSE.  As in T.S. Eliot (né Thomas Sterns Eliot; Sept. 26, 1888 ~ Jan. 4, 1965).

28. Fed. law known as Obamacare: ACA.  As in the Affordable Care Act.

29. Hamper: HOG TIE.

32. Industry honcho: BARON.

34. High times?: NOONS.

39. Cubs' group: PRIDE.

40. Between dry and soggy: MOIST.

41. Like library books: REREAD.  I am a big fan of using libraries.

43. IRS examiner: AUD.  You hope an Auditor doesn't need to examine your tax records.

44. "Don't say anything!": SHH!

47. Always, to a poet: EER.

48. Amazon transports: VANS.  The vans are all over the place.  The company was just hit with a huge fine in the EU for violating privacy laws.

50. "Caveman" diet: PALEO.  Everything you wanted to know about the Paleo Diet, but didn't know to ask.

52. Wok dish: STIR FRY.  Yummers!

55. Fire alarms: SIRENS.  Also creatures of Greek mythology who lured sailors to become shipwrecked along the rocky clast of their island.

56. Bulgaria's capital: SOFIA.

57. Bob Marley's religion: RASTAFARI.

60. Looked at the wrong way?: OGLED.

Not Bert and Ernie, too!

61. No longer on one's plate: EATEN.

62. Red choice, briefly: ZIN.  These wine abbreviations are become staples in the crossword world.

63. Yule melodies: NOELS.  Christmas songs.

64. Tell: SAY TO.

65. ER graph: EKG.  As in an Electrocardiogram, also known as an ECG.

1. Rent from a renter: SUBLET.

2. Regular requests: USUALS.

3. Prove wrong: REFUTE.

4. Ink blot, for one: STAIN.  May also be used in a Rorschach test.

5. Espionage figure: MOLE.

6. "Letters from __ Jima": Eastwood film: IWO.  Letters from Iwo Jima was a 2006 Japanese-language American film directed by Clint Eastwood.

7. "To Kill a Mockingbird" author: LEE.  Shortly before her death in 2016, a second book by Harper Lee (née Nelle Harper Lee; Apr. 26, 1926 ~ Feb. 19, 2016) was published.

8. Money in music: EDDIE.  Eddie Money (né Edward Joseph Mahoney; Mar. 21, 1949 ~ Sept. 13, 2019) was a singer-songwriter.

9. "La Vie en Rose" chanteuse: PIAF.  Édith Piaf (Dec. 19, 1915 ~ Oct. 10, 1963) was a French singer-songwriter.  She was best known for her torch songs.

10. "The Kite Runner" boy: AMIR.  The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini (b. Mar. 5, 1965) was published in 2003.  It is a fascinating novel about a slice of life in Afghanistan.

11. Home heater or engine cooler: RADIATOR.

12. Forest perimeter: TREE LINE.

13. They're below par: BIRDIES.  A golfing reference.

18. To's opposite: FRO.  To and Fro.

22. "I could take it or leave it": MEH!

24. Desktop image: ICON.

25. Folklore sleep aid: SANDMAN.

28. Coach Parseghian: ARA.  Ara Raoul Parseghian (May 21, 1923 ~ Aug. 2, 2017) makes frequent guest appearances in the crossword puzzles.  He was the football coach at the University of Notre Dame for several years from the mid-1960s to the mid-1970s.

30. Burden: ONUS.

31. Bearded critter: GOAT.

32. __ one's time: wait: BIDE.

33. Neighborhood: AREA.

35. Off the hook: FREE TO GO.

36. Pellet gun, for one: AIR RIFLE.

37. __-chef: SOUS.  A sous-chef is the second in command in the restaurant.

38. Four times a day, in an Rx: Q.I.D.  Today's Latin lesson.  Q.I.D. is an abbreviation for the Latin phrase:Quater in Die, which means Four Times a Day.

39. Fake, as some nails: PRESS ON.  I'll pass on the Press-ons.

42. TV recording device: DVR.  We still have a Digital Video Recorder.  We occasionally check out DVRs from our public library.

44. Raunchiness: SLEAZE.

45. Playwright Ibsen: HENRIK.  Henrik Johan Ibsen (Mar. 20, 1828 ~ May 23, 1906) was a Norwegian playwright.  He is best known for his play A Doll's House.

46. Cleaning, as a driveway: HOSING.

49. Lew who played Dr. Kildare: AYRES.  I only knew of the early television medical drama that starred Richard Chamberlain (né George Richard Chamberlain; b. Mar. 31, 1934) as Dr. Kildare.  Apparently, there was also a movie series in which Lew Ayres (né  Dec. 28, 1908 ~ Dec. 30, 1996) played Dr. Kildare in the films.

50. It has keys for flats: PIANO.  Cute clue.

51. Chow request: ARF.  Another cute clue.  The chow refers to the dog breed.

53. Cambodian cash: RIEL.

54. In things: FADS.

55. [Keep this clue]: STET.  The word is used by proofreaders, and means: Let It Stand.

58. Remote battery size: AAA.

59. Babe's place: STY.

I hope you found this puzzle to be Fair and Square!


Notes from C.C.:

Happy birthday to Melissa, who sacrificed more than we could imagine to help her brother Rick. Melissa founded Adopt an Inmate project and has successfully facilitated thousands of adoptions.
Melissa is super busy with her work, yet she still finds time to blog for us. Thank you so much, Melissa! Here's a picture of her and her daughter touring Lorelai's House from the "Gilmore Girls".

lorelai's house