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Sep 30, 2020

Wednesday September 30, 2020 Jeff Stillman

Theme: SAY UNCLE (57A. Give up, or what you might do before the starts of the answers to starred clues)

20A. *Founding Father who inherited a malthouse: SAM ADAMS. Uncle Sam.

25A. *"War and Peace" author: LEO TOLSTOY. Uncle Leo from "Seinfeld".

37A. *"Hee Haw" cohost: BUCK OWENS. Uncle Buck.

51A. *Outlaw associate of Cole Younger: JESSE JAMES. Uncle Jesse from "Full House".
Boomer here again, filling in another blog slot. A big shot for a blog slot! 
Sam Adams is a brand of beer sold in over 50 places in Minneapolis. Not to me though.  I liked Uncle Leo in Seinfeld.  Uncle Buck was John Candy and he now appears in costume on Discover ads.  Jesse James robbed a bank in Northfield Minnesota.  There is now a bowling center in Northfield called Jesse James Lanes.  I finished second in a senior tournament there a few years ago. Also as a Graybar sales rep, I called on Carlton and St. Olaf Colleges.  Both very upscale institutions of learning.  Have you ever heard of "Malt O'Meal?"  Yup, factory is in Northfield.
1. Contentious marketing clash: AD WAR. As we near the election there are always plenty of AD WARS on TV.

6. Firmly fixed: FAST.  Stop eating between meals during Lent.

10. "Capisce?" response: I SEE.   

14. Hang loosely: DRAPE.  We use the plastic shades about 8 inches wide.  I had to fight with several stores before someone would sell them to me.  They have been fine for 23 years.

15. Lunch box treat: OREO.  This sounds like one of those black and white cookies that people with diabetes (me) need to stay away from.

16. Work at a keyboard: TYPE.  My blood is O neg.  I am a universal donor.

17. Cliff dwelling: AERIE.
18. Caboose: REAR.  It always looks like a little house on wheels.  Do train employees really ride in it.  So do they play poker or something to keep them busy??

19. Kuwaiti ruler: EMIR.

22. Packs down: TAMPS.

24. Many corp. logos: TMS.  Trademarks. Or Some kind of magnetic stimulation performed at the Mayo Clinic.  I have been by there in Rochester, MN but I never had the pleasure of being a guest.  I suppose that's a good thing because they treat nasty diseases.

28. Student's second try: RETEST.  We never got that option, just an "F".

31. Went undercover: HID.

32. Poem of homage: ODE.  "It was the 3rd of June another sleepy, dusty, Delta Day". ODE to Billie Joe (Bobbie Gentry).

33. Kitchen enticement: AROMA.  A nicer word than smell.

34. Demean: ABASE.

36. Litter sound: MEW.  "And the cat's in the cradle and the silver spoon, Little Boy Blue in the man in the moon."  Harry Chapin.

40. Backboard attachment: RIM.  That's the thing that most of my shots bounced off from.    

43. Snaky formations: COILS.  Lots and lots of wire.

44. Type of pool or wave: TIDAL.  California could probably use one of these to put out the fires.   The marijuana plants are burning! 

48. Make a move: ACT.

49. QB's miss, maybe: INT.  Don't mention football in Viking's territory.

50. Former Spanish currency: PESETA.

55. Wondering word: WHY.  "WHY are there so many songs about rainbows, and what's on the other side?" Kermit.

56. Extremely small: MICRO.  I grew up 65 years ago without a MICROwave.  So I go without one now.

60. Class of merchandise: LINE.  Also the thing on the end of a fishing rod.

61. Day for Caesar to beware: IDES.  Around the middle of March - "How many eggs did you have for breakfast Caesar ?  Et tu Brute."

63. Track specialist: MILER.  After Jim Ryun in 1968, I sort of lost track of track.

64. Mathematician Turing: ALAN.

65. "Great shot!": NICE.  I think shots are good. Putts are nice.

66. Serving holder: PLATE.

67. "SNL" segment: SKIT.

68. Fresh talk: SASS.  Who me?? Never.

69. Embroidered, say: SEWED.

1. To the stars, in mottos: AD ASTRA.  Everyone likes Brad Pitt.

2. One with aspirations: DREAMER.  I think you need to be young to have aspirations.

3. Becomes fond of: WARMS TO.

4. Capital of Samoa: APIA.

5. Wetland plant: REED.  I think I saw all 275 episodes of the Donna Reed Show.  After all -- Shelley Fabares?

6. Gift recipient's surprised query: FOR ME.

7. Playground comeback: ARE SO.  ARE NOT !!!

8. __ of Tranquility: lunar plain: SEA.  Many people do not know this, but 45 years ago, Alan Shepard hit a golf ball on the moon.  It landed in the Sea of Tranquility and he took a two stroke penalty.

9. Fabled slowpoke: TORTOISE.  I thought he won the race because the hare goofed off.

10. Tabloid twosomes: ITEMS.  Well we have twosomes in golf now and then but avoid the tabloids.

11. Chills or fever: SYMPTOM.

12. Single show: EPISODE.

13. Poetic contraction: EER.  

21. Pilot's datum: Abbr.: ALT.

23. Pasta preference: AL DENTE.

26. Warming periods: THAWS.  I usually let it thaw and cook it before it gets warm.

27. Source of pliable wood: YEW.  Yew betcha !!

29. Diplomatic HQ: EMB.  I don't think we have an embassy in Minnesota.  Ve Yust let Da Svedes and Norvegians take their place in the land of 10,000 Lakes.  Ya Sure Dont'cha know.

30. Relatively risqué: SAUCIER.

34. Muscular Japanese dog: AKITA.

35. Big tin exporter of S.A.: BOL. Bolivia.

38. Brings together: CONJOINS.  "I now pronounce you Husband and Wife." 

39. Female in the fam: SIS.  I had three but no bros.

40. Indian friend of Sheldon and Leonard: RAJ.

41. Low-fat frozen dessert: ICE MILK.  I think you can get a great taste at Dairy Queen.

42. Pentateuch peak: Abbr.: MT SINAI.

45. Mammal's digit that doesn't touch the ground: DEWCLAW.

46. Wheaties box adorner: ATHLETE.  General Mills is the home of the "Breakfast of Champions" Wheaties.  The headquarters is about 10 miles from our home. I eat Wheat Chex which is also a General Mills product, since they purchased Ralston Purina.

47. Like lasagna, say: LAYERED.

50. "Gangnam Style" performer: PSY.

52. Manhunt pickup: SCENT.

53. There are 60,000 of them in a min.: MSECS.  Milliseconds.

54. Simplifies: EASES.

58. Rules on plays: UMPS.  Also known as REFs in Football.

59. Cairo's river: NILE.

60. Vegas opener: LAS.  We are skipping Las Vegas next year.  The virus looks threatening out there.

62. Lunes or martes: DIA.  Composed of Home, first, second and third Base

Notes from C.C.:
Happy Birthday to Pat and her husband, who were born in the same day and same year. Pat is a few hours older than her husband.
Java Mama (left) and Pat at the shelter where they volunteer.

Sep 29, 2020

Tuesday September 29, 2020 Catherine Cetta

The Orthopod's Dream.  The word BONE is "Broken" in each theme answer.   Each answer begins with the letters BO and ends in NE.

How Bones may be Broken.

18-Across. *   Where a strike usually isn't lucky: BOWLING LANE.  Hi, Boomer!

29-Across. *   Dinner guest's gift: BOTTLE OF WINE.

48-Across. *   Fencing may mark it: BOUNDARY LINE.  Fences make good neighbors

And the unifier:

61-Across. *   Orthopedist's concerns ... and what you'll find in two parts in the answers to the starred clues: BROKEN BONES.

I shattered my knee cap about 20 years ago.  That's the only bone I have ever broken.  Anyone else have broken bones?

1. URL ending for MoMA: ORG.  You can access the Museum oModern Art here:

4. Early film legend Greta: GARBO.

Greta Garbo (Sept. 18, 1905 ~ Aor. 15, 1990)

9. Pie crust fat: LARD.

13. Even __: 72, often, in golf: PAR.

14. Perfect: IDEAL.

15. Off to the side, at sea: ABEAM.  According to Webster's, Abeam is defined as: off to the side of a ship or plane especially at a right angle to the middle of the ship or plane's length.

17. Dye type: AZO.   Azo dyes are organic compounds used to treat textiles, leather and some foods.  For a technical article on these dyes, check this site.

20. "Madam Secretary" star Téa: LEONI.  Téa Leoni (née Elizabeth Téa Pantaleoni; b. Feb. 25, 1966) had the lead role in Madam Secretary.  She was married to David Duchovny of The X File.

22. Meadow sound: MOO.

23. Sales rep's customer: Abbr.: ACCT.  As in an Account.

24. 1,760-yard runner: MILER.

27. Eggy cakes: TORTES.  What's the difference between a Torte and a Cake?

33. Garbage can emanation: ODOR.

34. Feature of higher-numbered pool balls: STRIPE.

35. Shoulder-shrugging syllable: MEH!

38. Tim who played pro football and pro baseball: TEBOW.  Timothy Richard Tebow (b. Aug. 14, 1987) played football for the University of Florida before going pro.  He now is an outfielder for the New York Mets.

40. 2,000 pounds: TON.

41. Take care of: SEE TO.

43. Opposite of NNW: SSE.  The opposite of North-NorthWest is South-SouthEast.

44. Danish birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen: ODENSE.  Odense is the 3rd largest city in Denmark.

47. Cut short: CROP.

50. Whac-A-Mole setting: ARCADE.

53. Take to lunch, say: TREAT.

54. Buddies: PALS.

55. Bond creator Fleming: IAN.  Hand up if you knew that Ian Fleming (né Ian Lancaster Fleming; May 28, 1908 ~ Aug. 12, 1964) also wrote Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang.

58. Sky-supporting Titan: ATLAS.  Charles Atlas (né Angelo Siciliano; Oct. 30, 1892 ~ Dec. 24, 1972) was an Italian-born American bodybuilder.

65. Before, in verse: ERE.

66. Lop off: SEVER.

67. 100-meter freestyle, e.g.: EVENT.

68. Black or Caspian: SEA.  The Caspian Sea is the world's largest inland body of water.  It is sometimes classified as a lake, but usually as a Sea because when the ancient Romans discovered it way back when, they decided it was a sea.  The Black Sea and Caspian Sea are rather close to each other.

69. Blacks' foes in checkers: REDS.

70. Shabby: TATTY.  My first thought was Tacky.

71. H.S. challenge: SAT.  The standardized test used to be known as the Scholastic Aptitude Test, but it is now just the SAT.  Some colleges and universities have moved away from heavy reliance on these test.

1. Down Under gem: OPAL.  Hi, Kazie!

2. Demolish: RAZE.

3. Man at the altar: GROOM TO BE.

4. 1944 law for returning vets: GI BILL.

5. Bustle: ADO.

6. DVR button: REW.  As is in the Rewind button.

7. Lip soother: BALM.

8. Mishmash: OLIO.  A crossword staple.

9. Transmission delay: LAG.

10. Like trumpeting trumpets: ABLARE.  The dreaded "A" word.

11. Laugh at a joke, say: REACT.

12. Hula or hora: DANCE.

16. Yanks' crosstown rivals: METS.  The New York City baseball teams.

19. "Reward" for poor service: NO TIP.

21. TNT component: NITRO.

25. Wide shoe sizes: EEs.

26. Bad to the core: ROTTEN.

28. Small bills: ONES.

29. Spammers, often: BOTS.

30. Poetic tributes: ODES.

31. Fern leaf: FROND.

Anatomy of a fern leaf.

32. Comes out on top in: WINS AT.

35. Good for nothing: MERITLESS.

36. George Orwell's alma mater: ETONEton College was founded nearly 600 years ago.  Ironically, when King Henry VI started the school, it was a charity educational institution and was intended to provide free education to poor young boys.  Today it costs over $40K per year to attend.

37. Optimism: HOPE.

39. Outdated tennis racket material: WOOD.  And: 63-Down. Tennis court essential: NET.

42. Panache: ÉCLAT.

45. Scheduled to land: DUE IN.

46. Slip up: ERR.

48. Lolled on a beach: BASKED.  Basking ~ not just for humans.

49. Like bread dough: YEASTY.

50. PD alerts: APBs.  The Police Department might issue an All Points Bulletin.

51. Less common: RARER.

52. Garlic unit: CLOVE.  I have a friend who wanted to make a special dinner for his girlfriend.  He didn't realize that a clove of garlic was not the entire garlic.  The recipe called for two garlic cloves.  His special meal was more "special" than he intended.

56. Stand lookout for, as a heist: ABET.

57. Flaring star: NOVA.  Also a car manufactured by Cheverlot.

59. __ code: AREA.  Telephone area codes in Louisiana.

60. Pants part: SEAT.

62. Busy hosp. areas: ERs.  As in Emergency Rooms.

64. Tolkien creature: ENT.  A crossword staple.

Here's the Grid:

I was so sorry to hear about Abejo.  He was such a kind man.  He always had something nice to say about the puzzle, no matter what others thought and he always complimented the commentator.  He was always so busy and reaching out to his communities.  He will greatly be missed by his crossword family.

Sep 28, 2020

Monday September 28, 2020 Gail Grabowski & Bruce Venzke

Theme: BREAK IT UP (60. Stop a fight ... and a hint to a literal feature of the answers to starred clues) IT spans across each theme entry.

17A. *Half of a two-piece suit: BIKINI TOP.

31A. *Indian spiced drink: CHAI TEA.

44A. *Winter Olympics squad: SKI TEAM.

10D. *Miniature garden grower: BONSAI TREE.

30D. *"American Crime" actress: LILI TAYLOR.

Boomer here. 

IT's Monday and you know what IT means. Time to go to the golf course and play IT. IT looks like IT's going to be a pleasant day.  The weatherman says IT's going to be around 60 with no rain.  Of course he lies a lot.


1. Sampras of tennis: PETE.  Also Mr. PETE Weber who is a decent bowler on the senior PBA tour.

5. Biological pouches: SACS.  Is this on 5th Avenue ??

9. Monastery leader: ABBOT.  I believe I saw him doing "Who's on First" with Lou Costello.

14. Door-to-door cosmetics company: AVON.  I think it was door-to-door before computers, or at least before the nasty virus.  I seem to remember cologne for men.  I bought once or twice but it was kind of spendy.

15. Folksy Guthrie: ARLO.  "You can get anything you want, at Alice's Restaurant".

16. Lose one's cool completely: GO APE.  Maybe when I miss a two-foot putt?

19. Tossed in a chip: ANTED.  I've done it.         

20. Devious sort: SLY DOG.  "You ain't nothin' but a sly dog."  Elvis got the words wrong. 

21. "__ the matter?": WHAT'S.  "Up Doc?"

23. General with a Chinese dish named for him: TSO.  I thought it was spelled "Chew".

24. Village cousin: TOWN.  "It's not that the colors aren't there, it's just imagination they lack.  Everything's the same back in my little TOWN."  Simon and Garfunkel.

26. Beer after a shot: CHASER.  I used to like a Manhattan but I cannot imagine following that with beer.

30. Actress Anderson: LONI.  Born in St. Paul, MN in 1945, she is two years older than I.  She is also still better looking than me.
32. Mental giant: BRAIN.  If only the scarecrow had one.

35. Like gloomy skies: GRAY.

37. Garr of "Tootsie": TERI.

38. Cotton thread: LISLE.

39. In need of a towel: WET.  I believe someone may have tossed a WET TOWEL over my Vikings to start the season.

40. Blue eyes, e.g.: TRAIT.

41. Italian sparkling wine: ASTI.  Martini and Rossi, I am not a fan of wine.

42. Dolts: OAFS.  Minnesota Vikings??    

43. Get a new tenant for: RE-LET.  Sadly, many are facing homelessness at this time.

46. "So that's it!": I SEE.  "I SEE," said the blind man, but he really didn't.

48. Oppressive ruler: TYRANT.

49. Grab with a toothpick: STAB.

50. Old ultrafast plane, briefly: SST.  Super Sonic Transport.  I guess the Concorde is no longer making the trip.

53. Popular search engine: YAHOO.

55. Light humor: LEVITY.  I always try on this blog.

57. Colgate rival: ORAL-B.

62. Burnett with a namesake Golden Globe: CAROL.  Born in 1933 and still kicking.  My favorite was when Tim Conway called her Mrs. Wiggins.
63. Checklist component: ITEM.

64. Barn topper: VANE.  Do farmers really need to know which way the wind is blowing?

65. At that place: THERE.  "Hey THERE Georgy Girl". The Seekers.

66. Anklebones: TALI.  "Connected to the shin bones"

67. Cogito-sum link: ERGO.

1. Blue Ribbon brewer: PABST.  What'll you have ??

2. Lesser of two __: EVILS.  ELVIS spelled wrong.

3. Planned 2020 Olympics city: TOKYO.  Not any more, maybe 2021?

4. Oklahoma city NNW of Oklahoma City: ENID.

5. Ho Chi Minh City, formerly: SAIGON.  Never been there, thankfully.

6. Museum display: ART.  Or ART Carney of Jackie Gleason Fame.
7. Class cutup: CLOWN.  I was accused of that, now I am just a blog CLOWN.

8. Last year's frosh: SOPH.  Always disliked being called frosh.  Junior and Senior was better.

9. Mystery award named for a British writer: AGATHA.  Famous for Miss Marple.

11. Flier that sleeps upside-down: BAT.  "Take me out to the Ballgame."

12. Reveal, to a poet: OPE.

13. Danson of TV: TED.  Two months younger than I but he looks a lot older.  "Where everybody knows your name."  Cheers !!

18. Nary a soul: NOT ONE.

22. Needing a rubdown: ACHY.  I have lots of over- the- counter rubs on my dresser.  Nothing seems to work.

25. Domed Native American dwelling: WIGWAM.  This is very sad,  We have many Native Americans in Minneapolis who have lost their homes.  They pitch their tents in a field just South of downtown Minneapolis.  They are not WIGWAMS.

27. Make off with: STEAL.

28. Like a wolf's howl: EERIE.  Remember Matt Wolfe in the U.S. Open?  When he hit a great shot or made a long putt, the very small group of spectators would holler WOOO.  I am not looking forward to watching him when crowds are admitted.

29. Singer Bonnie: RAITT.

31. Keep tabs on a tabby: CAT-SIT.  Does it pay more than .35 per hour?

32. Leave the launching pad, with "off": BLAST.

33. Foolhardy: RISKY.  It's a bit RISKY to play golf with some of the guys in my league.  But no one hollers WOOO.

34. Up and about: ASTIR.  "Not a creature was A STIRring, not even a mouse.  Christmas is coming.

36. Slo-mo reviewer: REF.  Otherwise known as UMP.

40. "Jeopardy!" host: TREBEK. I watch frequently. I usually manage to get a few right.  TREBEK is a hero continuing to put in his time while battling cancer. 

42. Sworn statement: OATH.  "I cannot tell a lie".

45. Make possible: ENABLE.  Eve's two kids - CAIN EN ABLE.

47. Italian sub meat: SALAMI.  SALAMI, SALAMI, Baloney.

49. Not exactly, informally: SORTA.

50. Shankar's strings: SITAR.
51. Bitten by bees: STUNG.  When I was a kid, I got STUNG several times.  It really hurt me, but not as much as the bee got hurt when I took care of business.

52. Versatile blood donor: TYPE O.  That would be me.  I have donated a few times.  When I was in the Army I got two days off for every pint.

54. "In memoriam" bio: OBIT.

56. "__ le roi!": VIVE.

57. Costume-buying mo.: OCT.  Also a birthday month for Boomer.

58. Cheer word: RAH.

59. "All bets __ off": ARE.

61. Fish that swims backwards: EEL.  How does one know it is swimming backwards.  I cannot tell front from back on an eel.

Notes from C.C.:

Abejo's wife Linda informed me that he was taken off the ventilator last night. She said he was shutting down and most likely not make it through the night even with support. 

As we've learned from his regular posts over the years, he had a very active life. Always on the move. Always volunteering and giving. He donated blood for many years until cancer hit him. He actually had two donor cards. One for Chicago. One for Pennsylvania. That's how dedicated he was about whatever he did.

He also had such childlike curiosity. He noticed a MME DFRG license plate outside a restaurant on his way to the post office. He asked the driver what it meant and was told "Madame DeFarge". He then went inside the restaurant and located our own Madame DeFarge (Janice). Then we had this precious picture. 
Brad, I'll miss your daily presence and fine reviews about our blogging team's "fine reviews".

Sep 27, 2020

Sunday September 27, 2020 Paul Coulter

Theme: "Pet Flicks" - One word in each film is replaced by a cat/dog or sound of a cat/dog.

22. Film with a feline baseball ace?: PITCH PURR-FECT. Pitch Perfect.

32. Biopic about Frank from "Men in Black"?: A PUG'S LIFE. A Bug's Life.

48. Comedy about a lost mutt?: DUDE, WHERE'S MY CUR? Dude, Where's My Car?

67. Film about a composing pooch?: THE HOUND OF MUSIC. The Sound of Music.

87. Drama about organized disobedience at obedience school?: THE CANINE MUTINY. The Caine Mutiny.

102. Film romance starring Puss?: KISS ME CAT. Kiss Me Kate.

119. Film in which Fido wins a place at the Round Table?: THE BARK KNIGHT. The Dark Knight.
Sound change theme is my weakest link. Sometimes it involves significant sound change. Sometimes it's just consonant change. Sometimes it's homophone.

Paul elevated this type by limiting all his choices to movies. The narrower your theme entries are, the tighter the theme.

1. Like some stressed text: ITALIC.

7. Perfect pass: SPIRAL.

13. Imp: RASCAL.

19. Rattler commonly used in pairs: MARACA.
20. University staying power?: TENURE.

21. Mild, in Milan: GENTILE. Is this your clue, Paul?

24. Not on TV yet: UNAIRED.

25. Roy Rogers' birth name: SLYE. Gimme for me. I used it myself once.

26. Ninja Turtles' ally April __: O'NEIL. We had her before.
27. One end of the Chicago L's Blue Line: O'HARE.

29. Shattering grenade, to a GI: FRAG.

30. Shunned the paper clip: STAPLED.

34. Scraps: TUSSLES.

38. Cookout glowers: COALS.

40. Artist's asset: EYE.

41. Clicked ballot: E-VOTE.

42. __ Martin: Bond's car: ASTON. Thank for Santa Fe feedback, everyone.

44. AOL alternative: MSN.

45. Flier to Oslo: SAS.

53. Sports channel that shows college games: ESPNU.

55. High-five, e.g.: SLAP.

56. "Insecure" star Rae: ISSA.

57. Not supporting: ANTI.

59. Mets' slugger Alonso: PETE. According to Wik: "He made his MLB debut during the 2019 season and broke the Major League record for the most home runs by a rookie with 53. He was also the first Mets player to hit 50 or more home runs in a season, setting the Mets' single-season home run record in the process." Rich's assistant Patti Varol is an avid Mets fan.
60. Catalog: ASSORT.

62. Greek vacation isle: CORFU.

65. Essential: NEEDED.

71. Not alfresco: INDOOR.

74. Year, to Yves: ANNEE. And 89. Yours, to Yvette: A TOI. We also have a few Spanish & German. Equal opportunity.

75. Sampled: TESTED.

78. Deli order: HERO.

79. Org. monitoring possible alien signals: SETI.

81. Gillian's Emmy-winning role on "The X-Files": DANA. We had this in Guangzhou. But I was more fond of "La Femme Nikita" then.

83. Settled: ALIT.

85. Small egg: OVULE.

92. Frying pan spray: PAM.

93. Mix masters, briefly?: DJS. DJ mix.

95. Vols' school: U TENN.

96. Golf caddie, e.g.: TOTER.

97. Help-wanted ad abbr.: EOE.

98. "Me too": SO DO I.

100. Maria __, the last House of Habsburg ruler: THERESA. Learning moment for me.
106. Like volcanic rock: IGNEOUS.

109. "By yesterday!": ASAP.

110. Clock __: RADIO.

112. Long-legged wader: HERON.

113. Chops: HEWS.

117. Reeled off: RECITED.

122. Unpaid debt: ARREARS.

123. Pump part: INSOLE. Shoes.

124. Imitated: ECHOED.

125. Flirts with: TEASES.

126. Rose to great heights: SOARED. I think Dave once linked a picture of Mount Hua, about 70 miles east of Xi'an. So scary coming down. But I was young and fearless then.

127. Hen holders: ROOSTS.

1. Little devils: IMPS.

2. Detective, at times: TAIL.

3. Affectedly creative: ARTY.

4. Shoestring: LACE.

5. "__ bin ein Berliner": JFK: ICH. And 66. Autobahn hazard: EIS.

6. Holly Golightly's creator: CAPOTE. "Breakfast at Tiffany's".

7. __ throat: STREP. And 35. Throat dangler: UVULA.

8. Danger: PERIL.

9. Changes one's tone of voice: INFLECTS.

10. Québec street: RUE.

11. With a bow, to Anne-Sophie Mutter: ARCO. Anne-Sophie Mutter is German violinist.

12. Beyond harmful: LETHAL.

13. Goes back on one's word: RENEGES.

14. Gasteyer of "Mean Girls": ANA.

15. Put the kibosh on: STIFLE.

16. Wispy clouds: CIRRI. Plural of "cirrus".

17. Shaking like __: A LEAF.

18. Pigeon's perch: LEDGE.

21. Trusted adviser: GURU.

23. Some, in San Salvador: UNAS. And 120. Spanish "that": ESA.

28. Courses for coll. credit: APS.

30. Load: SLEW.

31. Assure the failure of: DOOM.

33. Since, in a seasonal song: SYNE.

34. "Bill & __ Excellent Adventure": TED'S.

36. Beverage aisle options: SODAS.

37. It helps you get up: STEP STOOL. This looks like ours.

39. "__ objections?": ANY.

42. Horace's "__ Poetica": ARS.

43. Last word of the most recent version of "America the Beautiful": SEA.

44. "The A-Team" actor: MR T.

45. Didn't dillydally: SPED.

46. One chip, maybe: ANTE.

47. Sought damages: SUED.

49. Personnel staff: HIRERS.

50. O.T. book after Neh.: ESTH.

51. Brit's informal eatery: CAFF.

52. One, on a one: UNUM. Also 69. Together, in Toulon: UNIE.

54. Fan at the game: SPECTATOR. 94. Angry 54-Downs: JEERERS.

58. Clothes line: INSEAM.

61. "Lookee here!": OHO.

62. "Anderson Cooper 360°" channel: CNN. With his cute son Wyatt.,h_601,c_limit/Anderson%20Cooper%20and%20Wyatt.jpg

63. Poetic tribute: ODE.

64. Landmark '70s case anonym: ROE.

68. Censor's target: OATH.

70. Eclectic magazine: UTNE.

71. Chain with links: IHOP.

72. St. Petersburg's river: NEVA. Wiki says "it is the fourth largest river in Europe in terms of average discharge (after the Volga, the Danube and the Rhine)". We also have 103. Rhone tributary: ISERE.

73. Originate, with "up": DRUM.

76. A-listers: ELITE.

77. Eats well: DINES. Here's Boomer enjoying his French fries and chocolate milk shake at the VA hospital last Tuesday. We went there for the bone scan. CAT scan is scheduled next Thursday. Then Dr. Downs on Oct 14th to see our next steps. In the meantime, Boomer is not going to let cancer get in his way. Golf tomorrow morning.
80. Theoretical visitors: ETS.

81. Cacophony: DIN.

82. Landers of letters: ANN.

84. Banks of "America's Got Talent": TYRA.

86. Ancient Dead Sea kingdom: EDOM.

88. Something to chew: CUD.

90. Kramer, to Jerry: NEIGHBOR.

91. Sun Devils' rival: UTES.

97. Catches sight of: ESPIES.

98. Down: SAD. I'm amazed how an increase of 10 or 15 points in blood pressure can make me feel.

99. Ear malady: OTITIS.

100. Captured: TOOK.

101. Take shelter, with "down": HUNKER.

102. Fort Knox unit: KARAT.

104. Pelvic bones: SACRA.

105. Bounders: CADS.

107. Author Zora __ Hurston: NEALE.

108. Went astray: ERRED
111. "Horrors!": OH NO.

113. Greeting from Kermit: HI HO.

114. Star features: EGOS.

115. Put an edge on: WHET.

116. Benchmarks: Abbr.: STDS.

118. __ kwon do: TAE.

121. Cpl., e.g.: NCO.