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Oct 16, 2018

Tuesday, October 16, 2018 Kevin Christian & Abbie Higashi

"BOB"   - The first letter of each of the theme answers.

17. Relative of "The pen is mightier than the sword": BRAINS OVER BRAWN.

25. Rear-window alert about an infant: BABY ON BOARD.

43. Dog show award: BEST OF BREED.

54. Arizona stadium renamed Chase Field as a result of a financial merger: BANK ONE BALLPARK.

56. Short haircut, and a hint to 17-, 25-, 43- and 54-Across: BOB.

Bonus:  The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.  We have a crossword pangram today; every letter of the alphabet is used !

Please welcome Abbie Higashi on her LA Times Crossword debut, as she teams with Kevin Christian to give us this fun puzzle.   This is Kevin's 28th appearance on the LA Times Crossword stage.  


1. Whopper inventors: LIARS.   On April 1st, 1998, Burger King took out a full page ad in USA Today, and announced it would start serving the left-handed Whopper.   The burger contained the very same ingredients but it was rotated a full 180° to better suit and offer a better grip on the bun to the left-handed consumer. In addition, all the condiments were also rotated.  Can you guess what happened ?  

6. Toss of a coin: FLIP.   Supposedly truly random as to whether it will land heads or tails, but a caught coin has a 1 % greater chance of showing heads if it started out heads up, and a 1 % greater chance of showing tails if it started out tails up.  This according to a UCSB article on a Stanford paper, DYNAMICAL BIAS IN THE COIN TOSS.  

10. Trick: FLAM.  A lie or hoax, a deception.

14. Bosc relative: ANJOU.   Pear Varieties From Anjou to Williams

15. "Doctor Zhivago" heroine: LARA.

16. Himalayas locale: ASIA.

20. Census datum: SEX.  Jinx, the answer is Male or Female, not Yes.

21. Tear: RIP.  The clue/answer made me think of Rip Torn.

22. Levy that led to a 1773 "party": TEA TAX.   In fact, the tea tax had been around for six years.  It was the 1773 Tea Act that gave the the British East India Company a monopoly on tea sales in the colonies that was the final straw.   

23. Morass: BOG.

24. 2000 election dangler: CHAD.

30. "__ Sera, Sera": QUE.  The song and scenes from The Man Who Knew Too Much:

33. "See ya later!": I'M OFF.

34. Altar neighbor: APSE.

35. Ahi, for one: TUNA.  Yellowfin. 

36. __ avis: RARA.   Latin.  Through time, from rare bird to strange bird to peculiar person, to a unique person or thing.   Dennis Rodman ?

37. Wooden storage container: CRATE.

38. Mental acuity: WITS.

39. Former Russian ruler: CZAR.  Czar rule lasted over 400 years in Russia.  Here's the Top 10 list

40. Frau's mister: HERR.  Damen and Herren are on some doors in Germany.  Good thing for the images to teach foreigners that Da Men use the one marked Herren.

41. Nest for an eaglet: AERIE.

42. In a lather, with "up": HET.

45. Small salamander: NEWT.

46. Show curiosity: ASK.

47. Melodious piece: ARIOSO.   Let's have some more J.S. Bach...

50. God in the Vatican: DIO.

51. Dust jacket blurb: BIO.

58. Play opener: ACT I.   After DIO and BIO,  wanted an answer of maybe RIO or TIO.   

59. Nano or Shuffle: IPOD.

60. Bravery: VALOR.

61. Lugosi of "Dracula" fame: BELA.     Halloween is right around the corner.

62. Keep __ on: observe: TABS.

63. Justice Kagan: ELENA.


1. Chocolate dogs: LABS.

2. Pertaining to, on memos: INRE.

3. Early competitor of Mr. Clean: AJAX.   Mr. Clean - 1958.   Ajax - 1947.

4. Versailles royal: ROI.

5. Movable sports car top: SUNROOF.   Not sure why sports car is specified.  Anyway, sunroofs slide open and moonroofs tilt open a little bit.  40 % of all new cars sold in 2017 had either a sunroof or moonroof. 

6. Intentional fall, in basketball: FLOP. In basketball, a flop is an intentional fall by a player after little or no physical contact by an opposing player in order to draw a personal foul call by an official against the opponent. - Wikipedia.

7. British washroom: LAV.

8. Choler: IRE.

9. 100-yard golf hole, say: PAR THREE. No Par 4s or 5s on this local 9 hole course:

10. Capacitance unit: FARAD.  So named in honor of Michael Faraday.

11. Future JD's exam: LSAT.  Doctor of Jurisprudence / Law School Admission Test.

12. Old Sony brand: AIWA.

13. Tailless cat: MANX.  The cat from the Isle of Man.

18. Omen: SIGN.

19. Rosary feature: BEAD.

23. How landslide victories are won: BY FAR.

24. Fidel or Raúl: CASTRO.

25. Tree whose sap is used in a soft drink: BIRCH.  Never had one, but I read that Birch soda is commonly found in New England and Newfoundland.

26. Dazzle: AMAZE.

27. Baron Cohen's Kazakh journalist: BORAT.

28. Least furnished, as a room: BAREST.

29. Eye-bending paintings: OPART.

30. 24 sheets of paper: QUIRE.

31. Free from bonds: UNTIE.

32. Slacked (off): EASED.

35. Dance provocatively: TWERK.

37. What a dog will do with a bone: CHEW ON IT.

41. Exculpate: ABSOLVE.

43. Kiss from Carlos: BESO.

44. Epic __: disaster: FAIL.

45. Finnish electronics giant: NOKIA.

47. Basic rhyme scheme: ABAB.

48. Speed competition: RACE.

49. Part of IBM: Abbr.: INTL. International Business Machines.

50. Barq's rival: DADS.   Root Beers.  A&W, Hires, Mug, IBC etc. 

51. Block of hay: BALE.

52. Press: IRON.

53. Gumbo vegetable: OKRA.

55. Radon-regulating org.: EPA.

57. Bro: PAL.   

Notes from C.C.:

Happy Birthday to dear CrossEyedDave, who has entertained us for so many years with his fun links.

Happy Birthday to our foodie Blue Hen also! Here is his "Cheater Risotto".

Oct 9, 2018

Tuesday, Oct 9, 2018 Bruce Haight


17. How something precarious may hang: BY A THREAD.

29. How a good comedian leaves the audience?: IN STITCHES.  A ham sandwich walks into a bar and orders a beer.  The bartender says, "Sorry, we don't serve food in here."

47. Difficult time: ROUGH PATCH.   "Just don't unpack and live there."

64. Care: GIVE A DARN.

53. Clinched, and a hint to the four longest Across answers: SEWN UP. 

Hope you didn't get a pinprick - or worse - solving Bruce's offering.   If you did, put a band-aid on it or let be.  Whatever you want.   Suture self. 


1. "Big Board" that lists GM and GE: NYSE. General Motors, General Electric, and New York Stock Exchange, respectively.

5. Strauss of jeans: LEVI.

9. Scam using spam, say: PHISH.  An excellent primer from IT professionals:  Make smarter decisions to avoid being scammed  I'm impressed.  Well worth the time.  

14. Fireworks cries: OOHS  and aahs.

15. Eye layer that includes the iris: UVEA.

16. Roman robes: TOGAE. Latin plural for toga.  Fashion in ancient Rome

19. Love, to Casanova: AMORE.

20. Soft toss: LOB.

21. "Out with it!": TELL ME.

23. List-ending abbr.: ET AL

24. Diplomatic office: EMBASSY.

26. "No more for me, thanks": I'M SET.

28. Simon __: SAYS.   A child's game and a bubblegum pop hit from 1967

33. Farm layer: HEN.

35. Lamp-to-plug line: WIRE. Linecord or simply cord in many circles.

36. Little mischief-maker: IMP.

37. Marisa of "My Cousin Vinny": TOMEI.

40. Asian New Year: TET.

41. Very unpleasant: NASTY.

43. "It's __-win situation": A NO.

44. Clinton's veep: GORE.

46. Fifth scale note: SOLSolmization

50. Queries: ASKS

54. Schlepped: TOTED.

55. Eats a little: HAS SOME.

57. "Verrrry funny": HA HA.  Ha Ha Clinton-Dix plays free safety for the Green Bay Packers of the National Football League.  His first name is really Ha'Sean.  His grandmother gave him the nickname when he was an infant.  "Verrry funny, grandma !"   Truth be told, he likes his nickname. 

59. Stem (from): DERIVE.  Clinton-Dix's nickname stems from the fact that family friends and some family members couldn't properly pronounce his birth name.

61. Opposite of "yep": NAW.  Not nope today.

62. Overplay the part: EMOTE.

66. Career employee: LIFER.  I first learned this definition in the Army to describe a career soldier.

67. New __: modern spiritualist: AGER.

68. Rebuke from Caesar: ETTU.

69. Put off: DEFER.

70. Gridiron throw: PASS.  American and Canadian rules football.  A throw on the football field.  Most often by a quarterback, but occasionally by another player, such as on this trick play Sunday:

Updated Oct 9 at 7:20 AM, to provide a video of Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints throwing the 62 yard pass to set the NFL record for Most Career Passing Yards

71. Stinging insect: WASP.   I've been stung by wasps, bees and fire ants.   And an almost by a scorpion. 


1. Aristocrats: NOBLESThey play polo and love guns, horses and hounds.

2. Grammy-winning cellist: YOYO MA.

3. "Not too __!": "Good work!": SHABBY.

4. "To the max" suffix: EST. The superlative suffix.

5. Slyly attracts: LURES IN.  Entices.  Baits.  On the internet, it's called clickbait when a title or image entices you to satisfy your curiosity gap.   Especially nefarious with clickbait that promises one thing and the accompanying link delivers something else, like malware.    I also find it annoying on this blog when a troll makes inflammatory or specious comments trying to lure regulars into a war of words.   Please don't feed the trolls.

6. "Brideshead Revisited" novelist Waugh: EVELYN.  Never read the book saw the movie, but learned that Evelyn Waugh was a man, and that his first wife was also named Evelyn. 

7. Wiener schnitzel meat: VEAL.

8. Words of confession: I ADMIT IT.

9. School fundraising gp.: PTA. "Founded in 1897 as the National Congress of Mothers by Alice McLellan Birney and Phoebe Apperson Hearst, National PTA is a powerful voice for all children, a relevant resource for families and communities, and a strong advocate for public education."

10. Household skills class, for short: HOME EC

11. "Let me handle it": I GOT THIS.

12. __ Lee desserts: SARA.

13. Canine command: HEEL.

18. Elevs.: HTS.  Elevations / Heights

22. Mideast chieftain: EMIR.

25. Arthur of tennis: ASHE.

27. Dictation pro: STENO. Professional / Stenographer.  How Much Do Stenographers Make?

30. Like dessert wines: SWEET.

31. Ambulance pro: EMT.  Emergency Medical Technician

32. 007, e.g.: SPY. In Ian Flemming's novels, an MI6 agent granted the 00 designation has a "license to kill".   James Bond is the 7th agent that received the 00 designation, thus he is code-named 007.

34. Figure skating figure: EIGHT.

37. Sticky subject?: TAR.   Should be sealing the cracks in my asphalt driveway before Old Man Winter wreaks havoc with his freeze thaw cycles.  Got a quote of over $400 to have ~ 200' ft. hot-sealed.   I'll spend a few hours and fill them myself. 

38. Musical Yoko: ONO.

39. Get sassy with someone: MOUTH OFF.

40. Import-export imbalance: TRADE GAP.

42. "Sadly ... ": ALAS.

45. Newspaper opinion page: OP ED.

46. Norelco products: SHAVERS. One of these might be useful to perfect the look of your...

48. Pointed beard: GOATEE.

49. Baked potato topping paired with sour cream: CHIVES. They're still doing well in our garden.  Time to snip and freeze them before Mother Nature does.

51. Piano piece: SONATA. 8 hours of Mozart linked for your listening pleasure:

52. Some big box stores: KMARTS.  "Attention Kmart shoppers" and "Blue Light Specials" are blasts from the past that you may recall.  .

56. "... and two if by __": SEAEvents of April 18, 1775

57. __ up: robbed: HELD.

58. Parisian gal pal: AMIE.

60. Latvian capital: RIGA.

63. Blow it: ERR.

65. "Do the __": soft-drink slogan: DEW.   "Do the DEW is more than just an advertising slogan for Mountain Dew – it represents the attitude of a community that really seeks to live life authentically," said Simon Lowden, Chief Marketing Officer, Pepsi Beverages North America.   The commercials are primarily aimed at millennials and "are designed to thrive in the mobile environment".  They're onto something.  Mountain Dew is a billion dollar brand for Pepsi Co.

Oct 2, 2018

Tuesday, October 2, 2018 Roland Huget

"Let's Play Cards"

 17. Tool for cutting stone and concrete: DIAMOND SAW.  

25. Garden digging, e.g.: SPADEWORK.  

35. Richly upholstered seat: CLUB CHAIR.  

48. Prilosec target: HEARTBURN

Given the pattern of the theme answers, the reveal would be an open form compound word, and it was:

56. Carry on the same way ... and what the ends of 17-, 25-, 35- and 48-Across do: FOLLOW SUIT.

I just happened to notice that each of the theme answers were compound words, and that they alternated from open form to closed form.   Nice to see that the reveal followed suit.

Spitzboov, our resident bridge player, probably plays with a four color deck.   I learned these decks are are called "no-revoke" decks, and are given different colors to make the suits more distinct from each other.


1. Gulf States prince: EMIR.  For instance, Qatar's emir, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani

5. Macy's competitor: KOHL'S.

10. Eucharist celebration: MASS.

14. See 62-Across: TIME,  50D. See 62-Across: UPON A, and 62. With 50-Down and 14-Across, fairy tale opening: ONCE.  ONCE UPON A TIME.  If still active on the blog, Barry G would have commented about this threesome.  He doesn't care for clues that make you have to read another clue. 

15. Boise's state: IDAHO.  "The City of Boise operates the largest direct-use geothermal system in the entire country."  -   "Idaho is called the "Gem State" because nearly every known type of gemstone has been found in the state of Idaho.  More than 72 different precious and semi-precious gemstones are mined from Idaho" -

16. Israeli airline: EL AL.

19. River of Cairo: NILE.

20. Playing surface surrounded by boards: RINKSports lingo - Ice Hockey Dasher Boards

21. Access charge: USER'S FEE.

23. Chinese menu promise: NO MSGMonosodium glutamate

26. Abandoned building, say: EYESORE.

28. Jules who created the Nautilus: VERNELittle-Known Facts About Jules Verne

29. Form a union: WED.  Betroth.

30. Passé reception aid: AERIAL.

34. Love personified: AMOR.

37. Nobel Peace Prize city: OSLO.   The Nobel Prizes in Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine and Literature are awarded in Stockholm.

40. Toxic substance: POISON.

41. Snapshot, briefly: PIC.

44. "SNL" alum Cheri: OTERI.

46. Dancer Duncan: ISADORA.    Didn't know of her.     Needed the I to complete the puzzle.

52. Caught with a lasso: ROPED.

53. Old-fashioned printing machine: LINOTYPE.

54. Champagne brand: MOET.

55. Got on in years: AGED.

60. __ majesty: high treason: LESE.

61. Diarist Nin: ANAIS"We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are."

63. Newspaper section with many reviews: ARTS.

64. Horizontal graph lines: X-AXES.

65. Enthusiastic: KEEN.


1. Takeoff approx.: ETD.

2. 1002, to Caesar: MII.

3. Gun carrier's warning: I'M ARMED.

4. Careless: REMISS.

5. Garden hose obstruction: KINK.

6. Unmatched: ODD.

7. Welcomes to the treehouse: HAS UP.

8. __ apso: little dog: LHASA.  Video courtesy of Animal Planet

9. Scattered, as seed: SOWED.

10. Department store section: MENSWEAR.

11. Wing-shaped: ALIFORM.

12. Port near Naples: SALERNO.

13. More streamlined: SLEEKER.

18. Like an accurate soccer shot: ON GOAL.

22. Gun, as an engine: REV.

23. Just out: NEW.

24. Santana's "__ Como Va": OYE.     Hey, how is it going ?

25. __-Croatian: Slavic language: SERBO.

27. Do another stint: RE-UP.   Reenlist. 

31. Here, in Haiti: ICI.

32. Twain/Harte play: AH SIN.   Totally unknown to me.   The perps were solid, but still wasn't certain how to parse it.   Took a couple of Google searches to find a reference, and learned along the way that Twain Harte is a census designated place in California.   Anyway,  read Bret Harte, Mark Twain, Pioneer Fiction, and a Play Gone Wrong

33. Vientiane's country: LAOS.  The economic center and capital of Laos.

35. Becomes rusted: CORRODES.

36. Lined up: IN A ROW.

37. "C'est magnifique!": OOH LA LA.

38. "The Pawnbroker" actor Rod: STEIGER.

39. Least fatty, as corned beef: LEANEST.

41. Many a Top 40 song: POP TUNE.

42. Cork's country: Abbr.: IRE.

43. Heel: CAD.

45. Hairy Addams cousin: ITT.

47. Is moderately successful: DOES OK.

49. How some documents are sent: BY FAX.

51. Kick back: RELAX.

54. Forest floor plant: MOSS.

57. Golf ball position: LIE.

58. Cocktail cooler: ICE.

59. Down-for-the-count count: TEN.

Sep 25, 2018

Tuesday, September 25, 2018 C.C. Burnikel

"Broken Promise"

16. Player getting paid: PRO ATHLETE.

23. "Wait just a minute!": WHOA THERE.

46. Docking aids: BOAT HOOKS.

53. Closet accessory: COAT HANGER.

32. Unfulfilled campaign pledge ... and a hint to what 16-, 23-, 46- and 53-Across all contain: BROKEN PROMISE.

Oath is broken in each answer.   When I first edited the review, I noticed that the first answer had the break after the first letter, the second answer after the second letter, the third answer after the third letter.  I was momentarily disappointed that the fourth answer wasn't broken after the fourth letter.  Then quickly realized that if it had been, then oath wouldn't have been broken.  Very nice puzzle C.C. !

"You made me promises promises
Knowing I'd believe
Promises promises
You knew you'd never keep " - Naked Eyes, 1983 -  British synthopop.


1. The one here: THIS.   The one there: That.   Neither one: Other.

5. Group of cronies: GANG.   Group of crones: Hags.

9. Natural wound protection: SCAB

13. Discard: DUMP.  In computing,  a dump (as a noun) is the contents of a storage area, especially after a system failure.  As a verb it means to store to another location, such as another library, volume,  disk or other media.   So, as Ol' Man Keith was commenting about on Friday's blog, a contronym, because dump = discard,  and dump = store.   Probably not as common as cleave.

14. Prohibited activity: TABOO.

15. "What a shame!": OH NO.

18. Sound from a snout: OINK.

19. Counsel: ADVISE.

20. "Am I the only one?": IS IT ME

22. Move stealthily: SLINK.  I think of cats.  And ninjas. 

26. "Told you": SEE

27. Rogers Centre city: TORONTO. A gimme for Canadian Eh.

29. Oil field sight: RIG.

30. Cartographer's dot, maybe: ISLET.

31. Food truck snack: TACO.

37. James of "The Godfather": CAAN.  Plays the role of Sonny Corleone.  Spoiler alert:  He gets offed.  Michael Corleone becomes the Don and avenges his brother's death.   The Godfather has been the top rated film of all time in many polls, but so have GWTW, Casablanca, Citizen Kane and Vertigo

38. Herbert Hoover, by birth: IOWAN.  31st President.  You can read about him at 

39. O'Hare's airport code: ORD.  O'Hare was originally Orchard Field.

40. Great pains: AGONIES.

43. Bobs and waves: DOs.  Hairstyles.  Short for hairdos.

48. "Rashomon" director Kurosawa: AKIRAThe Rashomon Effect

50. Christmas door decoration: WREATH.

51. Health facility: CLINIC.

52. Tech sch. grad: ENGR.  Yours truly. 

56. "Start __": Rolling Stones hit: ME UP.   1981 Pop Rock hit single from the album Tattoo You.

57. Mandel of "America's Got Talent": HOWIE.  A gimme for Bill G and Lemonade.

58. Melody: TUNE.  That girl can sing.  As can Kellie Pickler.  For those that don't solve the Saturday puzzles, take a look at Husker Gary's review and watch, as he so aptly wrote, "Her heartwarming backstory, American Idol audition and emotional reaction".

59. Coffee servers: URNS.

60. "If I may intrude ... ": AHEM.  "Ahem, this review is getting to be too long."

61. Founded, as a co.: ESTD.


1. QB-to-receiver six-pointer: TD PASS.  QB = Quarterback and TD = Touchdown.  "A touchdown is worth six points, and is scored when a team crosses the opposition's goal line with the ball, or catches or collects the ball in the end zone."  Topend Sports - Football Basics

2. Running track obstacle: HURDLE.  In preseason practice, Coach Carlson said I had the best form on the freshman track team.  I placed last in the first meet.  Ran the "2 mile" in meets after that. Never won at that event either. 

3. Apple video-editing app: IMOVIE.

4. Madrid's country: SPAIN.   Madrid is the third largest city in the European Union.

5. 128 fl. oz.: GAL

6. Grandpa Simpson: ABEAbraham Jedediah Simpson II  Click his name to read about him at Fandom.

7. Vague idea: NOTION.

8. Charges toward: GOES AT.

9. Apt Shakespearean rhyme for "truth": SOOTH.

10. Fire-breathing monsters: CHIMERAs

11. "Interview With the Vampire" novelist: ANNE RICE.  Click her name to read a summary about her at

12. __ choy: stir-fry veggie: BOK.

14. With 37-Down, what corn is on: THE and  (37. See 14-Down): COBFour Ways to Cook Corn on the Cob - Wikihow

17. "For shame!": TSK TSK.

21. Skater Midori: ITO.

23. Little songbird: WREN.

24. Color of some Hello Kitty products: HOT PINK.

25. Self-esteem: EGO.

28. Fútbol cheer: OLE.

30. Charged particle: ION.

31. Altoids container: TIN.  Also, our hypocorism for Tinbeni.

32. Saloonkeeper: BAR OWNER.  e.g. Miss Kitty on Gunsmoke, or Moe on The Simpsons.

33. Trooper's speed-checking device: RADAR GUN.

34. Versailles rulers, once: ROIs.

35. Have bills to pay: OWE.

36. Indian spice blend: MASALA.

40. Finder's cry: AHA.

41. "Fooled you!": GOTCHA.

42. Overeager student's cry: OOH OOH.  Obligatory Horshack:

43. Thingamajig: DINGUS.  Gadget.  Thingamabob.  Whatchamacallit.  Gizmo.  Doodad.  Doohickey.  You know what I'm talking about ?  

44. Set in the right direction: ORIENT.

45. Like some cows and vows: SACRED.

47. Maryland team, briefly: TERPS.  The Maryland Terrapins of the B1G conference.  Stylized logo of the Big 10 Conference that has 14 universities as members.  Take the link to see who they are.

49. "Roots" role Kunta __: KINTE.

51. Rebel Guevara: CHE.  Spent a couple of hours reading and learning about him.

52. Big bird from Down Under: EMU.

54. Stunned state: AWE.

55. Comical Conway: TIM.  Played Ensign Parker on McHales Navy.  He was a guest on a Johnny Carson rerun early Sunday morning. 

Sep 18, 2018

Tuesday, September 18, 2018 Roland Huget

"Mirror Ends"

20. Horse sense: STREET SMARTS.

28. Main attraction: DRAWING CARD.

36. Test proctor's reminder: TIME LIMIT.

49. Hard-boiled genre: NOIR FICTION.

56. Its measurements include liters and grams: METRIC SYSTEM.


1. Publisher Alfred: KNOPFThe person and the company.

6. Spur to action: PROD.

10. Mus. key with three sharps: AMAJ.  A major.

14. Lost cause: GONER.

15. Overconfident racer of fable: HARE.

16. Hawaiian island: OAHU.

17. Hawaii or Alaska: STATE.

18. Oil gp. that includes 57-Down: OPEC. Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries

19. Take a load off: REST.

23. Pool tool: CUE.

24. Try to win: WOO.

25. Colonel Sanders facial feature: GOATEE.

32. Lab maze navigator: RAT.

33. Letter flourish: SERIF.

34. "... good witch, __ bad witch?": OR A.

35. Angry or achy: SORE.

40. Soap units: BARS.

43. Gold in Granada: ORO.

44. Semiaquatic salamanders: NEWTS.

48. The "A" in "IPA": ALE.

52. Like Easter eggs before the hunt: HIDDEN.

54. Duct opening?: OVI.   "In vertebrates, other than mammals, the passageway from the ovaries to the outside of the body is known as the oviduct. In female mammals this passageway is known as the uterine tube or Fallopian tube."   Wikipedia.

55. Debate side: PRO.  The affirmative side.  An argument in favor of a course of action.

60. Squared up: EVEN

62. Tax-sheltered plans: Abbr.: IRAsIndividual Retirement Accounts

63. More than suggest: ORDER.  Last Tuesday's crossword by Bruce Haight and his daughter Natalie Murphy had many punny "Orders."

65. Partial view?: BIAS.  As in partiality.   Favoritism.

66. Scandinavian language: SAMI. "...the language has given way to the various official national languages."

67. Circular: ROUND.

68. Decrease: BATE.

69. Organic compound: ENOL.  Remember the clue.  Almost always, the crossword answer is enol.

70. Sch. district VIPs: SUPTS.   Superintendents.   The CEO of a school district.


1. 56-Across wts.: KGS.  Kilograms in the metric system.  About 2.2 pounds in the avoirdupois weight system.

2. On the fence: NOT SURE.

3. Winning like crazy: ON A TEAR.  Like the Boston Red Sox this year.  They have a shot at the all time record for wins in a season.   Having already clinched a playoff spot, the Red Sox have a 27 % chance to win the World Series.  The Houston Astros follow next at 24 %.   Then the Dodgers, the Cubs, and the Indians.   

4. Korda of '80s-'90s tennis: PETR.  His two daughters are golfers competing on the LPGA tour, and his son is the third-ranked junior tennis player in the world.

5. Library amenity: FREE WIFI.

6. Camera buff, for short: PHOTOG. Like this guy and gal getting ready for pictures of the eclipse.

7. Shoots the breeze: RAPS.

8. Utah city near Provo: OREM.

9. 10-point star polygon: DECAGRAM

"In geometry, a decagram is a 10-point star polygon. There is one regular decagram, containing the vertices of a regular decagon, but connected by every third point. Its Schläfli symbol is {10/3}. The name decagram combine a numeral prefix, deca-, with the Greek suffix -gram." Wikipedia

10. Main blood vessel: AORTA.

11. Orchestra leader: MAESTRO.   A Top Twenty List

12. Contented sighs: AHS.

13. Stick (out): JUT.

21. Years and years: EON.

22. Word after fuel or fly: ROD.  One may be used for fission; the other may be used for fishin'.

23. LP successors: CDs.

26. Cup handle: EAR.

27. Season after printemps: ETE. Printemps - Première saison de l'année.  Saison située entre l'hiver et l'été, caractérisée par des jours plus longs, une température plus douce, une végétation renaissante.  Ete - Saison de l'année commençant au solstice de juin pour finir à l'équinoxe de septembre. Gén., la période chaude au milieu de l'année.   Give Google Translate a try.

29. Erma Bombeck's "At __ End": WIT'S. “Childhood is a time for pretending and trying on maturity to see if it fits or hangs baggy, tastes good or bitter, smells nice or fills your lungs with smoke that makes you cough. It's sharing licks on the same sucker with your best friend before you discover germs. It's not knowing how much a house cost, and caring less. It's going to bed in the summer with dirty feet on clean sheets. It's thinking anyone over fifteen is 'ancient'. It's absorbing ideas, knowledge, and people like a giant sponge. Childhood is where 'competition' is a baseball game and 'responsibility' is a paper route.” - Erma Bombeck

30. Décor choice: COLOR.

31. MLB's D-backs: ARI. Major League Baseball's Arizona Diamonbacks.  As of this writing, owners of an 8% chance to make the playoffs.  

35. Editorial "let it stand": STET.

37. Event often visible in the evening sky: MOONRISE.

38. "__ tu": Verdi aria: ERI.

39. Cutting teeth: INCISORS.

40. Derisive interjection: BAH.  Humbug !  Ebenezer Scrooge.

41. "Rope-a-dope" boxer: ALI.  Muhammad Ali created and used this strategy to defeat the heavily favored George Foreman in the world championship bout known as The Rumble in the Jungle.

42. Paleo diet protein source: RED MEAT.

45. Took care of, as a spill: WIPED UP.

46. Annoy persistently: TORMENT.

47. __-cone: summer treat: SNO.

49. Safety feature at a trapeze school: NETLearning to Fall

50. La Brea discovery: FOSSIL.

51. Wall-climbing plant: IVY.

53. Slow on the uptake: DENSE.

57. Pakistan neighbor: IRAN.

58. "Duck Dynasty" attire, for short: CAMO.  Camouflage.  Duck Dynasty is a reality television program on A&E.

59. Pants, briefly: TROU.  Trousers

60. Flow back, as a tide: EBB.

61. By way of: VIA.

64. Ave. and st.: RDS.  Roads

Sep 11, 2018

Tuesday, September 11, 2018 Bruce Haight and Natalie Murphy


11. Cease and desist order?: CUT (it out) and don't do it again !

18. Court order?: ALL RISE.  Out of respect for the judge.   NYY fans adopted that order.

27. Reverse order?: ABOUT-FACE.  A military turn to face the opposite direction.

45. Money order?: STICK 'EM UP.  A robber's command, usually at gunpoint.

58. Work order?: GET BUSY.  i.e.,  Quit dilly dallying.  I'll leave it at that.

65. Gag order?: SHH.  Heard that at the library, the movies, and on the quiet car of the commuter train.

5. Restraining order?: STOP IT

46. Pecking order?: KISS ME.

Eating humble pie here.  The theme eluded me.  Stared at the grid looking for commonalities.  Nothing.  Then,  assuming that ophthalmologist Bruce was leading this duet with Natalie,   I zeroed in on EYE TEST and tried to make some connections.  Nope.  Finally gave up and emailed C.C.  for help.   I should have looked at the clues.  Thanks again C.C. !

Please note the symmetry of the theme answers.  Beautifully constructed.

1. Setting for smooth sailing: CALM SEA.

8. Aptly, it rhymes with "ahh": SPA.

14. Stuffed oneself: ATE A TON.

15. Pursue romantically: WOO.

16. Valuable metal: ORE.

17. "NCIS: Los Angeles" actress: NIA LONG.

20. Remove varnish from: STRIP.

21. NBC weekend fixture, briefly: SNL.

22. Distinctive flair: ELAN.

23. Modern renewable fuel: BIODIESEL.

30. Assures the sad fate of: DOOMS.

34. Easy throw: LOB.

35. "Angie Tribeca" TV network: TBS.    Angie Tribeca  is an American comedy television series, created by Steve and Nancy Carel, starring Rashida Jones, that airs on TBS.    (Just seeing if I can write a sentence in the style of Wikipedia.)

36. "Help me out, will ya?": BE A PAL.

37. Facilitates: ENABLES.

40. Bergen of "Murphy Brown": CANDICE.      Candice Bergen played tough TV reporter Murphy
Brown in the sitcom of the same name.  The program is scheduled to return to prime time on CBS for the 2018/2019 season, starting Thursday Sept 27th.

Saw a commercial for it while watching football.

41. Stay behind: REMAIN.

42. Drunkard: SOT.

43. Dubai's fed.: UAE.  Last Tuesday we had "Abu Dhabi's federation: Abbr.:" as the clue.   United Arab Emirates.

44. Former Russian rulers: TSARs.

48. Words said with an extended fork: TASTE THIS.

50. Continent explored by Marco Polo: ASIA.

53. Talk on and on: YAP.

54. Scalawag: SCAMP.

60. Shoe cushions: INSOLEs.

62. Abbr. used to save space: ETC.

63. Not worth a __: SOU.

64. Muzzle-loading gadgets: RAMRODs.

66. Kindle download: APP.

67. Chart-reading exam: EYE TEST.

Happy Birthday to Husker Gary !


1. Some recyclables: CANS.

2. Going __: fighting: AT IT.

3. Shakespearean king with three daughters: LEAR.

4. Beach city near Hollywood: MALIBU.

6. Quite some time: EON.

7. Taiwan-born director Lee: ANG.

8. River in a Stephen Foster song: SWANEESaluting a Songwriter Far From Home

9. Voting sites: POLLS.

10. Pioneering ISP: AOL.

11. Wind up like a snake: COIL.

12. Celestial bear: URSA.

13. High-schooler, typically: TEEN.

19. Put another roll of film in: RELOAD.

21. Incites to attack, with "on": SICS.

24. More than occasionally: OFTEN.

25. Blots gently: DABS.

26. Biblical garden: EDEN.

27. Warning: ALERT.

28. Scraps for Fido: BONES.

29. President between Bush and Trump: OBAMA.

31. Poppy product: OPIUM.

32. Gambling mecca near Hong Kong: MACAU.

33. Catch some z's: SLEEP.

36. Cookie recipe yield: BATCH.

38. Bill for drinks: BAR TAB.

39. Bart Simpson's sister: LISA.

40. San Francisco's __ Tower: COIT.   View from Lombard Street:

42. Dance move: STEP.

45. Postpone one's bedtime: STAY UP.

47. Go along with: ESCORT.

49. Online admin: SYSOP.

50. Quite some time: AGES.

51. "Family Guy" creator MacFarlane: SETH.

He knew what he wanted to do from a very young age.

" an American actor, animator, voice actor, filmmaker, and singer, working primarily in animation and comedy, as well as live-action and other genres.  Wikipedia article.

52. Nagging desire: ITCH.

55. Sunburn reliever: ALOE.

56. Rx items: MEDs.

57. Sibilant summons: PSST.

59. NATO founding member: USA.

60. Fury: IRE.

61. "Aye? Not!": NAY.


Notes from C.C.:

1) How do you remember, TTP? That's an image EYE TEST!

Happy Birthday to dear Husker Gary, the creator of this wonderful Crossword Corner map, our trusted Saturday guide and caring friend. I'm so lucky to have met with Gary and his incredible wife Joann. Wish you guys could hear his voice.

2) Owen's Jumble site is listed under Crossword Links on the blog front page.

Sep 4, 2018

Tuesday, September 4, 2018 Paul Coulter

Baked Goods - Idioms

16. With 58-Across, "sweet" expression about consequences: YOU CAN'T HAVE YOUR.
58. See 16-Across: CAKE AND EAT IT TOO.  You have to pick one.  Either or. 

22. With 48-Across, "sweet" expression about consequences: THAT'S THE WAY THE.
48. See 22-Across: COOKIE CRUMBLES.  Sometimes bad things happen, and there's nothing you could have done that would have have prevented it. 

36. Experiencing some "sweet" consequences: EATING HUMBLE PIE.  Having to admit that you were wrong, or that you couldn't back up your boasts.

Paul takes the cake today in providing us with an easy as pie early week puzzle that has three grid spanners, proving again that he's one smart cookie !   Nothing half baked here; the proof is in the pudding.


1. Sail supports: MASTs.

6. Forearm bone: ULNA.

10. Balls and strikes caller: UMP.

13. Off-the-cuff: AD LIB

14. What insomniacs count: SHEEP.  Never worked for me.

15. Slithery squeezer: BOA.

19. Courses for coll. credit: APs.  Advanced Placement courses. 

20. __ de cologne: EAU.

21. Defensive trenches: MOATs.

27. Forest floor growth: MOSS.

28. Funnyman Jay: LENO.

29. Supercharged engine, for short: TURBO.

32. Bit of gel: DAB.

33. Flock female: EWE.

41. Gym shirt: TEE.

42. Car nut: LUG.  Not an automobile aficionado, but these:

43. Be of use to: AVAIL.

44. Kind of butter used in moisturizers: SHEA.

46. Half up front?: HEMI.  Hemi won out over semi due to HULAS at 46D.  Saved my bacon.

54. Photographer Adams: ANSEL.

55. Yale student: ELI.

56. Soak (up), as sauce: SOP

63. Acapulco aunt: TIA.

64. Enjoys a novel: READS.

65. Songs for two: DUETs.

66. Bargain bin abbr.: IRR.  Irregular.

67. Thanksgiving side dish: YAMs.  I like them candied, as long as they are not cloyingly sweet.

68. Daisy variety: OXEYE.  Fine in your gardens,  but invasive in your pastures.


1. Poet Angelou: MAYA.

2. Take home from an animal shelter: ADOPT.

3. Partly melted snow: SLUSH.  Also, a type of fund in some circles.

4. Idiosyncrasy: TIC.

5. Entrepreneur-helping org.: SBA. Small Business Administration

6. "Yeah": UH-HUH.  No it isn't.  Yes it is.  Uh-uh.  Uh-huh. 

7. Pasture: LEA.   Paul, you got in EWE, SHEEP and LAMB and now Pasture/LEA.   Are you a part time shepherd or sheepherder ?   Or is this just a "sweet" consequence of coincidence in your fill today ?

8. Ariz. neighbor: NEV.

9. Theoretical primate: APEMAN.

10. WWII sea attacker: U-BOAT.  Unterseeboat - German for submarine, abbreviated and hyphenated to U-boat.

11. River delta area: MOUTH.

12. Break down grammatically: PARSE.

14. Sports figures: STATs. Statistics, not people.  Stats make it easy to compare player and team performance, but organizations are increasingly using analytics to get more meaningful information to aid in their decision making processes.

17. Loch with a legend: NESS

18. Up-and-down toy: YOYO.  My sister had a loving cat named Tinkerbell that had a Jacks ball that was her "Up-and-down toy."   In the early AM hours, Tinker would carry the ball up the stairs, and then push it down.  Then rumble down after it.  Then hide it when my dad got out of bed.  This went on multiple times until someone finally found the ball.   

23. Prefix with dextrous: AMBI.

24. Warner Bros. creation: TOON.

25. Jack of "Rio Lobo": ELAM.

26. Jack of "Dragnet": WEBB.  Played Sgt. Joe Friday.  Loved that show.  The opening, with dum-de-dum-dum sounds, was,  ''This is the city.  Los Angeles, California. I work here. I carry a badge. My name's Friday.  The story you are about to see is true; the names have been changed to protect the innocent."  Snopes fact checked and indicated that he never actually said, "Just the facts, ma'am." 

29. Vietnamese New Year: TET.

30. Abu Dhabi's federation: Abbr.: UAEUnited Arab Emirates.   "The Trucial States of the Persian Gulf coast granted the UK control of their defense and foreign affairs in 19th century treaties. In 1971, six of these states - Abu Dhabi, 'Ajman, Al Fujayrah, Ash Shariqah, Dubayy, and Umm al Qaywayn - merged to form the United Arab Emirates (UAE). They were joined in 1972 by Ra's al Khaymah." -  The World Factbook.

31. GPS suggestion: RTE. Route

32. Found really groovy: DUG.  Feeling groovy.

33. Antipollution org.: EPA. Environmental Protection Agency

34. Nintendo game console since 2006: WII.

35. Slithery swimmer: EEL.

37. Pure joy: GLEE.

38. '50s Red Scare gp.: HUACHouse Un-American Activities Committee.

39. Souvlaki meat: LAMB.  Souvlaki is an ancient Greek word meaning skewer.  I think of kebabs.

40. Bad to the bone: EVIL.

44. __-Ball: midway game: SKEE.

45. Two-time Oscar winner Swank: HILARY.

46. Luau dances: HULAs.

47. Discharge: EMIT.

48. Spiny desert bloomers: CACTI.

49. "We're live!" studio sign: ON AIR.

50. Liam's "Schindler's List" role: OSKAR.

51. Marshy grasses: REEDs.

52. Cosmetician Lauder: ESTEE.

53. Like a chimney sweep: SOOTY.

57. Sit for a picture: POSE.   I wonder if she was part of the family ?  Or just happened to be sitting there ?

59. Cultural funding org.: NEA. National Endowment for the Arts. 

60. Beaver's output: DAM. "Gee, Wally..."

61. Altar vow: I DO. Thought I DOs were "Words between partners" in Greg Johnson's Saturday stumper. Nope, it was ANDS. 

62. Prom rental: TUX. Tennessee Tuxedo didn't need to rent a tux.  Here shown with his friend Chumley, who went on to stardom on Pawn Stars.

The grid:

Aug 28, 2018

Tuesday, August 28, 2018 Joe Deeney

Fish Stories - You should have seen the one that got away ! 

20. Place at the track?: FINISH SECOND.

28. Hard-to-fold bed linens: FITTED SHEETS.

44. Senior British military rank: FIELD MARSHAL.

55. Phrase including hand gestures symbolized by the puzzle circles:  IT WAS THIS BIG

OK, these fish weren't hidden very well, especially given the circles, but (and I hope you saw it),  if you count the letters between FI and SH,  you'll notice that the distance is increasing by 2 each time.   The span from the head to the tail of the fish is getting progressively bigger !  Like those "Top this !" fish stories.   Neat !

I believe this to be a debut for Joe Deeney at the LA TIMES Crossword.   I didn't struggle to complete the puzzle, but did have to check or fill in perps to get more answers than usual.


1. Uneducated guess: STAB.

5. Recreation in which players become characters, for short: RPGSRole Playing Games.  Know what they are, but have never been in or played one.

9. Get rid of: SCRAP.

14. Word before or after brand: NAME.  McDonald's is a name brand in the fast food industry.  The Big Mac is a McDonald's brand name.  Not a fan, but McDonald's will do in a pinch.  Haven't had a Big Mac since I was a preteen, so about 50 years.  Eins ist genug !   Test your Drive-Thru Diet.    Anyway, as you know, many brand names get adopted into our everyday language, such as kleenex, scotch tape, popsicles, q-tips and chapstick.

15. Rooty Tooty Fresh 'N Fruity chain: IHOP.
 16. Pup: POOCH.

17. Figure skating leap: AXEL.

18. Launched at great speed: CATAPULTED.

22. Calf's suckling spot: UDDER

23. Stuntman Knievel: EVEL.  Watched the documentary Being Evel  about him a few weeks ago.  That guy was nuts. 

24. Lioness of film: ELSA.

31. Airport rental: CAR.

34. Have title to: OWN.

35. Mexican pyramid builder: AZTEC.

36. Herb in Italian seasoning: OREGANO.

39. Lively, musically: UPTEMPO.  Unlike "old country," many "new country" hits have more of an upbeat, uptempo, almost pop sound. 

41. Ready to bloom: IN BUD.

42. No. on a grad's résumé: GPA

43. Va. winter hours: EST

49. Unload for cash: SELL

50. Yale students: ELIs.

51. "Better in Time" singer Lewis: LEONA.  No idea. 118M views of this YouTube:

58. Russian ballet company, familiarly: THE BOLSHOI.

61. Deadly shark: MAKO.  Typed in orca.  Typed over with MAKO.  No smudges or wite-out needed.

62. Bad-tempered: SURLY.

63. Mario __: Nintendo racing game series: KART.  Had to let perps solve it.

64. "It's my time to shine!": I'M ON.

65. Leg joints: KNEES.

66. Iowa State city: AMES

67. Screwball: ZANY.


1. Major mess: SNAFU. Situation Normal - All Fouled Up

2. No. on an IRS form: TAX ID.

3. Make changes to: AMEND.

4. "You are beyond __!": "Incredible!": BELIEF.

5. High in calories: RICH

6. Early stage of a clinical trial: PHASE TWO.

7. Avenged a wrong: GOT EVEN.   Getting even is not a good way to live a life, but it is a plot line of many westerns.

8. Completely forgot, in slang: SPACED.

9. Created, as a web: SPUN.

10. Portmanteau brand for flu symptoms: COLDEEZE.  Never used it.  May have seen a commercial.  Perps needed.

11. Nonsense: ROT.  URL Rot is one term for when you try to link to a page that no longer exists.

12. Blackjack half: ACE. Had to check perps.  Could have been ten.

13. Scholar's deg.: PHD.

19. Campaign pros: POLS. Politicians.

21. __ Lanka: SRI.

25. "I got this": LET ME

26. Dance moves: STEPS.

27. Fancy necktie: ASCOT.

29. Truck weight unit: TON.

30. Fedora, e.g.: HAT.

31. Elaborate dos: COIFS.

32. Golfer Palmer, to fans: ARNIE.   Fierce competitor.  Adored by his fans, who became known as "Arnie's Army."

33. Billy Idol's "__ Yell": REBEL.  I like the song. Probably the only one in this crowd that does.

37. Easily fooled: GULLIBLE.

38. Use an abacus: ADD.

39. FedEx Office alternative: UPS STORE.  The local UPS Store was opened as "Mail Boxes Etc" but then rebranded to The UPS Store.  Officially,  the article The is part of the trademarked name.   

40. Dismissive sound: PAH.  Or a tuba sound.  Hi Abejo !

42. "A Time to Kill" novelist John: GRISHAM.  Most of his book titles start with an A.

45. Kitten cry: MEWL.  I started with meow. 

46. "North to the Future" state: ALASKA

47. Actor Mahershala of Netflix's "Luke Cage": ALI.  Remembered his name from the last time.

48. B'way show with the song "Valjean's Confession": LES MIZ.  Never heard of the song, but the perps made it the only possible answer.

52. 44th president: OBAMA.

53. Canon competitor: NIKON.  Canon, hmm. Camera or copier/printer device ?  Epson (printer brand)  will be the answer on another day. 

54. Terrible pain: AGONY.   Also, the name of one of the three hills that basic training soldiers marched up and down at Ft Knox.  The other two were Misery and Heartbreak.  I believe we did a 20 mile and 15 mile night march.  Grueling in combat boots with all the gear. 

56. Hasbro specialty: TOYS

57. Oldies, in their day: HITS.  Song hits.

58. "Shame on you!": TSK

59. Attila the __: HUN.

60. Bard's "before": ERE.

Aug 21, 2018

Tuesday, Aug 21, 2018 Paul Coulter


17. *Top dog: BIG CHEESE.  Bighead - I've heard it used most often by children.  A conceited person.  Cheesehead - Can be used affectionately or derogatorily to refer to a Wisconsinite or Packer-backer.

39. *Beef: RED MEAT. Redhead.  A ginger.  Hello Scotland and Ireland ! Rusty Staub was known as Le Grande Orange.  Also, in the trades, a brand of concrete anchors.  Meathead - A stupid person. Archie Bunker's nickname for son-in-law Michael Stivic.  Rusty was not a meathead.  He learned French after being traded to the Montreal Expos.

11. *Equestrian's path: HORSE TRAIL.  Horsehead.   The opposite end from a horse's ass.  Served with a guy from Horseheads, NY. Smart guy.  Hi Merlin ! Trailhead - That's where hiking, biking, horseback riding, off roading adventures and cattle drives start. 

28. *Undeliverable bit of mail: DEAD LETTER.  Deadhead. To prune the spent blooms from your flowers.  Also, driving your semi (tractor trailer) without a load.  Oh, and of course, a Grateful Dead fan.    Letterhead.  The heading or leading page of formal correspondence, usually containing company logo, name address etc.

62. Racer's advantage ... and what each part of the answers to starred clues can be: HEAD START.

Paul comes back to visit with today's puzzle.  Easier than last Friday's puzzle.  He has something for everyone, and every skill level !


1. Big butte: MESA.  Butte comes to us from French, meaning mound. Mesa comes from Spanish, meaning table.   Buttes are smaller than mesas. 

5. Michael of "Superbad": CERA.   This guy.  Superbad was a 2007 "coming of age" movie.  Not familiar with either.

 9. Timetable: Abbr.: SCHED.  ule.

14. Cartel acronym: OPEC. Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries

15. Gravy base: ROUX.  Fat and flour, and get creative from there.

16. Writing that isn't poetry: PROSE.

19. Surrounding glows: AURAE. Had auras at first until deep dish pizza mandated the e.

20. Chicken: SCARED

21. Prepares to serve, as melon: SLICES UP.  Gallagher used the Sledge-O-Matic.

23. Textbook division: UNIT.  A standard standard.

25. Stadium attendance counter, perhaps: STILE.  I know them as turnstiles.  Hey, that's why the perhaps is in the clue !

26. Fill with freight: LADE.  From Dutch and German laden.

29. Spam producer, for short: BOT.   A Spam Robot, or Spambot, or just plain Bot.
The other Spam producer, Hormel,  just sold one its two US processing plants that makes Spam.   The Fremont, Nebraska processing plant has been sold to a group of Minnesota and South Dakota farmers, dba Wholesale Farms, and has announced intentions to locate their execs and HQs there.  Husker Gary would know about this. 

31. Squabbles: SET TOs

34. Versatile blackjack cards: ACES.  Can be used as ones or elevens. 

35. Hibernation spot: LAIR.

37. Egg cream ingredient: SYRUP.  Now this was interesting to me.  I've never heard of an egg cream.  It's similar to a milkshake, and got its start in NYC, but is also well-known in Detroit and New Orleans. 

38. Former "Great American Baking Show" co-host Vardalos: NIA.  She of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" fame.  A lovely person.

41. Azores' ocean: Abbr.: ATL.  Or the Braves (Atlanta), on scoreboards.  In this case, it's the abbr. for Atlantic.

42. Build an extension on: ADD TO.  Husker Gary should expect to see a decrease in his property taxes after the new Costco plant gets built and execs for Whole Farms move into town and ADD TO the tax base.  I think that's how it's supposed to work.  The clue today is in the sense of a building addition.  We know that as an ell in crossword fill. 

44. Strong desires: YENS.

45. Verdi princess who sings "O patria mia": AIDA. Six years ago,  Verdi and Aida would have left me in the dark.  Now, thanks to hundreds of solves, I know this crossword staple.

46. Specks in the sea: ISLETS.  Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton had a # 1 hit song with Islands in the Stream.

48. __ room: play area: REC.

49. Mail opening in a door: SLOT.  Remember that scene from Home Alone where McCauley Culkin looked through the mail slot ?

50. Big name in stationery: EATON

54. Very brave: INTREPID.

57. South Florida city: NAPLES.  Too bad about the red tide. 

61. Away from the office: NOT IN.

64. Prepare to talk to a child, maybe: KNEEL.

65. Doing nothing: IDLE

66. Comparison words: IS TO.

67. "My bad": SORRY.  "No problem"

68. Show the way: LEAD.  Anyone remember the book, Jump Off the Cliff,  by Hugo Furst ?

69. Enjoy, as gum: CHEW.  Enjoy, as gossip: Chew the fat.


1. Black Friday crowds: MOBS.  Not once.  Never.   Wild horses.

2. Grand-scale tale or grand-scale fail: EPIC

3. Arcade name: SEGA. Tie in with  52A. "__ #1!": winners' cry: WE'RE.  SEGA had 213 arcade games;  Atari had 117.  

4. Builds up: ACCRUESthe ability of something to accumulate over time, and is most commonly used when referring to the interest, income or expenses - Investopedia.

5. Trustworthy: CREDIBLE.  Investopedia is a credible financial dictionary.

6. Non-discrimination letters: EOE.  Equal Opportunity Employment (or Employer).

7. Former Wisconsin senator Feingold: RUSS.

8. Skating jumps: AXELS.  OK, now here is a really good article that explains each of the skating jumps, along with GIFs showing them being accomplished. 

9. Most ditzy: SPACIEST.  Goldie Hawn persona on Laugh-In

10. The "C" of SPCA: CRUELTY.  Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

12. Jacob's twin brother: ESAU.

13. __-dish pizza: DEEP.  Fold your laundry, not your pizza.

18. Farm squawker: HEN.

22. "Live from New York, __ 'Saturday Night!'": IT'S.    A nice collection:

24. Apple-polisher: TOADY.

26. Hawaiian island: LANAI.

27. Litmus reddeners: ACIDS.

30. Oven buzzer: TIMER.

32. Perform better than: OUTDO.

33. Wet impact sound: SPLAT.

36. Extend a subscription: RENEW

39. In a nasty manner: ROTTENLY.

40. Climbed: ASCENDED.  Ascend.  Middle English: from Latin ascendere, from ad- ‘to’ + scandere ‘to climb.’ 

43. Needing more tissues, probably: TEARIER.

45. Sterile: ASEPTIC.  "a" and "an" as prefixes to Greek base words means no, without, not having, free of, or not.   English adopted those as prefixes to many words that originated in other languages as well, with the same purpose.

Then we have  "a"  as a prefix from an Old English root, which meant on, toward, to, or into.  So we get words like ablaze (on) and asunder (to).

So aseptic and asocial mean free of septic and not social , and we have words like afire and ablaze, meaning on, and asea meaning....  Well, never mind, I'm going to stop before I go awry.  

47. Soak (up), as gravy: SOP.  

51. Nothing, in Latin: NIHIL.

53. Univ. dorm overseers: RAs.  Resident Advisor or Resident Assistant.

54. Calligraphy supplies: INKS.

55. Taboo: NO NO.

56. "__ Dinah": 1958 Frankie Avalon hit: DEDE.  No clue.  Thank you perps.

58. Eyelid hair: LASH.

59. One-named Deco artist: ERTE.  Romain de Tirtoff.    Better study the name and spelling.  It might come up in a crossword someday.

60. Stash in a hold: STOW.


63. Pie __ mode: A LA.  Hot apple pie with cold vanilla ice cream melting on top is a favorite dessert in this household.