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Nov 14, 2017

Tuesday, November 14, 2017 ~ Janice Luttrell

Theme: Commonality - The reveal shows how the target word, FLAT, can be FINNISHed by the first word of the starred answers.

16A. *2010 Grammy winner for Best Metal Performance: IRON MAIDEN. Flat iron.

39A. *TV cooking competition hosted by Padma Lakshmi: TOP CHEF. Flat top.

10D. *Started a construction project: BROKE GROUND. Flat broke.

24D. *Money-saving investment accounts: TAX SHELTERS. Flat tax.

59A. Paint choice ... and what the first word of the answers to starred clues can literally be: FLAT FINISH

Argyle here. Janice has a nice Tuesday level offering. Classic pinwheel grid.


1. Fancy pillowcase: SHAM. What is a sham? Here

5. Not as expensive: LESS

9. Stats for sluggers: RBIs

13. Lotto variant: KENO

14. Actress Davis played by Susan Sarandon in TV's "Feud": BETTE. "Feud" was a television series on FX.

15. "Alice's Restaurant" singer Guthrie: ARLO

18. Opinion sampling: POLL

19. 2,000 pounds: TON

20. French possessive: SES. French - his.

21. __-Ball: midway game: SKEE

22. Discreetly, in slang: ON THE DL. "On the down low" unfortunately, has a sexual slang meaning. LIU, if you want.

26. Nag, nag, nag: PESTER

28. Black-eyed __: PEAs

29. Electrified particle: ION

31. Without an escort: STAG

32. Bygone Honda sports car: CR-X

                         Full race mode.

33. Impassive type: STOIC

35. Dry-sounding deodorant brand: ARRID

38. ICU drips: IVs

41. Sch. in Columbus: OSU. Ohio State University--Columbus, OH. We recently had the OSU in Corvallis, OR.

                              Wexner Medical Center

42. Tiny laugh: TE-HEE. I prefer TEE-HEE.

44. Bundle of papers: SHEAF

45. Put into service: USE

46. Airline to Tel Aviv: EL AL

48. Flub it: ERR

49. Letter-shaped hardware item: T-NUT

50. Sinuous ski race: SLALOM

52. Gets in the way of: IMPEDES

54. H.S. exams: SATs. Paper-based standardized test, originally called the Scholastic Aptitude Test, now just S A T.

55. Dripping: WET

57. SEAL's org.: USN

58. Tech news site: CNET

64. Longfellow's "The Bell of __": ATRI

65. Standoffish: ALOOF

66. Just sitting around: IDLE

67. Pear variety: BOSC

    Alright, who's the wise guy?

68. Mix, as a salad: TOSS

69. What Simon does: SAYS


1. Word before bum or bunny: SKI

2. "Tell __ About It": Billy Joel hit: HER

3. "That's __-brainer!": A NO

4. Wall calendar pages: MONTHS

5. Welcoming prop on "Hawaii Five-O": LEI

6. Scheduled takeoff hrs.: ETDs

7. Opposite of cheap: STEEP

8. Taste and touch, e.g.: SENSES

9. Nas or Nelly: RAP STAR

11. More green around the gills: ILLER. Ugh!

12. Shoe bottom: SOLE

14. Old Western villain: BANDITO

17. "The Simpsons" bartender: MOE

22. Footnote ref.: OP CIT. "in the work cited."

23. __-racking: very stressful: NERVE

25. Belt holders: LOOPS

27. Chief of __: Army leader: STAFF

30. Wall recess: NICHE

33. Make off with: STEAL

34. Sorbonne sweetie: CHERI. Mon ami.

36. Point to debate: ISSUE

37. Collaborative 1993 Sinatra album: DUETS

40. Half a winter warmer: EARMUFF

43. Stretchy: ELASTIC

47. Like 1% milk: LOW FAT

49. Wimbledon sport: TENNIS

50. __ Domingo: Dominican capital: SANTO

51. __ Yello: soft drink: MELLO

53. 23rd Greek letter: PSI

54. Picket line crosser: SCAB

56. New Mexico town known for its art scene: TAOS

60. Lean-__: shacks: TOs

61. Wash. neighbor: IDA.

62. Tricky: SLY

63. Guys: HEs


Nov 7, 2017

Tuesday, November 7, 2017 ~ Andrew Sand

Theme: Eco-Puzzle - Sort out the letters found in the circles to get three main recycling components.

20A. Three Stooges movie, e.g.: SLAPSTICK FILM. Plastic.

25A. Induction cooktop alternative: NATURAL GAS STOVE. Glass.

47A. Fluffy dessert: CHOCOLATE MOUSSE. Metal.

53A. Eco-friendly request ... and a hint to sorting out the aptly circled letters: PLEASE RECYCLE

Argyle here with a new guy. Two grid spanning entries. Some new stuff but a lot of recycled crosswordese. Andrew, if I have found the right one, was a student at North Dakota State University and has been making crossword puzzles for some time. A good debut.


1. Like dorms for both men and women: CO-ED

5. Military sch.: ACAD. (academy)

9. Fall in folds: DRAPE

14. Chomp: BITE

15. Swimmer's path: LANE

16. More cold and wet, weatherwise: RAWER. This coming week's weather.

17. Serb or Croat: SLAV

18. "Liberal" pursuits: ARTS

19. Can't stop loving: ADORE

23. Michigan or Mead: LAKE

24. Update from a pilot, for short: ETA. (estimated time of arrival)

33. Double-reed woodwinds: OBOEs

34. "What did you say?": "HUH?". "The oboes were too loud."

35. Key with one sharp: Abbr.: E-MIN

36. Light brown: TAN

37. Driver's license test: EYE EXAM

41. Post-OR area: ICU. (intensive care unit)

42. Three-pronged Greek letters: PSIs

44. Buffet table coffee server: URN

45. River mammal: OTTER

51. Eisenhower's nickname: IKE

52. Hip '60s Brits: MODS

59. Vonnegut literary device: IRONY. Vonnegut published 14 novels, three short story collections, five plays, and five works of non-fiction.

60. Enterprise captain born 3/22/2233: KIRK. Star Trek (no relation to Penny.)

61. Puts on TV: AIRS

63. Low card: DEUCE

64. Lawn border: EDGE

65. Finger or toe part: NAIL

66. Chose (to): OPTED

67. Evidence of ownership: DEED

68. Community org. known by its first letter: YMCA. (Young Men's Christian Association)


1. "Kevin Can Wait" network: CBS. I've never watched it. Is there a reason the title seems to be a riff on "Heaven Can Wait", the Warren Beatty film?

2. Lubricates: OILS

3. Bibliography list shortener: Abbr.: ET AL.

4. Reduce monetarily: DEVALUE

5. Denali National Park state: ALASKA

6. Price-fixing syndicate: CARTEL

7. Against: ANTI

8. Fam. tree member: DESC. (descendant)

9. NFL player selection events: DRAFTS

10. Give off: RADIATE

11. GI on the run: AWOL. Still on the lam!

12. Curly salon job: PERM

13. Before, in verse: ERE

21. Analyze grammatically: PARSE

22. One-named "We R Who We R" singer: KESHA. (Ke$ha)

25. Offensive to some, for short: NOT PC

26. Embarrass: ABASH

27. "Pagliacci" clown: TONIO

28. Treaty of __: War of 1812 ender: GHENT. Sure got our share of history today.

29. "La Cage __ Folles": AUX

30. Fails to include: OMITS

31. Bad habits: VICES

32. Accustom (to): ENURE

38. Winter holidays: YULES

39. __ of Good Feelings: ERA. The Era of Good Feelings marked a period in the political history of the US that reflected a sense of national purpose and a desire for unity among Americans in the aftermath of the War of 1812.

40. In a funk: MOODY

43. Bill Nye's field: SCIENCE. What a guy!

46. Florence's region: TUSCANY

Montepulciano, Tuscany

48. Approved: OKAYED

49. Come to light: EMERGE

50. Made fun of: MOCKED

53. Practice for the GMAT, e.g.: PREP. GMAT - Graduate Management Admission Test.

54. Ill-mannered sort: LOUT

55. Struggled to make, with "out": EKED

56. Taxi trip: RIDE

57. Neeson of "Kinsey": LIAM. 2004 biographical film.

58. Idle of Monty Python: ERIC

59. Wedding vow words: I DO

62. Patty Hearst's abductors: Abbr.: SLA. (Symbionese Liberation Army)


Oct 31, 2017

Tuesday, October 31, 2017 ~ Jeffrey Wechsler

Theme: P*TT - Three constant consonants with five progressive vowels.

18. "Evita" Tony-winning actress: PATTI LUPONE"New Argentina"(5:16) More morons at 0:40.

25. Coast Guard rank: PETTY OFFICER

37. Roberto Clemente, notably: PITTSBURGH PIRATE

48. Ceramics shaper: POTTER'S WHEEL

59. Tinker in the workshop: PUTTER ABOUT

BOO! Argyle here. A diagonal solvers puzzle, but upper right to lower left. Maine to California. Washington and Florida are isolationists with just a one square connection to the rest of the puzzle.
FLASH: Husker Gary pointed out that the first vowel of the second word is regressive, U thru A. Coincidence, I think not.


1. Capital of Poland: WARSAW

7. Actress Moore: DEMIIMDb

11. Dick and Jane's dog: SPOT

15. Tropical lizard: IGUANA

16. Large-scale: EPIC

17. Vagrant: HOBO

20. __-ran: ALSO

21. Diminutive suffix: ETTE

22. Fort full of gold: KNOX

23. Guitarist Clapton: ERIC

24. Spanish king: REY

29. Prefix with sol: AERO CAN

30. Flight height: Abbr.: ALT. (altitude)

31. Ambient music pioneer Brian: ENO

32. Rural road surface: DIRT

34. Carpal or tarsal lead-in: META. Bones of the hands or feet.

36. Prilosec target: ACID. Prilosec is made by AstraZeneca.

41. "__-daisy!": UPSY

42. Approximately: OR SO

43. Small fishing boat: DORY

44. D.C. United's org.: MLS. (Major League Soccer)

45. Sweetie pie: HON

46. Urge: PROD

52. 34-Down, in Toledo, Sp.: SRA. 34-Down. 52-Across, in Toledo, OH: MRS.

55. Naturalist John: MUIR

56. "__ Lang Syne": AULD

57. Truant GI: AWOL

58. Fatherly nickname: PAPA

62. Move a bit: STIR

63. "__, Brute?": ET TU

64. Not inclined (to): AVERSE

65. Meat safety org.: USDA. ( United States Department of Agriculture)

66. Loch with a mystery: NESS

67. Blowtorch user: WELDER


1. Windshield cleaner: WIPER but sometimes 17-Across.

2. Striped quartz: AGATE

3. Like old wagon trails: RUTTY

4. Appease, as hunger: SATE

5. Smart game-show vowel purchase for "F_LM CR_T_C": AN 'I'. It would be smarter to solve it unless the player wanted to gamble on one more spin.

6. "The Color Purple" author Alice: WALKER

7. Bus terminus: DEPOT

8. Modeling glue: EPOXY

9. 60 secs.: MIN.

10. Devils' playing surface, ironically: ICE. The New Jersey Devils are a pro ice hockey team in Newark, NJ. Ironic in the sense devils come from a very hot place. Watch out for little devils tonight!

11. Puppeteer Lewis: SHARI, with Lamb Chop, puppet.

12. Patrol vehicle: POLICE CAR. {One Adam Twelve, see the man...}

13. Target of captioning censorship: OBSCENITY

14. "That's __ bad": TOO

19. "Do __ others ... ": UNTO

23. Young salamander: EFT. Crossword and Scrabble staple.

25. Caresses, as a dog: PETS

26. Inaugural recitation: OATH

27. Envelope part: FLAP

28. Used a bike: RODE

29. Superficially cultured: ARTY

32. Embassy workers: DIPLOMATS

33. "What a harebrained idea!": "IT'S STUPID!"

35. Self-esteem: EGO

36. Retired Yankee slugger, to fans: A-ROD

37. Gas station machine: PUMP

38. Crude dude: BOOR

39. Catering coffeepots: URNS

40. Big screen star: IDOL

45. Ship's pronoun: HER

46. One-named soccer great: PELÉ

47. Change, as map details: REDRAW

49. Sparkly crown: TIARA

50. Light bulb units: WATTS

51. Many Rwandans: HUTUs

52. See 59-Down: SWORD

53. Shake awake: ROUSE

54. Change: ALTER

57. Brother of Cain: ABEL

58. Nittany Lions' sch.: PSU. (Pennsylvania State University)

59. It's mightier than the 52-Down, so they say: PEN

60. 4 x 4, for short: UTE. (utility vehicle)

61. Blvd.: AVE.. Streets.


Oct 24, 2017

Tuesday, October 24 2017, C.C. Burnikel


59. Showing embarrassment ... or what the circles in three puzzle answers are literally doing : TURNING RED

18. Big commotion : HURLY BURLY. RUBY

28. It has only two possible answers : YES OR NO QUESTION. ROSE

46. Start of a teaching moment from grandpa : WHEN I WAS YOUR AGE. WINE

Melissa here. The "TURNING" made me expect an anagram - but after the first two circled answers were filled that was clearly not it. Turns out (see what I did there?), the circled letters, read backwards (turned), spell different shades of RED. So SLY, our C.C.


1. eBay sale condition : AS IS. Not USED.

5. Nasal spray, e.g. : MIST

9. Guiding values of a group : ETHOS. Not ETHIC.

14. Funnyman Jay : LENO

15. Actress Falco of "Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders" : EDIE

16. Bench-clearing fight : BRAWL

17. Indonesian resort island : BALI

20. Assists with a felony : ABETS

22. River near the Egyptian pyramids : NILE

23. Podcast interruptions : ADS

24. Taxable profit : NET GAIN

26. Julep ingredient : MINT. Traditionally served in a silver cup. History.

33. Enjoy a pizza, say : EAT

34. Summer shades : TANS

35. Hosp. diagnostic chamber : MRI

36. Performs like Drake : RAPS

39. Have a bug : AIL

40. Pedal pushers : FEET. Tripped me up, was thinking clothing.

41. Lifeboat mover : OAR

42. Like cellars, typically : DAMP

44. "The Blacklist" government agcy. : FBI. HUAC didn't fit.

52. Australian isl. state : TASM. Tasmania.

53. Chose from a menu : ORDERED

54. Refuse to share : HOG. Amusing clue.

55. Imitated : APED

58. Hindu sage : SWAMI

62. Not much : A BIT

63. Thorny plant : BRIAR

64. Like eyesores : UGLY.

65. Snippet of poetry : LINE

66. Platform for a play : STAGE

67. Get ready for a selfie : POSE

68. __-back: relaxed : LAID


1. Hudson River capital : ALBANY

2. Naval construction worker : SEABEE

3. Shoreline recesses : INLETS

4. "C'est la vie" : SO IT GOES. Makes me think of Linda Ellerbee, her famous sign-off line - and subsequent best-selling memoir. But also Kurt Vonnegut, and Billy Joel.

5. "I'm not impressed" : MEH

6. "Beats me" : I DUNNO

7. iPad voice-activated app : SIRI

8. Reveal : TELL

9. Fade away : EBB

10. One playing hooky : TRUANT

11. Difficulty, with "a" : HARD TIME. Not HARDSHIP.

12. Birds that can rotate their heads about 270 degrees : OWLS

13. Sneaky : SLY

19. Red Sea republic : YEMEN

21. Lee of desserts : SARA

25. QB's flub : INT. Not SAC.

27. Magazine unit: Abbr. : ISS

29. Ear cleaners : Q-TIPS

30. Carrier whose largest hub is O'Hare: Abbr. : UAL. The United Airlines stock exchange symbol is UAL, aka United Continental Holdings.

31. Mine extraction : ORE

32. Petty peeve : NIT

36. Information on a Broadway ticket : ROW

37. Satisfied sigh : AAH

38. University of South Africa city : PRETORIA

39. Org. for docs : AMA. Ohhh, doctors, not documents.

40. Computer network security system : FIREWALL

42. Bad-mouth : DIS

43. "Oh, drat!" : AW MAN

44. Word on a gift tag : FOR

45. Future blossoms : BUDS

47. "Get off my back!" : NAG NAG

48. Alpine songs : YODELS

49. "Lawrence of __" : ARABIA

50. The Twins of the Zodiac : GEMINI

51. Worked on text : EDITED

54. Injured : HURT

56. PC key used for scrolling : PGUP

57. "Logically, ... " : ERGO

59. Channel formerly called "Superstation" : TBS

60. Fury : IRE

61. Just For Men product : DYE

Note from C.C.:

Here is a new picture of  Melissa's beautiful granddaughter Jaelyn.  Those eyes!

Oct 17, 2017

Tuesday, October 17, 2017, Agnes Davidson & C.C. Burnikel

Theme: Play Fair

17A. Leg-strengthening exercise : CALF RAISE

35A. Aviator's military branch : AIR FORCE

42A. Altercation broken up by bouncers : BAR FIGHT. Not BAR BRAWL

11D. Big eater's fast-food request, maybe : EXTRA FRIES. One letter short of SUPERSIZE ME.

27D. Get the wood-burning stove going : START A FIRE

63A. Equitable treatment ... and what's literally found in each set of circles : FAIR SHAKE. The word SHAKE indicates an anagram.  Another joint effort by two of our own - congratulations!

1. Theater accessory : PROP

5. Home of the Pac-12's Bruins : UCLA

9. Ejects, as lava : SPEWS

14. Deflect, with "off" : FEND

15. Chunk of bacon : SLAB. Anyone else feeling hungry?

16. Like most income : TAXED

19. Prefix with violet : ULTRA

20. "Austin Powers" genre : SPYFI

21. Bath rug : MAT

22. Retired Yankee Jeter : DEREK

23. Suitcase tie-on : ID TAG

25. Supermodel Banks : TYRA

26. Silent speech syst. : ASL. American Sign Language

28. Pig Latin rejection : IX-NAY

30. Advanced lit. degrees : MFAS

33. Something to blow off or let off : STEAM

37. Actress Peeples : NIA

38. Spearheaded : LED

40. Pat softly : DAB

41. Party host's bucketful : ICE. First thought was apples.

45. More likely to be on Santa's good list : NICER

47. Penny-__: trivial : ANTE

48. In flight : ALOFT

50. Madrid mama bear : OSA

51. Swim __: do one full pool circuit : ALAP

53. Penne or ziti : PASTA. Know your pasta shapes.

55. Rapids runners : RAFTS

57. Nervous mannerism : TIC

58. Golden Arches pork sandwich : McRIB. No thanks. I'll stick with the bacon and what's coming up in 7D.

62. Self-storage rentals : UNITS

65. Creepy : EERIE

66. Like __ of sunshine : A RAY

67. All square : EVEN

68. Cleaned with a broom : SWEPT

69. Country's Lovett : LYLE

70. Pants rear : SEAT


1. USMC one-stripers : PFCS. Private First Class.

2. "As ye sow, so shall ye __" : REAP

3. Sole : ONLY. Not LONE.

4. Email attachment format : PDF FILE

5. Country with an eagle on its Great Seal: Abbr. : USA

6. Story's high point : CLIMAX

7. Layered noodle dish : LASAGNA. More noodles. Should have waited for the perp - entered an E at the end first.

8. Distract the security guards for, say : ABET

9. Book-lined room : STUDY

10. Sicily's capital : PALERMO

12. Used to be : WERE

13. Mt. Rushmore's state : SDAK

18. Free (of) : RID

24. Interval : TIME GAP

25. Ruthless rulers : TYRANTS

26. From Laos, e.g. : ASIAN

29. Help out : AID

31. Capital of Ghana : ACCRA. Good crossword fill.

32. Observe : SEE

34. Woodcutter Baba : ALI

36. J. Edgar Hoover Building org. : FBI

37. Pro hoops gp. : NBA

39. Global shipping company : DHL

43. Sharpie feature : FELT TIP

44. Horticultural art : TOPIARY

46. Athletic instructors : COACHES

49. Spa beauty treatment : FACIAL

52. Valuable holding : ASSET

54. Many corp. logos : TMS. Trademarks.

55. Regrets : RUES

56. Once again : ANEW

57. Giant in nonstick pans : T-FAL

59. "Don't miss it" review : RAVE

60. Swedish furniture maker : IKEA

61. Like knees when squatting : BENT

64. Manhattan whiskey : RYE


Oct 10, 2017

Tuesday, October 10, 2017 ~ Samuel A. Donaldson

Theme: Homophones. Five of them; enough for a limerick, eh?

17A. Legendary terror of the deep: SEA MONSTER

36A. Honor roll student's disappointment: C-PLUS

54A. "Doesn't matter to me": "SEE IF I CARE"

11D. "Forget You" singer who was a coach on "The Voice": CEE LO GREEN

27D. "Aye, lass," in Acapulco: "SI, SENORITA"

Argyle here. That last one; I picture Scotty from Star Trek beamed down into Mexico. A nice mix of wheelhouses in a classic pinwheel grid. Several CSO's.


1. Pet adoption agcy.: SPCA. (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)

5. West Indies tribe for which a sea is named: CARIB. Doubling the ending 'b' of Carib and adding -ean makes it an adjective, Caribbean Sea, as well as a noun.

10. "Rhyme Pays" rapper: ICE-T. This is the intro to his "Rhyme Pays" album, here.(6:30)

14. Boxers Laila and Muhammad: ALIs

15. Carne __: burrito filling: ASADA

16. Benelux country: Abbr.: NETH. (Netherlands) Benelux is the union Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg.

19. __ blocker: BETA

20. Action hero Jason in three Ludlum novels: BOURNE. The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy, The Bourne Ultimatum

21. Swedish vodka brand: ABSOLUT

23. Material: CLOTH

25. Prefix with space: AERO

26. "__ the Sheriff": Clapton hit: I SHOTLive(8:28)

28. Under threat: IN DANGER

32. Like most people: ASIAN

33. Comic's perch: STOOL

34. Label for Elvis: RCA

35. "Supervixens" director Meyer: RUSS. Sexploitation films.

37. Fashion line: SEAM. Easy to overthink it.

38. Author's ending?: IZE. (authorize) Good misdirection.

39. Celebrated chef Ducasse: ALAIN. French.

40. Copycats: APERS

41. Lovers of wordplay: PUNSTERS

43. Get big on Twitter: TREND

44. Gumbo pod: OKRA

45. Sierra Nevada lake: TAHOE

47. Ginger's "Gilligan's Island" hutmate: MARY ANN. (Dawn Wells)

50. Repaired, as a fence: MENDED

53. Awesome, nowadays: EPIC

57. Old film dog: ASTA. (Skippy)

58. "Family Matters" misfit: URKEL. (Jaleel White)

59. Mirror shape: OVAL

60. Quantum movement?: LEAP. It was a TV Series (1989–1993).

61. Body of verse: POESY

62. Sunday benches: PEWS


1. Airline to Oslo: SAS. (Originally an abbreviation of its former name Scandinavian Airlines System or legally Scandinavian Airlines System Denmark–Norway–Sweden)

2. Working-class Roman: PLEB

3. Padua parting: "CIAO"

4. Even though: AS MUCH AS

5. Lacks what it takes to: CANNOT

6. Equipment, in a ledger: ASSET

7. Lab rodent: RAT

8. Brainstorm: IDEA

9. Rihanna's home country: BARBADOS. Rihanna, is a Barbadian singer, songwriter, and actress.

10. Congenital: INBORN. (existing from birth)

12. Caesar's last question: "ET TU?"

13. The one over there: THAT

18. Lightweight synthetic: ORLON

22. Elite Navy fighter: SEAL. ((SEa, Air, and Land))

24. Names given to an assassin: HIT LIST

26. Rodeo automaker: ISUZU

29. Sentence subject, usually: NOUN

30. Birthday greeting opened with a click: E-CARD

31. Ewes' guys: RAMS

32. Give it __: swing hard: A RIP

33. Prep for fight night: SPAR

36. Tidies: CLEANS UP

37. Radar gun user: SPEED COP. Not a term I'm familiar with.

39. Big name in razors: ATRA

40. Rice-__: A-RONI. The San Francisco treat!

42. Airport porter: SKYCAP

43. 1986 horror film in which a man becomes an insect: THE FLY. I liked the 1958 version better.

46. Female French friends: AMIEs

47. Repast: MEAL

48. Church area behind an altar: APSE

49. Detective Wolfe: NERO

51. Roof overhang: EAVE

52. Sketch: DRAW

55. Just get (by): EKE

56. Golf Hall of Famer Ernie: ELS


Oct 3, 2017

Tuesday, October 3, 2017 ~ Roland Huget

Theme: Let's Make A Deal!

42D. "Agreed!" ... and what can be said about the start of the answers to starred clues: "IT'S A DEAL!"

17A. *Boot camp newbie: RAW RECRUIT. Raw deal.

66A. *Defensible alibi: GOOD EXCUSE. Good deal.

11D. *Grand scheme of things: BIG PICTURE. Big deal.

29D. *It may be rational, in math: REAL NUMBER. Real deal.

Argyle here, dealing from the top of the deck. Roland makes a rare trip to the start of the week. It is a pinwheel but then again, it sort of looks like a Q.


1. Carpet thickness: PILE

5. Crowbar, basically: LEVER

10. Vanishing ski lift: T-BAR. More accurate than yesterday's clue.

14. Preemptive rescue op: EVAC. (Evacuation) Is the hurricane season over?

15. Wear down: ERODE

16. MasterCard rival: VISA

19. Not fer: AGIN. For and against.

20. Slap in the face: INSULT

21. Play the hand you were dealt: STAND PAT. 36-A. Starts the kitty: ANTEs

23. Smooth engine sound: [HUM]

25. __-Locka, Florida: OPA. Opa-tisha-wocka-locka (Seminole)

                               Historic City Hall.

26. Aetna's bus.: INS. (insurance)

27. Michelin product: CAR TIRE

31. Ancient vase in a museum, say: RELIC

33. Fuel-efficient Chevy: AVEO

34. Physics work unit: ERG. The erg is a unit of energy and work equal to 10−7 joules.

39. Truth stretcher: LIAR directly above 44-A. Untrue: FALSE

40. Nebula Award genre: SCI-FI. Awarded for the best science fiction or fantasy works of the previous calendar year.

43. Undiluted: PURE

46. Acquired: GOT

47. __ Minor: Little Bear: URSA

48. Chinese menu promise: NO MSG. (MonoSodium Glutamate)

51. Company co-founded by J.P. Morgan: US STEEL. Founded: 1901 by Andrew Carnegie, J. P. Morgan, Charles M. Schwab, Elbert Henry Gary.

53. "The Simpsons" disco guy: STU

55. Sport-__: 4 x 4: UTE. A utility vehicle.

56. 90 deg. at the North Pole, e.g.: LAT. (latitude)

57. Overly long and generally unproductive activity: TIME SINK. Related to "fun sponge"?

60. One of Santa's reindeer: DASHER. Time to start getting them back into shape.

65. "SOS" pop group: ABBA

68. Baked desserts: PIEs

69. Latest craze: MANIA

70. Ointment additive: ALOE

71. Tortoise racer: HARE

72. Spiritual guardian: ANGEL

73. Identity hider: MASK


1. Prefix with scope: PERI

2. Hall of Fame catcher Rodriguez: IVAN. Iván Rodríguez, "Pudge". In his career, he played for the Texas Rangers, Florida Marlins, Detroit Tigers, New York Yankees, Houston Astros and Washington Nationals. Wikipedia

3. Newton's motion trio: LAWS

4. Color of raw silk: ECRU

5. Professors' talks: LECTURES

6. Boot the ball: ERR

7. "Parlez-__ français?": VOUS. "Do you speak French?"

8. Manuscript fixer: EDITOR

9. Make another recording of: RETAPE. This is as dated as the T-bar.

10. Promo on the tube: TV AD

12. From China, say: ASIAN

13. Tirades: RANTS

18. Pre-college, briefly: ELHI. Grades 1 to 12. (ELementary and HIgh-school)

22. Simba's playmate: NALA. I'm not lion.

24. Defunct Ford division, for short: MERC. (Mercury)

27. Baby whale: CALF

28. Sports shoe brand: AVIA

30. Sculptor's subject: TORSO

32. Data to be processed: INPUT

35. Band tour booking: GIG

37. Highland tongue: ERSE

38. Close tightly: SEAL

41. Basketball transgression: FOUL

45. Grounded Aussie birds: EMUs

49. Mark of disgrace: STIGMA

50. Columbus, by birth: GENOAN 

        The Biosphere and the Porto Vecchio in Genoa.

52. Lay's chips-in-a-can brand: STAX. Pringles competition.

53. Dangerous bacterium: STAPH

54. Knee-to-ankle bone: TIBIA

58. Lessen, as pain: EASE

59. Skull Island ape: KONG. (King)

61. Rip-off: SCAM

62. Island dance: HULA

63. Those, in Mexico: ESOS

64. Cause serious nose-wrinkling: REEK

67. Stop working, as an engine: DIE


Note from C.C.:

Today dear Santa Argyle wrote his 800th blog post. Day after day, he's here for us. Thank you, Santa.