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Jan 16, 2018

Tuesday, January 16, 2018 ~ Roger & Kathy Wienberg

Theme: Petty Theft - Synonyms.

17. Delayed show of surprise: DOUBLE TAKE

23. "Frumious" beast in "Jabberwocky": BANDERSNATCH

38. Cosmetic surgery that removes bags: EYE LIFT

48. Eight-ball call: CORNER POCKET

60. Indicate willingness to date someone, on Tinder ... and an apt hint to the last part of 17-, 23-, 38- and 48-Across: SWIPE RIGHT. Words on the right are synonyms for SWIPE.

Argyle here and I have an alibi. I don't have a device that can be swiped. Can you swipe with a mouse?


1. Soaking spots: BATHS

6. Wile E. Coyote's supplier of iron bird seed: ACME. I'm not kidding. The Illustrated Catalog Of ACME Products.

10. Car ad no.: MSRP. (manufacturer's suggested retail price)

14. Cry during a winning streak: "I'M HOT!"

15. Stick in one's __: cause resentment: CRAW. Idiom.

16. Home furnishings giant: IKEA

19. River sediment: SILT

20. "Happy Motoring" company: ESSO

21. Philosopher Descartes: RENÉ

22. "Hamlet" courtier: OSRIC. A young courtier at Claudius's court. Rich and little more, he is affected in his speech and manner.

26. Suave: URBANE

29. Long, wriggly swimmers: EELS

30. "Rock-a-bye Baby" tree limb: BOUGH

31. "From the __ of Montezuma ... ": HALLS. Semper Fi.

34. Q's neighbor, on most keyboards: TAB

37. Tolkien creature: ELF

40. Program file ending: EXE

41. NFL official: REF

42. Graphic showing 50 sts.: US MAP

43. Central Florida city: OCALA

45. To be, to Caesar: ESSE

47. Wound like S-curves: SNAKED

53. Stubble remover: RAZOR

54. Big name in skin care: OLAY

55. Playbill listings: BIOs. SE corner gave me fits.

59. "Am __ early?": I TOO

62. Transmitted: SENT

63. Actress Campbell: NEVE. Quite active on the Corner of late.

64. Word before and after "de la": CRÈME. Best of the best.

65. Quarry: PREY

66. Tram loads: OREs

67. Madison Ave. pro: AD REP. AD MAN slowed me up.


1. __ one's time: wait: BIDE

2. "Famous" cookie man: AMOS. There is a short bio if you watch it on YouTube.

3. Therefore: THUS

4. Large, bindle-shaped purse: HOBOBAG. For all you bindlestiffs.

5. Abbr. on a Cardinal's cap: STL

6. Performed on stage: ACTED

7. "Whooping" marsh bird: CRANE

8. Manufacturer: MAKER

9. Flock female: EWE

10. Mass book: MISSAL. A missal is a liturgical book containing all instructions and texts necessary for the celebration of Mass throughout the year. - Aug 11, 2010 and Jan 30, 2014 Crossword Corner.

11. Beef often used in stir-fry: SKIRT STEAK

12. Thing of the past: RELIC

13. Pothole repair: PATCH

18. Fish-eating bird: ERNE

22. Brit's 14-pound equivalent: ONE STONE

24. Busch partner in beer: ANHEUSER

25. Starter starter: SELF

26. Lyft competitor: UBER

27. Playbill listing: ROLE

28. Minimal-conflict area: BUFFER ZONE. NOT the spot where you take your car after it has been washed and waxed.

31. Garment border: HEM

32. First state, alphabetically: Abbr.: ALA. Alabama

33. Impudence: LIP

35. Rod between wheels: AXLE

36. Necklace sphere: BEAD

39. River of Flanders: YSER

44. __ seat: advantageous spot: CATBIRD. Idiom.

46. High-and-mighty: SNOOTY

47. Breed of terrier: SKYE

48. Fruity dessert: CRISP

49. Wild West film: OATER

50. Remote button: POWER

51. Fruit that's black when fully ripe: OLIVE. Canned black olives have often been artificially blackened and may contain the chemical ferrous gluconate to improve the appearance. Acme olives?

52. Lighthouse locales: CAPES

56. Disney CEO Robert: IGER

57. "Good heavens!": "OH ME!"

58. Part of a recovery program: STEP

60. __-Caps: candy: SNO

61. Color TV pioneer: RCA


Jan 9, 2018

Tuesday, January 9, 2018 ~ Bruce Venzke & Gail Grabowski

Theme: TCOB - "Taking Care of Buisness"

17A. *Crimes of violence, e.g.: SERIOUS OFFENSES. Serious business.

23A. *Jungle gym: MONKEY BARS. Monkey business.

37A. *Not-so-humorous humerus spot: FUNNY BONE. Funny business.

54A. *Young boy's role model: BIG BROTHER. Big business.

61A. Fledgling enterprise ... and what the first word of the answers to starred clues can literally do: START-UP BUSINESS

Former businessman Argyle here. Great puzzle from Bruce and Gail. Two spanners and triple seven letter columns in all the corners. A few nuggets to crunch on.


1. Groups of orcas: PODs

5. Quaint "Holy moly!": "EGAD!"

9. Teases: JIVES. 1928, "to deceive playfully", like gibe but not as mean.

14. Scott Turow memoir: ONE L. Crossword staple, "The Turbulent True Story of a First Year at Harvard Law School"

15. Stubborn critter: MULE

16. Calendario page: ENERO. Spanish for this month, the one named after Janus.

20. School sport, or its setting: TRACK

21. Inheritance recipient: HEIR

22. "Singin' in the Rain" dance style: TAP. What a production number! I found this tidbit: "The title number, filmed on a street set two blocks long on the MGM backlot, took seven days to film, with six hours of fake rain each day. The water was mixed with milk to make it show better on camera, but the mixture made Kelly’s wool suit shrink. The perpetually drenched Kelly had a bad cold and fever the whole time. Dancers Gwen Verdon, Jeanne Coyne, and Carol Haney dubbed Kelly’s tap sounds and splashing noises in post-production." >Huffington Post<


26. Operatic princess: "AIDA". Verdi opera.

27. Mo. with no holidays: AUG. (August) But there are some observances. Link

28. Patriotic org. since 1890: DAR. (Daughters of the American Revolution)

29. Lightly colored: TINGED

31. Fraction of a min.: NSEC. (nanosecond) A very small fraction of a minute, I'd say.

33. Go quickly: RUSH

36. Golden __: seniors: AGERS

40. Formal will?: SHALL. A small misdirection, following 'seniors'.

43. Trampled (on): TROD

44. Doesn't keep up: LAGS

48. Lightweight straw hat: PANAMA

50. Swiffer product: MOP. Any personal reviews?

52. Divide before the deal: CUT

53. Departure notice?: OBIT

58. Game with matchsticks: NIMLink

59. "Catch a Falling Star" singer Perry: COMO

60. Verdi opera "__ Miller": LUISA. Not seen here nearly as much,if at all, as "Aida". Wiki link.

65. __ limits: extremes: OUTER

66. The life of Riley: EASE

67. Folk singer Burl: IVES. Too late for one of his many Christmas songs.

68. Snorkeling spots: REEFs

69. Inventor's spark: IDEA

70. Formally surrender: CEDE


1. One who "rings twice," in an old film: POSTMAN. The Postman Always Rings Twice (1946 film) A short clip.

2. Burdensome: ONEROUS

3. Drive up the wall: DERANGE

4. Smooth-talking: SLICK

5. Avian Aussie: EMU

6. Astronaut Grissom: GUS

7. "Welcome to Oahu!": "ALOHA!"

8. Schedule for later: DEFER

9. Boo and hiss: JEER

10. Stopover with a "keeper": INN

11. Slight trace: VESTIGE

12. Barnes &amp; Noble Nook, for one: E-READER

13. Steel wool scrubbers: S.O.S PADS

18. Gave one's blessing to: OKed

19. It may be pumped in victory: FIST

24. Knitting need: YARN

25. Full force: BRUNT

26. Well-behaved tot: ANGEL

30. English golfer Poulter: IAN. Leaving no doubt he's English.

32. Key equivalent to B: C FLAT

34. Damascus is its cap.: SYR. (Syria)

35. Weapon in a 1952 test: H-BOMB

38. Einstein's birth city: ULM

39. Baking-soda-in-the-fridge target: ODOR

40. One buying time, perhaps: SPONSOR

41. Regular patron: HABITUÉ

42. Bring to life, as cartoons: ANIMATE

45. Accomplish: ACHIEVE

46. Acted desperately on "Jeopardy!," perhaps: GUESSED

47. German street: STRASSE

49. "__ Ben Adhem": ABOU

51. __ sci: POLI

55. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame architect: I.M. PEI

56. Spoil: GO BAD

57. Roman garment of yore: TUNIC

59. NBA big men: Abbr.: CTRs. (centers)

62. Whistler between baskets: REF

63. Take advantage of: USE

64. Beach house view: SEA


Jan 2, 2018

Tuesday, January 2, 2018 ~ John Lampkin

Theme: A Pressing Issue - if you want to look your best.

16A. Celebrate with abandon: LET OFF STEAM

27A. Lift a few weights: PUMP SOME IRON

46A. Sunday NBC public affairs show: "MEET THE PRESS"

60A. Like a shirt condition suggested by the ends of 16-, 27- and 46-Across: WRINKLE-FREE

Argyle here. For some reason, I was surprised to see a Lampkin puzzle. It doesn't appear to be a typical Lampkin puzzle either.


1. More hot under the collar: MADDER

7. Topper with a tassel: FEZ

10. Managed care gp.: HMO. (Health Maintenance Organization)

13. Repetitive World Cup cheer: OLÉ OLÉ

14. Commuter vehicle: AUTO

15. Alley __: OOP. Basketball play, comic strip, or this by The Hollywood Argyles.

18. Boring routine: RUT

19. Teen sleuth Nancy: DREW

20. Exchange for cash: SELL

21. Deep opera voice: BASSO

23. Razor sharpener: STROP

25. Corn serving: EAR

26. "Uh-huh": ISEE

31. "Wheel of Fortune" purchase: AN 'I'

34. High-priority task: MUST DO

35. __ Jones' locker: DAVY

36. Mob enforcer: HITMAN

38. Girls in the family: NIECES

40. Island off Tuscany: ELBA

41. Arts and __: summer camp activity: CRAFTS

45. Before, poetically: ERE

49. "The Well-Tempered Clavier" composer: BACH. Here is just a taste.

50. Long-armed primate: APE

51. Bit of prevention: OUNCEAn ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

55. Soak in the tub: BATHE

56. Ignoring, with "to": DEAF

58. Parliament member: LORD

59. Ride for Jesus on Palm Sunday: ASS

63. Edge of a glass: RIM

64. One shaken to seal a deal: HAND

65. Keen judgment: ACUMEN

66. SSW's opposite: NNE

67. Tweeter's "Wow!": OMG!

68. Parable messages: MORALS


1. Jell-O shapers: MOLDS

2. Warn: ALERT

3. Ward off: DETER

4. "Grease" music genre: DOO-WOP

5. Munchkin kin: ELF

6. Gridiron zebras: REFs

7. Nuclear reactor tube: FUEL ROD

8. H-like Greek vowel: ETA

9. "Shaun of the Dead" creature: ZOMBIE. Title is a riff on "Dawn Of The Dead".

10. Kentucky Derby, e.g.: HORSE RACE

11. Position the cursor without clicking: MOUSE OVER

12. Vision: Pref.: OPTO

14. "About time!": AT LAST!

17. Goes (through) slowly: SEEPS

22. "All kidding __ ... ": ASIDE

24. Saucony rival: PUMA. Athletic shoes.

28. Chew noisily: MUNCH

29. Three-card game: MONTE. A shell game played with three cards.

30. Wall St.'s "Big Board": NYSE. (New York Stock Exchange)The big shell game.

31. "Pardon me": "AHEM"

32. River drainage region that covers 11 African countries: NILE BASIN

33. "I haven't a clue!": "IT BEATS ME!"

37. Fire lighter: MATCH

39. "That __ awesome!": IS SO

42. Poetry performance: READING

43. Add as a supplement: APPEND

44. Flip (out): FREAK

47. "Pinball Wizard" band: THE WHO. From the rock opera "TOMMY".

48. Gunpowder element: SULFUR

52. Bellini opera: NORMANorma Synopsis.

53. Angler's basket: CREEL

54. Utopian places: EDENS

55. Place for a Deere, but not deer: BARN

57. Hoax: FLAM. Three-card montge.

61. Crash into: RAM

62. Green prefix: ECO


Dec 26, 2017

Tuesday, December 26, 2017 ~ Parikshit S. Bhat

Theme: Turning Circles - Take a word, rearrange the letters one at a time, moving the first one to the last one

18. Jamaican term for hot chocolate: COCOA TEA

22. Greek salad ingredient: GOAT CHEESE

34. Car accessory that may be faux leather: SEAT COVER

50. Glowing barbecue lump: RED HOT COAL

55. Traitor, and a literal hint to this puzzle's circles: TURNCOAT

Argyle here with Pari's third offering in LATland. Tinbeni will be happy.


1. Champagne cocktail: MIMOSA

7. Wrist-to-elbow bone: ULNA

11. Young newt: EFT

14. Prepared (oneself), as for a shock: BRACED

15. Be unsuccessful: FAIL

16. The "A" in 59-Across: ALE. 59A. Hoppy beer, for short: IPA. (India pale ale)

17. Dogs from Japan: AKITAs

20. Suffix with hip or tip: STER

21. Stormy weather sound: THUNDER

26. Board game cubes: DICE

27. French friend: AMI

28. "__-ho!": "Everybody lift together!": HEAVE

29. Scrutinized, with "over": PORED

30. __ majesty: high treason: LESE. Lèse-majesté: from Latin laesa majestas ‘injured sovereignty.’

32. Letter before omega: PSI

33. Leftover food bits: ORTS

38. Actor Brad: PITT

40. __ kwon do: TAE

41. Start of a magical chant: ABRA. ABRAcadabra.

45. Longed (for): PINED

46. Minor fight: SET-TO

48. Tyrannosaurus __: REX

49. Norwegian patron saint: OLAF

52. Records again: RETAPES

54. Wolf's cry: HOWL

57. Ex-Soviet leader Brezhnev: LEONID

60. Use a stopwatch for: TIME

61. Painter or sculptor: ARTIST

62. Cleopatra killer: ASP

63. Winter coaster: SLED

64. Balance sheet items: ASSETS


1. Management deg.: MBA. (Master of Business Administration)

2. Annoying: IRKSOME

3. Rum cocktails: MAI TAIs

4. Two foursomes: OCTET

5. Look online: SEARCH

6. App interruptions: ADs

7. Mixed martial arts org.: UFC. (Ultimate Fighting Championship)

8. "Tao Te Ching" philosopher: LAO TSE

9. Specialized market segment: NICHE

10. Baseball's Felipe or Moises: ALOU

11. Humbly accept blame: EAT DIRT

12. Swindles: FLEECES

13. Got emotional, with "up": TEARED

19. Republic between Spain and France: ANDORRA. Their web site.

22. __ pal: GAL

23. Air filter acronym: HEPA. (high-efficiency particulate air) filter.

24. Sunrise direction: EAST

25. Kicked out: EVICTED

29. Poet for whom the Edgar Awards are named: POE

31. Miami Sound Machine singer Gloria: ESTEFAN

35. Scheduled leaving hr.: ETD

36. Pledge: OATH

37. White House no: VETO

38. Multi-car collisions: PILE-UPs

39. Ensnared: IN A TRAP

42. Chocolate treat: BROWNIE

43. Practical thinker: REALIST

44. Rock singer Rose: AXL

45. "The Merchant of Venice" heiress: PORTIA

46. Opening word for Ali Baba: SESAME. Not the first word spoken but the word that got the
cave to open.

47. Unlisted stuff: OTHERS

50. Lubricate again: REOIL

51. Codgers: COOTS

53. Cuts for agts.: PCTs. %

56. Danson of "The Good Place": TED. Cheers!

57. Anaheim MLB team, in crawl lines: LAA. (Los Angeles Angels)

58. Souse's woe: DTs. (Delirium Tremens) When the pink elephants come to dance with you.


Note from C.C.:

Many regulars are aware that D-Otto and his wife make potato dumplings every Christmas. You can see his recipe here. Quite a challenging project.

Here is a great picture of D-Otto working on the dumplings yesterday. He said below. I was amazed that he still has the original box.

"The grinding is finished and the roast is in the oven.  We're in a brief window before the mixing/boiling stage has to begin.  Here's me with at the controls of the Shred-O-Mat (in glorious Harvest Gold), attired in the official dumpling uniform of the day -- blue jeans, sacrificial tee and no watch."

D-Otto (Tom)

Dec 19, 2017

Tuesday, December 19, 2017 ~ Grant Boroughs

                          Theme: Musical Ascension - 

17A. Music medium that succeeded the cassette tape: COMPACT DISC

24A. Music legend known as the First Lady of Song: ELLA FITZGERALD

38A. Equipment for rock bands: GUITAR AMPLIFIER

48A. Lennon-McCartney collection whose publishing rights were once owned by Michael Jackson: BEATLES' CATALOG

58A. When strung together, musical sequence represented by the initials of 17-, 24-, 38- and 48-Across: C MAJOR SCALE

Argyle here. It's been over a year since Grant's debut, a Monday. Quite a different follow-up, I'd say. Ol' Man Keith has his diagonal solve but from right to left, bottom to top, aptly for this puzzle, eh. It certainly had me wondering until the reveal. The entries are all somewhat musically connected.


1. Fire remnants: ASHES

6-Across is at the end.

11. Dazzle: AWE

14. Companion of reduce and recycle: REUSE

15. Log dwelling: CABIN

16. Composer Rorem: NED. Amazingly prolific. Selected works

19. Martini liquor: GIN

20. Confer knighthood on: DUB

21. Camping gear retailer: REI. (Recreational Equipment, Inc) We've had it often enough that I remembered the letters if not the exact order.

22. Verdi creation: OPERA. Ned Rorem has a few.

29. Yale grads: ELIs

30. State strongly: AVER

31. Gelatin dish: ASPIC

33. Lucy's old sitcom partner: DESI. Desi Arnaz, Sr.

35. 42-Across doubled: TWO

42. 35-Across halved: ONE

43. Grandson of Adam: ENOS

44. Formally gives up: CEDEs

45. Test for an aspiring atty.: LSAT.(Law School Admission Test)

47. Anti-fur-farming org.: PETA. (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)

54. South Beach city: MIAMI. Life's a beach.

55. __ Baba: ALI

56. Michelle of the LPGA: WIE

57. Bath's land: Abbr.: ENG. (England)

63. Birthday count: AGE

64. Gold purity unit: KARAT

65. Lives like a nomad: ROVES

66. Partner of neither: NOR

67. Searches for: SEEKS

68. Stockholm native: SWEDE


1. Paris' __ Triomphe: ARC DE

2. South Korean capital: SEOUL

3. Comeuppance that's "eaten": HUMBLE PIE

4. Seer's claim: ESP. Not 'every single perp' like some claim.

5. Watery expanse: SEA

6. Group of eight: OCTET

7. Spanish port city: CADIZ. And this concludes today's travelogue.

8. __-Wan Kenobi: OBI. Star Wars. Has anybody seen The Last Jedi yet?

9. Prefix with spell: MIS

10. "Play more music!": "ENCORE!"

11-Down is at the end.

12. Really out there: WEIRD. 13. Flamboyant Dame: EDNA. 12-, and 13-Down, now there's a pairing!

18. NFL sportscaster Collinsworth: CRIS

23. Golf course standard: PAR

25. Came down to earth: ALIT

26. Pay stub acronym: FICA. (Federal Insurance Contributions Act)

27. Surprised sounds: GASPS. Kids with their first pay check and discover FICA.

28. Rotten to the core: EVIL

31. Before now: AGO

32. Daylight provider: SUN

33. "Divine Comedy" poet: DANTE

34. Revealing rock genre: EMO

35. Coastal flooding cause: TIDAL WAVE

36. Tiny: WEE

37. Surgery ctrs.: ORs. (operating room)

39. Genuine: REAL

40. "Law &amp; Order: SVU" actor: ICE T

41. Greek cheese: FETA

45. Go on the __: skip town: LAM

46. Hangs (around): STICKS

47. Au __: live-in nanny: PAIR. Originally, French for ‘on equal terms’ but now a young foreign person, typically a girl, who helps with housework or child care in exchange for room and board.

48. "You got it!": "BINGO!"

49. Raring to go: EAGER

50. "Wheel of Fortune" host: SAJAK. Pat.

51. Coagulates: CLOTS

52. Quieted, as noisy hinges: OILED

53. Birds in a gaggle: GEESE

54. Not at all nice: MEAN

59. Sassy West: MAE

60. "Roses __ red": ARE

61. H.S. grads-to-be: SRs. (seniors)

62. Dairy farm animal: COW

6. "__, all ye faithful ... ": O, COME. 11D. Heavenly being: ANGEL


Dec 12, 2017

Tuesday, December 12, 2017 ~ Bruce Haight

Theme: Special - Festival of Lights.

17A. Potato __: 61-Across dish: PANCAKES

19A. Items in a 59-Across lit for 61-Across: CANDLES

37A. Traditional 61-Across surprise, aptly boxed, and spelled with the only four letters of the alphabet that don't appear elsewhere in this grid: GIFT

59A. 61-Across centerpiece: MENORAH

61A. Two-millennia-old tradition that begins at sunset tonight: HANUKKAH

and an added hint to the center answer. 36A. Pack in cartons: BOX UP

Argyle here. 15x16 pangram. Visual grid.


1. 1960s presidential monogram: LBJ

4. Gremlins and Pacers: AMCs. (American Motors Corporation) Cars from the seventies.

8. Lands' End rival: L.L.BEAN

14. World Cup cry: OLÉ

15. Naked: BARE

16. Cross-referencing phrase: SEE ALSO. Very apt for today's puzzle.

20. Novelist Ferber: EDNA

21. Key with four sharps: E MAJOR

23. Wife of Jacob: LEAH

24. Fervor: ZEAL

25. Rebecca of "Risky Business": DE MORNAY

27. Relaxed condition: LOOSENESS

29. "¿__ pasa?": QUE. "What's up?"

32. One lacking manners: BOOR, not 32D. Dutch South African: BOER

34. Cowboy boot attachments: SPURS

38. Range dividing Europe and Asia: URALS

39. "You gotta be kidding": "YEESH!"

40. Rx items: MEDS

41. Coffee server: URN

42. Long-finned tunas: ALBACOREs

49. Nash priest, not beast: ONE 'L' LAMA

50. Roughly: OR SO

54. Make __ dash for: A MAD

57. Expired: LAPSED

58. Contented sounds: AAHs

63. Football rushing plays: END RUNS. Offense.

64. Greek love god: EROS

65. December 24, e.g.: EVE

66. Figured (out): SUSSED

67. Suffix with ransom: WARE

68. Org. with narcs: DEA. (Drug Enforcement Administration)


1. Pop icon Jennifer: LOPEZ. J.Lo

2. Razor insert: BLADE. I barely remember.

3. Barbara Bush's twin sister: JENNA. On left.

4. Legal org.: ABA. (American Bar Association)

5. Manage somehow: MAKE DO

6. Sweet liqueurs: CRÈMES

7. Bagel seed: SESAME

8. Finds out: LEARNS

9. Actor Cariou: LENWiki. Canadian actor currently playing Henry Reagan the TV series Blue Bloods.

10. In a shoddy way: BADLY

11. She, in Paree: ELLE

12. On an ocean liner: ASEA

13. Quick snack: NOSH

16. Music for a film: SCORE

18. Hardhearted: CALLOUS

22. Actor Voight: JON

26. Take for granted: ASSUME

28. Annie, notably: ORPHAN

29. Campus hangout: QUAD

30. Addresses beginning with "http://": URLs. (Uniform Resource Locator)

31. Letter before tee: ESS

33. Plow-pulling team: OXEN

35. Washing machine cycle: PRESOAK

36. Mormon sch.: BYU. (Brigham Young University)

43. University founder Stanford: LELAND. Father of Stanford University in in Stanford, CA.

44. Malaise, with "the": BLAHS

45. Swiss peak: ALP

46. Kidney-shaped nut: CASHEW

47. 1998 Masters champ Mark: O'MEARA

48. Philadelphia suburb: RADNOR. An unincorporated community I've never heard of.

49. Smells: ODORS

51. Gathered leaves: RAKED

52. Trim whiskers: SHAVE

53. Actor Milo: O'SHEA

Milo O'Shea in Ulysses in 1967

54. Home of Iowa State: AMES

55. Diner handout: MENU

56. Added stipulations: ANDs

60. Regret: RUE

62. "__ as directed": USE


Dec 5, 2017

Tuesday, December 5 2017, Kurt Krauss

Theme: Old MacDonald 

20A. *Company that maintains network messages : E-MAIL HOST
30A. *Apple music player : I-POD NANO
36A. *Springsteen's ensemble : E-STREET BAND
46A. *"My stars!" : I DECLARE
52A. *Willa Cather novel set in Nebraska : O PIONEERS

1A. Place that can precede the starts of 20-, 30-, 36-, 46- and 52-Across : FARM
69A. Bird that can precede the starts of 20-, 30-, 36-, 46- and 52-Across : DUCK
13D. Animal that can precede the starts of 20-, 30-, 36-, 46- and 52-Across : PIG
57D. Animal that can precede the starts of 20-, 30-, 36-, 46- and 52-Across : COW
Get it? E-I-E-I-O?

Melissa here. I DECLARE, this was new and different - not to mention a tricky theme. Above a Tuesday level I thought, all the way around.


5. Spanish red wine : RIOJA

10. Office fill-in : TEMP

14. Yours, in Tours : ATOI. French.

15. Sign up, in Sussex : ENROL. According to the Grammarist, enrol is the preferred spelling outside of North America.

16. Jai __ : ALAI

17. The Volunteer St. : TENN. Ah. State, not Street. The nickname originated during the War of 1812, in which the volunteer soldiers from Tennessee, serving under Gen. Andrew Jackson, displayed marked valor in the Battle of New Orleans. Tennesee was named after Cherokee Indian villages called Tanasi.

18. Putting the squeeze on : PRESSURING 

22. Bygone Toyotas : SUPRAS. On a personal note - another bygone Toyota is their FJ Cruiser - my brother's car that was declared a total loss a few months ago. So sad. That thing was a tank and probably saved my life.

25. Lets up : EASES

29. '60s United Nations secretary general : UTHANT. Who??

33. Beauty at a ball : BELLE

34. Ivan the Terrible, e.g. : TSAR

35. Crime family leader : DON

40. "Mazel __!" : TOV

42. Take a chance : DARE

43. Soft leather : SUEDE

49. Counterbalance : OFFSET

50. Instruments for Yo-Yo Ma : CELLI

51. Traveled like Huck Finn : RAFTED

57. Arms-around-knees swimming pool jump : CANNONBALL

60. Gillette brand : ATRA

64. Curved molding : OGEE

65. Written reminders : NOTES

66. Worker finishing an éclair : ICER

67. Invasive plant : WEED

68. Terse summons from the boss : SEE ME


1. __ Tuesday: Mardi Gras : FAT. What is Fat Tuesday?

2. Chowed down : ATE

3. Potter pal Weasley : RON

4. Necessary nutrients : MINERALS

5. Meal : REPAST

6. Cross inscription : INRI

7. Baseball analyst Hershiser : OREL

8. Kid around : JOSH

9. "Not to mention ... " : ALSO

10. Kilt pattern : TARTAN

11. Inventor Whitney : ELI

12. Superhero suffix : MAN

19. Employed : USED

21. Painter Édouard : MANET

22. Long sandwich : SUB

23. Versatile vehicle, for short : UTE

24. Soil acidity measure : PH LEVEL

26. Most mournful : SADDEST

27. Eclectic musician Brian : ENO

28. Prince, to a king : SON

30. Grenoble's river : ISERE. In southeastern France.

31. Liver spread : PATE

32. Heavenly body : ORB

34. Drop of sadness : TEAR

37. Old cereal box no. : RDA. Recommended Daily Allowance. Interesting history.

38. To the same extent : AS FAR

39. Informal "No more talk" : 'NUFF SAID

40. Twitch : TIC

41. Poetic tribute : ODE

44. Low grade : DEE

45. Itinerary approx. : ETD

47. Copied genetically : CLONED

48. Fat-reducing procedure, briefly : LIPO

49. Words ending a threat : OR ELSE

53. Quaint lodgings : INNS

54. Bassoon kin : OBOE

55. Basketball Hall of Famer Archibald : NATE. Maybe a gimme to basketball fans?

56. Grade sch. level : ELEM

58. Single-malt datum : AGE

59. Family tree word : NEE

61. Longhorn State sch. : TCU. Texas Christian University - in Ft. Worth.

62. DVR button : REC

63. Genesis craft : ARK