Aug 21, 2019

Wednesday, August 21, 2019 Jim Bordoni and C. C. Burnikel

Theme: Say HI to the islands - but in their own language.  Here we have an initial theme, i.e. one where the first letter of each of two theme entry words combine to form the abbreviation for the most remote of the 50 states in the U.S.A.  Let's check it out.

17. *British-owned American hotel chain: HOLIDAY INN.  The first HOLIDAY INN was opened in 1952.  It and the next two were on roads to Memphis.  The name was a play on the title of a 1942 Christmas movie starring Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire.  The chain is now owned by InterContinental Hotels Group, and has 1173 active locations.

22. *Went on foot: HOOFED IT.  Traveled by shank's mare - the horse with 10 toes.

33. *Wind chill factor relative: HEAT INDEX.  A combination of heat and humidity which puts stress on the human body.  Read about it here.

38. *Three-time U.S. Open champion: HALE IRWIN. [b 1945] He became the oldest ever Open champion in 1990 at age 45.

46. *Subject of much debate: HOT ISSUE.  Pick a side.

56. With "The," one of 50 since 8/21/1959, as hinted at by the answers to the starred clues: ALOHA  STATE.  Which is, of course HAWAII, our most recently admitted state. It's abrv is HI.

So HI, or alternatively, ALOHA, Gang.  JazzBumpa here to guide today's tour.  This puzzle is brought to you by our own C. C. and Corner denizen Jim.  I'll admit it took me a bit of time and mental energy to suss this theme.  We have miles to go before we sleep, so let's get moving.


1. Half of a stiff price to pay: ARM. Along with a leg.  Better than "Half a fly," in my opinionated opinion.

4. Chinese food additive: MSG. MonoSodium Glutamate.  Flavor enhancer that gives some people a headache.

7. Breed from Honshu: AKITA.  Dogs originating in the mountainous regions of northern Japan that now come in two varieties.

12. Sob story makeup: WOES.  General ills and misfortunes.

14. __ Nui: Easter Island: RAPA.  An extremely remote island, 2182 miles of the coast of Chile, which annexed it in 1888.  First inhabited ca 1200 A.D., it is the most southeastern point of the Polynesian Triangle, and famous for its unusual stone artifacts.

15. Jell-O flavor: LEMON.  One of many

16. Food for the kitty?: ANTE.  Price of entry for a poker hand.  The kitty is the accumulation of bets to be won.

19. Robert the Bruce, for one: SCOT.  He was King of Scotland from 1306 until his death in 1329.  At the battle of Bannockburn in 1314 he defeated a large English army and won independence from England.

20. Speak with style: ORATE.  Give a formal address or speak pompously and at great length.

21. Latin "to be": ESSE.

24. Boys: LADS.  Young fellas.

26. Actress Longoria: EVA.  Eva Jacqueline Bastón (née Longoria) [b 1975] is an American entertainer, business person and activist.

27. Substitute for: RELIEVE.  Usually in a work setting or on a pitcher's mound.

30. Cat Deeley's role on "So You Think You Can Dance": EM CEEMaster of Ceremonies. Never watched it.

35. Jobs title, once: CEO.  Steven Jobs [1955-2011] was, among other things, the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Apple, Inc.  Slightly misleading clue.

36. Represent inaccurately: BELIE. Deceive by lying.  Current usage is from the 17th century, but the word has solid old Anglo-Saxon roots.

37. Web access co.: ISPInternet Service Provider.

41. "Semper fidelis" is one: MOTTO.  A phrase that captures the beliefs or ideals of an individual or institution.  This one belongs to the U. S. Marine Corps, and means "always faithful/loyal." Mine is "What I lack in youth, I make up for with immaturity."

43. Veterans: OLD PROS.  Experienced experts.  In contrast, I am an old amateur.

44. Refuge for couples?: ARK.  Animals, two by two.

45. Italian automaker: FIAT.  Owner of Chrysler.

51. Golfer's transport: CART.  Gets you from tee to green.

53. Night calls: HOOTS.  Owl calls.  Assuming you give a HOOT.

55. Radius neighbor: ULNA.  Bones of the forearm, in case you weren't forewarned.

58. Eyeglass frames: RIMS. Lens holders.

59. Have more People come to the house?: RENEW.  Re-up a subscription to People magazine.  Took me a minute.

60. City near Anaheim: BREA.  This is not the home of the La Brea tar pits, which are about 40 miles to the northwest, within the city of Los Angeles.  It is an important retail center and home to an extensive public arts program.

61. Dueling sport: EPEE.  For sword play.

62. Midler of "Hello Dolly": BETTE.  The divine miss M [b 1945.]

63. Leb. neighbor: SYR.  Lebanon is on the coast of the Mediterranean. SYRIA surrounds it on the east and north.

64. Cap initials at Busch Stadium: STL.  Cardinals baseball team.


1. Knee-deep (in): AWASH.  Flooded by.

2. Chop-O-Matic maker: RONCO.  Former American company founded in 1964 by Ron [no relation] Popeil.  In 2005, he sold the company to Fi-Tek VII, a Denver holding company.  After a couple Chapter 11 bankruptcy filings, the company refiled under Chapter 7 in 2018, to be liquidated and shut down.

3. Anti-harassment movement: ME TOO.  A movement begun in 2017 to demonstrate the wide spread prevalence of sexual harassment, especially in the workplace

4. New Zealand settler: MAORI.  Eastern Polynesians who arrived in NZ by canoe in several waves from ca. 1320 to 1350.  Over several centuries of isolation, they developed their own culture, language, arts and mythology.

5. Paint spill sound: SPLAT.  Or generic cartoon falling sound.

6. Stable pace: GAIT.  One's manner of walking.

7. In the style of: ALA.

8. Entered, as data: KEYED IN.

9. "That went right over my head": I MISSED   IT.  As almost happened to me with today's theme.

10. Truckloads: TONS.   Non-specific large quantities.

11. Heche of "Psycho" (1998): ANNE. [b. 1969]

13. Fixed charge: SET FEE.  A stated amount paid for work or service that does not depend on time spent or how much the service is used.

14. Valerie Harper sitcom: RHODA. The original run on CBS was from September, 1974 to December, 1978.

18. Get rid of: DELETE.

23. Christmas __: EVE.  'Twas the night before.

25. Boxer who beat Frazier twice: ALI.  Muhammed Ali [Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr, 1972 - 2016] was also an activist and philanthropist.

27. Ball game delayer: RAIN.  Baseball.  Football plays through blizzards.

28. Tuxedo part: VEST.

29. Former Canadian MLBer: EXPO.  The EXPOS, based in Montreal, played in the NL East Division from 1969 to 2004.

30. Repeat: ECHO. Literally - sound bouncing back from a solid surface.  Figuratively - a repetition of something.

31. Happy __: MEAL.  Kid's fare from McDonald's.

32. Leading edge of cooler temperatures: COLD FRONT.  Just exactly this.

33. Cuts down: HEWS.  With an ax, pick or other tool.

34. Yale alum: ELI.  For Elihu Yale, founder of the University.

36. Thin soups: BROTHS. Savory liquids in which bones, meat or vegetables have been simmered.

39. Peter the Great, e.g.: EPITHET. An adjective or descriptive phrase expressing a quality or characteristic on a person or thing.

40. 401(k) kin, briefly: IRA. Individual Retirement Account.

41. CT scan relative: MRI. Magnetic Resonance Image.

42. "Sounds good": OK, SURE.  Fine by me.

44. Utterly confused: AT SEA. Baffled.

46. White with frost: HOARY.  Grey or white, as if with age.  I'm taking this one personally.

47. Furry swimmer: OTTER.  Carnivorous mammal with a diet based on fish and invertebrates, related to weasels, badgers, minks and skunks.  The 13 existing species are all aquatic, semi-aquatic or marine.

48. Berth places: SLIPS.  Docking spots adjacent to wharfs or piers.

49. Not yet achieved, as a goal: UNMET. Work in progress, or have you given up?

50. Art class item: EASEL.  Support for your item to be painted.

51. Atkins no-no: CARBohydrates - starches and sugars.

52. Toward shelter: ALEE.  Protected from the wind.

54. Some parlors, for short: OTBSOff Track Betting Sites.

57. Stun: AWE.  Amaze.

That wraps up today's adventure. We met movie stars and extensively traveled the pacific basin.  Plus, of course, there were some baseball references.  Hope you enjoyed the journey.

Cool regards!

Notes from C.C.:

As Ron mentioned earlier, Jim is from our Crossword Corner. He used to comment regularly with the avatar JimmyB. His mom and Chickie (Leah) were classmates, if I recall correctly.

Jim proposed this idea to me in early 2018. He and his wife Diane go to Hawaii for vacation every year. Jim and I met in 2016 when he visited Minneapolis for the Roy Griak Invitational. It was lots of fun working with him. He's so resourceful and efficient. Thanks for making this puzzle happen, Jim!

Diane, Jim and C.C., 9/25/2016

2) Owen had another surgery yesterday, but he's back on line now. I still have not figured out the numbers in his 1:28 pm post. Anyone, anyone? Stay healthy for your fans, Owen!

3) Look what I just got. Fresh Lei from Hawaii! Holy smokes. Thanks, Jim!

Aug 20, 2019

Tuesday, August 20, 2019, Kevin Christian & Kristian House

You Can Bet Your Life.  Each word in the starred theme answer can come After the word Life to give a new phrase or concept.

17-Across. *  Pedigree ancestry: BLOOD LINE.  As in Lifeblood and Life Line.

Life Line

25-Across. *  Suit tailor's concern: JACKET SIZE.  As in Life Jacket and Life Size.

Moses hands out Life Jackets before crossing the Red Sea.

Life Size.

35-Across. *  Nightly ritual for young children: STORY TIME.  As in Life Story and Life Time.

 Life Story.

Life Time.

49-Across. *  Teacher's outline: LESSON PLAN.  As in Life Lesson and Life Plan.
Life Lessons

Life Plan.

And the unifier:
58. "Field of Dreams" subject, and where both parts of the answers to starred clues can go: AFTERLIFE.  (Admit it, your first thought was Baseball, even though it was a letter short.)

1. New England fish: COD.  More than you ever wanted to know about the Atlantic COD.
4. Seriously injures: MAIMS.

9. Frosh, next year: SOPH.  This year's Freshman is next year's SOPHomore.

13. "Should I take that as __?": A NO.

14. Are: EXIST.

15. Boy Scout unit: TROOP.

19. Luxury Honda: ACURA.

20. "Eight Miles High" band, with "The": BYRDS.

21. Farm building: BARN.

23. Up to, in ads: TIL.

24. The Beatles' "__ Love Her": AND I.

28. Prospective elevator passenger's query: GOING UP?

30. Villain played by Josh Brolin in most "Avengers" films: THANOS.

31. Flock female: EWE.

32. Biblical paradise: EDEN.

34. Olympics segment: EVENT.

38. On the ocean: AT SEA.

41. Red Sox manager Alex: CORA.  José Alexander Cora (b. Oct. 18, 1975) has been the Red Sox manager since 2017.  He played for a number of MLB teams, including, but not limited to, the Red Sox, the Los Angeles Dodgers, and the Texas Rangers.

42. Topeka's st.: KAN.  Topeka is the capital of Kansas.

45. "I want to see": SHOW ME!  Missouri is known as the Show Me State.

47. "The Lord of the Rings" wizard: GANDALF.

52. "__ all work out": IT'LL.

53. Barcelona gold: ORO.  Today's Spanish lesson.

54. Field mouse: VOLE.

55. Diviner's deck: TAROT.

56. Opposite of sur: NORTE.  More of today's Spanish lesson.  North is the opposite of South.  Did anyone see the 1983 movie El Norte?  it was about a group of people from Guatemala fleeing from ethnic and political persecution during the Guatemalan Civil War.  They trek north to the United States hoping for a better life.

61. Movie legend Greta: GARBO.  Greta Garbo (née Greta Lovisa Gustafsson; Sept. 8, 1905 ~ Apr. 15, 1990) was a Swedish actress.

62. Appliance with burners: STOVE.

63. Actress Vardalos: NIA.  Nia Vardalos (née Antonia Eugenia Vardalos / Νία Βαρντάλος; b. Sept. 24, 1962) is a Canadian-Green actress, best known for her 2002 movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

64. Cannon of "Heaven Can Wait" (1978): DYAN.  Dyan Cannon (née Samille Diane Friesen; b. Jan. 4, 1937) was one of Cary Grant's 5 wives.  They were married for about 3 years in the 1960s.  There was a 33 year age gap between the two.

65. Sinatra classic with Anka lyrics: MY WAY.  My Way is without the video.

66. PIN requester: ATM.  Cute clue for the Automatic Teller Machine.

1. Sauerkraut, mainly: CABBAGE.  You, too, can make your own Sauerkraut.

2. "Just this second": ONLY NOW.

3. Desperate: DO OR DIE.

4. Drugs from docs: MEDS.  As in Medications.

5. Rose of Guns N' Roses: AXL.  Axl Rose (né William Bruce Rose, Jr.; b. Feb. 6, 1962) is the lead singer of the band referenced in the clue.

Axl is the one without the had.

6. Three on a sundial: III.

7. "Hardball" cable channel: MSNBC.

8. Rib eye, for one: STEAK.

9. Baseball great Musial's nickname: STAN THE MAN.  Stan Musial (né Stanley Frank Musial; Nov. 21, 1920 ~ Jan. 19, 2013) played for the St. Louis Cardinals for 22 years.

10. Beast fought by 47-Across: ORC.

11. Canadian french fries dish: POUTINE.  I had heard of this dish, which is basically french fries and cheese curds topped with gravy.  It is most closely associated with the cuisine of Quebec.  I had an opportunity to try it for the first time this past spring when I was up near the Quebec border.  It was interesting, but I probably wouldn't go out of my way to order it again.

12. Where land and sky seem to meet: HORIZON.

16. Most colorless: PALEST.

18. Chief Norse god: ODIN.  In Norse mythology, Odin is the god of wisdom, poetry, death and magic.

22. Like some mil. officers: RET.  As in Retired.  Fortunately, you don't have to be in the military to retire.

25. Weaponless self-defense: JUDO.

26. Mimic: APER.

27. Goalie's goal: SAVE.

29. "Hurry!": GET A MOVE ON.  My grandmother used that expression a lot.

33. It has both Kings and Queens counties, briefly: NYC.  As in New York City.  I was in Manhattan during the July heat wave.  I had to go through Queens from the airport.

35. Uses needle and thread: SEWS.

36. Roman robe: TOGA.

37. Persian Gulf republic: IRAN.

38. Comparable in duration: AS LONG.

39. "Not Taken" place in a Frost poem title: THE ROAD.

40. "My apologies": SO SORRY!

42. Catastrophic New Orleans hurricane: KATRINA.  Louisiana is still feeling the impact of this storm, which hit the state almost exactly 14 years ago.

43. The whole shebang: ALL OF IT.

44. Cardinals or Falcons: NFL TEAM.

46. Frequent co-producer of U2 albums: ENO.  Brian Eno (b. May 15, 1948) makes frequent appearances in the puzzles.

48. Dashboard feature: DIAL.

50. Suffix with proto- or cyto-: PLASM.  As in Protoplasm and Cytoplasm.

51. Southpaw: LEFTY.  Did you ever wonder where the term Southpaw originated?

55. Low card: TREY.

57. Sched. question mark: TBA.  As in To Be Announced.

59. Disabled car need: TOW.

60. "2 Fast 2 Furious" actress Mendes: EVA.  Eva Mandes (née Eva de la Caridad Méndez (b. Mar. 5, 1974) and Ryan Gosling (né Ryan Thomas Gosling b. Nov. 12, 1980) are a family unit.

Here's the Grid:

I'll leave you with a QOD:  If I didn’t do what I do, I wouldn’t be as young as I am.  ~ Robert Plant (né Robert Anthony Plant; b. August 20, 1948), British musician

Aug 19, 2019

Monday, Aug 19, 2019 Julian Kwan

Theme: SLICED BREAD (63. "Best thing" bakery metaphor ... and a hint to each row of circles) -

17. Data-intensive branch of engineering: INFORMATICS. 19. "Positively Entertaining" TV network: ION. RAISIN.

23. God, in Judaism: YAHWEH. And  25. Red-handed: IN THE ACT. WHITE.
38. Camaraderie: RAPPORT. And 41. Avant-garde music genre: ART ROCK. POTATO
52. Winter hike footwear item: SNOW SHOE and 54. Insect-sized superhero: ANT MAN. WHEAT.

Boomer here.  Hello puzzle masters.  Let me help you get to the CRUST of the matter. Raisin, White, Potato and Wheat bread are sliced up.


1. Paris eateries: CAFES.  I had a talk with C.C. the other day about the birth of Drive-in Restaurants, (McDonald's, Burger King, KFC etc.). They pretty much cut into the success of the CAFE business. 

6. Abyss: CHASM.

11. Birthday count: AGE.  Of course my age makes me a Baby Boomer. The experience is great.

14. Rack flavoring: SPICE.  There were a group of girls with this last name.

15. Hang in midair: HOVER.  Add an "O" and you have a vacuum cleaner.

16. Easter beginning?: NOR. Nor'easter.

20. After-tax amount: NET.  My after-tax amount is LOOSE CHANGE, but that was too long,

21. Unveiling word: VOILA.

22. Iraq War worries, for short: WMDS.  It is unfortunate that so many countries have them in their silos.

28. Burning crime: ARSON.

30. "__ luego": HASTA.  See you later!  Luckily we don't have too many foreign language words in our puzzles. N'est-ce pas?

31. "Oh dear!": ALAS.

34. Choir voice: TENOR. In my first year I was a Baritone, but then I graduated to Bass.  (Voice, not fish)

36. Judge on "The People v. O.J. Simpson": ITO (Lance). This famous judge holds the judge record for appearing in crosswords.  "All Rise!"

43. Annoying kid: IMP.

44. Greetings from Fido: WOOFS.  Not "Ruffs, or Arfs?"

46. Aired with sharper resolution: IN HD.

47. De-creases?: IRONS.  I like this clue and answer.  Clever play on words that I cannot enhance.

49. Lariat: LASSO.

58. Surfer's ride: WAVE.  I never tried this.  10,000 lakes do not have the waves that "Surf City" has.

59. Makeover result: NEW DO.  Pronounced "NUDE OOU"

61. Self-image: EGO.

62. Approx. landing time: ETA. The "E" for estimated is a word for Sun Country trips.

66. Fish in Japanese unadon: EEL. I Googled this and learned that Japanese have a dish called a unadon with roasted eels.

67. Aspect: FACET.  How many facets on your diamonds??

68. Montana Tech city: BUTTE.  It's pronounced BEAUT.  Not sure if they make Butter there.

69. NFL scoring stat: TDS.  Preseason has started.  I don't pay too much attention until they "Rack 'em up for real."

70. Slanted columns: OP-EDS.  I normally skip this section of the paper.

71. Thumbs-ups: YESES.


1. CBS forensic spin-off starring Gary Sinise: CSI NY.

2. Sleep concern: APNEA.  I think this is a breathing problem. I am told that I snore, but I don't consider that Apnea.

3. Elegant Manhattan avenue: FIFTH.  Only three blocks from "Puzzlemaster" Mr. Shortz.

4. Environmental prefix: ECO.  Weird things are happening.  July was a super hot month on record, arctic ice is melting.  Soon Manitoba may have more lakes than Minnesota.

5. Diner employee: SERVER.

6. Spiced tea: CHAI.  Popular tea. You can get it at Starbucks.

7. Emergency phone link: HOTLINE.  Always loved the setup in Maxwell Smart's secret control room (Agent 86 ?) Get Smart

8. Birdlike: AVIAN.

9. Jiff: SEC.

10. Doubtfire's title: MRS.  Rest in peace, Robin Williams.

11. Pixar specialty: ANIMATION.  Do they still have cartoons every Saturday morning on TV??

12. "Glad you spotted that error": GOOD CATCH.

13. Surrealist Max: ERNST.

18. Mineral hardness scale: MOHS.  Mayo Clinic offers MOHS surgery for skin cancer.  Created by Dr. Mohs.  The mineral hardness thing, I am not familiar with.

22. Director Anderson: WES.

24. Stinging flier: WASP.  You do NOT want to be stung by one of these nasty flying objects.

26. Norse god with a hammer: THOR.  "If I had a hammer, I'd hammer in the morning, all over this land."  Peter, Paul, and Mary.

27. Kevin of "Central Intelligence": HART.

29. "The Simpsons" bus driver: OTTO.  I can proudly say I have never watched one episode of the Simpson's.

31. MLB's Diamondbacks, on scoreboards: ARI.  Good team, ugly uniforms, especially on the road.  I cannot believe they let Greinke go.  However I think Zack has pitched for about 12 major league teams.  Must be a misfit.

32. Covered with plastic, as an ID card: LAMINATED.  Actually, most of my cards are already plastic, no lamination required.

33. Yeses from bosses: APPROVALS.  I would spell the clue Yesses.

35. Space-research org.: NASA.

37. Gave the green light, briefly: OK'D.

39. Dominates totally: OWNS.

40. __ Hashanah: Jewish New Year: ROSH.  This year starts September 29 and ends October 1.  I am not Jewish but I have many friends that are.  (Plus I like October 1 because that's when Graybar pays the quarterly dividends,)

42. Tear gas situation: RIOT. Did you watch Yankees Indians game last Saturday.?  Brett Gardner, C.C. Sabathia  (Not our C.C.) and Aaron Boone were tossed by the umpires.  It was a RIOT.

45. Bilked: FLEECED.

48. Be in debt: OWE.  I OWE, I OWE, it's off to work I go.  "Bashful, Grumpy, and Doc"

50. DUI-fighting org.: SADD.

51. Stuck-up: SNOBBY.  This is NOT Charlie Brown's Dog.  Good Grief !

52. 1974 hit "__ Home Alabama": SWEET.  "Where the skies are so blue"  Lynard Skynard.

53. Chilling in a cooler: ON ICE.  Many winter Olympic events are held there.

55. Track competitions: MEETS.  These could be Summer Olympic events.

56. Playing marble: AGATE.  I had a bagful when I was a kid.  Most were replaced by cat's eyes.

57. Connection points: NODES.

60. Moistens: WETS.

63. "City by the Bay" airport code: SFO.  In case you missed it last time: A fellow named Bennett passed away and went up to the pearly gates and met St. Peter.  He was issued a harp and wings and asked if a friend of his, Sam Fink was there.  "No one here by that name" said St. Peter, "you may want to check down in the other place."  So Bennett went down there and found Sam who had opened a discotheque and they had a long chat.  But then Bennett said he had to go and went back up to the pearly gates.  St. Peter met him and said, "Aren't you missing something?"  Bennett responded - "Oh my gosh!!  I left my Harp in Sam Fink's Disco."

64. Once around the track: LAP.

65. Lament: RUE.  A Golden Girl.