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Apr 21, 2017

Friday, April, 21, 2017, Paul Coulter


Husker Gary in today for Lemon who is on the Disabled List, hopefully on a temporary basis! Paul has chosen six two-word phrases where the last letters of the first word are also the first letters of the second word as you can see in the grid below. Then he clues the resulting silly phrase with overlapping letters as an economy of letters in making his ENGAGINGENIOUS theme. 

Let's investigate the PLEASANTICS of Paul's in his six, count 'em,  six, theme answers

17. Compressed "Blue Suede Shoes" as sung by Elvis? : COVERSION - One of Elvis' first big hits was a COVER VERSION of a song originally done by Carl Perkins

28. Compressed piece of hardware? : COMPUTERMINAL -Alan Turig's "Bombe" built to decipher German Enigma codes was a forerunner of the modern COMPUTER TERMINAL

21. Compressed syntax topic? : WORDER - WORD ORDER can be slightly different in Spanish. 

44. Compressed Homeland Security role? : COUNTERRORISM - Both sides of any conflict have COUNTER TERRORISM strategies

52. Compressed carnivore? : MEATER - A MEAT EATER who lives with a vegetarian

57. Compressed gastric complaints? : STOMACHES - Astronauts can get STOMACH ACHES in 0g. They can just swallow this water bubble and its fizzy contents

Now for the rest of Paul's cluing in this FUNBELIEVABLE puzzle


1. African currency : RAND - Who gets the fries in this R99 Durban, South Africa deal?

5. Tater __ : TOTS

9. U.K. equivalent of an Oscar : BAFTA - British Academy of Film and Television Fine Arts

14. Burnt toast indicator : ODOR - A man next to me at a Denny's once ordered burnt toast

15. Heroic poetry : EPOS - A word I learned and forgot in this venue

16. Noble objective : IDEAL 

19. Make happen : CAUSE

20. Imply : GET AT - Speaking of ODOR - "What is she trying to GET AT?"

22. Ecol., e.g. : SCI

25. Traitor : RAT 

26. Canal locale : EAR - The only thing you should put in your ear is your elbow

27. Emerson's "jealous mistress" : ART - "It makes a bad husband and poor provider"

32. Nordic counterpart : ALPINE - Today's puzzle theme inspired me to choose this TV overlapping gimmick composed of two competing ALPINE skiers 

33. Heat source : OIL

34. Judgment concern : BIAS

37. Nothing, in Nice : RIEN

38. On the other hand : BUT

39. Salinger title character with professional singing aspirations : ESME - How do I clue thee? Let me count the ways.

40. Creative singing style : SCAT - Did you forget the words, Ella? :-) 

41. Home sick, say : OUT - Did you ever call in sick and try to sound as sick as you can on the phone? Uh, me either. 

42. Perfumery compound : ACETAL - I never cared for organic chemistry 

47. "That's awful!" : UGH

49. Lush : SOT

50. Tiebreakers, briefly : OT'S - A t-shirt celebrating an Orangemen sextuple OT win 

51. Old anti-Union gp. : CSA  and 57. The CSA's eleven : STS - What if they had won?

54. Manuscript marks : STETS

56. Austrian composer Berg : ALBAN - If Paul says so...

61. Author known for teddy bear stories : MILNE

62. Amos at the piano : TORI

63. The last Mrs. Chaplin : OONA - OONA's celebrated dad, playwright Eugene O'Neill, ended their relationship when she married Charlie who was 36 years her senior. 

64. Latin clarifier : ID EST - ID EST, "That is" we know more familiarly as "i.e."

65. Smart answer, sometimes : SASS  but not 60. KLM competitor : SAS - A follow-up on Wednesday's sassy discussion here

66. Terrible time : TWO'S


1. Elephant predator of myth : ROC - From Arabic   رخ (rukk), an enormous legendary bird of  prey

2. Brouhaha : ADO - Brouhaha seems pretentious to my ear

3. Scorpio mo. : NOV

4. Remnant : DREG - In It Was A Very Good Year, Old Blue Eyes sang, "And now I think of my life as vintage wine, From fine old kegs, From the brim to the DREGS" 

5. Willed? : TESTATE - The lower example

6. Sleep inducer : OPIATE - Not a good long term solution

7. Binge : TOOT

8. Identity thief's target: Abbr. : SSN - He stopped running this ad after his identity was stolen 13 times

9. Crescent-shaped : BICORN - A UNICORN variance

10. Purim month : ADAR

11. Like a Middle Ages social system : FEUDALISTIC 

12. It's a stunner : TASER - These will cover the waterfront

13. It may be red : ALERT

18. "Friends" episode, now : RERUN How did they have no minority Friends in NYC?

21. Knock 'em dead at the jazz club : WAIL

22. Lasting marks : SCARS - Mine is in a place you will never see

23. Infant illness : COLIC - Col. Potter's horse Sophie had COLIC in a M*A*S*H episode

24. Like high-level treason : IMPEACHABLE

26. Put out : EMIT

29. It's spotted in Westerns : PINTO - Tonto on his PINTO, Scout

30. Way to go : ROUTE

31. "Drink __": 2014 Luke Bryan #1 country hit : A BEER - "So I'm gonna sit right here, On the edge of this pier, Watch the sunset disappear and Drink A BEER". Eat yer out Shakespeare!

35. Gather : AMASS

36. 1965 march site : SELMA - I wonder per cent of people that claim to have been at SELMA or Woodstock actually were

38. Target : BUTT - Of a joke

41. __ about : ON OR

42. Diana's Greek counterpart : ARTEMIS

43. Spanish seashore : COSTA

45. Early online forum : USENET

46. Chopper parts : ROTORS

47. Savory taste : UMAMI 

48. Very cold : GELID - "Eventually boots and socks had to be removed and ankles submitted to the GELID waters" Sunday Times (2013)

53. Beige cousins : TANS

54. Portico for Pericles : STOA

55. Conan Doyle, for one : SCOT

58. The sixth W? : HOW

59. "Ambient 1: Music for Airports" artist : ENO - This would be "TAN music" at ORD

Now it's time for your condensed or unabridged comments. Perhaps you can come up with some variations on Paul's THEMETHOD.

Mar 17, 2017

Friday March 17, 2017, Paul Coulter

To celebrate St. Paddy's day, here's a beautiful version of When Irish Eyes Are Smilin' by the Irish tenor who was a foil for Jack Benny for years. It makes for lovely background music!

Now, for sure and begorrah, let's be gettin' down to the puzzle!


On this St. Paddy's Day, Lemon has put himself on the injured reserve list and C.C. has brought me, Husker Gary, up from the minors to take the mound.

Paul's lovely offering dredges up memories of a recent Sunday puzzle I blogged where I also put the grid at the top. In that puzzle a word was put IN the middle of a silly phrase and had to be repositioned to the front to make sense. Today Paul forces us to take the last word of a silly phrase and transport it to the front to make a single, familiar word. 

Obviously the puzzle needed no reveal, so here are the theme entries

16. Laboratory scam? : SCIENCE CON/CONSCIENCE - Jiminy's counsel to Pinnochio took a while to sink in

28. Snubbing a testimonial? : TRIBUTE DIS/DISTRIBUTE - A good passer is called a good DISTRIBUTOR

45. John Deere rep? : TRACTOR PRO/PROTRACTOR - For some reason kids often ask for a compass when they really want a PROTRACTOR

61. Ordinary law office employee? : NORMAL PARA/PARANORMAL - JoBeth Williams confronts a PARANORMAL creature in Poltergeist 

Let's see what else our Literary Leprechaun has for us today


1. "Oopsy" : MY BAD

6. Grand Prix component : ESS - Curve, here's one

9. In things : FADS - Joann, where's my Nehru jacket?

13. Adult insect : IMAGO - I've only heard it here

14. Prefix with data : META - It seems someone has lots of this on all of us

15. Subject preceder : IN RE

18. Saves, say : STAT - Usually accrued by soccer and hockey goalies 

19. Challenge : CALL OUT - Matt Dillon faced one of these at the start of every episode

20. Like some flushes : ACE HIGH

22. Missed the mark : ERRED

24. Spike TV, once : TNN - The Nashville Network

25. Nile threats : ASPS

33. Take for a while : LEASE

35. B to C, e.g. : SEMITONE

36. Call off : END

37. Something shared on a plane : ARMREST - Sound right?

40. Pres. when Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka was decided : DDE - Ike

41. "The Social Contract" author : ROUSSEAU - Jacques - "What wisdom can be greater than kindness?"

43. Hindu ascetics : YOGIS - Did any of them catch for the Yankees?

48. Old Nair rival : NEET

49. "You betcha!" : YEP

50. Mozart opera ending : TUTTE - Cosi Fan TUTTE (Women are like that). Like what?

52. Spendthrift : WASTREL

56. Hospital test : MRI SCAN - I just listened to talk shows on my iPhone

60. Large deep-water fish : OPAH

63. Actor Auberjonois : RENE - Fr. Mulcahy in the 1970 movie M*A*S*H

64. Relaxed : EASY

65. Refresh, as a cup of coffee : TOP UP - Is this also a Mardi Gras tradition?

66. Participants in some awkward meetings : EXES

67. Case breaker, perhaps : DNA - Uh, Number 2, you might wanna have a seat

68. Flower holders : STEMS - Not a vayse or a vahze


1. Category for non-recurring pd. bills : MISC

2. 1979 disco classic : YMCA

3. Payment that's posted : BAIL - Remember who sponsored The Bad News Bears? Now you can order a jersey!

4. Eternal : AGELESS - Dick Clark's middle name for years

5. Philanthropist, e.g. : DONOR

6. Common Market letters : European Economic Community

7. Ancient colonnade : STOA

8. Sacred sites : SANCTUMS

9. Stocking stuff : FISH NET - Maybe Splynter will have some for us tomorrow

10. Not backing : ANTI

11. Party pooper : DRAG

12. First family member : SETH 

14. Poet's concern : METER

17. Short : CURT

21. Being : ENTITY

23. Throw into turmoil : DISRUPT

25. On the ball : ALERT

26. Monterrey title : SENOR

27. "The Taming of the Shrew" setting : PADUA - The Montana Shakespeare In The Park Troupe chose a different setting but used Elizabethan English (mostly) 

32. Notice from Shakespeare? : SEEST - Didst thee SEEST the setting for Taming Of The Shrew cameth ere?

29. Obsessive idea metaphor : BEE - Busy as a...

30. Caravan assembler : DODGE - The original minivan - 1984

31. Common Sundance entry : INDIE

34. Time for eggs : EASTER

38. Worked on, as a cold case : REOPENED - They haven't REOPENED the Cain and Abel case. How many witnesses could there have been?

39. Fold, spindle or mutilate : MAR

42. Crop cutters : SCYTHES

44. Buck : ONESPOT - Really?

46. Gin __ : RUMMY - Remember this Bond Villain who cheated at Gin RUMMY using a spy with binoculars and an earpiece? 

47. Other, in Oaxaca : OTRA - No, descartar la OTRA tarjeta (No, discard the other card)

51. Slopes : TILTS

52. Had on : WORE 

53. Top : APEX

54. Fit to be tried : SANE - Two psychiatrists testified as to whether this Omaha man was SANE enough to stand trial for his four murders.

55. Student's request : LOAN 

57. Vacation spot : CAPE

58. Jack-in-the-pulpit family : ARUM

59. Gets caught off guard : NAPS

62. The ANC's country : RSA Republic of South Africa

Now before you start celebrating reasonably (let your conscience be your guide), how 'bout some comments:

Jan 8, 2017

Sunday, January 8, 2017 Paul Coulter

Theme:  "Dine Out" - Parse the title as as "D in E out".  E is replaced by D in each theme entry.  The changes all happen with the last letter of a key word,

23A. Basis for evaluating an archaeology dig? : EARNINGS PER SHARD. Earnings per share.

35A. Warning to Bo Peep that her sheep are really hiding nearby? : HERD'S LOOKING AT YOU, KID. Here's looking at your, kid. But it's grammatically correct to say "Herd are looking at you", right?

58A. "When leaving the beach, hose off your feet before putting on your shoes"? : SAND ADVICE. Sane advice is not a familiar phrase to me.

68A. Must choose among less volatile investment options? : HAVE A BOND TO PICK. Have a bone to pick.

81A. Infant dressed for rain? : BABY BOOTED. I would not know how to clue it. Baby bootee.

100A. Have a good day birding? : FIND FEATHERED FRIENDS. Fine- feathered friends.
119A. Paragraph in a lemon law? : DUD PROCESS CLAUSE. Due process clause.

What a great title!

There are some stray E's in the theme answers. It's impossible to replace all of them, given that E is the most frequently used letter in English.

Paul's approach is quite consistent. No first letter or middle letter E to D change. 

1. Get hot online : GO VIRAL. Surprised that Paul crossed it with GOER (1. Attendee).
8. Slithery squeezer : BOA

11. San Francisco/Oakland separator : BAY

14. Signature Southern vegetable : OKRA. Constructors love Vowel??Vowel combo.

18. Treeless tract : OPEN AREA

20. High esteem : RESPECT

22. Motley : PIED. Never used this word other than Pied Piper

25. "Goodness gracious!" : EGAD

26. "Wide Sargasso Sea" author Jean : RHYS. Wiki says "The novel is written as a prequel and response to Charlotte Brontë's noted novel Jane Eyre".

27. Chain founded by Ingvar Kamprad : IKEA

28. 2016 A.L. Manager of the Year Francona, familiarly : TITO. Known for ending Red Sox's 86-year drought. We also have ARM (105. Pitcher's pride).

29. Heartthrob : FLAME

30. Medicare segment : PART A

32. As to : IN RE

34. Called the shots : LED

44. "The Sage of Concord" : EMERSON

45. Romeo or Juliet : TEEN. Thought of  ROLE first.

46. South of France : MIDI. Why is South of France called "Le Midi"?

47. Holds firmly : RIVETS

48. Dilates : WIDENS

50. Times for vespers : EVES. I forgot the meaning of "vespers". Could only picture the Bond Girl Vesper.

54. Knock for a loop : STUN. Tiny dupe with 113. Stunned accusation : ET TU

55. Schleps : TOTES

62. Jiffs : SECs

64. Slip cover : DRESS

66. Yorkshire river : OUSE. We also have 126. River to the Fulda : EDER

67. Bygone bird : MOA. Locally known as Mall of America. I went to Zara the second day it opened.

73. Bossy remark? : MOO. Great clue.

76. Wine center NNE of Monaco : ASTI

77. Flaw-spotting aid : LOUPE

78. Canterbury's county : KENT

85. Bas-relief medium : GESSO. Learned from doing crosswords.

87. Dashed : TORE

89. Cavaradossi's "Recondita armonia," for one : ARIA. Of the five words in the clue, I know two.

90. Cooper's creations : STAVES

92. Green need : PUTTER. Golf green.

94. Bring in : REAP

98. Where Java may be found : ASIA

99. Before : EARLIER

106. Meh : DRAB

107. Breaks : RIFTS

108. Nursing a sprain, perhaps : GIMPY. Not a word I use.

110. "Good going!" : NICE
114. Come together : KNIT

118. Fever with chills : AGUE

123. Needle holder : PINE. You wanted ETUI, didn't you?
124. Espionage asset : STEALTH. Great word. Consonant-rich.

125. More frothy : YEASTIER

127. It's used for some trips : LSD

128. WWII venue : ETO (European Theater of Operations)

129. __ step: deceptive hoops tactic : STUTTER. Learning moment for me.
2. Moonfish : OPAH

3. Darned : VERY

4. Quaint stopovers : INNs

5. Italian counterpart of the BBC : RAI. Stands for Radiotelevisione Italiana. We had this last year. 

6. Prince Valiant's son : ARN

7. Shackle : LEG IRON

8. Onetime California oil town : BREA

9. "__ the fields we go" : O'ER

10. Kind of prof. : ASST

11. Marching orders? : BEAT IT. Great fill/clue.

12. Radar or laser : ACRONYM. Did not know laser is an acronym.

13. Accountant's initialism : YTD

14. European automaker that was originally a sewing machine company : OPEL. Interesting trivia.

15. Rwanda's capital : KIGALI. Got via crosses.

16. Didn't just criticize : REAMED

17. Put on : ADDED

19. Invite for : ASK TO

21. Honor society leader? : PHI. Oh,  Phi Beta Kappa.

24. Reach a high : PEAK

29. Clan clash : FEUD

30. "Hey ... over here!" : PSST

31. "__ good name is ne'er retriev'd": John Gay : A LOST. Also got via crosses.

33. King of France : ROI

35. "His," to Bierce : HERS. We had this clue a while ago.

36. Gives off : EMITS

37. Variety show : REVUE

38. Soak : DRENCH

39. "Yea, verily" : IT IS SO
40. Outlaw Kelly : NED

41. Thug's thousands : GEES

42. "The King and I" role : ANNA

43. City on the Dnieper : KIEV

48. Winning Super Bowl III coach Ewbank : WEEB. I tried to use him in a puzzle once.

49. Busybodies : SNOOPS

51. Get-up-and-go : VIM

52. "Foucault's Pendulum" author : ECO

53. Yellow __ : SEA. Between China and South Korea. We call it Huang Hai, literally "Yellow Sea". Hai = Sea. But in Cantonese, Hai means "Yes", same as Japanese.

56. Start of a tribute : ODE TO

57. Pride and prejudice : TRAITS. Got via crosses.

59. Fools : DUPES

60. Faulkner's "__ Lay Dying" : AS I

61. Card collection : DECK. Not baseball cards.

63. Car from Trollhättan : SAAB

65. NBC show since 1975 : SNL

69. After-dinner drink letters : VSO

70. Literary fold : DOG EAR. So simple in retrospect.

71. Third of seven: Abbr. : TUES

72. "Fine" holder of fish? : KETTLE. Fun clue.

73. Wharton deg. : MBA

74. Crew member : OAR

75. Kimono closer : OBI. Kimono is so pricey. Lots of girls just wear Yukata. It has OBI also

79. Away from the office : NOT IN

80. In a tough spot : TREED

82. It's a long story : YARN. No SAGA today.

83. South Dakota, to Pierre : ETAT. Good old clue.

84. Pizzazz : DASH

86. Eyeball-bending work : OP ART

88. Drops the ball : ERRS

91. Go (for) : VIE

93. 1999 "A God in Ruins" novelist : URIS. Not familiar with the book.

95. Go around in circles? : EDDY. Another great clue.

96. It's south of Eur. : AFR

97. Small change : PEANUTS

99. Gushes : EFFUSES

100. Standoffish : FRIGID. The "Standoffish" weather here in Minnesota makes me feel tough. Very Fargo-like.

101. Protected, as from prosecution : IMMUNE

102. Put up with : ABIDED. The Hotmail/Outlook rehaul last year is driving me nuts, TTP. They create double space every time I press Enter.  Read here. The glitch has been on for over three years, thought I only encountered this since the rehaul. I'm not sure this happens to every user. I did not notice this problem with Argyle's emails. It's also incredibly slow. I've been using Gmail more and more.
103. Art Deco artist : ERTE

104. Scatterbrained : DITSY

105. Slack-jawed : AGAPE

109. House of Lords member : PEER

111. Balancing pro : CPA. Are you a CPA, D-Otto?

112. Agatha contemporary : ERLE

113. Bounce back : ECHO

114. Nicky of "Boston Public" : KATT. Stranger to me.

115. Jour's opposite : NUIT. Day and night.

116. "Got it" : I SEE

117. Amer. Samoa, e.g. : TERR

119. ISP alternative : DSL. No. ISP offers DSL service.

120. Polo Grounds legend : OTT (Mel).

121. Be-bopper : CAT

122. The Tigers of the SEC : LSU

So what keyboard are you using? We're going to buy a new one soon and I'd like to know your suggestion. Thanks.

Happy Birthday to Patti Varol, Rich's assistant and editor for the Crossword Club. Patti taught me by example on how to make clean puzzles. I'm so grateful for her unfailing patience and attention to details.


PS: To those who get the wrong grid today, please click here for the correct puzzle. On the top right, you should see Print or Download button. If you still have trouble, please email me, I'll email me the grid. (I've removed the puzzle link. Email me if you need the grid.)