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May 14, 2018

Monday May 14, 2018 Paul Coulter

Theme: (Split) Word Chain - Four rows of words form a word chain.

14. With 15-Across, station with a hook and ladder: FIRE. Firehouse.

15. With 16-Across, indoor chores: HOUSE. Housework.

16. With 28-Across, tireless sort: WORK. Work horse.

28. With 31-Across, big biting insect: HORSE. Horse fly.

31. With 32-Across, sticky strip: FLY. Flypaper.

32. With 40-Across, bills to pay with: PAPER. Paper money.

40. With 42-Across, financier: MONEY. Money man.

42. With 43-Across, strength needed for a team job: MAN. Man power.

43. With 61-Across, turn off, as a computer: POWER. Power down.

61. With 62-Across, Australia: DOWN. Down under.

62. With 63-Across, attempt: UNDER. Undertake.

63. With 14-Across, become ignited: TAKE. Take fire.

Boomer here. Happy Monday everyone! Demanding theme for a Monday, but C.C. said "Amazing grid work".  

I certainly hope that all of you young ladies out there had a happy and satisfying Mother's Day.  Congratulations to your families!  I had an interesting week.  I bowled in the Minneapolis "700 Club" tournament.  This is a 4 game scratch (no handicap) tournament for any bowler who has had a 700 + series in league.  There are 5 divisions separated by age, and I am in the "Older than dirt" division. (70+).  The tournament is held across 8 lanes so we move after each game.  I do not recall ever bowling a set like the one I had last Thursday.  254 - 262 - 140 - 246!  I left 4 splits in the ugly 3rd game but still recovered enough (902) series to win my divisionSometimes it pays to be older than dirt.


1. Big name in PCs: ACER.  Makes me think of my 1975 AMC Pacer.  Great idea but they should have made one that was more dependable.

5. Play idly, as a guitar: THRUM. Now is this a strum with a thumb ?

10. Not that: THIS.

17. Particle for Fermi: ATOM. Nobel-winning physicist Enrico Fermi.

18. Out-of-use anesthetic: ETHER.

19. Blunted blade: EPEE. I never could figure out how a sword got this name.

20. One fighting back: RESISTER.

22. "The Quiet American" novelist Graham __: GREENE. - wrote novels and short stories before my time.

24. First stage of grief: DENIAL.

25. Firmly resolved (against): DEAD SET.

26. Election winners: INS

27. Company head: BOSS. The head is usually the CEO.  A boss is in charge of a chain gang.  "When I came down to Old Hannah, had a number for my name.  They chained us together and we started cuttin' cane"

37. Big cheese: EXEC. He could be a CEO

38. Wide shoe size: EEE.

39. Azerbaijan's capital: BAKU. If you have never been to Azerbaijan, you probably came to this blog to get the answer.  Welcome!

44. Censor's target: SMUT.

46. Friend of Frodo: SAM. Frodo Baggins/Sam Gamgee. Green eggs and ham, Sam I am!

47. Elk relative: RED DEER. I don't believe these are prominent in the U.S.  We have brown deer in Minnesota, but there is one around Christmastime with a red nose.

51. Dungarees: DENIMS.

54. Mistakes: ERRORS. A baseball stat with Runs, Hits, and Left on base.

55. Hand-tightened fasteners: WINGNUTS. A famous product of Ideal to connect wires,  I am sure Graybar has sold millions of them.

57. Galway Bay's __ Islands: ARAN.

58. New Orleans NFLer: SAINT. Lost to the Vikings last playoff with an unbelievably ridiculous "Hail Mary" pass to Stephon Diggs.

60. Lotion additive: ALOE. - C.C. has an Aloe Vera plant in our home.

64. "Do it, or __!": ELSE.  Or ELSE what ?

65. Wordsworth words: POESY.  Sounds like catcher Buster of the Giants, but spelled differently.

66. Fed. power dept.: ENER. I know they are talking energy, but we don't buy our power from the feds, do we?


1. A long way off: AFAR.  "We three kings of Orient are, bearing gifts we traverse afar".

2. Credited in a footnote: CITED.  If you text while driving you may get CITED.

3. Like jagged edges: EROSE.  Did anyone send or receive an "E rose" for Mother's Day? It's sort of like an email but it smells nicer.

4. Wax nostalgic: REMINISCE.

5. Angle symbols: THETAS.

6. Marriott or Hyatt: HOTEL. Well known national names,  I prefer the "Orleans" in Las Vegas.  Bowling lanes on the second floor.

Boomer, 2018, the Orleans

7. German industrial region: RUHR.

8. Apply: USE.

9. Traffic slowdown spots: MERGES. We have a ton of these this year in MN.  Late Spring, no the powers that be a fixing every road in the greater Metropolitan area.  Took me an hour each way to and from the bowling tournament I mentioned earlier.  (The bowling center was a whopping 15 miles from my home.)

10. Coarse cloth: TWEED. Tweedle Dee Dee, Tweedle Dee Dum.

11. Aspirations: HOPES.  My Mom's name was Hope. Happy Mother's Day Mom, wherever you are!

12. Cara of "Fame": IRENE. Good night.

13. Trapshooting: SKEET.

21. Triangle ratio: SINE. This math went well over my head.

23. Farrier's abrasive tool: RASP.

25. Elder statesman: DOYEN.

27. Sound from the fold: BLEAT.

28. Sewn edge: HEM. If a sewn edge is a hem, then what is a haw?

29. Kitchenware brand: OXO. Not a common name.  I think they make Farberware.

30. Stimpy's sidekick: REN.

31. Thigh bone: FEMUR. Connected to the HIP bone.

33. Loathe: ABOMINATE.

34. Cat foot: PAW. Father's Day is next month for Opie and all of you who have a Paw.

35. Just get (by): EKE.

36. Capek's robot play: R.U. R.

41. 1914 battle river: YSER. I've heard of it, it's in Europe somewhere, but I don't think I could find it on a map.

43. Hunger twinge: PANG.

45. Really botch: MESS UP.  Error did not work, plus we already had it.

46. "Who goes there?" guard: SENTRY.

47. Aptly named novelist: READE.

48. Swashbuckling Flynn: ERROL. Errol was a bit before my time and I managed to never see an Errol Flynn movie.  The only black and white films I saw were the Three Stooges and Laurel and Hardy.  "Hard boiled eggs and nuts" is one of my favorite expressions.

49. Tied chess games: DRAWS.  I used to play chess but I was no good.  Somehow "Stalemate rings a bell but if you only have five letters to fill, Draws are okay.

50. "Death, be not proud" poet: DONNE.

51. Uses the good china: DINES. What's it called if you use paper plates ?

52. Disney's Chinese warrior: MULAN.

53. Feed, as a fire: STOKE.

55. Like a 10-lane highway: WIDE. - I saw 16 lanes (8 coming and 8 going) in Atlanta once.  Minnesota traffic could use that however we don't have plows wide enough for winter wear.

56. Tarot reader: SEER.

59. Chilean year: ANO.


Apr 26, 2018

Thursday April 26 2018 Paul Coulter

Theme: Hats Off! I mean Hats On! As the reveal helps to explain:

54A. "Shut your trap!" ... and, graphically, what the circled letters do: PUT A LID ON IT!

Three kinds of headgear in the circles: HAT, CAP and TAM, each sitting atop IT in the entry beneath.

This is one of those puzzles where the theme is more incidental than central. You solve as a themeless, then go back and look to see what you missed, which, honestly to my mind, is "not much". Three three-letter circled letters atop of three "IT" two-letter pairs.

The content is pleasing, two grid-spanners, two 11's and two long 10's in the downs, but the theme fell flat for me.

That out of the way, let's see what jumps out:


1. Distribute, with "out": METE

5. Jets and Nets: TEAMS

10. Kenan's comedy cohort: KEL

13. Like crazy: A LOT

14. Street thief: MUGGER

15. Bullring "Bravo!": OLÉ

16. Tennessee River city: CHATTANOOGA. "Pardon me, boy - is that the ..."

18. Luxury hotel facility: SPA

19. Places: SITUATES. Nice word. Just missing an "O" for the vowel grand slam.

20. Migratory herring: SHAD. High in Omega-3. Whatever that means.

21. Uni- + bi-: TRI-. 

22. H.S. exam for college credit: A.P. TEST. Advanced Placement, I believe.

24. Longtime Bob Keeshan kids' character: CAPTAIN KANGAROO. Giving children frightening fashion advice since 1955.

30. Anatomical canals: ITERS. Not only is this a plural, but it also in the singular does not appear in a Google search at all - I gave up reading about nuclear reactors after at least six pages of hits. The word should not be in the puzzle in this form.

31. On the ship: ABOARD

32. Mediterranean peak: ETNA

33. Parts: ROLES

35. Actress Headey of "Game of Thrones": LENA

38. Home of college sports' Green Wave: TULANE. New Orleans school.

40. Certain tanker: OILER

41. Philatelist's pride: STAMP COLLECTION

45. Mass communication?: LITANY

46. Final: Abbr.: ULT. Ultimate? I suppose so.

47. Sounds of disgust: UGHS

48. Calming agents: ALLAYERS

53. "The Producers" screenwriter Brooks: MEL

57. Old __: PRO

58. Becomes used (to): INURES

59. Sinewy: ROPY

60. Common ID: SSN

61. Enclosed for security, in a way: GATED. Communities.

62. Choice word: ELSE. If - Or - Else.


1. Computers that may run Virtual PC: MACS. Not any more, unless you have a very old one. The Mac motherboard has an Intel chip which runs both the Mac OS and Windows. Your choice.

2. K-12: EL-HI

3. Precisely: TO A "T"

4. Famous final question: ET TU?

5. Pay attention: TUNE IN

6. Film directors' challenges: EGOS

7. Earlier: AGO

8. "A Wrinkle in Time" girl: MEG. Apparently a character in a series of novels first published in 1962. No clue. This might be a tad obscure.

9. Mme., in Madrid: SRA

10. Where to get gefilte fish: KOSHER DELI

11. Sun Bowl city: EL PASO. College Football post-season game.

12. Bring about: LEAD TO

14. Motherly start: MATRI- I've got "-archal" and "-cide". Any other offers?

17. Cheerios: TA-TAS

20. Twinkly, skywise: STARLIT

22. Muchos meses: ANOS. Many months equate to years. as long as there are at least 13 of them.

23. Links letters: PGA. Professional Golfer's Association

24. Fr. company: CIE. 

25. Court fig.: ATT. Ball boy? Umpire? Baller? No, attorney.

26. Modern Olympic event one shoots for?: PENTATHLON. You also fence, ride, run and swim. No small feat. It was originally defined as the five disciplines that a cavalry officer must be more than proficient in to be considered one of the elite.

27. Emotional wounds: TRAUMAS

28. Krypton escapee: KAL-EL. AKA "Superman", he who wears his underwear outside of his tights. Truly from another world.

29. Presidential nickname: ABE

33. Somewhat blue: RACY

34. Artist whose apartment overlooks Strawberry Fields: ONO. The real Strawberry Field is in Liverpool, England, it was the garden of a children's home near to where John Lennon grew up.

36. Prefix for movement revivals: NEO-

37. Prince Valiant's son: ARN

39. ICU staffer: LPN. 

40. Group of eight: OCTAD

41. Competitive dry spells: SLUMPS

42. Auburn or Princeton athletes: TIGERS

43. Soothed: LULLED

44. New York Harbor's __ Island: ELLIS. The Oracle head Larry Ellison's family name comes from the-then immigrants' journey through Ellis Island.

48. Bern's river: AARE

49. Auld lang syne: YORE. What? When does "Old time's sake" translate to "Past"? We should be told.

50. Carbon compound: ENOL

51. Tears: RIPS

52. Eye malady: STYE

54. Boar, e.g. PIG

55. Spanish article: UNA

56. Tsk relative: TUT

Quick in and out today - here's the grid!


Apr 15, 2018

Sunday April 15, 2018 Paul Coulter

Theme: "Mirror Images"- The second three-letter string starting the second word is a mirror image of the letter letter string that ends the first word.

22. Coastal casino center: ATLANTIC CITY.

33. Current route: ELECTRIC CIRCUIT.
47. Chinese and Vietnamese: TONAL LANGUAGES. Mandarin has 4 tones. Cantonese has 9 tones.

67. Hotel evaluation system: STAR RATINGS.

90. Three-dimensional arrangement of atoms inside a diamond, say: CRYSTAL LATTICE. New term to me.

106. Article seen daily: NEWSPAPER REPORT.

120. Website evaluation tool: USER RESEARCH.

This theme reminded me a bit of Paul's "Magnetism" puzzles. The key words are consecutively hidden in the middle.

I especially liked 67A and 106A as all TAR/RAT, PER/REP are solid words.


1. High-fives, e.g.: SLAPS.

6. Big name in Champagne: MUMM. Not MOET. Also 26. Champagne word: BRUT.

10. Langston Hughes poem: I TOO.

14. Cinematic FX: CGI.

17. "The War of the Worlds" narrator of 1938: WELLES.

19. Hum-dinger of an instrument?: KAZOO. Nice clue.

20. It's composed of balances: DEBT.

21. Crew member: OAR.

24. Block-stocking building: ICE HOUSE. We call the sheds above frozen lakes "ice houses".

27. Indian nurse: AMAH. Might sound gluey to some, but this terms is widely used in Hong Kong.

28. First name in architecture: EERO.

30. Out of concern that: LEST.

31. Noodle concoction?: IDEA. 71. Terrible time?: TWOS. Gimmes for our regulars.

38. Charlie Brown correspondent: PEN PAL. These days we all use computer/tablet, etc. I guess we're all keyboard pals.

40. Lights into: ASSAILS.

41. It floods Florence periodically: ARNO.

42. Straightens up: TIDIES.

45. "We need a cat!": EEK. No mouse bothered us this winter. Yay!

46. Costa __: RICA.

54. Pretentious sort: PSEUD. Also 117. Pretends: PLAY-ACTS.

55. Poppycock: HOOEY.

56. Some decision makers: TOSSES.

57. Smartphone ancestor, briefly: PDA. Most dumb phones are pretty smart these days. 

59. Cos. with Xings: RRS.

60. Source of stress, probably: ONUS.

61. Like this ans.: ACR. Across.

63. St. Pete's place: FLA.

64. Goals: AIMS.

66. Hombre's hand: MANO.

75. Builder's need: PLAN.

77. "__ the fields we go ... ": OER.

78. Common Market letters: EEC. European Economic Community.

79. Advanced, as old age: RIPE.

80. Tell: RAT.

83. Courses for coll. credit: APS.

84. Third-least populous state: ALASKA. Wyoming. Vermont.

87. Staples Center player: LAKER. And 19. Longtime TV broadcaster of 87-Across games: KCAL

88. Ladybug's lunch: APHID.

93. Acidity-correcting fertilizer: MARL.New word to me.

94. Asian honorific: SRI. Also 129. Ladies of Sp.: SRAS.

96. Watching closely: EYEING.

97. Biol. branch: ECOL.

98. Like a well-grounded argument: TENABLE.

102. Play the flute: TOOTLE. Have any of you heard of Chinese Er Hu? The music is always hauntingly sad.

110. Lab vessel: VIAL.

111. Mystery writer Nevada __: BARR. Also new to me.

112. Middle of a Latin trio: AMAS.

113. Wind worth a warning: GALE.

115. Regrets: RUES.

123. Champagne word: SEC.

124. Iota: WHIT.

125. Long time follower?: NO SEE. Rooted in Chinese.

126. One getting smashed at a bash?: PINATA. Great fill/clue.

127. Tats: INK.

128. Nasdaq rival: NYSE.

130. Flippant: SASSY.


1. Q-tip: SWAB.

2. Speak without restraint: LET RIP.

3. Refer (to): ALLUDE.

4. Typewriter roller: PLATEN. Another word I never used.

5. D.C. VIP: SEN.

6. Papier-__: MACHE.

7. Action film weapon: UZI.

8. Sacred songs: MOTETS.

9. Journalist Bill inducted into the TV Hall of Fame in 1995: MOYERS. Wiki says he was the "White House Press Secretary in the Johnson administration from 1965 to 1967."

10. Follies: IDIOCIES.

11. Private eye: TEC. Detective. Not used these days.

12. Washington Monument, for one: OBELISK.

13. Additional: OTHER.

14. Dior or Klein: COUTURIER. In my TEC days, Dior was one of our biggest clients.

15. Beetle juice?: GAS. VW Beetle.

16. Boiling state: IRE.

18. Transit syst. component: STA.

23. Well-shod Marcos: IMELDA. Just crazy.

25. Annual winter telecast, with "The": OSCARS.

29. Coastline feature: RIA.

32. In a fitting way: APTLY.

34. __ belli: act of war: CASUS. Learning moment as well.

35. 2016 W.S. losers to the Cubs: CLE.

36. Bring upon oneself: INCUR.

37. Contemptible sorts: TOADS.

39. Afflict: AIL.

43. IV part: INTRA.

44. I strain?: EGO.

47. __ McAn shoes: THOM.

48. The last Mrs. Chaplin: OONA. And her grand-daughter.

49. It may be proper: NOUN.

50. Creator of many talking animals: AESOP.

51. To the extent that: AS FAR AS.

52. Cabbage: GELT.

53. Morales of "The Brink": ESAI.

54. Frying pan spray: PAM.

57. Scrolling unit: PAGE.

58. Frisbee, e.g.: DISC.

61. "Immediately!": ASAP.

62. Forklift load: Abbr.: CTNS.

65. Classic Fender guitar, familiarly: STRAT.

68. Crowd sound: ROAR.

69. Count (on): RELY.

70. Author Zora __ Hurston: NEALE.

72. Collaborative website: WIKI.

73. Crude gp.?: OPEC.

74. Bone-dry: SERE. Our old friend is back.

76. Chap: LAD.

80. Staple for a collegian on a tight budget: RAMEN. Instant Ramen hit Xi'an when I just entered college (1990). It was more expensive than a bowl of freshly made noodles sold in our school dining hall. But we all wanted Instant Ramen. So silly!

81. On the double: APACE.

82. Atavism: THROWBACK.

85. Exorbitant: STEEP.

86. Mary __ cosmetics: KAY.

87. No. 2 at the statehouse: LT GOV.

89. "You got that right!": I'LL SAY.

90. Film lover: CINEASTE.  I've only heard of "Cinephile".

91. Small amount: LITTLE.

92. "Is that __?": A NO.

94. Carb-loaded: STARCHY. All my meals are starchy. That's how I was raised.

95. Gym unit: REP.

99. Inlet or cove: ARM.

100. Some rechargeable shavers: BRAUNS.

101. One offering quarters: LESSOR.

103. Albania's capital: TIRANA.

104. Actresses Linney and Dern: LAURAS.

105. Gives a seat to: ELECTS.

107. Seafood serving: PRAWN.

108. Tough bosses to work for: OGRES.

109. Hard to come by: RARE. Like his rookie card, thought I much prefer the 1956 Topps.

114. Seer's claim: ESP.

116. Open carriage: SHAY.

117. Meas. checked after tire rotation: PSI.

118. Cariou of "Sweeney Todd": LEN.

119. "__ the season ... ": TIS.

121. Pueblo pronoun: ESA.

122. Frozen Wasser: EIS.

Husker Gary has updated our Crossword Corner Map. Please click below to enlarge. Or you can just click here.

Please email Gary if you want to be included or excluded in the map. Thanks for the time and efforts you've put into the map, Gary!



Mar 26, 2018

Monday March 26, 2018 Paul Coulter

Theme: LA LA LAND (40. 2016 Gosling/Stone film ... and, as shown by circles, what each of four answers is) - Each theme entry is a place with *LA* and *LA* in it.

 17A. Narrow land formation along the Bering Sea : ALASKA PENINSULA

 33A. Upstate New York Winter Olympics village : LAKE PLLACID

 42A. Washington city with a repetitive name : WALLA WALLA

 58A. Scottish archipelago : SHETLAND ISLANDS
Boomer here.

Hi everyone.  Wishing you all a glorious Monday!  I used to hate Mondays but then I retired.  Now I bowl three of seven games on Mondays and in the fall I coach high school bowling so Mondays come and go quickly.  I join all of you in wishing Argyle a speedy recovery, but in the meantime, you are stuck with me.

Today's puzzle was a bit of a challenge and I had trouble with some of the clues.  Plus, I never could get used to calling Los Angeles "LA LA Land". 


1. Norway's capital : OSLO

5. Central Florida city : OCALA - Spring training land.  Major League baseball starts next week!

10. Distillery containers : VATS

14. Procrastinator's promise : SOON - "I'll get around to it" had too many letters

15. Something in the air : VAPOR - Some smokers are trying e-cigs.  I am not sure if they help cut down on tobacco, but they are banned in most places where you are not allowed to smoke.

16. Building beam : I-BAR

20. Price hike: Abbr. : INCR. Not too happy with abbreviations in puzzles.

21. Bard's "before" : ERE

22. Billionaire Bill : GATES - Yup the president and CEO of Micro something.  I think I have heard of him.

23. Puts on the line : RISKS

25. Marshy area : BOG -  This answer makes me remember Wade Boggs first a Red Sox, then a Yankee.

26. Most despicable : BASEST

29. "Citizen Kane" sled : ROSEBUD - I am not a "Citizen Kane" groupie, but I am looking forward to see if the rose bush in our garden survived the winter.

36. Acapulco article : UNA

37. O. Henry specialty : IRONY - I thought O'Henry was a candy bar

38. It was thrown into the harbor in a 1773 "party" : TEA  - I was not there, but it was a legitimate protest.  I object that the renegades chose to disguise themselves as native Americans.

39. Ingenious : SLICK

41. __ long way: help considerably : GO A

44. Intertwined : ENLACED

47. Not as cold, as weather : MILDER - We in the North are looking forward to milder weather.  It's getting there, but we have not seen 50 yet.

48. Hi-tech worker : BOT - A Robot is a machine in a factory.  I thought a BOT was an internet thing that steals your preferences so it will know how you vote.  I must watch too much CNN.

49. Hindu deity : SHIVA

51. "Nonsense!" : PSHAW - My 4th grade teacher had a blast teaching this word for our spelling test.

54. Spy org. called "The Company" : CIA - "The CIA's subversive, and so's the FCC.  There's no one left but thee and we, and we're not sure of thee."  Have fun and name that tune.

55. Hamburg's river : ELBE - Did not know that one.  Remember I said I only visited Hardheim/Wertheim

62. Hot under the collar : SORE

63. Ball girl : BELLE

64. Bothers no end : NAGS

65. Like golf balls at the start of a hole, usually : TEED - Then I get "TEED" off when I hit it into the lake.

66. Nuclear trial : A TEST

67. Weight loss plan : DIET - Many people try the "Seafood Diet" - See Food, Eat it.


1. Mama bear, in Mexico : OSA

2. Songs sung alone : SOLI. - Plural of solo. Fooled me.

3. Student aid : LOAN - It's really too bad that young people have to borrow money to get an education.

4. In the movies : ON SCREEN

5. Egg cells : OVA

6. "RUR" playwright : CAPEK

7. Copycats : APERS

8. Word with wolf or Ranger : LONE - Clayton Moore once visited a bowling center in St. Paul.  I don't think Jay Silverheels was with him though.

9. Shapiro of NPR : ARI - Also a news guy on MSNBC

10. Countenance : VISAGE

11. Adjoin : ABUT - Add a "T" to the clue and the answer and you will have a busy bar stool.

12. "A __ of Two Cities" : TALE - "it was the best of times, it was the worst of times".  Here we are 150 years later and "after changes upon changes, things are more or less the same." Name that tune.

13. Mmes., in Madrid : SRAS

18. __ Kreme: doughnut brand : KRISPY - They mad a grand entrances in Minnesota, had cars lined up dozens deep at the drive thru, but I think they left Minnesota and took the doughnuts with them.

19. Private nonprofits: Abbr. : NGOS. Non-Governmental Organizations.

24. Mo. town : STL - Motown is Detroit.  Cardinal town is STL where Ozzie and Stan the Man played.

25. Physique, informally : BOD

26. "Mudbound" actress Mary J. __ : BLIGE

27. Composer Copland : AARON - I don't know composers, but I do know who hit 755 home runs in his career.

28. Norwegian toast : SKOAL - I have seen it spelled this way, however when you salute the Minnesota Vikings it's "SKOL".

29. Mideast money : RIAL

30. Erect a house : BUILD - This is an interesting word, because when you finish building, you have a building.

31. Parent's brother : UNCLE - Holler "Uncle" - "I Ain't down" -I'm gonna learn to read and write, I'm gonna see what there is to see, and if the house is red and there's a big brass bed ......"  Name that tune.

32. Senegal's capital : DAKAR

34. Barely more than not at all : A TAD

35. Animation frame : CEL - Some of these by famous cartoonists and animated movie makers are now valuable collector's items.  I only like baseball cards.

39. Turn like a chair : SWIVEL

42. Dripping __: soaked : WET

43. Parisian pal : AMI

45. Died down : ABATED

46. Monastic hood : COWL

49. Move furtively : SIDLE

50. Waves for, as a taxi : HAILS - Sometimes rain turns to ice and you wish a taxi would get you outta here.

51. Hissed "Hey!" : PSST - I am waiting to see a four letter word with three vowels, but this isn't it.

52. Loafer or moc : SHOE - And neither are the next four

53. "Take this" : HERE

54. Tech news site : CNET

56. __ B'rith : BNAI

57. Barely beat : EDGE

59. Attorneys' org. : ABA

60. Filming site : SET - 6-11 games of tennis

61. Retired flier, briefly : SST - Super Sonic Transport.  No sure why it quit flying.  I think people liked to get to Europe in 2-3 hours,  But I know it was pretty pricey.


Note from C.C.:

I finally talked to Argyle for a few minutes yesterday. I was happy that recognized my voice. No details on how long he'll stay in the hospital and when/where he'll be headed for rehab. He has no internet access at the moment. Hopefully soon he'll be back on line solving and reading our comments. 


Feb 28, 2018

Wednesday, February 28, 2018 Paul Coulter

Theme: CAPITAL IDEAS.  This one is unusual.  Four country names cross the names of their capital cities.  They are arranged in two country-capital pairs, each of which is diagonally symmetrically placed in the grid.  Each country is placed across and each capital is placed down.  Lots of geometric thought went into this arrangement.  Note that the grid symmetry is 180 degree rotation around the central cell - the G of GRIDLOCK. Also, quite a trick finding the places that make this work.

3 D. With 17-Across, where the Duma sits : MOSCOW.
17 A. See 3-Down : RUSSIA.

13 D. With 23-Across, where the Hellenic Parliament sits : ATHENS.
23 A. See 13-Down : GREECE.

42 D. With 52-Across, where the Assembleia Nacional sits : LUANDA.
52 A. See 42-Down : ANGOLA.

45 D. With 58-Across, where Parliament sits : OTTAWA.
58 A. See 45-Down : CANADA.

And the centrally-placed, vertical, grid-spanning unifier -- 7 D. Legislative impasse ... and what occurs at this puzzle's circles? : CAPITAL GRIDLOCK.  Without getting political, this refers to the inability of congress to pass meaningful legislation due to intractable competing interests.  In the puzzle, the crossing of the countries with their capital cities locks both into the grid.  Nicely done.  And a lesson in the spellings of CAPITAL and CAPITOL, for those like me who need it.

Hi Gang, JazzBumpa here. Let's unlock the grid.


1. Fitting the season : TIMELY.  Our daffodils are about 2 inches tall, but the crocuses have yet to make an appearance.

7. Innermost part : CORE.  Of an apple or nuclear reactor, among other things.

11. Gp. known for travelers' checks? : TSA.  The Transportation Safety Administration checks the travelers before they board airplanes.  Clever misdirection.

14. Ancient markets : AGORAE.  In ATHENS.  I wanted a terminal S, but the perps took care of that.

15. Erelong : ANON.  Soon.

16. Bow (out) : OPT.  You can also OPT in.

18. Sullen look : POUT.  Girls in my family, across the generations, have an infamous lower lip pout.

19. "Well, __-di-dah!" : LAH. An expression of derision directed at the pretentious.

20. Nutmeg spice : MACE.  Nutmeg is the ground seed-stone of the nutmeg plant.  MACE is the dried fibers of the surrounding fruit.

21. NY engineering sch. near Albany : RPIRensselaer Polytechnic Institute is a private research university and space-grant institution located in Troy, N. Y.  To the best of my knowledge, Helen never matriculated.

25. Enero to enero : ANO.  From January to January is one year in Spain, just like everywhere else.

26. Charcuterie fare : MEAT.  This is a store selling cold cooked MEATs.

27. Tippi of "The Birds" : HEDREN.  Famous Hitchcock movie.

28. Black bird's call : CAW.  Vide supra.

29. Necessitate : ENTAIL.

31. Goes on and on : GABS.  Blah, blah, blah.

32. Fish often fried : COD.  From the north Atlantic.

33. "The Thin Man" actress : LOY.

34. Zeta follower : ETA.  Letters from ATHENS.

35. Pack away : STOW.

37. Ratings for family-friendly films : PGS.  No sax or violins.

38. Rathskeller draft : BIER.   Contents are closely regulated.

39. __ goo gai pan : MOO.   Americanized Chinese cuisine - a stir-fried dish of chicken with button mushrooms and vegetables.

40. Wine-and-cassis drink : KIR.   Cassis is a black current liquer.  KIR is a measure of cassis topped up with white wine, usually drunk as an apéritif.

41. Cooped-up female : HEN.   Chicken lady.

42. Break in the action : LULL.  Time out.

43. 20 Questions category : ANIMAL.  Along with vegetable and mineral.  One of my long ago colleagues, a PHD physicist, chose something he claimed as vegetable, and nobody could suss it.  Turned out to be crude oil.

45. Food scrap : ORT.  Crossword fodder.

48. More unsightly : UGLIER.

50. Minor body-shop job : DENT.

51. Lipton product : TEA.  I happen to be sipping a mug of Twinings Earl Grey at the moment.

53. Inc., in London : LTD.  Designations for a limited liability corporation.

54. Wild guess : STAB.  Shot in the dark.

55. Class-conscious org.? : The National Education Association is a professional organization for teachers and support personnel.  Another misdirection.

56. Bouncing effect : ECHO.

60. "Spring forward" letters : DSTDaylight Savings Time.

61. À la mode : CHIC.  Per the current fashion, rather than served with ice cream.  Will be passé in no time.

62. Confessor : AVOWER.  I knew to avow meant to assert.  Didn't know it also meant to confess.  Learning moment.

63. Enzyme suffix : -ASE.   An enzyme is a large molecule that aids chemical reactions in biochemistry.

64. Watch word? : TICK.  It's companion is TOCK.

65. Word on a lost-dog poster : REWARD.


1. Airport surface : TARMAC.  Pavement, generally made from tar and crushed rock.

2. Galápagos lizard : IGUANA.  A large arboreal lizard native to Central and South America.  Be careful in Florida.

4. Hebrides language : ERSE.  Scottish Gaelic.

5. French narrative poem : LAI.  A rhyming, counted-syllable form.

6. Like closing financial reports :  YEAR END.

8. "Oh Yoko!" dedicatee : ONO.  Japanese mulimedia artist and activist, best known as John Lennon's second wife.

9. Or so : ROUGHLY.  An approximation.

10. __ nous : ENTRE.  Just between us,

11. Stand : TOLERATE.  Put up with.

12. Long key : SPACEBAR.  On your keyboard.

22. Bit of butter : PAT.  A non-specific rather small quantity, so-called because fancy restaurants would pat butter into a mold to give it a decorative shape, such as a flower.

24. Enter cautiously : EDGE IN.

26. Cat call : MEOW.

30. Platform for Siri : IOS.  Operating system for Apple branded mobile devices.

32. "Cookin' With __": rapper/chef's web show : COOLIO.  Artis Leon Ivey Jr. (born 1963) is an American rapper, actor, chef, and record producer.

35. Overconfidence : SMUGNESS.  More like excessive pride.

36. Bridge entrance structure : TOLL GATE.  Only if it's a bridge that requires that a toll be paid.

37. ATM code : PINPersonal Identification Number.

38. One-swallow drink : BELT. Slug, gulp.

40. Pakistani port : KARACHI.  The CAPITAL of Sindh Province and, with 21.1 million residents, the most populous city in the country, and also a major industrial and financial center.

41. Railroad maintenance vehicle : HAND CAR.

44. Bumped into : MET.

46. Library patron : READER.

47. "The Canterbury Tales" inn : TABARD.  This is a real place, established in 1307, that was often used by pilgrims on the way to Canterbury.  Also the name of a peanut-shell-strewn tavern, back in the day, just down the road from my alma mater.

49. Campaign poster word : ELECT.  Vote for me!

54. White flakes : SNOW.  Winter is going.

57. Hawaiian Punch alternative : HI-C.  A fruit juice flavored drink made by the Minute-Maid division of the Coca-Cola Company.

59. Hail, to Caesar : AVE.  Latin word of greeting.

That's it for another Wednesday.  Hope you were able to work through it.

Cool regards!

Jan 21, 2018

Sunday Jan 21, 2018 Paul Coulter

Theme: "Bit Parts" - CAMEOS  is orderly added to six movies.

22A. Film about a convict's lame claims of innocence? : JAILHOUSE CROCK. Jailhouse Rock. Elvis movie.

39A. Film about St. Peter's favorite striped stone? : HEAVEN'S AGATE. Heaven's Gate.
60A. Film about the last of the old-time schoolteachers? : A FAREWELL TO MARMS. A Farewell to Arms.

70A. Film about dealing with a class of five-year-olds? : KINDERGARTEN COPE. Kindergarten Cop.
 91A. Film about yet another complaint? : THE THIRD MOAN. The Third Man.

112A. Film about a devastating blizzard? : APOCALYPSE SNOW. Apocalypse Now (Thanks, Howard!)

I don't get the last one. The key word does not change meaning at all. The S entry is added probably because there are not enough themage. (Updated: I parsed 112A wrong earlier.)

The other five are all nice,  though I did not know COPE can be a noun in 70A. Great selection of movies. Tough job when the movies have to be in order.

1. Many a reggae musician : RASTA. Their god is JAH.

6. Flavor : SAPOR

11. Involved stories : EPICS. Had SAGAs first.

16. Montezuma's people : AZTECS

18. Books smaller than quartos : OCTAVOS. Two more number-related entries: 15. Sonnet section : SESTET.  6. And 73. The Supreme Court, for one : ENNEAD. 9.

20. Arenas, say : VENUES

24. Play the market : INVEST. Hope you don't own GE.

25. European skyline sight : ALP

26. __ Marbles: historic sculptures : ELGIN

27. Longtime film critic for The New Yorker : KAEL (Pauline)

29. "¿Cómo __ usted?" : ESTA

30. Pays attention to : HEEDS

32. Chow line? : LEASH. Great clue.

35. P&L report column : YTD

36. High hat : MITER

37. "__ was saying ... " : AS I

38. Go public with : AIR

42. Wildebeests : GNUS. Look at his face. It's like having a charcoal face mask on.

44. Barrel-bottom stuff : LEES

45. Cookie baking session output : BATCH. I don't bake cookies. I buy these Daifuku for treat.

46. Put to the test : TRIED

48. K-12 : EL-HI. Sad to see it's back.

49. River to the North Sea : YSER

50. Stage hog : HAM

53. Lady of León : SENORA

55. Duck : EVADE

57. Inherent character : NATURE

59. Back muscle, familiarly : LAT

64. First husband of Bathsheba : URIAH. Her second husband was King David.

67. Bar stock : ICE

68. Aurora's Greek counterpart : EOS

69. Leftover : EXTRA

76. Arles article : LES

77. Form of aphasia involving the inability to name objects : ANOMIA. Oh, I might have it. I just say "that thing in our junk drawer..." to Boomer.

78. Loi maker : SENAT. French "senate".

79. Hot spots : STOVES

82. "Do the Right Thing" pizzeria owner : SAL

83. Disco family name : GIBB

86. Cherbourg cherub : ANGE. French for "angel".

87. It usually involves a getaway car : HEIST

88. Plump Capp critter : SHMOO

89. "Beowulf" beverage : MEAD

90. "Well done!" : GOOD

95. __ Colinas: upscale neighborhood in Irving, Texas : LAS. Unknown to me. Wiki says it's located  between Dallas and Fort Worth. Must your EDINA, D-Otto/AnonT.

96. Diminish : EBB

99. Rival of Paris : ROMEO

100. Marshal at Waterloo : NEY. Our old pal.

101. Cause harm : DO ILL

103. Studied, with "over" : PORED

105. "Sounds like fun to me!" : I'M IN

106. Utah lily : SEGO

107. Metaphor for opportunities : DOORS

109. Pie in the sky? : UFO

110. Jaguar, e.g. : BIG CAT

117. À la King : EERILY. Stephen King.

118. Calmed down : SEDATED. Boomer just got me Vicks Formula 44. The dry cough just won't leave me. Thankfully no more fever/shivering.

119. Stylish filmmaker : AUTEUR. The likes of Hitchcock, Quentin Tarantino, etc.

120. Chill : RELAX

121. Runoff collector : SEWER

122. Commuter's read : DAILY


1. Indian prince : RAJAH

2. Georgia's state wildflower : AZALEA. The Masters.

3. Mushroom stems : STIPES. Another learning moment for me.

4. Bus. card info : TEL

5. Yearns : ACHES

6. Extended operatic solo : SCENA

7. PDX tower group : ATC. OK, PDX is the code for Portland International Airport.

8. Most golfers never break it : PAR. For the round, right? Most golfers can make a par on a Par 3.

9. Ab __: from the start : OVO

10. 1990 Stallone flick with the tagline "Go For It" : ROCKY V

11. Bad to the bone : EVIL

12. Stock holder : PEN

13. Protest bitterly (against) : INVEIGH

14. Hill with one steep side : CUESTA. Good to learn.

17. One before la : SOL

18. Basket material : OSIER. See here.

19. Achieve with minimal effort : SKATE BY

21. Impolite look : STARE

23. Hybrid fruits : UGLIs

28. Author Ferber et al. : EDNAs

31. Make a stand : DIG IN. I don't get how these two are equivalents.

33. Put on hold : SHELVE

34. Variety show set in Kornfield Kounty : HEE HAW. We see HEE alone often.

36. Fabric beltmaker's technique : MACRAME

38. Lindley of "Three's Company" : AUDRA. Another stranger to me.

40. Line to the audience : ASIDE

41. Gregg user : STENO

43. "The Matrix" hero : NEO

44. Some wolves : LEERERS

46. Catherine the Great, e.g. : TSARINA

47. Vitamin A form : RETINOL. Important additive in eye creams.

50. Moves speedily : HURTLES

51. One often shared in flight : ARMREST

52. Flat-topped lands : MESAS

54. "I don't give __" : A FIG

56. In : ELECTED

58. Duty : TAX

59. "Witness" actor Haas : LUKAS

61. Obamacare, briefly : ACA. Sure wish I still had my pre-ACA plan. It's 1/3 of what I'm paying now.

62. John, to Ringo : LOO

63. Recipe amts. : TSPs

65. Gen.'s counterpart : ADM

66. Fictional miners' work song : HEIGH HO

71. "Spider-Man" director : RAIMI (Sam)

72. Latin lover's line : TE AMO

74. Where Tara Lipinski won her Olympics gold medal at age 15 : NAGANO

75. Community character : ETHOS

80. War on Poverty agcy. : OEO (Office of Economic Opportunity)

81. Hulu offering : VIDEO

84. Carried : BORNE

85. Spanish convenience stores : BODEGAS. Great fill.

88. Lettering guide : STENCIL

90. Lively country dance : GALOP

91. Extended family : TRIBE. Have any of you tried that those ancestry DNA tests? So glad I don't need one.

92. More cozy : HOMIER

93. Political fugitive : EMIGRE

94. Mr. Magoo et al. : MYOPES

95. Bridges in movies : LLOYD

97. Sultanate on the South China Sea : BRUNEI. Surrounded by Malaysia.

98. Make dirty : BEFOUL

102. One in an airport taxi line, for the most part : IDLER

103. False: Pref. : PSEUD

104. Bridal estate : DOWRY. This looks like my mom's dowry chest. Traditional Chinese dowries often include pretty bed sheets, blankets, new clothing for the bride, etc. My mom later put our rationed sugar in this chest, fearing my brother and I would steal the sugar. The chest was locked of course. The sugar was only used for desserts during Chinese Spring Festival.

106. "Come Sail Away" band : STYX

108. ANC country : RSA

111. Mobile home: Abbr. : ALA

113. "__ to Billie Joe" : ODE

114. Cry near the ears : CAW

115. Broke bread : ATE

116. B&O stop : STA

Happy birthday to dear Madame DeFarge, who turns 70 years old today. She looks young. Hope you guys can have another get-together this year with TTP, the mysterious problem solver of our blog.

Madame DeFarge and Abejo, Nov 15, 2017
Today we also celebrate the 10th birthday of our blog! I'm amazed by the journey we've taken together. A huge "Thank you" to Argyle, Melissa, Ron, Steve, Lemonade and Gary, who tirelessly guide us week in and week out. I'm also grateful for all our regulars, you guys make this blog what it is today.

Thank you!


Jan 10, 2018

Wednesday, January 10, 2018 Paul Coulter

Theme: Why should you never starve at the beach?  Because of all the sand which is there.  [Let the groaning begin.] Three common sandwich fillings are wrapped up inside the theme answers, in each split across the two word fill.  Let's have a taste.

20 A. Blindsided : CAUGHT UNAWARE.  Thus, by surprise.  The infallible internet tells me that UNAWARE is an adjective, but CAUGHT needs an adverb complement - in this case, UNAWARES. I am not making up this not.  Anyway, TUNA is a common sandwich filler, popular with both humans and felines.

33 A. Pumpkin pie maker's tool : NUTMEG GRATER.  A handy little gadget that comes in many designs and varieties.  NUTMEG is not just for deserts, though.  It goes wonderfully with pasta, spinach and Gruyere cheese.  Trust me on this one.  Concealed in this answer is an EGG.  I have not tried this with NUTMEG.  Could be promising.

41 A. One of a global septet : NORTH AMERICA. The other 6 continents are South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and Antarctica.  HAM is of course another classic sandwich filler.  I like mine grilled with Swiss cheese.  Perhaps another NUTMEG opportunity?

And the unifier, or in this case, container -- 56. Flatbread lunch items ... and, as shown by circles, what 20-, 33- and 41-Across are? : SANDWICH WRAPS.  Typically, these are some variety flat bread, literally rolled and wrapped around the filling.

Hi, gang, JazzBumpa here.  Let's head for the dining room and see what else Paul has cooked up for us.  Bon appetit!


1. Share-a-ride pickup hrs. : ETAS. Estimated Time of Arrivals.  Er - Times of Arrival. 

5. Go wild with Wild Turkey, say : TOPE.  Drink to excess, especially if done on a regular basis.

9. Golden Horde member : TATARIt's complicated.

14. Pope __ VI (1963-'78) : PAUL.   Giovanni Battista Enrico Antonio Maria Montini, as Pope, continued and implemented the ecumenical reforms started under Pope John XXIII. 

15. Copied : APED.  APE see, APE do.

16. Be nuts about : ADORE.  

17. "The Simpsons" bus driver : OTTO.

18. Drink garnish : RIND.  Citrus, typically.  Or possibly melon.  I don't claim to know all.

19. Old-time actress Shearer : NORMA.  An accomplished performer who was nominated for 5 Oscars, and best actress winner in 1930 for THE DIVORCEE.

23. "Let's see ... " : HMM.  Thoughtful non-comment.

24. German city on the Danube : ULM.  Along with Regensburg, Passau, Donauschingen, Ingolstadt and Donauwörth, all of which have far to many letters.

25. Set ablaze : IGNITE.  Arson is suspected.

28. The hit in the baseball mantra "A walk is as good as a hit" : SINGLE.  Just as good in the lead off spot.  Not so much with a man on 3rd and two outs.

30. Sugar source : CANE.  Here in the midwest, BEET also works.

32. Cultural funding gp. : National Endowment for the Arts.

36. Beef inspection org. : United States Department of Agriculture.

39. 401(k) alternative, for short : Individual Retirement Account.  N. B. Abrvs. in. Cl. & Ans.

40. __ stick: incense : JOSS.  A thin stick made of paste and a fragrant substance burnt before a Chinese idol.  News to me.

46. Suffix with percent : -ILE.  Each of the 99 intermediate values that divide a frequency distribution into 100 groups.

47. College city on I-35 : AMES. Located in the center of Iowa, and home to Iowa State University.

48. Sharp : SHREWD.   Mentally.

52. Yom Kippur month : TISHRI.  From an Akkadian root meaning "beginning."   The first month of the civil year and 7th month of the eclesaitical year in the Hebrew calendar.

54. "Who am __ judge?" : I TO.  Who, indeed?

55. China's Chou En-__ : LAI.  Or Zhou Enlai, first Premier of the People's Republic of China, and a highly skilled diplomat.

60. Work really hard : SLAVE.  I don't suppose working hard at surfing counts.

62. '60s-'70s pitcher nicknamed Blue Moon : ODOM.  Johnny Lee ODOM, b. 1945 won three consecutive World Championships in 1973-4-5 with the Oakland A's.  He also had a pretty sever substance abuse problem.

63. Huge : EPIC.  

64. Awards for Asimov et al. : HUGOS.  Named for HUGO Gernbach, founder of the magazine Amazing Stories, they are presented each year at the World Science Fiction Convention.   Isaac Asimov is an American biochemist who became a science-fiction and then non-fiction author and editor of hundred of books

65. Computer list : MENU. Or cafe.  We do have a sandwich theme!

66. Concerning : AS TO.  In re:

67. Suits : EXECS.  Corp big wigs.  I've met a few and was not impressed.

68. Musically low : BASS.  

69. Floral neckwear : LEIS.  Flower garlands associated with Hawaii.

1. Geological timespans : EPOCHS

2. Woven Japanese mat : TATAMI

3. Colorful period : AUTUMN

4. Plod (through) : SLOG

5. Small pastry : TARTLET

6. Poppy drug : OPIUM

7. Keystone State Ivy : PENN

8. Scandinavian literary work : EDDA

9. Brightly colored songbird : TANAGER

10. Deck out : ADORN

11. Attacked with gusto : TORE INTO

12. Limb with biceps and triceps : ARM

13. "In Dreams" actor Stephen : REA

21. Netflix competitor : HULU

22. Flying aid : WING

26. Light shirts : TEES

27. All __: listening : EARS

29. Annoying bug : GNAT

30. First known asteroid : CERES

31. Lab gel : AGAR

34. Play charades, say : MIME

35. Open just a crack : AJAR

36. Ton, for one : UNIT

37. Songs for one : SOLI

38. Equestrian event : DRESSAGE

42. Equestrian equipment : HARNESS

43. In the center of : AMID

44. Panama landform : ISTHMUS

45. Grub : CHOW

49. Go by : ELAPSE

50. Elk : WAPITI

51. Where much Bee Gees music was played : DISCOS

53. Mayhem : HAVOC

54. Graphic symbols : ICONS

57. Berth before birth : WOMB

58. It can come to mind : IDEA

59. Concrete : REAL

60. Cow or sow : SHE

61. Unilever soap brand : LUX

Well, that [ahem] WRAPS is up for another Wednesday.  Sadly, no love for peanut butter.  Hope you didn't EAT A TON.

Cool regards!


Dec 24, 2017

Sunday, Dec 24, 2017 Paul Coulter

Theme: "Magnetism" - Each theme entry has a pair of opposites.

22A. *Criminal justice supervisor : PROBATION OFFICER. On/off.

33A. *"Hail to thee, blithe Spirit!" poet : PERCY BYSSHE SHELLEY. He/She.

53A. *Get worse, with no way to stop : SPIN OUT OF CONTROL. In/Out.
80A *Nero Wolfe title that plays on the start of an old adage : WHERE THERE'S A WILL. Here/There.

96A. *1985 #1 hit for Paul Young : EVERY TIME YOU GO AWAY. Me/You.


113. Maxim that applies to pairs hiding together in the answers to starred clues : OPPOSITES ATTRACT

What a great reveal. It describes the gimmick perfectly. Quite challenging to come up with a set where the antonyms are together.

I love the first two the most, as the key words ON/OFF, HE/SHE fully contained in other words.


1. 16th-century date : MDL. 1550.

4. Big name in shoes : MCAN. Not ECCO/NIKE.

8. Batted : WAS UP

13. See 2-Down : LINE. And 2. With 13-Across, write (to) : DROP A

17. Rail commonly found in water? : SORA

18. Perry of fashion : ELLIS

20. Kind of acid in proteins : AMINO

21. Any minute, old-style : ANON

25. Saturn vehicles? : UFOs. Nailed it.

26. Placing side by side : APPOSING

27. Cries of support : OLES. Had RAHS first.

28. Golf shot : STROKE

30. Wrinkly dog : SHAR PEI. Cantonese. Shar = Sand. Pei = Skin. So "Sand skin".

31. Common conjunction : NOR

32. Hanker : ACHE

41. __ Dictionary : URBAN. So many blush-worthy entries there.

44. Arles assents : OUIs

45. Bury : INTER

46. Amber __ : ALE

47. Delhi wrap : SARI

48. A little lower? : CALF. Low-er.

50. Paper size: Abbr. : LTR

51. Anime cousin : MANGA. Called Man Hua in Chinese. Same characters as Japanese. Man = "Whimsical". Ga/Hua just means "picture". Can also be a verb, meaning "draw".

59. Do serious damage to : SCAR

60. Hwy. : RTE

61. "My man!" : BRO. Clue echo with 107. "My man!" : DUDE

62. Notched, as a maple leaf : EROSE. 

63. Back in the bay : ASTERN

65. 1965 King arrest site : SELMA

67. Shortened, as a dict. : ABR. We use Abbr. as a hint in crossword clues.

68. Ballade's final stanza : ENVOI. You would think this is French for "envoy".

70. Complete : ENTIRE

73. Assume as fact : POSIT

75. Assist : AID

76. Eats or drinks : HAS. We're going to have Hormel Cure 81 Ham today. Boomer said it's the best. Do you have it in your area?

79. Israel's Golda : MEIR

85. Looked like a wolf? : OGLED

87. Oral health org. : ADA

88. Dovetail : MESH

89. In the Aegean : ASEA

90. "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" newsman : TED

91. Word coined by writer Capek : ROBOT. In his "R.U. R" play.

93. Creek croaker : TOAD. Not FROG.

95. Tube, so to speak : TV SET

101. All the time : A LOT

102. Bit of work : ERG

103. Pretenses : FACADES

107. Poetic foot : DACTYL. Often the answer is  IAMBUS

110. __-up: hybrid musical piece : MASH

111. Church contribution : OFFERING

112. Wrinkly fruit : UGLI. Our local grocery stores have them. Pretty juicy.

117. Like Beethoven, late in life : DEAF . We also have 92. Ear specialist's science : OTOLOGY 

118. Agree to : GRANT

119. Composer of the short piano pieces "Le Yachting" and "Le Golf" : SATIE. I need "Erik" in the clue.

120. Hockey's Bobby et al. : ORRs. Only know one.

121. Go around in circles : EDDY

122. Goes up and down : YO-YOS

123. Once uncool sort who's now sort of cool : NERD

124. Inquisitive-sounding letter : WYE.


1. Transmute : MORPH
3. Sensation before a delivery : LABOR PAIN. Nice fill.

4. Specialty : METIER

5. Medical center : CLINIC

6. Sleep like __ : A LOG

7. "Delta of Venus" author : NIN. Imagine my surprise to find this book at our dusty flea market.

8. Symbols of thinness : WAFERS

9. Author Martin : AMIS
10. [Not a typo] : SIC

11. Arles article : UNE

12. Company whose German pronunciation has two syllables : PORSCHE. Its Chinese name has three characters.

13. Victory symbol : LAUREL

14. Dope : INFO

15. Cozy corner : NOOK

16. Massachusetts motto opener : ENSE. Our old buddy is back.

17. Healthful retreats : SPAS

19. André Previn's adopted daughter : SOON-YI. Such a complicated life.
23. Quaker in the woods : ASPEN

24. Dentist's directive : FLOSS

29. Heat unit : THERM

32. 2017 World Series champ : ASTRO. Don't cheat. How many teams have never won a World Series?

34. Texter's "seize the day" : YOLO. You Only Live Once.

35. Devotee : BUFF
36. Sword handles : HILTS. Sometimes it's HAFTS.

37. It's usually just before dessert : ENTREE

38. Tilter's tool : LANCE

39. Knighted English composer : ELGAR (Edward)

40. Thirst (for) : YEARN

41. Cold War initials : USSR

42. Deeply engrossed : RAPT

43. Cracker topper : BRIE
48. Long-billed wader : CURLEW. Thank God I don't have that bill. I would have broken mine easily.

49. Elementary particle : ATOM

52. Stop on the Turin-Genoa railway : ASTI. The wine town.
54. Upper, in Ulm : OBER

55. Break off : CEASE

56. Comet's path : ORBIT

57. Needle point? : NORTH. Great clue.

58. Deluxe : LAVISH

64. Pop : SODA

65. Many a retired racehorse : SIRE
66. Tarzan's realm : APEDOM. Spell check does not like it.

69. Dundee disagreements : NAEs

70. Ham it up : EMOTE

71. Israeli desert : NEGEV

72. Piña colada garnish? : TILDE. Garnish, OK.
74. Declaim : ORATE

76. Boo relative : HISS

77. Sheltered in the Aegean : ALEE

78. Bed board : SLAT
81. Hard thing to kick : HABIT

82. Slate or Salon : EMAG

83. Change the decor of : REDO

84. Winding-road sign image : WAVY ARROW. Debut entry.

86. How Steven Wright jokes are spoken : DRYLY
93. Trunks : TORSI

94. Moral obligations : OUGHTS. Ought can be a noun also?

95. "Be silent," in music : TACET

97. Formally approve : RATIFY

98. Baking supplies : YEASTS. I've been eating this to increase my B12 intake. Won't buy again once this bottle is empty. Not fond of its taste. I'm thinking of trying Steve's Marmite next.

99. Fling : AFFAIR

100. Drifted gently : WAFTED

104. Book with a lock : DIARY
105. Yves' ink : ENCRE. Also new to me.

106. PD ranks : SGTs
108. Kept in barrels, maybe : AGED
109. Decked out : CLAD

110. Like early Elvis albums : MONO

111. Bone head? : OSTE. Prefix for "bone".
114. Adept : PRO

115. Wages : PAY
116. Suffix with Caesar : EAN