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Feb 29, 2012

Wednesday, February 29 2012 Donna S. Levin

Theme: Tread Carefully. Each of the three theme answers start with a quagmire. Don't get sucked under!

20A. Shooter of soft confections : MARSHMALLOW GUN

36A. Minor motoring mishaps : FENDER BENDERS

53A. Strains credulity : BOGGLES THE MIND

66A. Overwhelm, or a relative of the first syllable of 20-, 36-, or 53-Across : SWAMP

Steve here. A jolly good-day to you all from London. You should try to "leap" over the marsh, fen, bog and swamp and keep your feet dry today. I needed the unifier to see the theme once I'd finished the puzzle, my smart-o-meter is obviously reading on the low side this morning.


1. Defense lawyers' adversaries, for short : ADAS. Assistant District Attorneys.

5. Otherwise : IF NOT

10. Smidgen : DRIB. Has anyone ever used its cousin DRAB to describe a small amount? I've only ever used them together.

14. Certain : SURE

15. Motored : DROVE

16. Agitate : RILE

17. Member of Hook's band : SMEE. As in "Hey, Peter Pan, S'me again"

18. Ear-related : AURAL. I've always liked how this is a homonym of ORAL.

19. Time-half link : AND A. As I'm in London I'm blogging at 3AM - does this mean I get time-and-a-half rates today?

23. Gp. that issues canine pedigrees : A.K.C. The American Kennel Club. Argyle's trio of bed-squatters from yesterday are all breeds recognized by this group.

24. Blue wearer, usually : COP. I tried BOY first and then DEM!

25. In reserve : ON ICE. Our friend Tinbeni would argue when he puts his scotch on ice he's definitely not planning to keep it in reserve.

26. Satchel __, aptly named dog in the comic "Get Fuzzy" : POOCH. What would the AKC make of him?

28. Make fun of : RAZZ

31. Beatty of "Deliverance" : NED. I saw a bumper sticker in Atlanta recently that read "Paddle faster, I hear banjos".

32. Formal coif, perhaps : UPDO. I learned this word right here on this blog.

33. More sleazy : SEAMIER

40. Exercise popularized by Jim Fixx : JOGGING. Is it true that Mr Fixx ironically suffered a fatal heart attack while jogging?

41. Tennis do-overs : LETS. As in "Let's do that again, the ball hit the net cord"?

43. JFK alternative in NYC : LGA. Airport named for New York City mayor Fiorello La Guardia. It's a sight to see at evening rush hour when upwards of 30 airplanes can be in line for take-off. It's not a happy sight when you're sitting on the 30th, as I can attest.

46. Certain stove filler : WOOD

47. In a convincing way : BY FAR

48. Palmer with an army : ARNIE. Arnold Palmer was one of the first professional sports figures represented by Mark McCormack's agency IMG, and laid the foundations for marketing "talent" as we know it today.

50. Show about Capote : TRU. Biopic about "In Cold Blood" author Truman.

52. Avenues of access : INS. Contrast with avenues of egress, OUTS.

58. Rock's partner : ROLL

59. "... never see __ lovely as ...": Kilmer : A POEM. Verse by Joyce, not her distant cousin Val.

60. Build a tree house : NEST

62. Chevy subcompact : AVEO. There's a lot of these here in London - perfect for the narrow streets and tight parking spaces.

63. __ firma : TERRA

64. Mötley __ : CRUE. The umlaut provides the hint that we're not looking for CREW here.

65. Greenhorn : TYRO

67. Overdone publicity : HYPE. Arnie's agency IMG might be accused of starting this phenomenon.


1. Obstinate beast : ASS

2. Dolt : DUMMKOPF. I doltishly tried DUMBKOPF before I realized I mustn't mix my languages in one word.

3. Alaska's 907, e.g. : AREA CODE. If you have friends in Hyder, Alaska (rather unlikely as only 97 people live there) you will need to dial 250 instead. Now you know.

4. Clairvoyant : SEER

5. Where Moscow is : IDAHO. 3D was tempting, but now I REALLY want to make a Sarah Palin joke.

6. Dowdy dresser : FRUMP

7. Author Ephron : NORA

8. Racetrack : OVAL. Not only are British racetracks not ovals, but it's up to local custom as to whether the horses (or cars, or motorcycles) race around them clockwise or counter-clockwise. American horses (or drivers, or riders) tend to get confused about this and don't do well here. Thankfully, the running track in the new Olympic stadium is an oval.

9. Tattle : TELL

10. Sketched : DRAWN

11. Welcome, as a new year : RING IN. Quasimodo gets Time-And-A-Half at New Year, what with all the ringing out the old and ringing in the new that he's responsible for.

12. Moniker for Mussolini : IL DUCE. "The Leader".

13. Hit with a pitch, in a way : BEANED. Were Columbia Pictures executives "Billy Beane'd" when they were "hit by the pitch" for the movie Moneyball?

21. Academic inst. : SCH. You can go to school on this abbreviation.

22. Seeped : OOZED

23. Kwik-E-Mart proprietor on "The Simpsons" : APU. It seems like a while since we've seen him in these parts - has he been on vacation?

27. "And" or "or," e.g.: Abbr. : CONJ. Conjunction.

28. Overly enthusiastic : RABID. I enjoy thinking about using figures of speech the "other way around" as in "Doctor, I'm rather alarmed, I think I was bitten by an overly-enthusiastic squirrel".

29. "I'm all for that!" : AMEN

30. Pizazz : ZING

33. Bell-shaped lily : SEGO

34. Therefore : ERGO. Cogito Ergo Sum - "I think, therefore I am". Roseus Ergo Caro Hormellus - "I'm pink, therefore I'm Spam"

35. Depend (on) : RELY

37. Fastening pin : DOWEL

38. Oil plant : REFINERY. Olde English proverb: "Redde skye at night, ye refinery's alight".

39. Gets to one's feet : STANDS UP

42. Jun. grads : SRS. Seniors graduate in June. My daughter is graduating in October, British universities do some very odd things.

43. Maze runner : LAB RAT. When I was transcribing the answers today I read this as "L.A. Brat" and wondered why I didn't remember seeing a clue for "Valley Girl"

44. Old-style "Cool!" : GROOVY. You can't hear this and not be humming it all day!

45. Rod-and-reel wielder : ANGLER

47. Mooch, as a smoke : BUM. Not here in London you don't, that's something quite different.

49. Domed home : IGLOO

50. Heat unit : THERM. Hopefully you can generate a few of these to warm your igloo.

51. Plot anew : REMAP

54. Welcome sign for a hungry traveler : EATS

55. Eject, as lava : SPEW. This seems to be in unfortunate proximity to the previous answer.

56. When tripled, a 1970 war film : TORA

57. Waistline unit : INCH. When my waistline unit expanded from inches through feet into more than a yard, I decided I needed to cut down on the EATS.

61. Golf bag item : TEE. My golf bag is also full of slices, hooks, shanks, pulls and muffs. I'll be using them all when I get back to California this weekend.

Answer grid.

Have a great leap day, everyone. Remember it only comes around every four years, so use it wisely!


Feb 28, 2012

Tuesday, February 28, 2012 Don Gagliardo & C.C. Burnikel

Theme: It was so cold ... - three dogs were allowed on the bed. The band's name is explained here.

20A. Golfer's gadget used at the edge of water hazards : BALL RETRIEVER

34A. Early leader in a race : PACE SETTER

43A. Pelvic contusion : HIP POINTER

55A. "Joy to the World" group, and based on the ends of 20-, 34- and 43-Across, what you're having if you solve this puzzle after dark? : THREE DOG NIGHT

Argyle here. Hard G and C.C. have gone to the dogs. Not just any dogs but a tight group of sporting dogs. There is a wide spread in the fill to keep it interesting. I hope you were able to fetch all the answers.


1. Coal holders : BINS

5. "The Censor" of Rome : CATO. There is Cato the Elder and Cato the Younger; you can guess which one was "The Censor".

9. Hiked, as prices : UPPED. Can you say "gas prices"?

14. Australian golfer __ Scott : ADAM. He was involved with that incident where Tiger fired his caddy.

15. Most fit for duty : ONE A

16. Emma Roberts, to Julia : NIECE. Here as a blonde.

17. Pass catchers : RECEIVERS

19. Company that ironically had a crooked E in its logo : ENRON

22. 10-Down substance used in roofing : TAR and 10D. Tree with needles : PINE. I knew it was used on bats.

23. Salinger title girl : ESMÉ. "For Esmé – with Love and Squalor"

24. Sumac of Peru : YMA

27. Cries of pain : OWs

30. Little rascal : IMP

32. How animals boarded the ark : IN TWOS

38. Cries of surprise : OHO'S

39. "__ Were the Days" : THOSE

40. __ Intrepid : USS

41. Curing solution : BRINE

42. Watches a kid for cash : SITS

45. Form 1040 data : INCOME

47. Many moons: Abbr. : YRs. (years)

48. Erie summer hrs. : EDT. (Eastern Daylight Time)

49. Bk. before Esther : NEH. (Nehemiah)

50. "__ la Douce" : IRMA. Starring Jack Lemmon, Shirley MacLaine(1963)

53. Extremely long time : EON

61. Way up : STAIR

63. Deceived : LED ASTRAY

64. Duplicate, briefly : REPRO

65. Bath, in Bordeaux : BAIN. French.

66. Wyatt at the O.K. Corral : EARP

67. Look of disdain : SNEER

68. Pisa's river : ARNO

69. Portly Jolly Roger pirate : SMEE


1. Wire fence point : BARB

2. It's all in your head : IDEA

3. Salt, to a chemist : NACL

4. Silvery food fish : SMELT

5. Oater hero's request when entering the fray : "COVER ME!"

6. Work without __ : A NET

7. Land in Paris : TERRE. More French.

8. Desert refuge : OASIS

9. In need of leveling : UNEVEN

11. Daily Planet editor : PERRY WHITE. He was always telling Jimmy Olsen, "Don't call me chief!"

12. Prefix with system : ECO

13. Room with a remote : DEN

18. Call from one who more than calls? : "I RAISE"

21. Arab commander : EMIR

25. Gazed dreamily : MOONED. Let the DF comments begin.

26. Declare : ASSERT

27. Decides to join : OPTS IN

28. Hula dancer, often : WAHINE. Often the clue, seldom the answer.

29. Present wrapper's aid : SCOTCH TAPE

31. Spitting sound : "PTUI!". "Pardon me"

33. In tatters : TORN

35. Pump sign on the Alcan highway : ESSO. Better gas up when you have a chance.

36. Recipe meas. : TSP.

37. Make out : ESPY

41. Buffalo's minor league baseball team : BISONS

43. "Take this" : "HERE"

44. Pizza herb : OREGANO

46. "Snow White" fairness judge : MIRROR

51. Toast type : MELBA

52. "Be __ ...": start of a polite request : A DEAR

54. Evenings, in ads : NITES

56. Add to the work force : HIRE

57. Viking war god : ODIN. Thor was his son.

58. Protein unit : GRAM

59. Fabled slacker : HARE

60. Make words using keys : TYPE

61. Many retd. boomers : SRs. (seniors)

62. Farthest-right bowling pin : TEN

Note from C.C.:

Don came up with this idea after adopting his two dogs Pansie & Cosmos. We originally had SACAGAWEA for 55A & IT'S I for 31D. Rich felt that SACAGAWEA was not Monday/Tuesday friendly and IT'S I overly contrived. So we went through a couple revisions.

Feb 27, 2012

Monday, February 27, 2012 Lila Cherry

Theme: Dale, Jr., at Daytona? - If Junior pulls off a win today at Daytona, in the manner suggested by the words in the front of the first three theme entries, his popularity will surge higher than it ever has before.

17A. Backstage : BEHIND THE SCENES

24A. Got married : TIED THE KNOT

43A. Forefront, as of technology : LEADING EDGE

56A. Returning to popularity, or what you'd have been doing if you followed the sequence formed by the first words of 17-, 24- and 43-Across : MAKING A COMEBACK

Argyle here. If you think today's constructor is Lila Cherry, that's really Rich. A good example of what a Monday puzzle can be, even if there is that shameful plug for the paper. (24-Down. Los Angeles daily : TIMES) If you have any nits, today is the day to lay them on; our editor can take it.

The Daytona 500 was rained out on Sunday, the first time in the history of the race.


1. Fight-stopping calls, briefly : TKOs. (technical knockout) May be called by the referee, fight doctor, or a fighter's corner.

5. Discourteous : RUDE

9. Ireland patron, for short : ST. PAT

14. 10 million centuries : AEON

15. Soon, to the bard : ANON

16. Chicago airport : O'HARE. It is an important hub for United Airlines.

20. The second story, vis-à-vis the first : UPSTAIRS

21. Tough Japanese dogs : AKITAs. Info.

22. Coll. football's Seminoles : FSU. Florida State University at Tallahassee, FL.

23. Over, to Oskar : ÜBER

29. Wee lie : FIB

32. Forster's "A Passage to __" : INDIA. Trailer. (3:24)

33. Off one's rocker : NUTS

34. Dashboard gadget prefix with meter : ODO

35. Robin's Marian, for one : MAID. Robin Hood. Maid Marian is more complex than I thought, according to Wikipedia.

36. Market express lane units : ITEMS

38. Car : AUTO

39. North Pole helper : ELF. Still on vacation.

40. Muscle pain : ACHE

41. Desi who married 60-Across : ARNAZ and 60-Across. Ball of Hollywood : LUCY

42. Sneaky : SLY. Note it is tied into TIMES. (24D)

46. USA or Mex., e.g. : ABBReviation

47. "Do __ favor ..." : ME A

48. Blood deficiency that causes weakness : ANEMIA. Reduced number of red blood cells.

51. Embodiments : EPITOMEs

58. Informal bridge bid : ONE NO. (one no trump)

59. Activist Parks : ROSA

61. Praise : KUDOS

62. Sheltered valley : GLEN

63. Brown or cream bar orders : ALES. A small misdirection towards popsicles


1. "Forbidden" cologne brand : TABU. I am a little confused here. TABU is a perfume by Dana, launched by the design house of Dana in 1932. TABU is classified as a luxurious, oriental fragrance and is called "The forbidden fragrance".(If you go to this site, scroll down to read some interesting comments.) "Forbidden" cologne is new and isn't the same fragrance.

2. Hang on to : KEEP

3. Partners of aahs : OOHs

4. Fit of agitation : SNIT

5. Pungent salad veggie : RADISH

6. Fictitious : UNTRUE

7. Cries from Homer Simpson : D'OHs

8. Opposite of WSW : ENE

9. Plugging-in places : SOCKETS

10. "... all snug in __ beds" : THEIR

11. Cool off, dog-style : PANT. Why do dogs pant? Answer, possible TMI.

12. Locale : AREA

13. "__ of the D'Urbervilles" : TESS. A novel by Thomas Hardy, first published in 1891.

18. USA/Mex./Can. pact : NAFTA. (North American Free Trade Agreement)

19. Wooden shoes : SABOTS

23. E pluribus __ : UNUM

25. Counting everything : IN ALL

26. Spiritually enlighten : EDIFY

27. Completed : DID

28. Kicked with a bent leg : KNEED

29. No longer lost : FOUND

30. Luggage attachment : ID TAG

31. Hooch : BOOZE

36. Swelling treatment : ICE BAG. It may be needed after 28-Down.

37. "__ she blows!" : THAR

38. Exist : ARE

40. White whales, e.g. : ALBINOs. "THAR she blows!"

41. Colorful marble : AGATE

44. Levy, as a tax : IMPOSE

45. Upscale retailer __ Marcus : NEIMAN. Headquartered in the Dallas, Texas.

46. __ acid : AMINO

48. Unrestrained way to run : AMOK

49. Half of Mork's sign-off : NANU. Mork's better half, reporting to Orson.(1:57)

50. Barely made, with "out" : EKED

51. Environmental sci. : ECOL.

52. Beatles nonsense syllables : OB-LA-DI, OB-LA-DA, life goes on.

53. Manhandle : MAUL

54. Caesar's "Behold!" : "ECCE!"

55. "The __ the limit!" : SKY'S. Tom Petty's "Into the Great Wide Open" (3:47)

57. Neighbor of Braz. : ARGentina

Answer grid.


Feb 26, 2012

Sunday Feb 26, 2012 James Sajdak

Theme: Coif It Up - One word in each common phrase is punnily replaced by a hair salon term.

27A. Salon for Trump and his imitators? : WE SHALL OVER-COMB. We shall overcome.

35A. The queen's salon? : SCISSORS PALACE. Caesars Palace. What's the connection between "queen" and "scissors"?

70A. Salon specializing in plaits? : BRAIDER JOE'S. Trader Joe's.

100A. Salon for swimsuit models? : BEACHED BLONDES. Bleached blondes. Reverse theme entry, isn't it? The hair-related word is out. So, no "Coif it Up" here as the title suggests. BLEACHED WHALE would fit the pattern.

111A. London salon? : BRITISH HAIR WAYS. British Airways.

15D. Salon for newlyweds? : BRUSHING BRIDES. Blushing brides.

48D. Salon for idealists? : CURL OF MY DREAMS. Girl of my dreams.

As I mentioned before, punning is very subjective. It produces giggles in some, and groans & grins in others. I'm afraid I will never fully appreciate the fun of English puns due to my background. Coming to America at age 30 is too late to grasp the nuance of the language.

But I was excited to see James Sajdak's byline. He's a great constructor. He mentioned before that he likes "feel good, fun puzzles" and dislikes war references. He said "I make a conscious effort to avoid things like A TEST, N TEST, DESERT STORM and other militaristic references".

Sometimes theme & answer selection reflect a constructor's background, interests and principles.


1. Comprehend : GRASP

6. Southern Russian city : OMSK. In Siberia.

10. Sources of a 2000 ballot controversy : CHADS. It's in the clue for Splynter's FLA yesterday.

15. University QB, e.g. : BMOC (Big Man On Campus)

19. Out of control : ROGUE. Going rogue!

20. Soda with fruity flavors : NEHI

21. Rarin' to fight : HET UP

22. First woman attorney general : RENO (Janet)

23. Vote in : ELECT

24. Settled : ALIT

25. Kitchen drawer? : AROMA. Always a fun clue.

26. Took advantage of : USED

30. Computer file acronym : ASCII

31. Natural balm : ALOE

32. Sushi staple : AHI. Yellowfin tuna.

33. Fair share for a pair : ONE HALF

42. Having ruffles : FRILLY

43. Needle : RIB

44. "... and __ a good-night!" : TO ALL

45. Dieter's breakfast : MELON. And 74A. Convenient breakfast fare : EGGOS. Clecho (clue echo).

47. "Mother, please, I'd rather do it myself!" product : ANACIN. Not familiar with the line.

51. Fender unbender? : BODY SHOP. "Unbender" indeed.

54. Speakeasy employee : B-GIRL

58. Prepare to operate : SCRUB UP. For surgery.

60. "Mon Oncle" star : TATI (Jacques)

61. Yippie Hoffman : ABBIE

62. Adjusts the boundaries for, perhaps : REMAPS

65. Battlefield cry : MEDIC. Gimme for Dennis, who risked his life in Vietnam and was shot in the knee.

66. Stabs : TRIES

67. Rapper __ Moe Dee : KOOL. Rappers all think they're kool.

73. Ain't the way it should be? : ISN'T

76. Prepare for a dubbing : KNEEL. Oh, dubbing a knight. Not movies.

77. Wanting : IN NEED

79. Dutch pottery city : DELFT. The distinctive blue & white pattern is originated in China.

80. Sensible : SANE

81. Racer Maserati : ERNESTO. Well, eddyB, your turn! If the clue is not Che Guevara related, then I know nothing.

85. Memo from upstairs : SEE ME

86. Reagan era scandal : IRANGATE. Iran-Contra.

91. Help develop : FOSTER

92. One who shouldn't be in your business? : YENTA. In every culture.

94. Nutritional std. : US RDA

96. Eponymous western tribe : UTE

97. Only just : HARDLY

106. What "they've all gone to look for," in a Paul Simon song : AMERICA. For Boomer.

108. Jean-__ Picard: "Star Trek: TNG" captain : LUC

109. Cryptic character : RUNE

110. Soprano Fleming : RENEE

119. Edmonton's prov. : ALTA. Alberta.

120. Embarrass : ABASH

121. Slangy hangout, with "the" : HOOD

122. Dublin theater : ABBEY. Abbey Theater.

123. Where Anna was governess : SIAM. Anna in "The King and I".

124. Chip choice : NACHO. And 125. Chip, maybe : ANTE. Another clecho.

126. Italy's fashion center : MILAN. AC Milan too.

127. "Do the Right Thing" pizzeria : SAL'S

128. Schindler with a list : OSKAR. "Schindler's List".

129. Service dining hall : MESS

130. Noblemen : PEERS


1. Cultivated : GREW

2. Something to read for : ROLE. Oh, for audition.

3. Gets older : AGES. My mother died at age 36. Sometimes I see her when I look at myself in the mirror.

4. For example : SUCH AS

5. Potpourri items : PETALS

6. Ready : ON ALERT

7. Dramatic opening? : MELO. Melodramatic.

8. Thug's knife : SHIV

9. Flier on the beach, often : KITE

10. Cuban dance : CHA CHA

11. Like brave deeds : HEROIC

12. Molecular bit : ATOM

13. Timothy Q. Mouse's title friend : DUMBO

14. Baths : SPA

16. Agave liquor : MESCAL. How does it taste?

17. '70s-'80s House speaker : O'NEILL (Tip).

18. Systematize, as rules : CODIFY

28. John for Elton : LOO. John = Loo.

29. Unite for a cause : RALLY

30. Stunt pilot, e.g. : AEROBAT

34. Bears' org. : NFL

35. Titles for esposas: Abbr. : SRAS. "Esposas" is Spanish for "spouses" I gather.

36. POTUS, to the military : CINC (Commander-in-Chief). POTUS = President of The United States.

37. Support beam : I-BAR

38. More than sniffle : SOB

39. Kung __ chicken : PAO. Kung = Palace. Pao = Guard. The dish is named after an official who worked in the Qing Dynasty palace. Kung Pao is Cantonese. In Mandarin, it's Gong Bao chicken.

40. City council mem. : ALD

41. It may be repressed : EMOTION

46. Unisex : EPICENE. New word for me.

49. "May __ frank?" : I BE

50. Asleep, as a foot : NUMB

52. Trick ending? : STER. Trickster.

53. Mecca-bound pilgrim : HADJI. Or HAJJI.

55. Head of the Egyptian god Thoth, in many renderings : IBIS. Sacred bird to the ancient Egyptians.

56. It means nothing to Nanette : RIEN. Literally "nothing".

57. For fear that : LEST

59. Puts one's seat on a seat, in slang : PARKS IT

63. Favoring Mideast unity : PAN-ARAB

64. Tuscan city : SIENA. Brings to mind "Under the Tuscan Sun".

65. Blanc with many voices : MEL

67. Sneaker brand : KEDS. Any Doc Martens fan here?

68. S-shaped molding : OGEE

69. Look like a Lothario? : OGLE. Alliteration.

71. Restaurateur Paula : DEEN. Well, no one is perfect. "Kiss my grits!"

72. Feudal peasant : SERF

75. Metal marble : STEELIE. Crossword word.

78. "Another Green World" musician Brian : ENO

82. Game with a hole card : STUD

83. Beret holder : TETE

84. Galena and hematite : ORES

87. Italian bag man? : GUCCI. FENDI has 5 letter also, and Italian luxury bag brand as well.

88. Louisville Slugger wood : ASH

89. Half of sei : TRE

90. Announcer Hall : EDD

93. MoMA locale : NYC

95. Rubs the wrong way : ABRADES

97. Bedevil : HARASS

98. 2009 title role for Hilary : AMELIA. Hilary Swank.

99. Cottage at the beach, often : RENTAL

101. Inventor Otis : ELISHA

102. Appreciative cry after a play : AUTHOR. I don't get this clue.

103. Him, in Le Havre : LUI

104. Location for potential mergers? : ON RAMP. Was thinking of business mergers.

105. Neophyte : NEWBIE

107. Arafat's successor : ABBAS

112. Pool triangle : RACK

113. Hoax : SHAM

114. Perfect : HONE

115. Intense attraction, with "the" : HOTS

116. Willing follower? : ABLE. Ready, willing and able.

117. It changes annually : YEAR. True.

118. Dict. entries : SYNS

120. "Is that __?" : A NO

Answer grid.


Feb 25, 2012

Saturday, Feb 24th, 2012, Steve Salitan

Theme: None

Words: 72

Blocks: 28

Triple stacks of 11's with 'almost' triple stacks of 10's make up today's grid from constructor Steve Salitan - his last LAT contribution was mine, too - a bit like JZB this week with Gareth's contribution. Long baseball proper name to start, pure C.C., and I needed perps to get it. Otherwise, the words that broke this one out for me were -

25A. Raced on a lake, perhaps : SCULLED - Skated was too short, Ice Boated too long and awkward; after the perps, I still needed the "LL", but then the V-8 can....Rowing ah, a wet lake, not a frozen one - it's a hockey thing

and its counter-fill -

44A. Really messed up : SNAFU'ed - Considered "BLOTTED", but then again any collection of letters can usually describe being messed up; this one is an acronym, Situation Normal: All F'ed Up - since I spent a fair amount of time being 'drunk', let's see how many words there are....Wrecked, Plastered -

Onward ~!


1. Dodger shortstop after Leo Durocher : PEE-WEE REESE - C.C., I defer to you (From C.C.: For the Brooklyn Dodgers. Known for his ardent support for Jackie Robinson.)

12. "I kiss'd thee __ I kill'd thee": Othello : ERE

15. Mediterranean arm : ADRIATIC SEA - well, I filled in the SEA part, and waited for the 'other' part

16. 24-hora period : DIA - Spanish for hour and day, Italian, too~? I took Latin in High School, so....

17. Where sheets are spotted : LINEN CLOSET

18. Suppositions : IFs

19. Coat of a kind : PEEL

20. Chick chaser : HEN - Not a GUY, like me, chasing the cuties

21. Adjective showing confidence : DOABLE

23. Cost of membership : DUES - I have not paid any Union dues at UPS; I think it's a charge for FT associates (drivers) only

26. Many "Twilight" series readers : 'TWEENs - not a fan of the whole Vampire thing

29. Racket : CLATTER

30. Pharmaceuticals co. division : Research AND Development

31. Upside list : PROs - I had my list of UPSIDES and CONS for applying for the management position; still in the "hurry up and wait" phase of the hiring process, for those curious

32. Horse with a high tail carriage : ARAB - well I was going to guess one of the two horse words I know of 4-letters, ARAB and ROAN, but I left it for a few perps

34. Past, in the past : ELD

35. Accommodates : OBLIGES

38. 2011 Hiroshima Art Prize winner : ONO - not a fan

39. Take off the top : SKIM

41. "Hogwash!" : LIES~!

42. "The Supremes __": 1966 #1 album : A'GO-GO

46. Glossy-coated tree dweller : MARTEN - Image

47. Crusty entrées : POTPIES - I like Chicken Pot Pies

48. Notice on the links? : FORE~!

49. "Be right with ya" : ONE SECecond

50. Where chads became famous: Abbr. : FLA - Ol' Jeb and George Bush, putting one over on Al Gore....

51. Stanza rhyme scheme : ABAB - ARAB and ABAB

55. 1880s White House monogram : CAA - Had this, took it out, put it back in; reminds me of this scene, @ 7:45

56. "Basic Instinct" co-star : SHARON STONE - and we remember this scene, right~? TV-MA~!!!

59. Cassis cocktail : KIR - black currant liqueur with white wine; sounds tasty, but no longer a choice for me

60. Drug delivery mode : TIME RELEASE - not INTRAVENOUS; always wanted to try Heroin....

61. New alums, last yr. : SRs

62. Outward impressions : APPEARANCES


1. Insect sensor : PALP - new one for me, more HERE

2. Emmy winner Falco : EDIE

3. Ocean flier : ERNE - not TERN....

4. Used with skill : WIELDED - Like a sword

5. Suffix with Ecuador : EAN

6. Aquatints, e.g. : ETCHES - Learning moment for me

7. Gets upset : RILES

8. Subj. involving bread? : ECONomy - bread = money, etc.

9. What a collective noun usually lacks : ESS - Like FISH; good for a little mis-direction in crossword construction

10. Pea pod, e.g. : SEED CASE

11. Celebrate, in a way : EAT OUT

12. Radish, for one : EDIBLE ROOT

13. Shooting site : RIFLE RANGE - there is a shooting range along one of the routes I regularly take; something I would like to try

14. Reduced : EASED

22. Ski resort near the Great Salt Lake : ALTA - Map; no snowboarding allowed

24. Reverse : UNDO

25. Tough jobs : SLOGS - Classic Saturday crossword verb, yes?

26. 25% of doce : TRES - 1/4 of 12 = 3

27. Revels in the moment : WALKS ON AIR - despite not being a TV show, this could be paired/traded with its neighbor, like yesterday;

28. Conclude with an emotional demonstration, perhaps : END IN TEARS - Walks in tears, Ends on Air ????

29. Shouted : CRIED

31. Practices : PLIES - like a trade; always makes me laugh when I hear a doctor/lawyer has a "practice" - I'd rather they were at game ready levels....

33. Benefit : BOON

36. Good stock : BLUE CHIP - this was a fill from last Saturday, no ~? uh-uh; a clue from the Feb 4th puzzle

37. Mineral-rich European region : SAAR - Not RuhR

40. Google __ : MAPS

43. Increase : GREATEN - a 'meh' moment, tho I know it's a word; "the more I blog, the more I greaten my chances of being read"....?

45. Ford subcompact since 1976 : FIESTA - European, mostly; I watch the UK Top Gear 'motoring' show, and they "assaulted a beach" in a bright green one; just another practical test of the car's capability

46. Malcontent : MOANER

47. Hail damage marks : POCKS - not DINGS

48. Area plants : FLORA

50. "... get one __!" : FREE - it's Saturday, so you don't get the "BUY ONE" hint....

52. Former U.K. carrier : BOAC - British Overseas Airways Corp. - the Wiki story

53. Le Havre handle : ANSE

54. Some school competitions : BEES - I love this "Bees" track - TM Juke

57. One often turned up in a club : AMP - thought this might be a mis-direction of the deck of cards variety, and tried ACE; I have found a fellow guitar player, and we have been jamming a lot lately; been cranking up the AMPs

58. '70s radical gp. : SLA - once again, I can never remember which one is which; SAS, SDS, SLA ??? This is the Patty Hearst one...oh well....

Answer grid.

gotcha ~!  Splynter