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Dec 12, 2017

Tuesday, December 12, 2017 ~ Bruce Haight

Theme: Special - Festival of Lights.

17A. Potato __: 61-Across dish: PANCAKES

19A. Items in a 59-Across lit for 61-Across: CANDLES

37A. Traditional 61-Across surprise, aptly boxed, and spelled with the only four letters of the alphabet that don't appear elsewhere in this grid: GIFT

59A. 61-Across centerpiece: MENORAH

61A. Two-millennia-old tradition that begins at sunset tonight: HANUKKAH

and an added hint to the center answer. 36A. Pack in cartons: BOX UP

Argyle here. 15x16 pangram. Visual grid.


1. 1960s presidential monogram: LBJ

4. Gremlins and Pacers: AMCs. (American Motors Corporation) Cars from the seventies.

8. Lands' End rival: L.L.BEAN

14. World Cup cry: OLÉ

15. Naked: BARE

16. Cross-referencing phrase: SEE ALSO. Very apt for today's puzzle.

20. Novelist Ferber: EDNA

21. Key with four sharps: E MAJOR

23. Wife of Jacob: LEAH

24. Fervor: ZEAL

25. Rebecca of "Risky Business": DE MORNAY

27. Relaxed condition: LOOSENESS

29. "¿__ pasa?": QUE. "What's up?"

32. One lacking manners: BOOR, not 32D. Dutch South African: BOER

34. Cowboy boot attachments: SPURS

38. Range dividing Europe and Asia: URALS

39. "You gotta be kidding": "YEESH!"

40. Rx items: MEDS

41. Coffee server: URN

42. Long-finned tunas: ALBACOREs

49. Nash priest, not beast: ONE 'L' LAMA

50. Roughly: OR SO

54. Make __ dash for: A MAD

57. Expired: LAPSED

58. Contented sounds: AAHs

63. Football rushing plays: END RUNS. Offense.

64. Greek love god: EROS

65. December 24, e.g.: EVE

66. Figured (out): SUSSED

67. Suffix with ransom: WARE

68. Org. with narcs: DEA. (Drug Enforcement Administration)


1. Pop icon Jennifer: LOPEZ. J.Lo

2. Razor insert: BLADE. I barely remember.

3. Barbara Bush's twin sister: JENNA. On left.

4. Legal org.: ABA. (American Bar Association)

5. Manage somehow: MAKE DO

6. Sweet liqueurs: CRÈMES

7. Bagel seed: SESAME

8. Finds out: LEARNS

9. Actor Cariou: LENWiki. Canadian actor currently playing Henry Reagan the TV series Blue Bloods.

10. In a shoddy way: BADLY

11. She, in Paree: ELLE

12. On an ocean liner: ASEA

13. Quick snack: NOSH

16. Music for a film: SCORE

18. Hardhearted: CALLOUS

22. Actor Voight: JON

26. Take for granted: ASSUME

28. Annie, notably: ORPHAN

29. Campus hangout: QUAD

30. Addresses beginning with "http://": URLs. (Uniform Resource Locator)

31. Letter before tee: ESS

33. Plow-pulling team: OXEN

35. Washing machine cycle: PRESOAK

36. Mormon sch.: BYU. (Brigham Young University)

43. University founder Stanford: LELAND. Father of Stanford University in in Stanford, CA.

44. Malaise, with "the": BLAHS

45. Swiss peak: ALP

46. Kidney-shaped nut: CASHEW

47. 1998 Masters champ Mark: O'MEARA

48. Philadelphia suburb: RADNOR. An unincorporated community I've never heard of.

49. Smells: ODORS

51. Gathered leaves: RAKED

52. Trim whiskers: SHAVE

53. Actor Milo: O'SHEA

Milo O'Shea in Ulysses in 1967

54. Home of Iowa State: AMES

55. Diner handout: MENU

56. Added stipulations: ANDs

60. Regret: RUE

62. "__ as directed": USE


Dec 11, 2017

Monday, December 11, 2017 ~ C.C. Burnikel

Theme: Cover Up - No conspiracy, just items you can wear over your regular clothes, even shorts.

16A. Gift-wrapping need: CLEAR TAPE. CAPE

37A. Hipster: COOL CAT. COAT

56A. Garment fittingly represented by this puzzle's circles: OUTERWEAR

10D. Outdoor lot for cars: PARKING AREA. PARKA

23D. "Blurred Lines" singer: ROBIN THICKE. ROBE (He is a son of actor Alan Thicke)

Argyle here, and C.C. doing back-to-back puzzles.


1. Cushions for gymnasts: MATS

5. Guard's shout: HALT

9. Rectangular Apple: iPAD

13. Tons: A LOT

14. Student's repetitive cry with a raised hand: "OH! OH!"

15. Sports page news: TRADE

18. Country singer Steve: EARLE

19. Rowdy crowds: MOBS

20. "Mr. November," for Derek Jeter, e.g.: MONIKER

22. Put pen to paper: WRITE

24. Rep.'s campaign rival: DEM.

25. Title for a knight: SIR

26. Home for a pride: LIONS' DEN

28. Genesis paradise: EDEN

30. Exile island for Napoleon: ELBA

31. Dance for which "it takes two": TANGO

33. JPEG relative: GIF. (Graphics Interchange Format)

36. Quotable boxer: ALI. Muhammad Ali

39. Duffer's dream: ACE. Hole-in-one in golf.

40. Air circulator: FAN

41. Capital of Yemen: SANA'A

42. Large First Nations tribe: CREE

43. "__ does it!": THAT

45. Meddling type of "driver" who's not actually driving: BACKSEAT

48. "Never heard of them": "WHO?"

49. Golf great Ernie: ELS

51. "Don't sweat it!": "RELAX!". "Chill!"

52. "Is that really your opinion?": "THINK SO?". Truncated "Ya think so?"

54. Not wavering in the least: SURE

55. TV host Lake: RICKI. I don't believe she has a show currently.

61. Signed in pen: INKED

62. Leisurely gait: TROT

63. Doing nothing: IDLE

64. Bird's snack: SEED

65. Drinks slowly: SIPS

66. Dragged to court: SUED


1. Apple computer: MAC

2. Every bit: ALL

3. Little piggy: TOE

4. Staying power: STAMINA

5. Place of rapid growth: HOTBED

6. Light-bulb moments: A-HA's

7. Prune, as a branch: LOP

8. Unifying idea: THEME

9. Aggressive poker table words: "I RAISE" but they could be bluffing.

11. "Inferiority complex" coiner Alfred: ADLER. (1870-1937) A bit tough for a Monday.

12. Doe or stag: DEER

15. Half a score: TEN. Didn't fool me; a score is twenty. (Counting on your fingers and toes then making a mark. My thoughts.)

17. Goes bad: ROTS

21. Last Greek letter: OMEGA

22. "O Pioneers!" author Cather: WILLA. Recent visitors here, both the book and the author.

24. Paternity test sites: DNA LABS

26. One of many that fall in the fall: LEAF

27. School near Windsor: ETON

29. Tiny speck: DOT

32. Final Four org.: NCAA. National Collegiate Athletic Association basketball play-offs.

34. Mountaineer's tool: ICE AX. Tinbeni axes the ice.

35. Thirds of a yard: FEET

37. Civil War side: Abbr.: CSA. (Confederate States of America)

38. Hall's pop music partner: OATES. We mentioned this "Sara" song recently.

42. Narnia creator: C.S. LEWIS. He is best known for the seven novels in The Chronicles of Narnia series.

44. Tooted one's horn: HONKED. Misdirected?

46. Salad oil bottles: CRUETS

47. Deborah of "The King and I": KERR. No tango here.

48. Complain with self-pity: WHINE

50. Ransacks: LOOTS

52. "Divergent" films heroine: TRIS. Tris Prior, Wiki "Divergent".

53. Baby goat: KID

54. "Enough!": "STOP!". Nope, four more.

57. School in the smallest U.S. state: URI. (University of Rhode Island)

58. End of a school address: .EDU

59. Malt beverage: ALE

60. Color of most pomegranate seeds: RED


Dec 4, 2017

Monday, December 4, 2017 ~ Jeff Stillman

Theme: Seeing Double - Heteronyms, the last word and the last syllable of the preceding word are spelled the same but sound different.

17A. Devotee of singer Gloria: ESTEFAN FAN

24A. Precise price: ACCURATE RATE

39A. Mata Hari story, e.g.: FEMME FATALE TALE

51A. Garden purchase from a Lowe's rival: HOME DEPOT POT

63A. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, it's 63 for retirement: AVERAGE AGE

Argyle here. No reveal and five entries yet still an easy Monday.


1. Knight's "shining" protection: ARMOR

6. Elegant: POSH

10. WWII servicewomen: WACs. (Women's Army Corps)

14. Car body style: COUPE. 45D. Family car: SEDAN

15. Mennen shaving lotion: AFTA

16. Get one's ducks in __: A ROW

19. Heavy book: TOME

20. Buck or doe: DEER

21. Beluga yield: ROE. The Beluga sturgeon, not Beluga whale.

22. Viewed to be: DEEMED

27. Mineral springs: SPA

30. Believer's suffix: IST

31. Five-time Wimbledon champ Bjorn: BORG. "Resistance is futile."

32. Portion out: ALLOT

34. "Westworld" network: HBO. (Home Box Office)

35. Bon Ami alternative: AJAX

43. Simplicity: EASE

44. The "I" in TGIF: IT'S

46. Disney's "__ & Stitch": LILO. (2002)

48. Above-the-street trains: ELs

50. Chapter in history: ERA

56. Truck capacity: ONE TON

57. Coffee order: Abbr.: REG. (regular) Does that mean with cream and sugar to you?

58. Image to click on: ICON

62. Gadget's rank: Abbr.: INSP. (Inspector) Animated TV series.

66. Slugger Sammy: SOSA. Baseball.

67. Earth orbiter: MOON

68. Wafer brand: NILLA by Nabisco.

69. Jacob or Esau: TWIN

70. Choice word: ELSE

71. Not reached, as a goal: UNMET. Like most fund drives, right down to the wire.


1. Scored 100 on: ACED

2. Went up: ROSE

3. Sound-off button: MUTE

4. Wagner work: OPERA

5. Striped-shirt wearer: REF

6. Happen as expected: PAN OUT

7. Buyer's proposal: OFFER

8. BART stop: STA. (Bay Area Rapid Transit)

9. Hammer or screwdriver: HAND TOOL

10. Nixon Era scandal: WATERGATE

11. Pleasing smell: AROMA

12. Tailed celestial body: COMET

13. 31-Across, by birth: SWEDE. "Resistance is futile."

18. Rainbow shapes: ARCs

23. Poetic "always": E'ER

25. Credit in a footnote: CITE

26. "Dancing Queen" group: ABBA

27. Place for valuables: SAFE

28. Not guilty, for one: PLEA

29. Gift for the poor: ALMS

33. Skillet for folded egg dishes: OMELET PAN

34. Growth chart nos.: HTs. (height)

36. Green stone: JADE

37. Banned apple spray: ALAR

38. TV warrior princess: XENA

40. It's often followed by .pdf: FILE NAME

41. On the summit of: ATOP

42. Old U.S. gas brand: ESSO

47. Swearing-in words: I DO

48. Timeless, in verse: ETERNE

49. Women's links gp.: LPGA.(Ladies Professional Golf Association)

51. Lift up: HOIST

52. Televised as we speak: ON NOW

53. Soccer great Lionel: MESSI. I still haven't learned his name.

54. Black-and-white cookies: OREOs

55. Marketing gimmick: TIE-IN

59. Period "before the storm": CALM

60. Look at lasciviously: OGLE

61. Without ice, at the bar: NEAT

64. TV loud-soft control: Abbr.: VOL. (volume)

65. Bearded antelope: GNU. Available in the gift shop.


Nov 28, 2017

Tuesday, November 28, 2017 ~ Agnes Davidson & C.C. Burnikel

Theme: Do Not Fold, Staple, Spindle, or Mutilate - Okay, these four entries you can FOLD.

17A. Sunbather's spread: BEACH TOWEL. Shake your beach towel well be for folding.

29A. Cards to bet on: POKER HAND. LOL, you fold your poker hand if you don't have the cards to bet on.

45A. Brunch dish: HAM OMELET. Please mix the ham with the eggs before you fold it.

61A. Coupe-back contraption: RUMBLE SEAT. Folded up when not in use. Good place for backseat drivers.

39D. Instructions next to a perforated line ... or a hint to 17-, 29-, 45- and 61-Across: FOLD HERE

Argyle here. I have started my Christmas season with this present from Irish Miss and C.C.


1. "House" actor Epps: OMAR. See yesterday's puzzle.

5. Plant-sucking insect: APHID

10. Gala affair: BALL. Could be a BAsh.

14. Went by bus: RODE. No rumble seat but ... .

15. Wear away: ERODE

16. __ Day VitaCraves Multivitamins: ONE A

19. Spelling contests: BEEs

20. Intended: MEANT

21. Lend support to: AID

23. Wrestling surface: MAT

24. "In case you weren't listening ... ": "AS I SAID ... "

26. Like lambs: OVINE

28. Pat-on-the-baby's-back intended result: [BURP!]. I like that intended result.

32. Cut and pasted, say: EDITED

35. New York Harbor's __ Island: ELLIS

36. Penpoint: NIB

37. Tough problem: DILEMMA

39. Evergreen tree: FIR. Got your Christmas tree yet?

42. Jelly beans, e.g.: CANDY. Alternate clue: Canes for your fir.

43. Waiting for customer support, often: ON HOLD

49. Singer Fitzgerald: ELLA

50. Speak from the soapbox: ORATE

51. "Help!"-ful pot scrubbers?: S.O.S PADS

54. Texter's "I'm shocked!": [OMG!]. (Oh My Goodness)

55. Down in the dumps: SAD

58. Glee: MIRTH

59. Movie "Citizen": KANE

65. Yet again: ANEW

66. "Ditto": "ME, TOO!"

67. Try to persuade: URGE

68. "Women and Love" writer Shere: HITEA book report.

69. What Buffy does: SLAYS. TV show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and she does.

70. Lowly worker: PEON


1. Poet's planet: ORB

2. Stooge with Larry and Curly: MOE

3. Tracy/Hepburn battle-of-the-sexes comedy: ADAM'S RIB

4. Proof of purchase: RECEIPT

5. Insurance giant: AETNA

6. Bit of expert advice: PRO TIP

7. "__ about that!": HOW

8. It's in your head: IDEA

9. Cold-cuts seller: DELI

10. Songwriter Dylan: BOB. HO, Ho, Ho! He didn't wrte this one.

11. Iron-poor blood condition: ANEMIA

12. Womack of country: LEE ANN

13. Withstood wear and tear: LASTED

18. Consumes: HAS

22. Wilde's "The Picture of __ Gray": DORIAN. First published complete in 1890. Wiki LINK

24. German automaker: AUDI

25. Large, innocent-looking peepers: DOE EYES

27. VCR format: VHS. (VideoCassette Recorder/Video Home System)

28. Batman player Affleck: BEN. Don't tell anyone but he's really Bruce Wayne.

30. Dutch airline: KLM. Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij N.V.

31. Red Muppet: ELMO

33. "My Cup Runneth Over" singer: ED AMES

34. Eat in style: DINE

38. Cholesterol letters: LDL. (Low-density lipoprotein) Bad one.

40. Afflictions: ILLS

41. Nutritionist's fig.: RDA. (Recommended Dietary Allowances)

42. Camp bed: COT

44. Warms, as canned soup: HEATS UP

45. Pipe smoked in trendy bars: HOOKAH. If a hookah smoking caterpillar has given you the call ... Call Alice 555-4321

46. Fashion designer Giorgio: ARMANI

47. Fridge sticker: MAGNET. But not the ones with stainless steel doors.

48. Peppermint Patty, for one: TOMBOY. "Guess what, Chuck. Disaster time. Our teacher wants us to read a book during Christmas vacation."

52. Farm facilities: SILOs. Just down the road from me.

53. Opposite of post-: PRE

56. Hugging limbs: ARMS

57. Paces-and-pistols encounter: DUEL

60. Meadow mom: EWE

62. LIRR overseer: MTA. (Long Island Rail Road/Metropolitan Transportation Authority)

63. In the past: AGO

64. Boxing count: TEN. "He's out!"


Nov 27, 2017

Monday, November 27, 2017 ~ Mark McClain

Theme: The Three Amigos - synonyms.

20A. Seaside shade provider: BEACH UMBRELLA

37A. Philatelist's volumes: STAMP ALBUMS

44A. Practice that develops a variety of employee skills: JOB ROTATION

59A. Kid's imaginary companions, and what's literally found in this puzzle's circles: SECRET FRIENDS

Argyle here. Bit more secret with out the circles but you should know where to look for them, spanning the two words. Definitely a male slant to the entries but are there feminine equivalents?


1. The "m" in E = mc²: MASS. This formula states that the equivalent energy (E) can be calculated as the mass (m) multiplied by the speed of light (c) squared.

5. Put into force: ENACT

10. Wood-shaping tool: ADZE

14. Severely damaged sea: ARAL

15. Morning show featuring Al Roker: TODAY

16. Drubbed or whipped: BEAT

17. Calf-length skirt: MIDI

18. Lady's canine love: TRAMP. "Lady and the Tramp" Disney Movie (1955)

19. Omar of "The Mod Squad": EPPS. Popular guy in crossword land.

23. Bone: Pref.: OSTEO

24. Second person: YOU. I am first person.

25. Grammy category: RAP

28. "Don't play" music symbols: RESTS

32. "I'll do that!": "LET ME!"

34. Opposite of pos.: NEG.

40. Soothing succulent: ALOE

42. Inclined: ATILT. 'A' words. 53D. Come to light: ARISE

43. Sitter's nemesis: BRAT

47. Letters after ems: ENS. Alphabetically speaking.

48. "Not __!": "Quiet!": A PEEP

49. Macho guy: HEMAN

51. Not agin: FER

52. Musician's gift: EAR

55. Curriculum __: résumé: VITAE

64. Remove a rind from: PEEL

66. "Ask me if __": I CARE

67. Pigeon banter: COOS

68. Drops the ball: ERRs

69. Country south of Egypt: SUDAN

70. French I verb: ÊTRE. (to be)

71. Path behind a ship: WAKE

72. Poet's muse: ERATO

73. Taken in, as a movie: SEEN


1. Cuban dance: MAMBO

2. Spring zodiac sign: ARIES

3. '70s-'80s Egyptian president Anwar: SADAT. Ended in assassination.

4. Deli machine: SLICER

5. Caesar's ides-of-March words: "ET TU?"

6. Good name for an average guy: NORM

7. Not much (of): A DAB

8. Top-selling Toyota: CAMRY

9. Blood bank spec: TYPE 'O'

10. Second son: ABEL

11. Act of leaving: DEPARTURE

12. Microwave: ZAP

13. Sci-fi beings: ETs

21. Long-handled garden tools: HOEs

22. Break in the action: LULL

26. Capital of Jordan: AMMAN

27. Annoying types: PESTS

29. "Now!" in the OR: "STAT!"

30. Brit's sign-off: TA-TA

31. Northampton women's college: SMITH. Smith College is in Northampton,MA. Established 1871 (opened 1875).

33. Flow back: EBB

34. City south of Baghdad: NAJAF. Minneapolis and Najaf are Sister Cities since 2009.

35. Wed on the wing: ELOPE

36. Lose it big-time: GO BERSERK

38. Ballet dip: PLIÉ

39. Tiny physics bit: ATOM

41. Poetic palindrome: ERE

45. Oil gp. that includes Iraq: OPEC. (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries)

46. "Avatar" race: NA'VI. The movie.

50. Nephews' sisters: NIECEs

54. Happen multiple times: RECUR

56. Govt. security: T-NOTE

57. Love dearly: ADORE

58. German steel city: ESSEN. "European Green Capital 2017"

60. Beyond that: ELSE

61. "Look what I did!": "TA-DA!"

62. Group with pledges: FRAT. (college fraternity)

63. Nevada gambling city: RENO

64. Church bench: PEW

65. Notable time: ERA


Nov 20, 2017

Monday, November 20, 2017 ~ Kurt Mengel and Jan-Michele Gianette

Theme: "The wheels on the bus ..." - go like today's theme; round and round.

17A. Hand from the audience: ROUND OF APPLAUSE

27A. Group one likes to hang with: CIRCLE OF FRIENDS

48A. Area in which one has power: SPHERE OF CONTROL

63A . 1970 Temptations hit with the subtitle "That's What the World Is Today": BALL OF CONFUSION

Argyle here. Four grid spanners, impressed?. Consistent middle word; either be all the same or all be different, so long as it's consistent. A couple of old pro constructors, always a duo. Plethora of proper names.


1. Gospel truth: FACT

5. Previous time of life: PAST

9. Broadway bombs: FLOPS

14. Southwestern stewpot: OLLA

15. Texter's modest "I think ... ": IMHO. (in my humble opinion)

16. Choosing rhyme starter: EENIE

20. Actor __ Ivory Wayans: KEENEN

21. Castle barrier: MOAT

22. Con man's sucker: SAP

23. Robert of "The Sopranos": ILER

25. Is the right size: FITS

34. Prefix with logical: ECO

35. Shrunken Asian sea: ARAL

36. Braid: PLAIT

37. Jump: LEAP

39. Blue cartoon papa: SMURF

42. "Zip-__-Doo-Dah": A-DEE

43. Clear, as an argument: LUCID

45. Holiday trees: FIRS

47. "Hometown Proud" supermarket chain: IGA

"Hometown Sad"
52. Royal sari wearer: RANI

Rani Mukherjee Looks
53. Indian nurse: AMAH

54. Plugs for products: ADS

57. Swallow hard: GULP

59. Frightened, in dialect: AFEARD. "I don't believe in ghosts but I've been AFEARD of them all my life."

66. Sing like Bing: CROON. Bing Crosby.

67. Actress Jessica: ALBA

68. Creative spark: IDEA

69. Frets: STEWS

70. Close at hand: NEAR

71. Droops like an old sofa: SAGs. A more user friendly clue.


1. Road split: FORK

2. Skin soother: ALOE

3. Game with suspects: CLUE

4. Kind of acid in red wine: TANNIC

5. First settlers: PIONEERS

6. Big initials in bowling: AMF. CSO to Boomer.

7. Bedding accessory: SHAM

8. Fill to the brim: TOP OFF

9. Soft penpoint: FELT TIP

10. Pasture: LEA

11. Responsibility: ONUS

12. Italian tower town: PISA

13. Ooze: SEEP

18. Singer Reese: DELLA. Early Della.

19. Two of a kind: PAIR

24. Wander: ROAM

26. Actress Ward: SELA

27. Basic anatomy units: CELLS

28. Freeze over: ICE-UP

29. Insect trapped in a "motel": ROACH

30. Pillow down, say: FLUFF

31. Low point: NADIR

32. San __ Padres: DIEGO

33. Take illegally: STEAL

38. Jetty: PIER

40. Costa __: RICA

41. How the wise men came: FROM AFAR. Too soon for the song.

44. Fire-breathing beasts: DRAGONS

46. Major mix-up: SNAFU

49. Sufficient, in texts: ENUF. (enough)

50. Tin Man's need: OIL CAN

51. Grad student's paper: THESIS

54. Grade school basics: ABC's

55. Pointed pub flier: DART

56. __ gin fizz: SLOE

58. Flag holder: POLE

60. Verdi title princess: AIDA

61. "Walkabout" director Nicolas: ROEG

62. Genetic carriers: DNAs

64. Weather map "L": LOW

65. Org. with Lakers and Clippers: NBA. (National Basketball Association)


Nov 14, 2017

Tuesday, November 14, 2017 ~ Janice Luttrell

Theme: Commonality - The reveal shows how the target word, FLAT, can be FINNISHed by the first word of the starred answers.

16A. *2010 Grammy winner for Best Metal Performance: IRON MAIDEN. Flat iron.

39A. *TV cooking competition hosted by Padma Lakshmi: TOP CHEF. Flat top.

10D. *Started a construction project: BROKE GROUND. Flat broke.

24D. *Money-saving investment accounts: TAX SHELTERS. Flat tax.

59A. Paint choice ... and what the first word of the answers to starred clues can literally be: FLAT FINISH

Argyle here. Janice has a nice Tuesday level offering. Classic pinwheel grid.


1. Fancy pillowcase: SHAM. What is a sham? Here

5. Not as expensive: LESS

9. Stats for sluggers: RBIs

13. Lotto variant: KENO

14. Actress Davis played by Susan Sarandon in TV's "Feud": BETTE. "Feud" was a television series on FX.

15. "Alice's Restaurant" singer Guthrie: ARLO

18. Opinion sampling: POLL

19. 2,000 pounds: TON

20. French possessive: SES. French - his.

21. __-Ball: midway game: SKEE

22. Discreetly, in slang: ON THE DL. "On the down low" unfortunately, has a sexual slang meaning. LIU, if you want.

26. Nag, nag, nag: PESTER

28. Black-eyed __: PEAs

29. Electrified particle: ION

31. Without an escort: STAG

32. Bygone Honda sports car: CR-X

                         Full race mode.

33. Impassive type: STOIC

35. Dry-sounding deodorant brand: ARRID

38. ICU drips: IVs

41. Sch. in Columbus: OSU. Ohio State University--Columbus, OH. We recently had the OSU in Corvallis, OR.

                              Wexner Medical Center

42. Tiny laugh: TE-HEE. I prefer TEE-HEE.

44. Bundle of papers: SHEAF

45. Put into service: USE

46. Airline to Tel Aviv: EL AL

48. Flub it: ERR

49. Letter-shaped hardware item: T-NUT

50. Sinuous ski race: SLALOM

52. Gets in the way of: IMPEDES

54. H.S. exams: SATs. Paper-based standardized test, originally called the Scholastic Aptitude Test, now just S A T.

55. Dripping: WET

57. SEAL's org.: USN

58. Tech news site: CNET

64. Longfellow's "The Bell of __": ATRI

65. Standoffish: ALOOF

66. Just sitting around: IDLE

67. Pear variety: BOSC

    Alright, who's the wise guy?

68. Mix, as a salad: TOSS

69. What Simon does: SAYS


1. Word before bum or bunny: SKI

2. "Tell __ About It": Billy Joel hit: HER

3. "That's __-brainer!": A NO

4. Wall calendar pages: MONTHS

5. Welcoming prop on "Hawaii Five-O": LEI

6. Scheduled takeoff hrs.: ETDs

7. Opposite of cheap: STEEP

8. Taste and touch, e.g.: SENSES

9. Nas or Nelly: RAP STAR

11. More green around the gills: ILLER. Ugh!

12. Shoe bottom: SOLE

14. Old Western villain: BANDITO

17. "The Simpsons" bartender: MOE

22. Footnote ref.: OP CIT. "in the work cited."

23. __-racking: very stressful: NERVE

25. Belt holders: LOOPS

27. Chief of __: Army leader: STAFF

30. Wall recess: NICHE

33. Make off with: STEAL

34. Sorbonne sweetie: CHERI. Mon ami.

36. Point to debate: ISSUE

37. Collaborative 1993 Sinatra album: DUETS

40. Half a winter warmer: EARMUFF

43. Stretchy: ELASTIC

47. Like 1% milk: LOW FAT

49. Wimbledon sport: TENNIS

50. __ Domingo: Dominican capital: SANTO

51. __ Yello: soft drink: MELLO

53. 23rd Greek letter: PSI

54. Picket line crosser: SCAB

56. New Mexico town known for its art scene: TAOS

60. Lean-__: shacks: TOs

61. Wash. neighbor: IDA.

62. Tricky: SLY

63. Guys: HEs