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Jun 27, 2017

Tuesday, June 27, 2017 Herre Schouwerwou

Theme: Rhyming - Phonetic rhymes.

36A. Old group of movie kids that, in a way, the answers to starred clues could be a member of: OUR GANG

17A. *Time for discount drinks: HAPPY HOUR

23A. *"Homicide: Life on the Street" Emmy winner: ANDRE BRAUGHER

48A. *Dictator's authority: ABSOLUTE POWER

59A. *Kiefer Sutherland's "24" role: JACK BAUER

Argyle here. Tad difficult due to the proper names. Herr's second appearence in LAT.


1. Valuable quality: ASSET

6. Place for piggies: STY

9. Water carriers: PIPES

14. Honking birds: GEESE

15. Rebel Guevara: CHE

16. Atlantic __: OCEAN

19. Durable suit fabric: SERGE

20. Song from Verdi: ARIA

21. Funny bone's place: ARM

22. John or Paul (but not Luke): BEATLE. A little twist there.

26. Hunch over: STOOP

27. Homebuilder's lot size: ACRE

28. Read the riot act to: SCOLD

29. King's scary St. Bernard: CUJO. Stephen King.

31. Scissors sound: SNIP

35. Chewie's shipmate: HAN. Star Wars.

39. Mex. neighbor: USA

40. Poems of praise: ODES

42. Scoffing sounds: HAHs

43. "Death of a Salesman" family name: LOMAN. "Willy" Loman.

45. Slack off: LOAF

47. In a funk: MOPEY

53. Hot Wheels toymaker: MATTEL

54. Wrestling's __ Flair: RIC

55. "Not gonna happen!": "NOPE!"

58. City in upstate New York: UTICA. Big beer making town.

61. Green energy type: SOLAR

62. Inquire: ASK

63. Hard-hit baseball: LINER. The old frozen rope.

64. __-level job: ENTRY

65. Cry with a fist pump: "YES!!"

66. Easy paces: TROTS


1. Ottoman honorific: AGHA

2. Charbroil: SEAR

3. Antique photo feature: SEPIA TONE

4. Language in Sevilla: ESPANOL. They speak Spanish in Seville.

5. Mystery writer Josephine: TEYWiki entry

6. It may be tied: SCORE

7. Mitten part: THUMB

8. "Programs! Git __ programs here!": YER. "Can't tell the players without a program."

9. Big phony: POSEUR

10. Very cold periods: ICE AGES

11. Western Australian port: PERTH

12. Sharp-eyed bird: EAGLE

13. Lip-curling look: SNEER

18. Plucked instrument: HARP

22. Part of 60-Down: BACON. 60-Down. Layered sandwich, briefly: BLT

24. Extinct flightless bird: DODO

25. Mumbai bigwigs: RAJAs

26. Whole bunch: SCAD

28. 2017 "Twin Peaks" airer, for short: SHO. (SHOWTIME)

29. __ brewery: independent beer maker: CRAFT

30. "That's just nasty!": "UGH!"

32. Big cheese: NUMERO UNO

33. "What more can __?": I SAY

34. Frying utensil: PAN

37. Trailer rental company: U-HAUL

38. Post-sunset effect: GLOW

41. Toy racer on a track: SLOT CAR. You can get them powered by bicycles now.

44. Like many summer concerts: OPEN AIR

46. Chicago Fire Mrs.: O'LEARY

47. __ turtle soup: MOCK. What Is Mock Turtle Soup? If you are so inclined; Link You might say, "30-Down".

48. Get a laugh out of: AMUSE

49. Stick passed on a track: BATON

50. Clown's leg extension: STILT

51. Remove pencil marks: ERASE

52. Mining tools: PICKS

56. Amanda of "Something's Gotta Give": PEET

57. Slips up: ERRS

59. Noisy bird: JAY. A little something to drive your cats crazy.


Jun 26, 2017

Monday, June 26, 2017 Bruce Venzke & Gail Grabowski

Theme: No Reveal Monday - B(vowel progression)TT

17A. Cellphone revitalizers: BATTERY CHARGERS

23A. Cake mix giant: BETTY CROCKER

36A. Confection not as sweet as the "milk" variety: BITTER CHOCOLATE

48A. Lowest dresser compartment: BOTTOM DRAWER

57A. Affectionate touches with one's lashes: BUTTERFLY KISSES

Argyle here. While the theme may be simple, the execution is not. Three grid spanning entries and two 12's, all in the language, makes it a worthy Monday puzzle.


1. Cars for stars: LIMOs

6. Vagabond: TRAMP

11. Clock setting for MI and MO: CST. Four counties of the Upper Peninsula in
Michigan and all of Missouri are in Central Standard Time Zone.

14. Go through entirely: USE UP

15. Riveter painted by Rockwell: ROSIE

16. Grazing area: LEA

20. Looker that's usually blue or brown: EYE

21. "Ring around the collar" detergent: WISK

22. Hard-to-resist impulse: URGE

27. Falls back: RECEDES

30. Driver's protest: HONK

31. Japanese soup noodle: UDON

32. Electrical unit: WATT

33. One dressing to be noticed: FOP

41. Muddy barnyard abode: STY

42. Fashion's Chanel: COCO

43. App symbol: ICON

44. Moccasin or loafer: SHOE

45. Tranquilizes: SEDATES

52. New Balance competitor: AVIA

53. USAF truant: AWOL

54. Alien crew in sci-fi films: ETs

62. Right-angle shape: ELL

63. Writer Zora __ Hurston: NEALE

64. Singing sensation Boyle: SUSAN. Where is she now?

65. Take notice of: SEE

66. Lustful deity: SATYR

67. Perot of politics: H. ROSS

1. Job with an oil change: LUBE

2. Dr. Watson outburst: "I SAY!"

3. Parcel (out): METE

4. So last week: OUT

5. Gushed: SPEWED

6. On-the-sly romantic meetings: TRYSTs. With a SATYR?

7. Like much of Maine's coastline: ROCKY

8. Volcanic debris: ASH

9. Actress Farrow: MIA

10. In accordance with: PER

11. Court assistant: CLERK

12. Twilled fabric: SERGE

13. Law enforcement shocker: TASER

18. Ceremonial act: RITE

19. Oozy stuff: GUCK. I wanted GUNK.

23. Flexed: BENT

24. Bush Labor secretary Elaine: CHAO

25. Campus mil. group: ROTC. (Reserve Officers' Training Corps)

26. Aware of, as a scheme: ON TO

27. Barbecue coatings: RUBS

28. Work on a script: EDIT

29. Cosmetics giant: COTY

32. Reporter's question: WHO

33. Fiction's opposite: FACT

34. Oklahoma tribe: OTOE

35. Will-signing needs: PENS

37. Empty hallway sound: ECHO

38. Floor plan division: ROOM

39. Sent a dupe letter to: CCed

40. "You made that up!": LIAR

44. PDQ, in the ICU: STAT

45. Finn's friend: SAWYER

46. Furry "Star Wars" creature: EWOK

47. "Yum!": "DELISH!". A Rachael Ray comment.

48. Innocent sorts: BABES

49. Seed-to-be: OVULE

50. Book name: TITLE

51. Good news on Wall Street: RALLY

54. Canadian gas sign: ESSO

55. Tetley products: TEAs

56. Bank acct. IDs: SSNs. (Social Security number)

58. Chekov's "Star Trek" rank: Abbr.: ENS. (Ensign)

59. Actor Stephen: REA

60. Budgetary excesses: FAT

61. California's Big __: SUR


Jun 20, 2017

Tuesday, June 20, 2017 Roger & Kathy Wienberg

Theme: W-I-D-E - in the circles. If no circles, the reveal should make it clear anyway.

17A. Caribbean island group: WEST INDIES

23A. Independence Day colors: RED, WHITE, AND BLUE

37A. Auto visibility aid with intermittent settings: WINDSHIELD WIPER

48A. "How about that!": "WELL I'LL BE DARNED!"

60A. Extensive ... and what's literally seen in this puzzle's circles: WIDESPREAD. (wide spread)

Argyle here. A few of us may suffer from WIDESPREAD but let's not go there. This couple gave us  a Tuesday puzzle on March 14.


1. Fancy tie: ASCOT

6. Facts and figures: DATA

10. Herring family fish: SHAD

14. Pageant topper: TIARA

15. Broadcast with greater image resolution, as TV shows: IN HD. (High-Definition)

16. Sign over: CEDE

19. Golf outing spoiler: RAIN

20. Mature: AGE

21. "Give all thou __": Wordsworth: CANSTInside of King's College Chapel, Cambridge.

22. Helping hands: AIDES

26. Olive product: OIL

27. Vicinity: AREA

28. Piano-bass-drums jazz group, e.g.: TRIO

31. __ apso: dog: LHASA

34. Bumped into: MET

41. Atypical: ODD

42. Ballplayer with "SD" on his cap: PADRE. San Diego Padres.

43. Quartet that covered "Woodstock," initially: CSNY. (Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young)

44. Jamaican fruit: UGLI

46. Royal flush card: ACE

56. Cereal grass disease: ERGOT

57. Broadcaster: AIRER

58. "Don't Bring Me Down" rock gp.: ELO. (Electric Light Orchestra)

59. From the top: ANEW

62. "The __ of the Ancient Mariner": RIME

63. Actor Guinness: ALEC

64. Augment: ADD TO

65. Gardener's purchase: SEED

66. Playbill listing: CAST

67. Cuts with a light beam: LASES


1. Battling it out: AT WAR

2. Prolonged battle: SIEGE

3. Scoped out with bad intentions: CASED

4. Table scrap: ORT

5. Meditative Chinese exercise: TAI CHI

6. Neglected to: DIDN'T

7. Ouzo flavoring: ANISE

8. Consonant before iota: THETA. ϴ, eighth letter.

9. Promos that interrupt programs: ADS

10. Old manuscript copier: SCRIBE

11. Illumination on helmets: HEADLAMPS

12. Farewell: ADIEU

13. Tightly packed: DENSE

18. Polished body part: NAIL

22. Play to __: tie: A DRAW

24. Lumberyard purchase: WOOD

25. Former OTC watchdog: NASD. [Over-the-counter (stock) / National Association of Securities Dealers (merged with Financial Industry Regulatory Authority in 2007)]

28. Couple: TWO

29. Get __ of: discard: RID

30. "I'd like this favor": "INDULGE ME"

31. Cookie jar cover: LID

32. Ship's pronoun: HER

33. Malt brew: ALE

35. Poetic twilight: EEN

36. "These are the times that __ men's souls": Paine: TRY

38. Bowler's challenge: SPLIT

39. Flag down, as a cab: HAIL

40. Cake decorator: ICER

45. Emitted an aura: GLOWED

46. Orange drinks: ADEs

47. __ tunnel syndrome: CARPAL

48. Has on: WEARS

49. Orange Muppet: ERNIE

50. Muhammad's boxing daughter: LAILA

51. __ one's time: waits patiently: BIDES

52. Standing straight: ERECT

53. Non-negotiable things: NEEDS

54. Fill with glee: ELATE

55. Extinct birds: DODOs

60. WWII GI Jane: WAC. (Women's Army Corps)

61. Dietary guideline letters: RDA. (Recommended Dietary Allowance)


Jun 19, 2017

Monday, June 19, 2017 Mark Feldman

Theme: No Reveal Monday

17A. Shrewd person, to a food critic?: SHARP COOKIE

29A. Important person, to a food critic?: BIG CHEESE

47A. Despicable person, to a food critic?: ROTTEN EGG

66A. Lazy person, to a food critic?: COUCH POTATO

Argyle here. NW corner gave me pause but then it was off to the races. Now I have to race thru the blog because a line of T-storms are racing this way.


1. Brawl: MELEE

6. See 27-Down: BOOKS. 27-Down. With 6-Across, records that might be "cooked": THE

11. L.A. Galaxy's org.: MLS. (Major League Soccer)

14. Alpine climber's need: ICE AX

15. Asinine: INANE

16. Goal: AIM

19. African antelope: GNU

20. Hide: CONCEAL

21. Like skunks and zebras: STRIPED

23. Hitching post?: ALTAR. Cute.

25. 44-Across VIP: KING. 44-Across. High school dance: PROM

26. James Bond's school: ETON

33. Prevent, as a robbery: THWART

36. Female neigh sayer: MARE

37. Betray: SELL OUT

39. Avian symbol of pride: PEACOCK

46. Doze off: DROWSE

52. Math average: MEAN

53. Fencing sword: ÉPÉE

54. Witch trial town: SALEM

57. Impressive banquet displays: SPREADS

61. Acknowledged a military superior: SALUTED

65. Weeding tool: HOE

68. CIA forerunner: OSS. (Office of Strategic Services)

69. Vaudeville show: REVUE

70. "He loves me" piece: PETAL

71. Tetley product: TEA

72. Class-ending pair?: ESSes

73. Rub off the page: ERASE


1. Uncategorized stuff: Abbr.: MISC. (miscellaneous)

2. Repeat: ECHO

3. With the fat trimmed off: LEAN

4. Auditory passage: EAR CANAL

5. Kick out: EXPEL

6. Where DNA tests are performed: BIO LAB

7. Singer Yoko: ONO

8. Acorn sources: OAKS

9. Make using yarn: KNIT

10. Reader of tea leaves: SEER

11. Member of the crow family: MAGPIE

12. White sale goods: LINENS

13. Blotch: SMUDGE

18. "Cool" hipster: CAT

22. President married to Mamie: IKE. The Eisenhowers.

24. Outer edge: RIM

26. Out-of-this-world beings, in brief: ETs

28. Wise bird: OWL

30. Space: GAP

31. Rep on the street: CRED

32. When repeated, "Great speech!": "HEAR, hear!"

34. Weapon in Clue: ROPE

35. Spoil: TURN

38. Water-testing digit: TOE

40. Traveler to work: COMMUTER

41. Must pay: OWE

42. Civil War org.: CSA. (Confederate States of America)

43. Boy doll: KEN

45. Classic British sports cars: MGs

47. Did over, as a movie scene: RESHOT

48. Be against: OPPOSE

49. Revered Mother: TERESA. Saint Teresa of Calcutta.

50. Casual top: TEE

51. Deep cuts: GASHES

55. Once around, in a race: LAP. My first lap has just about run.

56. Secretly tie the knot: ELOPE

58. Land parcel: ACRE

59. "Easy __ it!": DOES

60. Santa Fe and Tucson, in the auto world: SUVs. (Sport utility vehicle)

62. "Cheerio!": "TATA!"

63. Greek vowels: ETAs. [H]

64. Give (out) sparingly: DOLE

67. Prompt on stage: CUE


Jun 12, 2017

Monday, June 12, 2017 Ed Sessa

Theme: Witch Doctor - is missing but you can find three other doctors to choose from. Choose wisely.

20. Challenging response to provocation: "YOU AND WHO ELSE?". Doctor Who

33. Ruthless strategy: TAKE NO PRISONERS. Dr. No

39. Nestlé chocolate chip treat: TOLL HOUSE COOKIE. Dr. House

49. Words on Lucy's "Psychiatric Help - 5¢" sign ... and a hint to 20-, 33- and 39-Across: [THE DOCTOR IS IN]

Argyle here. Interesting mix today. Some newbies might not recognize some of the old crosswordese we take for granted. Two grid spanners. A lot of music; the muse, Erato, must have been busy.


1. Aesop's lazy grasshopper, for one: IDLER

6. One of many in an ovation: CLAP

10. Critter catcher: TRAP. Alliteration clue.

14. "Stars and Stripes Forever" composer: SOUSA. #1 Clip(3:27)

15. __ Hashanah: Jewish New Year: ROSH

16. Beatles meter maid: RITA. #2 Clip(3:05)

17. Classic violin: AMATI

18. Eight-armed mollusks: OCTOPUSES. Octopuses or octopi, InfoPlease

22. Like many a villainous fictional scientist: MAD. Or villainous fictional Doctor.

23. Baseball tool: BAT

24. Strut on a runway: SASHAY

28. Newsman Huntley: CHET. "Goodnight, Chet"

30. Word with chick or split: PEA

36. Operatic highlight: ARIA

37. America's National Tree: OAK

38. Fish-catching bird: ERNE

44. George Carlin hosted the first one, briefly: SNL. (Saturday Night Live)

45. Yours and mine: OURS

46. Warned, like a cornered cat: HISSED

47. Appropriate: APT

48. Actor Mineo: SAL. He died in 1976.

56. Always masked one's true self: LIVED A LIE

58. Fuming: IRATE

59. Cheese in a red wax coating: EDAM

60. "Cheerio": "TATA!"

61. Father-son senators from Tennessee: GOREs. Jr. and Sr.

62. Jupiter and Neptune, e.g.: GODS

63. Like Mr. Hyde, e.g.: EVIL. #3 Clip(4:19)

64. Phishing nets?: SCAMS


1. Words to an old chap: "I SAY ... "

2. "__ arigato": Japanese "thanks a lot": DOMO. #4 Clip(5:34)

3. Bash with tiki bars: LUAU

4. This, to Juan: ESTA

5. 1988 Hoffman title role: RAIN MAN. "One minute to Wapner"

6. Ballpark filler: CROWD

7. With 55-Down, monster's lake: LOCH 55-Down. See 7-Down: NESS

8. Regarding: AS TO

9. Ditzy "Friends" friend and singer Snow: PHOEBEs. I was confused because Phoebe Buffay was a "singer", too.

10. Bond between friends: TRUST

11. Stand up: RISE

12. Chowed down: ATE

13. Kent and Kettle: PAs. They never met. More alliteration though.

19. Aristotle's teacher: PLATO

21. "The Banana Boat Song" word: DAY O. #5 Clip(3:07)

24. 755 HRs and 2297 RBIs for 25-Down, e.g.: STATS

25. Slugger Hank: AARON. Hammerin' Hank had a mastery with a BAT.

26. Mastery: SKILL

27. Recover from wounds: HEAL

28. Tactless: CRASS

29. Walk on a trail: HIKE

30. Exec's extras: PERKS

31. Bert's buddy: ERNIE

32. Plant __: start something: A SEED. Every time that I plant a seed
He said, "Kill it before it grows"

34. Do the honors, at a winefest: POUR

35. Modernists, briefly: NEOs

40. Wished: HOPED

41. Render obsolete: OUTDATE

42. Transportation secretary Elaine: CHAO

43. Drillers at sea: OIL RIGS

47. Throat-clearing sounds: AHEMs

48. Take unlawfully: STEAL

49. Plug on the small screen: TV AD

50. Norse king: OLAV

51. __ Field: Mets' stadium: CITI

52. Camaro __-Z: IROC. (International Race of Champions)

53. Poet Teasdale: SARA

54. Tabloid couple: ITEM

56. Chicken serving: LEG

57. Altar vow: "I DO"

One more Doctor.


Tournament Notes from C.C.:

Below is a picture of all the constructors for the Sixth Minnesota Crossword Tournament. You can click here for a few more. Marcia Brott's team won the Team champions. Alyssa Mondelli is the Amateur Division champion and Carl Voss is the Expert champion. Congratulations to all the winners!

Thanks to Victor for his tireless work editing all the puzzles, esp for helping me with my theme. His puzzle this year is very clever, like all his puzzles.

Andrea Carla Michaels and Mark McClain (not present) made another smooth puzzle despite some difficult letter combos. Andrea is coming to MN next week and I look forward to our lake walk.

George and Chris elevated a common puzzle gimmick. Wonderful local tie-in.

David Hanson's puzzle has a tight and consistent theme set. Great title too. Ages ago, David used to comment on our blog as Rosebud.

Andy's theme is lovely. Sparkly theme entries, fill and thoughtful clues.

Jeffrey the Artist was busy working, but we had a few quick spurts of chat. He's truly passionate about puzzle making and constantly challenges himself.

David Liben-Nowell's puzzle is another masterpiece. Just amazing!

Tom's puzzle is a crowd-pleaser. Incredibly clean (his trademark). One solver walked up to him afterwards marveling at the middle theme answer.

Andrew's themeless has a gorgeous stagger stack. He also had the tough job of writing three different sets of clues for the finals.

Thanks to the Friends of the St. Paul Public Library for hosting this event every year. Thank you, Liz, all the sponsors and volunteers!

Thanks also to Argyle & D-Otto for test-solving my puzzle and giving me constructive feedback. I love you guys!

Left to right: George Barany, Jeffrey Wechsler,Victor Barocas, David Hanson, C.C., Andrew J. Ries, Chris Adams, Tom Pepper &  David Liben-Nowell

Jun 5, 2017

Monday, June 5, 2017 Brock Wilson

Theme: Take a load off - Sit anywhere you can find an empty space.

17. *Sub in the dugout: BENCH WARMER

25. *TV addict with a remote: COUCH POTATO

37. *Largest of the Quad Cities: DAVENPORT, IOWA

54. *Car section under the passenger compartment: ROCKER PANEL

62. Wedding reception headache ... and what the starts of the answers to starred clues constitute?: SEATING PLAN

Argyle here in an office chair. This seems to be Brock's signature grid; various words that fit the reveal. No particular progression this time that I can note like HIGH CHAIR to ROCKER but almost a pangram. So come on and sit awhile.


1. Child in a kitchen: JULIA. Don't try this at home. Special meal.

6. "S" on a tee: SMALL

11. Auditing pro: CPA. (Certified Public Accountant)

14. African antelope: ELAND

15. Gymnast Comaneci: NADIA. First Perfect 10 | Montreal 1976 Olympics Clip.(3:11)

16. Eyebrow shape: ARC

19. Bumped into: MET

20. Look lifeless, as flowers: DROOP

21. Many a multiple-choice test answer: GUESS

23. Org. created the same year as the first Earth Day: EPA. (Environmental Protection Agency)1970

29. One of six in this clue: WORD

31. Parody: SPOOF

32. Alma mater of many Oxford students: ETON

33. Foe: ENEMY

35. Decorative old-style collar: RUFF

43. Lime cover: PEEL

44. India's first prime minister: NEHRU

46. Candy sold in pairs: TWIX. Inventive commercials.

50. Productive city for van Gogh: ARLES

53. Speaker's podium: DAIS

57. Indent key: TAB

58. Annoyed: IRKED

59. Annoy playfully: TEASE

61. Winter roof-rack item: SKI

68. Color distinction: HUE

69. "Snowy" bird: EGRET

70. West, to Juan: OESTE. Portuguese and Spanish.

71. IRS deadline mo.: APRil

72. High, as ambitions: LOFTY

73. Sugary: SWEET


1. Bush of Florida: JEB

2. Suffix with mod- or gran-: ULE

3. Alaska's is the largest of the 50 states: LAND AREA. 663,268 square miles.

4. Price hike: Abbr.: INCRease

5. For a special purpose: AD HOC

6. Buy eagerly, as goods on sale: SNAP UP

7. Tarnish: MAR

8. Nav. leader: ADMiral

9. Falsehood: LIE

10. Slow tempo: LARGO. Today's earwig.

11. Charged aggressively: CAME AT

12. Fast tempo: PRESTO. Any earwig for PRESTO?

13. Responds to, as a tip: ACTS ON

18. Amorously pursues: WOOs

22. Salt Lake City collegian: UTE

23. She sheep: EWE

24. Atlantic Ocean, to Brits: POND

26. Top-selling Toyota: COROLLA

27. Time of day: HOUR

28. Sputtering sound: [PFFT!]

30. Driver's lic. issuer: DMV. (Department of Motor Vehicles)

34. Slangy "Sure": "YEP" or yup.

36. Sight that elicits "Shark!": FIN. earwig already, ba-dum.

38. Close by: NEAR

39. Robber, to a cop: PERP. Not to us. We like perpendicular, not perpetrator.

40. 20-volume ref.: OED. (Oxford English Dictionary)

41. "Is there more?": "WHAT ELSE?". "There is ... but you must act in the next ten minutes!"

42. Opera offering: ARIA

45. Port on a PC: USB. (Universal Serial Bus)

46. Country singer Yearwood: TRISHA. She is married to Garth Brooks.

47. Generate via exercise, as a sweat: WORK UP

48. More distasteful: ICKIER

49. Classic Jaguar: XKE

51. Thing: ENTITY

52. Viewed: SEEN

55. Ford failure: EDSEL

56. Nigerian city that's Africa's most populous: LAGOS. Wiki link.

60. Gush: SPEW

63. Big-headed quality: EGO

64. "Bowwow!" cousin: [ARF!]

65. Vietnamese New Year: TET

66. Snacked on: ATE

67. After-tax amount: NET


Note from C.C.:

Happy 61st Birthday to dear TTP, who has helped me solved so many blog and life glitches. He just knows a lot about a lot of things. So lucky that you Took The Plunge and joined our blog, TTP!

May 30, 2017

Tuesday, May 30, 2017 Alex Eaton-Salners

Theme" You Can Take That To The Bank - You have a nice selection of banks to choose from.

17A. Mike and Carol's blended TV family: BRADY BUNCH. Branch Bank.

27A. Musical group with conga drums: SALSA BAND. Sandbank, of Provincial Park Ontario.

32A. Had a religious awakening: FOUND GOD. Food Bank.

45A. Lost it all: WENT BUST. West Bank, Paris. Palestine/Israel West Bank. Thank you, CanadianEh!

53A. Where to learn to crawl?: SWIM CLASS. Swiss Bank, where you're a number, not a name.

61A. Kitty Hawk locale ... and what the circled letters graphically represent: OUTER BANKS. Off the coast of North Carolina and Virginia.

Argyle here. If you don't have the circles, the outer letters of the themes form a type of bank.


1. Lather on lattes: FOAM

5. Stage performer: ACTOR

10. Tag sale tag words: AS IS

14. A6 automaker: AUDI

15. Prepare (oneself), as for a shock: BRACE

16. Gridiron strategy: PUNT

19. __ Major: URSA. The Big Dipper.

20. "Mamma __!": 5-Down musical: MIA. Abba.

21. Chinese currency: YUANWiki.

23. Season ticket holder, probably: FAN

24. Willem of "American Psycho": DAFOE.  Spider-Man's "Green Goblin".

29. Share parts with: OVERLAP

31. HBO's "Game of __": THRONES

34. Fish-and-chips fish: COD

35. Start of some email subj. lines: FWD. (forward)

36. Military day's march: ETAPE. Hello old friend.

39. __ jar: TIP

42. Upper limb: ARM

48. In any case: AT LEAST

52. Sticks (to): ADHEREs

55. Hungry, probably: UNFED

56. "For __ a jolly ... ": HE'S

57. Japanese noodle: SOBA

58. Texter's "Yikes!": "OMG!"

59. Folk singer Seeger: PETE

66. "Got it, man": "I DIG". Hippy talk.

67. Dinner holder: PLATE

68. "Star Wars" princess: LEIA

69. Tickle Me Elmo toy company: TYCO

70. Clout: SAY SO

71. Risqué message: SEXT. A text message of a suggestive nature.


1. Adjective for a British Invasion foursome: FAB. The Beatles!

2. Couple's possessive: OUR

3. Oral health org.: ADA. (American Dental Association)

4. Around 10:00 a.m.: MIDMORN

5. "Dancing Queen" pop group: ABBA

6. Grand __: wine label words: CRU. A wine that displays this label is supposed to exhibit (translated into English) Great Growth.

7. Country singer Tucker: TANYA

8. Paranormal: OCCULT

9. Discuss to death: REHASH

10. "The Simpsons" shop owner: APU

11. Steak-lobster combo, on menus: SURF AND TURF

12. Off the wall: INSANE

13. Where season ticket holders sit: STANDS

18. Triangular road sign: YIELD

22. Drug cop: NARC

24. Remove respectfully, as a hat: DOFF

25. Say openly: AVOW

26. Like medieval Europe's social structure: FEUDALISTIC

27. Catch sight of: SPOT

28. Heckler's cry: BOO

30. Grow old: AGE

33. Margery of kids' rhyme: DAW

Seesaw Margery Daw
Johnny shall have a new master
He shall earn but a penny a day
Because he can't work any faster

37. Pod veggies: PEAs

38. Cease: END

40. "Oh, of course!": "I SEE!". Echo of 66-Across.

41. Combat vet's affliction, briefly: PTSD. (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)

43. Dream letters: REM. (rapid eye movement)

44. Apple computers: MACs

46. Hitchhiker's digit: THUMB

47. Cincinnati NFL team: BENGALS

48. Chimney receptacle: ASH PIT

49. Like some hunting jackets: TWEEDY

50. Single-masted ships: SLOOPS. Remember, "We come on the Sloop John B".

51. __ rasa: clean slate: TABULA

54. Skewered Indonesian dish: SATAY.  Various sauces but mainly peanut sauce.

58. Twistable cookie: OREO

60. Self-worth: EGO

62. UFO crew, supposedly: ETs. (extraterrestrials)

63. Alumna bio word: NEE

64. "Kid Tested" cereal: KIX

65. Minded the kids: SAT


May 29, 2017

Monday, May 29, 2017 Gail Grabowski & Bruce Venzke

Theme: Parse the Reveal - Parse it correctly and you'll have the theme.

17A. Corporate world meal: POWER LUNCH

31A. Instruction on a Steinway: PIANO LESSON

48A. Political head: PARTY LEADER

65A. "The Maltese Falcon" actor: PETER LORRE

73A. CFO's monetary report, and a hint to this puzzle's four longest answers: P AND L. A profit and loss statement.

Argyle here and a couple of our regular Monday constructors.


1. Corrosive compounds: ACIDS

6. Dog in "The Thin Man" mysteries: ASTA. 1935 -1947 The movie series. 1957–1959 Two seasons on television.

10. Pork serving: CHOP

14. Heath-covered wastelands: MOORS.

15. Fish tempter: BAIT

16. What the little hand shows: HOUR. Digital kid, "What are hands?"

19. Otherwise: ELSE

20. Guys-only gathering: STAG

21. Lawyer: Abbr.: ATT. (attorney)

22. Artificial: ERSATZ. German Ersatz: a substitute.

24. Took a load off: SAT

26. Helps with the holdup: ABETS

28. Manning of the NFL's Giants: ELI. He was drafted as the first overall pick in the 2004 NFL Draft by the San Diego Chargers and immediately traded to the Giants. - Wiki.

36. Four times a day, in an Rx: QID. Latin, quater in die.

37. Early Peruvians: INCAS

38. Continental cash: EURO

39. Turn loose: UNLEASH

41. Fry cook's woe: SPATTER

44. Light bulb, in comics: IDEA

45. Motionless: INERT

47. CD-__: ROM. A Compact Disc used as a Read-Only optical Memory.

51. Obstinate beast: ASS

52. Back of the boat: STERN

53. Sky safety org.: FAA. (Federal Aviation Administration)

55. Historic Spanish fleet: ARMADA

58. Eden dweller: EVE

60. Rope source: HEMP

64. Aretha's genre: SOUL

68. Voice below soprano: ALTO

69. Defib specialists: EMTS. Defibrillation/Emergency Medical Technician

70. Disney mermaid: ARIEL

71. Burns or Byron: POET

72. Pair of performers: DUET


1. Bandstand boosters: AMPS

2. Small water bird: COOT

3. Nebraska neighbor: IOWA

4. Bottom-of-the-barrel stuff: DREGS

5. Ukr. or Lith., once: SSR. (Soviet Socialist Republic)

6. Touch the edge of: ABUT

7. "Oye Como Va" group: SANTANA

8. "__-Tac-Dough": TV game show: TIC

9. Walking obediently, as a dog: AT HEEL

10. 32 pieces and a game board: CHESS SET

11. Havana "Hi!": "¡HOLA!"

12. Force out: OUST

13. Chief exec: PREZ. Shortened forms.

18. Ancient Romans: LATINs

23. FedEx assignment: Abbr.: RTE. (route)

25. Capital of Samoa: APIA

27. Ordered (around): BOSSED

28. Provide with gear: EQUIP

29. Singer Ronstadt: LINDA

30. Thumb twiddler: IDLER

32. More in need of a rubdown: ACHIER

33. Kama __: Hindu love guide: SUTRA

34. Tiered cookies: OREOs

35. Societal expectations: NORMS

40. Reacts to being ravenous: EATS A LOT

42. Like better: PREFER

43. Big name in razors: ATRA

46. "No, No" Broadway gal: NANETTE

49. Since Jan. 1, on pay stubs: YTD. (Year To Date)

50. Jumped: LEAPED

54. Now, in Nogales: AHORA. Mexican state of Sonora or US state of Arizona, they abut.

55. Rush job letters: ASAP. (as soon as possible)

56. Caramel candy brand: ROLO

57. Volume-off button: MUTE

59. Flak jacket, e.g.: VEST

61. Whistle-blowing Brockovich: ERIN. Subject of 2000 film bearing her name.

62. Talking TV palomino: MR. ED. Yes, it is "Mister Ed" but TV is television.

63. __-mell: disorderly: PELL

66. Outback avian: EMU

67. Once around the track: LAP. Or what is formed from 24-Across.