Feb 20, 2018

Tuesday, February 20, 2018 ~ John Lampkin

Theme: ?, ?, ?, ?, and ? - The five things a reporter should report.

17A. *"Never!": "WHEN PIGS FLY!"

37A. *"Not another problem!": "WHAT NOW?!"

58A. *"I don't need a second opinion!": "WHO ASKED YOU?!"

11D. *"Happenin' scene, man!": "WHERE IT'S AT!"

28D. *"Cool your heels!": "WHY THE RUSH?!"

46D. Journalism's traditional set of questions, obliquely addressed by the answers to starred clues: FIVE "W"s

Who? Argyle. When? Tuesday. What? A nifty puzzle. Where? On the Corner. Why? Because YellowRocks wanted a John Lampkin puzzle yesterday.


1. Hebrew scholar: RABBI. A teacher, sometimes; a scholar, always.

6. Borden spokescow: ELSIE

11. With 25-Across, "Scream" director: WES. 25-Across. See 11-Across: CRAVEN

14. Watery expanse: OCEAN

15. Double-check, as totals: RE ADD

16. Shakespearean prince or Broadway producer Prince: HAL. Prince Hal, later to be King Henry, in Henry IV, Part 1, is portrayed as an irresponsible, fun-loving youth, Prince of Wales. or, Harold Prince, his IMBd.

19. Incoming flight info: ETA

20. Flower parts: SEPALS. Ah! The petals trap.

21. Visit: SEE

22. Fedora feature: BRIM

23. Valley with wine cellars and sellers: NAPA

27. Rock gently: SWAY

29. "Is this a good move for me?": "SHOULD I?"

31. Folk singer Phil: OCHS

32. Steeped beverage: TEA

33. Become a pro at: MASTER

36. After "no," "Not possible!": WAY. (No way!)

39. State: SAY

40. Appetizer follower: ENTRΓ‰E

42. That woman: HER

43. Tortoise racer: HARE

44. Carpenter's cordless cutter: HAND SAW

46. Temper tantrums: FITS

47. Tank type: SEPTIC. If you're a home owner, this might be the first tank you'd think of.

48. Mix: STIR

50. Jelly holders: JARS

51. Turf roll: SOD

53. Olympic segments: EVENTS. Timely.

57. Outback bird: EMU

60. Sit-up targets: ABs. Me? 63A. "Nope": "NAH"

61. Sporty Chevy: VETTE

62. Angler's danglers: WORMS

64. Portfolio part: ASSET

65. Snooty sorts: SNOBS


1. Lettered theater locations: ROWS

2. Post-workout soreness: ACHE. Me? 63A. "Nope": "NAH"

3. Warning toot: [BEEP!]

4. Fruit that grows in bunches: BANANAs

5. Like catchable foul balls: IN PLAY. Soon.

6. Physicist's work unit: ERG

7. Not so pricey: LESS

8. Seattle's __ Field: SAFECO. Since the Inaugural Game on July 15, 1999, Safeco Field has been the home of the Seattle Mariners.

9. Unsubstantiated bit of gossip: IDLE RUMOR

10. Ice cream maker Joseph: EDY

12. Enjoy home cooking: EAT IN. 32-Down. Things to "do" after you 12-Down: THE DISHES. Me? 63A. "Nope": "NAH"

13. Shut angrily: SLAM

18. Web access co.: ISP. (Internet Service Provider)

22. Brief briefs?: BVDs. Founded in 1876. Wikipedia

24. On the water: ASEA

26. "There oughta be __!": A LAW

27. Read quickly: SCAN

30. Yoga system: HATHA. Moi? 63A. "Nope": "NAH"

31. Be in debt: OWE

34. Glasses holders: EARS

35. Pumpernickel grain: RYE

37. Took one's turn: WENT

38. Latest buzz: NEWS

41. Knocks quickly: RAPS

43. Joined the staff: HIRED ON

45. Skedaddles: SCOOTS

47. Brazilian dance: SAMBA. Not a boot scootin' boogie(3:20)

49. "__War": Shatner novel: TEK

50. Novelist Auel: JEAN

52. Time stamp component: DATE

54. "Stoned Soul Picnic" songwriter Laura: NYRO

55. Archaeological site: TOMB

56. Figure (out): SUSS

58. Harpers Ferry st.: WVA. (West Virginia)

59. Jazz gig unit: SET

Time to scurry and scoot outta here.


Note from C.C.:

Happy Birthday to dear Santa Argyle, who turned 73 today. If I recall correctly, Santa's first comment on our blog is "Ahem...."

Santa just wrote his 836 blog post for us this morning. He was a Marine, and he continues to protect us and this blog like a Marine. He never complained, even when he broke his ankle last summer. It was hard for him to walk from his bedroom to the computer desk to check on our blog.
Hard to believe that I've been talking with him nearly every day for nearly 10 years. Thanks for being here for me, Santa!


  Santa was a fifteen year old and a Freshman (1960)


fermatprime said...


Thanks to John and Santa!

Delightful puzzle!

Having trouble typing.

Will see you tomorrow!

PK said...

Hi Y'all! As a retired journalist, I enjoyed this puzzle. Thanks, John Lampkin! Facebook drives me nuts because my "friends" don't follow the 5 W's rule. Inquiring minds want to know this stuff. "How" is also added to the W's. WHY is sometimes unanswerable.

Happy Birthday, Argyle! You are indeed an ASSET to this Corner.

Fermatprime: Glad to see you checking in. Do you realize you had everybody worried about you yesterday? I checked in after midnight because I had no internet yesterday and read all the concern for your welfare. Came on now since I was still up and wanted to know how you are. Did you get medical attention? Little strokes sometimes are a warning before the "big one".

D4E4H said...

It's Cleanup time:

But first HBD Argyle.

Monday, 2-12,
Rush doing their version of Xanadu. Thanks Argyle for the introduction. Each Guitar player had two guitars in one. The man in white's top unit is bass. What is his other unit called? The other man's two units looked to be the same size. What is the difference in them?

Jayce2-12, 1247p
I agree with you about Rhapsody in Blue. I started to use it as background until I read CanadianEh! 103p who wrote "Watch her hands!" I stopped reading to marvel at the talent of Lola Astanova!

2-12 is done.


TTP said...

Happy Birthday Argyle

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Where are the bugs? Tried RKOs for the "lettered theater locations." AMCs would've worked, too. Bzzzzzt! HATHA was a learning moment, but the perps were solid. SEPTIC tank was slow to fill (that could be a good thing!); we've always lived in areas that have sewer systems. Thanx, John and Argyle (Happy birthday, old man!)

BVDs: I've heard of 'em all my life, but don't think I've ever seen any -- just Hanes and Flute of the Rooms.

Busy day. Gotta run...

D4E4H said...

Good Morning Fermatprime, and those who are concerned about you/her,

Thank you John Lampkin for answering the siren call of the YR. This CW made me check the calendar. Yes it is Tuesday. I breezed thru it, and FIR in 22:15.

Thank you Argyle for a fine review.

47A Tank type: SEPTIC. Argyle's comment caused me to wonder where our brown water went when I was a boy on the farm. We started with an outhouse, and upgraded to a chemical toilet, and I don;t remember where it was emptied. I must ask my siblings if they know.

Some of the dance moves in the "boot scootin' boogie" video should make YR feel right at home. I'll let you in on a little secret if you promise not to tell (more than one person at a time.) I was quite the square myself in a former life, dancer that is, Woohoo!

56D Figure (out): SUSS I had never heard of this word before the Corner, and now I figured out "I are one."


Oas said...

Happy birthday Argyle . Thanks for the tour .BVDS filled via the crosses . Did not know that it is today's Fruit of the Loom. Quick solve this morning . Caught the theme earlly after the second wh word appeared . More often hear what's the rush ? than WHY THE RUSH ? DW really loves to watch figure skating competitions ( it's the inborn love of dance I think) . Yesterday's Gold Medal winners did not disappoint. Flawless . And to retire on top after 20 years and still in your prime , admirable!!

Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning.

This was fun--in the newspaper again; I do think I'm more thoughtful on paper. Thanks, John, for quite a nice Tuesday. I caught the theme at the reveal and looked back to see WHAT was going on. Nicely done. Like Yellowrocks, I enjoy your puzzles. Thanks, John

Thanks, Argyle, for the tour today and for all you do every week--even what is unseen as you tend the blog with C.C. I thought maybe a FEDORA today would show up on John.

Have a VERY Happy Birthday! I hope you're wearing similar eponymous socks today!!

I am busily preparing to leave for TEXAS on Thursday. We're spending a long week-end with my daughter and her family. Five grandkids! All boys!!! Three are twelve and two are 10. Two regular and three inherited from her marriage to a wonderful man. Always a wild and woolly time. Yee Hah!

Fermatprime: Feel better. Do check in with your doc.

Have a sunny day no matter what the weather.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

FLN, I remember my dad calling the president "EisenHoover". A lifelong Democrat, he also said that Ike was the best possible Republican prez because he didn't do anything but play golf. But my actual memory of a president was JFK. I don't remember the election, but I was entranced by the "ask not what your country..." speech. I thought that all inaugural addresses would be inspiring, and was flattened by Johnson's "Great Society" speech.

Great Tuesday puzzle, John Lampkin. Thank you. And thanks and HBTY to Santa.

I liked the cluing for HAL (even though I didn't know either person). We've seen it clued differently 2001 times. The FIVE W's caused me to erase "lures" for WORMS and "veto" for STIR (I read "nix", not "mix").

As a broadcast engineer for a PBS affiliate I watched Lilias, Yoga and You, a HATHA yoga program, regularly. If that's not enough to have my man card cancelled, I also admit that I loved the first two "Clan" novels by JEAN Auel.

Harper's Ferry is a beautiful and interesting place. If you plan to visit make sure your parking brake works. Most parking is on really steep streets.

It was good to hear from FermatPrime. I'm sure we'll get more info when she's ready.

Big Easy said...

WHEN did PIGS FLY you ask? WHY they certainly did. WHERE? You never heard of.....SWINE FLU.

Good morning. Noticing the WH's immediately it was easy to guess the FIVE W's. If only the journalists would stick to the 5Ws instead of trying to put their uninformed ignorant two cents into their reporting, maybe more people would read what they write. But they won't and is it any wonder why people quit subscribing to newspapers and no longer watch any news programs? No.

NYRO & HATHA solved by perps.
Brooks & Dunn- couple of guys from my hometown.

Yellowrocks said...

Fermatprime, good to hear from you. We were all very concerned. So you are having trouble typing? I hope you are okay.
John Lampkin, thanks for the enjoyable puzzle. OCHS and TEK were solved with two perps and a wag, but sounded familiar. I doubted NYRO, ESP. New to me.
Argyle, a very happy birthday to you. Enjoy your day. Thanks for your interesting Monday and Tuesday blogs and all you daily hard work helping to keep the blog going. Thanks for the shout out in today’s intro.
As household purchasing agent I have bought plenty of men’s underwear, but not the BVD brand. It seems that BVD is often used generically for a certain type of underwear, whatever the brand, in the same way Kleenex is used for tissues and Band-Aid is used for adhesive bandages.
Argyle, I enjoyed Boot Scootin’ Boogie. Dave, thanks for thinking of me. Our “Modern Western Square Dancing” is not very country or western these days. We will hear one country or western song, maybe two or three times in four dances, not even once a week.
Madame D. enjoy your TX visit and your grandkids.
Jinx, I love WV. Over the years we have visited Harper's Ferry four times. We have vacationed in housekeeping cottages in the WV state parks, maybe 35 times.
Bid Easy, Swine flu? LOL

MJ said...

Happy Birthday, Argyle! Love the signature socks in the "before" photo. Thanks for being our guide for 836 puzzles.

Fun, fun, fun from John today! John, you never disappoint.

I see Irish Miss and C.C. created the WSJ puzzle today. I look forward to getting to it later.

Enjoy the day!

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Happy Birthday, Argyle. I appreciate all you do for and on this blog. Semper Fi.

Five W's. But no whether, whither or wuther. John's puzzles are always eclectic with much clever cluing. No searches or erasures were needed in today's solve.
WENT - Part of the highly fractured conjugation of 'to go'. WENT came from the past tense of 'wend'.
WHEN PIGS FLY - brings to mind the expression "independent as a hog on ice". Some say it comes refers to the stone in the game of curling when it comes to rest. (I never heard it though when I curled.)

IM and CC have a puzzle in today's WSJ. I will tackle it later as time permits.

Yellowrocks said...

Boy Scout Camp Song
"I once went a swimmin' where there were no women down beside the sea. See-ing no one there I hung my underwear upon a willow tree dove into the water just like Pharaoh's daughter dove into the Nile someone saw me there and stole my underwear and left me with a smile Someone stole my underwear I don't care I'll go bare bye bye BVDs I don't need them here in camp anyway, they were damp bye bye BVDs Just give me some old rag that's nice and airy so I don't get sunburned like a berry They were always close to me 'til I lost them by the sea BVDs bye bye."
Wild Wonderful West Virginia
Country Roads

PK said...

If we as a group SUSS, does that make us a SUSS pool?

Ike was the "father" aka instigator of the modern U.S. interstate highway system. This was born of his frustrations trying to move troops and materials around the impassible roadways of Europe during WWII.

I remember the day FDR died and hearing my folks talk about HST because we lived in Independence, Missouri at the time and drove by his house all the time. I was four years old.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Breezed through, just right for a Tuesday that feels like a Monday. HBTY Argyle, and many happy returns!

PK, I for one am grateful that we had the kind of leadership necessary to implement the highway system. What a mess we’d have today had that never happened.

OMK from last night: thanks! In all my visits to California, I don’t think I ever got to Irvine before.

Husker Gary said...

-YR, thanks for ordering up this fun JL puzzle, HATHA and NYRO notwithstanding!
-WHAT’S THE RUSH - An old bull and a young bull stand on a hillside, overlooking a pasture. The young bull says to the old bull, “Hey, let’s run down and get one of those heifers.” The old bull replies, “let’s walk down and get ’em all.”
-Videio of synchronized SWAYING and WHY (:26) LA is a universal musical syllable!
-The worst place for a FIT
-My friend found out growing SOD is lots better than growing corn
-We got front ROW seats at a football game and saw nothing because the players stood on the sidelines
-Pro sports venues in Seattle are next door to each other
-To whom do we OWE this debt and who is concerned about it?
-Of course, HARPERS FERRY (no ‘) was in VA during its most famous event
-Happy Birthday, Argyle!

Yellowrocks said...

I remember FDR's death and HST's becoming President although I was only 7 years old at the time. The news was always on at our house. I was quite aware of WWII, the blackouts, Victory in Europe, Victory in Japan, the displaced persons coming to the US. I remember the huge sense of patriotism, not seen since then. I remember HST's stunning come behind winning of the Presidency after Dewey was declared the winner by some newspapers.
I have been a news junkie ever since.

C6D6 Peg said...

Thank you, John, for a great Tuesday offering. Not too easy, but doable, and a nice theme!

Thank you, Argyle, for another great write-up. HAPPY BIRTHDAY as well!

WSJ had IM and CC puzzle today. Nice job, ladies!

John Lampkin said...

Greetings all and Happy Birthday Argyle!
So you're headed to 1000 puzzles! That will be a day to celebrate and I'm happy to be a notch today along your route!

Lucina said...

Thank you, John Lampkin, for this clever puzzle!

A very happy birthday to you, Argyle, and a million thanks for your faithful M-T guidance!

Even in fourth grade English I taught the 5 Ws and how, as well so I saw the theme early on.

Great to see all of WES CRAVEN's name and JEAN Auel instead of only half the names. SAFECO gave me pause but six perps and it was done. I was unsure of WVA but VETTE/ASSET saved me.

LURES/WORMS also gave me FITS but not for long. NYRO? Never heard of her.

Fermatprime, it's good to hear from you.

Have a lovely day, everyone!

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

JL's puzzles are always a delight. I was totally oblivious to the theme until the reveal and that's fine with me. I needed perps for Hatha, Nyro, and TEK. Some other entries comprise a related sub-theme with: News, Events, Idle Rumor, and Ochs, who is Chairman of the NY Times.

Thanks, John, for a Tuesday treat and thanks, Argyle, for the fun tour. Happy Birthday πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰πŸΎπŸŽˆπŸŽ and thanks for your dedication and support to CC and the Corner.

HG, that picture of the airplane tantrum reminds me of a recent story of a six year old boy who screamed practically non-stop for eight hours on a flight from Europe to New Jersey. Not only did he scream, he ran rampant throughout the plane. The report suggested he was autistic which would explain his behavior but you would think something could have been done to lessen his anxiety.

Madame Defarge, enjoy your visit with the grands! Five boys will give you a run for your money!

CanadianEh, congrats on Tessa and Scott's Gold Medal. They are a joy to watch as were the runners-up from France. I'm looking forward to the women and the pairs, even though I'm on pins and needles, hoping they won't fall!

Have a great day.

Misty said...

Fermatprime, what a relief to see you posting this morning. We were all very worried about you. Have you gotten any medical help? Might be a good idea to get checked out, since you're having a little trouble typing. Please let us know how your day goes.

I had another night with trouble sleeping. Woke up at 3:30 am, took a Melatonin but never got back to sleep. The irony is that it's my worry about not getting any sleep--not other problems--that are keeping me from sleeping. My doctor said he'll have a prescription sent to my pharmacy today. Hope it works tonight because I'm teaching my class on Virginia Woolf's "To the Lighthouse" at the Senior Center tomorrow.

But the good news is that even with a bad night's sleep, I got a great John Lampkin puzzle! Woohoo! Many thanks, John, for making it doable. My only hang-up came at the end when I couldn't figure out what that 46 down FI__Ws was. Drove me crazy until I put in EVENTS and then got the FIVE Ws. Whew! A great relief.

Happy Birthday, Argyle! (Okay, if we call you Santa?). Wonderful picture of you! Thanks for all your great blogging for us.

Have a lovely time with your grandchildren, Madame Defarge.

And have a good day, everybody.

Mark S said...

Wonderful and fun puzzle. Felt like a Monday. Thanks JL and Santa. Now to the WSJ, which appears to be a little more challenging. Thanks IM and CC.



Anonymous said...

Fermat;, please tell us you have had a physician's consultation. No comments about all the advice to go to an ER or see a doctor?


CrossEyedDave said...

1st thought: Yaay! A John Lampkin Puzzle! Fun!

2nd thought: Hmm, it might be buggy...

(I did find a fly, and a worm...)

Star Ledger Thought For Today:
"I've always believed in the adage that the secret of eternal youth is arrested development."
- Alice Roosevelt Longworth, former first daughter (born 1884, died this date in 1980.)

HBD Argyle!

Another thought for today...

And, just so you know,
What=Unmarried Woman
Where=over there
When=40 years old
Why=(obligatory silliness for today...)

Jayce said...

Lots of pleasure from this lovely Lampkin opus. Just as Lucina took six perps to get SAFECO it took all four perps for me to fill NYRO (and five perps to get SAFECO.) I liked the clue for EARS, the FIVE W's theme very much, and of course "Angler's danglers."

Many thanks to you, Argyle, for your wit and steadfastness, and happy birthday wishes to you.

D4E4H, I'm glad you paused to appreciate Lola Astanova's talent.

The first president I remember is Eisenhower. My dad spoke highly of him and we used to listen to his speeches on the radio. I remember he visited Rapid City once and we saw him parading down the street in an official car. I have no recollection of why he was there, but it was exciting for this kid just to see him.

Good wishes to you all.

Jayce said...

PK, good SUSS joke! Husker Gary, good bull joke!

Madame Defarge, I liked how you said yesterday that the clouds were so low that could almost bump your head on them. What an image.

Argyle, nice socks!

CanadianEh! said...

Fast solve today. Thanks for the fun John and Argyle.
Happy Birthday Santa.

I SUSSed the 5W theme and smiled at the extra SHOULD I? NAH! NO WAY!

State was the simple SAY today, not Aver or Avow.
Hand up for needing perps for the unknown HATHA, TEK and NYRO.

Olympic EVENTS was very timely after the Gold Medal win in Ice Dance for Canadians Scott and Tessa. Yes Oas, it was a worthy performance to retire on.
I knew you would be happy for their win, Irish Miss, and I thought you would probably prefer the French team's use of Moonlight Sonata over Roxanne from Moulin Rouge. The French team had a marvelous skate also.

Big Easy - still groaning over Swine flu!
MadameD - enjoy the time with the grandsons. You will need a rest afterward.
Catching up from the weekend, belated HBD to Chairman Moe, and belated Happy Anniversary to Husker Gary and Joann.

Enjoy the day.

Bill G said...

How do I get online access to the CW puzzle in the WSJ please?

Dow Jones said...

Bill G @ 1:54 pm

Go to Hover over "Life & Arts" and click on WSJ Puzzles in the drop-down menu. An archival list of puzzles will appear. Click on the puzzle and select "Print" or "Play". "Play" lets you solve online.

Chairman Moe said...

"Puzzling Thoughts":

I stayed with HACK SAW > HAND SAW, but realize the clue was a carpenter's tool, not a plumber's. I know carpenters do use hacksaws but it's used more often to cut pipe.

FY, as those who helped me celebrate my recent birthday, the math will say that DDE was the first prez I recall. I do remember him, but JFK was one "knew" - especially after the debates with RMN.

HB Argyle/Santa. Many happy returns

Lots of perps and wags

Re: 11d ---> "Where is it at?" was another common PA phrase/question. I think the first time (as a child) I used this, my mom was the target of the question. When I was asking her about something I was searching, obviously. Her reply to "where is it at", was, "between the a and the t"

Didn't remember Laura NYRO, but I do remember the Fifth Dimension's Version of Stoned Soul Picnic.


In college, Limbaugh's
Fraternity brothers made
Light of "WHY THE RUSH?"

AnonymousPVX said...

So Fermatprime alarmed almost everyone yesterday with a stroke scare, coming here instead of calling a doctor, then writes back today saying they’re having trouble typing.

No response to those inquiring about health, or a doctor visit, or really any informative response at all.


Some folks just seem to seek out trouble. Those who took the time to respond seem to have wasted it.

Anyway, a nice Tuesday puzzle.

Ol' Man Keith said...

HBD Santa Argyle!
Have a merry seventy-third! It is an odd number, but a good one. Most of our septuagenarian gang found (or will find) it to be one of the more significant years!

I nearly raced through today's pzl from Mr. Lampkin Uncovering the theme about a quarter way through definitely helped speed me to my Ta- DA!.

Dudley you are welcome, sir! Just apply to D4E4H for the prize of double airfare tickets. You'll probably fly from Logan/Boston to John Wayne airport/Orange County, though there may be a closer connector port in western Massachusetts.

It was nice to see fermatprime's message, but to judge again by the time posting, she was awake at a curiously early (late?) hour. I hope we will learn more from her soon, even if typing is a chore.
The brevity of her postings suggest she may not be able to read much - and may not know the weight of our concern.

Misty - so sorry to learn again of your sleeplessness. Others have already worried you about certain sleep aids, so let me throw my 2 cents in - again. Beware of Ambien. It is very popular, but it is the only thing to which I'm allergic. When I was given it in the hospital, I responded with violent hallucinations. You would not want to be alone if you have such a reaction.

While FDR was the first president I remember, Nixon is the first I saw in person. This was at the Boy Scout Jamboree on the Irvine Ranch in July 1953. He was Ike's Veep then and came to speak to us in an evening in an amphitheater. I don't remember what he said. I do remember it was the first time I saw candles and lighters being lit in a dark theater.
The other president I saw in the flesh was Jack Kennedy. He was driven right by me in a motorcade down the streets of New Haven - about a year before he was killed. I remember how orange he looked, like an overdone makeup job.

The only other president I had an indirect experience of was Harry Truman. No, I didn't see him in person, but he had a disruptive impact on my family. My wife was appearing on a morning TV talk show in Richmond VA to promote a show she was in for our theater company, and right in the middle of her responding to an interview question, the news of HST's death broke into the program. The bulletin was followed by photos and video clips of Mr. T.
I did not wish him ill by any means. Old plain-spoken (Give-'em hell!) Harry was in fact one of my favorite presidents. I only wish the timing of his demise had been a little less intrusive on my wife's air time.

Diagonal Report: Only two sub-diags, NW to SE. No hidden messages.

Lucina said...

When I was 7 years old, pandemonium broke out in our house; my mother and all the neighbors were shouting and crying. It had just been announced that President Roosevelt died. After that, the succession of later presidents made little significant impact on my life expect two, Reagan and Clinton. Because of Reagan I lost my job in a Federally funded education program and when Clinton was in office our nest egg of $5,000 grew exponentially! you might understand my feelings about both of them.

Jayce said...

That WSJ puzzle was fun.

Big Easy said...

Lucina- whichever president is in office really has not that much to do with how the economy actually does. Congress has to appropriate funds ( all 535 of them usually throwing things toward their biggest donors) and it usually takes years to start any project of any size due impact statements, lawsuits, and the like. Presidents don't pass laws or fund anything; only Congress.

They take credit when it's good and deflect blame when it's not so good. And no matter which state anybody resides in, the state government claims that is always broke and asking for more money. Same old song.

Argyle- looking at you photo and your ARGYLE socks; hence the nickname?

Bill G said...

Mr. Jones, thanks. I've started the CW and finding it a bit challenging near the middle of the top. Thanks again.

I probably wouldn't be posting but I wanted to wish Argyle a really happy birthday. I appreciate all of your input and guidance.

Mr. PVX, I understand your negative POV but don't appreciate it much. It seems to happen often. I should learn to just skip ahead, but I'm a slow learner. It's a shame you don't let Thumper be your guide ...

Barbara and I are off for a panini and soup at a nearby coffee shop. It may be too chilly to sit outside.

Tinbeni said...


My "First Sunset Toast" is to YOU !!!

Hmmm, the Sun-Is-Over-The-Yardarm ... Sooooooo ...


Mark S said...

Bill G: I found the WSJ puzzle very enjoyable but a bit crunchy for a Tues. But CC informed me that WSJ Mon. And Tue. Are a little more challenging than LAT Mon and Tue.



D4E4H said...

Jinx in Norfolk 819a
I used to do yoga with "Lilias, Yoga and You." How many years ago was that?

Backing to 2-13 for a moment Loren Muse Smith said nice things about the Corner.

Her profile shows the following which is a challenge to our gifted poets:

"If you know what a paraprosdokian phrase is and can come up with one of your own, I want to be your friend. (Unless you're always mean to George Barany, a dear person and good friend)"


Argyle said...

Big Easy, that was just a inattention to my hosiery and it had to be on class picture day. Sheesh!

I was Argyle Scott back when eBay was an auction site. Argyle is my home town. I stole the idea from Kingsbury Bob, a seller on eBay from a near-by town.

Thank you all for the fine wishes. I appreciate them.

Lucina said...

Big Easy:
Thank you for your observation. I'm aware of those facts but it's human nature to lay blame at whoever is at the top and though I realize those presidents were not directly responsible for the events in my life, they were in charge. I resent the one and am grateful to the other.

C.C. and Agnes:
I loved your WSJ puzzle! No problems presented themselves and I finished it quickly. Kudos to both of you!

Bill G:
Our weather here has been chilly today, too. At the beginning of the month it was balmy and warm but now winter has appeared.

inanehiker said...

Happy birthday Argyle/Santa! Fun Tuesday puzzle - well done JL!

CrossEyedDave said...


Please be aware that most of the people that post of this Blog
are regulars that have been doing so for years.

In those years we have learned things about each other,
shared good and bad news, and, most of all,

let each other know that we care...

We are a family.

If you had read this Blog for the past 10 years, you would
know fermatprime, and the reason we are so concerned.

So, if you want to be part of this family, tell us a little about yourself.

You can start by filling out your profile...

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Happy Birthday Argyle! After MJ's sharp eye drew mine to the socks, I was getting ready to order this Santa hat for your 74th. But, reading @5:28p and finding Argyle is your town and not your style...

Thanks JL for this fun little ditty. I almost really messed up my South with ABRAMS for Tank type; that would have been crappy like the fill holds :-)


Fav: WHAT NOW? I SAY it every time my phone dings and think 'SHOULD I look?' //sigh - work again; I'm never IDLE long.

Enjoyed OCHS after learning of him from the Corner recently

{} {cute - Rush Rushed :-)}

DO - RKO was my 1st thought too at 1d.
PK - Cute SUSS pool. There's gotta be a substitution-puzzle in there :-)
BigE - re: Swine Flu; groaning along with C, Eh! :-)

Here's WHERE IT'S AT. [Beck for tawnya]

Cheers, -T

Jinx in Norfolk said...

D2 - It was circa 1975. We would sign off with Lilias, followed by a slide show of West (by God) Virginia scenery accompanied by John Denver's Country Roads, then the National Anthem with a slide show of a waving star spangled banner. Hit F2 on the selector, hit "lower", go home.

OAS said...

Misty I would encourage you not to panic about your sleeplessness. You are not alone in this , it's fairly common and there may not be anything wrong with you at all. Embrace the wakefulness. Catch up on reading , meditating or some other activity or exercise that helps you relax. If your inability to sleep is due to really big problems in your life, then sleep aids can serve as an important component to getting you back on track. I speak from experience when I say lack of sleep can take away your ability to see things as they really are. Years ago when our kids were young , grade school, pre school and diapers, I ran into business difficulties that convinced me I would go bankrupt. The anxiety of not being able to provide for my family, the embarrassment of probably losing my house , not knowing where to turn, had me on the porch watching the sun come up for four days in a row. I went to see a doctor telling him I have anxiety attacks and need to
sleep. The prescription knocked me out for three or four nights after which I flushed the rest of the pills and was able to continue facing the day. Sometimes your body just needs a boost to kick start it into repairing and caring for itself. In my situation having a strong loving spouse was immeasurably valuable to the outcome of that crisis. This year we will celebrate 50 years of joys and hardships,dance and grands and a great grand daughter. Keep on trucking. the best is yet to come.

PK said...

AnonPVX: an expression of caring for someone is never a waste of time! How dare you speak for those of us who care for one of us who has had some hard knocks. What is the matter with you? Methinks you need a big hug and a smack on the behind.

I beg to differ about presidents not making a difference in ones income. As a farmer's wife I will always admire the fact that Nixon's diplomacy opened China to trade with the U.S. That market for our wheat raised that commodity to an unprecedented high price in 1972. Of course, anytime someone notices farmer's might actually prosper, the middle men/speculators step in and start manipulating the market so it didn't last. Farmers are the only industry that can't set their own price for their product based on cost of production.

PK said...

Misty, I quit arguing with my body about sleeplessness. I don't call it insomnia any more. I have accepted being a nocturnal animal. I'm like a baby and sleep when my body insists.

Lucina said...

Fermatprime answered my e-mail and says she is better, but no details. I hope she has more information on her next post.

Anonymous T said...

Thanks for the update Lucina!

Ok, It's late so why not my $0.02 on the importance of Presidents... They set the tone of the nation and project foreign policy. Sometimes, they even challenge us to shoot-the-Moon. More-oft, however, especially WRT domestic-impact, it's mostly The Royals-lite.

PK - It's not just farmers... It's any producer of fungible commodities. Build an iThing and you can set prices based on cost, desired margin, and demand.

Eg, from what I've gleaned, it takes US oil companies about $30-$40/ea to get a barrel out of US soil; not so fun when OPEC drops the floor to <$28 like in '14. [The Saudis can bring up a barrel for about $10-$12/ea but their social system needs the ++margin for their welfare-way-of-life (as do most OPEC nations) -- that's why they jack'd it back up].*

On insomnia.... When I consulted and worked from home, I'd never worry about my sleep / active-mind cycles because I controlled my schedule. Now, however, having to wake at 6-ish everyday... Oy! I should be in bed now (but am playing with some code and don't wanna put up my toys yet. So, humph!)

Cheers, -T
*disclaimer: this is arm-chair analysis; I'm not an economist, political scientist, international-affairs advisor, nor terribly smart. My expertise is in breaking software, thwarting hackers, and napping. :-)

Lucina said...

Good point, AnonT

Picard said...

We are back from Los Angeles. Perhaps tomorrow I will share photos and WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN and WHY.

PK: Glad to know you were a journalist! Hand up for being a journalist, too, though it never was my main income. WHY is the most important question, but editors in more recent years seem to discourage that question in favor of the other W's. In any case, I enjoyed the theme and the puzzle!

Here are some childhood photos of me at HARPER'S FERRY, W VA

I know we were there again when I was older, but I can't seem to find any of those photos.

We have seen LAURA NYRO before, but I still needed ESP to get her back again. Not sure if anyone will see this late entry, so I will sign off with the immortal words of a truly great journalist Edward R Murrow:

"Good night, and good luck."

Anonymous T said...

That I'm not terribly smart, Lucina? :-)

Jinx - I was just shutting down and noticed my notes and one point not made... I LOL'd at your 2001 ways to clue HAL quip. -T

Bill G said...

Hey, I'm still up. Good night and good luck back at you two.

Mark M said...

Trying to get caught up with the puzzles so I’m late on this but wanted to agree with those that enjoyed this one. Seemed a bit crunchy for a Tuesday but that’s fine with me. One small nit is that four of the “W”s were questions an annoyed person may ask. To be consistent, it would have been nice if instead of WHEREITSAT, we could have had another negative type answer. But I can’t come up with anything myself, so it’s good.