Feb 10, 2018

Saturday, February 10, 2018, Michael Wiesenberg


Today's constructor is a man  from Calgary who wears many hats in the world of games. Michael is not only a masterful puzzle maker, he is also a renowned expert in poker. He made his living playing poker for 10 years before turning to technical writing in the computer field. C.C.'s 2009 interview with Michael

Here are some long fills that are always helpful on a Saturday excursion:

1. Empathetic words : I CAN RELATE

12. Disappointed observation : IT'S NOT HERE - and now a "I CAN RELATE" for my lovely bride

16. Revelation setting : ARMAGEDDON - One of its portents in Rev. 17  is a prostitute riding a seven-headed monster. Yikes!

10. Sitcom sidekick whose wife sometimes calls him by his last name : ED NORTON - You can hear Ralph call him NORTON throughout this all-time funny scene. You won't spend a funnier four minutes today!

11. Bit of bun flavoring : SESAME SEED - C'mon, you all know the words to this ad with SESAME SEED at the end. Go ahead and see how fast you can say/chant it!

Now let's sit in to see what else Michael has dealt us this week:


11. RSVP part : SIL Répondez S’IL vous plaít. Some say that nowadays no response to this implies you are attending

14. One may run for a week : PERSONAL AD - Yeah, they're lined up around the block!

15. Townshend of The Who : PETE

17. Olympus neighbor : OSSA (alternate name Kissova) - A four-hour drive

18. Put forth : SAY

19. Metro __ : AREA

20. Grounded : ON LAND - Huh?

22. Horoscope heading : SIGN

23. Wish for : DREAM OF

24. Subject for Linnaeus : BOTANY - His classification system works for animals too like our Lily

27. Relocate in, as after one's career : RETIRE TO - We are RETIRED TO where we grew up with no regrets. Dorothy was right.

28. Maternally related : ENATE - My love of crosswords is directly related to the ENATE side of my family 

29. "Dead Souls" novelist : GOGOL - A remorseless satire of imperial Russian venality, vulgarity and pomp. Ok, raise your hand if you have read this and let me get a count...

30. "Billions" network, briefly : SHO - Showtime 

31. Fake out : DEKE - The old "hidden ball" fake out

32. __ legend : URBAN - Nope, an URBAN legend according to 
33. Sugar source : BEET

34. Sugar suffix : OSE

35. Some pretenders : SNOBS - Prius owners? 😊

36. Membre de la famille : FRERE - Did anyone ever find out if Brother John was asleep  (Frère Jacques, Dormez-vous?)

37. Celebration honoring a saint : FEAST DAY - Feb. 10th is the FEAST DAY for St. Scholastica, Virgin

39. Crossed at a shallow spot : FORDED - Juilius Caesar FORDING the Rubicon

40. Rocky of song : RACCOON - A silly Beatle song

41. Munich title : HERR 

42. Home of Canada's Parliament : OTTAWA

43. Secular : LAIC - Acts performed by the laity

44. Phased-out refrigerant compound : CFC - ChloroFluoroCarbon was said to be a danger to the ozone layer

47. "__Language": 1993 comedy best-seller : SEIN - Yeah, that makes sense

8. Pierce portrayer : ALDA - Another sitcom legend

48. Ecstatic : BLISSED OUT - I guess if you can be STRESSED OUT...

51. Amor counterpart : EROS

52. Game with wagering restrictions : LIMIT POKER - Gee I wonder where a POKER reference came from. 😏

53. Three-part fig. : SSN - Mine starts with 507. Yours?

54. Bit of rifle range debris : EMPTY SHELL - Shirt seen on some shooting ranges


1. Draft orders : IPAS - India Pale Ale'S

2. "Juno" actor Michael : CERA - Michael's character Paulie and Juno had a situation to deal with

3. Fighting group : ARMY

4. Govt. employer of mathematicians : NSA

5. Treatment for losing one's head? : ROGAINE - Reviews I read said it works for only a small part of the population

6. Going concern? : ENERGY

7. Like a full hold : LADEN and 35. Put in a hold : STOW- Like here in the Mayflower

9. Eastern way : TAO

13. In danger of being ticketed : LEAD FOOTED - You are busted!

15. Magnetic? : POLAR - Poles on the Moon are not magnetic

21. First name in astronautics : NEIL - His biography I recently read revealed him to be  a much better astronaut than husband or father

22. Stuff : SATE - Maybe I didn't need the large box of popcorn

23. "The Dance Class" painter : DEGAS - Impressionism at its best

24. Easy Street kin : BED OF ROSES - Mena Suvari in American Beauty (repeat from Argyle's Monday's puzzle)

25. Most bicycles : ONE SEATERS - Unless you're dating this girl name Daisy

26. Do something : TAKE ACTION

27. "Forbidden Planet" robot : ROBBY - 98% on Rotten Tomatoes

29. Punster's reward? : GROAN - But, he's a GROAN man!

32. Impossible : UNDOABLE

33. Cold reaction : BRRR - Heard outside the Super Bowl last week!

36. Grasping pair : FORCEPS

38. Input methods : SCANS - Here's a SCANNER I always have with me

39. Full of pluck : FEISTY - FEISTY O's manager Buck Showalter meets an equally FEISTY umpire. Oh yeah, Buck also got tossed out of the game

41. "Rumor __ ... " : HAS IT

43. Favor one side over the other : LIMP - A lot of us here know a) the character below with a LIMP, b) who the other characters are and c) the name of the show

44. Fountain choice : COKE - You might have to ask a jerk for one

45. Drive : FUEL - These can FUEL dreams

46. PC key under Shift : CTRL

49. Airport in Peru's cap. : LIM

50. [Head slap] : DOH

All in, I'll bet that you liked Michael's puzzle. Call? 



Argyle said...

Dennis Weaver, Amanda __, and Milburn Stone?

OwenKL said...

I just came from ARMAGEDDON,
It's not a good place to be headin'!
Once the Devil EMPTYS HELL
It will be an EMPTY SHELL,
And like no-LIMIT POKER, it's for biddin'!

To be BLISSED OUT by the morning dew!
Leave the METRO AREA,
The URBAN-ized hysteria,
And find my BED OF ROSES, where I can sleep in till two!

{A-, A-.}

Lemonade714 said...

Dennis Weaver as Chester and Milburn Stone as Doc I see but is that Amanda Blake as Kitty? Kitty the saloon owner on Gunsmoke didn't have such dark hair, but it must be her.
My oldest has A Prius, is not a snob but is sales manager for all of Florida and the 50MPG makes a big difference on his frequent road trips for work.
I especially liked - Treatment for losing one's head? : ROGAINE and 36. Grasping pair: FORCEPS.
HG I give you extra credit for punning a pun clue. Thank you and Michael.

Argyle said...

Ah! Amanda Blake. She was a red-head.

desper-otto said...

Good, cold, wet, dank, dreary morning!

Zip, zip, done. This was a quicky. Tried ALES before IPA showed up. And it had to be ENERGY, because DIARRHEA was too long. Later on I LEANed before I LIMPed. Thanx, Michael and Husker.

TTP said...

Good morning. Thank you Michael Wiesenberg and thank you Husker Gary.

The long answers led the way today, starting with SESAME SEED and LEAD FOOTED based on SIL and PETE. Answers flowed south from there, and I only had to change lean to LIMP. That was after sussing LIMIT to precede POKER.

Also had to change lade to STOW with the OTTAWA answer.

Across answers BOTANY, ENATE, DEKE, OSE, RACCOON, OTTAWA and EROS practically the W/SW down answers. Never heard of the book, but as Husker Gary said, "Yeah, that makes sense."

Tough NW corner for me even with NSA, ALDA, TAO and ED NORTON filled in. Then LADEN and AREA and then the rest in a flurry.

Lemonade FLN (actually yesterday morning) Yes, one of the BAKERS DOZEN. Bay's English MUFFINS was among the breakfast items.

Spitzboov, I was also at ~ 45 minutes yesterday.
I see I'm not the only one that hadn't encountered beldame.
Abejo, I thought of "your" DOZEN, but wasn't going to mention it.
All that talk of eggs, and then the Norwegians get 15K of them. Translation error. DOH !

Long day yesterday. Lots of snow to move. Did our driveway and then three other neighbors longer driveways. Too much to shovel by hand. A little more snow coming today and tomorrow.

See yinz later n'at.

desper-otto said...

TTP, I can relate to your snow issues. I was living in the north Chicago burbs during the blizzard of '79. O'Hare was closed for four days -- unheard of at the time. The snow on either side of my driveway was piled so high that if we got more, there'd be no way to shovel it. Exiting the driveway was an adventure in terror, because you couldn't see if any vehicle was coming down the street until you were fully "committed." I moved south to Texas that next summer.

Yellowrocks said...

DO, I agree, faster and easier than most Saturdays, but fun. I was missing 2 letters in the NW. The only unfamiliar fill was C-R-. I stopped for breakfast, after which the PE in PErsonal ad quickly dawned giving me IPAS, my favorite, and changing TRY to SAY. Thanks, HG, witty and informative, as always.
Lemon, I, too thought that didn't look like Kitty.
Remember the banana seat bikes in the 60's? They were used to do tricks like pop a wheelie, where the rider leans back and pulls up the front wheel so the bike rides only on the back tire. When not used for tricks banana seats were big enough to hold two people.
banana seat
DEGAS was a gimme. He is famous for his dancers.
I thought of grounded as a punishment. No, here the plane is grounded by bad weather.
It seems the sesame seed buns and all buns at fast food places are soggier than they used to be. They fall apart easily.
Hosts always have to follow up on non replies to RSVPs. The only two non replies to my large birthday party were from people who weren't going.
HG, I liked your Bermuda Triangle poster along with ITS NOT HERE. When I lay something down, its location gets stuck in the Bermuda Triangle. Even when it is in a logical place I can't find it.
I love the Honeymooner reruns. So funny.
Expecting the washer repairman, again! The repair service gives us a large time window. If I dare go out he comes early. If I stay home he comes late. But the extended warranty has paid for itself many times over.

Oas said...

Thanks to the constructor Michael for a neat puzzle. Though I needed a few LIUs I thought I had it . One spelling mistake and FIR . Had OttOwa for Ottawa , the O made SCONS which sounded feasable in the LIU definition. WAGS were CERA ,ROBBY, OSSA, and GOGOL. Started with the long fills. SESAMESEED first . Fav clue was " In danger of being ticketed" - guilty - BED OF ROSES was the very last fill after LIU Linnaeus to make sure of BOTANY. Thaks again for an enjoyable start to Saturday.

TTP said...

That would be scary. Good move on your part D-O. I remember that winter. I was in Ohio at the time. We didn't get as much. Some guys took their FWDs and plows to Chicago to sell.

Pretty sore this morning. One of the neighbors has a stone driveway, so I had to bear down on the handles to keep the front end from cutting too deep and throwing stones. Pretty sure he's the only one in the neighborhood / subdivision that still has a stone driveway.

Oas said...

BTW Husker , I really liked the review this morning as well as the puzzle.

Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning,

Busy here. Have the grands today so my wonderful DIL can finish the work she was supposed to complete before yesterday's snow day.

Michael, I liked the puzzle--typical Saturday for me. HuH?? through the first pass, and then I begin to see the light with whatever I can fill. Thanks.

I never complain about crossword puzzles because I truly believe it's all part of the fun. Sometimes my wheelhouse has apparently been launched with the FX-1 Tesla and other times I'm breezing along on any given day. I appreciate all the work of the constructors. I genuinely appreciate the wit, wide ideas, and kindness celebrated on this blog. Thank you, C.C., Bloggers, and Solvers.

Nicely done, of course, Gary. I enjoy your links. Thank you.

TTP: you are very kind to help out neighbors in this snow. Like many of you in the Midwest, I remember '79 VERY, VERY well. My second child was born on Groundhog Day. That was the easy part. Trying to entertain the 23 month old was a bigger challenge. We could hardly get outside.

Off to choose a new puzzle for part of today's activities. Jigsaw that is. Stay cozy!!!

WikWak said...

I remember that some folks around here (Chicago metro) tied broomsticks to the fronts of their cars. Looked like unicorns. Then they put dish towels or the like on the ends; looked funny but at least you could tell there was someone coming out of that side street.

After the first pass through the NW this morning, I was afraid this one would do me in; nothing clicked for me. Fortunately, the rest of it was much better and by the time I was ready to tackle that area again it seemed much easier. 20 minutes total and I FIR.

Have a good weekend, all!

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

I started out with a lot of white space but, as usual, the long fill provided many toeholds and, before I knew it, tada! My first thought for Easy Street kin was The Life of Riley but Bed of Roses fit better. The only unknown was Robby the robot and the only w/os were Ales/IPAs and Lean/Limp. Blissed Out seems a little awkward to me. Fav was Going concern=Energy.

Thanks, Michael, for an enjoyable solve and thanks, HG, for your dazzling presentation!

Have a great day.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

For the second day in a row, the NW corner wouldn’t budge. The rest was a zoom-fest, but that chunk of real estate looked like, well, the Midwest in the Blizzard of ‘79. (See what I did there?) Finally, Rogaine came to mind, and the snow melted. All in all, an excellent Saturday quality grid if you ask me!

Morning Husker, you were so right. The LW and I laughed all the way through that classic Honeymooners clip!

Around here, the memorable blizzard was in ‘78. New England was pretty well whomped with snow, with metro Boston getting the worst of it at around three feet. Fun memories! I think I posted previously that I knew a young woman pilot who, because of her light weight, was tasked with flying supplies of blood from here to Boston in a small Piper. The National Guard cleared a makeshift runway on Rte. 128 for landing as the airport was inaccessible at the time.

oc4beach said...

Like Irish Miss I had a lot of white space, but gradually it all filled in after multiple passes through the puzzle. Good one Michael and Husker's write up was enjoyable.

In 1979 the Washington Birthday snowstorm surprised every one of the the local TV forecasters and the rest of the population. I lived in the Maryland suburbs and we got 36 inches overnight. The area was shut down for days and the only vehicle in our neighborhood that made it out was my DW's old CJ-5 Jeep. We were pressed into service in transporting stranded police officers and medical personnel to hospitals. The kids and our dog Erica (a black Lab) had a ball playing safely in the middle of the street. It helps to be young during these kinds of storms to enjoy them.

I don't mind the snow too much these days because I don't have to go to work or be any place important, so I don't have to drive in it if I don't want to. A snowblower makes clearing the sidewalks and driveway a lot easier than it was in '79. We still have a 4WD Jeep Wrangler and a big 4WD pickup, so we can go if we need to.

I'm heading to Home Depot to buy a new mailbox. It seems that someone decided to run over the one I had because he couldn't drive well in the snow.

Stay warm and dry everyone.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Thanks, Michael & Gary!

No snow here but temps in the teens. Lots of snow in the puzzle for me too, but finished it eventually a few letters at a time until an aha moment let me glide on in. NE was last to fill with RETIRED TO/POLAR/EDNORTON crosses. Polar = MAGNETIC? You could have fooled me. ED NORTON: never watched it because of no TV then.

Didn't know GOGOL (IM: how'd you know him?), CERA (could see his face...), LINNEAUS.

All ST DAY before FEAST DAY. FORCEPS took ESP. Duh! BLISSED OUT? Not me. But I buried my husband next to a couple named BLISS so he'd have eternal BLISS. (I know I've mentioned this before, but it still makes me laugh and not much else did at the time.)

Kept trying to put the down answer CTRL in an across slot.

Anyone watching Olympics? I tried last night and was asleep before the 2nd AD was over. Woke in time to see the parade of nations start and managed to wake up again to see the USA come in. I don't know what everyone else thought, but I wanted Mike Pence to turn around and charm the sox off the N. Korean girl.

Big Easy said...

I finished but got off on the wrong foot with DON'T BE LATE before I CAN RELATE filled 1A to finish the puzzle. I had ESTATE for 'Going concern' and really don't get ENERGY being correct but the perps were solid. The rest of the NW was no BED OF ROSES either. I penciled in UNIT for ARMY, IRS for NSA, TRY for SAY, and had no knowledge of "Juno" or Michael CERA.

No problems with the rest of the puzzle.

Gotta go. Mardi Gras parade ENDYMION with Rod Stewart as the Grand Marshall will be rolling in a few hours. He's also singing at the ball for members and guests, of which I am neither.

Misty said...

Woke up at 1:30 in the morning and never got back to sleep again. Exhausted this morning. Did get a good chunk of the puzzle before I had to start cheating and enjoyed it--thanks, Michael, and Husker Gary.

Will try to check in later.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Yeah, that's Amanda Blake. A little hard to tell red in a B & W photo.

Solve went Ok. Biggest problem was putting 2 G's instead of 2 D's in ARMAGEDDON. Nice mix of difficulty with layered 10's crossing shorter perps. Did not know CERA. Many fine links in the intro.

SwampCat said...

Thanks, Michael and Gary for a great start to the weekend.

Our town is non-stop parades and parties today, tomorrow, and Tuesday. We'll celebrate Mardi Gras in spite of the rain, which is said to be coming. So far today it is overcast and 70 degrees. The first parade is at 10:45 AM and they don't stop till late at night. Big E, enjoy Endymion! I hope it doesn't rain on your parade.

We even had a parade yesterday in front of my building... but it was just kids from a nearby school. They had all the trappings, though. Police escort, lots of beads and doubloons, TV coverage, and a fire truck at the end.

And much easier to watch than a "real" parade for this ole has been! I still love the parades but not the crowds.

Irish Miss said...

PK @ 11:03 ~ I don't know Gogol per se but have heard the name and seeing the G in Degas, I just threw him into the mix, so to speak! 😉 I'm watching the Olympics and taping it, also, in case I fall asleep. I doubt that Kim Jung Un's sister could be charmed by anyone, especially if she is anything like her brother.

Misty, I hope the day brings you a nice, long nap.

Yellowrocks said...

I have heard of Gogol and his book, Taras Bulba, which was made into a movie, so Gogol was a lucky guess from a G-GO-. I never heard of Dead Souls. I have read none of his works and probably never will.
Hand up for TRY before SAY, which made that corner more difficult.
I just now looked up CERA, which took ESP. I don't recognize his name, his face or his credits.
I think it was 1993-1994 when we had snow once a week or more, 17 storms and record cold. There were very many snow days and delayed openings of school. Half or more of our winter square dances were canceled. Some commuters never got in to work in NYC. Some got there after much time on the road and only to turn around immediately and struggle back home. I suffered tennis elbow from shoveling snow onto piles higher than my head. We hired men to shovel snow off the roofs and truck it away. I think that is likely one of the worst winters here, because it kept on week after week.
It is warmer today, 45, but gray and overcast.

Picard said...

A lot of white space that looked impossible! But it all filled in. Last to fill was NW. Hand up with Big Easy, never heard of JUNO or CERA.

Rocky RACCOON was a parody of way too many American songs that really do sound like that. I thought it was brilliant, not silly!

A final stop in PERU took me to this LIMA museum featuring ancient erotic art.

From yesterday:
Glad my post of our ATOM photo finally generated some interest. The correct electromagnetic wavelength for ATOM viewing would be X-Rays. And, yes, they would obliterate the ATOM you are trying to view.

Our instrument is a Scanning Probe Microscope. It works on a completely different principle. I could say more if there is interest. For now, I am off to perform in a little concert!

Lex Icon said...

Apropos of nothing, did you know that Chemsha Bongo means “boiled brains” in Swahili? I mention this only because so many comments seem to be derived from boiled brains. Also, the term refers to newspaper crosswords in places where Swahili is spoken.

Yellowrocks said...

Lex Icon, as Wikipedia would say,your post needs disambiguation. Please explain and cite references.

CartBoy said...

Great puzzle. Not sure about "blissed out" but all good.

PK said...

Picard: yep, that's erotic art. Sure is.

IM: I asked about GOGOl because he doesn't seem like someone you'd read. You're right about the Korean girl, but she seemed so sweet and having a good time. I read where she was feted at a VIP dinner and Pence wasn't even given a seat altho he stopped by.

RSVPS: The only wedding I know of that called people from whom there was no response was my youngest son's. They had a big guest list and found out the venues would only seat so many. I was given a few to call. Later found out that most of my friends had been cut from the guest list by the bride's mother. Luckily my best friends were the videographers so they came. Some that nobody could reach by phone showed up and we were packed into the church like sardines with a line standing behind the last pews and a few in the choir loft. A few more showed up at the dinner than were expected. The dance floor was crowded, but we all had a good time except the bride's father who was telling people he was leaving his wife the next day. I knew he wasn't joking, so I took him off into a corner and talked to him. Asked him to reconsider because it would put undue stress on the newlyweds. He stayed and is still with his wife 20 years later this year.

AnonymousPVX said...

the first pass was not promising, but sticking with it was the ticket,finally got the solve. Not so bad for a Saturday.

Jayce said...

I liked this puzzle.

Ol' Man Keith said...

I got lost once driving at night in Greece, just below Thessalonika.
We were racing upwards, and the signs told me we were heading up Mt. Olympus. I was both excited and anxious; I wanted to get back on the road to what was then Yugoslavia, but I was also filled with the spooky sense that we might run across Zeus or Hera, or at least some earthly remnant of their presence.
Eventually I found a turn off where we could reverse our course. The view during our descent was spectacular, as now we could see the night lights of all the towns & villages below - the vision we had missed with our nose point upwards.
This view was our reward for inadvertently chasing the gods.
At least now we got to share their point-of-view.

Ta-DA! Well, let's call this a victory minus a half point.
Diary of a Solver's Angst.
I needed one minor lookup to get into the NW sector. Nothing was opening up there, and yet I knew one of the fills! It shoulda beena gimme.
How frustrating it is when you know the answer, but you're hit with a brain block. I tried working around, looking for another place to gain NW entry, but it is a well-known fact in Cruciverbal lore that you need one, at least one fill to get started in any sector of the grid.
It is amazing how much the Ol' Walnut can add of the rest if you've got that one.

For me that one was Michael CERA!
That goofy blond actor's face danced before my mental eyes for at least ten minutes w/o yielding up his name.
I got a "C," and despite P+P that was all the Walnut would deliver. I finally peeked at the cast list of Juno, slapped my forehead with a "DOH!" and with those four letters in hand proceeded with no hesitation to fill the rest of the sector.
I didn't feel good about it (so that's why it's only a half point off.)

Picard (small world dept.): I've been to the same Larco Museo in Lima, which seems to be one of the must-see highlights of any guided tour through the capital city.
Isn't there something wonderfully revealing about a city wanting visitors to see its progenitors with their clothes off? What I found most curious about the erotica was its joy-less quality.
Some of the expressions were BLISSED OUT, but none of them smiled.

Diagonal Report: Today we have another mirror 3-way, a wide, smooth run from NE to SW. No hidden message.

Yellowrocks said...

I have found blissed out in several dictionaries. It seems to have been around since the 1970's. It doesn't strike me as weird.
Free Dictionary: "blissed (out) and blissed-out (blɪst...)
1. mod. in a state of emotional bliss. After the second movement, I was totally blissed out.
2. mod. alcohol or drug intoxicated. She is more than blissed. She is stoned.

PK, I loved your late husband's eternal bliss, a happy thought.

Everyone around here calls people who do not respond to RSVPs, especially when paying per head. The hosts do not want to drop someone who then shows up without notice causing the host the embarrassment of not having enough meals. On the other hand, at a pricey wedding the hosts do not want to pay exorbitant prices for no shows. It is such bad manners for invitees not to respond.

SwampCat said...

Yellowrocks @3:04. You go girl!! Hehehehehe

OL' Man Keith, I'm glad to know of the expression "brain block". I have had that experience so often....I KNOW the answer but can't quite dredge it up from the depths of my memory. I think it is called old age....

SwampCat said...

Owen, did I forget to mention I loved today's offerings? Too much king cake on my part I guess. Thanks!.

Misty said...

Thanks, Irish Miss. I did get a nap, not a long one, but I do feel much better now.

CanadianEh! said...

Thanks for the Saturday fun Michael (lovely to have a fellow Canadian as constructor today) and Husker Gary. Link to the 2009 interview was interesting (especially the info re constructing before the modern technology).

Like OMK, I needed P&P today after my initial sea of white. The Downs were more helpful. A couple of Google searches to get unknowns like CERA, GOGOL, and to confirm SEIN.

I smiled when I saw OTTAWA and just knew that all the Cornerites would fill it in immediately. SSN is for you Americans as Michael and I have a SIN. I'm pretty sure that Michael was thinking of hockey with DEKE.

I also smiled at the SCANS today that had nothing to do with Cats!

I had List before LIMP, Feelers before FORCEPS (I was thinking of insects not sexual predators), and my initial thought for Revelation setting was Isle of Patmos but it was too long.

We have more snow. This is an old-fashioned winter.
Enjoy the evening.. I'm signing off to watch the Olympics.

SwampCat said...

C Eh....I filled in Ottawa on the first pass. I've learned so much here!!

Yellowrocks said...

I am listening to a live Johnny Matthis special. Wonderful! Wonderful! A trip down memory lane. All my old favorites. I have always loved him. It is hard to believe he is 82 and still going strong.

Yellowrocks said...

Oops I LIU, this is a rebroadcast from 2006, but Johnny still is performing live.

Anonymous T said...

//Insert gramps's voice// Oh, the winter of '79 in IL... Hell, I remember that... The Easter ice storm to add insult.
My (ex-)step-mom, shortly after birthing my 1st sister, went to a young tree with my baseball bat to break the ice from the trunk. She was not going to lose the tree planted when her first baby was conceived.*

Hi All!

Late today -- Eldest had a dance-competition "pre-show"(?) and that ate the day. CAN YOU RELATE?

I crashed and burned on Michaels offering and decided TITT because it's late. Thanks HG for the entertaining finish of my grid. SNOBS for Prius? Um, DW is considering a Prius for her next ride - her commute is 110mi round trip.

There was some serious fun here - PERSONAL AD?, um
"What's your SIGN? Buy you a COKE?"
"DREAM OF me tonight..." (Translation: get lost)

LOL BigE @Going concern == Estate. I might steal that one day.

C, Eh! - You learned us all OTTAWA!

Cheers, -T
*Tree still stands and sister's fine :-)

Michael said...

Dear Misty:

Speaking as the Regional VP for the 'All-Amrican Napping Service', naps are essential sometimes ... doesn't matter for how long, just that they occur.

Abejo said...

Good Sunday afternoon. Thank you, Michael Wiesenberg, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Husker Gary, for a fine review.

Could not get it all on Saturday, but Sunday worked after I finished the Sunday puzzle.

Lots of tough cluing, but it is Saturday.

Liked ARMAGEDDON. GOGOL was unknown. Perps. OSSA was easy. We have had that a lot through the years.

Since I am a day late, I will not hang around too long. See you tomorrow (Monday).


( )