Feb 4, 2018

Sunday Feb 4, 2018 Lee Taylor

Theme: "Right for the Job" - Each phrase is replaced by a sound-like given name & surname combo, corresponding to the job in each clue. 

27A. Aptly named therapist? : OPHELIA PAINE. I feel your pain.

39A. Aptly named dietitian? : EATON WRIGHT. Eating right. Then we have 112. Had a bite : ATE. Tough to spot this type of dupe.

93A. Aptly named easy chair salesman? : RICK KLEINER. Recliner.

108A. Aptly named gardener? : ALONSO GREENE. A lawn so green.

13D. Aptly named editor? : ADELINE MOORE. Add a line more.

24D. Aptly named sommelier? : MERL O'DALEY. Merlot daily.

59D. Aptly named barber? : LES OFFENBACH. Less off in back.

62D. Aptly named policewoman? : LAURA BIDEN. Law abiding. 

This seems to be Lee's LAT debut. Congratulations!

Did you all get the original phrases? Santa helped me get the set, then D-Otto confirmed Santa's answers.

There are eight theme entries, each Across one intersects a Down one. Very nice. This takes luck and skill. 


1. Code __ : RED

4. "Rubáiyát" poet : OMAR

8. Regional UN headquarters since 1946 : GENEVA. The big headquarters is New York City. Wiki says the other two regional headquarters are Vienna & Nairobi.

14. Slather : SMEAR

19. Lead-in for carte or mode : A LA

20. "__ la France!" : VIVE

21. Brought up : RAISED

22. Jobs creation : APPLE. Steve Jobs.

23. Australian island state : TASMANIA. Great fill.

25. Mysterious : ARCANE

26. Capricious notions : WHIMS

29. Misfortunes : ILLS

31. Like many a tree at Christmas : LIT

32. __-friendly : USER. You can ask D-Otto anything except sports, he'll give you a very easy to understand answer.  He always gets into the core of things.

33. Self-described "King of All Media" : STERN (Howard)

34. Largest continent : ASIA

35. Frat party wear : TOGA

36. Electric car brand : TESLA. Hey, our Picard and his wife toured the factory.

38. One of the Gershwins : IRA

42. Capital with a Viking Ship Museum : OSLO. Would be a super exciting Super Bowl had our Vikings beat the Eagles.

44. With no exceptions : BAR NONE

46. Sharp : ACUTE

47. Pull a fast one on : HOODWINK. Another sparkling fill.

51. Small test : QUIZ

52. Mangabeys, e.g. : MONKEYS. I did not know the meaning of Mangabey.

54. Thought of but not shared : UNSAID

55. Goes back to the front, perhaps : RE-UPS. Oh the front line.

57. URL ending : ORG

58. King's domain : REALM

59. Ties off in surgery : LIGATES

61. Cats native to much of the Americas : OCELOTS

66. Unit on the set : TAKE. Movie set.

67. Mexican coin : PESO

68. Prominent Dumbo feature : EARS

70. Mine access : ADIT. Looks like this. I learned from doing crosswords.

71. TV's Buffy and Faith, e.g. : SLAYERS

73. Moral consideration : SCRUPLE. Consonant-rich.

77. Set of furniture : SUITE

78. Startling word : BOO

79. Shade-tolerant garden plant : HOSTA

80. Old schoolmaster's disciplinary tool : FERULE. Do you use Ferule or Ferrule?

81. Avoid trespassing on : STAY OFF

85. Turns sharply : ZIGS

86. Bowed, in Basra : SALAAMED. We kowtowed to elders during Spring Festival. Then we got the red pocket with money in.

88. Chocolate source : CACAO

89. Constitution VIPs : FRAMERS

92. Like hands without mittens, maybe : NUMB. In cold winter.

95. Big time : ERA

97. Works with flour : SIFTS

101. Pub pours : ALES

102. Green state? : ENVY. Gimme for regulars.

103. Puzzle part : PIECE. Boomer has tackled a few jigsaw puzzles this winter.

105. Leak : DRIP

106. Hip : MOD

107. Woodcutter Ali : BABA

111. Thorny plant : BRIAR

113. "MASH" director : ALTMAN (Robert). He also directed the movie "A Prairie Home Companion". Big deal for Minnesotans then. How things have changed in a short time.

115. Scotty on the Enterprise, e.g. : ENGINEER

116. Slowly, in music : LENTO

117. Spicy cuisine : CREOLE. Never had Creole food.

118. Kerfuffles : ADOS

119. Rowboat propeller : OAR

120. Brinks : EDGES

121. Many-sided evils : HYDRAS. Many-headed. Also 53. Monstrous Tolkien creations : ORCS

122. Fail miserably : TANK

123. Cook in a wok : FRY. I loved these fried rice balls. Often filled with sweet red adzuki paste or sesame paste. Most of Chinese/Japanese/Koreans desserts contain adzuki paste and sesame paste/seeds.


1. Snitch on : RAT OUT

2. Tick away : ELAPSE

3. Short races : DASHES

4. __ Office : OVAL

5. Knee revealers, and then some : MINIS

6. Earhart's art : AVIATION

7. Grim character? : REAPER. We've seen this clue before.

8. Tiny amount : GRAIN

9. Bring home : EARN

10. Word on Santa's checklist : NICE. What a blessing to have a Santa on our blog. He now has a new cat called Moaning Myrtle.

Moaning Myrtle
11. Former NHL forward Tikkanen : ESA. Unknown to me. Wiki says he's Finnish.

12. Hunter's meat : VENISON

14. Makes the cut : SAWS. Great clue.

15. Dashboard letters : MPH

16. Afterword : EPILOGUE

17. Supremely powerful : ALMIGHTY

18. Amends, as corporate earnings : RE-STATES

28. __ Spring : ARAB. Now Arab Winter.

30. USA Patriot Act, e.g. : LAW

34. Including everything : A TO Z

35. Check (off) : TICK

37. Take __: enjoy the pool : A SWIM

39. Lose one's temper : ERUPT

40. Ouzo flavoring : ANISE. I gather it tastes similar to star anise? I was surprised to find out that the five-spice powder made in Taiwan does not include Sichuan peppercorn. They have ginger root. I much prefer ours.

41. Mountain chain : RANGE

43. Pot top : LID

45. Greenish blue : AQUA

47. Elicits an "Ouch!" : HURTS

48. "Inside the NBA" analyst : O"NEAL. Shaq.

49. Japanese port : OSAKA

50. Kardashian matriarch : KRIS

56. They may be inflated : EGOS

60. Labor Day mo. : SEPT. Our flea market season here starts around Memorial Days and ends around Labor Day.

63. Loathing : ODIUM

64. Information on a spine : TITLE. And 72. Kindle download : E-BOOK

65. Spirited mount : STEED

67. TA's boss : PROF

69. Word of regret : ALAS

74. Relative of a knock : CHIME

75. "I copy" : ROGER

76. Gorbachev's land: Abbr. : USSR

77. Lines of clothing : SEAMS

80. Winter malady : FLU. So glad I beat it. Now I can eat pickles & Kimchi (mild) again. Both irritated my throat when I coughed.

81. Prepare, as eggs : SCRAMBLE

82. Fitted : TAILORED

83. Agreeing : ACCEDING

84. Himalayan pack animals : YAKS

85. Wacky : ZANY

87. World's largest snake by weight : ANACONDA. Another great fill.

90. Serious competition : RIVALRY

91. To be, in Bavaria : SEIN. Unknown to me.

94. "Glee" actress __ Michele : LEA

96. Move from window to aisle, say : RE-SEAT. Aisle for Boomer.

98. Done with : FREE OF

99. Tone deafness : TIN EAR

100. Boat shoe brand : SPERRY

103. Corn breads : PONES. These look like corn cookies.

104. Goad : EGG ON

107. Warner or Ringling follower : BROS

108. Don Juan's love : AMOR

109. In __ land : LA LA. Hi there, LaLaLinda!

110. Game of world conquest : RISK

114. Williams in Cooperstown : TED


OwenKL said...

It took a while, but I FIR. The theme was amusing.

You may need to be a Freemason to appreciate the first l'ick today, and a New Englander for the second.

A blindfold, otherwise known as a HOODWINK,
Is worn by a candidate, who's led to the BRINK
Of a ritual ARCANE,
For light to obtain,
To be RAISED by his BROS, in fraternal sync!

Traveled up to Maine, ayuh.
Their dialect
Gave his EARS heck,
Plus driving the wrong lane, ayuh!

OwenKL said...

{B+, C+.}

fermatprime said...


Thanks to Lee and C. C.!

Cute theme!


Also finished Saturday's puzzle without a hitch. (Minor miracle.)

Hope to see you all tomorrow!

D4E4H said...

Good Morning Sunday morning Corner-backs,

Let's clean up FLN, shall we?

AnonT FLN 925p
Thanks for defining "clubs." Here are some over some Gams.

Picard FLN 1026P
I thought of our Jayne Seymour also. Thanks for the PIC

The height of your friend on stilts meant he had to watch or his head could hit things like the blades of a fan, ergo my encounter with same.

AnonT 925p gave me the correct meaning of GIF. I still favor my second one at 854p.

AnonT FLN 1111p
I keep hearing we can't use the "S" word re. a certain sporting event. Did the POTUS ban this? We Derby fans have an equivalent. We are not allowed to bake a Derby Pie because it is a registered trademark of Kern's kitchens, and they have sued.

Can you believe that this is "that game's" LII'nd game? I can remember numero uno. Can you?

"Do not let me fall into temptation, but deliver me some eagles." Is that how the Pope changed the Lard Player?

No sir, I did not discuss politics or religion. Now about that other restriction, uuh?


desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Nothing too tough in this one. I enjoyed the "sounds like" theme entries -- they appealed to my juvenile sense of humor. Nice debut, Lee. Nice expo, C.C. Nice tabby, Argyle.

ADIT used to appear frequently in cwds, not so much in conversation.

C.C., I'm familiar with "ferrules" -- they're common in compression fittings for plumbing or hydraulics. "Ferule," on the other hand, is a different thing altogether. Don't think I'd ever heard it before. In my ute we just got thwacked with a ruler.

Spent yesterday afternoon installing a new commode in the guest bathroom. Had to use my pickup's jack to break the old one loose; it'd been caulked to the ceramic floor tiles. Otherwise, the most difficult part of the installation was manhandling the new commode out of the pickup bed and onto my hand-truck. At the end of the day I was flushed with pride.

TTP said...

Good morning. Thank you Lee Taylor and thank you CC.

I thought of some things to say about this puzzle, but they are better left UNSAID.

Just kidding. Not my cuppa tea, but I still enjoyed it. ALAS, DNF. Got all but four letters. The RU in FERULE and the AM in SALAAMED. Never heard of SALAAMED.

The only ferrules I know are of the types used for holding and sealing, such as those used in compression type water fittings, and the ferrule that holds the bristles in paint brushes. Just read about FERULE. Hmm.

CC, I had ---KEYS for Mangabeys and tried to build around THE, but OCELOTS gave me the C to get ORCS, so -O-KEYS became a visual solve.

I also thought of LaLa Linda.
Noticed TICK as an answer and Ticks off as a clue.
Amelia's (and Dudley's) art: AVIATION
Startling not starting. BOO.
Ha Ha. My brain also deceived my eyes at Grim character. I processed Grimm. Jacob and Wilhelm were also BROS.

D-O, are you still flushing with pride ?

From Yesterday and FLN:
Dudley, thank you. Sometimes a second pair of eyes...
Mike Sherline, I read that article about Florida. Also read in it that Michigan has more shoreline than any other state excepting Alaska.
Who was John Moody calling a putz ? Himself ? I didn't see where anyone spelled it arett.
Canadian Eh, I too was puzzled by the clue that led to TORAHS.

Lucina said...

This was fun to solve because I, too, like puns and enjoyed them as they evolved under my pencil. Thank you, Lee Taylor, and I see you TAILORED your name in there.

Whatever I didn't know was easily perped, KRIS and FERULE. As d-o mentioned, ADIT was once a CW staple. ORCS are known purely from CWs.

ALONSOGREENE really made me laugh.

EGGON and clue #81 repeat eggs.

Thank you, C.C. You definitely sound like yourself again. That's great you're feeling better.

Congratulations of your new cat, Argyle.

Have a delightful day, everyone!

Irish Miss said...

Good morning:

I was typing along and all of a sudden my post disappeared. Gremlins at play? Anyway, I wrote that I agree with TTP: fine puzzle but not my cup of tea. (Nice Cuppa seems to have flown the coop.) i'm not a pun lover and found some of these a bit of a stretch. I had only two w/os (zags/zigs and cacti/briar) but there were many challenging spots that needed perps. As TTP mentioned tick was a clue and answer as was eggs, as noted by Lucina. I caught the ticks but not the eggs. Also noticed Ala and Alas, not that they're related, just a visual catch. The only major unknown was Mangabeys. There was a mini-theme, of sorts, with Monkeys, Ocelots, Yaks, Anaconda, and Steed. (Rats (out), if you're desperate!

Congrats on your debut, Lee, and thanks, CC, for a great wrap up and the cultural insights which are always welcomed. (I wish the Vikings were in today's game, also.)

Pretty Kitty, Argyle.

Belated thanks to Lucina for the review of "Three Billboards." You saved me time and aggravation.

Have a great day.

Husker Gary said...

-Ditto C.C. Glad you’re better!
-Where did Eulalie MacKechnie Shinn call the Rubáiyát of OMAR Khayyám a dirty, "smutty" book?
-The end of one of moviedom’s greatest scenes
-A USER-friendly dissenter (:07)
-TESLA is working on cars that don’t need gas or drivers
-My days of ACUTE pain due to a Remecade side-effect seem to be waning
-Dumbo moral – When life gives you lemons…
-_ _ _ _ L E is something called a FERULE not a PADDLE
-LARGO/LENTO = Tomayto/Tomahto?
-He refused to RAT OUT his friends (3:17) in this fabulous scene
-This show always had an EPILOGUE with an alternate spelling
-Inflated EGOS following Kardashians? Hmmm… Calling Dr. Freud!
-Congrats on the addition to your family, Argyle!

Big Easy said...

We kowtow to C.C. today for her guidance. SALAAMED just looked wrong but I knew it was correct. We also have some 'Moaning Myrtle' that likes to moan outside our bedroom window. It's NOT our cat; our cat is a wimp and just sits on the porch while this other cat eats his food.

This puzzle reminds me of the old 'Fifty Yards to the Outhouse' by WILLIE MAKEIT, illustrated by BETTY DONT. or "Under The Bleachers" by SEYNOUR BUTZ. Okay, I have no SCRUPLEs.

Other than the usual proper names it was "Easy Like Sunday Morning" (sorry Lionel Richie) puzzles should be. Never heard of a Mangabey and was thinking either DONKEY or MONKEY until ADELINE MOORE fixed it. FERULE- new word for me.

For the uninformed out there Steve Jobs did NOT create the APPLE computer. Steve WOZNIAK did and Jobs was just the salesman. He couldn't program nor was he able to build a computer. As for the Icons he and Bill Gates both saw it at Zerox.

Dudley said...

Husker, it’s hard to imagine anyone delivering that line any better than Hermione Gingold, as she did in Music Man.

Lucina said...

I'm sorry to say, you're welcome for the movie review. Unfortunately I can't unhear all that dialog and decided to see the movie because I really like Frances McDormand. It would be a travesty, IMO, if she wins an Oscar for then it might encourage more of that same relentless profanity. It's as if the author had no other vocabulary; it permeates the entire town, from the sheriff (Woody Harrelson) to the townspeople, police officers, and everyone.

So far the best movies I've seen is The Post followed by Darkest Hour and The Greatest Showman. Today I may go see Phantom Thread.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

I really enjoyed today’s punny theme. It was fun seeing what emerged as perps filled in. A few tricky spots, of course - ferrule is familiar but ferule isn’t. Even Spellchecker didn’t know it.

Steve Wozniak, The Great and Powerful Woz, was a guest on Big Bang Theory a few seasons back. There have been some downright fabulous guest appearances on the show, and I’d put Stephen Hawking right up there on top of the list. Mike Massimino too.

Morning, C.C., glad to learn your health is getting better! Thanks for introducing us to Moaning Myrtle.

D Otto - I hope you installed one of the new right-height toilets! That’s all we have in the new place, and they are a better fit. Now when we visit folks whose houses have older fixtures, it’s kind of a shock.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Really tricky, but fun! Lot of my first guesses turned red. Thanks, Lee and C.C.!

The word "jobs" in the title was covered by "by" so it was no help, but the theme soon was apparent. Struggled with some of the odd spellings like KLEINER, but enjoyed the puns. ALONSO GREENE didn't sink in as "A lawn so" until C.C. 'splained it. Duh!

Didn't know Mangabeys, ESA, FERULE, SEIN, SPERRY. Couldn't remember ADIT, LIGATE, TED. Duh! Constitution "signers" before FRAMERS.

I was thrilled to be back online this morning when it is snowing. I've had only about three hours online the last three days in the afternoon. Still can't send email tho I can receive it. I finally found the deeply buried place and changed the number my letter from Cox said to change but it didn't help. Probably clicked the wrong thing somewhere. I hope my mind feels clear enough to contact Cox tomorrow and we don't have much snow for the tech if he needs to climb a ladder. This is so frustrating.

C.C., glad you are over your flu. I'm better one day then not the next.

JJM said...

As far as 80 A goes, anyone who went to Jesuit high school knows that the only thing the Jebbies used for discipline was a PADDLE, and they used it often! They would wind up like they were going to try and hit a fastball and and as hard as they could they could swing and ....SPLAT!!, right on your ass.

Misty said...

Woohoo! Woohoo! I got a terrific Sunday puzzle--the whole thing--got it perfectly! Woohoo! Lee, you've made my day, a million thanks! I've had a terrible puzzle week, failing on every one from Monday through Saturday, so this one was my salvation. Mind you, it wasn't all easy, and I worried for a bit that the southeast would stay blank. But slowly, slowly, a letter here, a letter there, it all filled in. I can't tell you how much better I feel after this morning's experience. And then to get a great expo from our wonderful, C.C. Well, sunny Sundays don't get much better than this.

I loved the crazy themes, though it took a minute to figure out how each name fit the "aptly named" clue. And it was great to actually know names like OMAR and ALTMAN without any problem. I'm still a little puzzled how a HYDRA is a many-sided evil, but perps filled it on okay. RICK KLEINER cracked me up, though. (So did your flushing, desper-otto).

What a sweet kitty you have, Santa.

Have a wonderful day, everybody! I sure will!

desper-otto said...

Dudley, yes it is a "right-height" model. Home Depot didn't have the one I wanted, so I ordered online and waited 2 weeks for it to be delivered to the store. It's a Kohler -- they make some nice fixtures.

CrossEyedDave said...

Just lurking the past few days,
but I want to see more pics of "Myrtle.!"

Does she have thumbs?
looks like she has thumbs...

(if so, you are going to have your hands full...)

Jinx in Norfolk said...

Verrry punny, Lee. Thanks. I FIW, flopping down in a RICKKylINER to finish up the fill. I thought of Car Talk with all of the "right for the job" names.

I especially liked seeing Howard STERN as fill. One of the best interviewers to ever host a radio show. Notice that you don't hear his name mentioned in the Me Too! movement? Not only does he not conduct himself in a manner that would be sexually offensive to staff or a guest, he doesn't tolerate it in his staff. Offending listeners is another topic entirely, however.

Least favorite today was SALAAMED. I know it's Sunday, but I just wanted to say "byte me" when the perps filled it in.

CSO to Tin @ LIT? What EES about FERULE.

And thanks to CC for another interesting tour. I add my name to the list of Cornerites who are delighted to know that you are doing better.

Picard said...

What an honor for DW and me to be honored with a photo of us at TESLA headquarters! Thanks, CC!

I was afraid the NAME theme spellings would be too hard to figure out. Some were quite challenging! I was astonished to find I got them all correct to FIR. Hand up with PK that I did not figure out ALONSO GREENE as "A Lawn So Green". Thanks, CC, for spelling out the details!

Did anyone else try TIVO before TAKE? I think that was intended mis-direction? I don't like fat in my MEAT, so the one time I had VENISON I liked it. Very lean.

Here are some of my photos in GENEVA.

I was there to visit the Large Hadron Collider at CERN (I will save those photos for another time). But I had a bit of sight-seeing time as well. Very beautiful, but a very expensive city. A fellow physics friend from GENEVA set me up at that wonderful little Auberge (room above a restaurant) which was affordable.

GORBACHEV paid a brief visit to our little city in May 1992. I was glad to get this photo of him getting off the plane with his wife Raisa.

We waved at him and he waved back. We view him as a courageous hero who opened up his beloved country. At home I don't think he is viewed so favorably.

As you can imagine, it was a huge honor for this Star Trek fan and ENGINEER to get to meet SCOTTY for real!

This was in December 1994. As with JANE SEYMOUR who I mentioned yesterday, he was very gracious and pleasant in person.

D4E4H: Glad you also thought of Bond Girl JANE SEYMOUR. And thanks for explaining your meaning about stilts, fans and balloons. Yes, I am sure he has to mind his head on stilts. He is rather tall even without them and he usually stays outdoors with the stilts!

Anonymous said...

Are not GENEVA and Vienna in the same region? Sounds like waste and privilege as is the UN norm.

Yellowrocks said...

Loved this. FIR I especially liked that the answers were real people. One little nit, Ms.Payne spells her name with a Y not an I. But still, very clever.

DO, I had the same thought on FERRULE/FERULE. I knew the double RR one, but the single R one used for discipline was new to me.
A metal ring or cap placed around a pole or shaft for reinforcement or to prevent splitting.
A bushing used to secure a pipe joint.
An instrument, such as a cane, stick, or flat piece of wood, used in punishing children.

CREOLE - CSO to the NOLA contingent. Do you know the difference between CREOLE and CAJUN cuisine? I read the following. Do you agree?
Creole vs Cajun

I am so not into Asian desserts. The Japanese and Chinese restaurants here, even the more authentic ones, serve only ice cream.

SPERRY was new to me.

Unfortunately "not a grain of truth" is very familiar in many settings these days. Sometimes this is called the post-truth era.

Jayce said...

I like puns so I liked this puzzle. Lots of grins and chuckles. Filled it all in but didn't get the ta-da; had to turn red letters on to find that I had made a simple typo: N instead of M at the crossing of CHInE and FRAnERS. It seems more and more I keep typing the key next to the one I intend to type. I'm thinking it's a vision problem. Worsening cataracts maybe. (I never mastered touch typing; I have to look at the keyboard.)

I also know ferrule but not ferule.

My Egyptian friend taught me the word SALAAM is a greeting and the Hebrew word shalom is related.

Excellent that you were flushed with pride, desper-otto! I trust your broad shoulders saved you.

I love the word ANACONDA; it just sounds snaky. Didn't Honey West have a pet OCELOT? I remember being very impressed by that, for some reason. Your new kitty is pretty nice, too, Argyle.

Steve Jobs "stole" a lot from Xerox PARC, including icons, the mouse, and windowed displays.

Glad you are better, C.C. Best wishes to you all.

Anonymous T said...

Sunday lurk say....

Didn't play but I can vicariously appreciate Lee's punny-aptronyms puzzle. I knew a professor who's last name is Gottschalk.


C.C., I'm so glad to hear you're up to snuff again!
Fermat - I'm also happy to see you post.

HG - If Elon's team @Tesla was really thinking, the car would go find it's own power, like a Roomba does, while you were sleeping or watching TV. It may even moon-light for Uber/Lyft and we wouldn't be the wiser :-)

BigE. Google and IBM are the only corps with research labs akin to the innovators at Bell Labs and Xerox's PARC (to whoms we owe for every magic thing we have in our homes/pockets). Jobs was the face (and apparently taskmaster) of Apple whilst The Woz was the brains. You and Jayce knows the story too... Apple was invited to the lab and liked what they saw and made it commercial. A copier-company wasn't going to do anything with that tech anyway - they made too much $$ on the leasing & secondary markets in South-America on their machines. //disclosure: 1st step-dad worked for Xerox and they sponsored our little-league team in SPI.

Dudley - The Woz on TBBT. //thanks for bringing that up - funny.

Picard - I can't wait for your CERN photos!

YR - I ain't touchin' the Creole v. Cajun debate. I do know that bit about tomatoes in jambalaya and I knows a Cajun when I's hears one. //and don't ask 'em what meats is in the bowl :-)

JJM - the Ursuline Nuns in HS were much less likely to whack you than the Jesuits at St. Joe's K-8. The Ursulines could be snarky though... I recall, after the HS went coed (why I was there - 6-1 female to male! Even I got a date! :-)), one Nun remarked how much better the girls took care of their looks with boys at the school.

Jinx - Dewey, Cheatem, and Howe. Esqs. :-)

Argyle - A cool cat for a cool cat.

Cheers, -T

Anonymous said...

//good job on 1st try. //or has debris been cleared post haste?

Yellowrocks said...

Wasn't anyone else impressed that these were real names? I think it made the puzzle even more clever.

Dudley said...


I had forgotten about Sheldon’s telepresence device in that episode. You hafta love the two T-shirts on the robot. It must have been a lot of fun making stuff like that for the show.

Anonymous T said...

//Thanks! I got it right-ish on one - a once in a a row.
Hey, why don't you just email me (and stop bothering these nice Cornerites) to snark and tell me I suck... Ok? I can take it 'cuz I already know that.
Now, may I suggest, you, Anon@2:33, go find a rope and piss up it. [AveJoe, if it's you, I retract that and giggle - you got me dude :-)]. -T

PK said...

YR: I didn't know any of the names were real. Never heard of any of them although I wondered if maybe LAURA BIDEN was the former VP's wife's name.

Lucina said...

I also didn't realize the names were real but like PK I wondered about LAURABIDEN.

Dudley & d-o, what is a "right-height" toilet? I will be looking for one soon and would like to be in the know. Thank you.

More fantastic photos! You could publish your own guidebook for travelers with reviews of the best places to visit and see.

D4E4H said...

Thank you Mr. Lee Taylor for this workable Sunday CW. The north came together easily, and in each cell I found letters easily so that I FIR.

Thank you C.C. for your informative review. The following items required comment:

52A The term mangabey can refer to three different genera of Old World monkeys in the Papionini tribe. Genera.

80A FERULE Fortunately this is a new word to me

81D SCRAMBLE As I was entering this word my breakfast came, and there were my scrambled eggs "Extraordinaire," including garlic powder, crumbled sausage, shredded cheddar cheese, sliced green olives, and sprinkled with Parmesan cheese. Yum !

103D Corn breads : PONES. My understanding is that a "Pone" just turned out of an iron skillet, looks like this, and tastes like your corn cookies. Yum again, and I have had lunch !

desper-otto 646a
I got your royal flush. I want to remind you that I am not just another stand up comedian, I am a sit down commodian.

CrossEyedDave 1147a
How could Moaning Myrtle have thumbs?


CanadianEh! said...

Sunday occupations! Thanks for the fun, Lee and C.C.
I did this CW in my newspaper and had several inkblots.
I got all the Jobs (even the APPLE creation) except I had LAURA eIDEN because my hands without mittens moved from Cold to Nude and never got to NUMB! (I knew Seads for the clothing lines was wrong!)

My Christmas tree was a FIR before it was LIT.
I moved from Keep OFF to STAY OFF.
FERULE and Mangabey MONKEYS were unknown. I toyed with FT RULE but there was no indication of an abbreviation. (All those schoolmasters would be arrested now for assault!)
We haven't seen ADIT in a CW for awhile.
I noted the Eat & Ate dupe too.

Canadians have Fathers of Confederation which was only 50% correct for Constitution VIPs. Founders was too long and then perps gave FRAMERS.

I have a photo of all the flags in front of the UN building in GENEVA (Palais des Nations). Unlike Picard, I do not know how to link it for you. I also have a photo of the Broken Chair right across the street. It is a giant wooden sculpture of a chair with a broken leg, which symbolises opposition to land mines and cluster bombs.

CSO to my DH with ENGINEER. He is a hockey fan and gave me ESA.

Of course, you all know that Canadians have LaboUr Day in Sept., and KPH not MPH (if you cross the border, don't think you can go 100 mph instead of 60!)

If I EGG ON someone, do I SCRAMBLE them?

Now to read all your comments. I might return.

Dudley said...



-T has told me that keyboard macros are possible on the iPad. I’m working on simplifying the process of typing the hyperlink syntax.

desper-otto said...

Lucina, ordinary toilets place the seat at 15"-17" off the floor. Comfort-height toilets have seats that are 17"-19" high...makes it easier to get up.

Anonymous said...

God only knows how much I hated the wasted time I put into this un-punny mess! Next time I view Taylor's name on a puzzle I'll use its deviant clues to ignite my fireplace logs! Please spare me any words of dissent here. I have my opinion, you have yours.

Bill G said...

Lucina, we have one of those toilets. They don't look any different but the added height makes standing up easier. I recommend them.

CanadianEh! said...

FLN re gender neutral O Canada: "True patriot love in all of us command" does NOT mean that we all have to cheer for New England. LOL!

waseeley said...

I took FERULE to be a pun on the chemical symbol for Iron (FE).
'TO BE' is 'SEIN' in German, the language spoken in Bavaria.

SwampCat said...

Fun puzzle but too much for me. Thanks, Lee and C.C.

YR, it is always fun to find fault with so called experts on local food!.... But this article you posted was spot on. Everyone seems to know the tomato discrepancy, but it really isn't the main difference in Creole and Cajun food. It's the city- country dichotomy that is the real difference. As this article points, New Orleans cooks had access to many more ingredients and their food was, and still is, more complex.

Anon T, as you said, you NEVER ask what kind of meat is in Cajun food! I've had squirrel and possum and alligator and some kind of vague road kill. But with enough onion and garlic and green pepper and thyme and rosemary it is delicious.

Full disclosure: When I learned the wonderful Sauce Piquant I had just eaten had alligator in it.....well.....I had second thoughts!!

D4E4H said...

CanadianEh! 439p
Wrote "CSO to my DH with ENGINEER. He is a hockey fan and gave me ESA." First I got excited because I saw my initials behind CSO. Thank you. Thank you. Oh wait a (minure). {That looks like a fertile new word. I think I'll keep it.} DH is in the list meaning "Dear Husband." Moving on I made him an engineer with whom you were "PROUD !" Wait again. That word was 115A. Moving right along to ESA. Modern antibiotics should clear it up, but you seem happy that he gave it to you. CW again for the last time, thank goodness, 11D. Whew !

And then she wrote "If I EGG ON someone, do I SCRAMBLE them?" You sure did me.

Dudley 446p
What's an iPad? I still use a flip phone. I saw the link, Whew again !

desper-otto 450p
Wrote "makes it easier to get up." And to go too. Is IKEA increasing the size of their products to meet the increased size of Americans, to say nothing of Canadians, so let's don't.

SwampCat 706p
Wrote "I had second thoughts!!" Does this mean you wanted to go back for more?

I know that you are each watching that game, but you have to return to the Corner sometime. I'll be watching and waiting.
Don't tell me who won, not that I will view it later. I just don't care.


Joe too cool said...

Ding, ding, ding!

You win Dave!

Was wondering who would be the first to chime in with "I don't watch/care"

Dudley said...

D4, just to start adding to the pile, the LW and I watched a movie. We don’t give a rat’s behind about football.

Nancy said...

Thx Dudley for informing us. So I'll share what DH and I did this evening. We were with many good friends tonight sharing good times and good food. Some watched the game, some watched commercials, some even watched a movie in the other room. We all enjoyed each other's company and all were grateful for the game's ability to give us a reason to gather. It's the unofficial holiday that brings family and nonfamily together. We're home now and we decided to turn the game to watch the end. Normally wouldnt care but its fun for a day. I almost won the 2nd qtr bet! What a game! Such a satisfying night. Phew, I'm bushed.

St Nick said...


PK said...

Lucina, if you are not tall, you may not need a right-height toilet. I'm 5'6" and I bought one which is taller and have avoided knee surgery because it is so much easier for me to get off of. I have difficulty now in other places rising from the shorter thrones without a hand rail. Mine is also elongated which I have found good in many instances. I'd advise trying one somewhere if you are shorter and see how it suits you.

Lucina said...

Dudley, desper, Bill:
Does your personal height make any difference? I assume you are all tall men and so the additional inches would help you, but would they help an under 5 ft. person? Anyway, when I go shopping I'll have to see for myself. Thank you, all!

Lucina said...

Thank you, Pk. That is exactly what I was wondering.

Who's Who said...

Yellowrocks @3:02 pm

Are the names real ? Have you ever heard of Merl O'Daley or Rick Kleiner ?

Bill G said...

Lucina, dunno if you are under 5 feet if you would find it helpful or not. I'm not especially tall and I like it. The difference is subtle, not great. I like PK's idea about trying one out.

If you enjoy football, that was quite a good game. Better than most Superbowl games. Now back to watching Death in Paradise from last week.

Dudley said...

Lucina - I admit I can’t estimate the benefits to the five foot person. If the matter isn’t settled by the time you next travel to New England, then by all means please stop here for lunch and a test drive! :-)

Anonymous T said...

Dudley it worked! and you found the same page I found when looking for the macro idea (thanks again, I wouldn't have even thought of looking for that #LifeHack)

-T's thoughtful analysis on the Big Game:

That one team did good and the other had issues controlling the ball [how did #12 miss that pass?!?]. It was never that close. The side show, however, ...

Justin Timberlake's & NFL's tribute to Minneapolis' Prince was cool with the lighting-up the city in Purple Prince's [artist formally known as / is] symbol. I tried to find a link but the inter-webs are already bashing it via every Google result.

Toyota had the ol' a Priest, a Rabbi Joke that was pretty cute (also a lot of #hate memes - note Toyota built a factory in San Antonio and didn't lie about diesel nor test it on MONKEYs)

The funniest, to me, commercial was #JackvsMartha. I made Youngest come watch and she giggled her bum off.

If that wasn't meta enough for ya' go back and read Wassely's @6:28 Ferule... Schkaboosck! goes the brain. Nice dude. //and I don't even know German

Cheers, -T

Wilbur Charles said...

Wow, I could have read the blog while watching my taped version of the game*. Ok, the better team won except a NO Saint was excoriated for avoiding pass interference on the final play and the Eagles chose A&B on Gronkowski. The media did a great job setting up the refs and the NY review board on that inaccurate Pat's-fav gibberish.

Nice CSO to my old fav TED Williams. There were no bathroom breaks, beer runs etc when the Splendid Splynter** was due up.

That was a very enjoyable Sunday exercise as YR said. Lee Taylor used real names if not real people (did that really have to be explained?). That helped with OFFENBACH, I needed the H to grok HYDRAS.

So, in a similar vein to Misty, I FIW out twice on the easy early xwords and FIR on Sat, Sun.

Yes, the NFL changed the "Catch" rule one game early. As I explained Saturday, the purpose,aim of the original rule was to define a "Catch") as maintaining possession when hitting the ground (much like a tag in baseball). In both reviews that didn't happen.

One serious problem that pro sports have is in the integrity of the officiating system. The owners control the officiating. That's like the President controlling the legislature. Doom.

MLB actually once had that integrity.


* I mean no spoilers. Whodathunkit?

** I dearly miss my fellow traveler

Wilbur Charles said...

And as if you're not bored enough I'll add this: The NFL obviously sells the ADs by the game. I'll bet they don't make an extra nickel on OT Ads. In fact they may have tried to sell using a scheme of extra OT ads, extra $$ and no takers.

So no OT.

So again. Officiating has to be independent of ownership.


Abejo said...

Good Monday evening, folks. Thank you, Lee Taylor, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, C.C., for a fine review.

Owen KL: Really liked the first stanza of your poem. Good job. You missed including SALAAM. That's a Shriners word.

Well, it took me an extra day to get through this puzzle. Most of it was doable, but there were some tough spots that drove me nuts.

The last entry I got, and as it turns out, was my favorite, was FE RULE. Took me forever to get that, but FE as in IRON and RULE.

The theme was clever, but crunchy. Got them all but it took forever. As in an extra day.

The double A (AA) in SALAAMED represents the second A in the Arabic and Persian alphabets. The are two A's. The first is a soft A and the second a guttural A. When written in English we use two A's to represent the difference.

Anyhow, I am a day late, so I will sign off. see you Tuesday, I hope.


( )