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May 31, 2022

Tuesday, May 31, 2022 Ed Beckert

A Rose By Another Name.  Well, it might not smell so sweet, so let me be a bit more diplomatic.

16-Across.  *   Shabby and dated: RETRO CHIC.  Would you rather be told you look Shabby and Dated, or Retro Chic?

23-Across.  *   Tunes for fogies: CLASSIC ROCK.  Would you rather be told you are an old fogy because of the music you listen to, or be told you are into Classic Rock?

56-Across. *   Blubber: LOVE HANDLES.  Would you rather be told you have a lot of Blubber, or that you have adorable Love Handles?

64-Across. *   Hopelessly out of touch: OLD SCHOOL.  Would you rather be told you are Hopelessly Out of Touch, or that you are Old School?

And the unifier:

37-Across. Make sweeter, in the way the theme answers do to their starred clues?: SUGAR COAT.

What else do we have that is sweet this week?

1. Antlered deer: STAG.

5. Take in the sights: TOUR.  I will be doing some touring over the next month.

9. Transfer to a new city, informally: RELO.

13. Run out of steam: TIRE.

14. "__ Wolf and Cub": manga series: LONE.  I am not familiar with this series.

15. Wi-Fi device: MODEM.

18. Winery process that takes years: AGING.  Aren't we all?

19. French farewell: ADIEU.  Obviously, this is today's French lesson.

20. Matching cups, saucers, etc.: TEA SETS.

22. The Big Apple, for short: NYC.  Why New York City is called The Big Apple.

27. Toothpaste option: GEL.

28. Possesses: HAS.

29. Spanish Mrs.: SRA.  Obviously, today's Spanish lesson.  Hi, Lucina!

30. Issa of "Insecure": RAE.  Issa Rae (née Jo-Issa Rae Diop;b. Jan. 12, 1985) has become a frequent guest in our puzzles.

31. Genesis garden: EDEN.

33. Word between surnames: NÉE.  More of today's French lesson.  Née is the female past participle of the French word naître, which means "to be born."

35. Rough-sounding: RASPY.

41. Wristwatch part: STRAP.

44. Actor Lowe: ROB.  In the 1980s, Rob Lowe (né Robert Helper Lowe; b. Mar. 17, 1964) was a member of the Brat Pack.  He has also appeared in a number of television shows, including West Wing, which is now almost 20 years in the past.

45. MLB team in the ESPN documentary "Once Upon a Time in Queens": METS.

49. Bowl over: AWE.

50. Opposite of NNW: SSE.

53. Note from one who's shy?: IOU.  Cute clue and answer.

55. Museum collection: ART.  I will be visiting this art collection in just a few weeks.

59. Sturgeon product: ROE.  Yummers!

60. Hot, dust-laden Saharan wind: SIROCCO.  Everything you wanted to know about Sirocco, but didn't know to ask.

61. Island south of Sicily: MALTA.

63. Want very much: COVET.  The Wicked Bible of 1631 seemingly permitted such activities.

67. Apple desktops: iMACS.  We have a Mac Mini.
68. Honest-to-goodness: REAL.

69. Border on: ABUT.

70. Gael, for one: CELT.

71. Whirlpool: EDDY.

72. "This Is Us" role for Susan Kelechi Watson: BETH.  This Is Us was a television drama that just ended its run.  I never watched the show, but it got rave reviews.  Apparently Susan Kelechi Watson (b. Nov. 11, 1981) was one of the main characters.

1. Odd: STRANGE.

2. Like many hand-colored T-shirts: TIE-DYED.

3. Magazine story: ARTICLE.

4. "Sommersby" actor Richard: GERE.  Sommersby was a 1993 film that starred Richard Gere and Jody Foster.

Richard Tiffany Gere (b. Aug. 31, 1949)

5. Pampering, for short: TLC.  As in Tender Loving Care.

6. "Look, fireworks!": OOH!

7. Condo divisions: UNITS.

8. Classroom break: RECESS.

9. Tennis great Federer: ROGER.  Roger Federer (b. Aug. 8, 1981) was ranked Number 1 by the Association of Tennis Professionals for 310 weeks.

10. Cosmopolitan group?: EDITORS.

11. Camera accessory: LENS CAP.

12. Short "Good grief!": OMG.

15. Eyelash application: MASCARA.

17. "That hurts!": OUCH.

21. "Bel-__": 2022 drama series based on a 1990s sitcom: AIR.

24. "Auld __ Syne": LANG.

25. Sailing: ASEA.  A crossword staple.

26. Lock opener: KEY.

32. Govt. intel group: NSA.  As in the National Security Agency.  I can neither confirm nor deny that I work for this agency.

34. Play a proper noun in Scrabble, say: ERR.

36. Drive-thru device: ATM.  As in an Automatic Teller Machine.

38. Ultimate results: UP-SHOTS.

39. Spiral: COIL.

40. Clarinet kin: OBOE.

41. 1950s actor Mineo or 1950s pitcher Maglie: SAL.

Sal Mineo (né Salvatore Mineo, Jr.; Jan. 10, 1939 ~ Feb. 12, 1976)

Sal Maglie (né Salvatore Anthony Maglie; Apr. 26, 1917 ~ Dec. 28, 1992)

42. Pair: TWOSOME.

43. Second or third staging on Broadway, say: REVIVAL.

46. Oft-pierced body part: EAR LOBE.

47. Present proudly: TROT OUT.

48. Furtiveness: STEALTH.

51. Cul-de-__: SAC.  More of today's French lesson.  It literally means "bottom of a sack."

52. Concertgoer's "More!": ENCORE.

54. "Semper Fi" military org.: USMC.  As in the United States Marine Corps.  Several of our regulars are were in the Marines.

57. Raise: ERECT.

58. Meted (out): DOLED.

62. "Moby-Dick" captain: AHAB.

63. POTUS, militarily speaking: CIC.  As in the Commander-In-Chief.

65. Pop: DAD.

66. Underhanded: SLY.

Here's the Grid:


I won't Sugar Coat this.  This will be my last commentary for a while.  Hubby and I are taking a month-long trip to Europe.  I know you will be in good hands while I am gone.

Notes from C.C.:

1) Have a wonderful trip, Hahtoolah, we look forward to your return!

2) Our Thursday sherpas MM & Bill have agreed to cover for Hahtoolah in June. Thank you so much, guys!

May 30, 2022

Monday May 30, 2022 Catherine Cetta

Theme: TREEHUGGERS (55. Nature lovers, and what the answers to the starred clues literally are)

20. *Mahalia Jackson's genre: GOSPEL MUSIC.

29. *Colorful top with a tropical design: ALOHA SHIRT.

45. *Trial figure who can give a firsthand account: EYE WITNESS.

Boomer here.  

Happy and safe Memorial Day to one and all!  I noticed that there are tree tree-letter basic trees hidden in this puzzle.  Sometimes it is difficult to type an H when you can only use one hand.


1. Dart around like a hummingbird: FLIT.  I have seen them, but I never heard them hum.


5. Like 9-Across that has lost its fizz: FLAT.  No problem. Have iced tea or coffee.

9. Dark drink with fizz: COLA.  Diet Pepsi is my favorite. Or coffee.  However medical orders before surgery is NO caffeine!

13. Easier to write neatly on, probably: LINED.  Or run to bases or make a first down.

15. Like tinned sardines: OILY.  No thanks.

16. Las Vegas WNBA team: ACES.

17. "Drive Happy" car rental company: ALAMO.  Hi up Santa Anna, we're killing your soldiers below.  So the rest of Texas will know...  and remember the Alamo. 

18. Harvest: REAP.  C.C. planted some green beans in the garden.  I will let you know how they taste.  Maybe in August.

19. School gps.: PTAS. Parents Tell Teachers About Something.

23. Poem of praise: ODE.

24. "Passing" actress Thompson: TESSA.

25. "Friendly" cartoon ghost: CASPER.  Named after a city in Wyoming.

27. Abbr. between names: AKA.  Also Known As Boomer

32. Contributor with deep pockets: FAT CAT.

35. Esteem: VALUE.

36. Layers on tall wedding cakes: TIERS.  It may take a while to cut pieces.

37. Orchestra __: PIT.

38. Greek storyteller who coined "sour grapes": AESOP.  Sounds like a fable to me.

42. German steel city: ESSEN.  I was in Hardheim.  Not close to Essen.
44. Current influence on the weather?: EL NINO.

49. "__ Is a Woman": Ariana Grande song: GOD.

50. Hair gel alternative: MOUSSE.  I just use a can of spray, when I have hair. 

51. Joyous song: PAEAN.

54. Wrinkly pup: PUG.

60. Actor Guinness: ALEC.  Obi-Wan Kenobi!

62. Cathedral section: NAVE.  I've been going to church for years and I never heard the center called a NAVE!

63. Passion: ARDOR.

64. Fork prong: TINE.  Use all four to eat.

65. Mouse mover: USER.

66. Rational believer: DEIST.

67. Stiletto, for one: HEEL.  Walk carefully.  Do not fall!

68. "A __ formality": MERE.  So small.

69. One-named singer from County Donegal: ENYA.


1. Mark as important: FLAG.  Oh say can you see?

2. "__ & Stitch": LILO.

3. Too worked up to relax: IN A STATE.  I am in Minnesota.  I'm sure most of you are in a state too.

4. City between Phoenix and Mesa: TEMPE.  Arizona gets almost as much snow as Minnesota.  But only in high elevation.

5. Like most proms: FORMAL.  I never had to rent a tux.  I just wore my white glee club outfit. I'm on the most right.


 6. In __ of: LIEU.

7. Word of sorrow: ALAS. A LAS Vegas word of sorrow.

8. "You're so predictable": TYPICAL.  You knew I might write my #7 comment.

9. Mushroom top: CAP.  Mine has a TC logo.

Boomer & Hall-of-Famer Tony Oliva, 11/21/2011

10. Sea creatures with eight arms: OCTOPI.

11. Front-runner: LEADER.  That's when I fell for ... The LEADER of the pack. Shangra-Las

12. Stand up for (oneself): ASSERT.

14. Female deer: DOES.  Re, a drop of golden sun.

21. Aspiring atty.'s exam: LSAT.  Never took that one, whew.

22. Unlike most proms: CASUAL.  Okay for sock hops.  Are they still called that, or am I showing old age?

26. High shine: SHEEN.  A bishop with a TV show years ago.

27. To the rear, at sea: AFT.

28. "Cobra __": Netflix series based on "The Karate Kid": KAI.

30. Just like ewe: OVINE.  Baa, Baa.

31. Beret, e.g.: HAT.  In the Army it was always required to have something besides hair on you head.

33. Rowing teams: CREWS.  I used to row a fishing boat all by myself.

34. Pass that leads to a successful basket: ASSIST. I am not much of an NBA fan

37. Signing-ceremony memento: PEN.  I collect Twins player autographs, but I never collected the pen. See more here.

39. Entered a username, say: SIGNED IN

40. Singer Yoko: ONO.  OH NO, it's ONO

41. Okra unit: POD.  Two peas in it.

43. Breastbone: STERNUM.

44. Biblical twin: ESAU.  Isaac's kid.  Jacob's brother.

45. One who feels another's pain: EMPATH.  My EMPATHY goes out to those families who lost children in Uvalde, Texas.

46. "That's not true!": YOU LIE.  Your nose will grow.

47. Oregon city on the Willamette: EUGENE.  My uncle Gus' first name.

48. Orb: SPHERE.

52. "My stars!": EGAD.

53. Match, as subjects and verbs: AGREE

56. Alleviate: EASE.

57. "Don't you __ stop!?": EVER.  NOPE

58. Pinkish: ROSY.  Like Ms. O'Donnell.

59. Spanish miss: Abbr.: SRTA.

61. Cartoon frame: CEL. Almost a phone.