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Feb 28, 2013

Thursday, February 28, 2013 Steven J. St. John

Theme: Pickup Lines

7A. With 22-, 37- or 48-Across, familiar line : HEY BABE...

22A. See 7-Across : COME HERE OFTEN?

37A. See 7-Across : YOUR PLACE OR MINE?

48A. See 7-Across : WHAT'S YOUR SIGN?

64A. Probable response to 7-/22-, 7-/37- or 7-/48-Across : GET LOST!!!!! Guffaw!  Great theme wrap-up!

SJ2 is probably young enough to be my grandson, but I still loved his pickup lines! There was some other clever stuff in there too, as you will soon see.

Oh, and best pickup line I ever heard? "If I were to ask you out on a date, would your answer be the same as the one to this question?"

Marti here, so let's get crackin'!


1. Send with an email : ATTACH.

14. It has its charms : VOODOO. To soothe the savage breast, perhaps?

15. Password accompaniment : USER NAME.

17. Mail for King Arthur : ARMOUR. Legendary British king in the clue gives a hint to the British spelling of "armor."

18. "Pull it together" : GET A GRIP. Great fill!

19. Fed. management and support agency : GSAGeneral Services Administration.

21. Fabric : CLOTH.

29. Ken and Lena of Hollywood : OLINS.

30. Tell-all account : EXPOSÉ. Do tell!

31. Mosquito-borne fever : DENGUE. Also called "breakbone fever." Typically spread by the A. aegypti species of mosquito. (OK, I 'fess: I had to google the mosquito.) (But I did remember breakbone fever!)

33. Islet : AIT.

34. Preschool downtime : NAP.

41. Disapproving sound : SSS.

42. Ballpark fig. : EST.imate.

43. Two-___ : SEATER.

44. Shrill laugh : CACKLE. I got the part of one of the three witches in our school's production of Macbeth, because I could do the cackle so well...hee, heee, heeeee!

47. Bookkeeper's deduction : OUTGO. Anyone else want debit?

50. Literature Nobelist ___ Bashevis Singer : ISAAC. Definitely a Thursday clue.  Monday would be clued with Stern, Asimov or Newton.

52. ___ Lanka : SRI.

53. Words often said with a fist pump : NAILED IT. Nailed it! [Fist pump]

57. Easy pill to swallow : GEL CAP. With a spoonful of sugar, maybe.

62. Where a shopping list may be jotted down : ENVELOPE. Nope, I use "Evernote" on my phone. Goodbye, scraps of paper that I always forget on the kitchen counter, anyway!

63. Word of exasperation : ENOUGH. (...already!)

65. Saved : STORED.


1. Gardner of "The Killers" : AVA. Based on a short story by Ernest Hemmingway.

2. NYY opponent, on scoreboards : TOR.onto, opponents of the New York Yankees.

3. Cat on the prowl : TOM. "Alley" wouldn't fit.

4. Excitement : ADO.

5. Forks over reluctantly : COUGHS UP.

6. ___ trade : HORSE. This one stayed blank, waiting on perps to help. (Scroll down the right hand menu to "Olio" and click on "Comments Section Abbrs" to see the meaning of commonly used phrases or abbreviations on this blog.)

7. An O may symbolize one : HUG. OOOO !

8. Odessa-to-Austin dir. : ESE.

9. To this point : YET.

10. Leaflike parts : BRACTS. Bracts are different from leaves, and have specialized functions.

11. "Life of Pi" director : ANG LEE. Still have not seen it.

12. Unseen "Red" character in "Peanuts" : BARON. I was thinking of that cute little redhead that Charlie Brown is so fond of.  Then I remembered Snoopy's nemesis.

13. Give off : EMIT.

16. N.T. book : EPH.esians, book in the New Testament. I hear it got good reviews on Amazon, but I think I'll wait for the movie...

20. "All bets ___ off" : ARE.

22. Buffalo Bill and the Wyoming city named for him : CODYS. One way to clue a plural proper name!

23. Kitchen spreads : OLEOS.

24. Frigid forecast word : MINUS. Brrrr...I am ready for spring!

25. Tech sch. grad : ENGR. Engineer.  I have seen this abbr. as egr., eng. and engr.

26. "Bingo!" : EXACTLY. Loved this clue/ans.

27. Andy's TV son : OPIE. Let me get it right this time: from the old "Andy Griffith Show." (Not "Mayberry RFD.")

28. Pics : FOTOS. Slang-y clue deserves equally slang-y answer.

32. To-be, in politics : ELECT. As in "President-elect," before actually taking office.

34. Capone associate : NITTI. I have no nits with this!

35. Words after crack or fry : AN EGG.

36. 1996 role for Madonna or Jonathan Pryce : PERON. They played Eva and Juan Peron in "Evita".

38. Sets a price of : ASKS.

39. Adjust, as to a new situation : REORIENT.

40. Prey for a Hauskatze : MAUS. German clue for "cat" and German answer for "mouse." In written German, all nouns are capitalized, whether they are common nouns or proper nouns.   (I guess they're also capitalized in spoken German, but I never really noticed.)

44. Alpine dwelling : CHALET.

45. Battery not included, perhaps : AA CELL. Great clue!

46. Aurora, to the Greeks : EOS.

48. Refrain from claiming : WAIVE.

49. Prods : URGES.

50. Like Vivaldi's "Spring" : IN E. (Major.) Musical interlude. I know you like this one. 6:05 for Part 1. Click on the "Part 2" video on the right for the rest. 4:26

51. Joined the choir : SANG.

54. Scooby-___ : DOO.

55. Tape speed unit: Abbr. : IPSInches Per Second.

56. Hanoi holiday : TET.

58. John of London : LOO. Did the clue fool you?

59. Nasty mutt : CUR.

60. Birthday candle number : AGE. DH decided that discretion was the better part of valor, and put only one candle on my birthday cake this year.  Unfortunately, it was a 4" x 8" pillar candle...

61. Prof's deg. : PHD. "Piled Higher and Deeper."  (^0^)

'Til next week!


Feb 27, 2013

Wednesday, February 27, 2013 Mark Bickham

Theme: All-In Poker Hand

The six (!) theme entries all have four A's and no other vowels. If I was playing poker and I find four Aces in my hand, I'm shoving all my chips into the middle - it's unbeatable!

17A. *Largest port in NW Africa : CASABLANCA. Timely nod to the winner of the Academy Award for Best Picture in 1942

24A. *Warrior's cry : ATTACK! ATTACK! Enough to make me turn and run the other way.

32A. *Picnic side dish : PASTA SALAD Food! The best pasta salads never seem to have anything green in them beyond a few basil leaves for garnish and maybe some pesto.

42A. *Knocking sound : RAT-A-TAT-TAT. Nice pairing with 24A - the sound of automatic weaponry or spear on shield. Again, I'm hightailing it.

51A. *Delighted : HAPPY AS A CLAM. My friend Heidi always finishes off this phrase with "..sitting in the sand where no-one's digging". That's one happy clam.

60A. *Island nation in the Indian Ocean : MADAGASCAR. One of the more toe-curling moments in NBC's coverage of the opening ceremony in the 2012 Summer Olympics was Matt Lauer opining that "[Madagascar]" (is) "a location indelibly associated with a couple of recent animated movies", and that was ALL he had to say.

And the unifier:

69A. Incursions ... or, phonetically, what the answers to starred clues contain : FORAYS

Happy Wednesday everyone! Steve here with what I thought was a great offering from Mark Bickham. Six theme entries (plus a unifier) and four 10-letter downs seemed to me a really slick constructing job. I thought the theme was smart and I'll now always know how to spell "Madagascar" without wanting to sneak an "e" in there. Wonderful.

The fill had some good stuff, so let's go see what else is out there.


1. Not interesting : JEJUNE. I resolve to use this word in conversation tomorrow.

7. Real heel : CAD

10. German exports : BMWs. Because "Bayerische Motoren Werke" won't fit around that little blue and white badge.

14. Beaucoup : A LOT OF. Shouldn't the answer be French? "Un buquetload de" or something?

15. Eight-time Norris Trophy winner : ORR. Bobby, Hockey Hall-of-Famer. The James Norris Memorial Trophy is awarded to the best defensive player in the NHL.

16. Bit attachment : REIN

19. "Black Beauty" author Sewell : ANNA. Well known in the UK - not so well-known here?

20. Metric distances: Abbr. : KMs One kilometer is one ten-thousandth of the distance between the equator and the north pole.

21. Athos, to Porthos : AMI. French day today, mes amis - I mean - my friends.

22. Word with dark or gray : MATTER. Or my hair, which went from one to the other.

27. Hersey novel setting : ADANO. Crosses all the way for this one - totally unknown to me.

30. Rob Roy's refusal : NAE. Scottish horses say this a lot.

31. Four-time Grammy winner Lovett : LYLE

35. 23-Down's div. : N.L.E. This would be the National League East, home of the Atlanta Braves.

37. As found : IN SITU

38. Pupil surrounder : AREOLA. Stop the schoolboy snickering back there, will you?

41. Ft. Worth campus : TCU. Texas Christian University. I don't punctuate college abbreviations with periods, it seems superfluous.

46. Australian six-footers : EMUs. I had ROOs first. They're about 6ft tall too.

49. Punching tool : AWL

50. "SNL" alum Mike : MYERS

54. Animals who like to float on their back : OTTERS

55. Female hare : DOE

56. "Hardly!" : NOT!

59. Violin holder : CHIN. I tried to make "CASE" work at first. Not good.

64. A sweatshirt may have one : HOOD. In which case it's called a "hoodie" nowadays, I believe.

65. Rocker Rose : AXL. Oh Lordy. More schoolboy sniggering at the back. Presenting Axl Rose to a group of anagram-minded folk is not going to get us anywhere G-rated.

66. Sedative : OPIATE

67. Overnight lodging choices : INNS

68. Low grade : DEE


1. With 2-Down, "Rio Lobo" actor : JACK. Never knew ..

2. See 1-Down : ELAM .. his name

.. until now

3. __ stick: incense : JOSS

4. Hagen often mentioned on "Inside the Actors Studio" : UTA.

5. Head, slangily : NOB. I've never used this outside of a cribbage game.

6. Key of Beethoven's "Emperor" concerto : E FLAT. Major or Minor? I'm sure our erudite musical experts can enlighten me.

7. Funnel-shaped : CONICAL

8. Compass-aided curve : ARC. Ah, the joys of grade school geometry, where they allowed you to carry a sharp implement to stab the person next to you in the kneecap (that hurt the most) before going back to proscribing your arcs. Happy days.

9. Pulitzer category : DRAMA

10. Like a spoiled kid, often : BRATTY. Compass-wielding ones especially.

11. Unwritten reminder : MENTAL NOTE. I lose mental notes, that's why I write 'em down.

12. Cab storage site : WINE CELLAR. Hmmm - has "Cab" attained "not an abbreviation" status? I liked the misdirection here, notwithstanding.

13. Hunted Carroll creature : SNARK. This is a great, fun, nonsense poem that's worth checking out if it's new to you. Wonderful word-invention along the "Jabberwocky" lines.

18. Microwave maker : AMANA

23. Braves, on scoreboards : ATL. Those NL Easters from 35A.

24. Against : ANTI

25. Exactly :  TO A "T"

26. Mauna __ : KEA. I was in Hawaii last week. I climbed a part of Haleakala, but not this volcano.

27. "Whoso diggeth __ shall fall therein": Proverbs : A PIT

28. Fundraiser with steps? : DANCE-A-THON.

29. Thing taken for granted : ASSUMPTION

33. California's Big __ : SUR. I think it's more long than big, but it's a beautiful road trip whichever direction you look at it.

34. Not dis? : DAT. I loved this little gem.

36. Chow : EATS. I looked sideways at this for a little while, and then realized that "eats" is singular, as in "good eats".

39. Avatar of Vishnu : RAMA. I just read "Midnight's Children", so thankful for this as I couldn't get the Mike MYERS entry crossing it.

40. Wd. derivation : ETYM. Etymology, not to be confused with entomology.

43. Some Duracells : AAs

44. Silly talk : TWADDLE

45. Foil maker : ALCOA

47. Capsizes : UPENDS. My boss had his boat capsized by some Australians that borrowed it to race in the America's Cup. It didn't end well.

48. Neighbor of Isr. : SYR. Syria is a friendly old country, it is neighbors with Lebanon, Iraq and Jordan as well as Israel. Keep baking those "welcome to the neighborhood" apple falafels!

51. __ Minh : HO CHI.

52. Comparable to a March hare : AS MAD. Hatters and Hares - what's with those H's to make you crazy?

53. Words with lamb or mutton : LEG OF. Food! My favorite roast.

56. School sports org. : N.C.A.A. You'd think the National Collegiate Athletic Association would try to come up with something shorter by now. Or maybe that's the point - you get a workout just typing the name.

57. Like Cheerios : OATY

58. Half of seis : TRES

61. Fire truck item : AXE. Because "Dalmatian" doesn't fit.

62. G.I.'s mail drop : A.P.O. Army Post Office, not Acute Pulmonary Odema in this context.

63. Paul McCartney, for one : SIR. Macca was knighted for "services in making the Liverpool accent intelligible and cool."

I appear to have run out of space, so I'd better call this a wrap. Have a great day and see you all next time.


Notes from C.C.:

Do any of you attend ACPT (American Crossword Puzzle Tournament) this year? Rich Norris (editor for the LA Times Daily Crossword) and many constructors (including our own John Lampkin) will be there. If you do, I hope you won't miss the Cru Dinner organized by Mike Alpern. The dinner officially kicks off the tournament and is a great opportunity to meet with constructors and fellow solvers.

Kim (Rich's lovely wife), Mike & Rich, ACPT Cru Dinner 2011

Feb 26, 2013

Tuesday, February 26, 2013 Marti DuGuay-Carpenter

Theme: Stay Tuned - We'll Be Right Back - The word, "STATION", is 'broken' into two sections and they are part of the theme entries.

20A. Pittsburgh fan base, collectively : STEELER NATION

27A. Philatelist's pride : STAMP COLLECTION

49A. Annual political speech : STATE OF THE UNION

57A. Commercial interruptions literally found in this puzzle's three other longest answers : STATION BREAKS

Argyle here. Notice the nice progression in the break-up of the word, station, 2-3-4. And even though the sides are broken into three-letter words, there wasn't an overabundance of them. I'm happy; are you?


1. Leftover bit : SCRAP. Hah! I was already typing ORT before I saw how many letters there were.

6. Kitchen meas. : TBSP. (tablespoon)

10. Highland tongue : ERSE

14. Thrill to pieces : ELATE

15. Commuter's option : RAIL

16. Cuts short : LOPS

17. "Understood!" : "GOT IT!"

18. Egg on : URGE

19. Debt-heavy corp. takeovers : LBO's. (leveraged buyout)

23. A pop : PER. Each.

24. Confirmation or bar mitzvah : RITE

25. Tons of, casually : LOTSA. (a lot of)

31. Pet welfare org. : ASPCA. (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)

32. Tie up loose ends? : SEW

33. Shed a few tears : CRY. Extensive write-up goes with this if you go to YouTube.

34. "Bus Stop" playwright : INGE. William

37. Radar's favorite drink : NEHI. (grape)

40. Butter on the farm? : RAM. 30D. 40-Across mate : EWE

43. Windy City trains : ELs. Elevated trains in Chicago.

45. Solemn promises : OATHS

54. Appeared on TV : AIRED

55. Penlight batteries : AAA's

56. AFL affiliate : CIO. (American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations)

61. Just as you see it : AS IS

62. City near Sacramento : LODI. CCR's take on Lodi(3:08).

63. Young neigh sayers : COLTS. Cute one.

65. Adjust, as strings : TUNE

66. Close : SHUT

67. Slippery as __ : AN EEL

68. Israel's only female prime minister : MEIR. (Golda)

69. Nile threats : ASPS. The crosswords are full of them, too.

70. Toy bear named for a president : TEDDY


1. Line piece: Abbr. : SEG. (segment)

2. Places to hide skeletons? : CLOSETS

3. Dilapidated dwelling : RAT TRAP

4. End in __: come out even : A TIE

5. He refused to grow up : PETER PAN

6. Faithfully following : TRUE TO

7. Oil units : BARRELS

8. Talk with one's hands : SIGN

9. Earnest request : PLEA

10. Nixon attorney general Richardson : ELLIOT. He resigned rather than obey President Nixon's order to fire special prosecutor Archibald Cox.

11. Like some of Michael Jackson's moves : ROBOTIC. @1:15

12. Advertiser : SPONSOR

13. Twisty curve : ESS

21. DMV certificate : LIC. (license)

22. Dr. Mom's specialty : TLC. (Tender Loving Care)

23. "This is your brain on drugs," e.g. : PSA. (public service announcement)

26. Unspecified quantity : ANY

28. 12th century opener : MCI. 1101

29. Deighton who wrote the "Hook, Line and Sinker" trilogy : LEN. Spy Hook, Spy Line, and Spy Sinker. It is the middle trilogy of a set of three trilogies. Man, that's a lot of reading.

35. Prefix with thermal : GEO. As a prefix: geo- is taken from Greek, meaning "earth", usually in the sense of "ground or land".

36. Santa's helper : ELF

38. Pet on your lap, maybe : HOUSE CAT. And anywhere else they damn please to lie. Check out today's Garfield.

39. Author Fleming : IAN. related, 42D. Bond's is shaken, not stirred : MARTINI

40. Cape Town's country: Abbr. : RSA. (Republic of South Africa)

41. Being debated : AT ISSUE

44. Comedy genre : STAND-UP

46. Got a giggle out of : TICKLED

47. Raised, as a flag : HOISTED

48. Nestlé's __-Caps : SNO

50. Movie trailer, e.g. : TEASER

51. Boston summer hrs. : EDT. (Eastern Daylight Time)

52. Nuns' clothing : HABITS

53. Kernel holder : EAR

58. Rick's love in "Casablanca" : ILSA

59. Fireworks responses : OOHs. Followed by aahs.

60. Top-shelf : A-ONE

61. Way to check your balance, briefly : ATM. Check to see if it was made by NCR.

64. Sneaky : SLY


Feb 25, 2013

Monday, February 25, 2013 Don Gagliardo and C.C. Burnikel

Theme: A Trip Down Lover's Lane - Follow the three steps found at the end of the first theme entries and you will arrive at the fourth.

17A. Soft hit that barely makes it over the infield : BLOOP SINGLE

28A. Archaeological age-determination process : CARBON DATING

45A. Completely absorbed : FULLY ENGAGED

59A. Sign in a limo that aptly concludes the sequence formed by the last words of 17-, 28- and 45-Across : JUST MARRIED

Argyle here. Straightforward Monday. A little something for everybody. Easy to find cheater squares. An obscure name or two. A bit of crosswordese. If you can't find a nit, you're not trying but you would be hard-pressed to say you couldn't get it done.


1. Apt. parts, in ads : BR's. (bedrooms)

4. Talking head : PUNDIT. Originally meant "learned Hindu" before sinking down to a talking head.

10. Big name in ATMs : NCR. (National Cash Register)

13. Charged particles : IONs

15. Black-and-blue mark, e.g. : BRUISE

16. Suffix for pay : OLA. Payola/Graft

19. Cranberry-growing area : BOG

20. Africa's Sierra __ : LEONE. On the west coast. Map.

21. Fed. retirement org. : SSA. (Social Security Administration)

22. "T" on a test, usually : TRUE

23. Like dodos and dinosaurs : EXTINCT. But not 'our' Dodo.

26. Foray : INROAD. (encroachment, raid)

31. Texting units: Abbr. : MSG's. (messages)

34. Rowboat mover : OAR

35. Wish granter : GENIE

36. "How was __ know?" : I TO

37. Abrasions : SCRAPES

40. Sinus doc : ENT. (ear, nose, and throat)

41. Not exactly robust : FRAIL

43. Simpsons neighbor Flanders : NED

44. Makes really angry : IREs

49. Lawyer's customer : CLIENT

50. Accessory often carried with a wallet : KEY CASE. So you won't jangle when you walk.

54. Merle Haggard's "__ From Muskogee" : OKIE

55. N.J. neighbor : DEL.

57. Lightened : EASED

58. Libertarian politician Paul : RON. And small-government proponent. (yesterday)

62. Mystery novelist Grafton : SUE. 'S' is for Sue.

63. Houston team : ASTROS

64. Statistician's input : DATA

65. NHL tiebreakers : OT's

66. Tinkers (with) : MESSES

67. Figs. : NO's. (figures/numbers)


1. The Good Book : BIBLE

2. Pricey watch with a gold crown logo : ROLEX

3. Nose-in-the-air type : SNOOT

4. "Nova" airer : PBS

5. Ocean State sch. : URI. (University of Rhode Island)

6. Convent dwellers : NUNS

7. Starts to eat with gusto : DIGS IN

8. Manhattan is one : ISLAND. The Manhattan I like.

9. Golf ball's perch : TEE

10. Choice you don't have to think about : NO BRAINER

11. Metaphorical state of elation : CLOUD NINE. This site explains (sort of) where the term comes from.

12. Violent anger : RAGE

14. Former (and likely future) Seattle NBA team : SONICS

18. '90s Cabinet member Federico : PENA

22. Lug : TOTE

24. Gator's kin : CROC

25. Skier's way up : T-BAR. Back to our usual.

27. Glad __: party clothes : RAGS

29. Long-armed primate : ORANG. Informally; an orangutan.

30. Comprehends : GETS

31. Tick off : MIFF

32. Went down swinging : STRUCK OUT

33. Touchdowns require crossing them : GOAL LINES

37. Leonard __: Roy Rogers's birth name : SLYE. Trivia.

38. Mountain top : PEAK

39. Advantage : EDGE

42. Nastase of tennis : ILIE

44. Security checkpoint request : ID CARD

46. Ultimate application : END USE

47. Big bomb trials : N-TESTS

48. Binoculars user : EYER

51. Made in China, say : ASIAN

52. Look after : SEE TO

53. Icelandic sagas : EDDAs

54. Estimator's words : OR SO

56. P.O. box inserts : LTR's. (letters)

59. Printer problem : JAM

60. Stooge with bangs : MOE

61. Pack animal : ASS


Feb 24, 2013

Sunday Feb 24, 2013 Melanie Miller

Theme: "Excess Baggage" - BAG is added to each theme entry.

23A. Self-defense overkill? : HANDBAG GRENADE. Hand grenade. Hottest handbag at the moment.

33A. Red wines aged in autos? : AIRBAG PORTS. Airports.

50A. KEGO on your radio dial? : GASBAG STATION. Gas station. What is KEGO?

70A. Direct route to Loserville? : DIRTBAG ROAD. Dirt road.

90A. Entertaining show in a run-down hotel? : FLEABAG CIRCUS. Flea circus.

104A. Consumer Reports first aid recommendations? : ICE BAG PICKS. Ice picks.

121A. Activist grocery clerk? : PAPER BAG PUSHER. Paper pusher.

Normally puzzle titles do not repeat the key words of the themes. But "Excess Baggage" captures the gimmick so well.

Easier than our normal Sunday, probably because the theme came to me early on.

1. Corn at a picnic : EARS
5. Proofer's mark : STET
9. Wind surge : GUST
13. Protozoa genus : AMOEBA. The spelling Barry G prefers.

19. First Nations tribe : CREE

20. Kitchen aid : CAN OPENER

22. Elephant in the Jungle of Nool : HORTON. Dr. Seuss's "Horton Hears a Who"

25. Because : IN THAT
26. Secure : OBTAIN
27. Orbital extremes : APOGEES
29. The ones right here : THESE
30. Shocked, in a way : TASED

35. Water carriers : PIPES

38. Garbage collectors : BINS

41. Rose to great heights : SOARED

42. Dashboard Confessional music genre : EMO. Guessed.

43. Expanding concern? : OBESITY. And 32D. Plan to take off : DIET. Both fun clues.

46. Edible mollusks : ABALONES. I lived in a small city near Tsingtao for half a year. Amazing seafood/beer/government corruption there.
54. Get stuck (on), mentally : FIXATE

55. Ocean gathering : SCHOOL
56. Thread holder : ETUI
57. Series of turns, usually: Abbr. : RTE
58. Secret alternative : BAN
59. Solar __ : PLEXUS. OK, it's located in your stomach area.

63. Foreword, briefly : INTRO
65. Takes to the streets : RIOTS
67. Part of the Constitution that describes Cong. powers : ARTI. Short for article?
73. Stockings : HOSE
74. They may have spurs : BOOTS
76. Unfamiliar : ALIEN
77. How chicken may be served : ON RICE. I'd like some  UNAGI (10D. Eel, at sushi bars)  on my rice.

79. Bugler with horns : ELK
80. Chicago-based superstation : WGN. I wonder why Chicago is always so corrupt, TTP/Abejo?
82. Growing business : FARM

84. California peak rumored to hide advanced beings called Lemurians : SHASTA. Melissa knows this.
88. Giggle : TEE HEE
94. Vending machine options : SODA POPS
97. After Effects and Final Cut Pro : EDITORS. Both video editors. I googled.
98. Mount Rushmore prez : ABE. Did you know he's the most written person after Jesus and Shakespeare?
99. Pabst brand : STROHS. Windhover/Abejo is our authority on beers.
101. Large green moth : LUNA
102. Mythical enchantress : MEDEA. Lemonade's wife, in myth.
109. Rear-__ : ENDER

111. Retail benchmark : SALES

112. Close enough : IN RANGE. Made me think of Chris Kyle. Bradley Cooper is going to play him in the movie "American Sniper".

115. "Shortly" : IN A SEC

119. Like some domestic help : LIVE IN

124. "The Human Condition" writer Hannah : ARENDT. Haltoola might know her. Not me.

125. Contraption : APPARATUS
126. Italian capital : EURO. Money. Not ROME/ROMA.

127. They're popular in Japanese gardening : MOSSES

128. Unusable, as a cellphone : DEAD
129. It may be used to walk the dog : YO YO
130. Obey a red light : STOP

1. Chamber bouncer : ECHO

2. Many a Yemeni : ARAB

3. Borrow for a price : RENT

4. Unflappable : SEDATE

5. Checks out, as groceries : SCANS

6. Hash attachment : TAG
7. H.S. course : ENG

8. __ Bora: Afghan region : TORA
9. Italy's largest seaport : GENOA
11. Ritual meals : SEDERS
12. South American arboreal snake : TREE BOA. So they live in trees?
13. Hawaiian tuna : AHI
14. Least populous state capital : MONTPELIER. Wiki said "The population was 7,855 at the 2010 census".

15. Traditional : ORTHODOX
16. Wild blue yonder : ETHER. I don't understand this clue. Why "Wild"?
17. Sing one's own praises : BOAST. So Boomer now has 14 perfect games. Lumpy, one of his friends, has 75. Can you believe it? Lumpy is not tall, nor does he look muscly. He does manage a bowling center.
18. Kitty starters : ANTES
21. Verve : PEP
24. Leaning : BIAS
28. Swedish import : SAAB
31. Dies down : EBBS
34. Payola, e.g. : GRAFT
35. Correctly assesses : PEGS
36. Apple variety : iMAC
37. Elegant : POSH
39. Cryptologic govt. org. : NSA
40. Something to build on : SITE
43. Checked out : OGLED. For our leg-loving Splynter.

44. Hair color immortalized by a Renaissance painter : TITIAN RED. Did you all get this easily?
45. In its early stages : YOUNG
 47. Jar Jar Binks's home planet : NABOO. Strange land to me.

48. Virginie et Floride : ETATS. States, in French.
49. Horse __ : SENSE
51. Hasbro reaction game : BOP IT. New to me. Is it played alone?

52. Email letters : AOL
53. Short blaster? : NITRO. The N in  TNT.
57. Revved engine sound : ROAR
60. Capital of Shaanxi province : XI'AN. Yeah, my hometown. Capital of Zhou & Qin Dynasties, hence my Mandarin name Zhouqin. So, when you Google "Xi'An Zhouqin", what's the first image you see?

61. Modern search result : URL
62. Strong, drinkwise : STIFF
64. Small-government proponent Paul : RON
66. "__ the train a-comin'": Johnny Cash lyric : I HEAR.
67. Covers for a crook, say : ABETS
68. Battle on a log : ROLEO. Learned from doing Xwords.
69. Tipped, as a dealer : TOKED
71. Bluesy Memphis street : BEALE
72. Some are compact : DISCS
75. Brushed off : SWEPT ASIDE. Nice answer.
78. Vital life force, to acupuncturists : CHI. Literally "breath"/"air". It's different from the Chi in Tai Chi, which means "Grand".
81. Storied officer __ Ludwig von Trapp : GEORG. "The Sound of Music".
83. Junk __ : MAIL
85. Gob : SCAD. Often in plural.
86. Den focus, familiarly : TUBE. Not the "Scout den".
87. Sailing : ASEA
89. Stars no longer shining : HAS-BEENS
91. A/C measure : BTU
92. Unrivaled : A-ONE
93. Nana : GRAN

95. 1969 Arkin/Moreno comedy : POPI. Never heard of it. Alan Arkin/Rita Moreno.

96. Soccer protection : SHIN PAD
100. Minor injury : SCRAPE. I'm amazed by how stubborn my hamstring injury is. Still a  dull pain when I do some leg stretch.
102. Options list : MENU. Options is under Tools in my Firefox browser.
103. Takes out mistakes : ERASES
104. Faith of nearly a quarter of Earth's population : ISLAM
105. Where "Aida" premiered : CAIRO
106. Rivendell inhabitants : ELVES. Gimme for Marti/Jazzbumpa. Both avid fans of "The Lord of Rings".
107. Key letter : KAPPA. This Greek "Key" clue often stumps me.
108. "Golf Begins at Forty" author : SNEAD (Sam). Could be HOGAN, judging by the title.
110. Souse : DIPSO
113. Lab warning : GRR. Dog!
114. Cybermarket since 1995 : eBAY
116. Latched, say : SHUT
117. Designer Saarinen : EERO
118. Prune : CROP. Trim.
120. Some Windows systems : NTS
122. From __ Z : A TO
123. Chap : GUY


Feb 23, 2013

Saturday, Feb 23rd, 2013, Barry C. Silk

Theme: Saturday Silkie

Words: 72 (missing Q,X)

Blocks: 34

 This was a tough one, with a lot of proper names that threatened to undo me, but then some common sense crept in.  With a few changes to early WAGs that threw me off-course, I was able to get through this Silkie....but just over my personal allotted time....oh well.  How did you all do?  A rare "spotty" grid from Mr. Silk, without the usual chunky corners. One grid-spanner:

35A. Former name of the bonobo : PYGMY CHIMPANZEE - Did myself in by pre-filling the last three squares with "-APE", figured I was being smart....there's also a DJ/musical act called Bonobo - check this out, gang~!!

And some other unique fill:

3D. Structure damaged in a 1989 earthquake : BAY BRIDGE - I watched "Strip the City" on Science Channel, San Fransisco (they also did Sydney, London, Toronto, and are finishing up with Rome and Dubai); there was a a clip of this bridge's upper section that collapsed onto the lower; now they are in the process of building a new bridge right next to the original

32D. Fair color? : AZURE BLUE - Fair skies, that is; I love these eyes, too

14A. Score in a rare way : STEAL HOME - first time in a published crossword; can you remember a televised home stealing event, C.C.? (From C.C.: Here is one iconic moment in baseball history.) - Also - 50D. 2005 World Series player (his team's only appearance, and they lost) : ASTRO



1. Infect : IMBUE

6. Downs : EATS

10. Derisive exclamation : HAH~!!!

13. Should have said : MEANT

17. "I totally had you going!" : PSYCH - I had PS---, thought my MESA was wrong; then I had PS-CH, and figured I was totally wrong, then the V-8 can came last letter

18. Drum, say : CONTAINER - ARGH~!!! When you're a drum-MER, then you get caught up in BEAT TIMER, and all sorts of phrases that have nothing to do with container drums....

19. Luxury garb : SABLES

21. Johnny Friendly portrayer in "On the Waterfront" : LEE J. COBB - I had LEE- COBB, couldn't think of a FOUR-letter first name; crossing the CA city didn't help; I'm on the wrong coast

22. It hasn't released a U.S. model since 1987 : RENAULT - Stylish~!!!  Yes, I remember the Renault Alliance, which was probably the last to been seen in America.

24. Edible pods : OKRAS

25. Make two cuts in, maybe : TRISECT - Nailed it

27. Literary monogram : RLS - Robert Louis Stevenson

28. Said three times, a story shortener : YADA - Seinfeld

29. Benefit : AVAIL

32. "Head and Shell" artist : ARP - Jean, and the piece seen here

39. Nationality suffix : ESE - Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese

40. Night time : TEN P.M.

41. Anise-flavored apéritif : OUZO - it was in, it was out; TEEN for PEON made me change it early

42. Some PD officers : LTs

43. Low-cost carrier owned by Southwest : AIR-TRAN - didn't we just have this clued as a Florida-based carrier?

46. Inflexibility : RIGOR

49. Irish omen of death : BANSHEE - nice; I just thought they were screaming ghosts

51. Hunks : ADONISES - also unique fill

53. Eponymous astronomer : HUBBLE - Edwin Hubble, and the orbiting telescope that bears his name

56. Foreman's dramatic phrase : NOT GUILTY - This took a while to come to me; I got thrown by the capital "F" of Foreman, thinking it was a proper name, not the jury foreman who stands and reads the verdict.

58. Place for a crown : MOLAR - ah, the tooth; don't have one (crown, that is; I did lose a molar to a cyst, tho....or is that a 20A. SAC?), so it didn't immediately come to mind

59. Common reimbursement requirement : CLAIM FORM - also unique fill

60. Fights : BOUTS

61. Korean War pres. : HST - Harry S Truman

62. Old draft category : TWO A - Well, we always see ONE A, so I suppose there is a TWO A; is there a NINE Z~???

63. Game with a disk operating system? : SKEET - Hmmm, hockey didn't fit, nor shuffleboard - AH~!!!


1. Rascals : IMPS

2. Flat formation : MESA

4. Guy giving you a pointer? : UNCLE SAM - He wants YOU to go blue on the blog....

5. Fruit-ripening gas : ETHENE - Um, OK, all perps, sounds good

6. Key for backups? : ESCape - the top left key that works in AutoCAD, but not Photoshop; can I tell you how annoying it is to switch between programs? - also -  25D. Use keys : TYPE

7. Eniwetok, for one : ATOLL - I had the "A" early; tried ALEUT; screwed myself

8. Holding : TENET

9. Quench : SATE

10. Word in many oaths : HONOR - I had "NOT~!"  for the Derisive exclamation, so I tried NEVER here

11. Lab subject : AMEBA

12. "Scarborough Fair" quartet : HERBS - Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme - Marti linked the Beastie Boys for me, so here's the Beatnik Boys

15. Home to California's Torrey Pines Golf Course : LA JOLLA

16. Some country folk : HICKS

20. Fluid holder : SAC

23. Many a Mormon : UTAHN - one from UTAH - let it go....

26. Beams : RAYS

27. Tear : RIP

30. Skybox guest : VIP

31. Mideast capital once called Philadelphia : AMMAN - An Egyptian name for this Jordan city - Wiki

33. Iran's Shah Mohammad __ Pahlavi : REZA

34. McJob holder : PEON - not TEEN

36. Element no. 39 : YTTRIUM - I cheated, I cheated~!  I have a periodic table app on my Android - OK, you can read that "nerd", but hey, it's fascinating

37. French "these" : CES

38. Student's purchase : NOTEBOOK

42. Night sound? : LONG I - the sound in the word Night, Niiiiiite

44. Nationality suffix : ISH - English, Irish, Spanish, um, French

45. Compass points : RHUMBS - a loxodrome; it''s technical - here

46. Spread with hands : RANCH - DAR~!!!  I got this, but stared at it for a bit; oh, THAT kind of spread, and those guys called "hands"

47. Fan faves : IDOLS

48. Insinuated : GOT AT

49. Under : BELOW

52. Smooth out lumps, in a way : SIFT

54. __ fee : LATE

55. While opening : ERST - erstwhile

57. Vocalist Sumac : YMA - crossword standard