Feb 26, 2013

Tuesday, February 26, 2013 Marti DuGuay-Carpenter

Theme: Stay Tuned - We'll Be Right Back - The word, "STATION", is 'broken' into two sections and they are part of the theme entries.

20A. Pittsburgh fan base, collectively : STEELER NATION

27A. Philatelist's pride : STAMP COLLECTION

49A. Annual political speech : STATE OF THE UNION

57A. Commercial interruptions literally found in this puzzle's three other longest answers : STATION BREAKS

Argyle here. Notice the nice progression in the break-up of the word, station, 2-3-4. And even though the sides are broken into three-letter words, there wasn't an overabundance of them. I'm happy; are you?


1. Leftover bit : SCRAP. Hah! I was already typing ORT before I saw how many letters there were.

6. Kitchen meas. : TBSP. (tablespoon)

10. Highland tongue : ERSE

14. Thrill to pieces : ELATE

15. Commuter's option : RAIL

16. Cuts short : LOPS

17. "Understood!" : "GOT IT!"

18. Egg on : URGE

19. Debt-heavy corp. takeovers : LBO's. (leveraged buyout)

23. A pop : PER. Each.

24. Confirmation or bar mitzvah : RITE

25. Tons of, casually : LOTSA. (a lot of)

31. Pet welfare org. : ASPCA. (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)

32. Tie up loose ends? : SEW

33. Shed a few tears : CRY. Extensive write-up goes with this if you go to YouTube.

34. "Bus Stop" playwright : INGE. William

37. Radar's favorite drink : NEHI. (grape)

40. Butter on the farm? : RAM. 30D. 40-Across mate : EWE

43. Windy City trains : ELs. Elevated trains in Chicago.

45. Solemn promises : OATHS

54. Appeared on TV : AIRED

55. Penlight batteries : AAA's

56. AFL affiliate : CIO. (American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations)

61. Just as you see it : AS IS

62. City near Sacramento : LODI. CCR's take on Lodi(3:08).

63. Young neigh sayers : COLTS. Cute one.

65. Adjust, as strings : TUNE

66. Close : SHUT

67. Slippery as __ : AN EEL

68. Israel's only female prime minister : MEIR. (Golda)

69. Nile threats : ASPS. The crosswords are full of them, too.

70. Toy bear named for a president : TEDDY


1. Line piece: Abbr. : SEG. (segment)

2. Places to hide skeletons? : CLOSETS

3. Dilapidated dwelling : RAT TRAP

4. End in __: come out even : A TIE

5. He refused to grow up : PETER PAN

6. Faithfully following : TRUE TO

7. Oil units : BARRELS

8. Talk with one's hands : SIGN

9. Earnest request : PLEA

10. Nixon attorney general Richardson : ELLIOT. He resigned rather than obey President Nixon's order to fire special prosecutor Archibald Cox.

11. Like some of Michael Jackson's moves : ROBOTIC. @1:15

12. Advertiser : SPONSOR

13. Twisty curve : ESS

21. DMV certificate : LIC. (license)

22. Dr. Mom's specialty : TLC. (Tender Loving Care)

23. "This is your brain on drugs," e.g. : PSA. (public service announcement)

26. Unspecified quantity : ANY

28. 12th century opener : MCI. 1101

29. Deighton who wrote the "Hook, Line and Sinker" trilogy : LEN. Spy Hook, Spy Line, and Spy Sinker. It is the middle trilogy of a set of three trilogies. Man, that's a lot of reading.

35. Prefix with thermal : GEO. As a prefix: geo- is taken from Greek, meaning "earth", usually in the sense of "ground or land".

36. Santa's helper : ELF

38. Pet on your lap, maybe : HOUSE CAT. And anywhere else they damn please to lie. Check out today's Garfield.

39. Author Fleming : IAN. related, 42D. Bond's is shaken, not stirred : MARTINI

40. Cape Town's country: Abbr. : RSA. (Republic of South Africa)

41. Being debated : AT ISSUE

44. Comedy genre : STAND-UP

46. Got a giggle out of : TICKLED

47. Raised, as a flag : HOISTED

48. Nestlé's __-Caps : SNO

50. Movie trailer, e.g. : TEASER

51. Boston summer hrs. : EDT. (Eastern Daylight Time)

52. Nuns' clothing : HABITS

53. Kernel holder : EAR

58. Rick's love in "Casablanca" : ILSA

59. Fireworks responses : OOHs. Followed by aahs.

60. Top-shelf : A-ONE

61. Way to check your balance, briefly : ATM. Check to see if it was made by NCR.

64. Sneaky : SLY



Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Fun and fast solve today. Didn't get the theme until the reveal, but didn't need it to solve. Like Argyle, I appreciated the progression of letters in how STATION was broken up in the theme answers.

Tried OJAI before LODI, but that was my only write over I think.


thehondohurricane said...

Good morning everyone,

After a slow start, a pretty quick romp today. Had trouble with the across clues in the North, so I began with the downs, and it was off to the races. Did not figure out the theme until Argyle explained it, but, it was not a hindrance.

I thought ERSE was exclusive to that little green island gem east of the British Isles. Learning moment for today.

40A Butter on the farm/RAM favorite for today.

Marti, thanks for a pleasant start to the day.


Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Argyle and friends. This was a fun speed-run. Although I had a tad of trouble in the North East, there were many other answers that I had filled in before I even got to reading the clue.

I, too, immediately thought of ORT when I read 1-Across. Then I saw how many letters I would need.

My favorite clue was Young Neigh Sayers = COLTS.


Tinbeni said...

Argyle: Great write-up & links. Esp. the Garfield cartoon.

Marti: Thank you for a FUN Tuesday romp.
(Although, I'm not really sure why if something is "Understood!" You cheer: "GO-TIT!" ...)

Also, not sure why if something is "Being debated" you need A-TISSUE.

Fave today (of course) was MARTINI. (Because Scotch wasn't in the grid).

Cheers !!!

Anonymous said...

Mensa should use a different puzzle on its website.

Gerbils could solve these.

desper-otto said...

Good morning,

This was a nice, speedy romp. Thanks, Marti.

Argyle, you're absolutely right about "wherever they damn please." At the moment, avatar is lying on the desk, between me and the computer screen. When I get up to get more coffee, he'll feel obliged to accompany me, and if he can manage it, trip me.

I might have tried OJAI, but I never saw the clue. Must've already been filled in.


TTP said...

Here's looking at you, kid.

Thank you Marti. I liked and got the theme. Thank you Argyle. I'm happy too !

I carefully watched Michael Jackson's moves. I have two left feet. I might as well try to learn to do an Ollie.

I didn't want to let go of fOalS at 63A, so slowed in the Southneast.

My fav was "Butter on the farm." Now I'm craving apple butter. Thanks a lot ! 20A - I am a member. Got that answer in the first two minutes. STAMP COLLECTION came just a few seconds later.

Those old PSAs were interesting to watch on their own accord, but were so funny when irreverent SNL writers and others parodied them...

We'll always have Paris. Ta Ta.

desper-otto said...

I remember that Johnny Ray song very well. It was playing frequently on the juke box in the bar across Main Street from my bedroom. The flip side, The Little White Cloud That Cried was just as popular. He was really big in '52. Another big hit was Just Walkin' In The Rain, a few years later.

C.C. Burnikel said...

So, no one has commented on the SEW clue yet?

Loved how you executed the theme, Marti. Solid corners.

Mari said...

Easy puzzle for what will likely be a hard day. We're finally getting some winter weather in Chicago.

I'm with Hahtoolah in liking the Young Neigh Sayers!

The clues in today's Tribune laid out nicely: 38D was HOUSE CAT and 39D was about books. All that's missing is a cup of cocoa and a nice warm fireplace.

Anybody here from Texas? If so, how bad was the storm?

Anony Mouse said...

Thank you Marti for a wonderful puzzle. Really, really enjoyed it !!!

Although I got 57A - Station Break - I didn't get the 'real meaning' of the final clue. No problem - still found it delightful.

Thank you Argyle, for explaining it all. Michael Jackson was a wonderful singer and dancer ..... that talent can never be duplicated.

I loved 'Butter on the farm' (RAM) and would have never got it but for 'ewe'.

I was thinking of Pekinese for a lap pet - but knowing Marti, I knew it had to be some sort of (darn) cat..... ;-D (lol)

Have a nice day, you guys, and best wishes.

AnnieB8491 said...

Good Morning All - A fun puzzle today. Thanks Marti. I even got the clues and the theme.
Only 2 unknowns today (there always seems to be a couple at least) - didn't know LBOS or INGE, but perps filled them in.
My oldest son has been a Steelers fan since he was little so 20A was easy for me
For "talk with one's hands' my first thought was Italian - since I married one, but not enough room. lol
C.C. - SEW was my first thought for 32A since I have been sewing forever. My mom and I even made my wedding dress and most of my bridesmaids dresses. I used to make little sport coats and pants for my boys for Easter when they were little. I remember staying up til early morning trying to finish them. Did I mention I am a procrastinator?
I visited Chicago with a friend in my early 20's. Was
my first 'big city' trip - I was in awe of EVERYTHING!
Thanks for the write-up Argyle - enjoyed your musical links.
I didn't realize Texas could get that kind of snow storm. Hope all in it's path are safe.

Have a good Tuesday everyone!


Spitzboov said...

Good morning all.

Woke up this morning and wondered if Marti was on today after C.C./DG yesterday. And voilĂ .

Very enjoyable puzzle but slightly prickly. Clever theme. I jumped in with both feet @ 17a. and entered 'Roger" and then had to white it out to change to GOT IT. Sigh. Very little from entertainment or the arts - except for ILSA and INGE, old standbys, and a couple others. No searches were needed. No nits.

Have a great day.

Montana said...

Morning, all,
Just got Internet access so did yesterday's and today's puzzles. One sure can miss the puzzles and the banter after everyone has done them, when one can't join in.

Neither puzzle was 'easy' but with a perp or two, solved them both.

Headed San Diego way, this morning. Will treat my SIL to a birthday dinner on a wharf. I am staying warm. Those in storm's way, keep safe.


Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Marti, for a great Tuesday puzzle. Thank you, Argyle, for the swell review.

Got started in the North Central, PLEA, SIGN, RAIL, TBSP, etc. Slowly headed lefty and right and then South.

STEELER NATION came easily, even though I was always a Cleveland fan as a youth.

The clue for 49A, Annual Political Speech kind of grated me. I easily got STATE OF THE UNION, but it is not intended as a political speech, but what is says "State of the Union." Yes, I know, some presidents violate that mandate and enter their political leanings into it. I just wish they would not. My 2 cents.

I wrote in LOADS for25A. Fixed that to LOTSA after a while.

I am reading a book about TEDDY Roosevelt right now, when he was Police Commissioner for NYC. "Island of Vice."

Caught the theme after I finished and studied the answers in depth. Finally caught the Station breaks. Very good.

It is windy here today. Snow is supposed to come in this afternoon. Only 3 inches. Not bad. I remember living in New York (southern tier) one time and we got 4 feet in one weekend.

Off to my day. See you tomorrow.



Montana said...

Wow! In order to post today, I had to also verify myself with my cell phone. After verifying my phone number, I had to go get my phone to read a text from Google with a code, then enter the code, AND THEN still prove I am not a robot.

Managed it.


jilldinCA said...

A most clever and fun puzzle, I could never imagine how you do it, Marti! And of course, as usual, I didn't get the theme until Argyle's always excellent write-up. I thought of Ojai too, but since it is in So. Cal, I knew it had to be Lodi which is close to our state capitol in Sacramento. Favorite clue - shaken, not stirred. I can't wait to see Skyfall! Happy Tuesday to all.


xyz said...

Sexy splits and well-constructed, give it an A. Very swift for some reason

61Rampy said...

Smooth sailing today. I too wanted ORT. Thought CLOSETS was too obvious, so I waited to enter that. I did not see the connection between the long answers until I got 57 across, and even then it took a few seconds to GeT IT. Overall, a nice, easy puzzle by Marti.
To Anon@6:36: Monday and Tuesday are supposed to be easy!


HeartRx said...

C.C., hmmmm...I had "Tie up loose ends, in a way" for 32-Across. Would that have been better, or worse? I seem to have a pattern of stacked sevens in the corners, which is always a bit of a challenge.

Abejo @8:59, my submitted clue for 49-Across was "Annual presidential speech." Sorry it got edited!

I had a stack of possible entries, but eliminated them one by one. I had to be careful that none of the letters in STATION were repeated at either end of the split. So, "standing ovation" hit the cutting room floor. I really, really wanted that one instead of STAMP COLLECTION.

Lucina said...

Good day. Very nice explanations, Argyle, thank you.

Congratulations, Marti, on yet another opus. It filled quite fast and hand up for ORT but immediately realizing it wouldn't fit but then SCRAP was easy and the rest was a sashay.

In the NE, however, I paused as it took a while for ELLIOT to pop out. Some public people are just unforgettable and he was.

Also LOADS came before LOTSA (?) and of course my fav leading lady, ILSA who can STAND UP against ANYone in today's movies.

Butter on the farm, RAM didn't fool me
young neigh sayers, COLTS, clever

The RSA has been much in the news lately, thanks to the blade runner, Oscar.

Everyone, I hope your Tuesday is terrific! Time to have my eyes checked today.

C.C. Burnikel said...

I just thought someone else would remember this LOOSE ENDS puzzle.

HeartRx said...

Aw geez, even I had forgotten that one, LOL!

Husker Gary said...

I was rolling along thinking Marti’s theme was ST… which wasn’t all that whippy but then the reveal made me go back and find the very clever pause Husker KFAB broadcasts have to take at the top of the hr.

-Haven’t you all sat on pins and needles waiting for a SCRAP of information?
-Chefwen, do you use TBSP or just a dab, pinch, skosh, smidge or some such?
-LOTSA was fine but not LOADS or LOTTA
-Why did the RAM fall over the cliff? He didn’t see the EWE turn. Yeah, I know, don’t quit your day job
-I have an electronic app on my iPhone I can use to TUNE my 12 string guitar that works great
-The third Seinfeld quote down in this list tells what they thought of Golda MEIR
-Can you imagine TEDDY in a TEDDY? He wasn’t J. Edgar Hoover!
-Governmental stupidity? Try this about RATS
-We got the title to our new car in the mail last week with an official signature saying the lien had been “released”. I called our DMV to be sure and they said I still had to bring it down for them to “release” the lien and upon arriving I found out that I did not have to go down! Left hand/right hand?
-There are some very gruesome PSA’s about texting and driving. Google at your own risk.
-All the movie BONDS are alive but Oscar couldn’t get them together Sunday night (how cool would that have been?). Oh well, they still had Shirley Bassey sing the ultimate Bond song Goldfinger.
- Who did a dramatic turn and a bad version of Old Black Magic the movie Bus Stop?

CanadianEh! said...

"Didn't get the theme until the reveal, but didn't need it to solve. Like Argyle, I appreciated the progression of letters in how STATION was broken up in the theme answers." - agreed!
Enjoyed RAM/EWE clues and also Young Neigh sayers.
Didn't know LBOs and PSA (American maybe??). Had EST and changed to EDT when AIRED filled in.
desper-otto @6:50am
my avatar used to plop himself down wherever the kids were playing on the floor (right in the middle usually)

Anonymous said...

Today's cartoon, Dilbert, has an interesting take off on jury duty and math. Of special interest for Bill. G. .
Dilbert cartoon

Misty said...

A Marti puzzle right after a C.C. and Don puzzle! How cool is that! And this one was clever, clever, clever. I didn't "get" the theme until the reveal, and then found it delightful. Even more interesting to hear of your alternatives, Marti. Anyway, terrific puzzle, and always swell expo, Argyle. (Are you wearing your signature socks today?)

Annie, I can't believe you used to SEW your children's Easter outfits! Awesome! There are pictures in our family albums of me wearing a bonnet (at age 10!) for church on Easter Sunday morning. I don't think even babies wear bonnets anymore nowadays. All the baby girls on Facebook wear headbands with big flowers or other ornaments on them.

Have a great Tuesday, everybody!

LaLaLinda said...

Hi Everyone ~~

This was fast and fun ~ thanks, Marti! A clever theme that I didn't catch until the unifier. I almost wrote in 'Crumb' at 1A but glancing at perps, I could see CLOSETS, so I was led to SCRAP. Thanks for your write-up, Argyle. I didn't see the letter progression in the theme answers until you pointed it out.

~ Waited at 25A to see if it would be 'Lotta' or LOTSA.

~ Didn't know LBOS, LODI, and ELLIOT ~ perps took care of them.

~ Favorites: 63A - COLTS and 61D - ATM.

~ Not one of my HOUSECATs will sit on my lap. Two will sit leaning against me, but the third is much more aloof - it's rare for her to even come close! Maybe she's remembering her days as a feral cat - even though that was for only a few months?

Irish Miss said...

Good morning:

What a nice treat-CC and Don on Monday, followed by our Amazing Marti on Tuesday. Fun and clever offering, Marti, and neat expo, Argyle. Liked the clue for colts and sew. Caught the theme after the unifier and saw the letter progression, as well.

Temps in the 40's today but wintry weather coming in late this evening, rain turning to snow, maybe 2-4".

Have a great day.

Chickie said...

Hola Everyone, I must have been on Marti's wavelength today as I sped through this one. However, I didn't get the theme until I read Argyle's excellent writeup. I enjoyed your puzzle Marti. I especially liked the clue for colts/Young neigh sayers.

I started out with crumb instead of scrap so the perps had to correct that corner for me. My other problem came with Ell. It was a plural clue and I put in a singular word. Once that was corrected all the rest fell into place.

Inge I've learned from doing Crosswords.

Anonymous at 6:36. This Gerbil thought the puzzle was just right!

My friend from college days was raised in Lodi. It was a very small town in those days. I'm surprised it has come up as an answer in a crossword.

Annie B., Sounds like me when my girls were little. I made dresses, not little boy's clothes, but my wedding dress and all of the bridesmaid dresses were made by my mother and me. Do people do a lot of sewing much any more?

Have a great day everyone. This will be a busy one for me.

Anonymous said...

Good afternoon everybody.

Thanks for a great puzzle (which I could do only after looking up Elliot)
HeartRx. And your every time great write up Argyle.

We have a 60% chance of rain today. Good grief. That's not good. Will do my walk at the mall so I don't get wet!


Anonymous said...


Please remember not to feed the trolls, i.e. anonymice.

Anonymous said...

This blog is not for gerbils like you.

Husker Gary said...

-FYI (not troll food) - Jacqueline E. Matthews supplies our second, and incredibly easy, crossword puzzle in the Omaha World Herald every day. I don’t do her puzzles (the link above has samples) as they are not even up to LA Monday standards but they are always next to the Sudoku and Jumble. Man, is she prolific! Has anyone here ever heard of her or done one of her puzzles? Maybe she makes harder puzzles for other venues.

AnnieB8491 said...

Chickie - My mother and father had a small sales and repair business and she sold sewing machines so I had a good one at the time. I remember she sold them for $800 in the 1970's. That was a lot of money back then. Now you can connect the new ones to the internet and they can sew by themselves. What fun is that?

lil ole troll said...

Its kinda sorta slow here at the corner, so I thought I'd just add a spark and get things going.

Calling all troll lovers, calling all troll lovers, come on in troll lover.

Could some troll lover please feed me ? House cats are my favorite food and are much preferred.

Lemonade714 said...

Quiet day here after a strong start to the week with Dynamic Due and Divine Miss M leading the way. I am so late cannot add much except thanks to Argyle and marti and see you all later.

desper-otto said...

Husker, I think Jacqueline E. Matthews is probably a pseudonym for the person who also wrote the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew mysteries. From yesterday: No, I don't have an IPOD, it's a music server -- sort of like a 500gb computerized juke box. I've loaded my entire CD collection onto it. It retains the original CD fidelity -- no "lossy" algorithms, and the digital/audio converters are topnotch. Back in the 80's/90's I subscribed to the Time-Life Your Hit Parade (21 1945-1962), Rock'n'Roll Era (30 1954-1963), Country USA (22 1950-1972) CD series when they first came out. I put 'em all on a playlist that I can listen to in shuffle play. It takes days and days of listening to get through the whole list, and yes, Tex sings High Noon somewhere in there, and Johnny Ray sings Cry.

Chickie from last night: The Barnacle charges for their e-edition, not sure how much. You get it included with 5-day-per-week home delivery. But they took it away when I switched to 7-day delivery. Makes you wonder why the newspapers are disappearing.

PK said...

Hi Y'all, When 1A & D didn't come immediately, I thought, "Oh Oh" but did all the other downs & acrosses, got the first block and took off. LOL when the reveal associated the rather different theme answers. Clever, Marti! Loved the links, Argyle!

11a Watching the Jackson 5, I couldn't help thinking how much more handsome and appealing he was then before Drs. came at him with a knife.

Montana, one thing I enjoyed in San Diego was taking a trolley out on that high curving causeway to Coronado Island and visiting the Hotel Del.

I sewed my wedding dress then everything for myself and kids but our jeans for years. Taught my girls and neighbor girls to sew. Made a bridesmaid's dress for four weddings.

Haven't sewed a big project since 1990. My life seems to have periods of developing and using one talent then going on to whatever needed to be done in the next period.

PK said...

The big storm predicted for our area has sort of been a drizzly melting time interspersed with some big wet flakes. The trees were all fairyland coated at 2 a.m. with an inch on the drive. At 7a.m it looked very slick out. Now my drive is sloppy and melting. Strange storm here.

Jayce said...

Hello everybody. I had fun doing today's puzzle. Thank you for making it, Marti. At first, having filled NATION and UNION, I thought the theme was something to do with cultural groups, collections of people. Then I filled COLLECTION, which strengthened that theory. The STATION BREAK theme made me smile and my eyes light up.

Favorite clue is Places to hide skeletons. Made me chuckle out loud.

The popular "phrase of the day" when I was in high school was "Lossa vool!" which meant LOTSA wool. (You had to be there. LOL)

When I was NEHI to a grasshopper we used to laugh at this joke: A grasshopper walks into a bar and sits down next to a cricket. He asks the cricket what he's having, and cricket replies, "I'm having a drink that is named after you!" The grasshopper just shook his head and said, "Why would anybody name a drink Bob?"

Best wishes to you all.

Jerome said...

Marti, you sly little devil. Had me stumped for a couple of minutes. Enjoyed the "aha" moment.

Since it's a contraption next to a guys hospital bed, I'm surprised PETER PAN passed the breakfast test.

Abejo said...

To HeartRx: Thank you for clearing that up. Appreciate your following up.



desper-otto said...

PK, back in the day I was very grateful when they opened that bridge to Coronado. While in the Navy we had an Apt. in National City. It was a long drive down to Imperial Beach and up the Silver Strand to NAS North Island. That bridge lopped off quite a few miles, and even more minutes from the commute. Kind of scary on a motorcycle, though.

Jayce said...

Husker Gary, our newspaper publishes a puzzle every day by Jacqueline E. Matthews. It is called the Daily Commuter, and yes it is always very easy.

Bill G. said...

I enjoyed the puzzle and the writeup but then, I was expecting to. Fun theme. I only got it with some cogitating after 57A.

CC and Marti, right you are. The "Tie up loose ends"/SEW was very clever. I didn't remember the other puzzle.

There was a show on The History Channel about the San Andreas Fault. (I'm glad it's not my fault...) I live pretty close so it's a worry in the back of my mind. We've lived here and managed two pretty big earthquakes with minimal damage so far; a couple of little cracks in the plaster and one broken antique teacup. Earthquakes are actually fun when they are small. The trouble is, when the shaking starts, you can't tell how much bigger they're going to get. If it stays smallish, it's kind of like an amusement park ride. Bigger, it's scary as hell.

Anon (10:58), Good one! I even taught my eight-year-old grandson that he can't divide by zero.

Jayce, I enjoyed the cricket joke.

PK said...

Desperotto, I can't imagine doing the Coronado Bridge on a motorcycle! But military men are BRAVE!. I'm not sure I could drive it in a car with my bridge phobia. The trolley had no glass in the windows so my one thought was if the trolley went over we'd all shake out and have to swim for it. But the whole day was lovely and fun so my phobia only rose a little.

Pookie said...

Really fun puzzle. Loved how you broke up STATION.
How many puzzles per year do you and C.C. average?
Seems like you two are really succeeding at being published.
LOTtA for me too.

Argyle said...

Yowser! The bridge in question. Link.

windhover said...

Argyle said/asked:
I'm happy. Are you?
If I had a feather

Ree said...

Thanks for a pretty straightforward puzzle today , thoroughly enjoyable . My comments are always late , read the paper & puzzle after work . My husband is teaching himself the bass guitar .. So nice to be able to request a song & he learns most of it in a day; playing now as I post !

grams said...

I lived in Coronado before the bridge. Took the ferry to San Diego quite often. We were concerned about getting to Balboa Naval Hospital in time for the birth of our daughter. Loved the area.

Enjoyed the puzzle and theme. Good write up. Have a good Monday evening. Public television is running a Women Who Make America, should be good.

Ipastm. Ryiutho

aka thelma said...

Bill.... still chuckling over your fun earthquakes... :) on the 4th floor they feel bigger.... :) and on the 20th floor we had the file cabinets bolted to the walls... were you there in the feb '71 quake... think they called it the sylmar quake... ? and then there was the northridge quake - felt strongly in westwood... :) :)

Like you say... the stronger ones are very scary... don't miss them a bit...


Lucina said...

Gloria Steinem was on Charlie Rose discussing that program on PBS, Women Who Make America. It should be good. And she looks remarkably good for her age.

HeartRx said...

pas de chat @ 3:51, I never looked at the actual numbers, but I think that C.C. (with or without her regular comrade-in-arms Don G.) and I are among Rich Norris' regular constructors, with at least 1 or 2 puzzles per month. Personally, I prefer that it is only once monthly - otherwise, solvers might get used to our misdirections too easily!

Blue Iris said...

Wasn't PBS scheduled to have a series on the President's wives??
Did I miss it?

Blue Iris said...

On the same wave link as Marti today. Pulled ELLIOT out of the recesses of my mind.
Marti, I liked your first clue for STATE OF THE UNION. Had the same thoughts as Abejo @8:59. Marti, maybe you could add to COLTS, EWE and RAM and bring the whole farm next time. Cute cluing:)

Argyle, thanks for CCR link. I never knew they were saying LODI. What's wrong with LODI?? Small town? Probably a large town in Kansas :)

HG@ 9:58- RATS, another reason not to live in DC.

Chickie, my best friend is the best seamstress I ever met. Since I'm only 4'11", I end up buying dresses that look like sacks on me. She can alter them so I feel beautiful. Don't know what I would do without her. I just cross stitched 20 panels. When the weather clears up she's going to help me put them into a quilt.

Does anyone here collect STAMPs? We have collected a few panels that we have an interest in. Somewhat of a requirement since he retired from the USPS.

CrossEyedDave said...

Foals b/4 colts, otherwise clear sailing. Argyle, thanks for the the "Lodi" link. I never knew what the words were before & "a town in NJ" would have been the last thing i would have thought of... Sort of like their "bad moon on the rise/bathroom on the right," Unfortunately there was a side link on how to play Lodi on the guitar, & I have been playing it all day. Did not get back to the Blog until now.

A song I always hated was the Rolling Stones "Beast of Burden." But then i heard some people misunderstood the words to be "I'll never leave your pizza burning," & now I love it! (Hey now it's a love song!)

HG, I don't have a smart phone, but your post made me look up an internet version. 12 string guitar tuner

I found a link of a motorcycle going over the Coronado bridge, but it wasn't scary because the camera only faced forward, so I am linking this one instead. It doesn't seem that scary to me, but maybe because the ride home from Granmas' house took us over the Verrazano bridge, & then the Goethals bridge which was built to accommodate horse & buggies, & is wide enough to fit 1-1/2 cars abreast.

Blue Iris said...

2This is a serious question. My daughter called and her little 12 yr old dog is suffering. She adopted Addie, who was a abused dog 6 yrs ago. Since she has been on unemployment for 5 months, she does not have the 100 bucks to put him down. Any suggestions??

Blue Iris said...

I don't know where that 2 came from and Addie is a "her"

chefwen said...

Husker Gary - All of the above, a skosh being my favorite.

Nice shout out to my boyfriend at 5D.

Good puzzle Marti, I enjoyed it.

eermors - Rumors for your ears only.

Pat said...

Blue Iris: has your daughter contacted the SPCA and/or the Humane Society? I don't know if they would be of any help.

Thank you to your daughter adopting a rescue. Hugs as she goes through this trying time. Pets add so much to our lives, and it hurts so badly to lose them.


Pookie said...

Marti @ 5:30: Thanks for answering.
I think you may be giving some of us too much credit,LOL.
If I didn't see the constructor's name, I don't think I could recognize any certain style.
Maybe with more practice, but I didn't know the names of puzzle makers 'til I came snooping around the Corner.

HeartRx said...

Pas de chat, maybe you will come to know us too well in the future. See you next month!

Bill G. said...

Blue Iris, I'm sure sorry to hear about your daughter's poor little dog. Other than feel bad for her situation, I've got no advice. It was a very sad day for me when we made the final trip to the vet's office.

Actually, I do have some advice. I'm figuring that this is a fairly commonplace situation. If she has a good relationship with a caring vet, I would guess they would be willing to help out your daughter somehow. It's always worth asking...

CED (and others), since you enjoy the guitar as I do, you should go to Pandora and set up a personalized station as I've done. Include artists like Chet Atkins, Doc Watson, Merle Travis, Lenny Breau and maybe others. I also found a classical guitar station that I enjoy. Having inexpensive external speakers makes for a more enjoyable listening experience.

Bill G. said...

A bad hair day for sure! A middle-school girl can't believe what she did to her sideburns (side burn!). Tutorial gone wrong!

JD said...

I don't suppose anyone else put COW for "butter on the farm". I obviously had to change it since it wasn't working.

As usual, Argyle had to guide me thru the abc's of the clever theme. Great puzzle, Marti! I loved "young neigh sayers".

Left a hole.. the crossing of Per and Psa left me pee-less.

virus...still lingering

Bill G. said...

Really good sportsmanship

Lemonade714 said...

Bill that was what life should be, thanks

Manac said...

I've always said that good sportsmanship comes from good parenting, good coaches and and the person themselves . Don't know if i linked this before but this is another good example Sportsmanship. Another season coming up soon:-)

downtonabbey said...

Blue Iris,
There are many rescue groups who will help. She should start calling vets and explain the situation. Hugs and prayers to her and you.


downtonabbey said...

Marti, C.C. and Argyle:

What fun this was! What with C.C. yesterday and this puzzle the corner is very productive. I loved the RAM clue also. My sweetie helped with the Bond clue. It was a busy day around our house. I also didn't get the theme until the unifier. I bet this was tough to construct.

Desper Otto,
The Chronicle provides me with 7 day service ane the web version.

PK said...

CED: Any bridge scares the peawaddlin' out of me! However, there is something about the curve on the
Coronado bridge and the lack of overhead super structure that gives you a feeling that at the apex of the rise you will soar out into space and not care at all where you land. The bridge is so high because they built it to allow the large ships from the naval base to pass under it. Downside, of course, is if the bridge were to come down, the ships would be trapped.

BillG: Loved the sportsmanship.

Blue Iris: If your daughter got the dog from a shelter, she should take the dog back there and explain the situation or just leave it there without any explanation. She gave the dog more years of
happiness than it otherwise might have had.

Lucina said...

I loved that sportsmanship video! Thanks for posting it.

Bill G. said...

Lucina, PK, Manac, Lemon -- I'm glad you liked it. Things like that bring tears to my eyes, when people are kind to each other. Manac, I remember and love that softball video too.