Feb 9, 2013

Saturday, Feb 9th, 2013, Robert H. Wolfe

Theme: None

Words: 72

Blocks: 33

Nah-nah nah-NAH nah-NAH nah nah....Mr. Wolfe last appeared on Saturday on May 12, last year, and I looked; it was a tough one; well, I solved this one, but there were a few answers that I had to wonder about, and we will get to those, but for now here are the details; Triple 8's and 6's in the corners, with the longest answers being just 9's:

41. Source of funding for the BBC : TV LICENCE - they get funding from their (UK spelling) license - The British Broadcasting Corporation charges ALL who receive the signal; more here, crossing

11. "Can I go now?" : "ARE WE DONE"?

31. Holy day commemorating the purification of the Virgin Mary : CANDLEMAS - One week ago (Feb 2), crossing

32. Write : DROP A LINE



1. Dirty work? : STAG FILM - Ooh, what a start; can't really link the movie I'm thinking of....

9. Vocations : TRADES

15. One making a comeback? : RETURNEE - one online dictionary didn't have this; the other one said it usually refers to military types returning from overseas

16. Most irritated : SOREST

17. Attacks : SETS UPON

18. Animated bird who debuted in "A Tale of Two Kitties" (1942) : TWEETY - This guy; more here, for those who care to know about his sexuality....

19. "OMG! I didn't want to know that!" : TMI - Too Much Information, text/online time-saver

20. Conveniently weak argument, metaphorically : STRAW MAN - new concept for me, so I went looking for an explanation.  I liked this one, especially #2

22. Racket : DIN - ARGH~! Not ADO

25. Home of Caterpillar, Inc. : PEORIA - I think this would have been better without the "Inc." at the end; just a subtle Capital "C" at the start of caterpillar

27. Latin 101 word : ESSE - "to be"

28. "The Prague Cemetery" novelist : ECO

29. Asked for food, maybe : CHEEPED - the way birds ask;  but not Tweety

34. As dissimilar as possible : POLAR - as in "polar opposites"

38. Refrain : CHORUS

39. "Of Mice and Men" (1992) actor/director : SINISE - Gary;  I liked him as "Lt. Dan"

40. Williams of ''Happy Days'' : ANSON

44. Gillette Stadium player : PATRIOT - Our New England core will know this;  I had to wait on perps

46. Put on the canvas : KO'D - no "e" this time, just Knocked Out;  I had PIN first - anyone else?

47. Ancient promenade : STOA

50. Skip the plan : WING IT - there used to be a Sports Bar in Jacksonville FL around the corner from my apt called WIng It;  guess what they served....

52. Pen : STY

53. Neat and tidy : WELL KEPT

55. Veep under GRF : NAR - Gerald Rudolph Ford's Vice President was Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller - all perps - did not know;  RMN was president when I was born, RWR was the first president I recall being elected.

57. Pen, as a poem : INDITE - to "make up, compose"; from Latin "indicere", to make known

58. Out in the open : ALFRESCO

63. Added to one's net income? : SEINED - I thought I was smart with FISHED, but no, I was close.  Should have cast a wider net....

64. Fine form : GOOD TRIM - yeah, but....

65. Unwavering, as a stare : STEELY - I started with STEADY, gave me 66.6%

66. Wife of Orpheus : EURYDICE - good bottom line fill;  most of the time we see what's EASIEST, with easy to cross letters like "E","S","T"


1. Yearbook sect. : SRs - Wasn't sure if it might be JRs; my first Junior High School had all three years in the same book. 

2. Athletic supporter? : TEE - I had "FAN", because of the "?", even considered NEA when I got the "E";  For a Saturday, I think the "?" could have been left out

3. Court VIP : ATTorney - not A.D.A.

4. Air force? : GUST - we got some GUSTS here last night; concerned about the power lines weighed down with snow

5. Dowdy sort : FRUMP

6. Broken : IN PIECES

7. Oscar winner Melissa of "The Fighter" : LEO

8. Criminal intent, in law : MENS REA - probably my favorite version of Law & Order, mostly because I like Vincent D'Onofrio's acting style - thought he deserved an Oscar for his "Edgar" role in Men In Black; could YOU play a "bug" in a decomposing skin?

9. Feature of some Birkenstocks : T-STRAP - I prefer this kind of T-strap, or maybe this kind, especially in "Stag Films"

10. Elite seating area : ROW A - Ugh, OK

12. Thinks : DEEMS

13. These, in Madrid : ESTAS

14. "Funny Girl" composer : STYNE

21. Gets even with : TIES

22. Brenda Lee record label : DECCA

23. Corporate raider Carl : ICAHN

24. Not-to-do list : NO-NOs

26. Omega, to a physicist : OHM - the measure of resistance in electrical circuits

30. Expansive : EPIC

33. Long-tailed moth : LUNA - JazzB linked her on Wed, one of my favorites from the H.P. series, too.

35. Words in blue, often : LINKS

36. Accessory with a morning coat : ASCOT

37. Sounding like bagpipes : REEDY - yeah, that's ONE way you could describe them; actually, I happen to like "rock" bagpipes (p.s., this is my ring-tone).

39. Spell : SIT IN FOR - Um, well, uh, yeah, I guess?

41. Game show prize : TRIP - Love this theme song; earworm~!

42. Sommelier's datum : VINTAGE - Wine waiter

43. Yule symbol : LOG - almost too deep with my thinking

45. Academically stylish : TWEEDY

47. Holey order : SWISS - My "HAR-HAR" for the day; hole-y, the cheese

48. Article of faith : TENET

49. Many a 22-Down record : OLDIE

51. Not on schedule : TARDY

54. Mail-order record co. : K-TEL

56. Collecting Soc. Sec., maybe : RET'D - two weeks in a row with retired in the puzzle;  I got about 22 more years left with UPS

59. College Football Hall of Fame coach Holtz : LOU

60. Madras Mr. : SRI

61. Pres. title : CIC - Commander In Charge (Correct: Commander-In-Chief. Thanks, Marti.)

62. Where the 'eart is? : 'OME - Cockney elision, H-eart and H-ome

Splynter, now 42 - the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything - anyone know what I am referring to?

Notes from C.C.:

Splynter in his beloved Rangers' jersey

Thanks for faithfully guiding us every Saturday. Thanks for always giving me solid feedback on themes/fill. You're a great Pig. I hope 42 is magical and you find your Goat or Rabbit!


PK said...

Hi Y'all, Hope Barry isn't snowed under. I don't know how to act if I come in first.

Happy birthday, Splynter! May all your pucks go in! Thanks for your labor on this. Bagpipe rock, what'll they think of next?

Who's afraid of Robert H. Wolfe! Me, Me! I huffed and puffed over this one. Two-thirds of what I typed in turned bloody red! Hate when that happens. Pecked around over it until I got it, but it wasn't fun today.

Hands up for "fan" as athletic supporter. Really wanted some cute three-letter word for jock strap...

Should have known ECO, but didn't. We've talked about this. Other NO knows were STYNE, ICAHN, LEO, LOU & EURYDICE. The last one I kinda knew, but wanted a "P" in there someplace. Wrong name!

New to me: INDITE a poem? Sounds mean to me.
STRAW MAN? That's in debate contests? Hmm!

Forgot about Rockefeller as a Veep! Both he and Ford were pretty forgettable. Betty Ford I remember.

Early Bird making snow angels said...

Well hello PK. Up early aren't we. Live across the pond, in the UK ?

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Managed to finish with a legitimate no-peeky, but just barely. That holy day crossing with criminal intent had me wondering.

I'm not going outside just yet. We have nearly two feet of snow, and the wind is still blowing. Drifts are much deeper. This will take a while.

HBTY Splynter!

Argyle said...

Dateline: Argyle ...Upstate Update.

Not that much snow but, boy, is that wind howling.

HeartRx said...

Good morning Splynter, and happy, happy birthday to my Saturday hero! 42 ? Do you plan to go hitchhiking around the galaxy this year? ;-D

It's good that this was such a stumper this morning - it gave me the excuse to stay inside while the snow pours down outside. My last fill was the SWISS/SEINED crossing. When I finally filled them in, they seemed so obvious, but I must have stared at that corner for a good ten minutes!

I think CIC means "Commander in Chief." That one helped me get AL FRESCO and spell EURYDICE. Whew!

We hit the jackpost in Worcester county with the snowfall. I am already looking at four foot drifts in front of the garage. I just hope I can get to the snowblower later today!

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

We still have power as of right now, so that's a blessing. I have no idea how much snow we have, though -- I don't plan to go out until it has completely stopped (fortunately, our front door opens inwards...) Figured I could sleep in a bit this morning since there's nowhere to go and no way to get there.

Happy birthday, Splynter! I remember 42 well (and so do all the other fans of "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", I'm sure.

Oh, yes... the puzzle! Struggled a bit getting started on it, but once I got a little traction I plowed through it pretty quickly. INDITE was completely unknown, but the perps were rock solid. Vaguely knew EURYDICE, but needed perp help to get the exact spelling. Didn't know LOU, which didn't help matters.

Loved all the wacky, tricky clues.


desper-otto said...

Good morning! Snow-free in my neighborhood. Always is.

I whipped through this one quicker than yesterday, and a whole lot quicker than a typical Saturday.

Hand up for PIN before KOD. Also couldn't remember NAR. FRUMP, on the other hand, I got immediately. Our yearbook had all four years (no middle school in those days). Our whole high school had fewer than 200 students.

I agree with the Ugh for ROWA. Nice to see than OHM found a OME here.

HBD, Splynter. Yes, I do remember 42. In fact, I mentioned it the other day in reference to the bust size of JzB's Miss Universe contender. Everybody remember Slartibartfast? (Say that one three times fast!)

Al Cyone said...

A measured 12 inches of fluffy white snow outside my mid-Hudson valley door this morning. As snowstorms go, this one was probably as good as they get. No strong winds, no loss of power, easy to shovel. Still, I'm not crazy about the stuff and, more than ever, want Spring to be here. Given the STARKCHOICE between green and white, I'll take green every time. No dilemma.

The puzzle looked to be a long overdue DNF but, somehow, I filled everything but the NE corner. Then (based on the year) came up with TWEETY and pretty much WAGged the rest. Have I mentioned that I don't like answers with multiple short words? ROWA belongs in that particular Hall of Fame (Shame?). Along with WINGIT and SITINFOR. The British spelling of LICENCE didn't help much either. Speaking of shame, I almost wish I didn't get ANSON. But the harder the struggle, the more satisfying the victory. [21:32]

Avg Joe said...

Good morning all. Snow free here in the Great Plains NE. Looks pretty rough for you in New England NE. Glad to see reports of power still on, and hope it stays that way.

The puzzle was a slog and a wagfest, but I did manage to get it completed. No timers on my dead tree version, but it took around an hour. Probably more work than I'd prefer, but all in all a good puzzle.

Happy Birthday Splynter. I looked for metal versions, but settled on This from Jimi.

Tinbeni said...

Splynter: Happy Birthday! You get the first "toast" at Sunset.

Hmmmm, No snow here either, D-O.
Just came in from hand-washing the CR-Z, wearing shorts, a TEE and barefoot.

My typical Saturday DNF. More empty "haven't-got-a-clue" than Write-over Ink Blot.

Did like TWEETY & TWEEDY in the grid.

42 may be the "perfect number" for the Galaxy Hitchhiker's ...
But for me it is Five ... the time my (stopped) clock says it is "Somewhere."

Cheers !!!

TTP said...

Just read about CANDELMAS on Groundhog Day.

Game show prize... Couldn't get Bob Barker "Itsa braannd newwww caaar!!!" out of my head for the longest time.

Would never have got 63A SEINED from the clue, except for the perps

CIC ? That's sick. Next to OME, another gimmick ? OK, well I saw the gimmick and OME let me get ALFRESCO, but still...

Sometimes I just stare at the known letters, and fill in the blanks before looking at the clue. At 10D, I had -OWA so I entered i/ iOWA is an "elite seating area ?" Doh! R

Ultimately failed in the Northwest with STAGFILM, RETURNEE and SETSUPON. Time so read Slynter and all the comments. Expect that there will be some unhappy campers today.

ATT for ATTY Court VIP ?

Anonymous said...

I with you TTP. Stupid clues.

Yellowrocks said...

Last night I said we had 4 inches of snow at 6 PM when I shoveled. It was more like 6 or 7. I shovel frequently because shoveling 18 inches at a time is daunting. This time we were lucky. After 6:00 there was only a dusting. I actually enjoy this kind of snow, lovely to look at, roads quickly cleared, no damage and no loss of electricity. I would miss the snow, but not a blizzard, if I were to move south.
-This was easier than many Saturdays, but by no means a romp. I thought it was fair and fun. I liked SEINED.
-I had SINISE all from perps. Odd spelling. Finally I recognized the name
- I had NAR, but forgot who was the veep for Ford.
-I learned INDITE as a child from Psalm 45. "My heart is inditing a good matter: I speak of the things which I have made touching the king: my tongue is the pen of a ready writer." Spell-check doesn’t like INDITE.

Yellowrocks said...

-Substitutes for TV news anchors always say, "This is ___ SITTING IN FOR ____."
-The old time Germans looked for a badger to see his shadow on CANDLEMAS Day, Feb 2. In the USA ground hogs were more abundant and were substituted for the badger. Some say this is the origin of Groundhog Day. Like TTP I read about this on Feb. 2.
-The most thrilling bagpipes I ever heard were at the Military Tattoo in Edinburgh. There were 250 pipers and drummers parading in a huge open air stadium, large enough to take in the full sound. There were other military bands, folk dancers, and pageantry. Glorious! It being Scotland, we sat there in our raincoats and warm jackets, but thankfully the rain didn’t come until the showing after ours. It did rain before and we sat in our raincoats under a shop overhang and ate fish and chips which were wrapped in newspaper.

Happy birthday Splynter. I always enjoy your humorous and informative blogs.

pjmugs said...

Hello everyone! I have been lurking here for a while now and decided to finally pop in and make my presence known. I also wanted to say how much I enjoy the write-ups everyday, very entertaining and fun.

It took me longer than usual to finish today or should I say throw in the towel. I just refused to accept SITINFOR, it made no sense to me at all so it must be my mistake, right? I felt the same about INDITE but I finally gave up and accepted that one as it couldn't have been anything else.

I hope everyone that is dealing with mega-snow stays warm and safe. Here in PA we got about an inch or two so we are lucky to have escaped this nor'easter. The wind is brutal though - we had a difficult time convincing our two small dogs it would be in their best interest to go outside this morning.

Diane said... for tee, early for tardy and on and on.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning all.. Happy Birthday Splynter.

Got hungup at the INDITE/KTEL cross. Two unknowns - the dreaded Natick. Wagged CANDLEMAS and TV LICENCE. Had 'vinyard' before VINTAGE. Liked the clue for SEINED. Other unknowns such as MENS REA were gotten from the perps.

We got about 6" of fluffy white overnight. Sunny and clear today.

TTP said...

Happy Birthday Splynter !

Yes, google search "What is the answer to life" and the answer will appear before you can complete it. BTW, it's 101010 in Binary, 52 in Octal and 2A in Hex. Not sure which sounds better.

If you want to experience one of the all time great (IMO) rock songs featuring bagpipes, you'll have to check out this song by those crazy young Scottish boys from down under. It's about 1:35 in when he starts rocking those pipes. The song is from '75 and the vid is from '76 so it may have been a bit before you started rockin to music.

Have a happy birthday !!!

PS, CC, thanks for the Pig link. I just found out I am a Monkey, and it describes me very well.

grams said...

No snow, but air alert. Explosion at Air Liquide in LaPorte. Wind blowing in our direction. Oh well, won't plant flowers today.

Clever puzzle, but DNF for me! Have a good weekend.

Lemonade714 said...

Happy Birthday S. and many more.

WEES and I liked STY next to WELL KEPT. Mr. WOLFE is a long time pro.

Be safe in the snkw

Splynter said...

Hi Again~!

Damn, I "F"ed up the blog on my B-day; I know it's Chief....oh well.

Thanks, PK, but I'm a goalie - I hope to keep the pucks OUT~!!

Actually, I prefer "boar" to pig, C.C. - ;7) Note that the lucky colors are these. So, I should me looking for someone 30,34,38,42,46 and/or 50 to be most compatible; 4yr increments, good to know.

We got about 10" of snow, but the drifts are up to 2 feet in some places; I always get snow for my B-day~!! Just glad the power stayed on, or I wouldn't have had the chance to do the blog~!


thehondohurricane said...

Good morning everyone,

A big time DNF today. Like Tin, more empty spaces then filled, correct or incorrect. I'll blame the lack of enthusiasm on the storm.

Good news was power stayed on. Bad news... snow kept falling. We're close to three feet. No idea when we will be plowed out but I'm guessing tomorrow. Except for four years in college, I've spent all my life in Ct. Can't ever remember this much snow from one storm.

Happy birthday Splinter. Have lots of fun.

Barry G. said...

Oofah! Looks like we got the second highest snowfall total in the state at 26.5 inches (and counting).

I think I'll wait until after lunch before I try doing anything about it...

Dudley said...

Oh boy, I just raised the garage door, and the snow was about three feet due to drifts. I simply closed the door again.

This is going to be a long day

Anonymous said...

here ya go dudley: Cartoon

Anonymous said...

Saw on the news that one of the highest totals was in Natick. I thought, hey, I've heard of that place!

Anonymous said...

A brain-bruising good time, except for:

"Put on the canvas : KO'D."

Needs a clue that the answer is an abbreviation.

"Spell : SIT IN FOR."


"One making a comeback? : RETURNEE."


"Fine form : GOOD TRIM."


Irish Miss said...

Good morning:

We were spared the worst of the storm and only got about 6" instead of the predicted 14" or so. Lucky us!

My thoughts on this puzzle are summed up very nicely by Tinbeni's Thumper. (Asked for food=cheeped dredged up the dreaded "chirped.")

Happy Birthday, Splynter, and thanks for your great expo.

Happy Saturday.

Argyle said...

Welcome, pjmugs, now that I've released you spam filter hell. I see no reason why you were in there. (Anyone wanting to read the missing comment, go back to 9:19)

So what are the two small dogs? (Would make a good avatar if you go blue.)

Lucina said...

Good day and happy, happy birthday, Splynter! May all your wishes come true.

Brain bruiser, yes, that's an apt description for me. It took a long time and after 45 minutes of only spotty fill, I yielded to Google and found the names: STYNE, LOU, PEORIA, PATRIOTS none of which I knew.

That at least gave me a toe hold to work with and the entire eastern seaboard was done.

CANDLEMAS was my first fill but then doubted it because I mistakenly thought 8D was REA MENS but it gradually righted itself.

Finally the SW defeated me and the blog finished it for me. I hate that but chuckled at NET income and SWISS, holey orders. Brilliant clues.

Sometimes my thinking cap is on backwards.

Stay warm and safe all who are snowed in. I don't know which is worse, a snow storm or a dust storm as ours are violent.

Have a happy Saturday, everyone!

Lucina said...

Welcome,pjmugs and any other newbies I may have overlooked. I'm sure you will all add to the spice of this blog.

LaLaLinda said...

Hi Everyone ~~

Well, two miracles today - we didn't lose power and I finished this puzzle! I printed the puzzle last night - I knew there was no way we'd get a newspaper today. All state roads are closed today and possibly tomorrow.

We have close to three feet of the white stuff and the drifts are higher. In the driveway is an 7' mound of snow and I think my car is under there somewhere - I can just see the tip of the side mirror! This clean-up will take a while.

I had lots of problems with the puzzle but little by little it came together. I was very dependent on perps and WAGS, especially in the SE corner. The crossing of EURYDICE and SRI was my last fill.

~ The misdirection of 63A - 'Added to one's net income' - SEINED - had me going for a while, but when I finally got it, I loved it.
~ Favorite was 47D - Holey order - SWISS - I missed seeing the E in Holey at first so was thinking of something religious.
~ On 35D - Words in blue, often - LINKS - I thought of our link master, CrossEyedDave.

~ A very Happy Birthday to you, Splynter ~ I hope this day brings you many "HAR HARS!' :-)

AnnieB8491 said...

Thanks Robert for a real Saturday brain-buster. Haven't read the comments - Want to see how much I can get - as of now - not very much. First one I knew for sure today was ALFRESCO. I have a looong way to go.
A beautiful day here in Florida. My family faired pretty well. Home got about 12 inches but my brother in Maine got about 29" - he lives near Portland. The only white stuff I'll see today is sand.
Have a great Saturday everyone.

Awol said...

STYMIED by today's offering, but had fun trying.

Enjoyed the SWISS holey order, but did not solve it.
INDITE was new to me.
Suspected there was something "fishy" about 63A but did not come up with SEINED, so SW was not well covered even after coming up with KTEL from gawd knows where.

Thought ROW A was pretty lame.

TTP (9:26): Rockin' bagpipes...who woulda thought? Especially loved the fashion maven guitarist.

Here's a mite of Western madness to brighten Splynter's birthday:
Portland Piper Pedaler

Argyle said...

Gandalf Playing Bagpipes and Riding a Unicycle in Portland

Manac said...

Hello everyone, This was a big DNF for me today. Too many unknowns for me and some clue/answers that I'm just going to take Thumper's advice.

Weatherman said this area got around 30", looking outside, I believe him.

Trying to work up the gumption to venture out. Its only 18 and windy. Lucky me, my driveway is Y shaped so there's two street entrances to clear out. Yay! Twice the fun!

Oh well, procrastinated enough.

JJM said...

Saw the picture Spylnter... Blackhawk fan myself. The Rangers had the best team in the League , that is until they they met the Devils. That was a total surprise! The Hawks can run all 4 lines this season, similar to 2010. In a short season, that is going to be a HUGE advantage.
Happy B-Day

Java Mama said...

Good morning, Saturday Solvers. Happy, Happy Birthday to you, Splynter -- and DON’T PANIC about turning 42! Great expo today, really liked the rockin’ bagpipes.

Robert Wolfe had me hollering “Uncle” in the end. Started by confidently filling in RETORTER for One Making a Comeback? Refused to let it go and made a mess of the whole NW. Loved WING IT, but not so much GOOD TRIM. Got a big chuckle out of Holey Order = SWISS. Needed the Y in TARDY for the spelling of EURYDICE.

Glad to hear from all of the folks in the path of the snowstorm (or Nemo, as the Weather Channel has dubbed it). Hope your power stays on! Anon @ 10:02 – perfect LINK for today.

Welcome to pjmugs – hope to “see” you often.

Have a great day, everyone!

Montana said...

What MANAC said,"This was a big DNF for me today. Too many unknowns for me and some clue/answers that I'm just going to take Thumper's advice."

Happy Birthday, Splynter. If it weren't for your blogging on Saturdays and CCs on Sundays, I would skip the weekend puzzles.

My grandson in CT is LOVING the snow. His Aussie mother-not so much.

Have a nice day, everyone,


Misty said...

I can't believe I got the whole thing! On a Saturday! Yay! Hurray! What a great way to start the weekend--many thanks, Mr. Wolfe.

Marti, you should repeat the advice you gave me about doing Silkies, a while back. It was really encouraging and helps me every Saturday now.

Splynter, Happy Birthday, and many thanks for all your great Saturday expos. That's a totally cool pic, dude!

Two quick questions. What's K tel? And did Anson Williams play Potsie (spelling?) or somebody else on "Happy Days"?

Finally, welcome pjmugs, and other newbies I haven't had a chance to greet! How nice to have you in the Corner!

So good to hear that so many of you haven't lost power and are facing the snow-plowing with a lot of courage and energy. I'll keep my fingers crossed that everybody else is okay too!

Have a great weekend, everybody!

Anonymous said...

Good afternoon everyone.

Happy birthday, Splynter. You look good.

Did not come even close to finishing. Wrote in 13 answers of which 9 were correct.

When I lived in Evergreen, CO at 7200 ft., we had 3 feet of snow fall one night. Had to shovel out a space for my small dog, a Schipperke. That's why I moved to Naples, FL. Never wanted to chip ice out of the driveway again – nor have I.


Anonymous said...

PS: I don't understand TEE for Athletic Supporter? Can someone please explain?

john28man said...

I was a DNF but that is nit unusual for me on a Saturday.

With all of the snow in the East, I thought I would tell you about the Front Range of Colorado. Mush of Eastern Colorado is having whatever is more than a severe draught. In 2012 we recieved about 9" of precipitation which is about half of average. This winter we not yet more than 2" of snow from any storm. I know because I am President of my HOA and it is my responisbility to determine whether to shovel the snow frim all of the complex or just the sidewalks and driveways of North facing houses. Haven't had to everything yet.

Tinbeni said...

A TEE supports the golf ball.

Jayce said...

Hello everybody. I got clobbered by the SW corner also, not knowing INDITE. Only after coming here and reading Splynter's terrific writeup did I see SEINED and SWISS. In hindsight they are great fill, well clued. I guessed "net income" was referring to some sort of net, but I still couldn't get it. "Holey order" made me think of the order, arrangement, or sequence of a bunch of holes, so I never thought of the cheese. Easy in hindsight, but stumped me going in.

Hand up for FAN instead of TEE. I also put in ATY instead of ATT, making me think 17A began with SNY.

I didn't recognize KOD even after filling it in. I guess my mind was too fixated on a painter's canvas.

Best wishes and good shoveling.

JD said...

Good morning Sat. solvers and wanabe solvers,

Just enjoying the words from those of you who did finish. My 1st swipe left a lot to be desired...and not enough to continue.

HBTY, Splynter.Have a great day. Thanks for taking on Saturdays; usually I just bounce in to read what you say.

HeartRx said...

It's nice to see how well everyone cooperated by staying off the roads and heeding the governor's ban on driving in MA. I think it really helped the road crews clear the snow, and hopefully all will be back to normal by Monday.

Misty, I am so glad to see you jumping in on Saturdays! I usually treat these the same way that I would eat an elephant: "One bite at a time."

Splynter, I actually thought you were being facetious with your CIC comment, and wasn't trying to point out a mistake. Anyway, it IS your birthday, so you can get away with it!! (^0^)

Welcome pjmugs, glad to see you peeping out of your anonymoushood. Funny, but I was trying to convince the cats that it would be in their best interests to stay inside this morning!!

chin said...

I was tempted to throw in the towel but persevered. Indite remains a mystery to me. I wanted the Latin I word to be either amas or amat but remembered esse.

Here in Myrtle Beach we have approximately zero accumulation but the drifts are, well, zero as well. Windy but the golfers are enjoying themselves.

Yellowrocks said...

I feel I am the odd man (woman) out. I loved so many of the clues others found wanting. To me they were interesting misdirections.

-Spell (Defintion: relieve (someone) from work temporarily by taking a turn.) Newspersons spell each other by SITTING IN FOR them when they are absent. Others are spelled by someone standing in for them.
-CHEEPED. I think we had a similar clue about a asking for food, and the answer was MEOWed and no one quibbled. It is fun to watch baby birds being fed. They CHEEP loudly and open their beaks so widely they seem to be all mouth.
-LICENCE, “BBC “gave away the British spelling.
-GOOD TRIM means fit, in great health, so in fine form.
-My DIL always signs up for the most expensive (elite) seats for the Rockettes' Radio City Christmas show. They sit in ROW A, right next to the stage. For me that's too close and too expensive.
-The dictionary says KO is slang. It gives KO’d as the past tense. I got it easily even though it felt strange to omit the apostrophe.

61Rampy said...

I think this blog is interesting because of the different viewpoints people have. For example, some have said that this was an easy puzzle for them. I found todays to be quite difficult. Other times, I zoom through puzzles only to find that others thought they were hard. Guess thats what makes the world go round...
The list of clues I had to Google is long. Had to change FAN to TEE, PIN to KOD, and TrEnDY to TWEEDY. Overall, several weak clues, Saturday difficulty, and I got it done with lots o' help.
HBTY Splynter!
Glad to see that so many in the NE didnt lose power/have damage, etc.
Misty: KTEL is/was the biggest of the "NOT SOLD IN STORES" record/tape sellers. You could usually see their ads on late night TV. And I think you are right about Potsie.

Argyle said...

It might help to remember INDITE and INDICT stem from the same Latin word.

Pinto said...


Lucina said...

I had those very same write overs, FAN before TEE, PIN then KO'D and changed TRENDY to TWEEDY.Great minds, you know!

I'm so glad the power stayed on for you and that you are warm all easterners.

Misty said...

Thanks, 61 Rampy--would not have known K tel without your help.

Bill G. said...

Hello on Saturday. Happy birthday Splynter! I'm always impressed at what you've been able to accomplish on a Saturday puzzle. I know I've gotten better at solving CWs since I've joined this blog but I can also see how much better some others are than I'll ever manage. I got through this Saturday stumper but would probably have given up without red letters to let me know when I was off base.

I miss the snow I remember growing up in Virginia but I don't think I'd enjoy 3 feet of it very much. It's 55 here today. Speaking of Virginia, I wonder where Lois is? I also miss hearing from Jeannie.

Avg Joe said...

I can also remember dealing with 3' of snow a couple of times. But it was always the day after it fell and in the CO mountains where they are very used to dealing with that kind of quantity. I can't imagine what it would be like in a dense urban area. Worst I've seen in those circumstances is around 18", and that's no cakewalk. I hope all you affected remain safe and warm.

Speaking of Colorado, it's nice to hear from a couple of you (Sallie and John28Man) that live or have lived there. It's been over 32 years for me, but I have lot's of fond memories. Sallie, is the Little Bear still going strong?

On the athletic supporter clue, I'm surprised no one else has made my error: "bra". It didn't last long, but, hey it fit, and it's not that much of a stretch:-)

Jeannie said...

Hi Bill G., C.C., Dennis, HeartRx, Kazie and all you lovely others at the Corner and of course, my favorite counselor. I have been lurking off and on, mostly off this past year or so. First the good news. I have finally landed a terrific job in the catering field, as a supervisor in St. Louis and moved there from St. Paul. Even better, I met a perfect Mr. Right ! and his six year old son and I have grown very close. Finally a closer to the most miserable interval in my life. I am planning to set up a brand new avatar and hope to be joining all of you on a more regular basis soon. Go Cardinals.

Lucina said...

Is that really you? Welcome back and congratulations on the new job! And the new beau. How wonderful for you!! I look forward to seeing you often.

LaLaLinda said...

Jeannie ~ So happy to hear from you and of all the good things that have come your way ~ wonderful news! Glad also, that you'll soon be back at the Corner!

PK said...

Splynter, I forgot you were a goaly. Sorry I pucked it up.

Early bird at 4:56 a.m.: No, I don't live in the UK. My sleep patterns have gone topsy-turvy lately. I went to bed at 5 a.m. and slept until 3:30 p.m. Got up and let the cat out at 10 a.m. but failed to feed him before falling into deep sleep again. Boy, did the cat scold me at 3:30, with good reason. When you find yourself apologizing to a cat for neglecting him, it's pretty bad.

I'm glad the North Easterners are all present and accounted for. Lucina, I believe I'd rather have snow storms than dirt storms. I've lived through both. Neither is nice.

Chickie said...

Hola Everyone, The puzzle was an effort in futility for me today. A DNF. But I enjoyed coming here to read Splynter's excellent take on the puzzle and the links.

Happy Birthday to you, Splynter, and many many more. Loved the picture of you in your hocky uniform.

Indite, Men-Rea, TV Licence all new to me. A real learning day for sure.

The web-cam from my grandson's apt. window shows the street and everything within the eye of the lens to be nothing but white and still coming down snow. I hope everyone is safe and staying reasonably comfortable.

Welcome pjmugs. Iknow I haven't welcomed other newbies as recently I haven't been on the blog every day. Welcome to all of you, too.

Have a great rest of the weekend everyone.

ree said...

"Snowed in" here in CT and snowed under by this puzzle. Kudos to you who were able to solve this challenge! We do better on "Saturday Silkies"!
It took four hours to do our driveway and our road is still not plowed! Three to four feet of snow here! Thought the puzzle would be a source of entertainment, just a source of more frustration! Well done Mr. Wolfe! Thank goodness for the blog, always entertaining! Hope everyone is safe and warm!

jilldinCA said...

Today's puzzle was a GREAT BIG DNF for me! Couldn't even get close....but, as always, love the comments...and Happy Birthday to Splynter and thanks for explaining all the stuff I didn't know, which was pretty much everything. You are amazing. To those in the snow zone, stay warm and safe! Now, I hope I do not get beaten by the captcha thing, too!

Chickie said...

Welcome back, Jeannie. Congratulations on your new job, home, beau, and all the other news about your life. Thanks for checking in. We've missed you. Everytime I make a Vodka pie crust I think of you and the wonderful recipes you shared with all of us.

Did anyone else put in Mom for Athletic supporter? I think we Moms are the biggest supporters of all!!

A big oops! Sorry Splynter you are not wearing a hocky uniform, but I do love your hockey uniform!

Yellowrocks said...

I have been following the aftermath of Nemo. Our winter wonderland here compared to the blizzard in MA. CT. and Long Island is like the comparison of "Singin' in the Rain" to Hurricane Sandy. My thoughts are with all who are digging out from this disaster. CED lives in my county. I have been checking his locale and find nothing untoward. CED, are you okay?
I am still marching to a different drummer today. I panned the classic, “The Book of Ebenezer Le page” as boring and gave it one star. Most readers loved it and gave it a 4 or 5 star review for the reasons cited in the preview. After reading 20% to 25% of the book none of those interesting features appeared. I wasn’t willing to wait and bagged it. If a book doesn’t capture my attention in the first quarter I don’t care to read it.

CrossEyedDave said...

I am ok Yellowrocks, 8" in the front yard, 11 inches in the back.

It is tough not to have the newspaper, they it deliver here in a little yellow plastic bag to keep it dry.

Had a big scare with the snowblower though, I was clearing the driveway, & all of a sudden bits of plastic yellow bag come flying out! I thought OH NO! MY CROSSWORD!!!

But luckily it was just an empty bag, they delivered the paper aroung lunchtime.

Argyle said...


Welcome, ree.
What part of CT was that.

Bill G. said...

JEANNIE, it's so good to hear from you again. Congratulations regarding the good news about your job, Mr. Right and Mr. Right Jr. I'm so happy that they make you happy. I look forward to hearing from you more regularly.

Rats. I was just backing out of our driveway heading for my macchiato appointment. I looked left and right, backed out and was surprised to hear a bump. The woman across the street was doing exactly the same thing at exactly the same time. So we both backed into a space that had been empty moments before. We were both OK but a little shaken. We agreed it was both of our faults. My rear bumper is slightly crumpled and the paint is scraped. I can either ignore it or bite the bullet and get it fixed. I have a good relationship with the Customer Service lady at the local dealership where I got the car so I'm going to start with her to see how expensive it's going to be. I'm guessing I will have it fixed 'cause otherwise it will annoy me every time I look at it. Oh well, it's only money.

Jeannie said...

Ooooh, I hit my number! Good to be back.

fermatprime said...

Good day to you all.

Had to resort to red letters. Never heard of INDITE. Nice expo, Splynter! Happy birthday! (Love HHG books! Have very large water turtle named Zaphod.)

So good to see you, Jeannie! Am very happy for you!

Have never been in a snow storm!

PK: Sounds like my usual unfortunate schedule. (Horrible stomach has caused this to be disrupted. Hooray, I think.)

Have a great Sunday!

CrossEyedDave said...

My Goodness! So much to like/dislike...

Bill G, Yest. ISS video was awesome!

PK yest, I get that same Spam from my daughter who refuses to believe her email was hacked. weight loss fruit indeed! When they will not let you leave the page DO NOT CLICK ON THE "X" as that is what downloads the malware! Use task mgr (Ctrl+Alt+delete) to shut down your browser, or just reboot the computer! Any time i get an email from my daughter, i now right click the mouse, & choose "view page source." The 1st thing up is "return path" & if it it not my daughters email address, i know it is some one else who got their email hacked, & their PC is now a robo spam sender. I attach the spam to an email & send it to SPAM@UCE.GOV to report it. It probably doesn't help, but it makes me feel better...

Splynter, you are truly brave to take on writing up the Saturday Stumpers! A side link on the Beatles Happy Birthday caught my eye, but that is too easy for some one of your caliber! So,,, while i would like to detail your truck, this will have to do! Wishing you speedy deliveries!

JD said...

welcome back Jeannie!!! If you have been lurking, you know we have missed you. So happy for your new job, and Mr. Right.

AnnieB8491 said...

A big DNF for me today. After the slow start, I did get more than I thought I would, lots of misses - FAN instead of TEE, CINDY instead of ANSON to name a few. Lots of unknowns too. Tried to solve it without the reds, gave up lol. Guess I’ll have to rely on them for Saturday’s cw.
Welcome pjmugs - I’m also new to the blog. I really enjoy everyone’s comments, humor and informative tidbits.
Glad everyone weathered the storm without any major incidents.
Happy Birthday Splynter - Hope you’re having a great day!

Manac said...

Well, What a long cold day it has been. Snow at the ends of the driveway
were chest high. Was about to finish up when my neighbor asked for a little help. His wife had to go to work (she's a nurse) and his plowman hasn't shown up even once during the storm. The SOB lives about 6 houses up the street! This should be his first stop on his route. Anyways I cleared his driveway and she was off and running. My neighbor wanted to pay me, Yeah, Right! We settled on a shot and a beer. He raised his glass and said Salute! I said,"To the Tin Man!" Boy, did he looked confused. True story. But.. that's what neighbors are for.

Jayce said...

Jeannie, congratulations! I'm happy for you.

CrossEyedDave said...

41A TV Licence, some time ago CW's made me aware that in England, they have officers going around town with equipment that detects oscillations that are created by your TV set. If they detect a TV at an address that has not paid the licence fee, this is what happens! So you Americans! Watch those commercials before they put you in jail too! (they are working on equipment that detects DVR fast forwards as we speak!)

Anyway, Thank you LaLaLinda, 47D holy order drove me nuts, & the write up did not help. It was not until your post that i checked my notes & realized i never even saw the "E" in holey. Tx, that was driving me nuts. (did i say that already?)

2D How does "tee" support anything athletic? Then Tinbeni points out Golf,,, AAAARrGH!!! IT IS A GOOD THING THAT UNLIKE MY GOLF CLUB, MY PEN IS TOO SMALL TO WRAP AROUND A TREE!

Unipiper! Tx Awol/Argyle. (The mobile link would not open for me)

Bagpipe Rock, 4 stars! Price is right theme,,,, not so much!

39D spell= sit in for ( no, i don't like it, every dictionary i consulted did not help either. Yellowrocks? are you sure?

Avg Joe said...

FWIW, spell used in that sense is completely in my vernacular. Didn't question that one for a second.

Jeannie said...


Wow! The things you learn about here at the corner.

CrossEyedDave said...

Anyway, like i said,,, lots to like/dislike...

i will try to shut up now, but before i do, i must point out 2 things.

TTP, yes, i know what you mean, lately, i read a clue, it means nothing, then look at a partially filled answer & divine the meaning. After the 1st pass, i get more answers if i do not look at the clues!!! (cue theme from twilight zone...)

Splynter! 42, the answer to life, the Universe, & everything!

Well, I say nonsense! You can build your supercomputers, & wait 10 million years,,, but Tinbeni & I both know the answer is 5
(o'clock,,,) (somewhere...)

Spitzboov said...

Good to have you back, Jeannie.

Bill G. said...

CED, "Spell" = SIT IN FOR didn't make sense to me at first. I didn't go back to see what YR said but my take on it was "Are you getting tired of mowing the lawn? Do you want me to spell you for a few minutes?" Spell meaning to give someone a break. As I said, I'm not sure what you were asking or what YR said but that's my two-cents worth.

I have little interest in modern popular music (Don't I sound just like my father?) but I usually check in for a few minutes glancing at the Grammy broadcast because of the outrageous outfits. I guess CBS is trying to put the kibosh on too much skin this year but I can't see them kicking Lady Gaga or any other big star out. It might make them more rebellious. We'll see.

CrossEyedDave said...

Bill G. Thanks, but "do you want me to spell you for a few minutes" makes absolutely no sense to me. Perhaps because i learned English in Australia.

I wonder if spell in this context is a regional thing? & if so, how wide a geographical area is it used?

Yellowrocks said...

CED, yes I am quite sure. I have heard and read SPELL used that way frequently. It's not regional. From the Free Online Dictionary:
v. spelled, spell·ing, spells
1. To relieve (someone) from work temporarily by taking a turn.
2. To allow to rest a while.
1. To take turns working.

windhover said...

Ever the skeptic, I might point out that The real Jeannie did/does not live in St. Paul.

Anonymous said...

@Windy, of course its not her

Bill G. said...

Well dang, how do you expect to learn good English in Australia? They probably speak it correctly under there.

If you Google SIT A SPELL, you can find lots of other people who have asked the same question. It's more common usage than you might imagine.

I was going to post something from my desktop dictionary but I see that YR has just posted almost the same thing. Great minds...

ree said...

Argyle, Thanks for the welcome! We are 1/2 hour south of Hartford CT, the Governor opened the roads at 4pm, we still haven't seen a plow on our road since 9pm last night. The snowfall amounts varied substantially across the state, most businesses closed all day today and the storm ended this morning.The snow was higher than the snowblower shoot!

Awol said...

Hi CED (7:08 p.m.)
SPELL = sit in for
Def.: a turn of work taken by a person or set of persons in relief of another.

And in your old neighborhood of Australia:
An interval or period of repose or relaxation; a rest.

Per the good ole OED

Anonymous said...

Good night all.

Thank you Tinbeni for explaining TEE. Somehow I don't think of golf as being very athletic, but I don't participate in any sports (used to swim a lot).

Avg.Joe: I haven't been back to CO. for 25 years, so I don't know about Little Bear.

Jeannie: good news and glad you're back.


Jeannie said...


CED here,,,

I just deleted a post in the hopes of exceeding the 5 post limit, & while todays Blog show only "comment deleted," the Archives show "who" deleted! Very interesting...


I just wanted to say, i defer to your input, I am here to learn. I just had a hard time wrapping my brain ( & other body parts ) around the usage of "spell" in that context.

61Rampy said...

For those who are involved in the snowstorm- one of the most irritating things in life is to spend hours shovelling/snowblowing the driveway, only to have the steetplow come by and push tons of snow back INTO your driveway. (And the plow driver usually does it with a hysterical grin)

Manac said...

Rampy, Oh, so f*@&ing true!
I swear that SOB of a plowdriver lurks around the corner just waiting for me to finish. Then when I'm putting everything away, he comes by for a clean up with that G D smirk!
Hah! Joke is on him. I just leave it there. Gotta warm up sometime.

Argyle said...

Yes, ree, that is where Google said it was the deepest. Don't you feel privileged? ;~)

Anonymous said...

Kung hi fat choi!

Abejo said...

Good Sunday morning,folks. Finished this at midnight last night. NE corner was a bear.

See you later today after the Sunday puzzle.


xyz said...

81A half X is also a horizontal split of an X = V

Sorry if someone else said it. Caught up on 5 puzzles today, this last week was very challenging or I was tired.