Feb 16, 2013

Saturday, Feb 16th, 2013, Brad Wilber & Doug Peterson

Theme: None

Words: 70

Blocks: 33

   Our "other" dynamic duo does it again with a do-able themeless thrasher.   A rather odd grid having a block (6 cheater squares) in the 1 across and 1 down position, but with the highest freshness factor I have seen, and no fill longer than 9 letters. Some answers that will grab this group's attention;

18A. Lady Violet in "Downton Abbey," e.g. : DOWAGER - I do not watch, but I have lurked here on those days when *Spoiler Alert~!* would have been SHH~!!! And - symmetrically, the other 7-letter fill in the lower spot starts with D-O-W-, too;

45A. Command to Fido : DOWN BOY

29A. Familiar title of Beethoven's "Bagatelle No. 25" : FÜR ELISE - It's so recognizable, but I thought I would link a version for those of us who "fret" rather than tickle the ivories

48A. Anteater's slurp in the comic "B.C." : ZOT


36D. Over-90 day, say : SIZZLER - Over 90°, that is - and I am sure there are those in the upstate NY and the New England area that can't wait for those days to return; me, I spent my Birthday weekend digging out, and I don't mind; I'm a winter baby



1. Duke's Mike Krzyzewski, familiarly—he holds the NCAA Division I men's basketball record for most wins : COACH K - not a Basketball kind of guy, but once I had "C-O-A-", I guessed the rest

7. Gets stuffed : FEASTS

13. Mawkish : MAUDLIN - sometimes I think this word seems like it's missing a final "G"

14. Many Civil War mess kits : TINWARE

15. Gallery event : ART SALE - ack~!, not ART SHOW

16. Arab League member since 1962 : ALGERIA

17. Pulled off : DID

20. GI assignments : KPs - Kitchen Patrol, working in the mess unit

21. Nash's "ill wind that no one blows good" : OBOE

23. Run together : BLUR - ack~!, not BLED

24. Hershey's candy : ROLO - ack~!, not KISS

25. Karate takedown maneuver : FOOT SWEEP

28. Bagel order, maybe : DOZEN

30. 2003-'04 OutKast chart-topper : HEY YA

31. Monopoly deed word : RENT - filled it, thought it was "too easy", took it out - and then it was back in again

32. Vitamin starter? : MEGA - mega-vitamin

33. Got the lead out? : MINED - or the ore of any metal, for that matter

35. WWII Pacific Theater battle site : CORAL SEA

39. Without any aptitude for : BAD AT - I'm BAD AT witty lines; I always think of the perfect one about 10 minutes after the cutie I was talking to is long gone....

40. Emotional one-eighty : MOOD SWING - crossing MOON BASE

41. Turgenev's birthplace : OREL - Ivan the Turgenev, playwright, born in Oryol, according to Wiki

42. Bingo call : B TEN - let's see; it could be B-one and B-two as well; the numbers associated with BINGO cards are astounding

43. Fitch who partnered with Abercrombie : EZRA

44. Broadway legend Hagen : UTA - learned from doing crosswords, and one of my first pass fills which meant it was not a complete white-wash

49. The "G" in G.K. Chesterton : GILBERT - mostly perps, and sensible WAGs for the other couple of letters

51. Ethel Waters title line following "Now he's gone, and we're through" : "AM I BLUE?"

53. Latte option : HALF-CAF - I only "do" my own coffee, and maybe 7-11 or Dunkin' Donuts; and it's coffee-flavored coffee with "fake sugar" and creamer

54. Lucky groups? : SEPTETS - C.C. said my lucky numbers are 2, 5, and 8

55. Schemer : SLY FOX

56. Sew up : ENSURE - HA~! Not STITCH, which fit, and SUTURE, too


1. Arctic game : CARIBOU - oh, DUH - that kind of "game"

2. Unprotected, in a way : OUTDOOR

3. Much spam : ADvertisementS

4. Decent, so to speak : CLAD - She's clad, but is she decent?  What about him?

5. American port below the 20th parallel : HILO - Considered "GUAM", but waited to see what crossed; Hawaiian port

6. Emulated a '50s TV father? : KNEW BEST - before my time

7. One doing cabinet work? : FILER - one who FILES, in that kind of cabinet; I prefer the wood-working version....

8. IBM hire, maybe : ENGR - eh, not TECH

9. Floor : AWE - it was in, then ECUADOR fit @ 16A, messed me up

10. Chirac's successor : SARKOZY - ah, French presidents; I didn't even know they HAD one; I thought it was some sort of "prime minister"

11. Like the least risky bonds : TRIPLE A - Market references in a puzzle containing MADOFF might get some people's blood in a boil

12. __ pass : SEASON - I was looking for CARSON, DODSON, etc., not the "admission ticket" to an amusement park; we have "Splish-Splash" in Riverhead, they offer a season pass

13. Bernie __, subject of the 2011 book "The Wizard of Lies" : MADOFF - Yeah, he "MADE OFF" with a lot of people's money; if you ask me, prison was too easy; he needed to be put to work at UPS for $8/hr, and forced to earn a living like most of us have/had to

14. Run after a fly? : TAG UP - hey, baseball - what, about 7 weeks away, C.C.? (The season starts on April 1 Monday.)

19. Not being buffeted as much : ALEE - healthy Saturday cluing for "away from the wind"

22. Enduring : ETERNAL

24. Majestic euphemism : ROYAL WE

26. Nasty fall : SLEET

27. Empty talk : WIND

28. "Fin d'Arabesque" painter : DEGAS
 30. Wrangler's charge : HERD

32. Sci-fi destination : MOON BASE - If you're a Sci-Fi kind of person, check out this movie; essentially a one-man cast, and really fascinating; more at IMDb

33. __ arts : MARTIAL

34. "If everything works out ..." : IDEALLY

35. Either "A Serious Man" director : COEN - Joel and Ethan, who have given us some great movies; here's the clued one; sounds like "Falling Down"

37. Getting there : EN ROUTE

38. Striped marbles : AGATES - Learned this one from crosswords, too

39. Large branches : BOUGHS

40. Appt. book sequence : MTWTF - the days of the week in an appointment book; I love this fill - very cool

42. Cleansing agent : BORAX - nailed it

45. Geometric art style : DECO - Art Deco, like the Chrysler Building; I happen to like the style, but then again, I am fond of straight lines (in art, that is - I like curves, too - see 4D) more here

46. Augur's reading : OMEN - Pondered PALM, but glad I waited

47. Litter sounds : YIPS - ack~!, not MEWS

50. Texter's soul mate : BFF - Best Friend Forever - I don't have one :7(

52. HVAC measure : BTU - British Thermal Unit


Note from C.C.

Happy Birthday to Crazy Cat! Are you still reading us?


PK said...

Hey Ya! Great puzzle! Great commentary, Splynter!

Not a speed run, but doable for me with red letters. I thought getting there should be "commute" and wanted 36D to be "past due". Tried "Lebanon" in the Arab League just because it had the right number of letters. Hand up for "bled". Did get a TaDa!

Still not sure why SEPTETS are lucky groups. Dice?

DEGAS is a favorite painter. COEN: had to be!

One of the best things to come out of hooking up my computer is the weekly emails from my BFF who went through all 12 ELHI school years with me and truly was my best friend in high school. We did so many things together--double-dated, took several trips. She was my bridesmaid. Before the internet, we wrote at Christmas and saw each other briefly about every other year. She is a lovely kind lady.

Middletown Bomber said...

nice puzzle great write up.

PK you will give yourself a dope slap when you figure out why a septet is a lucky group has something to do with 7 being a lucky number.

Its Saturday enjoy.

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Bit of a Saturday Slog for me, especially the NE corner. The puzzle started off on the wrong for me with the ridiculously long clue at 1A (why not simply, "Duke's Mike Krzyzewski, familiarly"?). I'm not a college basketball fan, but you don't need all the rest of the clue to guess COACH K...

Seeing the clue for ZOT really put a smile on my face, on the other hand. Haven't seen or thought of that for years.

Couldn't get OREL from the clue, so relied entirely on the perps. Ditto for EZRA.

As for that NE corner... Didn't know HEYYA and struggled with just about every other answer up there until I finally made some semi-educated guesses and managed to muddle through in the end. Last to fall was the crossing of TAGUP and BLUR. I wanted BLED (despite it being the wrong tense) and TAGGED (despite there not being enough letters) and therefore ended up with TAGED/BLED. Took me awhile to find and fix that when I didn't get the *TADA*


desper-otto said...

Good morning Saturday Sloggers!

And this one was a slog. I was NEMO'd in the NE. For the first time in recent memory I had to actually get out the WiteOut and "undo" all of New England. My TINWARE was PIETINS, ALGERIA was ERITREA, FILER was WIRER. It was a real mess!

In the south I had the WTF before the MT appeared, and I thought WTF? And for "over 90" I was thinking days, not degrees. But even with all the white-painting and hand-wringing, it all came together within the time limit, so life is good!

Just watched Thursday's Jeopardy! and was surprised that one of the answers was SYZYGY. Got that one immediately. DW and I have a running joke that when somebody with over $20K gets to the Bonus Round on Wheel of Fortune, we know they're going to get the SYZYGY puzzle.

TTP said...

I wanted a kiss for 24A.

This was too much for me. Did the west side from top to bottom, and then slowly completed the southeast. Was just getting nowhere in the northeast, so finally turned on red letter help. My misplaced kiss showed up in red. After kiss was gone, SEASON pass finally came to me, and D---N bagel order was obvious. So ROY completed 24D, and ROLO fit. Got SARKOZY with just the O from ROLO and the Z from DOZEN. Maybe I should have just known that. Then kicked myself for not getting TRIPLE A earlier. OK, no jokes today about trying to parse that as TRI PLEA.

Favorites were "Run after a fly" = TAG UP and "Lucky groups" = SEPTETS. How clever was that ?

Time to read Splynter's remarks and see what the early returns are from the morning regulars.

TTP said...

Thank you Brad Wilber and thank you Doug Peterson. Very enjoyable and very challenging.

Splynter, great write up. I see we had some of the same issues.

I've only seen commercials for Downton Abbey, but since I had DOW, just swagged at AGER. Ditto with GILBERT , but having only the bookends at first, thought maybe GerhaRT. Then considered that Gerhart Chesterton just sounded wrong. Texter's soulmate BFF made me see much more harmonious GILBERT.

Am I alone in finding BFF so amusing when vocalized by the young girls today ? "It's going to stay this way forever. Nothing will separate us." Uh huh. Okay then. Moving on.

I wanted Donner Pass, but that didn't fit with kiss either. And oh yea, my arts wanted to be liberal rather than MARTIAL.

Northeast looks to be the trouble spot today.

Happy Almond Day. Did you know that California produces 80 % of these nuts ? I did not know that.

ginerjm said...

I've been reading this post (and doing the puzzle) daily for about a year now, just lurking around. Have to say today's puzzle was indeed a beaut! Took not as long as some Sats., but surely was not easy. Some great clues and even rarer answers.

Have to ask - what are these 'red letters' people mention? Is this puzzle available online somewhere?

Lemonade714 said...

Good morning all

I am always impressed with the range of information in a puzzle this one with SARCOZY, MADOFF and a Downton Abbey reference on one side and Beethoven, Degas and Father Knows Best on the other.

Thanks DP, BV and Splynter

AnnieB8491 said...

Happy Saturday All - Great Saturday puzzle. Thanks Brad and Doug. Super write up Splynter. Last night I tried it w/out red - didn't get very far, so turn red on just to let me know when I was wrong. Figured out most of the puzzle except for NE. This morning worked with printed out version and eventually filled everything in but had OPS instead of KPS. Didn't know SARKOZE until I saw it in print.
My son was a wrestler and my grandson is in TAE KWON DO so once I had FOOTS... the rest was easy. Hard fall again today - got SLEET without a 2nd thought.
All in all - a decent job for a Saturday for me.
Have a great Saturday everyone. We're off to 'Ferraris on 5th' in Naples.


TTP said...


pjmugs said...

Total breeze today, I have no idea what is going on, I must have stepped into some kind of parallel universe. No cross-outs, write-overs or head-banging, definitely not a typical Saturday for me. I've been laid up the last few weeks after surgery on my achilles tendon, so I'm guessing that I'm thinking clearer since I don't have to store any of that pesky information from my job in my head. I don't know, it's as good an excuse as any.

I liked SEPTETS, very clever.

Played the OBOE in high school, I was terrible. My BFF was first chair and I was second (there were only two of us anyway). When she was out the Band Director made me play her part. I'm not sure he's recovered to this day. The OBOE sounds weird enough as it is, bad OBOE takes it to a completely different level.

Happy Saturday! I hope everyone has a good day!

rose mary said...

Easiest link is to google latimes crossword.

HeartRx said...

Good morning Splynter, C.C. et al.

When I first typed your name, the "Y" mysteriously turned into the symbol for Japanese Yen. ¥ Weird...

WEES. Exact same problems, mix-ups and wrong fill. I worked it kind of clockwise, and the last to fall was the NE. I wanted "rated AA" for my bonds, but that was getting me nowhere. Finally figured out TINWARE and ALGERIA, to change it to TRIPLE A and finish it off.

More snow today - I think I want to be a weatherman when I grow up. I love it when they say "50% chance of snow." Why don't they just say: "It might snow today...or it might not." Arrgh...

LaLaLinda said...

Hi Everyone ~~

The Saturday puzzles of Brad and Doug are getting to be as challenging as the Silkies. But as others have said, they are mostly doable and enjoyable. Thanks to you both for the fun today.

I had gaps in a number of places but little by little it started to come together. I, too, found the NE corner to be the most challenging area. It was finally getting ENGR that opened it up. The _ _GR just seemed wrong - I should have noted the 'IBM' abbreviation! Like others, I had Tech at first. Perps came to the rescue in a number of places and I made some really good guesses!

~ I had a number of write-overs: 39A Badly before BAD AT, 28A - Onion before DOZEN - I was looking for a kind of bagel and Liberal before MARTIAL Arts.

~ Like AnnieB, I noticed SLEET made another visit at 26D - Nasty fall - I should have had it right away, but it stumped me for a while. It's snowing here again - better than sleet, I guess.

~ Splynter - at 7D - 'One doing cabinet work,' it took me a while but I finally got FILER. I was still thinking of it as carpentry work (using a file) until I read your explanation - ah - THAT kind of cabinet! Your work on these Saturday toughies is fantastic!

~ Favorites: 14D - Run after a fly - TAG UP, and 36D -Over-90 day, say - SIZZLER. Even enduring the blizzard, I am not looking forward to the sizzling days of summer. I think May is my favorite month.

Anonymous said...

Outstanding Saturday offering. Really, really good.

"Hand up for 'bled.'together" for "bled" to work."

Hand down. The clue would need to be "ran (not "run")

"Easiest link is to google latimes crossword."

Here's a link to a story about Google's latest foray into trampling your personal privacy:,0,3752806.story

Anonymous said...

Sorry that got jumbled.

What I meant to say was that for "bled" to work, the clue would've needed to be "ran together," not "run together."

Yellowrocks said...

Early this morning in the first half hour I had only UTA for sure. I went out for coffee and then to the gym. When I returned it all fell together like a Thursday puzzle. I needed all the across and downs, but that made it fun. I can't understand why my second try was so much easier.
TTP kindly gave me advice for my computer. I appreciate all the time he devoted. I am still working on it so will have to sign off.

Tinbeni said...

Splynter: Outstanding write-up & links. Great job!!!

DNF, though not an Ink Blot. Just a lot of empty squares, everywhere.
Guess I should say: "I'm BAD AT Saturday puzzles."

I DIDn't know Turgenev's birthplace, OREL (nor do I care).
Same with Fitch's first name, EZRA or what the 'G' in G.K. Chesterton stood for.
(More useless stuff on the "obscure meter").

Have to admit, for Beethoven's "Bagatelle No.25", FUR ELISE, I really just wanted to enter "That tune."

But I already had MADOFF, who wouldn't have hurt as many investor's if he had just purchased TRIPLE-A Bonds.

When I'm decent, I'm CLAD in TIN-WARE.

A "toast" to ALL at Sunset.
Cheers !!!

Husker Gary said...

All right Brad and Doug, I had the towel ready to throw in (NE) but I pulled this thing out of the fire! What a workout and delightful torture with many DUH! moments along the way.

-Oh, that Pass, Bond, Cabinet, Run, Litter, et al. Fun!
-The DOWAGER Grantham is brilliant, droll and Machiavellian! She’s more ready for the 20th century than her son. Maggie Smith gives incredible life to this character and she alone is worth the time to watch.
-Doing something FÜR ELISE is a labor of love here for our 10 yr old granddaughter.
- Krzyzewski is a name for which you construct an “auto complete” entry in Word.
-Being retired has caused me to draw a lotta KP duty around here. That’s only right.
-Wonderful OBOE line from Ogden Nash! Popular songs that use an OBOE
-College basketball games are a BLUR. There’s a bazillion of them on all the time.
-Pairing the brilliance of Beethoven and the profane rhymes of OutKast in the same puzzle seems incongruous.
-Intelligent accommodations of the Alaska Pipeline has had no negative effect on CARIBOU herds
-The third base coach’s job is to watch the fly being caught and tell the runner who is only looking at home plate when to TAG UP and go
-Hondo and I had a nice off blog conversation on his birthday yesterday about who was on 3rd and who was on deck when Bobby Thomson hit his “shot heard ‘round the world.” Great bar bets!
- Fin d'Arabesque? No clue. Five letter painter starting with D? I’m all over DEGAS
-Yes from yesterday, 61Rampy, Clooney, et al tried to steal Al’s diamonds in Ocean’s 13
-What great COEN brother’s movie had a stupid car dealer trying to cover his illegal activities by having his wife kidnapped and, of course, it all went south from there.

desper-otto said...

Husker, that would be Fargo. Great fun! Almost as good as Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? IMO.

Lucina said...

Good day, all. Hello, Splynter. Thank you for your insights and links. I do love to see a man like that.

Brad and Wilber's puzzle started slowly for me but eventually got the entire western area, even COACH K. Have I mentioned how much I dislike sports references, but I learn. Sigh.

Wanted ART SHOW for the longest time but CLAD and HILO were rock solid so I persisted. Loved Father Knows Best. Robert Young was wonderful.

My first fill of course was DOWAGER because DA is at the top of my list.

SARKOZY seeped out from my brain as I have seen him on interviews with Charlie Rose.

Did not know EZRA or GILBERT,I'm embarrassed to say, so those were my only look ups. "Either director" had to be COEN and anything to do with a ballet painting must be DEGAS.

FUR ELISE came easily, too, because it is used in many forms on crosswords. Before OMEN, FATE seemed right.

Our weather now is in the 70's and I do not look forward to the 90s.

What a nice challenge today, thank you to BW and DP.

Enjoy your Saturday, everyone!

Blue Iris said...

I'm up and at it. Can't believe it myself! Good Morning!
Brad and Doug completely defeated me even with red-letter help.
My "acks" were the same as Splynter. Thanks for clarifying in your write-up, Splynter. Loved your latte option-coffee flavor coffee.(LOL)

BTW, have you seen the Barbesol War Hero commercial? It is on YouTube now. Wish I could link.

TTP,s comment on BFF reminded me of a conversation with my sister. She was commenting on how much young people love to take pictures of themselves and how they run and hug a friend they saw yesterday. We don't even hug classmates @ our high school reunion. Grumpy old ladies...maybe

Anonymous said...

Matthew said

Maggie never watches Downton according to article in today's paper. My my my

Misty said...

My first response to this puzzle was "OMG, this is worse than a Silkie!" I wasn't sure I'd even get started on this one. But I "knew" my "Father Knows Best," and once I had that W in place, DOWAGER came into view even though I couldn't remember exactly who Lady Violet was. And from there, slowly, slowly, very slowly, it started to fall into place. So thanks, Brad and Doug. And Splynter, I got BFF but never knew what it meant until you 'splained it. Many thanks!

Had BLED and KISS, like some of you. Got ZOT because my school's mascot is the improbable anteater, so everything has a ZOT in it. Nash's OBOE definition is a hoot.

But one of my few goofs was putting FOR ELISE instead of FUR ELISE by just assuming the answer would be in Englih.

Anyway, a satisfying, rewarding Saturday morning.

Welcome, ginerjm, and Happy Birthday, Crazy Cat!

Have a terrific weekend, everybody!

Irish Miss said...

Hi Everyone:

Happy to say I finished w/o help but it was no walk in the park. Had China Sea before Coral, yaps before yips, and Cohn before Coen. Eventually, perps smoothed everything out and the TA-DA rang out.

Thanks, Brad and Doug, for a Saturday workout and thanks, Splynter, for your spot-on expo.

Have a great Saturday.

Bumppo said...

Major foul at 14D: TAG UP is not to "run after a fly"; it is what you must do before you can run after a fly ball is caught.

And 40A was poor: An "emotional one-eighty" is certainly an example of a MOOD SWING, but it is the nth degree. Both these clues were abnormally imprecise and misleading.

61Rampy said...

Problems everywhere today! WEES. I had TINcAns instead of TINWARE. asSURE instead of ENSURE. I thought 34D would be I DARE SAY- and started to write it in. OOPS, not enough spaces. But the Y at the end was correct. Had SLYone instead of SLYFOX. Lots of unknowns today, lots of googling. Still, all squares filled in correctly (finally), so, its a good day!
Lets try(oressona)

Husker Gary said...

-Yup, Otto, it was Fargo. Hey a movie with William H. Macy and Frances McDormand has to be good!
-Here is a beautiful animated tribute to landing at a MOONBASE from 2001 A Space Odyssey and then a traverse to the mysterious monolith with the fabulous, elegant The Blue Danube playing in the background. (10:00).

61Rampy said...

Around the Phoenix area, in the summer, the LOWS are often well over 90. A SIZZLER is over 110.But its a "dry heat".

PK said...

MTBomber: Yep, I knew they meant seven was a lucky number although it took a couple of looks at the clue. I just don't know why or where that is. Dice/craps? I've never been into games much, especially gambling games.

For those wanting to play on line, there is a line that says LA Times puzzle underlined in blue on the commentary page of this blog that I just clicked on to get it. Now its on the screen of most frequently viewed files and I click that.

Working the puzzle with red-letter help has certainly improved my weekend disposition.

YR: your exercise session probably pumped more oxygen rich blood to your brain to help you think about the puzzle. Yesterday I was watching a TV item about a local school that is offering aerobic dance sessions before school starts each morning to get the kids moving and enhance learning. Both boys and girls seemed to love it. Teachers seem surprised it has helped so much.

Awol said...

Handsome grid today and nicely doable challenge.

Being from California, SLEET is often a "hard get" if well clued.
Nice juxtaposition to WIND.

Misty thought Nash's definition of OBOE to be a HOOT, so I offer a nostalgic hoot and holler for your weekend pleasure:

House at Pooh Corner with Oboe

[asstut]. No kidding.

Pookie said...

DNF puzzle.
Gallery event ....Opening?
Bagel order...plain, onion,
Who buys a DOZEN bagels?
"Am I Blue" is a great song.
and DNFind any 50% off Valentine
Peanut M&M's.
Thanks for the great write-up, Splynter!
Have a great Saturday, everyone.

CanadianEh! said...

Finally got a chance to check Friday's puzzle.
39. Near : ABOUT. Why do I hear this word in my head said by a Canadian, Eh?
Thanks for the shout-out,Lemonade. LOL!
Now to do today's puzzle and check back.

Lucina said...

welcome ginerjm! I believe you will find that participating is more fun than lurking.

Today our temp has reached 80 degs. and it's a bright sunny day.

Happy birthday, Crazy Cat! I hope you check in today.


Jayce said...

Hello everybody. Awesome writeup, Splynter! And, as Blue Iris said, my "acks" were the same as yours.

I went to the museum to see a HANGING, but there was only an ART SALE. Not a LIBERAL arts sale, though; 'twas a MARTIAL arts sale.

My first gimme was ZOT. Love that sound!

I sure wanted wrangler's charge to be CALF or even BULL, but I guess the poor guy has his hands full wrangling an entire HERD.

Overall a terrific puzzle. I enjoyed it very much.

klilly said...

I loved brother for art thou

I also hope when I watch the coen brother movies that they won't kill the ones I like. Unfortunately they always does

klilly said...

Sorry. Always do.

Misty said...

Awol, how sweet of you to post "The House at Pooh Corner with Oboe"! Many thanks!

CrossEyedDave said...

Well, I finished the puzzle, & read all the write ups several hours ago. & now the only thing I remember is that I was surprised to fill the entire NW in ink. (the rest was totally blank) Switched to online, & then red letter before cheating on some of the names... Not bad for me on a Saturday.

HBD CrazyCat.

Awol (CC:Argyle) Any idea why i cannot open Awols' links on my Windows 8 PC? It says from mobile desktop but the tiny icon is not clickable & will not open in other windows?

Splynter, Tx for the reference to the movie "Moon." I want to see it, but when i went on Netflix, it was not available. What was available was a movie called "Castaway On The Moon," & because it was ranked with an almost full rack of stars I checked it out, & got sucked in... The last line of the IMDB User Review says it all!

It is in Korean with subtitles & starts with a guy jumping off a bridge to kill himself & gets stranded on an island in the middle of the river within the city. The only person who knows he is there is a woman who has been hiding in her room for three years. They find a way to communicate...

Also, Tx for Fur Elise on Guitar, I am going to try it, but some of those chords look painful!

Argyle said...

Awol's link was

I pared it down to and got this.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Argyle.

Ree said...

Hi everyone , this puzzle was one of our most difficult , took us down like a foot sweep ! We tried to rally after a strong foothold in the northwest corner & sure footing in others but couldn't keep it going ! Thanks for the challenge Doug & Brad

Bill G. said...

I just came across a little bit of an old Perry Mason TV show. Geez, it is so simple-minded and weak beyond belief. Every show ends the same way. Perry Mason stops asking questions and starts testifying about how the crime was really committed. The guilty parts jumps up and admits everything, explaining why the victim deserved to die.

CanadianEh! said...

Hard work today and needed lots of help. Nice commentary Splynter.
Do I date myself by saying I remember Father Knows Best?
Hand up for Kiss and Bled!
Liked "get the lead out","over-90 day, and "run after a fly" (will this be the year the Blue Jays win?.
Had trouble with OREL since Google gave me ORYOL.
Nice Saturday cluing for OBOE.

Anonymous said...

Great crossword insight, Bill G.

AnnieB8491 said...

Yellowrocks - I agree with PK about your exercise and have read about early exercise for students. Definitely wakes up the body and the brain.

Ferrari's on Fifth in Naples had some spectacular cars. 400 autos and 120 Ferrari's. Highest priced one I saw was a Lamborghini for $469,000. I'd be afraid to drive it.


JD said...

Good evening Splynter, and all you who are brave Saturday challengers,

Today's grid was just too pretty to let sit idle.Loved the fill, but so much was not in my wheelhouse.Knew best got me started with dowager, and I seemed to go in circles. Fun!

Seeing Coen reminded me of CA who loved their movies.

PK, I agree, the best thing about having a computer is being able to correspond more frequently with friends from our past.

Hugs? They are like little gifts. Hard to imagine life without them.

downtonabbey said...

Good Evening,
A great puzzle today. I like the Brad/Doug puzzle with a nice mixture of clues. I think 1A is the longest clue I have yet to see. The Ethel Waters tune is one of my favorites. Rita Coolidge covered it many years ago also. I wish everyone a great Sunday.

River Doc said...

Husker Gary, I don't know who was on third when Bobby Thomson hit the shot heard 'round the world, but rookie sensation Willie Mays was on deck....