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Oct 31, 2022

Monday October 31, 2022 Doug Peterson

Theme: Alternate Trick or Treat






Boomer here.  

Whew what a week gone by. Thanks to all you bloggers and readers who sent me a happy birthday.  I was overwhelmed and feeling a bit older. I have never been 75 before so I am not sure how to act,  However I do feel that I sleep longer now.  Happy Halloween to you all!


1. "Knives Out" actress de Armas: ANA.

4. Skin care product: CREAM.  Of the crop

9. Bread that's boiled before it's baked: BAGEL.  They always look good but I have not eaten many..

14. Not good: BAD. BAD Leroy Brown!! 

15. African animal with striped hindquarters: OKAPI.

16. Monte __: gambling resort: CARLO.  I never gambled there and never drove the sporty Chevy. 

17. Thanksgiving tuber: YAM.  Am I going to celebrate Thanksgiving?  Yes I YAM !

20. Genre of many works with "star" in the title: SCI-FI.

22. + or - atomic particle: ION.

23. Tot's scrape: OWIE.  My little sisters used to get them - not me.

28. __-Saxon: ANGLO.

29. Mar.-to-Nov. hrs.: DST.  I am now so old that I remember as a kid, we did not have DST in Minnesota.

30. "Sin City" actress Jessica: ALBA.

32. Sphere: ORB.

34. Waiting room seat: CHAIR.  The VA had plenty of these.

43. Tough to climb: STEEP.  Stairs in our home. C.C. has to help me climb.

44. Batman and Robin, e.g.: DUO.  Abbot and Costello, Punch and Judy. Laurel and Hardy.

45. Get ready, informally: PREP.  It's impossible to PREP for a birthday.

46. Flow back: EBB.

49. Flap on a jacket: LAPEL.  Great place to pin a 300 pin.

58. Email heading word: FROM.

59. Rock's __ Speedwagon: REO.

60. Honolulu-born "E Lei Ka Lei Lei" singer: DON HO.  Tiny Bubbles.

65. Spot for an AirPod: EAR.  WHAT ??

66. Stevie Wonder's "My Cherie __": AMOUR.

67. Advisory group: PANEL.  I remember all of the quiz shows that had PANELS.

68. $200 Monopoly buys: Abbr.: RRS.  Take a ride on the Reading.

69. Doesn't wear out: LASTS.  Bowling balls LAST.  Golf balls find places to hide.

70. Mean and sarcastic: SNIDE.

71. "Catch my drift?": SEE.  He joined the Navy to SEE the world.  But what did he see, he saw the SEA!


1. Vast chasm: ABYSS.

2. Rights org. that awards the Spingarn Medal: NAACP.

3. Worthy of esteem: ADMIRABLE.  Describes ALL of you crossword solvers and bloggers!!! 

4. Programmer's task: CODING.

5. Former MGM rival: RKO

6. __ de parfum: EAU.  EAU Claire - city in Wisconsin.

7. Tough H.S. science class: AP BIO.

8. Noble address: MI LORD.  Should not this be "MY LORD" ??

9. Slyly include in an email, for short: BCC.

10. "__ Burr, Sir": song in "Hamilton": AARON.  Home run King HENRY.

11. In adulthood: GROWN.  We have ADULT beans in our garden. 

12. Borden mascot: ELSIE.

13. One who draws the short straw: LOSER.  Or a pitcher on the Minnesota Twins.

19. Stops: ENDS.  Baseball season ENDS soon. Enjoy the World Series.

21. Concluding episode: FINALE.

25. Healthy aura: GLOW. In the dark on Halloween.

26. Golfer's warning shout: FORE.  Do not hit into the group ahead.

27. Calamine lotion target: ITCH.  We used to get poison ivy when we were kids. Ouch !

30. Contented sighs: AHS.  And Oooohs

31. Back muscle, informally: LAT.

33. __-and-breakfast: BED.  Don't eat it in BED.

35. "Fingers crossed": HOPE SO.  My Mother's name was HOPE.  She had sisters named Faith and Charity.

36. Passenger planes: AIRLINERS.  Pull out a credit card if you want to fly.

37. Hockey surface: ICE.  Well-known in Minnesota.

38. Agt.: REP.

40. Oil cartel letters: OPEC.  I am sure they are getting richer at $4.00 or more per gallon.

41. __ and void: NULL.

42. Christmas stocking disappointment: COAL.  We used to heat a home with COAL.

47. "Hunting Season" novelist Nevada: BARR.

48. Censoring sounds: BLEEPS.

50. Rainy day creation: PUDDLE.  We get them on our new driveway.  They did not quite get it level.

51. Scraps used by nose-to-tail chefs: OFFAL.  I have never heard of this.

52. __ donna: opera star: PRIMA.

53. Big commotions: TO-DOS.

54. Folding declaration at the poker table: I'M OUT.  Bluffing seldom works.

55. Des Moines resident: IOWAN.  Just South of the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

56. Windy City airport: O'HARE.  Been there once.  It's HUGE.

57. Viking language: NORSE.  Minnesota Vikings speak English like the rest of us.

62. Graduating gp.: SRS.  I believe this covers those who are 75 or more.

63. Singer DiFranco: ANI.

64. Checkers color: RED.  Or black which is not a color


Oct 30, 2022

Sunday October 30, 2022 Christina Iverson

Theme: "This or That, for Two" - Each "example" phrase is literally interpreted by the two examples in each clue.

23. "An Introduction to Calculus" or "The Art of Public Speaking"?: TEXTBOOK EXAMPLE.

37. Christian Louboutin shoes or a Fendi bag?: FASHION ILLUSTRATION.

58. Gibson Flying V or Fender Stratocaster?: GUITAR CASE.

64. Emmy statue or the Stanley Cup?: PRIZE SPECIMEN.

79. Richter or Mohs?: SCALE MODEL.

95. Wedding or merger?: UNION REPRESENTATIVE.

115. Marble top or butcher block?: COUNTERINSTANCE.

Not familiar with "counterinstance". Only know "counterpoint". 

Christina Iverson's theme is always tight. Today is a good example. In case you're not aware, Christina used to be the assistant to Patti Varol, the crossword editor for the L.A. Times.


Christina & Patti


1. PowerShot camera-maker: CANON. 116. SLR camera by 1-Across: EOS.

6. Arches National Park state: UTAH.

10. Middle of a Latin boast: VIDI. Veni, vidi, vici.

14. Threw in: ADDED.

19. Skybox setting: ARENA.

20. Herb with grayish leaves: SAGE. We've always dried sage.

21. Novelist Kingsley: AMIS.

22. "Get Out" writer/director Jordan: PEELE.

26. Trattoria fare: PASTA.

27. Vow: OATH.

28. Went quickly: SPED.

29. Picnic container: COOLER.

31. Sphinx, in part: LION. Head of a human, and the body of a lion.

32. Relieves: EASES.

34. Make a point: SCORE.

35. Straightens up: ALIGNS.

42. Hunter near the Pleiades: ORION.

43. Poke fun at: TEASE.

44. King or queen, but not prince: BED. We really need to move the TV upstairs. Boomer is just so stubborn. He had two falls in the past four days. And I hurt my right shoulder trying to get him up on Saturday. This stair-climbing is getting dangerous for both of us.

45. Yo lead-in: FRO.

48. Chemistry lab substances: SOLUTES.

51. "C'est la __!": VIE.

52. Crossword diagram: GRID.

54. Snow remover: PLOW.

55. Fifth Avenue retailer: SAKS.

56. Entrance: WAY IN.

60. Gaelic tongue: ERSE. And 74. Scot's refusal: NAE.

61. Big Band __: ERA.

62. Little round vegetables: PEAS.

63. Dam that created Lake Nasser: ASWAN

69. TV grouch: OSCAR.

73. Apple tablet: IPAD.

75. Speak (up): PIPE.

82. Indie pop duo __ and Sara: TEGAN. Canadians. By the way, Canadian Eh, your card arrived safely. Thank you!

84. Spoken: ORAL.

85. Behind schedule: LATE.

86. Haitian friend: AMIE. Haitian Creole there. We also have 108. French infinitive: ETRE.

87. "Sold out" sign: SRO.

88. "Heavens!": MY STARS.

90. Scepter top: ORB.

91. 109-Across maker's need: LYE. 109. Dove bar: SOAP.

92. Philly Ivy: U PENN.

94. "Please let me?": CAN'T I.

101. Life's work: CAREER.

103. Opposition group: ANTIS.

104. Fitness portmanteau: TAE BO.

105. Fleecy boots: UGGS. I saw a girl wearing this pair the other day.

106. Suppresses, as bad news: SITS ON.

113. Is inclined: TILTS.

118. Amalfi Coast country: ITALY. 119. Capital of 118-Across: EURO. Money.

120. Old Dodge: OMNI.

121. Ghana's capital: ACCRA.

122. Accounted for a bag, say: TARED. Not a word I use.

123. Meal in a bowl: STEW.

124. Ongoing drama: SAGA.

125. Trapshooting: SKEET.


1. __ the Elder: Roman historian: CATO.

2. Geometry calculation: AREA.

3. Ariana Grande's "Thank U, __": NEXT. About her past relationships.


4. Free: ON THE HOUSE.

5. Snatch: NAB.

6. Grand Slam component: US OPEN. Tennis. Golf too.

7. Doesn't put up a fight: TAKES IT.

8. Like whiskey and wine: AGED.

9. Bewitch: HEX.

10. "Scoot!": VAMOOSE.

11. Bring in: IMPORT.

12. Comedian Phyllis: DILLER. Fang.

13. "Makes sense": I SEE.

14. Google Play download: APP.

15. "What's the __?": slangy "What gives?": DEALIO. Not a word I use.

16. Cause of a product recall, perhaps: DESIGN FLAW. 71. Stealthy thief: CAT BURGLAR. 75. Field day equipment: POTATO SACK. All great fill.

17. Pop star John: ELTON.

18. Campus officials: DEANS.

24. __ buco: OSSO.

25. Point the finger at: ACCUSE.

30. Like reasonably strong bonds: RATED A.

33. "If it __ broke ... ": AIN'T.

34. Defeated, as a dragon: SLAIN.

36. Tupperware top: LID.

37. "Chicago" choreographer: FOSSE (Bob)

38. Cheering loudly: AROAR.

39. Fabric store section: SILKS.

40. "Shazam!" actor Zachary: LEVI.

41. Somewhat: A BIT.

46. First name in civil rights history: ROSA. Parks.

47. Clive of "Gosford Park": OWEN.  He's also in that scary "Derailed".

49. Fancy jug: EWER.

50. Jaipur attire: SARI. Where's Vidwan?

52. Avocado dip, for short: GUAC.

53. Going up: RISING.

54. IT dept. array: PCS.

57. Member of an Iraqi religious minority: YAZIDI. Debut entry.

58. "__ whiz!": GEE.

59. Fled: RAN.

62. Scoreboard abbr. for a rainout: PPD. Postponed.

64. Ante-: PRE.

65. Fencing blade: EPEE.

66. Actor Mineo: SAL.

67. Shortened title: MA'AM.

68. Really small: EENY.

69. Norwegian banking hub: OSLO.

70. C-section souvenir: SCAR.

72. Bass beer: ALE.

76. Tehran resident: IRANI. Often Iranian.

77. Final installment, perhaps: PART V.

78. "Eighth Grade" actress Fisher: ELSIE.

80. Local leaders: MAYORS.

81. Bad sign: OMEN.

82. Orchard units: TREES.

83. Ages: EONS.

87. Verizon Wireless rival: SPRINT. We use Consume Cellular.

89. Wound cover: SCAB.

91. Tell a story: LIE.

92. Thus far: UP TO NOW.

93. Mesh: NETTING.

96. Snuggle (in): NESTLE.

97. Tattle on: RAT OUT.

98. Guarantee: ENSURE. Ensure Plus for Boomer.

99. Literary realm by the River Shribble: NARNIA.

100. Light shirts: TEES.

101. Measure up: CUT IT.

102. Anxious feeling: AGITA.

107. Helps reduce swelling: ICES.

108. Writer Bombeck: ERMA.

110. Formerly: ONCE.

111. Good-sized yard: ACRE.

112. __ moss: PEAT.

114. "Sammy the Seal" writer Hoff: SYD.

117. Many grad students, for short: TAS.

It was a good week, despite two falls. My sister-in-law Connie flew in from San Francisco for Boomer's birthday. We went to Mystic Lake of course! Boomer put in a $20 bill at the draw poker and was entertained for more than an hour. And he walked away with $5 profit. He hit four kings, which paid him 250 nickels. Here we are at their Minnehaha Cafe.

Boomer & C.C., 10/27/2022

Thanks again for the loving cards, notes and gifts. It was a super special birthday because all of you, esp Acesaroundagain (Glenn) and Tara from Calabasas. Thank you so much!


Oct 29, 2022

Saturday, October 29, 2022, Emet Ozar and Matthew Stock

 Saturday Themeless by Emet Ozar and Matthew Stock

Matthew Stock has another collaboration, this time with Emet Ozar. Matthew 
is an 8th grade math teacher in Gainesville, Florida. 

Emet Ozar, formerly from Los Angeles but currently in Charlotte, N.C., is a program manager for a software company. She and her wife have three children, all under 7. 


1. Part of one's inheritance: TRAIT 

6. Comedian Samantha: BEE Her show has been cancelled

9. Targets of some reconstructive surgery, initially: ACLS - Football season sees many problems with the Anterior Cruciate LigamentS

13. Annual telethon held by Comic Relief: RED NOSE DAY - I learned of this event while subbing and I paid a kid $2 for a RED NOSE

16. "Works for me": COOL.

17. "Hm, maybe": I SUPPOSE SO.

18. Concerning: AS TO.

19. Strike zone?: LANE - Here's a double strike on LANE 13. We dedicate this to our favorite bowler Boomer!

20. Call from a night owl to an early bird: DON'T WAIT UP.

22. Like many beep baseball players: BLIND A wonderful explanation of this sport for the BLIND and visually impaired that features a beeping ball and buzzing bases

24. Alphabetical order?: BLT.

25. Mileage, so to speak: USE - One of these has a lot of USE and high mileage

27. Compass direcciĆ³n: OESTE.

31. Broke: TAMED - Uh, not 
26. So far: YET.

33. Woman who co-founded the Industrial Workers of the World, familiarly: MOTHER JONES.

35. Dojo curriculum: MARTIAL ARTS - Daniel and Mr. Miagi visit the hostile Cobra Kai DOJO. Now what was the name of that movie? šŸ˜Š

36. Symbols in some price guides: DOLLAR SIGNS.

37. __ box: BENTO - When our granddaughter took us for sushi, she recommended we get a BENTO box, which we did.

38. Imperfect, e.g.: TENSE - TENSE filled itself and then the idea of grammar hit me!

39. Org. whose agenda is up in the air?: FAA.

42. Not fast: EAT - Before a blood draw, we have to fast and not EAT that day

43. Short filmmaker?: CAM - Short for CAMera or CAMcorder 

45. Stories: YARNS.

47. Dish also called horiatiki: GREEK SALAD - My half Greek wife does not like blue cheese, black olives or grape leaves.

52. Model Hadid with a Maybelline collection: GIGI.

53. Brute: OGRE.

54. Some long-distance connections: SKYPE DATES.

56. Coward with a knighthood: NOEL - NOEL Coward (1899 - 1973)

57. Spanish soap: TELENOVELA - A portmanteau of Television and Novela 

58. "Scooping since 1928" brand: EDY'S.

59. Hi-__: RES.

60. All over the place: MESSY.


1. Hat with a teardrop-shaped crown: TRILBY - Putting FEDORA first wasn't that bad

2. Consignment shop deal: RESALE.

3. Marketing space on a website, e.g.: AD UNIT.

4. Medtronic injection device for diabetics: INPEN.

5. Dreidel, e.g.: TOP 

6. IndicaciĆ³n de afecto: BESO 

7. Place with a snake in the grass: EDEN.

8. Cold War capital: EAST BERLIN - The guy at Checkpoint Charlie in EAST BERLIN assured me this was part of the wall.

9. Flavonoids-rich berry: ACAI.

10. Play clothes: COSTUMES.

11. Symbolic flowers in Buddhism: LOTUSES.

12. At an angle: SLOPED.

14. Turf: SOD.

15. Make one's voice heard, in a way: YOWL - Yell and Howl did not work. Yawp from 10/18 didn't work either 

21. Professional who goes through the motions?: ATTORNEY - C'mon, that was funny

23. Basic security feature: DOOR LOCK.

28. "__ Is Betta Than Evvah!": 1976 album: ETTA - New cluing for a cwd favorite

29. Custom Ink or RushOrderTees: SHIRT MAKER - I designed this at RushOrderTees.

30. Kid: TEASE.

32. Army __: ANTS.

33. Stout grain: MALT.

34. Florida NFLers: JAGS - Jacksonville is considering building a new football stadium 

35. California home of an annual jazz festival: MONTEREY.

36. XTC song with the lyrics "Hope you get the letter and / I pray you can make it better down here": DEAR GOD Here ya go.

37. "Away with thee!": BEGONE.

39. Bistro side: FRITES 

40. The Big A team: ANGELS - The Big A Stadium when the California ANGELS opened it in 1970. They became Anaheim ANGELS and are now the Los Angeles ANGELS.

41. "To repeat ... ": AS I SAY.

44. Little help?: ASST.

46. Source of the Mexican drink pulque: AGAVE What is pulque and how is it made?

48. Long fish: EELS.

49. Singer Lovett: LYLE - Yes, he was married to her for almost two years.

50. Copies: APES.

51. Hideaway: DEN.

55. __ PĆ©rignon: DOM.