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Nov 30, 2016

Wednesday, November 30, 2016, Gail Grabowski and Bruce Venzke

TITLE: AT THE TURN - Holes 1 - 9 are said to be the "front nine" in golf. Being at the turn means you've finished the front nine and are heading for the "BACK NINE", holes 10 - 18 and that is where Gail and Bruce are taking us today

Gail and Bruce have given us this theme by not only hiding the word NINE but spelling it backwards in three long fills as you can see in the grid below. 

Here is their reveal: 

59. Take on holes 10 through 18 ... and a hint to a letter sequence hidden in 17-, 27- and 45-Across : PLAY THE BACK NINE

There is a golf apparel business shop with that name in its logo.
The actual theme fills with the ENIN motif are:

17. Stock in company producing solar panels, e.g. : GREEN INVESTMENT - Perhaps one day we can invest in a Solar-Powered charging station for electric cars like this one at the University of Iowa. It will charge 40 cars/day for a 30 mile run.

27. Exonerated by the evidence : PROVEN INNOCENT - He was "found not guilty" not "PROVEN INNOCENT"

45. Standing hospitable offer : OPEN INVITATION - Our lovely, though too infrequent, blogger Chef Wendy has this house on Kauai. She has told me that Joann and I have an OPEN INVITATION to visit her and use the bedroom on the right side of this picture.

Resident golf hacker Husker Gary here, ready to holler FORE and hit the cwd links with Bruce and Gail:


1. Rough guess : STAB 

5. Company that developed the first aluminum teakettle : ALCOA

10. Pre-coll. catchall : ELHI - Not a favorite word with this veteran educator, but waddaya gonna do?

14. Words of lament : AH ME

15. Inventive types? : LIARS 

16. Wild way to run : RIOT

20. California rolls and such : SUSHI - "SPICY TUNA ROLLS" was in Mark Diehl's Saturday puzzle

21. Bud holder? : KEG

22. Touch-and-go : RISKY - Two girls trying to emulate Tom Cruises's entrance in RISKY Business.

23. Swell treatment : ICE - Tin, would you at least put ICE on a bad ankle?

25. Cato, for one : ROMAN

33. Single : LONE 

34. Suggested actions : DO'S - A DO and a DON'T for Uggs

35. Wish for : DESIRE

37. In-flight fig. : ALT - Altitude

38. Jack's value, sometimes : TEN - Pair it with and ace and you're good to go!

39. Spearheaded : LED

40. Fixture that may have claw feet : TUB

41. Closed in on : NEARED

43. Fish that can swim backwards : EEL

44. A.L. West pro, informally : STRO - Some people like to call the Huskers the Skers. I'm about as big of a fan of that as I am of ELHI.

48. Five-time Olympic swimming gold medalist Ledecky : KATIE

49. Church-owned Dallas sch. : SMU

50. Moth-__ : EATEN

53. "Inside Politics" airer : CNN - Their final pre-election poll was as errant as most others

55. Initial stage : ONSET - It's hard to believe that just a year ago near the formal ONSET of this past election we were really interested in the Iowa Caucuses.

62. Vacation spot : ISLE

63. Nemesis : ENEMY

64. Canal past Rochester : ERIE

65. Far from friendly : COLD - Maybe most faculties aren't as COLD to sub teachers as they are indifferent

66. Parceled (out) : METED

67. Frees (of) : RIDS


1. Loses firmness : SAGS

2. No __ traffic : THRU - This sign might work as well

3. Former Iowa Straw Poll city : AMES

4. Dwelling fit for a queen : BEEHIVE - She's right there...

5. Boxer Laila : ALI

6. Website offering : LINK

7. Stalactite sites : CAVERNS

8. Home of college football's Ducks : OREGON

9. Mule's father : ASS

10. White-coated weasels : ERMINES

11. Golf ball positions : LIES - First rule in golf - "Play it where it LIES"

12. Sound of frustration, often : HONK

13. __-bitty : ITTY

18. Good-natured : NICE

19. Copied, in a way : TRACED - I hated it when I TRACED in books like this

24. Called the whole thing off : ENDED IT

26. Early assembly-line autos : MODEL T'S - You could have one any color you wanted EXCEPT black for the earliest ones. Years later, Ford figured out that using only black paint was cheaper and speeded up the process.

27. Arrange : PLAN

28. Logger's contest : ROLEO

29. Ready to draw, as beer : ON TAP

30. Physics particle : ION - Has an excess or deficiency of electrons

31. Capone cohort : NITTI

32. Cape Cod community : TRURO

36. Black, in verse : EBON

38. Studio renter : TENANT

39. Sweet-smelling garland : LEI

42. Typed in again : REKEYED - My specialty (curse)

43. 50-50 wager : EVEN BET - I know the Sunday LA Cwd is carried in fewer newspapers and so this is a repost of an image from my comment on Gail's solo Sunday puzzle. Two punters died this summer in a car crash, one from Nebraska and one from Michigan State. The Big Ten minted this coin to be used in the 50-50 coin toss before each game.
44. Knockout : STUNNER

46. __ Creed : NICENE

47. Wild way to run : AMOK

50. Large-scale : EPIC

51. "One more thing ... " : ALSO - One of his catchphrases

52. Towering : TALL

54. Put a handle on : NAME

56. Apple Watch assistant : SIRI

57. Oklahoma city : ENID

58. Driving needs? : TEES - Apropos for a golf-themed puzzle day

60. Clothes line : HEM - HEM lines and the stock market

61. Dancer Charisse : CYD

Well after finishing the BACK NINE, I think I'll head for the clubhouse and let you TEE off with your comments!

Nov 29, 2016

Tuesday, November 29, 2016 C.C. Burnikel

Theme: Don't be left in the dark - Turn on a light, the party has just begun.

27D. Dizzy ... and a hint to the starts of the answers to starred clues: LIGHTHEADED

3D. *Screenwriter's work for the first episode: PILOT SCRIPT. Pilot light

19D . *Orangy Crayola color: NEON CARROT. Neon light

21D. *Simple-to-use: IDIOT PROOF. Idiot light (car dash)

25D. *Symbol of bureaucracy: RED TAPE. Red light

Argyle here. C.C. shines down on us today.


1. Energizes, with "up": AMPS

5. Onetime TWA rival: PAN AM

10. Lucy's co-star: DESI

14. "Star Wars" princess: LEIA

15. Bakery draw: AROMA

16. "That's so true!": "AMEN!"

17. Misfortunes: ILLS

18. Las Vegas loser's complaint: ROTTEN LUCK

20. ["Get off the stage!"]: [BOO! HISS!]

22. Word with dog, horse or lion: SEA

23. Bank acct. posting: INT. (interest)

24. Critter "in the headlights": DEER

26. Worked hard: TOILED

30. Spoken: SAID

32. Make on the job: EARN

34. Explosive emotion: IRE

35. Eight, en español: OCHO

36. Like some committees: AD HOC

37. Martini ingredient: GIN

38. Jack of nursery rhymes: SPRAT

39. "Give __ chance!": IT A

40. Grate residue: ASHES

42. Chinese-born architect I.M. __: PEI

43. Techie's hangout: PC LAB

45. "Doggone it!": "RATS!"

46. Dada pioneer Jean: ARP

47. Speak hoarsely: RASP

48. Landmark on Missouri's state quarter: ARCH

49. Georgia, but not Florida: NATION

51. Vatican City currency: EURO

53. Uncanny claim: ESP. (every single perp)

56. Crime syndicate leader: DON

57. What a judge may do during an arraignment: SET BAIL

59. Grecian Formula competitor: JUST FOR MEN

64. Invention beginning: IDEA

65. Roughly 30% of Earth's land area: ASIA

66. Fall zodiac sign: LIBRA

67. Denim pioneer Strauss: LEVI

68. Chimed: RANG. "The church bell chimed till it rang twenty-nine times"

69. "No bid," in bridge: "I PASS"

70. Perfect spot: EDEN


1. "I was home alone" isn't a very strong one: ALIBI

2. Breakfast fruit: MELON

4. Merit badge holder: SASH

5. Analyzed, as a sentence: PARSED, or a crossword answer.

6. Got out of bed: AROSE

7. "__ again!": NOT

8. Invoice no.: AMT. (amount)

9. Leader with a baton: MAESTRO

10. __ Lama: DALAI

11. Big bird from Down Under: EMU

12. "Hold on a __!": SEC

13. Pentel filler: INK. Pentel is the inventor of non-permanent marker technology.

28. Great Lakes natives: ERIEs. Overmuch information on the Eries. Link.

29. Lairs of lions: DENS

31. "Of course!": "A-HA!"

33. Ill-fated whale chaser: AHAB

35. Rossini creation: OPERA

36. Is home sick: AILS

38. Stretch across: SPAN

41. Cul-de-__: SAC

44. Tubular Italian pastries: CANNOLI

48. Concert milieus: ARENAs

50. Suitcase tie-on: ID TAG

52. App downloaders: USERs

54. Kitchen strainer: SIEVE

55. Opposite of everything, in bageldom: PLAIN

58. Rancor: BILE

59. Jelly holder: JAR

60. Land "across the pond" from the U.K.: USA

61. Gluttony, e.g.: SIN

62. Tear (into): RIP

63. Exec's degree: MBA. (Master of Business Administration)

Now turn out the lights...


Nov 28, 2016

Monday, November 28, 2016 Jake Braun

Theme: Wide left on four - West coast footballers.

17. *Power source that plugs into a computer port: USB CHARGER. San Diego Chargers

23. *"Airplane!" flight number, to the control tower: TWO-ZERO-NINER. San Francisco Forty Niners

36. *Carl Icahn or Michael Milken: CORPORATE RAIDER. Oakland Raiders

46. *Castle gate-busting weapon: BATTERING RAM. Los Angeles Rams

57. Home of the player at the ends of the answers to starred clues: CALIFORNIA

Argyle here. Jake's back for another Monday. Yes, it is sports related but not obscure. Except for one notable word, a pretty easy Monday.


1. "Get lost!': "SCRAM!"...and stay off my lawn.

6. Google __: geographical app: MAPS

10. Ruth with bats: BABE. How much for an autographed Babe Ruth bat, C.C.? (From C.C. : If it's authenticated and the autograph is in great condition, 10K-50K I think. I recall one sold for over 100K a few years ago.)

14. Egypt's capital: CAIRO

15. They may clash on a movie set: EGOs

16. Environmental sci.: ECOL. (Ecology)

19. Physics particle: ATOM

20. Andes, e.g.: Abbr.: MTs. (mountains)

21. Against: ANTI

22. Make amends (for): ATONE

26. Boats with double-bladed paddles: KAYAKS

29. Forget to include: OMIT

30. Mosque leader: IMAM

31. Address for Bovary: MADAM. Let the nits begin. When the novel, "Madame Bovary" (1856), was first serialized in La Revue de Paris between 1 October 1856 and 15 December 1856, public prosecutors attacked the novel for obscenity.

33. Having one flat, musically: IN F

40. Billy the __: KID

41. Father or son New York governor: CUOMO. Mario and Andrew.

42. Head, to Henri: TÊTE

43. Suffix with joke or pun: STER

44. Gratify: PLEASE

51. Going on, to Sherlock: AFOOT. "Come, Watson, come! The game is afoot."

52. Lily pad squatter: FROG

53. Sock hop site: GYM

56. "The Mod Squad" cop: LINC. 1968 to 1973 TV show, Clarence Williams III as Lincoln "Linc" Hayes...1999 film starred Omar Epps as Linc.

60. Actor Estrada: ERIK

61. Be complicit in, as a caper: ABET

62. Giraffe kin: OKAPI

63. Exec's asst.: SEC'Y. (secretary)

64. TiVo predecessors: VCRs. (videocassette recorder)

65. Jotted down: NOTED


1. Film on stagnant water: SCUM

2. Film credits list: CAST

3. Barbecue fare: RIBS

4. Smile shape: ARC

5. Iroquoian people, or a hair style named for them: MOHAWK

6. Fred or Ethel of old TV: MERTZ, from "I Love Lucy".

7. Texas A&M athlete: AGGIE

8. 19th-century master of the macabre: POE. Edgar Allan Poe

9. Old Rus. state: SSR. (Soviet Socialist Republic)

10. "Get lost!": "BEAT IT!"...and stay off my lawn. I don't want to have to tell you AGAIN!

11. Follow, as a tip: ACTON

12. Trailblazing Daniel: BOONE

13. Roundheaded Fudd: ELMER. "Daniel may hunt bears but I'm hunting wabbits!"

18. Yucatán years: ANOs. From years ago: the Yucatan Asteroid Crater.

22. Jungian inner self: ANIMA. Not a Monday friendly word.

23. Pack (down): TAMP

24. Calf-roping event: RODEO

25. Poet Khayyám: OMAR

26. Punt or field goal: KICK

27. Mine, to Marcel: Á MOI

28. One of 100 between end zones: YARD

31. Native New Zealander: MAORI. Bed and Breakfast?

32. Source of quick cash, briefly: ATM. (automated teller machine)

33. Brainstorm: IDEA

34. Butterfly catchers: NETS. Could have stayed with the sports theme with the Brooklyn Nets, pro basketball team.

35. For nothing: FREE

37. Eight-musician group: OCTET

38. Regretful sort: RUER

39. Bulleted list entry: ITEM

43. Heavyset: STOCKY

44. Plum's title in Clue, briefly: PROF. The professor? Now Victor Plum, a billionaire video game designer.

45. Blue or black water of filmdom: LAGOON. The Blue Lagoon (1980 film)/Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954 film)

46. Hay bundles: BALES

47. Burning: AFIRE

48. Mixer with gin: TONIC

49. Player referenced in 57-Across' clue, briefly: NFLer

50. Southern side dish: GRITS

53. Tiny biting insect: GNAT

54. "Eek!": "YIPE!"

55. Hotel room cleaner: MAID

57. Cleveland cager, for short: CAV. The Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team.

58. "Easy as" letters: ABC

59. Old studio letters: RKO


Note from C.C.:

For those who can't find Sunday puzzles in their LA Times, it's moved to the Comics section.

Nov 27, 2016

Sunday, November 27, 2016 Gail Grabowski

Theme: "Do Stuff" - GEL spans across each theme entry.

23A. Breakfast item : SAUSAGE LINK. I enjoyed my leftover yam/apple for breakfast, sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds.

33A. Bus station compartment : STORAGE LOCKER

43A. Decorative outdoor fixture : CARRIAGE LAMP. Did not know there's a term for it.

60A. Category including spacing and margins : PAGE LAYOUT

77A. Vehicle usage record : MILEAGE LOG

92A. Curbside check-in freebie : LUGGAGE LABEL. I just call it "Luggage tag".

98A. Broadway director's concern : STAGE LIGHTING

117A. "American Graffiti" director : GEORGE LUCAS. I thought young Jay Leno was in this movie. But Wiki says no.

118D. Styling product hidden in eight long puzzle answers : GEL
Very consistent. All *GE L*. Not many workable phrases for the *G EL* pattern, as in NOTHING ELSE.

Gail likes to put a couple of themers in Down slots. Not this time. Across all the way. The fill is quintessential Gail, smooth and clean. There's a quiet elegance in all of her puzzles.

1. Udon cousin : SOBA. We all have our sweet spot. Asian food is mine.

5. Not at all : HARDLY

11. Poker pro's concern : ODDS

15. Weather the storm : COPE

19. Latin 101 verb : AMAS. You love.
20. Albéniz piano work : IBERIA. Unfamiliar with the composer.

21. Petty of "A League of Their Own" : LORI

22. Mind matter : IDEA

25. Lackluster : DRAB. Not DULL.

26. Let it all out : VENT

27. Blade holder : SHEATH

28. Heavy ref. : OED. Kids these days probably never use a "heavy" dictionary.

29. Ancient manuscripts : PAPYRI

31. Gridiron figure : YARDAGE. Golf too.

39. Bar menu heading : REDs

41. Zilch : NIL

42. "Do __?" : I DARE. Not I CARE.

49. TV awareness-raiser : PSA

52. Action film props : UZIs. Named after the designer Uzi Gal, according to Wiki.

53. Cookie shaped like two of its letters : OREO

54. Throw a feast for : REGALE

55. 1984 Nobel Peace Prize winner : TUTU (Desmond)

56. Handled bag : TOTE

57. Started war? : DEALT. Card game.

59. Serious trend : RAGE

62. Like some speeches, it seems : ENDLESS. Not those TED Talks. I really like Derek Siver's "How to Start Movement". Only three minutes

64. Ruffle feathers, so to speak : MAKE MAD

65. Tells : SAYS TO

66. Musical with the song "Willkommen" : CABARET. Got via crosses.

69. Collie collar danglers : ID TAGS

74. Fugitive : RUNAWAY

76. Left hanging : STOOD UP. He stood her up.

81. Coil on a reel : HOSE

84. "That's a fact!" : NO LIE!

85. Comparison words : AS AN. Wise as an owl.

86. Room access : HALL

87. Masonry mixture : MORTAR

89. Streamlet : RILL

90. "Leaving Las Vegas" co-star : SHUE (Elisabeth). Not a movie I want to see.

91. Decorates mischievously, for short : TPs

94. Yankee manager before Girardi : TORRE (Joe)

96. Sports statistic : WIN. Slight clue/answer dupe with 83. "College GameDay" number : STAT

97. One way to get dinner : TO GO
104. Not just bargain : DICTATE. Also got via crosses.

109. How many raises are given : YEARLY. "How many" is seldom is one phrasal unit in this type of clue.

110. Anger : IRE

112. Mason of "The Goodbye Girl" : MARSHA

113. Restrain : CURB

116. Cause to fluctuate : SWAY

119. Kolkata's locale : ASIA. I'm used to the Calcutta spelling.

120. Paddock parent : SIRE. I read it as "Padlock". Paddock is a new word to me.

121. Mental wherewithal : ACUMEN

122. Construction site sight : CONE

123. Mannerless sort : BOOR

124. Till stack : ONES

125. "He loves me" pieces : PETALS

126. Hot times abroad : ETEs


1. Fresh : SASSY

2. Home of Heartland of America Park : OMAHA. Vowel-rich. Hence its frequent appearance.

3. Outdoor clothing entrepreneur Eddie : BAUER

4. Mideast president elected the same year as the younger Bush : ASSAD. So long.

5. Overdrive : HIGH GEAR

6. Presidential nickname : ABE

7. Transfer to a new city, briefly : RELO

8. Sits on the line : DRIES. I like this clue also.

9. Godiva alternative : LINDT

10. Shaggy-haired bovine : YAK. It's said that Tibetans drink up to 60 small cups of Yak Butter Tea a day. Simple recipe: tea, butter, salt & hot water. Give it a go, D-Otto. It's good for the upper body strength :-) Silicon Valley's Bulletproof Coffee was inspired by this drink.

11. Lifetime chum : OLD PAL. This blog will turn nine on Jan 28, 2017. You guys are now my old pals. We're growing old together.

12. Biker's headgear, maybe : DO-RAG. We also have 64. National Bike Month : MAY

13. Sun blocker : DRAPE

14. Legendary prophet : SIBYL. "Prophetess" would have made it easier.

15. Serving on a jury, e.g. : CIVIC DUTY. Never served on a jury. You?

16. Elevated lines? : ODE

17. Waterman product : PEN. Never heard of this pen brand.

18. Work on a course : EAT

24. Early gaming name : ATARI

30. French royal : ROI

32. Craftsman outdoor tools : EDGERS

34. Generous offer : ON ME

35. Swindle, in slang : RIP. Don't even think of GYP, not PC to be in our crossword.

36. Instrument that doesn't need tuning : KAZOO. Got via crosses.

37. "Un Ballo in Maschera" aria : ERI TU. This is a difficult clue. We normally have "It was you" or "Verdi" hint.

38. Zero out, say : RESET

40. Sonic Dash publisher : SEGA

43. They may be cracked : CODES. This works for SAFES as well.

44. Sports venue : ARENA

45. Prepared : READY

46. Big wheel's wheels : ROLLS. Rolls-Royce.

47. Internet connectivity annoyance : LAG. So what's your Download speed? Ours is about 23.

48. IPA component : ALE

49. Sound of the Northwest : PUGET. Puget Sound. Nice clue.

50. Champagne flute feature : STEM

51. Café order : AU LAIT

55. Leave, with "off" : TAKE

58. Colorful pet store purchase : TETRA

60. Something to shoot for : PAR. Boomer had two birdies this year, both on par-3 holes.

61. Supplement : ADD ON

63. Looked for : SOUGHT

66. Heads and tails : CALLS

67. Illegal mil. status : AWOL

68. Paper or plastic : BAG

70. Irish lullaby start : TOO-RA. "Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ral". I drew a blank.

71. Surprise in a skit : AD LIB.  Also got via crosses.

72. Duplicity : GUILE

73. Period of time : SPELL

75. Minimum-range tide : NEAP

76. Poseidon, e.g. : SEA GOD. Here is a good explanation on why Chinese say "Oh, my mother!" instead of "Oh, my God!" when surprised.

77. Ketch pair : MASTS

78. Seemingly can't lose : IS HOT

79. Linney of "The Savages" : LAURA

80. Athlete's supplement : ENERGY BAR. Also 88. Training routines : REGIMENS. Both great fill.

81. Fail to share : HOG

82. AA or AAA : ORG. Nice clue as well.

87. Short bond? : MUNI. Municipal bond.

92. Hammered : LIT

93. From around here : LOCAL

95. Big shoes to fill? : EEE. Last time this clue tricked me.  

96. "But of course!" : WHY YES

99. Catcher on the range : LASSO

100. Director Allen who was dubbed the "Master of Disaster" : IRWIN. Don't recall this name.

101. Look daggers (at) : GLARE

102. Birthday card rack subsection : NIECE

103. Tiling job supply : GROUT

105. Mutual agreement : TRUCE

106. Site of the Princess Margaret Stakes : ASCOT. Named after Princess Margaret.

107. Macbeth, when the play began : THANE

108. Alleviates : EASES

111. "At Wit's End" author Bombeck : ERMA. I often confused her with that cookbook author IRMA.

113. Zin kin : CAB (Cabernet)

114. "Always by their side" org. : USO

115. River in Spain : RIO

117. Lack of continuity : GAP

Nov 26, 2016

Saturday, Nov 26th, 2016, Mark Diehl

Theme: "Rough Diehl"

Words: 66 (missing J,K,Q,W,Z)

Blocks: 22

Phew~!  I solved it.  Did not look good.  Admit to one "post-fill Google", and two red-letter cheats.  Ran over my personal allotted time in less than two minutes.  I am calling this one a win.  The fateful double whammy of chunky corners tied into two double stacks of 15-letter spanners, and this one was going to be a total blank, or at best a slog, as far as I could tell - and the only reason I was able to get through this brutally brilliant construction was due to the fact that I had a streak of proper names that I knew were definitively correct; I put "*"s next to those clues.  The lowest block count I have ever seen in a 15x15 grid, with 26 being the next closest; add to that the fact that in my opinion, there was no 'meh' fill, and I have to admire this one from Mr. Diehl.  The four spanners, and the bonus 13-letter central climber;

15. Loaded : AS RICH AS CROESUS - my Google; I had the name part via crossings, and I checked to see if there was a "financial" connection to this person - the Wiki

17. Side dish in a sauce : CREAMED POTATOES - my small family decided on ordering Thankgiving dinner, and we got creamed potatoes instead of mashed - I liked them, but mom and bro did not

50. Cub, for one : NATIONAL LEAGUER - and World Series winner after 108 years

53. Saint-Exupéry classic : THE LITTLE PRINCE - asteroids are involved - the Wiki

16. Sushi bar selection : SPICY TUNA ROLL - not a fan of uncooked fish, but I am familiar with the selections being some type of "roll", which helped



1. Renewable fuel source : BIOMASS

8. Licorice-flavored liqueur : SAMBUCA - I had "FIRST DOG" for 8d., which made this hard to see, but I am rather "familiar" with this cordial

18. Rashness : HASTE

19. Came across by chance : LIT ON - I had HIT ON

20. Sch. that moved from the Mountain West Conf. to the Big 12 in 2012 : TCU - all perps

21. Prefix with analysis : META - meta-analysis, but in this case, a hyphenated prefix

22. Odd page, normally : RECTO - nailed it; I also know what the frontispiece is

23. Critter with tusks : BOAR

24. Barley wine, e.g. : ALE - argh~! How did I not get this~!? I had no clue

25. First child of Henry VIII to survive to adulthood : MARY I

26. Rummy : SOUSE - the second definition of the word is "drunkard"

27. Leaf producer : NISSAN - oh so clever misdirection; the ECO-friendly car

and a romper image, too~!

29. Like stucco : TEXTURED

31. Lavish supply : PROFUSION

33*. Gateway Arch designer : SAARINEN

36*. Author Huxley : ALDOUS

40*. "The Empire Strikes Back" director Kershner : IRVIN - seen here to the right of Geroge Lucas on the "Dagobah" set

41*. "Tell It to My Heart" singer Taylor __ : DAYNE

43. One abroad : UNE - oh, the number one, missed the misdirection

44. Béchamel base : LAIT - Frawnche for milk

45. Easing of govt. control : DEREGulation

46. Bingo call : B TEN - oops, I tried "TWO B" and "B TWO" first

47. Nature-nurturing org. : EPA

48. State of Österreich : TIROL

49. California's __ Bay : MORRO - perps, and a Natick with Marv at 59d.

54. Caustic solution : SODA LYE

55. Sells off : DIVESTS


1*. King pen name : BACHMAN - this is the name that appears on the novel "Thinner", the first one I ever read from "him"

2. Beersheba native : ISRAELI

3. Euripides tragedy : ORESTES

4. Japanese two-seater : MIATA - another car

5. Top : ACME

6. Miss : SHE - Dah~! I had "ERR", that kind of "miss"

I won't miss this kind of miss

7. British potter James known for Brown Betty teapots : SADLER

8. FDR's Fala et al. : SCOTTIES - not FIRST DOG; took a while to realize we needed a breed here

9. Film beeper, familiarly : ARTOO - Detoo, R2-D2, also a part of the Empire Strikes Back - and other films....

10. Complaint : MOAN

11. Jump in the pool? : BET - my poker game moved up one day this week

12. Bob Hope venue : USO TOUR - I figured it was "USO-", but 'venue' threw me

13. Mark of a shark : CUE CASE - a hustler, a pool hall billiards shark; I have two cases myself

14. Guaranteed : ASSURED

22. Didn't stop talking : RAN ON

23. Destined : BOUND - I suppose I was destined to finally find a new vehicle - here I am at the restaurant with my new old Dodge Caravan

25. Muir Woods' county : MARIN

26. It's a wrap : STOLE

28. Sail-extending pole : SPRIT

30. Yangtze tributary : XIANG

32. Form a political union : FEDERATE

33. Solo pianists often provided music for them : SILENTS - my new old Dodge Caravan came with a cassette player, and I have been listening to myself and friends who've made and sent me audio tapes, and this piece was on one of them;

the dexterity really starts at the 5:00 mark

34. Cheyenne allies : ARAPAHO - half filled via perps

35. Worked with props? : AVIATED - har-har~!

37. Beats to the finish line : OUTRUNS

38. Stoop-shouldered, say : UNERECT - OK, a little "meh"

39. Many in España : SEÑORES

42. Raised the roof : YELLED

45*. __ Moore: Hormel brand : DINTY

46*. '30s-'50s filmdom nickname : BOGIE - Humphrey Bogart - and featured in the song Key Largo, a song that got a lot of "muzak" air time, and I did not know who the singer was

oh, so tacky
48. Hard labor : TOIL

49. Pro Football Hall of Fame coach Levy : MARV

51. Waterfront gp. : ILA - International Longshoreman Assoc.

52. Prefix with Pen : EPI


Notes from C.C.:

1) Cool picture, Splynter, Nice to see you again.

2) Here are a couple great photos from Lemonade's Asheville Family Vacation. You can see more here.

 3) Here is Jayce's Yam/Apple recipe. I already tried last night. I used two medium-sized Asian sweet potatoes like below. Very dense & sweet. One big Honeycrisp & one medium Fuji. Coconut butter instead of regular button. It was fantastic. The kitchen smelled amazing.