Nov 2, 2016

Wednesday, November 2, 2016 Craig Stowe

Theme - Do You See What I See? Or My EYES Are Crossed [Up.] or  I-Yigh-Yie.  An anagramish theme in which the letters of the word EYES are scrambled and tucked into theme answer phrases of 2 or 3 words, in each case spanning two of those words.  If you're lucky, you got these letters circled for easy identification.

17. "Gotta go!" : SEE YA LATER.   Adios, amigos -- except I can't leave now, I'm just getting started.

24. Peter Parker's alarm system : SPIDEY SENSE.  To be a bit pedantic, Peter Parker's SPIDER SENSE is a kind of ESP that causes a tingling at the base of his scull, thus alerting him to danger. SPIDEY SENSE is a slangey generalized derivative phrase applied to anyone's [possibly uncanny] ability to suss out danger.

50. Henry VIII's third wife : JANE SEYMOUR.  JANE [1508-1537] was Queen of England for a little more than a year, following the unfortunate Anne Boleyn.  Sadly, Jane died of postnatal complications a few days after the birth of her son, who eventually went on to become King Edward VI.  Queen Jane is not to be confused with Joyce Penelope Wilhelmina Frankenberg [b. 15 February 1951] from Hayes, Middlesex, England, the daughter of Mieke (van Tricht), a nurse, and John Benjamin Frankenberg, an obstetrician.

58. Sign of deceit, and a hint to this puzzle's circled letters : SHIFTY EYES.  Supposedly, a liar cannot look you straight in the EYES.  In reality, this only apples to rank amateurs.  The good ones can pull it off, no prob - without batting an EYE, so to speak.  Here, SHIFTY gives us a clue that the letters of the word EYES have been tampered with.

Hi gang.  JazzBumpa here, complete with bifocals.  Let's give this puzzle the EYE and see what we can discover.


1. Less-played song, usually : B-SIDE.   Takes me back to my yute, when 45 RPM records typically contained a hit song on the A-SIDE and some other less commercially successful song on the B-SIDE.

6. Big name in big projections : I-MAX.   Big screen theater.

10. Skips, as TiVoed ads : ZAPS.  I guess you can ZAP something to make it disappear.

14. Like Andean pyramids : INCAN.  Of or pertaining to the INCA people.

15. Bumpkin : RUBE.  Simple farmers, people of the land, the common clay of the new west  .  .  .

16. Touched down : ALIT.  Landed, as a bird, plane, or lunar module.

19. Without serious thought : IDLY.  As in chattered IDLY.

20. Cuts down : HEWS.  HEW is one of those odd English language verbs that means two wildly different things.  Here, it means to chop or cut with an AXE or other tool.  The other meaning is to adhere to some idea or set of principles.

21. Single : ONE.  As a dollar bill.

22. Garson of Hollywood : GREER.  Eileen Evelyn Greer Garson [1904-1996] was a very popular movie star with MGM in the 1940's.

23. "Do it, __ will!" : OR I.  Is this an offer or a threat?

27. Bed blossoms : PANSIES.  Flowers.

29. Hyundai rival : KIA.  Korean cars

30. Vineyard cask : TUN.   A large cask holding 252 gallons.

31. Stainless __ : STEEL.   An alloy containing chromium that is highly resistant to rusting.

32. Agent : REPresentative.

33. "Looney Tunes" stinker, familiarly : PEPE. Le Pew, a skunk.

34. Kaiser roll topping : POPPY SEED. A pinwheel shaped soft bread roll with a crisp crust, topped with seeds that actually do come from the opium poppy.

38. Hide from a hunter? : PELT.   Cute misdirection, hide and PELT both referring to the skin removed from the hunted animal.  Cf. 53 A.

41. "Yet cease your __, you angry stars of heaven!": "Pericles" : IRE.  From scene I of Shakeseare's play.  IRE, of course, meaning anger.

42. E-cigarette output : VAPOR.

46. Firefighter's tool : AXE.  For HEWING.

47. Lanai music maker : UKE.  Not exclusively for Hawaiian songs - but there are strings attached.

48. Has a conniption : GOES APE.  A way of manifesting IRE.

53. "Noah kept bees in the ark hive," e.g. : PUN.  Word play based on similar sounds and [often awkwardly imposed] double meanings.

54. __ acid : AMINO.  The building block of life.  This organic compound has both carboxylic acid and amine functionality.  These two reactive groups can react with each other, and thus form long complicated molecular chains.  The rest is history.  Or maybe chemistry.  Or biology.  It all gets a little muddy.

55. Capp and Capone : ALS.  Two guys names AL.  One was a rum-running crime boss and the other gave us Li'l Abner.

56. Poet Whitman : WALT.  An American poet [1819 - 1892.]  His collection, Leaves of Grass, was considered to be pornographic at the time.

57. Manner : MIEN.  From the same root as "demeanor."  A way of presenting one's self.  This word was popular ca. 1800, and has been in decline since, especially after 1900.

61. Years, to Livy : ANNI.  Latin and plural.

62. Navigation hazard : HAZE.  It impairs vision, shifts the EYES, and comes in many colors.

63. __-garde : AVANT.  From Olde French into late Middle English - meaning the most forward part of an advancing military force.  Now, by extension, anything at the cutting edge of technology or culture.

64. Establishes : SETS.

65. Fancy jug : EWER.

66. Nutty green sauce : PESTO.  Olive oil based sauce containing pine nuts, basil and garlic, typically served over pasta.


1. Vatican personnel : BISHOPS.  Also chess men.

2. Show disdain for : SNEER AT.   With a contemptuous or condescending facial expression.

3. Dessert drink made from frozen grapes : ICE WINE.   The grapes are frozen on the vine, concentrating the sugars and other solids, yielding a smaller amount of concentrated very sweet wine.

4. Weekly septet : DAYS.  Check your calendar.

5. Disney doe : ENA.   Bambi's aunt appears alliteratively.

6. Modern Persians : IRANIS.  Ancient Persia ---> modern Iran.

7. Subdued : MUTED.  Even on the trombone.

8. Civil War nickname : ABE.   President Lincoln

9. Boomer's kid : X-ER.  Those in generation X.   The baby boomers are the demographic cohort born from ca. 1946 to 1964, in the aftermath of WW II.  Generation X has historically been a disparaging term used to describe alienated youth.   It was only after 1991, when Canadian writer Douglas Coupland came out with his novel Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated Culture, that it was applied to the previously unnamed cohort that followed the boomers.  There are cultural implications to identifying with a particular cohort, and Gen X-ERs, not specifically limited to the after 1964 crowd, could have been born as early as 1956, and up until some vague date in the neighborhood of 1980.

10. '70s-'90s African state : ZAIRE.  Now the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

11. Pasta preference : AL DENTE.  Cooked until still firm, and not mushy.

12. Forms a big stack : PILES UP.  I'm thinking of all the leaves yet to land in my yard.

13. Compound in many disposable coffee cups : STYRENE.   Vinylbenzene, a genuinely nasty chemical that also is found in other commercially important plastics.

18. Easy pace : LOPE.

22. Govt. property overseer : GSA.   The General Services Administration is an independent government agency that helps manage and support other government agencies.

24. Corn Belt sight : SILO.  Commonly a cylindrical tower used for storing grain.

25. Barely makes, with "out" : EKES.   Commonly EKES its way into a crossword.

26. "Geez!" : YIPE.   I prefer YIKES!

28. When the NFL's regular season begins : SEPTember brings us football at all levels.

32. Canadian whisky : RYE.  Is all Canadian whiskey RYE? I know not all RYE is Canadian.

33. BlackBerries, e.g. : PDAS.  Personal Data Assistants.

35. Seattle's __ Place Market : PIKE.   One of the oldest continuously operating farmers' markets in the U.S.

36. Antelopes, to lions : PREY.  A step lower on the food chain.

37. At any point : EVER.

38. Sleepover need : PAJAMAS.

39. Check out : EXAMINE.  Take a gander at those jammies!

40. Lax : LENIENT.  Not strict.

43. Tropical fruits : PAPAYAS. The fruit of a tree native to Central America that has been locally cultivated for many centuries.

44. Rich : OPULENT.  Displaying conspicuous or ostentatious wealth.

45. Charges for use of, as an apartment : RENTS TO.

47. GI hangout : USO.  The United Services Organization, Inc. is a non-profit organization that provides programs, services and live entertainment to U.S. military personnel and their families.

48. Club owner? : GOLFER

49. Toss from office : OUST

51. County seat of County Clare : ENNIS

52. Thanksgiving decoration : MAIZE

56. "__ Only Just Begun": Carpenters hit : WE'VE

58. Ship, to its crew : SHE

59. "Hee __" : HAW

60. Go on and on : YAP

That wraps it up for today.  Hope your vision didn't get blurred or HAZY.  And that's the truth!

Cool regards!


fermatprime said...


Thanks, Craig and Jazz! (Another thorough expo is always appreciated!) Puzzle was fun.

Never heard of ICE WINE.

Have been plagued with a swollen foot. Have to have tests ASAP. However Harv is pretty busy.

Have a great day!

OwenKL said...

Easy puzzle, WEE(will)S about a few quickly-corrected write-overs.

Greer Garson was patron of a university here in Santa Fe, so the Greer Garson Theater in the Greer Garson Performing Arts Center is just a few blocks away from me, and in the last few years has expanded to the Greer Garson Movie Studio!

SPIDEY SENSE has nothing to do with the bottom of his boat. Darn autocorrect!

{B-, B+, B, B.}

I like to be beside my bride
When going out to be a-ride!
We list as we flit
To A-side, then ALIT
To list to the CD B-SIDE besides!

At harvest time, with chilly DAYS,
When fields oft are draped with HAZE,
Paths may be shorn
Through stands of corn
For stalking through a MAIZE-y maze!

If a RUBE ever ran into PEPE Le Pew,
Treat him as PREY he would never do!
No PELT with stripe
Is worth the strife
His VAPOR ZAP would put one through!

When Peter Parker's SPIDEY SENSE
Warns him of some dire events,
To shield his guise
Such wild excuses he invents!

unclefred said...

SIDEB went in, came out. Lotsa head scratching ensued. DOH! BSIDE stayed in. The rest worked its way to a finish with only one letter overwrite ( SPIDER:SPIDEY). 27A, Bed blossoms, FARTS didn't fit, so ended up with PANSIES. Nice, fun CW, thanx, CS!! Terrific write-up, thanx, JzB!! Especially liked the IK uke music, very nice.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

No real problems with this one. I realized that all of the circle groups contained the same letters, and that helped with JANE SEYMOUR -- which began as Anne Seymour. Also tried SEES RED before GOES APE elbowed its way in. Thanx, Craig and JzB.

Didn't we have a discussion about ZAPS? Doesn't really fit the clue.

I thought all Canadian whisky was "blended."

Big Easy said...

It was an easy guess but ICE WINE was all perps; never heard of it. The EYES were obvious from the circles, especially after SPIDER SENSE changed to SPIDE-Y; never heard of it either. I would have filled EYES for 'Check out' but EXAMINE had to fill the blanks.

I don't have a Tivo but ZAPS is a new term for me. FWDS or FFWD-forwards or fast forward was what I was thinking but there wasn't an abbreviation in the clue.

PIKE Place Market- I absolutely hate to shop when on vacation ( the same trinkets are available anywhere) but my wife had to go there to see them throw fish to each other. SEE YA LATER.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Jazzbumpa and friends. I found this to be a much easier puzzle than yesterday's fare.

I first had ICE WINE on a trip to Canada several years ago. Until then, I had never heard of it.

My favorite clue was Hide from a Hunter = PELT.

I agree about what D-Otto said about ZAPS.

QOD: I have never been lost, but I will admit to being confused for several weeks. ~ Daniel Boone (Nov. 2, 1734 ~ Sept. 26, 1820)

Oas said...

Wine makers get excited about an early heavy frost at grape harvest time. Sweetens the grape and helps fermentation. Ends up a better wine.

inanehiker said...

Getting the EYES combos early on definitely helped me solve this faster as the puzzle went on. I din't realize Jane Seymour changed her name- I wonder how long it takes people who do that to respond to their new name when people call them.
WEES about ZAPS, I thought the clue for 45 down was awkward for RENTS TO - but perps got me on the right path.

enjoyed the write-up JZB and the puzzle Craig!

Anonymous said...

We zap the TV commercials. Common expression here.
"to skip over or delete (TV commercials), as by switching channels or pushing a fast-forward button on a playback device: We recorded the show on our VCR but zapped all the commercials."

Lucina said...

What a quick and easy romp! Thank you, Craig Stowe. MUTED, however, has a different meaning for me than the clue. It's what happens when political commercials start. They are instantly MUTED.

I also liked the clue for PELT and I knew PIKE only because my sisters and I went there two years ago.

ICEWINE is a new one for me.

Thank you, JazzB. I like your detailed explanations.

Have a good dia de los muertos, everyone!

Hungry Mother said...

Easy, once I moved the B of 1A to the front. Got the theme right away and it helped with JANESEYMOUR.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

Good morning! I'm clean as a whistle inside and out following my colonoscopy. Two "prizes" have been sent out to pathology. While waiting in the prep area, I heard the anesthesiologist ask the woman in the next area what she was having done. After hemming and hawing, she said she thought she was in for an autopsy. The good doc told her that she wouldn't be having that TODAY, but looked at her paperwork and told her that she was having a biopsy. Thanks to everyone who wished me well.

Loved this Wednesday-level puzzle today. I consistently get the circles by printing out the puzzle from the LAT web site, and that saved me today. Those circles gave me Jane Seymour and allowed me to fix SPIDEr SENSE. No other erasures, but like unclefred, I wanted "farts" instead of PANSIES.

Didn't know GREER Garson, "...cease your IRE...", ANNI, ICE WINE, PIKE Place or ENNIS County. And will I ever remember ENA the deer?

My favorite verb that has wildly different meanings is "cite", and its noun form "citation". Having one's work cited correctly can be an ego booster, while being cited for going 80 in a 65 - not so much (or so I'm told).

My Genie DVR will fast forward at 30 times normal speed for thirty seconds at a push of a button. Commercial breaks in sports are often two minutes, so I just press the button 4 times. ZAP - no more commercials. Other programs have ad breaks of 3 to 4 minutes, so I press the button 6 times. If a new commercial comes on, I press it again. Of course the button doesn't work if you are watching in real time, but we tend to tune in late to most programs, and watch others after they have been recorded.

Nice puzzle, Craig. And another great expo from Jazz. The hard work you put into your narratives always shines through.

oc4beach said...

Nice presentation from Craig and JzB's expo was very thorough. Enjoyed both.

I didn't have circles (Mensa site) so I opened the puzzle on the LA Times site when I got to the reveal clue and saw the EYES in the clues I had filled in. It didn't really help me solve the puzzle but it was interesting.

SIDEB vs BSIDE, it was going to be one or the other. TIERS vs INCAN for Andean pyramids. ANNO vs ANNI. Perps took care of them.

SESAME SEED didn't fit so I put in POPPYSEED. Something you don't want to eat before you have to take a drug test. You may get a false positive and a large headache trying to explain it.

I agree with ANON@8:01 about ZAPS. Common expression here also.

It's National Deviled Egg day today. My kids and I love 'em, but DW can't stand them. Actually she doesn't like eggs at all. She grew up on a farm and had to gather eggs every day and the smell of an egg brings back the memory of the smell of a chicken coop on a hot summer day. Yuck.

Glad things went well for you yesterday Jinx. One of my least favorite procedures.

Have a great day everyone.

CrossEyedDave said...

CrossEyedDave said...

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

My intro by JazzB is missing 48 - 60 down, the last eight downs.

Got the solve without mishap today. Saw the gimmick early but had to wait until SHIFTY EYES to see what it was called.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

I enjoyed this well-executed offering with its clever theme and abundance of fresh fill, all of which add up to a satisfying solve! Greer Garson holds the distinction of having given the longest Oscar acceptance speech in history. I believe she won for her portrayal of "Mrs. Miniver." (Why I remember such trivia is a mystery!)

Thanks, Craig, for a mid-week treat and thanks, Jazz, for the wonderful guided tour.

The FedEx man was at my door at 8:30 am with Stone Crab Claws fresh from the Sunshine State. (Hey Tin, Lemon, Chairman Moe, et al.) Can't wait for dinner-time! 🍽. And the mailman just dropped off my order of Gibbles potato chips! Can't wait for lunch-time! (A review will be forthcoming, oc4beach and Jayce.)

Have a great day.

Husker Gary said...

-EYES stood out but I could not come up with the adjective
-ENN_S/ANN_ was a near natick
-Sirius XM Radio was having B-SIDE night last night and after Bobby Darin’s great Dream Lover they played this forgettable B-SIDE (2:22)
-Hey RUBE – A call to all carnies to come help a fellow carnie in a fight with an outsider
-Several robins who did not get the migration memo ALIT on our feeders yesterday
-These ONES are no longer produced
-I could listen to that UKE song over and over
- A poignant scene (2:06) centered on a WALT poem
-Jazz, did you ever use a plunger for a mute?
-No leaf PILES here. That’s why Snapper made a mulcher!
-SILOS can not hold all of the bumper crop this year.
-A too LENIENT rookie teacher can crash and burn in August
-An early frost here changes $300/bushel seed corn to $3/bushel field corn

Tinbeni said...

D-N-F ... couldn't fill in whatever that frozen "_ _ _ WINE" answer.

Nice write-up Jazz, FUN puzzle Craig.



Argyle said...

Interesting side note; "Boogie Woogie Santa Claus", a song written by rock and roll songwriter Leon René, became a #1 hit without air play or even requests.

It was recorded by Patti Page as the A-side but the B-side was "Tennessee Waltz". Of course back then, you couldn't sell just one side of a record so when "Tennessee Waltz" sold, so did "Boogie Woogie Santa Claus" and the royalties kept rolling in.

Boogie Woogie Santa Claus(2:11)

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Craig Stowe, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Jazzbumpa, for a fine review.

Got through this fairly quickly. A couple stumpers, but perps and wags won the day.

Theme was fine. Helped me get SPIDEY SENSE. I had SPIDER at first.

I got JANE SEYMOUR with a couple starter letters. I guess I had heard of her before. Was not aware that she died young.

Lots of long down words. But, they all showed up.

IRANIS was easy. The Persians are also in the old testament of the Bible, Cyrus and Darius. They helped Zerubbabel in his bid to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem after the Jews were 70 years in captivity in Babylon.

Got rained on this morning while crossing the kids at the school. No problem.

Cubs had a great game last night, 9-3. Hopefully tonight will be just as great! Go Cubs!

See you tomorrow.


( )

Jayce said...

Nice puzzle; well built. No circles on the Mesa site, but enjoyed the solve without them. After having been interrupted mid-solve by ads on the LA Times site, I won't use it any more even though it has circles. Only write-over was VAT to TUN. Enjoyed the clues for PELT and GOLFER.

Speaking of Tivo, now that they offer the Tivo OTA (Over The Air) product with no monthly fee, it is starting to look quite attractive. LW and I (mostly just I) have been checking out various brands of OTA recorders, but according to the reviews they all have serious software bugs or are rather limited in functionality. The Tivo seems to have all the capabilities we want, and more. The only thing I'm still thinking about is whether or not to use a splitter so our roof antenna can be connected to both the TV (as it is now) and the Tivo at the same time.

Jazzbumpa, thank you for your informative and entertaining write-up. Irish Miss, looking forward to your review of the Gibbles potato chips. Best wishes to you all.

desper-otto said...

Husker, I owned the 45 of Dream Lover back in the day. I don't remember it being on the London label -- I think it was ATCO, same as Splish-Splash. No idea as to what was on the flip side.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Hello everyone,
The Preview button is buggy right now. After you preview your comment and hit "Publish Your Comment", you lose your original comment and get "Bad Request Error 400" message.

"Publish Your Comments" works fine if you don't use the Preview button.

We've reported this problem to Blogger. Hopefully they'll solve the problem soon.

CrossEyedDave said...

I noticed the preview was a bit buggy,
but I was able to recover 99% of my post by hitting
the back button at the error screen & confirm submission screen.

Note: My post at 9:22 is not an error,
the second CrossEyedDave said... is actually a link.

(I was trying to be shifty...)

Misty said...

Fun Wednesday puzzle, Craig--many thanks. And you too, JazzB.

I really thought I had nailed it only to discover that I had STERENE (having put in IDLE) rather than STYRENE--should have double checked that one. I got the theme after the second scrambled EYES fell into place (thank goodness for circles)and thought it was cute. Not much literature in this one--oh wait, there was WALT Whitman. Anyway, enjoyable puzzle this morning.

Jinx, so glad all went well. Fermatprime, sorry to hear about the swollen foot--hope you got help quickly. Irish Miss, wish I could have lunch or dinner with you some time--your posts often make me hungry.

Off to the dermatologist to get my little face cancer scar checked on--hope it's healing okay.

Have a great day, everybody!

TX Ms said...

Thanks, JzB, for your usual and fun write-up - never heard of ice wine; I'm certainly no wine connoisseur (oenophile is much easier to spell - thank you c|ws).

Hahtoola, enjoyed your Dan'l Boone quote - never knew he had a sense of humor. I can identify with his definition of "lost."

Jinx, hope you had a well-deserved yummy breakfast! Laughed out loud at the doctor's calming correction of the lady's procedure. Thank you-gotta remember that one!

Anon-T (from last night @ 8:07), I too never heard of "take a powder" as leaving in haste. I've mentally mumbled that phrase several times while working for attorneys. Take a powder, as in "you need to calm down!" Per Urban Dictionary, it also means to "chill out, relax." Wonder if I first heard it in a movie or maybe a book?

Anon-T and D-O, did y'all get any rain? None of any note here on the North Loop since Sept. 10. Houston weather! - either it floods, or there's a drought for weeks on end and then only certain areas two miles away get the much-needed rain.

Have a good day, everyone.

Anonymous said...

Not that it matters all that much, but I always knew PDA as personal DIGITAL assistant, and not as personal DATA assistant. Whichever it is, I always look forward to the days when JzB is "at the helm".

Ol' Man Keith said...

A very pleasant pzl from Mr. Stowe, and a brightly illustrated response from JazzB! I enjoyed it throughout - except for my own foolishness, as reported below.
Too smart for my own good?
I'm pretty good with English history, esp. royalty, so I thought filling 50-A would be a breeze. When I saw the last letter was "R," my mind went to Catherine Parr--although she was Henry's last wife, and her name couldn't possibly fit, even if I reduced her to mere Kate Parr. But the old brain can be stubborn at times. I stayed focused on the last four letters, and even when I had "OUR" I kept trying to force my head to come up with a suitably short surname.
Doh! JANE SEYMOUR, of course! Poor old (young!) JANE slowed me down more than any other section. Why did I let that happen? Just shows how we mustn't get cocky. We probably truly know only about a 10th of what we think we know...
Misty, good luck at the dermatologist! I have had a couple of those facial cancers excised. I think results these days are nearly 100% successful.

desper-otto said...

TX Ms, since Sept 9th it rained 1.3" 9/25-26 and a measly 0.1" on 10/11. We were going great through the end of August; since then, not so much.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Easy enough. I never heard of ice wine until last year's river voyage. There was one particular patch of the Rhine which was bordered by grapes grown specifically for that purpose. I never learned what becomes of the crop if the freeze comes too late.

From the "I need sympathy" department: we've never had children, but a few days ago we got a puppy. The workload seems to be about the same - and so does the sleep deprivation. We are zombies today...

Anonymous said...

D-O, thanks for your neck o'woods report. Got a good soaking on 9/10, then .2" a couple of weeks later, then .1" a week later. I'm a farmer's daughter and jot it down on the calendar - how anal is that?

Dudley, aaww - I love dogs! What kind of pup? Can you post a pic?

Irish Miss said...

Misty - Hope all went well with the follow-up on your facial surgery. (I have a couple of areas on my face that I think should be checked out so I'll be making an appointment with the dermatologist soon.). As distance prevents us from dining together, I promise that you'll be in my thoughts when I attack those crab claws tonight!

Jayce and oc4beach - Gibbles potato chips are yummy and better than the typical supermarket fare. I can't believe how many chips there are in a 1.75 ounce bag. Too many to eat in one sitting, at least for me. I did get a chuckle out of the email I received from Gibbles asking me to write a review of the product, as not only had I not yet received the chips, they hadn't even been shipped yet!

Dudley, congrats on the new addition to the family. Picture, please! Breed, name, etc?

Wilbur Charles said...

Second that on a great JzB write-up. Smooth xword today but I forgot to recheck and had ENNOS and RIPE.

My one year as a 21 year old Frawnche teacher started leniently in SEPT and quickly went where ?? predicted. "Don't smile before Christmas" was the unheeded advice.

I think I had an ENNIS. Not to speak of Richie ASHBURN's teammate Del Ennis of the dozen 100 RBI seasons

No Sibbi Sisti talk yet. I fear 1948 will stand awhile longer in Cleveland sports.

I actually don't know who to root for. Way too much replay and over analysis.

I think I had that Darin 45 too.

La deuxieme stage is the third floor

WC in prime time

Wilbur Charles said...

Oops, Ac got me too. Etage avec accent Aigu

TX Ms said...

Re Anonymous @ 3:03: I don't know what happened - my identity disappeared when I was finally able to "submit." reCAPTCHA will still having problems.

Pat said...

This was a good puzzle that I finished wrong. I WAGged an "O" for ANNo/ENNoS. I also wanted SideB before BSIDE, but perps corrected that one. Thanks, Craig S. Excellent expo. JzB!

Am I the only one who wanted Bugs Bunny for 33a "Looney Tunes" stinker, familiarly? "Aint I a stinker? I know he's used that line in other cartoons but this is the only example I could fine.

Dudley, picture please! I highly recommend going to puppy kindergarten to learn how to train your new family member.

Misty, I hope you got good news!

Good evening.


... said...

Testing comment from Blogger Help Forum...feel free to delete.

C.C. Burnikel said...

The above comment is from Mishka. She also told me this:

"I was able to reproduce the issue you are seeing while in Chrome on Win 7. Will see what I can find out and then forward to the team if needed.

I am thinking that it might have to do with the fact that the "I am not a Robot" requirement doesn't come through on the preview but I will find out for sure."

Dudley said...

For those who asked: our new puppy is one of those newfangled cross breeds, the Labradoodle. I'm told they don't shed...sounds like a positive attribute to me. They are known for a good blend of intelligence and calm disposition. The LW is interested in teaching our dog to be a therapy dog, going to hospitals and the like, as a volunteer.

Little Persey is actually named Perseverance, because she started life at a disadvantage. She didn't gain weight and was far from thriving, when all of a sudden she rallied and started growing like, well, a puppy. She's twelve weeks old now and eleven pounds.

I'll see what it takes to post a picture.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

FIW - what Pat said w/ ANNo / ENNoS xing. Oh, well. I enjoyed the theme and execution Craig - smooth solve.

JzB - always a fun expo; thanks! Esp. liked Blazing Saddles :-)

ESP - sorry, no time... Cubs lead but my fingernails are still getting a workout after the 2-runs on a wild pitch (WTH?)

Fav: While I do appreciate 38a's cleverness, I'm going w/ UKE just 'cuz of JzB's example; that's gotta be the best rendition I ever heard. I also read he did it in one take while between songs he was going to record.

BSIDE? How about Hey, Hey, What Can I Do? on the flip of Immigrant Song? I had that 45 when I was 7 or so.

{B, A-,A,A-}

Glad to hear all's well with the Cornerites.

LATER, after the game...


oc4beach said...

IM: Glad to hear that you enjoyed the Gibbles potato chips. They are unique.

I hope the Stone Crab Claws were delicious. I enjoyed them when I lived in Florida.

Bill G. said...

I just came across this little gem. A school lunch with opera!

Anonymous T said...

[C. MOE - skip this]

Greatest World Series EVER!

Whole family texting and then on a celebratory conference call!

Cheers!!!!! -T

TX Ms said...

Anon-T, Cubs' fans, et al. - are you still with us? Our Houston teams can only dream. Congrats! My apologies to the Indians' fans - they played their hearts out, for sure, down to the wire, and they totally are to be commended - But They Were In The World Series!

Anonymous T said...

TX Ms:

1) re: your rain question - a smattering here and there. We had a deluge at the office (Galeria area) 2 weeks ago but nothing to write home about - it only lasted 20 min.

2) Growing up in SPI, IL I grew up on Cubs - the lovable losers. I switched from Cubs to Astros in my rooting after a few years in HOU. In '15 (IIRC) 'Stros went AL so I could pretty much root for both 'cuz they'd never see eachother in the playoffs :-)

In Back to the Future II Cubs won in '15. It's a year off and not a sweep nor against Miami. So, that means there's a schism in space-time. I shudder thinking of what that means for the election :-)

This is history. 108 years from now, my children will tell their children's children about the '16 World Series and insist the Cubs can do it again... :-)

Cheers, -T

Picard said...

Hand up for getting surprisingly stuck on SIDE B before finally realizing B SIDE fit.

Never heard of ICE WINE. As noted by Big Easy, PIKE market is a must-see in Seattle for the flying fish!

JANE SEYMOUR was a learning moment! I had a crush on the modern JANE SEYMOUR when I was a teen after seeing her in a James Bond movie.

Years later in the 1990s I was sitting at my favorite sushi bar here in Santa Barbara and realized she was sitting with a date at the table next to me. A father suggested his little boy ask her for an autograph. She was very sweet to them.