Nov 28, 2016

Monday, November 28, 2016 Jake Braun

Theme: Wide left on four - West coast footballers.

17. *Power source that plugs into a computer port: USB CHARGER. San Diego Chargers

23. *"Airplane!" flight number, to the control tower: TWO-ZERO-NINER. San Francisco Forty Niners

36. *Carl Icahn or Michael Milken: CORPORATE RAIDER. Oakland Raiders

46. *Castle gate-busting weapon: BATTERING RAM. Los Angeles Rams

57. Home of the player at the ends of the answers to starred clues: CALIFORNIA

Argyle here. Jake's back for another Monday. Yes, it is sports related but not obscure. Except for one notable word, a pretty easy Monday.


1. "Get lost!': "SCRAM!"...and stay off my lawn.

6. Google __: geographical app: MAPS

10. Ruth with bats: BABE. How much for an autographed Babe Ruth bat, C.C.? (From C.C. : If it's authenticated and the autograph is in great condition, 10K-50K I think. I recall one sold for over 100K a few years ago.)

14. Egypt's capital: CAIRO

15. They may clash on a movie set: EGOs

16. Environmental sci.: ECOL. (Ecology)

19. Physics particle: ATOM

20. Andes, e.g.: Abbr.: MTs. (mountains)

21. Against: ANTI

22. Make amends (for): ATONE

26. Boats with double-bladed paddles: KAYAKS

29. Forget to include: OMIT

30. Mosque leader: IMAM

31. Address for Bovary: MADAM. Let the nits begin. When the novel, "Madame Bovary" (1856), was first serialized in La Revue de Paris between 1 October 1856 and 15 December 1856, public prosecutors attacked the novel for obscenity.

33. Having one flat, musically: IN F

40. Billy the __: KID

41. Father or son New York governor: CUOMO. Mario and Andrew.

42. Head, to Henri: TÊTE

43. Suffix with joke or pun: STER

44. Gratify: PLEASE

51. Going on, to Sherlock: AFOOT. "Come, Watson, come! The game is afoot."

52. Lily pad squatter: FROG

53. Sock hop site: GYM

56. "The Mod Squad" cop: LINC. 1968 to 1973 TV show, Clarence Williams III as Lincoln "Linc" Hayes...1999 film starred Omar Epps as Linc.

60. Actor Estrada: ERIK

61. Be complicit in, as a caper: ABET

62. Giraffe kin: OKAPI

63. Exec's asst.: SEC'Y. (secretary)

64. TiVo predecessors: VCRs. (videocassette recorder)

65. Jotted down: NOTED


1. Film on stagnant water: SCUM

2. Film credits list: CAST

3. Barbecue fare: RIBS

4. Smile shape: ARC

5. Iroquoian people, or a hair style named for them: MOHAWK

6. Fred or Ethel of old TV: MERTZ, from "I Love Lucy".

7. Texas A&M athlete: AGGIE

8. 19th-century master of the macabre: POE. Edgar Allan Poe

9. Old Rus. state: SSR. (Soviet Socialist Republic)

10. "Get lost!": "BEAT IT!"...and stay off my lawn. I don't want to have to tell you AGAIN!

11. Follow, as a tip: ACTON

12. Trailblazing Daniel: BOONE

13. Roundheaded Fudd: ELMER. "Daniel may hunt bears but I'm hunting wabbits!"

18. Yucatán years: ANOs. From years ago: the Yucatan Asteroid Crater.

22. Jungian inner self: ANIMA. Not a Monday friendly word.

23. Pack (down): TAMP

24. Calf-roping event: RODEO

25. Poet Khayyám: OMAR

26. Punt or field goal: KICK

27. Mine, to Marcel: Á MOI

28. One of 100 between end zones: YARD

31. Native New Zealander: MAORI. Bed and Breakfast?

32. Source of quick cash, briefly: ATM. (automated teller machine)

33. Brainstorm: IDEA

34. Butterfly catchers: NETS. Could have stayed with the sports theme with the Brooklyn Nets, pro basketball team.

35. For nothing: FREE

37. Eight-musician group: OCTET

38. Regretful sort: RUER

39. Bulleted list entry: ITEM

43. Heavyset: STOCKY

44. Plum's title in Clue, briefly: PROF. The professor? Now Victor Plum, a billionaire video game designer.

45. Blue or black water of filmdom: LAGOON. The Blue Lagoon (1980 film)/Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954 film)

46. Hay bundles: BALES

47. Burning: AFIRE

48. Mixer with gin: TONIC

49. Player referenced in 57-Across' clue, briefly: NFLer

50. Southern side dish: GRITS

53. Tiny biting insect: GNAT

54. "Eek!": "YIPE!"

55. Hotel room cleaner: MAID

57. Cleveland cager, for short: CAV. The Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team.

58. "Easy as" letters: ABC

59. Old studio letters: RKO


Note from C.C.:

For those who can't find Sunday puzzles in their LA Times, it's moved to the Comics section.


unclefred said...

WOW, I love Monday CWs!! Even beat my usual Monday times today!! Really fun CW, thanx, Jake!! ANIMA was all perps, simply couldn't remember this one, but that was the only sticking point. Terrific write-up, as usual, Argyle, thanx!! Hope everyone has a good week. We still have one more day of Thankgiving leftovers to polish off!

OwenKL said...

{C, A-, B-, B+.}

An N.F.L. player in CAIRO
Threw the ball in a perfect spiral!
His mom told the IMAM
Who said, "Thank you, MADAM.
We can use him next riot as a pyro!"

When deep frying begins, the KIDS SCRAM!
They leave kitchen work to their Gram!
So she trained a smart sheep
To make corn-dogs, for cheap --
That's right, she used a BATTERING RAM!

If the Creature from the Black LAGOON
Tried to rassle with Danial BOONE,
As they thrashed in the mud,
With referee ELMER Fudd --
You'd be watching a really weird cartoon!

They had bundles of books for the bonfire,
So thought Jerry Lee Lewis they'd hire.
His piano, so sonic
Would be a good TONIC
As he sang about Great BALES AFIRE!

fermatprime said...


Thanks, Jake and Santa!

No problems. Easy Monday!

Have 200 emails to read. Couldn't cope with email last night. Yuck. Can't seem to get rid of the unwanted ones.

Have a great day!

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Nice, easy-peasy Monday. No perps needed to solve it, or theme for that matter. Everything was Jake.

Chore time. Gotta run. DW gets in after lunch.

Montana said...

Good morning!
I've missed visiting the Corner for awhile.
I thought Monday would be the best day to solve a puzzle again. YIPE slowed me down but perp solved.
I think of CC each Thanksgiving so I'm checking in to thank her for this fantastic place.
Weather has been incredible this fall, in Montana.
Hope you all are enjoying life.


Montana said...

I don't know why that photo showed up as my profile picture. I haven't used gmail in a couple years.
I think I've replaced it.


TTP said...

Good morning all.

Nice job Jake. Sped through it so fast I didn't notice the theme and a bunch of the clues & answers until I read Argyle's write up. I liked the title Argyle.

Didn't pay any real attention to the Jungian clue. I moved on as quickly as I read it. That's a key for fast solving. It filled by perps.

FermatPrime. Look for a button that says Select All. Select it. Then look for the button that says Delete. Press it. Following those steps is a quick and efficient way to deal with an overflowing mailbox.

D-O, have you been taking it too easy while your wife was gone ? Is the lobster pot from Thanksgiving still on the counter top ?

Hi Montana. Welcome back. Thought you left us.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Jake Braun, for fine puzzle. Thank you, Argyle, for a fine review.

Nice to see you, Montana. Hope all is well.

Got through this puzzle quite easily. No inkblots at all.

The theme was clever. All four California football teams. Last year there were three.

Could not remember MERTZ until I had the M and Z. I do remember them well. I Love Lucy was a great show.

Lots of kids get MOHAWK haircuts. When we were kids back in NW Pennsylvania that haircut was called a DON EAGLE.

I think we had OKAPI the other day.

BATTERING RAM reminds me of my favorite cartoon character, Hagar the Horrible.

Have to run to my morning job, Crossing Guard, at the grade school. See you neater for the Sunday puzzle which I finished late last night.


( )

Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning!

Right on, D-O! So true. An easy-peasy Monday. Thanks Jake for a comfortable start to the week. MADAM in the middle encore. Actually, that's the English spelling of the French "Madame." My favorite moment in Airplane! was Lloyd Bridges calling for a check of the Radar Range!

Thanks, Argyle for another fine tour. Have a wonderful day, all.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

Nice exercise today to get back in the groove after a few days off. A few unknowns - OKAPI, ANIMA and AMOI - but perps quickly covered for my ignorance. Erasures were toad for FROG and wrote for NOTED.

Santa - speaking of governments deciding that a fine literary work was obscene, I was required to read Steinbeck's wonderful novel "The Grapes of Wrath" in my freshman year in college. My mother told me that the book was considered smut by censors when she was a young woman. That was the first time I can remember realizing that governments, even in the USA, sometimes do terrible things. I'm a little less naive these days.

Thanks to Jake and Santa for a fun Monday experience.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Cruciverb is broken today, so this was solved at LATimes instead. Anima seems vaguely familiar, needed perps to be sure.

Morning Argyle! And hello to Montana, good to see you at the Corner again.

Dudley said...

Correction: I see that Cruciverb now has the missing puzzle file.

thehondohurricane said...

Montana...great to hear from you and hope all is going well.

No real issues today, and the eraser got a day off too. I can never remember if it's OKAPI or okati, but YIPE sure sounded better then yite.

I don't think there are more the two or three bats signed by Baba that have been authenticated and they are not game used. An authenticated baseball has gone as high as a 120K, but most are in the 5 figure range. The clarity of the signature will be the price driver.

Tinbeni said...

Good Job! Argyle.
Thanks Jake for a FUN Monday puzzle. Enjoyed the CALIFORNIA football teams theme.

Fave today, of course, was the Gin and TONIC ... go figure.

Hand-up for needing ESP to get ANIMA. Otherwise, a total "speed-run."

A "Toast-to-ALL" at Sunset ... with Scotch, NEAT!

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Easy solve today. Liked the theme; especially the grid spanner CORPORATE RAIDER to offer up the team name.
TONIC - My favorite summer drink, gin and TONIC. Bombay gin and Schweppes tonic.
BALES - Moved plenty of them in my youth. Twine; no wire, so no risk of ingesting wire by cattle. Always used bale hooks to drag and lift. With a 'knee' assist a bale could be lifted quite high for loading on a wagon or stacking in the haymow. Never understood why some chose to always grab by the twine such as one sees on TV. Very rough on the hands.

Magilla Go-Rilla said...

Anima means the soul in Italian. I suspect it's the same in Latin.

Magilla Go-Rilla said...

57A is a clever clue.

I take issue with 17A. You don't plug a power source into a USB port. The port IS the power source. You connect your phone to the USB port and it provides the power to charge your phone.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Ditto on the easy, peasy start to the week and end of another month. Smooth sailing all the way but needed the revealer to catch what was going on. Well done, Mr. Braun! (Constructors' creativity continues to amaze me.)

Thanks, Jake, for a fun, enjoyable solve and thanks, Argyle, for the chipper commentary.

Montana, how nice to see you back; please stay.

Have to take my car in for inspection later. No problems anticipated but one never knows.

It's nice and sunny right now but the forecast for the rest of the week is rain, rain, and more rain. Better than snow, I guess. (Sorry, skiers and snow-mobilers!")

Have a great day.

MJ said...

Greetings to all!

An enjoyable Monday puzzle today. Learning moment is that the okapi is related to the giraffe. I always thought it was a relative of the zebra. Thanks for the expo, Argyle. Lovely string octet.

Hi Montana! Hope all is well.

Enjoy the day!

Lucina said...

Thank you, Jake Braun, for a five minute fun run. I couldn't print fast enough. No problem with ANIMA. We've seen it before and it was required reading in PSYCH class.

ERIK Estrada. Yum, yum. He's still good looking.

Drs. appt. today to discuss the results of my blood test. Not good I fear since it was Thanksgiving week.

Welcome back, Montana. I hope you're well and will return.

Thank you, Argyle, for your informative commentary.
Have a fabulous day, everyone!

Lemonade714 said...

Montana so wonderful to see you; it is so nice to have some of our missing 'regulars' (especially one I have met in person) check in.

WEES, thanks Jake and Argyle

Husker Gary said...

-How my busy USB hub usually looked at school
-The debate continues as to whether The BABE could have hit today’s pitching
-In the capital of CAIRO, the capital would be the Egyptian Pound (about 5¢)
-The EGOS of Fred and Ethel (Bill and Vivian) battled mightily
-A black 12-year-old girl, Gloria Lockerman, won $16,000 for spelling Antidisestablishmentarianism on the $64,000 question in 1955. What happened next was an insight into racial prejudice of the time (3:17)
-There was probably no tribe named the Mullets
-SCRAM/GET LOST - W.C. Fields said, “Go away kid, ya bother me” to his nemesis Baby Leroy
-When I sold clothes, we had the “Husky” size for STOCKY boys
-For me GRITS are good for what you put on top of them
-I made my kids tip the MAIDS $1/day when we stayed at Disney Resorts
-What song contains “Nothin’ ain’t worth nothin’ but it’s FREE?” Answer
-55˚F and sunny today and so…

Argyle said...

Sunday/Monday connection; We had Eri Tu yesterday and anima today and the full title of the aria is Eri tu che macchiavi quell'anima / ("It was you who stained the soul"). Mattia Battistini in Un Ballo in Maschera.

Yellowrocks said...

Happy Monday and fun puzzling. Welcome back, Montana. I think of you frequently and miss your posts. Please join in often.
In grad school I wrote a paper comparing and contrasting Jung and Freud. I remember Jungian anima. Although I received an A I could not even attempt to summarize it now. It was one of those required things, not especially that interesting to me.
I remember sock hops being in the culture, but in our neck of the woods we did not dance in socks and did not call dances hops, even at that time. I do remember the song Let's Go to the Hop. Maybe we were too rural to be part of that scene.
Time for another doctor visit for Alan, this time just for a check-up. I am expecting a good report.
I always thought a USB charger was connected to an AC outlet. To charge from a computer you would use a USB cord, not a charger, but I am no techie.

CrossEyedDave said...

Easy Peasy Monday,

But something is afoot!

they left out my favorite team!

The Daniel Boone reference left me nostalgic for Fess Parker again....

The Mertz reference had me internet surfing for way to long, pick out your own
Fred & Ethyl best of moments (way too many, I will be lost on the internet for days...)

It has been posted before, but no Crossword Blog post would be complete without reference to Elmer Fudd singing Bruce...

CanadianEh! said...

Speedy Monday solve today. Thanks Jake & Argyle, and OwenKl for the smiles. Especially enjoyable after slogging through yesterday's puzzle which required every perp and Google look-up. I was lurking for a few days with seasonal business. I avoided Cyber Friday but apparently could have joined in the calm Canadian shopping day. LOL!

Good to see you back, Montana (and Misty yesterday). Hope all the reports are good with Alan today, Yr.

NE was the last to fall today. I had BIOL before ECOL, and waited for perps for MERTZ (I loved Lucy! and Ethel and Fred)

26D "Punt or Field goal" reminded me of last night's exciting Grey Cup football game which was decided in overtime in favour of the underdog Ottawa RedBlacks. Henry Burris, 41 year old winning quarterback and MVP, was the only member of the current team who was alive the last time Ottawa won the Grey Cup 40 years ago.

Have a great day.

Misty said...

A real Monday surprise for me: a puzzle with a sports theme (California sports, no less) and I got the whole thing without one bit of cheating! Yay! Wahoo! Sports almost always give me a hard time, but the perps helped out hugely this morning, as did the many cultural and pop cultural references in the puzzle: MADAM Bovary, Edgar Allen POE, OMAR Khayyam, Sherlock Holmes, Fred and Ethel MERTZ, Daniel BOONE, Billy the KID, and of course ELMER Fudd. Great fun, Jake, thank you so much! And you too, Argyle.

I guess I haven't played Clue in years, because PROF (my title too) really surprised me. But I got it.

Owen, I loved your cartoon limerick. Welcome back, Montana, and good luck with Alan's test, YR.

We're having a nice sunny day today, after yesterday's California rain. Hope all those sports teams stayed dry.

Have a great day, everybody!

oc4beach said...

Nice easy Monday. Liked the theme although I didn't need it to solve the puzzle.

When I was a teenager in the late 50's/early 60's we had our sock hops at the local skating rink on Friday nights. We took our shoes off and danced in our socks, so it really was a sock hop. If we had a dance in the Gym we wore shoes and they spread cornmeal over the hardwood floor to protect it. It was very slippery.

Have fun today.

Pat said...

Hello everyone! I had limited internet access over the holiday weekend and limited time to read the blog. No dead-tree version for four days, which is my preferred version of the puzzle. Today was a welcome easy puzzle to get back into the swing of things. Thanks, Jake. I always enjoy your write-up, Argyle. Thank you.

I got the theme, no prob. Around 30 years ago Avon came out with a men's soap paired with a box of football cards. Each card had a team name and mascot on one side and info about the team on the back. Favorite daughter and I learned a lot of our football knowledge from those cards, many of which are still correct regarding location, colors, name, and I don't remember what else.

I learned today that the OKAPI is related to the giraffe, not the zebra.

My only unknown was ANIMA. Not a bad start to the week.

Enjoy your day!


Spitzboov said...

Hallelujah - Just returned from a follow-up visit to my surgeon in Syracuse who removed a sentinal node and excised the margin 11 days ago as follow on from my earlier melanoma removal. Pathology was clean, no tumor. So now I'm on a 6 mo. recall. Thanks for all your prayers and good wishes.

Montana - Welcome back.

TTP said...


That's really good news. I'm glad to hear that.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

FROG!, I got YIPE wrong :-( I put YIkE and had no IDEA what an OKAPI is. PLEASE, BABE, let me try again... My EGO... I'll ATONE.

Thanks Jake for a fun puzzle. WEES re: flying through it - but just enough crunch (MAORI?) to KICK up Monday a notch. Thanks Argyle for the writeup - Promise, I'll not set A FOOT on your lawn.

WOs: N/A

Sneer: AGGIE - It's the only thing OU and UT agree on :-)

Fav: Gotta go w/ TWO ZERO NINER

Of course, there's CORPORATE RAIDERs running a close second (17min).

{B-, B, B, B+}

Hey Montana, good to see you back! Same w/ Misty yesterday.

£ EGY - HG - I have a handful of them from my trip to CAIRO / Maadi in '14 that I hand out to my competent contractors. They know they're only worth ~$0.05 but they are neat coins.

Thanks CED for Robin Williams.

Cheers, -T

Anonymous T said...

Spitz - I missed that while drafting. Awesome news! God Speed pal. -T

Irish Miss said...

Spitz - Great news! Must be a big relief.

Hahtoolah said...

Good afternoon, Argyle and friends. Nice puzzle to ease into the work week after a long Thanksgiving holiday.

My only question was with ANIMA, but all the other words seemed to work, so I just let it go.

The OKAPI makes frequent guest appearances in the puzzles. I learned of this animal by doing the puzzles.

We are in for some stormy and windy weather tonight, so it's time to hunker down.

QOD: When you are actually powerful, you don’t need to be petty. ~ Jon Stewart (b. Nov. 28, 1962)

Chairman Moe said...

"Puzzling Thoughts":


Welcome back to those bloggers who've been absent

Enjoyed the puzzle; Jake and Argyle, good job

Jayce said...

Nice puzzle, thank you, Jake Braun. Yep, I winced at MADAM but everything else went down well.
Argyle, nice write-up. Thanks for the Mendelssohn octet link and the information about ERI TU.
Welcome back, Montana.
Yellowrocks and Spitzboov, glad you have good news.
Best wishes to you all.

Chairman Moe said...

checking to see if my new blogger picture is active . . .

Ol' Man Keith said...

for solving the mystery of the "missing" LA Times Sunday Pzl. I tried a few different ways of finding it. but couldn't - until your guidance today.
Seems everybody's moving and conspiring to hide from regular customers. What's going on? It's enough to make me feel paranoid. Even our regular Xmas Tree lot moved, just a block away but with NO signs offering directions to the new place.
today's pzl was a continuation of the tougher Monday trend. I appreciated Mr. Braun's offering very much. Not that it was all that tough, but a few fills required thought, and I learned that the OKAPI has a very tall relative. (Aren't stats all relative?)
I was disappointed only in 33-A, which I thought was a sly reference to INFinity, not a mundane musical key.

Chairman Moe said...

it is. I am finally "over" the World Series. Actually, I was "over it" about three weeks ago, but forgot to change my blogger photo.

So for an update, I decided to invite two other "stooges" to share my blogger photo. Could they perhaps be Lemon and Tin? Anonymous T? Anyone want to claim that they are either Curly or Larry??! Nyuk nyuk nyuk . . . ;^)

Ch'man Moe

Anonymous T said...

Shemp reporting for duty :-)

Yellowrocks said...

Spitzer, excellent news. Alan,' s report is good, too. Off to the square dance now.

Pat said...

Great news, Spitzboov! I hope subsequent check-ups are more of the same!

YR,glad to hear Alan's report is good, too! Enjoy the dancing!


Wilbur Charles said...

I can never get into the blog on time. I've had Yakety YAK running through my head all day from Sunday

I think of Blue Bayou to gradually replace it. Ronstadt version believe it or not.

Lots of good fill. I missed the Sherlock clue. The story is on the top of my tongue. I think it's the one where Watson becomes the jury. Not guilty.

Sorry I'm so late. Blame Argyle and all you posters.


Ps. This was a perfect beginners XW