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Oct 31, 2013

Thursday, October 31, 2013 Gerry Wildenberg

Theme: "Marooned"

20A. 1954 Luis Buñuel film : ROBINSON CRUSOE. The 1997 remake starred Pierce Brosnan.

35A. 1974 Lina Wertmüller film : SWEPT AWAY. The 2002 remake starred Madonna.

54A. 1963 Peter Brook film : LORD OF THE FLIES. The 1990 remake starred Balthazar Getty.

And the unifier:

13D. With 44-Down, setting for 20-, 35- and 54-Across : DESERT. 44. See 13-Down : ISLAND.

Three movies from three different decades are the stars of this show, with all three taking place on a DESERT ISLAND. Evidently there were quite a few to choose from. It seemed a little difficult, but I didn't need to send out an SOS, and finished in my typical Thursday time.


1. Works by future doctors : THESES. Nailed it.

7. One of two N.T. books : COR.inthians.

10. Mellowed, perhaps : AGED. I must be very mellowed by now.

14. 24/7 Rollerball maker : PENTEL.

15. Address for a PFC : APO. Army Post Office, but also used by the Air Force.

16. Traffic controller : CONE. Until it gets run over by an out-of-control driver.

17. African adventure : SAFARI. (Safari, sa goodie…)

18. Buttinskies : MEDDLERS.

22. Eur.'s ocean : ATL.antic

23. Diva quality : EGO.

24. Smallish cells : AAs. Oh, batteries. I was thinking of platelets. (I guess it was the immunohematologist in me…)

25. "__ Love": Natalie Cole hit : OUR. Here's the lovely song. 5:25

26. Lamarr of Hollywood : HEDY. Not just a pretty face, she invented a signal technology that led to the modern cell phone.

28. Harrison colleague : STARR. George Harrison and Ringo Starr of the Beatles.  I was thinking of this Harrison for a while.

30. Sluglike "Star Wars" alien : HUTT. Jabba the.

31. Map corner item, maybe : INSET.

33. Cross-referencing words : SEE NOTE.

38. Rat Pack leader : SINATRA. "Ol' Blue Eyes"

40. Pizza order : SLICE.

44. Start for sphere : IONO. Wanted "atmo" at first. It didn't work out well for me...

45. Moved, as a trireme : OARED.

48. Aussie flock : EMUS.

49. Benchmark: Abbr. : STD. Standard.

50. "For shame!" : TUT. Tsk, tsk.  Another misstep.

51. Portuguese royal : REI.

53. PGA money winner, e.g. : PRO.

58. Unwanted import from the East? : ASIAN FLU.

59. Words that may precede weeping? : READ 'EM. (and weep…)

61. Word with blue or bean : NAVY.

62. Neurologist's test, briefly : EEGElectroencephalogram.

63. Temper : ANNEAL. "Hissy fit" wouldn't work.

64. Covers the gray, say : DYES. Who, moi??

65. Tokyo, long ago : EDO.

66. They raise dough : YEASTS.


1. Festoons with certain tissue, for short : TPs. (Toilet Papers.) Auburn fans have it down to a science.

2. Give courage to : HEARTEN.

3. Swathes : ENFOLDS.

4. Attempt : STAB. Take a stab at the answer.

5. Spine-tingling : EERIE.

6. Baby carriers : SLINGS.

7. Hunter's garb, for short : CAMO.uflage.

8. Clearing : OPEN AREA.

9. A.L. Rookie of the Year after Tommie Agee : ROD CAREW. Oh, OK. If you say so. (Who knew CAREW?)

10. Rights protection gp. : ACLUAmerican Civil Liberties Union.

11. Has a date : GOES OUT.

12. On the way : EN ROUTE. The Cardinals were EN ROUTE for a verrrrrry long time on Tuesday.

19. TV's Oz and Gupta : DRs. I knew Dr. Mehmet Cengiz Öz, but didn't remember Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

21. Barstool topper : SOT. Haha, funny clue!

22. Yellowfin tuna : AHI.

27. Like no-nonsense questions : YES/NO.

29. "When You Wish Upon __" : A STAR. Original soundtrack. 2:13

30. Big name in games : HOYLE.

32. Bygone Delta rival : TWA. Trans World Airlines. Merged with American in 2001.

34. "Illmatic" rapper : NAS. Oh, I just can't link it...

36. Cajun crawfish dish :  ÉTOUFFÉE. Yummm.

37. Went on and on : PRATTLED. I hope I am not PRATTLing too much?

38. In a manner of speaking : SO TO SAY.

39. Ready to go forward : IN DRIVE.

41. Blocks : IMPEDES.

42. Attack with profanity : CURSE AT.

43. That, in Tabasco : ESO. I never know whether to put an "O" or an "a" on the end. Perps tell me which way to go, usually.

46. Before, to a bard : ERE.

47. Offset, as costs : DEFRAY.

50. It may be gross : TON.
Gross tonnage is calculated by measuring a ship's volume (from keel to funnel, to the outside of the hull framing) and applying a mathematical formula. Bill G.?
52. "The L Word" producer Chaiken : ILENE. Never saw the show.

55. Woody Allen's "Radio __" : DAYS. With Mia Farrow. Never saw it.

56. Science fiction prize : HUGO.

57. Collector's suffix : IANA. Meh.

60. D.C. United's org. : MLSMajor League Soccer.

That's it from me for this week. See you next time!


Oct 30, 2013

Wednesday, October 30th 2013 Jeff Chen

Theme: Unmasking an Icon! The theme entries gradually "unmask" the character named in the reveal.

16A. Home sound system : HI-FI STEREO. Increasingly being outmoded by Dolby 7.1 8-speaker surround sound. Two speakers? So last century!

23A. Memorable "Rocky" line : YO, ADRIAN! Not-quite believable punch-bag face and instant tear-jerking can be enjoyed here.

33A. Eloquent : SILVER-TONGUED. "Yo, Adrian!" to your dear spouse probably qualifies for silver-tongue status in some circles.

47A. Reason to pile onto the team bus : AWAY GAME. Another reason would be winning the away game by a street and having the home team fans chasing you.


55A. Hero whose catchphrase begins 16-, 23-, 33- and 47-Across : LONE RANGER. Has anyone seen the Disney flick?

"Somebody just told me what 'Kemosabe' really means - I suppose you think that's funny"

Bom Dia from Rio de Janeiro! Steve here sitting by Copacabana beach sipping on a Café-carioca. I was a little peeved that a last-minute work trip caused me to withdraw from the Crossword Tourney held in Santa Monica last Sunday, but there are worse places to be. I had a fit when I brought up the blog editor to start this write-up - it was in Portuguese. Google is watching me ...

I enjoyed Jeff's puzzle - I got a little stuck in the middle and worked my way down the right and along the bottom and ran into the reveal when I had "RANGER" complete. Hoo Ya! Back up to the theme clues and everything fell into place.

Let's see what else we can find to talk about:


1. Big name in big trucks : MACK

5. Gunk : GOOP.

9. TV's Dick Van __ : DYKE. Something of a gimme!

13. When doubled, a Northwest city : WALLA. Walla Walla, Washington, home of the Walla Walla Wolves. There, I think I -ore out my - key.

14. Give a makeover : REDO

15. Line holder : REEL

18. Texts: Abbr. : MSGS. Could this have been clued as "Txts" and avoided the "Abbr."?

19. Decline from disuse : ATROPHY. My United Airlines frequent flyer card does not suffer from this fate.

20. Some Beethoven works : TRIOS. I never thought of a trio being a work, rather that a work would be written for a trio. A symphony isn't called an orchestra! What say ye, JzB?

22. "Veni, vidi, vici" man : CAESAR. Then he went off to chop a lettuce, crush an anchovy, grate some Parmesan, crack an egg and fry some bread. Talented chap, old Julius. Food!

26. Little Leaguer, say : KID

27. Automated intro? : ROBO. This was great - I thought "what on earth is a Robo-Automated?" then the penny dropped that Jeff was looking for a generic intro for automated stuff.

29. __ del Fuego : TIERRA. I recently met someone from this remote spot. When she was growing up, her Mom used to tell her that the closest place to where they lived was the Moon. Cute!

30. Stay a step ahead of : ONE-UP

32. Many millennia : AEON

38. "__ baby!" : ATTA. Boy, Girl are alternatives.

39. Zapped : NUKED

40. Rapper who played Left Ear in "The Italian Job" : MOS DEF. Thank you crosses! Even if I hadn't left my wheelhouse at home (I travel light) it wouldn't have found this in it.

43. Software test version : BETA. To remove every single bug before it's released for real. Yah, right.

44. Agnus __ : DEI

49. Promoting : HYPING

51. Botanist's study : FLORA

52. Nostalgic souvenir : MEMENTO

53. River in a 1957 Best Picture title : KWAI. Cue the plucky devil-may-care whistling!

57. Work on, as a popsicle : LICK

58. Q.E.D. part : ERAT. Quod erat demonstrandum - that which we have shown. Nil illegitimi carborundum - don't let the ba**ards grind you down.

59. Levels : TIERS

60. Tiny arachnid : MITE. I think we've linked magnified pictures of these little darlings before. I will refrain, I don't want to spoil my breakfast.

61. "Gadzooks!" : YIPE! Someone said this to me in earnest last week and I almost lost it.

62. Puts the kibosh on : ENDS. Verb.


1. Fruity cocktail : MAI TAI. Is it too early? I am almost on the beach. Tinbeni?

2. Butler in the Batcave : ALFRED. I had ALBERT first which slowed things up somewhat. Reason eventually prevailed.

3. Awards for ads : CLIOS

4. "How Life Imitates Chess" author Garry : KASPAROV. That's right, we see horses jumping over bishops and Queens moving rapidly in any direction every day.

5. Earl with a tea : GREY. Thank you for the recent "E for English A for American" advice from our erudite community.

6. Above, to Keats : O'ER and then

7. Start of some Keats titles : ODE TO. Take that, clue pairing!

8. Having little talent for : POOR AT

9. H.G. Wells' island physiologist : DR. MOREAU. The spelling took me a while. D-R-  umm

10. "Darn tootin'!" : YES SIREE! I want someone to say this to me too.

11. Small cask : KEG

12. Golf star Ernie : ELS. Ernie should be sent a lifetime achievement award by the crossword constructor community.

13. Off, in mobspeak : WHACK. Note the slang clue, slang answer.

17. Royal seat : THRONE

21. Exiled Amin : IDI

23. Google-owned video site : YOUTUBE. This blog would be a poorer place without it.

24. Yank since 2004 : A-ROD. How much longer will he be invited for preseason pinstripe fitting, C.C? Here, showing his sartorial elegance, is New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez. (thank you, spellcheck!) (From C.C.: A-Roid is still entitled to the Spring Training, no matter what the appeal result is, right, Husker Gary?)

"It's A-ROD, not A-ROID, capiche?"

25. Bert Bobbsey's sis : NAN. (Who she? Ed.) No idea.

28. Hot-sounding European capital : BERN. Capital of one of the 26 Swiss cantons.

31. Elbow : POKE. Verb.

33. Tuck away : STOW.

34. "I've got proof!" : IT'S A FACT! Can often be debunked with a quick Google search.

35. Elegantly feminine : LADY-LIKE

36. Infernal : NETHER. Completely new to me, and why I love doing crosswords. I thought it meant "behind" as in "nether regions". I will have a new respect for my infernal regions now.

37. Greeting from Down Under : G'DAY, MATE

38. Physicians' org. : AMA, that old stalwart, the American Medical Association.

41. Id controller : EGO. Sigmund Freud making simple things confusing.

42. Chris of "Tommy Boy" : FARLEY. I had FALLON first, never having seen this movie, but having FA---- to work with.

44. Dented : DINGED

45. Keys in : ENTERS. You leave your car in the parking lot and you come back to put your keys in a dented door. Shopping carts should be made of rubber.

46. Stravinsky and Sikorsky : IGORS. Here they are at the first public performance of "The Firebird Helicopter Suite" which they co-composed.


48. Native New Zealander : MAORI. And extremely frightening All-Black rugby player.

50. Enclose, as pigs : PEN IN. *Snort* when I was one letter short.

52. Parcel (out) : METE

53. Airline to Amsterdam : KLM. KLM is apparently short for "Royal Dutch Airlines" in some top-secret code.

54. Xbox 360 competitor : WII.

56. Quick snooze : NAP. I could use one of these myself - I'm timezone-challenged at the moment!
That's enough from me. Now it surely must be time for a caipirinha! Tenho que ir agora!


Oct 29, 2013

Tuesday, October 29, 2013 David Steinberg

Theme: Fonetic Progression - FL followed by a phonetic long vowel sound progressing through a, e, i, o, u.

17A. Food Network's "Throwdown!" host : BOBBY FLAY

24A. '60s song about an insect who "hid / Inside a doggie from Madrid" : SPANISH FLEA. Clip with lyrics, not the Herb Alpert instrumental version.

41A. 1996 R. Kelly hit : "I BELIEVE I CAN FLY"

51A. Difference between money coming in and money being spent : NET CASH FLOW

66A. Contagious dog malady : CANINE FLU

Argyle here. Very similar grid to Monday including the middle grid spanner. A Tuesday feel to the puzzle though. Thanks, David, we needed this.


1. Tom, Ma or Pa, in "The Grapes of Wrath" : JOAD. Okies.

5. Ballpark judges : UMPS

9. Greek i's : IOTAs

14. Doing nothing : IDLE

15. Put a stop to : HALT

16. Russian currency : RUBLE

19. Actor's platform : STAGE

20. Remove pencil marks : ERASE

21. Vinyl flooring piece : TILE

23. Skin care brand : OLAY

27. Palsy-walsy : CHUMMY


31. Mongrel : CUR

32. Villainous Norse god in the 2012 film "The Avengers" : LOKI


33. Musical pause : REST

37. Guffaw : LAUGH

44. Baffling question : POSER

45. Sesame Street giggler : ELMO

46. Increase, as prices : GO UP

47. Singer Sumac : YMA. "Peruvian songbird" has been with us for years now.

49. Deceives : LIES TO

57. Grand Ole __ : OPRY

58. Beverage nut : KOLA

59. Newton with laws : ISAAC

64. Squirrel away : HOARD

68. Take place : OCCUR

69. SOS responder : USCG. (United States Coast Guard)

70. Fast horse : ARAB

71. Bridge predecessor : WHIST. The 16th century game you can now play online.

72. Stadium that hosted a 1965 Beatles concert : SHEA

73. Muscle firmness : TONE


1. Be in sync (with) : JIBE

2. Febreze target : ODOR

3. "Fantastic Four" actress Jessica : ALBA
4. Society newbies : DEBs. (debutante)

5. Frequency between 300 and 3,000 MHz : UHF. Ultra High Frequency, VHF, 30 MHz to 300 MHz : Very High Frequency. Television before cable and satellite.

6. Island nation near Sicily : MALTA. Située dans La mer Méditerranée. (How did I do?)

7. __ Jane : PLAIN

8. Touchscreen-touching tools : STYLI. Plural of stylus.

9. Org. that's the target of April glowers : IRS

10. Not close enough : OUT OF RANGE

11. Game for young batters : T-BALL

12. Aquarium buildup : ALGAE

13. "I'm outta here!" : "SEE YA!"

18. Polite rural assent : YES'M

22. PC bailout key : ESC

25. Pile that aptly rhymes with fire : PYRE

26. Hawaiian dance : HULA. 29D. 26-Down instruments : UKEs

27. Film excerpt : CLIP

28. Vagabond : HOBO. Yes, yes. Got it right this time.

30. Hannah Montana portrayer : MILEY CYRUS. Not what she is famous for now!

34. Eden outcast : EVE and Adam.

35. Poivre companion : SEL. French 'pepper' compadre, 'salt'.

36. Duncan of the NBA's Spurs : TIM. Not a very well known TIM. His Wiki page.

38. Usually fuzzy tabloid pics : UFOs

39. Market surfeit : GLUT

40. Doc's shot provider : HYPO. (hypodermic syringe)

42. Culinary maven Rombauer : IRMA. "The Joy of Cooking" author.

43. Denver's st. : COLOrado

48. Inquire of : ASK

50. Victor's cry : I WIN

51. "Never in a million years!" : "NO HOW!"

52. Pleistocene, e.g. : EPOCH

53. "Baywatch" actress Bingham : TRACI. Not a very well known TRACI. Her Google images.

54. Magician's opening : HOCUS - Pocus, often followed by a flash.

55. Word with drive or memory : FLASH

56. Cavalry weapon : LANCE. The lance is longer, stouter and heavier than an infantry spear, and unsuited for throwing.

60. "Save me a __!" : SEAT

61. Bushy do : AFRO

62. Arkin of "Argo" : ALAN. Father of Adam Arkin.

63. Sugar bowl unit : CUBE

65. 2000 Richard Gere role : DR. T. "Dr. T & the Women"

67. Red-and-white supermarket logo : IGA. (Independent Grocers Alliance) Holy cow! Check out the coverage.


Note from C.C.:

Happy 88th Birthday to dear Dodo, who used to be very active on the blog. Are you still reading us daily, Dodo?

(L-R back row: Chickie, Clear Ayes, Garlic Gal; Front: JD, Lucina, Dodo. 

Picture taken on June 23, 2011

Oct 28, 2013

Monday, October 28, 2013 Steve Blais

Theme: Trick or Treat - Or give us something crunchy to eat. We find we've gotten four entries with a decidedly crunchy finish.

17. Computer storage medium : MEMORY CHIP

24. Quick-on-the-uptake type, in slang : SMART COOKIE

37. Carton-cushioning unit : STYROFOAM PEANUT

46. Showy authority figure : WHIP-CRACKER

58. Tense pre-deadline period ... or when to eat the ends of 17-, 24-, 37- and 46-Across? : CRUNCH TIME

BOO! Argyle here. What was (or is) your favorite Halloween treat? This grid has rectangles in two corners and a triangular shape in the other two. A gridspanner in the middle. It reminds me of a candy bar. I'll share it with you. (BTW, there are some more crunches in the puzzle.)


1. Forget where one put, as keys : MISLAY

7. Pedro's eye : OJO. Spanish.

10. Golf great Ballesteros : SEVE. Also Spanish.

14. Crumbly Italian cheese : ASIAGO. Aged Asiago cheese resembles Parmesan cheese in flavor.

15. Lao Tzu's "path" : TAO

16. Slangy prefix meaning "ultra" : ÜBER

19. When repeated, island near Tahiti : BORA. Northeast of New Zealand.

20. Male sibs : BROs

21. Kadett automaker : OPEL. Produced between 1937 and 1940, and 1962 until 1991.

22. Apple music players : iPODs

23. Vintner's prefix : OEN. Oenophile - a connoisseur of wines. 58D. French vineyard : CRU

26. Athenian walkway : STOA

28. Otherwise : ELSE

29. Persian rulers : SHAHs

31. Irene of "Fame" : CARA

33. Used-up pencils : NUBS

40. Latin being : ESSE

41. Latin love word : AMAS. Amo, Amas, Amat.

42. Muslim pilgrim's destination : MECCA

43. Tombstone lawman Wyatt : EARP

45. Mischievous trick : DIDO. More often clued as the Queen of Carthage. There is a singer so named, also.

51. Facebook notes, briefly : IMs. Chat with Instant Messaging.

54. Put back to zero : RESET

55. Orator's place : DAIS

56. Vivacity : ELAN

57. Fitzgerald of jazz : ELLA

60. Bedframe part : SLAT

61. Notes after dos : REs. On a different note from 51-Across.

62. Pop singer Spector who fronted a '60s girl group named for her : RONNIE


63. Alley prowlers : TOMs Cats

64. Function : USE

65. Chuck who broke the sound barrier : YEAGER. Some tidbits I didn't know. WIKI


1. Up-tempo Caribbean dance : MAMBO

2. River of Grenoble : ISÈRE. France.

3. Kids' imitation game : SIMON SAYS

4. Vietnam neighbor : LAOS

5. Part of USDA: Abbr. : AGRiculture

6. Multiple Grammy-winning cellist : YOYO MA

7. Catchall option in a survey question : OTHER

8. They're related to the severity of the crimes : JAIL TERMS

9. Caveman Alley : OOP. Administered justice with a club.

10. Summoned as a witness : SUBPOENAED

11. Novel on a small screen, perhaps : E-BOOK

12. "Falstaff" was his last opera : VERDI

13. Wipe clean : ERASE

18. Tax pro: Abbr. : CPA. Have you noticed sometimes CPA isn't indicated as an abbr.?

22. Cyclades island : IOS

24. Nothing to write home about : SO SO

25. Applaud : CLAP

27. Feats like the Yankees' 1998, '99 and 2000 World Series wins : THREE-PEATs

29. Opposite of NNW : SSE

30. 6'3", 5'4", etc.: Abbr. : HTs. (height)

31. Close associates : COMPADRES. From Spanish.

32. Roadside assistance org. : AAA

34. Preparing to use, as a hose : UNCOILING

35. Tampa Bay NFLer : BUC

36. RR stop : STAtion.

38. Jamie of "M*A*S*H" : FARR. Cpl. Klinger.

39. Arabian leader : EMIR

44. Play a part : ACT

45. Discern : DESCRY

46. Take by force : WREST

47. "Is anybody here?" : "HELLO?"

48. Quran religion : ISLAM

49. Underlying reason : CAUSE

50. Relatives : KIN

52. Mrs. Eisenhower : MAMIE. The First Lady, 1953 to 1961.

53. Snide smile : SNEER

56. Sicilian volcano : ETNA

59. Earth chopper : HOE


Oct 27, 2013

Sunday October 27, 2013 Ed Sessa

Theme: "Catching Some Zs" - Z sound is added to the end of a long vowel in each theme entry. The transformed new words are all in the pattern of *ZE.

24A. Really big hangover? : A DAZE LIKE NO OTHER. A day like no other.

36A. Mythical siren's boast? : I CALL 'EM AS I SEIZE 'EM. I call 'em as I see 'em.

50A. Couch potato's preparations? : LAZE AWAY PLAN. Layaway plan.

66A. North Pole resident's motto? : LIVE FREEZE OR DIE. Live Free or Die.

89A. "You might wanna clean your glasses"? : THAT AIN'T HAZE. That ain't hay.

100A. Harvest time in the Corn Belt? : MERRY MONTH OF MAIZE. Merry month of May.

117A. "L, XL, XXL—who cares?"? : A SIZE IS JUST A SIZE. Double action here. A sigh is just a sigh. From the lyric of "As Time Goes By": ... a kiss is just a kiss, a sigh is just a sigh..."

So we caught 8 Z's in 7 theme entries, mostly are all fairly long. Theme answers with 16 or more letters are not easy to handle, esp if you have Z's or J's or X'es. Actually K's are tricky too.

But Ed is a pro, every Down *Z* is a clean fill. Ed is one of the very few constructors who make both themed and themeless grids. I think themeless experience is very important when it comes to Sunday grids.

Ed Sessa, Xword Info


1. Cry from the heartbroken : ALAS

5. All-in-one Apple : iMAC. Does it work better than PC, D-Otto?

9. Masterful, pitching-wise : NO-HIT.  Who is your all-time favorite pitcher?

14. 92-Across newbie : PLEBE. And 92A. Annapolis inst. : USNA. Our Navy guy Spitzboov graduated from RPI, so did the Saturday Stud.

19. Bits of fibrous fuzz : LINT

20. Second ballot, often : RUN-OFF VOTE. This is plurable, isn't it?

22. Marathoner, e.g. : RACER

23. Dole (out) : METE

26. Bond film title beginning : A VIEW.  "A View to a Kill".

28. Title for Lancelot : SIR

29. Blow-ups : ERUPTIONS

30. Video file format : MPEG. Did not know what it stands for until today: Moving Picture Experts Group.

32. Online read, for short : E-MAG. So, TTP, what do you read for fun? I hope it's not those boring tech stuff.

35. Nada, to Nanette : RIEN. "De rien" = "You're welcome".

42. Demolition material : TNT

45. Rain delay result : LATE START

46. Prefix with scope : TELE

47. In __ of: replacing : LIEU

48. NYC subway : IRT

49. Better part of a loaf? : HALF. Half a loaf is better than none. 

54. George Smiley portrayer Guinness : ALEC

56. Rihanna song title meaning "I love you" : TE AMO.  Thanks for  the additional "I love you". I don't really know any of her songs.

58. Nicholas II's consort : ALEXANDRA

59. Florida's "Blue Monster" golf course : DORAL. Lemonade played there once.

61. Museum gift shop offering, briefly : REPRO

64. Loser to DDE : AES (Adlai Ewing Stevenson)

65. Balaam's mount : ASS

72. Toon Chihuahua : REN. Ren & Stimpy.

75. Crab eater's neckwear : BIB

76. Treat with disdain : SCORN

77. Belarusian bread : RUBLE. Money! I bet Joe Biden will be stumped by this clue.

81. Whatever the price : AT ANY COST

85. Nasal airways : NARES. Learned from doing Xwords.

88. Unlike fiction : REAL

94. Wheel spinner's purchase : AN "I". "Wheel of Fortune".

95. Foot segment : INCH

96. Aviation prefix : AERO

97. Valedictorians, e.g. : A STUDENTS. Yellowrocks must be one.

99. Alley-__ pass: hoops play : OOP

104. Prescription indication : DOSE

105. List catchall : ET AL

106. Mardi Gras, for one : FETE

107. Caddies of old : EL DORADOS. Cadillacs. Not the likes of Steve Williams I had in mind. Good old days, Tiger!

112. Yak : JAW 

114. Big name in bookselling : NOBLE. Barnes & Noble. I was upset Amazon upped their free shipping to $35 a few days ago.

122. Bigheaded : VAIN

123. Debussy contemporary : RAVEL. No "Boléro" today. Let's try "Daphnis et Chloé".

124. Steinbeck novel set in the Salinas Valley : EAST OF EDEN. I saw the movie because of James Dean. He's OK. No Daniel Craig.

125. Iberian river : EBRO

126. Nixon fundraiser Maurice : STANS. No idea. Look, Shakopee, he was born in MN! I've been to Shakopee. The big racing track Canterbury Park is there. Also a big casino.

127. Path to a wedding : AISLE

128. Posted : SENT

129. Breads for Reubens : RYES. EddyB liked his Reubens.


1. __ mater : ALMA

2. Actor Schreiber : LIEV. Did you see "Glengarry Glen Ross"?

 3. Part of the Enterprise's power source : ANTIMATTER. "Star Trek" stuff. No idea.

4. Pealing place : STEEPLE

5. CPA's recommendation : IRA

6. Strong java : MUD. Do you drink "Strong java", PK?

7. Santa __: offshore winds : ANAs

8. Like the best fireplace fire : COZIEST

9. Org. with Bucs and Broncos : NFL

10. Duct opening? : OVI. Oviduct.

11. Manipulate, as statistics, with "up" : HOKE.  I fogot. We had this before.

12. Old Roman way : ITER

13. Teacher's security : TENURE

14. President __ : PRO TEM

15. Language of many a motto : LATIN

16. It's repetitive : ECHO. Indeed.

17. "Someone's __ sleeping in my bed" : BEEN

18. Slips : ERRS

 21. 1938 Physics Nobelist : FERMI (Enrico). This guy is never a gimme for me.

25. Role for Ronny : OPIE

27. Llanfairpwll citizens : WELSH. Never heard of Llanfairpwll. See here. Steve might have stopped there before.

31. Imply : GET AT

33. Nick and Nora's dog : ASTA. And 39D. Line for 33-Down : ARF ARF

34. "Shoot" : GEEZ

36. 24-part epic : ILIAD

37. "Two Women" producer Ponti : CARLO. Husband of Bill G's Sophia Loren.

38. Like all bucks and some broncos : MALE

40. Intestinal parts : ILEA

41. Enthusiasm : ZEAL

42. Oscar winner Swinton of "Michael Clayton" : TILDA. The George Clooney movie. Glooney is single again!! (Sorry, Clooney, typo, Call Me, Maybe?)

43. Approaches : NEARS

44. Albacore and ahi : TUNAs

47. Hosp. worker : LPN

50. Easy strides : LOPES

51. Sport : WEAR

52. Felled in the forest : AXED

53. PLO chairman before Mahmoud : YASIR

55. "Iron man" Ripken : CAL. Very classy guy. He was at Kirby Puckett's funeral.

57. Sea, overseas : MER

60. Tripoli's country : LIBYA

62. R&R component: Abbr. : REC. Wow, Recuperation? I always thought R & R stands for "rest and relaxation".

63. One of the greenhouse gases : OZONE

67. One of a Caesarean trio : VICI. "Veni, vidi, vici"!

68. Poet's deep black : EBON

69. Reagan __ : ERA

70. Torrent : ONRUSH

71. Aus. setting : EUR

72. 9 to 5, e.g. : RATIO. Great clue.

73. Prefix with botany : ETHNO

74. Rights gp. since 1909 : NAACP

78. Collectible stuffed animal : BEANIE BABY. Lots on sale at the flea markets.

79. Woody Woodpecker's creator : LANTZ. I only know his given name Walter.

80. Beethoven's "Für __" : ELISE

82. Degree in math : NTH

83. Guide to Bethlehem : STAR

84. "__ are the we of me": McCullers : THEY. What does the quote mean?

86. Juan's "this" : ESTO

87. Put (out) : SNUFF

90. Weapon for Napoleon : ARME

91. __ suit: '40s apparel : ZOOT

93. Commercial developers : AD MEN

97. They have legends : ATLASES

98. Dine next door, say : EAT OVER. If it's Chez Jayce's.

100. Honeycomb-like fungi : MORELS. Our grocery store has the dried ones. Very pricey.

101. Morales of "NYPD Blue" : ESAI. Tony. LaLaLinda's faovrite TV cop is Andy Sipowicz. Or maybe Lennie Briscoe? I forgot.

102. Exodus obstacle : RED SEA

103. City south of Baghdad : NAJAF. In red. Does the "An" mean "the"?

104. Pair of sixes : DOZEN

107. Hammer sites : EARS. Tricky clue.

108. Future jurist's exam, for short : LSAT

109. Prima donna : DIVA

110. California home of the Bionic Woman : OJAI

111. Figure (out) : SUSS

113. Like EE shoes : WIDE

115. Old Pisa dough : LIRE. Money again. "Pisa dough" for Dave!

116. Slaughter in the field : ENOS. And 118. Letters for baseball's Cards : STL. What is Pujols thinking now?

119. Kid's piggy : TOE

120. Buddhism sect : ZEN

121. Tonsillectomy MD : ENT

Happy Birthday to my husband Boomer, who's going to bowl at the Midwest Senior Classic today. Boomer has been coaching the bowling team at his old high school and found the volunteering work extremely rewarding.


Oct 26, 2013

Saturday, Oct 26th, 2013, Ned White

Theme: None

Words: 70 (misssing J,Q,X,Z)

Blocks: 30

   How's this for an early Halloween scare???  My first look at the triple triple-15-letter spanners and I immediately ran for the DOWNS.  And that didn't help much.  Too many abbrs., names and vagueness to be of any good - at first.  The key to solving this construction, for me, was to go with my 'crossword instinct', meaning that the long answers would most likely end with E, S, T, R, etc. - and then, with my smattering of DOWN fill, I literally worked my way from the bottom up.  I'll admit to one bad cell (*), and I cheated and went to my analog dictionary for the spelling of 1A.  

The Spanners:

1. Wedding reception fare : HOT HORS D'OEUVRES - I missed the "U", and jumbled my "R" and "V"

16. Hunter's accessory : AMMUNITION POUCH - I delivered a box of ammo to a guy yesterday who was questioning why I required a signature; it had nothing to do with his 2nd Amendment rights, but UPS does require an adult to sign for explosives.  Period.

17. Fourth-generation relative : GREAT- GRANDNIECE

32. Certain cohabitant : DOMESTIC PARTNER - when I was in the Sober House, everyone would talk about their "S.O." - I thought it was a variation on a P.O. - parole officer.  Turned out to be their "significant other" - sounds pretty cold to me

37. Anglican leader : EPISCOPAL PRIEST

38. Beethoven work completed the same year as the "Moonlight" : PASTORALE SONATA - let's hear a little

53. Have a considerably negative effect on : MILITATE AGAINST - about the only one that is not a 'common phrase'

58. Recipe datum : PREPARATION TIME

59. Fitness specialist : STRENGTH TRAINER



18. Wrong : SIN

19. 1980s pop duo with an exclamation point in their name : WHAM!

20. Stowe novel : DRED - more here

21. Chanel competitor : COTY - They used to make "IRON" cologne, and I loved it: I miss it, too - it really defined "me" - it's a Ferro-pheromone alloy....
22. Chihuahua chatter : ARFs - eh, not YIPs

25. Rent-__ : A-CAR

28. Jolly Roger crewman : SMEE

29. Desperate letters : S.O.S.

39. Cobb and others : TYs

40. Get up : RISE

41. Scrapes (out) : EKES

42. Moments : SECs

43. One may be zapped : TV AD - I zap every one of them, because I watch everything from my DVR - and there's no one else in the UPS truck to spoil a show for me~!

46. Deuce follower : AD IN - advantage in - when the server is one point up after deuce on his/her opponent, and could take the next one and win - the Wiki if you really want to get confused

49. Cup part : BRIM

50. One of Can.'s Maritime provinces : P.E.I. - Prince Edward Island - one of those crossword instinct answers that does NOT end in E, S, T, R.


1. Crones : HAGS - I put in PALS, but that's cronies.

2. "Dallas" actor Katz : OMRI - IMDb

3. Bootleggers' foes : T-MEN - I put in FEDS to start

4. '70s Chinese leader : HUA - I defer to our very own C.C. for more on this (From C.C.: HUA brought Cultural Revolution to an end, for which I'm very grateful. He's Chairman Mao's handpicked successor.)

5. Huddle directive : ON TWO....

6. In order : RIGHT - and an anti-clecho 27D. Not in order : AMISS

7. Cattle drive concern : STRAY - I tried DINGO, but the word I meant to fill in was DOGIE

8. Spherical meas. : DIAMeter

9. Suffix with bass : OON - BassOON

10. Close : END - the verb

11. "Buffy" airer after The WB : UPN

12. Cancels : VOIDS

13. Penitent : RUER - The noun, in this case; I always think of the scene from "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" when I hear penitent

14. Old Roman cry : ECCE~!  Behold~!

15. Discard : SHED - Not TOSS, going with my instinct

21. Peak : CREST - hey, nice peaks

22. Liberal : AMPLE - quite ample

23. Takes in : REAPS

24. Alloy prefix : FERRO - "Iron", like in these fine examples

25. Pro : ADEPT

26. Pharmacy figure : CO-PAY and a semi-clecho with;

28. Bygone pharmacy fixture : SCALE

29. Preview opener? : SNEAK - sneak preview

30. Montevideo-to-Buenos Aires dirección : OESTE - map

31. Sp. lasses : SRTAs

33. Tie, perhaps : SCORE - you bet your ASCOT I got this one~!

34. Like doughnuts : TORIC - OK, so I went with HOLEY - I had a very white grid....

35. "Not for me" : "I PASS"

36. Pointed, in a way : TINED

42. Marsh bird : SNIPE - STORK, EGRET~?

43. It may be inherited : TRAIT

44. Bounce : VIGOR - yes, she's got some 'vigor' to her....

45. Appliance maker once owned by Raytheon : AMANA

46. Intensifies, with "up" : AMPS

47. Skinny : DIRT - and the title of Mötley Crüe's biography

48*. Robert of "The Sopranos" : ILER - the "L" got me

49. Three-time LPGA Player of the Year Daniel : BETH

50. Nabokov novel : PNIN - pronounced P'neen

51. Edward's adoptive mother in the "Twilight" series : ESME - a WAG, since I have not, and do not care to see any of these movies - but it worked well with my E, S, T, R instinct

52. Anatomical passage : ITER - Latin for journey - I can see that

54. A spray might be used for one : TAN

55. Uru. neighbor : ARGentina, constructor Ned must like the area - see 30D.

56. Parlor work, briefly : TATtoo - and a chance for a music link

57. "Lord, is __?": Matthew : "IT I?"