Oct 30, 2013

Wednesday, October 30th 2013 Jeff Chen

Theme: Unmasking an Icon! The theme entries gradually "unmask" the character named in the reveal.

16A. Home sound system : HI-FI STEREO. Increasingly being outmoded by Dolby 7.1 8-speaker surround sound. Two speakers? So last century!

23A. Memorable "Rocky" line : YO, ADRIAN! Not-quite believable punch-bag face and instant tear-jerking can be enjoyed here.

33A. Eloquent : SILVER-TONGUED. "Yo, Adrian!" to your dear spouse probably qualifies for silver-tongue status in some circles.

47A. Reason to pile onto the team bus : AWAY GAME. Another reason would be winning the away game by a street and having the home team fans chasing you.


55A. Hero whose catchphrase begins 16-, 23-, 33- and 47-Across : LONE RANGER. Has anyone seen the Disney flick?

"Somebody just told me what 'Kemosabe' really means - I suppose you think that's funny"

Bom Dia from Rio de Janeiro! Steve here sitting by Copacabana beach sipping on a Café-carioca. I was a little peeved that a last-minute work trip caused me to withdraw from the Crossword Tourney held in Santa Monica last Sunday, but there are worse places to be. I had a fit when I brought up the blog editor to start this write-up - it was in Portuguese. Google is watching me ...

I enjoyed Jeff's puzzle - I got a little stuck in the middle and worked my way down the right and along the bottom and ran into the reveal when I had "RANGER" complete. Hoo Ya! Back up to the theme clues and everything fell into place.

Let's see what else we can find to talk about:


1. Big name in big trucks : MACK

5. Gunk : GOOP.

9. TV's Dick Van __ : DYKE. Something of a gimme!

13. When doubled, a Northwest city : WALLA. Walla Walla, Washington, home of the Walla Walla Wolves. There, I think I -ore out my - key.

14. Give a makeover : REDO

15. Line holder : REEL

18. Texts: Abbr. : MSGS. Could this have been clued as "Txts" and avoided the "Abbr."?

19. Decline from disuse : ATROPHY. My United Airlines frequent flyer card does not suffer from this fate.

20. Some Beethoven works : TRIOS. I never thought of a trio being a work, rather that a work would be written for a trio. A symphony isn't called an orchestra! What say ye, JzB?

22. "Veni, vidi, vici" man : CAESAR. Then he went off to chop a lettuce, crush an anchovy, grate some Parmesan, crack an egg and fry some bread. Talented chap, old Julius. Food!

26. Little Leaguer, say : KID

27. Automated intro? : ROBO. This was great - I thought "what on earth is a Robo-Automated?" then the penny dropped that Jeff was looking for a generic intro for automated stuff.

29. __ del Fuego : TIERRA. I recently met someone from this remote spot. When she was growing up, her Mom used to tell her that the closest place to where they lived was the Moon. Cute!

30. Stay a step ahead of : ONE-UP

32. Many millennia : AEON

38. "__ baby!" : ATTA. Boy, Girl are alternatives.

39. Zapped : NUKED

40. Rapper who played Left Ear in "The Italian Job" : MOS DEF. Thank you crosses! Even if I hadn't left my wheelhouse at home (I travel light) it wouldn't have found this in it.

43. Software test version : BETA. To remove every single bug before it's released for real. Yah, right.

44. Agnus __ : DEI

49. Promoting : HYPING

51. Botanist's study : FLORA

52. Nostalgic souvenir : MEMENTO

53. River in a 1957 Best Picture title : KWAI. Cue the plucky devil-may-care whistling!

57. Work on, as a popsicle : LICK

58. Q.E.D. part : ERAT. Quod erat demonstrandum - that which we have shown. Nil illegitimi carborundum - don't let the ba**ards grind you down.

59. Levels : TIERS

60. Tiny arachnid : MITE. I think we've linked magnified pictures of these little darlings before. I will refrain, I don't want to spoil my breakfast.

61. "Gadzooks!" : YIPE! Someone said this to me in earnest last week and I almost lost it.

62. Puts the kibosh on : ENDS. Verb.


1. Fruity cocktail : MAI TAI. Is it too early? I am almost on the beach. Tinbeni?

2. Butler in the Batcave : ALFRED. I had ALBERT first which slowed things up somewhat. Reason eventually prevailed.

3. Awards for ads : CLIOS

4. "How Life Imitates Chess" author Garry : KASPAROV. That's right, we see horses jumping over bishops and Queens moving rapidly in any direction every day.

5. Earl with a tea : GREY. Thank you for the recent "E for English A for American" advice from our erudite community.

6. Above, to Keats : O'ER and then

7. Start of some Keats titles : ODE TO. Take that, clue pairing!

8. Having little talent for : POOR AT

9. H.G. Wells' island physiologist : DR. MOREAU. The spelling took me a while. D-R-  umm

10. "Darn tootin'!" : YES SIREE! I want someone to say this to me too.

11. Small cask : KEG

12. Golf star Ernie : ELS. Ernie should be sent a lifetime achievement award by the crossword constructor community.

13. Off, in mobspeak : WHACK. Note the slang clue, slang answer.

17. Royal seat : THRONE

21. Exiled Amin : IDI

23. Google-owned video site : YOUTUBE. This blog would be a poorer place without it.

24. Yank since 2004 : A-ROD. How much longer will he be invited for preseason pinstripe fitting, C.C? Here, showing his sartorial elegance, is New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez. (thank you, spellcheck!) (From C.C.: A-Roid is still entitled to the Spring Training, no matter what the appeal result is, right, Husker Gary?)

"It's A-ROD, not A-ROID, capiche?"

25. Bert Bobbsey's sis : NAN. (Who she? Ed.) No idea.

28. Hot-sounding European capital : BERN. Capital of one of the 26 Swiss cantons.

31. Elbow : POKE. Verb.

33. Tuck away : STOW.

34. "I've got proof!" : IT'S A FACT! Can often be debunked with a quick Google search.

35. Elegantly feminine : LADY-LIKE

36. Infernal : NETHER. Completely new to me, and why I love doing crosswords. I thought it meant "behind" as in "nether regions". I will have a new respect for my infernal regions now.

37. Greeting from Down Under : G'DAY, MATE

38. Physicians' org. : AMA, that old stalwart, the American Medical Association.

41. Id controller : EGO. Sigmund Freud making simple things confusing.

42. Chris of "Tommy Boy" : FARLEY. I had FALLON first, never having seen this movie, but having FA---- to work with.

44. Dented : DINGED

45. Keys in : ENTERS. You leave your car in the parking lot and you come back to put your keys in a dented door. Shopping carts should be made of rubber.

46. Stravinsky and Sikorsky : IGORS. Here they are at the first public performance of "The Firebird Helicopter Suite" which they co-composed.


48. Native New Zealander : MAORI. And extremely frightening All-Black rugby player.

50. Enclose, as pigs : PEN IN. *Snort* when I was one letter short.

52. Parcel (out) : METE

53. Airline to Amsterdam : KLM. KLM is apparently short for "Royal Dutch Airlines" in some top-secret code.

54. Xbox 360 competitor : WII.

56. Quick snooze : NAP. I could use one of these myself - I'm timezone-challenged at the moment!
That's enough from me. Now it surely must be time for a caipirinha! Tenho que ir agora!



OwenKL said...

When you hear "HI YO SILVER, AWAY,"
You know that he'll soon save the day!
With his Indian pal Tonto
He'll clean things up pronto.
"Who was that masked man, anyway?"

From those thrilling days of yesteryear,
The thundering hoofbeats, loud and clear,
From out of the past,
The hero rides fast,
Hear his call, see that great white horse rear!

The theme that we all know so well,
The overture from William Tell.
Do you think that Rossini
Regrets that the theme he
Composed, went to somebody else?

In the Potawatomi tongue
The name Tonto stands for "Wild One."
Faithful companions
'Cross plains and canyons,
Their loyalty is second to none!

Kemo Sahbee means "Trusty Friend"
The man who'll stay true to the end.
His real name he'll withhold
To confound foes of old.
In legend, LONE RANGER rides again!

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Fun, smooth solve today. No unknowns, no speed bumps along the way.

Two minor quibbles, though...

1. As Steve mentioned, HI FI STEREOS seem to be a thing of the past, and in fact a lot of recent puzzles have referred to them as such.

2. I'm pretty sure Keats actually wrote poems titled ODE ON and not ODE TO. At least, that's the case with his famous ODE ON a Grecian Urn. Maybe that was the exception, however (I don't actually know any other odes he wrote).


Barry G. said...

Actually, forget my first quibble. What I was actually thinking was that I have seen HIFI (by itself) clue as something that was superseded by the STEREO, so it seemed a bit odd to see something called HIFI STEREO...

Lemonade714 said...

I thought this went really quickly for a Wednesday, especially after Monday's workout. Always fun to see Jeff's work.

I enjoyed the theme and I also enjoyed the movie, which I guess most did not.
Lots of nice long fill, DR MOREAU, LADYLIKE, KASPAROV, GDAY MATE...I spelled it MOMENTO for unknown reasons, at first.

Steve, tough duty. Thanks to you and Jeff

Lemonade714 said...

BY according to the internet Keats used both ON and TO LINK

fermatprime said...


Fun puzzle, Jeff! Thanks to you and Steve!

Loved Lone Ranger theme! Great poem to compliment, Owen!

According to this site, Keats wrote 4 "odes on" and 5 "odes to." News to me!


fermatprime said...

My link duplicates Lemonade's! Sorry!

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Steve and friends. This was a fun Wednesday puzzle. The TV show was before my time and I never saw the movie, but the catchphrase is in our culture.

I wanted Yeah, Baby instead of ATTA Baby

Anyone remember the band The TIERRA del Fuegos from the mid-1980?

The Bobbsey Twins were a series of children's books that began in the early 1900s. When I was a KID, I read some of those books that had belonged to my grandmother when she was a girl. It is about two sets of fraternal twins: Bert and NAN and Freddie and Flossie.

A shout-out to Abejo with the Earl GREY tea.

QOD: Either move or be moved. ~ Ezra Pound (Oct. 30, 1885 ~ Nov. 1, 1972)


desper-otto said...

Good morning, and bon dia, Steve!

I immediately penned in MIMOSA at 1D, and I was off and limping. Still, I finished in typical Monday time, so this one couldn't have been too tough.

Thought of Abejo at 5D; thought of Dave and Kazie at 37D, and thought of my memory at ATROPHY.

Speaking of The Silver-Tongued Devil. Kris could really write 'em. Sing 'em? Not so much.

Middletown Bomber said...

Nice Good puzzle from Jeff a nice hump day eye opener. Steve, another great write up. When your out of the country open up the blog editor via it should give you English and allow you access to the sites that the foreign country has blocked. this is how I search when I am in Europe.

Anonymous said...

No way the Lone Ranger EVER said YO. I've listened to it a million times. Besides, can you imagine Hi-Yos for dessert?

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Jeff Chen, for a very good puzzle. Thank you, Steve, for an excellent review.

So, Steve, what does World Traveler mean?

Puzzle was quite enjoyable today, as always. I am home and got a good night's sleep. Got up at 6:00 and jumped in, right after my first cup of Earl Grey tea. Then I caught Earl GREY at 5D. Of course, everyone knows he was the Prime Minister of England during the reign of William IV. I learned that from crosswords. When reading the blog I noticed that Hahtoolah and D-O remembered my favorite tea. Kudos to you two!

Puzzle was quite easy today. Worked my way across the top. Enjoyed WALLA. They grow great onions there. WALLA WALLA and VIDALIA have competitions.

ALFRED was slow in arriving, but perps and a wag helped.

Had EONS for 32A. That slowed down DR MOREAU. I knew NAN was the probable answer for 25D, so AEON worked at 32D and that gave me DR MOREAU. Whew!

Did not know MOSDEF, but got enough perps, only six, and I had it.

Really liked the movie Bridge on the River KWAI. Have seen it many times. It is a classic, IMHO.

We have had the IGORS many times. That was an anchor for the SE corner.

Theme was fine. Appeared easily. As a young boy, I watched the Lone Ranger a lot. Then heard the original on radio while living in the Chicago area on an Old Time Radio station. That was good, as well.

I am about ready for my fifth cup of Earl Grey tea. Then off to the Illinois Knights Templar Home in Paxton, IL.

See you tomorrow.



Avg Joe said...

Enjoyable puzzle and a fun write-up Steve. I'm sure we all feel your pain. :-)

Hand up for Ode On. Otherwise, pretty straight forward. I do agree with Anon 7:39 on Hi-Ho, but you can't argue with Rocky.

This has probably been linked before, but it's a different take on the William Tell Overture.

And for folks of a certain age, you can't recall the theme to the River Kwai without thinking of Malt-O-Meal

HeartRx said...

Good morning all!

Steve, I can’t believe you did the write-up in Portugese. Such a talented man! You always make me chuckle as I read your comments. But the two IGORS comment almost made me lose it!! (…still wiping the coffee off my screen.)

I have to agree with you about the TRIO clue.

I scratched my head over the crossing of MOS DE? with ?ARLEY. The only thing I could think of was “M” for Marley. Bzzzt!! Oh well, there’s always tomorrow.

Happy hump day, everyone!

kazie said...

I had the same blip with ROBO as Steve, but all in all a very nice Wednesday puzz from Jeff, despite the overload of names. It's not that I don't know them all, but even those I have previously met are slow dawning on me because I never can remember them.

Quod erat demonstrandum--what was to be shown/proven.

kazie said...

Is everyone else now having to give a password and type in their email address to get in here each day? Two days in a row for me and never before. What gives?

desper-otto said...

Avg Joe, that's the most off-key William Tell Overture I've ever heard. Didn't remember the Malt-O-Meal commercial -- guess my age is uncertain.

Yellowrocks said...

HeartRx, I too, wrote MARLEY because I didn't know MOSDEF.

Here is Beethoven's beautiful String Trio No. 2 in G, referring to the work not the performers. This issue has been discussed on the blog before.
Link Trio in G

Here is one of Keats's Ode "TO...."poems:
By John Keats
My heart aches, and a drowsy numbness pains
My sense, as though of hemlock I had drunk,
Or emptied some dull opiate to the drains
One minute past, and Lethe-wards had sunk:
'Tis not through envy of thy happy lot,
But being too happy in thine happiness,—
That thou, light-winged Dryad of the trees
In some melodious plot
Of beechen green, and shadows numberless,
Singest of summer in full-throated ease.

Link Entire Ode

Kazie, only once in a great while do I need to give my password.

Lemonade714 said...

Chris Farley was an SNL graduate who had a short but successful film career. TOMMY BOY is a sweet funny movie.

IGOR SIKORSKY ended up in Connecticut, and his factory is still working there. He lived nearby NEWTOWN, site of the shooting. I had the pleasure of meeting him when I was about 8 or 9.

Yellowrocks said...

Sorry about the bad link. Try again.
Link entire ode

Friday was library day when I was in grammar school. Each weekend I took home two Bobbsey Twins books which I finished by Monday. I read them all. I used to read while dusting, prop the book behind the spigots while washing dishes, read by mnonlight in bed or take a flashlight under the covers.

Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij N.V. (KLM Royal Dutch Airlines), known by its initials KLM,

Abejo, I pictured you drinking Earl Grey tea as I wrote my answer.

Jeff Chen said...

Hi everyone! Thanks for the kind words. Sorry it's been a while since I stopped by.

I had a fun time making this one. My first draft had ON POT which Rich said was too risque for his audience. I should have known that but convinced myself it would be fine. Amazing what you can talk yourself into.

Hope everyone's doing well and happy Wednesday!


CanadianEh! said...

Fun puzzle today. Thanks Jeff and Steve. Only required red letter help for unknown MOSDEF.
Also wanted HI HO not HI YO.

Saw the bearpit in BERN on Austria/Switzerland tour.

Flew KLM through wonderful Schipol airport to Kenya last spring. Great service and food!

Haven't had any Earl Grey lately - maybe tonight!

Anonymous said...

Link Hi Fi Stereo

Qli said...

Thanks, Jeff, for the great Wed. puzzle. Thanks to Steve for a very witty commentary! What's in that Cafe-carioca anyway (TinB?)? It seems to agree with you!

Does the government do any BETA testing, I wonder? or should they just REDO the healthcare site?

Time to call the appliance service person; our brand new microwave just quit. *(*&^&%

Husker Gary said...

A no sweat puzzle themed with a cry of my TV saturated ute. HI YO (var. heigh ho) gave it away instantly

-The Giants were Super Bowl champs in 2011 and were 3 – 4 at home and 6 – 3 in AWAY GAMES
-Dave Letterman called this the “greatest story ever” with Clayton Moore as The Lone Ranger (4:46 and worth the time)
-Muscle ATROPHY is an unfortunate byproduct of being weightless in space for prolonged periods. It takes months to recover
-Bridge on the River Kwai was a great study in British and Japanese military cultures
-As a sub, you’d better put the Kibosh on bad behavior early
-Francis Scott Key also watched O’ER a rampart
-Have you ever played this WHACK Game?
-CC, AROD’s contract has to be in the pantheon of bad deals. Here is how the Yankees can get out of it
-John Belushi, John Candy, Chris Farley. All SNL alums who flamed out too soon.
-What silly 1966 movie contained the line, “ATTA boy, Luther!”?
-What 1981 hit became a signature song for a famous country western group with today’s theme contained in the ear worm chorus?

GarlicGal said...

Good morning one and all.

Steve, I was wondering why we hadn't gotten a review of the Santa Monica tournament. I checked the results and didn't see any "Steves" listed, but then you could have entered under Anonymous, I guess...

Quick puzzle this a.m. My write over was WASTE before WHACK. KID fixed that.

I'm so glad Dodo dropped by yesterday! The California Coven "toasted" her at coffee yesterday morning.

I thought for sure Owen would open with "Ode to Hump Day"...maybe next week?

Adios Compadres!

Argyle said...

Oh brother, I should know that one, HG.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

A fun and enjoyable solve. I thought Hi Ho was correct but according to some Google web sites, it is Hi Yo. Live and learn. Nice job, Jeff, and thanks, Steve, for the witty expo.

Owen, you're in top form today.

TTP from yesterday: Would love to share your roast chicken anytime! It's one of my favorite meals.

I have a treat to look forward to for tonight's dinner. My brother brought back several lobsters from Maine, cooked them and made lobster salad which he generously shared with me. Yum, yum, yum!

I, too, thought of Abejo with the Earl Grey. And of Tin with the Mai Tai, even though he probably wouldn't give one a passing glance, let alone drink one!

Happy Wednesday.

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi Gang -

Fun puzzle. I loved the Lone Ranger TV show when I was a kid.

Steve - love your chess image.

I do have a couple of fairly major nits. It's ODE ON, not ODE TO.

NETHER means means lower, "infernal" means fiery. Both are used to refer to Hell, but each for its own unique reason. In no other way are they equivalent, so I call FOUL on this clue.

Yes, a work written for a trio is often called a TRIO. Ditto quar-, quin-, sep- and octets. Perfectly legitimate. Though it's true that symphonies are not called orchestras. Actually non-specific multiplet [you never know how many violinists will show up] would be more conceptually consistent. Go figure.

IMBO. Back to read comments later.

Cool Regards!

HeartRx said...

YR, thanks for the Beethoven link. Beautiful! I guess what threw me off was them being referred to as simply "trios" instead of "String Trios."

HG, I absolutely loved the Lone Ranger story on Letterman!! I can just picture the look on that guy's face...

Keith Fowler said...

Thanks to this morning's pzl, I'm reminded (once again) to spell MEMENTO with two Es.

desper-otto said...

HG, do you suppose that was a "Silver" Volvo?

fermatprime said...

Jazz: did you read my post?

I have to give password every 2 weeks, I think. So far, so good!

Lucina said...

Hello,all! Obrigado,Steve. It's the only word I know in Portuguese. Tough assignment, too.

Hey, it almost seems that Monday and Wednesday's puzzles were switched. This sashay finished at first of the week speed.

Even MOS DEF didn't trip me as I've heard that before somewhere and of course, Chris FARLEY was one of the funniest of the SNL bunch back in those days with John Belushi and John Candy.

Abejo, I also thought of you and Early GREY tea.

If you've read the comments I'm sure you noticed at least two references to Keats' "ODE TO." My first thought was of Ode to a Nightingale and I know there are others as well.

Only because DR. MOREAU was a movie with Marlon Brando do I know about it though didn't see it. I hate horror movies.

You all have a great Wednesday!

Husker Gary said...

-Ear worm alert!! You have been warned. Heigh Ho Silver in the chorus song
-Yeah, Otto that was probably a Silver Volvo but I’m not sure in his condition that Jay Thomas could have recalled that. That was a story where the line “Then the Lone Ranger got out of the backseat” was as funny as the punch line. As Marti said, can you imagine that guy’s face?
-”ATTA Boy Luther” line @:50 and 2:00 (2:25)

Spitzboov said...

G'DAY MATES. Steve, you really get around. How's your Portuguese?

A little crunchy today. Liked the LONE RANGER theme. WAGged MOS DEF and assumed FARLEY, TO ACCOMPLISH THE SOLVE. Also, didn't know YO ADRIAN and had to guess at the spelling sought for YESSIREE, but that corner turned out OK.
1a, MACK - had to exclude Peterbilt and Kenworth due to fill length.
43a - Guess AHC did not undergo sufficient BETA testing.

Enjoy your Hump Day.

Misty said...

Well, I usually love Jeff Chen puzzles, and "The Lone Ranger" was my favorite TV show when I was a kid. But this was my third DNF this week, sadly, so I have a few grumps. I too remember HI HO SILVER, AWAY rather than HI YO (although I got it anyway because of Rocky). And I got tripped up by a couple of Naticks, with GASPAROV instead of KASPAROV and HARLEY instead of FARLEY. I did like being reminded of "The Bridge on the River KWAI," however--a great movie!

Impressive photos, Steve--thanks. Cool limericks this morning, Owen. And always love your posted poem, Yellowrocks.

Have a great Wednesday, everybody!

Argyle said...

HG, boys I had that wrong.

Tinbeni said...

Steve: Bom Tarde! Amazing that you still blogged (being on a business trip).
Hope you get a chance to visit Sugarloaf Mountain. Have a great time in Rio! (Kinda hard not to ...)

Jeff: Thank you for a FUN Wednesday offering. I would have enjoyed the ON POT answer. (just sayin' ...)

Always glad when 'nits' are pointed out (Hmmm, Keats ODES were ON not TO), especially when someone has already posted the correct info on the subject (Thanks Lemon & fermatprime).

I remember when (a few years ago) we got into the "HI-YO -v- HI-HO" discussion of "What did the LONE RANGER say when he rode off into the Sunset?"

Faves today (of course) were MAI-TAI and KEG. Hmmm, that gives me an idea ...

Anonymous T said...

G'Day Mates!

Jeff delivered another fantastic puzzle, Steve's writeup was spot on, and the comments/links were fun. I got this one! 1-2 for the week.

The Cards have to play an AWAYGAME tonight, though I doubt they are on a bus.

There was so much fun in the puzzle, but I don't have time to link more than Farley's down by the river...

See you MATEs tonight.

Cheers, -T

Jazzbumpa said...

Just now read the comments and stand (well, sit, actually) corrected on ODE TO.

If you ATROPHY you're not likely to get A TROPHY.

And if you parse LONER ANGER incorrectly you could have a fit in (or on) solitude.

I read The Island of DR. MOREAU when I was about 12, and it scared the bejeebers out of me.

Despite my earlier quibbles, I must be rather mellow today. WALLA x2 and ROBO- didn't even bother me.

CAESER/CEASER always trips me up as does GREY/GRAY.

Here's some impressive work by the red and GRAY band.

And an interesting article on fastballs for you baseball fans.

Did you realize there is record kelp on every pitch thrown in MLB?

JzB [always an opinion, not always right]

PK said...

Hi YO! Great puzzle, Jeff! Very witty, Steve! I hope your lapse into Portugee doesn't inspire any constructors to start inserting that fine language into puzzles. All I know is they say Sao instead of St. or San.

Got the theme with HI YO which helped get SILVER & LONE RANGER. Took a while to come up with KWAI. I went to see it at a drive-in in summer of 1958 in Colorado.

I tried to induct Chris into the FARLow family.

We had all the Bobbsey Twins books. I still do. They are old and worn. My grandkids weren't interested in these great pieces of literature. (LOL!) No heros morphing into unbelievable shapes or things blowing up. What have we come to?

I was always sitting expectantly by the radio when time came for the William Tell Overture racing over the airways. Ah, the excitement of that masked man. He didn't blow things up, did he? I didn't see the new version.

Jay Carney said...

Did you BETA test the software? could you repeat the question?

Moving on, were you aware of the spying? Huh?

Last question, were you aware of the threat in Libya? I've got Boston in six.

HeartRx said...

JazzB, thanks for linking the Red and Gray band. Impressive performance, indeed!

HAWKEYE26 said...

Jeff, fun puzzle and theme. When I was a bit younger, my hearing was not that great, and it was several years before I found out that it wasn't The Long Ranger. So I could live with Hi Yo, as opposed to Hi Ho.
Steve, fun write up despite the Portuguese translation and imbibing glitches.
Caesar salad, of course had nothing to do with Julius Caesar or Italy, but was invented by Caesar Cardini, an Italian working in Tijuana, and living in San Diego. Rachel Ray made a similar incorrect attribution on her Food Network show yesterday.

Anonymous said...


Bill G. said...

I enjoyed this puzzle with it's clever theme. Thanks Jeff and Steve.

I used to watch all the old westerns; The Long Ranger, Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, Hopalong Cassidy and others. Now I occasionally catch reruns of Gunsmoke.

john28man said...

I believe Bern is the Capital of Switzerland although it may also be a Canon Capital.

I remember that the first time I heard the WILLIAM TELL OVERTURE, I got real excited at a Chicago Symphony Orchrstra Childrens Concert, I got a relly stern look from the teacher excorting us to Orchestra Hall.

I think somebody got their Monday and Wednesday reversed.

CrossEyedDave said...

When I saw Jeff Chen this morning, I thought, "Oh No! this is going to be hard! But was pleasantly surprised. One thing about doing the puzzle in ink is you get no Tada! So I didn't realize until the Blog that I put Sierra del fuego. ( I thought "poor as" seemed a little strange, but it fits my puzzle solving technique to a T.)

It's been linked before, but I can't pass it up...

HG, that Lone ranger clip was hilarious! I can't top it, but the very mention of the Lone Ranger always reminds me of a Halloween costume party I went to... I went to compliment this guy on his Lone Ranger costume, & he said: "I'm the Shalom Ranger,,, Hi Yo Silver, O'Evay!"

It is definitely "Hi Yo" as per .55 of the clip.

Kazie,,, Google wants my password every time now too! That's a fine G'Day mate,,, (er,, I mean how do you do,,,)

Bill G. said...

John28, I agree with you about Monday vs Wednesday. :>)

I haven't seen the new Long Ranger movie. From the previews, I don't think I'll like it so well. It seems like they took a classic and tried to remake it into sort of a comedy. Doesn't seem right to me...

Animal Tracks slide show

Argyle said...

They took "The Legend of the Lone Ranger" (1981) and made a comedy of it. It was already a joke.

That was the one where they got an injunction against Clayton Moore from wearing the mask at personal appearances.

Irish Miss said...

Bill G - Animal Tracks cute, as usual. My favs are the baby Zebra and the Lazy Lemur. Thanks!

Yellowrocks said...

Fun puzzle, Jeff. I always enjoy your blogging, Steve.
HG, Your Lone Ranger clip was hilarious.
john268man@ 3:11 I read your finger fault, "the teacher excorting us", as the "teacher excoriating" us with her stern look, wagging finger, and saying TSK TSK, I gave me a good laugh.
My son makes a “to die for” Caesar coleslaw with chopped anchovies, garlic, green onions, savoy cabbage, and freshly grated Parmesan cheese. Yummy. I can give you the recipe if you wish.
When I think of H.G. Wells,, especially at this time of year, I think of his Halloween broadcast of the War of the Worlds from Grover’s Mills, NJ. Although there were many disclaimers that this was only a play, people who tuned in from other stations didn’t hear the discalimers and thought the play was an actual news broadcast of the invasion of the Martians. Wells planned it that way. What a dido!
Link Halloween prank

Chickie said...

Hola Everyone, I was patting myself on the back about finishing a Jeff Chen without any lookups, when upon reading the writeup I found one empty space--the F in Mos Def. I could have whacked my self with the V-can if I'd had one.

Great write up Steve. Enjoy the beach! I'm jealous.

I got the unifier before I had the rest of the theme answers in. I started in the Lower SE and worked my way up today. Once that was in the puzzle began to fall.

I loved the cluing for Bern.

I think we've had this discussion before as to the Lone Ranger and his use of "Hi Ho" or "Hi Yo". Did we ever solve it? I used to listen to the Lone Ranger every Saturday morning on the Radio. Our before TV version of Saturday Cartoons.
Showing my age, once again.

Have a great day, everyone.

Steve said...

Quick postscript from the airport heading home to LA - there's been quite a ruckus over "Hi-yo" vs "Hi ho" (and I thought it was great that the first theme answer included the hyphen).

I found an article in the Smithsonian magazine - those guys tend to research things pretty well. For some reason I can't link the article but Google "Hi-yo Silver Smithsonian" and it's the first hit in the list.

Anonymous T said...

Re MOSDEF - I was watching Colbert the other night and he mentioned the rapper so it was on the tip of my brain... Sometimes you just get lucky.

YR - Recipe... YESSIREE. I think between you and Lucina, we can put a book together. How's "Puzzling Dishes" as a working title?

Re: WotW Broadcast. I like the crazy people on AM radio late at night. Ian Punnet was my fav (other than Art Bell (on XM 104 now))... Anyway, Ian interviewed a Harvard Dr. that wrote about a Zombie virus at the CDC and people took it seriously. There was an article about the program and aftermath in the NYT this last weekend. Just right for Halloween.

Cheers, -T

Tinbeni said...

I'll help you out Steve ...

RE: The "Hi-yo Silver Smithsonian" article ... here is a Link

Chickie: Yes we had the "HI-YO -v- HI-HO discussion before ... and the correct answer is HI YO !!!

(I think the "Hi-ho" are remembering the song Snow White's 7 Dwarfs sang when the went to and from work. lol

Heigh Ho song (2:47) ... the Heigh Ho's begin around 1:25 into the song.

Anonymous said...

Hi-Ho, Hi- Ho
It's off to the burlesque show
We pay two bits
To see their tits,
Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho !

desper-otto said...

YR@4:43 -- Yes, H.G. Wells wrote it, but it was Orson Welles who headed up the Mercury Theater group and pulled off one of the greatest spoofs in history -- 75 years ago tonight. That's what brought him to the public's attention, and perhaps what got him a chance to become a movie director. His Citizen Kane as a directorial debut is a tour de force. It's still acclaimed as one of the best movies ever made. I know it's my favorite of all time.

Lucina said...

That clip with Jay Thomas is hilarious. Thank you.
I also liked the Ohio Marching Band. Very impressive!

What a great idea for a cook book . . . but wait, mine ARE from a cook book. I could label them as "my favorite recipes from America's Test Kitchen."

River Doc said...

HG, the answer to your "Atta Boy, Luther" question is the Don Knotts classic The Ghost and Mr Chicken, which is on my blog profile as one of my favorite movies. The Farrelly Brothers paid homage to this line in their funny bowling movie Kingpin....

Yellowrocks said...

DO, you are correct of course. It involved two men named Wells. I was rushing.

Yellowrocks said...

Anonymous T,or anyone else, p;ease email me for the recipe.

Crispy816 said...

G'day Everyone,

Fun CW, like others have said, this one felt more like a Monday than Monday's did.

Just finished Sunday's CW this afternoon & that one was great as well. Of course you all knew that already! No, I'm really not that slow of a solver, just way too short on time on Sundays. So I save the CW to do while waiting for my son's school bus in the afternoons.

For anyone interested, there is a 75th anniversary broadcast of The War of the Worlds on many NPR stations tonight @9pm Eastern. Guessing that would be EDT?


Spitzboov said...

Speaking of recipes, BH made the most delicious mushroom soup tonight. Here is the recipe.

KLM (Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij) literally means Royal Aviation Company. It and Air France are under the same financial Group.

Yellowrocks said...

My computer tech outfit just emailed all of its customers warning us of a dangerous new virus. I phoned them to be sure it was legitimate. This is an unusual move from them, the first ever, so it sounds serious.

Link new virus

Crispy816 said...

Lucina: I agree about ATK recipes! I'm more of a baker than a chef, but their cookbook is 1 of my go-to's, as is 1 from King Arthur Flour.

Anon T: Love your idea for Puzzling Recipes!


Yellowrocks said...

Link new virus

I am making too many mistakes. I have been upo since 5:30 AM. Good night all.

Anonymous T said...

Lucina - Ssshhh... Don't tell us where you get it... :-)

R-Doc - Atta-boy Luther makes me think of Key & Peele... Just say'n.

YR - Your virus link went to WotW. Are you trying to link to Cryptolocker?

Com'on Cards answer the 3 runs!

Cheers, -T

Manac said...

Get with the times, will ya?
Its 4 runs :)

JD said...

G'd evening all,

Such a smooth Wed with a fun theme. Gary, thanks for that hilarious Lone Ranger clip.Owen, you never disappoint!

Chickie, like you and Abejo, I needed to perp my way thru Mosdef, but I REALLY needed that V-8. My last fill was EGO.What is wrong with my id????
Like Kazie, I knew the names, but needed a push to remember.

Bill G. said...

My brother lives in St. Louis so he's bummed. The Lakers looked really good last night but I think it was an anomaly. Tonight they're looking like also-rans.

I wasn't crazy about yesterday's winner on Jeopardy. I think I like this lady better. I did get the final question right.

I think I wouldn't do very well on Jeopardy. Cash Cab would have been more at my ability level. I used to think I would do OK on Millionaire but they've changed the game and made it next to impossible. It's all about high-level-of-difficulty arcane trivia.

OwenKL said...

[For YellowRocks, Lucina, & -T]

You want recipes? Here, take a look
(I warn you, I'm not much of a cook).
Milk, bread, butter are optimal,
Jam and peanut spread optional.
Blend on "puree", drink while reading your book.

OwenKL said...

Ode to Hump Day
(for GarlicGal, 10/30/2013.)

The day we have been waiting for is come,
It is midweek, and the hours flow by.
Time has marched slow, to beat of the drum
But now, past the median, time may fly.
From this day, the end of toil can be seen
It's the apex of the week roller coaster.
Deadlines loom: as we fall, we may scream;
To the weekend we progress, getting closer.
In temporal terms, this is the day of hump;
Wednesday, the center, fulcrum of the week.
Monday, to this day, fain we would jump.
Friday, from all workdays, respite we seek.
This is the day we begin loosening our trammel,
This is the hump day, the Day of the Camel!

PK said...

We have had so much hard driving rain today that 25 earthworms have taken refuge on the cement slab porch. Should I call out for flood insurance?

Loved the Lone Ranger clip.

PK said...

BillG: You're doing better than me. I didn't get final Jeopardy today. Ebay is completely off my radar screen. I got most of the other answers, I'm happy to say. I freeze in front of an audience, so I'm not going to do game shows in this lifetime.

Owen, isn't this rather late for you to be humping poetic? What you drinking? Good stuff anytime, your rhymes! ATTA BOY!

Lucina said...

Ironically, I knew today's Jeopardy final question because I had seen it on Millionaire which I no longer see for the reasons Bill mentioned.

I missed last night, though, because my family was here for dinner. They loved the jell-o "ghosts" BTW.

Anonymous T said...

YR - I just noticed that you fixed your link.

You are talking about CryptoLocker and it is real (and really nasty). If it hits your computer it will encrypt all of your goodies (picutures, documents, etc) until you pay $$ to some crook. They give you <30 days and then delete the "un-lock" key. There's a special place in NETHER for these folks.

The best way to mitigate infection is to NOT click links in emails and make sure you have a backup that is NOT attached to your computer. This ransomeware only targets Windows-based computers (so far).

Well, my work for the day is finally done. Thanks to all who provided poetry and links for quick 5 minute diversions today!

Cheers, -T

Anonymous T said...

And Owen - I'll take that recipe with a grain of salt :-)

fermatprime said...

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