Oct 22, 2013

Tuesday, October 22, 2013 Bruce Venzke and Gail Grabowski

Theme: "Is that your final answer?" - The ends of the theme entries are synonyms of END. 

17A. It's heedless to go off it : THE DEEP END

28A. Car-waxing result : LUSTROUS FINISH

47A. Motion on a mound : PITCHER'S WIND-UP

63A. Director's cry, and hint to the ends of 17-, 28- and 47-Across : "THAT'S A WRAP!"

Argyle here. (I hope.) Sure got a quick send off in the NW corner. No hobos in sight.


1. Jay who's on late : LENO

5. Crop up : ARISE

10. 1974 CIA vs. KGB spoof : S*P*Y*S

14. Vehicle behind dogs : SLED

15. Summer skirt material : LINEN

16. McDonald's founder Ray : KROC

19. Davenport's state : IOWA

20. One-__: biased : SIDED

21. Ancient Mexican : AZTEC

23. HIV-treating drug : AZT

24. "Hold on __!" : A SEC

26. Family nicknames : MAMMAs and 59D. Grandma : NANA

33. Letters linking real and assumed names : AKA. (also known as)

34. Lures : ENTICES

35. Himalayan republic : NEPAL

38. Invoice add-on : TAX

39. Choir room hangers : ROBES

43. "Over my dead body!" : "NO SIREE!"

46. org. : ADA. (American Dental Association)

51. Dwarf planting : BONSAI
                               Visit Page

52. Polish prose : EDIT

53. Mil. training center : OCS. (Officer Candidate School)

54. Wood shop tool : LATHE

58. Prefix meaning "culture" : ETHNO

61. Work hard : TOIL

65. Savvy about : ONTO

66. __ voce: softly : SOTTO

67. Skye of "Say Anything ..." : IONE
68. Mark for removal : X OUT

69. Deplete : USE UP

70. Start of a classic Christmas poem : 'TWAS


1. D-Day fleet : LSTs. (Landing Ship, Tank)

2. Pre-college, for short : ELHI

3. Must have now, in memo-speak : NEED ASAP

4. Most peculiar : ODDEST

5. Stein filler : ALE

6. Kelly in Electrolux ads : RIPA. Notice the music.
7. Mother of Don Juan : INEZ

8. Transmitted : SENT

9. Natural to a region : ENDEMIC

10. Enjoy a winter sport : SKI

11. Some charity golf tournaments : PRO-AMs

12. Cry of surprise : "YOWZAH!"

13. Sings like Ella : SCATS

18. German river : EDER

22. Wicker worker : CANER

25. Runner Sebastian : COE

27. Sushi bar soup : MISO

28. PC linkup : LAN

29. Tiny Tim's instrument : UKE

30. Loosen, as laces : UNTIE

31. "Act Naturally" singer Ringo : STARR

32. Puts back together : FIXES

36. Picnic crashers : ANTS

37. From around here : LOCAL

40. Infielder's mistake : BAD THROW

41. Academic address ending : .EDU

42. Breakfast syrup source : SAP

44. Massage technique : SHIATSU. Wiki LINK.

45. Female in the flock : EWE

47. __ Raceway: Pennsylvania NASCAR track : POCONO

48. Latin for "where it originally was" : IN SITU

49. Creative output : IDEA

50. Blockhead : NITWIT

51. Anti-crow's-feet treatment : BOTOX

55. Pres. Jefferson : THOS. Abbreviated written form of Thomas.

56. Despise : HATE

57. Words to a traitor : "ET TU?"

60. Unlocks, poetically : OPES

62. Subdivision unit : LOT

64. Bread for dipping, say : SOP. We've been getting both versions of the word.
The real end.



Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Not much to say about this smooth Tuesday effort. Theme was interesting, but didn't need it or get it until the end. OCS was a little weird, but everything else was rock solid for me today.

Where's Owen?


OwenKL said...

THE DEEP thoughts transcend
All mundane things, my friend.
We'll be dust all too soon,
So let's go for the moon.
(I mean, let us each bare our END!)

LUSTROUS satins spread to embellish
The room where I satisfy my fetish.
In my eye there's a gleam
As I lick the whip cream --
The tablecloth has hot fudge when I FINISH!

PITCHERS of wine fill the cup
When I with milady go to sup.
The amount of rich port
Decides how we cavort,
And where, in morn, we WIND UP!

O'er her swimsuit she wore but a scrap,
A skirt that just covered her lap.
Her dad was dismayed.
Mom came to her aid,
"It's not meant as a gown, THAT'S A WRAP!"

Shouldn't the plural of spy be spies?

thehondohurricane said...

Spys is a noun like they were soys......, spies os a verb, like spies on.........

TTP said...

Thank you Bruce and Gail and Argyle !

Have to claim a failure today.

The bottom was a wee bit tougher than the top and middle. I didn't do myself any favors in the SW corner by spelling POCONO with a K, and compounding the error by having inon rather than ONTO. IN SITU came to mind and that got me back on track.

In the end, it wasn't the bottom. It was way back on top. AT 15A, I had typed LISLE for "Summer skirt material" and typed over the last two letters for SENT and ENDEMIC down, so ended up with LIsEN rather than LINEN. Oh well.

Time to go make the coffee for sleepyhead.

Have a great day !

desper-otto said...

No problemo!

I had to XOUT my DELE, but otherwise it was a snap. Lucina should enjoy 12D. That Bilbo Baggins Bonsai was excellent. If I tried to make something like that, it'd look like the work of a raccoon. Artsy I ain't.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Bruce and Gail, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Argyle, for the swell review.

Puzzle was pretty easy. Pretty much zipped through it. A few tough words for me, though. MISO, for one. I am not a sushi person. INEZ, as Don Juan's mother? How in the world would I know that? I perped it.

SAP for breakfast? Never heard of that. Don't they cook it down into syrup first?

AZT is an unknown to me. Thanks for the perps.

Theme was clever, as always. I think that creating these themes and making them fit is a true art. Congratulations!

Great poem, Owen KL. So mote it be.

Yesterday's event in my town was a Metra train hitting a tractor-trailer. Nobody killed or hurt. Made a real mess of the truck and derailed the train. Hope its cleaned up this morning because I am taking the train.

See you tomorrow. sabejo


Anonymous said...

I know nothing about baseball so I had CATCHER instead of PITCHER. That didn't help.

Mari said...

Good Morning Everybody, hope you're all off to a great start. This puzzle was relatively easy for me, but I too had a few mishapps on the bottom third. 47D and 48D threw me off, but the rest went well.

Abejo: I read about that Metra crash in the Tribune this morning. My evening train was delayed last night. I'm on a different line, but I wonder if it was somehow related.

Hope you all have a nice day.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

WBS. Got the theme but didn't need it.
YOWZAH - Hi Lucina.
LSTs - No comment.
Last fill - PRO-AMS. Had to wait for the perps.
SHIATSU- Also had to wait for the perps to spell correctly.
EDER - A small short river but good for puzzles.


kazie said...

Very smooth indeed, despite some unknowns such as KROC, OCS, POCONO, all of which fell with WAGs and perp help.

My 30+ year old dwarf lemon tree looks a bit like a BONSAI after many years of pruning. This year when I brought it in for the winter and pruned the long branches off again, I noticed some tiny thin ones with the beginnings of blossoms on them. How they'll ever bear the weight of the future lemons I don't know. But time will no doubt tell.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

WBS. A zoom-through.

Going back a day or two: the Kingston Trio were a bit before my time. I suspect I missed out on a lot of good music. However, Zombie Jamboree is familiar to me via the close-harmony group Rockapella, who did a few snappy versions. Good stuff!

Back to back, and belly to belly!

Anonymous said...

The public school started a sex-education program, and one day a second-grader came home from school and told her mother, "Today we learned how to make babies." The mother was shocked because her daughter was only seven years old. She asked her little girl, "What exactly did the teacher say?" The little girl replied, "You change the Y to I and add E S."

Argyle said...


"The asterisks in the title are designed to remind users of M*A*S*H, which also starred Gould and Sutherland, and whose title is generally rendered with the same asterisks. Beyond this, there is no connection between the films."(Wiki) Or their success.

Tyson Potter said...

OCS = Officer Candidate School

CrossEyedDave said...

Re: yest:

Bill G, I was waiting for someone to notice that Mr. Methane did not ignite. If that was real, that cake would have been Baked Alaska!

Lemon,,, I listened to all 15:18 of your link, but was very disappointed at the ending...

& to get any noxious gases behind us...

Re: today:

I was surprised there were only 11 comments as of 10am, usually an indicator of a very difficult puzzle. I found found the puzzle to be very easy. except for 12D which totally eluded me... Ok, Ok, Spys/Kroc/yowzah was a triple Natick for me...



Argyle said...

Read what OwenKL said at 11:29 PM last night.

Husker Gary said...

Even I couldn’t miss this theme!

-The woman for whom I am subbing today just went off THE DEEP END with some poor boy who didn’t have his homework done. This was in the midst of trying to make a lesson for me to teach because, you guessed it, she hadn’t gotten it done.
-The most distinctive PITCHER’S WIND UP?
-LENO is a nice guy and he’s going out on top
-Every channel’s news seems to be ONE SIDED. Where have you gone Chet and David?
-Some OCS 2nd looey grads were not respected
-My voce is seldom SOTTO
-I saw EL_I and thought ELOI. Uh, no.
-I had some MISO soup Saturday. Yum!
-Steve Sax is unfortunately famous for going through spells at second base where he made a lot of BAD THROWS
-My bicycle guy’s name is THOM and that is what I put first

HeartRx said...

Good morning, all!

Like everyone else, I thought this was a really easy Tuesday. So far this week, so good!

I did wait for perps before deciding if it would be MoMMA or MAMMA. I thought of the cartoon strip "Momma," which today has a very fitting subject.

Loved the BONSAI site, Argyle. Wow - that guy sure had a lot of patience.

Have a nice day,e very one!

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Easy, breezy Tuesday romp. Cute theme, so thanks, Gail and Bruce. Nice expo, Argyle, and thanks for giving the links for the iPad users.

Thought of Lucina immediately at yowzah, although I don't think Lucina uses the h at the end. BTW, Lucina, is Inez Spanish for Agnes?

Californians: when does orange season begin? The only oranges available here are from Chile.

Happy Tuesday.

Qli said...

Clever puzzle, Bruce and Gail. The NE corner just about got me, since I had I Spy for SPYS, forgetting that the former was a TV show. I finally figured it out after I got YOWZAH (which took awhile, since I use "yowzers" in my vocabulary).

Great links today, Argyle. That bonsai is fabulous. My niece is so into hobbits. She'd love it. My thumb is not green enough to attempt to create a bonsai, or keep it alive...but I love 'em.

My massage therapist uses SHIATSU. Ouch. but great results.

JD said...

Good morning all,

Another smooth one,except for the bottom where I zigged back and forth a few times to fill words like shiatsu and in situ.

I enjoy Bruce and Gail's humor with fills like no siree and yowzah. Fun.

sop- I only know this as a verb, or an adj.(sopping).

Argyle, you always add great stuff to your write up.Thanks.

Owen, last verse was my favorite today.

JD said...

Irish Miss, the Valencia oranges were harvested starting in April, but the non seedless Navels are being picked now thru Nov.I have new Valencias on my trees, and I am still picking the old crop.Oranges always remind me of soccer. The moms always bring them for a 1/2 time snack for the teams.

HeartRx said...

OwenKL, hand up for loving that last verse!

André-Jacques Garnerin said...

Remembering all the parachute talk last week made me appreciate today's Google doodle even more.

The Frenchman's name has hints of Yuri Gagarin, no?

Yellowrocks said...

Anon 2 9:19, funny you should say that. It's no lie. I taught in an open space school where the classrooms has only half walls to separate them from the halls. Just as the principal walked by I asked a second grade child, "How do you make babies?" The principal paused with a shocked look on her face until the child said, "Change the Y to I and add ED."
I always associate Kelly Ripa with TD Bank.
I love to use crusty Italian bread as a sop to get up all that delicious red sauce in Mussels Fra Diavolo.
This past Sunday we went leaf peeping in the POCONOs. It was lovely, but not as brilliant as most years. We were missing the bright reds. Frost which is predicted soon might bring out the reds.

Al said...

Tree of many shapes
Too small for woodworking skills
Complete inner peace

Misty said...

Fun Tuesday puzzle, Bruce and Gail--many thanks! Only one teeny tiny goof-up: put SKATS instead of SCATS and so got KROK instead of KROC. Didn't Ella also do SKA, or something? That may have made me think of SKATS. Music is clearly not my strong point. But, hey, I got INEZ.

Argyle, that BONSAI image is utterly charming.

Our girl dachshund was attacked by a coyote on our patio night before last. Thank goodness only one deep tooth mark on her back. We think our boy dachshund must have scared the critter off before it got more teeth into her. So trip to the vet, and a week's dose of antibiotics. Two weeks ago the dogs were furiously barking at a stag deer with gorgeous antlers approaching the rim of our patio. Clearly the animals are lacking something in their habitats--probably water--and so coming into neighborhoods.

Have a great day, everybody!

Anonymous said...

It is more like:

Clearly the people are lacking something in their neighborhoods--probably space--and so are going into their habitat.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Great puzzle, Bruce & Gail! Went through this so fast, I missed the clues for RIPA and SOP despite trying to read all the downs. Great expo, Argyle!

"Act Naturally" was a country western song by Buck Owens which would have fit but for Ringo.

Hand up for "M" before "S" on THOS.

Ella was known as the queen of SCAT, her signature style.

Misty, I hope your dachshund has her rabies shots up to date. Good for your male in scaring the coyote away. They were bred originally to hunt badgers so they have to be fierce courageous little dogs. The male we had attacked a huge malemute once, thinking our boy was threatened by it.

GarlicGal said...

WEBS. We have had Don Juan/Inez enough times now I have finally committed it to memory. (For awhile anyway...)

I would have loved to hear Ella do some SKA...hehehe.

Eder the river - Last week we went to San Francisco to see Linda Eder, a terrific singer, in a caberet type club. What a show! Her Man of La Mancha is one for the record books. BillG, are you familiar with her? (In the musical sense, not the biblical sense...)

Foggy, soupy morning around these parts, but the sun is due out a little later.

JD, welcome home from your latest globe trotting adventure. Must be time for coffee, right CA Coven?

Happay, happay Tuesday.

Lucina said...

Hello, my friends! Thank you Argyle, Bruce and Gail.

YOWZA(H)! What a fun time today and thank you for all the shoutouts. Ironically, YOWZAH was my last fill because I wasn't sure about the HIV drug or the movie though mentally I could see the * in the name. The light went on and it was done.

I chuckled at an image of skirts made from lisle; that would be funny, indeed. It is usually used for stockings.

If you haven't seen Don Juan De Marco with Johnny Depp and Marlon Brando as well as Faye Dunaway, you have missed a treat. Don Juan tells the story of his mother, INEZ, fantasized, of course. Most of the movie is a fantasy.

The clues today were unusually spicy for Tuesday. It must be something in the air!

Hand up for PITCHER before CATCHER but then I couldn't see why a catcher would WIND UP so changed it.

My sisters and I are called NANA (pr. nah-nah)by our grandchildren.

Now I have to go see the links. I'm always so late that I skip them to return later.

Have a wonderful Tuesday, everyone! You all rock!

Lucina said...

Yes, INEZ is Agnes in Spanish.

Anonymous said...

Long time reader, first time poster, just a Gold Star of the Day to whomever grew that completely awesome Bonsai !

fermatprime said...


Will comment on puzzle later, I hope.

At 1:30 am, approx., dear Charlie gave up the ghost.

I have not been able to go to sleep (and have screwed up every other word typing this).

Sorry to bother you.

desper-otto said...

Fermat, very sorry to hear about Charlie. It's never easy losing a trusted friend.

On the lighter side, my niece from Wisconsin sent me this one. You cheeseheads in the bleachers should appreciate it.

After having dug to a depth of 10 feet last year, New York scientists found traces of copper wire dating back
100 years and came to the conclusion that their ancestors already had a telephone network more than 100 years ago.

Not to be outdone by the New Yorkers, in the weeks that followed, a California archaeologist dug to a depth of 20 feet, and shortly after, a story in the LA Times read: "California archaeologists, report finding of 200 year old copper wire, have concluded that their ancestors already had an advanced high-tech communications network a hundred years earlier than the New Yorkers."

One week later. A local newspaper in Wisconsin reported the following: "After digging as deep as 30 feet in his pasture near Westby, Wisconsin, Ole Swenson, a self-taught archaeologist, reported that he found absolutely nothing. Ole has therefore concluded that 300 years ago, Wisconsin had already gone wireless . "

Anonymous T said...

fermat - so sorry to hear about Charlie. Pop lost his pup 3 years ago and just got a chocolate lab Sunday...

Skip this if you don't want my advice...
Get a new pup if you have the energy (or adopt a mature one); a dog keeps you going....

The puzzle was fun, but there's to much to do today to try to suss out NE & SW. So DNF. Fun theme though. Thanks Bruce, Gail, & Argyle (BONSAI was too cool).

Fav was LATHE - just 'cuz I've wanted one for a while now... Donno what I will do with it, but I want one.

Cheers, -T

Spitzboov said...

In Shakespeare's King Lear; Act II, Scene II, Kent says:

What a brazen-faced varlet art thou, to deny thou
knowest me! Is it two days ago since I tripped up
thy heels, and beat thee before the king? Draw, you
rogue: for, though it be night, yet the moon
shines; I'll make a SOP o' the moonshine of you:
draw, you whoreson cullionly barber-monger, draw.

Bill G. said...

That was a pleasant puzzle and theme. Thanks Bruce, Gail and Argyle.

Linen seems a little heavy for summer skirt material but I guess I must be mistaken.

Yes, I enjoyed today's Google Doodle.

Fermat, I'm very sorry to hear about dear Charlie.

GG, no I'm not familiar with Linda Eder. I looked her up on YouTube and enjoyed her singing.

Lemonade714 said...

Fermat; My condolences.

HG, Juan Marichal at his limber best.

D-O great story.

Al, thanks for the Haiku.

Owen, a really fine day from you.

JD, orange you glad to be home?

I enjoyed Don Juan DeMarco also.

Yellowrocks said...

Sheer summer weight linen
Link linen

Jayce said...

Hello everybody. No need to go off the deep end to finish this puzzle today. There sure seemed to be a lot of S's today, but it was nice to see a coupla Z's and an X, too. Some times when the letter S is used to make a noun plural, I call it "a gratuitous S" in the following sense: Imagine the thought process -- "Hmmm, I need to cross MAMMA with SCAT, but I can't cross them at the letter A. What to do? Oh, I know; I'll simply add an S to make them both plural and cross them that way."
desper-otto @ 1:01 PM, good joke, That Ole Swenson was really thinking outside the box!
Best wishes to you all.

I'm too sexy for {mehatt}!

Irish Miss said...

Ferm, I am so sorry about Charlie and your terrible grief.

Avg Joe said...

Fermat, I'm very sorry to hear about your terrible loss of a trusted friend.

2 years ago when I was in that same position someone here posted a link to The Rainbow Bridge. It brought me comfort at that dark time. I hope it can do the same for you.

Vegas Doc said...

Happy Tuesday everybody!

One cell from the Ta-Da today, the dreaded yowZah / aZt crossing....

Was extremely disappointed with S*P*Y*S, because it was marketed as being just as entertaining as M*A*S*H....

Hands up for THOM / THOS and DELE / XOUT....

Husker, many thanks for the pic of my all-time favorite player, the Domincan Dandy....

Finally, my sincere condolences to Fermatprime on the loss of Charlie. I forget if I heard it first here at The Corner or from my sister, but there is a school of thought that says that your beloved pets will be among the first to greet you at the pearly gates....

River Doc said...

BTW, my fifth counter on the house here was accepted, so as soon as escrow closes, I'm officially back in Cali....

Chickie said...

Hola Everyone, I haven't been able to read the blog for a couple of days. Too busy (picking, seeding, peeling and cooking marmalade) from our little Calemondon Orange Tree. They make the most superb marmalade, but are very tiny so it takes hours to get the fruit ready for the jam. therefore no time to post.

I looked back at my notes and see that I've made marmalade in Aug. Sept. and now in Oct. So there isn't any definite season to these little beauties. I just pick when the tree has a lot of bright orange orbs.

I just wanted to tell Fermatprime that I'm so sorry about Charlie. He was A trusted friend and I know he will be missed.

Welcome back JD. Yes, Garlic Gal and JD, we'll have to do some planning.

Have a great day everyone. I'm off to do the puzzle while I have lunch.

Abejo said...


Very sorry to hear of Charlie's passing. Pets are sometimes the best friends we have. They always love us, no matter what we do.



Abejo said...


The train derailment and wrecked truck were all cleaned up this morning. They must have worked all night. Must be a heck of a crane to lift a RR car.



JD said...

Fermatprime, so sorry about your loss.

Lemon, I yam.

YR, funny, I associate Kelly Ripa with AMC...taped that dang show for YEARS.Was angry when they upped it to an hour.

Tinbeni said...

fermatprime: My deepest condolence for your loss.

My Sunset "toast" tonight will be to all the wonderful pets that have enriched our lives.
(with a tear in my eyes) Cheers!!!

PK said...

Fermatprime: Sorry to hear of Charlie's passing. Maybe the only consolation is knowing Charlie is no longer suffering.

Chickie said...

My father's lathe went to my BIl. He uses it a lot.

I still have my mom's powder box which was one of my father's first projects when he got his lathe. That large tool was used when my father bought it. I now wonder how old it could be? Dad had it for well over 60 years.

Misty said...

Fermatprime, I'm going to join Tinbeni in his "toast" to all the wonderful pets who enrich our lives--in honor of your sweet and wonderful Charlie!

TTP said...


It is tough to lose such a loyal companion. I feel for your loss. Best wishes to you.

Argyle said...

Make your own lathe. Woodwright(4:55) Skip to 1:40 if you want.

pje said...

WEES. There were a couple unknowns, but a fun puzzle and blog.

Fermatprime: my condolences on the passing of Charlie. They leave a huge hole in our lives when they leave us. I hope you have enough memories of happy times to help you through your grief.

OwenKL: your works are written art! Thank you for the humorous start to the day.


Lucina said...

I am deeply sorry for the loss of your Charlie. It leaves such a void. Please be comforted, my friend.

HeartRx said...

Al @ 11:35, lovely Haiku.

Fermatprime, so sorry to hear about Charlie...pets become such a part of our lives, that it seems to leave a gaping hole when they are gone. I hope you might soon adopt a cute little puppy to keep you company in Charlie's absence.

Manac said...

My sincerest condolences to you. Pets really do enrich our lives.
I sometimes still expect to see a wagging tail waiting for me at the door. Keep the memories.

CrossEyedDave said...


I am so sorry to hear about your dear Charlie. Please know that we all feel your loss...

CrossEyedDave said...


I found that spring pole lathe fascinating!

I was walking in the woods yesterday & discovered an old exploratory shaft for an iron mine, & about 20' away was this small rock with a perfect hole drilled in it! I cannot imagine why someone would go to all the trouble of drilling a hole in rock, unless this was part of a larger piece, & the dynamite didn't go off in this particular hole...

But how did they drill such a hole 200+ years ago before pneumatic tools?

Another curious thing was I came home with several what I thought were ticks, except they refused to bite. They were just really annoying running around under my shirt. I wonder if they were some kind of small spiders? I should really go buy a good magnifying glass so I can count the legs...

Manac said...

Ummm..... Dave,
I thought you were smart enough not to frequent those places ;~)

Infectious specialist ? said...

Cross eyed Dave .... Are you sure the ticks weren't coying or cuddling up to you ?

Because then they could be 'dear' ticks ... Or deer ticks.

A hot water bath with 2% phenol and tincture iodine and a 24 hour fumigation should be effective ..... Until then, keep all kids at arms length.

Best wishes.l

Whole could be drilled with certain flints, or with Iron Age tools. Difficult, but not impossible. I am sure they did that with the first wheels .....

Bill G. said...

I liked the lathe video.

You're gonna like this. It's Scott Joplin's Peacherine Rag played a little differently. Peacherine Rag

Anonymous said...

Has anyone gotten a ransom note for Dennis?

Argyle said...

The kidnappers offered $10,000 to us to take him back...we're holding out for more.

Bill G. said...

I just got an e-mail with a subject line, "Can u tutor my 8th grader?" I found it a little off-putting at first glance but I think I need to be more tolerant these days. I had a perfectly nice conversation with the mother and I'm looking forward to meeting them this Thursday. I hope it all goes well.

Have any of you tried clicking the Question Mark after the Captcha icons of a circle and a speaker? (I find the sounds produced by the speaker icon to be unintelligible. What about you?) The Question Mark has some interesting information about the Captcha program.

Anonymous said...

Bill, maybe you could tutor the mother ?

Does she sound 'interesting'.?

This could be interesting ...

(How I met your mother -).

(Why this always happen to someone else - I could have used this) Sigh.

Bill G. said...

I see CC is coming at us tomorrow. Should be fun as usual!

Lucina said...

I just saw Tom Hanks on David Letterman (a rerun, I'm sure) and he was wearing what looked like that $175.00 silk tie someone posted a day or two ago.

And now I know who buys those.

Anonymous said...

Bill G., thanks so much for spoiling the surprise. Could you stop doing that?