Jul 17, 2018

Tuesday, July 17, 2018 Craig Stowe


17. *Air Force topper: FLIGHT CAP.
24. *Subconscious revelation: FREUDIAN SLIP.
The police aren't here to create disorder, they're here to preserve disorder.  - Richard Daley

39. *Solution for an itchy Spot?: FLEA DIP.

52. *Escapes: FLIES THE COOP.

63. Opposites, and what the answers to starred clues literally contain: FLIP SIDES.


1. Excites, with "up": AMPs,   and clecho   33. Excite, with "up": REV.

5. Programs opened with a fingertip: APPs.

9. Furtive attention-getters: PSSTs.

14. When doubled, a fish: MAHI.

15. Computer folder item: FILE.

16. Musical eightsome: OCTET.

19. Go halfsies: SHARE.

20. Creator of the Hundred Acre Wood: MILNE.  Did you read that the original 1926 illustration of the Hundred Acre Wood sold last week for £430,000 ?  That's just short of $570,000.   

21. Onetime comm. giant: ITT

23. Concerning: INRE.

28. Unethical: IMMORAL.

31. __ brûlée: custard dessert: CREME.

32. Wild hog: BOAR.  Steer clear.  Unless you are packing heat and are disease-resistant.  They're often very big,  can be aggressive, and they are smart. Destructive too, as they attempt to sate their insatiable appetites.

35. Up to now: AS YET.

38. Pipe shape: ELL.

42. __-Magnon: CRO.    Neanderthal fossils were discovered in the Neander Valley of Germany in 1829, and a few years later in 1868, the Cro-Magnon fossils were discovered near the village of Les Eyzies, France.  Nice summaries from the Smithsonian. 

43. Honking birds: GEESE,   and  57. Cacophony: NOISE.     "Watching huge flocks of Snow Geese swirl down from the sky, amid a cacophony of honking, is a little like standing inside a snow globe."

45. Cookie container: TIN.  Adult beverage container: TIN

46. Woman in a family tree: AUNT.  Tia in Spanish,  Tante in German. 

47. Armada: FLEET.  You can rent a Nissan Armada at Hertz.  They have a fleet of these large 8 passenger SUVs.  You might not want to drive one in England.  I've read that armadas are not very well-received there.

50. Eurasian grasslands: STEPPEs.

55. Beat really fast: RACE.

56. "Gimme a __": SEC.

61. Not up to the task: INEPT.

66. Ford replaced him as VP: AGNEW.  Getting a lot of air time lately in the LA Times puzzles.

67. Folded Tex-Mex treat: TACO.  The Tejanos first created the fusion of American and Mexican cuisines.  You can get Tex-Mex food pretty much anywhere in the United States.   Even when you go into authentic "Mexican" restaurants, you'll probably see Tex-Mex items on the menu. A Palate Pleasing Union.

68. Daily paper material: NEWS.

69. Back in style: RETRO.

70. Underworld river: STYX.  Or the progressive rock band that originated in Chicago and made it big in the '70s and '80's.   Disagreements among the members about the musical direction the band should take, along with creative and competitive tensions, led to their eventual breakup.   Still, they had 16 Top 40 singles, 8 of which were Top 10.  This was their only # 1.   It's more of a soft/pop rock sound.

71. Stun with a police gun: TASE.


1. Radio switch: AM FM.

2. Landlocked African country: MALI.

3. Three-time Masters champ Mickelson: PHIL.

4. Formally accept, as a delivery: SIGN FOR.

5. Toward the stern: AFT.

6. Camera shot: PIC.

7. Kilt pattern: PLAID.

8. __ tank: SEPTIC.    It’s a cafeteria for bacteria

9. Neg. opposite: POS

10. Deep divides: SCHISMs.

11. Hockey trophy: STANLEY CUP.
Relinking in case you missed it on the March 27th, 2018 review.  The Washington Capitals got past the Penguins and won it this year.  First time to win it all.  13 playoff appearances.  

12. Purple-haired twin on "The Simpsons": TERRI.


13. Brew: STEEP.  I enjoy a good brew, but the charge for some imported beers and ales can be comparatively steep.

18. German gent: HERR. German language honorific, equivalent to Mister in English.

22. Shingle sealant: TAR. The black strip covered by film on the bottom a composition shingle is asphalt. Rather than tar, asphalt roof cement should normally be used on composite shingle roofs around penetrations or other areas where a sealant is needed. 

25. Royal wedding guest, perhaps: EARL.

26. Peter Fonda's beekeeper: ULEE.   Roger Ebert gave the film 3.5 stars (out of 4). 

27. Tide type: NEAP.  4 letters for tide type ?  - EAP and check the crossing clue. 

28. "__ your pardon": I BEG.  "I never promised you a rose garden.  Along with the sunshine, there has to be a little rain sometimes."  The flip side of that single was "Nothing Between Us" according to Wikipedia.

29. Spy story staple: MOLE.

30. Like evildoers: MALEFICENT.  Pernicious behavior. 

34. Laundry tub: VAT.   Wash, wring and rinse, in one easy-to-use setup !

36. Shore bird: ERNE.

37. Youngsters: TOTs

39. Charges for members: FEEs.

40. Part of DJ: DISC.   I got to play DJ last Tuesday while reviewing Bruce Haight's "DJ SET" puzzle. 

41. Really enjoying, as a hobby: INTO.

44. Unexpected hit: SLEEPER.

46. Name officially, as to a position: APPOINT.

48. Sci-fi invaders: ETs.

49. Robberies: THEFTs.

51. Seemingly forever: EONs.

52. Monastery figure: FRIAR.

53. Jessica of "American Horror Story": LANGE.   Never saw the movie or program.  Knew who she is.

54. Panache: ECLAT.  Flamboyance,  ostentatiously showy,  like Liberace.

58. Thought: IDEA.

59. Hems, but doesn't haw: SEWS.    To hem and haw means to dither, to speak hesitantly, usually because one is unprepared to speak or is attempting to avoid saying something in particular. Hem and haw is also used to mean to be indecisive.  Hum and haw is the British equivalent.

60. To be, to Brutus: ESSE.

62. Word before time or piece: TWO.

64. Like an "if looks could kill" look: ICY.   Very unfriendly. Unwelcoming. 

65. Quaint curse: POX.   Elizabethan Oaths, Curses, and Insults    "Five hundred years ago, little in life moved more quickly than a trotting horse. With no media to fill the day, there was nothing but space for song and speech. Elizabethans took a delight with language, weaving together terms to form stinging phrases of wit."

That's enough for now.   Catch you on the flip side.  

Jul 16, 2018

Monday July 16, 2018 Neville Fogarty

Theme: 4 O's. - Each theme entry has a pair of consecutive O's. .

17A. 1970s-'80s fashion inspired by astronauts' footwear: MOON BOOTS.

39A "Was I premature?": TOO SOON?

62A. 1990s cartoon series featuring a classic 8-Down dog: GOOF TROOP. 8D. Mickey Mouse creator: DISNEY.

11D. Teacher's domain: SCHOOL ROOM.

30D. Play some b-ball: SHOOT HOOPS.

Boomer here.  

It has been a fairly ordinary week, but I am looking forward to participating in the PBA50 Pro-Am tournament (I am an Am) to send off the PBA50 tournament this Tuesday in Monticello, MN.  Monticello is a city about 40-50 miles west of the Twin Cities, and carries the moniker of "River City" since the Mississippi flows through the town.  Below are some cards of the bowlers who will participate.  I chose these players because they are past champions of 4 previous PBA50 tournaments that were held at Treasure Island Casino in Welch, MN.  (60 miles south of the Twin cities.) Norm Duke, Pete Weber, Walter Ray Williams, and Parker Bohn III.  They were kind enough to autograph my cards.


1. Carpenter's file: RASP.  Mr. Utin first name ?

5. Necklace pellet: BEAD.

9. Thorns in one's side: PESTS.

14. __ mater: ALMA.
15. Wrinkly citrus fruit: UGLI.  Crazy, if a fruit is Ugly, call it what it is, do not misspell it.

16. Neckwear named for a British racecourse: ASCOT.  I believe you need to have a LOT more money than I to wear one of these.

19. The "a" sound in "above": SCHWA.

20. Like Frosted Flakes' coating: SUGARY.  Frosted Flakes, Golden Crisp, etc. taste good, but I don't think they are good for kids.

21. Responsibility: ONUS.

23. "Above," in verse: OER. "The land of the free, and the home of the brave."

24. DVD holder: CASE.  I suppose, but it could also be a lawyer's pursuit..

26. Series installment: EPISODE.

28. Like easy, well-paying jobs: CUSHY.

31. Traditional 15th anniversary gift: CRYSTAL.  Reminds me of Crystal Gayle - "Don't in make my Brown Eyes Blue"

33. 1993 Presidential Medal of Freedom awardee Arthur: ASHE.  A great tennis player.  His life ended however at the age of 49.

34. Vietnamese soup: PHO.

35. Souped-up vehicle: HOT ROD. Also famous NBA star "Hot Rod" Hundley.  Drafted by Cincinnati and traded to the Minneapolis Lakers.  He became more famous when the team moved to Los Angeles.

38. __ Speedwagon: REO.

41. Fútbol cheer: OLE.  I believe this is Sven's buddy.  I'm from Minnesota, I know all the stories about OLE don'tcha know.

42. NASA explorers: PROBES. Silly me, I always thought they were called Astronauts.  C.C. has John Glenn's autograph. 

44. "Dig in!": EAT.

45. Coke or Pepsi: SODA.  This is another interesting word.  I learned that carbonated beverages were called SODA when I served in southern USA.  Up north we called it POP.

46. Most sour: TARTEST.

48. Humped beast: CAMEL.  I remember when these were awful cigarettes.  I would not even walk a half mile for one.

49. "Who Let the Dogs Out?" one-hit wonder: BAHA MEN.

51. Carry with effort: HAUL.

53. __ Grande: RIO.

54. Colored eye part: IRIS.

56. Citrus-flavored diet drink: FRESCA.  I would not call this SODA or POP.  I might call it TARTEST though.

60. "__ have a clue": I DON'T.  My expression when I am trying to solve these puzzles.

64. Conical home: TEPEE.

65. Short skirt: MINI.

66. First blank on many forms: NAME.

67. Donkeys: ASSES.  I'll leave this alone.

68. Trebek of "Jeopardy!": ALEX.  Not my favorite Canadian.  He's okay on Jeopardy, but I don't like his Colonial Penn commercials.

69. Heavenly spheres: ORBS.


1. Ewes' guys: RAMS.  This is an LA Times puzzle, you'd think this would have a football clue.

2. Moises of the 2007-'08 Mets: ALOU.  Moises, Felipe, and Matty.  I think they were the only trio of brothers to make the big leagues. (Correction: Gloria and Allan just reminded me of the DiMaggio brothers. Thank you!)

3. Urban pollution: SMOG.

4. Dashing style: PANACHE.

5. Regatta markers: BUOYS.

6. Sense of self: EGO.

7. Glee club voice: ALTO.  Not in my book.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but a Glee Club was male voices.  Females sang in Choirs, choruses, and other symphonic names. and ALTO is definitely a female voice tone.

9. "Tell your friends": PASS IT ON. A request in a few commercials,

10. Corner PC key: ESC.

12. Hauled to the shop: TOWED.  We have a car in the apartment lot near our home and there is a car which has a horn blasting frequently.  I wish that was towed.

13. Look steadily (at): STARE.

18. Donkey's cry: BRAY.  I have heard of Bray, but I suppose HEE HAW was too many letters.

22. Final result: UPSHOT.

25. Rebound, like sound: ECHO.

27. H.S. exam for college hopefuls: SAT.  Back when we were kids, this was called the Scholastic Assessment Test, and you needed a decent score to apply for college.  Now it is just called the SAT, and all you need to get into college is a fist full of money.

28. Fisherman's soup fish: CARP.  NO WAY!  In Minnesota if you catch a CARP, you are required by law to dispose of it and you are not allowed to toss it back into the lake.

29. PC manual reader: USER.

32. Prickly flowers: ROSES. The flowers are not prickly, it's the stems.

34. Dorm room decoration: POSTER.

36. Shoppe sign adjective: OLDE.  I think this is the queen's English.  Everything in Britain is OLDE.

37. "Let's Make a __": DEAL.  Pick Me Monty!!

39. Home-wrecking insects: TERMITES. I have never actually seen a termite, but I have seen their supper once or twice.

40. Witness' promise: OATH. Nothing but the truth

43. Sheep cry: BAA. No - this is not the Acronym for Bowlers Anonymous Association.

45. City near Naples: SALERNO.

47. Real mystery: ENIGMA.

48. Terse: CURT.  Famous Bloody Sock Pitcher for the Red Sox in the World Series.  (Gave new meaning to the team name).

49. Big name in water filtration: BRITA.  Never tried this. We buy bottled water for drinking. 

50. Senate staffers: AIDES.

52. Stick on, as a label: AFFIX.  Affix stamp here.  Have you seen the USPS new JFK stamps?

55. Gardener's bagful: SOIL.

57. Fly high: SOAR. Like an eagle.

58. Hair care tool: COMB.  I never knew a comb was a tool.  I don't keep one in my tool box.

59. "Planet of the __": APES.

61. Born, in alumni newsletters: NEE.

63. Single: ONE. Short for a Washington bill.


Jul 15, 2018

Sunday Jul 15, 2018 Joe Kidd

Theme: "Watt's Happening"- W is added to each theme entry.

24A. Unsteady walk while using social media?: TWEETER TOTTER. Teeter-totter.

38A. Lowly short-order cook?: FRYING PAWN. Frying pan.

58A. Bawdier Bavarian britches?: LEWDER HOSEN. Lederhosen.

79A. Beefcake's breakfast: BRAWN FLAKES. Bran flakes.

98A. Return from a salamander farm?: NEWT PROFIT. Net profit.

116A. Drawback of the best place to watch the fight?: RINGSIDE SWEAT. Ringside seat.

3D. Dessert for a large legal firm?: TRIPLE-LAWYER CAKE. Triple-layer cake.

42D. Number for the weight-conscious?: LOW-CAL ANESTHETIC. Local anesthetic.

Can anyone explain the title to me? I don't get it.

We have a relative theme-heavy grid again. Total 100 theme squares. Themage under 95 probably won't cut it for Rich these days.

40 three-letter entries is a bit high. Rich prefers them to be in the low 30s.


1. Beginning: OUTSET. Apt start.

7. Arnold's Terminator, e.g.: CYBORG.

13. Arboretum feature: SHADE.

18. Some ski lodges: A-FRAMES.

20. Longhorn rivals: SOONERS.

22. __ Island: CONEY.

23. Pratt & Whitney helicopter engine with two power sections: TWIN-PAC. Learning moment for me.

26. Fuel for a lorry: PETROL.

28. Leslie Caron title role: LILI.

29. "Count me in!": I'M THERE.

30. Field in acting: SALLY.  Sally Field.

32. Detroit labor org.: UAW. United Automobile Workers. We also have 2D. Agric. labor group: UFW. United Farm Workers.

34. Prefix meaning "billionth": NANO.

36. In reserve, with "on": ICE.

37. It tops a deuce: TREY.

41. 24 minutes, in the NBA: HALF.

44. Tommy's kid brother on "Rugrats": DIL. Wiki says "The show focuses on a group of toddlers, most prominently Tommy, Chuckie, twins Phil and Lil, and Angelica, and their day-to-day lives..."

45. Marquis __: DE SADE.

46. Enjoy courses: EAT.

48. 1840s Rhode Island rebellion leader Thomas: DORR. Unknown to me.

50. In short order: ANON.

52. Nasty storm: NOR'EASTER.

56. Popeye's __'Pea: SWEE.

57. Victorious shout: I WON.

60. X x XXX: CCC. Fun clue.

61. Storage compartments: BAYS. New meaning to me.

62. Sandburg's "little cat feet" arrival: FOG.

63. Mauna __: KEA.

64. Trembling: ASHAKE. Not a word I use.

66. Intellectual: IDEAMONGER. Not a word I use.

70. Deficiencies: SHORTFALLS.

73. Words with a gift: FOR YOU. So in love with this cleansing balm.

74. Lambaste: RIP.

76. Yield as a return: PAY.

77. Fannie __: securities: MAES.

78. Frodo pursuer: ORC.

84. Ilsa __: "Casablanca" heroine: LUND. Such a sweet movie.

85. "... giant __ for mankind": LEAP.

87. Like top Michelin ratings: THREE-STAR. Never been to a Michelin-rated place. You?

88. Toondom's Le Pew: PEPE.

89. Flood barrier: DIKE.

90. "Ahem" relative: HEY.

91. Spoke: ORATED.

93. Maple extract: SAP. Santa loved their locally produced maple syrup.

96. Big top, for one: TENT.

102. Work unit: Abbr.: FT LB.

103. __ Bo: TAE.

105. Stadium reaction: ROAR.

106. PC hookup: LAN.

107. Thai currency: BAHTS. They don't pluralize Baht in Bangkok. Ask Oo.

108. Easily bent: PLIABLE.

112. Kristen of "Bridesmaids": WIIG. She will be in the next "Wonder Woman".

114. Nullify: NEGATE. Also 125. Contradictory word: WASN'T.

119. Dispute decider: ARBITER.

122. En pointe, in ballet: ON TOE.

123. Give an oath to: SWEAR IN.

124. Enlarging, as a hole: REAMING.

126. Some Dadaist paintings: ERNSTS.

127. Brings honor to: GRACES.


1. Bit in a horse's mouth?: OAT. Spitzboov has oatmeal every morning.

4. In a reasonable manner: SANELY.

5. What "E" may mean: EMPTY.

6. Get emotional, with "up": TEAR.

7. Wisconsin winter hrs.: CST. D-Otto grew up in Marion, WI.

8. Distressed cry: YOWL.

9. Enola Gay manufacturer: BOEING.

10. Track circuit: ONE LAP.

11. Eye layer: RETINA.

12. M.A. seeker's hurdle: GRE.

13. Ben Nevis, e.g.: SCOTCH. Not familiar with the brand. 


14. Easily riled types: HOTHEADS. Boomer is one.

15. It's tossed into a pot: ANTE.

16. Road sign ruminant: DEER. We spot a deer roaming in Springbrook trails a few times. Haven't been there after Boomer tripped on a tree root and fell down a few weeks ago. Too many tree roots there.

17. Thornfield Hall governess: EYRE.

19. Searches carefully: SCOURS.

21. Indian term of respect: SRI.

25. "Didn't wanna know that!": TMI.

27. Bomb big-time: LAY AN EGG.

30. Like A/C in most cars: STD.

31. Radio host Shapiro: ARI. "All Things Considered" co-host.

33. Heiress, perhaps: WIDOW.

35. Have credit from: OWE TO.

38. Marshland: FEN.

39. Uncool one who lately is sort of cool: NERD. GEEK too.

40. Scot's nots: NAES. Also 51. Lack of influence: NO SAY.

43. Like Howdy Doody's face: FRECKLED.

45. Crime boss: DON. We also have 67. Crowd around: MOB.

47. Accord: TREATY.

49. Judge's announcement: RECESS.

53. Comics scream: EEK.

54. Warring son of Zeus: ARES. God of war.

55. Bygone Persian title: SHAH. Abejo worked in Iran for some time. Was the Amazon job too stressful, Abejo?

57. "Don't change anything!": I ADORE IT.

58. Actor Chaney: LON.

59. Disturbing bank msg.: NSF.

61. Like some closet doors: BI-FOLD. OK, like this.

62. Last down: FOURTH.

65. Exaggerate on stage: HAM UP.

68. Coastal raptor: ERNE.

69. Overflowing: RIFE.

71. Met regular: OPERA FAN. We have different kinds of operas in China. The most famous is Beijing opera. We also have local operas in Guangzhou and Xi'an. They sing in Cantonese and local Xi'an dialect.

72. Dorm VIPs: RAS.

75. Polite online letters: PLS.

80. "Two owls and __": Lear limerick line: A HEN.

81. More twisted: WRYER.

82. Suffix for fabric: ATOR. Just fabricator. Not a suffix that meaning "fabric".

83. Pope John Paul II's given name: KAROL. Forgot.

84. Went before: LED.

86. Big brass container?: PENTAGON. Another great clue.

88. Favored one: PET.

92. Karaoke performer's problem: TIN EAR.

94. PC key under Z: ALT.

95. "Masterpiece" airer: PBS.

97. Word processing function: TAB SET.

99. Humdinger: WOWSER. Same letter count as DOOZIE.

100. Formosa, now: TAIWAN. Jayce's old haunt. Taiwan has the best snacks. Guangzhou has the best food.

101. Buttinskies: PRIERS.

102. Bluebeard's last wife: FATIMA. Did not know the name. Read the story here. Quite scary.

104. Rooter for the Bulldogs: ELI.

107. Picture book pachyderm: BABAR.

108. Figurehead spot: PROW.

109. Director Wertmüller: LINA.

110. QBs' stats: INTS. Intersections. (Correction: Interceptions.)

111. Mag honchos: EDS.

113. Walk or trot: GAIT.

115. Norman on the links: GREG. "The Shark".

117. Girl in the pasture: EWE.

118. Shipping wts.: TNS.

120. Vegas-to-Denver dir.: ENE.

121. Some NFL linemen: RGS. Right guards.

Here is a selfie of Big Easy's grandson Joshua with the new Wimbledon Singles champion Angelique Kerber. The picture was taken a few months ago when Joshua met Kerber in Miami.

Does anyone have a tip on how to get rid of a small yellow food stain on white pants? I tried baking soda, vinegar, even spray on with WD 40, the stain is still there. I don't even know how I got the stain. I don't eat curry or use turmeric in cooking.


Jul 14, 2018

Saturday, July 14, 2018, Andrew J. Ries

A Themeless Saturday Puzzle by Andrew J. Ries 

On the Fourth Of July we Americans celebrate our declaration of independence. Ten days later our French friends celebrate Quatorze Juillet or, The Fourteenth of July which they also refer to as Bastille Day. That day celebrates the storming of the infamous prison and the beginning of The French Revolution. "Liberté, égalité and fraternité!"

I blogged another Saturday puzzle of Andrew Ries's last April 28 on Super Heroes Day. Below is a picture of David Hanson, Victor Borocas (who authored last Sunday's AAA puzzle), our own C.C. and Andrew (not Andy). Next to them is one of Andrew's published books of puzzles that is so apropos for his home state.

Andrew had a double major in film studies and history from St. Cloud State, which he calls a "hockey school", an hour NW of Minneapolis. He got hooked on puzzles by his grandmother and his passion has led to his now being a full-time constructor (as you can see by one of his books above). Andrew says it is not really work when you are doing what you love. He estimates he will do close to a hundred puzzles this year as his trade requires being prolific. I had a great exchange with Andrew via gmail and I hope we get to see a lot more of him in the future

I was also fascinated by the very clever logo for his website which incorporates Andrew's name and a familiar zodiacal fill we see here. C'mon, ya gotta love it!

I managed a 14-minute tour through today's puzzle as I seemed to be on Andrew's frequency beginning with a NASA gimme for me. 

Now let's storm the barriers and see what else A RIES has for us today:


1. Critical measurements in "Apollo 13": AMPS  - This NASA educator, who has seen Apollo 13 countless times and remembered how the ground crew in Houston figured out how to mete out the meager 20 AMPS the command module would have available to return to Earth.

5. "Yada yada yada" letters: ETC.

8. They may be wrapped at restaurants: FORKS - Pitas and sushi stayed in the kitchen

13. China neighbor: LAOS  - This will connect Kunming, China with Bangkok, Thailand through LAOS

14. Common pace for a slugger: TROT  - The most famous home run TROT in baseball history

16. "__ you special": AREN'T - Sarcasm d'jour 

17. In a big stack: PILED HIGH - How do you even attack this $22 Carnegie Deli sandwich?

19. Assessor's decision: VALUE - Oh look, my the house tax levy went down! Oops, never mind, the VALUATION on my house went up

20. Kind: ILK - Aren't we an ILK here at the corner and each of us a vital 7. Tooth not examined by a dentist: COG.

21. Car wash option: WAX - Is it worth it?

22. Serious reading?: RIOT ACT - King George I issued this decree in 1714 saying goups of 12 or more could be shot or impreisoned when assembling. He wrote it in German as he never learned to speak English and German survived in Buckingham Palace until WWI when they also abandoned their German family name and adopted the name Windsor.

24. B-complex vitamin: NIACIN

26. Old fad items packed in boxes with breathing holes: PET ROCKS - There truly is one born every minute

27. Conclude with: END ON - Some rude people don't heed the rule that fireworks were to END ON July 4th. 

28. Achieves: DOES

29. New job requirement, perhaps: RELO - Real estate agent speak for RELOCATION

30. "That makes sense": GOOD REASON

33. Convertible's spot: DEN - I assume Andrew did not mean someone ran into the house with their car

34. Help for ones seeing stars?: TELESCOPES - Galileo changed the world with his telescope by looking at the Moon, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. His findings got him accused of heresy and kept him under house arrest until his death

36. Macabre rock genre: DEATH METAL - Google if you're more interested than I am

38. Where odds are posted: Abbr.: OTB  - Here are what the OTB odds were for the final leg of the Triple Crown this year

41. Modern capture?: SCREEN GRAB  - The picture above was a SCREEN SHOT (GRAB) from a website using Command + Shift + 4 on my MacBook Pro computer

43. Negri of silents: POLA - I'll bet you all know the "little tramp" with whom she had an affair (circa. 1922)

45. Starter starter?: HORS  - What HORS D'OEUVRE(S) (literally outside the work or outside the meal) are appropriate for a Bastille Day party?

46. "Nattering nabobs" veep: AGNEW - Spiro of Maryland - Nixon's VP and lightning rod

48. Track runners: TROLLEYS  - Omaha once had a trolley system that was second in size to only Boston

50. Many a head shop garment: TIE DYE.

51. Don't forget about: INCLUDE.

52. Have in hand: OWN.

53. Reddit VIP: MOD  - They are MODERATORS on the Reddit site with which I have no experience

54. One you usually don't want to meet: MAKER  -Rooster Cogburn once warned, "Prepare to meet your MAKER!"

55. Makeshift branch hanger: ROPE SWING  - The internet has a bottomless supply of "fails" on ROPE SWINGS. You can't fool gravity, inertia and centripetal force.

58. "Hello" balladeer: ADELE and 42. First artist whose first six albums debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200: BEYONCE - I'm sure they are fine artists but they are not on my iPhone playlist

59. Miss a syllable or two, say: SLUR  - Foster Brooks (correction) used this verbal device to make a good living

60. Formerly: ONCE.

61. Rich veins: LODES  - Gee, I wonder where they got the name of the TV Show with the man and his three sons in Nevada

62. Medium skill: ESP - I've told the joke here at least twice about the the crooked fortune teller who was running from the law - Headline - Small Medium At LargeAh, you can't go wrong with good material!

63. Invader from below: WEED.


1. __ skiing: ALPINE - Sliding down a mountain using "fixed-heel" ski bindings

2. Sending out: MAILING - I can't remember the last time I got a significant communication via Snail MAIL

3. Round fabric pattern element: POLKA DOT

4. Compass dir.: SSE - This plane is heading SSE which is 160˚to the nearest 10 degrees on a compass and the 0 is dropped from the runway marking

5. Hunt in "Mission: Impossible" films: ETHAN - A Tom Cruise film franchise

6. Brand with a leporine mascot: TRIX  - Silly Rabbit, TRIX are for kids!

8. Solid, in a request: FAVOR  - "Hey, brother, would you do me a solid (FAVOR)?

9. Speaker: ORATOR - On November 19, 1863, famed ORATOR Edward Everett spoke for two hours but President Lincoln only spoke for two minutes at a cemetery dedication

10. Fastened anew, as a corset: RELACED seems to fit with 47. Squeezed (in): WEDGED.

11. Sandwich component?: KNUCKLE - "How'd ya like a KNUCKLE sandwich?"

12. "Boss of the Plains" apparel brand: STETSON - Mexicans claimed their tan galán (very gallant) hats were superior to Texan's plain STETSON hats. For those Texans, tan galán became...

15. Golfing groups: THREESOMES - A THREESOME playing winter golf on the Great Plains

18. Gradually goes down: DWINDLES Jimmy Durante wistfully singing the September Song, "Oh the days DWINDLE down to a precious few"

23. "Come on in!": IT'S OPEN.

25. Whispered sweet nothings: COOED - Often paired with BILLED and I suppose I could look up why but...

26. They take things the wrong way: POACHERS - Killing those animals is contemptible 

28. Smallest Battleship pieces: DESTROYERS - Can you pick it out?

31. Connected with: REACHED.

32. Bottom-line positives: NET GAINS - Could be in dollars or yards

35. Looie's underling: SARGE - This second Looie never could get the respect of those under him

37. Metaphor for a potential crisis: LANDMINE - Do you know where they lie at family gatherings?

38. Best-case: OPTIMAL.

39. "The Wizard of Oz" plot twist--literally: TORNADO - Dorothy leaves b/w Kansas and winds up in Technicolor Oz

40. Denied access, on social media: BLOCKED - My niece's incessant politics and profanity made me BLOCK her

44. Genetic variant: ALLELE.

49. Casting array: LURES  - Where do you start?

50. Annoying sort: TWERP.

52. Numbered work: OPUS - The most popular "On Hold" music in the world is this OPUS Number One written for CISCO by Tim Carleton and Derrick Deel. 15 seconds is enough for me.

56. __ Miss: OLE  - How 'bout those Rebels?

57. "I. Am. Speechless.": WOW - Now how about some comments for Andrew and ce misérable (this miserable) that will Leave. Us. Speechless. 

p.s. I hope our Madam Defarge is knitting today in observance of Bastille Day!