Jul 9, 2018

Monday July 9, 2018 Gail Grabowski & Bruce Venzke

Theme: FROM TIME TO TIME (48. On occasion ... and how 20-, 25- and 43-Across go?) - Both words can follow "Time".

20A. Self-inking device for check endorsements: SIGNATURE STAMP. Time signature. Time stamp.

25A. Coins-for-bills device: CHANGE MACHINE. Time change. Time machine.

43A. Interval before late fees apply: PAYMENT PERIOD. Time payment. Time period.

Boomer here. 

I hope you all took the time to celebrate Independence Day.  There were a few people in our neighborhood with illegal noisy fireworks keeping us awake, and scaring animals and babies. We displayed our flag from Spitzboov for the morning, but had to pull it in when a big storm hit. Happy 242nd birthday USA.

C.C. August 16, 2010

1. Driver with a meter: CABBY.  Most are great people, but once in a while you may get a crabby cabby.

6. Ships, to captains: SHES.

10. Fraternal letters seen under antlers: BPOE.  Elks Lodge members. Great for cheap cocktails and pull tabs.  (Always for charities).

14. City near Orlando: OCALA.

15. Mani mate: PEDI. For those who need a cure for something.

16. Classify in order of importance: RANK. Many ranks in the military, but sometimes rank can mean a bitter taste or smell.

17. Former TWA rival: PAN AM.  This is an amazing story.  Pan American Airlines began in 1927.  I am not sure if there were even airports then.  But they ceased operations in 1991.  That was a tough era for airlines and many 747s hit the used plane lots.

18. Hulk's emotion: RAGE.

19. Sommer of Hollywood: ELKE.  Elke called Zsa Zsa a fat butt, so Zsz Zsa called Elke a broke has been.  Where was the World Wrestling Entertainment Vince McMahon for this feud?

23. Stubble spot: CHIN.  Open the door and let me in, Not by the hair of my Chinny Chin Chin.  Then I'll huff and I'll puff and blow your house in.

24. Ankle pic: TAT.  I see these on ankles, arms and other body parts.  Okay for some, not for me.

31. Most loyal: TRUEST.

33. Poet Ogden: NASH. Who can forget American motors Nash Rambler?  My folks had one in the fifties.  I had a Rambler's offspring, an AMC Pacer in the seventies.

34. Put coins in, as a parking meter: FED.  Neat word "Put".  Can be past, present or future tense.

35. Goes public with: AIRS.  CNN and MSNBC do this.  Others just Tweet.

36. Say further: ADD.

37. Not timid: BOLD.

38. "Are You the One?" network: MTV.  I have about 120 channels (or more).  Never need to watch MTV.  I am too old.

39. In __: as originally placed: SITU.  I was not familiar with this word.  I always just used "Where it's at".

41. Entirely: WHOLLY.

46. Western treaty gp.: OAS.

47. What some eyeglasses lack: RIMS.  Okay, I have heard the term, but I object.  Even the lenses have rims.

55. Airline known for tight security: EL AL.  I have not seen an EL AL plane at MSP.  I suppose if you need to travel to Tel Aviv you need to change planes in New York.

56. Saint Laurent of fashion: YVES.

57. Kidney-related: RENAL.

58. Sonic Dash game publisher: SEGA.  I may have been addicted to Nintendo in the late eighties and early nineties, however I never got into Sega.

59. "__ we forget": LEST.

60. Ernie Banks' nickname: MR CUB.  Number 14 - played shortstop for many years then they moved him to first base when older. Even though the Cubs were losers most years, they had a great tradition.  A ballpark with no lighted field, Wrigley gum available at the concession stand and also already been chewed gum available under most of the ballpark seats.

1955 Topps Doubleheader

61. Tens and twenties: CASH.  Ones, Fives, Fifties and Hundreds are also cash.  My clue would have been "A Boy Named Sue" singer.

62. Biblical twin: ESAU.

63. Etsy transaction, e.g.: E-SALE.  I have never heard of Etsy.  Maybe Ebay would be too easy of a clue, but what the heck, it is Monday.


1. Body cam-wearing law enforcers: COPS.

2. Berry promoted as a superfood: ACAI. Some kind of berry from a palm tree. Sounds like something I cannot afford and would not like anyway. This is why we have a forum - anyone who has eaten Acai, let's hear about it !

3. Explosion sound: BANG.  Heard quite a bit too many last Wednesday.

4. Scalds briefly in water, as tomatoes: BLANCHES.  Wow, I have never blanched tomatoes, maybe potatoes though.

5. Steinway competitors: YAMAHAS.  I always equate Steinway with expensive pianos, and Yamaha with keyboard organs.  However I think they are more well known for Motorcycles and ATV's.

6. Got out of jail: SPRUNG.  Spring has sprung, the grass has riz' -- etc.

7. Catch wind of: HEAR.

8. Slight advantage: EDGE. A Ford SUV that most can afford.

9. Midday snoozes: SIESTAS. I think this is a Spanish word that every person in the world adopted when they needed a nap.

10. A mint may freshen it: BREATH. Kind of a Tic Tac clue.

11. Front of the hand: PALM.  Also a tree with ACAI berries.

12. Like a GI doing dishes: ON KP.  Been there, done that.

13. Barely manage, with "out": EKE.

21. Sunroof coloring: TINT.  Automakers think of everything.  I have never had a vehicle with a sun roof.

22. Dash gauge: TACH.

25. Like winding roads: CURVY.  Also like Elke Sommer.

26. Turn out to be: END UP.

27. Steamed up: MAD.  Reminds me of a goofy magazine in the 60s. Alfred E. Neuman was featured in every issue.  I just remember a parody of Richard Nixon sung to the tune of "Tit Willow" regarding the TV debates of 1960.

"In a house by the Ocean Dick Nixon rang out, singing TV, damn TV, damn TV.
And I said to him Dickie boy, why do you shout, singing TV, damn TV, damn TV.
Is it westerns you hate so immensely I cried, Do those private eye shows hurt you deep down inside?
None of those it's those lousy debates he replied, TV, damn TV, damn TV.

28. "Too rich for my blood": I FOLD. When you have a full house or better,  don't go crazy.  Keep the bets within reason until the end and keep more players (and their money) in the game.

29. "Little" Dickens girl: NELL. Hang on the bell Nellie. Hang on the bell.  Your poor Daddy's locked in a cold prison cell.  (Chad Mitchell Trio)

30. Drain phenomenon: EDDY.

31. Pipe tobacco packer: TAMP.  I smoked a pipe for a short time about 20 years ago.  If you stuffed the tobacco too tightly, it did not burn right.

32. Grammy winner Coolidge: RITA.

36. Public defender, for one: Abbr.: ATT.  Probably the largest communications company in the world.

37. Ardent fans: BOOSTERS. Rah, Rah, Rah for Sky U Mah.

39. Line on Levi's: SEAM.

40. Fashionable: IN STYLE.  "In Style" is a magazine full of beauty tips.  You can find it in many waiting rooms and salons.  You do not need to subscribe if you are already beautiful.

41. Habeas corpus, e.g.: WRIT.

42. Boyfriend's ultimatum: HIM OR ME. - Sounds like a social problem.

44. Dough in a wallet: MOOLAH. Ones, fives, tens, twenties, fifties. Hundreds if you're Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, or an NBA player.

45. 1974 hit with a Spanish title meaning "You are": ERES TU.

48. Cause of a dog's excessive scratching: FLEA. We used to do flea markets, but fleas were not sold there.

49. Tattered cloths: RAGS.  You may have gone from rags to riches, if you are Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, or an NBA player

50. Currier's colleague: IVES.  Just hear those sleigh bells ring a ling,,,

51. Walled land formation: MESA.

52. Machu Picchu dweller: INCA. Jimmie Durante - Inca Dinka Doo.

53. Treat roughly: MAUL.

54. Hamburg's river: ELBE.  My post was in Hardheim, Germany.  Not very close to Hamburg and the Elbe River.

55. PC "Oops!" key: ESC.


Note from C.C.:

Happy Birthday to dear Anon-T (Tony), who labored many hours to write a program for our blogging team. We're so grateful, Tony (and TTP)! Thanks for being so caring and kind to everyone on our blog.

At Wit's End near Carmel on Father's Day 2017


OwenKL said...

Got the puzzle okay, but the theme escaped me -- TIME SIGNATURE was not in my wheelhouse, and since it was the first one to try and match, it left me in the cold. Which is whining, since a mental search on just the second words should have found it, and until the reveal I didn't know if the first words were involved or not. I did notice a sub-theme that all three themers involved money, as well as CASH and MOOLAH.

Fear not, Swamp Cat, I'm not abandoning the Corner. Tho I have started a new blog in imitation of this one for Jumblies, and will try and post a l'ick there most days, as well as here.

Which he used to visit the Pliocene.
He could travel FROM TIME TO TIME
With a BANG and electric whine,
And he married an Australopithecine!

RITA tried to use a CHANGE MACHINE
To make her look like a CURVY queen!
Turn her RAGS to a page
Of the latest RAGE,
But all it could do was clean her JEANS!

"Spring is SPRUNG, the grass is riz"
What a silly poem that is!
It earned no CASH
For Ogden NASH --
Because that poem wasn't his!

{B+, B, A.}

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Challenging but fast & fun, thanks Gail & Bruce. Thanks, Boomer for another witty & fun expo.

Last to fill today was the first "D" in the ADD/ENDUP cross. I was doing acrosses and wanted AnD for "say further". Left it and went rapidly on to the end. When I saw EN_UP, knew it had to be another "D".

Saw Corpus and typed in "body" before WRIT. Well, of course, with Habeus.

Did not know Ernie Banks or MR. CUB. ESP

I've BLANCHEd many tomatoes & ears of corn before kernel removal.

Only place I've ever seen ACAI is in a cw, none in my store. I looked.

My SIESTA ran from 4:30 p.m. yesterday until 1 a.m. today. I want to watch Bachelorette tonight. Hope I can break the cycle and stay awake for it.

"Boyfriend's ultimatum" was not "give out" which blushed red when typed in --as it should. Oh, HIM OR ME. That's more PC.

Happy Birthday, Tony, you charmer!

WikWak said...

Where is everyone? :)

Gail and Bruce are among my favorite constructors (not to be confused with constrictors). And Boomer, you’re in rare form today.

A nice 9 minute romp through the grid. My only slip came when I wanted "I'm out" instead of I FOLD. Perps soon set me straight. And my dad was an Elk; spent many hours there as a yout'.

Boomer, your mention of the Nash Rambler brought up memories of a spring break road trip from western IL to Clearwater FL. Four of us and our stuff in a Rambler. Cramped? Oh yeah—big time. Didn’t hold a candle to the return trip though. The stated reason for the trip was for one of the guys to pick up his wife in Clearwater and bring her (and her winter's stuff) back with him. Pretzels had nothing on us!

I probably had a few more comments about the puzzle but it’s nearly bedtime and my brain is tired. So am I.

Have a great day, all!

Oas said...

Good morning . Quick and easy.
Favorite clue 46 accross . Wish you all a wonderful day.

Boomer said...

Just a note about the photo of my Ernie Banks baseball card. This is from my prized collection of 1955 Topps double header cards, an experiment by Topps that never gained popularity. The cards were a bit larger than a matchbook cover and featured two players each. One when the card is opened like a matchbook, and when folded over, a different player but with the same pair of legs. When the cards were placed side by side, the backdrop of a stadium appeared. The set is fairly scarce, but I see them on ebay frequently with high prices for any of those in the 66 card set. (My set is not for sale) .

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Boomer and Friends. I found this to be a bit challenging for a Monday. I got all the theme answers, but couldn't see the connection with FROM TIME TO TIME. Thanks for the explanation.

I liked how CASH crossed with MOOLAH.

When I was growing up, I spent a lot of time with my grandmother. Her insurance company always provided their customers with a Currier and IVES calendar each year, so I was quite familiar with that duo.

Like, PK, I learned of the AÇAÍ berry only from the crossword puzzles.

I fly EL AL when I go to Israel. It partners with JetBlue, so I can book through New Orleans and it's an easy transition.

Happy Birthday, AnonT. Wishing you a wonderful day.

QOD: Always live in the ugliest house on the street ~ then you don’t have to look at it. ~ David Hockney, artist (b. July 9, 2018)

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

No problems this morning. This one had an obvious theme which d-o didn't get until Boomer 'splained it. Thanx, GG, BV and BB.

RANK: Don't know about the other services, but in the Navy only officers have a RANK. Enlisted personnel have a RATE.

BLANCH: Mom always made french fries by blanching at a lower temp to cook the potato through, and then finish at a higher temp to give 'em a crispy crust.

RIMS: My current pair of computer glasses have no rims. I was surprised at the long screws which attach the bows and nose piece to the lenses. They protrude about 1/4-inch.

YAMAHA: Our home theater amp is a YAMAHA. I like that it can remember a volume "trim" setting so that the fairly quiet Fire TV can match the fairly loud DirecTV when switching from one to the other.

PANAM: Flew them often when crossing the Pacific or heading to South America. I've still got a plastic PanAm comb. Wonder if it's worth anything. Also an Ozark airlines cloth "ditty" bag which originally came with comb, toothbrush, mouthwash inside.

Hahtoolah, David Hockney is really wise for one so young!

HBD, Anon-T. You have my permission to take the day off. Your boss may not agree, though.

Lemonade714 said...

Thank you, Gail and Bruce, and Boomer for a fun beginning to the work week. I still do not have the skill to recognize word combinations like these which can be paired with a single word.

The only time I eat the ACAI BERRY is from BROOKSIDE which adds the benefits of dark chocolate.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

Nice, gentle puzzle with no need for erasure or lookup.

You can catch EL AL in Miami, also known as South New York.

I know I'm old, because I can remember 1) when SNL was funny, 2) MTV showed videos, and 3) McDonald's had fantastic french fries.

Speaking of Mickey Ds, working there was my first job. I BLANCHEd literally tons of potatoes in my day. They instilled their quality-service-cleanliness mantra in their kids before other US companies were even thinking about such things. Even then it was America's Best First Job.

PK, I haven't heard of "give out". But "put out" doesn't have enough letters, and the boater's favorite "sin or swim" has too many.

HBD to -T. You are a keystone in the Corner.

Hahtoo - Pretty good feat for Mr. Hockney - Born today, and already pens the QOD.

Thanks to Gail and Bruce for a fine Monday offering. My favorite was OCALA, because I love the city. I would move there but DW won't let me. And thanks to Boomer for another errorless day in the field.

Hahtoolah said...

D-O: Indeed! David Hockney is actually 81 today. He was born on July 9, 1937.

Little NELL is the heroine of The Old Curiosity Shop, a book I should have read in high school, but didn't.

My car has, what I call, a TINTed Sunroof, although the manufacturer calls it a Moon Roof. It operates the way a sunroof operates.

Lemonade714 said...

Continuing, HBDTY and many more Tony.

El Al used to fly into many US cities such as Chicago and Atlanta but now Miami, the NY airports, Boston, LAX and sometimes SFO are the destinations.

HAHTOOLAH I think you just like that your name rhymes with Moolah.

Boomer, those are some special cards. Never saw them before.

thehondohurricane said...

After last weeks impossible's, today was a welcome reef. Struggled a bit in the south, but nothing too bad.

Years ago I was a BPOE member. One of these days I'm going to remember it's ACAI, not aria. PAN AM saved me today.

Although I have no recollection of what his game stats were, I saw MR CUB play against the Giants at the Polo Grounds a few times.

Gotta run, my better half birthday next Sunday and I must get things organized.

Boomer, hold onto your DH collection. It's been eons since I have seen any of them. When I did carry them. they would not last long.

HBD Anon T.

See ya

inanehiker said...

Monday fun run with Gail and Bruce! I'm with Wik Wak putting IM OUT before I FOLD, corrected by perps.

IN SITU is used a lot in medicine, especially on pathology reports. Carcinoma IN SITU - means that the cells look like cancer cells but they are still behaving themselves and staying with in the boundaries they are supposed to. Most common is ductal carcinoma IN SITU or DCIS of the breast. In the medical field they are often called "precancers" and have a favorable prognosis. (Your continuing medical education for the day :) ) I think it's also used in archaeology for an artifact that is found in its original place so that it is easier to date.

Thanks Boomer for your always entertaining blog entry!

inanehiker said...

And Happy birthday to Tony!

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Happy Birthday to dear Anon -T. Hope your day is special.

Mostly easy solve, but got bolluxed up at WRIT/WHOLLY. Sigh. Thanks Boomer for fleshing out the theme
"LEST we forget" is a regular feature of U. S. Naval Institute Proceedings.
ELBE - When my parents emigrated, they departed from Cuxhaven at the mouth of the ELBE.
For your listening pleasure: An de Alster, an de ELBE, an de Bill. STARTS AT 1:06. The Alster and the Bill are local tributaries to the Elbe at Hamburg. The chorus is Low German. The gist of the words is that in Hamburg anyone can do what they want, to have a good time.


"The hunter crouches in his blind
'Neath camouflage of every kind
And conjures up a quacking noise
To lend allure to his decoys
This grown-up man, with pluck and luck
is hoping to outwit a duck."

by Ogden NASH.

billocohoes said...

I've usually seen in situ in italics, as it's a Latin phrase, not English words.

SwampCat said...

Easy and entertaining! Thanks for a great start to the week, Gail and Bruce. I’ve never seen AÇAÍ berries except in crosswords, either. Are we sure they are real?

Boomer, I loved the tour.

HBD Anon T!

Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning.

Thanks Gail and Bruce for another terrific puzzle. I agree with PK: challenging but fast and fun! I was stuck for a bit with EDDY, I FOLD, and TAMP. Don't play poker or smoke pipes, but I should have seen EDDY immediately since vortex didn't fit.

Boomer, I hope you are also writing comedy bits. You are a witty fellow. Thanks for the tour. Ah, the old days at Wrigley. . . . 50-cent grandstand seats. My mom took a whole passel of us on Tuesdays. Ladies day, doncha know! I think she thought it was a deal because she was admitted free. BUT she made all our sandwiches and snacks!! I wish I had all those batting practice autographs today.

Happy Birthday, Tony!! I bet all your girls will treat you well today. Thanks for being here. Um, and hanging out with your elders.

Have a sunny day; don't forget your sunblock.

Yellowrocks said...

Nice puzzle with a little crunch.
We blanched bushels of tomatoes to make them easy to peel before we canned them.
Etsy appears here all the time. I believe acai is found mostly on health food stores.
Happy birthday, Tony. Thanks of all your helpfulness.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

It's always pleasing to see Gail and Bruce's byline. i needed the reveal to catch the them but solving was effortless, as Monday puzzles usually are. My brother is an Elk so BPOE was a gimme. I've never watched MTV in my life and I always get Sega and Sago confused. I've seen Acai berries mentioned elsewhere but have no idea what they look like. Etsy is familiar, as well, but not from personal experience.

Thanks, G and B, for a nice, easy-does-it start to the week and thanks, Boomer, for the fun and witty wrap up, Nice picture of CC, BTW.

Happy Birthday, Tony, hope it's celebrated in style! 🎂🎁🎉🍾🎈 FLN, I ignored your advice and watched that highway link. (I saw it before but this time I watched from start to finish.) I learned two things: Never ignore Tony's warnings and never step foot in Houston. 😱

Have a great day.

Irish Miss said...

It seems my proof-reading needs work: Capital I and theme, second sentence corrections.

Bill G said...

Happy birthday Tony!

Thanks Gail, Bruce and Boomer.

My father smoked a pipe occasionally. It appealed to me; both the aroma and the many little necessary procedures including tamping, etc. So I gave it a try myself in college. I still like the procedures and aroma but it always left me with a bad taste in my mouth, even through the next day. So I quit.

Wilbur Charles said...

Something tells me Elke made more from fitness than she ever did from movies. And it was probably Eva that made the money from This


Wilbur Charles said...

That was supposed to go to Green acres.

Sorry if itsi not working

I'm at McDonald's which blogger doesn't like


Lucina said...

Happy birthday, Tony!!!! Your kindness always moves me. I second the thought that your girls will have something special planned for you.

Thank you, Boomer; I couldn't quite work out all the theme though TIME STAMP made sense. I appreciate your wit and wisdom.

Gail and Bruce produce some amusing puzzles including this one. Mani mate. Tee hee. I really need one of those especially after walking on the beach.

I've never seen an actual ACAI berry but their presence appears in almost everything from yogurt to soup and cereal.

In situ is consistently used in literature so I'm quite familiar with it.

OAS, you are funny! And a good CSO, too. BTW, is it just coincidence or do you belong to the Organization of American States?

I always enjoy your anecdotes about Germany and it helps me recall details such as the name of the ELBE.

Have a terrific day, everyone!

Misty said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Gail and Bruce. This was a rare treat for me because I was able to solve the whole puzzle by moving methodically from left to right, from top to bottom, without any blips or hesitations or cheats or anything. Just a smooth, delightful sail--very rare for me. And I just loved it. Only the reveal made me work a little hard to figure out how each of the two theme words fit with TIME, but I got it after a few minutes. So again, thank you, Gail and Bruce, for giving my week this wonderful start. And Boomer, I always enjoy your write-ups.

Happy Birthday, Anon T--have a great day!

Liked your last poem, Owen.

Have a great week, everybody.

Wilbur Charles said...

A PUT is also a futures transaction. Betting the negative side.

A Cub fan told me that in his day Ernie was a great fielder at SS. Didn't he play in the old Negro League?

Or riches to RAGS if you play the futures market on margin.

ACAI is added to many of the cold beverages as an anti-oxident

Hbd, Tony. Thanks Boomer. G&B you combined for a classic Monday level xword. Perfect for a beginner.


Picard said...

This did not take much TIME. Fun theme! Glad to see our Star Trek BOLD appearing again!

Boomer: MAD Magazine was not goofy in my view. They were able to give deep social commentary under the cover of being just a silly comic book. Kind of like the role of the court jester. And they still are being published.

Thanks for sharing the beautiful photo of CC and for sharing your Independence Day experience. And thanks, CC, for the photo of AnonT. AnonT is one of my favorites on the blog. I had no idea he also helped with it. Thanks, AnonT!

Here is my article on our Independence Day celebration!

Things got very scary right after that with this 100 acre fire just a couple of miles from our home on a scorching hot day.

Here we were on Lombard Street, San Francisco. Reputed to be the most CURVY street in the world.

I have photos from visiting inside the OAS, but I am not finding them right now.

From yesterday:
Jinx: The filtered voltage would depend on the load. Under no load, line voltage would filter to its peak of 170 volts. In my experience, a typical load will drop it to about 150 volts.

CanadianEh: Thank you for the appreciation of my photos! Much appreciated! I don't expect comments from everyone all the time. But an occasional comment at least on the more notable ones does inspire me to continue. Thanks!

Wilbur Charles: Just glad that we each find things to learn in these puzzles!

CanadianEh! said...

Marvellous Monday. Thanks for the fun, Gail and Bruce, and Boomer.
Just a little crunchy for Monday with some delays in the SE corner after moving quickly through the rest.
The theme flew right over my head. Thanks for the explanation.

I had Bang before BOOM, spelled Moulah before MOOLAH, Ended before END UP, and fought SEAM from the "line on Levi's" clue (what is so special about the SEAM on Levis?).
My eyeglasses lacked Arms before RIMS but that would make them pince-nezs I guess!

I smiled to see YVES crossing IVES.
This Canadian has never seen an ACAI berry. I learned the word here.

I started to read Warlight yesterday and then later saw that author has been honoured for another book. I'll let you know how I like this one.
"Michael Ondaatje's book "The English Patient" was voted the best novel to have won the Man Booker Prize in 50 years on Sunday.
The Canadian writer's book, which tells a tale of love and conflict during World War II, was awarded the Golden Man Booker Prize for fiction after winning a month-long public vote."

Happy Birthday AnonT from your favourite Canadian!

Enjoy this beautiful day.

CrossEyedDave said...

Excellent write up today Boomer!
mani/Pedi, in need of a cure. (HeHE!)

We had the Nash Rambler before,
but here is an updated version with a Monty Python ending
for Anonymous-T

Him or Me was a catchy tune,
not so sure about guys dancing in tights and boots though...

Boosters (and Elks/BPOE) made me think of Bullwinkle.
I seem to remember him raving about his Alma Mater, Wossamota U.

Happy Birthday Anonymous-T
it's hard to find a cake for some one who is Anonymous...

Anywho, this from time to time thingie had me puzzling...

D4E4H said...

G'day Mates.

Thank you Ms. Gail Grabowski and Mr. Bruce Venzke for this challenging yet enjoyable Monday CWP.

Thank you Boomer for your excellent review.




CrossEyedDave said...

From time to time?

Note: (Time is relative...)

CanadianEh! said...

Rush HappyBirthday
For AnonT

Jayce said...

I liked this puzzle. I always like Gail and Bruce puzzles. Had a difficult time at the left side for some reason. Put in TAMP, took it out, put it back in. Didn't know RITA or MTV, and having ATY instead of ATT made it hard to get PAYMENT. I looked up "Are You the One?" to get MTV and then I got the rest.
I love the word MOOLAH, and ever since being on this blog that word makes me think of Hahtoolah. As Lemonade hinted at, perhaps it's because those two words are the only ones I know that have the final letters oolah and rhyming sound. (Yeah, I know the word hula but just doesn't have that OOmph.)
Thank you, Boomer, for PUTting in the time and effort to compose the write-up every Monday. Like others, I like your sense of humor as well as your knowledge of things I have little knowledge of.
Happy birthday, Tony-the-T! I hope you have a super day.
Best wishes to you all.

CanadianEh! said...

Picard- I smiled at your comment in the Independence Day article about going to "plant your chair " at 12:30 for the 5pm concert. DH plants our chairs (and some for friends) at 8:30am for our local weekly concert in the park at 7pm. Park is full of empty chairs by mid-afternoon. Folks from out-of-town are amazed that chairs are still there by evening and not moved. It helps that concert volunteers are around the area most of the day.

Husker Gary said...

-What a fun gimmick and write-up after 27 holes and mowing MIL’s yard
-Happy Birthday, Tony!
-Gotta get to Lincoln for a belated Father’s Day Celebration. The Lincoln Saltdogs are playing the Kansas City T-Bones.

Rainman said...

Inanehiker, thanks to you and anyone else who explains "IN SITU". My melanoma was "in situ," but I opted for immunotherapy after which it disappeared completely. It could reappear someday but if so, I imagine it will again be "in situ." The clue today is correct as far as it goes. Often, clues only list one meaning.

Boomer, my neighborhood has solved the fireworks problem, as many nabes have, but the City just doesn't get it. I agree with those who say many municipalities do not wish to get involved because of the monies generated by fundraisers and because of the pressure from those profiting from sales. It is a political issue in many places, I suppose, but good grief. It must be the worst time of the year for the law enforcers. They cannot possibly handle all the illegal fireworks. So many continue to be hurt and many pets lost.

Nice "time" today. Best to all.

Spitzboov said...

Lucina @ 1127 - - Thank you for the kind remarks. Most things I post about are probably interesting only to a few. Largely, it forces me to write clear thoughts in a computer environment and practice my spelling. My wanderings into etymology force me to learn spelling for words that I mostly know only verbally. My profession was as a river engineer and, coupled with my interest in physical geography, fill like ELBE could easily elicit a comment.

AnonymousPVX said...

My only mark-over was, like WIKWAK and others, IMOUT, crosses fixed that. And that was it.

A nice puzzle to start the week is alays appreciated.

Ol' Man Keith said...

An excellent start to the week from the famed Grabowski/Venzke team! And thank you, Boomer, for your Corner response!

Happy Birthday, Anon T - May you have a bright one!


Diagonal Report:
Today we have a mirror 3-way.
The upper line (14-letters) provided this anagrammed tale of a brief encounter:
Despite a certain creakiness in his joints, old Raul felt spry enough to make a gentlemanly pass at pretty little Dorine. First, he complimented her on her bright taffeta dress, and when she seemed stiff in response, he went further and praised her shiny little nose.
“Stop!" she said, “Before you continue, you must know something about me. I am not real, you see.”
“Why, whatever do you mean, sweet child?” asked Raul.
“I may have caught your fancy, sir, but I am only a puppet!”
“Oh, my dear, that’s all right,” he said, “for I am a …


Jinx in Norfolk said...

Jace, a great introduction to RITA is her album "The Lady's Not for Sale". She was married to anther pretty fair musician (and Rhodes Scholar) Kris Kristofferson.

TTP said...

Fun puzzle and review. Thank you Gail, Bruce and Boomer.

Happy Birthday Anonymous-T !!! Hope you took the day off to celebrate, and if you didn't, hope didn't have to deal with any bugs, viruses, worms, phishing attacks or malware today.

Wilbur Charles said...

Picard, what an Independence Day you had. Stay wet��
Jayce, the ELIs cheer "Boolah, Boolah"


Lucina said...

That link to time is interesting and even more interesting to read the comments and see what people focus on instead of the big picture. I'm often upset about others mispronouncing Spanish words but that doesn't turn me off if what they are saying is interesting or important. I suppose not everyone knows how to pronounced guillotine. Why not teach them instead of dismissing them? And it's hard to believe some still don't accept the concept of evolution.

Lucina said...

I love your town's parades especially the ardent participation which is heartwarming.

Almost every time we visit SFO we drive on Lombard Street.

Mike Sherline said...

Picard - I appreciate your fine pictures of and article about a great 4th of July celebration. The brass quintet especially made me nostalgic - wistful. One of my favorite kinds of playing, probably many hundreds of performances like this one over the years, and I'm sure I'll never do it again. The quintet arrangement of "Buglers' Holiday" is especially interesting in that the 2 trumpets handle the original 3 solo parts with only occasional help from the horn and you don't really notice the difference that much. Very good performance.

Jayce said...

Jinx, interesting information about Rita Coolidge. I like Kris Kristofferson, both his music and his acting. Didn't know they were married.

Wilbur Charles, you are right. I had forgotten the ole "Boolah, Boolah!" There's a really fun Irish pub/restaurant on Mill Ave in Tempe, AZ, called Rúla Búla that we used to like going to. (Family has all moved to CA now.) I guess that enough OOLAs to keep me happy. Come to think of it, wasn't Alley Oop's girlfriend called Oola?

Speaking of families, LW and I had a wonderful time visiting family yesterday. Her brother and his wife, and their children (our nephew and niece,) and their spouses and children, are here from Toronto visiting/staying 2 weeks with their brother (another of our nephews) and his wife who live in Gilroy, CA, and they invited us to join them for bbq yesterday. Good thing their house is quite large; it easily accommodated all of us. We're planning to meet again later this week at a restaurant; we're so much looking forward to seeing them again. I'm an extra happy man today.

SwampCat said...

A Pidgeon, welcome ! Are you any relation to Anna?

Lucina said...

It's raining!!!!!!!!!!!! And a good, hard rain which we haven't seen in months. All the plants have been looking distressed lately so they will benefit greatly.

What a wonderful family reunion you had! I'm so happy for you.

Picard said...

Thanks for all the thoughtful comments on my postings!

Your comments inspired me to dig out my photos at the OAS - The Organization of American States

You can see the scenes of them in session. The art outside is kind of cool! There is a tribute to Nicaraguan poet Rubén Darío, too.

CanadianEh, Wilbur Charles, Lucina and Mike Sherline: I am glad you enjoyed our Independence Day festivities vicariously! It is indeed a traditional small town celebration. Not nearly as unique or exotic as our Solstice festival! But sometimes it is fun just to have a small town celebration!

Mike Sherline: Thanks for noting the Bugler's Holiday re-arrangement for this quintet. I would not have caught that. I very much enjoyed their rendition!

Did anyone catch the young Piano Boys?

Check them out in the third row of videos here

These kids are in junior high and they play world class piano. I am sure we will be seeing them on the world stage.

Lucina: Glad you also regularly enjoy Lombard Street! I think I have only ever actually driven down it once. I was a student in the Bay Area and a lady friend let me drive us down it in her ancient VW bug.

SwampCat said...

I had kids in San Francisco so I drove Lombard St many times. Weird!!

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Thanks Gail & Bruce for a little Birthday treat when I got TIME to play. Thanks Boomer for the fun expo and teaching us about Doubleheader Topps cards.

WOs: Hand UP w/ ENDed @1st. I tried Eek! and SPRaNG out of the joint.
ESPs: ERESTU & BPOE. Learning there...
Fav: BLANCHES is a fun word.
Sparkle: MR CUB, IVES/YVES like C, Eh! said. And, I want my MTV!

{B, B+, A*} {AWOL}

Thought of OAS @46a; nice straight-forward CSO.

PK - LOL @42d!
Picard - Love Lombard Street - been down it in a mini-van and on foot.
Jinx - they should rename MTV to Millennial TeleVision.
MdF - ever since I was a little kid I'd hang with folks ++ my age... In 7th grade I delivered papers to - and hung out with - the college students on my route - didn't hurt is was the Nurse's dorms :-)
IM - I warned you :-)

Anyone catch the mock trial of MORDRED [1:03:36] on C-Span? The first 1/2 was pretty funny... I'll watch the rest next weekend.

Thanks everyone for the Birthday wishes. D-O: I thought about PTO but there's too much going on.... TTP, alas, no one told the bad-guys it's my day :-)
Enjoyed the cake, CED, and C, Eh!, the RUSH bit: LOL! Thanks everyone!

Cheers, -T
*I was thinking A+ but the tense changed; eg. 'The poem still isn't his!'

Roy said...

Incredibly, I FIRed both Friday and Saturday.

I'll never forget how to spell Oscar Mayer.
When I saw the theme worked for the first words of the theme answers, I didn't look at the second.

Roy said...

I thought I had the spelling commercial.

D4E4H said...


I saw the PIC and wish from C.C., and somehow it did not click I was at my own wit's end. Happy Birthday good man.


Anonymous T said...


Time for a long story? [skip the Codas if no]
That snap was taken last year when we, the family, were biking the 17 mile drive up the CA coast from Monterey to Carmel. We stopped at every "look seals!" and "fun, Rocks!" It was getting late in the afternoon and my bike was dragging BREAK SHOES [I couldn't fix 'em and it was a slog to hit 10mph downhill!]
DW kept saying "let's get a cab." [? 4 bikes, 4 people? Out here?].
We pressed on.

I was walking my bike up the hill with all the moaning behind me (and within) when I happened upon that sign. I turned back and said, "Y'all gotta get a picture of this - Dad at Wit's End."

After about 20 minutes of walking our bikes... DW, "That's it. I'm calling a cab."
"What cab?!?", I reply.
"A van cab. They'll have room."
"No they won't and that's silly - where you going to get a van cab. We're only a few miles or so miles from Carmel anyway. Another hour - tops." [actually, we got off the right trail and were 4-ish miles from Carmel - but did I ask for directions? No, I'm a real man :-)]
I continued, "By the time any cab gets here, we could be there already."

+10 min more....
"Ok, this is stupid." And DW takes out her cell to Google a CABBY in Carmel.
"FIne," I say.

And this really happened...
The next vehicle that came by: A van-cab. I hailed it and LOL'd.

The girls and two bikes went to the hotel and I stayed with the other bikes by the side of the road. I called Pop (it was Father's Day) and had a cigar [always be prepared :-)]

After DW got our car, she came to get me and got lost. I was there another hour plus. Not only was it getting chilly, I listened to the coyotes prepare the dinner table and sharpen their blades. DW pulled up just before I was supper.

Instead, we supped at Little Napoli with a bottle of wine while laughing about the day.

Cheers, -T

Abejo said...

Good evening, folks. Thank you, Gail Grabowski and Bruce Venzke, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Boomer, for a fine review.

Happy Birthday Anon-T, and many more.

Puzzle went fast. Glad to see that Cruciverb is back with us.

Theme was fine.

I am a BPOE and have been for about 45 years. Erie, PA #67. The Elks now allows ladies as members. Been that way about 10 or 20 years I would guess. No problem.

Now on to Tuesday's puzzle.

See you tomorrow.


( )

Mike Sherline said...

Picard @ 1840 I looked at all the pictures and watched the videos. Young Zeyn Shweyk really is an amazing pianist - for any age.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Late again...

Happy Birthday, -T! Enjoyed the Wits’ End tale.

Abejo, thanks for the heads up. I wasn’t aware the Cruciverb page had been fixed.

D4E4H said...


Thanks for sharing the trek.


Bill G said...

Count us as loving Lombard Street too. On one of the Huell Howser videos, he featured another street in San Francisco that's even curvier. It's not as pretty though.

The first time I ever drove down Lombard Street, I was in my first car, a 1958 Buick Roadmaster convertible. It had a long hood. As I first started down, the road dropped down at a steep angle but my car was still horizontal. The big hood totally blocked out the view going down in front of me. I had to proceed the first few feet on blind faith until the car started on a downward angle.

Lucina, no rain here. I'm envious. Rats!

Lucina said...

It rained just under one inch here in Scottsdale, 1.1 inches in Mesa and similar quantities around the county. That's huge! Remember, we get only 7 1/2 inches per year. At the airport, 100 airplanes were grounded because of flooding. The rain came down hard and immediately created a flood situation.

Bill G: I hope you get some rain soon.

Anonymous T said...

Lucina - First, we in H-Town, got 7" (and flooding inside the loop that went away just in time for Boom-Boom!) on 7/4 and are still under annual average.

But, my, 1.1" in the desert [one 'S,' I know :-)]. The cacti are going to be beautiful in bloom. Snaps if you can -- please. -T.

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