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Jul 31, 2014

Thursday, July 31, 2014 Steve Blais

Theme: "I'm All Shook Up"

I thought we were in for a homophone puzzle after I filled in the first two theme answers:

20-Across. Really opens up : BARES ONE'S SOUL.

24-Across. Warrants another mention : BEARS REPEATING.

But the third one didn't fit the mold:
45-Across. Greed and jealousy are among them : BASER INSTINCTS.
Hmmm...but it did contain the same letters.

51-Across. Threat of power, and a hint to the starts of 20-, 24- and 45-Across : SABER RATTLING.
The "rattling" indicates that the letters are shaken around, and a classic anagram theme is born.

This is Steve's third LAT puzzle this month, and the second one I have blogged.  They are always fun and fresh, with some clever clues and nice juicy fill. Come with me and see what I mean...


1. Stephen King title city : SALEM. "Salem's Lot." I never read his books or watch the movies. Waaaay too scary for me.

6. USS Enterprise android : DATA. I had to pause for a minute to come up with this guy's name.

10. Drinks slowly : SIPS. The way to drink scotch, right Tin?

14. Beethoven honoree : ELISE.  "Für ELISE."

15. What may make the future tense? : OMEN. Fun clue!

16. Start of a solution : IDEA.

17. Steer catcher : RIATA.

18. Haboob, for one : WINDSTORM.  One of them blew over Phoenix last Friday.

22. Circuit protector : FUSE.

23. Nashville awards gp. : CMACountry Music Association.

31. Astrologer Dixon : JEANE. I always want to put two N's in her name.

32. MD for women : GYN.ecologist.

33. Falco of "Nurse Jackie" : EDIE.

34. River ends? : ARs.

35. Idealist : DREAMER.

39. Dark time in poetry : E'EN. And a semi-clecho at 55-down. Dark time in ads : NITE.

40. "What kind of a name is 'Wilbur' for a man?" speaker : MR. ED. He was a horse, of course...

42. Donation, say : AID.

43. Seating option : AISLE. I always prefer the window - no food carts banging into my ankles, or people crawling over me to get to the bathroom.

49. Trig. ratio : COS.ine.

50. "Bus Stop" playwright : INGE.

57. Autograph signing locale : STAGE DOOR.

59. Call, in a way : RADIO.

60. Ship that sailed to Colchis : ARGO. Jason and his Argonauts.

61. Humerus neighbor : ULNA. Then there is this type of humorous neighbor.

62. Draw together : UNITE.

63. Withdraw by degrees : WEAN.

64. Ingredients in some stews : PEAS.

65. Egyptian pyramid's eight : EDGES. Not "kings."


1. Balkan native : SERB.

2. Latin "others" : ALIA. Usually abbr. as al. And 28-Down. Clarifier usually abbreviated : ID EST. i.e., like this. (Latin for "that is...")

3. One may be habitual : LIAR.

4. Miami Sound Machine singer : ESTEFAN. I hope you appreciate the fact that I linked this singer instead of Beethoven's "Für Elise."

5. Carefully considered : MEASURED.

6. It'll bum you out : DOWNER. I read it as BURN instead of BUM.  I think crossword clues should be PRINTED ALL IN CAPS FROM NOW ON.

7. Henri's lady friend : AMIE. French "friend."

8. Arithmetic column : TENS.

9. Director's "Done with this segment!" : AND...SCENE. I wanted AND..."cut" but it was too short. I had never heard AND...SCENE, so I looked it up.  Seems it was often used by someone auditioning, to let the director know they were finished with their piece. Now it is used in a facetious way. After ranting and raving about something, a person might say AND...SCENE, to indicate that whatever they just said was all an act.

10. Put in place : SITUATE.

11. False __ : IDOL.

12. A : PER. As in $5 PER dozen, or $5 A dozen. How much is corn on the cob in your state?

13. Yosemite __ : SAM.

19. "Brave New World" drug : SOMA.

21. WWII intelligence org. : OSSOffice of Strategic Services. Julia Child was in the OSS.

24. Three-time A.L. MVP : BERRA.

25. Lightens : EASES.

26. "Zounds!" : EGADS.

27. "Quartet in Autumn" English novelist Barbara : PYM. I only know the character in Poe's novel. There once was a PYM from Nantucket...

29. Bohr of the Manhattan Project : NIELS.

30. Code carrier : GENE.

31. It's perpendicular to a threshold : JAMB.

36. Lifted : RAISED UP.

37. A, in Germany : EIN.

38. Sounded right : RANG TRUE. Yep, sounds right to me!

41. Figure with 10 sides : DECAGON.

44. Republic formerly under Danish rule : ICELAND.

46. Court cover-up : ROBE. Cute - not the hiding of evidence, but the judge's covering. Why do they wear robes, anyway?  I should think they could do the same thing in a tuxedo and look far more dashing...

47. Pageant symbols : TIARAS.

48. What a QB tries to avoid : INT.erception.

51. Multipart story : SAGA.

52. Auditioner's goal : ROLE.

53. Gossip columnist Barrett : RONA.

54. "Copacetic, man" : I DIG.

56. Exits : GOES.

57. Caught at the theater : SAW.

58. Amount past due? : TRE.  HaHa!  Irish Miss, did you get this one? Italian due = two and tre = three.

Marti, out!

Jul 30, 2014

Wednesday, July 30, 2014 Gareth Bain

Theme: I GIVE UP.  The last words of the theme entries are indications of surrendering, so as to avoid suffering further damage.  Your opponent wins, and - if he is honorable - you get to go somewhere safe and lick your wounds. 

17 A. Stereotypical benefactor : RICH UNCLE.  Literal or figurative designation for financial backer.  I only had poor UNCLES, alas.  To cry "UNCLE" indicating submission, may or may not go back to ancient Rome.

36 A. Of age : OLD ENOUGH.  Having been alive for a sufficient period to drink, drive, vote, know better, etc.  "ENOUGH" indicates you don't want any more of whatever your abuser is dishing out.

42 A. "Understood" : SAY NO MORE.  OK - I got it.  "NO MORE" is another way of saying "ENOUGH"

And the unifier -- 62 A. Waved banner hinted at by the ends of 17-, 36- and 42-Across : WHITE FLAG.  This usage does go back to ancient Rome, and also the Han dynasty of China.  In modern times, the use of a white flag to indicate surrender is included in the Hague Conventions of 1899 and 1907

Hi gang, it's JzB, after a long hiatus, reunited with Gareth on a Wednesday.  We never can get ENOUGH of his puzzles, so I am not going to give up.  Let's SAY NO MORE on that topic, and dive into the solve.


1. Prepare, in a way, as sweet potatoes : MASH.  We add a bit of butter and sour cream.  Makes a nice companion dish for Gloria's orange and maple glazed salmon.

5. Says further : ADDS.  The opposite of SAY NO MORE.

9. Run away, say : REACT.  I suppose one could REACT to an unpleasantness by running away, but, unless I'm missing something, this is a far from obvious connection.

14. Entrepreneur's start : IDEA. Around which a business plan can be built.

15. Come together : MEET.

16. Come to pass : OCCUR.   Near clechoes.

19. Spherical dessert : BOMBE.  An Ice cream dessert molded in a half-spherical shape to resemble a cannon ball.  The only thing that explodes is your weight.

20. Airport city east of Los Angeles : ONTARIO.   I flew in there about 30 years ago.  IIRC, there are distant mountains in every direction.

21. One brewing in a cup : TEA LEAF.  Not a tempest. Mayhaps Nice Cuppa can provide details.

23. Many a Prado painting : GOYA.   Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes (1746–1828).  Here is the Prado on-line gallery of his work.

25. Baseball card stat : RBI. Runs Batted In.  BASEBALL!!!

26. Oranges opposite? : APPLES.  Different, for sure - but opposite?  Doubtful, but I won't let one bad APPLE spoil the whole puzzle.

30. "I'd just as soon kiss a Wookiee" speaker : LEIA.  Do I need to tell you this is from Star Wars?  Prob'ly not.

32. "__ Boys": "Little Men" sequel : JO'S.  Story of the boys' troubles as adults, and the only Louisa May Alcott novel that has not had a movie adaption.

35. Cowboy's neckwear : BOLO. By now everyone should recognize this as a string necktie.  So here is Bolo Yeung, who might be marginally more interesting.

38. Standoffish : ALOOF.  Remote.

40. Pull : TUG. Yank, jerk.

41. Friendly address : KIDDO.  Seems a bit condescending.

44. Opposite of alway : NE'ERAlway is an archaic form of alwaysNE'ER is a contraction of never, seldom or NE'ER encountered nowadays.   So I guess it's OK.

45. Appt. book divisions : HRS. Hours. N.B. abrvs.

46. Went up : ROSE.  Up toward the sky.

47. Saturated hydrocarbon : ALKANE.  Chemistry.  Saturated means all the available bonding locations on the carbon atoms are filled.  Thus, there are no C=C double bonds in the chain, which would contribute to instability.  The compounds are quite flammable, though.  Propane and butane [ 3 and 4 carbon ALKANES] are examples.  Gasoline is a complex mixture of hydrocarbons and additives, containing lots of pentane and hexane [5 ansd 6 carbon ALKANES.]

49. Had-at link : A GO.  Tried something.  I always think of Mitchell Anderson putting his move on Marian Wyman in Raymond Carver's poignant short story Will You Please Be Quiet, PleaseI do not recommend this dry analysis.

50. Trilogy, often : SAGA.  Originally an Old Norse prose narrative of heroic achievement, now any long and involved story.

52. Emcees' responsibilities : LEAD-INS.  Introductions to the main-line performers.

56. Gum with a longtime eyepatch-wearing mascot : BAZOOKA.  But BAZOOKA Joe did not fare well in the rebranding.

61. Calculus pioneer : EULER.  [Pronounced OILER] Leonhard, (1707 - 1783) a highly accomplished Swiss mathematician. I've often wondered why no technical school has a sports team nick-named the EULERS?

64. Ruffle : FRILL.  A a strip of fabric or lace gathered or pleated on one edge, and attached to a garment or other item as decoration.

65. Right hand : AIDE.  Figurative designation for an assistant

66. Ax : FIRE.  Job elimination.

67. Pledge drive bags : TOTES.  Carry-alls.  Also, in contemporary slang, short for Totally.  Habitual users can save as much as 26.6 seconds per day.

68. Apiary dwellers : BEES.  Not apes.

69. Convinced : SOLD.   Are you SOLD on Gareth's puzzle yet?  If not, let's move on.


1. Picasso contemporary : MIRO.   Joan Miró i Ferrà was a Catalan artist who wanted to upset the visual elements of established painting.

2. Score after deuce : AD IN.  In tennis, deuce indicates a tie score after both players have reached 40.  AD, short for advantage, indicates the next point has been scored.  If the server has the advantage it is AD IN, otherwise, AD out.

3. Shakers, but not movers : SECT.  This religious community splintered off from the Quakers in Northwest England in the mid-18th century.  They are known for gender equality and a celibate life style.  Second generation Shakers are thus somewhat rare.  They did give us this nice hymn, here put to good use by Aaron Copeland..

4. "The joke's on you" : HA HA.  Hope you thought it was funny.

5. Prenatal procedures : AMNIOS.  Short for amniocentesis, a rather risky procedure.

6. Deceptive military tactic : DECOY.  A diversionary PLOY.  You can read about it here.

7. "Runaway" singer Shannon : DEL.  Another clecho, and a classic song from my 'ute.

8. "Don't change that" : STET. Editor's mark.

9. Emulate Dillinger : ROB A BANK. I do not recommend this risky activity.  When Dillinger emulator Willie Sutton was asked why he robbed banks, he reportedly answered, "Because that's where the money is."

10. Gastroenteritis cause, perhaps : E-COLI.  Bacterium naturally occurring in the lower digestive tract that causes all sorts of problems when it gets into the wrong territory.

11. Pinnacle : ACME.  Apex.  Always need perps.

12. World Baseball Classic team : CUBA.

13. Nonkosher : TREF.  I can never remember this word.  It comes from a Hebrew root meaning something torn.

18. Strong desire : URGE

22. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's lake : ERIE.  In Cleveland.

24. Tempts : ALLURES.  Inspires URGES.

26. Make red-faced : ABASH.  To shame or embarrass.

27. Opposite : POLAR.  Extremely opposite.

28. Artful stratagems : PLOYS.  In A Game of Thrones, Petyr Baelish is the master of these cunning plans.

29. Fish-eating bird : LOON.  It is about the size of a large duck, but they are unrelated species.

31. What a slight favorite has : EDGE.

32. Where Herod ruled : JUDEA.  More old Roman, when JUDEA was a province in the empire.

33. City near the Great Salt Lake : OGDEN.

34. Vacation location : SHORE.  The fringe of land at the edge of a large body of water.  We just spent a week on the SHORE of Black Lake.

36. Plains people : OTOS.  Native American tribe.

37. Farm grunt : OINK.  From the sty.

39. Like pink toys, stereotypically : FOR GIRLS.  Indeed, there are few pink toys for boys.  Trust me, I looked.

43. Word after new or full : MOON.  The orbiting orb, going through phases.

47. Collectible marbles : AGATES.  I remember this term from my 'ute.

48. Kick back : LAZE. You can do this at the SHORE

49. "Chasing Pavements" singer : ADELE. I've heard worse pop songs.

51. "__ With Me": hymn : ABIDE.  I've heard worse hymns.

52. Took off : LEFT.  Departed [but not OFFED.] Split.  Exeunt stage left?

53. Capital of Belgium : EURO.  Money.

54. Landed : ALIT.  Atop something, I suppose.

55. DNA lab item : SWAB.  For collecting bio-samples.

57. Rubs out : OFFS.  Murders.

58. Little of this, little of that : OLIO.  Hodge podge.

59. Auto pioneer Benz : KARL.

60. Like fine port : AGED.  When do we know our port is OLD ENOUGH?  Hmmm.

63. Go in haste : HIE. Quickly, now.

Well, that wraps it up for another Wednesday.  Hope you made it through without having to surrender.
Cool regards!

Note from C.C.:

As Jazzbumpa mentioned in 34D, he and his family spent their summer vacation at Black Lake last week. Here are 3 sweet pictures:

From the left:
My daughter Karen, Samantha, Amanda, Me, Rebekka, Emily, daughter-in-law Lisa

 Me and my honey, swinging by the lake side.

The Flotilla
Rebekka, Nate, Samantha, Emily

Jul 29, 2014

Tuesday, July 29, 2014 Pawel Fludzinski

Theme: Batteries Included - Eight(8!) entries with four A's and only A's plus the reveal clued as the tiny battery.

18A. Undoubtedly : FAR AND AWAY. Link

23A. Lawn option in warm climates : BAHAMA GRASS. Link

33A. Straw topper first made in Ecuador, surprisingly : PANAMA HAT. Link

46A. Twin-hulled vessel : CATAMARAN. Link

51A. Sleepover with more giggling than sleeping : PAJAMA PARTY. Link

64A. Island off Africa's southeast coast : MADAGASCAR. Link

4D. Picnic staple : PASTA SALAD. Link

29D. Missed the bus, forgot lunch, argued with the boss, etc. : HAD A BAD DAY. Link

59D. Battery found, in a way, in eight puzzle answers : AAAA. Link

Argyle here. By my count(entries with A's only), there two triple A's and ten double A's; 49 in total. All those entries but the fill didn't suffer. The theme took up 79 squares. The grid doesn't look like a Tuesday but the solve was. Very good, Pawel.


1. File attachment icon : CLIP. A paper clip.

5. Caviar, e.g. : ROE

8. Inbox fillers : EMAILS

14. Turkish currency : LIRA

15. Train station abbr. : ARR. (arrival)

16. Update the factory equipment : RETOOL

17. Long-billed wader : IBIS

                         ibis in the myst

20. Computer adventure game : MYST

21. Not any : NONE

22. Ordered : BADE

27. Heavy drinker : SOT who might 36D. 27-Across sound : [HIC!]

28. South Seas resort island : TAHITI

39. Crimson Tide coach Nick : SABAN. Current head football coach of the University of Alabama.

40. Inland Asian sea : ARAL

41. Backless sofa : DIVAN

43. Woodworking groove : DADO. More information than you probably care to know. Link

44. Competitor : RIVAL

48. Obeyed a doctor holding a tongue depressor : SAID "AH"

50. Have a good cry : SOB

58. Olympic sprinter Devers : GAIL. ESPN Where Are They Now? Link

62. Still-life object : VASE

63. Be bold enough : DARE

67. Key of Beethoven's Ninth: Abbr. : D MINor

68. __ Islands, south of Cuba : CAYMAN

69. Suffix with pay : OLA

70. Fence the loot for, say : ABET

71. Lipton alternative : SALADA

72. Recipe amt. : TSP

73. "Star Wars" guru : YODA


1. Scale, as a wall : CLIMB

2. Egypt neighbor : LIBYA

3. Notre Dame's Fighting __ : IRISH

5. Battle of Britain fliers: Abbr. : RAF. (Royal Air Force)

6. Endangered ape : ORANGutan

7. Proofreader's find : ERROR

8. One of the Gallos : ERNEST. His brother was Julio.

9. __ school : MED

10. Run __: pay later at the bar : A TAB

11. Hawkeye State : IOWA

12. Put ammo into : LOAD

13. Roy Rogers' birth name : SLYE. Leonard Franklin Slye doesn't sound like a cowboy, eh?

19. Santa __ winds : ANA

24. May honoree : MOM

25. Just barely : A TAD

26. Carrier to Copenhagen : SAS

30. Construction beam : I-BAR

31. "Look what I did!" : "TADA!

32. Advised about : IN ON

33. Golf scorecard numbers : PARS

34. Operatic solo : ARIA

35. "Avatar" race : NA'VI. From the movie.

37. Actress Gardner : AVA

38. Bit of body art, briefly : TAT

42. Voyager-launching org. : NASA

45. Napkin holder : LAP

47. Floor-washing aid : MOP

49. Cuban capital : HAVANA

52. Madison or Monroe, for short : JAS. (James)

53. Fancy tie : ASCOT

54. Brunch and lunch : MEALS

55. Stallone role : RAMBO. Rocky was on TV so I stuck that in first.

56. Took a crack at : TRIED

57. Busybody : YENTA

58. Safari and Yukon : GMCs. General Motors Company van and SUV.

60. Pastoral verse : IDYL

61. Tibetan monk : LAMA

65. Meander : GAD. Roam.

66. Jay Z's genre : RAP


Jul 28, 2014

Monday, July 28, D. Scott Nichols and C.C. Burnikel

Theme: Hello 'Dere

In comedy circles the pairing of a handsome Italian singer and a clownish Jewish comedian is common practice, and while Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis may be the gold standard, Allen and Rossi worked together for many years with this catch phrase.

It seemed fitting to use this pairing as the theme for the reappearance of the team of Argyle and C.C.

I found the puzzle a great example of a Monday, with a very gettable theme with a good reveal and many easy fill.  But there are also many middling length words like DEPART, NESTLE,  SPARSE,  STALLS,  STEAKS, UNREST,  ALL THAT,  SITS PAT, PASSOVER,  BE MY GUEST,  SO IT SEEMS which like their earlier efforts in 2012 and 2013, make you work a little bit for your porridge. After Steve blogged the first one, and Argyle his own, Scott was looking for a pinch hitter, so here I am.

17A. Nautically themed boy's outfit : SAILOR SUIT. Hello Sailor is a classic line from a working girl. Speaking of girls and sailor suits. This was very popular when my boys were little. LINK. (1:32)

25A. "9 to 5" singer : DOLLY PARTON. Hello Dolly the very successful stage play and movie about the matchmaker. SONG. (7:57). My favorite version.

47A. Filler for Tabby's box : KITTY LITTER. The ridiculously successful FRANCHISE.
And the reveal,

58A. Friendly greeting, and a hint to the starts of 17-, 25- and 47-Across : HELLO THERE.


1. Electrical pioneer Nikola : TESLA. With Tesla Motors I am sure everyone knows something of this highly charged scientist.

6. __ and bolts : NUTS.

10. Take the chance : DARE. Of course this fill is what brought Marty Allen back to mind.

14. Not whispered : ALOUD.

15. Morales of "NYPD Blue" : ESAI. Classic beginner crosswordese for a minor character on a show off the air for a very long time.

16. Charles Lamb pseudonym : ELIA.

19. Repressed, with "up" : PENT.

20. Caesar's rebuke to Brutus : ET TU. Brute. And you Brutus?

21. JFK prediction : ETA. Estimated Time of Arrival.

22. Thinly distributed : SPARSE. Like the beards on many young men, which you can see clearly in...

24. Hi-__ image : RES. My write over, as I had hi-def. Any comments on HI in an Hello puzzle?

27. Beethoven's "Für __" : ELISE. Another very common fill in early week puzzles.

29. Direction after Near, Far or Middle : EAST.

30. Three-layer cookies : OREOS. A fresh clue for another old favorite.

32. Greasy spoon orders, briefly : BLTS. Bacon Lettuce Tomato(s).

33. Green __, Wisc. : BAY. Training camp has started. Interesting that there are two Bays in the NFL.

36. Overplay on stage : HAM UP. Would like an "IT" somewhere there.

37. Nil : ZIP. So many ways to say nothing.

38. More than chubby : OBESE. Based on height and weight, I am obese.

40. NBA tiebreakers : OTS. OverTimes.

41. Put down, as linoleum : LAID. Yeah, I had a girl friend like that once, but she was not one of those...

43. Femmes fatales : VAMPS.

44. Pretzel topping : SALT. At my Auntie Annes there is so much more.

45. Far from posh : SEEDY. Like many places with linoleum floors.

51. Space between things : GAP. Am I the only one who thought of Michael Strahan's teeth?

54. Pre-riot state : UNREST. Newspeak.

55. Dinghy propeller : OAR.

56. Aww-inspiring? : CUTE. Really cute clue.

57. March Madness org. : NCAA. National Collegiate Athletic Association.

61. Poster-hanging hardware : TACK. I bet you all nailed that one.

62. Jump on the ice : AXEL. Always a nice SO to dear Clear Ayes.

63. Eye surgery tool : LASER. Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Had mine in 2011, did not go well. Not related to 1D. Stun gun kin : TASER. The one used by the police according to wiki  was invented by a man who named it after his childhood favorite Thomas A. Swift and His Electric Rifle.

64. Picnic spoilers : ANTS. And cousins...

65. Wobbly walkers : TOTS. Alliteration and a cute mental picture.

66. Credits as a source : CITES.

2. Lift the spirits of : ELATE. Euphoria here I come.

3. "Evidently" : SO IT SEEMS. Multiple word fill can be tricky.But this one was not a...

4. Doozie : LULU. Causing no...

5. Commotion : ADO.  Allowing me to ...

6. Get snuggly : NESTLE. In my...

7. Bar regular's order, with "the" : USUAL. Place next to the lamp.

8. "__-Pan": Clavell novel : TAI. An interesting book about some Hong Kong BIG SHOTS.

9. Refuses to make changes : SITS PAT. From poker?

10. Leave : DEPART.

11. Like a sentry : ALERT. We all hope....

12. Classic laundry detergent : RINSO. To me it was RINSO BLUE. Recognize the pitchman? (1:55).

13. All finished, as dinner : EATEN.

18. Antique autos : REOS. Mr. Olds old car.

23. Holiday with a Seder : PASSOVER. Or two....

25. Showroom exhibitions : DISPLAYS.

26. Website providing restaurant reviews : YELP.

28. Reed of The Velvet Underground : LOU. Lou who died this year, is the favorite of Melrose Plant.

30. "Now I get it!" : OHO. Meh.

31. Lab rodent : RAT. Dawn of the Planet of the Rats?

32. Bridge player's call : BID.

33. "Help yourself" : BE MY GUEST. I had the B and the rest came easily; of course my youngest performed in Beauty and the Beast. SONG. (3:30)

34. Snake on a pharaoh's crown : ASP.

35. Thumbs-up : YES. Tempted to link more music.

37. Pasta tubes : ZITI. I make a nice baked ziti.

39. Like stormy weather: BAD.

42. "It's __ and a bag of chips" : ALL THAT. My research suggests this 90's phrase which I learned from my kids originated in a Busta Rhymes (love that name) lyric. Anyone?

44. Outback specialties : STEAKS. The restaurant chain with the bloomin' onion and Paul Hogan who just divorced Linda after 17 years.

45. Delays on purpose : STALLS.

46. Designer Saarinen : EERO. On to the weird first name part of the fill, with this famous architect and...

47. Kinte of "Roots" : KUNTA. Alex Haley's great, great, great, great, grandfather is back.

48. Peruvian native : INCAN.

49. Parcel of land : TRACT.

50. Apartment vacancy sign : TO LET.

52. "... poem lovely as __": Kilmer : A TREE. I hope neither Owen or Chairman Moe are threatened but...LINK.

53. Social equals : PEERS. In Britain, the Lords and Ladies.

56. Indian spiced tea : CHAI. I like one now and then.

59. Prefix with thermal : EXO. I never saw it so it eliminated the GEO EXO conflict.

60. Compassionate handling, briefly : TLC. Tender Loving Care, which I tried to bring to this blog, sitting in for Argyle. It is my maiden Monday effort, and I now have all five days of the week done. Well, enjoy the last week in July, NFL training camps open (!) sun shining and the puzzles keep on flowing from the Corner and its friends. Thanks guys, a fun ride. See you all next time, Lemonade


Note from C.C.:

As Lemonade mentioned earlier,  D. Scott Nichols is Argyle, our Monday & Tuesday Sherpa.

Young Argyle & his dog Rags

Jul 27, 2014

Sunday July 27, 2014 Ed Sessa,

Theme: "Double Talk"- Clues, all in quotation marks (hence "talk"), serve dual purpose (hence "double talk"), explaining both words in theme answers which are all in the pattern of *ING *

23A. "Uh-oh, there's a ball and glass shards under the window"? : BREAKING NEWS

45A "Give 20% for great service"? : TIPPING POINT. Tipping was new to me when I first arrived in the US.

61A. "You shoulda seen the one that got away"? : FISHING LINE. The Annandale flea market we go on Saturdays are surrounded by many many lakes.

70A. "The children were angels and in bed by eight"? : SITTING BULL

86A. "Hooray, you're up!"? : ROUSING CHEER

112A. "Here's a good way to use your comb"? : PARTING WORDS

17D. "Who's ahead?"? : LEADING QUESTION

43D. "A daily jog is good for you"? : RUNNING ARGUMENT

So, all the theme entries are completely re-interpreted with amusing effect. It takes imagination & humor to execute this type of gimmick. Ed is a pro.

Also I love the fill today. So clean for a 140-worder.


1. Be a slacker : DOG IT

6. Soft-bodied swimmers : OCTOPI. The meat is chewy.

12. Kin of raspberries : CATCALLS. Not other fruit.

20. One may be seen with glasses : OPERA. Opera glasses.

21. Forgoes : WAIVES

22. Like sloths : ARBOREAL

25. "No sweat" : REAL EASY!

26. Prohibited : BANNED

27. Organ with a drum : EAR

28. Small strings on the Big Island : UKES

30. Presages : BODES

31. Destroys, as illusions : SHATTERS. That's why I disliked Juiced.

33. Forced with a crowbar : PRIED

35. 68-Down maker : DELI. 68. 35-Across order : BLT. I already harvested two tomatoes from our garden.

36. __Kosh B'Gosh : OSH

37. Rhone feeder : SAONE

38. "The Great Schnozzola" : DURANTE

41. Taj Mahal setting : AGRA

48. St. leader : GOV. "St" can stand for quite a few things.

49. Dull-edged : BLUNT

51. Trekkie, to some : NERD

52. Get into : DON. Oh, clothes.

53. "__ se habla español" : AQUI. Here. Spanish is spoken here.

54. Wrigley's Big Red flavoring : CINNAMON

56. Silver lining : UPSIDE

59. Pitch : HURL

60. RR stop : STN

64. Composer Camille Saint-__ : SAENS

65. Link up with : TIE TO

67. "The Dark Knight" director Christopher : NOLAN. I confused him with the creepy X-Men director Bryan Singer.

68. Brazilian dance opener : BOSSA (Nova)

69. Jamboree quarters : TENTS

74. "Enough already!" : TMI

76. Therefore : ERGO

77. Like this answer : ACROSS. So meta.

78. Things : ENTITIES

80. Indian flatbread : NAAN

81. Mauna __ : LOA. "Long" in Hawaiian.

82. Part of a family business name : SONS

84. Unmanned flier : DRONE

85. Copier size: Abbr. : LTR

91. Hold 'em opener : ANTE

92. Most monumental : BIGGEST

94. Aloe targets : SORES

95. Batt. terminal : NEG

97. Sources in a modern bibliog. : URLS

98. Playwright Chekhov : ANTON. Masha, one of  "Three Sisters",  was modeled on his future wife, a stage actress.

99. Mason : STONEMAN

104. '50s first lady : MAMIE

106. Cocktail hour spread : PATE

107. Hieroglyphic serpent : ASP

109. Wisconsin city on Lake Michigan : RACINE. Not familiar with this city. Siren, Wisconsin has a Burnikel Road.

110. Mass approval : AMEN AMEN

115. Beltway : RING ROAD

116. Each : A PIECE

117. Like a good watchdog : ALERT

118. Chant : INTONATE. Only know the noun "Intonation".

119. Headed for the Styx : DOOMED

120. Helps through difficulty, with "over" : TIDES


1. Lou of Fox Business Network : DOBBS. I used to watch him faithfully in his CNN days.

2. TV book club creator : OPRAH

3. Actress Davis : GEENA

4. "__, Therefore I Am": Dennis Miller book : I RANT

5. Become fond of : TAKE TO

6. Possess : OWN

7. Cockatoo quarters : CAGES

8. '90s "New Yorker" editor Brown : TINA. Sharp wit. She bought this famous cartoon & published it immediately. Like LA Times crosswords, "New Yorker" has a long queue of cartoons.

"No, Thursday's out. How about never - is never good for you?"

9. Didn't shop around, maybe : OVER-PAID

10. Benchlike seat : PEW

11. Distributing : ISSUING

12. Liked, with "for" : CARED

13. Greek war god : ARES

14. Not decided, in skeds : TBA

15. Comic with a satiric news show : COLBERT. I prefer Jon Stewart. Who's your favorite comic, Jayce?

16. Colorful ring : AREOLA

18. Zap : LASE

19. Stone and others : SLYS

24. Caesar's "that is" : ID EST

29. Maintain : KEEP

32. Endangered Sumatrans : RHINOS

34. Kim Possible's sidekick __ Stoppable : RON. No idea. Never watched Kim Possible.

35. "An Inconvenient Woman" novelist : DUNNE

37. Three-mo. period : SPR

38. LED component : DIODE

39. Open, for one : TOURNAMENT

40. Bad things : EVILS

41. Kindergarten basics : ABCS

42. People people : GLITTERATI. People magazine.

44. Gothic novelist Radcliffe : ANN

46. Phnom __ : PENH

47. God in both Eddas : ODIN

50. Political family spanning three centuries : TAFTS.  I even remember Bob Taft. Must be some scandals.

53. Cries of discovery : AHAs

55. Mine in Milan : MIO

56. Citrus hybrids : UGLIS. Very juicy.

57. It may contain steps : PLAN

58. Perform, in a way : SING

62. Digging : INTO

63. Have-__: disadvantaged ones : NOTS

64. Reliable, as a citizen : SOLID

66. Prince William's alma mater : ETON

69. Workout wt. : TEN LB

70. Jamboree attendee : SCOUT. Have any of you read "The Mockingbird Next Door"? Harpee Lee called Truman Capote a "psychopath".

71. Some savings accts. : IRAS

72. Prefix with diction : BENE

73. Not posted yet : UNSENT

75. "Understood" : I SEE

77. Puzzled, after "at" : A LOSS

79. La-la lead-in : TRA

82. Script outline : SCENARIO

83. Aptly named Quaker cereal : OHS. I've been enjoying the Test Kitchen steel cut oatmeal D-Otto mentioned on the blog a few months ago. Too bad he does not like it himself.

86. Master again : RE-LEARN

87. Ain't good? : ISN'T. Grammatically.

88. Place for a to-do list : NOTE PAD

89. Garden product word : GRO. Miracle-Gro.

90. Bankruptcy result, briefly : REORG

93. "__ Viejo": Carlos Fuentes novel : GRINGO. Carlos Fuentes said Spanish was the only language he could make love with. That's why he only married Mexican women.

96. Plague : GNAW AT

98. "Duck Dynasty" airer : A AND E

99. Rub ingredient : SPICE

100. Bacteria found in the GI tract : ECOLI

101. Stuck in muck : MIRED

102. Wrestler known as "the Giant" : ANDRE. He was in The Princess Bride.

103. Tweeting locales : NESTS. Not Twitter tweet.

104. Spouse on the Seine : MARI. Husband.

105. Ugandan despot : AMIN

106. Organic fuel : PEAT

108. Poppy prop : STEM

111. Minn. shopping mecca : MOA. Mall of America, where Gary & his wife will visit next month.

113. GI's address : APO

114. Beatty of "Deliverance" : NED. Wish I did not see the movie.