Jul 14, 2014

Monday, July 14, 2014 Jeff Stillman

Theme: Easy as A, B, C - But that D might get you.

18A. Fun runs, often : ONE-K RACES

26A. Mobile phone system that introduced SMS texting : TWO-G NETWORK. (second-generation network) (SMS - Short Message Service)

41A. Film that requires special eyewear : THREE-D MOVIE

54A. Youth organization with a clover emblem : FOUR-H CLUB

Argyle here. I'd say three out of four clues are Monday level, but oh! that fourth.


1. Makes wet : DAMPS

6. Second half of a record : SIDE B

11. "Alley __" : OOP. OOP OOP OOP

14. Praise mightily : EXALT

15. Former "American Idol" judge Abdul : PAULA

16. Depot: Abbr. : STA. (station)

17. One-over-par score : BOGEY

20. Miffed state : SNIT

21. The "I" in MIT: Abbr. : INST. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

22. Target rival : KMART

23. 1989 French Open winner Michael : CHANG. When he won the French Open in 1989 at the age of 17 years and 4 months, he became the youngest male player to win a Grand Slam singles title.

25. Illinois city symbolizing mainstream America : PEORIA. "Will It play in Peoria?"

29. In the know : AWARE

30. Dinghy pair : OARS

31. Spanish sun : SOL

34. 1492 ship : NINA

35. Spot for a bracelet : WRIST

37. Smokes, for short : CIGs

38. "__ be an honor!" : IT'D. (It would be)

39. Literature Nobelist Bellow : SAUL

40. World-renowned : FAMED

44. Arrive on horseback : RIDE UP. More breakfast friendly than the other kind of "ride up".

47. Of the ear : AURAL

48. Suggestion box suggestions : IDEAs

49. Comfy and cozy : SNUG

51. Tibetan priest : LAMA

56. Put on the tube : AIRED

57. Inc. kin : LLC. (limited liability company)

58. Wear away slowly : ERODE

59. Triangular river formation : DELTA. Formed by upstream erosion.

60. Language ending : ESE

61. Knight mare? : STEED

62. Laundromat appliance : DRYER


1. Belles at balls : DEBs. (debutantes)

2. Nerve cell transmitter : AXON

3. Potter's stick? : MAGIC WAND. It was Potterhead weekend on AMC.

4. Superabundance : PLETHORA. Ollivander's Shop has a plethora wands.

5. Messy digs : STY

6. Dish cleaner : SPONGE

7. Fleming and McKellen : IANs. An author and an actor.

8. Song for two : DUET

9. Yellowstone Park grazer : ELK

10. Carnival pitchmen : BARKERS

11. Tinseltown trophy : OSCAR

12. Cheri of "SNL" : OTERI

13. Linguini or fettuccine : PASTA

19. Wild way to run : AMOK

21. Roadside shelter : INN

24. __ of Reason : AGE. The Age of Reason; Being an Investigation of True and Fabulous Theology is a pamphlet, written by Thomas Paine and published in three parts.

25. Seaside city : PORT. Not every port is seaside nor is every seaside city a port.

26. Twerp : TWIT. No need to call names.

27. Picturesque fabric : TOILE

28. "Who __ that masked man?" : WAS. "That was the Lone Ranger!" "Hi-Yo, Silver!"

29. "Wheel of Fortune" buy : AN I

31. Likewise : SIMILARLY

32. S-shaped molding : OGEE

33. It made Leary bleary : LSD

35. Hypothetical time irregularity : WARP. Funny, coming right after LSD.

36. Be contrite about : RUE

37. Cleveland NBA player : CAVALIER. As of Saturday, so is LeBron James.

39. Tells to be quiet : SHUSHes

40. Part of FWIW : FOR. (For What It's Worth)

41. Scotch tape target : TEAR. Double-sided can be used to hold green dresses in place.

42. Did some finger painting : DAUBED

43. Coffee holder : MUG

44. Hunting weapon : RIFLE

45. Objects of devotion : IDOLS

46. "Little __ Coupe": Beach Boys hit : DEUCE

49. Gin fizz fruit : SLOE

50. Naked : NUDE

52. Apportion, with "out" : METE

53. Hebrew winter month : ADAR

55. Old PC monitor : CRT. (cathode ray tube)

56. Toss into the mix : ADD



OwenKL said...

Legend (A Cautionary Tale)

It happened once upon a time
(Or was it twice?) in Anaheim.
There was heard a sound of thunda'
(Maybe it was Cucamonga?),
Lightning bolts the clouds set free
One-two (at first, then one-two-three).
It split in three the house next door
(Or depending what you count, in four).
The house had been around for ages
(At least, so said the local sages);
It was haunted by four souls unshrived
(Include their St. Bernard, there's five).
The ghosts now lead a homeless fate
(No one sells un-real estate).
If to Cucamonga you incline
(The neighborhood of Anaheim),
When camping out, the tent please nix
Five ghosts don't harbor (or even half-a-dozen)!

fermatprime said...


Thanks Jeff for fun offering! Thanks for swell expo, Argyle!

Went rapidly, a bit slowed down by the "G."

Thanks to Adobe, I have to remember to use Chrome to work puzzle and do various other things!


OwenKL said...

I didn't get back to the blog until very late yesterday, so decided to just carry over the solution to this morning.
African nation | starting | back up | to become | a surfing Mecca (6)
[MALI] + [starting letters of] [Back Up] [=] [MALIBU]

And a new Cryptic clue from today's puzzle:

Backing Keno before black and white competitions

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

When I got the first two letters of 1A today, I was really hoping it wouldn't end up being DAMPS. Especially not on a Monday. But then the perps finally forced me to accept it. Not at first, mind you. No, I had EXTOL at 14A for a long time, which made a mess of that whole section until I eventually went back and stuck in EXALT instead.

Never heard of TWO G NETWORK. The other theme answers were easy enough to get. Also never heard of CHANG. And I really, really wanted ARRAS for 27D...

Martin said...

Just finished.

CAVALIER was an unknown. I had DUVALIER for a while.

I thought the puzzle was difficult because it was hard to parse ONEKRACES, TWOGNETWORK, THREEDMOVIE and FOURHCLUB. Part of the problem is that they are usually written 1K, 2G, 3D and 4H, right?

PK said...

HI Y'all! Fun & fast puzzle, Jeff! Fine expo, Argyle!

I got the 1-2-3-4 theme okay, but 2G NETWORK & SMS texting were beyond me. Yay, perps! 4-H CLUB was a gimmee since all my kids belonged.

Unknown: CHANG. PLETHORA not PLEnTiful.

CAVALIER: The magic in Miami ended, so LeBron went home to Ohio to pout, methinks. A PLETHORA of big bucks will soothe the wounded ego. No denying he is mega-talented.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

This was a nice Monday speed-run, though I don't think PLETHORA to be a Monday-level word. And can a Mare be a STEED? Just askin'.

I've never figured out texting (is there another kind besides SMS?). I doubt that my ancient flip-phone is text capable. It can barely make phone calls.

Hi-Yo Silver said...

Interesting to have a reference to the Lone Ranger since his is now NUDE after putting his clothing out to auction yesterday.

Fermat: Have you ever seen Longmire? It seems like a show you would like.

Mari said...

Good morning everybody,

95% of the puzzle was easy for me, but there were a few stingers. I didn't know CHANG, and I had B SIDE instead of SIDE B.

I liked the clue for 61A: Knight mare? STEED.

I've never seen FWIW written like that. Must be one of those texting phrases kids use these days.

Have a great day.

thehondohurricane said...

Morning everyone,

Found this a little dicey today so the eraser got a pretty good workout. Did not like the clue or fill for 1A. Seems to me if you make something wet, it's going to be more then DAMPS. Even if it's correct English, ain't going to ever be uttered by this ignoramus.

Never heard of aTWO G NETWORK either . But why would I? I don't text.

Started with Ride in before RIDE UP.

Whether it was a boy or a "goil", a knights seldom called his horse a steed, they were destriers and mean SOB's. Bred for battle.

Looks like we are finally joining the action in our fair state. Strong storms supposed to arrive beginning this afternoon and lasting through sometime Wed.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Jeff Stillman, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Argyle, for a fine review.

OwenKL, Liked your ditty. I used to live in Cucamonga, many years ago. (the Alta Loma section of Rancho Cucamonga) Surprised you didn't work in the Jack Benny phrase, "Anaheim, Azusa, and Cucamonga"

Tough to get started in the NW with the A's. Downs were easy, DEBS, AXON, etc. Those helped with DAMPS and EXALT.

Wanted B SIDE for 6A, since we had that the other day, but I always check crosswords first and SIDE B became obvious.

Theme was easy. TWO G NETWORK became easy once I had AGE of Reason. And, if you think about it, 3G and 4G are the current networks, so 2G must have been here a while before them. 4G really sucks my battery down so I do not use that very often.

CHANG was an unknown. 5 perps and he was mine.

SLOE gin is something we get a lot in these puzzles. I choose not to drink it, however. I did bring back some Yuengling from Pennsylvania and some Saranac from New York.

Two meetings at church today and in between I will be doing yard work.

See you tomorrow.



Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Waited for perps on 2 G NETWORK, but rest of theme fill was easy.
Hand up for being a former 4-H'er.
Only other small head scratcher was to say b-side or SIDE B.
Otherwise, no lookups or strikethroughs.
Liked the knight mare clue.

Have a good day.

VirginiaSycamore said...

Argyle, thanks for the writeup, and Jeff Stillman, for a nice Monday workout. Until I got to FOUR H Club, I didn't get the theme and it seemed like a Tuesday or Wednesday. I also protest the use of DAMPS where it should be DAMPENS.

Abejo, the audio clip of Harry Potter at Olivander's Wand Shop reminded me why J.D. Rowling's series is so re-readable. The hint that Harry's dad did transfigurations had totally been missed by me until today, and I have read the first book at least 3 times. Rowling puts plot hints in that come into the action until 4 or 5 books later!

Anonymous said...

Ditto, Mari (except I remembered Chang). Quickest solve in a long time.

Husker Gary said...

-Daughter’s wedding in KC is today and I am writing this in the hotel breakfast room and so I will have to stop when everyone comes down.
-What would PAULA do became another reason to watch IDOL. Did she always have both of her OARS in the water?
-A BOGEY is just fine for me on any Par 4 over 420 yds
-Said to have the fastest WRISTS in baseball
-What is the song with the lyric “evening dews and DAMPS”?

Anonymous T said...

Good Morning puzzle pals:

I'm at home today as Z had an allergic reaction to a-somthing-cillin for an ear infection. ER doc said what I did - Benadryl!

Jeff's puzzle was a fun easy Monday. WEES re: 2G. I recall the upgrade was 3G and then 4G (and now LTE), but I don't remember them advertising 2G. I had to do the alphabet run to figure out AGE (w/ only the E in place - didn't know tennis guy either).

DW was in 4H. She tells stories of moon-pies and RC cola. FWIW, that's all she mentions of 4H.

SIDEB was B-Side before I flipped the 45 180.

Thanks for the write-up Argyle. The full title of AGE of Reason amused me - I like the long subtitles of old texts; they're just funny somehow.

And the obligatory link in case you don't know what a PLETHORA is.

Cheers, -T

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Easy start to the week but with a couple of write-overs: BSide/SideB, LTD/LLC, and ride in/ride up. Also, spelled bogey, bogie as in Humphrey. Damps is awkward but liked Knight mare=steed.

Thanks, Jeff, for a pleasant romp and thanks, Argyle, for the excellent expo.

Hondo, our weather forecast is the same as yours. Right now, we have the 3 H's in full force.

PK, how is your brother?

Have a great day.

HeartRx said...

Good morning everyone!

Argyle, I'm afraid I have to admit to watching some of the Harry Potter movies this weekend, when I should have been doing other things. Housework? Gardening? Painting? Nah, the lure of Harry Potter's magic was just too much to overcome, so I succumbed...

Fun puzzle, although a little crunchy for a Monday. WEES about DAMPS, b-side before SIDE B, RIDE in before RIDE UP and LTD before LLC. But the ever-helpful perps guided me through the process to success. Thanks, Jeff!

HeartRx said...

Funny, but I just received an email from a friend. At the bottom it says "Sent from my LG Optimus G™, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone." So I guess Martin was correct that 2G is the way it would have been written, not TWO G....

Still, a clever theme, and well-executed, IMO.

Anonymous said...

Husker: "Battle Hymn of the Republic"

Argyle said...

If you listened to the reading of Harry getting his wand, you might want to compare it to this clip of the same scene, movie-style.


Anonymous said...

Can someone please explain the scoring to me? I play this puzzle every day now online (Arkadium) and usually score in the 3800-plus range. Sometimes it says congrats when I finish and sometimes not! Does it keep track of time spent & errors made, or what? Thanks much. --NorCal Pal

Misty said...

Fun Monday puzzle, though not a speed run. Many thanks, Jeff, and you too, Argyle, for your expo.

I only know golf terms from playing Fairway Solitaire. But still had to guess at BOGEY.

Off to the eye doctor to get possible cataracts checked out. Full of worry and dread.

Have a great start to the week, everybody!

Anonymous T said...

Owen - I think I finally understand! We'll see later if I got the Cryptic! (I won't spoil yet Al Cyone!*)

SOL is in-and-out of the clouds today. I hope the skies DAMPS us (no, still doesn't sound right - DAMPenS Dangitt! :-0).

Cheers, -T
*sorry if I ruined Bill G.'s pzl for anyone yesterday

Chairman Moe said...

I, too (Like HeartRx) watched and recorded the Harry Potter movies on ABC Family Network this weekend. Back when the books came out my kids were young teenagers and they got hooked on the series. I read along and saw the first four movies, but I missed 5-8. I watched 5 & 6 but have yet to see 7 & 8. Anyway, 3D was a gimme for me.

One K races - sounds more like a sprint! 0.62 of a mile hardly sounds like a "race" to me. A 3K "race" (for fun) is more like it. And speaking of numbers, down here in FL we have the "Fifth Third" Bank. My question has always been, whatever happened to the first four??!!

It's been interesting to see the characters in the Harry Potter series develop into young adults. So with that in mind, I leave you with this limerick:

The CAVALIER wizard named Harry,
Hogwarts School's famous luminary;
Is quite rather fond,
Of his "MAGIC WAND",
(And of his manhood), SIMILARLY!



JJM said...

I was a tennis player growing up so Michael Chang was a lay-up. For those of you who don't know, Michael was the younger male at age 17 to win a Grand Slam event back in '89 when he won the French.

Lucina said...

Hello, friends. Very nice blog, Argyle.

What a quick sashay today. Doing across/down helps even with the unknown CHANG and BOGEY though I've heard of the latter; golf scoring mystifies me. Hesitated at SIDE B/B SIDE but SPONGE decided it.

Knight mare: STEED made me laugh.

I caught the theme and liked that the numbers were written out. After this weekend's hue and cry I'm stunned that anyone hasn't heard of the Cleveland CAVALIERS. It's also good to see the entire word instead of the usual CAVS.

Never having read or seen any Harry Potter books or movies I have to rely on perps and MAGIC WAND finished off DAMPS which made me shudder. DAMPS?

Thank you, Jeff Stillman, for a quick and easy workout.

I hope you all have a lovely Monday with no storm damage, everyone!

Lucina said...

You shouldn't worry about cataracts or their removal as anyone here who has experienced it will tell you. It's fast and it's wonderful after it's over.

Tinbeni said...

Argyle: Nice write-up. Thought the 1,2,3,4 theme was too easy. (Even the 4th one!)

Fave today was BOGEY, the nick-name of my High School and normal Golf score.
"BOGEY! That's one FOR the old school." (It is said often when out-on-the-links).

A close second fave was SLOE, since it goes in a Gin fizz. Go figure ...

Pat said...

This was a nice, fast, easy puzzle. Thank you, Jeff, for the fun. Excellent expo, Argyle

Hand up for disliking "DAMPS".

WEES about the puzzle. If I didn't know something the perps had it filled in for me.

5/3 National Bank is headquartered here in Cincinnati. The name comes from the merger of Third National Band and Fifth National Bank.

We've had the 2 granddogs here for 9 days. They go home this afternoon. I'm ready to have a one-dog house again. We have a 24 lb'er and the guests are each 80 lbs. They are good dogs, but like all company, they can wear out their welcome.

Cooler weather comes in tonight and for the rest of the week. Good-bye upper 80's and high humidity.

Have a great week.


Chairman Moe said...

@pje - thanks for the explanation about 5/3 Bank. I actually lived in suburban Cincinnati once upon a time but was unaware that the name came from the merger of 5th National and 3rd National Banks. So now the wisea$$ in me is asking, what happened to the 1st, 2nd and 4th National Banks???!!!! :-)

I, too have a granddog. No grandkids from my two adult children as yet, so the granddog gets the attention and gifts. Dog toys are quite a bit less expensive than kid's toys, but with my GD, they don't last very long.

Enjoy your "polar vortex". I heard the Great Lakes states were in for a summertime "Arctic Clipper" the next day or two . . .

Anonymous T said...

We had a 1st second bank of Illinois in my ute. It always puzzled me - who was 1st 1st and how did we run out of numbers such that we had to start over? *

So we all agree - it's 1K, 2G, 3-D, and 4H?

So, it leads me to wonder if we'll ever see non-letters in the LAT (C.C. & Marti, you'd know best). DW & I worked a pzl on a flight that put us in a SNIT. The "hook" was a checkmark in place of the word "check," (ie bagcheckmarker, etc). After we AIRED our grievances, we admired the cleverness.

C.C. - if you didn't see my response to China Daily Weekend (I deleted my spoiler) - I read it because it shows up as an insert on Fridays and I'm curious. Our region does a lot of business w/ China so I try to know what's going on. Too, I'm always looking for a slip that mentions their cyber-program :-)

TOILE is one of those words that, if you don't marry, you'd never know. We had TOILE boarders in our 1st house. I'd assumed it was something to do w/ the Toilet (it was in the master bath!), but DW clued me in.

Cheers, -T

Chickie said...

Hola Everyone, A fast, easy puzzle for me today. However, I spelled dryer with an I (I know better) and therefore had similarly spelled with an I at the end.

Oh, that spell check.! I couldn't spell similarly with a small I at the end as it changed it to a capital, then when I tried to put it in parenthesis, it also changed it to a capital. Also spell check changed the I to a y when I tried to misspell it on purpose. Oh! technology!!

I didn't even see some of the clues until I read Argyle's great write up.

I especially enjoyed the clues for LSD, Steed, and Oars. The old standby staples of Erode and Ogee showed up today, too.

I enjoyed seeing the one letter clue answers. Four H has a special place in our hearts as all of our girls raised various animals through Four H and learned some valuable hands on lessons as a result.

Have a great day, everyone.

Nice Cuppa said...

Sorry I don't have much time in the week for the crossword.

I did solve OwenKL's crypto-clue, but will not reveal.

Here is mine:

Correspondingly crazy, egocentric, and in retrospect contains memorable elements (9).


Unknown said...

I enjoyed this puzzle a lot. I did have one write-over: fags before CIGS. CHANG was all perps. Otherwise, it was clear sailing.


OwenKL said...

Per -T's request, I'll try and get the Cryptic answer a little bit earlier today.

Abejo: Probably would have included Azusa if I'd remembered it. Tried Kookamunga first, and found that's a national park -- in a Canadian cartoon program.

DAMPS is what a person does to a fireplace. DAMPENS is what dew does to grass.

Hand up for being in several 4-H clubs as a kid. 3 or 4 years in Electricity, and the last year also Pebble Puppy (jr. rock hounds) and forestry.

Backing | Keno | before | black and white | competitions <3,1,5>
[reverse] [KENO] [in front of] [RACES] = [ONE K RACES]

Ol' Man Keith said...

I just KNEW "ACE of Reason" couldn't be right....

CrossEyedDave said...





HeartRx said...

Argyle, when I listened to your audio clip, it struck me that Dumbledore was not in the scene in the movie. Also, they had to get in some special FX in the movie by adding flying books and crashing glass, instead of just having Harry waving a non-responsive wand around...(After all, it was a PG rated movie!)

Husker Gary said...

-Finished the “B” breakfast buffet (to be an “A” buffet, it must have bacon) and we went shopping.
-Granddaughter and soon-to-be grandsons (@5 pm today) each got to spend $100 on this special day and it was fun to shop with them and they were very grateful.
-Have you ever seen these on power lines to DAMPEN their swinging
-Yesterday’s “Stick Hicks Nix Pix” came from Jimmy Cagney trying to explain a Variety headline to a young flapper who had never heard of him in this wonderful movie. No clue, Otto? ;-0
-Oh, did LeBron go back to Cleveland? I hadn’t heard!
-Marian Paroo tried in vain to get Harold Hill to SHUSH
- We once had these kind of BARKERS at our county fair in my ute
-Gotta get ready for the wedding on a cool, DAMP day in KC

Spitzboov said...

HG @ 1440 said "Have you ever seen these on power lines to DAMPEN their swinging"

Yes I have. In the trade the 'swinging' is called "galloping conductors". You don't want the phases touching each other. Ice formation can give the wires an airfoil, and accentuate the problem during windy conditions.

Tinbeni said...

Husker: "-Oh, did LeBron go back to Cleveland? I hadn’t heard!"

I agree on your "... to be am “A” buffet, it must have bacon"...

Just curious ... are you "Giving Away the Bride (again?) today?

I Hope the Wedding is wonderful!
(I really like it when "Other People" get married. Key word, "Other"!)

My "first-toast-at-Sunset" is to the Happy Couple.

Husker Gary said...

-The wedding is informal to the max and is being held in KC’s historic Pilgrim Chapel.
-New husband is a professional musician (and music teacher) and so he and some of his good friends are doing some unplugged music before the ceremony
-Walking Missy down the aisle didn’t work the first time and so I am not doing that again. Nor am I paying for anything ;-)
-Thanks for the kind wishes and first toast, Tin.
-I hope you others keep Missy and Brendon in your thoughts. I’ll post some pix once we get back north of the Platte River.

Unknown said...

HG, I wish them well and would love to see the pix.


Bill G. said...

I had a few minutes to plan something fun to do with Jordan a couple of hours ago. We decided on a trip to the local comic book store. They were out of Looney Tunes (I was hoping for Yosemite Sam) but we settled on an Uncle $crooge. I read through it while having some lunch and I was seriously disappointed by the poor quality these days. Crappy paper, uninspired artwork, weak story, etc. Sad...

Gary, when our daughter got married the first time, I gave them a check ahead of time and told them to spend it on whatever they wanted. They were responsible for anything over and above. If they didn't spend the whole amount, they could keep the extra. They were very responsible and it avoided all the arguments. I ended up giving them a little more after all. I had one other great idea. I suggested that Bonnie tell the bridesmaids (three) to coordinate and each wear a dress they chose that they liked and would wear again. They looked great!

AnonT, don't worry about any possible spoiler yesterday. No problem!

Misty said...

Lucina, many thanks for the encouraging words. It turns out I may be able to wait up to a year or more before I actually have to have cataract surgery, so that's a great relief. And it's good to know that it's not a traumatic deal.

Monday morning said...

Misty, just a personal experience on cataracts. Most cataract(s) should be / have to be allowed to 'ripen' - become really cloudy and opaque before the doc, will excise (cut) slice them out and install the intraocular lens. This is also to get at all surrounding tissue, all at the same time. This waiting, for the appropriate time, is often the biggest inconvenience. Also, I have found, that the intraocular lens, because of their inelasticity, tend to allow too much glare to enter the eye, especially while driving at night.

Regarding the 5th / 3rd Bank in Cincinnati - I lived in Cincinnati for 7 years, and I had been informed the name of the 5th /3rd Bank was because the main office of the bank was (the block - ) between 5th Street and 3rd street, downtown.

Irish Miss said...

Misty @ 4:03 - That's great news! I know how anxious you were. So, celebrate by giving the Divine Doxies some real-life t-rubs! :-)

Casually Curious said...

Anon-T @ 1.00 pm. Did you mean Toile Borders, rather than Toile boarders.

I tried to google 'Toile boarders' and kept getting 'toile borders'. Finally when I forced it to accept toile boarders - it referred me back to ..... your article above. (!)

Anonymous T said...

Casually Curious @5:02 - um, yeah. I can't spell very well and I often mix up homonyms. Wait 'till you see my use of its it's - I never get that right. I do find it funny that Google's already indexed us.

Re LeBron and the CAVALIERs announcement this weekend. I heard it on NPR. If it's sports (and not Lacrosse) on NPR, it must be a big deal.

Owen - Well s*** I still have no IDEA how Cryptics work . I had: Back of Keno == O; black 'n' white == movie films; competition == awards - OSCAR! Oh well, I'll try again tomorrow. Keep 'em comin' (you too NC).

Jayce (from yesterday) I enjoy Pitts' writing too.

HG - That's a beautiful chapel. Enjoy!

Thanks Bill G - It's the German.

Cheers, -T

OwenKL said...

Cuppa: you got me! There's only one true 9-letter word in the puzzle (four if you absentmindedly wrote the numeration wrong like I did the first time I posted today). Correspondingly is even a good direct for it. But I've spent too much time on it and still have no idea how you could derive SIMILARLY (nor ONE-K RACES, FOUR-H CLUB, or MAGIC WAND) from what you've given.
Correspondingly crazy, egocentric, and in retrospect contains memorable elements (9)

TTP said...

", yeah. I can't spell very well and I often mix up homonyms" doesn't make any cents. I mean scents. I mean since. I mean sense. Aw, you know what I mean !

Anonymous T said...

TTP - Finally, someone understands me! :-) And I know both what you mean and what kinda
eyes she got.

Misty - great news re: your eyes.

Bill G. So I tried TBBT again just to see if I'm missing something. Wouldn't you know it - it was the same episode I saw the last time I tried it - Deja View (sniglet).

Cheers, -T
*For casually curious@5:03- I'm depressingly dyslexic. Numbers dance quickly through AXONs - letters, however, never come out write when I right ;-)

[which witch is this?]

fermatprime said...

Silver: Yes! Really enjoy Longmire!

OwenKL said...

Longmire was rather intense tonight! Also ran overtime, so I missed Major Crimes. I don't like to watch a mystery show unless I can see it from the beginning. Someone in programming needs to get it together though. A cliffhanger ending, leaving us wondering if a major character has been killed, or will at least be hospitalized through the next episode or two, immediately followed by previews of next week's show with the character obviously unharmed.

OwenKL said...

-T: You did fairly well, actually. Back of Keno == O could have been right; black 'n' white == movie films could have also been right, but needed to be a collection of letters, like FLICK; competition == awards - OSCAR could have been right, the Oscars are a competition as well as the award. But the parts on one half need to combine into the other half. Except for double definitions, the actual meanings of the cryptic parts will have nothing to do with the meaning of the definition part. "Backing Keno against Lion King villain in competition" would have given [O]+[SCAR]=[OSCAR].