Jul 28, 2014

Monday, July 28, D. Scott Nichols and C.C. Burnikel

Theme: Hello 'Dere

In comedy circles the pairing of a handsome Italian singer and a clownish Jewish comedian is common practice, and while Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis may be the gold standard, Allen and Rossi worked together for many years with this catch phrase.

It seemed fitting to use this pairing as the theme for the reappearance of the team of Argyle and C.C.

I found the puzzle a great example of a Monday, with a very gettable theme with a good reveal and many easy fill.  But there are also many middling length words like DEPART, NESTLE,  SPARSE,  STALLS,  STEAKS, UNREST,  ALL THAT,  SITS PAT, PASSOVER,  BE MY GUEST,  SO IT SEEMS which like their earlier efforts in 2012 and 2013, make you work a little bit for your porridge. After Steve blogged the first one, and Argyle his own, Scott was looking for a pinch hitter, so here I am.

17A. Nautically themed boy's outfit : SAILOR SUIT. Hello Sailor is a classic line from a working girl. Speaking of girls and sailor suits. This was very popular when my boys were little. LINK. (1:32)

25A. "9 to 5" singer : DOLLY PARTON. Hello Dolly the very successful stage play and movie about the matchmaker. SONG. (7:57). My favorite version.

47A. Filler for Tabby's box : KITTY LITTER. The ridiculously successful FRANCHISE.
And the reveal,

58A. Friendly greeting, and a hint to the starts of 17-, 25- and 47-Across : HELLO THERE.


1. Electrical pioneer Nikola : TESLA. With Tesla Motors I am sure everyone knows something of this highly charged scientist.

6. __ and bolts : NUTS.

10. Take the chance : DARE. Of course this fill is what brought Marty Allen back to mind.

14. Not whispered : ALOUD.

15. Morales of "NYPD Blue" : ESAI. Classic beginner crosswordese for a minor character on a show off the air for a very long time.

16. Charles Lamb pseudonym : ELIA.

19. Repressed, with "up" : PENT.

20. Caesar's rebuke to Brutus : ET TU. Brute. And you Brutus?

21. JFK prediction : ETA. Estimated Time of Arrival.

22. Thinly distributed : SPARSE. Like the beards on many young men, which you can see clearly in...

24. Hi-__ image : RES. My write over, as I had hi-def. Any comments on HI in an Hello puzzle?

27. Beethoven's "Für __" : ELISE. Another very common fill in early week puzzles.

29. Direction after Near, Far or Middle : EAST.

30. Three-layer cookies : OREOS. A fresh clue for another old favorite.

32. Greasy spoon orders, briefly : BLTS. Bacon Lettuce Tomato(s).

33. Green __, Wisc. : BAY. Training camp has started. Interesting that there are two Bays in the NFL.

36. Overplay on stage : HAM UP. Would like an "IT" somewhere there.

37. Nil : ZIP. So many ways to say nothing.

38. More than chubby : OBESE. Based on height and weight, I am obese.

40. NBA tiebreakers : OTS. OverTimes.

41. Put down, as linoleum : LAID. Yeah, I had a girl friend like that once, but she was not one of those...

43. Femmes fatales : VAMPS.

44. Pretzel topping : SALT. At my Auntie Annes there is so much more.

45. Far from posh : SEEDY. Like many places with linoleum floors.

51. Space between things : GAP. Am I the only one who thought of Michael Strahan's teeth?

54. Pre-riot state : UNREST. Newspeak.

55. Dinghy propeller : OAR.

56. Aww-inspiring? : CUTE. Really cute clue.

57. March Madness org. : NCAA. National Collegiate Athletic Association.

61. Poster-hanging hardware : TACK. I bet you all nailed that one.

62. Jump on the ice : AXEL. Always a nice SO to dear Clear Ayes.

63. Eye surgery tool : LASER. Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Had mine in 2011, did not go well. Not related to 1D. Stun gun kin : TASER. The one used by the police according to wiki  was invented by a man who named it after his childhood favorite Thomas A. Swift and His Electric Rifle.

64. Picnic spoilers : ANTS. And cousins...

65. Wobbly walkers : TOTS. Alliteration and a cute mental picture.

66. Credits as a source : CITES.

2. Lift the spirits of : ELATE. Euphoria here I come.

3. "Evidently" : SO IT SEEMS. Multiple word fill can be tricky.But this one was not a...

4. Doozie : LULU. Causing no...

5. Commotion : ADO.  Allowing me to ...

6. Get snuggly : NESTLE. In my...

7. Bar regular's order, with "the" : USUAL. Place next to the lamp.

8. "__-Pan": Clavell novel : TAI. An interesting book about some Hong Kong BIG SHOTS.

9. Refuses to make changes : SITS PAT. From poker?

10. Leave : DEPART.

11. Like a sentry : ALERT. We all hope....

12. Classic laundry detergent : RINSO. To me it was RINSO BLUE. Recognize the pitchman? (1:55).

13. All finished, as dinner : EATEN.

18. Antique autos : REOS. Mr. Olds old car.

23. Holiday with a Seder : PASSOVER. Or two....

25. Showroom exhibitions : DISPLAYS.

26. Website providing restaurant reviews : YELP.

28. Reed of The Velvet Underground : LOU. Lou who died this year, is the favorite of Melrose Plant.

30. "Now I get it!" : OHO. Meh.

31. Lab rodent : RAT. Dawn of the Planet of the Rats?

32. Bridge player's call : BID.

33. "Help yourself" : BE MY GUEST. I had the B and the rest came easily; of course my youngest performed in Beauty and the Beast. SONG. (3:30)

34. Snake on a pharaoh's crown : ASP.

35. Thumbs-up : YES. Tempted to link more music.

37. Pasta tubes : ZITI. I make a nice baked ziti.

39. Like stormy weather: BAD.

42. "It's __ and a bag of chips" : ALL THAT. My research suggests this 90's phrase which I learned from my kids originated in a Busta Rhymes (love that name) lyric. Anyone?

44. Outback specialties : STEAKS. The restaurant chain with the bloomin' onion and Paul Hogan who just divorced Linda after 17 years.

45. Delays on purpose : STALLS.

46. Designer Saarinen : EERO. On to the weird first name part of the fill, with this famous architect and...

47. Kinte of "Roots" : KUNTA. Alex Haley's great, great, great, great, grandfather is back.

48. Peruvian native : INCAN.

49. Parcel of land : TRACT.

50. Apartment vacancy sign : TO LET.

52. "... poem lovely as __": Kilmer : A TREE. I hope neither Owen or Chairman Moe are threatened but...LINK.

53. Social equals : PEERS. In Britain, the Lords and Ladies.

56. Indian spiced tea : CHAI. I like one now and then.

59. Prefix with thermal : EXO. I never saw it so it eliminated the GEO EXO conflict.

60. Compassionate handling, briefly : TLC. Tender Loving Care, which I tried to bring to this blog, sitting in for Argyle. It is my maiden Monday effort, and I now have all five days of the week done. Well, enjoy the last week in July, NFL training camps open (!) sun shining and the puzzles keep on flowing from the Corner and its friends. Thanks guys, a fun ride. See you all next time, Lemonade


Note from C.C.:

As Lemonade mentioned earlier,  D. Scott Nichols is Argyle, our Monday & Tuesday Sherpa.

Young Argyle & his dog Rags


OwenKL said...

Jill is a girl who's so mellow
She'd greet everyone with a "HELLO!"
Till a SAILOR from the seas
Made her weak at the knees
And she turned into Jilly Jell-O!

Matt Dillon had a thing for Miss KITTY
Who managed a bar in Dodge City.
You knew from the HELLO
'Twas also a bordello
But the marshall got free service, out of pity!

To hear a HELLO from DOLLY PARTON,
Just her accent alone gives a hard-on!
Although she's petite
Her top-heavy physique
Gives her talents you could hang your hat on!


A Cryptic clue from today's puzzle.

Bringing up electronic story will raise your spirits (5)

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Easy peasy (lemon squeezy) Monday puzzle for me today. Like Lemondae, I didn't care much for HAM UP, but everything else was smooth sailing. There were a few non-Monday answers, such as RINSO and ELIA, but I've seen them enough times to no longer hesitate.

Seriously, though... HAM UP?

thehondohurricane said...

Good "rainy" day to all,

Nice start fot the week. Thank you CC & Argyle for the puzzle & Lemon for the write up. Lemon, the pitchman is Gary Moore, he of the bow tie.

I went along smoothly until the South which I found a bit dicey. really wanted Thai for CHAI, but Tute did not seem to be aww-inspiring.

Wanted Exi instead of EXO, but the resultant 59D were never walkers to me, although some might be wobbly!

I always want a Q somewhere in Morale's first name but, perps correct my thinking.

That's it from stormy Ct.

fermatprime said...


Fun puzzle, CC and Santa! Swell expo, Lemon!

Emote before HAMUP. But everything else went swiftly. Time for bed!

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Congrats to C.C. and Argyle on another successful collaboration. Lots of brand names in today's puzzle: TESLA, NESTLE, RINSO, OREOS, REOS. And it was interesting to see TASER and LASER in their respective corners. HAM UP didn't bother me, though I've usually seen IT in the middle.

The one awkward answer for me was INCAN, as clued. I think of it as an adjective, but American is a noun so I guess INCAN can be too.

HeartRx said...


Fun puzzle from Argyle and C.C. I didn't get the connection until the reveal, but it was fun to go back and see the fun phrases.

Loved all the smooth fill that just rolled off the tongue, like BE MY GUEST and SO IT SEEMS. Great job, you two!

Hondo @ 5:48, LOL about your EXi mistake - I can just imagine the double take when you looked at the clue "Wobbly walkers."

Have a great day everyone.

Unknown said...

I first thought 'Wobbly walkers' would be SOTS.

Mari said...

Good morning everybody.

Nice Monday level puzzle today. It was nice to see that this was from Argyle and CC.

I wanted EMOTE instead of HAM UP.

I liked the clue for 21A: JFK prediction. I was thinking of the president, not the airport.

Have a great day!

Yellowrocks said...

Congratulations, Scott and CC, on a fine puzzle. Lemonade, thanks for pinch hitting. At first I missed reading that it was you, but I soon picked up on your interesting and unique style.
I have enjoyed many of Clavell's Asian novels because of their view of history and because of the cultural tensions in East meets West - Shogun, Tai Pei, Noble House, Gai Jin.
Reminder of yesterday's puzzle: LASE=ZAP.
Our Sunday School children staged a Christmas play in which most of the actors were timid, overly meek and expressionless. One youngster so HAMMED UP his role that it overshadowed everything else, including the main point of the play. At the play's end the only lasting impression was of his over the top performance.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, C.C., and Argyle, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Lemonade, for a fine review.

It has been a couple days since I have been here, having been very busy in Normal, IL, for a few days. I do have Sunday's almost done and will check in later with that.

When i started today's puzzle I had forgotten who D. Scott Nichols is. After I came here it hit me in the head. Great job, Argyle! And C.c., of course.

After SAILOR SUIT and ADO, I was able to get the rest of the NW corner. Everything else flowed pretty smoothly.

Not sure who LOU reed is. After ELISE. OREOS, and HAM UP, I got him.

Theme was fine. I had them all before HELLO THERE.

Had to think a bit on BLTS. My all time favorite sandwich, however (hold the mayo).

CHAI was easy. It is the same word they use in Iran for black tea.

EERO was easy. I have had him in my memory banks for many years via the crossword puzzles.

Now that I am home, lots to do.

See you tomorrow or later today with Sunday's puzzle.



Anonymous said...

lemon said: "and I now have all five days of the week done."

I always thought there were 7 days in a week. Or is it eight?

Well, well wisher, I suppose said...

Congratulations to the Dynamo duo. Thats right, dynamo, not dynamic, because of the TESLA clue. Thanks CC for giving all your blogmeister(s) a chance at collaborating. Heres, a toast ( a la Tinbeni - ), at many more.

Now, off to see the wizard, er, solve the puzzle.

Such a happy occasion.

TTP said...

Good morning all.

Nice collaboration Scott and CC ! And thank you Lemonade.

I couldn't tell where we were going, and waited for the reveal. Then I chuckled.

Almost spelled his name KUNTe again. And eNTS would have fit if the clue were Tolkien related, but it wasn't, so A it was.

Besides gaining a lap, what is the difference between standing and sitting pat ?


Tinbeni said...

Lemon: Great job Pinch-hitting for Argyle today. (Hey! That gives me an idea, lol!)

Argyle & C.C. Thank you for a FUN Monday puzzle. A delight to solve!

Nice to see all the crosswordese; ESAI, ELIA, REOS, ASP, OBESE, yaddie, yaddie, yadda ... (too many to list)

Fave today (other than at my favorite Pub, I always get "the USUAL") was LAID right before VAMPS.

Hondo: Too funny about EXI and those wobbly tits ...

A "toast" to ALL at Sunset.

Lemonade714 said...

Yes Hondo, it is indeed Garry (two r's for this one) Moore. For the rest of the memory trail, who was his announcer sidekick? Also, what future television icon made her debut on Garry's variety show?

The one r Gary was the Thin Lizzie guitarist

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

WEES. Theme filled in easily. Had to switch between downs and acrosses a few times to maintain forward movement, but overall, the solve was easy enough.
Liked the shout-out to Bridge, and hello to SAILORS.
I appreciate the collaboration between Argyle and C.C.

desper-otto said...

Lemon, I remember Durward Kirby as the announcer sidekick. And Carol Burnett got her start on Garry's show. I particularly recall the word games that Garry used to feature. He'd display a written word, and you were supposed to guess what it meant. For example: Jeet?

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi Gang -

Nice to see the corner so well represented. Congrats, C.C. and Argyle for a fine Monday entry.

Before sussing the theme, I was Imagining Dolly Parton in a Sailor suit. Evidently, no such image exists on the internet.

Nice cryptic, Owen. How about

Permitted sound is vocalized. (5)

We're just back from a week at
Black Lake. Some of the kids tried variations on the S'mores theme using OREOS.

Busy this week with performances on Thursday and Sunday.

Cool regards!

Lime Rickey said...

The poems of Owen come first.
From the good to the bad to the worst.
If he'd pick only one,
And the others he'd shun,
We'd see only the best of the versed.

Avg Joe said...

Saw the by-line this morning and expected an enjoyable puzzle. Was not disappointed. Thanks Argyle and CC. Well done.

And my answers to the quiz were the same as D-0s. But I didn't know that the One R Gary was once with Thin Lizzie. Not a metal fan, but I do own one of his solo CD's containing Still Got the Blues

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

What a fun, cheerful start to the week. Thanks, CC and Argyle, you make a great team and Lemony, your expo was a resounding A+.

Fav clue was Aww-inspiring=Cute. Perfect adjective for the puzzle's theme, which eluded me until the reveal. It was fun seeing taser and laser and tai and chai. Only write-over was geo/exo. Learning moment was Joyce Kilmer being killed in WWI, at such a young age. Trees was one of the first poems we learned in grammar school.

Had severe t-storms yesterday with hail. Already have had one this morning with more to come today. By tomorrow, we should have nicer weather.

The Bolshoi Ballet Company is appearing at Saratoga Performing Arts Center (SPAC) this week with four performances of Don Quixote. This is quite a coup for this area as their American tour includes only 3 venues: Lincoln Center in New York, The Kennedy Center in DC, and SPAC.

Have a great day and stay dry! (DNA to Tin!)

Bluehen said...

Garry Moore was his stage name. Does anyone know his real name (without Googling)?

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Thought I should know who was D.Scott Nichols, but didn't until Lemon reminded me. Fun & fast puzzle. I enjoyed it. Thanks, Scott & C.C. & Lemon.

I got the theme so I could fill in HELLO immediately. THERE took a few perps. The three theme pieces came faster than some of the fill.

Couldn't remember how to spell or say ESAI (as usual) and the clue didn't give me the unknown ELIA. Didn't know LOU. Tried ScARcE before SPARSE. Perps cured all.

My daughter-in-law's 43-yr-old brother had a massive heart attack on Friday. 95% blockage of the aorta. He was correctly medicated and rushed to a city hospital where they installed a stint. He is expected to go home today. Two recent dire medical events with miraculous outcome are keeping us nervous about answering the phone. Do they really come in threes? My son & family are vacationing halfway across the continent and poor DIL almost came unglued to hear about her only sibling.

PK said...

Irish Miss, are you going to the Bolshoi Ballet? I saw the Royal Ballet in Houston as a young woman and it remains one of the highlights of my entertainment life. Always wanted to see Bolshoi.

I just couldn't resist said...

Doc: Now get me a stint, this instint.

Lemonade714 said...

D-O you got them both.

Bluehen, that is a toughie; I think it is a variation from Moore like Moritz, Morfitz something along those lines? I always had trouble keeping George Gobel, Bill Cullen and Garry Moore separate in my mind. They all seemed short, and except for Bill Cullen's limp from polio, they acted the same to me.

Jeet? At lunch you ask your co-worker, "jeet yet?"

Recently we watched Black Swan was not as frightening as the reviewer said. Since we have had competitive ice skaters here, any ballerinas who can provide insight into the reality?

I was referring to the five week days, as opposed to weekend days. Hey I knew what I meant. Thanks for the Beatles.

Lemonade714 said...


That pun was heartless.

CrossEyedDave said...

What happens when you say hello there to a bunch of baby goats.

Be careful when saying hello there after 14 dog years..

Lemon, Sailor Moon was a favorite in this house too! If you get a chance, you must see what 250 amateur artist fans did in tribute:

Sailor Moon Reanimated.

If you are a fan of the show, it is hilarious...

Bluehen said...

Lemony, His real name was Thomas Garrison Morfit III. No wonder he went by Garry Moore. He occasionally gave snippets of personal information on his variety show, for example, his love of sailing and, in at least one case, his real name. It was such a mouthful I never forgot it.

Misty said...

Argyle, how great to see you paired with our favorite constructor, C.C.! What an exciting way to start a Monday morning! The theme was a total delight, and the puzzle overall was a completely enjoyable speed run. Thank you, thank you, thank you--and you too, Lemonade, for the fun write-up!

Only hesitation was the same as Mari's, wanting EMOTE instead of HAM UP.

New care-giver is giving Rowland his first shower this morning--challenging with a 6' 2" disabled fellow. But by the sound of it, it all went well, thank goodness!

Have a great week, everybody!

I just could resist, (again) said...

Lemonade, I deeply apologize to you and all concerned. I am not a heartless person, and I sincerely feel very sad for the tragedy involved. Some very unhappy things happen in this world, to each and everyone of us. As to whether we can find a quirkyness of humor in the words and language, of an otherwise very dark situation, may be, at best, arguable.

I apologize profusely and unreservedly.

Chickie said...

Hola Everyone, A quick solve for me today. I didn't even see some of the clues for the downs until I went back to check my answers. A fun puzzle from Argyle and C.C.

I enjoyed the theme. Hello Sailor was a WWII comment we heard as teenagers. Brings back some memories for me.

I always have to remember how to spell Esai--Esau or is it Erik (Morales)? The perps took care of it today.

I've been thinking about Garlic Gal this weekend and the Very hot weather for the Garlic Festival. I'm sure she is glad that it is over. Lots of people, lots of heat, and lots of garlicky food. Fun for some and work for others.

I'm busy today with errands and

Have a great day, everyone.

Lucina said...

HELLO THERE, puzzlers! I love that theme and was delighted to see Argyle's name along with C.C.'s on their joint venture.

Are you any relation to Joyce Nichols? That just occurred to me on seeing your name.

Really sashayed through this with only EMOTE to erase but all else fell quickly. Thank you both for a fun romp and Lemonade for the icing on the cake.

I saw ESAI Morales for the first time when he appeared on CSI and I was impressed. My, my! Such a charmer.

Too funny!

Have a splendid Monday, everyone!

Argyle said...

Although we did have two Joyce Nichols's in our family neither are associated with the crossword editor.

Irish Miss said...

PK @ 10:26 - No, I'm not going to the ballet As far as I know, it is sold out except for the lawn seating. Also, I avoid driving at night because my eyes are so sensitive to the on-coming headlights.

Just noticed the price of gas is down to $3.59; I think I paid $3.75 last month. Good news for vacationers!

Lemonade714 said...

As always thank you for all the work you put in finding links. I am not sure if I found the right clip, but for today;s puzzle, I also thought of David Paymer's character in the Dudley Moore(another Moore) movie CRAZY PEOPLE which came long before Mad Men.

Thanks for the info on Garry's real name. I wonder if Mary Tyler was born that way?

Lemonade714 said...

We have $3.37 at Race Track and Valero here in So.Fla.

Ol' Man Keith said...

No non-Monday problems. A couple of hesitations at the longer fills-- that is, until one or two perps let me know which of several answers would be correct.
Congratulations to Argyle & C.C. for an enjoyable start to our week-- and to Lemonade for a fine explication.

OwenKL said...

Bringing up | electronic | story | will | raise your spirits (5)
[Reverse {reading upward}] [E] [TALE] [=] [ELATE]
Note that this one will only work with a down clue. For an across word, "bringing up" would have to be replaced by "western" {reading to the left}.

And a nice one by Jazzbumpa:

Permitted | sound | is | vocalized. (5)
[ALLOWED] [homophone] [=] [ALOUD]

Limey: actually I usually try to put my limericks in order with the funniest one last, though I'm often surprised by which one people say they like best. I'm also trying to limit myself to only 1 or 2 a day, but with just 3 theme entries, the temptation was too great. BTW, I liked your well-done limerick!

PK said...

IJCR: Don't apologize. I thought it was funny. All is well that ended well. I've been around some doctors whose humor is outrageous in each other's company.

Jayce said...

Doc, to nurse chasing screaming patient down the hallway: "No no, nurse! I said prick his boil!"

Bill G. said...

We always have close to the highest gas prices around; right around $4 now.

More lightning and thunder late last night. Then either hard rain or hail on the skylights. Very unusual.

Bluehen said...

Lemonade714 you are amazing. In the short time since I have been following this blog , I have gained so much respect for you and the others. You were so close on Garry Moore's last name, I was shocked. I would have bet that I was the only one left alive to remember that.
And as for the anonymous bloggers that carp at your entries, I want to remind of the old Latin phrase, "noli illigetimi carborundum.

Somewhat Helpful said...

Incase, somebody had to look it up, like I did, I will save you the trouble =

noli illigetmi carborundum

~~ (don't let the bastards grind you down )

~~ illigetmi = illegitimate, (common, profane word) bastard

~~ carborundum = Silicon Carbide, one of the 'hardest' synthetically produced materials known to man, just 'softer' than diamond dust, used as a grinding material on emery, grinding wheels.

CrossEyedDave said...

Unfortunately, there is a ridiculous amount of imagery under "hello there." In an attempt at public service, here is a brief synopsis of some of the more interesting:

For the dyslexic...

For the literal who can't spell...

For the you know who you are...

For those who missed last weeks puzzle for the birds & need a bigger reminder...

For those that hate Mondays...

For the perverts...

No comment...

I dunno it's kinda creepy...

Well I've had enough....

Anonymous said...

I had a young colleague who was unfairly and continually badgered by the principal.This colleague created a November front hall bulletin board featuring turkeys with the caption, "Don't let the turkeys down." The principal loved it. We teachers knew who the turkey was. Snicker, snicker. Sweet revenge.

Anonymous said...

9D "Refuses to make changes"?
'N' an'er'n' time: It's STANDS pat, SITS tight.

River Doc said...

Just for the record, I never said those things (but I wish I did....)

Lemonade714 said...

Thanks Bluehen, I guess I missed any negative comment but appreciate the kind words from you and the others.

What do you wish you said Doc?

Lemonade714 said...

Speaking of Blue I hope Blue Iris is doing well and where is MANAC?

River Doc said...

Lem, 10:54 am and 4:16 pm....

Anonymous said...

lemony, you should talking to yourself. its not a good look. you look needy.

TTP said...

Speaking of Blue... Crystal Blue Persuasion...

Listening to some oldies tonight. Name this band. No lookups.

How Can I Be Sure ?, Groovin', Good Lovin', I've Been Lonely Too Long...

I really really want to know...

Bluehen said...

Lemonade714, I didn't mean today especially. I've noticed some negative comments in the past, and another anonymous one tonight. Rise above the fray.

TTP, love oldies myself. Let me see. CBP = Tommy James and the Shondells (sp?). Too bad he ruined his career with drugs. Not familiar with the next one, but the following two I'm pretty sure are by the The Lovin' Spoonful (more on the derivation of that name later, privately), and the last reference is to the song "Its the Time of the Season" by . . . crap!

Bluehen said...

British invasion. Edgy. Eric Burdon and the Animals?

Anonymous said...

Bluehen - I think TTP's oldies were by The Rascals and the Zombies sang "Time of the Season".

Bluehen said...

Anon, Darn, right

Anonymous said... mean Bluehen, please mind the rules.

Thank You.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Just to make it clear, my blogging team is not restricted to the 5 posts per day rule.

Anonymous said...

Roger That C.C.!