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Apr 25, 2020

Saturday, April 25, 2020, C.C. Burnikel

Themeless Saturday by C.C. Burnikel

Our dear blogmistress C.C. has given us a real Saturday challenge today. Her multicultural knowledge never fails to amaze! This is her comment about the puzzle:

"I sent in this puzzle on June 17, 2019 and it was accepted on August 26, 2019. Just a standard 72-word grid with triple stacks on each corner. " [Husker comment: "Yeah right!]

I only do Saturday puzzles online because I want to do them in advance to better blog them. I was shocked when I put in the A to complete DAE and TEASEL, as you see below, which were unknown to me and as you see, I got the Congratulations message! Patience and educated guesses won the day for me as I got my first real 14. Initial access points: TOEHOLDS at the bottom.

C.C. and me                                                 Final screen image 
                                                                        after successful solve
Now let's take a look at what C.C. calls "just a standard 72-word grid with triple stacks in the corners" 


1. "Stop kidding yourself": LET'S BE REAL - My response when C.C. said, "Gary you can construct puzzles like I do"

11. Hits or runs: STAT.

15. The Canadian film "Away From Her" is based on one of her short stories: ALICE MUNRO - Alice's The Bear Came Over The Mountain was the basis for this powerful film about Alzheimer's disease. 

16. Lima locale: OHIO - C.C.! Okay, Peru would be too easy on Saturday 

17. Turn sometimes prohibited: RIGHT ON RED 

18. Take risks: DARE.

19. Historian Yuval Noah Harari's country: Abbr.: ISR The website for this Israeli-born historian

20. Target for a hook: HOOP - Clever, C.C., not a CHIN! Kareem called this shot his Sky Hook and here Dave Cowens is finding it impossible to block

21. Hidden difficulty: CATCH 

22. Fish in a poke bowl: AHI - Poke is Hawaiian for slice. This is typically Ahi or Yellowfin tuna, that's cubed and layered up with a satisfying serving of sticky rice and power-packed pickles

23. "Are you comin'?": WANNA GO? - I have developed an ear as to whether my wife really means, "I want you to go along, Gary"

25. "Patrick Melrose" network, briefly: SHO Starring Benedict Cumberbatch on SHOwtime

26. "Take a bite!": TASTE IT - Let's get Mikey to try it

28. Awaiting trial, maybe: ON BAIL - Usually one hears "OUT ON BAIL"

30. Chutney fruit: APRICOT Recipe

33. "Elusive Butterfly" singer Bob: LIND - A one hit wonder that dredges up memories of my college days

34. Zero hour: START -  Zero Hour (1957), the movie that the Zuckers turned into Airplane (1980), the funniest movie I've ever seen.

37. "Not a huge fan": MEH.

38. Traitor: JUDAS 

39. __ stick: POGO.

40. Get the job done: DELIVER.

42. "And here I thought I was the only one": YOU TOO? - My reply to, "I had trouble with TA-NEHISI in Debbie Ellerin's puzzle two weeks ago."

44. Ionic and Versa: FITBITS - Didn't know/had to be

48. __ run: SKI.

49. Internet security company acquired by Carbonite in 2019: WEBROOT.

52. Bug snare: NET.

53. Berry on-screen: HALLE - My fav Cat Woman

55. Count equivalent: EARL - Yes this sandwich chain was founded by John Montagu, the 11th Earl of Sandwich

56. "The Good Doctor" actor Daniel __ Kim: DAE - I knew him from here

57. Conform to: OBEY.

58. Most prevalent grape in Chianti: SANGIOVESE - No chance for me but it filled itself in

61. Snapper rival: TORO - I've had both but I went battery power this time and love it so far

62. Longtime clothing tag: UNION LABEL Look for the UNION LABEL

63. Symbol of grace: SWAN.

64. "You deserve better": DON'T SETTLE 


1. It's thrown at rodeos: LARIAT.

2. Cuthbert of "24": ELISHA - It appears ELISHA is not a male

3. River through Iraq: TIGRIS.

4. MIT, for one: SCH.

5. Ante matter?: BET - Cute again. File POT under "Right Idea, Wrong Word"

6. Style characterized by long bangs brushed to one side: EMO HAIR - Okay...

7. Arrive as scheduled: RUN ON TIME - Mussolini's train claim

8. 2001 scandal subject: ENRON - It cost my uncle his dignity and his pension

9. Colombian cornmeal cake: AREPA - An AREPA cheese sandwich

10. City served by Ben-Gurion airport: LOD - A 14 minute Uber ride

11. Common mixer: SODA.

12. "However ... ": THAT SAID.

13. Carrier with a Chengdu hub: AIR CHINA - Speaking of air travel, it takes over a day to fly from Chengdu to Ben Gurion airport via AIR CHINA with stops in Shanghai and Addis Ababa 

21. Mexican menu preposition: CON - I like my chili CON carne

23. Turned blue?: WEPT 
and 24. Understood: GOT - John WEPT when he GOT this

27. Card worth a fortune?: TAROT.

29. Dust jacket promo: BLURB Here's the BLURB for this book 
47. "Fifty Shades of Grey" heroine Ana __: STEELE 

31. Collectible frame: CEL.

32. "Oops, slipped my mind": OH I FORGOT

34. Unauthorized photos of yet-to-be-released cars: SPY SHOTS - It's a thing!'s best SPY SHOTS

35. Acknowledged applause: TOOK A BOW - "I'll bet you made the cutest BOW"

36. "Beautiful" singer: AGUILERA - Christina

38. "I Love Rock 'n Roll" singer: JETT - Ya gotta love it!

40. Generic surname: DOE.

41. String section: VIOLINS

43. Be shy: OWE and 
45. Seeing red?: IN DEBT - You've gotta have some miles on your tires to know who is saying this (Answer at the bottom *).

46. Plant with prickly leaves: TEASEL - A Eurasian plant that has never crossed my path

50. Bingo relative: BEANO - Parker Brothers said you could call it either one

51. Took to the cooler: RAN IN - That was Danno's job

54. City north of Marseille: LYON 
Marseille est presque au SUD de LYON

59. Spirited cheer: OLE 

60. Winery vessel: VAT - What Lucy looked like (in color) after the famous VAT scene

*That indebted hamburger consumer is Popeye's friend Wimpy (late addition)

Comments for C.C.?

Notes from C.C.:

Happy Birthday to Kazie (Kay), who started contributing to our blog a few months after I started. I've benefited greatly from her knowledge of German & French.

Kay and her husband Barry on Tamborine Mountain, overlooking Brisbane

Feb 22, 2020

Saturday, February 22, 2020, C.C. Burnikel

Saturday Themeless Puzzle by C.C. Burnikel

Today we get a very nice themeless effort from our resident den mother C.C. Here you can see her with yours truly when Joann and I visited with her and Boomer in our hotel lobby in Minneapolis while we were there for a wedding. I'm not sure how often she wears that Husker shirt but I it gave me a lot of pleasure to give it to her.

She and this website has been an invaluable addition to my life after retirement. We have collaborated on a few puzzles but I really value our exchanges about themes, fill and titles plus events in our private lives.

C.C. also has served as a portal for me to make contact with the wonderful 35. Buddies, in slang: PEEPS who frequent this site. I am honored she has trusted me to take over the Saturday blogging. You can not imagine how patient she was with me when I started. She had more faith in my abilities than I did.

When I asked her about this puzzle and its seemingly random long fill, she replied, "I don't have any note for the puzzle. Sorry. The long fill for themeless are always random, unless there's a mini theme where two entries are placed symmetrically. The goal is just to get the smoothest fill possible."

Let's  see what Zhouqin has for us today:


1. Rubber-stamped item?: INK PAD.

7. Rose's record 14,053: AT BATS Every major league dugout has Rule 21, which you see below, posted in it. Among other things Rule 21 forbids betting on games. Pete walked past it on his way to every one of the AT BATS but he not only bet on games, he lied about it for years and so The Hall Of Fame continues to deny him entrance.

13. Dessert for one, maybe: MINI PIE.

15. Cotton farm threat: WEEVIL - Brook Benton's distinctive voice gives us a song about the Boll WEEVIL

16. Handlers for a mixologist: ICE TONGS - We tend to use our hands here at home

18. Joey of *NSYNC: FATONE - Any real fan would know which one he is. Uh, I don't, but will identify him at the bottom * if you're interested

19. Liquid meas.: GAL.

20. Mythical mount that flies: PEGASUS - A real find on American Pickers features this mythical mount

22. '90s sitcom "__ and Stacey": NED It ran for a year and a half

23. Maintained: HELD - Some views pols HELD years ago have come back to haunt them

25. Invalid: NULL and void

26. Steep projection: CRAG - Would you walk out on a CRAG like this?

27. Shocker on a cop's belt: TASER.

29. High words: ODE - Words of high praise

30. "All done!": THERE.

31. Light lunch choices: VEGGIE WRAPS 

34. Pinkish nail polish shade: CORAL - Redux from last Saturday

36. "That could work": NOT A BAD IDEA - 59. Sent revealing messages: SEXTED - Not so much!

38. Sheets, e.g.: LINEN and 45. One might be fit for a king: SHEET - Ah yes, we honor presidents with SHEET and LINEN sales in February

39. Score half: TEN - Honest Abe is the only reason we know that a "score" is 20.

40. Stadium souvenirs: STUBS - The average cost of Super Bowl ticket STUBS over the years

44. Some are random and kind: ACTS.

45. Alone, in a way: STAG - Going STAG is pretty rare for me now

46. Maui, for one: ISLE - I'd better take along a Snickers Bar

47. "Told ya!": SEE.

48. Hillary aides: SHERPAS - Five days after New Zealander Sir Edmund Hillary and his SHERPA Tenzig Norgay reached the crown of Mt. Everest in 1953, another crown was in the UK news

51. Springfield small business owner: MOE - Moe's Bar and not Apu's convenience store

52. Taste test need: TONGUE - that middle area sees playing time in our puzzles

54. Sun spot?: SOLARIUM 8. Hot spots?: TEAS - I suspect C.C. might have a spot of TEA daily in a Sun Spot SOLARIUM

56. Major course: ENTREE - My birthday ENTREE is a filet at Brother Sebastians in Omaha

57. Team on a football field: DEFENSE - "Push 'em back! Push 'em back! Waaay back!"

58. About 25% of California: DESERT.


1. "Maybe": I MIGHT.

2. City for which a creed is named: NICAEA - Constantine got Christian leaders together in 325 A.D. and they mostly agreed on the Nicene Creed. Dissenters were exiled.

3. Solemn sounds: KNELLS Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard - The curfew tolls the KNELL of parting day," Thomas Gray

4. Date center: PIT - Same for a peach, apricot, et al

5. Each: A POP - The Michelin tires I bought last week were around $200 A POP

6. It goes with wine: DINE - I have never been wined and dined. I got a Big Mac once...

7. Really bad: AWFUL.

9. Get in the pool: BET - Pools like this were very common in our teacher's lounge 

10. Sellers of some beauty products: AVON REPS 

11. Problems for ones making notes?: TIN EARS - An observation from our crossword friend Ari I've used before

12. Heavy hitter: SLEDGE.

14. Starbucks holiday drink: EGGNOG LATTE - Yikes!

17. Many an Arab News reader: SAUDI.

21. Capsule for a nap: SLEEPING POD - Students at the British Columbia Institute of Technology can catch a safe and secure nap between classes in these PODS. I'll bet last week's constructor Julian Lim has studied the effectiveness of this practice 

24. Allocates: DEVOTES.

26. Flatbread similar to naan: CHAPATI - CHAPATI and Keema curry

28. Showed over: RERAN - When Sienfeld episodes are RERAN, Jerry and Larry David make millions

30. According to the poet's oldest son, it was written "by a window looking down a wooded hill": TREES Alfred Joyce Kilmer's poem

32. Shoot the breeze: GAB.

33. Unite: WED - An "L" can be inserted and the clue would still work 

34. What's inside: CONTENTS - Do you really want that Hungry Man Breakfast? 

36. "Impressive!": NICE ONE.

37. Sweeties: DEARS.

38. Went the distance: LASTED.

41. Where a lot of money is made: U.S. MINT - Will/should they quit minting pennies?

42. Top: BLOUSE 43. Appeared: SEEMED - It SEEMED Jerry agreed to wear this Pirate BLOUSE when he couldn't hear the "low talker" who asked him to

48. Litigant: SUER.

49. Bass and such: ALES - A 1953 vintage ad for Bass

50. Call at a base: SAFE - Some umpires maintain there is no such thing as "Tie goes to the runner". You're either SAFE or out

53. Hurdle for srs.: GRE - The Graduate Record Exam shows up here with the LSAT, PSAT, ACT, et al

55. Dog in the Reagan White House: REX - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel REX, takes first couple for a walk

Any comments for our Minneapolis sister?

*Joey is the second from the right on Justin Timberlake's right side

Dec 16, 2019

Monday December 16, 2019 C.C. Burnikel

Theme: LINES (68. Botox targets ... or what 17-, 28-, 45- and 60-Across all have) - Different lines are featured in the four theme entries

17. Screenwriter's creation: FILM SCRIPT.

28. Gucci or Versace, notably: FASHION HOUSE.

45. Grand Central, for one: TRAIN STATION.

60. Math student's plotting sheet: GRAPH PAPER.

Boomer here.

Christmas is coming and my former employer, Graybar Electric, from which I am a retiree, hosted a fine lunch at the Minneapolis Golf Club in St. Louis Park, MN. This was a new location because a young lady and friend, assumed the promotion to District Vice President of the Minneapolis District last February. DVP's receive a private club membership of their choice. One of the Board of Directors from St. Louis attended and gave a long talk after the meal and let us know that the people that were hired to replace us are doing a helluva lot better than we ever did. 

C.C. and I were spiffed up for the occasion.


1. Be indecisive: WAVER.  I saw many of these during the MLB playoffs. I still am convinced that the Minnesota Twins started the Wavers of Homer Hankies in 1987.  

6. Crop-raising business: FARM.  Old MacDonald had one.

10. Tightly closed: SHUT. UP !

14. San Antonio landmark: ALAMO.  High up Santa Ana, we're killing your soldiers below, so the rest of Texas will know, and remember the ALAMO.

15. Almay rival: OLAY.  I think this is an European Rider Cup cheer.

16. Whittle (down): PARE.

19. Ferris wheel, e.g.: RIDE.  I think Coney Island is the biggest.  At least it made a GEICO commercial.

20. Oblong pastry: ECLAIR.  This is not a city in Wisconsin.  I think chocolate ones are the best.

21. Outback and Legacy autos: SUBARUS. We are still looking at a Santa Fe.

23. Outdoor gear giant: REI.

24. Chickadee kin: TITS.  I'll leave this one alone.

27. Beam of light: RAY.  A player on the Tampa Bay Team.

33. Nest egg letters: IRA. Was a tax haven until you get to 70 1/2.

35. Office sub: TEMP.  We have not been above 32 degrees here for a couple of weeks.

36. Poker pot pay-ins: ANTES.  Many games in the caddy shack when I was a kid.  Earned a pretty nice fee for eighteen holes and got to play free on Monday morning.

37. Leave high and dry: ABANDON.  I watched the Thanksgiving Day parade and they had A BAND ON.

39. "Are we on for the project?": IS IT A GO.  It is in Cribbage if you just have high cards.

41. Social slip-up: GAFFE.

42. Cole Porter's "Well, Did You __?": EVAH.

44. "Of course!": AHA.

48. Civil War side: Abbr.: CSA.  It's really difficult to remember a time when Americans fought other Americans.

49. Poker table giveaway: TELL.  I heard he shot an apple off his son's head.  Did the cell phone still work after that ??

50. Vanilla extract meas.: TSP.  Vanilla is good stuff.  I think you need more than a teaspoon.

53. "That's deplorable!": I HATE IT.  Thanksgiving dinner??  I did not HATE it, I ATE it.

57. Strange thing: ODDITY.

59. Supermarket section with a scale: DELI.

63. Sailors' patron saint: ELMO.

64. "That stings!": OUCH.

65. Partner of well: ALIVE.  ALIVE and WELL, Well, Well, Well.

66. Mathematician Turing: ALAN.

67. Have to have: NEED.  "As long as he NEEDS me."  Minnesota's own Judy Garland 1964.


1. Communion bread: WAFER.  My aunt, Sister Caroline used to make these in a convent in Clyde, Mo. Please don't call them wafers.  Most people I know call them hosts.

2. Wonderland visitor: ALICE.  "This is the story of Alice, told without any Malice.  Alice was very beautiful, ... Except for one little thing.  (Chad Mitchell Trio, of Course).

3. The 4 Seasons frontman Frankie: VALLI.  I hooked up with three other guys at Fort Campbell and we sang "Sherry" at the Top Five Club.

4. Jane Austen classic: EMMA.

5. Spanish-speaking Muppet: ROSITA.

6. Tit-tat link: FOR. FOR all we know.

7. "Thrilla in Manila" victor: ALI.  Yup, I was alive then.  I could not believe all the hype.  But I was never a boxing fan.

8. Knocks hard: RAPS.  Why not just ring the doorbell ?

9. "I'm up!": MY TURN.

10. Artificial bronzing product: SPRAY-ON TAN.  Never used it.  I use the sun streaming on the golf course.

11. Beauty salon focus: HAIR.  "She asked me why, Why I'm a hairy guy.  ... Stylin' , Streamin', Gleamin', Flaxen Waxen.  One of my favorite Karaoke numbers.

12. Pakistani tongue: URDU.

13. Many short-sleeved shirts: TEES.  Also many golf ball holders.

18. "The Count of Monte __": CRISTO.

22. Iranian faith featuring a 19-day feast: BAHAI.

25. Big place to surf: THE NET.

26. __ card: smartphone component: SIM.  I only have a dumb phone.

28. Stories by devoted readers: FAN FICTION.

29. Percocet, e.g.: OPIATE.  I took a little OXY when my back was hurting, but I quit it pretty quickly.

30. Great Salt Lake state: UTAH.  I've driven by that lake a number of times (On my way to Nevada to bowl).  I believe it is a wonder of the world.  It is huge and I believe it is over 4000 feet above sea level.

31. Genesis creator: SEGA.

32. That, in Toledo: ESO.

33. Letter-shaped beam: I BAR.  You may go to an I BAR, but you cannot get a drink.

34. Tennis rival of Roger, familiarly: RAFA.  I am not a great tennis fan, but this guy Mr. Nadal is very good.

37. Actor's rep.: AGT.

38. Like thick fog: DENSE.  I drove into this once in South Dakota, on my way to see Mount Rushmore.  I never got there because there was no way I would have been able to see it in the fog.  Maybe some day.

40. 1862 Tennessee battle site: SHILOH.  I read a book about this battle site many years ago.  Shiloh is near the Tennessee River and there is a memorial there.

43. Brewery vessel: VAT.  Sven says to Ole. "VAT are you doing ?"  Ole replies "None uff your business."

46. Former name of Vietnam's most populous city: SAIGON.  Now Ho Chi Minh City.

47. Longtime chum: OLD PAL.  "Can you imagine us years from today. sharing a park bench quietly, how terribly strange to be seventy."  (Simon and Garfunkel). 

50. Easy hoops shot: TIP IN.  Looks like our Gophers are in for a rough season.  I am not much of a hoops fan.

51. Tech mogul Jobs: STEVE.  He was Mr. Apple Inc. until he passed in 2011.

52. Combustible heaps: PYRES.

53. Thought: IDEA.  "If I only had a brain."  Never mind, we had all that last week.  

54. Land down under?: HELL.  I don't think that there are Angels there, but some motorcycle owners think there are. 

55. __ mater: ALMA.  Also a city in Wisconsin.  On the eastern shore of the Mississippi.

56. "T" on a test: TRUE.

58. Surrealist Salvador: DALI.

61. Top pitcher: ACE.  High ranking card.  Would like four on a draw poker machine.

62. Scholar's deg.: PHD.  Pronounced FUDD.