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Mar 31, 2024

Sunday, March 31, 2024 ~ Rebecca Goldstein

Title: "Funny Business"

For those who celebrate, Happy Easter!

Today, Rebecca put some Funny (peculiar, not ha-ha) Business in our (circular) Easter baskets. In this Easter Egg hunt I did my best, but may(?) need some help parsing out these companies:

23. Composite image where stars appear as streaks: TIME LAPSE PICTURE. PEPSI.

39. Flurry of emotions: MIXED FEELINGS. FEDEX.

47. Vehicle that may address the "last mile" problem: ELECTRIC SCOOTER. COST CO.

63. "Don't forget your umbrella and galoshes!": ITS RAINING CATS AND DOGS. GIN'CA Peruvian Gin(?)

83. As the situation warrants: WHERE APPLICABLE. APPLE

92. Phryge, for Paris 2024, e.g.: OLYMPIC MASCOT. COMCAST - a cable / ISP company.
Olympic and Paralympic Mascots

110. Period that included the storming of the Bastille: FRENCH REVOLUTION.

And the reveal:

102. Corporate shake-up affecting the companies in the circled letters?: RE-ORG.  Nice, Rebecca.  Very Nice.


1. Cymbals played with a pedal: HI-HAT.

Hi Hat

6. Doofus: TWIT.

10. Snack or stack at the poker table: CHIPS.

15. Hushed summons: PSST. Yo' over here.

19. Sun-dried brick: ADOBE.

20. Hardwood trees: OAKS.

21. 32-foot pastry visible from the 405 in Los Angeles: DONUT.
Mmm Donuts

22. "Sex Education" protagonist: OTIS. Sex Education is a series on Netflix.

23. [See: Theme]

26. Key turning point?: LOCK.
Or if you're Keyless

27. Landscaping tool: HOE.

28. Title role for Madonna: EVITA.

29. Chihuahua's alert: BARK.

30. Sinister: EVIL.

32. Early social networking site: MYSPACE. MySpace was before Facebook.

34. Cartagena kiss: BESO.

35. Flat formation: PLATEAU.
Flat formations

38. Kitchen containers: POTS.

39. [See: Theme]

41. GoPro device: CAMERA.

44. Musical ability: EAR.

45. Ref. that added "adultification" in 2023: OED. Oxford English Dictionary: "Adultification is originally a psychology term describing children who act more mature than their peers as a result of being handed adult responsibilities from a young age."

46. Rattan: CANE.

47. [See: Theme]

52. Used a peeler: PARED.

53. Comedian DeLaria: LEA.

54. Like last-minute tix, maybe: SRO. Standing Room Only at a sold-out show.

55. "Stop talking": HUSH.

56. Sudden shocks: JOLTS.

57. Air space?: LUNG. Cute.

59. Rio hello: OLA.

61. Bag-checking org.: TSA. Transportation Security Administration.

62. __ fide: BONA.

63. [See: Theme]

71. Bavarian range: ALPS.

72. Prefix with cache: GEO. "Geocaching is an outdoor recreational activity, in which participants use a Global Positioning System receiver or mobile device and other navigational techniques to hide and seek containers, called geocaches or caches, at specific locations marked by coordinates all over the world." [Cite]

73. Get loose, in a way: SAG.

74. Ginger __: SNAP.

75. Italian seaport: GENOA. Or salami!

77. Flock infant: LAMB.

79. Brio: PEP.

81. Word with bird's or bull's: EYE.

82. 75-Down [GRILL] accessory: GRATE.

83. [See: Theme]

88. Simpson who plays the sax: LISA.
Lisa on the Sax

89. "Mr. Robot" creator Esmail: SAM.
I enjoyed the first two seasons.

90. Beam: RAY.

91. Said aloud: VOICED.

92. [See: Theme]

97. Cable: CORD. Not Comcast but just a line.

98. Has on the calendar: PLANS TO.

99. "American Dad" dad: STAN. American Dad is another Seth MacFarlane cartoon.

100. Inched closer: GOT NEAR.

103. Match makeup: SETS. Tennis anyone?

104. Petting zoo chorus: BAAS.

105. Base for many Italian fashion labels: MILAN.

106. Ginger blossom garland: LEI.

108. Tends to spilled milk: MOPS. Cute.

110. [See: Theme]

114. Dressy attire: SUIT.

115. "The Color Purple" producer: OPRAH.

116. "You said it!": AMEN.

117. Do some dirty dancing: TWERK.

118. Jennifer of "Dirty Dancing": GREY. Nice clecho.

119. Dishwasher cycle: RINSE.

120. Petting zoo ride: PONY.

121. Music League submissions: SONGS.

1. "Hell __ no fury ... ": HATH.

2. Figurative expression: IDIOM.

3. Comfy cozy: HOMEY.

4. First pres. born outside the Thirteen Colonies: ABE. Lincoln was born in KY before moving to IL.

5. Power trip?: TELEPORT. Cute.

6. Debate issues: TOPICS.

7. Trash: WASTE.

8. HEMNES retailer: IKEA.

9. Vanilla meas.: TSP. Teaspoon.

10. 1990s media coverage?: CD CASE. Cute.

11. Souped-up car: HOT ROD.

12. Indigenous Alaskan: INUK.

13. Water filter brand: PUR.

14. Mentally prepared: STEELED.

15. " ... and I approve this message" spots: POLITICAL ADS.

16. Lifted prints?: STOLEN ART.

17. [Not my error]: SIC.

18. Disappointed click: TSK.

24. Digital images?: AVATARS.

25. Wild goat: IBEX.

31. Actor Kilmer: VAL.

33. Blueprint bit: SPEC.

34. Hardwood tree: BIRCH.

35. House of Lords member: PEER.

36. St. __ of Assisi: AGNES. A CSO to IM!. In Doug Peterson's March 17, 2024 puzzle, CLARE was the Assisi St.

37. Employed: USED.

39. Madrid "more": MAS.

40. Adversary: FOE.

41. Pegged instruments: CELLI. Plural cello.

42. Indigenous Alaskan: ALEUT. Nice clecho.

43. Denotes: MEANS.

44. Biotech bacteria: ECOLI.

48. Makes a flat sheet flatter: IRONS. Nice clue.

49. Resolution: OUTCOME.

50. Peak between Pelion and Olympus: OSSA.

51. "__ a big if!": THATS.

52. Duck habitat: POND.

56. Musician Batiste: JON.

58. Provide pardon: GRANT AMNESTY.

60. Acute thing: ANGLE.

62. Bread shaped like a 21-Across: BAGEL.

64. Plant with a tiger tooth variety: ALOE.

65. Brewery letters: IPA.

66. One on a fixie, say: GEAR.

67. Like some tear-jerkers: SAPPY.

68. Yr. before a historic time change: ONE BC.

69. Journalist King: GAYLE.

70. Dashboard display: SPEED.

75. Outdoor kitchen fixture: GRILL.

76. Simple: EASY AS PIE.

78. Lowest rank for a 35-Down [not PEER but House of Lords member]: BARON.

80. Crucially important: PIVOTAL.

82. Unappealing plateful: GLOP.

83. Baylor University city: WACO.

84. "I dunno ... ": HMM.

85. "Postman __": BBC stop-motion animation series: PAT.
Postman Pat

86. Crunchy snack: CORN NUTS.
Original Corn Nuts

87. Helper: AIDE.

89. Accepts an invitation to pose: SITS FOR. Or watching the neighbor's children.

93. Calif. Christmas hrs.: PST. Pacific Standard Time

94. Poses in a yoga studio: ASANAS.

95. Lazy walrus, e.g., for short: STACHE.

How to Style [7:24]

96. Paper money: CASH.

97. Coral community: COLONY.

100. Assumed: GIVEN.

101. Marvin the Martian, e.g.: ALIEN.

Best of [6m]

104. Switzerland's capital: BERN.

105. Brief brief: MEMO. Memorandum in case we all forgot what memo is short for.

107. Signs: INKS.

108. NYC arena: MSG.

109. Possessive word: OUR.

111. Troy research univ.: RPI.

112. Missy Elliott genre: RAP.

113. Number of players in Battleship: TWO.

The Grid:
The Grid

My synopsis:
WOs: Larch -> BIRCH
ESPs: OTIS, LEA DeLaria, SAM Esmail, OSSA
Fav: Teleport was cute.

There you have it folks.
I hope you found all the Easter Eggs and don't find one with the mower in June :-)

Cheers, -T

Mar 30, 2024

Saturday, March 30, 2024, Jacob McDermott

 Saturday Themeless by Jacob McDermott

This a debut LA puzzle for Jacob and I was able to get through his 68-word construction in a very good time.

There were a few sticking points but, as usually happens on Saturdays, the long fills became obvious and allowed me to roll on to a satisfying conclusion. Even his very contemporary references fell with relative ease.


1. Game that's somewhat pointless?: SHUTOUT - Don Larsen's 1956 World Series perfect game SHUT OUT against the Dodgers is probably the most famous one of all. Other than that game he was only a journeyman pitcher at best but he did have his day in the sun.

8. Spanish language apps: TAPAS - Appetizers

13. Casserole nugget: TATER TOT.

15. Brightness: SMARTS 😀

17. Self-made person?: ALTER EGO - $4,500 will buy you a first edition of the most famous one in literature. 

18. Like some barbecue: KOREAN - This one is in Houston.

19. Dale: GLEN.

20. Competed like Kobayashi: ATE - At a July 4th eating competition. 

22. Dealt with: SAW TO.

23. Colorful wrap: SERAPE - Clint bought this himself and took it with him where he made the American western trilogy in Spain with an Italian director.

26. "The Hurting Kind" poet Limón: ADA.

28. Couple of bucks: DEER and 1. Couple of bucks: STAGS.

29. Loaded: ROLLING IN IT 😀

32. "No joke!": HONEST TO GOD.

33. Drain: SAP.

34. Texter's "Success!": FTW - Where I learned the phrase,  "I'll take Totie Fields For The Win." These days it's more likely to be said after the victory.

35. Pro certified in BLS: EMT - An EMT can give CPR as a part of BLS

36. Really bad situation: DIRE STRAITS.

39. Home of Fangorn Forest and the Misty Mountains: MIDDLE EARTH - From Lord Of The Rings

40. "__ plaisir!": AVEC - With pleasure in Français

41. First name in rational egoism: AYN Wanna know more?

42. Lineup at a charging station: TESLAS.

47. Where workers cut the mustard?: DELIS 😀

49. Shakshouka ingredient: EGG - I first saw shakshouka in a 
Stella Zawistowski puzzle I blogged four years ago.

51. Storm antecedent, perhaps: CALM.

52. Tolerates: ABIDES - I have trouble ABIDING obscure names crossing each other in a puzzle, but I soldier on.

54. Teen drama starring Zendaya: EUPHORIA.

57. 1977 Travolta role: MANERO - John lost 20 lbs to play Tony MANERO

58. Home inspection concern: RADON GAS Here ya go

59. Showed again: RERAN - This is show is credited with being first to do this during the time Lucy was pregnant.

60. "Feel me?": CAPEESH - The Americanization of the Italian phrase.


2. "Ungodly Hour" R&B duo Chloe x __: HALLE More info on this sister act

3. Unqualified: UTTER.

4. Singer __ Marie: TEENA.

5. Bobby in an iconic Stanley Cup Final photo: ORR - that led to this statue in Boston 

6. Four Corners Native: UTE.

7. Pilate's wear: TOGA - Not what you wear to a pilate's class. 😀

Pilate, "Ecce Homo"

8. Verbal headshake: TSK.

9. Famous name in cookies: AMOS.

10. Models: PARADIGMS - I have seen many PARADIGM shifts in education over my many decades of teaching. Some were useful and some were failures.

11. "Right?": ARE WE NOT- ARE WE NOT crossword fans?

12. Card handed to a TSA agent: STATE ID.

14. Rando: TOTAL STRANGER - Jay Leno's hilarious encounters with rando(m) strangers.

16. Quick drink: SNORT.
21. Wikipedia tussle: EDIT WAR.

24. Set in motion: PROPEL.

25. Unit of time often used hyperbolically: EON.

27. Pangolin snack: ANT - Two pangolins at a buffet

30. T-Boz and Chilli bandmate: LEFT EYE - If you're a fan, you know who's who

31. "Faust" dramatist: GOETHE - A first edition for $7,500

32. Apple press release?: HARD CIDER 😀

33. Bench: SIDELINE - Some players can be SIDELINED by an injury which will put them on the bench

36. Source of cheap shots?: DIVE BAR - Happy Bottom Riding Club was a DIVE BAR near Edwards Air Force Base where lots of early test pilots, including Chuck Yeager, hung out. It was featured in the movie The Right Stuff

37. Irish __: SEA - Most say this "pie in the sky" bridge will never be built for financial, geographical and political reasons.

38. Wednesday's cousin: ITT - Halloween costumes

39. Formal address: MADAM.

43. Rock cake kin: SCONE.

44. Cup size: LARGE.

45. Protective cover?: ALIAS - George Costanza's favorite

46. Big hit: SMASH.

48. Transfusion fluids: SERA SERA vs Plasma

50. Avo dip: GUACamole 

53. "Bye, __": farewell from a buffalo's dad, in a classic joke: SON.
55. Shared intimacy, briefly: PDA - Public Display of Affection 

56. Brewer's unit: HOP - Not a measure just an ingredient. 

HOPS is a, uh, growing crop in Nebraska