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Nov 17, 2019

Sunday November 17, 2019 Pam Amick Klawitter

Theme: "Dined In" - ATE sound is added to each theme entry, changing spelling as needed.

22A. Note to self before appearing on "America's Got Talent"?: CAPTIVATE AUDIENCE. Captive audience.
59A. Ancient Greek warrior's pet monkey?: AMAZON PRIMATE. Amazon Prime.

79A. Try to cure the effects of a skunk invasion on a semi?: AERATE FREIGHT. Air freight.

118A. Best Reader Award winner?: PICK OF THE LITERATE. Pick of the litter.

15D. "That's not a baby bump?"?: SURELY YOU GESTATE. Surely you jest.

37D. Liven up the science fair?: ACTIVATE VOLCANOS. Active volcanos. I use "volcanoes".

There's an extra "Dined in" sound in 79A, though different spelling. 

Only 6 themers, but they're mostly very long. We have a total 105 theme squares. About our average.


1. Arctic "snowshoe" critters: HARES. Snowshoe hare.

6. Musical Mama: CASS.

10. Meter users: BARDS. Poetic meter.

15. Bit of beer, say: SIP.

18. Cluster of stars?: A-LIST. Well, this is a great cluster, except that he has Kevin Spacey.

19. Myanmar, at one time: BURMA.

20. Look forward to: AWAIT.

21. Colorful card game: UNO.

25. MGM rival: RKO.

26. Tile setter, often: KNEELER.

27. Firing offense?: ARSON. Oldie but goodie.

28. Well-mannered: GENTEEL. C'est tres gentil!

30. Bits of energy: ERGS.

32. Stable dwellers: MARES.

34. Dresses down: SCOLDS.

35. "What do you __?": MEAN.

39. Where to find Reubens and Cubans: DELI. Never had a Cuban sandwich before.

41. They're in the air: GASES.

43. Today, to Tomás: HOY. And  4. 90° from norte: ESTE. 36. Mes con 31 días: ENERO. 81. Spanish 101 word: ERES.

44. Coop up in a coop: ENCAGE. I use CAGE.

46. Take a load off: EASE.

48. Cry out loud: SOB.

50. Soapmaking compounds: LYES.

53. Put a damper on: DETER.

54. Gospel travelers: MAGI. 94D. One of the 54-Across: CASPAR.

55. Fire sign: FLAME.

57. Not just primary, as an heir: SOLE.

58. Uzi's brother in "The Royal Tenenbaums": ARI. No idea. You can read more here.

63. Take advantage of: USE.

64. Place to see X's and O's: LOVE NOTE.

66. Witch: CRONE.

67. Like the soles of walking boots: RIDGED.

69. Put on a pedestal: ADORE.

70. Cinematic Sergio: LEONE. Spaghetti Western. "Once Upon a Time in the West", etc.

71. Actor's nickname that sounds like a golf term: BOGIE. Humphrey Bogart.

72. Posy pieces: PETALS.

74. '90s candidate who opposed NAFTA: PEROT.

75. Walter Reed hospital city: BETHESDA.

78. Night before the big day: EVE.

82. Carol opener: TIS.

83. Jeans name: LEVI. D-Otto's brand.

85. Like some probes: LUNAR.

86. "LOTR" menaces: ORCS. The Lord of the Rings.

87. Leaders: HEADS.

89. Jumbo tail?: TRON. Jumbotron.

90. Vicious with a bass: SID. Sid Vicious was a bassist.

91. Pea opener in toons?: SWEE. Swee'Pea. Popeye's kid.

92. Fly over Africa: TSETSE. Thank God they do not fly over our head.

93. Express opp.: LOC. Local.

95. __ academy: NAVAL.

98. Go a round or two: SPAR.

100. Many August births: LEOS.

101. Spa offering: FACIAL.

104. Rope maker's supply: SISAL.

106. Tried to make up for lost time: SPED.

108. Part of it is now a desert: ARAL SEA.

110. Whale tracker: SONAR.

112. Short end of the stick: RAW DEAL.

117. Cru output: VIN.

121. Classic auto: REO.

122. Adjust: ALTER.

123. Cybersales: E-TAIL. Have any of you tried Uniqclo or Everlane?

124. Noted 2001 bankruptcy: ENRON.

125. Solid start?: ESS. Solid.

126. Word in a Morton Salt motto: RAINS.

127. Thin change: DIME.

128. 1951 Reagan co-star: BONZO.


1. Modern-day break-in: HACK.

2. Snape portrayer Rickman: ALAN.

3. Ready in the field: RIPE. The Asian store had a few cut-up pieces of jackfruit on sale the other day. Carmen (my pal in Guangzhou) told me that it tasted more like durian rather than pineapple. So I was expecting the melt-in-your-mouth taste of durian. So disappointed.


5. Way through a fence: STILE.

6. "Scene's over!": CUT.

7. 51, for one: AREA.

8. Insincere flattery: SMARM.

9. Pepperoni alternative: SAUSAGE. These are  Guangzhou-style sausages. Best in the world.

10. ... Fitzgerald, __, Milhous ...: BAINES. JFK, LBJ, Nixon.

11. Stunned state: AWE.

12. Summoned to the door: RANG.

13. Does some meal prep: DICES.

14. Foul quality: STENCH.

16. Signed: INKED.

17. Backyard amenities: POOLS. Not in our yard.

19. Canal craft: BARGE.

23. Mesa __ National Park: VERDE.

24. Toon adventurer: DORA.

29. They get the job done: TOOLS.

31. Scandalous stuff: SLEAZE.

33. With 52-Down, bagel flavoring: SESAME. 52. See 33-Down: SEED.

35. Competition carrot: MEDAL. Reward "carrot".

38. Dundee denial: NAE.

40. "I hate the Moor" speaker: IAGO. 70. "Why, then, __ soldier drink!": 40-Down: LET A.

42. Victoria's Secret competitor: SOMA. Have yet to try this brand.

45. Hiker's handful: GRANOLA.

47. More honest: SINCERER.

49. Promise to marry: BETROTH.

51. End of an ultimatum: ELSE.

54. Down Under bud: MATE.

55. Hot concert spot: FRONT ROW.

56. No surprise to a Disney World arrival: LINE.  Gary knows full well.

60. Delightful bites: MORSELS.

61. Prosecutor's burden: PROOF.

62. Pieces of pie, often: EIGHTHS.

65. Educator LeShan: EDA.

68. Common game piece: DIE.

71. More than just asks: BEGS.

72. Hide in the forest?: PELT. Noun "hide".

73. Happily-after link: EVER.

74. Critters with black eye patches: PANDAS.

75. Guns that don't shoot: BICEPS. Must have been photoshopped.

76. Playground comeback: DID SO.

77. Pack animals: ASSES.

80. Machu Picchu or Chichén Itzá: RUIN.

84. How tuna might be packed: IN OIL. And 88. Skinny swimmer: EEL. Not a fan of tuna. But love roasted eels.

91. Not straight up: SLANTED.

92. Pleasant surprise: TREAT.

96. Golfers' headgear: VISORS.

97. Beginning with: AS OF.

99. 102-Down month: APRIL. 102. Fire sign: ARIES.

101. Pro Football Hall of Fame QB Brett: FAVRE. Was a Viking for a short period of time.

103. "The Pearl Fishers" priestess: LEILA. Another unknown.

105. "The Good Fight" actress: LAHTI (Christine)

107. Social misfit: DWEEB.

109. When the story starts on stage: ACT I.

111. Copy paper purchase: REAM.

113. Early Bond foe: DR NO.

114. Pull down: EARN.

115. Familiar gamut: A TO Z.

116. Car-collecting comic: LENO.

119. "Country Music" chronicler Burns: KEN.

120. Bit of perjury: LIE.


Nov 10, 2019

Sunday November 10, 2019 Ed Sessa

Theme: "Fowl Play" - Punning on various fowl-related words.

23. Action at a coop dance?: POULTRY IN MOTION. Poetry in motion.

39. Nestling tossed out of a bar?: BOUNCED CHICK. Bounced check. Vivid image.

47. Story subtitled "Murder Most Fowl"?: THE FRYER'S TALE. The Friar's Tale.

66. Rooster's wake-up call?: ALARM CLUCK. Alarm clock.

69. Tiny hatchling group?: MICRO BROOD. Microbrew.

88. What fussy hens do?: PECK AND CHOOSE. Pick and choose.

97. Fowl haulin' a semi?: CAPON TRUCKIN'. Keep on truckin'.

117. "Rooster Wars" sequel in which Hen Solo rescues Princess Layer?: THE BANTAM MENACE. The Phantom Menace (Star Wars)

I don't recall such a fowl play theme before. Ed always comes up with original & fun themes. Ed is also a very accomplished themeless constructor, so his Sunday grids are often filled with sparkly long-fill. The paralleled 2/3-Down & 83/84-Down are good examples.

I never quite get a handle of punning them. It's D-Otto's domain. Mine often lacks "surface sense".


1. Alerts that may lead to roadblocks, briefly: APBS.

5. Bela Lugosi was buried in one: CAPE. IMDb says "He was buried in a Dracula costume, including a cape, but not the ones used in the 1931 film...".

9. Orkney components: ISLES.

14. Egg boiler's aid: TIMER.

19. Ball game: POLO. Can you clue GOLF as [Ball game] also?

20. "You said it!": AMEN.

21. Steel plow pioneer: DEERE.

22. Ask for "fish 'n' chips," say: ELIDE.

26. Catkin producer: ALDER. There's a Green Alder in our neighbor's yard that has lots of catkins.

27. Make a bundle farming?: SHEAVE. Nice clue. Spitzboov made lots of bundle farming.

28. Fella: GUY.

29. The Tempter: SATAN.

31. __ fide: BONA.

32. D.C. fundraisers: PACS.

33. Confederacy foe: UNION.

35. See 16-Down: ITO. 16. With 35-Across, Japanese Olympian: MIDORI.

36. Guitarist Clapton: ERIC.

37. Primo: A ONE.

38. Car in a '60s hit: GTO.

43. Eggy quaff: NOG. Boomer likes Tom and Jerry. It has eggnog. Now he can't have alcohol due to the oral chemo.

44. Mad fad: MANIA.

46. Silver, to Long John: TREASURE.

50. Cotton Club site: HARLEM. Unfamiliar with the club.

54. Imam's faith: ISLAM.

55. Towels off gently: PATS DRY.

58. Neutral tone: BEIGE.

59. Part of a house profile: ROOFLINE. OK, this edge.

63. Puffin relative: AUK. Are these puffins or auks? So cute.

65. Gp. with many sub-par members: PGA. Another great clue.

73. Promgoer's concern: ZIT.

74. Television station?: DEN. Where TV is stationed.

75. One of two on a three-speed: BIKE TIRE.

76. Inuit transport: UMIAK.

79. Income for Inc., say: AD SPACE.

82. Tailor: ALTER.

86. Unleash a tirade: LET RIP.

92. Intermittent drip cause: SLOW LEAK. So glad our garage ceiling leak is fixed.

95. Ristorante potful: SAUCE.

96. Home-school link: Abbr.: PTA.

101. Some boxing wins: KOS.

102. Disappearing ski resort feature: T BAR.

103. Saudi Arabia neighbor: OMAN.

104. 42-Down's leg count: TEN. 42. Seabed sidler: CRAB.

105. Breathers?: NOSES.

107. Smack, as a mosquito: SWAT.

108. Start to meter or liter: DECI. Tenth.

109. Anarchist in 1921 news: SACCO. Forgot. We had this guy before.

112. Voluminous ref. work: OED.

113. Canine complaints: WHINES.

115. Wes Craven film locale: Abbr.: ELM ST.

120. Herder's rope: RIATA.

121. Sun: Pref.: HELIO.

122. Sentiment-al piece?: OPED.

123. What beavers do: GNAW.

124. Have a feeling: SENSE.

125. Auto bust: EDSEL. Collectible for some.

126. What's going on: NEWS.

127. Deserve: EARN.


1. Phone programs: APPS.

2. Plays down: POOH-POOHS. 3. Navy aerobatic team member: BLUE ANGEL. Gorgeous pairs. See also 83. Head honcho: TOP BANANA. And 84. London station wagon: ESTATE CAR.

4. Pain relief: SOLACE.

5. Give a hoot: CARE.

6. "Clueless" director Heckerling: AMY.

7. Loose dressing gown: PEIGNOIR.

8. Same old same old feeling: ENNUI.

9. Promise sealed with a kiss: I DO.

10. Board-and-pieces units: SETS.

11. Sister of Luke: LEIA.

12. X-rated works: EROTICA.

13. Legislative councils: SENATES.

14. Leaves in a cup: TEA.

15. "You know where to find me": I'LL BE HERE. So grateful for my blog friends, who are always an email away for me.

17. Like paradise: EDENIC.

18. Start another eight-ball game: RE-RACK.

24. Controversial "babysitters": TVS.

25. Brief warning to a busybody: MYOB.

30. "Like, obviously!": NO DUH.

33. Eclectic magazine: UTNE. Don't think I want to read it with this cover.

34. Write, as music: NOTATE.

37. Naysayer: ANTI.

38. Part of LGBTQ: GAY.

40. Online addresses: URLS.

41. Scholarship consideration: NEED.

44. 1983 Keaton film: MR MOM. Michael Keaton.

45. Jelly garnish: ASPIC.

48. "M*A*S*H" actor Jamie: FARR.

49. Go south: TANK.

51. Fat-reducing procedure, briefly: LIPO.

52. Thick & Fluffy waffle brand: EGGO.

53. Beverage that goes back millennia: MEAD.

56. Speed competition: RACE.

57. Mongolian tent: YURT. Modern yurt.

60. Monk's condition, in the TV show: OCD.

61. No friend of Fido: FLEA.

62. Swedish university city: LUND. Never heard of it.

64. Colorful pond fish: KOI.

66. Color of el mar: AZUL. Color of the sea.

67. Mojito component: LIME.

68. Having a spat: AT IT.

69. "The __": classic Yankee nickname: MICK. Mantle.

70. Furniture stores that sell meatballs: IKEAS.

71. Astronomer Tycho __: BRAHE.

72. Move, in real estate lingo: RELO.

75. Start to parallel park: BACK IN.

77. Torchbearers?: ARSONISTS. Nice clue also.

78. Firing site: KILN.

80. Blueprint detail: SPEC.

81. Crowning point: PEAK.

85. End of the line: REAR.

87. Annie who voiced Bo Peep in "Toy Story": POTTS.

89. Man, in a Desmond Morris best-seller: NAKED APE.

90. Tango groups: DUOS.

91. Emails a dupe to: CCS. For past tense, do you use CC'd or CC'ed?

93. Encircle, as with a lei: WREATHE.

94. Had a midday meal: LUNCHED.

97. Video game makers: CODERS.

98. 2001 Audrey Tautou title role: AMELIE. Cute film.

99. Game with ghosts: PAC MAN.

100. High time?: NOON.

102. Minor pain: TWINGE.

106. __ Hall: SETON.

107. Mae West's "__ Done Him Wrong": SHE. Learning moment for me also.

110. Disney collectibles: CELS.

111. Tony relative: OBIE.

113. Iraq War concerns, briefly: WMDS.

114. In stitches: SEWN.

116. __ kwon do: TAE.

118. 2015 Verizon acquisition: AOL.

119. Feline call: MEW.

Happy 73rd birthday to dear Husker Gary's wife Joann and her twin sister Joyce. Here they're with their mom Martha. Joann is truly special. She takes great care of all her loved ones. I'll never forget her strength and devotion last time when Gary was in trouble.

Nov 3, 2019

Sunday November 3, 2019 David Alfred Bywaters

Theme:  "Don't Miss the Finale" (Final e)  - E is added to the end of each familiar phrase.
23. Coiffure created using a mirror?: SELF-MADE MANE. Self-made man.

25. Catholic leader appealing to a younger demographic?: TEEN POPE. Teen pop.  Wiki says "Pope John XI (931–935) was 20 at the beginning of his papacy. Youngest pope.
41. Aggressive tie feature?: POWER STRIPE. Power strip.

46. Becoming a full-grown dog?: PUPPY FATE. Puppy fat.

66. Topper for a tiny barn?: MINI VANE. Mini van.

70. Result of a hotel sprinkler malfunction?: WET SUITE. Wet suit.

89. Abundant greens?: BUNNY HOPE. Bunny hop.

92. Sleazy bar offering?: INSTANT WINE. Instant win.

112. Sad Rogaine result?: DOWN PATE. Down pat. Fun image.

114. Superhero beachwear?: SWIMMING CAPE. Swimming cap. Should have avoided 16. Gown complement: CAP.
All the added E's are silent. No syllable is added to any of the entries. Did I miss any other layer?

Heavy themage. Total 10. Yet David still manages a 140-worder.


1. Apes: MIMICS.

7. Wise advisers: SAGES.

12. "That's how it __!": GOES.

19. Parks with games: ARENAS.

20. Plane figure: PILOT. I'm glad the Southwest pilot camera was just a joke. Scary.

21. Emotion linked to schadenfreude: ENVY.

22. "'I __ you liked your drink,' sez Gunga Din": OPE. Hope. And 90. Luck, to the Bard: HAP.

27. Pry: SNOOP.

28. Nailed: ACED.

29. School support gps.: PTAS.

31. '50s TV innovation: COLOR. My dad got us one in the late 1980s.

32. Longing: YEN.

33. Slender bit of stemware: FLUTE. This is Chinese flute Dizi.

35. Woos: COURTS.

37. Branch of Islam: SHIA.

38. One often seen in a parlor: PIANO. Our editor Rich Norris is a piano player.

39. Establish firmly: ENROOT.

40. Coll. major: ENG.

49. Soft leathers: SUEDES.

50. Convert to ready money: CASH IN.

52. Pharma offerings: MEDS.

53. Downed: ATE. And 63. Much party food: SNACKS. Guangzhou's 7-Eleven stores have wonderful snacks. I really miss those sticky rice dumplings.

54. Game with plenty of kicks: SOCCER.

57. Extremity: END.

58. Window coolers: ACS.

59. Some pvt. equity ventures: LBOS.

61. Ejection: OUSTER.

69. Not Rep. or Dem.: IND. And 45D. Strongly favoring one side: PARTISAN.

72. Termination: DEMISE.

73. Two trios: SESTET. Six.

75. Alike, in Arles: EGAL.

76. Tats: INK.

77. Letters on a tap: IPA. Beer tap.

79. Basilica display: MOSAIC.

82. Challenge to "You're wrong!": AM I

83. Horse hue: ROAN.

85. "Manic" time in a 1986 hit: MONDAY. Manic Monday.

87. Duped: FOOLED.

95. WWII carrier: LST.

96. Krishna, for Vishnu: AVATAR.

98. Events with vandalism: RIOTS.

99. Surprised greeting: OH HI.

101. Small size: PETITE. Do any of you shop at Express?

102. "Inferno" part: CANTO.

103. Wall et al.: Abbr.: STS.

106. Signs: OMENS.

108. Bento box staple: RICE. Japanese moms spend lots of time on their kids' bento box.

109. Sulk: POUT.

110. Inborn: NATAL.

117. Period: ERA.

118. Part of Xerxes I's realm, nowadays: IRAN. The king in "300". He has lots of piercings in the movie.

119. Where sailors go: TO SEA.

120. Called from a sty: OINKED.

121. "L.A. Law" actress: DEY (Susan)

122. Audition cry: NEXT.

123. Reactions to mosquitoes: SWATS. Mosquitoes here in MN are vicious.

124. Derisive looks: SNEERS.


1. Sizable: MASSY. Not a word I use.

2. Goddess of peace: IRENE.

3. Fruit served in balls: MELON.

4. Dope: INFO. Thanks for the info on your smart vacuums. I'll stick to dumb one.

5. Settings for many ghost stories: CAMPFIRES.

6. U.S. number-issuing agcy.: SSA.

7. Ronnie of the Ronettes: SPECTOR. Unfamiliar to me. The singer with the second tallest hair?

8. Actress Anouk: AIMEE.

9. Pleased: GLAD.

10. Geological period: EON.

11. Squish: STEP ON.

12. Elude: GET AROUND.

13. Convenient, as shopping: ONE-STOP. Tiny ONE dupe: 43. Tyke: WEE ONE.

14. Night before: EVE.

15. Coordinate audio and video: SYNC. My iPod Classic sometimes triggers the "Power surge on the USB port" error. Do any of you use a powered USB hub? Dell says I need one for 11-year-old iPod.

16. Asset in a crisis: COOL HEAD.

17. Names (to): APPOINTS.

18. House of Lords group: PEERAGE.

24. Frighten: DAUNT.

26. Places to buy stamps: Abbr.: POS. Post Offices.

30. Romanticized 18th-century highwayman Dick: TURPIN. Wiki says he's an "English highwayman whose exploits were romanticized following his execution in York for horse theft."

34. Dogie catcher: LASSO.

35. Middling grades: CEES.

36. Frequent auto race sponsor: STP.

38. One on foot, in signs: PED.

41. One of a Biblical 150: PSALM.

42. Offer more than: OUTBID.

44. Clinches: ICES.

47. Workout ctrs.: YMCAS.

48. Grass used on some golf greens: FESCUE. Never heard of the term.

51. Sheep tender: HERDSMAN.

55. Baskin-Robbins buy: CONE.

56. Word with stick or ball: CUE.

58. Army-forming insect: ANT.

60. Like a monkey: SIMIAN.

62. OKC-to-Tulsa dir.: ENE.

63. "Go __ Watchman": Harper Lee novel: SET A.

64. Rwanda's capital: KIGALI.

65. Pollen producer: STAMEN.

67. Title Brooklyn lawyer in an Alabama courtroom: VINNY. "My Cousin Vinny".

68. Want as a price: ASK.

70. Jazz guitarist Montgomery: WES.

71. Leave out, in speech: ELIDE.

74. Little dogs: TOYS.

77. In a hurry, maybe: IMPATIENT.

78. Appropriate for versification: POETIC.

80. Otherwise: IF NOT.

81. 18th/19th-century agricultural innovation: COTTON GIN. Eli Whitney invented it. Handpicking cotton is hard on hands.

83. Mount with carved heads: RUSHMORE.

84. Coming: ON THE WAY.

86. Ominous: DIRE.

88. Paper cut cries: OWS.

89. Full-__: purebred: BLOODED.

91. More than exhaust: OVERTAX.

93. Psychological wounds: TRAUMAS. Has any of you read Sebastian Junger's "Tribe"?

94. "__ a stinker?": Bugs Bunny: AIN'T I.

97. Manhattan Project projects: A TESTS.

100. Quaint stopover: INN.

102. Heavenly body with a tail: COMET.

103. Vampire's undoing: STAKE.

104. Slim candle: TAPER.

105. Flexible Flyers, e.g.: SLEDS.

107. PR firm's forte: SPIN.

109. Leaning Tower site: PISA. My favorite Pisa guy.

111. Common adolescent affliction: ACNE.

113. "You __ here": ARE.

115. "Golly!": WOW.

116. Refusals: NOS.


Oct 27, 2019

Sunday October 27, 2019 Robin Stears

Theme: - "What About Bob?" - Each theme entry is in the pattern of B* O* B*.


34. Colorful Bobby Vinton album (and hit song): BLUE ON BLUE.

49. 1936 Edward G. Robinson gangster film: BULLETS OR BALLOTS.

68. Sun metaphor: BIG ORANGE BALL.

89. Make extreme efforts: BEND OVER BACKWARD.

103. 1998 Stephen King "haunted love story": BAG OF BONES.

118. "You're in my space, pal!": BACK OFF, BUSTER!

Great to see Robin back.

The middle O's are all different. That's the key to this theme.

Do you feel this puzzle is more challenging than our normal Sundays?


1. Narratives of deeds: ACTA. Waited for cosses.

5. Dental alloys: AMALGAMS.

13. Hamlet relative: VILLAGE. Not Shakespeare's Hamlet.

20. Bubbly name: MOET.

21. Attacked aggressively: TORE INTO.

22. It's usually taken in twos: ASPIRIN.

25. He plays Armstrong in "First Man": GOSLING (Ryan) 

26. Cub : bear :: cria : __: LLAMA.

27. Not quite cuatro: TRES. 4/3.

28. Relative of tsk: TUT.

29. Silent letters?: ASL. "Handy talk: Abbr." is another way to mislead us.

30. Article in Die Zeit: EIN.

31. English class assignment: ESSAY.

38. Certain flower cultivator: ROSARIAN. Oh, one who cultivates roses.

40. Town __: CRIER.

42. Eur. land on the Atlantic: POR. Portugal.

43. Gravlax herb: DILL. Wiki said "Gravlax" is a Nordic dish consisting of raw salmon, cured in salt, sugar, and dill."  I love pickled herrings. I probably will like this too.

44. Perform at the Improv, say: AD LIB.

45. Blows: ERUPTS.

55. Troon turndowns: NAES. Scottish for "no".

56. It borders three oceans: ASIA.

57. Carpet layer's concern: AREA. Do you guys all use those robot vacuums? Are they good?

58. Entirely fill: SATE.

59. Fine-tunes: HONES.

60. Baseball's "Stan the Man": MUSIAL.

63. Gillian's role on "The X-Files": DANA.

65. Justification: REASON.

67. Finesse: ART.

73. Like sashimi: RAW. Steve makes his own sushi rolls. Not sure of sashimi.

75. Currency replaced by the euro: PESETA.

77. Two-master: YAWL.

78. Search for provisions: FORAGE.

80. Waiter's handouts: MENUS.

81. Medication container: VIAL.

85. Usher: LEAD.

87. Sign sometimes upsetting: OMEN.

88. Clobber: DRUB.

93. Shoot for, with "to": ASPIRE.

95. Use a password, say: LOG IN. Test your internet speed here. Go! What's your number? I don't think any of you can top TTP.

96. 1985 movie with three possible endings: CLUE.

97. Asian holiday: TET. January 25, 2020.

98. Something in the air: AROMA.

99. Lemonade-and-lager drinks: SHANDIES. Not a term familiar o me.

107. Mike __, "Glee" character: CHANG. Also unknown to me.

108. "United Shades of America" channel: CNN.

109. "Xanadu" gp.: ELO.

110. Pub pal: LAD.

111. "Lucky Guy" playwright Ephron: NORA.

113. "Band of Gold" singer Payne: FREDA. Read more here.

115. Help: BENEFIT.

122. Like many a covered bridge: ONE LANE.

123. Selfish: EGOISTIC.

124. Saltimbocca meat: VEAL.

125. Time frames: PERIODS.

126. Property tax payer, e.g.: ASSESSEE. Expensive to live in Guangzhou now. Carmen's apartment is about 540 square feet, cost RMB1,500,000 (about $211,000). And she lives in the suburb. The downtown prices are forbidding.

127. Links numbers: PARS.


1. "Epitaph for a Spy" author Eric: AMBLER.

2. "Gangsta's Paradise" rapper: COOLIO. We had him before. This one is easy: 16. Rapper __ Nas X: LIL.

3. AFC South team: TEXANS.

4. Elementary particle: ATOM.

5. DOJ division: ATF.

6. Miss Piggy tagline: MOI.

7. Trig function: ARC TAN.

8. Suspicious: LEERY.

9. Taunt: GIBE.

10. Muchos meses: ANOS. Many months.

11. "Newhart" production co.: MTM.

12. Audible sign of distress: SOB.

13. Hard to pin down: VAGUE.

14. U-235 and C-14: ISOTOPES.

15. Records in a collection: LPS.

17. Sans-serif typeface: ARIAL.

18. Infomercial cutlery brand: GINSU.

19. Author Madeleine L'__: ENGLE. "A Wrinkle in Time" author.

24. Spenser's "The __ Queene": FAERIE.

28. Round-bodied flatfish: TURBOT. Another stranger.

32. Bank deposit: SILT.

33. Huevos rancheros condiment: SALSA.

34. Collector's items?: BILLS.

35. Girl in Byron's "Don Juan": LEILA.

36. Postal creed word: NOR.

37. Former Alabama-based grocery chain: BRUNO'S. Wiki says "The chain was acquired by Birmingham-based Belle Foods which discontinued the brand in 2012" .

39. He lost to Ike twice: ADLAI (Stevenson)

40. Pool room: CABANA.

41. Nutritional amt.: RDA.

46. Broad view: PANORAMA.

47. Many a "Stranger Things" character: TEENAGER.

48. Old draft org.: SSS.

49. Ole Miss rival: BAMA.

50. Ones taking things the wrong way: USURPERS.

51. "I'm only going to say this once": LISTEN UP.

52. Great Seal word: ORDO. Novus ordo seclorum.

53. Raise: REAR.

54. Giga- x 1,000: TERA.

59. Angels baseball cap feature: HALO.

61. Five-spots: ABES.

62. Inebriated: LIT.

64. Whatever or whichever: ANY.

66. Polar worker: ELF.

69. Yielded: GAVE.

70. Ore that's a source of silver: GALENA.

71. Piece in a still-life: EWER.

72. Tell all: BLAB.

74. Make (one's way): WEND.

76. Suddenly, in music: SUBITO. No idea.

79. Crossed the lake, in a way: ROWED.

80. "Jerry's Kids" telethon org.: MDA. OK. Muscular Dystrophy Association.

82. Not near the coast: INLAND.

83. Cherish: ADORE.

84. Apple's apple and Target's target: LOGOS.

86. Russian cottage: DACHA.

89. Wager without looking at one's cards: BET BLIND. One moire learning moment.

90. Energetic spirit: VIM.

91. Close-knit group: CLAN.

92. Panda's skill, in a 2008 film: KUNG FU.

94. Foul caller: REF.

99. Vertical mine accesses: SHAFTS.

100. Summer cooler: ICE TEA.

101. Win the love of: ENDEAR.

102. Corgi complaints: SNARLS.

103. Name probably derived from scat singing: BEBOP.

104. Coeur d'__: ALENE.

105. Hopeless case: GONER.

106. "them" author: OATES. Joyce Carol Oates.

107. Snappish: CROSS.

111. Barracks bosses, briefly: NCOS.

112. "The Grapes of Wrath" figure: OKIE.

114. Invitation letters: RSVP.

116. Peyton's quarterback brother: ELI.

117. __ Schwarz: FAO.

118. Actress Arthur: BEA.

119. Reno and others: Abbr.: AGS.

120. Shakespearean cry of disgust: FIE.

121. Pre-A.D.: BCE.

Happy 72nd birthday to Boomer, the absolute center of my universe. He had two treatments on a Friday morning last month, then in the afternoon he went to coach the kids again. He takes his coaching responsibilities very seriously. Three times a week, he's always there. And of course, he's been here for us every Monday, even when he was going the daily radiation.

We went to Mystic Lake the day on Friday as the casino is always a zoo on weekends. Boomer loves the nickel poker there. 

Boomer, 10/25/2019
The buffet is also fantastic.  Here is my plate. The big pile in front is coleslaw (red cabbage, carrot, walnut and cranberry). So good. I went back for seconds. The one on top left is Cajun Salmon (a bit dry), the white in the middle is cod. A few slices of radish with guacamole. Then a slice of char siu, so delicious! Then some kind of Italian pasta salad. Orzo, I think. At the end of the fork is a piece of  marinated artichoke.