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Jul 5, 2020

Sunday July 5th, 2020 Ed Sessa

Theme: "The Magnificent Seven" - The first word in each theme entry can follow "grand".
23A. *Pro in a ring: PRIZE FIGHTER. Grand prize.

36A. *Challenge for a hopeful collegian: ENTRANCE EXAM. Grand entrance.

55A *Multi-faceted stage performance: SLAM POETRY. Grand slam.

77A. *Military stint: TOUR OF DUTY. Grand tour.

94A. *Act of genius: MASTER STROKE. Grandmaster.

16D. *1977 Eagles hit: HOTEL CALIFORNIA. Grand Hotel.

44D. *Liszt list, e.g.: PIANO REPERTOIRE. Grand piano.


111. Ribbon-cutting event, or what the starts of the answers to starred clues can have: GRAND OPENING.

We have not seen "words that can precede/follow" Sunday theme type for a while. Rich normally saves the type for weekdays.

Such a clever title.

1. Graf with 22 Grand Slam singles titles: STEFFI.

7. Epcot's Spaceship Earth, e.g.: GLOBE.

12. Sacha Baron Cohen alter ego: ALI G.

16. Part of HMS: HER.

19. Soup dish: TUREEN. This looks quite delicate.

20. Like many feedbag cereals: OATEN.

21. NFL analyst Tony: ROMO.

22. Big name in kitchen gadgets: OXO. D-Otto's brand.

25. Helped throw a party: CO-HOSTED.

27. Boxers' org.?: AKC. Great clue. We also have 29. Boxer's wound: GASH.

28. Birth day ordeal: LABOR.

31. Clock watchers: IDLERS.

32. Bygone Russian ruler: TSARINA.

34. Sonic the Hedgehog creator: SEGA.

35. Math class for coll. credit: AP CALC.

40. Footnote abbr.: OP CIT.

42. Removes fasteners from: UNPEGS.

45. Hand-rubbing chuckle: HEH.

46. Trawler's catch: SHRIMP. Most of the shrimp we eat are probably from some farms.

48. Firewood option: ASH.

49. Title for Marian: MAID. Maid Marian. Robin Hood.

50. Reacts with obvious pleasure: BEAMS.

52. Comply with: OBEY.

53. Pet peeve?: FLEA. And 54. Cap-and-crown org.?: ADA. 105. Winter coat?: SNOW.

58. Believer: THEIST.

60. Least amt.: MIN.

61. Reasons against: CONS.

62. Lands' End department: MEN'S.

63. Barrier __: REEF.

64. Historic toolmaking period: IRON AGE.

66. Practices, as a trade: PLIES.

68. Eyes and ears: SENSORS.

71. Chocolate-caramel candy brand: ROLO.

72. Industrial arts class, informally: SHOP.

73. Actor Cumming of "The Good Wife": ALAN.

74. River inlet: RIA.

75. International economic coalition: G SEVEN.

80. One of the Bobbsey twins: NAN.

81. Valley with cellars and sellers: NAPA. Extra homophone touch.

82. On the fence: TORN.

84. Loathing: ODIUM.

85. "__ Misbehavin'": Fats Waller song: AIN'T.

86. Suffix with glob: ULE.

87. Ingratiates oneself (to), with "up": COZIES.

89. The NBA's Magic: ORL.

90. Leave the larval stage: PUPATE. Not a word I use.

92. __-Croatian language: SERBO.

97. Plant-based sugar substitute: STEVIA. Boomer uses it occasionally.

99. Charged atoms: IONS.

100. Earliest work in a musical chronology: OPUS ONE.

104. One making amends: ATONER.

106. Afghan capital: KABUL.

108. Initialism for some time away from work: LOA. OK, Leave of Absence. Give [Hawaii's Mauna ___] a rest.

109. Met a monthly obligation: PAID RENT.

114. Canon initials: SLR.

115. Singer from County Donegal: ENYA.

116. Like many roofs: EAVED.

117. Parking garage designation: A LEVEL.

118. Just make, with "out": EKE.

119. Insect repellent: DEET.

120. Gushes: SPEWS.

121. Forensic competition: DEBATE. I'm not familiar with this meaning of "forensics".


1. Mar. 17 figure: ST PAT.

2. Ankara natives: TURKS. 4. Topper for 2-Down: FEZ.

3. "Fear of Flying" author Jong: ERICA.

5. Premonition: FEELING.

6. Hospital deliveries: INFANTS.

7. Disco era word: GO GO.

8. Lion player Bert: LAHR. Never saw "The Wizard of Oz" until I came to the US. We had our first TV in late 1980s. By then, Hong Kong movies were all the rage.

9. 5'9" Giant Mel: OTT.

10. Disco band brother: BEE GEE.

11. Makes hopping mad: ENRAGES.

12. Foot part: ARCH.

13. Bath bathroom: LOO.

14. "Gotcha, man": I'M HIP.

15. Perp's pretend friend, in interrogation: GOOD COP. Looks like our state might change our flag also.

17. Works out: EXERCISES.

18. Reel holders: RODS.

24. Letter-shaped girder: I BAR.

26. Hand-to-hand sound: SLAP.

30. Brass band members: SAXHORNS.

33. Marsh plant: REED.

34. Bonehead: SCHMO.

35. Yves' squeeze: AMIE.

37. Interruption lead-ins: AHEMS.

38. Tide type: NEAP.

39. "We Have the Meats" sandwich chain: ARBY'S.

41. This, when over there: THAT.

42. Fish sauce taste: UMAMI. Important ingredient in kimchi sauce.

43. Low point: NADIR.

47. "I'm buying": MY TREAT.

50. Downfall: BANE.

51. Part-time player: SEMI-PRO.

53. Bank add-ons: FEES.

55. What weight watchers watch: SCALE.

56. Access, as a site: LOG ONTO. And 66. Calls work from home: PHONES IN.

57. Drive origination point: TEE.

59. __ Penny: folk tale name: HENNY.

65. Smoked salmon: NOVA.

67. Grant on old TV: LOU.

68. Blighted area: SLUM.

69. Mirthful: RIANT. Not a word I use.

70. "À votre __!": SANTE.

72. Stretch mark, say: STRIA.

73. Grownup: ADULT.

75. Safari sights: GNUS.

76. Pitch from a rep: SALES TALK.

78. Lysol targets: ODORS.

79. Stands in the forest, perhaps: FIRS.

83. Baum princess: OZMA.

85. A group of them may be called a shrewdness: APES. Such a long word for "group".

87. Dealt with: COVERED.

88. Memorable pie throwers: STOOGES.

90. Window one would rather keep closed: POP-UP AD.

91. Tiny Tim's strings: UKULELE.

93. Oregon golfing mecca: BEND.

95. Swathe: ENWRAP.

96. Automaton prefix: ROBO.

98. Sherlock's foe Adler: IRENE.

101. Three-time A.L. batting champ Tony: OLIVA. Still waiting for him to get into the Hall of Fame.

C.C. & Tony Oliva, 9/15/2011

102. Nine-piece combo: NONET.

103. Sharp-eyed bird: EAGLE.

104. Cathedral recess: APSE.

105. ER directive: STAT.

106. Had already learned: KNEW.

107. Supplements, with "to": ADDS.

110. Emmy-winning scientist: NYE.

112. Melrose in L.A., say: AVE.

113. Lincoln's st.: NEB. Here there, Gary, Avg. Joe and Brad!


Jun 28, 2020

Sunday, Jun 28, 2020 Paul Coulter

Theme:  "Breakfast with Your Sunday Puzzle" - Phrases are humorously interpreted as if they're breakfast-related.
23. Wry suggestion at breakfast about what to feed the cat when you're out of milk?: GIVE IT SOME JUICE.
34. Suggested which breakfast bread to brown?: PROPOSED A TOAST.

52. Sign of a sloppy breakfast eater?: EGG ON ONE'S FACE.

71. Secure a breakfast supply?: BRING HOME THE BACON.

92. Breakfast complaint about getting the oolong by mistake?: NOT MY CUP OF TEA.

 107. Breakfast go-with that comes from a plant?: CREAM OF THE CROP.

124. Reference with rows and columns covering all varieties of a breakfast drink?: COFFEE TABLE BOOK.

See, Paul sure loves food and loves play with food. He's made a few puzzles with food themes.

Today's seven theme entries are all quite long and take lots of squares, but the fill is smooth.

Paul Coulter


1. Kind of pool: TIDAL.

6. Arthur Ashe's alma mater: UCLA.

10. Clyde cap: TAM.

13. British bakery buy: SCONE. Breakfast item.

18. Antipasto morsel: OLIVE. Food again.

19. Insulted smack: SLAP.

20. Asian nurse: AMAH. I've mentioned before. Many households in Hong Kong have amahs. Most of them are from the Philippians and they have regular gatherings on Sundays in Central Hong Kong.

22. Welcome words to a hitchhiker: HOP IN.

26. "A Passage to India" heroine: ADELA. Played by Judy Davis. I watched it ages ago. So glad the guy was cleared in the end.

27. Nostradamus, e.g.: SEER.

28. Seagoing force: ARMADA.

29. Thumb-and-finger sounds: SNAPS.

31. __ center: REC.

32. Retired flier: SST.

37. Strike out: DELETE.

40. R&B's Boyz II __: MEN. Loved their "End of the Road".

41. Story featuring Paris: ILIAD. Not the city.

42. Choice group: ELITE.

43. A, in Arles: UNE.

46. Title sitcom bookstore owner: ELLEN. Turns out she's pretty tough in in real life.

48. Columnist Bombeck: ERMA.

56. Nine-digit ID: SSN.

58. Chit: IOU.

59. Code word: DAH.

60. "The Seinfeld Chronicles," e.g.: TV PILOT.

61. @@@@: ATS.

63. Intensified: AMPED.

65. Mex. miss: SRTA.

67. Brain scan letters: EEG.

68. Make __ of: botch: A HASH.

70. Mantegna's "Criminal Minds" role: ROSSI. Never saw the series.

76. Somewhat, informally: SORTA.

78. Beast of Borden: ELSIE.

79. One of the Reagans: RON. Remember Air America?

80. First-rate: TOPS.

83. Introduction: PROEM.

84. St. with a panhandle: IDA.

85. Monterey County seat that's the birthplace of John Steinbeck: SALINAS. We also have 8D. Truman's Missouri birthplace: LAMAR.

88. 50 Cent piece: RAP.

89. Handful: FEW. Still lots of buds in our lilies. So beautiful.

90. "__ voyage!": BON.

95. Family lads: SONS.

97. Advances: LENDS.

99. "Come again?" replies: EHS.

100. Apprehension: DREAD.

101. Video store section: SCI-FI.

103. It's game: TAG.

106. Damon appears as him in five films: BOURNE (Jason)

113. Sundial marking: III.

114. Curtain holder: ROD.

115. French Alps river: ISERE. Merges with the Rhone.

116. Humble: MENIAL.

118. Not that: THIS.

122. Like many elephants: ASIAN.

127. Cheesy snack: NACHO.

128. 1984 Peace Nobelist: TUTU.

129. Sitcom sign-off word: NANU.

130. Pan-fry: SAUTE.

131. Relatively cool heavenly body: K STAR. C/S STAR is cool too, right.

132. Damascus is its cap.: SYR.

133. Detect: SPOT.

134. Scarecrow stuff: STRAW.


1. Clothes: TOGS.

2. Tennis great Nastase: ILIE.

3. One may be done from a cliff: DIVE.

4. Put off by: AVERSE TO.

5. Floral necklace: LEI. My fresh lei from JimmyB.

6. World power initials until 1991: USSR.

7. Walk noisily: CLOMP.

9. Tarzan's realm: APEDOM.

10. Upsilon preceder: TAU.

11. Awry: AMISS.

12. Longtime Lehrer partner: MACNEIL.

13. Cascades peak: SHASTA.

14. Atlantic catch: COD.

15. Palais Garnier performance: OPERA. Palais Garnier was mentioned in "The Phantom of the Opera".

16. "Frasier" character: NILES.

17. Legislate: ENACT.

21. Like Irving's horseman: HEADLESS.

24. London art gallery: TATE.

25. Jest: JAPE.

30. What careful people take: PAINS.

33. Surgical tube: STENT.

35. Ten sawbucks: ONE C.

36. Gray's "The Progress of Poesy," e.g.: ODE.

37. Accomplishments: DEEDS.

38. "Enigma Variations" composer: ELGAR (Edward)

39. Jeanie's hair color, in an old song: LIGHT BROWN.

43. Allow to fluctuate, as a currency: UNPEG.

44. Whinnied, say: NEIGHED.

45. Immigrant's class: Abbr.: ESL.

47. Boxer's director: LEASH. Great clue.

49. Humdinger: RIPSNORTER. I've yet to use this word in my daily conversation.

50. Homer's hangout: MOE'S.

51. Autobahn auto: AUDI.

53. Baker: OVEN.

54. Brewery heads: FOAMS.

55. Believer's antithesis: ATHEIST.

57. Bust maker: NARC.

62. Storied Robin Hood target: THE RICH.

64. Debatable: MOOT.

66. Johnson of "Laugh-In": ARTE.

69. Elite unit: A TEAM.

72. Foot in a poem: IAMB.

73. Chan portrayer Warner __: OLAND.

74. Perk: BONUS.

75. Take __: rest: A NAP.

76. Nos. affecting UV exposure: SPFS.

77. Crumbled sundae topper: OREO.

81. Song of joy: PAEAN.

82. Fictional falcon seeker: SPADE. Sam Spade.

84. Essentially: IN EFFECT.

86. Alkaline solution: LYE.

87. "Same here": SO DO I.

91. Blends: OLIOS.

93. Bone head?: OSTE.

94. Large flying mammal: FRUIT BAT.  Bats makes me nervous.

96. Govt. benefits org.: SSA.

98. Laughing gas, familiarly: NITROUS.

102. Key of Brahms' First Symphony: C MINOR.

104. Pinnacle: ACME.

105. Targets marked with flags: GREENS.

106. Tab: BILL.

107. Annoying, as a call: CRANK.

108. Gift for el 14 de febrero: ROSAS.

109. Decree: EDICT.

110. Substantial: HEFTY.

111. Ready to pour: ON TAP.

112. Instrument for Joel or John: PIANO.

117. Adjoin: ABUT.

119. Rush __: HOUR.

120. Letter before kappa: IOTA.

121. Bias: SKEW.

123. "Bingo!": AHA.

125. Cat coat: FUR.

126. Capital of Switzerland?: ESS. Just the starting letter: Switzerland.


Jun 21, 2020

Sunday June 21, 2020 C.C. Burnikel

Theme: "Back to Basics" - CBA spans across each theme entry.

23. "Match Game" host: ALEC BALDWIN.

29. The mariachi's guitarrón is one: ACOUSTIC BASS.

45. Whole Foods fruit: ORGANIC BANANAS.

66. Pollution concerns: PLASTIC BAGS.

72. Stretchable loop: ELASTIC BAND.

92. Widespread adverse reaction, as to a new policy: PUBLIC BACKLASH.

108. Item in Manet's "Luncheon on the Grass": PICNIC BASKET. Rich's clue. Vivid visual. Wish I had thought of it.

118. Pungent deli choice: GARLIC BAGEL.


114. Basics appearing in reverse in eight puzzle answers: ABCS.

Hope this one achieved the Gail Grabowski effect. Simple theme that's never been done. She made many of my favorite LAT puzzles.

Been a long time since I made a LAT Sunday. Good to be back to basics.


1. "True Detective," e.g.: DRAMA.

6. Worshippers of the sun god Inti: INCAS. Do you use "worshiper" or "worshippers"?

11. Chinese smartphone brand: OPPO. Ah, Rich's clue also. I'm surprised that he knows the brand. Not as big as Huawei or Xiaomi, but very well-known in China.

15. Organization with an ElderWatch program: AARP.

19. Dollar, to Enterprise: RIVAL.

20. Snookums: DEARY.

21. Rice, for one: CROP.

22. "That explains it": I SEE.

25. Arenal Volcano home: COSTA RICA.

27. Crash site?: BED.

28. Blonde __: ALE.

31. Settled on a papasan, say: SAT. Here is a nice papasan chair.

33. Senegalese-American actress __ Rae: ISSA. Her father is from Senegal.

36. Idealistic sort: DREAMER.

37. Stick up: ROB.

39. Taste in kombu kelp: UMAMI. Japanese and Koreans all use kelp or bonito or sardine for their stock. Umami-rich.

42. Team to play in SoFi Stadium: LA RAMS. SoFi Stadium is supposed to open in July 2020.

51. Do figure eights: SKATE.

53. Sarge's boss: LOOIE.

54. Unthinking: HASTY.

55. Preliminary race: HEAT.

58. Hungarian town known for its baroque buildings: EGER.

59. Bank transaction: LOAN.

60. Code creator: MORSE.

61. Comes to an end: CEASES.

63. Actress Vardalos: NIA.

64. Polite words while entering: AFTER YOU.

68. Cause of goosebumps, maybe: FEAR.

69. Called from the flock: BAAED.

71. Chip dip, casually: GUAC. Looks tasty.

76. Parents not related by blood: STEPDADS.

80. Bygone space station: MIR.

81. Last bit: TAG END.

82. Wealthy heir: SCION.

84. Mötley __: CRUE.

85. Press (down): TAMP.

87. Paleo __: DIET. Sounds better than keto diet. Still, I can't imagine a diet without lots of carbs.

88. Classic Ford, familiarly: STANG.

89. Stuffs to the gills: SATES.

90. Move furtively: SNEAK.

95. Off the mark: ERRANT.

98. Major artery: AORTA.

99. Well resource: OIL.

100. Iris rings: AREOLAS. Wish I had a better fill this area.

103. Beyoncé, to the Beyhive: IDOL.

105. "That's a shame": SAD.

113. Hamm from Alabama: MIA.

115. Black widow's creation: WEB.

117. Savory pastry: ONION TART. Well-caramelized.

122. Indian flatbread: ROTI.

123. Thickener in Asian desserts: AGAR. Our Asian grocery store is already selling the Florida lychees.

124. Rub it in: GLOAT.

125. Beckoning elision: C'MERE.

126. "Watermark" musician: ENYA.

127. Parks in American history: ROSA.

128. Snow vehicles: SLEDS.

129. Moving measurement: SPEED.


1. Uninteresting: DRAB.

2. Ticks off: RILES.

3. Minnesota-based cosmetics company: AVEDA. Shortened from "Ayurveda".  Now owned by Estee Lauder. It's based in Blaine, MN. Not far from our home. The clue is Rich's also.

4. Big __: MAC.

5. The Honest Company co-founder Jessica: ALBA.

6. Lollygags: IDLES.

7. "Game of Thrones" patriarch Stark: NED.

8. Cornfield cry: CAW.

9. Diva's time to shine: ARIA.

10. Good thing for teammates to be in: SYNC.

11. Take place: OCCUR.

12. Everyday language: PROSE.

13. __ Service: POSTAL.

14. Kia sedan: OPTIMA.

15. Bus stopper: AIR BRAKE.

16. Iraq is about 1% of it: ASIA. Interesting trivia. Rich's clue also.

17. Suggestions, for short: RECS. Recommendations.

18. Samosa veggies: PEAS.

24. Excuse in court: ALIBI.

26. Taiwanese laptops: ACERS. Also our monitor. Great quality.

30. Father of Thor: ODIN.

32. Office newbies: TRAINEES.

34. Legacy creator: SUBARU.

35. Stockpile: AMASS.

38. Number of Scrabble X-tiles: ONE.

40. Initial fee: ANTE.

41. Star Wars Day month: MAY.

43. 805-year-old document: MAGNA CARTA.

44. "Shrek!" author William: STEIG.

45. Paella pot: OLLA.

46. Place for solar panels: ROOF.

47. Billy's caretaker: GOAT FARMER.

48. High-fashion shoemaker Jimmy: CHOO. His original name is Chow, but misspelled on his birth certificate as Choo. Jimmy Choo is Malaysian Chinese. Chow, Chou, Zhou are all the same Chinese character. So Zhou qin = Chou Chin (C.C.). 

49. Winning: AHEAD.

50. They're often choppy: SEAS.

52. Periods of note: ERAS.

56. Winter hrs. in Halifax: AST.

57. "Lip Sync Battle" commentator Chrissy: TEIGEN. Married to John Legend.

60. Numerous: MYRIAD.

61. A.L. Central team: CLE.

62. Fish commonly known as a porgy: SCUP.

65. Band named for a rodent: RATT. Rich added the "rodent" hint.

66. Launch site: PAD.

67. They might be game changers: BAD CALLS.

69. Language group including Zulu: BANTU.

70. Furthermore: AND.

72. Defib experts: EMTS.

73. "Big Little Lies" novelist Moriarty: LIANE. Here she is with Reese Witherspoon plays a main character in the TV series.

74. Sci-fi film FX: CGI.

75. Clown car noise: BEEP.

76. Mythical mariner: SINBAD.

77. Forum wrap: TOGA.

78. Cost of belonging: DUES.

79. Meeting, casually: SESH. Session.

82. Tend to the sauce: STIR.

83. Mojave natives: CACTI.

86. "Knowing all the facts": Woody Allen: PARANOIA. Also Rich's clue.

88. __-pitch: SLO.

89. Stick in the snow: SKI.

91. "Grant County" crime novelist Slaughter: KARIN. She also wrote "Pieces of Her".

93. Lie in the sun: BASK.

94. Baby's ailment: COLIC.

96. Hummingbird food: NECTAR.

97. Island near Trinidad: TOBAGO.

101. "__ Theme": "Doctor Zhivago" tune: LARA'S.  "Doctor Zhivago" is such a classic.

102. Stars, to Cicero: ASTRA.

104. Skips: OMITS.

106. "Shucks!": AW GEE.

107. Tractor giant: DEERE.

108. Study, with "over": PORE.

109. Privy to: IN ON.

110. __ limits: CITY.

111. Breakfast staple: EGGS. Not in our home. Boomer's breakfast is always cold cereal.  I've been on a red bean congee kick.

112. 12 ounces, at Starbucks: TALL.

116. Ran: BLED.

119. Blini topping: ROE.

120. Young chap: LAD.

121. Increase, with "up": AMP.

Best wishes for Abejo in your cancer treatments in the next few weeks. Boomer had some bad side effects, but his pain subsided considerably after the radiation.

Take good care of yourself, Agnes (the other April 5 baby on our blog), you were brave to get yourself into the house. 


Jun 14, 2020

Sunday June 14, 2020 Yaakov Bendavid & Yoni Glatt

Theme: "Exchangeable Parts" - Familiar A THE B phrases are changed into B THE A.

23A. Fault a rearrangement of infielders?: BLAME THE SHIFT. Shift the blame.

35A. Gives surf ratings?: RANKS THE SWELLS. Swells the ranks. New phrase to me.

55A. Arranges for party chefs?: BOOKS THE COOKS. Cooks the books.

78A. Masters yoga?: RULES THE BENDS. Bends the rules.

97A. Ask, "You sure this is diet?"?: QUESTION THE POP. Pop the question.

114A. Emulate a Jedi?: ISSUE THE FORCE. Force the issue.

22D. What a nervous director may do?: PACE THE SET. Set the pace.

66D. Block an access road between hills?: BAR THE PASS. Pass the par.

Great to see Yaakov Bendavid back. Our blog shows that this is Yoni Glatt's debut. Amazon shows that he's "the former editor of the Jerusalem Post crossword and was a writer of The Movie Channel Trivia Game."

Plenty of A THE B phrases to choose from, but both A and B have to be a verb and a noun.  


1. Brings from novel to screen: ADAPTS.

7. Like some captioning: CLOSED.

13. Energy bill letters: KWH.

16. See 117-Across: RUG. And 117. With 16-Across, elaborately designed decoration: PERSIAN.

19. Victim of Perseus: MEDUSA.Versace's logo.

20. MLB call-up, often: ROOKIE.

21. "With any luck": I HOPE SO.

25. "Mean Girls" writer and co-star: TINA FEY.

26. McCann of country: LILA.

27. Sahara respites: OASES.

28. Mixer knob: FADER.

30. Michael who played Juno's love interest in "Juno": CERA.

31. Priest who reared Samuel: ELI.

32. Swear: CUSS.

33. Like the Sisters in "Macbeth": WEIRD.

34. "__ cryin' out loud!": FER.

39. Way to one's heart?: ARTERY.

42. "Lucas" co-star: SHEEN (Charlie)

43. Former Arthur Ashe Stadium neighbor: SHEA.

44. Ready, as a range: PREHEAT.

45. Uber alternative: LYFT.

48. Collection of maps: ATLAS.

51. Withdrew: RECEDED.

52. Have trouble with Sisyphus?: LISP.

58. Friend of Genie in "Aladdin": ABU. The monkey.

59. Dobrev of "The Vampire Diaries": NINA. Wiki says "She was born in Bulgaria but immigrated with her family to Canada at age two and grew up in Toronto".

60. Chaos: HAVOC.

61. "__ in!": LET ME.

65. Celtics star Walker: KEMBA. Learning moment for me.

67. Crafty site?: ETSY.

70. Vision starter: TELE. Prefix.

71. Lucy's sitcom pal: ETHEL.

72. Henry James, for much of his life: EX-PAT.

73. Inside job: DECOR. Nice clue.

75. Big ref. volumes: OEDS.

77. Link letters: URL.

82. Cruising: ASEA.

83. Freud's homeland: AUSTRIA. Misty was born here.

86. __ cords: VOCAL.

87. Brutal act of Brutus: STAB.

89. Equal share, maybe: ONE HALF. Our address is 84 1/2 Ave. North. Often problematic when filling in some on line forms.

90. Cupid counterpart: EROS.

92. "The __ Kid": 1950s TV Western: CISCO.

96. In need of companionship: LONELY.

102. Some H.S. classes: APS.

103. Sushi fillings: TUNAS.

104. "__ as good a time ... ": NOW'S.

105. Big name in Marvel Comics history: LEE.

106. "Toodles": TA TA.

108. Butler in literature: RHETT. "Gone With The Wind" was just removed from HBO.

109. Pursue: CHASE.

111. "Sick" insult: BURN. Sick burn.

112. Inability to smell: ANOSMIA. New word to me.

118. SoCal locale in a 1987 Cheech Marin title: EAST LA.

119. Harm's way: DANGER.

120. Sounds of disgust: EWS.

121. NBA's Cavs, on scoreboards: CLE.

122. Prepares (oneself), as for a crisis: STEELS.

123. Stable animals: STEEDS.


1. Unhurried bunch: AMBLERS.

2. Biblical betrayer: DELILAH. She betrayed Samson.

3. 2015 romantic fantasy role for Blake Lively: ADALINE. "The Age of Adaline".

4. Yellowstone predator: PUMA.

5. "Old Possum" monogram: TSE.

6. Took a pass: SAT OUT.

7. Pungent greens: CRESSES. Did not know it's plurable.

8. Give the slip to: LOSE.

9. Impressed crowd sounds: OOHS.

10. Emulate Olympians Miller and Vonn: SKI.

11. Statue of Liberty architect: EIFFEL.

12. Fine point: DETAIL.

13. Passed, as bad checks: KITED.

14. Machinery noise: WHIR.

15. Boo: HON.

16. Called the game: REFEREED.

17. App buyer: USER.

18. "Creations from la cocina" brand: GOYA. "Cocina" is kitchen. I buy Goya black-eyed peas from time to time. Just want to taste my childhood. My grandma made black-eyed pea soup often.

24. __ browns: HASH.

29. Many profs.: DRS.

32. "Woodstock" quartet, initially: CSNY.

33. Plentiful supply: WEALTH.

34. Rashida Jones facial feature: FRECKLES. See closer.

36. Iodine source: KELP.

37. Source of many dramatic quotes: Abbr.: SHAK.

38. Licks: WETS.

39. Mars: Pref.: AREO.

40. Issa of "Insecure": RAE.

41. Since Jan. 1, to CPAs: YTD.

44. Take from a sale: PROCEEDS.

46. "Criminal Minds" org.: FBI.

47. Tin-eared: TONE-DEAF.

49. At the drop of __: A HAT.

50. Golfer Ballesteros: SEVE. So good with his short game.

52. Canoeing venue: LAKE.

53. Curly-horned goat: IBEX.

54. Cesspool: SUMP.

56. Author with three 5-letter names: OATES. Joyce Carol Oates.

57. Dash alternative, perhaps: COLON.

59. Seven and eleven, in craps: NATURALS.

62. Like so: THUS.

63. Simply: MERE.

64. First name in jazz: ELLA.

68. "SNL"-like show that spawned many comedic careers: SCTV.

69. Start of a pirate chant: YO HO.

74. Intermission: RECESS.

76. Once-a-yr. reason for oversleeping?: DST. Ends on Nov 1.

79. __ pad: LILY.

80. Bane of Sideshow Bob: BART. "The Simpsons". Read more here.

81. Wells' fruit eaters: ELOI.  "The Time Machine".

82. Rose's Broadway beau: ABIE.

83. Verizon subsidiary: AOL.

84. Game with Skip cards: UNO.

85. Lawmaking century: SENATORS. Not the time period "century". Just "a hundred".

88. Frankfurter's exclamations: ACHS.

91. Beethoven's 32 for piano: SONATAS.

93. Spare no expense: SPLURGE.

94. Strong-armed: COERCED.

95. Some operate remotely: OPENERS.

97. Montreal's prov.: QUE.

98. Lets loose: UNTIES.

99. Patronizes, as a diner: EATS AT. And 100. Snack: NOSH.

101. Suit fabrics: TWEEDS.

103. Honorific for Macbeth: THANE.

106. Bygone recording medium: TAPE. D-Otto told me about this tape. Solved my problem with the dryer vent leak.

107. One way to start: ANEW.

108. Dough in Tehran: RIAL.

109. A step down from "Funny!": CUTE.

110. Setting of many a "Far Side" comic: HELL.

111. __-tired: BONE.

113. Karaoke aid: MIC.

115. Leeds-to-London dir.: SSE.

116. "__ chance!": FAT.

Please continue keeping Abejo in your thoughts and prayers. He's going through some serious health issues and has a very important doctor visit tomorrow. 

Abejo and His Tuba