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Jul 14, 2019

Sunday July 14, 2019 Mark MacLachlan

Theme:  "Code Crackers" - The letters, as hinted by part of the theme entries, orderly spelled out FBI AGENTS.

23A. One way to enter a pool: FEET FIRST. The first letter of the word "Feet" is F.

29A. One end of a church key: BOTTLE OPENER. The opening letter of "Bottle" is B.

36A. Physical location?: MEDICAL CENTER. The very center of "Medical" is I.

54A. "Mobile" communications device used in law enforcement: DATA TERMINAL. The terminal letter of "Data" is A.

64A. Tchaikovsky's "1812 Overture" has one that includes cannon fire: BIG FINISH. The finishing letter of "Big" is G.

72A. 2012 Beyoncé hit with the repeated line "Say you'll never let me go": END OF TIME. The ending letter of "Time" is E.

81A. Summing-up words: IN CONCLUSION. The concluding letter of "In" is N.

102A. Guru whose opinions are trusted: THOUGHT LEADER. The leading letter of "Thought" is T.

110A. 2019 "Game of Thrones" event: SERIES FINALE.The final letter of "Series" is S.

Reveal entry:

120A. Govt. employees encoded by the nine other longest across entries in this puzzle ... and who might be called in to decode them: FBI AGENTS.

Fun gimmick from Mark.

Reminds me of the "DEAR JOHN LETTERS" puzzle I made of for the NYT a while ago. So I fully understood the amount of research and work he put into this grid.


1. College loan co-signer, maybe: DAD. None for me, thankfully. Chinese government paid all my college education.

4. Establish as law: ENACT.

9. Long-legged birds: WADERS.

15. Five-O nickname: DANO.

19. Before, poetically: ERE.

20. Prepare to surf: LOG ON.  Most Chinese use WeChat. Quite a few neat features.

21. Reunion attendee: ALUMNA.

22. King Harald's father: OLAV.

25. __ media: SOCIAL.

26. Film scene shot without interruption: TAKE.

27. Kenya's first prime minister __ Kenyatta: JOMO. No idea. Wiki says he was also Kenya's first president. He died in office in 1978.

28. Hydroelectric project: DAM.

31. Amazon assistant: ALEXA.

33. Abundant element in Earth's core: IRON.

35. Thingamajigs: DOODADS.

41. Humor: INDULGE. me.

42. Winans of gospel: CECE.

43. Most hip: COOLEST.

45. Supposed to arrive: DUE.

46. Spa sounds: AHS. And 49. Plotting chuckle: HEH.

51. Delta rival renamed in 1997: US AIR.

53. Moving aids: VANS.

60. Jack in a suit: KNAVE.

62. Initial Hebrew letter: ALEPH. We also had 39. 12th Jewish month: ELUL.

63. Mountain melody: YODEL.

68. Lose it: GO APE.

69. Matching game: LOTTO. Our old neighbor won $100,000. Lost them all, including his house.

71. Total, as a bill: RUN TO.

76. Slips through the cracks: OOZES.

79. Domingo, for one: TENOR.

80. One of Australia's six: STATE.

83. Thin coin: DIME.

86. Digitally approve: E-SIGN.

88. Game-winning line: OOO.

89. Hallelujah trio?: ELS. Halleluja. Just the letters.

90. Spanish article: UNA.

91. Sharp tingle, as of fear: PRICKLE.

95. Ford contemporary: OLDS.

98. Discount: CUT RATE.

107. Surname on Elm Street: KRUEGER (Freddy)

108. Chiwere-speaking native: OTOE.

109. Trial subject: CRIME. Even our local Star Tribute carried this story.

114. 45, in classic pop: RPM.

117. Well-behaved: GOOD.

118. Like many Horace works: ODIC.

119. Mexican madam: SENORA.

122. __ Reader: UTNE.

123. When Hamlet kills Polonius: ACT III.

124. Divider of pews: AISLE.

125. Word in many obituaries: NEE.

126. Collectible '90s caps: POGS.

127. Put away for later: STORED.

128. Kingdom: REALM.

129. Important stretch: ERA.


1. Kanye West label: DEF JAM.

2. Ring of color: AREOLE

3. Regarded: DEEMED.

4. 2003 holiday comedy: ELF.

5. Reason for being barred at a bar: NO ID.

6. Taj Mahal city: AGRA.

7. Immense: COSMIC.

8. Blast cause: TNT.

9. Suspected: WAS ONTO.

10. Heaps: A LOT.

11. Tear channel: DUCT.

12. Czech track legend Zátopek: EMIL.

13. Cellular process affecting nucleotide sequences: RNA EDITING. New term to me.

14. Scene of some "Gunsmoke" action: SALOON.

15. College address ending: DOT EDU.

16. Actor born Alphonso D'Abruzzo: ALAN ALDA. Full name.

17. First of three Leslie Nielsen comedies, with "The": NAKED GUN.

18. Supervises: OVERSEES.

24. Venomous: TOXIC.

29. U2 frontman: BONO.

30. Whale group: POD.

32. Pitching staff star: ACE. Life is so fragile. You never know what's going on in other's life.

34. VCR button: REC.

37. Masseuse's target: ACHE.

38. Not sure (of): LEERY.

40. Hi-__ graphics: RES.

44. Munro pen name: SAKI. I wonder why he picked this name.

46. "Great minds think alike," e.g.: ADAGE.

47. Fire-suppressing gas: HALON.

48. Position: STEAD.

50. Med. care provider: HMO.

52. U.K. fliers: RAF.

53. They may be changed by judges: VENUES. Trial venue.

55. Place side by side: APPOSE.

56. Taking it badly?: THEFT. Fun clue.

57. Run in place: IDLE.

58. Modernist's prefix: NEO.

59. TV chef Brown: ALTON.

61. Love of antiques: VIRTU.

64. Renowned clown: BOZO.

65. Navel formation: INNIE.

66. Stand-up comic's seat: STOOL.

67. Lock __: come into conflict: HORNS.

70. Front-of-bk. list: TOC. Table of Content.

73. __ Bo: TAE.

74. "Just what I wanted!": IT'S PERFECT.

75. '70s Israeli prime minister: MEIR.

77. "Music for Airports" producer: ENO.

78. Move quickly: SCOOT.

81. Ruler unit: INCH.

82. Veg out: LOLL.

83. A piece of cake: DUCK SOUP. Love this fill.

84. More than familiar with: INURED TO.

85. Growing up: MATURING.

87. "Shoo!": GIT.

92. Brand with a pitcher-shaped mascot: KOOL-AID.

93. Bard's instrument: LUTE.

94. Freudian focus: EGO.

96. Mo. when Festivus is celebrated: DEC.

97. Beetle Bailey nemesis: SARGE.

99. Treats again, as a sprain: RE-ICES. Or hernia.

100. Grow older: AGE.

101. Actress Thompson and ice dancer Virtue: TESSAS.

103. Disney Beetle: HERBIE. Herbie the Love Bug.

104. "I'll Never Fall in Love Again" singer Warwick: DIONNE.

105. Drama queen, e.g.: EMOTER.

106. View from Jidda: RED SEA.

111. Really digging: INTO.

112. Pinot __: NOIR.

113. Grammy winner India.__: ARIE.

115. Galileo's birthplace: PISA. Oh hello!

116. Strip __: MALL.

120. Away companion: FAR.

121. Rock in a setting: GEM.

Belated happy birthday to dear CanadianEh, one of the most insightful commenters on our blog. How did you celebrate this year, Eh?

Jul 7, 2019

Sunday July 7th, 2019 Garry Morse

Theme: "Deliberate Lying" - LY is added to the end of the first word.

 23A. Enjoy prettifying the gifts?: GLADLY WRAP. Glad wrap.

 28A. Wrinkled Sunday dinner?: RUMPLY ROAST. Rump roast.

 38A. Skinny, loose-jointed club golfer?: GANGLY MEMBER. Gang member.

 65A. Dishes like a 28-Across?: HOMELY COOKING. Home cooking.

 91A. Just taps on the door?: HARDLY KNOCKS. Hard knocks.

107A. Texas Hold 'em in Texas?: DRAWLY POKER. Draw poker.

114A. Bird that returns fire when hunted?: DEADLY DUCK. Dead duck.

How did the constructor think of the title "Lying"? Amazing! In our corner, Husker Gary and D-Otto are great in coming up with brilliant titles also.

I like when the new LY words share no root with the base phrases. But often it's impossible. Also, is  "drawly" is word you guys actually use?


1. Einstein's "m": MASS.

5. Game with knights: CHESS.

10. Missouri city nickname: ST JOE. Eminem was born here.

15. Cell accumulation: APPS.

19. Some choristers: ALTI.

20. Auto pioneer Henry: ROYCE. OK, now I know what Rolls-Royce stands for: Henry Royce and Charles Rolls.

21. Woman on the original "Star Trek" bridge: UHURA.

22. Fish or book lead-in: BLUE.

25. Fast-spreading Web units: MEMES.

26. Spanish muralist: SERT. Jose Maria Sert.

27. "Piece of cake": NO PROBLEM.

30. Home of Odysseus: ITHACA.

31. What pros know, with "the": ROPES.

32. The Big Ten's Boilermakers: PURDUE.

33. Makes red-faced: ABASHES.

37. Brew in big containers: KEG BEER. Debut entry for LAT.

43. "The Enemy Within" org.: CIA.

44. Deg. for crown fitters: DDS.

45. "Tiny Alice" dramatist: ALBEE.

46. Golden State school whose city is also its county: UCSB. UC Santa Barbara.

47. Doesn't abandon, as one's promise: HOLDS TO.

51. Strategize: PLAN.

52. Helena winter hrs.: MST.

53. Yale of Yale fame: ELIHU.

55. "The Easter Parade" author Richard: YATES.

58. "Nobody wins!": IT'S A TIE.

60. How checks are written: IN INK.

62. Nine-piece combo: NONET. And 116. Square dance quorum: OCTAD.

64. "Fooled you!": NOT.

70. Morse "T": DAH.

71. Sugar coating: GLAZE. You can probably find these glazed buns in some dim sum place.

73. Kindle download: EBOOK.

74. Bishop's district: DIOCESE.

76. "Phooey!" cousins: DRATS.

78. Dense overgrowth: BRUSH.

80. Bad picnic omen: ANT.

81. Marseille mates: AMIS.

82. Sandburg's metaphorical fog carrier: CAT FEET. The fog comes on little cat feet.

84. Barbarian: OGRE.

86. Preserved, in a way: ON ICE.

87. Span. title: SRA.

90. Leaving approx.: ETD.

94. Rooftop landing spot: HELIPAD.

97. Like candid photos: UNPOSED.

98. Transfer to a larger computer, say: UPLOAD.

99. Barbecue leftovers: ASHES.

102. Rough partner?: TUMBLE. Rough and tumble.

109. Causes of road trip delays: FLAT TIRES. Be careful when you have any roofing project. Don't let the nails get into your tires.

112. 1977 ELO hit: DO YA.

113. Selection from a pool: JUROR.

115. Yet: EVEN.

117. "Live PD" airer: A AND E.

118. Throb: ACHE.

119. Wine list heading: REDS.

120. "Flashdance" star Jennifer: BEALS.

121. Top officers: BRASS.

122. Tarot reader: SEER.


1. Son of Thor, in comics: MAGNI. No idea.

2. Divvy up: ALLOT.

3. Bacteria in grapelike clusters: STAPH.

4. Libyan port on its own gulf: SIDRA. Another unknown.

5. Whiner: CRYBABY.

6. Lupine call: HOWL.

7. Fictional governess: EYRE.

8. Main plot element in "The Sting": SCAM.

9. Labor Day mo.: SEP.

10. Recap: SUM UP.

11. Central idea: THEME. Lying!! 

12. Springs: JUMPS.

13. Baseball's Hershiser: OREL.

14. "Piece of cake": EASY PEASY. Great fill.

15. Learn well: ABSORB.

16. Begged: PLEADED.

17. Went after: PURSUED.

18. Hunting dogs: SETTERS.

24. Where it's at: LOCALE.

28. Took off: ROSE.  Our Asiatic Lilies this morning. They started blooming a few days ago.

29. Persian on the floor: RUG.

31. Yeshiva leader: REBBE. Wiki says it's a "Yiddish word derived from the Hebrew word rabbi, which means "master", "teacher", or "mentor". Like the title rabbi, it refers to teachers of Torah or leaders of Judaism."

34. "I want to be entertained": AMUSE ME.

35. Mennonites, e.g.: SECT.

36. Pinafore letters: HMS.

37. Play a prank on: KID.

38. Like a large hole: GAPING.

39. Taking everything into account: ALL TOLD.

40. Jordan or Curry, e.g.: NBA STAR.

41. Actress Rowlands: GENA.

42. Beast with thick skin: RHINO. And 79. 42-Down features: HORNS.

43. Dropped-pot sound: CLUNK.

48. West Virginia border river: OHIO.

49. Letter after Sierra: TANGO. NATO phonetic alphabet.

50. Plains tribe: OTO.

52. Paolo's possessive: MIO. My or mine.

54. Enjoys, as an ice cream cone: LICKS.

56. Indigenous: ENDEMIC.

57. Not enjoying the whale watch, maybe: SEASICK.

59. Frat row letter: THETA.

61. Nephrologist's concern: KIDNEYS. Nephrologist is a new word to me.

63. Luther's 95 __: THESES.

66. Lessened: EBBED.

67. Old stories: LORE.

68. One's early years: YOUTH.

69. Tiny insect egg: NIT.

72. Efron of "High School Musical": ZAC.

75. Mets infielder Robinson __: CANO.

77. Regular work: STEADY JOB. Another sparkly fill.

80. Folksy Guthrie: ARLO.

83. ProFlowers parent co.: FTD. Read the Ligation part.

85. Econ. yardstick: GDP.

86. At work: ON DUTY.

87. Horror film reaction: SHUDDER.

88. Admonish: REPROVE.

89. Eased: ALLAYED.

92. Violinist who taught Heifetz: AUER (Leopold). We had this clue before.

93. Tea prep aids: KETTLES.

95. Hawkeyes: IOWANS.

96. Friend: PAL.

99. Blood line: AORTA.

100. Word shouted with a raised glass: SKOAL. Gai Bei in Chinese

101. Antelope groups: HERDS.

103. King with a magic touch: MIDAS.

104. Wayne of Wayne Manor: BRUCE.

105. Café lightener: LECHE.

106. Glacial ridge: ESKER. Not ARETE.

108. Dark purple: PUCE.

109. Word repeated in an iconic FDR quote: FEAR.

110. Superboy's girlfriend: LANA.

111. Includes: ADDS.

114. Slight amount: DAB.


Jun 30, 2019

Sunday June 30, 2019 Pam Amick Klawitter

Theme: "Can You Digit?" - Anagrams of 1-9 span across each theme entry.

21. Unite in a common cause: DRAW TOGETHER. Two.
26. Unobstructed view: LINE OF SIGHT. One. Should have avoided ONE THIRD (41. Eight hours per day?)

35. Place to find a hack: TAXI STAND. Six.

46. Post-Civil War economic growth period: THE GILDED AGE. Eight.

62. Fortuitous: HEAVEN-SENT. Seven.

64. On a lark: JUST FOR FUN. Four.

74. With no time to spare: UNDER THE WIRE. Three.

90. Front door, usually: MAIN ENTRY. Nine.

95. What "I don't wanna" do, in a Zayn/Taylor Swift hit: LIVE FOREVER. Five.


104. 5½ and 8¾, e.g. ... and a hint to this puzzle's circles: MIXED NUMBERS.

I bet Pam tried to put those numbers in order, but could not make it happen.

10 theme entries is quite challenging to grid, esp when all the theme entries are placed in Across. 


1. Prepared for a selfie: SMILED.

7. Pizzeria chain, familiarly: UNOS.

11. Grey Cup gp.: CFL. Canadian Football League.

14. ER figures: DRS.

17. What worms help do, soilwise: AERATE.

18. Rowling teacher: SNAPE. Harry Potter's potions professor.

19. Brewpub choice: ALE.

20. Silk on the Seine: SOIE.

23. Extinct bird: MOA. Here in MN, it stands for Mall of America.

24. Duds: TOGS.

25. Official fuel of NASCAR since 2004: SUNOCO.

29. You, in the Bible: THOU.

32. Mustard, e.g.: Abbr.: COL. Colonel Mustard.

33. Bruins legend: ORR.

34. Lacking freshness: TRITE.

38. Blood prefix: HEMA. Boomer's hematocrit and hemoglobin are both low. The doctors check these two numbers every month. No idea why is hema, one is hemo.

40. Problem for the weary: NO REST.

42. Nods from NASA: A-OKS.

43. Loner of a fish?: SOLE.

44. Prospecting tool: PAN.

45. Laryngitis docs: ENTS.

51. Food service trade org.: NRA. Had to google: National Restaurant Association.

52. Midsummer arrivals: LEOS. I was picturing lychees. They've arrived here in the US. Only available for a very short period. I still have a few in the fridge. Precious!

53. Vintage autos: REOS.

54. Kid __: reading genre: LIT.

55. Shopper's indulgence: SPREE

58. Newspapers: PRESS.

60. Lord's domain: FIEF.

61. Audi's rings, e.g.: LOGO.

66. Co-star with Goldie, Ruth, Henry, et al.: ARTE (Johnson). "Laugh-In".

67. Courtroom attention-getter: OYEZ.

68. Reference volumes: TOMES.

69. Musical markings: NOTES.

70. Toon bartender: MOE. "The Simpsons".

71. Circle makers: ARCS.

72. Sham: FAKE.

73. Phishing target, briefly: SSN.

77. Nero's 902: CMII.

79. Six-pack muscles: ABS.

82. "__ Walked Into My Life": "Mame" song: IF HE.

83. Love interest of 58-Down: EROS. 58. Love interest of 83-Across: PSYCHE.

84. Liability: HANDICAP.

86. Aussie leaf munchers: KOALAS. Also 94. Barcelona bears: OSOS.

89. "Yeah, right!": I BET.

91. Week attachment?: ENDER. Weekender.

92. Banned bug spray: DDT. And 106D. 92-Across banner: EPA.

93. Fla. NBA team: ORL.

99. Crew member: SAILOR.

102. Butcher's cut: LOIN.

103. __ Today: magazine for teachers: NEA.

109. RSVP cards, say: ENCS.

110. Terrible start?: MAL.

111. "Come-faithful" filler: ALL YE.

112. Clavell's "Shogun" sequel: TAI-PAN.

113. Deli choice: RYE.

114. People fixers: Abbr.: EDS. People magazines.

115. TV's "New Girl": JESS. Played by Zooey Deschanel.

116. Involve: ENTAIL.


1. Hangdog: SAD.

2. Cousteau's sea: MER.

3. Nest egg letters: IRA.

4. Action in a legal thriller: LAWSUIT.

5. Words from Caesar: ET TU.

6. Cole of "Angie Tribeca": DEON. Unfamiliar to me.

7. Incalculable: UNTOLD.

8. "Guess again": NAH.

9. GM subsidiary until 2017: OPEL.

10. LPGA star Pak in the World Golf Hall of Fame: SE RI. She opened the door for all the Korean golfers.

11. Smartphone feature: CAMERA.

12. It's underfoot: FLOOR.

13. Foliage element: LEAF.

14. Dr. Howser of '80s-'90s TV: DOOGIE.

15. They involve responsibilities: RIGHTS.

16. Largish combo: SESTET. Six.

18. Difference between winning and losing, maybe: SECONDS.

20. Word in an iconic cocktail order: STIRRED. "Shaken, not stirred."

22. Small racer: GO CART.

27. Asian menu promise: NO MSG. MSN never caused me any trouble.

28. Inedible wraps: STOLES. Cute clue.

29. 'Vette roof option: T-TOP.

30. Maui's scenic __ Highway: HANA.

31. Babe's relatives: OXEN. Babe the pig. (Correction: Babe the Blue Ox. Thanks, Jinx!)

36. Wilson of "Walker, Texas Ranger": SHEREE.

37. Brown of publishing: TINA. Rival of Anna Wintour for many years.

38. Snack cake brand: HOHOS.

39. Scratches (out): EKES.

40. React to a boring speech: NOD OFF.

42. "This is only __": A TEST.

43. Comes down hard?: SLEETS.

47. Angelou's "And Still __": I RISE.

48. Up in the air: ALOFT.

49. Movement in some Bach suites: GIGUE. Rooted in "Jig".

50. Stiff collars: ETONS.

51. Snow in le Alpi: NEVE. French for "snow"?

52. Kay of "Rich Man, Poor Man": LENZ. Never heard of her.

55. Longtime SeaWorld orca: SHAMU.

56. Eva of Argentina: PERON.

57. Used Yelp, maybe: RATED.

59. Baseball's Pee Wee: REESE.

60. Blow one's top: FUME.

61. Scientologist Hubbard: L RON. Did you know that Scientology has its own prison? It's called "The Hole".

63. Bridge positions: NORTHS.

64. Stand-up fare: JOKES.

65. Risky kind of kick: ONSIDE.

68. Mystic's deck: TAROT.

71. Kennel double talk?: ARF ARF.

72. Let go: FIRE.

73. __ Féin: SINN. Left wing Irish political party.

75. Actresses Brennan and Davidson: EILEENS.

76. Vehicle for Hulu and Roku: WEB TV.

77. Pretense: CHARADE. Great fill.

78. E-file alternative: MAIL IN.

79. Talent show entries: ACTS.

80. Pressure: Pref.: BARO. Barometer.

81. Northern __: apples: SPYS. This looks like our Honeycrisp.

85. How much space debris travels: IN ORBIT.

86. Sullivan's pupil: KELLER.

87. Like some bagels: ONIONY.

88. It may be unwanted: ADVICE.

89. Things to aspire to: IDEALS.

90. Walks unhurriedly: MOSEYS.

92. Hardly look forward to: DREAD.

96. Bar words that make you smile: ON ME.

97. Key with four sharps: Abbr.: E MAJ.

98. Tick off: RILE.

100. Renaissance instrument: LUTE.

101. Yemen neighbor: OMAN.

105. Tee sizes: XLS.

107. Bollywood star Aishwarya __: RAI. Very pretty.

108. Popular skit show, for short: SNL.


Jun 23, 2019

Sunday, Jun 23, 2019 Mark McClain

Theme:  "Cruise Control" - Last word in each theme entry is part of a ship.
23A. Interface on old computers: SERIAL PORT.

25A. Crossing with a charge: TOLL BRIDGE.

48A. Violinist awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1992: ISAAC STERN.

70A. Longest serving Secretary of State, 1933-'44: CORDELL HULL. Never heard of him. Wiki says he was "best known as the longest-serving U.S. Secretary of State, holding the position for 11 years (1933–1944) in the administration of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt during most of World War II. Hull received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1945 for his role in establishing the United Nations, and was referred to by President Roosevelt as the "Father of the United Nations"

96A. Longest-serving Republican senator, 1977-2019: ORRIN HATCH.

119A. TV reporting VIP: NEWS ANCHOR.

121A. Gesture of respect to a monarch: COURTLY BOW.
37D. Metaphor for an unfair advantage: STACKED DECK.

43D. Simple home in the woods: RUSTIC CABIN.

I hope Commander Spitzboov solves this puzzles. His local paper does not carry the Sunday LAT.

Notice the last word in each theme entry has a distinctive non-ship meaning. That's key to this type of theme.

Mark used a classic pinwheel design. Terrific model for a 9-themer 93 theme square grid. The grid is also typical Mark. No weird names or obscure abbreviations.


1. Friend of d'Artagnan: ATHOS. The other is Aramis. And 21. Parting from 1-Across: ADIEU.

6. Turning point: CUSP.

10. Organ array: PIPES.

15. Cunning: WILY.

19. Didn't lose a game: SWEPT.

20. Site of Italy's Festival of Festivals, featuring local food and wine: ASTI. Informative clue.

22. Managed care gps.: HMOS.

27. Crab in space: NEBULA. Crab Nebula.

28. Whenever you want: AT WILL.

30. Carpenter's supply: LUMBER.

31. Herbie of jazz: MANN.

33. Cuts back: PARES.

34. Debatable claim: ESP.

35. Repeated word in the Stones' "Jumpin' Jack Flash": GAS. It's a gas, gas, gas.

38. Suffolk slammer: GAOL. This is a picture of a few Chinese prisoners in 1900.

40. Diarist Anaïs: NIN.

41. Landing flight paths: PATTERNS.

46. Camera setting: AUTO.

51. TD Garden skater: BRUIN. Boston Celtics play there also.

52. Southern accent feature: DRAWL.

54. Long-necked wader: EGRET.

55. 128-Across' __ Vecchio: PONTE. And 128. See 55-Across: ARNO. My sister-in-law Connie plans to use "Monastery Stay" when she vacations there in a few months. Sounds very meditative and calming.

57. __-Caps: candy: SNO.

58. Rights advocacy gp.: ACLU.

59. German article: DER.

60. 18th-century lexicographer Johnson: SAMUEL.

61. Thrice, in Rx's: TER.

62. Taproom containers: KEGS.

64. Intend that one will: AIM TO.

67. "Top Hat" star: ASTAIRE (Fred)

69. Procure: GET.

74. Many desktops: PCS.

75. One getting on in years: OLDSTER.

77. Ice cream serving: SCOOP.

78. Actor Baldwin: ALEC.

80. Okra unit: POD. Our local farmers' market has fresh okra in August.

81. Puts on the books: ENACTS.

84. Fed. benefits agency: SSA.

86. Student stressor: EXAM. One of my frequent dreams is not to be able to finish the exam. Too much pressure in my school days.

88. "__ we good?": ARE.

89. "Ditto": ME TOO.

90. Summer refreshers: ICEES.

92. Start of an acting career, ideally: DEBUT.

94. Nouveau __: RICHE.

99. Location: SITE.

100. Parting words: TAKE CARE.

102. The first of two T's, in a familiar sequence: TUE. Oh. Our blog has three T's.

103. Flue residue: SOOT.

105. Trawler's tool: NET.

106. Caribbean export: RUM.

107. Wet dips: SWIMS.

109. Secured, in a way: TIED.

111. Actress Lansbury: ANGELA. 93 years old now.

114. Nova __: SCOTIA.

115. Single-masted ships: SLOOPS. Bonus fill.

124. Piece for two: DUET.

125. Nursed, say: DRANK.

126. Tolstoy's Karenina: ANNA.

127. Get hitched in haste: ELOPE.

129. Lew in old films: AYRES.

130. Foucault with a pendulum: LEON. Learning moment for me.

131. Candy mogul H.B. __: REESE.


1. PGA part: Abbr.: ASSN.

2. So precious, in Penzance: TWEE.

3. Oregano, for one: HERB.

4. Old den indulgence: OPIUM. When I was a kid, this TV series "The Legendary Fok" was very popular. Opium War was part of the background. Love, betrayal, kung fu, just amazing.

5. "The Great Escape" setting: STALAG.

6. Limit: CAP.

7. "Operation Phone Home" gp.: USO.

8. Sundress part: STRAP.

9. "Mere" amount: PITTANCE.

10. Like a good waiter: PATIENT. You in the waiting room.

11. Beloved stars: IDOLS.

12. Vitamin __: PILL.

13. Slender swimmer: EEL.

14. Rental from a renter: SUBLET.

15. Petulant complaint: WHIMPER.

16. Source of film trivia: IMDB.

17. Opera house section: LOGE.

18. River of Flanders: YSER.

24. Tropical veranda: LANAI. Dream place.

26. Region of industrial decline: RUST BELT.

29. Watch holder: WRIST.

32. Poked (around): NOSED.

35. Wander (about): GAD.

36. 2000s Saturn midsize model: AURA.

39. Athletic shoe once endorsed by Paula Abdul: LA GEAR. Look a bit uncomfortable.

41. Limo destination: PROM.

42. Like yearbooks: ANNUAL.

44. NorCal NFL team: NINERS.

45. Keep a roomie awake, maybe: SNORE.

47. Hooting young: OWLETS.

49. Sure competitor: ARRID.

50. Greener Living org.: EPA.

53. Haul: LUG.

56. Electric wheels: TESLA.

60. Unassisted: SOLO.

63. One of 20 in "Hamlet": SCENE.

65. Military meal: MESS.

66. Help for a sad BFF: TLC. Here is my BFF Carmen with her husband Lao Pan. How I miss Guangzhou and the food there!

68. High points: APEXES.

69. Latin carol word: GLORIA.

71. Figure of speech?: ORATOR. Great clue.

72. Biblical prophet: HOSEA.

73. Sports shockers: UPSETS.

75. Eye-catching display: OP-ART.

76. SoCal wine valley: TEMECULA. Another learning moment for me.

79. Set the pace: LED.

82. Center: CORE.

83. Rocky peak: TOR.

85. Knotted neckwear: ASCOT.

87. Tone down, as a color: MUTE.

90. Arctic people: INUIT.

91. Like many reactions: CHEMICAL.

93. Vietnam New Year: TET.

95. Opening words eventually followed by clinking: HERE'S TO.

97. Inventor's jubilant shout: IT WORKS. My reaction to various tips D-Otto gives me also: "Oh wow, it works, the rugs stay down." I'm a budding handywoman.

98. Raise aloft: HOIST.

101. Seyfried of "Mean Girls": AMANDA.

104. Employee in a cage: TELLER.

107. Tea go-with: SCONE.

108. Rhône tributary: SAONE.

110. Professor Challenger's creator: DOYLE. Not familiar with the character.

111. Forever __ day: AND A.

112. Nerve: Pref.: NEUR.

113. Tony-winning Verdon of "Damn Yankees": GWEN.

114. __-Pei: dog breed: SHAR.

116. Wind ensemble member: OBOE.

117. Bursts: POPS.

118. Popeye's __'Pea: SWEE.

120. Shed a tear: CRY.

122. Card game shout: UNO.

123. Got into the race: RAN.