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Jan 19, 2020

Sunday January 10, 2020 Pam Amick Klawitter

Theme:  "Flight of Fancy" - Part of each familiar phrase is replaced by a sound-alike bird name.

27A. Museum piece depicting a songbird battle?: WREN WAR PAINTING. Renoir painting.

40A. Turkey concerned with the details?: TECHNICAL FOWL. Technical foul.

65A. Supply for a bird-of-prey flu epidemic?: ILL EAGLE DRUGS. Illegal drugs.

84A. Target audience for SINGLE PARROTS. Single parent.

103A. Troupe of pink entertainers?: FLAMINGO DANCERS. Flamenco dancer.
16D Where seabirds grab buses?: PETREL STATIONS. Petrol station.

47D. Bird skilled at long hoops shots?: THREE-POINT TERN. Three-point turn.

Hey, I got all the original phrases without asking D-Otto. Success!

This type if theme is the hardest for me as sometimes the replacement is a full homophone, sometimes it's just sound-alike. But they're all so imaginative.


1. Col. Potter on "M*A*S*H," to pals: SHERM. Sherman T. Potter.

6. Where Biles balances: BEAM. The amazing Simone Biles.

10. GQ stat: CIRC. Circulation.

14. Jokes around: JAPES.

19. Anne of "Psycho" (1998): HECHE.

20. Something up your sleeve: ULNA. Fresh clue angle.

21. Sign of hollowness: ECHO.

22. Idaho's Coeur d'__ River: ALENE.

23. 1944 Italian beachhead: ANZIO. No idea. It's south of Rome.

24. Standing lead-in: LONG. Long-standing.

25. Broadway lighter: NEON.

26. Terra __: COTTA.

30. Tabloid-worthy: LURID.

31. Key fruit: LIME.

32. Grafton of mystery: SUE. And 80. "__ for Innocent": Grafton: I IS.

33. Mexican menu meat: CARNE.

34. Bayou sound: ZYDECO. What does this word mean?

35. Pageant accessories: SASHES.

37. "Hulk" star Eric: BANA.

38. Games go-with: FUN.

39. KFC choice: LEG. KFC entered Xi'an market around 1992. McDonald's a decade later. But Xi'an now has Uniqlo and Muji. I bet most of you still don't have those two in your area.

44. Ed.'s inbox fillers: MSS.

45. Oregon city namesake: ASTOR.

48. Bank acct. item: INT.

49. Reach, finally: END UP AT.

51. "High Hopes" lyricist: CAHN (Sammy)

52. Quietly keeps in the loop: BCCS.

54. Dugout sight: MITT.

56. Khan of Rufus: CHAKA.

59. Item in a Blackpool boot: TYRE. Not familiar with this British city.

60. Massage response: AAH.

61. Spot for an icicle: EAVE.

62. Rockies roamers: WAPITIS.

64. Find a purpose for: USE.

68. Cards with pics: IDS. Star Tribune said only that 10% of the Minnesotans have applied for Real IDs.

69. Like Purell-treated hands: ASEPTIC.

71. "Archie's Pals 'n' __": old comic book series: GALS.

72. El Al's home: Abbr.: ISR.

73. Tip-top: A ONE.

74. World Golf Hall of Famer Nancy: LOPEZ. She used to appear regularly at the 3M Champions Tour event. Annika was there also.

75. Frees (of): RIDS.

76. __ jure: by the law itself: IPSO.

77. Genetic chains: RNAS. Spell check does not like the plural form.

78. Soapbox address: ORATION.

81. Blood pressure raiser: IRE. Not mine. Nothing raises mine. Absurd. I eat pickled stuff almost every day.

82. Talks like Daffy: LISPS.

83. Knight supporter?: PIP. Gladys Knight.

89. __ star: TIN.

90. Is afflicted with: HAS.

91. Those, south of the border: ESOS.

92. Vital lines: AORTAS.

95. Bluff and bluster: HOT AIR.

97. "Now you've done it!": I'M MAD.

99. Lane target: PIN. Bowling.

100. Snack with a Green Tea version in China and Japan: OREO. Nailed it.

102. Fighters: ANTIS.

106. Runs rampant: TEEMS.

107. Panelist Love of "The Real": LONI. Learning moment for me also.

108. It's high in France: ALPE.

109. MGM motto ender: ARTIS.

110. Sleeper's option: SERTA. Hey, we fixed our box spring undercover fiasco with tacks rather than those hard-to-operate staple guns. D-Otto just knows everything. 

111. "More than a beauty company" company: AVON.

112. Gritty film genre: NOIR.

113. Persian faith: BAHAI.

114. Uncertain ending words: OR NOT.

115. Titanic problem: BERG.

116. Virtually never loses to: OWNS. Oh, like owns the game.

117. Well past its prime: STALE.


1. Prayer garment: SHAWL.

2. Matisse and Rousseau: HENRIS.

3. Aloe target: ECZEMA.

4. Imitation gem: RHINESTONE. Great fill.

5. "Where's my cat treat?": MEOW.

6. Plant associated with the infant Moses: BULRUSH.

7. Tie the knot on the run: ELOPE.

8. "Frozen" princess: ANNA.

9. Performance with tricks: MAGIC ACT.

10. Primary: CENTRAL.

11. Trap during winter: ICE IN. Lots of snow here on Friday/Saturday. 

12. River at Avignon: RHONE.

13. D.C. group: CONG. Just short for "congress".

14. She played Kelly on "Charlie's Angels": JACLYN (Smith)

15. One way to read: ALOUD.

17. Baits: ENTICES.

18. Salty sort: SEA DOG.  Salt-y.  Boomer is jealous of Spitzboov's white uniform.

28. "Just wait __!": A SEC.

29. Baby spoiler, often: NANA.

34. Last letter in radio lingo: ZULU. And 36. That ship: HER. All for Spitzboov, who uses "Brave Zulu" at times.

37. Hoppers: BINS.

38. Email abbr.: FWD.

41. __ market: NICHE.

42. Threw a party for: FETED.

43. N.Y. neighbor: ONT.

44. Half a luau serving?: MAHI. Huge.

45. Real: ACTUAL.

46. Tells it like it is: SAYS SO.

50. HMO doctor designations: PCPS. Primary care physicians.

52. Java neighbor: BALI.

53. H.S. math course: CALC.

54. Etail alternatives: MALLS. I just want Uniqlo to come to Minnesota. This is the best I've worn. So comfy. It's like you're wearing nothing.

55. Currier's partner: IVES.

57. Take badly?: KIDNAP.

58. Take stock of: ASSESS.

61. "Yikes!": EGAD.

62. Gutless one: WUSS.

63. Farming prefix: AGRO.

65. Chichén __: Mayan ruins: ITZA. Hahtoolah was there.

66. Kept in a cask, say: AGING.

67. Not as green: RIPER.

70. APB subject: PERP.

73. Upper crust type: ARISTOCRAT.

75. Hermione's guy: RON. "Harry Potter".

76. Nest egg plans: IRAS.

79. Royal until 1917: TSAR.

81. Music player with many generations: IPOD NANO.

82. Ptr. paper size: LTR.

83. Initiate: PIONEER.

85. Legendary migrator: LEMMING. Forgot. We had him before.

86. "Ozark" actor Morales: ESAI.

87. 2020 Vegas NFLers, if the new stadium is ready: RAIDERS.

88. Chaplin of "Game of Thrones": OONA.

89. "Oh, really?": THAT SO.

90. Warn, feline-style: HISS AT.

93. "Queen of Soul": ARETHA.

94. "To be continued" story: SERIAL.

96. "We __ please": AIM TO.

97. Valentine message words: I LOVE.

98. Estate centerpiece: MANOR.

99. Drop by: POP IN.
101. Actor Davis: OSSIE.

103. Trainer's concern: FLAB.

104. What embers do: GLOW.

105. Arrests: NABS.


Dear Agnes lost her older sister Anne on January 11. May you rest in peace, Anne! 

Agnes also developed some eye issues. Constantly tearing. It'll probably take a few more days for the artificial tear to work its magic. Get well soon, Agnes! We need you on the blog.

L-R: Anne, Agnes, Eileen, Mary, and Peggy. March 2019

Jan 12, 2020

Sunday January 12, 2020 David Alfred Bywaters

Theme: "Up Above" - Up is added to front of each theme entry.
3. Like many characters in 22-Across?: UPSET TO MUSIC. And 22. Mozart works: OPERAS. One more cross-reference: 24. Mozart works for 22-Across: OVERTURES.

12. Fashion house employee?: UPSCALE MODEL. Scale model.

14. Belt firms?: UPHOLDING COMPANIES. Holding companies.

25. Some online forum posts?: UPLOADED QUESTIONS. Loaded questions.

28. Like an enthusiastic shrubbery salesperson?: UPBEAT ABOUT THE BUSH. Beat about the bush.
63. Unwanted piano key noise?: UPRIGHT CLICK. Right-click.

66. Niacin and protein, say?: UPSIDE OF BEEF. Side of beef.

Great visual! We don't often see theme entries placed in Down entries, unless the theme itself dictates, with reveals like DOWN *, or * FALLS.

One of the simple themes from David. His puzzles often have tricky wordplay.


1. Cozy: SNUG.

5. Dublin-based air conditioner company: TRANE. Ours is Rheem.

10. Fontaine filler: EAU. French "Fountain". Also 40. Fromage hue: BLEU.

13. Red and blue: PURPLE.

19. Sulk: MOPE.

20. Seriously flirt with: HIT ON.

21. Matterhorn or Jungfrau: ALP.

23. Informally formal entry announcement: IT'S I.

26. "Friends" friend: PHOEBE. "Smelly Cat".

27. "Friday I'm in Love" group: THE CURE.

29. Google __: MAPS. And 47. Google __: EARTH.

30. Rival of J.H. and W.K. Kellogg: CW POST. Post Cereals.

32. From bottom __: TO TOP.

33. Hiker's path: TRAIL.

35. Hall with Oates: DARYL.

36. Clear (of): RID.

39. Ambulance worker, briefly: EMT.

42. Unhappily unaccompanied: LONELY.

44. Holder of rays: DAISY. Can't wait to see this again.

46. Modernist's prefix: NEO.

49. Staff helper: AIDE.

50. Big finish: FINALE.

51. Intend: MEAN.

53. Bad sort whose second syllable is often dropped: HOODLUM. Hood.

55. Hart part: ANTLER.

56. Incisively sarcastic: CAUSTIC.

59. Intl. supporter of the arts: UNESCO. My pal Lesley (the Guangzhou girl) was in Xi'an last week. She went to this UNESCO site of course.

60. Metric wts.: KGS.

61. "__ luego": HASTA.

62. Enticed: LURED.

64. Like some ancient Icelandic works: EDDIC.

66. Strike caller: UMP.

69. Bigeye or yellowfin: AHI.

70. Appliance alert: BEEP.

72. Times and Herald, in NYC: SQS. Squares.

74. 21-year-old currency: EURO.

75. Taro dish: POI. Never tried poi. I bet I'll love it, since I love taro.

76. U.S. org. chaired by the president: NSC.

77. Aerosol targets: ODORS.

79. Eurasian range: URALS.

81. Surveying partner of Dixon: MASON. Oh, the Mason–Dixon line guys.

83. Area __: RUG.

84. They may abut peninsulas: INLETS.

86. "Kim" author: KIPLING.

88. Scold: BERATE.

91. Loses it: GOES APE. Surprise to see GONE PRO (100. Surrendered amateur status).

93. Incursion: RAID.

94. Calendar listings: EVENTS.

95. Search: HUNT.

96. Name after Paul or before Peter: SIMON.

98. Chicken source ... and product: EGG. We also have 124. Chicken choice: BREAST.

101. Often perpendicular measure: DEPTH.

102. Get to: ATTAIN.

104. Hindu princess: RANI.

105. Conquistador's treasure: ORO. The Korean "gold" is just "Kim", like Kim Jong-un.

106. Significant period: ERA.

107. The "Iliad" and the "Odyssey": EPICS.

109. Like some cookies: OATEN.

111. Impish: ELFIN. Spitzboov, do you have a childhood picture to share with us?

113. Submit a new invoice to: RE-BILL.

115. No longer fooled by: ONTO.

116. Render nonfunctional: DISABLE.

118. "Absolutely!": SO TRUE.

120. Mutton dish: IRISH STEW. Here is a well-known Xi'an mutton dish (Paomo).

123. Rightmost menu, often: HELP.

125. CO rank: COL.

126. Northeast express train: ACELA.

127. One in the headlights?: DEER.

128. 1994 Grammy Lifetime Achievement awardee: ARETHA.

129. Way in: KEY.

130. Grandmas: NANAS.

131. "In that case ... ": IF SO.


1. In love: SMITTEN.

2. Off somewhere: NOT HOME.

4. Insurance giant: GEICO.

5. Son of Odin: THOR.

6. Rosie, notably: RIVETER. The only one I know.

7. Consumed: ATE.

8. Marilyn's birth name: NORMA. So pretty.

9. Involve: ENTAIL.

10. Rabbit __: EARS.

11. Pub order: ALE.

13. "Row on row" blower in a classic poem: POPPY.

15. Flying Clouds, e.g.: REOS.

16. Like some court motions: PRE-TRIAL.

17. Workplace with tests: LAB. I was very nervous last November when Boomer's PSA went up. Dr. Nina calmed me down. Dr. Downs also said it's normal for the numbers to fluctuate. He said he has another patient whose prostate cancer metastasized to the bone. The guy's PSA number was 50 for six consecutive months. They had a bone scan but found no more bad cells.  

18. Salem-to-Boise dir.: ESE.

31. Twisted: WRY.

34. Bible book: RUTH.

35. Emulate Columbo: DEDUCE. The detective.

37. Many a map dot: ISLE.

38. Garment worker: DYER.

41. Social activist Guinier: LANI.

43. Good name for a Swedish soccer goalie?: NILS. Cute clue.

45. Picnic invaders: ANTS.

48. Time piece: HOUR.

50. Muslim mendicant: FAKIR. Wiki says it's Arabic for "poverty". And it refers to "a Sufi Muslim ascetic who has taken vows of poverty and worship, renouncing all relations and possessions. Fakirs are prevalent in the Middle East and South Asia. A fakir is thought to be self-sufficient and possesses only the spiritual need for God".

52. Ga. winter hours: EST.

54. People: ONES.

56. Sleuth Charlie known for aphorisms: CHAN.

57. Sighed lines: AAHS.

58. Jazz singer Laine: CLEO. Dame.

65. Gloaming: DUSK.

67. Tidal influence: MOON.

68. Send a text to: PING.

71. Borders: EDGES.

73. Span. title: SRTA.

78. Prominent noses: SNOUTS.

80. Nile serpents: ASPS.

82. Muhammad with gloves: ALI.

83. Tirade: RANT.

85. Horne or Headey: LENA.

87. Golfer's choice: IRON.

88. Old historian of older Britain: BEDE. The Venerable Bede.

89. One or more times: EVER.

90. Witty exchange: REPARTEE. You can find it our Comments section.

92. Hibernia: EIRE.

97. South African liberator: MANDELA.

99. Ornamental front ends: GRILLES.

102. Feel sick: AIL.

103. Revolutionary Hale: NATHAN.

108. Michelangelo masterpiece: PIETA.

110. Puccini masterpiece: TOSCA.

112. "Well, __-dah!": LAH-DI.

114. Part of Q.E.D.: ERAT.

115. Unctuous: OILY.

117. "As __ saying ... ": I WAS.

118. Entrepreneur-helping org.: SBA.

119. Bruins legend: ORR.

121. Shad spawn: ROE.

122. Half a score: TEN.

Dec 29, 2019

Sunday December 29, 2019 Gary Larson

Theme:  "Electronic Games" - E is added to the start of each familiar phrase.

22. Unlikely getaway car alternative?: ESCAPE GOAT. Scapegoat.

24. Time left in an online auction?: EBAY WINDOW. Bay window. ORIEL.
36. Civil rights legislation?: EQUALITY CONTROL. Quality control.

52. Serengeti stampede?: ELAND RUSH. Land Rush.

67. Three-hanky films?: EMOTION PICTURES. Motion pictures.

83. Bong for special occasions?: EVENT PIPE. Vent pipe.

97. Big place to fool around in?: ESTATE OF AFFAIRS. State of affairs.

112. Eve?: EDEN MOTHER. Den mother.

115. Midnight sail?: EBON VOYAGE. Bon voyage.

It'd be cool if every theme entry is indeed a game. We've seen an E adding to the end with "E-tail" as a title.

Bold upper left/lower right design from Gary. Hard to pull off cleanly.


1. Immense: WHOPPING.

9. Spurred (on): EGGED.

14. Starts of many names: CAPS. Capital letters, right?

18. Procedure enforced locally: HOUSE RULE. Great fill.

20. Magician's cry: VOILA.

21. Certain something: AURA.

26. Utmost degree: NTH.

27. River-to-sea connection: ESTUARY.

29. Policy that includes higher menu prices: NO TIPS. Tipping is not a common practice in China and Japan.

30. Stitches: DARNS.

33. Meadow mom: DOE. EWE too.

34. Zest: GUSTO.

41. Many a Middle East native: ARAB.

44. Craved: LUSTED.

45. Bowling ball material: URETHANE. TTP and Boomer can tell you more.

47. Hood's weapon: GAT.

49. Where to get down: EIDER.

50. World view, perhaps: MAP.

55. Multidisciplinary strength-training program: CROSSFIT.

57. Guitarist Paul: LES.

60. Tell a thing or two: EDUCATE.

61. B'way need: TKT.

62. Under pressure: ON THE SPOT.

66. "The Plough and the Stars" playwright: O'CASEY.

70. Red choice: CLARET.

73. Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb, e.g.: CO-ANCHORS. Hoda's name is very grid-friendly.

74. Single circuit: LAP.

77. Supremely spooky: EERIEST.

79. Bit of legal advice: SUE.

80. Promise that one will: PLEDGE TO.

86. Beast of burden: ASS.

87. Shower: AIRER.

88. Certain house mem.: SEN.

89. Emmy-winning creator of "Six Feet Under": ALAN BALL. Wiki says he also created "True Blood".

93. Solvent: AFLOAT.

94. Thames academy: ETON.

100. "Take Me Home, Country __": John Denver hit: ROADS.

102. Simple sack: COT.

103. Court figs.: ATTYS.

104. Take the heat off?: DISARM.

107. Early Yankee nickname: BAMBINO. Boomer told me he was enjoying "Babe". I said "The pig?". "What pig?". Turns out he was watching "The Babe".

109. "Rhoda" production co.: MTM.

119. Auto race signal: FLAG.

120. Pried (into): NOSED.

121. Glues: MUCILAGES. New word to me.

122. Daly of "Judging Amy": TYNE.

123. "The Teflon Don": GOTTI.

124. Climbing plant features: TENDRILS.


1. Word spoken during pouring: WHEN.

2. Throng: HOST.

3. Bad pun response: OUCH.

4. Ad about being green, briefly: PSA.

5. Zip: PEP.

6. Wrath: IRE.

7. "Cat Scratch Fever" musician: NUGENT (Ted). Not familiar with the song.

8. Shiny print: GLOSSY.

9. Boston suburb: EVERETT. What's it famous for?

10. Elapse: GO BY.

11. Supermodel Carangi: GIA.

12. Nevada copper town: ELY. Also new to me.

13. "The light __!": DAWNS.

14. Synagogue singer: CANTOR.

15. Quattro maker: AUDI.

16. Support, with "up": PROP.

17. Words of wisdom: SAWS.

19. Down: EAT.

23. 16th-century English architectural style: TUDOR.

25. Whit: IOTA.

28. Top of the line: A ONE.

30. Takes out: DATES.

31. A and O, but not E, I or U: ALERS. American Leaguers. A's and O's. We also have 40. MLB scoreboard letters: RHE. Runs, Hits, Errors.

32. Relieve (of): RID.

34. Soccer game highlight: GOAL.

35. Long bones: ULNAE.

36. Campaign sign word: ELECT.

37. Idiosyncrasy: QUIRK.

38. FAA overseer: USDOT. US Department of Transportation.

39. Stanley of the NHL?: CUP.

42. Mexican waters: AGUAS.

43. Sew with temporary stitches: BASTE.

46. Sign on the back: ENDORSE.

48. Nonbinary gender pronoun: THEY.

50. Perfect, as a collectible coin: MINT.

51. Web site: ATTIC.

53. Il __: Mussolini: DUCE.

54. Some appliances: RCAS.

56. Place to soothe the sole?: FOOT SPA. Very popular in China.

57. Horne and Dunham: LENAS.

58. "College Football Live" channel: ESPNU.

59. Item on a rack: SPICE.

63. Sob syllable: HOO.

64. Scot's "Crikey!": OCH.

65. Features of some 'Vettes: T-TOPS.

67. 2000 title role for Julia: ERIN.

68. Happen upon: MEET.

69. Results of Googling: URLS.

70. Cuckoo clock quartet: CEES.Cuckoo clock.

71. Bank construction: LEVEE.

72. Ain't like it oughta be?: AREN'T.

74. "Vive __!": LE ROI.

75. "I did not think to shed __": "Henry VIII": A TEAR.

76. Freighters' destinations: PORTS.

78. Like some floors: TILED.

81. "Portrayer" of Duck Dodgers: DAFFY. Read more here. First time I heard of  Duck Dodgers.

82. Southwestern lizards: GILAS.

84. Screen or bomb: PASS.

85. Rhinitis-treating MD: ENT.

86. South American greeting: ALO. Have yet to see NI HAO in a LAT puzzle.

90. Owner of Grey Goose and Dewar's: BACARDI.

91. Speck: ATOM.

92. Leave alone: LET BE.

93. Time in a personal ad: AFT. Afternoon.

95. Anaheim's county: ORANGE.

96. Result that's expected: NORM.

98. Spread apart, as police during a search: FAN OUT.

99. Hospital stat?: AT ONCE.

101. Surrounded by: AMONG.

104. Slick: DEFT.

105. Without serious thought: IDLY.

106. Penn name: SEAN. Sean Penn.

107. Root often pickled: BEET. So good. I have a weakness for pickled food. 

108. Tech giant based in Armonk, N.Y.: IBM.

109. Star followers: MAGI.

110. Neutrogena shampoo brand: T GEL. Many YouTubers have raved about this shampoo.

111. Jumble: MESS.

113. Excessively: TOO.

114. V-J Day president: HST.

116. Beaujolais, par exemple: VIN.

117. From the past, as a story: OLD.

118. Pirate's cry: YAR.


Dec 22, 2019

Sunday December 22, 2019 Peter Koetters

Theme:  "At the Helm" - The first word in each theme entry is a captain.

23A. *Without hesitation: HOOK LINE AND SINKER. Captain Hook.

32A *Opponent of the U.S. entry into WWII: AMERICA FIRSTER. Captain America. I only know Trump's "America First".

48A. *"Sheik of ... burning sand" in a Ray Stevens hit: AHAB THE ARAB. Captain Ahab.

67A. *Back-to-basics food regimen: CAVEMAN DIET. Captain Caveman. Also new to me.

84A. *Moments requiring decisive action: CRUNCH TIMES. Captain Crunch.

100A. *Groups that pervert justice: KANGAROO COURTS. Captain Kangaroo.

16D. *Food chain with a roundheaded spokesman: JACK IN THE BOX. Captain Jack.

61D. *1990 Paul Simon song, with "The": OBVIOUS CHILD. Captain Obvious.

112. 1865 classic not written for the characters that start the answers to starred clues: O CAPTAIN MY CAPTAIN.

Good to see Peter back for a Sunday puzzle. He gave us that fantastic "Smile" puzzle earlier this year.

This puzzle is very heavy in themage. Total 119 squares (Rich's minimum is 84). But the fill is still quite smooth.

1. Glimpse: ESPY.

5. Way up: ASCENT.

11. "Modern Family" network: ABC TV. We also have 26. "Young Sheldon" network: CBS.

16. Bush found in Florida: JEB.

19. Taiwanese superstar Jay: CHOU. He was Kato in "The Green Hornet". His Chou is the same as my Zhou.

20. Indiana Big Ten school: PURDUE.

21. Anne of comedy: MEARA.

22. Kerfuffle: ADO.

27. Big-eyed bird: OWL.

28. Johns in Scotland: IANS.

29. Thought of Monet: IDEE.

30. Farm team links: YOKES. Real farm team.

38. Poop out: TIRE.

39. Certain noble's domain: BARONY.

41. "Speed-the-Plow" playwright: MAMET (David)

42. Broadcasts: AIRINGS.

44. Underway, in a way: ASEA.

45. Upbraids: SCOLDS.

47. Bear witness: ATTEST.

51. Michelangelo work: PIETA.

52. Curable aliment: HAM. Looks like "Curable ailment".

55. "Death, be not proud" poet: DONNE.

56. Stylish Christian: DIOR.

57. Espresso foam: CREMA.

59. "Death Wish" star Charles: BRONSON.

63. Tire material: STEEL.

65. Unkempt: SHABBY.

66. Automation prefix: ROBO.

71. "J'Accuse...!" author: ZOLA.

72. Middle-earth tongue: ELVISH.

74. Modeling agent?: EPOXY. Plane/train model.

75. Rubber glove materials: LATEXES. Did not know this is plurable.

77. Kavanaugh colleague: ALITO.

78. Awestruck: AGOG.

79. Chile con __: cheesy Tex-Mex sauce: QUESO. I had my first bite of cheese at the age of 24. McDonald's.

81. Brit. medal: DSO. Distinguished Service Order.

82. Fountain choices: COLAS.

90. Wasatch dweller, perhaps: UTAHAN.

92. Believer: THEIST.

93. Zilch: NADA.

94. Greek letter that inspired the euro symbol: EPSILON. Unaware of the connection.

96. "__ you done?": AREN'T.

97. Aptly named Vt. ski resort: MT SNOW.

99. Small indentation: POCK.

104. Beatnik's "Got it!": I'M HIP.

106. Oscilloscope knob: DIAL.

107. Twice tetra-: OCTA.

108. PC brain: CPU.

111. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame architect: PEI. Born in Guangzhou.

118. Annex: ELL.

119. Action star Lundgren: DOLPH.

120. Bawl out: RAIL AT.

121. Mirrored: APED.

122. Silent consent: NOD.

123. "Hasta la vista!": SEE YA.

124. Digestion aid: ENZYME.

125. Tender in Havana: PESO.


1. Smart speaker brand: ECHO.

2. Display: SHOW.

3. Lifeguard's domain: POOL AREA.

4. Goofy laugh: YUK.

5. Drone shelter: APIARY. Not the flying drone.

6. Largest division of Islam: SUNNI.

7. Dramatic mus. marking: CRESC.

8. Writer LeShan: EDA.

9. Vow taker: NUN.

10. Youngest of nine Kennedy siblings: TED.

11. In the thick of: AMIDST.

12. "John Brown's Body" poet: BENET.

13. Self-indulgent sort: CAKE EATER. New phrase to me.

14. Numero di colori on the Italian flag: TRE.

15. Verb associated with mileage: VARY.

17. Stefan of tennis: EDBERG.

18. Heads: BOSSES.

24. Legal encumbrance: LIEN.

25. Horse fathers: SIRES.

31. Elevator guy: OTIS.

33. Ancient Dead Sea kingdom: MOAB.

34. Dino's love: AMORE.

35. FDR's dog: FALA.

36. Cinephile's website: IMDB.

37. "Hud" director Martin: RITT

39. Barnyard bleat: BAA.

40. Tray filler: ASH.

43. Come to, as an agreement: REACH.

45. Medicinal shrub: SENNA.

46. Spam holder: CAN.  Spam Musubi. I'll probably still dip this in the wasabi & soy sauce mixture. I'm going to try this one after my current tube runs out.

47. Garlicky sauce: AIOLI.

49. NFL stats: TDS.

50. Bootlegger's haul: HOOCH.

51. Variegated: PIED.

53. Mosey: AMBLE.

54. Chichén Itzá builders: MAYAS.

56. Overrule: DENY.

58. Bulldoze: RAZE.

59. Basketful on the table: BREAD. And 60. Basketful on the table: ROLLS. And 115. Indian 59-Down: NAN. Here are some Chinese Man Tou. We just steam.

62. "__ isn't!": emphatic rebuttal: NO IT.

63. Industrial settler?: SMOG.

64. Duty: TAX.

65. Tuck away: STASH.

68. Like the Impossible Burger: VEGAN.

69. Heroic poem: EPOS.

70. Pick: ELECT.

73. San Bernardino Co. is part of it: SOCAL.

76. Tater __: TOT.

78. Bing Crosby's role in "Robin and the 7 Hoods": ALAN ADALE. Learning moment for me also.

79. Westernmost South American capital: QUITO.

80. Young __: UNS.

83. Reluctant assent: OH OK.

84. One-named singer: CHER.

85. Vegas rival: RENO.

86. Caltech, e.g.: Abbr.: INST.

87. Guy's grooming portmanteau: MANSCAPE.

88. Pre-1868 Tokyo: EDO.

89. Jug band instrument: SAW.

91. __ bar: TIKI.

92. Cheery refrain: TRA LA.

94. Auto-injector brand: EPIPEN.

95. Big citrus fruit: POMELO. Thick-skinned.

96. __ Raisin, British whodunit sleuth named for a British writer: AGATHA. Helpful clue.

97. Change in form: MUTATE.

98. Something under the sink: TRAP.

101. Chilly: NIPPY.

102. With feigned shyness: COYLY.

103. Logical "razor" creator: OCCAM.

105. Bean bags?: PODS.

109. Bakery array: PIES.

110. Reverse: UNDO.

113. Iowa college: COE.

114. Spleen: IRE.

116. "Les __": MIZ.

117. Stout source: TAP.


Dec 15, 2019

Sunday December 15, 2019 Robin Stears

Theme: *Black Magic"- Both words in each theme entry can follow "Black".

23. *Landmark near Waikiki: DIAMOND HEAD. Black diamond. Blackhead.

29. *Down time on Wall Street?: BEAR MARKET. Black bear. Black market.

47. *It's larger than a littleneck: CHERRY STONE. Black cherry. Blackstone.

50. *Where land and ocean meet: SEA BOARD. Black Sea. Blackboard.

66. *Cowhide accessory: LEATHER BELT. Black leather. Black belt.

81. *Negative-studier's aid: LIGHT BOX. New phrase to me. Black light. Black box.

83. *Kozy Shack dessert: RICE PUDDING. Black rice. Black pudding.

104. *Fancy decoration particles: GOLD POWDER. Black gold. Black powder.

112. *Former Queens home of the US Open: FOREST HILLS. Black Forest. Black Hills.

I don't often see a title with an asterisk mark. This type of theme often has a reveal.

Don and I did this Black Monday puzzle ages ago. It was a hard work then. I'm just so amazed at the number of entries in Robin's theme.


1. Pulitzer-winning Ferber novel: SO BIG. 1924 novel.

6. PC key not used by itself: CTRL.

10. "Joy to the World," e.g.: CAROL.

15. Costa del __: SOL.

18. Mocedades song covered by Eydie Gormé as "Touch the Wind": ERES TU. It's You.

20. Riskily off base: AWOL.

21. All-inclusive adjective: EVERY.

22. Peak pique: IRE.

25. Carafe size: LITER.

26. Opposite of trans: CIS. Cisgender. Transgender.

27. Comes down with: GETS.

28. Printer supply: TONER.

31. 67.5 deg.: ENE.

32. Junior: SON.

33. '80s soap rebooted in 2017: DYNASTY. Looks intriguing.

35. __ podrida: Spanish dish: OLLA. Pork and beans.

36. "Sweeney Todd" tool: STROP.

38. Mary __: KAY.

40. One-named Deco artist: ERTE.

41. Sick to the max: ILLEST. Odd form.

43. What prospective borrowers compare: RATES.

45. Discipline with poses: YOGA.

46. 2015 Best Actress Larson: BRIE. "Room". I don't remember the film at all.

54. Cascades peak: SHASTA.

55. Bethesda medical agcy.: NIH.

56. Cut: SEVER.

57. Society page word: NEE.

58. Duck named for the long-feathered part of its anatomy: PINTAIL. Helpful clue.

60. Stand-up quality?: POSTURE. That duck has good posture.

63. "Straight Up" singer: ABDUL (Paula)

65. Bad road condition?: RAGE. Minnesotans are generally polite drivers.

69. One often has ticks: LIST.

70. "Consequently ... ": AND SO.

72. Snuggled, in a way: SPOONED.

73. Broad Eurasian region: SIBERIA. Remember this Siberian family?

75. GATT successor: WTO.

76. Plain __: obvious: TO SEE.

78. Gist: NUB.

80. Recall targets: LEMONS.

86. MTV sci-fi show "__ Flux": AEON.

87. Quick run: DASH.

88. Tough tests: ORALS.

89. 1964 Nobel Prize decliner: SARTRE. Here with Simone de Beauvoir.

92. Tenth: Pref.: DECI.

93. Narc's org.: DEA.

94. Best way to leave the casino: AHEAD. Boomer loves nickel poker.

98. "A Death in the Family" writer: AGEE.

99. Land adjoining a mansion: DEMESNE. New word to me.

101. "Miss Saigon" setting: NAM.

103. TiVo predecessor: VCR.

107. Come to pass: OCCUR.

109. Phony (up): HOKE. Is "hoke up" a common phrase? Never heard of it.

110. The "E" in BCE: ERA.

111. Alaskan native: ALEUT.

114. Not of the cloth: LAY.

115. Victoria, to William IV: NIECE.

116. Computer __: USER. Never used a computer until 1995. How about you?
117. Gets to the bottom of: SOLVES. I just wait for D-Otto.

118. Cry of success: YES.

119. Unloaded?: SOBER.

120. Submerged threat: REEF.

121. Art of verse: POESY.


1. Papyrus plants, e.g.: SEDGES.

2. Get situated: ORIENT.

3. Jalopy: BEATER.

4. Things to believe in: ISMS.

5. '60s song car with "three deuces and a four-speed and a 389": GTO.

6. "Call Me Irresponsible" lyricist: CAHN (Sammy)

7. Outdoorsy, taste-wise: TWEEDY. Another learning moment for me.

8. Detroit Lions' mascot: ROARY. Big Easy and I used this word in our CHIEF JUSTICE puzzle a few years ago.

9. Honorary degree for attys.: LLD.

10. Sugar Plum Fairy's instrument: CELESTA.

11. Fly: AVIATE.

12. Take another shot: RETRY.

13. City on Utah Lake: OREM.

14. Vega's constellation: LYRA.

15. Tool with a curved blade: SICKLE.

16. Protruding windows: ORIELS.

17. "The Vampire Chronicles" vampire: LESTAT. Tom Cruise.

19. Word that may precede itself: UNTO. Unto itself.

24. Shrek's bestie: DONKEY.

29. River transport: BARGE.

30. Loggers' contest: ROLEO.

32. Peloponnesian War victor: SPARTA.

34. Noble gas: NEON.

37. Electra's brother: ORESTES.

39. PGA part: Abbr.: ASSN.

41. "Dies __": IRAE.

42. Early fall baby's sign: LIBRA.

44. Are losing: TRAIL.

45. Talk Like a Pirate Day refrain: YO HO HO.

46. Cuts at an angle: BEVELS.

47. Red wine: CHIANTI.

48. Sad sack: HANGDOG.

49. Walk quietly: TIPTOE.

50. Desertlike: SERE. Fixture in our old Tribune Media days.

51. Hearth item sometimes called a firedog: ANDIRON.

52. Extending the life of: REUSING.

53. Mouth formations: DELTAS.

54. Urban planner's concern: SPRAWL.

56. Pin in a ring, say: SUBDUE. Verb "pin".

59. Textbook section: LESSON.

61. Six-yr.-term pol: SEN.

62. Ditch: TRENCH.

64. Complexion spoiler: BLEMISH.

67. High point: APEX.

68. Actress Swinton: TILDA. She's in "Burn After Reading".

71. Weasel relative: OTTER.

74. Madhouse: BEDLAM.

77. Shawm descendant: OBOE.

79. Fraternal gp.: BPOE.

82. Despised: HATED.

83. Indy entrant: RACER.

84. Egyptian fertility goddess: ISIS. And 87. Harvest goddess: DEMETER.

85. Voyager 2 destination: URANUS.

89. How Yoda spoke: SAGELY.

90. Trading places?: AGORAE. They wouldn't believe how we shop today.

91. Track events: RELAYS.

92. Figure out: DEDUCE.

93. Formal order: DECREE.

95. Advance in the race?: EVOLVE. Human race.

96. "Supernatural" co-star Jensen __: ACKLES. No idea.

97. Beyond "business casual": DRESSY.

99. Dimwitted "We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story" dinosaur: DWEEB.

100. Rope loop: NOOSE.

102. Liberal __: ARTS.

105. Chef's collection: PANS. Have you tried Tuscan chicken before?

106. Potpourri: OLIO.

108. Random House co-founder: CERF.

109. Hawaii County seat: HILO.

112. Pelt: FUR.

113. Kangaroo move: HOP.