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May 19, 2019

Sunday May 19, 2019 Ross Trudeau

Theme:  "Elimination"- EL is removed from each theme entry.

22A Cracked river barriers?: DAMS IN DISTRESS. Damsels in distress.

40A. What a generous mechanic might do after a wreck?: THROW IN THE TOW. Throw in the towel.

50A. David or Saul?: JEW IN THE CROWN. Jewel in the crown.

68A. Request to the local marriage oath writer?: CAN I BUY A VOW. Can I buy a vowel?

89A. Variety headline for director Lee's U.S. debut?: ANG'S IN AMERICA. Angels in America.

97A. Magician's tote?: EVERYTHING BAG. Everything bagel. Should have avoided BAGEL CHIP (63D. Crunchy snack)

118A. Talks about woks?: PAN DISCUSSIONS. Panel discussions.

I wonder if Ross's original title was "Noel", which describes the gimmick better.

EL is removed from the end of each key word, so very consistent. Ross is also known for his long sparkling fill. Today's grid is a great example. Lots of nice Downs, including a few never-been-seen debut entries.


1. __ vu: DEJA.

5. Command from Kirk: BEAM ME UP.

13. Drink word for "strained": COLADA. "Pina colada" means "strained pineapple".

19. [Sigh]: ALAS.

20. Unsuccessful competitors: ALSO-RANS.

21. One-footed creature: UNIPED. Like what?

25. Spiced up: ZESTED.

26. Sign of contempt: SNEER.

27. In a lab, it's often white: RAT.

28. "Yesterday!": STAT.

30. Cart count: ITEMS. Do you prefer Walmart or Target?

31. Pop by: STOP IN.

33. Org. with quarantine authority: CDC.

35. Western alliances: POSSES. I was thinking of NATO-style alliances.

37. How the satisfied stand: PAT.

39. "Psych!": NOT.

44. Indistinct mass: BLOB.

46. Deck-enclosing option: SCREEN.

48. Brainchild: IDEA.

49. Mani-pedi locale: SPA.

53. "Sunday Morning" channel: CBS.

55. __-de-sac: CUL.

56. Felt: SENSED.

57. Greek X: CHI.

58. Jolly syllables: HO HO. Dear Spitzboov and Santa, who loved the blooming onion. So glad they met.

60. Words of defeat: I LOST.

62. Chipotle alternative: QDOBA.

64. Kind of artery: RENAL.

65. DNC chair Tom: PEREZ. He beat the then Minnesota congressman Keith Ellison for the position. Ellison (right) is now our Attorney General.

66. Pittance: SOU.

72. Some dishwashers: GES. Ours is Samsung. We do have have a GE stove. The "Burner On" glitch is annoying.

73. Gap rival: J CREW.

75. Memoir, for one: GENRE.

76. Odist's inspiration: ERATO.

78. Rib: TEASE.

79. Best Female Athlete, e.g.: ESPY.

80. Eur. country in the Olympics since 1992: CRO. Croatia.

82. Dulles alternative: REAGAN.

86. Place to stay: INN.

87. Business card no.: TEL.

92. Calf spot: LEG.

93. With 66-Down, when Lady Macbeth says, "Leave all the rest to me": ACT I. 66. See 93-Across: SCENE V

95. Nonprofit reporting app: AP NEWS.

96. Coal carrier: TRAM.

101. Clancy's "The __ of All Fears": SUM.

103. More-than-stretchy statement: LIE.

104. "The Yodeling Cowgirl" in "Toy Story" films: JESSIE.

105. Novelist Rand: AYN.

106. Rodeo contestants, at times: ROPERS.

108. Quiet order: SHUSH.

110. Run smoothly: PURR.

112. It's dropped for emphasis: MIC.

113. Implied: TACIT.

116. Pioneer 35mm cameras: LEICAS.

122. Shmoo creator: AL CAPP. Nice to have his full name. We see CAPP often.

123. Tapered cigar: PERFECTO.

124. __ Brasi, "The Godfather" enforcer: LUCA.

125. Frank: WIENER.

126. Regular guys?: STEADIES. Nice clue.

127. Headliner: STAR.


1. Some diaper changers: DADS.

2. Panache: ELAN.

3. 1607 settlement: JAMESTOWN.

4. Selling point: ASSET.

5. Abolish: BAN.

6. Spooky: ELDRITCH. Never heard of word. Looks like Tiger's real name.

7. Like about 25% of Russia's population: ASIAN.

8. Part of MVP: MOST.

9. "The A-Team" muscle: MR T.

10. Singer's skill: EAR.

11. World Heritage Site org.: UNESCO. Italy is the leader with 54 sites. China has 53, one of them is in my hometown.

12. Subtle "Over here!": PSST.

13. Member of the fam: CUZ.

14. Flexible lunch hour: ONEISH.

15. Directory name: LISTEE.

16. College Bd. result using a 1-to-5 scale: AP TEST SCORE. Also 61. Creations with colorful blocks: LEGO ART.91. "Oh, that's adorable!": AW SO CUTE. All debut entries. Lovely.

17. Consider: DEEM.

18. Throws in: ADDS.

23. Golfer's wedge, e.g.: IRON. Most of Boomer's clubs are hybrids.

24. Delicious: SAPID.

29. Musical timbre: TONE COLOR.

32. Ph.D.'s next hurdle: POSTDOC

33. French sweetie: CHERI.

34. Crab Key villain: DR NO. Google shows that "Crab Key is a fictional island off the coast of Jamaica that served as the stronghold of Dr. Julius No."

36. Wild attempt: STAB.

37. Lunchbox staples, initially: PBJS. Standard Chinese lunch box. Lots of plain rice. Paleo diets won't work for me.

38. Protected while sailing: ALEE.

40. Silicon Valley field: TECH.

41. Ryder of "Stranger Things": WINONA.

42. Works: OPUSES.

43. Chopin work: WALTZ.

45. Creamy soups: BISQUES. This looks delicious.

47. Mends, as a rattan chair: RE-CANES.

51. Stark in "Game of Thrones": NED.

52. Muffet fare: WHEY.

54. Nurse: SIP.

59. "Try it": HAVE ONE.

64. Regret: RUE.

67. Breakfast staple: ORANGE JUICE. 11-letter non-theme entry!

69. Hurting: IN PAIN.

70. __ Mawr College: BRYN.

71. Gets ready to play: WARMS UP.

73. Scrabble 8-pointer: J TILE. What's the score of your name? Try here. I (Zhouqin Burnikel) probably beat most of the regulars on our blog.

74. Rainy: WET.

77. Driving aid: TEE.

80. It covers the House: C SPAN.

81. Encircle: RING.

83. Thin Mints seller: GIRL SCOUT. This cookie selling is very American.

84. Trendy berry: ACAI.

85. Finger: NAME.

88. Has: EATS.

90. "Girls" Emmy nominee Hoffmann: GABY. Unknown to me.

94. Make a mess of, as traffic: TIE UP.

98. Swipe again?: RE-SCAN.

99. Slingshot feature: Y SHAPE.

100. January birthstone: GARNET.

102. Queens squad: METS.

106. 2014 Lizzie Borden portrayer Christina: RICCI.

107. Flight safety equipment?: RAILS. What a great mislead.

108. Crunchy side: SLAW.

109. Port opener: HELI.

111. See 119-Down: RAPS. 119. Dr. who 111-Down: DRE.

112. Advanced teaching deg.: MSED.

114. Machu Picchu denizen: INCA. Hahtoolah was there. She and Kazie are globe-trotters. JD too.

115. Peter the Great, e.g.: TSAR.

117. Mar. arrival, in theory: SPR.

120. "__ tree falls ... ": IF A.

121. USCG reception: SOS.

I heard from Dudley a few days ago. He said he gave up doing the puzzle in March when Cruciverb had a prolonged glitch and he had not returned since. Dudley told me "I'm actually kind of surprised that, after 20 years of the LAT and about 10 years at the Corner, I don’t miss puzzle solving."

I'm glad his absence is not health-related. I do hope he continues to solve the puzzles and visits us from time to time.


May 12, 2019

Sunday May 12, 2019 Gail Grabowski

Theme: "Youth Group" - LAD spans across each theme entry.

23. Warning during a snowstorm: TRAVEL ADVISORY.

32. Octane booster: FUEL ADDITIVE.

46. High naval rank: FULL ADMIRAL.

67. One who can't put down the phone?: DIGITAL ADDICT.

86. Founding Father found in a bar?: SAMUEL ADAMS.

102. Common login component: EMAIL ADDRESS.

113. Shelter mission: ANIMAL ADOPTION.


116. Youth found in this puzzle's seven longest answers: LAD.

Very consistent *L AD* span. Simple but never-done theme. This is Gail's hallmark.

Gail is also careful with her fill also. You won't find a plethora of names in her grids. Or odd abbreviations. She never wants to stump solvers.


1. Informal demand for propriety: ACT NICE. Great 7-letter start.

8. Choice bit: MORSEL.

14. Group with similar interests: CIRCLE.

20. "I always lie," e.g.: PARADOX.

21. Illinois city west of Chicago: AURORA. Gail lives in Peru, Illinois.

22. Filled, folded fare: OMELET.

25. Wyndham-owned chain: RAMADA. Not familiar with Wyndham, you? Wiki says "It has locations in China".  Ramada does have many hotels in China.

26. Seashore raptor: ERNE.

27. Watch readout abbr.: LCD.

28. Discontinuation phrase: NO LONGER.

30. Quote qualifier: SIC.

31. Last stroke, usually: PUTT. Also 36. Disc golf starting points: TEE PADS.

38. German title: HERR.

39. Geological stretch: EON.

40. Goose egg: NIL.

41. Wild way to go: APE.

42. NYC tourist attraction: MOMA. Oh, Starry, Starry Night, Paint your palette blue and green...

43. Slim predatory swimmer: CONGER EEL.

50. Doesn't need: HAS.

51. Jazz singer Jones: ETTA.

52. Physicist's study: ATOM.

53. "Chopped" utensil: PAN. We also have 54D. Celebrity chef Bobby: FLAY. I like Jamie Oliver. Who's your favorite?

54. On-call volunteer, perhaps: FIREMAN.

57. Reported story: NEWS ITEM.

60. See 17-Down: BELL. And 17D. Instrument with a flared 60-Across: CLARINET.

62. Source of a draft: ALE TAP.

66. A third of nove: TRE. Nove is 9.

71. Vichy vacation time: ETE.

72. Studio apartment accommodation: AIRBED.

74. Crafts website: ETSY.

75. Indian brew: ASSAM TEA. Black tea.

77. "The Blues Brothers" fashion accessories: RAYBANS.

80. Made a fast stop?: ATE. Great clue.

81. Like some folklore: ORAL.

82. "David Copperfield" girl: EM'LY. Little Em'ly.

85. Student leader?: ESS. Just the first letter in Student.

90. Debate focal point: MAIN ISSUE.

93. Senior's highlight: PROM.

94. Eligibility factor: AGE. I'm going to be eligible for senior discounts soon. Amazing.

95. Big bucks, briefly: MIL.

96. Aloha shirt go-with: LEI.

97. Truck maker with a bulldog logo: MACK.

98. Casual Friday adjective: TIELESS.

106. Eliot title hero: BEDE.

107. Disappoint, with "down": LET.

108. Arranged, as a deal: BROKERED.

109. Put the kibosh on: END.

110. Brad's role in "Inglourious Basterds": ALDO. No idea. But I like the new clue angle.

111. Hat of Ecuadorian origin, oddly: PANAMA.

118. She outwitted a witch: GRETEL.

119. Puget Sound city: TACOMA.

120. Like candy canes: TWO-TONE. And 123. Poor Yelp rating: ONE STAR.

121. Not easily ruffled: SERENE. D-Otto! Such a calm and reassuring presence in our life. We also have 68D. Far from relaxed: TENSE. 103D. Ready to explode: IRATE.

122. Angled: SLOPED.


1. Most fitting: APTEST.

2. King's first published novel: CARRIE.

3. Daze: TRANCE.

4. Cathedral section: NAVE.

5. Ending with fluor-: IDE.

6. Conspired: COLLUDED. No collusion.

7. Calls for: EXACTS.

8. Big D hoops pro: MAV.

9. Tokyo : hai :: Paris : __: OUI. I've mentioned a few times. "hai" is also Cantonese for "yes".

10. Commuting options: Abbr.: RRS.

11. With less delay: SOONER.

12. Weasley family owl: ERROL. "Harry Potter".

13. Clapton classic: LAYLA.

14. County fair fare: CORN DOG.

15. "Just think ... ": IMAGINE.

16. Held another session: RE-MET.

18. Headed up: LED.

19. Weather-sensitive hr.: ETA.

24. EPA-banned pesticide since 1972: DDT.

29. Danish seaport: ODENSE. Hans Christian Andersen's birthplace.

31. Bear with a too-hard bed: PAPA.

32. Storm relief org.: FEMA.

33. Region in the Eurasian Steppe: URAL.

34. Nam lead-in: VIET.

35. "Enchanted" film title girl: ELLA.

37. Coconut sources: PALMS. And 42. Coconut Grove setting: MIAMI.

38. Road warning: HORN.

43. Jack Reacher creator Lee __: CHILD.

44. Stroked tool: OAR.

45. Russo of "The Intern": RENE. She is Frigga in "Avengers: Endgame".

46. Fruity soda: FANTA.

47. Development areas: UTERI.

48. Farther down: LOWER.

49. Compressed video format: MPEG.

55. array: MACS.

56. Resort near Snowbird: ALTA.

58. Planning session product: IDEA.

59. Fairly large, sumwise: TIDY.

60. Louisville Sluggers, e.g.: BATS. I think we still have a couple of mini bats in our garage.

61. Golf's "Big Easy" Ernie: ELS. Our Big Easy was close to him a few times. George volunteers for Zurich Classic every year.

63. Aquarium favorite: TETRA.

64. Subs aren't on it: A TEAM.

65. Sounds of thunder: PEALS.

69. Matter of fact: DATUM.

70. "So that's it!": I SEE.

73. __ Mawr College: BRYN. The only way to clue this entry.

76. Pose in fancy clothes, say: MODEL. This supermodel (fancy Dolce & Gabbana dress) is from my hometown. Her name is Xiao Wen Ju.

78. Abutting: BESIDE.

79. Sch. with a Phoenix campus: ASU.

80. Wild way to run: AMOK.

82. Former "Fashion Emergency" host: EMME.

83. Severely harm: MAIM.

84. 19-y'ar-old comics character: LIL ABNER.

86. Seaweed wrap purveyors: SPAS.

87. Hammer-throw trajectories: ARCS.

88. Gave up, as arms: LAID DOWN.

89. "A Death in the Family" author: AGEE. James.

91. It's a bad sign: ILL OMEN.

92. Broad-leafed maritime plant: SEA KALE.

97. Doc: MEDICO.

98. Look after: TEND TO.

99. 2009 Tony-winner "Billy __ the Musical": ELLIOT.

100. Site of Arizona's Red Rock State Park: SEDONA.

101. Type that can't stay off the grass?: STONER. Drug.

104. Mild oaths: DRATS.

105. Kidney-related: RENAL.

106. Co-star of Betty, Rue and Estelle: BEA.

110. Case workers: Abbr.: ATTS.

111. Some movie ratings: PGS.

112. "All bets __ off": ARE.

114. Swiffer product: MOP. Hope it's all dried up, D-Otto!

115. Soul, to Sartre: AME.

117. Author of macabre tales: POE.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms on our blog!


May 5, 2019

Sunday May 5th, 2019 David Alfred Bywaters

Theme: "Not!" (No-T). T is removed from the end of each common phrase.

22. Animated image of Santa repeatedly going down the chimney?: CHRISTMAS GIF. Christmas gift.

41. Fruity neckwear?: BANANA BOA. Banana boat.

43. Votes at a beer convention?: BREWER'S YEAS. Brewer's yeast.

67. First catch the fly, then eat the fly?: SPIDER PLAN. Spider plant.

71. Indication of growing impatience?: SECOND SIGH. Second sight.

96. Social newcomer who won't go away?: LONG-TERM DEB. Long-term debt.

99. Basic banking rule?: DON'T FORGE. Don't forget.

118. Subjecting to a basic haunting strategy?: GIVING THE BOO. Giving the boot.

It would be super tight if there were no other straying T's in the theme entries, but sometimes it's impossible.

David Alfred Bywaters specializes in letter addition/removal themes. I'm often in awe of the reveals in his Friday LAT. He's an incredible wordsmith.


1. Writers: PENS. Write-rs.

5. Bearlike marsupial: KOALA.

10. Super-impressed: AWED.

14. Numerical suffix for "about": ISH.

17. Fast Northeast train: ACELA. Wiki says "the branding team based the name "Acela" on the ideas of acceleration and excellence.".

19. Severe distress: SORROW. And 67D. Weep: SOB.

20. Greater: MORE.

21. Usually well-compensated leader: CEO. CFO too.

24. Adorn: ORNAMENT.

26. Owie spot, maybe: TOOTSIE.

27. Burdens: ONUSES.

29. Windshield sticker: DECAL.

30. Cashew family shrubs: SUMACS. Never saw sumac shrubs in person. Dried sumac is used in some Middle East spice mix.

33. Garage service: LUBE.

34. Extract with a solvent: ELUTE. Not a word I use.

35. Crew member: TAR.

38. Robert who sang the role of Figaro 46 times at the Met: MERRILL. Stranger to me.

45. Smaller: LESS.

46. Socially challenged one, often: NERD.

47. Rural skyline standouts: SILOS.

48. Hereditary: INNATE.

50. Japanese pond fish: KOI.

52. Beach volleyball team: PAIR.

53. Woman's name that means "pleasure" in Hebrew: EDNA. Did not know this.

55. Country sound: TWANG.

58. Sam or Wiggily: UNCLE. I googled and learned that Uncle Wiggily is a rabbit.

62. Cruller coating: GLAZE. These are Chinese crullers that Jayce likes.

64. Words before a view: AS I SEE IT. Nice fill.

66. Muffin grain: OAT.

73. Valentine card hugs: OOO.

74. Popular school cafeteria item: TATER TOT. Boomer loves Tater Tots.

76. Immerse (in), as maple syrup: DROWN.

77. Togo neighbor: BENIN.

79. Sharpening tool: STROP.

80. Fare-well link: THEE.

82. Maker of Aspire laptops: ACER. It bought Gateway in 2007.

85. "Sorry, lad": NAE.

87. How Sitka, Alaska, ranks as the largest U.S. city: IN AREA.

89. Wedding party: BRIDE.

90. Trojan War god: ARES.

93. Small-time British crook: SPIV. Never heard of it. Looks like a knife.
101. Plague: SCOURGE.

102. USCG officer: ENS.

103. Courage: VALOR.

104. __ even footing: ON AN.

106. __ network: NEURAL.

108. Meaningless: INANE.

109. BP, pulse, etc.: VITALS. When I visited my dentist last month, they used a wrist blood pressure machine like this.

112. Causes of traffic jams ... or ways to avoid them: DETOURS.

116. The "there" in "Don't go there": SORE SPOT. Another great fill.

121. Heart test letters: EKG.

122. Hunger remedy wrongly attributed to Marie Antoinette: CAKE. Oh I thought she did say "Let them eat cake".

123. Means: AVENUE.

124. Hard work: SWEAT.

125. Poor grade: DEE.

126. Is indebted to: OWES.

127. Principle: TENET.

128. Goes off: ERRS.


1. Treaty: PACT.

2. Repetitive sound: ECHO.

3. Emperor adopted by Claudius: NERO. Claudius was his great-uncle.

4. Buttonholes, e.g.: SLITS.

5. Ukulele wood: KOA. I forgot. We had this clue before. Here's a felled koa tree.

6. MD workplaces: ORS.

7. Ship protected by Hera: ARGO.

8. Cut of meat: LOIN.

9. Really bad: AWFUL.

10. Tiny shape-shifters: AMOEBAE.

11. Goes downhill: WORSENS.

12. North end?: ERN. Northern.

13. Numb: DEADEN.

14. Rock at the bar?: ICE CUBE.

15. Cato the Elder or Cato the Younger: SENATOR.

16. Cop's case-breaking tip, perhaps: HOT LEAD. Did any of you follow this Minneapolis case?

18. Supposes: ASSUMES.

19. Campaign nastiness: SMEARS.

23. Kitchen convenience: TIMER.

25. Skin pigment: MELANIN.

28. Renter's rental: SUBLEASE.

31. 1993 Aerosmith hit that begins "There was a time / When I was so broken-hearted": CRYIN'.

32. Tuscany city: SIENA.

35. Recipe meas.: TBSP.  Any of you tried X.O. sauce? Umami-rich. It has dried shrimp, dried scallop, hot chili peppers, etc.

36. Tenor's moment: ARIA.

37. Faith: RELIGION.

39. PC-to-PC system: LAN.

40. Future attys.' exams: LSATS.

42. Set as a price: ASK. Guess how much Beckett charges for authenticating a Mickey Mantle autographed photo? $100. Crazy.

44. __ Cup: WORLD.

49. Unexpected story ending: TWIST.

51. Improve upon: OUTDO.

53. __-Nehemiah: Hebrew Bible book: EZRA.

54. Coll. units: DEPTS.

56. Japanese tech company: NEC.

57. Sparkling rock: GEODE. And 75. Iridescent gems: OPALS.

59. Happen at the same time: COINCIDE. Seollal (Korean New Year), Tet and Chinese Spring Festival are all celebrated in the same day. Here are a few Korean kids kneeling down to pay respect to their elders.

60. Fall behind: LAG.

61. Addis Ababa's land: Abbr.: ETH.

63. Company named for a volcano: AETNA.

64. Playwright Chekhov: ANTON.

65. About, on memos: IN RE.

68. "The Purloined Letter" writer: POE.

69. Allow: LET.

70. Reach: ARRIVE AT.

72. Bee team: SWARM.

78. How some things are set: IN STONE.

80. Mortise joiner: TENON.

81. Dutch city, with "The": HAGUE.

83. Eve's first home: EDEN.

84. Civil War fighters: REBS.

86. Paul Anka's "__ Beso": ESO.

88. Mythical elephant carrier: ROC. Also a popular skincare brand.

89. Inspiring acts?: BREATHS. Nice clue.

90. Counseled: ADVISED.

91. Lost Colony's island: ROANOKE. See here for more information.

92. Blow up: ENLARGE.
94. Incite: PROVOKE.

95. Sets a match to: IGNITES.

97. Plod: TRUDGE.

98. White-plumed wader: EGRET.

100. Painting on wet plaster: FRESCO.

105. Annoy constantly: NAG AT.

107. "Almost Like Being in Love" composer Frederick: LOEWE.  "My Fair Lady" too.

110. Happening right now: LIVE.

111. Pet reindeer in "Frozen": SVEN.

113. Lyft competitor: UBER.

114. Lion's warning: ROAR.

115. They're often smashed: SOTS. Drunk.

117. Friendly dog's offering: PAW.

119. Like Bach's French Suite No. 6: IN E.

120. Superfan: NUT.


Apr 28, 2019

Sunday April 28, 2019 Jeffrey Wechsler

Theme: "Ooh, I Get It!" - Long I sound is changed into long U sound, changing spellings as needed.
24A. Grinch victim in the Wasatch Range?: ROCKY MOUNTAIN WHO. Rocky Mountain High.

37A. Bilks corporate bigwigs?: TAKES IN THE SUITS. Takes in the sights.

45A. Puff's ailment?: DRAGON FLU. Dragonfly.

56A. Nickname for a seafaring Smurf?: CAPTAIN BLUE. Captain Bligh.

77A. Amphibian College curriculum?: NEWT COURSES. Night courses.

82A. Inspiration for "The Hulk"?: BRUTE IDEA. Bright idea.

93A. Exceptional wind?: FIRST CLASS FLUTE. First class flight.

111A. 18-Down?: FATHER OF THE BROOD. Father of the bride.

Jeffrey told me that the puzzle title is from Rich and Patti. His suggested "The Right Route". Sometimes it's tricky to find a perfect title that captures the sound changing gimmick.

Total 102 theme squares. Our average. The top and bottom edge design is not very Jeffrey, but the side edges is, with triple stacks of 7's and 6's. Those are hard to pull off cleanly, but Jeffrey is a pro. And he managed a 140 worder.


1. Some old Eur. republics: SSRS. Soviet Socialist Republics. Tiny "republics"/R dupe. Jeffrey mentioned that this is not his entry. He said "Rich didn’t like something in that section, but he did not request a revision, which I would have gladly worked on." He said SSRS is an entry he would do anything to remove, esp at 1-Across.

5. Brownstone-front hangout: STOOP.

10. Homer's "rosy-fingered" time: DAWN. Tiny dupe: 96. Dawn goddess: AURORA.

14. One looking badly?: OGLER.

19. Astute: KEEN.

20. Aquatic predators: ORCAS.

21. "Nasty" Nastase of tennis: ILIE. Honored on a stamp.

22. Good, to Giovanni: BUONO.

23. "__ la Douce": IRMA.

27. High point: PEAK.

28. College domain: EDU. Two more U's: 105. Charlottesville sch.: UVA.75. Columbus campus: Abbr.: OSU.

29. Large wardrobe: ARMOIRE. Not an armoire here. Just want to show you my friend Carmen's vases.

30. College dorm figs.: RAS.

31. Legal memo phrase: IN RE.

32. Pro Football Hall of Famer Merlin __: OLSEN.

35. Modigliani subject: NUDE. Andy Garcia played him in the 2004 movie.

36. Set (on): BENT.

41. Airhead: DUNCE.

42. Bit of trickery: GAG.

43. Chris of "American Pie" films: OWEN. Wiki says this: "In 2014, a New York Daily News article reported Owen was working as a waiter at a sushi restaurant in Santa Monica, California. In the article, Owen says that "life doesn’t always go the way you planned. I love acting and this job lets me stay in the fight." After that article was published, he appeared in two films in addition of a role on Criminal Minds".

44. Urn turner, perhaps: POTTER.

50. Real-estate holding account: ESCROW.

54. D.C. VIPs: REPS.

55. __-B: hygiene brand: ORAL.

61. __-Locka, Fla.: OPA.

62. Arena roarer: CROWD.

63. In cahoots: AS ONE.

64. Swahili honorific: BWANA. Literally "sir".

65. Meal with a crust: POTPIE.

67. "Ghosts" playwright: IBSEN.

69. Shoulders, e.g.: JOINTS. Nina kindly sent us an exercise routine to improve Boomer's body mass and balance. We just started the easiest ones. 

70. "God __ refuge and strength": Psalm 46: IS OUR.

71. Traded (in): DEALT.

73. Like honey: GOOEY.

76. 2000 Richard Gere title role: DR T. OK. I just read the plot for the first time. Surreal.

79. Way back when, once: ERST.

80. Alone, in Arles: SEUL.

81. Two-time Pulitzer Prize for Fiction awardee: UPDIKE.

84. Bering, e.g.: STRAIT.

88. Arp's art: DADA.

91. Whole effort: ALL.

92. Coat of arms element: CREST.

101. Dusters: RAGS.

102. Just: MERE.

103. Prepare for bodybuilding photos: OIL UP. Would you believe that they use PAM cooking spray?

104. Egyptian deity: ISIS.

106. Takes, as a bus: RIDES ON.

108. Friend of Eeyore: ROO.

110. Bygone depilatory brand: NEET.

115. Canadian gas: ESSO.

116. Belong: FIT IN.

117. Wishes one hadn't done: RUES.

118. Actress Delta: BURKE.

119. Ado: STIR.

120. Billiards slab: SLATE.

121. Gucci of fashion: ALDO. Also 10. Chanel competitor: DIOR

122. Motel 6 visits: STAYS.

123. Tokyo electronics giant: SONY.


1. "Let's not do that": SKIP IT.

2. Sister of Venus: SERENA. The Williams sisters.

3. Say casually: REMARK.

4. Whence some garters?: SNAKE EGGS.  Garter snakes. I did not know that snakes lay eggs. Google Images shows this corn snake laying an egg.

5. Hot under the collar: SORE.

6. Walked over: TROD ON.

7. Like Hogwarts lore: OCCULT.

8. Sturdy tree: OAK.

9. 101 class involving Freud: Abbr.: PSY. No more K-Pop rapper.

11. Many college donors: ALUMNI.

12. Succeed despite obstacles: WIN OUT.

13. Coll. students' access codes: NETIDS. Another learning moment for me.

14. Tony's cousin: OBIE. Or EMMY.

15. Staple __: GUN.

16. Inexpensive, as housing: LOW RENT.

17. Improve: ENHANCE.

18. Wake-up call provider: ROOSTER. The black character is how it's written in traditional Chinese.

25. Minister's house: MANSE.

26. "There you __!": ARE.

33. Uncertain query before a query: SHOULD I ASK. I normally send an email to D-Otto: "Does this feel solid to you?"

34. "Yuck!": EEW.

36. On the other hand: BUT.

38. __ Paulo: SAO.

39. Pass over: IGNORE.

40. Mild angst: UNEASE.

41. Warning about overexuberance: DOWN BOY. Great fill.

44. Pasty food: POI.

45. Surprise with a visit: DROP IN.

46. Rest: REPOSE.

47. "Trainwreck" director Judd: APATOW.

48. Back again: FRO.

49. Foundation of a civil society: LAW.

51. Stress-relief tool: SPONGE BALL. Never used these. I do have spike balls.

52. UPS unit: CTN.

53. Actress Issa: RAE.

56. Play lists: CASTS.

57. Airport near D.C.: BWI. Baltimore–Washington International. Also 72. NW Penn. airport: ERI.
Erie International Airport. Googled afterwards.

58. Alit: LANDED.

59. Like perjured testimony: UNTRUE.

60. Cal. locale of the Latino Walk of Fame: EAST LA. We had this clue before.

62. Basic electrical component: CIRCUIT.

66. Delay, with "off": PUT.

68. Runs in the wash: BLEEDS.

69. Beetle relatives: JETTAS.

71. It doesn't go off: DUD.

74. Hockey legend: ORR (Bobby). So grid-friendly. ORR and OTT.

78. Choose: OPT.

80. Endearing quality of puns: SILLINESS.

83. Often pointy-eared figure: ELF.

84. Kitten handles?: SCRUFFS. Nice clue/fill. Consonant-rich.

85. Hard work: TRAVAIL.

86. Sailing competition: REGATTA.

87. Braying beast: ASS.

89. Expiate, with "for": ATONE.

90. Rank of Brit. TV sleuth Morse: DCI. OK, Detective Chief Inspector. 

93. Indiana Jones' hat: FEDORA.

94. Filled with rage: IREFUL.

95. Ready to play again: RESTED.

97. Goosebump-inducing: SPOOKY.

98. Employs so that one may: USES TO.

99. Connects logically: TIES IN.

100. Editing app on Google Play: E STORY. Unfamiliar to me.

102. Orbiter for 15 years: MIR.

106. Philosopher Descartes: RENE.

107. Rather: OH SO.

109. Wordsworth works: ODES.

112. Musical success: HIT.

113. Small ammo: BBS.

114. Tedious situation: RUT.


Apr 21, 2019

Sunday April 21, 2019 Gary Larson

Theme: "It's All in the Game Show" - Each theme answer sounds like a game show. 

22A. [Bee home + Venus + heron kin]: HIVE GODDESS EGRET.  I've Got A Secret.

39A. ["Star Trek" villain + mailed + light beam + take pains to avoid]: KHAN SENT RAY SHUN. Concentration.

52A. [Sass, in slang + inferno + turkey + Babe with a bat]: TUDE HELL DUD RUTH. To Tell The Truth. 

76A [Legume + yank + pound sound + bee product]: PEA PULL ARF HONEY. People Are Funny.

93A. [Cutlet meat + statute + quartet + goatee site]: VEAL LAW FOUR CHIN. Wheel Of Fortune

114A. [Utter + cherish + old laundry detergent + harm]: SAY LOVE DUZ INJURY. Sale Of The Century.

Did you guys all get the theme? 

Wow, I was at a total loss. Asked D-Otto, who spelled out each original game show for me. He thought I would have got 93A myself. Nope. 


1. Roll of dough: WAD.

4. Covert agents: SPIES.

9. ||, on a remote: PAUSE.

14. Melt: THAW. The last patch of snow on our yard was finally gone on Friday.

18. Bar order: ALE.

19. Ain't right?: AREN'T. ARE for [Modern art?] often confuses some.

20. Beach wear: TRUNKS.

21. Pixar clownfish: NEMO.

25. Crime film genre: NOIR.

26. In the same place, in footnotes: IBIDEM.

27. State as fact: AVER.

28. Kitten's cry: MEW.

29. NFL ball carriers: RBS. Running backs.

30. E Street Band guitarist Lofgren: NILS.

31. Actor Davis: OSSIE.41. A few other grid-friendly names: Anderson of "WKRP in Cincinnati": LONI.  48. Ward on TV: SELA.  50. Lennon's love: ONO. 81. Wray of "King Kong": FAY. 90. "The Raven" writer: POE. 106. "Scream" star Campbell: NEVE. 108. "This Is India" novelist Santha Rama __: RAU. 112. Author Dinesen: ISAK.

33. Stereotypical shipwreck site: DESERT ISLE. Great fill.

37. City near Düsseldorf: ESSEN.

43. Take effect, as meds: ACT.

44. Binges: SPREES.

45. Org. funded by FICA: SSA.

51. Everyday article: THE.

57. Flavor: SAPOR. Not a word I use.

62. O.T. book after Amos: OBAD. Obadiah. Before Jonah.

63. They may be vacant: LOTS.

64. Furrow maker: HOE.

65. Run off to wed: ELOPE.
66. Harry Potter's forte: MAGIC. We normally don't have "Harry" on Sundays.

68. Junkyard dogs: CURS.

69. Benefit: SAKE.

70. Hardly bold: TIMID.

71. Gladiator's venue: ARENA. Do you think these gladiator shoes look cool?

72. Has too much, for short: ODS.

73. Aretha's queendom: SOUL.

74. Musical pitch: TONE.

75. Lazy __: SUSAN. Not our Hahtoolah, who's super efficient.

83. Anger: IRE. And 84. Angry: SORE.

85. Suffix with cannon: ADE.

86. Level between kingdom and class: PHYLUM.

91. What's expected: NORM.

99. Instrument with movable frets: SITAR.

103. Poker pros, say: CARD SHARPS. I call them SHARKS.

104. Snap course: EASY A.

107. Opposite of COD: PPD. Prepaid.

109. Raggedy dolls: ANNS.

110. Advanced: LOANED.

117. __ stick: POGO.

118. Climber's tool: ICE AXE.

119. Hit the road: LEAVE.

120. Itinerary abbr.: RTE.

121. Fed. power dept.: ENER.

122. "Napoleon Dynamite" sidekick Sánchez: PEDRO. Learning moment for me. The guy on the left.

123. Borders: EDGES.

124. Slalom segment: ESS.


1. Female surfer: WAHINE. What is a male surfer then?

2. Suspects' stories: ALIBIS.

3. New Jersey NHL team: DEVILS.

4. "Parsley, __, rosemary ... ": SAGE. I never knew how these herbs are related to the girl he still loves. But it sounds sweet. Do you have a herb garden, TTP?

5. Teaser: PROMO.

6. Mil. roadside hazard: IED.

7. Hyphen cousin: EN DASH.

8. Lydia's sugar substitute on "Breaking Bad": STEVIA. Boomer uses Equal.

9. __-op: PRE.

10. Enlarge: AUGMENT.

11. Turmoil: UNREST.

12. Kebab holder: SKEWER. Mine always have pineapple chunks. Do any of you make tacos al pastor at home?

13. Body shop fig.: EST.

14. Spike TV, once: TNN.

15. Flexible pronoun substitute: HE OR SHE.

16. 1929 title words following "Now he's gone, and we're through": AM I BLUE.

17. Deteriorates: WORSENS.

20. Original D&D co.: TSR. Dungeons & Dragons.

23. Ford flop: EDSEL.

24. Gone out with: SEEN.

32. Talent: SKILL. I'd like to be a handyman in my next life. Fixing others' leaking faucet. Install a grab bar. Solve others' little problems. Bring smiles to others.

33. Designer's concern: DECOR.

34. Itchy red area: RASH.

35. Work on galleys: TYPESET.

36. Neighbor of Syr.: ISR.

38. Quick snack: NOSH.

40. Smooths in woodshop: SANDS.

42. Maiden name preceder: NEE.

45. Plant pores: STOMAS. Wiki says this is a tomato leaf.  Looks like freshly soaked and plumped-up wakame seaweed.

46. Outback automaker: SUBARU.

47. Sayings like "Haste makes waste": ADAGES.

49. Refer (to): ALLUDE.

50. Scoreboard count: OUTS.

51. What you used to be?: THEE. I used to be like this.

C.C., 1987

53. Minneapolis suburb: EDINA. Constructor Tom Pepper lives in Edina.

54. Backs, anatomically: DORSA.

55. Moving brand: U HAUL.

56. Stein's confidante: TOKLAS. Died in poverty.

58. 2006 Supreme Court appointee: ALITO.

59. Cal Poly city: POMONA.

60. Expressed a view: OPINED.

61. Flight named for its effect on fliers: RED EYE.

67. Flower-watering amounts: CANFULS.

68. Backup: COPY.

69. One and only fish?: SOLE. Cute.

73. More reliable: SURER.

77. Devout: PIOUS.

78. Opie portrayer Howard: RONNY.

79. To and __: FRO.

80. For the woman: HERS.

82. Asian nurse: AMAH. Popular term in Hong Kong. Lots of expats there hire amahs from Philippines, who speak good English and have low salary requirements. Locals are too expensive. You can see lots of amahs gathering every Sunday (Maids Day Off).

86. Material for drainage lines: PVC PIPE.

87. Adds and adds: HEAPS ON.

88. Golf hole measure: YARDAGE.

89. Honorary law deg.: LLD.

90. Well-liked: POPULAR. I finally tried these Trade Joe's shishito peppers. Very mild. You need fresh lemons.

92. Rapper Nicki: MINAJ.

94. The Red Baron, e.g.: WAR ACE.

95. Unraveled: FRAYED.

96. Suffix with Pleisto-: CENE.

97. Take care of: HANDLE.

98. Put out, as a magazine: ISSUED.

100. Prof's security: TENURE.

101. Wards off: AVERTS.

102. Colors again, as hair: REDYES.

105. Still in the game: ALIVE.

109. Fifth in NYC, e.g.: AVE.

111. Till bills: ONES.

113. "MASH" setting: Abbr.: KOR.

114. Drink sampling: SIP. I'm enjoying this kombucha right now.

115. Kitchenware brand: OXO.

116. Zig partner: ZAG.