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Sep 15, 2019

Sunday September 15, 2019 Pam Amick Klawitter

Theme: "It's a Plus" - Six Greek letters (ETA, CHI, PHI, TAU, PSI & RHO) form six plus signs (crosses) in this puzzle. - I'll just list the long theme entries as they all span across various words. But as you can see from the Answer Grid, more theme entries are involved. This grid is very demanding.

22A. Wall Street threat: HOSTILE TAKEOVER.
47A. "Way to go!": HIP HIP HOORAY.
86A. Puts an early stop to: NIPS IN THE BUD.

115A. Buttery Boston bread: PARKER HOUSE ROLL.

14D. Preemptive action, proverbially: A STITCH IN TIME.

53D. Popular charity event: SILENT AUCTION.
65. With 67-Across, what appears in each set of circles: GREEK.

67. See 65-Across: CROSS.

Such a creative theme. As I said earlier, this grid is very challenging to fill due to the three Across & three Down theme material. Pam have little maneuver room.

1. Roadie's burden: AMP.

4. It isn't meant to be taken seriously: FARCE.

9. Fateful day for Caesar: IDES.

13. Control: TAME.

17. Like Richard of Almanack fame: POOR.

19. Schools of thought: IDEOLOGIES. 26. Amber and silver: ALERTS. Both parts of the ETA crossing.

21. "Carmen on Ice" Emmy sharer Brian: ORSER.

24. With 98-Down, Broadway's first Evita: PATTI. 98. See 24-Across: LUPONE.

25. Sharply focused: INTENT.

27. Emmy winner for 1997's "George Wallace": SINISE. Unaware of the film. He'll always be Lieutenant Dan to me.

28. Brutus' 551: DLI.

29. What gym members try to get in: SHAPE.

31. Medical screening tool: TB TEST.

33. Occupy, as a bar: SIT AT.

35. Overseas seas: MERS.

37. Source of sticker shock?: THORN. Stick-er.

39. Some window units: ACS. And 73. Freeze over: ICE UP.

41. Sandal feature: T STRAP. A few other letter openers: 45. Program blocker: V CHIP. 50. Rock memoir: I TINA. 108. F equivalent: E SHARP.

43. Google __: CHROME.

51. "Oh, and another thing," on a ltr.: PPS.

54. Market section: DAIRY.

55. Idaho exports: RUSSETS. Boomer makes terrific potato salad. The key is the Spin Blend, which is only available at Walmart in our area.

57. Its "C" once stood for "cash": NCR.

58. Crop up: ARISE.

60. Match play?: ARSON. Nice clue.

62. Spoke from memory: RECITED.

64. Corn Belt sight: SILO.

70. Spanish painter who influenced Pollock: MIRO.

71. Ballet need: TOE SHOE.

75. Red Sea nation: YEMEN.

76. South end?: ERN. Southern.

77. Dangerfield's "There goes the neighborhood," e.g.: EPITAPH.

80. Refuse: SAY NO.

83. RNs' workplaces: ERS.

84. Soda purchase: LITER.

89. Rusty with a bat: STAUB. Wiki says "He was the only major league player to have 500 hits with four different team."

90. Retro photos: SEPIAS.

91. Mercedes subcompact: A CLASS.

94. "No prob": YUP.

95. Word in a White House title: FIRST. Oh, OK. First Lady.

96. Leatherwork tools: AWLS.

99. Exams for future 88-Downs: LSATS. And 88. See 99-Across: DAS.

101. Winter driving aids: CHAINS.  Followed by 103. They're driven: AUTOS.

105. Collar wearer, often: PET.

106. Celebrate an anniversary, say: EAT OUT. Boomer and I will be celebrating our 20-year anniversary next May.

112. Take-home: NET PAY.

114. Drum major's move: TWIRL.

118. Sci-fi figure: DROID.

119. "Agnes Grey" novelist: ANNE BRONTE. Involved in the RHO crossing.

120. Galleria filler: ARTE.

121. Match: SYNC.

122. De-grayed?: DYED. I like this clue also.

123. Hard rain?: SLEET.

124. Astonished cries: OHS.


1. Ladybug snacks: APHIDS.

2. Like a romantic evening: MOONLIT. Last Thursday was the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. People all ate mooncakes. Chinese myth says that there's lady lives in the moon. Her picture is often on the mooncake tin, which often contains four mooncakes.

3. Sticky-edged squares: POST-ITS.

4. Gunk and grime: FILTH.

5. Gator follower?: ADE.Gatorade.

6. Wrap again, as an ankle: RE-TAPE.

7. Fossil fuel freighter: COALER.

8. Paul's "The Prize" co-star: ELKE. Sommer.

9. "__ that": "On me": I GOT.

10. League parts: Abbr.: DIVS.

11. Shoe box spec: EEE.

12. Armenia, once: Abbr.: SSR.

13. Do, as business: TRANSACT.

15. Team with a skyline in its logo: METS.

16. Buffalo's county: ERIE.

18. GPS suggestion: RTE.

20. Anthem contraction: OER.

21. TV kid in Miss Crump's class: OPIE.

23. Good way to take things: IN STRIDE.

27. RR map dot: STN.

30. Theater opening?: AMPHI. Amphitheater. Hahtoolah is in Sicily right now. She just sent me this Greek theater pic. Hello, ODEON!

31. Maier with a swimwear label: TOMAS. No idea. Wiki says that "From 2001 to 2018, he served as Creative Director at Italian luxury lifestyle brand Bottega Veneta".

32. Maker of CarbSmart ice cream bars: BREYERS.

34. Part of NCAA: Abbr.: ATH. And 36. Part of the NCAA: Abbr.: SCH.

37. Whip: TROUNCE.

38. __ d'oeuvres: HORS.

40. More genuine: SINCERER.

42. Org. for shrinks: APA.

44. Prefix with scope: HORO.

45. Tom Cullen's title on "Downton Abbey": Abbr.: VISC. OK, Viscount.

46. Excuses: PARDONS.

48. Wrath, in a hymn: IRAE.

49. Ceremonial pile: PYRE.

51. Muted colors: PASTELS.

52. Job that takes precedence: PRIORITY.

56. Parisian possessive: TES. Your.

59. "Mamma Mia!" song: SOS. Here is the song most Chinese are familiar with. I was unaware that it was a copy of their "Gimme Gimme Gimme" until a few months ago. That singer was so popular when I was young.

61. Decides not to go: SKIPS IT.

63. "__ Mine": George Harrison book: I ME.

65. Red letters?: GOP. We're a solid blue state.

66. Checks: REINS IN.

68. Sign of neglect: RUST.

69. Deep-water beauty: OPAH.

72. Kitchen additive: HERB.

74. Novelty "pet": CHIA.

75. "Just wait ... ": YOU'LL SEE. Great fill.

78. Levels: TIERS.

79. iPhone downloads: APPS.

81. Bakers get a rise out of it: YEAST.

82. "Manifest" airer: NBC.

85. Over the moon: EUPHORIC.

87. CIA relative: NSA.

92. Largest city on the island of Hokkaido: SAPPORO. Known for their ramen. 

93. Cat burglar's asset: STEALTH.

95. Tailor's concern: FIT.

97. Pop artist from Pittsburgh: WARHOL.

100. Individual manners: STYLES.

102. "__ Lang Syne": AULD.

104. When it all started: ONSET.

106. LAX postings: ETDS. 109. LAX posting: SKED. Schedule. Also 111. LAX postings: ARRS.

107. Off the mark: AWRY.

108. Shore bird: ERNE.

110. Right-to-left lang.: HEB. Hebrew. Traditional Chinese is read from right to left also.

113. __-la-la: TRA.

115. Increase fraudulently: PAD.

116. "__ luck?": ANY.

117. Sporty ride, for short: UTE.

Here are a few more pictures from Hahtoolah. The place is Taormina, Sicily. What's that tree behind her? I see some fruit.



Sep 8, 2019

Sunday September 8, 2019 Pancho Harrison

Theme: "Oh, It's You Again" - O is replace by U in each theme entry.

23. Kiss during a nature walk?: TRAIL BUSS. Trail boss.

35. Window installer's course of instruction?: PUTTY TRAINING. Potty training.

38. Jam component?: STUCK CAR. Stock car.

54. Charles Goodyear, notably?: RUBBER BARON. Robber baron.
70. Eccentric who has status in the community?: NUT WITHSTANDING. Notwithstanding.

88. Big galoot serving as first mate?: CAPTAIN'S LUG. Captain's log.
104. Dent in the hockey arena's protective shield?: PUCK MARK. Pockmark.

106. Cesar Millan specialty?: PUP PSYCHOLOGY. Pop psychology.
124. Measure of complacency?: SMUG INDEX. Smog index.

Total 9 entries, 7 with first word conversions. 2 with last word changes. So no-odd man out.

I must have caught something at the VA clinic or the big VA hospital on Thursday/Friday. Been sleeping a lot, still feeling lousy. Short write-up today.


1. "Righteous!" in the '90s: PHAT.

5. Capital of Turkey: LIRA. Sunday clue. Currency.

9. Speed deterrents: BUMPS.

14. Like cried-over milk: SPILT.

19. Apiece: EACH.

20. Fever with chills: AGUE. Poor Boomer is having the awful side effects of the Zometa infusion again. Chills being one of them.

21. Caver's cry?: UNCLE. One who caves.

22. Vaughan of jazz: SARAH. One of the favorite vocalists of Wendy's husband.

25. Showy parrot: MACAW.

26. Muse for Shelley: ERATO.

27. Protein-building acid: AMINO.

28. Matter basics: ATOMS.

30. First-year law student: ONE L. I read this book years ago. Exhausting read.

32. Has __: knows someone: AN IN.

33. Optimist's words: I CAN.

42. Creator of Horton the Elephant: SEUSS.

43. __ Paulo: SAO.

44. Life's work: CAREER.

45. Largish chamber group: OCTET.

47. Part-time player: SEMI-PRO.

51. __ standstill: AT A.

52. Rich kid in "Nancy" comics: ROLLO. The other "Nancy" character we see occasionally is SLUGGO.

57. Breather: LUNG.

59. Hurled weapons: BOLAS.

61. Breaks down: ROTS.

62. LiMu ___: bird in Liberty Mutual TV ads: EMU.

63. Tiny dividers: AMOEBAE.

65. Strikes lightly: TAPS ON. Like your apps.

68. Soothes: EASES.

74. Quaker in the woods: ASPEN.

77. Like most pretzels: SALTED.

78. Porcupines and prairie dogs: RODENTS.

82. Arthur of "The Golden Girls": BEA.

83. Thriller writer Hoag: TAMI.

85. Four-door, usually: SEDAN.

87. Court filing: SUIT.

93. Site of Hercules' first labor: NEMEA. He slew the lion there.

95. Self-esteem: EGO.

96. Promising young actress: STARLET.

97. Café container: TASSE.

99. Narrow shard: SLIVER.

101. Its Jun. 2019 additions include "bae" and "yeesh": OED. We see BAE from time to time. Baby.

102. Cook-off dish: CHILI.

111. Linguist Chomsky: NOAM.

112. Deposed Iranian despot: SHAH. We also have 16. Tabriz native: IRANI.

113. Quod __ demonstrandum: ERAT.

114. Daggers of old: SNEES.

116. Shore thing for a sailor?: LEAVE.

120. Hanna-Barbera's __ Doggie and Doggie Daddy: AUGIE.

122. Cybercurrency: E CASH.

126. Cornered, in a way: TREED.

127. British county: SHIRE.

128. Domus Aurea builder of 64-68 AD: NERO.

129. Not mad: SANE.

130. Flippant: SASSY.

131. Calcutta wraps: SARIS.

132. Good name for a tuxedo cat: OREO.

133. Defib specialists: EMTS. Hence the clue for 115. Retired, as a prof.: EMER.


1. Animal rights gp.: PETA.

2. Damage: HARM.

3. Three-syllable berry: ACAI. Listen to this clip: ah-sah-ee.

4. Skating no-no: THIN ICE.

5. Black __: LAB.

6. Spiny lizard: IGUANA.

7. Auto body concern: RUST.

8. Greek fabulist: AESOP.

9. Misleading lead: BUM STEER. Sparkling fill.

10. Article in Spain's El Mundo: UNA.

11. Feud group: MCCOYS.

12. Infiltrators: PLANTS.

13. Betsy Ross, notably: SEWER.

14. Lincoln-to-Topeka dir.: SSE.

15. What "strikes deep," in Stephen Stills' "For What It's Worth": PARANOIA. Another great fill.

17. Language for the Masses?: LATIN.

18. Barely-there beachwear: THONG.

24. Gym storage: LOCKER.

29. Is required to: MUST.

31. Some beams: LASERS.

34. Circus swinger: ACROBAT.

36. "Swan Lake" skirt: TUTU.

37. Two-syllable foot: IAMB.

38. Milan's La __: SCALA.

39. Stride pianist Art: TATUM. Unfamiliar with "Stride" style.

40. Seventh planeta: URANO. Spanish or Italian?

41. Wad in a pocket: ROLL.

46. Formal jacket feature: COATTAIL.

47. Ready to proceed: SET.

48. JFK but not SFO: PRES.

49. "La Dolce Vita" setting: ROME.

50. Responsibility: ONUS.

53. MGM co-founder: LOEW.

55. Expands: BROADENS.

56. City on the Rhine: BONN.

58. Code carrier: GENE.

60. Satirist Mort: SAHL.

64. Carl's Jr. bread: BUN.

66. L.A. setting: PST.

67. Notre Dame figs.: STES.

68. Terminate: END.

69. A month of Sundays: AGES.

71. Schools of thought: ISMS.

72. Apothecary's weight: DRAM.

73. "Rhinoceros" playwright: IONESCO. Unknown to me.

74. Basics: ABCS.

75. Politician's pursuit: SEAT.

76. Bearded Smurf: PAPA.

79. New, in Nicaragua: NUEVA.

80. Clemson athlete: TIGER.

81. Baby carrier?: STORK.

83. Colorful tee: TIE-DYE.

84. Tiny farm worker: ANT.

86. Thought-provoking: DEEP.

89. Prizes on the mantel: TROPHIES.

90. Brewpub orders: ALES.

91. Gas or elec.: UTIL.

92. Rainy day wear: GALOSHES.

94. Acid neutralizer: ALKALI.

98. Symptom: SIGN.

100. Colossal: IMMENSE.

102. Cuban dance: CHA CHA.

103. Gasbag's bagful?: HOT AIR.

105. On the fence: UNSURE.

106. H.S. exams: PSATS.

107. "Star Trek" officer who famously kissed Kirk in 1968: UHURA.

108. Novelist's output: PAGES.

109. Pungent salad green: CRESS.

110. __ question: YES NO.

117. Rock's Queen + __ Lambert: ADAM. "America Idol" runner-up years ago.

118. Let off steam: VENT.

119. Former flames: EXES.

121. Big name in ice cream: EDY.

123. Indian title: SRI.

125. Half a musical doll?: GOO. The Goo Goo Dolls.


Sep 1, 2019

Sunday September 1, 2019 Gail Grabowski

Theme: "Wide-Screen Display" - Each theme entry is in the pattern of H* D*:

27A. Aircraft carrier storage area: HANGAR DECK.

29A. Performer using hand motions: HULA DANCER.

49A. Just okay: HALFWAY DECENT.

67A. Interior designer's concern: HOME DECOR.

85A. "ER," for one: HOSPITAL DRAMA.
104A. Pointer, e.g.: HUNTING DOG.

109A. Certain downpour downside: HAIL DAMAGE.
37D. Real go-getter: HUMAN DYNAMO.

41D. Nutritionist's recommendation: HEALTHY DIET.

126A. How most TV shows air, and a hint to nine puzzle answers: IN HD.

This complements the IN HD puzzle we had a few years ago. Fun to read Santa again.

Again, Gail started her first two theme entries in Row 4 rather than the traditional Row 3. This way, the two Down 11's could be placed where they are right now. As she had theme material in both Across and Down, she made sure the longest non-theme entries ares 8-letter long. 

1. Moussaka ingredient: LAMB. I think that's eggplant under the ground lamb.

5. Angular pipe fitting: ELBOW.

10. Motion carriers: AYES.

14. Distorts: SKEWS.

19. Hesse-based automaker: OPEL.

20. Portmanteau breakfast brand: MAYPO. Never saw this in our local grocery store.

21. Pic, in ads: FOTO.

22. Like a fog-enshrouded cemetery: EERIE.

23. Trendy farewell: CIAO.

24. Join the contest: ENTER.

25. Aussie greeting: G'DAY.

26. Slender-billed marsh bird: SNIPE.

31. Jobs in clubs: GIGS. Here's a Chinese Idol performing Chinese version of "Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!". The singer is well-known in Beijing's club scene.

32. Ever so slightly: A TAD.

34. Somme soul: AME.

35. Arrival announcement: I'M HERE.

38. Holy sanctuary: SHRINE.

40. Singer at Barack's 2009 inauguration ceremony: ARETHA.

43. Dispense drinks: POUR.

44. Murmured romantically: COOED.

45. Crimp-haired critter: EWE.

46. Towel designation: HERS.

48. All-hrs. convenience: ATM.

54. Electrical unit: AMP.

55. Opioids watchdog org.: DEA.

56. Ready to blow: IRATE.

57. Kitchenware brand: OXO. D-Otto likes this brand.

58. How many rumors spread: ORALLY.

60. Almost reaches: NEARS.

62. Gross portion: DOZEN.

64. More sharp: TARTER.

65. Navy Cross, e.g.: MEDAL.

71. Emmy winner Christine: LAHTI.

72. Macron's palace: ELYSEE.

74. Shirt tags may irritate them: NAPES.

75. Birthplace of the violin: ITALY. Piano too. We have 93. Piano piece?: PEDAL.

77. Karaoke singer's liability: TIN EAR. Been loving "Lost Without You" lately. So moving.

78. "Evil Woman" gp.: ELO.

79. Pain-relief brand: ADVIL.

81. Grumpy companion?: DOC. Disney dwarf.

84. Picasso's here: ACA.

89. "Rosemary's Baby" novelist Levin: IRA.

90. Capital south of Quito: LIMA. And 103. Pacific Coast country with a 22,000-foot peak: PERU.

92. __ Adams: SAM.

94. Come off as: SEEM.

95. Throat tissue: TONSIL.

97. Chicken serving: BREAST. Boomer uses Fryin' Magic to coat the chicken pieces. Amazing.

99. Style popularized by the Beatles: MOP TOP.

101. Bout ender, briefly: TKO.

102. Sommelier's suggestions: REDS.

115. Vast, in verse: ENORM.

116. Hibernation spot: LAIR.

117. Attracted: LURED.

118. "I heard you the first time": OK OK.

119. Backpack feature: STRAP.

120. Glamour shelfmate: ELLE.

121. Type similar to Helvetica: ARIAL. Our blog uses Georgia.

122. Late hours, in ads: NITE. And 68. Hr. when the sun is strong: ONE PM.

123. All lathered up: SOAPY.

124. Source of many tweets: NEST.

125. Basket contents, perhaps: WASTE.


1. Nessie's hangout: LOCH.

2. Samoan capital: APIA.

3. Have in mind: MEAN.

4. Writer with a website: BLOGGER. I'm one, but Google owns the site. We can't even block those mean-spirited anonymous attackers.

5. Come to light: EMERGE.

6. Reels in: LANDS.

7. Part of MB: BYTE.

8. Gp. with pipelines: OPEC.

9. Place to do a job: WORK AREA.

10. Throw on the couch?: AFGHAN. Nice clue.

11. "Hey, bro": YO DUDE.

12. What makes lists briefer, briefly: ET AL.

13. Tofu source: SOYA. To the British.

14. Bagel choice: SESAME.

15. Fashion house founder Cole: KENNETH.

16. __ Burdon, the Animals' frontman: ERIC. Unknown to me.  Is he very famous?

17. Moist towelette: WIPE.

18. Visionary: SEER.

28. Natural drier: AIR.

30. Be loath to: DARE NOT.

33. Spruce (up): TIDY.

35. 2010 Apple debut: IPAD. Seems like ages ago.

36. Floater in a sunbeam: MOTE.

38. Like either "g" in "George": SOFT.

39. British general at Bunker Hill: HOWE. Googled afterwards. William Howe.

40. Leave wide-eyed: AWE.

42. Biceps band: ARMLET.

44. Don't play well together: CLASH.

45. Thrifty, in brand names: ECONO.

47. Johanna who created Heidi: SPYRI. This Swiss lady.

49. Historic Florida racetrack: HIALEAH.

50. Part of ETA: Abbr.: ARR.

51. Drifts off: DOZES.

52. Boardroom VIP: EXEC.

53. Cheerful refrain: TRA LA LA.

59. Word near Kazakhstan on Asia maps: ARAL.

61. Minimal effort: EASE.

62. Stop on a line: DEPOT. And 63. Commemorative lines: ODE.

65. Black Sabbath's genre: METAL.

66. Bring forth: ELICIT.

69. Niger neighbor: MALI.

70. Romantic triangle figure: RIVAL.

73. It formed some features of Arches National Park: EROSION.

76. Director Burton: TIM. Directed Johnny Depp in a few movies:  "Edward Scissorhands"; "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"; "Alice in Wonderland", etc.

79. Mixes in: ADDS.

80. "Phooey!": DRAT.

82. McFlurry flavor: OREO.

83. Sleep out, say: CAMP.

86. Abe's role in "The Godfather": SAL.

87. Did a takeoff on: APED.

88. Regulation affecting boxers?: LEASH LAW. Another great clue.

91. Raid product: ANT TRAP.

94. Layered Italian dessert: SPUMONI.

96. Like Speedos: SKIMPY.

97. Suffers from the heat: BROILS.

98. Feel sorry about: REGRET.

99. Stick one's nose where it doesn't belong: MEDDLE.

100. Man-mouse link: OR A.

103. Kilt feature: PLEAT. Looking good.

104. Pianist Dame Myra __: HESS.

105. "Do __ others ... ": UNTO.

106. Romance novelist Roberts: NORA.

107. Secluded spot: GLEN. And 108. Secluded spot: DALE.

110. Surrounding atmosphere: AURA.

111. Camera lens feature: IRIS.

112. Comparable (to): AKIN.

113. Many a black-clad teen: GOTH. There's a goth lady in our local flea market. She wore black from head to toe. Same outfit for about 12 years.

114. Scratched (out): EKED.


Aug 25, 2019

Sunday August 25, 2019 Pam Amick Klawitter

Theme:  "Literal Literature" - "Each what book" phrase is defined literally.

 21. Pop-up book?: HOW TO MAKE PERFECT TOAST.

 33. Match book?: ONLINE DATING PRIMER.
 64. Blue book?: A HISTORY OF THE SMURFS.
 94. Text book?: MESSAGING DONE RIGHT.
112. Address book?: BEST SPEECHES OF ALL TIME.

We normally have 7 theme entries. Today we have 5, but all of them are very long. Rich's minimum theme material is 84 squares.

I chucked at these theme entries. Quite convincing book titles.

Take a look at the book titles of today's constructor Pam Amick Klawitter.


1. It can have pins at the end of it: LANE. Bowling alley.

5. El __: CID.

8. Pop's Mama: CASS.

12. Printer handle: EPSON.

17. Declare to be true: AVER.

18. Math class ratio: SINE.

19. Metz man: HOMME. Just French for "man". UOMO in Milan. We did have an Italian word: 91. Eros, in Rome: AMOR.

20. __ Khan: "The Jungle Book" tiger: SHERE. Voiced by Idris Elba.

25. Tool usually pluralized: TWEEZER.

26. "According to whom?" retort: SAYS ME.

27. "Don't be __!": A HERO.

28. Haifa's home: Abbr.: ISR.

29. Pleasingly dated retail adjective: OLDE.

31. Post-WWII pres. monogram: DDE.

32. Black cat, to some: OMEN.

40. Woodard of "Passion Fish": ALFRE. Unaware of the movie.

43. "The Voice" host Carson: DALY.

44. One eliciting yawns: BORE.

45. Diagnostic aid: X-RAY. And 37. Diagnostic aids: MRIS.

46. Silver finish?: WARE. Silverware.

47. King Minos' land: CRETE.

49. Does the 96-Down for: CATERS. And 96. Things to do after dinner: DISHES.

51. Sussex suffix: ISE. Like "realise". Also 65. End of a believer?: IST. Like "realist".

52. Has regrets about: RUES.

53. Hill helper: AIDE. Capitol Hill.

54. Over-the-shoulder garment: SARI.

55. Battery parts: TESTS. Had to ask Boomer. He said "a battery of tests", a new phrase to me.

57. They're defined by revolutions: Abbr.: YRS. Liked the "revolutions".

58. Bit of work: ERG.

59. Some HDTVs: RCAS.

61. Swiss Miss product: COCOA.

70. Sign of vacancy?: STARE. Vacant stare.

71. Tempe neighbor: MESA.

72. St. Louis summer hrs.: CDT.

73. Leave in the dust by overtaking?: LAP. Like in a track meet. 

75. Pool table slab: SLATE.

78. Fivers: ABES.

80. "The Lion King" villain: SCAR.

82. Almanac fodder: DATA.

83. Facebook chuckle: LOL.

84. Removes for good: ERASES.

87. Bygone royals: TSARS.

88. "The Haj" novelist: URIS.

89. "Get on it now!": ASAP.

92. Didn't let out, as one's breath: HELD.

93. Chanel product: SCENT.

99. Picasso output: ARTE.

100. Recipient of much Apr. mail: IRS.

101. Morales of "Ozark": ESAI. And 41. Linney of "Ozark": LAURA.

102. "Leaves and Navels" artist: ARP.

105. Schoolyard pal in a Paul Simon song: JULIO. OK, this song.

107. Short-legged hunter: BASSET.

110. Rudolph Valentino's "Blood and Sand" co-star: LILA LEE. Unfamiliar to me.

115. Zellweger of "Cold Mountain": RENEE.

116. Lions' prides: MANES.

117. Gobs of: MANY.

118. "Yeah, yeah, I get it": OK OK.

119. Practices in a ring: SPARS.

120. Small strings: UKES. "Somewhere over the rainbow. Bluebirds fly. And the dreams that you dream of. Dreams really do come true ..."

121. Put in: ADD.

122. Litter cries: MEWS.


1. Christine of "The Blacklist": LAHTI.

2. Declares: AVOWS.

3. More up-to-date: NEWER.

4. Art Deco icon: ERTE.

5. Dante translator John: CIARDI. Another unknown figure.

6. Tats: INK.

7. Shoddy pair?: DEES. Shoddy.

8. Tummy-tightening garment: CORSET.

9. Clock radio toggle: AM FM.

10. Barrie's bosun: SMEE.

11. UGA's conf.: SEC.

12. Book before Job: ESTHER.

13. Fifth-most populous U.S. city: PHOENIX. So many in Texas. Minneapolis is way behind.

14. Scorch: SEAR.

15. Relative of -ish: OR SO.

16. Cousin of com: NET. Did you once have a Prodigy web page? We had a few pictures there. All gone.

18. Dog attractor: SMELL.

19. Period of great popularity: HEYDAY.

22. Thinning layer: OZONE.

23. Striker of a polymer ball: PADDLE.

24. Mess (with): TAMPER.

30. Was discontinued: ENDED.

32. Fiona or Shrek: OGRE.

33. Finds in mines: ORES.

34. Grill, maybe: EATERY. Sure miss these. If you visit Xi'an, you've got to go Muslim Quarter. Incredible food. Susan was there.

35. Flanged girder: I-BAR.

36. Pay attention to: NOTICE.

38. Steinbeck's "__ of Eden": EAST.

39. Deli selections: RYES.

40. Out of whack: AWRY.

42. Caught this morning: FRESH. Fish.

47. Magna __: CARTA.

48. Hardship: RIGOR.

49. Treatments for breaks: CASTS.

50. Pub pick: STOUT.

54. Burglars' targets: SAFES.

56. Unit of wheat: EAR.

58. First name in the beauty aisle: ESTEE. Vowel-rich, hence its frequent appearance.

60. Word with clean or unglued: COMES.

62. Richard's songwriting partner: OSCAR (Hammerstein). Richard Rodgers.

63. Starfleet VIPs: CMDRS. Commanders. Spitzboov was a commander before he retired.

66. "Because," to a kid: REASON.

67. Pain in the neck: HASSLE.

68. Highway alert: FLARE.

69. Attended as an observer: SAT IN.

74. It's behind you: PAST. We also have 87. Reacts to trouble: TENSES.

75. __ dunk: SLAM.

76. Misplace: LOSE.

77. Worry word: ALAS.

79. North Atlantic hazard: BERG.

81. Tight-knit squad: CADRE.

82. Conveyer of tears: DUCT.

85. Slangy convertible: RAGTOP.

86. Grenoble gal pal: AMIE.

90. Hymnal that's often richly illustrated: PSALTER. I can never remember this word.

92. Oater regulars: HORSES.

93. Con man's cohort: SHILL.

95. Surfaces: ARISES.

97. Kitchen work spot: ISLAND. This looks nice.

98. In a carefree manner: GAILY.

102. How great minds think: ALIKE.

103. Cut again, as grass: RE-MOW.

104. Cheats at blind man's buff: PEEKS.

105. Wrangler, e.g.: JEEP.

106. Middies' sch.: USNA.

107. Toucan's pride: BEAK.

108. Teen breakout: ACNE.

109. Detective show that spawned "Baretta": TOMA. Never heard of it.

111. Chem class model: ATOM.

112. Real estate ad abbr.: BRS.

113. Bird in some Australian place names: EMU.

114. Fidget spinners, evidently: FAD.


Aug 18, 2019

Sunday August 18, 2019 Paul Coulter

Theme:  "Done to a T" - T is added to to the end of each familiar phrase.

22A. Naughty young athlete?: SPORTS BRAT. Sports bra.

24A. Materials on a king's palette?: ROYAL PAINT. Royal pain.

34A "Don't worry about that, Mr. Gingrich"?: IT'S NOTHING NEWT. It's nothing new.
52A. "The Alien Simpsons" character?: MARS BART. Mars bar.

55A. Watery world?: SEA PLANET. Sea plane.

77A. Defective phone download?: BAD APPLET. Bad apple.

79A. Large pub band?: BAR NONET. Bar none.
94A. Tiny golf course rental?: SUBCOMPACT CART. Subcompact car.

111A. Strategy using a heavily pine-tarred bat?: STICKY BUNT. Sticky bun.

113A. Tiff about a checkup?: HEALTH SPAT. Health spa. 

We've seen adding T or T sound puzzles in LAT before. Paul's has T's consistently added in the end. And he has 10 of them. Heavy themage in a 142-word grid.


1. Name on toy vehicles since 1964: HESS. Most of rusty toy trucks are Tonka.

5. '50s first lady: MAMIE.

10. Architect Saarinen: EERO.

14. Become unhinged: SNAP.

18. Bridge toll unit: AXLE.

19. Whirlpool brand: AMANA. Just don't buy GE, so glitchy. 

20. "Ah, me!": ALAS.

21. Arcade pioneer: ATARI.

26. Energy-saving tactic: POWER CUT.

27. AOL, e.g.: ISP.

29. Military chaplain: SKY PILOT. New term to me.

30. Platform for Siri: IOS.

31. Cons: ANTIS.

33. Biting: ACERB.

40. Less taxing: EASIER.

43. Pouts: MOUES. Like this.

44. Oxlike antelope: GNU.

45. Syndicate: CARTEL.

47. Chinese culinary general: TSO.

48. Fine things?: ARTS.

49. Cartoon flapper: BOOP.

50. Cabinet dept. with an atom on its seal: ENER.

51. 1995 court VIP: ITO. Lance.

59. Doo-wop syllable: SHA.

60. Big size, in a small way: LGE. Large. "in a small way" just indicates an abbreviated answer.

61. Operatic chorus: BRAVOS.

65. Chip features: RIDGES.

66. Organic fuel: PEAT.

67. Deprive of courage: UNMAN.

68. Ex-baseballer Martinez: TINO. Here he is with a more famous Yankee.

69. Photos, say: IMAGES.

72. Not diluted much, if at all: STRONG.

73. __ v. Wade: ROE.

74. Dusk, to Donne: EEN.

81. Deg. for a writer: MFA.

82. Red analog: BEET. There are also golden beets these days.

84. Trounce, down south: WHUP.

86. Global extremity: POLE.

87. Lulu: PIP.

88. "Ageless Body, Timeless Mind" author: CHOPRA.

90. "__ the fields we go ... ": OER.

91. Graf rival: SELES.

92. They may be driven: CATTLE. Nice clue.

98. Bailiwicks: AREAS.

100. Slogs: PLODS.

101. Bygone New Zealand bird: MOA.

102. Last of seven, for many: SATURDAY. Sunday in Chinese calendars.

105. UFO crew, in theory: ETS.

106. Curbside pickup places: BUS STOPS.

115. Recesses: NOOKS.

116. Miscellany: OLIO.

117. Stand in a studio: EASEL.

118. Adjutant: AIDE.

119. Envy and others: SINS.

120. Fill-in: TEMP.

121. Singer Springfield: DUSTY.

122. Word of medical advice: REST.


1. Door fastener: HASP.

2. Big show: EXPO.

3. Tedious: SLOW.

4. Arid: SERE.

5. Phillie Phanatic, for one: MASCOT.

6. Waylay: AMBUSH.

7. K follower: MART.

8. Minute or moment lead-in: IN A.

9. Consuming, as time: EATING UP.

10. Secret Service agent's accessory: EARPIECE. I remember watching Chinese version of "In the Line of Fire". John Malkovich killed this nice girl simply because she's from Minneapolis, which I had never heard of then.

11. "Do Ya" rock gp.: ELO.

12. Bottom-feeding fish: RAYS.

13. 1970 World's Fair site: OSAKA. Where Osaka was born.

14. Way up: STAIRS.

15. Nervous habit: NAIL-BITING.

16. Cartoonist Peter: ARNO.  The New Yorker.

17. Big East team: PITT.

21. Court loser's option: APPEAL.

23. Chamber groups: TRIOS.

25. École cousin: LYCEE. "Nice school" would be a Saturday clue. The answer could be either. 

28. RR stop: STN.

31. Part of A.D.: ANNO.

32. Bittersweet farewell: SWAN SONG.

34. Mosque officials: IMAMS.

35. Judaic spiritual text: TORAH. Followed by 36. Buddhist spiritual text: SUTRA.

37. 1987 Costner role: NESS.

38. Gershwin's "__ Rhythm": I GOT.

39. "Poems are made by fools like me" poem: TREES.

41. Cosmetician Lauder: ESTEE. Their best product. So expensive.

42. Origins: ROOTS.

46. Song syllable: TRA.

49. Author Harte: BRET.

53. Obscenity cover-up: BLEEP.

54. Showing shock: AGASP.

56. Former: PRIOR.

57. Bedding: LINEN.

58. Big deal: ADO.

61. Flatter: BUTTER UP.

62. GI's furlough: R N R.

63. Latin lover's word: AMO.

64. Vehicle with sliding doors: VAN. We have a van. We hope to click this Santa Fe back home next year.

66. Links letters: PGA.

68. Under-the-sink assembly: TRAP.

69. High-tech debut of 1981: IBM PC.

70. Underworld society: MAFIA.

71. Novel's screen version, e.g.: ADAPTATION.

72. Oozes: SEEPS.

74. WWII bomber __ Gay: ENOLA. And 76. Desert trial: N TEST.

75. Fisherman with pots: EELER. Always think of this old fisherman. His eels are the best.

78. Debt-heavy corp. takeover: LBO. Leveraged buyout.

79. Pat on the back, maybe: BURP.

80. Crude gp.?: OPEC. Crude oil.

83. Place setting setting: TABLETOP.

84. Fuel storage structure: WOODSHED.

85. Does some tailoring: HEMS.

88. Store employees: CLERKS.

89. Exciting: HEADY.

91. Put away for later: STASH.

93. Rollers on the road: TRUCKS.

95. Bunk: COT.

96. Charm: AMULET. My friend Roberto wears an Evil Eye.

97. Like serious mistakes: COSTLY.

99. Cousin of a clog: SABOT.

102. IRS IDs: SSNS.

103. Yours, to Yvette: A TOI. One more French: 114. Évian water: EAU.

104. "Throw the __ Log On, Uncle John": P.D.Q. Bach madrigal parody: YULE.

106. Low pitch: BASS.

107. Peter the Great, e.g.: TSAR.

108. '60s sitcom boy: OPIE.

109. Stationer's stock: PADS.

110. Editorial "let it stand": STET.

112. Matchstick-removing game: NIM.

Glad Picard's surgery went smoothly. Liquid diet for 2 weeks sounds so hard!

Irish Miss (Agnes) told me her nausea is under control, but the pain is still here. She can now sleep in her own bed, so that's a bit of progress. Please continue to keep her in your thoughts and prayers. We need our corner sunshine back to the blog soon.

Light to Right : Anne, Agnes, Eileen, Mar, and Peggy (3/17/2019)