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Jun 24, 2018

Sunday June 24, 2018 Michael Ashley

Theme: "Hey, That Hurt!" - OW is added to each theme entry.

23A. "Fire!," say?: ALARM BELLOW. Alarm bell.

44A. "That bloke is hurt!": FELLOW DOWN. Fell down.

67A. Disappointing digs for pigs?: DRY WALLOW. Drywall.

92A. Sign attracting wickerwork craftspeople?: FREE WILLOW. Free will.

115A. High-tech all-night study aid?: SMART PILLOW. Smart pill.

33D. Consumer who admires store displays?: WINDOW SURFER. Windsurfer.

40D. Pale yellow, light brown, etc.?: FALLOW COLORS. Fall colors. Different Fall from 44A.

This looks like Michael's LAT debut. Xword Info shows that he has 11 puzzles published by the New York Times, 7 of them are Sundays.

Xword Info

Cluing this type of letter addition theme takes skills and imagination. Some of the clues are so vivid and fun. That's the images Rich wants.

Only 7 theme entries, so Michael took full advantage of it and gave us lots of sparkly long fill.


1. Primary aspirant's challenge: SMEAR. Primary election.

6. Tough test metaphor: A BEAR. Tiny partial.

11. Skunk River city: AMES.

15. "Let's move it!": C'MON.

19. Historic Jordanian city: PETRA.

20. Tree native to southern Brazil: BALSA.

21. Bar purchase: SOAP.

22. 1985 U.S. Open champ Mandlikova: HANA.

25. Pittsburgh Steelers' founder: ART ROONEY. Wiki says he had about 75 great grandchildren, including actress sisters Kate Mara and Rooney Mara.

27. "Peer Gynt" widow: ASE. Regular in our old Tribune days.

28. Web portal since 1994: LYCOS. Don't think I've used Lycos.

30. Egg-shaped wind instruments: OCARINAS.

31. Time to party: NEW YEARS.

35. Stopover spot: INN.

36. "Two and a Half Men" co-star: CRYER (Jon). A few other names here, but all familiar figures: 38. "Happy Days" actor: BAIO (Scott) 47. Racer Yarborough: CALE.

37. Subject to discussion: AT ISSUE.

39. Unflappable: COOL. Half a drum!

40. Sprat no-no: FAT.

43. Fact or fiction starter: NON.

48. Weaken by eroding: UNDERMINE.

52. Prefix with natal: NEO.

53. Muse of comedy: THALIA. Here is a picture from Wiki.

55. Scent: ODOR.

56. Age __: GAP.

58. Crime lab holdings: DNA SAMPLES. Great fill.

61. Searches with a divining rod: DOWSES.

63. Stately steed: ARAB.

65. Chant, often: MONOTONE. Who mentioned "Sleep with Me" podcast for insomnia a while ago? 

66. Planning considerations: IFS.

70. Serving liquor, as a town: WET.

71. Dropped an egg?: OVULATED. Ha ha.

75. Back: REAR.

76. Puts into words: VOICES.

79. Mountaineer's rope fasteners: CARABINERS. New term for me.

82. __-pitch: SLO.

83. Red Muppet: ELMO.

84. Jenna of "Dharma & Greg": ELFMAN.

85. Big tower, briefly: Abbr.: AAA. Tow-er.

87. Demanded maximum effort: ASKED A LOT. Debut entry.

91. Takes to court: SUES.

96. Corrida chant: OLE.

97. Sonnet ending?: EER. Sonneteer.

98. Baby marsupial: JOEY.

99. Cold, in Cartagena: FRIA. Allitration.

100. Held in high regard: ADMIRED. And clue echo: 123. Hold in high regard: ADORE.

104. Capital on I-84: BOISE.

105. Arabic "son of": IBN. Arabic Mac.

106. Some Guggenheim works: PICASSOS.

107. Designated, perhaps incorrectly: SO-CALLED.

110. Workout regimen: TAE BO.

112. Crazy Eights cousin: UNO.

113. "Hold on now, pal": WHOA THERE! Another great fill.

120. Jersey, for one: ISLE. Not sportswear or the cow.

121. Bustles: ADOS.

122. Sushi bar supplier: EELER.

124. Impel: GOAD.

125. Child measures?: Abbr.: TSPS. Julia Child.

126. Snarky: SNIDE.

127. Red-carpet figure: CELEB. 


1. Swimming pool adjunct: SPA. This looks like a dream. TTP might make it true someday.

2. Blanc behind Bugs: MEL.

3. LAX posting: ETA.

4. Orderly arrangements: ARRAYS.

5. Big name in Egyptian kings: RAMSES.

6. Fiver: ABE.

7. Quartet for walking?: BALLS. Baseball.

8. TV hillbilly __ May Clampett: ELLY.

9. Withdrawn: ASOCIAL.

10. Ring on a burger: RAW ONION. Chinese call spring onion as "Cong". We call onion as "Yang Cong", literally "foreign Cong". There are also "Yang" in front of tomatoes, bell peppers and potatoes, so you know for sure those are not native Chinese veggies. Foreigners are called "Yang Ren", literally "foreign human beings".

11. __ rule: AS A.

12. Where Fez is: MOROCCO.

13. Make a humble retraction: EAT CROW.

14. Bronzing method: SPRAY-ON TAN. Another sparkly fill.

15. Tabernacle singers: CHOIR.

16. "The Insider" director Michael: MANN. Sorry, I don't know you.

17. Fit for service: ONE A.

18. Floor opposition: NAYS. House/Senate floor.

24. Swain: BEAU.

26. Turgenev's birthplace: OREL. "Fathers and Sons" author.

29. Bamboozled: SNOWED.

31. Sitcom sign-off word: NANU. Nanu Nanu. "Mork and Mindy".

32. Berkshire school: ETON.

34. APR reducer: RE-FI.

38. Hard to make out: BLEARY.

41. Property recipient, in law: ALIENEE.

42. Afternoon services: TEA SETS.

45. Start of a duel: EN GARDE.

46. Marlins manager Mattingly: DON. Dodgers' manager for a few years also.

47. Adm.'s subordinate: CAPT.

49. Masthead VIPs: EDS. Our crossword VIPs.

Kim Taylor and Rich Norris

50. Caviar: ROE.

51. Wedding consequence, perhaps: MRS.

54. Med. care group: HMO.

57. Foot in a pound: PAW. Great clue.

59. Spanish sherry: AMOROSO.

60. Farm female: SOW.

61. Bishop's jurisdiction: DIOCESE.

62. Useful: OF VALUE.

64. __ exam: BAR.

67. Room for a home theater: DEN.

68. CBS CEO Moonves: LES. Husband of Julie Chen.

69. "I'm not listening to you": LA LA LA.

72. Hightails it: LAMS.

73. Professional org. since 1878: ABA.

74. Presumed defense against mind-reading: TIN FOIL HAT.

76. Symbol of peace: VEE.

77. Ancient: OLD.

78. "__ Believer": '60s hit: I'M A.

80. Issa __, creator of HBO's "Insecure": RAE. Had to clue her in a recent puzzle, so gimme.

81. Deemed appropriate: SAW FIT.

86. Homes for F-16s: AIR BASES.

88. 1957 war movie title river: KWAI.

89. Pat on a pancake, perhaps: OLEO. Boomer likes this spread from Aldi.

90. Danson and Knight: TEDS.

93. Works on bare spots: RE-SEEDS.

94. Bit of ocular relief: EYE DROP. My doctor recommended this last time when I had the abrasions.

95. Tackles, e.g.: LINEMEN.

98. Shocker: JOLT. Our local Asian store finally starts to carry this mountain yam. Alas, they want $3.99 per pound. Crazy! I learned that these yams grow in North Carolina too, but locals regard them as invasive species. I'll stick with my dried ones.

101. Victoria's Secret spec: D CUP.

102. Hit song from "Flashdance": MANIAC.

103. Wagnerian soprano: ISOLDE. Lover of Tristan.

104. Acted sheepishly?: BAAED.

106. Went (over) thoroughly: PORED.

107. Big belt: SWIG.

108. Very: OH SO.

109. A jerk may serve one: COLA.

111. Indonesian resort island: BALI.

114. Slow start?: ESS. Slow.

116. One-third of nove: TRE.

117. Online guffaw: LOL.

118. Wash. neighbor: ORE.

119. Complex trap: WEB.


Jun 17, 2018

Sunday June 17th, 2018 Mark McClain

Theme: "Audible Sighs" - Different "Sigh" sounds start the second word in each them entry.

23A. Therapeutic specialty: CHILD PSYCHOLOGY.

41A. Geology, for one: EARTH SCIENCE.

68A. Antique tool hung on some pub walls: ENGLISH SCYTHE. New term to me. Looks like this.

94A. Clapboard: WOODEN SIDING. I thought this is a clapboard.

118A. Result of too much speed, perhaps: TRAFFIC CITATION.

36D. Span before a spin: RINSE CYCLE.

46D. Musical based on "Madama Butterfly": MISS SAIGON.

Such a comprehensive list of "Sigh" sounds. English is crazy at times. So many different spellings.

I don't think Mark missed any. Let us know in the Comments section if any other entry comes to your mind.


1. Criticize harshly: BASH. Not SLAM.

5. Literary captain: AHAB.

9. "Quo __": 1951 film: VADIS.

14. Dome opening?: ASTRO. Astrodome. Who hit the first home run there?

19. High school outbreak: ACNE.

20. 2017 Basketball Hall of Fame inductee Rebecca __: LOBO. Gimme for PK and Hondo.

21. Memoir featuring Ike: I TINA.

22. Sharpening tool: STROP.

26. Ageless pitcher Satchel: PAIGE. His secret was hot shower. Open the pores, D-Otto!

27. Keyed up: HYPER.

28. Cadillac SUV: ESCALADE.

29. Pulled without warning: JERKED.

30. Energy restoration source: NAP. Used to take naps in college days.

32. Moon goddess: SELENE.

33. Spares for Venus: RACKETS.

34. Balcony barrier: PARAPET.

38. Hamilton's prov.: ONT.

39. Clark of DC Comics: KENT.

40. See 83-Across: ALI. And 83. With 40-Across, boxer with a 24-0 lifetime record: LAILA.

45. "Let's get crackin'!": C'MON.

49. Feeling that may remind you of food: PANG. Hunger pang.

51. Seldom seen: RARE.

52. First name in cosmetics: ESTEE.

53. Actor in "Going in Style" (2017): CAINE (Michael). Unaware of the movie.

54. Balance sheet item: ASSET.

56. Have an objection: MIND.

58. Will beneficiaries: HEIRESSES. This was a best seller.

60. "Born Free" lioness: ELSA.

62. Come to the surface: ARISE.

65. Plops down: PARKS IT.

66. __ fly: RBI producer: SAC.

72. Leaky tire sound: SSS.

73. Watch cover: CRYSTAL.

75. Blue Grotto isle: CAPRI.

76. 1986 Starship chart-topper: SARA.

78. Entertainment icons: ROCK STARS.

81. Yuletide: NOEL.

86. Kate's TV mate: ALLIE. Kate and Allie.

87. '60s Van Dyke co-star: MOORE.‎ Mary Tyler Moore‎.

90. Potter's supply: CLAY.

92. "The Ghost of Frankenstein" role: YGOR.

93. Argued, as a case: PLED.

97. O'er and o'er: OFT.

98. High hair style: POUF.

99. Letters before F?: TGI.

100. Signs a new lease for: RE-RENTS. Also 121. Fix, as laces: RE-TIE.

102. Rain and snow: WEATHER.

106. Lopped: PRUNED.

109. Wye follower, in Wye: ZED. Wiki points to Wye, Kent. Never heard of it.

110. Frills: EXTRAS.

111. Quarantines: ISOLATES.

113. Little rows: TIFFS. We just had RAISE A RUCKUS.

117. Farm units: ACRES.

120. Queen of France: REINE.

122. Dig it: HOLE.

123. One of Chekhov's "Three Sisters": OLGA. The other two are Masha and Irina.

124. Blind parts: SLATS.

125. Like items in potpourri: Abbr.: ASSTD. Assorted.

126. Retired slugger, familiarly: A-ROD. The couple is J-Rod. Also 25. MLB's Angels, in sportscasts: HALOS.

127. Sore throat sign: RASP.


1. "Goldberg Variations" composer: BACH.

2. In some pain: ACHY.

3. Little cut: SNIP.

4. Capital near the Great Divide: HELENA. Never been to Montana.

5. The Zugspitze, e.g.: ALP.

6. Swindle, in slang: HOSE.

7. Deep space: ABYSS.

8. Italian ball game: BOCCE. Or BOCCI.

9. Reason for an R rating: VIOLENCE.

10. Legendary island: ATLANTIS. Sunk into the Atlantic Ocean, right?

11. Simple semiconductor: DIODE.

12. "Bus Stop" playwright: INGE.

13. For example: SAY.

14. Point of view: ASPECT.

15. Desolate: STARK.

16. Tot's transport: TRIKE.

17. Name synonymous with synonyms: ROGET.

18. Slanted columns: OP-EDS.

24. Hang loosely: DRAPE.

29. Lily's "Grace and Frankie" co-star: JANE. Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda.

31. Fruit cocktail fruit: PEAR.

33. Requirement for many returns: RECEIPT. Gift return.

34. Storybook bear: PAPA.

35. Start of a sad tale: ALAS.

37. Mine car: TRAM.

39. Support for a proposal: KNEE.

42. Court event: TRIAL. Boomer has seen all episodes of "Law & Order".

43. Matisse at an easel: HENRI.

44. Ordinal suffix: ETH.

45. Ale vessel: CASK.

47. "__ the loneliest number": ONE IS.

48. Pads in trees: NESTS.

50. Gooey stuff: GEL.

53. Breakfast in a box: CEREAL. Classic American invention. I was stunned by the cereal aisle when I first came here.

55. African threat: TSETSE.

57. __ golf: DISC.

59. Pep squad syllables: RAHS.

61. Med. school class: ANAT.

63. Doo-wop syllable: SHA.

64. "Baseball Tonight" network: ESPN.

66. Abandon, as a plan: SCRAP.

67. On __: hot: A ROLL.

69. Women's magazine since 1939: GLAMOUR.

70. Spring bloomers: CROCI. Right now, you can see Yellow Rocket in the open fields near where we live. We once tried to move some to our garden, but the ground was too hard.

71. Investor's concern: YIELD.

74. Factory platform: SKID.

77. Charles of R&B: RAY.

79. Overhead expense?: ROOF. Cute clue.

80. Landscaper's supply: SOD.

82. Home in the woods: LAIR.

84. Golf club spec: LOFT.

85. Theater and dance: ARTS.

88. Update equipment, in a way: RETROFIT.

89. Swamped: ENGULFED.

91. Santa __ Valley: California wine region: YNEZ.

94. Things to worry about: WOES.

95. Asian peninsula: SINAI.

96. Scacchi of cinema: GRETA. Learning moment for me.

98. Full moon and terrible twos: PHASES.

101. Daily bigwig: EDITOR.

102. Sports: WEARS.

103. Stand out in a field: EXCEL.

104. Central courtyards: ATRIA.

105. Reznor of Nine Inch Nails: TRENT.

106. H.S. exams: PSATS.

107. __ Sketch: ETCH A.

108. Indoor design: DECOR.

111. Ticks off: IRES. Not a word I use.

112. Corn Belt sight: SILO.

114. Nike competitor: FILA. This pair looks quite comfy.

115. Obfuscates: FOGS.

116. Button alternative: SNAP. Cookie.

118. Refrain syllable: TRA.

119. Generic Guy in "Dilbert": TED.


Jun 10, 2018

Sunday June 10, 2018 Pawel Fludzinski

Theme: "Seabees"- Each theme entry is in the pattern of C* B*.

24A. Subject of an 1857 Elizabeth Gaskell biography: CHARLOTTE BRONTE.

40A. Organization that really counts: CENSUS BUREAU.

57A. Tribute group: COVER BAND.

78A. Microbrewery choice: CRAFT BEER.

96A. Bletchley Park analysts: CODE BREAKERS. Enigma machines.

109A. Ghee, e.g.: CLARIFIED BUTTER.

3D. Team that hasn't won a Super Bowl in its 50-year existence: CINCINNATI BENGALS.

13D. It's seen on carousels: CHECKED BAGGAGE.

37D. Amateur sport since 1893: COLLEGE BASKETBALL.

51D. Perp processing area: CENTRAL BOOKING.

Simple theme. But holy smokes, just look at this answer grid. Fantastic intersection, Pawel!

As I mentioned before, it takes luck and skills to make this happen. You've got to have an ample supply of C* B* phrases, and you've got the chops to design the grid. Let me pull a low-degree Husker Gary trick and put the Answer Grid in front.


1. Scrabble accessories: RACKS.

6. Long-grained rice: BASMATI. Hindi for "fragrant". Picard's favorite rice. Oo likes Jasmine rice. I like short-grained white rice.  

13. Cajun crustacean: CRAWDAD. Never had it.

20. Target reader of a series of guides, facetiously: IDIOT. Complete Idiot's Guides.

21. Odysseus, e.g.: ITHACAN.

22. Struck a chord: HIT HOME. Great fill.

23. Kids' eager query: CAN WE?

26. Seal predator: ORCA.

27. Really enjoy, with "in": BASK.

28. '80s police show partner: LACEY.  "Cagney & Lacey".

29. Better, to a rapper: ILLER.

31. Proprietors' places: INNS.

35. Generous limit?: SKY.The sky's the limit.

36. "I'm __": "Dragnet" line: A COP.

43. Meet with privately: SEE ALONE.

45. Tearjerker need: HANKIE. Been ages since I last used a handkerchief.

46. Enriched: FATTENED.

48. Nautical time units: BELLS. Hi there Spitzboov!

49. Actor Morales: ESAI. Always remember him as Tony.

50. Tourism prefix: ECO.

52. Mojito flavoring: LIME.

53. Like some portrait photos: BACK-LIT.

55. Unyielding: SET. Santa was sure stubborn at times. 

56. Having four sharps: IN E.

59. Phoenix-to-Albuquerque dir.: ENE.

60. Gill openings: SLITS.

62. Like the Valkyries: NORSE.

64. "No Limit Top __": 1999 rap album: DOGG.

65. Stress, they say: AGER.

66. Shows obvious anger: BRISTLES.

68. Teddies, e.g.: LINGERIE.

70. Seehorn of "Better Call Saul": RHEA.

72. Diamond stats: ERAS.

73. R&B singer __ Marie: TEENA.

74. __ Dumbledore, Hogwarts headmaster: ALBUS. Forgot. We had him before.

77. Poetic time: EEN.

80. Play date: GIG.

82. RSA ruling party: ANC. African National Congress.

83. "Yeah, so?": BIG DEAL.

85. Logician's "E": ERAT.

86. Either of baseball's Griffeys: KEN. Untarnished by any steroid scandal. Cool and clean.

87. Food stamp?: USDA. Nailed it.

88. How the euphoric walk: ON AIR.

89. "The Godfather" catchphrase: BADA BING. Remember him?

92. Lost intentionally: TANKED.

94. Rockefeller, e.g.: OIL BARON.

98. Trueheart of comics: TESS.

99. Bass ending: OON.

100. Business bigwig: EXEC.

101. Worshiping figure: ORANT. Regular in our old Star Tribune Daily days.

102. One of a deck's pair: JOKER.

104. "Star Trek" villain: KHAN.

106. Scottish resort town known for its whisky: OBAN. Looks charming.

116. Low area: SWALE.

117. Settled accounts, so to speak: GOT EVEN. Another  solid fill.

118. Big wardrobe: ARMOIRE. Great also.

119. Almost off: ON LOW.

120. Salad choice: ICEBERG. In Guangzhou, iceberg is often cooked, with oyster sauce.

121. Low-quality material, idiomatically: SOW'S EAR.

122. Castaway's place: ISLET.


1. Bad guy in the song "Copacabana": RICO. Learning moment for me.

2. Month before Nisan: ADAR.

4. Brando's "A Streetcar Named Desire" role: KOWALSKI. Stanley.

5. Chateau __ Michelle winery: STE. No idea. It's in Washington.

6. Antacid option: BICARB.

7. Olympians, e.g.: Abbr.: ATHS. Athletes.

8. One-named Colombian singer: SHAKIRA.

9. Scuff, e.g.: MAR.

10. Often-injured knee part, briefly: ACL.

11. Confucian path: TAO.

12. IOC part: Abbr.: INTL.

14. Marbled cut: RIB EYE.

15. "Give it __": A TRY.

16. One of many Seuss village residents: WHO.

17. Put on: DON.

18. Product, say: Abbr.: AMT. Got via crosses.

19. Capital of Denmark?: DEE. Denmark.

25. Nice cup?: TASSE. Just French for cup. Also 30. Him, to Henri: LUI. 54. Sylvie's seraph: ANGE. Angel in French. And 90. Year abroad: ANNEE. For Splynter.

27. Consult with the doctor: BE SEEN. Not fond of this answer or BE LATE last time. Command phrases are fine: BE CAREFUL, BE SEATED, BE BRIEF etc.

32. Figure in red: NET LOSS.

33. Indigenous: NATIVE.

34. Defiant challenge: SUE ME.

36. Fashion model Wek: ALEK. Look at her long legs.

38. Connected, in a way: ON LINE.

39. Annoy: PESTER.

40. Mating game: CHESS.

41. Flip chart holder: EASEL.

42. Roswell sighting: UFO.

44. Sequence sung like "Twinkle twinkle": A B C D.

47. Less cool: NERDIER.

56. "It __": formal self-identification: IS I.

57. Reached an apex: CRESTED.

58. Cold War capital: BONN. West Germany's capital.

61. Singing syllable: TRA.

63. "Frozen" snowman: OLAF.

65. Catch a bug: AIL.

67. Evening on Etna: SERA.

68. Small fishing boat concern: LEE TIDE. Also 76. Boatloads: SCADS.

69. Taunt: RAG.

70. Recover from a crash: REBOOT. Computer crash.

71. Bum: HEINIE.

73. Place to keep leaves: TEA BOX. My friend Carmen just introduced this Dates, Longan, Goji berry tea to me. A few months ago, Carmen was in the same island (Sanya, Hainan) D-Otto visited in the 1980s. Very very few foreigners ventured into Hainan then. My friends were all in awe that D-Otto even stayed at the resort hotel Chairman Man favored.

75. Over-__: sports wager: UNDER.

78. Michael of "Arrested Development": CERA.

79. Prepare for impact: BRACE.

81. Summer hire, perhaps: INTERN.

84. Claim to call: DIBS.

86. Erstwhile CIA rival: KGB. What's their current rival?

87. Algebra staples: UNKNOWNS.

91. Casual Friday casualty?: NECKTIE.

93. Bond rating: AAA.

95. One whose business is mostly overhead?: ROOFER. Nice clue.

97. Lion or tiger: ROARER.

102. Banter: JIVE.

103. Nutritional stds.: RDAS.

105. Mother of Ares: HERA.

107. Ointment additive: ALOE. My aloe vera is still alive. Indoor plant now. I can't risk the unexpected rain again.

108. Mature eft: NEWT.

109. Pixar Studios' specialty, for short: CGI. Computer-Generated Imagery.

110. __ cit.: footnote abbr.: LOC.

111. Bore, as a cost: ATE.

112. Yank's opponent: REB.

113. "Dude!": BRO.

114. Underground org.?: UMW. United Mine Workers.

115. How-__: instruction books: TOS. TTP is a natural, a walking encyclopedia. 

116. "__ lied": SO I.


Jun 3, 2018

Sunday June 3, 2018 Matt McKinley

Theme: "Emergency Room Staff"-  ER is added to each theme entry.

23A. Proposed explanation for oversize British sausage?: BIG BANGER THEORY. Big Bang Theory.

41A. Kiss in the rink?: HOCKEY PUCKER. Hockey puck.
62A. Screwballs hanging out at the end of the block?: CORNER FLAKES. Corn Flakes.

84A. Dollhouse porch chair?: LITTLE ROCKER. Little Rock.

104A. Lackadaisical soccer shot?: SLEEPY HEADER. Sleepy head.

123A. Dark ale expert?: PORTER AUTHORITY. Port authority.

15D. Dive at the governor's mansion pool?: CAPITAL GAINER. Capital gain.

61D. Fishing pro?: ALL-STAR CASTER. All-star cast.

The gainer in 15D is new to me, but I'm glad it has a different meaning, otherwise, the root word does not change much.

Quite a lot of themage. Total 104 squares.


1. Garments with hooks: BRAS.

5. Metro regions: URBS. Never used this word. You?

9. Complaint: BEEF.

13. Metals industry acronym: ALCOA. Kicked out of Dow a while ago.

18. Ocular cleaning brand: RENU.

19. Hilarious type: RIOT.

20. Lewis lion: ASLAN.

22. Destined (to): MEANT.

26. One in a newsstand stack: PAPER. Hard to a find a New York Times in our local gas stations or Barnes & Noble. The Wall Street Journal is everywhere though.

27. News agcy.: UPI.

28. Like rainy London skies: GREY.

29. Zagros Mountains country: IRAQ. Wiki says the Zagros Mountains form the largest mountain range in Iran, Iraq and southeastern Turkey.

31. Stack: PILE.

32. Rap sheet list: PRIORS.

35. Scotland, in Scottish Gaelic: ALBA. Learning moment.

38. Spanish hillsides: CUESTAS. Learning moment.

40. Highly regarded speakers: BOSE.I was thinking of House Speakers.

46. Germane: APT.

47. Name of two 134-Acrosses: JOHN PAUL. 134. Religious leader: POPE.

49. Dupe: REPRO. Reproduction.

50. U.K. governing body: PARL. Parliament. Gluey.

52. Vital conduits: AORTAS.

54. Self-serve fast-food item: SODA.

56. Farming prefix: AGRI.

59. Greener Living org.: EPA.

66. City on the Orne: CAEN.

67. "The first thing you must know ... ": RULE ONE. You do not talk about Fight Club.

69. "You __ on My Mind": 1965 hit: WERE. We Five.

70. Reducing big-time: SLASHING. The local high-end chain Herberger's is closing all its stores.

72. DuPont acrylic: ORLON.

73. Outer __: SPACE.

75. Near the hour: TEN TO.

76. Summer time?: DISCO ERA. Great clue. Donna Summer.

80. Slate, for one: E-MAG.

81. Greet warmly: SMILE AT.

83. Ferrara family name: ESTE.

87. "Kidnapped" monogram: RLS. Robert Louis Stevenson.

88. Country suffix: STAN. 7 nations.

89. Reason for an R: GORE. R-Rating.

90. Prime minister after Begin: SHAMIR. Yitzhak.

92. Stigmatic fictional symbol: RED A. Also 98. Expiate: ATONE FOR.

94. Ham it up: EMOTE.

102. "Mad Men" network: AMC.

107. Diminish slowly: FADE.

108. Wild Blue Yonder seller since 2003: CRAYOLA. Did not know Wild Blue Yonder is a Crayola color.

110. Quiet time: LULL. Quiet most of the time at our garage sale. Those framed pictures are Boomer's jigsaw puzzles. Someone actually bought one. I was amazed.

111. Gives rise to: YIELDS.

113. Canadian tank fillers: ESSO.

114. Marine predator: ORCA.

117. Bounce: ECHO.

120. No and Phil: DRS.

121. Ballet attire: TUTUS.

129. Brand for pain: ALEVE

130. Baking staple: SUGAR. Have any of you tried these mountain yams? Sugared mountain yams used to be our Chinese Spring Festival treats.

131. Ballet bend: PLIE.

132. Picked do: AFRO.

133. What bait does: LURES.

135. Door sign: PUSH.

136. Like eyes "you can't hide," in an Eagles hit: LYIN'.


1. Texter's "Need a short break": BRB. Be Right Back. One of the little words Argyle liked to use.

2. Portuguese king: REI.

3. Distress: ANGUISH.

4. Order in the court: SUBPOENA.

5. Keats subject: URN.

6. TV's Mrs. Peel: RIGG.

7. Orange Free State settler: BOER.

8. Hot time: STREAK.

9. Rats relative?: BAH.  The expletive "rats!".

10. Saskatoon-to-Winnipeg dir.: ESE.

11. Fair-haired sci-fi race: ELOI. 7 "The Time Machine" race.

12. Castmate of Alda and Swit: FARR.

13. Rev (up): AMP.

14. Quantum events?: LEAPS.

16. Pool unit: ONE LAP.

17. Immobile: AT REST.

21. New York City suburb on the Hudson: NYACK. Forgot. We had this before.

24. Fresh __: AIR.

25. Perry who created Madea: TYLER.

30. "'Sup, Juan?": QUE PASA?

32. Lunchbox staple, casually: PBJ.

33. Kanga's kid: ROO.

34. Gless of "Cagney & Lacey": SHARON.

36. Playoffs privilege: BYE.

37. Kindle download: APP.

39. Mound meas.: ERA. Pitcher's mound. More stuff from our garage sale. The Santana and  Gardenhire bobbleheads are gone.

42. Strange: OUTRE.

43. Extended family: CLAN.

44. Celestial bear: URSA.

45. "Order up!" callers: COOKS.

48. Pennsylvania's __ Mountains: POCONO.

51. Mother of Joseph: RACHEL.

53. Finalizes, with "up": SEWS.

55. Dover's st.: DEL.

57. Enterprise offering: RENTAL. We went back to Payless this year.

58. Closely watched bars: INGOTS. Gold bars.

59. Eats into: ERODES.

60. Strict observer: PURIST.

63. Turn back: REPEL.

64. Bowling unit: FRAME.

65. Aptly named Renault: LE CAR.

68. Dawn-of-mammals epoch: EOCENE.

71. Recipe words: STIR IN.

74. They may clash on the lot: EGOS.

77. "The Fantasticks" narrator whose name translates to "The Rooster": EL GALLO. I know Pico de gallo. Did not know "gallo" means "rooster" in Spanish.

78. Atlantic resort city: RIO.

79. Kilmer's famous last words?: A TREE. OK, the last line is "But only God can make a tree".

81. Glide on blades: SKATE.

82. Computer's abundance: MEMORY.

85. Holiday hire: TEMP.

86. Libya neighbor: CHAD.

91. Common HMO requirement: REFERRAL.

93. U.K. military award: DSO. Distinguished Service Order.

95. Olive not found in martinis: OYL.

96. Cal. column: THU.

97. Conger catcher: EELER. This old EELER is the only eel catcher I know of. 

99. Fake: FALSIFY.

100. Atypical: ODD.

101. Hi-__ image: RES.

102. Perfumery compound: ACETAL.

103. Enterprise helmsman: MR SULU.

105. Old West brothers: EARPS.

106. Fearless Fosdick's creator: AL CAPP. Unfamiliar with Fearless Fosdick.

109. "__ grown": YOU'VE. Not FULLY.

112. Altar promise: I DO.

115. Clever maneuver: COUP.

116. 2012 Best Picture: ARGO.

118. "The Handmaid's Tale" airer: HULU. Any fans on our blog?

119. Bluesy Redding: OTIS.

122. French possessive: SES. His.

124. Wire intrusion: TAP.

125. Ode preposition: ERE.

126. Sneaky laugh: HEH.

127. __-tip: beef cut: TRI.

128. "Round __ virgin ... ": YON.

Happy birthday to Owen, who does not like birthday celebrations. Thank you for so many years of joy and creative inspiration, Owen! Stay healthy for us!