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Dec 9, 2018

Sunday December 9, 2018 Paul Coulter

Theme: "Culinary School"- Each cooking utensil is punnily re-phrased:
23A. Pie company exec?: PASTRY WHEEL. The big wheel.

25A. Bad brunch review?: OMELET PAN.  Our Steve has a Japanese style Tamagoyaki pan.

37A. Neighborhood with meat purveyors?: BUTCHER BLOCK.

55A. ATM code you rotate regularly?: ROLLING PIN.

84A. Thief at a fertility clinic?: EGG POACHER. Never used one.

98A. Nasty group of directors?: CUTTING BOARD.

16A. Stadium for a boxing match?: PUNCH BOWL.

118A. Journalists covering a spicy story?: GARLIC PRESS. Makes me smile. Thinking of our Garlic Gal.

What a fun theme. Tight set and amusing clues. 

I think Paul is a foodie and often makes puzzles while hungry.


1. 8 for O, e.g.: AT NO. Atomic Number.

5. Quibbles: CARPS.

10. "M*A*S*H" actor: ALDA. Four A's in his name.

14. Like bachelor parties: STAG.

18. Excel: SHINE.

20. Autumn color: OCHRE.

21. Tea party host: MARCH HARE. Sparkly fill.

26. Find new quarters for: RE-HOUSE.

27. Winter fall: FLAKES. So lucky that the big snow fell here only after Boomer completed his radiation. 

29. Film units: REELS.

30. Michelangelo masterpiece: PIETA.

31. MSN competitor: AOL.

32. Cooking fat: SUET.

34. Guadalajara girls: NINAS.

43. Air freshener scent: LILAC.

46. Performed, in Shakespeare: DIDST. Just DID now. We also have 108. Old will?: SHALT.

48. How surprise party guests should arrive: EARLY.

49. Blanched: WAN.

50. Yours, in Tours: A TOI.

51. Doc bloc: AMA.

52. Keisters: SEATS.

54. "Momo" author Michael: ENDE. Not familiar with the book.

59. FICA benefit: SSI.

60. Unit in Ohm's Law: AMPERE.

62. Costa del __: SOL.

63. Female antelope: DOE.

64. Mellow: SOFTEN.

66. Looked lecherously: LEERED.

67. Suffix meaning "living substance": PLASM. Dictionary gives these three examples: endoplasm,  neoplasm and cytoplasm.

69. Not yet on the sched.: TBA.

70. Coast: GLIDE.

72. Like many churches: SPIRED.

75. Light: IGNITE.

78. Adaptable truck, for short: UTE.

79. "Bravo!": OLE.

82. Barbershop parts: TENORS.

83. Batman and the Boy Wonder, e.g.: DUO.

87. AA and AAA, e.g.: ORGS.

88. Takes from a deck: DRAWS. Deck of cards.

90. "Do Ya" rock gp.: ELO.

91. "I see": AH SO.

92. Starry-eyed agreement, often: I DO.

93. Area below the abdomen: GROIN.

95. Leslie of "Gigi": CARON. "Crazy Rich Asians" flopped in China. It just does not click with Chinese.

97. Holders of roasts: SPITS.

101. Like Dennis the Menace: PESKY.

103. Part of Q.E.D.: ERAT.

104. Bit of baby talk: GOO.

105. Leg bone: TIBIA. And 125. Bone on a menu: OSSO.

111. Work (out): REASON.

114. Inflexible: ADAMANT.

121. Wood preservatives: CREOSOTES. I learned this word from another puzzle.

122. Farm refrain: E I E I O.

123. Spock's father: SAREK. Another learning moment for me.

124. Firm employees: Abbr.: ATTS. One tiny letter dupe with 100. Dept. of Justice bigwigs: AGS.

126. Some NCOs: S SGTS.

127. Time at the inn: STAY.


1. Cleopatra killer: ASP.

2. Choreographer Twyla: THARP. So flexible.

3. Japanese-American: NISEI.

4. Without delay, as payment: ON THE NAIL. Is this a common phrase? Never heard of it.

5. Intimidates: COWS.

6. Advil target: ACHE.

7. MLB scoreboard abbr.: R H E. Runs, Hits, Errors.

8. Homes built indoors: PREFABS.

9. Traitors: SELL-OUTS.

10. Crazily: AMOK.

11. Like a flimsy excuse: LAME.

12. Backstage theater workers: DRESSERS.

13. An MRI may reveal a torn one: ACL.

14. "Fiddler on the Roof" setting: SHTETL. Yiddish for "small town".

15. Bind, in a way: TAPE. D-Otto told me about this tape, which fixed our dryer vent leaks nicely.

16. Asian sea: ARAL.

17. Mil. bigwigs: GENS. Generals.

19. Arousing: EROTIC.

22. As a result of this: HEREBY.

24. Chinese currency: YUAN. Chairman Mao's image is on all the paper money.

28. __-rock: ALT.

33. Modern address: URL.

35. Commonly used saws: ADAGES.

36. Gullible sort: SIMP.

38. Cut out: CEASE.

39. "You lose a lot of time, __ people": Marian Anderson: HATING.

40. Dog tag datum: OWNER.

41. Close-knit group: CADRE.

42. Injured, in a way: KNEED.

43. Drummer Ulrich: LARS. Metallica.

44. "Am __ late?": I TOO.

45. Hang loosely: LOLL.

47. Place for an honoree: DAIS.

53. Collection of heir pieces?: ESTATE. Fun clue.

54. Blunt blade: EPEE.

56. Do-nothing: IDLER.

57. Wikipedia policy: NO ADS.

58. Words indicating a delay: NOT NOW.

60. Thomas associate: ALITO. Supreme Court.

61. Euripides tragedy: MEDEA. Lemonade knows the full story.

65. "Criminal Minds" agcy.: FBI.

67. Some Olympians, nowadays: PROS.

68. Leaf's central vein: MIDRIB.

71. Two-time Tony winner Patti: LUPONE.

72. Zeno, notably: STOIC.

73. Concealed: PERDU. French word.

74. Bullion unit: INGOT.

76. Natural fertilizer: GUANO. Not HUMUS.

77. Hungarian wine region: EGER.

79. "I wasn't expecting you": OH HI.

80. "__ we forget": LEST.

81. God with a quiver: EROS.

85. Hardly haute cuisine: GLOP.

86. Large South American rodents: CAPYBARAS. Learning moment again.

88. Easy paces: DOGTROTS.

89. Misers: SCROOGES.

93. Saddle-holding bands: GIRTHS.

94. Tiny messenger: RNA.

96. Keats, in a Shelley title: ADONAIS.

97. Economizes: SKIMPS.

99. AT&T and Verizon: TELCOS.

102. Opp. of legato, in music: STAC.

106. Still: INERT.

107. Baffled: AT SEA.

108. Humane org.: SPCA.

109. On the disabled list, say: HURT.

110. Without __: riskily: A NET.

112. Farm females: EWES.

113. "Not to mention ... ": ALSO.

114. Came down: ALIT.

115. "Vaya con __": DIOS.

117. Bit of heckling: BOO.

119. "Andy Capp" cartoonist Smythe: REG. Stranger to me.

120. __ blue: SKY.

D4E4H's caretaker Lynn sent me this email yesterday:

"This is Lynn writing. David wanted me to tell you what's going on with him. A week ago Tuesday he had a heart attack. He was taken to the hospital and put in ICU for 7 days. During that time they put in two stents. One on the left on Friday of that week and one on the other side on Monday. They couldn't do both the same day because of his kidneys being bad. They also want to put in a Pace Maker but had to send him to another hospital downtown for that. When that new hospital took him down for this Pace Maker they found he had an infection in his legs so postponed it until he could get rid of the infection. They are scheduled to put it in Monday, Dec. 10th. If he still has the infection they will send him home and wait until the infection clears up and then bring him back. Meanwhile he says he is on vacation just sitting in his room eating and watching TV. "
I then called Dave. He said the nurse at his assisted living place made the right decision and sent him to ER. He still has his humor intact, admitting he's "stubborn as a mule".  Hope the surgery tomorrow is smooth. Please keep Dave in your thoughts and prayers.

Happy birthday to dear Hahtoolah (Susan), who's been with our blog for almost 10 years. She's an incredibly fast learner. I was stunned to see a scheduled post with perfect format just a few hours after I emailed her the puzzle and the blog instructions. She never ceases to amaze me with her astute observations and spot-on quotes. Thanks for being part of our blog team, Susan!

Boomer Updates:

The side effects from the radiation seem to be mostly gone. Now Boomer can swallow food without any discomfort. He does have stomach ache at times, esp after a meal. Not sure if it's from Zytiga or ibuprfen or oxycodone. 

Monthly meeting with Dr. Thomas Downs next Wednesday, then a blood draw. Eager to see if his PSA is lowered further.

Thanks for your continued support. Boomer and I get emotional and encouraged reading your comments and emails.


Dec 2, 2018

Sunday December 2, 2018 Mark McClain & George Telfer

Theme: "Hangers-On" - ERS is added to each theme entry.

23A. What the acrobatic landlady liked to do?: JUMP OVER BOARDERS. Jump over board.

32A. TruTV show for board game enthusiasts?: REALITY CHECKERS. Reality check.

52A. When a pro might practice at Augusta National?: BEFORE THE MASTERS. Before the mast.

69A. Gym employees for those getting in shape fast?: EXPRESS TRAINERS. Express train.

90A. Gold medal winners at the Renaissance fair?: TRIUMPHAL ARCHERS. Triumphal arch.

104A. Wedding chapel's main form of advertising?: HITCHING POSTERS. Hitching post.

120A. Where bills should be put after an audit?: BACK IN THE FOLDERS. Back in the fold.

Heavy theme with long theme entries. Total 109 theme squares. Lots to deal with.

I think this is George Telfer's debut. Congratulations, George! Mark McClain is a veteran and has been our regular LAT constructor for a few years.


1. Avian mimic: MYNA.

5. Selling point?: STORE. Great clue.

10. Weasel cousin: STOAT. Not SABLE.

15. Passed quickly, as time: FLEW.

19. Pigeon calls: COOS.

20. Kind of column: IONIC. Appears in our grid more often than DORIC.

21. Stands at lectures: PODIA.

22. Lead in a movie, say: ROLE.

26. Wile E. Coyote supplier: ACME.

27. Run-of-the-mill: ORDINARY.

28. Former LeBron team, on sports tickers: MIA. Miami Heat. 39. Former LeBron team, on sport tickers: CLE.

29. Lost on purpose: TANKED. Often a clue for DIETED.

31. Buds, possibly: BEERS.

37. Sorority letter: ETA.

40. Takes a breather: RESTS.

41. "The Simpsons" retailer: APU.

44. "Chain of Fools" name: ARETHA.

47. Out in the yacht: ASEA.

49. Bite playfully: NIP.

56. Departed: GONE.

57. "Once __ a time ... ": UPON.

58. Yon yacht: SHE.

59. Name in a Tolstoy title: ANNA. Anna Karenina. Russian novels are always so complicated. Same with classic Chinese novels.

60. Formal split: DIVORCE.

62. Electric wheels: TESLA.

64. Second-tallest living bird: EMU. What's the tallest?

66. Inform: TELL.

68. Skin-related: DERMAL. 88. Often painful crack: CHAP. Try Aquaphor.

73. Don't hold your breath: EXHALE.

76. Antelope playmates: DEER.

77. Musical muscle car: GTO.

78. Agave plant: YUCCA.

82. "The wisdom of many and the wit of one": Russell: PROVERB.

84. Dread: FEAR.

86. Bigelow product: TEA. They have jasmine tea. We also have 107. 86-Across variety: PEKOE.

89. Cut with a small knife: PARE.

94. Thesaurus wd.: SYN. Synonym.

95. Doing nothing: IDLE.

96. Cabinet department: ENERGY.

97. Minute: WEE.

98. China's Zhou __: ENLAI. Here he is with his wife Deng Yingchao. They did not have children. Both well-loved in China.

101. QB's stat: ATT.

102. Shocked text letters: OMG.

111. Vacation destination: BEACH. Last time I was at a beach.

Boomer & C.C., Myrtle Beach, May 2002

115. Caroline Islands components: ATOLLS.

116. Rescue squad initials: EMS.

117. Rant: HARANGUE. Sparkly fill.

119. Fictional plantation: TARA.

125. "Slippery" trees: ELMS.

126. "... but I could be wrong": OR NOT.

127. Celestial ovine: ARIES.

128. Shuts down: ENDS.

129. Colorist's supply: DYES.

130. Price enders, often: NINES. Oh, like $9.99.

131. Category: GENRE.

132. Obliterate, in Oxford: RASE.


1. Menial work: MCJOB.

2. "__ it!": YOU'RE.

3. __ plume: NOM DE. And 6. Start of an adage about humanity: TO ERR. Partials.

4. Have high hopes: ASPIRE.

5. Hindu "Destroyer": SIVA.

7. Sandwich shop order: ON RYE.

8. Often tickled bone?: RIB.

9. "Foucault's Pendulum" author: ECO.

10. Diagonal sail extender: SPRIT. See this.

11. Now: TODAY.

12. Pindar piece: ODE.

13. Make widely known: AIR.

14. Samples: TASTES.
15. Stadium staples: FRANKS.

16. Eastwood's "Bronco Billy" co-star Sondra: LOCKE. So pretty!

17. Fictional hunter in a floppy hat: ELMER.

18. Signs of garden neglect: WEEDS.

24. GM subsidiary: ONSTAR.

25. Guy's girlfriend: AMIE. French "gee".

30. Comedy __: ACT.

33. One may be dull: ACHE.

34. Trek pack animal: LLAMA.

35. Algonquian language: CREE.

36. Picked up: HEARD.

38. Trojan War god: ARES.

41. Touch: ABUT.

42. Nickname for José: PEPE. I did not know. The two sound so different.

43. Eerie fliers: UFOS.

45. Old anesthetic: ETHER.

46. Like many crosswords: THEMED. Our LAT Saturday grids are themeless.

47. "Up" star: ASNER (Ed)

48. WWII prison camp: STALAG.

49. Standard: NORM.

50. Subject of Huáscar: INCA. Read here. Never heard of the guy.

51. Orange discard: PEEL. Chinese desserts often feature dried tangerine peels.

53. Legally off base: ON LEAVE.

54. Baited insect collector: ANT TRAP.

55. Beans or greens: SIDE.

56. Scalia's successor: GORSUCH (Neil). Fresh fill.

61. Enhancing word: VERY. So very touched reading Jerome's post. He went through what I'm going through now.

63. Shaft between wheels: AXLE.

65. Handy: USEFUL.

67. Trivial: LITTLE.

70. Vivacious: PERT.

71. Words near an "F," maybe: SEE ME.

72. Musical handicap: NO EAR.

73. Omar of "In Too Deep": EPPS.

74. Doctor's order: X-RAY. Piece of cake. The MRI was tough for Boomer last time. He did not use the toilet before the procedure, thinking it would be over in a few minutes. It took almost an hour.

75. French __: HORN.

79. Consider carefully, with "over": CHEW.

80. Attention: CARE.

81. Basilica recess: APSE.

83. Astros catcher McCann: BRIAN. Ex-Astro. Back with the Atlanta Braves. 

85. Bonnie Blue's dad: RHETT.

87. 2012 Ben Affleck film: ARGO.

91. "Gotcha!": I DIG.

92. Casino game requirement, often: ANTE.

93. Symphonic disc: CYMBAL.

98. Mercedes line: E-CLASS. No idea. Not into cars.

99. Kings' org.: NHL. LA Kings.

100. City from which Vasco da Gama sailed: LISBON.

101. NBA part: ASSN.

103. Driver's license info: GENDER.

104. Hardly favored: HATED.

105. Volta's birthplace: ITALY.

106. Musical Mel: TORME.  "The Velvet Fog".

108. Drops: OMITS.

109. German river, to locals: RHEIN. And 114. German state: HESSE.

110. Less risky: SAFER.

112. Gemini docking target: AGENA. What does this word mean? 

113. Lumps for Miss Muffet: CURDS.

118. Climbed: ROSE.

121. "Exodus" protagonist: ARI.

122. "The Situation Room" airer: CNN.

123. It's game: TAG.

124. Longtime Eur. realm: HRE. Holy Roman Empire.

Boomer Updates:

Boomer completed his radiation last Wednesday. He still has problem swallowing food and continues to feel run-down, but Dr. Esther told us that these side effects will be gone in one to two weeks. 

Boomer also started the chemo drug Abiraterone (Zytiga) last Thursday. He's been a good and cheerful patient. The staff at the radiation oncology all liked him.

Boomer, Nov 28, 2018

Nov 25, 2018

Sunday, November 25th, 2018 , Gail Grabowski

Theme:  "For-gone Conclusions" - FOR is removed from each theme entry.

27A Horses' feeding period?: STALL TIME. Stall for time.

29A. Nightly newscaster's preparation?: REPORT WORK. Report for work.
49A. Easter feast, say?: SPRING DINNER. Spring for dinner.

63A. "We're driving around in circles"?: LOST WORDS. Lost for words.

84A. Ticket selling for a major golf event?: OPEN BUSINESS. Open for business.

101A. Severe dip in contributions during a telethon?: CAUSE ALARM. Cause for alarm.

104A. Hurricane tracker closeup?: EYE DETAIL. Eye for detail.
36D. What may accompany hunger pangs?: FOOD THOUGHT. Food for thought.

40D. Result of a faulty tab setting?: MARGIN ERROR. Margin for error.

Hmm, no subtlety. The puzzle title is literally telling us what the theme is. 

Gail again started her theme entries in the 4th row rather than the traditional 3rd tow.  She also made sure none of her fill is longer than the theme fill. Subtlety of a pro constructor.

1. Minor dustup: TIFF.

5. Ladder danger: FALL.

9. Jeff who started an online bookstore in 1994: BEZOS. No minimum limit for free shipping at Amazon right now.

14. Give form to: SHAPE.

19. Free speech org.: ACLU.

20. New Balance competitor: AVIA. D-Otto favors former.

21. Put on, as pressure: EXERT.

22. Development units: HOMES.

23. React to too much sun, perhaps: PEEL.

24. Overcharge: SOAK.

25. "Silas Marner" girl: EPPIE. Unknown to me.

26. Penetrating winds: OBOES. Wind instruments. You don't want to feel the penetrating winds in Minnesota.

31. Burpee product: SEED.

32. It has strings attached: APRON.

33. Fed. financial gp.: OMB. OK, Office of Management and Budget.

34. Sight in an unfinished attic: RAFTER.

37. Southwest worker: PILOT.

39. "You may say I'm a __": Lennon's "Imagine": DREAMER.

43. Waiting room read: E BOOK. VA has few Wi-Fi spots.

44. Where dos are done: SALON.

45. Dire prophecy: DOOM.

47. Hang open: GAPE.

48. House with layers: COOP. Lay-ers.

52. One in a workout count: REP.

53. Unexpected: ODD.

54. River to South Carolina's Winyah Bay: PEE DEE.

55. Genesis matriarch: EVE.

56. "Megastructures" channel, familiarly: NATGEO. Anyone watches it?

58. Tennis surprise: NETBALL.

60. Govt. agents: T MEN. 90. Iconic 60-Across boss: NESS. Eliot Ness.

61. Document preparer: TYPIST.

62. Museum posting: Abbr.: HRS.

68. Anna's "The Accountant" co-star: BEN.  Ben Affleck and Anna Kendrick.

69. Red Guard member: MAOIST. Dark period.

72. Lanai neighbor: MAUI.

73. Tour guides, e.g.: LEADERS.

77. Enemy of Mr. Bill, in old "SNL" skits: SLUGGO.  Learning moment for me.

78. Start a course: EAT.

79. "Once Is Not Enough" author: SUSANN. Jacqueline Susann.

82. Nicki Minaj genre: RAP.

83. Unkind remark: DIG.

87. Puff pastry cheese: BRIE.

88. Publisher Adolph: OCHS.

91. Consider with care: WEIGH. As pros and cons.

92. Around the corner: CLOSE.

93. Predetermined steps: SET PLAN.

95. Historic caravel: PINTA.

96. Took in the sights: TOURED.

97. Escape: LAM.

98. Something in the air: AROMA. 100. 98-Across, often: LURE.

109. Case place: COURT. Law case.

110. Italy's "Supreme Poet": DANTE.

111. Twitter's bird, e.g.: LOGO.

112. Belgian capital: EURO. Currency again. Brussels is beautiful in this time of the year.

113. Scorch slightly: SINGE.

114. Actress MacDowell: ANDIE.

115. Aviation pioneer Sikorsky: IGOR.

116. Bond was kicked out of it: ETON.

117. Entered into a deal: ANTED.

118. Cross with: MAD AT. Followed by 119. Fresh answers: SASS.

120. Number with words: SONG.


1. Brewpub array: TAPS.

2. "Rhyme Pays" rapper: ICE-T.

3. Pet peeve?: FLEA. Cute clue.

4. Period, to British grammarians: FULL STOP.

5. "Hurry it up!": FASTER.

6. Bypass: AVOID.

7. Hemsworth of "The Hunger Games": LIAM. The tall guy.

8. Common camp site: LAKE.

9. Pub game with balls: BEER PONG. Sparkly fill.

10. Whiz: EXPERT.

11. Youngest Marx brother: ZEPPO.

12. Mythical hunter: ORION.

13. Team backer?: STER. Teamster.

14. Skeptic's demand: SHOW ME.

15. Droopy-shaped purse: HOBO BAG. Slouchy.

16. Bow-toting god: AMOR.

17. Cheat, in a way: PEEK.

18. Serious extreme?: ESS. Serious.

28. Garlic relative: LEEK.

30. Agony: TORMENT.

32. Without peer: ALONE.

34. Info-gathering mission: RECON.

35. Quarters: ABODE.

37. Bud on a drive: PARD

38. First name in '70s tennis: ILIE (Nastase)

39. Slip into: DON.

41. Pentathlon gear: EPEES.

42. Provide more room for growth: RE-POT.

44. While: SPELL.

45. Salvage crew member: DIVER.

46. Upright: ON END.

49. Pommes frites condiment: SEL. French fries.

50. How-to lesson: DEMO.

51. Maker of Wayfarer sunglasses: RAYBAN.

54. Turn a Monopoly corner: PASS GO.

57. Used Charmin for shenanigans, for short: TP'ED.

59. Sea cell: BRIG.

60. Bi- equivalent: TWI.

64. What diviners interpret: OMENS.

65. Former Swedish imports: SAABS.

66. Bolshoi outfit: TUTU.

67. Part of 1/2: SLASH.

69. Passé PC system: MS DOS.

70. "Off with her head!" head owner: ALICE. "Alice in Wonderland".

71. Star that's a draw: TOP NAME. The biggest star I've met in person is Harmon Killebrew. How about you?

74. USCG rank: ENS.

75. It's often merit-based: RAISE.

76. Ticket number you don't want to see: SPEED.

79. City near Pisa: SIENA. Another Italian reference: 101. Trevi toss-in: COIN.

80. Blood bank quantity: UNIT.

81. Arcade giant: SEGA.

85. Bard's bedtime: EEN.

86. Competition in lanes: SWIM MEET.

87. Challenging golf hole starting points: BLUE TEES. White tees are for average golfers. Red tees  for lady golfers. Gold tees for seniors. Black tees for tournament players. Just the set-up in golf courses here in MN.

89. Blow the budget: SPLURGE.

92. Center: CORE.

94. Hung in there: LASTED.

95. "The Merchant of Venice" heroine: PORTIA.

96. Some exposed-beam homes: TUDORS.

98. Actress De La Garza: ALANA. "Law & Order".

99. Scientific dept.: R AND D.

100. Blocks often disassembled and reassembled: LEGOS.

102. Polly, to Tom: AUNT. Tom Sawyer.

103. Sistine Chapel ceiling figure: ADAM.

104. Bulldog supporters: ELIS.

105. Discipline with poses: YOGA. GOAT YOGA just sounds so strange.

106. Lot purchase: AUTO.

107. Resolve, with "out": IRON.

108. Dull, maybe: LONG.

109. J.E.B. Stuart's side: CSA.

Boomer updates:

We met with the radiation oncologist Dr. Esther last Monday and continued Boomer's daily radiation. Boomer decided to take Abiraterone (the chemo drug) after he completed the radiation treatment next Wednesday. We don't want to compound his discomfort, esp after that dreadful experience with the Zoledronic acid infusion two weeks ago.

One more meeting with Dr. Esther tomorrow morning and 3 more radiation treatments, then a blood draw (monthly procedure), then the chemo drug. The neurosurgeon department is going to arrange a MRI scan soon to see the result of the radiation.


Nov 18, 2018

Sunday November 18, 2018 C.C. Burnikel

Theme: "Bro Hug" - Nine synonyms of "bro" bookend each theme entry.

23A. Corporate criminal's undoing: PAPER TRAIL. Pal.

25A. Orbit, e.g.: CHEWING GUM. Chum.

39A. Sparty's school: MICHIGAN STATE. Mate.

68A. Football helmet part: CHINSTRAP. Chap.
97A. 1898 battle site: GUANTANAMO BAY. Guy,

116A. "Miracle on Ice" setting: LAKE PLACID. Lad.

118A. Bit of thrill-seeking equipment: BUNGEE CORD. Bud.

38D. "10" co-star: DUDLEY MOORE. Dude.

43D. Puff, e.g.: MAGIC DRAGON. Man.

This is a simple theme with a simple design. Most of my themes and grids are very simple.

Rich allows theme queries for Sunday puzzles. When I first sent out mine, I included two entries with MATE hugging. Thankfully he noticed my goof immediately.


1. Stack in a cabinet: LIDS. And 93D. Stack in a till: ONES.

5. "What a surprise to run into you!": OH HI.

9. Fraternity letter: KAPPA.

14. Out of juice: DEAD. Our car battery was dead at the flea market once.

18. "It's my turn!": I'M UP.

19. Quick looks: PEEKS.

21. Used at the table: ATE ON. And 28. Sign at a takeout window: ORDER HERE.

22. Actress Swenson: INGA.

27. Public row: SCENE.

30. Ethereal glows: AURAS.

31. "Basket of Bread" painter: DALI. Homemade, Gary!

33. Finish off: DO IN.

34. Decline the invite, perhaps: RSVP.

36. Benchmark: Abbr.: STD.

43. Game show hosts: MCS.

46. Most faithful: TRUEST.

48. Glass work: OPERA.

49. Old cereal box no.: RDA. Replaced by DRI (Dietary Reference Intake).

50. Traditional Indian wedding garment: SARI. Very pretty.

51. Support person: AIDE.

52. Cantina hors d'oeuvres: TAPAS.

54. Elle Girl rival: TEEN VOGUE. No more print editions. Online only.

56. Scandalous biographies: TELL-ALLS. And 72. Personal account: MEMOIR.

58. "Dude, you with me?": C'MON.

60. Cease: DESIST.

61. K.C. to New Orleans dir.: SSE.

62. "Get my point?": SEE.

63. Corporate deal: BUYOUT. And 91. Corp. bigwig: CEO. Rich greatly improved my fill in the middle. 

65. Facial hair, for short: STACHE.

66. RB's gains: YDS.

71. Strange: ODD.

75. 82-Across' powerful patients: AKITAS. 82. 75-Across' docs: VETS.

76. Glorifying tribute: ODE.

78. Bit of sunshine: RAY.

81. Plaza Hotel girl: ELOISE.

83. Place for slanted columns: OP-ED PAGE.

85. Gets rid of: ABOLISHES.

87. Big name in winter boots: SOREL. Quite pricey.

89. Double-curved arch: OGEE. Super gluey.

90. Fish voiced by Ellen DeGeneres: DORY.

92. Tamiflu producer: ROCHE. I still have not got my flu shot.

94. Rockies range: TETONS.

96. Barnyard mom: EWE.

100. High degree: NTH.

101. Tune for two: DUET.

102. One writing birthday wishes, at times: ICER.

103. Food-inspection org.: USDA.

105. Thrash: FLAIL.

108. Is pure perfection, scorewise: RATES A TEN. Then we have 124. Brutal reviews: PANS.

112. Sundance flick: INDIE.

120. Fail to include: OMIT.

121. Tavern sign abbr.: ESTAB.

122. Didn't take well?: STOLE. Rich's clue.

123. Sweet place?: HOME. Our sweet little home is the only place I've lived in the US.

125. Straight from the mint: SHINY.

126. Manipulative type: USER.

127. Mideast sultanate: OMAN.


1. Carmex targets: LIPS. Nivea is my favorite.

2. Apple variety: IMAC.

3. Deceive: DUPE.

4. Lay out: SPEND.

5. Make a call: OPT.

6. Like a super saver?: HEROIC. And 74. Get out of a jam: RESCUE. God knows how many times D-Otto got me out of a jam. 

7. Get the news: HEAR.

8. "Just joshing": I KID.

9. Pueblo spirit being: KACHINA. Never know if these are antique or remake.

10. Rival of Sparta: ATHENS.

11. Equal: PEER.

12. Sports drink brand: POWERADE.

13. Darth's childhood nickname: ANI.

14. Bring to light: DIG UP.

15. Many an MIT alum: ENGR.

16. Isla surrounder: AGUA.

17. They may make lakes: DAMS. Rich's clue also.

20. Heavy hammers: SLEDGES.

24. OfficeMax purchase quantities: REAMS. Someone should fix the paper cut problem.

26. Basilica section: NAVE.

29. Sound from a happy crowd: ROAR. And 35. Place to see fans: STANDS.

32. Pint-size: LITTLE.

36. Color commentator's data: STATS.

37. Puts to the test, as patience: TRIES.

40. See 41-Down: HOPS. 41. Beverage made with 40-Down: IPA.

42. Starbucks size after Venti: TRENTA.

44. Trounce: CRUSH.

45. Lucky roll in el casino: SIETE.

47. Sargasso Sea spawner: EEL.

50. "What a shame": SO SAD.

53. Guinness of "Doctor Zhivago": ALEC. I love "Doctor Zhivago".

54. City on the Loire: TOURS.

55. Nixed: VETOED.

57. Birthplace of St. Francis: ASSISI.

58. Minor surgery targets: CYSTS.

59. Longest-serving Dodger coach Manny: MOTA. From 1980 to 2013.

63. They may be stationary: BIKES.

64. Body of soldiers: UNIT.

67. Lacy place mat: DOILY.

69. Wear: HAVE ON.

70. Issuer of bulls: POPE. Papal bull.

72. Victor at Gettysburg: MEADE.

73. Jostling joint: ELBOW.

77. Mouth features: DELTAS. River mouth.

79. Hollywood role: AGENT.

80. "Aw, man!": YEESH.

83. Apt name for a tuxedo cat: OREO.

84. Flower holder: POT.

86. Hot weather woe: HEAT RASH. I spent this past summer rash-free.

87. Insects in hieroglyphic: SCARABS.

88. Omega, in physics: OHM.

92. Zoomed past: RACED BY.

95. Steve's singing partner: EYDIE.

97. [This is gonna be bad]: GULP.

98. Venetian old master: TITIAN.

99. Mess up: BUNGLE.

101. Plans often ignored around holidays: DIETS. What are you having on Thanksgiving? We just bought a turkey. Last year we had ham.

104. Dried poblano chili: ANCHO.

105. Playwright's worst nightmare: FLOP.

106. Priest of the East: LAMA.

107. Similar: AKIN.

109. Follower of a rising curtain: ACT I.

110. Ballerina attire: TUTU.

111. Nephew of Abel: ENOS.

113. Destine for failure: DOOM.

114. Hogwarts librarian __ Pince: IRMA. Learning moment for me.

115. Early sinning site: EDEN.

117. Brown of jazz: LES.

119. Eternally, in poetry: EER.

Boomer updates:

Boomer's PSA is down to 11.25 last Wednesday, thanks to the hormone shot. They're going to put Boomer on Abiraterone (tablet), a drug for metastatic prostate cancer. The nurse practitioner talked to us over 20 minutes about this drug. Very toxic. They'll check on Boomer's liver and white blood cell on a monthly basis. We were quite scared of the side effects, but felt better after reading Nina's email asking us not to worry too much. She said doctors are very careful in how they handle chemo drugs.

Here is Boomer having his Zoledronic acid infusion last week, with the stiff back brace under his shirt. He brings his smile and humor wherever he goes. He did have awful chills and lost his motor skills on Thursday night, but he got better on Friday morning and we went to VA for his third radiation. The daily radiation continues next week, but we get Thursday off.