Oct 17, 2018

Wednesday, October 17 2018, Frank Virzi

Theme: A Touch of Class - The last word of each phrase is also the name of a university. All are research universities.

17. 2005 reality show featuring Whitney Houston: BEING BOBBY BROWN. Private Ivy League research university in Providence, Rhode Island.

23. '60s sitcom portrayer of Cathy Lane and her "identical cousin": PATTY DUKE. Private, non-profit, research university located in Durham, North Carolina.

38. Ginger-ale-and-grenadine "cocktail": SHIRLEY TEMPLE. State-related university in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

55. Chinese menu standard: FRIED RICE. Private research university in Houston, Texas.

62. Where social graces are taught, and what 17-, 23-, 38-, and 55-Across each has: FINISHING SCHOOL.

Melissa here. Interesting, from Wikipedia: "The term finishing school is occasionally used, or misused, in American parlance to refer to certain small women's colleges, primarily on the East Coast, that were once known for preparing their female students for marriage. Since the 1960s, many of these schools have closed as a result of financial difficulties stemming from changing societal norms, making it easier for women to pursue academic and professional paths not open to previous generations."

Sad fact: In too many states, it costs more to house a prisoner for one year than one year of university tuition. One example.


1. Recurring theme: MOTIF.

6. Contemporary of Dashiell: ERLE. Hammett and Stanley Gardner, mystery writers. Both contributors to pulp genre publication Black Mask magazine.

10. Apple debut of 1998: IMAC.

14. Childish retort: I DO SO.

15. Group of two: DUAD. Makes sense, but I don't think I've ever seen or heard this word. Googled "how to pronounce duad," and found at least three different ways (audio clips). Cambridge dictionary doesn't have an entry at all.

16. Santa __: Sonoma County seat: ROSA. California and Florida both have Santa Rosa Counties - but according to Wikipedia, only Florida's Santa Rosa is a County Seat.

20. War on Poverty org.: OEO.

21. "In that event ... ": IF SO.

22. Kipling python: KAA. From The Jungle Book.

27. Spin, as a baton: TWIRL.

29. "The Simpsons" storekeeper: APU.

30. Leb. neighbor: SYR.

31. Looks up to: ESTEEMS.

33. Show of rural respect: YES'M.

35. Army NCO: SGT. Non-commissioned officer.

37. Little piggy: TOE. Cute.

43. 1988 noir remake: DOA. 1949 Film Noir classic, public domain, full length avail on YouTube.

44. Ewe, say: SHE. Cute.

45. Website with business reviews: YELP.

47. Supple: LISSOME.

51. Many a microbrew: ALE.

53. One in the middle of Knoxville?: VEE. I still get fooled by these sometimes.

54. FDR and JFK: INITS. Initials.

58. Announcer Hall: EDD. Jay Leno's announcer on The Tonight Show from 1992 to 2004.

59. Protein-rich food: TOFU.

61. Wish undone: RUE.

68. McFlurry cookie: OREO.

69. Start of a hymn: O GOD.

70. Creeps-inducing: EERIE. Timely for October.

71. Arms of a starfish: RAYS.

72. Over and above: Abbr.: SYNS.

73. Silvery little fish: SMELT.


1. Will Smith sci-fi series: MIB. Men in Black.

2. Laudatory piece: ODE.

3. French pronoun: TOI.

4. "You're lying!" in a playground: IS NOT. Is too!

5. "Old" old-fashioned sorts: FOGEYS.

6. Old name for Tokyo: EDO.

7. Cube creator: RUBIK. I had a classmate in HS who learned to speed-solve - was impressive to watch.

8. Bio class cost: LAB FEE.

9. Slow Churned ice cream brand: EDYS.

10. Like the vb. "be": IRR. Irregular.

11. Red Sox star Betts: MOOKIE.

12. Like angry bees: A SWARM.

13. Lock sites: CANALS. A lock is is a device used for raising and lowering boats, ships and other watercraft between stretches of water of different levels on river and canal waterways.

18. Pro wrestling throw: BODY SLAM.

19. Deepest level: BOTTOM.

23. Shell out: PAY.

24. Jungle swingers: APES.

25. Rear: TUSH.

26. Impulse: URGE.

28. Tearful: WEEPY.

32. Team with the most Super Bowl victories: STEELERS.

34. Central spot: MIDST.

36. TV host Pennington and Hall of Famer Cobb: TYS.

39. Places to perch: ROOSTS.

40. Bangkok native: THAI.

41. Big name in denim: LEVI.

42. Power co. product: ELEC.

46. Peruvian capital?: PEE. Nice clue.

47. Commit perjury to protect: LIE FOR.

48. Former Indian prime minister Gandhi: INDIRA.

49. "Dog Day Afternoon" director Lumet: SIDNEY.

50. Crude model used for public ridicule: EFFIGY.

52. Elicits: EDUCES.

56. Long sentence: RUN ON.

57. Turn a midi into a mini, say: RE-HEM.

60. Cries of discovery: OHOS. Okay.

63. Platform for Siri: IOS.

64. Mdse.: GDS.

65. Malachite, e.g.: ORE.

66. Many a Monet: OIL.

67. Permit: LET.

Oct 16, 2018

Tuesday, October 16, 2018 Kevin Christian & Abbie Higashi

"BOB"   - The first letter of each of the theme answers.

17. Relative of "The pen is mightier than the sword": BRAINS OVER BRAWN.

25. Rear-window alert about an infant: BABY ON BOARD.

43. Dog show award: BEST OF BREED.

54. Arizona stadium renamed Chase Field as a result of a financial merger: BANK ONE BALLPARK.

56. Short haircut, and a hint to 17-, 25-, 43- and 54-Across: BOB.

Bonus:  The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.  We have a crossword pangram today; every letter of the alphabet is used !

Please welcome Abbie Higashi on her LA Times Crossword debut, as she teams with Kevin Christian to give us this fun puzzle.   This is Kevin's 28th appearance on the LA Times Crossword stage.  


1. Whopper inventors: LIARS.   On April 1st, 1998, Burger King took out a full page ad in USA Today, and announced it would start serving the left-handed Whopper.   The burger contained the very same ingredients but it was rotated a full 180° to better suit and offer a better grip on the bun to the left-handed consumer. In addition, all the condiments were also rotated.  Can you guess what happened ?  

6. Toss of a coin: FLIP.   Supposedly truly random as to whether it will land heads or tails, but a caught coin has a 1 % greater chance of showing heads if it started out heads up, and a 1 % greater chance of showing tails if it started out tails up.  This according to a UCSB article on a Stanford paper, DYNAMICAL BIAS IN THE COIN TOSS.  

10. Trick: FLAM.  A lie or hoax, a deception.

14. Bosc relative: ANJOU.   Pear Varieties From Anjou to Williams

15. "Doctor Zhivago" heroine: LARA.

16. Himalayas locale: ASIA.

20. Census datum: SEX.  Jinx, the answer is Male or Female, not Yes.

21. Tear: RIP.  The clue/answer made me think of Rip Torn.

22. Levy that led to a 1773 "party": TEA TAX.   In fact, the tea tax had been around for six years.  It was the 1773 Tea Act that gave the the British East India Company a monopoly on tea sales in the colonies that was the final straw.   

23. Morass: BOG.

24. 2000 election dangler: CHAD.

30. "__ Sera, Sera": QUE.  The song and scenes from The Man Who Knew Too Much:

33. "See ya later!": I'M OFF.

34. Altar neighbor: APSE.

35. Ahi, for one: TUNA.  Yellowfin. 

36. __ avis: RARA.   Latin.  Through time, from rare bird to strange bird to peculiar person, to a unique person or thing.   Dennis Rodman ?

37. Wooden storage container: CRATE.

38. Mental acuity: WITS.

39. Former Russian ruler: CZAR.  Czar rule lasted over 400 years in Russia.  Here's the Top 10 list

40. Frau's mister: HERR.  Damen and Herren are on some doors in Germany.  Good thing for the images to teach foreigners that Da Men use the one marked Herren.

41. Nest for an eaglet: AERIE.

42. In a lather, with "up": HET.

45. Small salamander: NEWT.

46. Show curiosity: ASK.

47. Melodious piece: ARIOSO.   Let's have some more J.S. Bach...

50. God in the Vatican: DIO.

51. Dust jacket blurb: BIO.

58. Play opener: ACT I.   After DIO and BIO,  wanted an answer of maybe RIO or TIO.   

59. Nano or Shuffle: IPOD.

60. Bravery: VALOR.

61. Lugosi of "Dracula" fame: BELA.     Halloween is right around the corner.

62. Keep __ on: observe: TABS.

63. Justice Kagan: ELENA.


1. Chocolate dogs: LABS.

2. Pertaining to, on memos: INRE.

3. Early competitor of Mr. Clean: AJAX.   Mr. Clean - 1958.   Ajax - 1947.

4. Versailles royal: ROI.

5. Movable sports car top: SUNROOF.   Not sure why sports car is specified.  Anyway, sunroofs slide open and moonroofs tilt open a little bit.  40 % of all new cars sold in 2017 had either a sunroof or moonroof. 

6. Intentional fall, in basketball: FLOP. In basketball, a flop is an intentional fall by a player after little or no physical contact by an opposing player in order to draw a personal foul call by an official against the opponent. - Wikipedia.

7. British washroom: LAV.

8. Choler: IRE.

9. 100-yard golf hole, say: PAR THREE. No Par 4s or 5s on this local 9 hole course:

10. Capacitance unit: FARAD.  So named in honor of Michael Faraday.

11. Future JD's exam: LSAT.  Doctor of Jurisprudence / Law School Admission Test.

12. Old Sony brand: AIWA.

13. Tailless cat: MANX.  The cat from the Isle of Man.

18. Omen: SIGN.

19. Rosary feature: BEAD.

23. How landslide victories are won: BY FAR.

24. Fidel or Raúl: CASTRO.

25. Tree whose sap is used in a soft drink: BIRCH.  Never had one, but I read that Birch soda is commonly found in New England and Newfoundland.

26. Dazzle: AMAZE.

27. Baron Cohen's Kazakh journalist: BORAT.

28. Least furnished, as a room: BAREST.

29. Eye-bending paintings: OPART.

30. 24 sheets of paper: QUIRE.

31. Free from bonds: UNTIE.

32. Slacked (off): EASED.

35. Dance provocatively: TWERK.

37. What a dog will do with a bone: CHEW ON IT.

41. Exculpate: ABSOLVE.

43. Kiss from Carlos: BESO.

44. Epic __: disaster: FAIL.

45. Finnish electronics giant: NOKIA.

47. Basic rhyme scheme: ABAB.

48. Speed competition: RACE.

49. Part of IBM: Abbr.: INTL. International Business Machines.

50. Barq's rival: DADS.   Root Beers.  A&W, Hires, Mug, IBC etc. 

51. Block of hay: BALE.

52. Press: IRON.

53. Gumbo vegetable: OKRA.

55. Radon-regulating org.: EPA.

57. Bro: PAL.   

Notes from C.C.:

Happy Birthday to dear CrossEyedDave, who has entertained us for so many years with his fun links.

Happy Birthday to our foodie Blue Hen also! Here is his "Cheater Risotto".

Oct 15, 2018

Monday Oct 15, 2018 C.C. Burnikel

Theme: PRIVATE HOUSES (33. Most suburban residences... or, in a military sense, the ends of 17-, 24-, 46- and 55-Across)

17. Bedding structure for kids: BLANKET FORT.

24. Place for people with nothing to hide?: NUDIST CAMP.

46. "Theft" on a diamond: STOLEN BASE.

55. Secretary of Defense, for one: CABINET POST.

Boomer here.  

The Whiz Kids had won it, Bobby Thompson had done it, and Yogi read the comics all the while.  "Talkin' Baseball" with Terry Cashman.  Baseball is my favorite sport, especially this time of year, and although this C.C. puzzle is from the L.A. Times, I have to admit that I am rooting for the Brewers.  C.C. and I attended a Twins Brewers game at Miller Park some years back. Great stadium and foods!


1. Largest city in the Bahamas: NASSAU.

7. Beauty chain with a salon inside each store: ULTA.  We have a mega shopping center near our home and there is a Ulta store. A bit pricey though.

11. High-level H.S. classes: APS.

14. Takes in or lets out: ALTERS.  "And the times, They are a changing" (Dylan)

15. Not at all far: NEAR.

16. Milked animal: COW.  Would you believe that goat's milk is consumed more than Cow's in the world?

19. Pirouette pivot point: TOE.

20. Approx. takeoff hrs.: ETDS.  Acronym in a crossWORD puzzle ??

21. Patronize Airbnb: RENT.  "Trailers for sale or rent." Roger Miller

22. "Fine with me": SURE.

23. Sight organs: EYES.

26. Clinton opponent Dole: BOB.  They asked him once "Briefs or boxer shorts"  His answer - "Depends".

27. Fawn's mom: DOE.  A deer, a female deer, Ray a drop of golden sun ...

28. Partner of hearty: HALE.  Mr. Irwin of the PGA.  Won a lot of senior events also, but now he usually appears as a legend,  (With Jack and Lee)

29. Snake with a tight grip: BOA.  You can bet Cleopatra's ASP.

30. Otherwise: ELSE.

32. "It's freezing out here!": BRR.  Winter is coming up here in the North.  But I'd rather freeze for a couple of months than be invaded by a hurricane.

38. Crime family head: DON.  Former Dodger great, Mr. Drysdale.

39. Captains' diaries: LOGS.  I wonder if you have to log in to read them.

40. Bro, to a sis: SIB.

42. Liquor amount downed in a gulp: SHOT.  Trust me, I know guys that can gulp more than a shot.

44. Mango leftover: PIT.

45. Burst into tears: CRY.  The Yankees had to CRY UNCLE to the Red Sox, and the Yankee fans CRIED all the way home.

50. Bohr or Borge, by birth: DANE.

51. Evacuation center beds: COTS.  Actually there were plenty of these cots in the military locations mentioned in the basic theme of this puzzle.

52. Cyprus currency: EURO.

53. MIT Chapel designer Saarinen: EERO.

54. Tiny crawler: ANT.  They amaze me in where they build their homes underground.

58. Floral luau wear: LEI.

59. "Sin City" actress Jessica: ALBA. Got a Golden Globe for "Dark Angel"

60. Impassive: STOLID.

61. Clairvoyant's claim: ESP. Another acronym ??

62. Genuine: REAL.

63. Provides food for, as a party: CATERS.  So, in Idaho, do they Cater Taters?


1. Catch: NAB.

2. Hoops pass to a high flier: ALLEY-OOP.  The man in the funny papers we all know.

3. Regulatory legal association: STATE BAR. Lawyers pass this kind of bar, Not sure about the other kind.

4. Mails: SENDS.  "You OOhh send me" Sam Cooke.

5. Torah cabinets: ARKS. Noah's boat - 300 cubits.

6. Take advantage of: USE.

7. Like a ravenous cat: UNFED.  Someone did not watch the commercials.

8. Téa of "Madam Secretary": LEONI.

9. Fruit pastries: TARTS.

10. Paintings, sculpture, etc.: ART.  Mr. Linkletter of "Kids say the darndest things."

11. Bona fide: ACTUAL.  I think Bona Fide means "In good faith" in Latin

12. Words of self-pity: POOR ME.

13. Win every game: SWEEP.  Brewers did it to the Rockies in the NLDS

18. Most sincere: TRUEST.  No relation to Tess.

22. Accident mementos: SCARS.

23. Flow back: EBB.  The Tide flows back, unless you are using it to wash your clothes.

24. Ryan with seven no-hitters: NOLAN.  Hard to believe this pitcher had over 5000 strikeouts, yet lost 292 games.  (Yeah but he won 324)

25. Rocket booster's push: THRUST.

27. Dedicate, as time: DEVOTE.  "Up 'til then I'll always be..devoted to you" Don and Phil.

31. Snakelike fish: EEL.  I still don't think an eel is a fish.  How about a water snake ?

32. Bacall's love, familiarly: BOGIE.  My favorite golf hole score is bogey.

34. Objects of adulation: IDOLS.

35. Boards, as a bus: HOPS ON.

36. Leafy salad green: ESCAROLE.

37. Emphatic military denial: SIR NO SIR. I was at the VA this week getting a CT Scan, and the physician assistant called me "Sir",  I said "You don't have to call me sir, I was an enlisted man."  I think they are still chuckling.

41. ''Till next time'': BYE. "Bye, Bye, Love"  Don and Phil again.

42. "Sticks and __ may break ... ": STONES.  Many years ago, I think around 1963, I took a date to Excelsior amusement park, near Reggie's Danceland. Admission to Reggie's had been doubled to $3.00 each so we did not enter, but stayed in the park. We found out later that the price was raised because the band was from England.  Yup, you guessed it - we passed on seeing the Rolling Stones.

43. Inside track info: HOT TIP.

46. Deli counter weighing device: SCALE. Doe, a deer, a female deer, Ray a drop of golden sun...

47. Writer Zora __ Hurston: NEALE.

48. Forrest's shrimp-loving friend: BUBBA.  Sergeant Skinner of "In the Heat of the Night".

49. Sans-serif font: ARIAL.

50. Train station: DEPOT.  De Pot is now legal in many states.

53. Jazz singer Jones: ETTA.

55. Compact __: CAR.

56. PC key to the left of F1: ESC.  How many of you had to look at your keyboard to confirm?

57. NFL scores: TDS.  One of these days the answer will be FGS.


Oct 14, 2018

Sunday October 14, 2018 Paul Coulter

Theme:  "For Starters" - Each theme entry is mash-up of three types of item indicated by the circled letters.
22. Three types of (see circled letters: MAP): MERCATOR AREA POLITICAL.

32. Three types of (see circled letters: JET): JUMBO EXECUTIVE TURBO.

50. Three types of (see circled letters: MAN): MINUTE ANCHOR NEWSPAPER.

76. Three types of (see circled letters: CAT): CALICO ABYSSINIAN TABBY.

90. Three types of (see circled letters: CAR): CITROEN ACURA RENAULT.

108. Three types of (see circled letters: ART): AVANT-GARDE ROCOCO TRAMP.

In the old Tribune Media Daily days, sometimes we had "Three types of trees/fruits" themes. Just a simple mashup with convenient letter counts

Paul's take is different. The what in "Three type of ..." is circled and those three letters start each of the theme entry component.

I particularly like the CAT and CAR ones, as the answers are indeed "type of...". MAN are just words that can preceded MAN. Same with MAP and JET.


1. Eponymous Chanel perfume: COCO.

5. Eagerly enjoy, as praise: LAP UP. And 24. Eagerly enjoy: EAT UP.

10. Latitude: PLAY.

14. Not barefoot: SHOD.

18. Banned fruit spray: ALAR. University of Minnesota just developed a  new apple called "First Kiss". Supposed to be better than Honeycrisp.

19. Gladiator's realm: ARENA.

20. Pull-up beneficiaries: LATS.

21. Mold: SHAPE.

26. Naturally lit room: SOLARIUM.

27. "500" initials: S AND P. Standard & Poor's 500.

28. Stick in one's craw: RANKLE.

29. Q and A part: Abbr.: ANS. Answers.

30. Allocate, with "out": METE.

31. Word often paired with "great": LATE.

40. Mimics: APES.

41. Gadget's rank: Abbr.: INSP. Inspector Gadget.

42. Ann and May: CAPES.

43. Much of "Deck the Halls": LAS.

45. Eclipse, maybe: OMEN.

46. Wharton postgrad awards: MBAS.

48. "Bravo!": OLE.

49. Speech problem: LISP.

57. Resting place: BED.

58. Reception vessel: URN.

59. Most healthy: HALEST.

60. More than proper: PRISSY.

61. Electrolysis particle: ANION.

63. [not my error]: SIC.

64. Solemn: STAID.

66. "__ in the Boy's Room": 1973-'74 hit: SMOKIN.

69. Prepares to transplant: UNPOTS.

72. Control: OWN.

73. Small batteries: AAS.

80. "Chestnuts roasting __ open fire": ON AN. How I miss freshly roasted chestnuts. Popular street food in Xi'an in winter months.

81. Supermodel Carangi: GIA. Played by Angelina Jolie.

82. "Hamlet" quintet: ACTS.

83. Clambake trash: COBS.

84. Graphics file extension: TIF.

85. "Let's Make __": A DEAL.

87. Hit the bottle: TOPE.

89. History Muse: CLIO.

95. Les États-__: UNIS.

96. Gray matter?: Abbr.: ANAT. Gray's Anatomy.

97. __ es Salaam: DAR.

98. "The Birds" actress: HEDREN. Tippi. Mom of Melanie Griffith, mom of Dakota Johnson.

101. Special Forces cap: BERET.

103. Causes of fear: BUGABOOS.

111. Confine: LIMIT.

112. Works in the garden: DIGS.

113. He's got the life: RILEY. The life of Riley.

114. "Tosca" tune: ARIA.

115. Swing noisily, as a shutter: FLAP.

116. Omegas' counterparts: ZEES. Not the watch Omega.

117. Chip dip: SALSA.

118. Ballpark figs.: ESTS.


1. Pic takers: CAMS.

2. Parkay product: OLEO. We also have 53. Eclectic mixes: OLIOS.

3. Director Reiner: CARL.

4. Marine predator: ORCA.

5. About one-third of MLB players: LATINO.

6. Fire up: AROUSE.

7. Waves overhead?: PERM. Literally.

8. Acapulco article: UNA.

9. Astronomical measures: PARSECS. New to me. Google shows that it's about 3.26 light years.

10. Mars, for one: PLANET.

11. Sgt. Friday's force: LAPD.

12. Resting on: ATOP.

13. Designing initials: YSL.

14. Black eye: SHINER.

15. Online break-in: HACK.

16. Australian export: OPAL.

17. Remove from a manuscript: DELE.

21. Prestige: STATUS.

23. Many Qatar natives: ARABS. My friend Chris used to live Bahrain.

25. About to explode: IRATE.

30. Stand-up sort: MENSCH. Consonants-rich.

31. Star of the animated short "Two Scent's Worth": LE PEW.

32. Farr of "M*A*S*H": JAMIE.

33. Flip over: UPEND.

34. Computer list: MENU.

35. Chinese city known for its Terracotta Army: XI'AN. Gimme for you, right? I've been linking the soldiers from time to time. Hahtoolah said hello to them a while ago.

36. PC screen images: ICONS.

37. High-end hotel employees: VALETS.

38. Radar screen images: BLIPS.

39. Havens: OASES.

44. Agile: SPRY.

45. Fed. fiscal agency: OMB. Office of Management and Budget.

46. Fine wool: MERINO.

47. Bath in Baja: BANO.

49. Made, as a bet: LAID.

51. Roman garment: TUNIC.

52. Door fasteners: HASPS.

54. Prefix with linear: RECTI.

55. Salmon egg deposits: SPAWNS. Full of Omega-3.

56. In __: published: PRINT.

61. Analogous: AKIN.

62. Nile valley native: NUBIAN.

65. Perfectly: TO A T. Parsing!

66. Many a bagpiper: SCOT.

67. Bouncing off the walls: MANIC.

68. Norwegian king, 995-1000: OLAF I.

70. Spiral-horned African antelope: NYALA. Learning moment for me.

71. Attack verbally: SNAP AT.

73. Bubbling hot: ABOIL.

74. Monastery head: ABBOT.

75. Part of CBS: Abbr.: SYS.

77. Author James and baseball's Tommie: AGEES.

78. Cake-decorating artist: ICER.

79. Censorship-fighting org.: ACLU.

85. Gulf War journalist Peter: ARNETT.

86. "Nothing __!": DOING.

87. Radio knob: TUNER.

88. Figures of speech?: ORATORS. Great clue.

89. Diamond weight: CARAT.

91. Root vegetable: TURNIP.  Have you tried pickled turnip? You need beets for color.

92. Gentle touch: CARESS.

93. Brings out: EDUCES.

94. Major Japanese port: NAGOYA. Very crowded during cherry blossom period.

98. Not quite a majority: HALF.

99. Bad to the bone: EVIL.

100. Spanish lady: DAMA. I thought it's DONA.

101. Cheese on crackers: BRIE.

102. Barely beat: EDGE.

103. Cotton capsule: BOLL.

104. Highlands hillside: BRAE.

105. Pair in a dinghy: OARS.

106. Bypass: OMIT.

107. Resorts with body wraps: SPAS.

109. Carpentry tool: ADZ

110. Langley org.: CIA.

The CT scan Boomer had on Tuesday showed a few bad spots on his back. We're going to have more MRI scan and bone scan next week.


Oct 13, 2018

Saturday, October 13, 2018, Craig Stowe

Themeless Saturday Puzzle By Craig Stowe

Today marks the anniversary of the birth of the U.S. Navy! We here salute all who served  in this vital part of our national defense especially our stalwarts 2nd Class Petty Officer Tom Uttormark (Desper-Otto) and Commander Al Hollmer (Spitzboov).

Today's constructor is Craig Stowe who also had the HIGH CHAIR puzzle ten days ago so ably blogged by Hahtoolah.  I last blogged one of Craig's puzzles on July 28 - The National Day Of The Cowboy. Craig is a kitchen porter in a rather large hotel in Toronto. 

 Today his puzzle arrives on a day that celebrates life and duty on the high seas, so let's shove off into the literary waters aboard the C.S.S. Crossword and see what Craig has laded aboard


1. N.A. boundary river: ST LAWRENCE - Ah, an aquatic beginning on this Navy day. This river is part of the ST LAWRENCE Seaway that runs from Lake Erie to Montreal. The ST LAWRENCE River continues out to the Atlantic

11. Pompano kin: SCAD  - Neither are in my restaurant's fish tank

POMPANO                                 SCAD

15. "I agree": WHAT HE SAID 

16. Weight allowance: TARE - Can you find the TARE knob on this balance? It is used to reset the pointer to zero with an empty beaker on the pan so its weight is not included. Yeah, I know, this balance measures mass not weight but still... 

17. Emergency transportation method: AIR LIFTING - Our hospital has a helicopter that costs $25,000 per trip

18. Auricular: OTIC - Using Zymox OTIC Enzymatic Solution 

19. Originated: BEGAN - Our Navy BEGAN 243 years ago

20. Fragrant garland: LEI - Our cheapo Hawaii luau gave us each a LEI, took a picture and took them back for the next couple

21. Two-time Tony-winning playwright Yasmina __: REZA - Some of her work

22. Word with rain or pine: FOREST.

25. Dodo: NIMROD - In Genesis he was  a grandson of Noah and a brave hunter. Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck sarcastically called hunter Elmer Fudd that name and it became a pejorative part of the culture 

27. "The Quiet American" novelist: GRAHAM GREENE  - A 1955 book that correctly predicted the result of American intervention in Vietnam

30. __ noir: CAFE Je ne bois que du CAFE noir (I only drink black coffee)

33. Angela Lansbury role: MAME - I think most would think of Jessica Fletcher from Murder She Wrote

34. Cookbook direction: ADD IN

35. You can tie one on: OBI 

36. Court figure: WITNESS

38. Sea-__ Airport: TAC - Once the plane sets down at SEA-TAC, it's a 23-minute drive to a Seattle Seahawk Game

39. Like Loki: NORSE Loki is a god in NORSE mythology. Loki is the son of Fárbauti and Laufey, and the brother of Helblindi and Býleistr. Oh... 

41. Include "[sic]," perhaps: CITE - Suppose any copywriter did this to Duke Ellington:  It Don't [sic] Mean A Thing If It Ain't [sic] Got That Swing.

42. Skye of "Say Anything...": IONE - Some of her work

43. "For what it's worth": JUST A THOUGHT.

46. Says: UTTERS.

50. WTO predecessor: GATT - General Agreement on Tarriffs and Trade signed in 1947

51. Recede: EBB.

54. Odorless gas: RADON.

56. Insignificantly: A BIT.

57. Bouncer's milieu: TRAMPOLINE - Not a nightclub it turns out

60. Ponderous pages: TOME.

61. Salt and pepper: SEASONINGS 

62. "Dizzy-_ fury and great rage of heart": Shak.: EYED - The first part of Henry VI, Act 4, Scene 7. I read the entire passage and am still not certain what it means 😟

63. Part of a Kipling poem opening: EAST IS EAST - Also the start of a song where Frasier can't remember the lyrics and has awkward 47. Breaks: PAUSES.


1. Salt: SWAB - Our two sailors in my intro said this is not usually a term that is warmly received by members of the Navy

2. Doberman pincher?: THIEF - A Pinscher pincher

3. Key __: LARGO - Bertie Higgins' rendition of Key Largo was voted #75 by VH1 on list of best hits by one-hit-wonders 
Listen if you like

4. On the run: AT LARGE - This must be at least the 4th time I've used this

5. Crybaby: WHINER.

6. Call on the field: REF - Guys with the striped shirt are said to REF the game

7. "Errare humanum __": EST - "To Err Is Human." Latin puts the words in a very different order

8. Do perfectly: NAIL - Some students NAIL every test

9. Theater: CINE.

10. Trim: EDGING.

11. Left angrily, with "out": STORMED - Delegates take turns STORMING out of U.N. speeches as we see Nikki Haley do here.

12. Humored: CATERED TO.

13. Cesar Chavez, by birth: ARIZONIAN - I had no idea where he was born or that the second "I" was necessary

14. Debauchery: DECADENCE - Some Roman Emperors come to mind

23. Arctic natives: SAMI.

24. Rustic roofing: THATCH.

26. Destinations for some PR deductions: IRAS.

28. Prenatal procedure, briefly: AMNIO - AMNIOcentesis can detect issues with a baby in the womb

29. Connect (with): MEET UP - Oops... 

30. Do a tense recitation?: CONJUGATE - Today I blog, last Saturday I blogged, next Saturday I will blog...

31. Nick Hornby novel: ABOUT A BOY - As a movie... 

32. There's one for everything: FIRST TIME - Don't ask C.C. about the FIRST TIME I blogged

36. Become tedious: WEAR - Teacher meetings used to really WEAR on me

37. Sonic Dash publisher: SEGA  - My video game experience seriously waned after Pac Man

40. Decided to keep: STETTED - Undid an edit. Ah, tell Duke we're gonna leave "don't" and "ain't" just as they were

42. "No way!": IT'S A LIE.

44. Trypanosome carrier: TSE TSE - As I've said before, this is the most dangerous animal in Africa 

45. Wyandot people: HURONS - Roosevelt High School is in Wyandotte, MI at the foot of Lake HURON

48. Ritzy Twin Cities suburb: EDINA.

49. Many are hits: SONGS - Ask me to name today's Top Ten... 

52. Spanish for "tar": BREA - We've had the debate here about LA BREA Tar Pits being redundant 

53. Meadow plaints: BAAS - The Whiffenpoof song contains, "We're poor little sheep who have lost our way, BAA, BAA, BAA"

55. Queen's domain: NEST  - Here's the queen in the middle of a hornet's nest 

58. Calgary winter hrs.: MST - Canadian time zones sorta follow U.S. zones

59. Islands staple: POI - "Like Grits in the American South, POI is a bland Hawaiian side dish that you serve plain and let people season with salt or pepper"

Anchors aweigh and let's hear your comments!