Oct 28, 2018

Sunday October 28, 2018 Greg Johnson

Theme: "Change of Address" - Each theme entry is an anagram of an US city and its state.
23A. Message about nearly a dozen U.S. sailors being flown overseas? (Pa.): ALL TEN NOW IN NAVY PLANES. Allentown, Pennsylvania.

35A. Annoyed Mayberry aunt gets an old Toyota at a raffle? (Wis.): ANGRY BEE WINS SCION. Green Bay, Wisconsin.

57A. Boast about Japanese animation? (Me.): BRAG ON ANIME. Bangor, Maine.
64A. Emanation from an aging rural miner? (Co.): OLD RUBE COAL ODOR. Boulder, Colorado.

75A. Lunch treats from Clinton's veep? (Or.): MEALS ON GORE. Salem, Oregon.

93A. Black Friday headline? (Md.): RETAIL MOB RAN MADLY. Baltimore, Maryland

110A. Muslim ascetics drain Sahara pipeline contents? (Ca.): FAKIRS BLEED AFRICAN OIL. Bakersfield, California.

We've seen a few city anagram themes. Never with its state. This necessitates very long theme entries, including two spanners.

I'm just in awe of Greg's creativity. All theme entries make fun surface sense. And the fill is solid with a few fresh entries. 


1. Run-down area: SLUM. Slums are not allowed in China.

5. Fire starter: SPARK.

10. Defunct Ford div.: MERC.

14. Like some bulls: PAPAL.

19. Bigger than big: HUGE.

20. Enjoy slowly, as a drink: SIP ON. I like sipping on a cup of hot ginger/date tea in cold days.

21. "I __ busted!": AM SO. And 36. Untrue: NOT SO.

22. Come to light: ARISE.

27. Not talkative: QUIET.

28. Receive inside info: GET A TIP.

29. Tired comment: I'M BEAT.

30. One terminus of Chicago's Blue Line: O'HARE.

33. Soccer goose egg: NIL. Tiny clue/answer dupe 78. Holiday song sextet: GEESE.

34. Cunning plan: PLOY.

41. Delaware's capital?: DEE. Delaware.

44. Disheveled: TOUSLED.

45. At least one: ANY. And 71. All: EVERY BIT.

46. Landlord's reminder: LATE RENT. Debut fill.

48. Tanning time on the Riviera: ETE.

49. Babe's counterpart: HUNK.

51. "Follow me!": C'MON.

53. State definitively: AVER.

54. Constitution letters: USS. USS Constitution.

55. White selection, briefly: CHARD. Chardonnay.

60. Not requiring stamps: POSTPAID. Do you have Informed Delivery in your area? We do.

62. Hopefully, what's left for dessert?: ROOM. Sweet.

63. "Funny thing is ... ": ODDLY.

68. Pitcher part: SPOUT.

70. Absence: LACK.

79. Brooding genre: EMO.

80. Ornate molding: OGEE.

81. Sources of bow wood: YEWS.

82. Author Caleb: CARR. He wrote "The Alienist".

83. Five-O alert: APB.

84. Tied: DEAD EVEN. Another debut.

87. Goof: ERR.

88. Myrtle whose oil is a folk remedy for skin conditions: TEA TREE. I'm allergic to this oil somehow.

92. South end?: ERN. Southern.

97. Overnight retreats: INNS.

98. Simba, at the start of "The Lion King": CUB.

99. Primrose family plant: OXLIP.

100. Ready to breed: AT STUD.

103. Moonlighter's work: SIDE JOB.

106. Tokyo shopping district: GINZA. Never been there. Shanghai is my favorite shopping place.

114. Flawed: AMISS.

115. Cap'n's underling: BOSN.

116. "Free your pores!" skincare brand: BIORE. Known for their pore strips.

117. Ignore, with "out": TUNE.

118. Tighten, as laces: RE-TIE.

119. Jazz club sessions: SETS.

120. Prefix for a Dow foam: STYRO.

121. Not quite never: ONCE.


1. 1990s-2000s Laker star, familiarly: SHAQ.

2. Humdinger: LULU.

3. Not-cute fruit: UGLI.

4. Geminids sights: METEORS.

5. 3-2-4 ID: SSN. When you make an appointment in VA hospital or clinic, you need to tell them your "last four".

6. Wrestler's coup: PIN.

7. Orbital high point: APOGEE.

8. "Deadliest Catch" narrator Mike: ROWE.

9. Work with needles: KNIT.

10. Six-legged prayer?: MANTIS. Praying mantis.

11. Addresses with "@": EMAILS.

12. Brief invite answer?: RSVP.

13. Artfully shy: COY.

14. Treo maker, before it shortened its name: PALM ONE. Learning moment for me.

15. Sheikdom of song: ARABY.

16. Air freshener scent: PINE.

17. On the briny: ASEA.

18. For fear that: LEST.

24. Kind of alcohol: ETHYL.

25. Kid raiser, in two ways: NANNY. Why "in two ways"?

26. Cockpit worker: PILOT.

31. Prez on a five: ABE.

32. Prince Harry's locks, e.g.: RED HAIR.

34. Holder of keys: PIANO. Great clue.

35. Devoured: ATE UP.

37. "C'mon, take a __": GUESS.

38. Security checkpoint device: WAND.

39. Well filler: INK.

40. Shoe or its dance: CLOG.

41. Hot sauce bottle image: DEVIL. Not familiar with this sauce. Any of you familiar with Brazilian fish stew?

42. Good guy, to a bad guy: ENEMY.

43. French 101 verb: ETRE.

47. Stopped flowing: RAN DRY.

50. Pakistani tongue: URDU.

51. Swindler: CROOK.

52. What may be baby's first word: MAMA. Universal. Also 62. Parents: REARS.

55. Fair grade: C PLUS.

56. Couldn't avoid it: HAD TO.

57. Italian lawn game: BOCCE.

58. Lymph __: NODES.

59. Love to bits: ADORE.

61. Motored (along): TOOLED.

65. Leave, slangily: BLOW.

66. Inappropriate look: LEER. This and OGLE both have grid-friendly letters, unfortunately.

67. Demand too much of: OVERTAX.

68. Silver Bullet Band rocker: SEGER (Bob). Never heard of the band.

69. Joyous song: PAEAN.

72. A new one may itch: BEARD.

73. Push forward: IMPEL.

74. Actor Maguire: TOBEY.

75. Style: MODE.

76. Nikita's negatives: NYETS.

77. Rowlands of "The Notebook": GENA. Great movie.

78. Worn things: GARB.

82. __-Magnon: CRO.

85. Hosp. drama role: ER NURSE. So grateful to the ER doc who correctly diagnosed Boomer's bone cancer. The Twin Cities Orthopedics, and the two different doctors in our local VA clinics all said Boomer's back pain was arthritis. I guess their X-rays couldn't show the cancer cells or the T 11 fracture.

86. Sells: VENDS.

87. Add to a website, as a video: EMBED.

89. Bigger copy: Abbr.: ENL.

90. Guadalajara gal pal: AMIGA.

91. Draw upon: TAP INTO.

94. Most aloof: ICIEST.

95. Cough drops brand: LUDEN'S. Never had wild cherries. You?

96. Scotch cocktail: ROB ROY.

97. "Just me," formally: IT IS I.

100. Quite a distance: AFAR.

101. Hardly a threat: TAME. The wild turkeys at Springbrook Nature Center are very tame.

102. "SNL" staple: SKIT.

103. Wild plum: SLOE.

104. Sparring punches: JABS.

105. "Never heard __": OF IT.

107. Car, truck or bike: NOUN. Always fun to clue NOUN or VERB.

108. #30 on the periodic table: ZINC.

109. Toward shelter: ALEE.

111. Small ammo: BBS.

112. Like deeply discounted mdse.: IRR.

113. Leader with perks: CEO.

Thank you for the birthday wishes for Boomer. You guys are the best! The kids he coaches every week and their teachers gave Boomer a super sweet card and healing angel last Tuesday. I'm so proud that he only missed two practices with the kids this year, both because we had a long day at the VA for various tests.

Boomer also got his back brace. It's like this. Made of hard plastic. Bulky and restrictive. Boomer calls it his "cage". 



fermatprime said...


Thanks to Greg and C.C.!

Not smart enough to suss the anagrams, but puzzle was easy enough anyhow.

Belated HBY to Boomer! Lee Majors hawked one of those back braces eons ago. Couldn't stand it.

Only problems were TEA TREE, BIORE, ROWE, PALM ONE and SEGER.

Headache killing me. Too much eyestrain.

Have a great day!

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Wow, wow, wow! Impressive! Anagrams for both city and state, separately, including grid spanners...that’s a big job. Must have taken ages to construct. Well done, Greg!

Morning C.C., yes, we have Informed Delivery here. It’s an amazing bit of technology if you ask me.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Congratulations, Greg, on constructing anagrams for these cities. While I admire the difficulty of doing this, the cleverness was lost on me. I failed to read the title, slogged through filling the theme entries, then was saying them aloud over and over, looking for puns. Duh! I did enjoy coming up with other fills though and finished in about my usual Sunday time.

Last to fill was the WAND/INK/HUNK crosses. "Babe's counterpart": was stuck thinking of Mr. Ruth. Duh!

C.C.: thank you for your great enlightening expo without which I would not have known there was a theme. As for the "kid raiser in 2 ways". 1. a mama goat. 2. a human babysitter.

DNK: Caleb CARR, Treo or PALM ONE, Silver Bullet Band (SEGER perped).

C.C.: Tell Boomer he is not the only one frustrated by missed important diagnoses. 5 doctors wouldn't believe me when I said the tendon in my foot broke. Two doctors read x-rays and missed the compression fracture of my 3rd lumbar vertebrae. Four x-ray techs zapped my chest before they could diagnose my sternum fracture that I said was there. Doctors not believing me hurts longer than the breaks, although I have residual problems from them all.

By the way, my nephew just won a big cash settlement from a doctor who failed to diagnose a big cancer before it spread. The technicians had even noted it in his chart which the doctor didn't read. Nephew is fighting cancer bravely.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, C.C., and friends. Very clever puzzle. I sort of got the theme with the ALL TEN NOW IN NAVY PLANES, as the the All Ten Now sort of sounded like Allentown. I thought the rest of the theme answers would sound like a town in the state hinted at in the clue. NOT SO.

I learned that a Fire Starter is not a Match but a SPARK.

I learned that All is not Every One but EVERY BIT.

The NANNY is a double a Kid Raiser because the Kid can refer either to a human child or a baby goat, hence the Nanny as in a child minder or as a Nanny goat.

My favorite clues were Holder of Keys = PIANO and Six-Legged Prayer = MANTIS.

My mom would get us LUDEN'S cough drops when we were kids. I saw some in a drug store recently. It brought back childhood memories.

Caleb CARR has made guest appearances in the puzzles in the past.

SHAQ played college basketball at LSU.

CSO to Madame Defarge with KNIT.

A belated Happy Birthday to Boomer. Glad he had such a wonderful birthday.

QOD: At the blueness of the skies and in the warmth of summer, we remember them. ~ Sylvan Kamen and Rabbi Jack Reimer (In remembrance of those killed in the shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on Saturday, October 27, 2018)

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

It took two themers before I figured out what was going on. Velly clever, Greg. I also fell into the Match/SPARK and EVERYone/BIT traps (Hi, Hahtoolah). Was thinking of Babe the pig, so HUNK was slow in arriving. That moonlighting job started out as a SIDE gig. Still, everything worked out in good Sunday time. Thanx, Greg and C.C.

GINZA: Been there, but it was almost 50 years ago. I only remember it as being very crowded.

SSN: Just got my new Medicare card this past week -- the one that isn't the same as the SSN. In my case, the horse already left the barn, but for younger folks this should be a security improvement.

Yes we have Informed Delivery. I initially signed up for it, but it seemed the only notifications we received were for junk mail, so I dropped it soon after.

Tried twice to "early vote," but I refuse to stand in line for 60+ minutes, so I left. In 2016 we went to the regular polling place and there was no line. Everybody else had early voted.

OwenKL said...

DNF. OVER_A_ where it crossed _EA TREE and O_LIP.
The theme also got me, and was no help finding any other words. The states came easily enough, but the cities I got only by guessing a name then seeing if it matched. I got 5 of them, but Wis. & Ca. eluded me.
I know I'm awfully late for me. this was a tough puzzle, and took me about 4 hours!

If you're working in your garden, GET A TIP.
A nurseryman will tell how to grow OX LIP.
It's not very hard
To raise Swiss CHARD,
But snap dragons just won't keep QUIET!


TTP said...

Good morning ! Thank you Greg and than you C.C.

Had fun figuring out theme answers. Did those first by working the perps to get the letter placements. Then filled the rest of the puzzle.

Nanny (professional child care provider) for a child (slang is kid), and nanny (female goat) for a young goat (kid). Beat that horse...

Soccer goose egg was NIL.

Never had Brazilian fish stew, but am familiar with Trappeys Red Devil sauce. Also with the brands Tabasco and Lousiana Hot Sauce.

Billy Joel had a song "Allentown"
Bob Seger sang "you can't start a fire without a SPARK" in his song, "Dancing in the Dark" featuring a young Courtney Cox in the official video. At the time, he didn't know who she was.

When I was a preteen, our neighbor had many cherry trees. We were allowed to eat as many as we wanted, as long as they were in reach. Low hanging fruit.

Ha ! I was thinking of Babe, the blue ox, and Paul (Bunyan).

Just turned on the news after reading Hahtoolah's comment. So sad about what happened in Pittsburgh.

FLN, nice pic Dash T !

Mario won only one Indy 500, but he did win 109 races in his career. I seriously doubt that he's hurting for money by any measure, although he probably collects a sizable appearance fee. He's probably doing it to keep busy. He lost his wife of 57 years earlier this year. But even months before she collapsed and they found she had cancer, he spoke of never retiring. He always enjoyed being in the limelight.

Mario won the Indy in an Andy Granitelli car. He was another legendary Texas racing figure in those days. As with AJ Foyt's dealership signs, there were billboards all over Houston in the 80s for "Andy Granitelli's Tune-Up Masters". Went there for my oil changes and tune ups.

AJ Foyt won 159 races in his career. He is only one of three to have won the Indy 500 4 times. He is the only driver to have won the Indy 500, the 24 Hours of LeMans, the 24 Hours of Daytona, and the Daytona 500.

Anonymous said...

Bruce Springsteen sang Dancing in the Dark while Courtney danced.

Big Easy said...

I solved all the "address changes" but I had no idea as to what they meant. I certainly wasn't looking for anagrams. As for the two plants that I did not filled correctly- OX LIP & TEA TREE- I'll use the answer for 105D- "Never heard OF IT"- either one of them. DNF. I was thinking OVERASK for OVER-TAX and TAP never got a chance to lead INTO.

Caleb CARR was the only unknown SOLVED by perps. Changes were EVERY ONE to BIT and TOURED to TOOLED. DEVIL was a WAG for the hot sauce. In LA, there are probably more hot sauce brands than the rest of the USA combined, with TABASCO being the biggest seller.

Laker star- SHAQ- before then he was in Orlando but first he was at LSU. Go Tigers.
10A Defunct Ford div. MERC- my 2002 runs just fine with 140,000+ miles and definitely requires less maintenance than DW's Mercedes.
100A "Ready to breed"- ALL MALES was too long

As for Informed Delivery, it is available in my area but why would I want it. Almost every piece of mail is junk and I drop it in the recycle bin before I go into the house.

Bob SEGER and the Silver Bullet Band- one of my favorites.
I guarantee you have heard "Old Time Rock N Roll". One of the best songs ever.

TTP said...

True, Bruce Springsteen. I had Bob Seger playing in the background when I wrote that.

Husker Gary said...

-I am also in AWE of this fabulous puzzle! GREEN BAY took me longer than it should have but I got a hard won “got ‘er done”!
-I wonder if we would have seen the gimmick without the state abbr.?
-Gotta run

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

I can't imagine the amount of time and effort necessary to construct this mind-boggler. I caught the theme right away which helped with the solve, as did the title. My unknowns were Seger, Tea tree, and Palm One. My Ox Lip was a Tulip and Every bit was Every one. C'mon was in a clue and in an answer. That miscue is easy enough to make in an over-sized puzzle. I finished in normal Sunday time. CSO to Madame Defarge at Knit. Madame is probably enjoying the sights and sounds of Maine, maybe munching on one of those red creatures Maine is famous for!

Thanks, Greg, for the challenging solve and thanks, CC, for guiding us along.

Lucina, happy tamale-making!


Anonymous T, you did, indeed, inherit your Pop's hair and handsomeness! Great picture.

Have a great day.

jfromvt said...

Great construction! Getting both the city and state in the long answers is very impressive. Really enjoyed this one!

JJM said...

This puzzle took me longer than usual (50 min). Pretty crunchy I thought. I got the theme almost immediately, but had trouble figuring out the words that would be the fill for the clue., so I had to red letter 4-5 cells. So, with some help, I finished.

TTP.. I was at the '69 Indy 500 as an 11 year-old. The only year Mario won. I still remember the extremely cool Camaro that was White with Orange racing stripes that serve as the pace car.

maripro said...

Thanks C.C. and Greg,
I love anagrams, so this was a special treat.
I hope Boomer's "cage" works and that he becomes comfortable with it.

billocohoes said...

Really only know Silver Bullet Band from Coors Light commercials

Tried chIcA before AMIGA

Usually see the apostrophe in BOS’N, or bosun, both used since Shakespeare for boatswain, combo of boat + swain (old Norse for young man or follower)

TTP said...

JJM, you lucky dog ! I've never been to the Indy but came close in 1980.

Here's a few links if you haven't already dug around. From what I read in these and others since you commented, only 133 official pace cars were made for the race. 130 were used to drivie dignitaries around and had the 350 wngine, but 3 of them had the big block 396.

Hemmings Motor News - 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Indy 500 Pace Car

Numbers Matching 396 "Barn Find"

Look at the appreciation of this one that sold for the third time in the last 3 years !

Mecum Auto Auction - 1969 Chevrolet Camaro RS/SS 396 Convertible Indy Pace Car

billocohoes, I know Coors Light advertises itself as the Silver Bullet beer, but never knew of Bob Seger and the Siver Bullet Band doing commercials for Coors.

Time to kick back and watch the Bears and the Jets.

Anonymous said...

WEES in spades!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND, a pangram to boot. With the hints in () the states were gimme easy. I failed to notice the cities but filled then in automatically with the crosses.

Greg Johnson said...

This puzzle literally took weeks to complete. It was hard to find both recognizable and anagrammable cities AND have them sorta make sense. If you did not notice the first words anagram the city, the remaining words the state. Had another for Grand Island, Nebraska, less well known tho. Thanks.

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Jinx in Norfolk said...

FIR, but erased OVER ask for TAX and something I don't remember for TAP INTO.

I smiled at Bruce's CSO SPARK, and SEGER brought back memories as well. My favorite Seger is Harbor Lights, having spent many evenings listening to that song on my sailboat moored in the Isthmus of Catalina. Also liked Jimmy Buffet's lyrics "Oh, I could be anyone I wanted to be Maybe suave Errol Flynn or the Sheik of ARABY If I only had a pencil thin mustache Then I could do some cruisin' too." We also have lyrics from The Clash: Should I stay or should I go now? (yo me enfrio o lo soplo) Should I stay or should I go now? (yo me enfrio o lo soplo) If I go there will be trouble (si me voy va a haber peligro) And if I stay it will be double (si me quedo sera el doble) So ya gotta let me know (me tienes que decir) Should I cool it or should I blow? (me debo ir o quedarme). To complete the trip down the musical memory lane we had the gentle earworm from Bobby McFerrin: "The landlord say your RENT is LATE He may have to litigate Don't worry, be happy Oh, ooh ooh ooh oo-ooh ooh oo-ooh don't worry, be happy."

RED HAIR is also used as a construction unit of measurement, usually with a vulgar adjective.

From my Dallas days I still have a taste for hot sauce. Tabasco is too mild for me. Hell Fire and Damnation is too hot, and Ass in a Tub is just right.

Big E, loved "all males". My fill that didn't fit was "Brazilian" for "a new one may itch".

PK, I am so sorry to hear about your nephew. Money doesn't fix everything, but it is,sadly, our only remedy under our tort system. It is so tragic when gifted physicians make avoidable mistakes like that.

Thanks to Greg for the fun Sunday puzzle. I'm no good at anagrams, but I got all the fill. My favorite was "six-legged prayer" for MANTIS. And thanks to CC for another great review. I hope the brace helps Boomer a lot.

Sewsweet said...

A dear friend was diagnosed with shingles, suffered a year before bone cancer finally found.😓

Misty said...

I have a doctor's appointment in an hour--yes, on a Sunday--our Laguna Clinic is open today. So this will be quick.

Delightful puzzle, Greg--perfect for a Sunday. I got whole sections here and there, but had to cheat to get the theme answers. But, like others, I thought the puzzle construction overall was brilliant! So, many thanks for that.

And I'm so happy when you do Sunday, write-ins, C.C., and especially nice to get your update on Boomer. So glad he's getting not only good medical care but also loving support from family and students and friends.

Will try to check in again later. Have a good Sunday, everybody.

WikWak said...

I finished this one early this AM but the blog wasn’t ready for a Sunday comment yet. Now I’m up but needing to leave soon, so quickly:

Absolutely loved this puzzle! Thanks, Greg! C.C., I just now read your excellent write up. Our oldest son had a "cage" like Boomer's when he was in middle school. He had severe scoliosis and the appliance was the last-ditch effort to correct it without surgery. Didn’t work, and major surgery followed. Now he’s in his 30’s and OK; but he is several inches shorter than his younger brother. All the spinal manipulation and fusions allowed only a few more inches of growth for him.

I thought I had the theme when I saw the city names; only much later did stupid me realize that the state name was at the other end! (Image of giant V-8 can smashing against forehead).

Needed a red letter run in a couple of places so FIR but only by cheating.

Gotta run; meeting some friends for a late lunch. Gonna miss several naps… Have a great day, all!

Husker Gary said...

-I’ve sung 51 Across at many weddings
-Here is my handle, here is my SPOUT…
-A beautiful former colleague of mine whose maiden name was Danielle OGEE
-I had equally sized blocks of STYROFOAM and lead to teach density
-In the hospital I had to keep chanting 9-11-46
-Our Moon’s APOGEE is 251,655 miles
-RSVP - Je ne pourrai pas y assister (I will not be able to attend)
-In a fixed-wing aircraft the PILOT sits in the left seat and in a helicopter the PILOT is in the right seat
-“C’mon, guess my age” can be a tricky thing to answer
-When does a glance become a LEER?
-I had a lot of alternate fill candidates around TOBEY
-I can’t think of when I would say IT IS I rather than IT’S ME

Husker Gary said...

Musings 3
-Greg! Everyone would have known GRAND ISLAND, the home of the NEBRASKA State Fair! :)
-All right, I might have been the only one but I would love it if you told me/us the anagram.

Husker Gary said...

How ‘bout this for GRAND ISLAND NEBRASKA? 1. Sock repairing boys say no to garden implements DARNING LADS BAN RAKES

inanehiker said...

This was a slow steady solve - I figured out the anagrams for the states at the end, but didn't figure out the other were cities. Just figured out they weren't the capitals! But still able to get there eventually!

HBD a day late to Boomer - one person I knew with that type brace called it his "turtle shell". Hope it helps, some people get annoyed with them and put them in the corner!

I had a busy week - meeting up with my sister before she had a conference in San Diego- worked for 2 days after I got back- then headed up HG's way (barely) to the booming metropolises of Rulo and Falls City, NE for a family wedding on my husband's side. I don't know how Steve does it- I get worn out from the traveling. Can recommend the Swingin' Doors Saloon in Rulo for a hearty (and cheap) breakfast (5$ for coffee, 2 eggs, 3 pieces of bacon and 2 pieces of toast). Cannot recommend the Check In Motel in Falls City. The colors were brilliant all along the way and the temperature perfect!

Jayce said...

A fun puzzle; I liked it even though I'm terrible at anagrams and jumbles. Favorite clue was for MANTIS. Second favorite clue was for ROOM. I finished the whole puzzle but got no Tada. After searching in vain for my error I turned on red letters and, dang, a silly typo; I had typed N instead of M at the crossing of TAME and AMISS.

Like Hahtoolah I learned the fire starter was a SPARK, not a MATCH. I also learned the Treo maker was PALM ONE, not PALM INC, and EVERY ONE turned out to be EVERY BIT. Ready to breed was not FERTILE (which didn't fit anyway) or IN HEAT. Totally unknown to me were TEA TREE and BIORE.

It seems mis-diagnoses are becoming more common these days, or there are more reports of it happening. I think so many doctors these days are severely overworked and the time they are allowed to spend with each patient is severely (and unrealistically) limited. Even our own physician ("primary health care provider" ugh) is beginning to have minor lapses, such as prescribing a medication that conflicts with another medication she had previously prescribed. Fortunately I spoke up about it and her reply was, to paraphrase, "Ooops, yes, you're right. We don't want to do that." Sometimes it's as if they're sort of mindlessly checking off the boxes. "Oh, irregular heartbeat? Put him on a beta blocker." Check, done.

Best wishes to you all.

Sandyanon said...


Yellowrocks said...

Awesome, impressive, Greg, the way you anagrammed both city and state and had the clues still make sense. I caught on quickly, the states were easy, the cities more difficult. I have been in and out of the house all day. I would just get on a roll and I would have to leave, so over all I spent a lot of time on this fabulous puzzle, but FIR.
CSO to our favorite knitter, Madame D.
I never heard of Carr, Biore, Palm One, but they were perpable.
Boomer, I hope your suit of armor is tolerable and helps. I admire the way you keep on truckin'
Jayce, to me your typo does not count.Good solving.
I took Alan to a Halloween bowling party this afternoon. He really enjoyed it, even though he did not participate much and left early.

Lemonade714 said...

An impressive production from Greg/Alexa to get some sense out of City/State anagrams with the city first and the state next; two grid-spanners and a pangram! Thank you for coming by and commenting here again Greg. Husker, great Nebraska anagram but most of us have never heard of Grand Island in Nebraska. The only one I know is HERE.

I am really swamped at work and life and sorry I missed Boomer's birthday, but since they all last thirty days in my world HBDTY and many more Boomer with renewed health and re-moved pain.

Thanks, C.C. and Greg.

Lemonade714 said...

Picard, Montreal is a French Portmanteau, not a variation. Many out there are HIDDEN .

Wilbur Charles said...

I had OVER TAP. So many squares. I tried to re-check them all but overlooked the weird OPLIP. FIX for me.

I messily inked KOBE < SHAQ. Duh, Kobe is his real name. Btw, poor LA. Sniff.

Gary Bangor, Maine might have been noticed. It gets cold in dem dere hills. Then again, our Main gal lives in Minny.

IM, thanks for not saying the L word. Too late, I got suckered into FLA"lobster" claws marked down. Ugh.

Two keys for me was remembering LUDENS and TOBEY (Spiderman).

I think there's anagram software, mentioned here,eh? Supposedly, one letter can differ on EMBEDded (eg Coded) words. *


* As in my STRIDER vs INTREPID ('S'tephenson)vs Mr Underhill

Wilbur Charles said...

Google reminded me that I posted about Strider and Selden way back on 7/28/16 on a CC xword .


Jayce said...

By golly, sometimes I'm actually glad my boss is such an idiot sometimes. I've racked up more than 12 hours setting him straight on matters about which he has been totally wrong. I've had to make PowerPoint diagrams for him, without which he could not understand my explanations, and do other work too. I foresee a rather nice paycheck at the end of this month. Happy Halloween!

Best wishes to you all from Jones As African Oil.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

Jayce, here is a great example of how to prepare PowerPoint presentations for senior managers.

PK said...

Greg & Gary: hand up for knowing Grand Island, Nebraska. Have friends who grew up there and I've been there. However, it is a moot point since i was not clever enough to get any of the other cities & states.

Jayce: I hope your boss will be appreciative and not refuse to pay you in retaliation for showing him his stupidity.

billocohoes said...

Wasn’t talk show host Dick Cavett from Grand Island? Or was that Johnny Carson?

When I hear it, I think of G.I., NY, in the Niagara River between Buffalo and the Falls.

Picard said...

Greg Johnson Hand up I am in awe of the skill and effort that went into constructing this! Thanks for stopping by! I was especially impressed that every city was a well-known city. In some cases the theme helped me fill some otherwise unknown crosses.

I unscrambled each one... Except I realized I forgot to unscramble BRAG ON to Bangor until I saw the solution.

Some of the fill was a real challenge for me!


I assumed the Five-O alert was a reference to the Hawaii Five O TV show?
I really struggled with this. Did anyone else try SOS? I never saw the show.

The clue for BEARD really had me mystified. That area was the last to fall... to FIR!

I thought the BULLS/PAPAL clue was clever. The car, truck or bike NOUN clue would have tripped me up when I first started these puzzles. But I am wise to that now!

Here I was at a LAKER game in 1998, including SHAQ

Our company Digital Instruments chartered a bus and bought us tickets to the game. You can see us welcomed on the electronic sign for the arena! SHAQ was #34. You can also see Kobe Bryant. This is the only professional basketball game I have ever attended. Lucky to see those superstars!

Here I was in the SAHARA desert in North AFRICA

I was travelling with a female friend pretending to be her husband so she could do her work there without being harassed. We met up with another couple visiting from Belgium. The Belgian guy was driving recklessly and got stuck in the sand. It was easy to see how you could very quickly die out there in such a situation.

After we rescued them, we found a guide who led us across the unmarked desert (no roads) to get to our destination: Those beautiful dunes. As far as I understand, every SAHARA scene in the movies was filmed at those dunes. The rest of the SAHARA looks pretty much like a gravel parking lot as you can see in the other photos.

Here I took the CHICAGO BLUE LINE to its TERMINUS at O'HARE.

Not as exciting as the LAKER game or the SAHARA, but very civilized!

I have a whole collection of GEMINID METEOR images where I did long exposures. But I don't see any images worth sharing. I do have METEOR crater photos, though!

I have photos of the USS CONSTITUTION. Another time.

Picard said...

Lemonade thanks for the correction that the word I should have used for MONT REAL -> MONTREAL is portmanteau. I remember learning that word in Alice in Wonderland.

From yesterday:
Lucina thank you for the kind words about my BATIK shirt in INDONESIA! That one still survives! I thought the monkey was pretty cool, too!

Picard said...

Husker Gary your OGEE friend indeed is beautiful. Any idea what is her ancestry?

Irish Miss said...

HG @ 2:13 ~ I thought your anagram of Grand Island, Nebraska was quite good, and the clue, outstanding!

Greg Johnson, thanks for dropping by. We love hearing from our constructors.

Wilber C @ 5:01 ~ I thought Florida lobsters were clawless but having never eaten one, I'm not that knowledgeable about them. I do love Florida Stone Crab Claws, though, but they have to be fresh, not frozen. I may treat myself one of these days. (If I don't, who will?)

I have a large pot of onion soup simmering away on the stove. French Onion Soup for lunch or dinner tomorrow. Yum!

Jayce said...

Ha, Jinx, that Dilbert comic is perfect, thanks. I love that comic strip.

PK, thanks, yes he'll pay me. He himself acknowledged and acknowledges that he had no clue how to do it without asking me. He is appreciative, even though he rarely ever says so, which I can live with. What I cannot and do not live with is when he tries to take the credit for my idea, giving the impression it was his idea. I have been fortunate enough to have successfully nipped that in the bud most of the time. I remember one instance, for example, where we were in a staff meeting talking about a design improvement that had been made and deployed and he said something like "Aren't those new stainless steel parts good looking?" While everybody was looking at him and nodding, I said "Yes they sure look good to me" and the smile on his face instantly turned into a frown/grimace. I think at that point everybody in the meeting remembered that I had made that design improvement suggestion at a previous meeting and that he had disapproved it at the time. (Then he went ahead and had them built anyway.)

Husker Gary said...

Dani had a Filipino mother and an Irish dad who was a big U.P. Exec. She was a fabulous teacher and Florida sponsor

Husker Gary said...

Johnny Carson was from Norfolk Nebraska

SwampCat said...

Thanks, Greg for your stellar effort. Waaay beyond my poor skills, but impressive.

Boomer, my daughter wore that type of cage after she was in an automobile accident. Uncomfortable but very effective. She is well now.... as I hope and pray you will be soon!!

Avg Joe said...

Dick Cavett is from Lincoln. As Gary said, Johnny Carson is from Norfolk (pronounced Nor-Fork). The only person with significant fame from Grand Island is Henry Fonda. He was born there, but the family moved to Omaha within ~1 year.

Lucina said...

What a great puzzle! Thank you, C.C., for deciphering the anagrammed cities! I may have if I had the time but I did this during some down time in between making tamales. Also I'm happy to say I had all correct, not even one cell wrong or blank which often happens with me on these long Sunday puzzles since I don't have the advantage of red letters.

My continued best wishes and prayers for Boomer! How often and how long does he have to wear that brace?

I hope you've all had a magnificent day! My family is a riot with the younger generation all noise and emotion and so much energy. We made 47 dozen. I'll read you later.

Anonymous T said...

Sunday Lurk say...

Not only did I enjoy reading everyone today, I studied Greg's grid - that's some impressive output...

TTP - in the mid-aughts, a gig for IHS (Indian Health Service) took me to Bemidji, MN [anagram that!, Greg :-)] and I saw Paul & Blue's statues IRL.

Jayce - Isn't it nice to be needed & get paid handsomely for it?

BigE - It took me a Google to prove myself wrong... You said Shaq @LSU and I thought "no, LA Tech (go Bull Dogs!) (?)" but you're right Shaq @LSU and Karl Malone @LA Tech.

I didn't expect anyone to mention me (It's freaking Mario!) w/r/t the photo FLN. Mario is a cool cat (and I didn't know that about his DW TTP; it makes sense now). IM, at least my mop was under control...

Jinx - LOL Brazilian! As for hot sauces, I love 'em but DW doesn't. Not only won't she eat spicy (and she is from Louisiana?) but after I do, my rosacea comes forth and, I'm told, they make me 'ugly.' I do love anything >30,000 on the Scoville scale.

Picard - I did that once for a friend in SFO. We both went out after our SOs crashed and you could see the LEERs her way; I took off my "class" ring and said "put this on up-side down, it'll look like a wedding ring." Nice pics of the Sahara... Did you have tea? [The Police]

Boomer - the brace may take a bit to take to but, I'll bet, after a week you'll be back to >260 in the Alleys.

For everyone that piped-in w/ Wok tips & tricks. First, thanks. It really helped me wrap my mind around the method & flavors (I can haz Italian: what you mean no oregano?!?)
Second, I did it! - Stir-fry peppers & beef over sushi rice.
I started w/ peanut oil, garlic & ginger-root (what color is it supposed to be? Mine was green-ish)
Tossed in some shredded carrots, water-chestnuts, baby-corn, soon followed by red & green bell-peppers
I put all the vegies on a plate while wok'n' the beef strips (marinaded in sesame oil & soy for 20min)
Re-added the vegies and then finished it w/ hoisin sauce, red-pepper/garlic paste mixed in w/ soy, and rice-wine vinegar [NPR's Splendid Table said something about that once].

It wasn't great but not bad for my first go. Youngest* & DW liked it, for what that's worth.
Steve?, C.C.? Bueller, Bueller, Bueller? Tips? Seriously, nothing really pop'd. It was not bad but not "wow!"

Oh, at the same time I had Andouille sausage cooking for tomorrow's red-beans & rice :-)

Cheers, -T
*I gotta tell this funny: Youngest was making "sludge-brownies" [chocolate-chip pan cookie base w/ ORES on top then covered in her homemade brownie mix]. Somehow, as she pulled the hand-mixer out of the brownie batter... "Dad, Dad! Dad!" I rushed into the kitchen to find the mixer's beaters wrapped up in 10" of her hair!

Michael said...

If you can find a doctor who is a healer -- not a medical technician type, but a real HEALER -- cherish her or him, because they are so rare.

In addition to the bean counters who relentlessly focus on cost, not care, doctors are drowning in data. More tests equate to more possibilities, so diagnosis, that process of using negation for discernment ("well, it's not this, so it could be that, or maybe the other one...."), becomes harder and harder, lengthier and lengthier. From experience, it is a frustrating process, and the lack of any uniformity and portability in medical record keeping does not help a bit. (And even electronic records still require time and skill to wade through.)

Wilbur Charles said...

IM, I did some research and you are right. If there's claw it's northern lobster . Perhaps I should have eaten right out of the package and not recooked it .


JJM said...

Greg Johnson... the city anagram is really clever. I didn't notice that until you pointed it out. Kudos!

Unknown said...

Hi all! Long time listener, first time caller.
I found myself spending a lot of time deciphering the state anagrams to fit the clues that it took some of the fun out of the solve. (Not especially speedy with Sunday puzzles as it is and my method extended the time.)
Like others, I struggled with EVERYBIT and SPARK.
See you all for Sunday's answers!