Oct 15, 2018

Monday Oct 15, 2018 C.C. Burnikel

Theme: PRIVATE HOUSES (33. Most suburban residences... or, in a military sense, the ends of 17-, 24-, 46- and 55-Across)

17. Bedding structure for kids: BLANKET FORT.

24. Place for people with nothing to hide?: NUDIST CAMP.

46. "Theft" on a diamond: STOLEN BASE.

55. Secretary of Defense, for one: CABINET POST.

Boomer here.  

The Whiz Kids had won it, Bobby Thompson had done it, and Yogi read the comics all the while.  "Talkin' Baseball" with Terry Cashman.  Baseball is my favorite sport, especially this time of year, and although this C.C. puzzle is from the L.A. Times, I have to admit that I am rooting for the Brewers.  C.C. and I attended a Twins Brewers game at Miller Park some years back. Great stadium and foods!


1. Largest city in the Bahamas: NASSAU.

7. Beauty chain with a salon inside each store: ULTA.  We have a mega shopping center near our home and there is a Ulta store. A bit pricey though.

11. High-level H.S. classes: APS.

14. Takes in or lets out: ALTERS.  "And the times, They are a changing" (Dylan)

15. Not at all far: NEAR.

16. Milked animal: COW.  Would you believe that goat's milk is consumed more than Cow's in the world?

19. Pirouette pivot point: TOE.

20. Approx. takeoff hrs.: ETDS.  Acronym in a crossWORD puzzle ??

21. Patronize Airbnb: RENT.  "Trailers for sale or rent." Roger Miller

22. "Fine with me": SURE.

23. Sight organs: EYES.

26. Clinton opponent Dole: BOB.  They asked him once "Briefs or boxer shorts"  His answer - "Depends".

27. Fawn's mom: DOE.  A deer, a female deer, Ray a drop of golden sun ...

28. Partner of hearty: HALE.  Mr. Irwin of the PGA.  Won a lot of senior events also, but now he usually appears as a legend,  (With Jack and Lee)

29. Snake with a tight grip: BOA.  You can bet Cleopatra's ASP.

30. Otherwise: ELSE.

32. "It's freezing out here!": BRR.  Winter is coming up here in the North.  But I'd rather freeze for a couple of months than be invaded by a hurricane.

38. Crime family head: DON.  Former Dodger great, Mr. Drysdale.

39. Captains' diaries: LOGS.  I wonder if you have to log in to read them.

40. Bro, to a sis: SIB.

42. Liquor amount downed in a gulp: SHOT.  Trust me, I know guys that can gulp more than a shot.

44. Mango leftover: PIT.

45. Burst into tears: CRY.  The Yankees had to CRY UNCLE to the Red Sox, and the Yankee fans CRIED all the way home.

50. Bohr or Borge, by birth: DANE.

51. Evacuation center beds: COTS.  Actually there were plenty of these cots in the military locations mentioned in the basic theme of this puzzle.

52. Cyprus currency: EURO.

53. MIT Chapel designer Saarinen: EERO.

54. Tiny crawler: ANT.  They amaze me in where they build their homes underground.

58. Floral luau wear: LEI.

59. "Sin City" actress Jessica: ALBA. Got a Golden Globe for "Dark Angel"

60. Impassive: STOLID.

61. Clairvoyant's claim: ESP. Another acronym ??

62. Genuine: REAL.

63. Provides food for, as a party: CATERS.  So, in Idaho, do they Cater Taters?


1. Catch: NAB.

2. Hoops pass to a high flier: ALLEY-OOP.  The man in the funny papers we all know.

3. Regulatory legal association: STATE BAR. Lawyers pass this kind of bar, Not sure about the other kind.

4. Mails: SENDS.  "You OOhh send me" Sam Cooke.

5. Torah cabinets: ARKS. Noah's boat - 300 cubits.

6. Take advantage of: USE.

7. Like a ravenous cat: UNFED.  Someone did not watch the commercials.

8. Téa of "Madam Secretary": LEONI.

9. Fruit pastries: TARTS.

10. Paintings, sculpture, etc.: ART.  Mr. Linkletter of "Kids say the darndest things."

11. Bona fide: ACTUAL.  I think Bona Fide means "In good faith" in Latin

12. Words of self-pity: POOR ME.

13. Win every game: SWEEP.  Brewers did it to the Rockies in the NLDS

18. Most sincere: TRUEST.  No relation to Tess.

22. Accident mementos: SCARS.

23. Flow back: EBB.  The Tide flows back, unless you are using it to wash your clothes.

24. Ryan with seven no-hitters: NOLAN.  Hard to believe this pitcher had over 5000 strikeouts, yet lost 292 games.  (Yeah but he won 324)

25. Rocket booster's push: THRUST.

27. Dedicate, as time: DEVOTE.  "Up 'til then I'll always be..devoted to you" Don and Phil.

31. Snakelike fish: EEL.  I still don't think an eel is a fish.  How about a water snake ?

32. Bacall's love, familiarly: BOGIE.  My favorite golf hole score is bogey.

34. Objects of adulation: IDOLS.

35. Boards, as a bus: HOPS ON.

36. Leafy salad green: ESCAROLE.

37. Emphatic military denial: SIR NO SIR. I was at the VA this week getting a CT Scan, and the physician assistant called me "Sir",  I said "You don't have to call me sir, I was an enlisted man."  I think they are still chuckling.

41. ''Till next time'': BYE. "Bye, Bye, Love"  Don and Phil again.

42. "Sticks and __ may break ... ": STONES.  Many years ago, I think around 1963, I took a date to Excelsior amusement park, near Reggie's Danceland. Admission to Reggie's had been doubled to $3.00 each so we did not enter, but stayed in the park. We found out later that the price was raised because the band was from England.  Yup, you guessed it - we passed on seeing the Rolling Stones.

43. Inside track info: HOT TIP.

46. Deli counter weighing device: SCALE. Doe, a deer, a female deer, Ray a drop of golden sun...

47. Writer Zora __ Hurston: NEALE.

48. Forrest's shrimp-loving friend: BUBBA.  Sergeant Skinner of "In the Heat of the Night".

49. Sans-serif font: ARIAL.

50. Train station: DEPOT.  De Pot is now legal in many states.

53. Jazz singer Jones: ETTA.

55. Compact __: CAR.

56. PC key to the left of F1: ESC.  How many of you had to look at your keyboard to confirm?

57. NFL scores: TDS.  One of these days the answer will be FGS.



PK said...

Hi Y'all! Nice to see our first team couple here to warm up a soggy morning. C.C. pitched us a fun & fast puzzle that was a hit with me. Boomer scored with some chuckleworthy comments. Thanks, guys! Good game!

DNK: ULTA or ESCAROLE. ESC: already had the "E" so just tapped in "SC".

"Cater Taters?" = good one, Boomer!

BOB Dole: recently had his statue unveiled on a University campus in Kansas. Greatly admired for "keeping his nose clean" all those years in Washington, D.C. Very thoughtful and diplomatic, got things done with dignity. I did a couple of one-on-one interviews with him 20+ years ago. A prince of a man! Wish we could clone him now.

PK said...

BOB Dole's statue is at Washburn University in Topeka, his undergraduate & law school alma mater. His statue was unveiled last week and I couldn't remember the University already. Duh!

Lemonade714 said...

A wonderful way to start Monday with a C.C./Boomer collaboration.

Boomer, your write-ups always remind me of such interesting facts. Today it is Hale Irwin who is the only active professional golfer older than I am. This year at 73, he shot a 67 in the opening round of a tournament at PEBBLE BEACH . He was also an all-American football player at the University of COLORADO as a defensive back.

Thank you, and we continue our thoughts and prayers for Boomer's recovery.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Late to the party. After Boomer's intro, I went down the rabbit-hole watching Art Linkletter and the kids. Funny stuff! No real problems with CC's puzzle. STOLID because STOIC was too short. Have you ever eaten ESCAROLE? I haven't. Can't believe I got a baseball answer -- I knew NOLAN Ryan. He hawks his own brand of beef and foundation repairs on TV, not in the same commercial. Thanx, Boomer and C.C., for a nice start to the week.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Boomer and friends. Fun Monday puzzle with a bit of a challenge. The perps helped with the ALLEY OOP.

I liked seeing EURO next to EERO.

My first thought upon reading the clue Bona Fide was REAL, but that was too few letters. I smiled when it appeared later in the puzzle.

There is an ULTRA store in town, but I have never been in it so I didn't know there was a spa inside. Easy enough to get the U, however, after the perps gave me the other letters. UNFED, however, did not immediately come to mind until I had filled in a few other letters.

SENDing you good wishes, Boomer.

QOD: In all crises of human affairs there are two broad courses open to a man. He can stay where he is or he can go elsewhere. ~ Sir P.G. Wodehouse (né Pelham Grenville Wodehouse, Oct. 15, 1881 ~ Feb. 14, 1975)

Boomer said...

Hello All, Just thought I would check in and wish you all a happy Monday, I would like to thank everyone for the thoughts, prayers, and well wishes. I have every confidence in the attention I am getting from the VA Medical Center in Minneapolis. I have learned that they share information as necessary with the University of Minnesota hospital as well as a clinic in Rochester, MN that you may have heard of, the Mayo Clinic, which has nothing to do with salad dressing. So far my visits to the VA have been exploratory scans and tests. Tomorrow I return and I believe I will receive a treatment that will hopefully put this disease into a remission. I am still bowling but my average is down about 50 pins. But since I now bowl only in handicap leagues (2) I receive a higher handicap. Tournaments are out of the question for now. Maybe next year. Thanks again !!!

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

What's a better antidote to a rainy, gloomy Monday than a CC puzzle and a Boomer synopsis? Answer? Not much! I purposely avoided the reveal until I had all of the themers filled in, so it remained a surprise until then. Looking back, it should have been more obvious but maybe my brain was on auto-drive. I never heard of Ulta; perhaps it is regional or perhaps I'm missing new additions at the local malls. (I'm not a shopper.) My only w/o was Tent instead of Fort. I, too, liked the Euro ~ Eero duo (Hi Hatoolah) and my favorite clues were for Stolen Base and Nudist Camp. Stolid is a good solid word but seldom heard, at least in my milieu.

Thanks, CC, for a clever theme and enjoyable solve and thanks, Boomer, for your unique humor and upbeat expo. (My husband once was in a foursome with Hale Irwin at a corporate-sponsored outing. He also played in another outing with Tom Watson. I just recently gave the souvenir pictures of these occasions to his daughter.)

DO @ 7:03 ~ Only you would consider 7:03 late to the party! Congrats on knowing Nolan Ryan. 😈

Boomer @ 7:31 ~ We appreciate hearing your voice each Monday and send loving and positive thoughts to you and CC.


Marycat ~ Are you related to Rex Parker, by any chance?

Have a great day.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

FIR, but erased "glass house" for NUDIST CAMP (they prefer "naturist camp") and ARIeL. Bad spellers of the world, UNTIE!!!

Only unknowns were the Natick of ESCAROLE x STOLID, WAGged correctly after an alphabet run.
Thanks to CC for the fine Monday challenge.

Off to see how the motor home fared through Michael. Also tax day for those of us who filed an extension.

All the best, Boomer. Good to see you are keeping at it. Another fine tour through the puzzle - it is almost as if you are in bed with the grid's creator. Great story about missing the Stones. I think it's interesting that the Acura commercial has boosted their "She's a Rainbow" back onto the Top 50 list after a 50-year absence.

inanehiker said...

Quick Monday morning as I head back into the trenches... my sister does contract work with the military training people in suicide prevention - she has told me stories about how much getting on POST varies from one FORT to another or after some international security event.

D-O - I have eaten ESCAROLE but only in a salad with mixed greens - not just by itself.
I've met BOB Dole - he was the senator from the state I grew up in. We met him in Washington. I remember trying to not to forget to shake hands with my left hand to his left as his other hand was injured in WW II I believe.

Thanks CC and Boomer! Keep your sense of humor - it is good medicine!

Yellowrocks said...

Glad to hear you so optimistic, Boomer. I wish you all the best and complete remission..
Thanks for the cool puzzle and expo, Mr. and Mrs. B.
I had trouble in Texas,and guessed at BUBBA, ALBA, and NEALE. I knew ARIAL, but misspelled it ARIEL and so I misspelled ALBA as ALBE. (One bad cell.)
I'm not surprised that goat's milk is more commonly used than cow's milk worldwide. Goats are so much easier and cheaper to raise, especially by people with limited available land and means.
I, too, never heard of ULTA.
I don't hear STOLID in speech, but it is common in writing. It is too bad that we feel constrained not to use much of the colorful vocabulary we find in print for fear of appearing pretentious.
I have eaten escarole only in mixed greens. I doubt I would like it by itself.
I always had to convince my classes that eels are fish. Eels have gills, as most other fish do, and filter air from the water in order to breathe. The continuous dorsal, anal, and caudal fin form a ribbon like structure that runs along the upper side of the fish, pelvic fins are always absent.
One of my favorite types of sushi is grilled eel. It has become rare and pricey because the eels have been overfished and are considered endangered. Eel is never eaten raw, even in sushi.
Sea horses are also fish.

Magilla Go-Rilla said...

20A: ETD & ETA are crossword staples. I’ve often enlcountered abbreviations and acronyms in these puzzles. Recently NTSB was an answer.

Magilla Go-Rilla said...

Sorry for the typo.


Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Thanks Boomer for another fine intro. I like your jocular style.

Monday easy. Straightforward theme. I did like theme freshness with BLANKET FORT and CABINET POST. We don't get NUDIST camp much either. Learnt that Cyprus uses the EURO.
COW - Very Teutonic. German Kuh. L. German Koh. Dutch koe.
This is how I learned geography: Geography

Bluehen said...

Also, goat is the most commonly consumed meat in the world.

Tinbeni said...

Boomer: Wonderful write-up. Baseball is my favorite sport, too.
(Hey, you can take a nap, go out and wash your car, etc. and NEVER miss anything. LOL

C.C. Thank you for a FUN Monday puzzle. I enjoyed the theme.

Fave today, of course, was something I NEVER do ... A SHOT ... I'm a sipper.

Hope y'all have a great week. I will "toast you" at Sunset.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, C.C., for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Boomer, for a fine review.

Since Cruciverb was out to lunch I did this one with pen and ink on paper. Worked out fine, no inkblots at all.

Theme was fine. Figured it out after NUDIST CAMP.

Liked ALLEY OOP. My favorite cave man.

Got NOLAN Ryan easily.

EERO was easy. He is in many crosswords.

I watch Madame Secretary quite often. But I do not know who TEA Leoni is. Guess I will have to watch the credits next time. Or, just look it up on line.

Have to get ready to go to my regular doctor for a check up. I postponed my appointment in July when I had no insurance. I finally got that fixed a few weeks ago and am now playing catch-up. I am now on Medicare Part B, with supplements. Have been on Part A for years, but never used it.

Best to you, Boomer, as you proceed through your treatments. The BEST of luck!

See you tomorrow.


( )

Husker Gary said...

-Subbing today and giving my NASA presentation several times
-A wonderful Monday offering with ESCAROLE/STOLID to make it interesting
-A young woman cashier waited on me at a Casey’s last week and she had many tattoos and face piercings. I asked her when she got her first tat and she said it was when she 16 and got all A’s in her AP classes. I did not ask "And now you're working at Casey's?"
-3” October snow storm yesterday, 70˚F Wednesday.
-An UNFED cat awoke me at 4:15 am this morning
-Time for my first presentation to 30 7th graders!

desper-otto said...

Abejo, Tea Leoni is Madame Secretary.

SwampCat said...

Thanks to our dynamic duo for Monday fun! Fun to solve and fun to read about in Boomers cheerful expo. Boomer, I’m glad to hear you are getting good treatment. Prayers continuing from here.

I have eaten ESCAROLE. If I never have it again, that’s fine with me! I have that in crossword land the only NFL scores are TDS so that filled in easily. Boomer, thanks for mentioning FGs. And any team that lost by one point would add PATs as scores.

I liked CRY crossing BYE. BLANKET FORT brought back happy memories.

Happy Monday!

Misty said...

Wohoo! Woohoo! A C.C. Monday puzzle with Boomer doing the write-up--it doesn't get any better than this! Woohoo! Mind you, I had a little trouble with the top but then the middle and bottom filled right in, and after that I got the whole thing without any problems. Lots of variety, and a fun military theme that was easy to see, and nicely complemented with SIR NO SIR. Delightful write-up, Boomer, and ever since your DOE comment, I've had that song from "Sound of Music" buzzing in my head (is that where it's from?). Also loved your ART Linkletter picture and your Rolling Stones story. So great fun, all around, thank you so much, C.C. and Boomer, for getting our week off to a great start.

On top of the puzzle, your encouraging report about your treatment made my day, Boomer. Thanks for posting it.

Have a great week, everybody!

jfromvt said...

Nice write-up Boomer! Love all the baseball references. Big Red Sox fan here, looks like it will be a close series vs the Astros.

OwenKL said...

Sorry I didn't get poems out today. I'm just now getting home from the hospital. Fell again in the bathroom before I got to them. I insisted I was okay after my ordeal, but the troop of paramedics and my wife insisted just as stongly x 7 that I go to the hospital to get checked out. My only new injury; a skinned knee. And amazingly, after spending the past 10 hours on a gurney, my sprained ankle is nearly back to normal -- though that may be just painkillers they piped into me through an IV.

Lucina said...

It's good to see you and hear from you, Boomer! I also wish you the very best with your treatment and thank you for the chuckles. Laughter is the best medicine!

This was quick and Monday easy, thank you, C.C.!

ULTA is ubiquitous here; there is one in almost every strip mall. In fact, two are about five miles from each other, one in Tempe and one in Scottsdale. I occasionally shop there since they have a large variety of cosmetics and grooming products, some not found otherwise.

It's not surprising that goat's meat and milk are the most consumed in the world when looking at Asia and Africa with their high population count.

My new recliner was delivered today and I may never leave it. It is really comfortable! The lovely thing about on line shopping is the videos that show how furniture is constructed and provide confidence to order it.

Have a brilliant day, everyone! It's sunny and cool here.

CrossEyedDave said...

Most enjoyable Monday romp!
Best part was my WAg that this was going to be a CC Monday, & I was right!

Biggest problem with private houses is
affording the land they come on...

And then there is the maintenance... (the pic is titled "feed me!")

Then, is was going to post a video of incredible private homes,
but the 1st one up was kind of standard fare. Not up to my posting requirements....
However, about ten down I found this!

I haven't even seen it all myself yet, so I am going to get some popcorn and be as surprised as you are!

(How can I go wrong with insane houses! right up my alley!)

Lucina said...

I'm so sorry to hear of your fall! Please, do be careful; we need our daily poetry and can't have you disabled.

SwampCat said...

Owen, I’m so sorry! Take care!!!

TTP said...

Thank you C.C. and thank you Boomer. Good stuff all around.

Yep, loving the MLB playoffs.

Many baseball fans will remember this classic:
30 Years Ago Today - 1988 World Series Game 1

WikWak and Anonymous-T, (from the other day) I read that Camp Bunn was dedicated in 1973.

Jayce said...

Zip zoom and done! Lovely puzzle. Pretty cool theme! I liked it. Tiny hiccup at ETTA Jones and ESCAROLE. Of course I would have known ETTA James immediately, but now I remember Ms. Jones as well. ESCAROLE sounds like some sort of Elizabethan dance, or maybe the final movement of Gaîté Parisienne. Heck, when I was a kid, lettuce was just lettuce.

Being easily amused, I got a teeny weeny kick out of seeing ESC and ESCAROLE, EURO and EERO (hi, Hahtoolah), DOE and TOE, ETDS and TDS, ART TARTS and ARKS, HALE after yesterday's HALEST, and DANE after yesterday's great LATE (not DANE).

Ferd! *giggle*

Boomer, I am so glad to hear that the folks at the VA are collaborating with the Mayo Clinic and the University of Minnesota hospital. I am confident that with such collaborative effort you will receive excellent care.

Best wishes to you all.

AnonymousPVX said...

A rather easy Monday puzzle today, not a complaint, plus a no-giveaway theme, very nice.

Lucina...what brand of recliner?

Anonymous said...


Misty said...

Oh dear, Owen--so sorry to hear about this new fall. But what a relief that you're fine, and that this was verified by the hospital visit. Get some rest, and take good care of yourself.

Picard said...

CC and Boomer thanks for the enjoyable theme, puzzle and review!

Does anyone know the origin of the name ULTA? We have one in our neighborhood. I find the name a bit annoying as it sounds like "Ultra" mis-spelled. Mr Google is not showing any explanation of the origin of the name. And the ULTA web site is no help, either.

I once had a lady friend whose family regularly spent time at a NUDIST CAMP when she was growing up. But I am not sure I know anyone else who had that experience. Anyone else?

Here is Linda Ronstadt singing POOR POOR Pitiful ME

You have to turn up the sound to hear it, but worth the effort!

I hope I am not being vane to think that BOHR/DANE and MIT CHAPEL might be shout outs to me.

Here our MIT Juggling Club and our MIT Unicycling Club met in the area between the Student Center and the MIT CHAPEL

The MIT CHAPEL is that round brick building behind the jugglers. It is really cool looking inside and out.

Here are some professional photos showing the MIT CHAPEL in all its glory.

Boomer thanks for the update on your health. It sounds promising. We are all wishing you the best!

OwenKL sorry to hear of your latest injuries. Glad you are staying in good spirits!

WikWak said...

@TTP: Well, that would explain why it wasn’t familiar to me; my last year at camp Illinek would have been 1962 or 63 (probably ‘62).

No Cruciverb and so had to deal with the LAT site, which I dislike doing. WEES about the puzzle today, especially the crossings of similar words. No problems.

Hang in there, Boomer! We’re all thinking of you.

'Bout time for my first early afternoon nap. Have a great day, all!

Sandyanon said...

Owen's leg gives him dire pain,
But cannot halt his poetic brain.
Poems flow from his fertile mind,
I can't think up a good last line!

Take care, Owen.

Wilbur Charles said...

I think it was the Beatles who referred to the duo as "Phil and Don". But the song escapes me.
Close, it's Wings

The 12 Step Group didn't fare well at the NUDIST COLONY. No one identified*

Lucina, coming from you that sounds better than my " Oh, good you're bedridden, you can concentrate on doggerel for US. lol. I feel your non pain and the pain that should have arrived as I post this.

And of course, Boomer who is jolly in the face of the big C.

Perfect Monday xword from CC. I couldn't get my brain working as I skimmed it at 8 am. Then at one I blew through it.
Btw, my "house" was a CAMP-LeJeune for a year (Don't worry, I never drank water in those days).


*They were too busy COMPARING!

Ol' Man Keith said...

Those who know me know I'm not a big baseball fan. But I do get interested around playoff time. This year, I am aware for the first time that I have come to see the Dodgers as "my" team. (Sorry, Boomer)
I mentioned once before that as a native San Franciscan it has been hard for me to see L.A. as anything but a rival. And yet... I have lived down here, in and around L.A., for over forty years - longer than I've been anywhere else. I have come to know the careers and life stories of many of the Dodgers, so they have gradually earned a place in my heart.
I knew I saw them as "my Dodgers" when I was yelling and cursing at the screen for their miserable errors in game one against the Brewers. Catcher's interference on top of everything else!
Nobody can get your anger up so much as a team you've adopted.

PS. The pzl was great! Ta- DA! Thanks, C.C. ...

Ol' Man Keith said...

Owen ~
Please take care!
I'm sorry to read of your latest mishap. I too am prone to falls. I had a minor one last week, and my right foot is still in pain from it. So I know whereof I speak - and the fragility whereof our aging bodies haunts us.
We have to take extra care & not assume anything about where & how our *#@! feet are lifting & planting as we scuffle along.
Forgive my presumption in advising you, but I'm a believer in the dictum: every reminder of our vulnerabilities is another word to the wise.

In friendship,

Wilbur Charles said...

This Boston fan had a field day yesterday. Redsox and Patriots. The latter game very exciting. The former?

Well. Who'd think that LF would be such a key defensive position. Our guy Benintendi is superlative and all the key plays in two series have been decided there.


The Gibson homerun is a classic. He also played football. Michigan State I think.

LCs will both go seven Shami Wilbur says.

billocohoes said...

Anon @ 12:33

No, ETTA Jones is correct. I also thought of Etta James, but E Jones was a jazz singer with three Grammy nominations, and an album in the Grammy Hall of Fame. She sang with the Dandridge Sisters in the 1930s and with Earl "Fatha" Hines.

Wilbur Charles said...

His lines at the J were more than fine


CrossEyedDave said...

I am more well versed in posting silly things.
So when bad news happens on the Blog, I am often
at a loss for words...

Feel better soon OwenKL,
and wishing you a speedy recovery Boomer.

My surprise ending for the insane houses was a bust.
But I am happier with more simple accommodations anyway.
The only problem is that these days, everyone else is getting the same idea!

Speaking of going natural, here is a

Actually, the whole clip is pretty funny. It's 10 minutes, and the video quality is so bad you can't see anything...
But the end is a scream!

Oh what the heck,
go find the parts you like!

Lucina said...

Thank you for asking. The recliner of which I'm loathe to leave, is from Ashley Furniture. In the video they claim to build it themselves. Very impressive and did I say comfortable?

Jayce said...

Ha, Lucina through the passage of time: yoga mat to comfy recliner. :)
Hey, I like my "special" chair, too.

Keith, I sure agree with you about keeping track of where and how we plant our feet.

Lucina said...

You are so right! These days I do more walking than yoga which I do only occasionally. Now that the weather is nice, walking is possible and pleasant.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

BRR, it's cold. Cold front pushed us down from 80 this morning to 53F this afternoon.

Thanks C.C. for a breezy Monday puzzle, though the SE had some bite to it. Thanks Boomer for the Humor. Good news so far [and I'm glad to hear you're tied in The Mayo]. Stay strong and positive, both of yous.

Depends [@26a]... I can't let that pass w/o applause.

Fav: STOLEN BASE - I think the only one the 'Stros got off the Sox is when the throw hit the ump. Sox's catcher has a gun!

{LOL substitute-SandyAnon}

OKL - Sorry to hear of the fall - glad to hear you got checked out.

Jinx - I didn't even realize it was "extension-deadline" day. For the last 10 years, I always procrastinated and kicked myself in October. This year, once in a row, I got 'em done (well, papers to the accountant) by 15 Apr. Let us know how your motor home faired.

Thanks for the Camp Bunn link TTP. WikWak - I wonder if you were there w/ Pop; he'd been 12 in '62.

Funny geo-COW Spitz.

Lucina - don't get too comfy - Tamale season is neigh!

Jayce - I too giggled on HALE; did you read (late) FLN? Ferd indeed :-)

Cheers, -T

D4E4H said...

I'm behind on my CWs. I'm 78% thru Sun., but when I saw a C.C. CW I worked it out of turn. It was a pleasant Monday romp which I FIR in 19:41 min.

Thank you Boomer for you sense of humor as you reviewed today.


OwenKL said...

Thank you all for your good wishes, especially sandyanon for funny poem, and Wilbur for saying how he (and you too) honestly felt. 😉 That's probably close to my own sentiments, actually!

Update, while waiting for a ride home from the hospital, I developed a pain on the left side of my chest. I was afraid I was having a heart attack, but a nurse checked me out, assured me whatever it was, it wasn't a heart attack. Later, LW asked if it could be some internal bruising during my fall, and yes, I think that's probably what it was. I may have a cracked rib in there. Also have a headache, and found a sore spot above one eyebrow, tho I didn't think I'd hit my head.

Lucina said...

Funny you should mention tamale season. Just today we had a conference call and set a date for that, Oct. 28; shopping for products, Oct. 25. We like to make them early so we can shop and attend parties! Well, the younger family members do, anyway.

Dudley said...

Oh, rats. Cruciverb is still out to lunch.