Oct 30, 2018

Tuesday, Oct 30, 2018 C.C. Burnikel

"Keep in Touch"

17. *Easy-to-read character: BLOCK LETTER.

24. *Cruise stop: PORT OF CALL.

40. *Microsoft Outlook service: EMAIL.

43. *FaceTime alternative: SKYPE.

52. *Emphatic typeface: ITALIC TEXT.

65. Parting words suggested by all or part of the answers to starred clues: KEEP IN TOUCH.

Five ways to stay in contact were hidden in the theme answers.  Did you see them before you got to the reveal ? 


1. Beauty queen's topper: TIARA

6. Standoffish: ALOOF.

11. Irish folk dance: JIG

14. Naysayers: ANTIS.

15. "Z: The Beginning of Everything" star Christina: RICCI.  She starred as Zelda Fitzgerald in the short-lived 2017 television series.

16. Santa __ winds: ANA.

19. "Real World" channel: MTV.  This reality TV program aired for 21 seasons from 1992 to 2013, and is being rebooted on Facebook.  Pick seven or eight late teens to mid twenties types, put them in a house, and film non-stop. 

20. Triangular Indian pastry: SAMOSA. "The samosa is made with all-purpose flour locally known as maida shell stuffed with some filling, generally a mixture of mashed boiled potato, onions, green peas, lentils, spices and green chili, or fruits. The entire pastry is then deep-fried in vegetable oil or rarely ghee to a golden brown color." - Wikipedia

21. Skinny fish: EEL.

22. Buzzing insect: BEE.

23. Luxury bag monogram: YSL.  As shown on this "Women's Large Monogram Matelasse Leather Chain Shoulder Bag - Black", available at Sak's Fifth Avenue.

28. Like much Scotch: AGED.  Tinbeni likes Scotch.  He said the other day, in reference to the MIXED DRINKS puzzle, that he likes his Scotch mixed with Scotch. 

30. Purchase at Lowe's: TOOL

31. July 4th nonstarter: DUD.  A firework, such as a firecracker or aerial display, that doesn't explode properly.   

34. Kagan of the Court: ELENA.

37. "Grr!," say: SNARL.  And 68A. "Grr!": I'M MAD

42. Freight weight: TON.

44. 1988 film farce fish: WANDA.  93% at Rotten Tomatoes:   A Fish Called Wanda

45. Asian part of Egypt: SINAITranscontinental Countries – Is Egypt in Africa or Asia?

47. Assist: AID.

48. Goes to seed: ROTS.

50. "Enchanted" fantasy film girl: ELLA.

56. Patriots' org.: NFL. The New England Patriots of the National Football League.  They played the Buffalo Bills last night on Monday Night Football.

59. Stool pigeon: RAT.   A police informer in this clue, in bad guy lingo.    BTW, James Cagney was misquoted.  He actually said, "... you dirty yellow-bellied rat" to the guy that killed his brother. 

60. Put a spell on: HEX.  You can read about the "Andretti curse" at Wikipedia.  In short, in 1970 the wife of co-owner Clint Brawner put a hex on them, promising that no Andretti would ever win the Indy 500 again.  Mario never won it again,  nor did his two sons, his nephew, and his grandson in 54 Andretti family attempts.

61. Decline to participate: OPT OUT.

64. Cigar refuse: ASH.

67. Peg for a round: TEE

69. "Tomorrow" musical: ANNIE. The comic strip Little Orphan Annie made it to radio, stage and film.  Here's the song from the 1982 film:

70. Slip up: ERR.

71. Cozy spots: NESTS.

72. Rent-a-car choice: SEDAN.


1. File folder projections: TABS.

2. Mosaic technique: INLAY.

3. Molecule parts: ATOMS.

4. Cough drop name sung in ads: RICOLA.

5. Seeks answers: ASKS.

6. "__ you listening?": ARE.

7. Soda bottle size: LITER.  I still want to spell it litre. 

8. Four pairs: OCTET.

9. Spotted wildcat: OCELOT.  Here kitty, kitty.

10. Evergreen tree: FIR.  A conifer.  You can identify the tree as a fir because the cones stand upright versus hanging down as they do in spruce and other pines.

11. One-pot New Orleans dish: JAMBALAYA.   I saw the following reader comment on a Food Wishes video for a Jambalaya recipe:

The best food in America comes from the south.
The best food in the south comes from Louisiana.
The best food in Louisiana comes from New Orleans.
And the best food in New Orleans is Jambalaya.

12. Major chip maker: INTEL.   Lemonade had the clue "Gathering of spies" for this answer last Friday in Joe Kidd's puzzle.

13. Chairperson's order keeper: GAVEL.

18. Place for a campaign button: LAPEL.

25. "Waiting for Lefty" playwright: ODETS.  Clifford.  A play about a group of taxicab drivers  planning a labor strike.  Lefty was their elected chairman.  This was in the '30s, before Uber and Lyft. 

26. Archaeologist's find: FOSSIL.

27. Fail suddenly, with "out": CONK.  Or, go to sleep.

29. Desserts in Little Italy: GELATI.  Little Italy is a neighborhood in Lower Manhattan, once known for its large population of Italian Americans.  Gelato is the Italian word for ice cream.

31. Morning drops: DEW.

32. Actress Thurman: UMA.

33. Longtime "CBS Evening News" anchor: DAN RATHER.   24 years.  Took the helm when Walter Cronkite retired in 1981.

35. "There's __ in team": NO I.

36. Building add-on: ANNEX.

38. Hudson Riv. tech school: RPI.  Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.  The esteemed engineering school.  Founded 1824.  Troy, N.Y.   RPI overlooks the Hudson River.    Hi Spitzboov !  Hi Irish Miss !

39. Went first: LED.

41. Worshiped star: IDOL.

46. "Iron Chef Gauntlet" host Brown: ALTON.   We tuned into his FoodTV show "Good Eats", but were never fans of the original Iron Chef program or its spinoffs.

49. Devious plan: SCHEME.

51. San __: Texas city, familiarly: ANTONE.  Do you recall the song from these lyrics ?
Rain, dripping off the brim of my hat.
It sure is cold today.
And here I am'a walking down sixty-six.
Wish she hadn't done me that way.

52. Steaming mad: IRATE.  I rate this an accurate clue for the answer.

53. Law enforcement shocker: TASER.

54. Overflows (with): TEEMS.

55. Yank in Yemen, for short: EXPAT.  Short for expatriate.  One who lives outside their native country.

57. No longer lost: FOUND.

58. Saint __: Caribbean island: LUCIA.

62. School bake sale orgs.: PTAs.

63. In that case: THEN.

65. They're related: KIN.

66. Cards checked at the gate, briefly: IDs.


Lemonade714 said...

How fun to wake up to a C.C. puzzle with an informative write-up from TTP. This one filled pretty easily, but there was so much packed in from the CSOs JAMBALAYA to our Louisiana group, RPI and SCOTCH . A clecho, plays and movies- all fun.


OwenKL said...

Send me a LETTER, call me by PHONE.
E-MAIL my box, SKYPE into my home.
Send a TEXT to my cell,
To tell me you're well!
We must KEEP IN TOUCH, whenever you roam!

JAMBALAYA is terrible, it should be banned!
It's not like something you can get in a can!
I've never tasted the stuff,
To see it is enough!
Nine LETTERS I couldn't spell worth a damn!

Your water TEEMS with germs and such.
You run a risk, every LITER you TOUCH!
There's NO I in team,
Neither is there in teem!
There's a myriad of them, one is rough!

{A, B+, B+.}

D4E4H said...

Good morning Cornies

Thank you C.C. for this enjoyable Tuesday CW. I FIR in 20:57 min..
- - 60 A - After the hags put a HEX on me, They went to the beach to be sandwitches.

Thank you TTP for your excellent review.

CanadianEh! FLN at 1:40 PM
- - Re. SIN tax, Morality if like butter, it is solid, but it melts easily.

Picard FLN at 2:05 PM
- - A picture is worth a thousand lobster claws.


desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Nope, didn't get the theme until the reveal. And then, missed EMAIL and SKYPE as parts of the theme. Natch. Thanx, C.C. and TTP.

ALTON: Right on, TTP. Good Eats was a good series. I've read that it's going to be rebooted.

ANTONE: Yup, I also thought of that Charley Pride song. JAMBALAYA's another famous oldie. You might associate it with Hank Williams or Jo Stafford, depending on your musical persuasion. "Jambalaya, and a crawfish pie and a filé gumbo..."

Oas said...

Thank u C C and TTP.
First time I ever timed my solve.
13 minutes flat
FIR with no look ups and one WAG at the crossing of SAMOSA and RICOLA.
Spent some time in Louisiana after Katrina and Rita.
Got acquainted with Gumbo and JAMBALAYA and something called Butang among other wonderful tasting stuff. Will never forget the
warm hospitality of the South.

Keep safe and healthy

desper-otto said...

OAS, I've never heard of butang. Are you sure they weren't saying poontang?

Jinx in Norfolk said...

FIW. I did just fine until I got to the Hope, AR area and realized that I had no hope. The trouble started when I filled in FOSSeL (B.S.O.T.W, U!) and got worse when I had no idea that "Iron Chef Gauntlet" was a show, let alone know its characters. To compound the fallacy I had ODETt, which made tINAe unfixable.

I'll have to check out some of those cooking shows. But there is so much programming that I think I would like better, like Paris Hilton specials or Spanish-language soccer matches between teams I've never heard of. And maybe I could squeeze in that elective appendectomy if I postpone watching the cooking shows a little more.

I've been to a lot of St. Somewheres over the years, a few by plane but most by bareboat-chartered sailboat. Never have gotten to St. Lucia, and I'm probably too old to captain a boat to sail there now.

It is such a shame that DAN RATHER sullied his otherwise stellar career late in life by allowing his partisan political opinions to override his exceptional skills as a newsman. Fake news before fake news was a thing.

Thanks to CC for another dandy puzzle. My favorite was "rent-a-car choice". Alamo, Hertz and even UHaul crossed my mind. And thanks to TTP for another fine review.

Oas said...

DO It could very well have been poontang . The fellow explaining it to me had avery strong - I thought- Southern accent . Poontang in my experience had a slang meaning similar to booty call.
The food referred to was a very spicey and greasy sausage .
I love all the wrong kinds of foods and like my pa befor me am still healthy and active . He lived to be Ninety and had a reasonable good quality of life till 85.

TTP said...

Good catch D-O. Didn't think about the Jambalaya song.

OAS, was it boudin ?

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Thanks for the RPI CSO, CC and TTP. Should put a smile on IM's Irish face, too.

Easy Tuesday. Only strikethrough was I had sit OUT before OPT OUT. Got it filled without worrying about the theme. I liked JAMBALAYA.

Have a great day.

Oas said...

TTP. I think it sounded more like what D O said .
There were also tasty pasteries with names I’d not heard before. DW really enjoyed sampling them.

Yellowrocks said...

CC, delightful puzzle.
TTP, thanks for the fine blog. and the info on the Andretti curse. I knew the great Andretti had an astounding number of wins with different types of cars on all different types of courses over several decades. I was surprised to read of his repeated bad luck with the Indy 500.
The Irish Washerwoman tune brings back grade school memories. We danced the Virginia reel to that tune.
I have read many novels about EXPATs because I am interested in the meeting of disparate cultures and the resulting culture shock. I also have read historical novels about the first foreign explorers to counties new to their world and the reactions between them and the indigenous population. Both groups found the others barbaric.
The Iron Chef was fun for a while, but it soon wore out its welcome here.
The Real World TV show. Thumper.
I have tasted samosas at potluck dinners and at international dinners. Tasty. I like the variety of ethnic groups, cuisines and cultures we find here.
I have always admired Dan Rather. I feel sorry about his ignoble end at CBS. As in most cases, being forthright about his mistake would have served him better.
Have a lovely day.

Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning, everyone.

We have returned from beautiful Maine. Ahhh. I bought some yarn in Portland, and lo and behold, I recovered my lost knitting mojo. Came home to beautiful colors here in Evanston IL, making this Fall doubly nice for us. Thought of all of you up in New England and Canada. Those beautiful maples and oaks didn't grow (naturally) on these Prairies unless they were near rivers or other bodies of water.

Thanks, C.C., for a wonderful CW return. Spotty Wi-fi and Internet, so no puzzles, but that worked out fine for Madame who just kept knitting away and watching the Tide come and go. Not to mention the beautiful full moonrise. Most of my stalls today were fully assisted by crosses.

Thanks, TTP for the tour. Expert as usual. Loved the OCELOT. However, I thought an EX-PAT was someone like Adam Vinatieri who just set the NFL record for most points ever. Gotta love them older kickers. I also missed seeing Tinbeni's recipe for the perfect Scotch mixer. I'm going to ask my hub if he'd like one tonight. Thanks for that.

Dave, loved the timely "lobster" photo.

Jinx, I made the same attempts as you before SEDAN!

Be well, and have a GRAND day.

desper-otto said...

OAS, boudin is pronounced boo'-dan and it is a spicy sausage. TTP may have nailed it.

SwampCat said...

I loved this C.C. offering! There were so many clever clues, like chip maker INTEL. Of course, but confess now! Who thought of potato chips first?

I smiled at DUD crossing DEW. The theme was nice. Thanks, C.C.

TTP, thanks for the foodie tribute. We seem to have had a whole meal in this puzzle. JAMBALAYA, GELATI, served by ALTON and washed down with scotch. I liked Good Eats best of all of Alton’s many shows.

OAS, TTP beat me to the guess of Boudin for your spicy greasy sausage. I assumed that’s what it was.

I was surprised at “Saint” for LUCIA. I’ve always heard of it as “Santa Lucia”. The answer was obvious so no harm no foul.

Owen, all A’s for your poems noir!

Tinbeni said...

TTP: Excellent, informative write-up. Good job!

C.C. Thank you for a FUN Tuesday puzzle with a nice theme.

28-a, Like much Scotch, AGED is my favorite "Clue/Answer" of 2018.
Go figure ...


Oas said...

Thanks Swamp Cat , desper- otto and TTP for your comments . Makes me hungry talking about all that .
Y’all have a good day now.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

A CC puzzle + A TTP review=😊. I did see the related theme words but thought the reveal might be something like See you later. Keep in Touch makes much more sense. My only unknowns were MTV and Ricci, both as clued. I never saw a single moment of MTV and I never heard of "The Real World." So-called Reality Shows are definitely not my cup of tea. CC outdid herself with the CSOs: New Orleans contingent (Jambalaya), Texas contingent (Antone), New York contingent (RPI). (Yes, Spitz, there was a smile.) I liked the two Grrs, one canine and the other, human. I'm never sure whether the princess is Ella or Elsa.

Thanks, CC, for a fun Tuesday and thanks, TTP, for the informative summary, especially the Irish Jig music and the photo of that beautiful Ocelot.

Madame Defarge @9:04 ~ Welcome back, you were missed. I hope you had a GRAND two weeks in Maine.

I'm having lunch today with four friends who were classmates all through grammar and high school. We all lived within walking distance of each other and were partners in play and mischief. (Lots of play and not too much mischief!)

Have a great day.

JJM said...

That was a fun Tuesday puzzle. Communication and information flow has certainly changed. I Face Time my daughter at least twice a week while she is in study abroad program at the University of Sydney in AUS..... and as long as we're both on Wi-FI it costs nothing ! Compare that to when I was in college from 1975-1979 and my mother and father had a strict rule that I could only call home once a week (on Sundays) after 5 PM and call collect because it was cheaper. And, I had to write them a letter once a week as well to let them know everything I hadn't told them on the phone. Different world today.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! A really nice fast and fun puzzle from C.C.! Thanks. We also KEEP IN TOUCH through this lively blog of hers.

Thanks, TTP, for another fun and informative expo. I FOUND the Egypt clip especially interesting.

The tree colors here have reached their peak. My city and especially this neighborhood has many gorgeous trees. I went out and drove around the other day basking in the glow of those colorful leaves. My back yard is a mass of golden right now. The big sycamore across the street has a mass of orange with another mass of orange on the lawn. I'll cuss those dinner-plate sized leaves clogging my fence the rest of the year. Now I appreciate their beauty.

The puzzle took me several minutes longer than it should because of coughing-sneezing fits. I'm allergic to drying leaves. Needed RICOLA, but do have Halls.

Only one more week of Fake News/ADS until election. Then we'll know if we can relax a bit or have another term of craziness in our state.

Husker Gary said...

-I was surprised to see some of the themers were stand alone and some were part of phrases, but it was a lovely C.C. concoction!
-Gotta run, three projects going on.

Yellowrocks said...

Santa Lucia is an Italian saint. Wikipedia: "St. Lucy. St. Lucy, Italian Santa Lucia, (died 304, Syracuse, Sicily; feast day December 13), virgin and martyr who was one of the earliest Christian saints to achieve popularity."
There is an Neapolitan folk song about a section in Naples called Santa Lucia. It has been translated into italian and then in English.
Link text
There is a city called Santa Lucia in Guatemala.

The Swedish have a Santa Lucia festival in December. My niece got to be Santa Lucia and wore the candles on her head at her church near Phila.
Link text

Saint Lucia is an island nation in the Caribbean Sea. The island is considered part of the Windward Islands and gets its name from the French who named it after St. Lucy of Syracuse (in Sicily) The first inhabitants were the Native American Arawaks. Later the Caribs took over the island. This is the same saint I cited in the first paragraph.

Santa Lucia and Saint Lucia are the same, but the island uses the name Saint.

Big CSO to our Lucina.

Lucina said...

Thank you, C.C. and TTP for a terrific Tuesday!

It was a quick sashay even with the unknown TV shows which perped well. My southern friend from Louisiana educated me on all things southern including JAMBALAYA. She was a marvelous cook but is these days confined to her wheel chair.

Thank you for the CSO, YR. My baptismal day is December 13, feast of St. Lucy as you noted.

Time to go. I waited until today to have my nails done for Saturday's wedding.

Have a grand day, everyone!

Big Easy said...

KEEP IN TOUCH. As usual, the theme was over my head, mainly because I don't look for them. I took the paper with me to the doctor's office and worked C.C.'s puzzle in about 5 minutes. The A&E unknows- RICCI, MTV, ELLA- were solved by perps, as was SAMOSA, which I only know as a Girl Scouts' cookie.

SEDAN- rent-a-cars- Why? The EPA requires auto mfgs to have an average mpg for their entire line but nobody wants to buy the sedans. They dump them on car rental agencies at or below cost, who hope to resale them at a profit later on the used car market.

JAMBALAYA- rice, seasoning, sausage and/or chicken. Once started, NEVER remove the lid to check on it.

JJM- Get a "gmail" account. You can make FREE telephone calls directly from your computer when you are online. And you can call your daughter for about 2 cents a minute when she is NOT online. To use a smart-phone, there's an APP called WHAT'S APP- does the same as Face Time and it doesn't require both ends to be APPLE.

26A- GEOLOGIST'S find would be a FOSSIL; an archeologist usually finds relics.

DAN RATHER- his biases finally caught up with him. I am tired of news organizations trying act as though they should determine what people should be concerned about. That's why I don't watch any of them.

SKYPE- around long before the I-phone can FaceTime existed

Misty said...

Woohoo! Woohoo! Possibly my best puzzle Tuesday ever, starting with a totally delightful C.C. construction, followed by successful Sudoku, Kenken, and Jumble. Woohoo! I loved this puzzle which filled in so smoothly even when I didn't know people like ALTON. I did know lots of names, like WANDA, ANNIE, ELENA, RICCI. Had a little more trouble with food, especially JAMBALAYA, which was tough for me--don't think I ever had it. I, of course, did get DAN RATHER, one of my favorite newscasters of all time, and was devastated by his sad exit. And like Irish Miss, I loved seeing the two GRRS in the puzzle--something my sweet Dusty never says. Thank you, so much, C.C. for making this puzzle such in interesting pleasure. And thank you, too, TTP, for a great write-up.

Have a great Tuesday, everybody.

Spitzboov said...

I agree with Big Easy @ 1146 about archeologists @ 26d. By definition they are involved in remains or doings of bygone human cultures. Fossils involve plant or animal remains from several degrees of magnitude older time horizons.
While anybody can 'find' a fossil, they are sought professionally by paleontologists and geologists.
It was an easy fill, though.

Jayce said...

I liked this puzzle.™ When I got BLOCK LETTER and ITALIC TEXT I thought the theme was all about different fonts. Then I filled PORT OF CALL and got confused. All ended well, though, and I had a good solid 10 minutes of fun.

CrossEyedDave said...

Fun CC puzzle!

But all the time I was breezing through it,
I kept thinking, this is way to easy for a Thursday!
I mean, Beauty Queens topper = Tiara
Santa BLANK winds? (3ltrs)
Skinny fish? (3ltrs)
Buzzing insect? (3ltrs...)
Cigar refuse = Ash, etc,etc...
The only thing that slowed me down was the crossing of
Elena/Odets, and that had to be a vowel, and that vowel had to be an E...

Yes, definitely way to easy for a Thursday,
or maybe I'm just out of touch...

Keep in touch?

AnonymousPVX said...

This was a nice Tuesday puzzle with no write easy solve really. No tricky clues, really a straightforward solve.

Anonymous said...

And we all know the cheer for the fightin' Rensselaer Engineers don't we?

Well you can rail at Yale;
And you can pooh-pooh Purdue.
But do not sneer,
At Rensselaer!

Ol' Man Keith said...

A very easy & very pleasant Tuesday puzz from our own C.C.! How great to see it at (nearly) the start of the week.

Thanks, TTP, for the fine write-up. The "Irish Washerwoman" JIG is especially enjoyable - probably a favorite of our Irish Miss. Listening to it takes me all the way back to 1958 when my comrades & I danced to it as part of our pre-show festivities at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. We knew the familiar tune as "The Dargason."

ODETS is another theatrical reference in today's pzl. That takes me back (at my age, everything seems to "take me back") to an acting class scene I once played from Waiting for Lefty. It was the first time I got to kiss a girl on stage - and I mean really kiss her.
A truly memorable experience.

No diagonals today. I've noticed that C.C. tends to avoid them.

CanadianEh! said...

Terrific Tuesday. Thanks for the fun C.C. and TTP.
Yes I got the theme. We use SKYPE all the time to keep in touch with the family.

I did not know RICCI but it filled in with perps. Also waited for perps for the correct spelling of the ending JAMBALAYA.

Noted the clecho with 37A and 68A GRR; also 52D IRATE (slight dupe of "steaming mad" and I'M MAD).
Goes to seed=ROTS was not an exact match for me. It takes a long time for something that is seedy (literally or figuratively) to be actually rotten IMHO.
I've been here long enough to fill in ELENA without a thought, and LITER with only a little groan.
When Gelatos wouldn't fit, I moved to GELATI.

We enjoyed a holiday in SAINT Lucia years ago. Time to go again!
I saw ANNIE in a London West End theatre in July 1978. Great performance even if we had last minute tickets which weren't in the best location. Huge headlines at that same time for the birth of the first test-tube baby.

LOL FLN Sin tax, Dave.

Enjoy the day.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Hello! ~
Before I have been allowed to "Publish Your Comment" over the past week, I have been required three or more times to prove something by clicking on vehicles or traffic lights ... or buses (are jitneys in or out? who knows?).
I wouldn't mind this challenge maybe once every month or so, but this is just too often. And the photos are not always clear - even though I am expected to be clear in my responses.
Has anyone else encountered this obstacle on such a regular basis?


WikWak said...

A dee-lightful Tuesday. I always like C.C.'s puzzles and also TTP's discourse.

FIR in pretty short order with few speed bumps. Hand up for being bothered by the FOSSIL clue; I actually did a double-take when I saw what the answer was going to be. Other hand up �� for thinking that going to seed happens long before any ROTting occurs.

Loved the ocelot. One of the first mystery books I ever read (probably about age 7 or so) revolved around an ocelot in the Florida Everglades. I really remember very little about it, but I can still see the pictures of the ocelot in the eye of what I'm pleased to call my mind. ��

A Fish Called Wanda—one of my all time favorites.

I think I hear a nap approaching. Have a great day, all!

Bill G said...

OMK, I don't have that experience. There is an empty box at the bottom that says next to it, "Please prove you're not a robot." Underneath the box it says, "Publish your comment" and "Preview." I ignore the box and just click on "Publish." No further pictures or questions. I don't know why our experiences are different...?

PK said...

I'm sooooo excited! Third day in a row that I've had a text from the president. Two today already. He wants me to know that my early ballot has not been counted yet. Small wonder. I haven't voted yet. Wonder if Verizon will charge me extra for these texts or they're prepaid? I can't erase them fast enough.

Michael said...

Dear PK: Uh, oh, you're on The List ... pretty soon you'll be getting invitations to hear some politician speak (at $500 a pop). The penalty of greatness, well, actually, of computer programming run wild.

fermatprime said...


Thanks to C.C. and TTP!

No unknowns except ALTON. Very nice!

Have a great day!

Sandyanon said...

Yes. See my post on the Jumble site.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Bill G ~
I wonder if it's because I usually click on "Preview" first.
Previewing saves a lot of deleting and re-writing, but maybe it arouses the sysop's suspicions...?

Nope - I just checked, and I got the *#@! traffic lights again - right after clicking on "I'm not a robot."
And it's not even satisfied with one screen. After I click the damned traffic lights, it only offers "Next"...
It's getting to be a real drag.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Following up with
Bill G ~

Eureka! Your answer worked this time. Instead of focusing on the sequence of "Preview" vs. "Publish," I ignored the "Prove" box as you do, and it worked. It worked for both "Preview" and "Publish."
I'm happy to have learned what seems to be a solution.

I thought I was being a good Corner citizen. But now I have to wonder, why does anybody bother clicking the "Prove" box??!


Jayce said...

Can an axloltl shake a bottle?
I wonder if an ocelot'll.

Jayce said...

I don't click the "Prove you're not a robot" box. I just click "Preview" to review my post and edit it if necessary, then click "Publish".

Picard said...

CC thanks for KEEPing IN TOUCH with us here! Fun puzzle and theme!

Never heard of ELLA or ALTON which was a double Natick cross for me. But I have a hazy memory of seeing ALTON here before.

JIG is actually the nickname my DW goes by. The name was given to her by her father. But no one in her family can explain where it comes from or what it is supposed to mean!

As mentioned in a recent puzzle, I have visited INTEL headquarters twice. I am sure I have photos there. But so far I can't seem to find them. I learned to program machine code on Motorola processors which were very elegant and logical.

There is an engineering saying "You can have it right or you can have it now, but you can't have it right now." INTEL was good at having it now, but not right. Horrible processors to program.

MIT engineers were sometimes called "Tech TOOLs". In the sub-basement of some buildings were odd spaces not usable for any purpose. Some of them were turned into a "Tomb of the Unknown TOOL".

Here are some of my recent photos re-visiting the original Tombs of the Unknown TOOL and nearby areas.

As for ATOMS, you can't trust them at all. You know why? They make up everything!

Picard said...

D4E4H thank you for looking at my Halloween photos! Yes, the lobster outfit was cool!

Jinx, Yellowrocks and Big Easy I respectfully disagree with your perspective on DAN RATHER. He was doing a story on serious charges about the military service of George W Bush. The controversy was about one small set of documents, but there was plenty of other evidence. He and others stand by the substance of the story. DAN RATHER was a victim of fake news and partisanship, not a purveyor of either. He represented journalism at its best. I fear for the future of journalism if people can't see that.

Glad you agree Misty!

Anonymous said...

Picard, please no politics. You have spoiled so many conversations with your hard headed opinions and personal attacks on those who disagree with you.

Please not now. They expressed their point of view. Now you have stated yours. Now let it go.

Yellowrocks said...

Rot can mean the process by which organic substances are broken down into simpler organic matter.
But.... rot can also be used in a less dire sense, to go to ruin, to deteriorate.
A property can rot or go to rot just by being neglected, before its material actually decomposes.
Go to seed can mean deteriorate by being neglected.
The thesaurus gives rot as a second order synonym for go to seed. It is interesting that when you look up rot, you do not find go to seed. The words should be reciprocal.

I think you need to use the I'm not a robot box, only if you are anonymous or, maybe, not blue. I may be wrong. I won't venture to test it. I won't mess with a thing that is working.

Picard, great saying,""You can have it right or you can have it now, but you can't have it right now."

SwampCat said...

YR, my experience with the I am not a robot is like yours.. Before I “went blue” I got that box almost every time. Now I never get it. No idea why!!

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Solving a C.C. puzzle is like visiting a friend; we know her thinking and we know other friends will 'pop-up' in the grid (like Lucina @58d!). The best part, the fill doesn't suffer. Thanks for the visit C.C.

Thanks for the expo TTP and following up on our Mario Andretti conversation... I didn't know about the HEX. //Also, let's see if I remember the difference between FIRs & Pines.

WOs: N/A
Fav: A Fish Called WANDA. Great movie mentioned more than a few times in Cleese's So, Anyway... (I finished it last week).
Runner-up: JAMBALAYA - not tonight though; tonight's Red-beans & Rice w/ andouille (not boudin [hi D-O!]) sausage

{A, LOL, B}

Welcome home MdF!

Picard - ALTON may have rung a bell as we were just discussing Good Eats & Wok'ing last Thursday.

OMK - You only need to prove you're not a robot if you are not logged in.

JJM - Re: your long-distance story... I guess that's why Pop and I have a standing 8p Sunday call for the last 32 years.
When the sun comes up on a sleepy little town
Down around San ANTONE
And the folks are risin' for another day
Round about their homes...

The people of the town are strange
And they're proud of where they came
Well, you're talkin' bout China Grove [Doobies 2:54*]
Oh, oh, China Grove [Wiki]

Cheers, -T
There were a few good versions to choose from; one opened w/ a Sax solo and one from Farm Aid

Ol' Man Keith said...

Jayce, Anon T, & others ~
Not so. I get the box all the time, although I'm logged in and I've been "blue" all these years.
As I said, I've been clicking the "I'm not a robot" box because I wanted to be a "good citizen." After all, the line above says, "Please prove you're not a robot." My mother taught me to respect politeness, especially when addressed by the "magic word," Please.
Now that I see I've been a sucker all this time, I will ignore the box like everybody else.
Over & out ...

Anonymous T said...

OMK - I get the "box" all the time too but, since I'm logged in, I don't need to prove s***! (no matter how polite the robot-overload asks) :-)

Cheers, -T

Sandyanon said...

Just fyi, I did not pay much attention to the Rather/Mapes/Bush/CBS story at the time, but the discussion today has motivated me to research it. Difficult to reach any conclusion at this point, but I'll keep going.

billocohoes said...

I only get the pictures on the iPhone. On my laptop checking the box is enough.

Big Easy said...

Picard- Dan Rather was self loving and all about Dan Rather (along with just about every television reporter). He got his first 15 minutes of fame by getting hit in the head by something at the 1968 Democratic Convention. Check it out.

Then he smart mouthed President Nixon during a news conference. Other media laughed.

He pouted when a US Open Tennis match was running long and walked off the set.
I'm sure there are other incidences, but like most other news media types, it's about THEM, not the news. They report for ratings, not news.

You and other may admire him but not this guy.

Yellowrocks said...

Enough already! Let's drop this Dan Rather meme.

Abejo said...

Good evening, folks. Thank you, C.C., for a fine puzzle. Thank you, TTP, for a fine review.

Got the puzzle done this morning, but no time to log in here. Had a meeting in the morning after I guarded, then an election judge until 8:00.

Puzzle went well. The me was easily discovered. Thank goodness.

Did not know SAMOSA, ODETS, ALTON, LUCIA, RICCI. But perps helped.

Have to run. See you tomorrow.


( )

Ol' Man Keith said...

Big Easy ~
Do you know of any TV personality (reporter or otherwise) who isn't "self loving"? Or who doesn't play the prima donna when things don't go their way?
That has nothing to do with invalidating the content of Rather's reports. His handlers at CBS were responsible (you do know this, right?), but the bosses took it out on him.