Jul 17, 2019

Wednesday, July 17, 2019 Kevin Salat

Them: 'FRAID SO [Homophonically speaking.]  A bookend theme: the entries all begin with FR and end in AY, which when united spell the word FRAY, not to be confused with the extended FREY clan of Game of Thrones infamy. But I digress.

17 A. Squander little by little: FRITTER AWAY.  To FRITTER [without away] means to break into small fragments; as a noun, it means fragments or shreds.  So the definition given here is apt.

25 A. Unstructured recreation: FREE PLAY.  Also well defined.  Perhaps a way to achieve the previous theme entry with your available time.

38 A. Inlet in an Otis Redding hit song: FRISCOBAY.  Otis finds another way to achieve the first theme entry in this song, released after his death, entitled [Sittin' On] The Dock of the Bay.  This is getting a bit meta.

54. Ruffles snack company: FRITOLAY.   Maker of Fritos, Doritos, Sun Chips, Cheetos and more.  Can theses smallish items be considered FRITTERS?  You decide.

64. Worn-look fabric style that this puzzle's four other longest answers exhibit?: FRAYED EDGES.  Like this on fabric. Are the edges being FRITTERED AWAY?  And, of course, the split word FRAY bookends the theme entries.  So, there you have it.

Hi, Gang, it JazzBumpa, jumping into the FRAY.  Nicely executed theme - not much more to say about it.  So let us venture forth boldly into this puzzle - unafrayed.


1. Santa __: Sonoma County seat: ROSA.  Many Santas. Needed perps

5. Cordelia, to Regan: SISTER.  Daughters of King Lear, along with the unfortunately named Goneril.

11. Small ammo: BBs.  Spherical pellets shot from a certain kind of air gun.  Per Wikipedia, "The term BB originated from the nomenclature of the size of steel shots used in a shotgun. Size "BB" shots were normally 0.180 in (4.6 mm) . . ."

14. At risk of offending, for short: UN-PC.  Not Politically Correct.

15. "Play more!": ENCORE.  An additional song or musical selection played after the planned program is complete, as requested by the audience.

16. Variety: ILK.  Type

19. Foot the bill: PAY.  End up paying for something, especially if the charge is large or unreasonable.  Sad.

20. Expedia info: FARES.  Expedia is an American based travel company that provides FARES and other information for world-wide travel.

21. "__ Tu": 1974 hit sung in Spanish: ERES.

22. Boozer: SOT.  Alcoholic.

23. Nike rival: ADIDAS.  Sports shoes.

28. Back muscle, familiarly: LAT.  More formally, Latissimus dorsi the muscle connecting the upper extremity to the back bone.  Mine are typically tight, probably from my trombone addiction.

29. Garnet or ruby: RED.  Shades of meaning.

31. Double helix part: STRAND.  Come on, baby, let's do the twist.

32. Approximately: OR SO.  In the general vicinity of - or so it is said.

34. Old __: card game: MAID.

37. Small pies: TARTS. Small filled pastries without a top crust.

41. "Hello" singer: ADELE.

44. Subway fare?: HERO.  A sandwich of meat, cheese and vegetables made on a long roll that can be purchased at, frex, the Subway sandwich shop.  A fee is involved.

45. Pollen pouches: SACS.  The structures in seed plants where pollen is produced.

49. Overhaul: REVAMP.  Improve the form, appearance and structure of something.

51. Inquire: ASK.  Asking minds want to know.

53. Stick in the closet?: MOP.  "Stick" is a noun here, and it has a head.

57. Mogadishu native: SOMALI.  A resident of Somalia, a failed nation on the horn of Africa.

59. Master: ACE.

60. __ Bator: ULAN.  The capital of Mongolia, on the Tuul River.

62. "Beauty and the Beast" role: BELLE.  Per Wikipedia, she "is the non-conforming daughter of an inventor who yearns to abandon her predictable village life in return for adventure."  The rest is herstory.

63. Olive center: PIT.  A hard seed.

66. Ginger __: ALE. A carbonated soft drink made with -- wait for it . . . ginger!

67. 2014 boxing biopic: I AM ALI.

68. "Othello" villain: IAGO.  He is Othello's standard bearer, but he hates Othello and seeks his downfall by trying to make him believe his wife is unfaithful with his lieutenant, Cassio.

69. '60s hallucinogen: LSD.  Lysergic Acid Diethyamide. Have a nice trip.

70. Shiny photo: GLOSSY.  Type of finish surface on the photo paper

71. "You said it!": AMEN.


1. Mark who plays the Hulk: RUFFALO.

2. Tracked by air traffic control: ON RADAR.  What the bleep is that?

3. Bar supply: SPIRITS.  Liquors that have been distilled to increase the alcohol content.

4. Didn't just sit there: ACTED.  Did something.

5. "I __ what you did there": SEE.  Acknowledging someone's cleverness.

6. Memo starter: IN RE.  With regard to --

7. Winter neckwear: SCARF.  A fabric item worn to maintain warmth and ward off the elements.

8. Cell network structure: TOWER.  I was so stuck on biological cells that when this answer emerged I was totally confused.  Of course this refers to the place where antennae are place for cell phone transmissions.  Which prompts the question: does anyone still use their phone to actually call somebody?

9. Clears a whiteboard: ERASES.  Or a blackboard. Works either way.

10. King of Spain: REY.  Literal translation

11. Like many magnets: BIPOLAR.  Having both north and south poles.

12. Glaringly obvious: BLATANT.  In your face.

13. Big __ Country: Montana: SKY.  Don't let them fool you.  The sky is the same size everywhere.  But in Michigan, you often can't see it for the clouds.

18. Ivan the Terrible, e.g.: TSAR.  One of many Russian emperors, prior to 1917.

22. Turns the hose on: SPRAYS.   Fun way to end up single.

24. Rig on the road: SEMI.  Tractor trailer rig.

26. James of jazz: ETTA.

27. Golf course meas.: YDS. Distance from tee to green, in yards.

30. Superspeed boy in "The Incredibles": DASH.

33. Recently: OF LATE.

35. Curling surface: ICE.  This is a game in which large, flat stones are slid along a smooth ICE surface into a target area.

36. Toon explorer: DORA.  Found this on FaceBook recently.

39. San __, Italy: REMO.  A city on the Mediterranean located in the extreme western part of Italy.  San and Santa - near clechoes.

40. Overseer: BOSS.

41. Greeting at a dog park: ARF.

42. Throws off track: DERAILS.

43. Thrown out: EVICTED.

46. Dental filling material: AMALGAM.  Despite containing about 50% elemental mercury, it is considered to be safe.

47. Dartmouth, e.g.: COLLEGE.  An institute of higher learning.

48. Watches through binoculars, maybe: SPIES ON.

50. Like lions and tigers and bears: PLURAL.  Yes they are plurals.  No, I do not like self-referential clues.

52. 18-time NBA All-Star Bryant: KOBE.  According to some, the 12th best player ever.

55. Texas mission: ALAMO.  Famous for the battle of 1836, when Texas was seceding from Mexico.  In a 13 day siege the garrison stationed there was almost completely wiped out.

56. "Get Yer __ Out!": live Stones album: YAYASRead all about it.

58. Mass __: MEDIA.  With tulips in my mind, I guess, I confidently filled in MANIA.  That was a set back.  The correct answer refers to news and communication outlets, like publications, broadcasting and the internet.

61. Guitarist Cline of the band Wilco: NELS.  Was this a Natick for anyone else?

63. Buddy: PAL.  Amigo, BFF.

64. Cookie fruit: FIG.  Classic.

65. Kit letters: DIY.  DIYourself.  A kit is the set of parts, pieces and tools required to build some thing.  Good luck and - yeah - do read the instructions.

OK, kids - we've frittered away enough time with this crossword puzzle.  Let's go take on the rest of the day.

Cool regards!

Note from C.C.:

Here are three beautiful pictures from Kazie (Kay). Her youngest son Dave got married last month

During the ceremony--Dave and Aimee.

Family group with all the children including Aimee's niece and nephew as well as her own two girls and our grands (Dave's nieces)
Our older son's family and their gift to the new couple

Jul 16, 2019

Tuesday, July 16, 2019 Jennifer Lee & Victor Galson

I Feel Good.    Ah, the dreaded Circle puzzle.   The letters in the circles are anagrams of feelings.  Sadly, most of the anagrammed feelings shown today are not pleasant ones.

17-Across. "La La Land" Oscar nominee: RYAN GOSLING.  As in ANGRY.

But how can you be angry with Ryan Gosling?

25-Across. Obsolescent coin-op communication device: PAY PHONE.  As in HAPPY.

47-Across. Secondhand rides: USED CARS.  As in SCARED.

55-Across. Eerie stillness: DEAD SILENCE.  As in SAD.

And the unifier:
34-Across. What a bittersweet moment may evoke ... and a hint to each set of circled letters: MIXED FEELINGS.

The above graphic shows regions of the body whose activation is either increased or decreased when feeling the emotion.  The graphic is from a journal article by Lauri Nummenmaa, and can be found in the January 14, 2014 issue of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.  I'd link the article, but the blog isn't cooperating with links and videos today.


1. Singer LuPone: PATTI.  Patti LuPone (née Patti Ann LuPone; b. Apr. 21, 1949) played the role of Eva Perón in the Broadway production of Evita.  She later played the mother on the television drama Life Goes On.

6. Certain Jamaican, religiously: RASTA.

11. Dol. parts: CTS.  100 Cents makes up 1 Dollar.

14. Get-go: ONSET.

15. Predictable: USUAL.

16. Poke bowl fish: AHI.  Poke bowls are becoming very trendy.  Poke (pronounced "po-kay") means "to cut" or "to slice crosswise" in Hawaiian and is a raw sliced fish dish.  I first had poke when visiting in Hawaii and it was delicious.

19. Gym exercise unit: REP.  As in a Repetition.

20. Beat in a hot dog contest: OUT EAT.  The Annual Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest was held earlier this month ~ on July 4th.  The winner downed 74 hot dogs and buns in 10 minutes.  Wouldn't you rather slow down and enjoy your food?

21. Farm yield: CROP.
Crop Circles

22. Singer Styles and illusionist Houdini: HARRYs.  I am not familiar with Harry Styles (b. Feb. 1, 1994).
Harry Styles

Harry Houdini

Harry Houdini (né Erik Weisz; Mar. 24, 1874 ~ Oct. 31, 1926) was a well known illusionist.  I learned recently that he had a younger brother who was also a magician and illusionist.  His brother went by the name Theodore Hardeen (né Ferenc Dezső; Mar. 4, 1876 ~ June 12, 1945).

Harry and Theodore

28. Fateful March day: IDES.  Beware the Ides of March.  Actually, each month has an ides, which is the middle of the month.  March is particularly fateful because it is the traditional date that Julius Caesar was killed.

29. Not timely, as a birthday wish: BELATED.

30. African adventure: SAFARI.

Not to be confused with the Web browser.

33. Jazz great Fitzgerald: ELLA.  Elle Jane Fitzgerald (Apr. 25, 1917 ~ June 15, 1996) and I have become good friends.  This is the third time she has made a guest appearance on a day I prepare the blog commentary.

39. "I don't believe you!": LIAR.  See, even feelings can arise when thinking about a liar.

40. Rudely sarcastic: SNARKY.

42. "Dirty" drink: MARTINI.

46. Two of a kind: PAIR.
49. Bites (on): CHOMPS.

51. Eye covers: LIDS.

52. Dr. Seuss' real last name: GEISEL.  We remember Dr. Seuss (né Theodor Seuss Giesel; Mar. 2, 1904 ~ Sept. 24, 1991), as a children's author.  Before he began writing children's literature, however, his early work was much darker, discriminatory and was often censored.

54. Chocolate dog: LAB.

60. Swelled head: EGO.

61. NOW co-founders: WOMEN.  NOW stands for the National Organization for Women.  It was founded in 1966 by 28 women, including Representative Shirley Chisholm (1924 ~ 2005), Betty Friedan (1921 ~ 2006), and Pauli Murray (1910 ~ 1985).

62. Ski run bump: MOGUL.

63. __ screen: medical test for poisons, etc.: TOX.

64. Nonreactive, as gases: INERT.  The inert gasses are on the far right of the Periodic Table.  They include Helium, Neon, Argon, Krypton, Xenon, and Radon.

65. Uppity types: SNOBS.  They probably have swelled heads.


1. Spanish "for": POR.  Today's Spanish lesson.

2. "Pick a card, __ card": ANY.

3. Homeland Security screening org.: TSA.  As in the Transportation Security Administration, which is housed in the United States Department of Homeland Security.

4. Jazz ensemble instrument: TENOR SAX.

5. PC troubleshooter: IT GUY.  As in the Information Technology Guy, more commonly known as the Techie.

6. Trick: RUSE.

7. __ on the wrist: A SLAP.

8. Befitting: SUITABLE.

9. Sun-lover's hue: TAN.

10. "Solve for x" subj.: ALG.  As in Algebra.

11. Snack for Bugs: CARROT.

12. Dream partner: THE ONE.  Cute clue.

13. Drank daintily: SIPPED.

18. Tie-breaking NHL periods: OTs.  As in Over Time periods in the National Hockey League.

21. When doubled, a Latin dance: CHA.  The dance is the Cha-Cha.

22. That dude's: HIS.

23. 2018 Best Supporting Actor Oscar nominee Driver: ADAM.  Adam Driver (b. Nov. 19, 1983) received the Best Supporting Oscar for his role in BlacKKKlansman, in which he played a white undercover police officer who infiltrated the Klan on behalf of his black partner.

24. Int.-lowering mortgage deal: RE-FI.  As in ReFinancing the mortgage.

26. Hollers: YELLS.

27. Like the nose on your face?: PLAIN.

31. Ancient artifact: RELIC.  Ancient Relics may appear where you least expect them.

32. Menzel who voices Elsa in "Frozen": IDINA.  Idina Menzel (b. May 30, 1971) had been in many Broadway musicals.

33. Racket end?: EER.  As in Racketeer.

35. Legitimate target: FAIR GAME.
36. Custard-filled pastry: NAPOLEON.  Yummers!

37. Mass unit: GRAM.

38. Uno card: SKIP.  I can't remember the last time I played Uno, so didn't remember this card.

41. Nos. on wine labels: YRS.  As in the Year of the vintage.

42. Short-in-front, long-in-back men's hairstyle: MULLET.  Definitely NOT the Dream Partner.

43. Crumbly Italian cheese: ASIAGO.

44. Netflix competitor: REDBOX.  Redbox began as a DVD rental service found in malls and grocery stores.  They now offer a streaming service.

45. QB stats: TDs.  A football reference to the Quarter Backs and Touch Downs.

48. Ritual Jewish meal: SEDER.  Here is a brief explanation of the items found on the SEDER plate.  There are at least 5 items on the Seder plate: (1) a Shank Bone; (2) an Egg; (3) Bitter Herbs, also known as mayor; (4) vegetable; and (5) Charoset, a sweet mixture generally made of fruits and nuts.  Many seder plates all include an additional bitter herb.

49. Long-running forensic series: CSI.  Stands for Crime Scene Investigation.  I watched the original show for a few years when it first came on in the early 2000s, but lost interest after a few years.  The show ran for 15 years.

50. Command posts: HELMS.  Hi, Spitzboov!

53. Stevie Wonder's "__ She Lovely": ISN'T.  I'l play the clip for you but the I can't get the video portion to play for me today.

55. Sobriety checkpoint initials: DWI.  As in Driving While Intoxicated.

56. Loooong time: EON.

57. Nonprofit aid gp.: NGO.  As in a Non-Governmental Organization.  A brief history of the NGO.

58. Baby bear: CUB.

59. Raised railroads: ELs.

The El in Chicago.
I hope this puzzle left you feeling Happy.  I known I am happy.

And here's the grid:

I'll leave you with a QOD:  Every once in a while, someone will mail me a single popcorn kernel that didn’t pop.  I’ll get out a fresh kernel, tape it to a piece of paper and mail it back to them. ~  Orville Redenbacher (né Orville Clarence Redenbacher; July 16, 1907 ~ Sept. 19, 1995)