Mar 24, 2019

Sunday March 24, 2019 Jason Mueller

Theme: "Pollination" - BEE sits on top of each flower.

23. *Henry James heroine: DAISY MILLER. And 18. Hardwood tree: BEECH.

29. *Hip-hop artist with the 2014 #1 hit "Fancy": IGGY AZALEA. And 26. "Three Tall Women" Pulitzer playwright: ALBEE.

42. *Youngest NBA player to win the MVP: DERRICK ROSE. And 37. "Cold one over here, please": BEER ME.

67. *Bashful one: SHRINKING VIOLET. The only flower with BEES on top. See 60. 2007 IHOP acquisition: APPLEBEE'S.

93. *"Under the Net" novelist: IRIS MURDOCH. And 87. Designer Geoffrey: BEENE.

109. *Looney Tunes girlfriend: PETUNIA PIG. And 99. Borscht veggie: BEET.

117. *Add unneeded ornamentation: GILD THE LILY. And the reveal on top: 114. Creature found atop the apt part of each answer to a starred clue: BEE.

I love this theme!

Don G and I had the same idea a few years ago. But ours is only a weekday grid. I'm amazed at the amount of theme entries Jason put in this grid. The fill is really good, despite the challenges of those paralleled BEEs.


1. "Behind the __ I'll convey myself": Polonius: ARRAS.

6. Base near home: THIRD. FIRST too. We also have 6. Target Field team: TWINS. And 34. Pitcher Hershiser: OREL.

11. EMT skill: CPR.

14. Judge's seat: BANC.

19. Fail to make use of: WASTE.

20. WC: LOO.

21. Prayer opening: O LORD. Boomer has been going to church faithfully since last November. Making friends with God.

25. Top of a scepter, perhaps: ORB.

27. German university city: ULM. University of Ulm. Albert Einstein's birthplace.

28. Initial payments: ANTES.

31. Pays attention: LISTENS.

34. Delivery pros: OB/GYNS. Baby delivery.

35. One taking a selfie: CELL.

36. AP rival: UPI.

40. Campaign funding org.: PAC.

46. Big risk taker: DAREDEVIL. Great fill.

52. Happening: EVENT.

53. Studio supporter?: EASEL.

54. Remote, as a road: LONESOME.

55. Dwindle: FADE AWAY.

57. Divested (of): RID.

58. Bird in Saint-Saëns' "The Carnival of the Animals": SWAN. Learning moment for me.

59. 1912 Olympic legend: THORPE (Jim).  Native American.

66. Barrett of Pink Floyd: SYD.

71. "NCIS" was spun off from it: JAG.

74. Key movie scenes: SET PIECES.

75. 60-year-old Mattel classic: BARBIE.

79. Since: AS OF.

81. D.C. VIP: SEN.

82. Pocatello natives: IDAHOANS.

84. Korean rice dish: BIBIMBAP. Literally "mixed rice". Various julienned veggies and sliced beef or other meat on top of steamed rice. And an egg in the middle. Koreans like featuring an egg in their dishes. See their iconic cold noodles below.


Korean Cold Noodles. The stuff under the egg is sliced Korean pears.

90. Keats, for one: ODIST.

91. "These go to eleven" band: SPINAL TAP.

95. Prefix with Pen: EPI.

96. Nab: ARREST.

98. Pocatello-to-Provo dir.: SSE.

102. Approached: NEARED.

105. Go back in: RE-ENTER.

111. "The way I __ ... ": SEE IT.

115. Pine Tree State campus town: ORONO. Alma mater of dear Hahtoolah. 

116. __ Diego: SAN.

120. Some, in Stuttgart: EINES.

121. Bit of work: ERG.

122. Saying: ADAGE.

123. Big fight: MELEE.

124. Palindromic Latin verb: ESSE. And 126. Palindromic court star: SELES.

125. Rehab woe: DTS.

127. Creases: FOLDS.


1. "Idol" judge replaced by DeGeneres: ABDUL.

2. "Around the Horn" host Tony: REALI.

3. French coronation city: REIMS.

4. Coolers in windows, briefly: ACS.

5. Timid: SHY.

7. Cease: HALT.

8. Bermuda, e.g.: ISLE.

9. GPS data: RTES.

10. Aachen article: DER.

11. Blocked, as a drain: CLOGGED.

12. Gershwin title lover: PORGY.

13. One-named Swedish pop singer: ROBYN. Guess what? She was born Robin.

14. Ruth's husband: BOAZ. Total stranger to me.

15. Allowing admittance anywhere, as a pass: ALL ACCESS. Another great fill.

16. Highborn: NOBLE.

17. Angler's basket: CREEL. Also 107. Caught congers: EELED.

22. Reason to shake: DEAL. Nice clue.

24. Overexcited: MANIC.

29. Watson creator: IBM. They have a woman CEO. She probably knows a regular on our blog.

30. Vail alternative: ASPEN.

32. Tina and Lana: TURNERS.

33. Mel Blanc's "That's All Folks" et al.: EPITAPHS.

37. Donkey sound: BRAY.

38. Dawn deity: EOS.

39. Linguistic suffix: ESE. And 41. Citrus suffix: ADE.

42. Skillful: DEFT.

43. Cole Porter's "Well, Did You __?": EVAH.

44. Make over: REDO.

45. Mauna __: KEA. Not LOA.

47. Suspect's story: ALIBI.

48. Copland ballet with a hoedown: RODEO.

49. Gives one's word: VOWS.

50. "It could happen": I MAY.

51. Allow to use: LEND.

56. "The Way We __": WERE. Such an idealistic movie. 

57. Guns: REVS.

60. Like, with "to": AKIN.

61. Dessert option: PIE.

62. __ Park: Pirates' field: PNC.

63. Part of XL: Abbr.: LGE.

64. Site of Napoleon's exile: ELBA.

65. Fish in the genus Hippocampus: SEAHORSE.

68. Where __: IT'S AT.

69. Hip-hop's Salt-__: N-PEPA.

70. Walked-on: TRODDEN.

71. Some punches: JABS.

72. Take __ of: taste: A SIP.

73. Mongolian desert: GOBI. You can still see part of the old Great Wall.

76. Scott of "Charles in Charge": BAIO. Some  #MeToo trouble as well.

77. Etched: Abbr.: INSC.

78. Bk. read at Purim: ESTH.

80. Tweaks: FINE-TUNES.

82. Research ctr.: INST.

83. JFK, say: DEM.

85. Plan, with "out": MAP.

86. Pancakes sometimes served with caviar: BLINI. Here is a plate of Chinese pancakes. Popular breakfast food. Do you like cong you bing, Jayce?

87. What Superman first looked like?: BIRD.

88. Prior to, in poems: ERE.

89. Grafton's "__ for Evidence": E IS.

92. Sliced-off parts: PARINGS.

94. "He that __ many words shall be abhorred": Eccl.: USETH.

97. Coffee order: Abbr.: REG.

99. Fraternal org.: BPOE

100. Strange: EERIE.

101. Preppy jackets: ETONS.

103. Abated: EASED.

104. Aside (from): APART.

105. Ceremonies: RITES.

106. Govt. security: T-BILL.

108. Judy of "Devious Maids": REYES. Another learning moment.

110. Support for glasses: NOSE.

111. Facet: SIDE.

112. Israeli airline: EL AL.

113. Margin: EDGE.

117. Energy metaphor: GAS.

118. "Unbelievable" rock band: EMF.

119. Celestial lion: LEO.

Mar 23, 2019

Saturday, March 23, 2019, Kyle Dolan

Saturday Themeless by Kyle Dolan

Today we celebrate National Chip and Dip Day. Perhaps we should have celebrated this occasion on Super Bowl Sunday but anything this delicious can stand on its own merit,

Many of the dips I saw online had guacamole and I just haven't developed that taste for that. My plebeian tastes prefer the common combination at the end of this write-up.

Toady's constructor  is Dr. Kyle Dolan and it has been my pleasure to blog three previous puzzles he authored here at our word stand! 

As his title would indicate, Kyle's puzzles are full of innovation and fiendish cluing coupled wonderful stacked 9's in the NW and SE!


1. Source of moving fare: FOOD TRUCK - When we were in Portland, Oregon we were stunned by the many, many FOOD TRUCKS downtown for lunch

10. Each of its chapters is called a "sura": QURAN - This alternate spelling of KORAN eventually entered my consciousness and opened up QUEEN in  10. Artist with the 2016 album "Lemonade," to fans: QUEEN BEY. I filled the cells but had to Google to obtain this reference to BEYONCE

15. Georgian Bay is part of it: LAKE HURON.

16. Fifth sense?: UMAMI The 5th sense of taste that has been in our puzzles several times lately

17. "Regardless ... ": AT ANY RATE.

18. Park with an "Innoventions" museum: EPCOT  - A EPCOT portmanteau familiar to me

19. Humanities subj.: PSY.

20. Small white toy: MALTESE - Aha, Kyle, you didn't fool me!

22. Time of expectation: EVE.

23. Old Route 66 city: TULSA - Kind of a big deal there

24. Solution: ANSWER.

26. Flag of Chicago quartet: STARS - Who knew?


29. Mainland Africa's smallest nation: GAMBIA The bizarre history of Gambia's formation and shape

31. Decorated one: HERO 

32. Pot seen in a bar: BEER BELLY - Sometimes indelicately called a "pot gut"

35. Charges up: EXCITES - THAT'S their, uh, charge

37. Whitewater sight, perhaps: KAYAKER.

39. Sit out: TAKE A PASS.

41. Lock fixers: GELS - Locks of hair

42. Maker of Oikos Greek yogurt: DANNON - Granola on top makes it more palatable to me

43. Big Ten team since 2014, familiarly: TERPS -  The TERPS and the Huskers joined in the same year

44. Actually being: INESSE - Latin for Contain, Embody, Include 

46. results: DATES - My daughter met a lot of frogs there before her ideal man came along

49. Brief storage unit: MEG - See the accompanying table

50. "The Murder Room" author: P.D. JAMES New author for me

52. Red choice: CAB In the seventeenth century in southwestern France, an accidental breeding occurred between a red CABernet Franc grape plant and a white Sauvignon Blanc grape plant produced the most popular grape among American red wine drinkers: CABernet Sauvignon.

55. Up: AWAKE.

57. In agreement with the party: ON MESSAGE - Senators and Representatives, abandon your own opinions before you take your seat

59. Jackie's predecessor: MAMIE - Here they are with their spouses and the Prime Minister of Japan and his spouse in 1961

60. Posted: STATIONED - My dad was STATIONED in The Panama Canal Zone during WWII

61. Place: STEAD - During the Civil War, rich men could pay to have others go in their STEAD as a substitute 

62. Egg sources: HEN HOUSES 


1. Controversy: FLAP - Any activity these days seems to generate a political FLAP

2. Stable diet: OATS - Lunch for Trigger and Silver

3. "Agreed": OKAY.

4. Show watcher's room: DEN - Wow!

5. Gland essential to T cell maturation: THYMUS  - All you need to know

6. Pastoral: RURAL and 7. Range with one end in Kazakhstan: URALS - How do you people who say RULE instead of ROOR AL pronounce this mountain range that divides Europe from Asia? 😏

8. Weekend getaway: COTTAGE - Ah, the destination not the trip

9. Hopping joint?: KNEE - My grandchildren hopped up on my KNEE many times

11. One verifying a tag: UMP - Verified!

12. 20km Summer Olympian: RACE WALKER - One foot must always be in contact with the ground

13. "Don't make __!": A MOVE.

14. Fertilizer ingredient: NITER - NITER is KNO3 below

21. Ballroom dances: SAMBAS MAMBOTANGO, SAMBA

23. Three-horse carriages: TROIKAS - A TROIKA ride at Pavlovsk Palace Park in St. Petersburg, Russia

25. Preserved fodders: SILAGES - Testing  a SILAGE pit is a common practice in Nebraska

26. "__ Came in Through the Bathroom Window": Beatles: SHE - Paul wrote this song about a fan who broke into his house.  Wanna hear?

27. One might include an emoji: TEXT - I 💘 to TEXT 😊

28. Dance Dance Revolution, e.g.: ARCADE GAME - 14 seconds of it on Big Bang

30. Sacred chests: ARKS - Indiana Jones and Sallah find the ARK of the Covenant (the MacGuffin) in this fun movie

32. More than brushed back: BEANED - Hit a home run, stand at the plate and watch it leave the ball park? This could happen to you the next time you're up!

33. First NHL player with a 100-point season, familiarly: ESPO - Phil ESPOsito has been a starter on the cwd hockey team for years!

34. Site with many pans: YELP - A pan is a bad review. A YELP review of our favorite Omaha restaurant

36. State-of-the-art 1970s bike: TEN SPEED - A coveted possession at that time

38. __ feed: online news aggregator: RSS - Rich Site Summary - RSS solves a problem for people who regularly use the web. It allows you to easily stay informed by retrieving the latest content from the sites you are interested in. You save time by not needing to visit each site individually.

40. Slowish tempo marking: ANDANTE Griegg's famous passage from Peer Gynt played ANDANTE

43. One of Corleone's capos: TESSIO - Here Abe Vigoda playing Salvatore TESSIO asks for mercy after betraying the family in The Godfather

44. 10-Across preachers: IMAMS.

45. Unaccustomed to: NEW AT

47. Jordan's capital: AMMAN - 31/4 hr drive from Tel Aviv

48. Effectiveness: TEETH - Texting while driving violations will only be effective when TEETH are put into its enforcement 

51. Rib: JOSH.

52. Recycled items: CANS.

53. "Permit Me Voyage" poet: AGEE - A 1939 compilation of poetry by James Agee. I am much more familiar with Tommy AGEE of the '69 Amazin' Mets!

54. Flower holders: BEDS - Ours will hold forth soon, duly protected from the rabbits

56. Hyundai competitor: KIA - The 2019 Hyundai and KIA below. I don't know which is which. 😁

58. Paltry quantity: SOU - Je n'ai pas un SOU sur moi (I haven't got a penny on me)

Time for my low brow chip and dip while you comment:

Just a "Z" short of a Pangram

Mar 22, 2019

Friday, March 22, 2019, Peter Koetters

Theme: Look Ma, No ADS!  The letters AD are missing from the ends of each theme answer. (Edited later: AD is moved up at the end of each Across theme entries.)

17-Across. Embattled World War II city: STALINGR(AD).  The Battle of Stalingrad was one of the major battles between Russian forces and Nazi Germany.  The city, which is located in the confluence of the  Tsaritsa and Volga rivers, was originally called Tsaritsyn.  In 1925, the name was changed to Stalingrad in 1925 in honor of Joseph Stalin.  Nikita Khrushchev had the name changed to Volograd in 1961.  Just in case it's too subtle, the suffix GRAD means means City in Russian. AD moves up in 8D. Limited-access internet area: DARK WEB.  Everything you wanted to know about the DARK WEB

19-Across. Absolutely bonkers: STARK RAVING M(AD).

Apparently, STARK RAVING MAD was also the name of a short-lived sit-com on NBC. AD moves up to 16. It holds water: DAM.  Can you identify the dam in the background?

36-Across. Capital ESE of Kabul: ISLAMAB(AD).  The capital of Pakistan.  The capital city is located East-SouthEast of Kabul, Afghanistan.

Ad moves up to 27. Pat: DAB.  Here's a DAB of butter on a stack of pancakes.

38-Across. College student: UNDERGR(AD).  The difference in your social life when you transition from being an Undergrad vs. Graduate Student. AD moves up to 32. Tongue-in-cheek award eponym: DARWIN.  Unfortunately, often times the recipient of the Darwin Award ends up dead.

48-Across. Nation of Islam leader who was a mentor to Malcolm X: ELIJAH MUHAMM(AD).  Elijah Muhammad (né Elijah Robert Poole; Oct. 7, 1897 ~ Feb. 25, 1975), was the son of a sharecropper and Baptist lay minister before developing the Nation of Islam, which is an African-American religious and political movement. AD moves up to 44. Stifled: DAMPED.

55-Across. Online annoyances needed to complete five puzzle answers: POP-UP ADS.

1. Foretold: PRESAGED.

9. Biblical spy: CALEB.  As I am sure you all remember from your Biblical history, after Moses and the Israelites wandered through the desert for 40 years, they came upon the land of Canaan.  Moses sent out 12 men on a reconnaissance trip into Canaan and report back about its cities and inhabitants. Caleb was one of the spies Moses enlisted for this mission.  Ten of the spies feared entering the land, but Caleb and Joshua thought otherwise.  You can find out more about this mission in the Book of Numbers.  Spoiler Alert:  The land was deemed safe enough at the time for entry.

14. California resort island: CATALINA.  Fun things to do on Catalina Island.

15. Let up: ABATED.

18. Lady of Las Palmas: SEÑORA.  Today's Spanish lesson.

21. Source of a mole poblano ingredient: CACAO.  History of Mole Poblano.  The bitter-sweetness of the CACAO counteracts the spiciness of the peppers.   You can get some Mole made with ants at Xochi in Houston, Texas.

24. "Now, where __?": WAS I.  I was having a senior moment, there!

25. Spans often presidentially named: ERAs.

26. '60s Hagman co-star: EDEN.  Think of I Dream of Jeannie.  Barbara Eden (née Barbara Jean Morehead; b. Aug. 23, 1931) and Larry Hagmen (né Larry Martin Hagman; Sept. 21, 1931 ~ Nov. 23, 2012) starred in the television show.

28. Turn: GO BAD.  How long has that milk been in the refrigerator?  It has GOne BAD!

33. Rapper __ Wayne: LIL.  His given name is Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. (b. Sept. 27, 1982).  I am not familiar with his work, but he seems to have a lot of ink.

34. Marble piece: SLAB.

35. Czech currency: KORUNA.  Here are some Czech coins.

39. Partner of Marcus: NEIMAN.  The high-end department store  Or, as we used to call the store ~ Needless Markup.  The store was originally founded by Herbert Marcus (Sept. 6, 1878 ~ Dec. 1950) and his sister, Carrie Marcus Neiman (May 3, 1883 ~ Mar. 5, 1953) in Dallas, Texas in 1907.
I associate the store with Stanley Marcus (né Harold Stanley Marcus; Apr. 20, 1905 ~ Jan. 22, 2002), who was the son of founder Herbert Marcus.

40. Zeno's home: ELEA.  Zeno of ELEA was a pre-Socratic philosopher.  He lived around 495 ~ 430 BCE.  A little before my time.

41. Just out: NEW.

42. Log: ENTER.

43. Deal preceder: ANTE.  Not as a business deal, but the dealing of cards in a poker game.

44. Place to nosh on a knish: DELI.  Yum!

45. Musician Rundgren: TODD.  For years, Liv Tyler (b. July 1, 1977), thought Todd Rundgren (né  Todd Harry Rundgren; b. June 22, 1958) was her father.  Her mother, Bebe Buel (b. July 14, 1953), was living with him at the time, but had a brief affair with Steven Tyler (b. Mar. 26, 1948) of Aerosmith fame.
Todd Rundgren is probably best know for his song, Hello, It's Me.

47. Braves slugger: AARON.  As in Hammerin' Hank Aaron (né Henry Lewis Aaron; b. Feb. 5, 1934).

54. Edible oil: CANOLA.

59. More disturbing, as details: GORIER.  Some of the recipients of the 32-Down Awards meet with very Gory endings.

60. Licorice-flavored brew: ANISE TEA.  Anise tea is actual an herbal tea that is thought to soothe an upset stomach.  How to Make Anise Tea.

61. Because: SINCE.

62. Demoted to the minors: SENT DOWN.  Think baseball.  A player who doesn't do well in the major leagues may be Sent Down to the minor league team.

1. Many Chrome runners: PCs.  As in Personal Computers.

2. Muppet Rizzo, e.g.: RAT.
Not to be confused with Ratso Rizzo.

3. Greek vowel: ETA.  Not the usual Estimated Time of Arrival we see in the puzzles.

4. Burrito seller's array: SALSAs.  Yum!

5. Ginsburg associate: ALITO.  Fooled me.  I was going for Elena Kagan (b. Apr. 28, 1960).  Ruth Bader Ginsburg (née Joan Ruth Bader; b. Mar. 15, 1933), Samuel ALITO (né Samuel Anthony Alito, Jr.; b. Apr. 1, 1950) and Elena Kagan are all Associate Justices of the United States Supreme Court.

6. Actress Gershon: GINA.  As in Gina Gershon (b. June 10, 1962)

7. Many an RPI grad: ENGR.  Hi, Spitzboov!

9. Honduran homes: CASAS.  More of today's Spanish lesson.

10. He played Fish on "Barney Miller": ABE VIGODA.  Abe Vigoda (né Abraham Charles Vigoda; Feb. 24, 1921 ~ Jan. 26, 2016) was a constant victim of death hoaxes beginning in 1982 when People magazine erroneously reported his death.  He lived another 34 years after this fake news.

11. Legal scholar Guinier: LANI.  Lani Guinier (b. Apr. 19, 1950) was nominated to be the United States Attorney General in 1993.  Unfortunately for her, some of her writings were deemed too controversial, hence her nomination was withdrawn.  She specializes in Civil Rights and is now a law professor at Harvard.

12. "The most private of private schools": Hugh Laurie: ETON.  Prince William (b. June 21, 1982) and Eddie Redmayne (b. Jan. 6, 1982) were classmates at Eton.

13. Marine threat: BERG.  As in an Iceberg.

20. Bled: RAN.  Adding a cup of vinegar or a half cup of salt to the rinse cycle will help hold colors from bleeding in the wash.

21. 2010s Caesars Palace regular, familiarly: CÉLINE.  As in Céline Dion (née Céline Marie Claudette Dion; b. Mar. 30, 1968).

22. Out of the sack: ARISEN.

23. "Heads or tails": CALL IT!

26. Vigorous spirit: ELAN.

29. Claim discovery, perhaps: ORE.

30. Phone in crime shows: BURNER.  Lots of burner phones were used on The Wire.

31. San __, Texas: ANGELO.  I am not familiar with this city in Texas, but here are some fun things to do in San Angelo.

34. Wisenheimer: SMART ALEC.

35. Proposal support?: KNEE.

37. __ Zion Church: AME.  As in the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church.
38. Last: Abbr.: ULT.  As in the Ultimate.

40. Turn into: END UP AS.

43. Naval brass: Abbr.: ADM.  Grace Murray Hooper (Dec. 9, 1906 ~ Jan. 1, 1992) was a Rear Admiral in the United States Navy.  She was a computer scientist and was involved in the development of COBOL.

46. Orchard Field, today: O'HARE.  The main airport in Chicago was renamed O'Hare in honor of Eddie"Butch" O'Hare (né Edward Henry O'Hare; Mar. 13, 1914 ~ Nov. 26, 1943) who was a naval aviator in the United States Navy.  He was shot down in the pacific theater during World War II.  The name of the airport was changed from Orchard Field to O'Hare International Airport in 1949.

47. Not to be missed: A MUST.  The musical Hamilton is a MUST SEE.  I saw the show last weekend.  It was fabulous!

48. Cardio readout: ECG.  As in an ElectroCardioGraph, sometimes abbreviated as EKG.  

49. Indochinese Peninsula nation: LAOS.

50. Cross letters: INRI.  A crossword staple.  From the Latin phrase: Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum.   As we learned from last week's entry in a puzzle, different theologies have slightly different interpretations on how this phrase should be translated.  So, let's just leave this alone.

51. Become part of: JOIN.

52. Refine: HONE.

53. Could hear __ drop: A PIN.

56. Volume One words, perhaps: A TO.  Youch!  This was an evilly tricky clue.  Think of the letters on the spine of an encyclopedia (do they even exist anymore?).  Volume One would contain articles beginning with A to perhaps B.  Or, maybe the first volume of the OED would have these words on its spine.

57. Morning coat?: DEW.

58. Title of respect, in Tokyo: SAN.  Today's Japanese lesson.

Hahtoolah here.  As Lemonade noted last week, he'll be sharing the Friday blog spot.  So, you got me today.  Hope you had as much fun with this puzzle as I did.  Fear not, however, Lemonade will be back (just like Arnold!).   In the meantime,  I will sometimes be sitting in for him on some Fridays.

QOD:  The nice thing about doing a crossword puzzle is, you know there is a solution.  ~  Stephen Sondheim (né Stephen Joshua Sondheim; b. Mar. 22, 1930)

Notes from C.C.: 

1) As Hahtoolah said earlier, she'll sharing the Friday blogging duty with Lemonade from now on.  Lemonade's workload has increased substantially the past few weeks. He does not have extra time for write-up. Each post often takes our team at least 3 hours. Thank you, Lemonade and Susan!
2) Happy Birthday to dear Pat (PK on our blog), who turns 78 today. Sorry, CrossEyedDave, I stole your cake again. PK was a newspaper reporter before, hence her always keen observations.