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Dec 9, 2019

Monday December 9, 2019 Kurt Mengel & Jan-Michele Gianette

Theme: MEAT OF THE MATTER (60. Issue's most important element ... and a hint to 17-, 30-, 36- and 47-Across) - The start of each theme entry is a type of meat.
17. Career-boosting political spending on local projects: PORK BARREL BILLS.

30. Amateur radio hobbyist: HAM OPERATOR.

36. Zeros: GOOSE EGGS.

47. Paltry sum: CHICKEN FEED.

Boomer here.

Greetings all and happy Monday. This puzzle is not a TURKEY but instead a nice piece of FILET MIGNON, medium rare. I had my quarterly visit with my oncologist Friday and had pretty good news. My blood numbers deserved an "attaboy" and he discontinued the Zometa chemo.  He said I have had enough, and I agreed with him, (and did not throw up yesterday,)  He also cut my steroid dose in half to help control my blood sugar.

And by the way, confidential to TTP and other bowlers, last Monday was 184-215-223 - 622.  My first 600 series since before my diagnosis.  As you read this, I am trying for another one this morning.  


1. "Georgia on My Mind" singer Charles: RAY.  Willie Nelson sings this too.  A little scratchier than Ray.

4. Party music mix, briefly: DJ SET.  DJ used to stand foe Disc Jockey back when disks were 45 RPM records.  I suppose CDs count too.

9. Keep from having kittens, say: SPAY.  I guess they don't have birth control pills for cats.

13. "Big Band" and "Jazz" periods: ERAS.  A low one could earn a pitcher a Cy Young award. I could probably hang a baseball remark on half of the answers,  but C.C. won't let me.

15. Easily fooled: NAIVE.

16. __-in-one: golfer's ace: HOLE.  I have come close a couple of times, but never knocked one in.

20. Speaker sound: AUDIO.

21. Smitten: IN LOVE.  I have a sister who really liked the song "Once in love with Amy".

22. Dancer Duncan: ISADORA.  Wow, there's a name out of the past.  Born in San Francisco and died at age 50 a couple of years before our stock market crashed.  

25. Thurman who played The Bride in "Kill Bill" films: UMA.  I have a bowling buddy, William Whitenour, who hates those films.

26. Chill in the air: NIP.  Looks like PIN spelled backwards.  You really have to hit them hard to get them in the air.

29. Pos. opposite: NEG.

33. "Cats" poet's monogram: TSE.

34. Chief Norse god: ODIN.

35. "Great" dog: DANE.

40. Polite address to a woman: MA'AM.  I think MISS is more polite.  MA'AM is a contraction for MADAM, and we all know what they do for a living.

43. Creme-filled cookie: OREO.  "The Wizard of OZ" is making the rounds on the cable channels.  I think the soldiers that are guiding the Wizard's castle chant OREO.

44. Rx: MED.  5mg LESS of daily Prednisone for me.

51. Madison in NYC, e.g.: AVE.  Named after U.S. 4th President.

52. Polite way to address a man: SIR.  In the Army, this is what we called officers. Everyone else was "Hey You".  Once in a while at the VA Medical Center, someone might call me SIR.  I tell them I was an enlisted man so they don't need to call me sir.

53. Positive vote: AYE.

54. Aspen getaway: SKI TRIP.  "Well they called him Super Skier, as he lined up on the sundeck.  He thought that he would never take a spill.  When they finally brought him down they had to use three toboggans to carry all the pieces of the hill".  (Chad Mitchell Trio)

56. To a greater extent: MORE SO.

59. "There you have it!": VOILA.  I have to reverse two letters to bring up Frank Viola of the 1987 Twins.  Winning pitcher of two games in the World Series vs. the Cardinals.

64. Leave out: OMIT.  I think a catcher for the Baltimore Orioles wears one of these.

65. Prefix with sonic: ULTRA. There is a cosmetics store near our home called ULTA. They charge ULTRA prices.

66. Sunrise direction: EAST.  Here in Minnesota, we have to stare EAST for a long time this time of year.  However the sun never fails to rise, it just sleeps late.

67. Sport played on horseback: POLO.  Makes me think of Marco in the GEICO commercial.

68. Africa's Sierra __: LEONE.

69. Sgts.' superiors: LTS.  Yup, you gotta call them SIR.


1. Change the wall color: REPAINT.  Buy really good paint and you won't have to do it so often.

2. Excites: AROUSES.

3. Football play measure: YARDAGE. Gophers are waiting for a bowl invitation. Probably just as well.  I think Ohio State would have pulverized them.

4. Forensic evidence: DNA. DNA is an acronym for some kind of acid that I cannot spell or pronounce.  But I noticed that you can buy DNA testing kits for outrageous prices.

5. Glass container: JAR. When is a door not a door?  When it's ajar.

6. iPhone assistant: SIRI.  I don't think SIRI knows anything about bowling.

7. Tie, as a score: EVEN UP.  Put an "S" in front of this and have something to drink.

8. "I have to know!": TELL ME.  Follow the yellow brick road,

9. Prison knife: SHIV.

10. Cornmeal dish: POLENTA.

11. "__ the President's Men": ALL.  Great movie about "Deep Throat" and Watergate.  Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman were terrific.

12. "I agree": YES.  Maybe the Wizard can give me a brain and a heart. I already have a lot of nerve.

14. Slide on the road: SKID.  Gotta be careful on Minnesota winter's roads.

18. Word of mock sadness: BOO HOO.  I guess I'll never get back to Kansas.

19. Wild hog: BOAR.

23. Swiss watch brand: RADO.  Never heard of this brand.  My wristwatch runs on a battery and I have to pay someone to replace it about every 20 months.  Whatever happened to "It takes a licking and keeps on ticking."

24. Friends in Lyon: AMIS.  This doesn't look like a word.  I think I'll just call them Munchkins.

27. + or - particle: ION.

28. Opposite of post-: PRE.

31. __ a kind: ONE OF.  Three of a kind may win the poker hand.

32. Commercials: ADS. The Medicare Open Enrollment ended Saturday.  PLEASE tell me the ads have ended also.

36. Yukon automaker: GMC.  I find the Model names of cars and SUVs are fascinating.  Who thinks of these?  Yukon, Equinox, Santa Fe, Tuscon, RAV4, Explorer, Bronco, Durango ??? 

37. "__ to you, matey!": ERES.  And "ERES to you, Mrs Robinson, Heaven holds a place for those who pray, Hey, Hey, Hey.  (Simon & Garfunkel)

38. Many a techie: GEEK.  Best Buy has a whole Squad of them.

39. Bare-naked Lady: GODIVA.  "Seventeen, a beauty queen, she made a ride, that caused a scene in the town."  (Peter and Gordon).

40. Variety show hosts, briefly: MCS.  I know that there are still Masters of Ceremonies, but are there still Variety shows??

41. Sushi tuna: AHI.  Not me- I may eat StarKist, but not too often.

42. Postal service: AIRMAIL.

44. Word before vows or status: MARITAL.

45. Most wicked: EVILEST.  I think the Snake River Canyon was the Evilest.

46. Leaves: DEPARTS.

48. Syrup brand since 1902: KARO.  Wow, we always had a bottle of this in the house when I was young.  I have not seen it for years.

49. Impressive sight: EYEFUL.

50. Quik maker: NESTLE. N-E-S-T-L-E-S  Nestle's makes the very best -- Chocolate.  I guess I watched too much TV when I was a kid.

55. Convenient bag: TOTE.  Dorothy had to TOTE TOTO on her way to OZ.

57. Director Preminger: OTTO.  Dorothy's little dog's anagram.

58. "__ be in England ... ": Browning: OH TO.

60. Floor cleaner: MOP.

61. Broody music genre: EMO.

62. Geographical direction suffix: ERN.  Search me.  I thought it was Ernie Banks' nickname.

63. Daisy __: Li'l Abner's wife: MAE.  I loved all of the antics in Dogpatch.  RIP Al Capp.

Note from C.C.:

Happy Birthday to dear Hahtoolah (Susan), who has been with our blog for over 11 years and faithfully guided us on Tuesdays for the past year.
Susan  (Hahtoolah)


Lemonade714 said...

HBDTY and many more Susan. Time to read Boomer's stream of consciousness slowly, I'll be back!

Hungry Mother said...

I wish I could remember how to spell ODIN. Otherwise, a nice start to the solving week.

Lemonade714 said...

Boomer, congrats on getting back over 600. Was that with the 16lb ball? 700, he is coming for you! Very impressive that your write-up had its own theme- THE WIZARD OF OZ .

This was a really fun write-up of a Monday which did include a total unknown- RADO WATCHES which look like nice watches. Anyone here ever own one?

Thank you also KM and J-MG, goos tart to the week

OwenKL said...

Brewster Rocket
Brewster Rocket

Since I missed Paul C.'s puzzle yesterday, here's a make-up on that:

And said to her humans, "What's your hurry?"
But they just heard a purr,
So they ignored her
And continued their incomprehensible scurry.

Now for Monday:

"TELL ME, tell me, I hafta know
How did the election go?"
"The candidates tied:
GOOSE EGGS on both sides,
So the office was declared to be fallow!"

I like a donut, including the HOLE.
I like the center of an OREO.
They both add on pounds
To my body, so round --
They add on a morsel and MORE SO!

{A-, A-, B+.}

Lemonade714 said...

I just turned on the TV and learned:

BIG BIRD DIED. Carroll Spinney lived in Connecticut and was a patient of my Uncle. When he would come in for his appointments, he would bring his alter ego and entertain my Uncle's children. RIP.

ODO DIED . I loved him in BOSTON LEGAL . RIP

KIRK DOUGLAS-103 sharing his birthday with Susan.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Thanx to Kurt and Jan-Michele for today's meaty offering. Zipped right through it, no Wite-Out required. Even managed to get the theme. Amazing. Thanx for the humorous expo, Boomer (and congrats on the 600 series).

HAM OPERATOR: In my ute, for a Novice license you had to be able to send and receive Morse code at 5wpm. That kept out the riff-raff, including me.

VOILA: I remember a few years back when a poster here ended with, "and Walla!" Maybe half of him was from Washington.

QUIK: Mom always kept some in the pantry.

"Super Skier": Just for you, Boomer.

ODO: I was aware of Big Bird, but thanx for the heads up on Odo, Lemonade.

Happy Birthday to our Tuesday Sherpa, Hahtoolah.

Boomer said...

Lemonade - Thank you for your thoughts on the 600. Indeed it was with a 16 lb. Brunswick "Combat Zone" that I had lying in the garage. I brought it to my favorite Pro Shop ball doctor and had it cleaned and polished to look like new. The ball is actually about 25 years old but is responsible for about 8 of my 300 games as well as three 800+ series. This morning I am off to Classic Bowl where I once used this ball to roll 289-241-300 - 830 which is my highest series lifetime. Of course I am not expecting anything near that, (I shot those games when I was young) but we will see how it goes. Also it looks like our Gophers are heading to Tampa to play Auburn on New Year's Day. "Row the Boat".

Jinx in Norfolk said...

FIR, but erased olaf for ODIN and nerd for GEEK.

Great DANEs really are. But I prefer the larger Irish Wolfhound. Would still have one or two if I wasn't so damned old. Sweetest dogs on earth.

NESTLE makes Stouffer's frozen foods in Gaffney, SC. Freightliner makes motor home chassis there too. Other NESTLE brands include Friskies, Purina, Dreyer’s, Häagen-Dazs, Carnation, Cheerios, Perrier, Poland Spring, S.Pellegrino, and Gerber.

D-O, I had no trouble with Morse code at 5 WPM. Had trouble at 13 WPM for the general, so settled for the tech license. Mainly, I can't print with a pencil that fast. I could SEND at nearly 20 WPM, but could only receive at about 10. Technician class had the same written test as for the general, but only 5 WPM code.

HBDTY Hatoolah. I enjoy your blogging and your comments.

Thanks to Kurt and Jan for the fun, easy puzzle. And thanks to Boomer for the musical tour. So quaint that you still remember that 20th century technology, the music CD.

inanehiker said...

Fun puzzle - kept looking for the last one to be meat from a cow - but 2 were from pigs - "Where's the beef?" (Boomer I also think of ads from a long time ago in my head)

Thanks to Boomer and Kurt & Jan Michele!
Congrats on being able to stop a chemo and having a great bowling score!
Happy birthday to Susan!

Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning.

A sunny start for a cloudy day. Thanks, Kurt and Jan-Michele. Nicely done. Like D-O, I found the theme at PORK BARREL and HAM OPERATOR worked. I had to wait for the BILLS on crosses because I wanted legislation, and that obviously wasn't happening.

Thanks, Boomer for a fine tour. Congratulations all around to you SIR!! Great numbers in healing and in bowling. Three cheers for you. Great news to start the week.

Happy Birthday Hahtoolah! Thanks for your excellent coverage.

I haven't been around much: both my daughter and my brother are recovering from surgeries, so I have been trying to help out. I know my brother had his socks knocked off when he didn't want to do the crossword puzzles I brought. My daughter is recovering each day and taking fewer pain meds. Nice all around.

Have a fine day.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Happy Birthday to Hahtoolah
Belated Birthday greetings to JzB.

Easy Monday. Saw the themeAGE when I was near done. No look-ups were needed. FIR. VOILÀ!
CHICKEN FEED - We used to mix in crushed oyster or clam shells so the EGG shells would be sufficiently thick and sturdy. Guess you need lots of calcium to lay good eggs.

Boomer - Good news on your health and kudos to your bowling progress.

Yellowrocks said...

I thought the theme might be pig meat. After seeing pork and ham, I was looking for bacon, my weakness. Next I found chicken, oh just any meat. I solved the top and then the bottom. The middle was last. GMC suggested goose. Otherwise I would not have thought of it. I haven't had goose since I was a teen. On our river cruise in Germany, every single day pig meat was on the menu, along with other choices.
I find boar a confusing word. With domesticated pigs, it refers only to the uncastrated male. With wild pigs, boar is not necessarily a male. Google says, "All are interchangeably called wild or feral hogs, pigs or boars; in this context, “boar” can refer to a male or female. (Technically, “feral” refers to animals that can be traced back to escaped domestic pigs, while the more all-encompassing “wild” refers to any non-domestic animals.)"
I have been reading that wild pigs are a menace in the south.

wild pig menace

Happy birthday, Susan. Thanks for all the wonderful links and pics when you blog.
Congrats, Boomber on your improving health and improving bowling scores, a tribute to your positive attitude and perseverance. Thanks for your humorous post.
I have an used bottle of Karo in my pantry for years. It's time to ditch it, I guess.
I love the Geek Squad.


Lucina said...


Happy birthday, Susan! I hope your celebration today is outstanding. Please keep us entertained with your commentary and inspired with your quote of the day.

Thank you, Kurt and Jan for a worthy Monday puzzle which was easy but not inane.

MARITAL and IN LOVE combined nicely and perhaps AROUSES fits there, too, but EVILEST was just bad. Most EVIL appeals better to my hearing.

We also have POLENTA to accompany our MEAT dishes with an OREO and GODIVA chocolates for dessert.

KARO syrup was always on hand to sweeten the baby's milk. My mother breast-fed most of us but not my two youngest brothers and I recall mixing the milk for them.

CSO to d-OTTO!

Boomer, congratulations all around on your successes in health and in bowling! And thank you for the entertainment today.

Have an ULTRA-special day, everyone!

Husker Gary said...

-So glad to hear the good news Boomer!
-Here’s a list of things named after the king of the PORK BARREL. His name and our money
-A Danish church ten minutes from here founded DANA College
-LT. Hauk looked very inferior to Sgt. Major Dickerson in Good Morning Vietnam
-I didn’t SKID but the drive to sub was treacherous this morning
-Seeing Joe Namath pitching Medicare programs is sad to me
-Syrup? A symptom of why America is overweight
-Happy Birthday, Susan!

jfromvt said...

Fun write-up Boomer! A typical easy Monday. At least the early week crosswords require a little thought, as opposed to today’s Sudoku in my paper.

TTP said...

Good morning.

Happy Birthday, Hahtoolah !

Boomer ! Great job ! Hope you get another 6xx series this morning.

Boomer, do you have a Jared Galleria of Jewelry near you ? DW paid them to replace her watch battery a number of years ago, and then paid another $15 for a lifetime maintenance contract. Since then, she just takes he receipt and they replace the battery at no cost at all. The only problem she has ever had is waiting for the certain people that know how to take the back off the watch.

Shout out to WikWak at HAM OPERATOR !

Shout out to Desper-OTTO !

Madame, I'm glad to hear that your daughter and brother are recovering from their surgeries.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

This was a nice, easy start to the week although I tripped on Nerd/Geek and Gday/Eres. I liked seeing the two chocolatiers, Nestle and Godiva and the duos Sir and Siri, Aye and Yes, and Ma'am and Sir. I agree with Lucina on Evilest. I'm more accustomed to the phrase "Heart of the Matter"; am I the only one? I think we've had RADO before but I still needed perps. Nice CSO to DO at Otto.

Thanks, Kurt and Jan-Michele, for a "meaty" Monday solve and thanks, Boomer, for another rib-tickling review. You're in fine fettle this morning, as usual, and your doctor's report is music to our ears. Your 600 series ain't too shabby, either. Keep up the good work!

Happy Birthday, Hatoolah, celebrate in style! 🎂🎁🎉🎈🍾

Madame Defarge, best wishes to your brother and daughter for a speedy recovery.


YR ~I got so much Spam that I changed my email provider. It was a drastic move, but it worked. Maybe one of our resident techies has a
better solution.

CanadianEh ~ Your deductions were incorrect, but very logical, just the same. The word play Easter Egg was in my comment to Paul: "and thanks for stopping by to "chat" with us. Chat is French for Cat, the Star of the puzzle, eh?

Have a great day.

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

Nice Easy Monday. Started at the top and up and downed my way to the bottom. No hits no errors.

The theme was easy to parse.

We were taught rules that had so many exceptions it seems to express superlatives. Some single syllable words would add the suffix "est" others multisyllabic' would only take the "most". Some were on the fence.

Seems cruciverbists tend to bend those rules but couldn't have been a funner puzzle. Only the "most evil" among us would disagree.

If Lady Godiva ate as many of her chocolates as I do she wouldn't ride bare naked. Tom wouldn't bother peeping.

My daughter's family has a Great Dane. Lovely girl but if you are sitting when she gets exited you get flagellated by her whip like tail.

Lucy Loo's Mom said...

Hello everyone! Fun puzzle. Favorite fill was skid. Brought back hilarious memory from Jan 96 when hubby and I had just moved from Orlando to Atlanta. There was a snow/ice weather event, schools were closed. We with zero experience driving in this type of weather decided that we would go on to work anyway. This was before the blessings of children. We were hard charging young professionals, aka D.I.N.K.S, double income/no kids! And clueless of what could lay ahead on our fearless journey to continue to take over the world! So, carpooling for safety and all bundled up we got into our very sporty Dodge Stealth. We backed out of the garage, down the driveway onto the street. No problem! We drove on through the neighborhood admiring the freshly fallen snow. It was all new to us. We continued out of the neighborhood with no problem. This was going to be easy peasy! We made a left at the first light onto a generally busy road, still good. Then at a larger intersection we were to turn right. As we slowly started into the turn, all of a sudden our vehicle began to SKID! We went completely sideways and were fortunately stopped by the curb. Although it was truly a minor skid, we were genuinely stunned. This was not part of our plan! Needless to say it was all we needed to turn around and go home! We still laugh about it whenever a winter weather event hits Atlanta! I went on to enjoy many snow days with my kids and Lucy Loo over the years. Great memories! Thanks puzzle people! Have a great day!

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Thanks, Kurt & Jan for a fun puzzle! Great news on both your health & athletic prowess, Boomer! Oh, and thanks for captaining the blog.

OTTO, OH TO, OREO close together. OH my!

I thought BOO HOO when I saw the clue, thought surely not, tried it and it was right. Surprise! Still smarting from Saturday's scalding, this puzzle was another balm for the CW ego.

Happy Birthday, Susan, always a pleasure to read your posts & Longer stuff.

Wind is howling here & temperature is plummeting, but the sun just decided to make an appearance so maybe my gloomy mood will dissapate.

Tinbeni said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HATOOLAH >>> My "First Sunset Toast" is to YOU !!!

Boomer: Nice write-up. I could bowl a 600 Set if I had 10 games to do it. LOL


Yellowrocks said...

Madame D, it is indeed difficult to have a family member undergoing surgery and even more so to have two at the same time. I am glad things are easing up for you and both daughter and brother are on the mend.
IM, thanks for the tip. I have thought of that. Unfortunately, this is the club address which I monitor mostly by myself, although one other club member has access. The address is used in all our publicity. I use it to send messages to our regional list serve which does not seem to get this spam. None of my other correspondents seem to be effected, either. Does any tech here know what would happen to me if I used the block function? I will have to try the Geek Squad if this gets any worse.
LLM, I went to college in Baltimore for two years. At the time they were unaccustomed to snow and didn't know how to drive in it. The city decided to wait until a major snowstorm stopped.By then, plows were all inundated and the workers had to dig them out. I hear that Mainers and other new Englanders are just as much bemused by our fecklessness.

Misty said...

What a pleasure to zip through this delightful and doable Monday puzzle after the tough end-of-the-week offerings! Many thanks, Kurt and Jan-Michele. And Boomer, how wonderful to hear the news of your great medical and sport progress! Yay! So, a great start to the week, all around.

Loved getting all the names, RAY, ISADORA, UMA, and, yes, GODIVA. Also MAAM and SIR. I seem to remember that MISS was for single women and MAAM for married, but am glad for the current easy MS. And even though I keep thinking I should be a vegetarian, I did enjoy all the MEAT varieties in the puzzle. A fun experience all around.

Happy birthday, Susan--I hope you have a wonderful day, and thank you for your great commentaries.

Madame Defarge, hope your daughter and brother have good recoveries.

I also loved your SKID story, Lucy Loo's Mom.

Have a great week ahead, everybody.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Hahtoolah and many more. And congrats Boomer. Glad to hear the great news.


Alice said...

I love that KARO showed up this morning. I loved that syrup as a child, and yes, it was mixed into my bottle milk as a small toddler. When I first tasted maple syrup at about age 10, I was terribly disappointed that it was so dissimilar to KARO.

It's great to hear that Boomer is better. And, H-B, Hahtoolah.

This was one of my fastest completions. The theme was obvious and still clever. Great construction, Kurt and Jan-Michele.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Thanks Kurt & Jan-Michele for a nice clunkless Monday puzzle.

Fun expo Boomer (Loved your ref to Mrs. Robinson*). Glad to hear your health numbers are good and Bowling scores better! Keep on Truckin'!

WOs: ODeN [Hi Jinx!], PRo b/f reading the clue (PRE), and I always think there's a Y in KARO -- AYE [was Yea], there's the rub (on the MEAT?)
ESP: RADO. Nope, don't even wear a watch.
Fav: I really like CHICKEN FEED. I know it's a themer but it reminds me of a gag Grampa pulled. Imagine a little tiny box with a lid that slips open. On the lid it read, "Three Piece Chicken Dinner." Slide the lid open and you find 3 kernels of corn :-)
//built it himself, he did!

{B+, A, A}

MdF - Sorry to hear of your daughter's and brother's health issues. Glad to hear they are getting well. Loving get well wishes from Texas for both of them. And Love to you for taking care of 'em.

IM - maybe you're thinking of Don Henley of Eagles' fame? :-)
//Oh, and I missed the word-play too; French ain't my bag.

Ray-O: funner & Godiva chocolates imagery <snicker>

LL'sM: I grew up in IL and know how to drive on Ice. Folks in Houston don't. When we have Snowmagedden events, I just stay home to avoid the morons in pickups that think their trucks can go anywhere.

Hahtoolah - I love your posts, QODs, and weekly expos. A very Happy Birthday to you!
//Curious mind wants to know - what are you holding in that pic? It looks like a shopping cart or something but you're way overdressed for the supermarket(?).

Happy Monday to everyone!

Cheers, -T
*I usually hate covers but this one from The Lemonheads is hard-driving and fun.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

Yellowrocks, maybe if you posted what mail client you use, someone would know what to suggest. It is easy in Microsoft Outlook: Click on Home, then Rules, then Always Move Messages From, then type in your email address, then select either the "Junk" or "Deleted Items" folder. The emails still will arrive, but they will be zapped away from your inbox before you see them. My guess is that you do not use Outlook. (Neither would I, but I train on Microsoft Office products so I use what I teach.)

CrossEyedDave said...

I am so sorry I missed Paul C's puzzle yesterday,
(I am sure it was the Cats pajamas.)
I was designated Driver for DW's Annual Kris Kringle,
where all her old girlfriends get together for a Dinner
to exchange gifts. (& the guys get to drive them...)
While they grew up together, they are now scattered across the country,
so these get togethers seem more important every year...

I tried to do the puzzle in Bed, but fell asleep 1/2 way thru.

A belated Toot to Jazzbumpa!

& Happy Birthday Hahtoolah!

Re; todays puzzle, I was going to complain about the Isadora/Rado Natick
but the "R" seemed to be the only letter that could fit!

(to be cont...)

Anonymous T said...

CED - I don't know why I knew of ISADORA Duncan (seriously, ink just spilled out and I'm, like, Wha????) until I LIU [Wiki]. She's why I tell DW NOT to wear a scarf in my topless '86 Alfa Spider. DW knows I'm nuts, but VOILA, there you are. #Tragic


CrossEyedDave said...

Normally, I write notes on a piece of scratch paper
to look for links that may be puzzle or Blog related.
But today I just went looking on my computer as they came up
and saved open tabs to go back to when I finished reading.

Of course I accidentally closed the whole dang window & lost everything!
Actually, this is the 1st time history actually worked! I looked,
& re-opened a window that showed 9 tabs on it, & Voila!

(so now you still have to suffer the silly links!)

Like, Why is the Meat of the Matter always about Legs?
(A Splynter shout-out...)

No, they do not make birth control pills for Cats,
but they do have shots!

SO be a good Parent, & talk to your Cat!

Thank you Lemonade754 re: the Obituaries, but it is something
to see that Kirk is still around! I was only 2 when Paths of Glory came out,
but watching it had a real affect on me...

Kirk Douglas said:
In 1969, Kirk Douglas recalled about the film "There's a picture that will always be good, years from now. I don't have to wait 50 years to know that; I know it now". (As of February 2019, it's still in IMDb's 100 top-rated movies.)

CrossEyedDave said...


Sheesh, if they clued it scarf and sports car tragedy
it would have been a Monday level clue!
(well, maybe Tuesday...)

Actually, I don't know why todays puzzle made me so talkative,
but luckily CC's 20 line/5 post rule may save us all...

There were a couple of things Boomer said I wanted to reply to,
but for the life of me, I cannot remember,
except that I have an urge to see the Kill Bill films again,
& look up the weight of a Bowling Ball?

I know I posted this b/4, but,
any time Karo is mentioned, I cannot help but remember the
unusual things I discovered in my backyard!

Growing up in Brooklyn, Harriman State Park became my backyard!
Every weekend, I would take a bus up to that 60,000 sq. acre treasure
to get away from NYC, & ended up become a sort of historian
of the place! I could go on for hours about its history!
(Did you know that Thomas Edison invested in Iron Mines there?)
If you traverse enough of Harrimans trails, you will come across
many ruins.

But the ruins of "Orak" if you look into them are fascinating!

Orak is Karo spelled backwards, & the eccentricities of the owner do
not stop there...

I actually walked the ruins and found the room that was shaped
like a ship, bow to stern, and had porthole windows, and the
the wooden floor was not connected to the walls, but was built
on cantilevers so that the entire floor could move like the
rolling motion of a ship upon the waves!
(Great for Dinner Parties!)

CrossEyedDave said...

Ack!, I forgot a link!

Hmm, what is this, post #4?

( I may delete it so I can repost if things get interesting later...)

but just wanted to add

"Ham Radio!"

I always wanted to do that! But could not afford the equipment,
but now, today, I talk to people all over the World right here on this Blog!


Irish Miss said...

Anon T @ 12:49 ~ I doubt it, as I've never heard of Don Henley and the only Eagles on my radar are the ones in Philadelphia. I just know that if I were going to use that phrase, I would automatically say: "Let's get to the heart of the matter, or the heart of it". Maybe it's a regionalism or maybe I'm just out of the loop. 😎

Jinx @ 1:08 ~ Is there something I should know about not using Outlook for email?

desper-otto said...

CED, it was directed by Stanley Kubrick. It couldn't be bad.

Yellowrocks said...

Jinx, thanks, if I do that will I cancel messages from my own contacts?

Ol' Man Keith said...

HBD Hahtoolah!

Good one, inanehiker! In your response to today's MEAT theme.
I agree: "Where's the beef?"
A fun pzl, but hardly kosher.
A 3-way NW to SE.
The center anagram refers to the place you come to when seeking county-wide arbitration over a mistake in government procedure -OR- what's missing in each new round of Musical Chairs.
I refer of course to the...

WikWak said...

After the whacking I got Saturday today was a walk in the (dreary, gloomy, rainy) park! * I enjoyed the theme and the only reason to go through Boomer’s writeup (other than that I always enjoy it) was to see what the downs were. Just went across left to right, top to bottom. Doesn’t happen very often.

Saw the theme as soon as I saw HAM OPERATOR. (Thanks for the shout-outs, TTP, D-O, and Jinx! Morse has never been a problem for me. 5 wpm for Novice, 13 for General, and 20 for Extra came quite easily to me. I realize that puts me in the minority. It’s still my favorite mode of hamming.)

WEES about nearly everything, including the comments about southerners trying to drive on snow and ice. I guess if you never need it there’s no sense worrying about it until you move.

Have a great day all.

* At least it’s dreary, gloomy, and rainy in my park.

Wilbur Charles said...

Boomer, I'll help you out: Isadora's namesake Dave , formerly of the Orioles, was mentioned by the Donald today.

He must have went into politics after baseball. Any others?

Yep, another catcher: Thurman Munson
And there's Madison Baumgartner.
"And Jolt'n Joe has left and gone away"
You still picked up Frank and Ernie (Let's play two)

To echo Spitz: "Happy Birthday to Hahtoolah
Belated Birthday greetings to JzB."

It's much less about the drivers than about the tires on cars traditionally below the snow line. Speed of course is the other big factor- nothing could slow down the Florida yahoo (usually in a pkup . But*.

I drove limo in NH and we begged the idiot boss to replace bald tires. Result : a full 360 with a client. I told him the car was going in the next day. Lo and behold who do I pick up a week later? Same client, same limo.

He walks around the car, I take him home and he cancels the account.

CED, I Josee an exception for you (and -T)

Ps , the xword was entertaining but very easy. I did the Evan Birnholz earlier. That's included in TBTimes Sunday edition.

**Ok perhaps I could have been driving a tad slower

AnonymousPVX said...

I fell for the NERD/GEEK trap, otherwise no issues.

I can just imagine trying to give a cat a bill control pill. Every day.

Picard said...

Hand up for NERD/GEEK misdirection. FIR.

Do any of you remember the theme song from the Maude TV show? It featured two of our puzzle guests today:

Lady GODIVA was a freedom rider
She didn't care if the whole world looked
Joan of Arc with the Lord to guide her
She was a sister who really cooked
ISADORA was the first bra-burner

It seems that ISADORA Duncan was banned from performing for showing up without a bra.

I have a good friend who appeared in our Solstice Parade as Lady GODIVA (discreetly covered in strategic spots) but I have never been able to find a photo of this.

From yesterday:
Paul Coulter, Wilbur Charles, Lucina thank you for the kind words about my MIT and Bay Area photos.

Here I have posted more videos and photos from our Bay Area adventures.

It was a treat to discover that Paul Coulter is a fellow MIT alumnus and he was kind enough to email me back with some crossword constructing tips. He graduated early just as I was starting my freshman year.

Picard said...

Lemonade thank you for the information of the passings today. Very sad.

I got to meet René Auberjonois briefly when he performed in Santa Barbara in the early 1990s. It was during his time performing as Odo on Star Trek and I had just had the extraordinary privilege of being on that set. He was an excellent actor and perfect for the role of an alien!

The Douglas Family donated money to create what was supposed to be a nature preserve here in Santa Barbara. I was sorry to see that it was turned into a giant dog park which was not their intent. I never met Kirk Douglas, but Michael Douglas was very generous about hosting fundraisers for good causes at his home here. Somewhere I have photos of him.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Evening, friends. Thanks for all the birthday wishes. I am fortunate to be able to spend the day with my Dad in New England. We went out for a wonderful New England seafood meal. Your butterfly cake put a smile on my face, CED. Hopefully, the weather will permit me to fly back home later this week.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

YR, Outlook shouldn't block anyone on your contact list, but if it does, it will just go into your "deleted items" folder or "junk" folder. I am more concerned that it won't catch the unwanted mail. I suspect that if your email is, say, yellowrocks (, and the bad guys send you mail that claims to be from from yellowrocks (, or even yellowrocks (, the software won't catch it. Since I haven't received one of those in a few years I don't have anything to test with.

CanadianEh! said...

Marvellous Monday. Thanks for the fun, Kurt and Jan, and Boomer (congrats on the bowling and the MED stop).
Quick solve today and no inkblots. Plus I got the MEAT theme. . .gotta love Mondays!

I smiled at BOAR crossing PORK BARREL.
Hand up for not knowing that Swiss watch.
I'll take a CSO with 44A.
Just poet TSE today, not those drat tsetses.

SIR and MAAM made a good pair.
We have MadameD here. (Wishing your daughter and brother good recoveries.)

Also a mini-theme with the Cat poet, the "Great" dog, and those kittens who need to be SPAYed (does that require a NIP?). Poor SMITTEN kitten!
FLN, Irish Miss - your Easter egg with chat (French for cat) was clever, even if accidental.

Happy Birthday Hahtoolah.
Good evening to you all.

Wilbur Charles said...

"perfect for the role of an alien!". I can just see Rene's face when he was told that. Then again, I've been told similar.

Hahtoolah, was that in Boston? Pier Four, Eddie's? Or the aptly named "No.."*. There's two lobster restaurants just outside Hampton Beach that we never could quite drive by.


It was a little cafe in South Boston that served fresh off the boat to other fishermen and a few stragglers. Word got around, people started lining up but they never"named" it. Now it's next to the big boys with a big sign "The No-Name Restaurant".

Abejo said...

Good evening, folks. Thank you, Kurt Mengel and Jan-Michele Gianette, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Boomer for a fine review.

Puzzle went easily. Caught the theme easily. Made sense.

RADO was unknown, perps. Same for POLENTA.

KARO was easy. We have had that one before.

Anyhow, I plan on being in bed in about 5 minutes. See you tomorrow.


( )