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Jan 31, 2020

Friday, January 31, 2020, David Poole

Title: Austin PowersLINK.

This is one of the rare puzzles where the write-up is harder than the puzzle. But before we go there, let's welcome back David P. (my second straight David constructor) who has his 52nd LAT publication here. He was the first constructor I wrote up when I switched to Fridays in 2010. I think this is my 11th DP puzzle. Like the most recent one published two years ago, I need to begin by sharing the reveal.

40A. Hotel room amenity ... or one of the configurations that resolve four puzzle answers: MINIBAR. In retrospect, this explained the missing "MINI" in 29A/30A and 47A/49A. 21A and 57A just fit with adding the "MINI."

21A. Cornerstone phrase: ANNO DO (MINI). Year of the Lord in Latin.

29A. In a humiliating way: IGNO (MINI) 30A. -: OUSLY. Literally.

47A. Resident at Ottawa's 24 Sussex Drive: PRIME (MINI) 49A. -: STER. The 10 Downing Street of Canada.

57A. Little versions: (MINIATURES. Literally.

With the limited number of theme letters, there is room for much long fill and some Friday challenge. CATSPAW,  ENCORES, MARAUDS,  NOB HILL, CARL SAGAN, RED ALERTS,  ALGORITHMIC, and ISOMORPHISM. For those complaining about puzzles being nothing but pop culture, David presents so many areas of knowledge, I hope you had as much fun as I did.

Time to go to work.


1. Really big show: SMASH. What else comes to mind?

6. Sharp bark: YELP. This a very common clue/fill.

10. Software product with a cup-and-saucer logo: JAVA.
14. Addresses: TALKS. A commencement address for example.

15. Maintain: AVER. A favorite word of people who draft legal complaints.

16. Australian __: OPEN. Timely as Susan pointed out on Tuesday, the tennis is being played there now and the Williams sisters and the defending champion NAOMI OSAKA all lost in the first week. The ladies' final has two unseeded players Saturday.

17. __ Marbles: historic sculptures: ELGIN. I did not know about this HISTORY. Though I know this ELGIN. Very sad about Kobe and his daughter and the other 7 on the helicopter all of whom had families and life left to live. Maybe if they had driven...

18. Serious warnings: RED ALERTS. Why Red?  The phrase "Red Alert" comes from the naval tradition of "General Quarters" ("Action Stations" if you're British), where a ship prepares for battle. Much of the procedures are the same.

20. Narrow range: A TO B.

22. Plunders: MARAUDS. This is from the late 17th century: from French marauder, from maraud ‘rogue’.

24. Upper-class San Francisco area: NOB HILL HISTORY.
31. Old JFK lander: SST.

33. Takes pieces from?: UNARMS. Does he mean "Disarm" like taking a weapon or Aphrodite?

38. Beast hunted in Hercules' fourth labor: BOAR. I have a cute LINK that includes a Hercules crossword.

39. Can. sign letters: KPHKilometers Per Hour.

42. Fr. title: MME. The abbreviation for Mademoiselle. And the Spanish counterpart 69A. Span. titles: SRAS. Señoritas.

43. Arizona city: YUMA. Not Nick Adams.

45. Horn of Africa native: SOMALI. It looks sort of like a Rhino horn, home to the countries of Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Somalia, whose cultures have been linked throughout their long history.

46. W. alliance since 1948: OAS.
Organization of American States.  MEMBERS.

51. Added numbers: ENCORES.

54. Unwitting tool: CATSPAW. Derived they say from this FABLE. Later used by Mark Twain.

59. Smoothie seed: CHIA. Do you like them better as pets?

60. "Cosmos" presenter: CARL SAGAN. He was so much more.

64. Baker's tool: WHISK.

65. Mayberry moppet: OPIE. I love me some alliteration.

66. 1920s chief justice: TAFT. He went to the Supreme Court after his Presidency. HISTORY.

67. Binary pronoun: HE/SHE.

68. 2001 Microsoft debut: X-BOX.

70. Financial guru Suze: ORMAN. Anybody watch her lectures?


1. Cook, as bao buns: STEAM. If you are not familiar, this dish that originated in Northern China, where wheat, rather than rice was more prominently grown. I am sure C.C. has enjoyed many.

2. Smallest European Union nation: MALTA. We are the closing agent for a transaction between a client and a company from Malta.

3. Like search engine ranking systems: ALGORITHMIC. A Friday word that is very relevant in your life now even if you do not know it. LEARN. Nothing to do with Al Gore dancing.

4. Winter luggage item: SKI BAG. I don't know much about this winter item as my skiing days are long over, but I was shocked/amused seeing this AD.

5. QVC sister station: HSN.

6. Tall tales: YARNS.

7. Tied: EVEN.

8. Deceived: LED ON.

9. Museum with Goyas: PRADO.

10. 10-Across: JOE. I love how wheeled the "J." WHY IS IT CALLED JOE?

11. Boston Marathon mo.: APR.

12. Boxer's fixer: VET. Doggie pun.

13. "Jeopardy!" ques., actually: ANS.

19. Timber wolf: LOBO.

21. Dreamboat: ADONIS.

23. One for the money?: UNUM. A Latin lesson from the dollar bill.

25. Center: HUB.

26. Type of mathematical equivalence: ISOMORPHISM. A shout out to our Mathematics whizzes, derives from the Greek iso, meaning "equal," and morphosis, meaning "to form" or "to shape." Formally, an isomorphism is a bijective morphism. Informally, an isomorphism is a map that preserves sets and relations among elements. Easy, right?

27. Parent of a cria: LLAMA. Or a baby alpaca, vicuña, or guanaco.

28. Minstrel strings: LYRES.

31. FaceTime alternative: SKYPE.

32. Disdainfully reject: SPURN. Harsh, but it is time that you...

34. "I'll take that as __": A NO.

35. Canyon edge: RIM.

36. Wharton deg.: MBA.

37. Latin dances: SALSAS.

41. "Norma Rae" director: RITT. I now know this MAN's HISTORY.

44. Latin trio word: AMO. Amas, amat.

48. Jazz and Swing: ERAS.

50. Artist known for optical illusions: ESCHER. Maurits Cornelis Escher.

52. Les __-Unis: ETATS. USA.

53. 10-Down sweetener: SUGAR. The third reference for all of you who are drinking your coffee as you solve. I have my cup at hand.

54. Euro fractions: CENTS.

55. Tyler of "Criminal Minds": AISHA. Dr. Tara Lewis on the show. LINK.

56. Rouse: WAKEN.

58. Tennis nickname: RAFA. Nadal. He also was bounced out in Australia.

60. Crew chief: COX. A coxswain is also the helmsman of a racing crew, like a rowing crew in a competition. The swain part is from a word meaning "servant," and cox is from cok, meaning "a small boat."

61. PD heads-up: APB.

62. Kia subcompact: RIO.

63. Latin law: LEX. The translation and root word for Legal and many others. Or Superman rival Luthor.

64. Dr. Seuss' Cindy-Lou, e.g.: WHO. They lived in Whoville.

Another month here at the Corner in the record books, as we move toward 5,000 publications. Thank you, David, for a slightly different challenge and thank you all for reading and commenting. Lemonade out.

Note from C.C.:
Happy birthday to dear Bill G, who's been with this blog for over over 11 years. I enjoyed his bike rides to the coffee place and observations over the years. Have a very special day, Bill!
Bill and his wife Barbara

Jan 30, 2020

Thursday, January 30th 2020 Dan Margolis

Theme: That's that - the theme entries are clued literally with a description of each one:

20A. "That's fine": POWDERED SUGAR. Very fine indeed. The Brits call it icing sugar, also known as confectioner's sugar in these parts.

27A. "That's all folks": THE HUMAN RACE. This was my first theme solve which put on the right wavelength. I noticed the missing comma from the Looney Tunes hook line. Very nice cluing.

49A. "That's not the point": PENCIL ERASER. I seem to use all the eraser before I've used all of the pencil which probably says more about my inaccuracy than the design of the pencil. I've got stand-alone backups.

58A. "That's rich": CHOCOLATE CAKE. Chocolate and kale in the same puzzle - as I said last week why do I crave chocolate, and not kale?

So, a nice theme and .... and? The fill is pretty sluggish, there's not a lot to admire. A workmanlike puzzle, but too many obscure names for me and too many throwaway entries to get too much enthusiastic about. It's a shame because there were some great clues for an otherwise dull fill. Let's go explore!


1. Healthful berry: ACAI. It could be GOJI so wait for a cross to confirm.

5. Sommelier's concern: NOSE. Why don't we just say "this wine has a fine smell?" A sommelier's nose could also be an asset.

9. San Antonio cagers: SPURS

14. Bananas: LOCO. Crazy like a ... chicken? I like El Pollo Loco's grilled chicken.

15. "... the __ blackness of the floors": Poe: EBON

16. "The Fox and the Grapes" storyteller: AESOP

17. Dutch cheese: EDAM

18. Way to go: ROAD

19. Queen's milieu: DRAMA. Drama queen. This one made me smile.

23. Get going: HOP TO

25. "Knives Out" Golden Globe nominee de Armas: ANA. Thank you, crosses. I'm not familiar with the movie and checking her credits on IMDb, I've not seen any of the movies she's appeared in.

26. Lansing-to-Flint dir.: ENE

32. 1960s chess champ Mikhail: TAL. Crosses to the aid again. I'm sure chess enthusiasts will know all about this gentleman, but a little before my chess-conscious time.

33. Mustard family member: KALE

34. They're tapped: KEGS

37. Bundle: PILE

39. On the money: RIGHT

42. Kentucky coach with 876 victories: RUPP. I went with RUUP first for no good reason, which made SUREE look a little strange. Easily fixed. Legendary basketball, fifth on the all-time wins list.

44. Foolhardy: RASH

46. __ avis: RARA. "Rare bird". I learned this from crosswords past, thankfully, as it helped with the crossing proper names.

48. Mex. title: SRA. Señora (from Sonora!)

53. Withdrawal site: ATM

56. Carnival city: RIO

57. Words before "so sue me": I LIED

63. Polynesian language: MAORI

64. Sitar music: RAGA. Here's a raga mix of "Uptown Funk"; you just cannot watch it without smiling!

65. Yemen's Gulf of __: ADEN

68. Conclude with: END ON

69. Indicator: SIGN

70. Feet-first race: LUGE

71. Video chat choice: SKYPE

72. "What __ is new?": ELSE

73. MP3 player: IPOD. Do Apple even make these any more? It seems your phone does everything that an iPod did, with the added bonus of, well, being a phone.


1. Cream __: ALE

2. Fish that's salted and dried to make bacalao: COD. Originally from the Portuguese, where bacalhau is the name of the fish.The Norwegians have assimilated the dish into their national cuisine where it is now spelled "bakalau". There's more to a bit of dried fish than meets the eye. Here's balalau con tomate.

3. Like Pentatonix numbers: A CAPPELLA

4. Flying insect with prominent eyespots: IO MOTH. Not sure that I knew this. ACAI and LOCO helped me out though.

5. Bookish type: NERD

6. Wind up on stage?: OBOE. Nice clue!

7. Fly like an eagle: SOAR

8. Win over: ENDEAR

9. Hapless sort: SAD SACK

10. Ucayali River country: PERU. The main headstream of the Amazon river, it becomes the Amazon at the confluence with the Marañón.

11. Grammarian's concern: USAGE

12. Type type: ROMAN. Times New Roman, for example, which was commissioned by the London Times newspaper in 1931.

13. Just-in-case item: SPARE

21. "The Caine Mutiny" novelist: WOUK

22. Paternity identifier: DNA

23. Web address letters: HTTP

24. Atheist activist Madalyn: O'HAIR. A new name to me. I'm familiar with the golfer Sean O'Hair, not so much atheist activists.

28. Deface: MAR

29. "When We Were Kings" boxer: ALI. And Joe Frazier; the movie covers the famous "Rumble in the Jungle" heavyweight championship fight from Zaire in 1974.

30. Pola of the silents: NEGRI. Another proper name requiring crossing rescue for me today.

31. Poetic contraction: E'ER

35. Dressed to the nines: GUSSIED UP

36. Wild period: SPREE

38. Uncommon sense: ESP. It looks like it has lost its "abbreviation" status.

40. Actor Holbrook: HAL. Another unknown proper name for me today, hence grateful for the "RARA" cross.

41. Amount past due?: TRE. "Uno, due, tre, quattro ...." Nice cluing again for a little word.

43. Ranch bud: PARD

45. Wonder Woman, for one: HEROINE

47. Plot-driving song, perhaps: ARIA. I assume arias drive the plot lines of operas?

50. Zilch: NIL

51. Rough around the edges: COARSE

52. High-pH compound: ALKALI

53. Summits: ACMES

54. "__ goodness": THANK

55. Temperamental: MOODY

59. Edit for size, as a photo: CROP

60. Follow: TAIL

61. Confident juggler's props: EGGS

62. Candy __: CANE

66. It may need a boost: EGO

67. Flanders who inspired the band Okilly Dokilly: NED of "The Simpsons" fame. There's a band from the UK called "Ned's Atomic Dustbin" who named themselves for a sketch from a BBC radio comedy show which aired in the 60's.

And with that, it's okilly dokilly, here's the grid!


Jan 29, 2020

Wednesday January 29, 2020 John Guzzetta

Theme: FALSE START (58. Gridiron infraction, and a hint to 17-, 25-, 37- and 49-Across)- The first words are all pitfalls.

17. Exclusive place for tennis: RACKET CLUB.

25. Unpredictable leg joint: TRICK KNEE.

37. Skeet enthusiast: TRAP SHOOTER.

49. Big Apple power company: CON EDISON.

Boomer here again.  

Lots of sad news about Kobe and his daughter.  I always have one eye on the Lakers because they originated in Minneapolis. Also at my Benilde High School, our basketball team was graced in the mid 1960s by Larry and Terry Mikan, George's sons.  I'll never forget a day when George came to our school for a talk with our chemistry teacher, who happened to be about 5 foot 8".  Wish I had a cellphone camera that day.

I also have concerns regarding the nasty coronavirus.  They say the United States is low risk, but C.C. has friends and relatives in China.


1. Like much desert terrain: FLAT.  I wish golf courses were - especially the greens.

5. Constructed: BUILT.  I constructed many goofy things with my erector set when I was a kid.

10. Modeling material: CLAY.  I am old enough to remember when this was Muhammad Ali.

14. Latina toon explorer: DORA. The Explorer.

15. Bay of Bengal nation: INDIA.  Interesting that when Columbus hit ground in the U.S. he thought he was in India, so native Americans were called Indians, even in Cleveland.

16. Ceviche flavoring: LIME.  This is a seafood dish.  I used to use lime in a non-food serving.

19. Slavic John: IVAN.

20. Come next: ENSUE.  I think you need an enlawyer to ensue.

21. Tizzy: SNIT.

22. Keyboard slips: TYPOS. Yup, I am a master at these. Used to be a problem on my Royal, I used to use that paper that you could slip behind the ribbon and "white out" the mistake.  Now I just backspace and fix.

29. Cleaver nickname: BEAV.  I remember but how come they never called Wally "Wall".  There's a golfer from Minnesota named Tim Herron who is called "Lumpy".

30. Rapper __ Rida: FLO.  Does he rap hurricanes?

31. Balls in coin-op machines, say: GUM.  Judy Garland was born Frances Gumm Over the Rainbow in Grand Rapids, Minnesota (Not Michigan) in June, 1922.

32. Throat condition: STREP.

34. Ed who plays Santa in "Elf": ASNER.  I prefer his roll as Lou Grant at WJM TV in Minneapolis.

36. Con's opposite: PRO.  I have bowled with some famous PRO bowlers in Pro-Am tournaments.  I am an AM.

 Boomer & Walter Ray Williams, 2013

40. Salary: PAY.

42. Game console button: RESET.  Start over.

43. Mary, Queen of __: SCOTS.  We were not married.  I was king of SCOTCH (Chivas Regal).

46. Air quality watchdog: Abbr.: EPA.  Is air quality better when it's 10 below zero?

47. Poem of praise: ODE.

48. "The thing is ... ": LOOK.  There used to be a "LOOK" magazine. 

53. Big and strong: HEFTY.

54. Roman who wrote "The History of Rome": LIVY.

55. Puzzle-solving asset: LOGIC.  I tried to use LOGIC on a Rubik's Cube.  It doesn't work.

57. Unconscious state: COMA.

63. Quaint oath: EGAD.  EGAD!  I tried to think who used this on TV.  I thought maybe LaVerne and Shirley??

64. Otherworldly: ALIEN.

65. Rooms to Go rival: IKEA.  There's a store near our Mall of America.  C.C. and I only went there once.

66. Singer Lovett: LYLE.  New York Yankee Sparky Lyle helped Yankees beat the Dodgers in 1977 World Series.

67. One with piece offerings?: REESE.  Pee Wee probably announced it.

68. Sleep in a tent: CAMP.  Not me, There's no place like home.


1. Yalta Conf. attendee: FDR.  The only 4 term president we'll ever have.  That must have been some depression.

2. Mauna __ Observatory: LOA.

3. Rainbow shape: ARC.  "Why are there so many songs about rainbows, and what's on the other side ??" Kermit

4. Corporate acquisition: TAKEOVER.  I wish the Twins could take over the New York Yankees.

5. Drill parts: BITS.

6. Like some directors' editions: UNCUT.  I don't like UNCUT chicken.  I prefer pieces.

7. Car waiting at the airport, maybe: IDLER.  Uber and Lyft.

8. Lucy who voices Master Viper in the "Kung Fu Panda" films: LIU.

9. It might be opened in a bar: TAB.  My sister and others used to swoon over Mr. Hunter.

10. Sound of toasts: CLINK.  Not sure if this is the Colonel in "Hogan's Heroes."  I think he spelled it with a "K".  But either way it was appropriate.

11. Walking, talking example: LIVING PROOF.  I think Chivas was about 80.

12. Hobbyist: AMATEUR.  Did I mention that I was an AMATEUR bowler ?

13. Urge: YEN.  Japanese money.  One yen is worth about a penny.

18. USCG rank: ENS.  Parker in McHale's Navy. (Tim Conway)

21. Hybrid apparel: SKORTS.  I remember these.  Are they still around?

22. "Miracle Workers" (2019) network: TBS.  Atlanta, lots of Braves games on this channel.

23. "Is it soup __?": YET.

24. Fun-loving type: PARTY ANIMAL.  Who can forget "BLUTO" John Belushi in "Animal House".

26. On the other hand: IF NOT.

27. Geppetto's goldfish: CLEO. I do not remember a fish.  I only remember Pinocchio who is now featured in GEICO commercials.  I do not like their ads.

28. Angsty rock genre: EMO.  I think EMU is in the Liberty Mutual commercials.  I do not like their ads either.

33. Send-up: PARODY.

34. Burros: ASSES.  I may have chosen a different clue.

35. "That's all __ wrote": SHE.  Not yet, we have ten more answers.

38. Spa treatment, for short: PEDI.  I thought PEDI was for the feet.  I did not know you need a spa for them.

39. Drawn from various sources: ECLECTIC.  I spent years toiling for Graybar Electric which was not so eclectic, but it was okay.

40. Upper-bod muscle: PEC.

41. Words of regret: APOLOGY.  "I'M SORRY" - sung by Brenda Lee.

44. Tyke on a trike: TOT.

45. Where thunderheads form: SKY.  I'm so old I remember watching "Sky King" in his Cessna on out 19 inch black and white RCA TV,

50. Get away from: EVADE.

51. Skateboard stunt: OLLIE.  OLLIE Hardy was never on a skateboard.  Neither was Stan Laurel.

52. Circus clown's collection: NOSES.  A nose by any other name still smells the same.

53. "__ Dark Materials": HBO fantasy series: HIS.

56. Code carrier: GENE.

57. Animation frame: CEL.

58. Distant: FAR.  Around, Her neck, she wore a yellow ribbon.  She wore it for her lover who is far, far away.

59. SweetWater Georgia Brown, e.g.: ALE.  Only Ginger for me.

60. Alias letters: AKA. Also known as.

61. Sleep cycle: REM.

62. Put to use: TAP. A Keg


Jan 28, 2020

Tuesday, January 28, 2020 Gail Grabowski and Bruce Venzke

Take Me Out to the Ball Game!  Who gets the most Runs Batted In?  The POWER HITTER!

17-Across. Corporate acquisition offer: TAKEOVER BID.

24-Across. Unfair hiring practice: GENDER BIAS.

34-Across. Marquee actor's honor: STAR BILLING.

48-Across. Life-changing incident for Peter Parker: SPIDER BITE.

And the Unifier:
57-Across. One batting cleanup who gets a lot of the stat hidden in 17-, 24-, 34- and 48-Across: POWER HITTER.

1. Sister's attire: HABIT.  Religious garb.

6. Transmits, as a text: SENDS.

11. Young guy: LAD.

14. 2019 Australian Open winner Naomi: OSAKA.  Naomi OSAKA (b. Oct. 16, 1997) represents Japan on the world tennis circuit.  She was born in Japan to a Japanese mother and a Haitian father.  She won the 2019 Australian Open, however, sadly she was eliminated from play in the 2020 Australian Open just last week.  American Coco Gauff (b. Mar. 13, 2004) beat her.  Look how young these professional tennis players are!

Naomi Osaka, age 22

Coco Gauff, age 15

15. Get used (to): INURE.

16. King Kong or Donkey Kong: APE.

King Kong

Donkey Kong
19. Pampering place: SPA.

20. "You should leave now": PLEASE GO!

21. Studio stand: EASEL.

23. Crew team's blade: OAR.

27. Nixon's older daughter: TRICIA.  Tricia Nixon (b. Feb. 21, 1946) was married to Edward Cox (b. Oct. 2, 1946) in 1971 in the White House Rose Garden while her father was still President.

30. Belfast's province: ULSTER.  Ulster is the green area on the map of Ireland.

31. Coil of yarn: SKEIN.  A CSO to our resident knitters.

32. Geometry product: AREA.

39. "Close Encounters" hoverers, briefly: UFOs.  As in Unidentified Flying Objects.

40. Arrange loosely: DRAPE.

43. Christie of mystery: AGATHA.  Dame Agatha Christie (née Agatha Mary Clarissa Miller; Sept. 15, 1890 ~ Jan. 12, 1976) wrote over 60 detective/mystery novels.  Her best known recurring detectives/sleuths are Hercule Poirot and Miss Jane Marple.  Christie herself was involved in a personal mystery in 1926 when she disappeared for 11 days after a quarrel with her first husband.

47. Without exception: TO A MAN.

51. "Yada, yada, yada" letters: ETC.

52. Link to the internet: MODEM.

53. Has an easy catch with: TOSSES TO.

56. Soufflé need: EGG.

60. Big name in jeans: LEE.

61. Airport shuttles: TRAMS.  An airport tram in needed to get from one terminal to another at the big airports.  The Atlanta airport calls it the Plane Train.  I use this one a lot because I nearly always have to go through Atlanta when I fly.

62. "__ Jacques": FRÈRE.

63. Give permission to: LET.

64. Final authority: SAY SO.

65. Fork-tailed seabirds: TERNS.

1. Family-style Asian dishes: HOT POTS.  We found a fabulous Hot Pot restaurant in Houston that made hot pot just like we had in Chengdu.

2. Just for fun: AS A LARK.  After getting the Lark, I wanted On A Lark, but the Sister's HABIT told me that was not the correct answer.

3. Bear claw makers: BAKERIES.  Clever clue.

4. DIY furniture store: IKEA.  This store has become a crossword staple.  The company was founded by Ingvar Kamprad (né Feodor Ingvar Kamprad; Mar. 30, 1926 ~ Jan. 27, 2018).

5. Art community NNE of Santa Fe: TAOS.

6. Prolonged battle: SIEGE.

7. Scandal-plagued energy giant: ENRON.
8. Well-worn pencil: NUB.

9. Soft & __: deodorant: DRI.

10. Matzo meals: SEDERS.

11. Collie of old TV: LASSIE.

12. Become visible: APPEAR.

13. Handshake events: DEALS.

18. "Tom's Diner" singer Suzanne: VEGA.  I knew the song, just didn't known its name.

22. NYC dance company: ABT.
25. Dramatic one-on-ones: DUELS.

26. Airline that doesn't fly on Shabbat: EL AL.  A crossword staple.

28. Op. __: footnote abbr.: CIT.  Today's Latin lesson.  Op. cit. is an abbreviation fo Opus citatum, which means "the work cited".

29. __ flash: quickly: IN A.

32. Britcom starring Jennifer Saunders: AB FAB.  Jennifer Jane Saunders (b. July 6, 1958) is one of the stars of the British comedy Absolutely Fabulous.

33. __ Grande: RIO.

35. Industrial area of western Germany: RUHR.

36. Words of commitment: I DO.

37. Agency under FDR: NRA.  As in the National Recovery Administration.  This agency was established on June 20, 1933.

38. Casino regular: GAMESTER.

41. Dressmaker's guide: PATTERN.

42. Concert extras: ENCORES.

43. Orbital high point: APOGEE.

44. 1959 Sandra Dee title role: GIDGET.  The movie was before my time.  Sally Field played the Gidget on the television show.

45. Drink suffix: -ADE.  A partial CSO to the blog's Lemonade.

46. Dangles a carrot in front of: TEMPTS.

47. New Age pianist John: TESH.  He probably doesn't like this picture anymore.

John Frank Tesh (b. July 9, 1952)

48. Get a whiff of: SMELL.

49. Market express lane units: ITEMS.

50. Sculpted form: TORSO.

54. Sort (through): SIFT.

55. Basic French verb: ÊTRE.  This ver has become a crossword staple.  I have conjugated it here in the past.

58. Man-mouse connector: OR A.  Are you a Man OR A Mouse?

59. Method: WAY.

Here's the Grid:
QOD:  Listening is being able to be changed by the other person.  ~  Alan Alda (né Alphonso Joseph D'Abruzzo, b. Jan. 28, 1936), American actor