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Aug 31, 2022

Wednesday August 31, 2022 Shannon Rapp


A straight-forward scrambled-letters-in-circles offering from Shannon Rapp for her LAT debut. I did a little digging and, if my Open Source Intel (OSINT - Intel found in the public domain) inkling is correct, Shannon is no stranger to constructing and has her own blog as Norah Sharpe where she (and others) make indie-puzzles.

The reveal, ROLL THE DICE, is clued as 'Take a Chance[on me - ABBA], and how to form the sequence in each set of circled letters.'
And, sure enough, the circles (if you got 'em) have the letters DICE rolled around a bit.

Let's see what Shannon bet on...

17. Many a modern suburb: PLANNED CITY. In Houston, we call them Master Planned Communities. George Mitchell was an innovator of them (#TheWoodlands) and horizontal fracking.

24. Shellfish dish often prepared with coconut milk: CURRIED CRAB. Crab is yummy, why drown it in anything other than clarified butter?

38. "Helping You Ditch Wedding Stress" podcast/blog: BRIDE-CHILLA. As opposed to an 'Anal-retentive Type-A' BRIDE-zilla?

53. "Star Wars" ruling body: JEDI COUNCIL. Where wise meet, they do.

If I'm totally honest, I'd have rather filled ROLL THE BONES [12] [6m] 'cuz, um, -- RUSH!

Let's see what else Shannon put on the table...

1. Salat leaders: IMAMS.

6. Kraut-topped sausage: WURST. No, wurst is the best, hotdog-wise.

11. __ machine: FOG. We have one for Halloween (have you noticed stores have already stocked the shelves with All Saint's Day Eve stuff?).  If you don't have a FOG machine, dry ice in a tub of water (or a swimming pool!) is fun too.

14. Arcade plumber: MARIO. Nintendo's 'coin' maker and jumping coin taker.
//If you need a laugh, SNL had Elon Musk play Wario in court.

15. Sitcom set in a H.S. science class: AP BIO. Never saw it.
// My 1st day at public HS, I was placed next to a hulk of a kid in AP BIO. The teacher with blue bee-hive hair and horn-rimmed glasses said, "Don't worry, he doesn't bite."
Andy was first string offensive-line, first string viola, and became my best buddy in Boy Scouts.

16. Game with a spinoff called Dos: UNO. Didn't know that but easily sussed.

17. [see: theme above]

19. Neutral shade: TAN. Not -- wait for it,...  39d will be coming along soon.

20. Broadcast hour: AIRTIME. In the age of DVRs & YouTube, are there must-see communal hours where all Americans watch TV at the same time?

21. Get around: ELUDE. I almost went with EvaDE

23. NYC airport code: LGA.

24. [see: theme above]

28. __ : raisins :: log : celery: ANTS. Cute and tasty. If you really need a recipe, there you go.

30. Text status: SENT. Don't you hate the little dancing ellipses after sending, 'you up girl?'

31. Part of cellular plans: DATA. Shooting myself in the foot, I read the clue as planTs more than once...

32. Food Network host Garten: INA. The chef known as the Barefoot Contessa. I have one of her books.

35. Feel sore: ACHE.

37. __ school: MED. I went into computers - no blood when you open 'em up.

38. [see: theme above]

41. Sworn enemy: FOE. Fee, Fi, FOE?

43. Scottish swimming hole: LOCH. There be monsters.

44. Money exec: CFO. Chief Financial Officer aka #BeanCounter.

45. All over again: ANEW.

47. Jewish rite: BRIS. Dare I link Brooks' Men in Tights Mohel scene? I dare, I dare...

49. Pop singer Rexha: BEBE. No clue. I looked her up & listened to two songs - bunch of auto-tuned, um,... Thumper. Her site if you're so inclined.

53. [see: theme above]

57. Cancel: NIX. End of story.

58. Public perception: IMAGE.

59. Like animals native to India or China: ASIATIC.

61. Cargo unit: TON.

62. [see: theme above]

66. Parabola portion: ARC. Conic sections are beautiful - check out their curves!

67. Refuse: TRASH. Ha! She doesn't just say 'no' but throws your butt to the curb.

68. Food truck fare: TACOS. Heck yeah!

69. "Told you!": SEE.

70. Smooth transition: SEGUE

71. Prophetic signs: OMENS. Anyone ever read / see Pratchett & Gailman's "Good Omens"? [Trailer]

1. Classic Chevy that shares its name with an antelope: IMPALA
Channeling Ray-O: "Isn't IMPALA what a bull does to a matador?"
//Tip the waitstaff ;-)

2. Speak ill of: MALIGN.

3. Noah's Ark site: ARARAT.

4. __ condition: MINT. Like a CERTS? OR... But what does 'cherry-condition' taste like?

5. SST part: SONIC. Folks are building next-gen SSTs. But, do you want to fly in a craft made by BOOM? //Marketing needs a new focus-group.

6. Fly-fishing gear: WADERS.

7. QR kin: UPC. Do I pick a nit on this? QRs are 2-D alpha-numeric encodings and mostly used for URLs whereas UPCs are 1D numeric typically seen at the grocer.  No, I won't pick - both can be read by a machine so they're kin in that sense.

8. Triple Crown stat: RBI. #Baseball. A triple-crown'r is league-leading in Home Runs, Batting Average, and Runs Batted In.

9. Obey at obedience school, say: SIT.

10. Fiddled around (with): TOYED. Play with something until you fix it or break it worser. How's the leaf-blower, CED?

11. Matt Groening series set in the 31st century: FUTURAMA. I became familiar with Matt's work in college (late '80s/early '90s) - EE Prof had this "Life in Hell" comic on his door.

12. Out with one's sweetie: ON A DATE. 'Asleep' was a letter short.

13. Like chunky milk: GONE BAD. Just re-label it as cottage cheese?

18. Bird on some Australian coins: EMU.

22. "Sound of Silver" band __ Soundsystem: LCD. No clue other than the one provided. I looked 'em up tonite. They kinda have an '80s Yaz or 'The The' vibe.
//I'm still not sure how Liquid Crystal Display factors into sound...

25. Prepare to draw a raffle ticket, say: REACH IN. Um, bit of a reach, eh?

26. Foot part: INCH. Cute misdirection

27. Moral support?: ETHIC. ibid

29. Round Table title: SIR. Do you really want me to link Monty Python?

33. Not a one: NIL. Nary has 4 letters

34. Vinegary sauce: ADOBO. I looked it up so you don't have to [cite].  Oooh... #Yummers

36. Rivendell resident: ELF. Sure, I could link J.R.R. Tolkien but RUSH is more fun.

38. Hivemind communication?: BEE DANCE. Cute.

39. Color similar to greige: ECRU. There's the four-letter (19a) TAN.

40. Softball question: LOB. Oy! Thar be political-bent hidden inside.

41. Dish served sizzling: FAJITAS. Even better than TACOs from a truck!

42. "Let's have another": ONE MORE. UNO Mas Fajita?

46. "Pose" wardrobe item: WIG. Pose is in quotes so I assume it's something. Google gave me TV Series . [WikiP] I hope that's Shannon's intent.

48. Criticize harshly: SCATHE. Change 'a' to 'y' and you have The Grim Reaper's tool... A harsh critique of the Salmon Mousse [more Python], indeed.

50. Lure: ENTICE. In your (6d) WADERS out for a trout.

51. Celebrity revered by some in the queer community: BI-ICON. I think I've heard this, but I don't know from where.

52. Superabundance: EXCESS.

54. Mint brand discontinued in 2018: CERTS. But what condition is it in? [see: 4d] Oh right, the one with Retsyn and is two mints in one - click-click [Commercial]

55. "Or so": ISH. More or less, no?

56. Mislead: LIE TO.

60. Savage of "MythBusters": ADAM. If you really miss MythBusters, you can check out Adam's YouTube channel.

63. Catan resource: ORE. I had to lookup Catan post-puzzle solve. It's a game.

64. Zoom delay: LAG. Any communications delay, actually -- usually right before End-Carrier...

65. Baton Rouge sch.: LSU. Geaux Tigers!

And the grid:

But what you really wanted to know:
WOs: arCH->INCH, end->NIX
ESPs: ORE as clued, LCD, BEBE

Well, that's my debut at The Corner's helm. Critique?
//Be kind. #StudentBloggerAtTheWheel.

Shannon - We'd love to hear from you in the comments below.

Cheers, -T
Notes from C.C.:
I'm excited to tell you that Anon-T (Tony) has joined our blogging team. He'll be our pinch-hitter. Thank you so much for helping us, Tony!!

Tony At Wit's End near Carmel on Father's Day 2017

Aug 30, 2022

Tuesday August 30, 2022 Ella Dershowitz

Theme:  NOT MY CUP OF TEA (60. Dismissive response when offered chai in the ends of the answers to the starred clues?) - Last word is a not tea holder.

15. *"The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas" writer: GERTRUDE STEIN.

23. *Folk instrument named for the Greek god of nature: PAN FLUTE.

37. *Buffing tool for some jewelry-makers: ROCK TUMBLER.

51. *"This American Life" host: IRA GLASS.

Boomer here again. Hahtoolah is taking care of her mother-in-law in Texas. She will be back next Tuesday. 

Two in a row.  A bowler may call it a double.  In golf it's a two putt green. Or a birdie on a par three.       


1. Stories often used for storage: ATTICS.  Our townhome has no ATTIC. We use the garage.

7. Painter or sculptor: ARTIST.  Does "Paint by Number" count ?

13. Impulse-conducting cell: NEURON.

14. Elton John's "__ in the Wind": CANDLE.  The Crests sung about 16 of them.

17. "Fool Us" judges __ & Teller: PENN.

18. Gp. for good drivers?: PGA. And two putters.

19. Fossey subjects: APES.

21. Superfun times: BLASTS.  We had enough on July 4.

27. Easy pace: JOG.  Around our lakes. Not me anymore.

28. Gun, as an engine: REV.  Al Sharpton thinks he's a newsman now.

30. Debtor's note: IOU.

31. Pro bono TV ad: PSA.  In my world it's Prostate Specific Antigens.

32. Soft leather: SUEDE.  If they are blue shoes, Elvis said stay off of them.

34. Join the club: ENROLL.  Lots of schools are open now.

40. Prius maker: TOYOTA.

41. Nourishes: FEEDS.  And the schools need a lunchroom for the kids!

44. Campaign funding org.: PAC. Lots of these going on also. Voting in November!

47. Cal. neighbor: ORE.

48. DOD intel arm: NSA.  National Security!

50. "All __ Well": Taylor Swift song: TOO.  End of the line -- Me TOO!

54. Punctuation in an email address: AT SIGN.  "Stop" at the octagonal one.  Who remembers when they used to be yellow??

56. Actress Campbell: NEVE.

57. Industrial-sized tub: VAT.  Making root beer in yours?

59. Random __ of kindness: ACTS.  Sharing the root beer ??

65. Debated: ARGUED.  Twins Rocco gets kicked out of games for this.

66. "I'm not __ it": "You've yet to convince me": BUYING.

67. Does some traditional winemaking: STOMPS.

68. Job durations: STINTS.


1. "And Still I Rise" poet Maya: ANGELOU.

2. Fake ID user, maybe: TEENAGER.  I would not know how people get these.

3. Changes direction: TURNS.  To everything TURN, TURN, TURN.

4. NYC subway line: IRT.  LBJ took the IRT through the USA, what did he see?  The youth of America on LSD.

5. __ flower: foul-smelling rare plant: CORPSE.

6. Like a bug in a rug: SNUG.

7. Best pitcher in a team's rotation: ACE. Justin Verlander for sure.

8. Peer leaders in a dorm, for short: RAS.

9. Explosive letters: TNT.  We had enough of the neighbors on July 4.

10. Perfect: IDEAL.  Maker of wire-nuts.

11. Mention the surprise party to the birthday girl, say: SLIP UP.  Or maybe it was hanging below the dress.

12. Core convictions: TENETS.

16. Big name in caulk and sealant: DAP.  This stuff has been around since Lincoln was president !

17. Kid-friendly sandwiches, for short: PBJS.  My mom made lunch for us on school days.  I had plenty of these sandwiches.

20. __ urchin: SEA.  Mariners of Washington.

22. Green Day drummer: TRE COOL.

24. Guy in the sky: AIRMAN.

25. Gaming rookie: NOOB.  Some are a BOON to a new team.

26. Whole, milkwise: FULL FAT.  We only use 1% so we are only "Half Fat"

29. Presidential rejections: VETOES.  Now college kids are getting some debt forgiven.  I guess things are different.  

33. Eye on a stick figure: DOT.  Ditto's sister.

35. Pecan pie morsel: NUT.  Pecans and cashews are my favorite,  Not too happy with Trader Joe's price though.

36. Jeans name: LEE.  Never wore blue jeans myself.

38. Actress Sedgwick: KYRA.

39. Far from forthcoming: RETICENT.

42. Soldiers' IDs: DOG TAGS.  I had these, even though I was not a dog.  I spelled it DOUG!

43. Male deliveries: SONS.  I was one of these also, years ago.

44. Brooch holder: PIN. NOPE -- Look down the lane.  There are ten of them.

45. Play grounds?: ARENAS.

46. Frolic: CAVORT.

49. Watched from the sidelines: SAT OUT.  No sidelines in high school Latin class.

52. Very beginning: GET GO.

53. "Law & Order" spinoff, familiarly: SVU.  Not as good as the original.  

55. Chemise fabric: SATIN.

58. Emer. alerts: APBS.  All Points Bulletin.

61. Ornamental flower: MUM.  First to bloom in the spring.

62. "You betcha": YEP.  Yeah right!

63. LP successors: CDS.

64. "Here's an update," briefly: FYI.  For your information.


Notes from C.C.:

Here are a few pictures of baby Boomer and his siblings.

My big sister Barbara with her young brother Douglas.  We were both polio survivors and she needed crutches while Douglas had lung problems and recovered okay.    

Hi Ho Silver.  I seem to have lost my horse.   

 Everyone my age needed training wheels when learning to handle a bicycle.

The whole family of kids under the Christmas tree. Barbara, Constance, Amy, and Douglas.  This was about 60 years ago, and we are all still alive today.

Our Dad, Ralph with Barbara and Douglas in front of our new family car, a 1949 Ford.  I think it was a lemon.

The Fabulous Burnikel foursome: Constance, Barbara, Amy and Douglas

Aug 29, 2022

Monday August 29, 2022 Fred Piscop

Theme: Shangri-La

17. John Steinbeck novel set in the Salinas Valley: EAST OF EDEN.

27. Fourth film in a series starring Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, and Dorothy Lamour: ROAD TO UTOPIA.

47. Epic poem by John Milton: PARADISE LOST.

61. Grammy-nominated Keyshia Cole hit song: HEAVEN SENT.

Boomer here.  

Happy Monday to all. I remember when I was a working stiff and we did not think too much of EDEN or UTOPIA etc.  I'm surprised that Elon Musk did not name one of his cars one of these titles. As for me, a short visit to the VA on Wednesday for a checkup of my shoulder. It seems to be healing, however I still cannot pick my nose or scratch my butt with my left hand.


1. Threaded fastener: SCREW.  Some baseball card plastic holders have one SCREW.  I usually only use them for cards like a Pujols or Trout rookie.
6. Grilled sausage, for short: BRAT.  My sons name is BRET.  Maybe I spelled it wrong.

10. "__ the night before Christmas ... ": TWAS.  And all through the house.

14. Slacks fabric: CHINO.

15. Lasso: ROPE.  A four letter word - my specialty.

16. "How disappointing": OH NO.  LA Angel pitcher who hits a few home runs.

19. Algebra, trig, etc.: MATH.  I was pretty good at this stuff.

20. Suffix with neat or beat: NIK.  This was one of my NIK names. BurNIKel.

21. Whacks with an ax: HEWS.

22. Numerical relationship: RATIO.  Probably 2-1 that all will finish this puzzle.

23. Make an attempt at: TRY FOR.  Our association is TRYing FOR new driveways.  Right now it is a bit of a mess.

25. Delta Sigma __ sorority: THETA.

32. "If the __ fits ... ": SHOE.  Change into for bowling or golf.

35. Loewe's partner: LERNER.

36. Post-op recovery area: ICU.  I was there for both the tumor and busted shoulder.

37. Iron-rich meat: LIVER.  Not the favorite of many.  I used to enjoy a piece now and then.

39. Girl of the fam: SIS.  I have three.  I also had an aunt who was a Benedictine.

40. Wild West film: OATER.  Hi Oh Silver!

42. Sailor's yes: AYE.  Maybe two of these.

43. Cover stories: ALIBIS.  I did not do it.  I was counting baseball cards.

46. Supermodel Banks: TYRA.  

50. Feature of italic letters: SLANT.  My computer is not Italian.

51. Principality on the French Riviera: MONACO.  You may go there for a change and a rest.  Bartenders get the change and the hotel gets the rest,

55. Provide food service for: CATER.

57. Prom couple's ride: LIMO.  I have never had the pleasure.

59. Parking area: LOT.  Not today.  Driveway has been demolished.  Gravel will suffice until new asphalt is spread.

60. Actor Sharif: OMAR.

64. Baseball glove: MITT.  Look at me, I can be, Centerfield!


65. Apex: ACME.

66. Evade skillfully: ELUDE.

67. Poetic tributes: ODES.  3rd of June to Billie Joe.

68. A++: TOPS.  Add another "P" and you have baseball cards.

69. Helicopter blade: ROTOR. Never had a ride - never wanted one either.


1. Potpourri emanation: SCENT.  A penny's worth of S.

2. Part of a dinette set: CHAIR.  Ours are very comfortable.

3. Full of uncertainty: RISKY.  When Kramer plays Newman in Jerry's apartment.

4. Sinus specialist, for short: ENT.

5. "Yippee!": WOO HOO.  Not heard much at Twins Target Field these days.

6. Make, as coffee: BREW. Every morning thank you. I cannot afford Starbucks.

7. Drapery holders: RODS. Or a go fishing necessity.

8. Big galoot: APE.

9. Low card in a royal flush: TEN.  Number of pins for a one ball strike.

10. Gazpacho ingredient: TOMATO.  Drought in California has created a shortage

11. "That's too bad": WHAT A PITY.

12. __-lock brakes: ANTI.  Don't have them, don't want them.

13. Nabe in London and Manhattan: SOHO.

18. Like many an alley cat: FERAL.  It's not an alley, it's a lane!

22. Fashionably nostalgic: RETRO.  Knickers.

24. Available for an appointment: FREE.  Some grocery stores are now offering free discounts on gas.

25. Throat tissue: TONSIL. I still have mine.

26. Shade on a paint color strip: HUE.

28. Cease and __ order: DESIST.

29. Native American group: TRIBE. We have many in Minnesota. Some live poorly while others own casinos.

30. Cake prettifier: ICER.  Do not misspell Happy Birthday.

31. Subtle glow: AURA.

32. High-five sound: SLAP.  Often after sinking a long putt.

33. "How's it goin'?": HI YA.  Hi back!

34. Exaggerate: OVERSTATE.  Route of I-90 .

38. Storm tracker: RADAR.  Do not speed on I-90

41. Mailing label abbr.: ATTN.

44. "Hamilton" creator __-Manuel Miranda: LIN.

45. French river to the English Channel: SOMME.  I thought it was the Seine

48. Tips off: ALERTS.  Lots of floods and tornadoes causing trouble this year.

49. "__ rather than later, please": SOONER.  Oklahoma OK!

52. Alaskan native: ALEUT.

53. Time-share unit, typically: CONDO.  We have a townhome.  I think it's more comfortable than a condo.

54. Playful river animal: OTTER.

55. "¿__ está usted?": COMO.  Minnesota's famous Zoo. Como Park.

56. Bunched in with: AMID.

57. Reading light: LAMP.

58. Currier's partner: IVES.  Burl.

61. Fez or fedora: HAT. I prefer a baseball cap, but I might exchange Twins logo for Vikings.

62. Green prefix: ECO.

63. __-pitch softball: SLO.  I did this for years but I spelled it SLOW.


Aug 28, 2022

Sunday August 28, 2022 Gary Larson & Amy Ensz

Theme: "Game for Anything" - Each theme entry is humorously reinterpreted as if it's a sports competition.

22. Track competitions for nudists?: MEETS IN THE FLESH.

40. Cross-country competitions for grounds workers?: COFFEE RUNS.

42. Football competitions for Pepperidge Farm employees?: GOLDFISH BOWLS.

67. No-holds-barred competitions for mixed martial artists?: STRIKE ANYWHERE MATCHES.

93. Field competitions for electricians?: CURRENT EVENTS.

96. Baseball competitions for collectors of compact cars?: MINI-SERIES.

115. Boxing competitions for comedians?: BOUTS OF LAUGHTER.

In case you missed this, our Gary Larson was a comedian for cruise ships for many years.

I'm not familiar with Strike Anywhere matches. I have not used matches for years. Such an apt description for the clued competition.


1. Airplane __: cellphone setting: MODE.

5. Hefty slice: SLAB. Has any of you tried cod roe (mentaiko)? So tasty!

9. Dutch semisoft cheese: EDAM.

13. Spanish "this": ESTA.

17. Windows alternative: UNIX.

18. Group activity at a Jewish wedding: HORA. Guess how many 4-letter entries in this grid?

19. Corporate symbols: LOGOS.

21. Fireplace outlets: FLUES.

25. Visual puzzle: REBUS.

26. Figures of speech: TROPES.

27. Nada: NIL.

28. Fragile: DELICATE.

30. Asian archipelago: JAPAN. Probably the cleanest country on earth.

32. Cub's home: DEN.

33. Soccer great nicknamed "O Rei": PELE. The King.

34. Relaxed pace: TROT.

35. Oscar winner Mahershala: ALI.  2 Oscars.

36. View sharer: OPINER.

45. __-mo replay: SLO.

46. "Star Trek" role for Takei and Cho: SULU.

47. "The Lion King" lion: NALA.

48. Lift: HOIST.

51. The Gem State: IDAHO.

55. Support: BACK.

57. One who spins yarns?: KNITTER. Not storyteller.

59. Irish-speaking New Age singer: ENYA.

60. Secret drawer full of snacks, e.g.: STASH.

62. Fair-hiring org.: EEOC.

63. Actor Kaplan or MLB manager Kapler: GABE. Giants' manager.

66. Lifesaving skill, for short: CPR.

72. __ lime pie: KEY.

73. Old geopolitical states: Abbr.: SSRS.

74. And others, briefly: ET AL.

75. Goes up and down: YO-YOS.

76. Purina rival: IAMS.

78. German-made camper: EUROVAN. Learning moment for me. Volkswagen model. We also have 95. Beetle, briefly: VW BUG.

81. Seat in un parc: BANC.

82. Kilt fold: PLEAT.

84. River through Paris: SEINE.

85. Much loved: DEAR. In Chinese, it's Qin an de.

87. Bridal veil trim: LACE.

91. Zip: VIM.

101. Donkey's bray: HEE HAW.

102. Parka sleeve: ARM. Never wore a parka.

103. Ex-Dodger Hershiser: OREL. Still the broadcaster for the Dodgers

104. Fix: MEND.

105. Nurse: SIP.

106. Emma's "Beauty and the Beast" role: BELLE. Emma Watson.

108. Some facial surgeries: NOSE JOBS. Great fill.

110. Sky light?: SUN.

111. At work: ON DUTY.

114. Foreword, for short: INTRO.

120. Time punctuation: COLON. 9:30am.

121. The blahs: ENNUI.

122. Gutter spot: EAVE.

123. Dublin's land: EIRE.

124. Again: ANEW.

125. Departed: GONE.

126. Spud growth: EYES.

127. Allied flyers during WWII: RCAF. The Royal Canadian Air Force.


1. Tight-lipped: MUM.

2. Till bill: ONE.

3. Appetite suppressant: DIET PILL. Oral chemo pills definitely suppress your appetite.

4. Uncredited actor: EXTRA.

5. FedEx, say: SHIP.

6. __ Star State: LONE.

7. Crafts partner: ARTS.

8. "Pshaw!": BAH.

9. Spritelike: ELFIN.

10. Bratz toy: DOLL. With big, glossy lips.

11. Get old: AGE.

12. Longtime stage name of Yasiin Bey: MOS DEF.

13. Conductor in a circuit: ELECTRODE.

14. Crosstrek automaker: SUBARU.

15. Ancient German: TEUTON.

16. Portfolio listings: ASSETS.

20. Bookcase part: SHELF.

21. Workwk. end for some: FRI. And 24. Año start: ENERO.

23. "__ a gun!": SON OF.

29. Some jeans: LEES.

30. Binges: JAGS.

31. Six-time MLB All-Star Moisés: ALOU.

32. Pioneering cardiovascular surgeon: DEBAKEY. Michael DeBakey. Learning moment for me. He died at the age of 99.

33. Theorize: POSIT.

37. Lifts: PINCHES.

38. "Out of Africa" novelist Dinesen: ISAK. Her real name is Karen Blixen.

39. Org. with Ducks and Penguins: NHL.

40. Coagulate: CLOT.

41. Former quarterback Manning: ELI.

43. Persian Gulf emirate: DUBAI.

44. "Eh, either is fine": WHICHEVER.

49. Jason of "Forgetting Sarah Marshall": SEGEL.

50. Airport shuttle on rails: TRAM.

52. Dried chili pepper: ANCHO.  Dried poblano.

53. Really pushes: HYPES.

54. Rowboat set: OARS.

56. Makes a request: ASKS.

58. Without delay: NOW.

60. Base runner's ploy: STEAL.

61. "You think I'm kidding?": TRY ME.

62. Follow: ENSUE.

64. San Francisco and environs: BAY AREA. Where two of my sisters-in-law live.

65. Historic British prep school: ETON.

67. 116-Down card: SKIP. 116. Game with an edition for colorblind players: UNO.

68. Trojan War god: ARES.

69. Lyft driver's guess: ETA.

70. Were strongly felt, as emotions: RAN DEEP.

71. Ride a bike: CYCLE.

77. Well-suited London street name?: SAVILE ROW. Tailored suits.

79. Finely chopped: RICED.

80. Weighty obligation: ONUS.

81. __ & Body Works: BATH. Amazing shower gels. Here's my favorite.

83. Carol contraction: TIS.

86. Charlotte-to-Raleigh dir.: ENE.

88. __ psychology: ANALYTIC.

89. PC key below Shift: CTRL.

90. Salinger heroine: ESME.

92. Staff note: MEMO.

94. African herbivore: RHINO.

96. Santa __: West Coast city known for its pier: MONICA.

97. Patch type: IRON-ON.

98. Get cozy: NESTLE.

99. Yeshiva leader: REBBE. Not RABBI.

100. Joyous way to break out: IN SONG.

105. "Calvin and Hobbes" girl: SUSIE.

107. Upper regions of space: ETHER.

109. Actor Hamm: JON. "Mad Men".

110. Wow: STUN.

111. Body wash brand: OLAY.

112. Central church section: NAVE. And 113. Members' payments: DUES. And 117. Fixed payment: FEE.

118. Historical period: ERA.

119. Slo-mo reviewer: REF.

We had a very productive meeting with the VA Home Based Primary Care (HBPC) nurse. We still have to go to the VA for oncology or other specialty meetings, bone strengthener injections, MRI scans, etc, but we don't need to see Boomer's primary care doctor anymore. The HBPC covers it, plus it also has a PT & an OT.  

We're going to the VA next Wednesday for a 3-month orthopedic follow up. Boomer's left shoulder is getting stronger, but he still can't type with his left hand and his legs are getting weaker every day. Daunting task to get him from the basement to our bedroom now.