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Jul 24, 2024

Wednesday, July 24, 2024, Michael Schlossberg


I am pleased to see a puzzle that is a standard 15x15 grid, with no circles, a SLEW of "quoted" clues, only a handful of proper names - but - we have a balance of thirteen 3LWs in both the Across and Down clues still.  Mr. Schlossberg has appeared before at the corner, dating as far back as 2019, as far as I can see.  The construction itself is a bit odd, I must admit, with a "*" theme answer starting us off at 1A.; enclosed in the parentheses are the necessary "parts" one would assemble to complete the "project" for your pet.  Those theme answers, with the centered reveal to start;

38. Labors of love, perhaps, and what the answers to the starred clues are?: PET PROJECTS

1. *Messy place [wire mesh, posts, fasteners]: PIGPEN - I had PIG STY to start

20. *Area with little privacy [candy jar, rocks, aerator, water]: GOLDFISH BOWL - Geez, I hope that's a BIG candy jar
Klaus of American Dad !

57. *Dull and repetitive job [cardboard, dowel, popsicle sticks, glue, scissors]: HAMSTER WHEEL - this clue/answer doesn't quite jibe for me; not quite sure how to phrase it

A trippy Monster Magnet song; lyric @ 0:54

71. *Irresistible thing [seeds, soil, water, sunlight]: CATNIP - I think you all know my "catnip"

And one more "Doghouse" reference. . . .

And Away We Go~!


7. Fuss: ADO

10. Barracks bosses: Abbr.: SGTs - I saw "Barack's" at first, so I thought "huh~?" Aliens~?

14. Verdi opera: OTELLO - the "Italian" adaptation of the Bard; Guiseppe Verdi = "Joe Green" ( thanks, Victor Borge )

15. Pride or lust: SIN - se7en was a great movie

16. Time in office: TERM - Barack did two "terms"

17. Lose feeling: GO NUMB - my bum went numb as I had to deliver and pick-up pipes 1100 miles round-trip; the place - a renovation shop in Alliance OH, A.R. Schopp's Sons Co., making organs and pipes for over 100yrs

18. Winter sport vehicle: ICE CANOE!/fileImage/httpImage/travel-log-ice-canoeing.jpg

22. Cuppa, to a Brit: TEA - I occasionally go for a "spot" of tea

25. "Get it?": "SEE~?"

26. Fair-hiring letters: EEO - Equal Employment Opportunity

27. Director Brooks: MEL - Comic movie genius

28. Genesis figure: ADAM

30. Michael of "Juno": CERA

32. Depend (on): RELY

33. Group summoned to a courthouse: JURY POOL - there's something "off" about the wording of this clue/answer, too - like jurOR would be better. . . .

36. Country duo Maddie & __: TAE - no clue; their website

41. Pup's bark: YAP - not YIP today

42. Landscape alternative: PORTRAIT - photos and printing orientation

45. Pine (for): ACHE - my first fill was LONG - Bzzzt~!

48. Uncork, say: OPEN - see 54D.

50. Gumbo pod: OKRA

51. "Please explain": "WHY~?"

52. Actress de Armas: ANA - filled via perps; her IMDb - once I looked, I realized she was the hot "Bond girl" in No Time To Die - I loved her scenes~!

53. Qty.: AMounT

56. Body part examined by an otolaryngologist: EAR - a long way to go for a 3LW; see 35D.

61. Insinuation: INNUENDO - OK, but what do you really mean~?

62. Dresser part: DRAWER

66. Shakespearean king: LEAR - more of the Bard

67. As well: TOO

68. Camden Yards ballplayer: ORIOLE - Waaay back when I was about 8yrs old, I thought this team had the coolest logo on their hats

69. French fashion magazine: ELLE

70. "Lisa From Temecula" sketch show, for short: SNL - crossword sketch show = Ektorp, and #13  for 3LW in the ACROSS


1. 1990s fad disc: POG - I was too old for this; essentially collectible cardboard discs

2. "How was __ know?": "I TO"

3. Lead-in to Xer, Yer, and Zer: GENeration

4. Stop (up): PLUG - I had CLOG, then STOP, duh, because of STY, and it messed up my NW

5. "__ World": "Sesame Street" feature: ELMO'S

6. Highborn: NOBLE

7. "You wish!": "AS IF~!"

8. More fraught: DICIER

9. Many a kayak: ONE-SEATER 

may the "oars" be with you

10. Wild guess: STAB - or WAG, if you're doing the crossword

11. Biological map subject: GENOME

12. Mortar-spreading tool: TROWEL - and what some women use to apply makeup

13. Like some compost bins: SMELLY - I suppose it would "smell", but is it smell-Y~? The kitchen garbage, that's a different story. . . .

19. Comedian Margaret: CHO - becoming a crossword staple

21. Interior design: DÉCOR

22. __ Mahal: TAJ - I uploaded an image of my "Garage Mahal" sign a couple of months ago

23. College URL ender: EDU

24. 50+ group: AARP - technically, I qualify - but I am resisting the fact that I am "OLD"

29. "Nonsense!": "MY EYE~!"

31. Get hitched in Vegas, perhaps: ELOPE

32. Hip again: RETRO - I noticed that yoga pants are going "retro" now. . . .

Dare I say, "Bell Bottoms"~?

34. School org.: PTA

35. Foes: OPPONENTS - and a short way to get to a loooong answer

37. Play a part: ACT

39. "The Wolf of Wall Street" Oscar nominee Hill: JONAH - perps and WAGs

40. Sushi pairing: SAKE - Dah~!  I tried the NORI first

43. Golden yrs. fund: IRA - I have two; one is funded by the proceeds from my investment account to avoid taxation - works for me

44. Road goo: TAR

45. Some time: AWHILE

46. Big name in perfume: CHANEL
I am "intimidated" by these ads with ripped men;

I feel like I'm "not allowed" to wear this cologne

47. Church songbook: HYMNAL

49. "Excuse me?": "PARDON~?"

52. Noshed: ATE

54. French red wine: MEDOC - I quit drinking, ergo I don't drink wine; I was unfamiliar with this answer. . . . 

. . . but 1971 was a great year to be "born". . . .

55. __ firma: TERRA

58. "Yeah, I guess so": "SURE."

59. Cold-weather fabric: WOOL

60. Milk, in French: LAIT - Frawnche, but I knew this

63. Came in first: WON

64. Yalie: ELI - Connecticut~!

65. Agt.: REP - #13 in the DOWN