Jun 3, 2020

Wednesday, June 3, 2020, Robin Stears

Theme: TWICE AS NICE (Stars were accidentally omitted from theme clues)
17. "Two Tahitian Women" painter: PAUL GAUGUIN.

23. 1965 Beau Brummels hit with the line "It seemed so funny to me": LAUGH LAUGH.

38. Southern lights: AURORA AUSTRALIS.

51. Reuben ingredient: SAUERKRAUT.

63. 13th/14th-century Mongol Empire region ... and an elemental hint to what's found twice in each answer to a starred clue: GOLDEN HORDE.

The symbol for gold is AU, and each theme answer contains two AU's.


1. Small earring: STUD. Ears are often pierced using a piercing gun with gold (AU) STUDs.

5. Mercedes line: E CLASS.

11. Magazine with a satirical "fold-in" back cover: MAD. Here's one from 2008.

14. Bear in two constellations: URSA.

15. Bits of dust: SPECKS.

16. Curling surface: ICE. Curling, the sport. Sneaky clue, but with three letters what else could it be?

19. Testing site: LAB.

20. Minute: SMALL. Another sneaky clue.

21. SFO incoming flight: ARR. Air travel - not too much of that these days.

22. Narrow cut: SLIT.

27. Neverland pirate: SMEE. From Peter Pan.

28. Snap, crackle and pop: NOISES. Again with the sneaky clues!

32. CPR expert: EMT.

35. Media org. that tweets the Declaration of Independence on July 4: NPR. I listen every day, but did not know that.

37. Partner of each: EVERY.

43. H.G. Wells genre: SCIFI.

44. Moo __ gai pan: GOO. Chinese dish with chicken and mushrooms.

45. Kin of -kin: LET. This took a little thought. -kin as a suffix, like in munchkin, and -let, as in piglet. They are both diminutives.

46. Yet: THOUGH.

48. Zodiac transition point: CUSP.

55. Adhesive strip: TAPE.

58. Bygone telecom co.: MCI. The end of a telecom icon.

59. Waited in line, say: STOOD. Six feet apart.

62. "Ben-__": HUR.

66. The Nixon years, e.g.: ERA. Don't remember seeing this clue before.

67. Capital west of Krakow: PRAGUE. Capital and largest city in the Czech Republic, the 13th largest city in the European Union and the historical capital of Bohemia.

68. Tiny amt. of time: NSEC. A nanosecond (ns or nsec) is one billionth (10-9) of a second and is a common measurement of read or write access time to random access memory (RAM).

69. "Great news!": YAY.

70. Autumn blooms: ASTERS.

71. Fair: SO-SO.


1. Enjoys an evening meal: SUPS.

2. Magic Kingdom people mover: TRAM

3. Customary: USUAL.

4. "Who Shot J.R.?" show: DALLAS.

5. That, in Tijuana: ESA.

6. Apple core?: CPU. Nice clue.

7. Sanctioned: LEGAL.

8. Honda luxury brand: ACURA.

9. Vail trail: SKI RUN. Colorado.

10. Common ID: SSN. Social Security Number.

11. Pepper grinder: MILL.

12. Berry from South America: ACAI. Everything you need to know.

13. It's outstanding: DEBT. Lol.

18. In a funk: GLUM.

22. Hindu deity known as the Destroyer: SHIVA.

24. Rowlands who won an Emmy for playing Betty Ford: GENA. The Betty Ford Story.

25. Air filter acronym: HEPA. "High Efficiency Particulate Air" or "High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance."

26. Suffix with movie or church: GOER.

29. What some bears do: SELL. A bear is an investor who believes that a particular security, or the broader market is headed downward and may attempt to profit from a decline in stock prices. Bears are typically pessimistic about the state of a given market or underlying economy.

30. Keystone State port: ERIE. Pennsylvania.

31. Part of CNS: Abbr.: SYST. Central Nervous System.

32. Dawn direction: EAST.

33. Greatly: MUCH.

34. Donald Duck's nephews, e.g.: TRIO. Huey, Dewey, and Louie.

36. Throw __: RUG.

39. Beneficial: OF USE.

40. Latvian birthplace of Baryshnikov: RIGA. Wikipedia.

41. Bit of footwear: SOCK.

42. __ de force: TOUR.

47. Indulges: HUMORS.

49. Bachelorette party accessory: SASH

50. Deceptions: PUT ONS.

52. Razzle-dazzle: ECLAT. Brilliant display or effect.

53. Blue __ Mountains: RIDGE.

54. Trunk: TORSO.

55. "So __ say": THEY.

56. Ambience: AURA.

57. Use rosary beads, say: PRAY.

60. Poetic tributes: ODES.

61. Geometric art style: DECO.

63. Transcript fig.: GPA. Grade Point Average.

64. Prefix with Asian: EUR.

65. Wii forerunner, briefly: NES.