Oct 14, 2019

Monday, Oct 14, 2019 Paul Coulter

Theme: ON THE MONEY (59. Exactly right ... and where parts of 17-, 24- and 47-Across appear)

17. Toy component of a miniature cabin ($5): LINCOLN LOG.

24. One applying for a financial gift ($50): GRANT WRITER.

47. Popular Wyoming mountain resort ($20): JACKSON HOLE.

Boomer here.  

What a week!!  Twins are history and I don't think it matters because Houston would not like to play in 30 degree weather.  Since this blog covers most of North America, I wish to mention sympathy to those in Southern California who were damaged by the fires. Also to those up north from Fargo to Theodore Roosevelt National Park who were pelted with an October blizzard. Finally prayers and good wishes to Dennis in Florida who is undergoing a serious medical procedure.  
Now on to the puzzle.  Our constructor seemed to leave out the George Washington bill, the one to which I am most familiar.


1. Livens (up): PEPS.  Add an "I" and I am drinking one.

5. River through the Lake of the Ozarks: OSAGE.  "Oh SAGE" Thanksgiving is only about six weeks away.  My favorite spice in the Turkey stuffing.

10. GPS diagrams: MAPS.  Spell it backwards and you have that military meat from Austin, MN.

14. Teen heartthrob: IDOL.  Singer Billy with funny hair.

15. Rocker Eddie Van __: HALEN.

16. Tennis great Arthur who wrote "A Hard Road to Glory": ASHE.

19. Actor Gosling: RYAN.  How about Nolan who had about 324 wins and over 5000 strikeouts?

20. "__ suggestions?": ANY.

21. Mindless repetition: ROTE.  Hope you are not tired of pro athletes yet, but Kyle Rote was a wide receiver for the New York Giants.  My claim to his fame is we share the same birthday, (However not the same year of course.)

22. "You __ grounded!": ARE SO.

23. Jack Sprat no-no: FAT.  His wife could eat no lean.

27. "What __ state of affairs!": A SAD.

29. Frosty coating: RIME.  I did not know what it was called. We had a bit of RIME on our deck yesterday.  Winter comes early in Minnesota,

30. Par __: via airmail, in Arles: AVION.

32. Intend to say: MEAN.  Jesse Ventura used to call Gene Okerlund (wrestling sports caster) MEAN GENE.

34. WWII turning point: D DAY.

38. Doozy: LULU.  "To sir, with Love."

39. High-tech eye surgery: LASIK.  Too high tech for me, I need glasses to read the paper and the internet.

40. Self-defense spray: MACE.  Get this in your eye and I don't think LASIK will help.

41. Roach or termite: PEST.

42. Stuntman Knievel: EVEL.  I remember 1974 when the world was watching him to jump a motorcycle over the Snake River Canyon somewhere in Idaho.  I don't remember if he made it but he must have because he performed many jumps after that.

43. Like Cheerios, grain-wise: OATEN.  General Mills offices are near our home. I used to eat Cheerios but I have changed my attention to CHEX.

44. Fine-tune, as skills: HONE.

46. Author Rice: ANNE.

52. Myrna of "The Thin Man": LOY.  The "Thin Man" became a TV series in the late 50s. with Peter Lawford. Lawford was a brother-in-law of JFK and also a member of the so called "Rat Pack" who hung out at The Sands in Las Vegas.

55. High hairdos: AFROS.  Not to be confused with the Houston Team that is taking on the Yanks in the ALCS.

56. Greek "i": IOTA.

57. Simpson trial judge: ITO.  Ah yes, The most famous judge of the O.J. Simpson era.

58. Unfocused image: BLUR.  Maybe they should try LASIK.

62. First, in "Who's on First?": BASE.  What's on second, I don't know's on third.

63. Worse, as excuses go: LAMER.

64. "I, Claudius" role: NERO.

65. "__ girl!": ATTA.

66. Accomplishments: DEEDS.  Get as many Monopoly cards as you can.  Collect rent and win the game.

67. "No warranties": AS IS.


1. Seasoned rice dish: PILAF.

2. Patsy's "Ab Fab" pal: EDINA.  This would be a southwest suburb of Minneapolis.

3. Hairstyles named for an equine feature: PONYTAILS.  My older sister had one for years.  A common style in the 50s and 60s but I still see a few around today.

4. Utah luggage tag initials: SLC.  Salt Lake City,  I've been through there a few times on I-80.  They sure have a big lake there.  Bigger than all Minnesota lakes except Superior I suppose.

5. "Dear God!": OH LORD.

6. Reindeer reins holder: SANTA.  My church had a priest named Father Santa.  He transferred to Michigan, but at Christmas he got lots of mail.

7. Filmmaker Woody: ALLEN.

8. Former Prizm maker: GEO.  Interesting history, the car was a joint venture with GM and some Japanese automakers.  I think Chevy took it over in the early 2000s but it did not last long.

9. London lang.: ENG.  When I was a young American, I thought "English" was a foreign language.

10. Guy wearing a ring, perhaps: MARRIED MAN.

11. Until now: AS YET.

12. New moon, e.g.: PHASE.  This word comes up in electricity all the time.  Your home is probably single phase, but three phase is for the bigger power users.

13. Mexican title: SENOR.

18. Church keyboard: ORGAN.  My church replaced ours with a piano.  Not my favorite.

22. Escort's offer: ARM.

25. Oregon or Chisholm: TRAIL.  I wonder how many "TRAILS" are in the U.S.

26. Bat one eye: WINK.

28. Place to eat Seoul food: SOUTH KOREA.  I get it, a play on words.  I know I am constantly guilty of it.  Sorry.

30. Mont Blanc, e.g.: ALP.

31. Saturn SUV: VUE.  This was replaced by the "Outlook", but now I think Saturn has been swallowed up by GM and you have to go to Chevy to get an SUV.

32. Expert: MAVEN.

33. Language suffix: ESE.  Minneapolis to Lake Superior compass direction.

35. Starts of many news stories: DATELINES.  Also known as "Breaking News" which is every report on MSNBC, CNN, and FOX (less Shepard Smith).

36. Expert: ACE.  A great start to the game of 21 aka Blackjack.

37. Strong desire: YEN.  Japanese money.  It takes a whole bunch to equal a U.S. dollar.

39. Jay of late-night TV: LENO.  Used to be on "Tonight", now his show is in a garage.

43. Late hr. to turn in: ONE AM.  This is when I get up to take pills, but I am back in the sack by 1:01 AM.

45. CIA forerunner: OSS.  WWII era, Office of Secret Services.

46. Changes: ALTERS.

47. __ the Hutt of "Star Wars": JABBA.  Star Wars of the future.  If this were in the stone age, Fred Flintstone might holler "Jabba Jabba Dooo".

48. Note after G: A FLAT.  I almost had "A FLAT" when my tire picked up a nail last Spring.

49. Pizza feature: CRUST.  I used to make and bake pizzas.  We called the base a crust but it was not crusty.  Not like the frozen kind you get at the Grocery store.

50. Blackjack request: HIT ME.  A dangerous move with 15 or 16.

51. __ and aahed: OOHED.

53. Comical Cheri: OTERI.

54. Up-and-down toys: YO-YOS.  Everyone had a "Duncan" when I was a kid.  We could make them sleep or go "around the world".

59. Ancient: OLD.  I am not there yet, but getting close.

60. Dumfries denial: NAE.

61. Words before roll or streak: ON A.  Could be a bowling term for XXXXXXX.