Jun 26, 2022

Sunday June 26, 2022 Roland Huget


Theme: "Stretches Across" - Time units are orderly hidden inside each theme entry.

26. *Terms for tenants: LEASE CONDITIONS.

45. *Question in a famous balcony scene: WHEREFORE ART THOU ROMEO.

68. *Southeastern evergreen that sounds like a college: FLORIDA YEW.

73. *"Tennessee Waltz" composer: PEE WEE KING.

95. *"Leave this to me": I'M ON THE CASE.

112. *Financial report section: QUARTERLY EARNINGS.


91. Schedule component, and what the answers to the starred clues literally contain: TIME SLOT.

A rare Sunday with left/right symmetry. Notice how most of the theme entries are odd-numbered?

I made this puzzle for the Universal a while ago and I fully appreciate how difficult it was for Roland to come up with those hidden time units. And in second to year order. Just amazing!


1. Lake skimmer: JETSKI. Sparkly start.

7. Bitterly harsh: ACERBIC.

14. In flames: ABLAZE.

20. Free bakery treats?: AROMAS. Sometimes I open the fridge door at the Asian grocery store just to smell durian. Ah, the hot summer days in Guangzhou. Durian, lychee, fish in banana leaf.

21. "Orphan Black" star Maslany: TATIANA.

22. Prim partner: PROPER.

23. Uses a salamander, perhaps: BROILS. Not familiar with the salamander broiler.

24. Hand sanitizer ingredient: ETHANOL.

25. Glossy fabric: SATEEN.

29. "Great" detective of kid-lit: NATE.

32. QBs and DHs: ATHS. Athletes. Quarterbacks and Designated Hitters.

33. Winter coaster: SLED.

34. Kerfuffles: ADOS.

38. Prefix with tourism: ECO.

39. Back up: SAVE.

41. Refer to: CITE.

44. Stop dithering: OPT.

53. Emission from radioactive decay: BETA RAY.

54. Wrestling legend Ric: FLAIR.

55. NYC film festival locale: TRIBECA.

56. Actor Epps: OMAR.

57. Ocelot, e.g.: WILDCAT.

59. Harmon series: NCIS. Mark Harmon.

60. __-O-Honey candy: BIT.

62. Bud: PAL.

63. "Mudbound" director Rees: DEE. From Wikipedia: Her achievements include being the first Black woman nominated for an Oscar for adapted screenplay. We also have 94. "Queen Sugar" creator DuVernay: AVA.

65. Bag-screening org.: TSA.

77. Run-down theaters: FLEA PITS.

78. Be a little shy?: OWE. Gimme for regulars.

80. Admit defeat: SAY UNCLE.

81. Fury: RAGE.

82. Test run: TRIAL.

84. Fictional sleuth Wolfe: NERO.

85. Well-known: FAMED.

88. Device that may display awkward moments on the jumbotron: KISS CAM.

90. Abalone eater: OTTER.

99. Quick qualifier: IMO.

100. Court dividers: NETS.

102. Wear a long face: MOPE.

103. Not good at all: EVIL.

104. Radiate: EMIT.

105. Lugs around: SCHLEPS. Consonant-rich.

107. Sandwich letters: BLT.

110. Motorless aircraft: GLIDERS.

117. "The Night Watchman" Pulitzer winner Erdrich: LOUISE.

119. Marshmallow-filled treat: MOON PIE.

120. Bible book with 150 poems: PSALMS.

123. "__ Restaurant": classic Guthrie song: ALICE'S.

124. Quarterback who was MVP of Super Bowls XLII and XLVI: MANNING. Eli.

125. Pabst brand: STROH'.

126. Smartphone screen borders: BEZELS.

127. Supplemented: ADDED TO.

128. "For Your Eyes Only" singer Sheena: EASTON.


1. Snarky remark: JAB.

2. Drop the ball: ERR.

3. Excessively: TOO.

4. Graphic novel by Raina Telgemeier about a girl with braces: SMILE. This clue is very Patti. Even if you don't know the novel, the clue is helpful and you learn something.

5. Iron-rich leafy vegetable: KALE.

6. Rae of "The Lovebirds": ISSA.

7. Unsteady, quaintly: ATEETER.

8. "Coming at you!": CATCH.

9. Cultural values: ETHOS.

10. "Knives Out" writer/director Johnson: RIAN. Friendly letter combo. Just remember him.

11. Rock groups: BANDS.

12. How sun-dried tomatoes may be packed: IN OIL.

13. Pasadena engineering sch.: CAL TECH.

14. Lhasa __: APSO.

15. Breakfast cereal fiber: BRAN.

16. Much, informally: LOTSA.

17. Big monkey: APE.

18. Snooze symbol: ZEE.

19. East end?: ERN. Eastern.

27. London luxury hotel that opened in 1889: SAVOY.

28. __-proof: IDIOT.

29. Rookie, casually: NEWB.

30. Tooth trouble: ACHE.

31. Duking it out: TOE TO TOE.

35. Not imported: DOMESTIC.

36. Gp. with reserves: OPEC.

37. Ancient portico: STOA. Like this.

39. "Buona __": Italian greeting: SERA.

40. Over yonder: AFAR.

42. Go bad: TURN.

43. "Heart & Soul" country singer Church: ERIC.

46. Male sheep: RAM.

47. IRS convenience: E-FILE. Thank God for D-Otto.

48. The works: ALL.

49. "Gnarly, dude!": RAD.

50. __-tac-toe: TIC.

51. Swap: TRADE.

52. Kimono sash: OBI. Stunning.

57. Styles: WAYS.

58. Concert mementos: TEES.

60. Fave bud: BFF.

61. "__ be darned!": I'LL.

62. Hors d'oeuvres spread: PATE.

64. "Fargo" actor McGregor: EWAN. Scottish actor.

66. Weekly NBC show with a musical guest: SNL.

67. Go gray, maybe: AGE. I've been having white hairs in my eyebrows the past two years. I plucked them, but they grow back white again.

69. Burger order: RARE.

70. Apple TV+ device: IPAD.

71. "Comprende?": DIG.

72. Razzie Award adjective: WORST.

73. Nobel category: PEACE.

74. Needle hole: EYE.

75. Tip of the Alps?: EURO. Nice clue.

76. Macramé unit: KNOT.

79. Coin-in-a-fountain thought: WISH.

82. Sticking point: TINE. Fork.

83. Frilly trim: LACE.

85. Autograph hounds: FANS. Gary's son-in-law Brendon is an avid baseball fan.

86. "Sans" opposite: AVEC.

87. Test for solvers: MATH QUIZ.

88. Keystone figure: KOP.

89. Big D hoopster: MAV. The Dallas Mavericks.

92. Abu Dhabi ruler: EMIR.

93. Goes bad: ROTS.

95. Wow: IMPRESS.

96. Part of MVP: MOST.

97. Talk with one's hands: SIGN.

98. Orbital circuit shape: ELLIPSE.

101. Water channel: SLUICE.

104. Literary awards named for a Baltimore writer: EDGARS.

106. "The Joy of Painting" prop: EASEL.

107. Fair, in a way: BLOND.

108. Jeff of the Traveling Wilburys: LYNNE.

109. Lukewarm: TEPID.

111. Prefix with gram or cart: INSTA.

113. "Room" novelist Donoghue: EMMA. Wikipedia says "Room" is a finalist for the Man Booker Prize. Brie Larson won an Oscar for her "Room" role.

114. Map line: ROAD.

115. "It __ over till it's over": AIN'T.

116. __ Park: Queens area: REGO. Learned from doing crosswords.

117. Forensic facility: LAB.

118. World Cup chant: OLE.

121. Old conductance unit: MHO. Ohm spelled backwards.

122. ID with two hyphens: SSN.

Boomer had a full-body bone scan at the North Memorial on Friday. The result is not promising. Bad cells are widely scattered. 

Tomorrow morning we start our 5 sessions of daily radiation on his left shoulder at the VA hospital in Minneapolis. Then we have one more CT scan on Wednesday afternoon. We meet with his oncologist again on Friday and Boomer receives his bone strengthener infusion afterwards.

The good news is that Boomer's left shoulder gets better. He started to type with his left hand again, though not for long, but it's a start. His PT lady is really good. We'll see an OT next Thursday.