Jan 23, 2017

Monday, January 23, 2017 Joel Mackerry

Theme: No Reveal Monday - Start with three letters; a vowel progression and the same two consonants.

17A. Hebrew or Latin, e.g.: ANCIENT LANGUAGE

23A. Meetings of self-improvement seekers: ENCOUNTER GROUPS

39A. Form 1040 and schedules: INCOME TAX RETURN

53A. Doctor with a pager: ON-CALL PHYSICIAN

61A. Most of the Atlantic, to Columbus: UNCHARTED WATERS

Argyle here. The kicker is the five entries are all grid spanners and in language. Well done!


1. Contractor's detail, briefly: SPEC. (specification)

5. NYSE listings: COs. New York Stock Exchange/companys

8. Shade-loving plant: HOSTA

13. Pull's opposite: PUSH

14. Sitting on: ATOP

16. "That's __!": "Piece of cake!": A SNAP

20. Cpl., for one: NCO. Corporal/non-commissioned officer

21. Sundial number opposite I: VII

22. Kitty coat: FUR

29. Child of a boomer: Xer. Generations

30. With 31-Across, flying exhibition: AIR

31. See 30-Across: SHOW

32. More than fair, less than great: GOOD

34. Petting __: ZOO

36. Composer Bartók: BÉLA

44. Right triangle ratio: SINE

45. "Impractical Jokers" network __TV: TRU. truTV.

46. Most fit to be drafted: ONE A

47. Captures: NABs

50. Plus: AND

52. "CSI" evidence: DNA

58. Itinerary word: VIA. (by way of)

59. Dubai's fed.: UAE. (United Arab Emirates)

60. Glamorous Gardner: AVA

68. Allow to board: LET ON

69. "Frozen" queen: ELSA

70. Game with rooms and weapons: CLUE

71. Natives for whom a Great Lake is named: ERIEs

72. Like a clever devil: SLY

73. Outdoor faucet attachment: HOSE


1. Massage facility: SPA

2. Joke with a homophone, say: PUN

3. Top-left PC key: ESC

4. Trouser material: CHINO. Trousers of such a fabric gained popularity in the U.S. when Spanish–American War veterans returned from the Philippines with their twill military trousers.

5. Elevate to sainthood: CANONIZE

6. Giants great Mel: OTT

7. Work a crossword puzzle: SOLVE

8. "Macbeth" cauldron stirrer: HAG. One of the three Weyward Sisters.

9. Buckeye State sch.: OSU. Ohio State University.

10. Acronym for a big mess: SNAFU

11. Prepare to advance after a fly ball: TAG UP

12. Mimics: APERS

15. Bridge partnerships: PAIRS

18. S.A. country at zero degrees latitude: ECUA. (Ecuador)

19. About to happen: NIGH

23. Army vet: EX-GI

24. Vegas signs: NEONS

25. Early spring blooms: CROCI

26. Easy run: TROT

27. Hanger near the shower: ROBE

28. Be a debtor of: OWE TO

33. Summer of disco: DONNA

35. Cereal grain: OAT

37. Monday, in Metz: LUNDI. French.

38. "Ben-Hur" setting: ARENA

40. Dinner, e.g.: MEAL

41. Like Superman's special vision: X-RAY

42. Flees: RUNS AWAY

43. Indian flatbread: NAAN

48. "It all happened so fast" memory: BLUR

49. Sudden burst: SPATE

51. Operatic icon: DIVA

53. Developing egg: OVULE

54. Forty-__: NINER

55. Desert plants: CACTI

56. Shoes that make you look taller: HEELS

57. Hidden downside: CATCH. There's always a catch.

62. Soil-moving tool: HOE

63. Ques. response: ANS. (answer)

64. Broadband letters: DSL. (Digital Subscriber Line)

65. Rock gp. with winds and strings: ELO. (Electric Light Orchestra)

66. Moscow's land: Abbr.: RUSsia

67. Lay eyes on: SEE