Mar 19, 2019

Tuesday, March 19, 2019 Gail Grabowski & Bruce Venzke

"It's Show Time !"

17. Period with dreams, e.g.: SLEEP STAGE STAGE SHOW

25. Subject of some weather advisories: SMALL CRAFT. CRAFT SHOW

37. Apple tablet from 2013 to 2016: IPAD AIR. AIR SHOW

48. Summit Plummet at Disney World, for one: WATER SLIDE.  SLIDE SHOW

57. Perform in the theater ... and what can be done to the end of 17-, 25-, 37- and 48-Across: PUT ON A SHOW.


1. Factory work period: SHIFT

6. Choral part: ALTO.

10. Stand the test of time: LAST.  Has legs.

14. Hang around: TARRY.  The verb is pronounced differently than the adjective.

15. Deliberately avoid: SHUN.  That's a definition for the "English" but in the Amish community,  shun means to expel and ostracize.

16. Nabisco nibble: OREO..

19. Screenwriter Ephron: NORA.

20. __ Ark: NOAH'S.

21. Rest area array: SEMIS.

22. Timber shaper: ADZE.

28. Stars and Stripes squad: TEAM USA.

30. Soup spheres: PEAS.

31. Delivery doc: OB-GYN.   Obstetrician-Gynecologist

32. Movie lab assistant: IGOR.

33. App annoyances: ADS.

36. Gp. that isn't gun-shy: NRA.

40. Real estate buy: LOT.

41. Have some grub: EAT.

42. Ranch grazers: COWS.

43. Botanical swelling: EDEMA.

45. Yellow Brick Road dog: TOTO.

46. Back-of-book lists: INDEXES.

52. Bit of pageant attire: SASH.

53. Fashionista Mary-Kate: OLSEN.   She and business partner / twin sister Ashley.

54. Flowers, in Florence: FIORI.

56. Pothole's place: ROAD.

62. Drive-__ window: THRU.
Wendy's claims the fast food industry innovation.   McDonald's opened their first drive-thru in 1975 in Arizona.

63. Chicago mayor Emanuel: RAHM.  The new mayor will be either Toni Preckwinkle or Lori Lightfoot. 

64. Scrabble 10-pointer: Z TILE.  The answer RAZE at 55d gave it away.
65. Diary securer: HASP.

66. Vein yields: ORES.  Pay dirt.

67. Several hairpin turns: ESSES.


1. Wall and Bourbon: Abbr.: STS.  Well known streets in Manhattan (NYC) and the French Quarter (NOLA).

2. Kubrick's out-of-control computer: HAL.  Stanley Kubrick / HAL 9000.  The groundbreaking film was 2001: A Space Odyssey

3. Dublin's land: Abbr.: IRE.

4. Faux ally: FRENEMY.  Psychiatrist Paul Dobransky M.D.,  explains, in How to Spot Friends, Enemies, Frenemies and Bullies

5. Proofer's find: TYPO.  If you see teh in my write ups, assume I meant the. 

6. Bronchial woe: ASTHMA.

7. Capital of Tibet: LHASA.

8. Yank: TUG.  

9. Ace's value, at times: ONE.

10. They don't like company: LONERS.  Henry David Thoreau and Ted Kaczynski both went off to live in the woods.  Compare and contrast.

11. Taco truck allure: AROMA.

12. Calligrapher's swirl: SERIF.

13. Wedding reception highlight: TOAST.

18. Mouth off to: SASS.

21. Visibly healed, as skin: SCARRED

22. Advice to sinners: ATONE.

23. Messing of "Will & Grace": DEBRA.  Will (Eric McCormack) and Grace.

24. Restaurant survey creator: ZAGAT.

26. Lexi Thompson's sports org.: LPGA.   The Ladies Professional Golf Association.

27. Sainted fifth-century pope: LEO I.

29. Mythical horned equine: UNICORN.

32. Cards with pics: IDS.

33. Amazon Echo's assistant: ALEXA.  I turned her off.  We no longer speak to each other.

34. Mosque toppers: DOMES.

35. Narc's discovery: STASH.

38. Cookware items: POTS.

39. AFB truant: AWOL.  Air Force Base / Absent Without Leave

44. Calls it off: DESISTS.

45. Ready to drive, as a golf ball: TEED UP. It's better to be teed up than teed off.

46. Figures of speech: IDIOMS.  They're a dime a dozen.

47. Hard-to-miss sign: NEON.

48. Value: WORTH.

49. Hawaiian hi: ALOHA.

50. Romanov royals: TSARS.  The Romanovs ruled Russia for 300 years until 1917.

51. "__ shoe fits ... ": IF THE.  Wear it.

55. Use a wrecking ball on: RAZE.

57. In favor of: PRO.

58. Former Mideast org.: UAR.  United Arab Republic.  The coalition of Syria and Egypt.

59. Embroidered pronoun: HIS.

60. World Cup shout: OLE.

61. Jazzman Montgomery: WES.

Note from C.C.:

Agnes mentioned their epic annual St. Paddy's Day celebration at her sister's house. Here is a picture of their gathering on Sunday night. Of the five sisters here, dear Agnes is the youngest (78 in a few weeks). Anne is the oldest, 91 years old. Agnes also has three older brothers: Bud, Bill and Jack.

L-R: Anne, Agnes, Eileen, Mary, and Peggy, 3/17/2019