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Jan 22, 2020

Wednesday, January 22, 2020, Jared Tamarkin



28. Compel to land, as a plane: FORCE DOWN.

48. Red or white unit: BLOOD CELL.

58. Speaking Spanglish, say ... or a hint to what's hidden in 20-, 28- and 48-Across: CODE SWITCHING.

Took me a bit to crack this CODE and realize the theme - the word CODE is SWITCHed up and spans across two words in three theme answers. A real mix of gettable and huh? words made this one last a little longer than a typical Wednesday. An enjoyable solve when it was finally completed.


1. Construction guideline: SPEC. Specifications, also called specs, are the details for the work that needs to be completed in a construction project and includes information such as materials, the scope of work, installation process, and quality of work.

5. Pitfalls: TRAPS.

10. Bible book that chronicles the conversion of Paul: ACTS. Acts of the Apostles, the fifth book of the new testament.

14. Rake prong: TINE.

15. Soprano Fleming: RENÉE. Renée Fleming names six of her all-time favourite soprano arias, below.

16. Fluctuate: VARY.

17. 500 sheets of paper: REAM.

18. "I'm on __!": A ROLL.

19. Access, as a computer program: OPEN.

23. Characterized by: PRONE TO.

24. Provide parenting for: RAISE.

27. Art Deco icon: ERTÉ. Romain de Tirtoff was a Russian-born French artist and designer known by the pseudonym Erté, from the French pronunciation of his initials. Erté was known for his glamorous opera sets, jewelry, costumes, and graphic arts. His work is quintessentially emblematic of the Art Deco style in its use of tapering lines and simplified ornamentation inspired by the natural world.

32. Massage therapist's employer: SPA.

34. Penn. neighbor: DEL. Pennsylvania and Delaware.

35. Handling the situation: ON IT.

36. Lilly of pharmaceuticals: ELI.

39. Coffee cup insulators: SLEEVES. My daughter and I traveled to Burbank, CA earlier this month to take the Gilmore Girls fan tour at Warner Brothers. Luke's coffee was served (exceptionally good) with the Luke's SLEEVES, along with pop-tarts and other GG-inspired fare (those are dragonfly shortbread cookies).

42. Texting format, for short: SMS. Short Message Service.

43. "Boogie Nights" actor Reynolds: BURT.

45. Night school subj.: ESL. English as a Second Language.

46. Fashion plate: FOP. Wikipedia: Fop became a pejorative term for a foolish man excessively concerned with his appearance and clothes in 17th-century England. The pejorative term today carries the connotation of a person, usually male, who is overly concerned with trivial matters (especially matters of fashion) and who affects elite social standing.

51. Put one over on: FOOL.

54. Islamic denomination: SUNNI. The larger of the two main branches of Islam, which differs from Shia in its understanding of the Sunna, its conception of religious leadership, and its acceptance of the first three caliphs (rulers).

55. Oregon city near the mouth of the Columbia: ASTORIA.

62. Competent: ABLE.

64. Suck-up: TOADY. Huh? A person who behaves obsequiously to someone important. The word toady has a gross, yet engaging history. Not familiar with this word.

65. Afrikaans speaker: BOER. Huh? The Dutch and Afrikaans noun for "farmer." In South African contexts, "Boers" refers to the descendants of the proto-Afrikaans-speaking settlers of the eastern Cape frontier in Southern Africa during the 18th and much of the 19th century. From 1652 to 1795 the Dutch East India Company controlled this area, but the United Kingdom incorporated it into the British Empire in 1806.

66. Shiraz's land: IRAN. Shiraz is the fifth-most-populous city of Iran and the capital of Fars Province. 

67. Make one's case: ARGUE.

68. Cupid's wings: ALAE. Wings or flat winglike process or structure, such as a part of some bones and cartilages. ALAE is the plural form of ALA. This is an awfully scientific term for a fictional character - but common enough in crosswords.

69. Anti-DUI org.: MADD. Mothers Against Drunk Drivers.

70. Tango moves: STEPS.

71. "This is for you": HERE.


1. Guitar support: STRAP. Not stand.

2. Missouri River capital: PIERRE.

3. Fill with affection: ENAMOR.

4. Fixes in place: CEMENTS.

5. Activist's handout: TRACT.

6. Install new shingles on: RE-ROOF.

7. Quote book abbr.: ANON. Anonymous.

8. Ill-gotten gains: PELF. Huh? Money, especially when gained in a dishonest or dishonorable way. New to me.

9. Move for money: SELL.

10. Guacamole ingredient: AVOCADO.

11. Underwriting?: CAPTIONS. Nice clue.

12. Roman three: TRE.

13. Many a crossword clue: Abbr.: SYN.

21. Ocean trenches: DEEPS.

22. Fury: IRE.

25. Enjoy the pool: SWIM.

26. Tonsillitis-treating MDs: ENTS. Ear, Nose and Throat specialists.

29. Former "Entertainment Tonight" co-anchor Nancy: O'DELL.

30. Make growl, as an engine: REV.

31. Sheet music symbol: CLEF. Any of several symbols placed at the left-hand end of a staff, indicating the pitch of the notes written on it.
33. Actor Baldwin: ALEC.

36. Goes back out: EBBS.

37. Humdinger: LULU.

38. Like a rock-solid contract: IRON CLAD.

40. Language suffix: ESE.

41. Start of civilization?: SOFT C.

44. Constantly: TO NO END.

47. Bureaucratic bigwig: POOHBAH. Grand Poobah is a term derived from the name of the haughty character Pooh-Bah in Gilbert and Sullivan's The Mikado.

49. Impersonated: DID.

50. On the injured list: LAID UP.

52. Camden Yards player: ORIOLE. Major League Baseball ballpark located in Baltimore, Maryland.

53. One-dimensional: LINEAR.

56. Eye annoyances: STYES.

57. Be on the same page: AGREE.

59. Share-a-ride pickup hrs.: ETAS. Estimated Time of Arrival.

60. Microsoft Excel command: SORT.

61. Compensation: WAGE.

62. Crossbow wielder's asset: AIM.

63. Maidenform garment: BRA.


Note from C.C.

Here are two great pictures from the Gilmore Girls tour Melissa and her daughter took earlier this month at Warner Brothers'. Click here to see more.

lorelai's house
on the couch at "central perk" from friends

Jan 15, 2020

Wednesday January 15, 2020 Kevin Christian

Theme: A Day In The Life -- of a Dog.  Each theme entry interprets a canine action as a means of communication.

20A. Dog, barking: DANGER ALERT.

30. Dog, begging: TREAT PLEASE.

46. Dog, ears erect: WHAT WAS THAT?

55. Dog, tail wagging: WELCOME HOME.

These don't require a lot of elaboration, though some of them can - and sometimes should - be interpreted in other ways.  Dogs do have a rather limited vocabulary.

Hi Gang, JazzBumpa here as today's game warden.  I've never had a dog, but our four kids all have a canine companion in their families, sometimes referred to as our grand dogs. Let's unleash our minds and pound our way through today's puzzle.


1. Minor misunderstanding: TIFF.  Less severe than a spat

5. Long part of an arrow: SHAFT.  Feathers at one end, point at the other.

10. Pride Month letters: LGBT. Now LGBQTIA+, referring to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning, intersex, and asexual or allied, with a + sign in case anyone was missed.  Don't judge.

14. Sticky pod: OKRA.  An edible plant part coming from abelmoschus esculentus, a flowering plant cultivated in warm to tropical regions around the globe.

15. Grammy winner Jones: NORAH. [b 1979] Ravi Shankar's daughter.

16. Channel marker: BUOY.  An anchored float acting as a navigation mark.

17. Letter starter: DEAR ______.  The salutation.

18. Speechify: ORATE.  Speak to an audience.

19. Soda __: fountain worker: JERK.  Maker of sodas, malts and shakes.

23. "Understand?": SEE?  Get it?

24. Common Scrabble tile value: ONE.  Used with the most commonly occurring letters.

25. Afflicts: AILS. Causes health or other kinds of problems.

27. Satisfied sigh sound: AAH.

36. Driving problem: GLARE.  This is why dash panel tops are dark.  The reflection of a light colored object on the windshield obscures the view through the glass.  The technical term is "veiling glare."  Of course there can also be direct glare, as when driving into the morning or late afternoon sun.

38. Sinewy: WIRY.  Slender and muscular.

39. Rio contents: AGUA.  Spanish water.

40. Burton of "Star Trek: TNG": LEVAR.  Levardis Robert Martyn Burton Jr.  [b 1957] is an American actor, author and producer. He also played Kunta Kinte in the 1977 ABC minseries ROOTS.

41. Rhea cousin: EMU.  Large, flightless birds.

42. Harry's mom Lily __ Potter: EVANS. The unrequited love of Severus Snape.

43. Not buttoned, as a shirt: OPEN.

44. "Bummer!": DRAT.  Exclamation of disappointment.

45. It flows below the Pont Neuf: SEINE.  French river, full of eau.

49. Nada: NIL.  Zero.

50. Steel-toe item: BOOT.  Protective footware.

51. "Just a __!": SEC. Hang on, I'll be right there.

53. Southeast airport code: ATL.  Atlanta.

62. Thigh muscle, briefly: QUAD. A group of 4 muscles in the front thigh that connect just below the knee cap.  They straighten and also bend the knee.

64. "Outlander" series novelist Gabaldon: DIANA. [b 1952] Her books merge multiple genres: historical fiction, romance, mystery, adventure, etc.

65. Big name in big projections: IMAX.   A proprietary system of high-resolution cameras, film formats, film projectors, and theaters known for having very large screens with a tall aspect ratio (approximately 1.43:1 & 1.90:1) and steep stadium seating.  [Wikipedia]

66. Bear overhead: URSA.  Either of two constellations, named as bears in Latin.  Not the highway patrol in a helicopter.

67. Sprinter Bolt: USAIN. [b 1986] Jamaican sprinter who holds the world records in 100, 200, and 4x100 relays.

68. Daughter in the 2019 film "Judy": LIZA. Garland and Minelli, respectively.

69. Unwelcome diners: ANTS.  At picnics and in pantries.

70. __ hose: PANTY.   Close-fitting legwear covering the wearer's body from the waist to the toes.

71. Agenda bullet: ITEM.  Keep the meeting on track.


1. Mary __ Lincoln: TODD. [1818-1882]  Before marrying Abraham Lincoln and becoming first lady, she was courted by his political opponent Steven A Douglas.

2. Swedish superstore: IKEA.  Purveyor of knocked down furniture and many other household items.

3. San __: Cal. city nickname: FRAN.  Properly, San Francisco.  The region is known to have been occupied 5000 years ago. The city was founded by Spanish settlers in 1776.

4. FX series inspired by a Coen brothers film: FARGO.

5. Noisy bedmate: SNORER.  Guilty.

6. Traditional group dance: HORA.  A circular folk dance that originated in the balkans.

7. Decimated Asian sea: ARAL.  Formerly the 4th largest lake in the world, it has been shrinking since the 1960's due to Soviet irrigation projects diverting the rivers that fed it.  Large portions of its four basins had dried by 1997.  A restoration project by Kazakhstan had raised the water level by 12 meters between 2003 and 2008.  You can read much more about it here.

8. Karma: FATE.  The universe giving you what you deserve.

9. Course of treatment: THERAPY.

10. JFK-RMN link: LBJ.  Readily recognizable U.S. Presidents.

11. "No, still not right": GUESS AGAIN.  Try harder.

12. Snooze inducer: BORE. An uninteresting event.

13. Tot: TYKE.  Moppet.

21. Go in: ENTER.  Also a computer key

22. Up to, briefly: TIL.  Until, more longly.

26. Split: LEAVE.  Slang.

27. Luminous: AGLOW. Radiant, dazzling.

28. First Hebrew letter: ALEPH.  More here.

29. Enjoy oneself immensely: HAVE A BLAST.  TNT not required.

31. Fancy pitchers: EWERS.  Large, wide-mouthed jugs

32. Focus on, as a bull's-eye: AIM AT.

33. Alternative to dare: TRUTH.  TRUTH or dare is a game in which players must either answer a question truthfully or perform a dare.  In one variant, the questions and dares are written on slips of paper, and the player must choose one of these, sight unseen, and cannot switch.

Also, a documentary movie about Madonna's 1990 Blonde Ambition world tour.

34. Branch of Islam: SUNNI.  The larger of the 2 main branches.  The other is Shia.

35. Watercolor prop: EASEL.  An upright support typically used for working on or displaying paintings.

37. Totaled, as costs: RAN TO.

42. First name in beauty products: ESTEE. Lauder, née Josephine Esther Mentzer [1906 – 2004] was an American businesswoman.  With her husband Joseph she founded the cosmetics company for which she is the eponym.

44. Went out with someone wealthier, say: DATED UP.  Went out with someone higher on the social ladder.

47. Amaze: WOW.  Impress excessively.

48. The same number: AS MANY.   Equality.

52. __ dog: CHILI.  In the Detroit metro area they're called coneys, and it's hard to get more than a mile away from a place that sells them.  We like the Senate on Plymouth Rd.

53. Teal relative: AQUA.  Blue-green shades.

54. Go bad: TURN.  Turn sour, as milk or wine.

56. Legal thriller writer Scottoline: LISA. [b 1955] A cum laude grad in her B.A. and law degrees, both from the university of Pennsylvania.  She was a legal clerk and litigator until the birth of her daughter when she left the law firm and took up writing.  She has since written over 30 best selling novels.

57. Scott of "Hawaii Five-0": CAAN. [b 1976] The son of James Caan.  He's been with Hawaii Five-0 since 2010

58. Tending to the matter: ON IT.  Or at it.

59. Exclude: OMIT.  Leave out.

60. Puzzle with dead ends: MAZE.  A network of paths and barriers which one is supposed to find one's way through, into the center of, or out of.

61. Checkup: EXAM.  Medical appointment

63. Prosecutors, briefly: DAS. District Attorneys.

That concludes another Wednesday.  Hope this puzzle didn't bite, and you had a doggone good time.

Cool regards!

Jan 8, 2020

Wednesday January 8, 2020 Robin Stears

Theme - Letter Openers Redux - or - The First of the Last.  Similar to this recent puzzle we have in each clue fill a name which is a homophone of its initial letter; or, you might say, the name is that letter spelt out.  Back in October, it was done with first names, and this time with last names.

17 A. "Killing Eve" star: SANDRA OH. [b 1971] Winner of many awards.

21 A. Award-winning "A Raisin in the Sun" actress: RUBY DEE. 1922-2014] Actress, poet, screenwriter and civil rights activist.  Also a winner of many awards, she was married to Ossie Davis, and often performed with him.

36 A. "Full Frontal" host: SAMANTHA BEE. [b 1969] Yet another award winner. She was a regular correspondent on The Daily Show for 12 years.

55 A. First chief justice: JOHN JAY. [1745 - 1829]    He was "an American statesman, patriot, diplomat, Founding Father of the United States, abolitionist, negotiator and signatory of the Treaty of Paris of 1783, second Governor of New York, and the first Chief Justice of the United States (1789–1795). He directed U.S. foreign policy for much of the 1780s and was an important leader of the Federalist Party after the ratification of the United States Constitution in 1788." [Wikipedia]

61 A. "Take Good Care of My Baby" singer: BOBBY VEE. Robert Thomas Velline [1943 - 1916] was an American singer, songwriter and musician.  He had 6 gold singles in his career.

Hi Gang, and happy new year.  JazzBumpa here. Not quite on topic - before my sister got married her initials spelt her name - PAT.  It's a red letter day for the famous people featured in our theme. These are my initial thoughts.  Let's see what else is in store.


1. Clemson's NCAA div.: ACC. Atlantic Coast Conference.

4. Thom of shoes: MCAN.  Brand name and former chain store, founded in 1922.  The brand is now controlled by Sears.

8. Preposterous: ABSURD.  Not to be taken seriosly

14. Mexican Mrs.: SRA.  Abrv. for Señora.

15. "__ that the truth!": AIN'T.  Well, maybe it is and maybe it ain't.

16. Bullpen ace: CLOSER. In baseball, a pitcher brought in to secure a win in the last inning of play.

19. Remote: LONELY.  Far away from everything, as in lonely outpost, frex.

20. Cockpit figure: AVIATOR.  Aircraft pilot.

22. Yin partner: YANG.  Not Andrew.  A cosmic duality, sets of two opposing and complementing principles or cosmic energies that can be observed in nature.

23. It's a long story: SAGA.  Originally a Norse story of heroic achievement.  Now any long and involved story.

25. Legal postponement: STAY.  A court ruling to stop a legal process.  Subsequently, the stay might or might not be lifted.

26. Terrific bargain: STEAL.  Figuratively speaking.

28. West with 21 Grammys: KANYE. [b 1977] American rapper, producer and fashion designer.

31. Sugar suffix: -OSE.  Generic ending for the names of various sugar molecules.  The Latin root means "full of," "given to," or "like."

32. Open __ night: MIC.  A live show in which audience members may participate.  Feel free to display your wisdom or foolishness.

34. Bathtub buildup: SCUM.  This occurs when hard water ions, like calcium or magnesium combine with the soap to make a hard, insoluble substance.

35. Spot for pillow talk: BED.  Or sleeping.  Your choice.

39. 23-campus West Coast ed. system: CSU. The California State University System

41. General Bradley: OMAR.  [1893 - 1981] He graduated from West Point in 1915, along with Dwight David Eisenhower.  In 1941 he became the commander of the United States Army Infantry School.  He saw extensive service during WW II, and was appointed as the first chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in 1950.

42. Ariz. neighbor: NEVada.  States in the western U.S.

43. Part of MYOB and BYOB: OWN. That which is yours.  Mind it, and bring it.

44. Justice Sotomayor: SONIA.  [b 1954]  You can read about her life and distinguished career here.

46. Big name in whisky: DEWAR.  An award winning brand of  Scotch whisky originally created in 1846, now owned by Bacardi.

50. Wine quality: NOSE. Aroma.

52. Long-running Mark Harmon military drama: NCIS. A police procedural TV drama based on special agents from the Naval Criminal Investigative Service.  It has aired for 16 full seasons and gone into syndication.

54. Congregation area: NAVE.  The central part of a church structure, adjacent to the chancel or sanctuary.

58. Made a comeback: RALLIED.  A significant recovery after a period of weakness; said of an ill person, lagging sports team or equities market.

60. Synchronicity: UNISON. Nope.  Synchronicity is the idea of "meaningful coincidence:" that events could be connected by meaning, without a common cause.  This is a paranormal concept; whereas science considers such events to be spurious correlations or mere coincidences, since the concept is neither testable nor falsifiable.

62. Fame: RENOWN.  A wag once said that a celebrity is someone famous for being well know.  It's possible I have this backwards.

63. Luminous glow: AURA.

64. KC-to-NYC dir.: ENEEast by North East - the very antithesis of a 1959 Alfred Hitchcock

65. English Channel swimmer: EDERLE. Gertrude [1905 - 2003] accomplished this feat on Aug. 6 1926.  Whereas William the Conqueror sat on the continental side for months in 1066 waiting for a favorable wind.

66. Walk of Fame figure: STAR.  Any old star.

67. CD-__: ROM.  Digital data storage device.


1. Analyzes for purity: ASSAYS.  Conducts chemical tests for composition and quantity.

2. Decorative neckwear: CRAVAT.  Now a rather non-specific designation for various neck-ties, but originally as pictured.

3. Bloodhound, e.g.: CANINE.  Any old dog.

4. Gas station store: MART.  Convenience store.  I like Wawa.

5. They're often exchanged in Venice: CIAOS.  Word of greeting or parting.

6. Hooded Arctic jacket: ANORAK.  An anorak is typically a waterproof, hooded, pull-over jacket whereas parka is a long weatherproof jacket with a fur-lined hood. Most importantly, a parka is typically longer than an anorak. Moreover, some anoraks have drawstrings at the waist or cuffs whereas parkas do not have drawstrings.  [If you're interested]

7. Unspecified degree: NTH. Unlike B.S. M.S. and Ph. D. which are all specified.

8. Org. with a "Speak Freely" blog: ACLUAmerican Civil Liberties Union.

9. Gooey mass: BLOB.

Or see G.R.R.M.'s story A Song For Lya

10. Some HDTVs: SONYS. popular brand name.

11. Was: USED TO BE.  Formerly

12. Turn loose: RELEASE.  Uncage, untie.

13. Unmoved: DRY EYED.  Not in tears.

18. Portuguese explorer Vasco: DA GAMA.  [ca. 1460's - 1524] Portuguese explorer and the first European to reach india by sea, traveling around the southern coast of Africa. The first such voyage started in 1497.

21. Italian alternative: RANCH. Salad dressings.

24. Stomach-related: GASTRIC. The word traces back to Greek, via modern Latin.

27. Bridal party rides: LIMOS.  Large, luxurious, chauffeur-driven automobiles.

29. Chinese currency: YUAN. Approx. 0.14 U.S. Dollar

30. Insert into an email, as a video: EMBED.  Or into a blog post.

33. Commando garb, for short: CAMO.  Clothing with a combination of colors and patterns typical of camouflage, designed to blend in with surroundings.

36. Pleasant forecast word: SUNSHINE. A cloudless sky.

37. Live-in helper, perhaps: NANNY.  Children's care taker.

38. In equal shares: EVENLY.  It's only fair.

39. Cast a spell, say: CONJURE.  More exactly, call forth a spirit or demon.

40. Passed out: SWOONED. Fainted.

45. Freshen by opening windows: AIR OUT.  Let the stale air escape.

47. Written relinquishing of rights: WAIVER. Officially giving up a right or claim.

48. "Skin Mind Balance" brand: AVEENO.

49. Cash in: REDEEM. As coupons.

51. Former CNN journalist David: ENSOR.  He had a long and distinguished career in journalism and government. [reference]

53. Hummus brand: SABRA.  I have some in the fridge.

56. Lower jaw: JOWL.  The meaty part, not the bone.

57. Pulitzer poet Sexton: ANNE.

59. Letter-shaped brace: L-BAR. For mounting shelves, etc.

61. English lit degrees: BAS. Batchelor of Art.

We've come from the beginning to the end, with more awards and initials along the way.  Hope your initial reactions were favorable.

Cool regards!

Jan 1, 2020

Wednesday January 1, 2020 Gary Larson

 Theme:  ROSE PARADE (58. Annual New Year's Day spectacle ... and a hint to the starts of 17-, 23-, 36- and 49-Across) - The starting letters of each theme entry can follow "rose".

17. Reason for not owning a cat, say: PET ALLERGY. Rose petal.

23. Enchanted: BEDAZZLED. Rose bed.

36. Expense reducer: BUDGET CUT. Rosebud.

49. Like stereotypical old cowboys: BOWLEGGED. Rose Bowl.

Boomer here again.

Happy New Year to all.  I noticed BOWL worked its way into 49A. I tried the sport Monday but bad information and 6 inches of snow got me late to the bowling center (Please do not call it an Alley), so I only was able to bowl two games,  214 and 167.  I'm working on it.  Next week we are again at the center that was home to my previous 600 set. Go Gophers!  Row the Boat.


1. "What did I tell you?": SEE.  This clue seems like something C.C. says to me about four times a day.

4. Moves like a crab: SIDLES.  Are we talking about an animal or a grade school teacher?

10. Ladies of Sp.: SRAS.

14. Decorative garden planter: URN.  Mostly seen at cemeteries I think.

15. Clocked in: AT WORK.  I am sure that all you solvers are AT WORK on this Puzz.

16. __ contendere: court plea: NO LO.

19. Genesis twin: ESAU.  The other was Jacob.  Interesting that Jacob is still a relatively common name.  I know of no one named Esau.

20. Doled (out): PARCELED.  I heard that Amazon is now charging shipping on items PARCELED out.

21. Suckling spot: TEAT.  I think that on Halloween, cows go tick or teating.

22. Dog in the comics: ODIE.

27. Sowing machine: SEEDER.  In 2019, Minnesota was so wet that the seeders stayed in the barn until June.

30. Like a cyclops: ONE-EYED.  ONE-EYED one horned flying purple people eater.  Also known as a Green Bay Packer.

31. TV drama settings: ERS.  I have been to an ER twice in the last 16 months.  I didn't really care for either time.

32. "Star Trek: TNG" counselor __ Troi: DEANNA.

35. "Worst Cooks in America" judge Burrell: ANNE.

38. When Tony sings "Maria": ACT I.  I just met a girl named Maria.  And suddenly that name, will never be the same to me.  (West Side Story, - the high notes were tough on a bass voice).

41. Makes a connection: TIES IN.

42. "Lou Grant" production co.: MTM.  "Who can turn the world on with her smile."  I cannot tell you how many times C.C. and I took a walk on the very path along Lake of the Isles that Mary walked on one of the show's intros.

Boomer,  2017

45. Backstage guy: PROP MAN.

47. Official with a seal: NOTARY.  He can make sure it's your signature.  Don't scribble.

52. Not procrastinating: ON IT.

53. Backside, slangily: PRAT.  I am careful.  If I landed on it I am not sure I could get up.

54. Film VIP: PRODUCER. Sometimes vegetables are called produce. That makes a farmer a PRODUCER,

57. Prince William's school: ETON.

60. Religious leader in "Angels & Demons": POPE.  Not sure about Demons.  I think he lives in the Vatican. The largest single residence in the world, I am told.

61. Wind, over time: ERODER.  I wish some element could ERODE our snow. 

62. Hawaii's Mauna __: LOA.  I'll bet they don't have a snow problem there.

63. Big primates: APES.

64. Internet/cable package deal: BUNDLE.  Trust me, it is NOT a deal, at least not a good one.

65. Industrious insect: ANT.  Not here now.  I expect they'll be back in April.


1. "Just imagine ... ": SUPPOSE.  I SUPPOSE so.

2. Barnes & Noble Nook, for one: E READER.  I have never seen this. Sometimes I need to travel to Barnes & Noble to purchase a Wall Street Journal, in case there is a puzzle in the paper that someone wants to see.

3. Contest submissions: ENTRIES.  I very seldom try any of this.  I firmly believe there might be one winner bet everyone else gets on an advertising mailing list.

4. Cyber Monday event: SALE.  It seems like there is some kind of SALE every day.

5. "__ be fun!": IT'LL.

6. Nerd: DWEEB.

7. One-named singer with the #1 hit "Royals": LORDE.  The Twins played the ROYALS about 18 times last summer and I believe the Royals had more than one hit every time.

8. Joule fraction: ERG.

9. Place to fly: SKY.  Way back in the 50s, there was a TV show starring "SKY KING".  I believe he flew a Cessna.

10. Make light of: SNEEZE AT.

11. Calvin's babysitter in "Calvin and Hobbes": ROSALYN.  Add an "N" and you have former first lady Rosalynn Carter.  Both Mr. and Mrs. Carter are still alive and making news often.

12. Adolescent support group: ALATEEN.  This is sad.  I hope teens receive help. 

13. Not worth a __: SOU.  I think a SOU was a French coin, but I think the clue is not worth a nickel.

18. Zipped through: ACED.  Or hit that 8 iron 160 yards and the ball landed in the hole.

21. Chinese philosopher Mo-__: TZE.  I will let C.C. (Zhouqin) handle this one.

24. Proscriptions: DONT'S.

25. Motrin alternative: ANACIN.  I believe Anacin was one of the first headache remedies.  Also the first alphabetically until Advil came along.

26. WWII general: DDE.  The first president I can remember,  He came to Minneapolis once and paraded in a Cadillac with a bulletproof dome over the rear seat.  I wish President Kennedy would have learned from Eisenhower, 

28. MIT URL letters: EDU.

29. Markdown marker: RED TAG.  Another kind of sale that does not need a black Friday, Small business Saturday, or a Cyber Monday. 

33. Winery process: AGING.  Yup, That's ME, but I am not whining about the process.

34. Formerly named: NEE.

36. Aerobatics fliers: BIPLANES.  These guys have the double wings. over and under.  I have only seen pictures.  Never saw one in the air.

37. Tres menos dos: UNO.  I think there is a card game with that name.

38. BOLO cousin: APB.  Be On The Lookout for an All Points Bulletin.

39. Upper-body garment that exposes the midriff: CROP TOP.  This describes my last haircut.

40. Barge line: TOWROPE.

42. Strategy game played with stones: MANCALA.  I prefer Chess.

43. Checked for fit: TRIED ON.  I try stuff on and when I get it home it doesn't fit.  C.C. is pretty good with a needle and thread.  (Also she needles me to take my pills, every chance she gets.)

44. "It's on me": MY TREAT.

46. Ran into: MET.  National League New York player - like Polar Bear #20.

48. Open house offering: TOUR.  I might be a little more interested in the PGA tour.

50. Big name in printers: EPSON.  We have an HP.  But it prints Big Names when asked.

51. Stallone title role: DREDD.  Famous for a helmet??

55. German automaker: OPEL.  A friend of mine had a small Opel Station Wagon which he let me drive a few times.  I was not impressed.

56. Challenge: DARE.

57. AQI monitor: EPA.  Environmental Protection Agency.  They do not do a thing about the snow in our environment.

58. Hoops stat.: REB.  The reason that you need to be seven feet tall to play in the NBA.

59. Tulsa sch. named for an evangelist: ORU.  Oral Roberts was a famous evangelist.


Dec 25, 2019

Wednesday December 25, 2019 Blake Slonecker

Theme: COME TO YOUR SENSES (64. Wake up ... or what five long Across answers do?) - The last word of each theme entry is a "sense".

18. Pretrial proceeding to determine if the accused is released or held during trial: DETENTION HEARING.

23. Tawdry: IN POOR TASTE.

37. Stop communicating: LOSE TOUCH.

46. Programmer's hint of a still bigger problem: CODE SMELL.

58. Soothsayer's ability: SECOND SIGHT.

Boomer here again.  

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!  If you are traveling to greet friends and relatives I wish you all a safe trip.  Here in the frozen tundra, we are enjoying temperatures in the 30s with a bit of melting going on.  No travel for C.C, and me, except maybe to the car wash.

Packers 23 - Vikings 10. No Christmas joy in Snowyville -  Happy Holidays Green Bay!


1. "The Chosen" novelist Potok: CHAIM.

6. Doofuses: SCHMOS.  Are they all named Joe ?

12. Itinerary info: ETA.  Should be on time, weather permitting.  ETA for Santa?? He should already have come and gone.  It's a busy night for him.

15. Light weight: OUNCE.  Enjoy a cocktail, but not if you're driving.

16. Hullabaloo: HOOPLA.  Reminds me of 1958 when the Hula Hoop was the most given Christmas gift.

17. "Your Moment of __": "The Daily Show" bit: ZEN.  I used to watch the show with Jon Stewart.  Not so much anymore.

21. Family unit: CLAN.  I would not call any family a clan.  If you change the C to a K, it has a negative connotation.

22. Ties up: BINDS.

30. Get-up-and-go: ZEST.  I used to use it, but now I like Irish Spring.

31. Peddle: SELL.  Tough job in the electrical business,  I only lasted about a year, then I escaped to an office position.

32. Again, in Spanish: OTRA VEZ.  Feliz Navidad.  I said this to my friend Jorge a couple of days ago, and he smiled.  I guess I did not have the proper accent.

34. Having a low pH: ACIDIC.

41. Master: ACE.  Slang for a hole in one.  I am still waiting for my first.

42. Easy throw: LOB.  No runs, no hits, no errors and nobody Left On Base.

44. Forget a date, e.g.: ERR.  See above.

45. Actress Vardalos: NIA.

50. Pines: YEARNS.  Sometimes I YEARN for a Chocolate Chip cookie.

52. Plays at, with "in": DABBLES.

54. Costa __: RICA.

55. Source of chips: SPUD.  "You may want a Bud Light with those chips",  So says SPUDS Mackenzie.

61. Watering hole: OASIS.  Besides a water stop in the desert, there are many products that use the name.  SOAP??

63. Vicinity: AREA.

72. Chicken-king link: A LA.  This is A LA Times Crossword Corner.

73. Polar jacket: ANORAK.  Don't need it this week, Low to mid 30s all week!

74. Dishonorable fellow: KNAVE.

75. Chop off: LOP.  I chopped a six pin off a ten this week.  Yes, I cannot repeat my comment.

76. Big Apple area, with "the": BOWERY.  I guess they were a criminal clan from New York, but didn't the bowery boys actors become the Three Stooges?

77. Nasser's successor: SADAT.  I wonder what he was SAD AT?


1. Northern Pacific catch: COD.  You do not see much C.O.D. deliveries any more.  Need to use PayPal or Credit Card.

2. Cranberry or cherry: HUE.

3. Bad picnic omen: ANT.  I don't know about picnics, but these little guys can build their homes right under the asphalt in our driveway.

4. Like beer on a summer day, ideally: ICE COLD.  Or like my bowling ability on a winter day sometimes.

5. __ Park: Edison lab site: MENLO.  Thomas Edison has all the respect in the world from us Graybar folks.  I think he invented more than half the stuff that we sell.

6. Japanese faith: SHINTO.

7. Dove's call: COO.  There's another bird who calls Coo Koo.

8. Dearie: HON.

9. Speed letters: MPH.  I try to keep my needle on the speed limit.  Detection is very enhanced, and well it should be.  I am not a fan of drivers zipping by me on city streets.

10. Cry repeated at soccer matches: OLE.  Ya sure, 'Dis is Sven's buddy.

11. Defunct Swedish automaker: SAAB.

12. Web mag: E-ZINE.

13. Cares for: TENDS.  I do not pretend to be super-religious, but I do believe there were animals tended in the Manger on this night years ago.

14. Insecure feeling: ANGST.

19. Old salt: TAR.  Indeed this is the asphalt I was talking about previously that ants tunnel down.

20. Channing's role in "Grease": RIZZO.  First baseman Anthony for the Chicago Cubs.

23. Genesis father of twins: ISAAC.  The bible says Isaac was 60 years old when Jacob and Esau were born!!  Some guys will do anything for a tax deduction.

24. Wafer brand: NECCO.  I remember these.  I think a roll cost a nickel.

25. Practiced, as a trade: PLIED.

26. NBA's Hawks, on scoreboards: ATL.  Also the Braves, losers of the 1991 World Series. (Thanks to Kent Hrbek and a blind umpire),

27. B'way sellout sign: SRO.  Not available on Airlines, but certainly available when you are waiting to check-in.

28. Zap with a stun gun: TASE.  I am sure they are uncomfortable, but better than a bullet.

29. More than most: EVERY.  "Every Day, It's a gettin' closer, goin' faster than a roller coaster." (Lubbock's only Buddy Holly).

33. French 101 verb: ETRE.

35. "Casablanca" heroine: ILSA.

36. Tangle removers: COMBS.  If it's really tangled it becomes a hair remover.

38. Strip of gear, as a ship: UNRIG.

39. Sure thing: CINCH.

40. Attacks: HAS AT.

43. "I'm a Mess" singer Rexha: BEBE.

47. __ Bauer: EDDIE.  Men's clothing - "Everything's on sale."  Or do they mean "for sale"?

48. Inc. kin: LLC.  Stands for "Limited Liability" but I am not business-minded to know what the advantages are.

49. Zodiac feline: LEO.  Burt Lahr was a cowardly one.  Good thing they didn't use a chicken.

51. Online news pioneer Huffington: ARIANNA.

53. Snide: SNARKY.

55. Golden St. region: SOCAL.  The land of milk and honey, (and an occasional fire).

56. Renaissance painter Veronese: PAOLO.

57. It usually shows AK and HI as insets: US MAP.  I was about 10-12 when these two states were added.  I remember the U.S. had to redesign Old Glory.

59. Ob-gyns, e.g.: DRS.  They bring "Joy to the World". 

60. Personal ad verb: SEEKS.  If you travel to Missouri and look West, you may SEE KS.

62. Stick a fork in: STAB.  Rumor has it that some of you crossword solvers eat your peas this way.

65. Plastic __ Band: ONO.

66. Pained outburst: YOW.

67. Wash. neighbor: ORE.  The State that D.B, Cooper  hopped a Northwest jet with a bag of money and parachuted out somewhere.  The pilot of the plane, Captain Lee, was from Minnetonka, MN.

68. Old Mideast org.: UAR. United Arab Republic.

69. Pathetic: SAD.  The first name of Private Sack in the funny papers.

70. Señora Perón: EVA.

71. Tennis match unit: SET.  Game SET Match.  See you Monday!!


Notes from C.C.:

1) Happy Birthday to dear Yellowrocks (Kathy), whose strength and persistence continue to inspire me. Has anyone tried her miso salmon? Miso and honey combo is great also.
Kathy, Japan
2) Happy 81st Birthday to Lorraine (Fermatprime)! I just got a short note from her yesterday and I hope she checks in today. Do you still solve the daily puzzles, Lorraine?
Thanksgiving, 2015