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Apr 1, 2020

Wednesday April 1, 2020 Debra Hamel

Theme: "Who's What" Rephrased - The second word in each theme entry changes its original meaning.
17. Mythical hunter's shots of liquor?: ORION'S BELTS.

27. First mortal woman's moving supply?: PANDORA'S BOXES.

48. Greek hero's stilettos?: ACHILLES' HEELS.

63. Early man's computers?: ADAM'S APPLES.

Boomer here again. Melissa will be back next Wednesday.

Happy to be here and healthy. We are in a phase of a lock down, however we are allowed to travel to grocery stores, post office, banks, and gas stations.  With those kind of limits, I'm afraid the bank or gas station won't see me for awhile. Not sure if golf courses will open.  I have heard a few up here in MN have special rules.  But the high temps are in the 40s and some low 50s, so we won't worry about cow pasture pool for awhile.


1. Like some questionable characters: SHADY.  The Naughty Lady of Shady Lane, Has the town in a whirl.

6. Buffalo team: BILLS.  I prefer Benjamins

11. Pro with a gurney, briefly: EMT. Electrical Metallic Tubing.

14. Grade of tea leaves: PEKOE.

15. Parting mot: ADIEU.  ADIEU, ADIEU my friend ADIEU, I can no longer stay with you.

16. Menagerie: ZOO.  We have two zoos in the Twin Cities.  I wonder if they have to keep the monkeys six feet apart.

19. With 22-Across, Lady Gaga, Madonna et al.: POP. 22. See 19-Across: STARS.  I like Diet Pepsi.  I'm not allowed to eat chocolate stars.

20. Work the bar: TEND.  I guess you would call the guy a legal Tender.

21. Remove from power: OUST.

24. Law school accrediting org.: ABA.  American Bar Association.  I wonder if the Bartender is a member.

26. Numbered ballpark souvenir: JERSEY.  I have a few unnumbered Twins JERSEYS.

33. Amherst sch.: UMASS.

34. "That was close!": PHEW.

35. He or I: ELEM. H is Helium. I is Iodine.

38. Plywood wood: FIR.  We have a huge pine tree in the yard.  I don't think it qualifies as a FIR.

39. Chicken soup, some say: CURE ALL.  Take with Abiraterone and Prednisone.

42. "Selma" director DuVernay: AVA.

43. Plant with fronds: FERN. We have an Asiatic Lily.  Maybe it's time to add a Fern.

45. Tablet: PILL.  See 39A.

46. Capp chap: ABNER.  Daisy Mae's Beau. I hope the virus does not cancel Sadie Hawkins Day.

51. Paper or plastic, say: OPTION.  Our grocery stores still offer that option.  In St. Paul you need to pay for either one.  I think it's .05 or .07.

53. Letters for William or Catherine: HRH. His/Her Royal Highness.

54. Mill fodder: GRIST.

55. Shop clamp: VISE.

58. Free speech org.: ACLU.  Civil Liberties.  Stay in your house and like it.

62. N.L. West, for one: DIV.  I had to stop and think what sport they were talking about.

66. Genesis name: EVE.  I know Adam and EVE, Cain and Abel, but then I can't name another pioneer until NOAH.

67. Lazybones: IDLER.

68. Lyric poem: EPODE.

69. Where Schumer is a sen.: NYS.  New York State.  I like Chuck.

70. Stalks in a marsh: REEDS.

71. Royal-ly made?: TYPED.  Of course I remember using a Royal Manual Typewriter.  ding.


1. Shout target: SPOT.  See Dick, See Jane.  See SPOT, See SPOT run

2. "Take it": HERE.

3. Similar (to): AKIN.

4. Whatsits: DOODADS.  Used to love getting DOODADS on Halloween.

5. Currency with the ISO code JPY: YEN.  I think it takes about 108 YEN to buy a dollar.

6. Hindu title of respect: BABU.  I think he was Luke Skywalker's buddy.

7. Mid-month day: IDES.  We just passed the Ides of March a couple of weeks ago. "How many eggs did you have for breakfast Caesar ??"  "Et tu Brute".

8. Light air: LILT.

9. Chair umpire's call: LET.  LET'S LET the ref call it and serve again.

10. Harry, Duke of __: SUSSEX.

11. Toll plaza choice in many states: EZ PASS LANE.  The only one's I've ever seen in MN is at the MSP airport parking ramp.  You can use it if you used a credit card to get in.

12. Mandy of "This Is Us": MOORE.

13. __-turvy: TOPSY.

18. Rise dramatically: SOAR.  Like a Rory McIlroy pitching wedge.

23. Willow, but not Buffy: TREE. Something Mr. McIlroy might use that wedge to get a ball over.

25. Bartlett alternative: BOSC.

26. Bit of slack facial flesh: JOWL.

27. __ pastry: PUFF.  The magic dragon, lived by the sea. Peter, Paul, and Mary.

28. Parisian gal pal: AMIE.

29. Stories: NARRATIVES.

30. Time for fooling: APRIL.  Absolutely!!  Today is the Day.

31. Narrow racing boat: SHELL.  All the Shell gas stations were changed to something called "Super USA"  Gas is around $1.70 per gallon.  Of course I had a discount at Holiday and paid $1.59 eight days ago.  Since then I made a trip to a grocery store.  I may have gas in the tank for months before I need to fill up again.  Gas stations are open but never busy.  I wonder if they will get a few bucks on the stimulus law.

32. Memphis music festival street: BEALE.

36. Robbie's daredevil father: EVEL.  Tried a trip across the Snake River canyon years ago.  Evel left us in 2007.

37. Where Mark Watney grew potatoes in a 2015 film: MARS. The movie is "The Martian".

40. __ the air: UP IN.  I've knocked down a ten pin, a 5 pin and a 7 pin but I never had to shoot at a U PIN.

41. Comic actor Bert: LAHR.  Cowardly Lion in one of my favorite vintage movies. If a movie was released before I was born, may I call it "Vintage"??

44. Mark Harmon TV drama: NCIS.

47. Advice from Bobby McFerrin: BE HAPPY.  Don't Worry, BE HAPPY !

49. Bloviator's output: HOT AIR.

50. Kind of butter used in skin care: SHEA.  No Mets Game today.

51. Poet Nash: OGDEN.  "Candy is dandy but liquor is quicker"

52. In on, with "to": PRIVY.

55. Lowland: VALE.

56. Wrote online, briefly: IM'ED. Instant Messaging.

57. Old pol. divisions: SSRS (Soviet Socialist Republics). 

59. Sound made by hitting coconut halves together: CLOP.  "The Horses are entering the track".

60. News article intro: LEDE.

61. Employed: USED.  Actually, USED cars are on someone's lot, waiting to be employed.

64. Ike's monogram: DDE.  Between HST and JFK.

65. Adopt-a-thon adoptee: PET.


Mar 25, 2020

Wednesday, March 25, 2020 Patti Varol

Theme: March Person

17. March commander: DRILL INSTRUCTOR. Base training.

41. March composer: JOHN PHILIP SOUSA. "The March King".

64. March creator: LOUISA MAY ALCOTT. The March family,

Boomer here again. I hope you are not sick of me, and especially I hope you are not sick!!  Bowling centers and my church are still closed. C.C. and I are pretty much situated at the home front.  Maybe if the weather warms up a bit here, we might take a chance at a walk in the park, but we will stay away from any other humans.  Enjoy the puzzle, we're here for you!

Forward March, Hup, Two, Three, Four, - You had a good home when you left, You're right, Your girlfriend was home when you left, You're Right! Am I right or wrong ? You're right ! Are we weak or strong ?  We're Strong ! Sound off, one, two, Sound off, three four. Sound off - one, two, three, four, one two, THREE, FOUR !! 


1. Furniture chain that also sells lingonberry jam: IKEA.  Been there once.  Their furniture seems half-finished and I only like strawberry jam.

5. Highlander: GAEL.

9. Irritable: CROSS.  A symbol for Good Friday or go from one side of the street to the other.

14. December temp: MALL SANTA. A frequent visitor to our Northtown Mall.

16. Overseas coppers: PENCE.  Or a vice president.

19. Count who has a cameo in "Blazing Saddles": BASIE.  I don't remember him, but I really liked Mel Brooks' Movie.

20. Thus far: YET.

21. Airport with many connecting flights: HUB.  Our MSP is a Delta hub.  They are really struggling in these critical times.

22. Rathskeller rejection: NEIN.  While I was in Germany, this was one of the words we all knew.

25. Tenants: RENTERS.

28. SFO overseer: FAA. I think this Airport is in even worse shape than ours. Not sure if international flights are even allowed.

31. Not just assume: KNOW.

33. Merit badge spot: SASH.  I made it through Cub Scouts.  Did not get any higher.

34. Gaga over: INTO.

36. Shellfish serving: CLAW.  Does not sound too appetizing to me.

38. Smug look: GLOAT. Nothing to GLOAT about for awhile.  Bowling centers are closed.  I am wondering if the golf courses will be open. I never buy food there. I bring a couple of sandwiches and some Diet Pepsi and load it on the cart.

44. Fritters away time: IDLES.  A decent way to warm up your car up here in the North.

45. French 101 verb: ETRE.

46. Old Russian ruler: TSAR.  Look at it - it spells RATS.

47. Not demanding: EASY.  A BIG one could be New Orleans or Ernie Els who is on the Champions tour now.

49. Citrus peel: ZEST. Or a bar of soap.

51. Greener Living org.: EPA.

52. English blue cheese: STILTON.

55. Whiskey cocktail: SOUR.

57. Form 1099 org.: IRS.  We already filed, but I hear you have until July now this year.

58. "Wonder Woman" actress Gadot: GAL.

60. Run out: LAPSE.  So many health care agencies have RUN OUT of masks and safety equipment.

69. Hides in the shadows: LURKS.

70. "Shape of You" Grammy winner: ED SHEERAN.

71. Direct: STEER.  A big Cow with horns.

72. "Gone Girl" actress Ward: SELA.

73. "Queen of Country," familiarly: REBA. 


1. Website for looking up "that actor on that show": IMDB

2. __ Zor-El: Supergirl's name on Krypton: KARA.

3. Yale students: ELIS.  Poor little lambs.

4. Totally wiped: ALL IN.  Or when you bet your entire roll as a final bet in poker.

5. Moo goo __ pan: GAI.

6. "Commonwealth" novelist Patchett: ANN.

7. "Unique everything" online shop: ETSY.  I have never been there.

8. "Gotta run!": LATER.  "See you LATER Alligator!"

9. PC core: CPU.

10. Copying button: REC.

11. Music to a bar customer's ears: ON THE HOUSE.  At Christmas, listen for reindeer.

12. Really clean: SCOUR.  You'll need an SOS or Brillo pad.

13. Some Slavs: SERBS.

15. Stylishly smooth: SLEEK.  I believe I have seen that word on a Corvette ad.

18. GPS displays: RTES.  I don't have GPS, but I usually do not get too lost.  Although people have told me I don't have a clue to where I'm going.

23. Go very slowly: INCH.  "A pinch to grow an INCH and a smile to go a mile".

24. "I'm not kidding!": NO LIE.

26. Torments with reminders: NAGS. Someone in our house tells me to take a pill or eat more veggies.

27. Letter-shaped opening: T SLOT.

28. "Natural artesian water" brand: FIJI.

29. Give __ to: okay: A NOD.  "And giving A NOD up the chimney he rose."  A little out of season, sorry.

30. Fashionable sportswear portmanteau: ATHLEISURE. This sounds like the overpriced clothing I see on the rack at the PGA Superstore.

32. Ballroom dance: WALTZ.  Our MN Governor is Tim Walz, and he's been dancing around the coronavirus for a month.

35. Tatum who plays Amanda in "The Bad News Bears": ONEAL.  Ryan O'Neal's daughter, she was also a hit in Paper Moon.

37. Tangle around a surge protector: WIRES.

39. Pronto: ASAP.

40. "Teen Titans" and "Teen Titans Go!" voice actress Strong: TARA.

42. Hissed summons: PSST.

43. 100 centavos: PESO.

48. Tranquil discipline: YOGA.  Reminds me of the great Yankee catcher, #8

50. Veil material: TULLE.

52. Opera great Beverly: SILLS.

53. Brook fish: TROUT.  Not too many in Minnesota lakes.  You need to try a river.

54. Identifies: NAMES.

56. Regatta entrant: RACER.  I don't know if the Kentucky Derby is a Regatta, but I've heard it has been moved to September.  Don't worry, all the horses will be three year olds.  Their birthdays are all January 1.

59. Put on cargo: LADE.

61. Peruse, with "over": PORE.

62. Wild guess: STAB.  "BATS" spelled backwards.  We won't be seeing any soon.

63. Italian peak: ETNA.

65. '50s prez: IKE.  Mentioned him previously.  Great General, decent President.

66. Pre-1991 atlas initials: SSR.

67. Couture monogram: YSL.

68. "I've got it!": AHA. And A HA HA HA to you, we are done.


Mar 18, 2020

Wednesday, March 18, 2020, Paul Coulter


Melissa here. This would be nearly impossible to see without the circled letters. There are five word groupings (one in each corner plus one in the center) in which the circled letters, read from the top and SPINning around to the right, spell the name of a doctor.

NW Group: Dr. JEKYLL

1. __ d'art: OBJET.

14. Move furtively: SLINK.

17. Rite of Christian ordination: HOLY ORDERS.

NE Group: Dr. DOOM
10. Axlike tool: ADZE.

16. Cow conversation: MOOS.

19. Hip '60s Brits: MODS.

SW Group: Dr. PHIL

62. Mall directories: MAPS.

67. "Ick!": BLEH.

70. Director Kazan: ELIA.

SE Group: Dr. WATSON

63. 1850s Eurasian conflict: CRIMEAN WAR.

69. Salty expanse: OCEAN.

72. Celestial red giant: SSTAR.

And the reveal in the center  ...

71. With the circled word in the grid's center, what each circled word is?: SPIN.

Center Group : DOCTOR
35. Carries out: DOES.

38. Fabric ponytail holder: SCRUNCHIE.

43. Foldable beds: COTS.


6. It's sold in bars: SOAP. Nice clue - and timely, too, especially if it's disinfecting soap.

15. "In memoriam" bio: OBIT. Shortened word "bio" indicates shortened word for obituary.

20. Rodeo ropes: LASSOS.

21. Honeybunch: DEARIE.

23. Montréal mate: AMI. French for male friend. Amie for female friend.

25. Fights (for): VIES.

27. "Cold Mountain" hero played by Jude Law: INMAN.

28. Bolster: PROP UP.

31. Enhance, as an expense report: PAD.

33. Whiz: ACE.

34. Sticking points: TINES. Like on a fork.

37. ER personnel: RNS.

41. Chinese menu surname: TSO. From Wikipedia:
a sweet deep-fried chicken dish that is served in North American Chinese restaurants. The dish is named after Zuo Zongtang (also romanized Tso Tsung-t'ang), a Qing dynasty statesman and military leader, although there is no recorded connection to him nor is the dish known in Hunan, Zuo's home province.

44. Pet store enclosures: CAGES.

48. Dismissive syllable: FEH. Don't see this as much as meh, but seems to have the same meaning.

49. Hasty escape: LAM. Nice cluing. According to the Online Etymological Dictionary, lam means: "flight," as in on the lam, 1897, from a U.S. slang verb meaning "to run off" (1886), of uncertain origin, perhaps somehow from the first element of lambaste, which was used in British student slang for "beat" since 1590s.

50. Computer key: DELETE.

51. Bounded: LEAPT.

53. Quite: OH SO.

56. Leaves in the afternoon?: TEA.

57. Irritate by rubbing: ABRADE.

59. Supermarket walkways: AISLES. I haven't been to one in over a week - a little reluctant to go this week, even though I need to. What's it been like for you?

68. Spanish cat: GATO.


1. __Kosh B'gosh: OSH.

2. Rain-__ bubble gum: BLO.

3. Word whose meaning wouldn't change if it began with "z": JILLION. From Similar to words like zillion, tons, or oodles, jillion is perfect for talking about a huge but vague number. It's also hyperbolic — in other words, it's an exaggeration. The word is modeled on actual numbers like million and billion, so it almost sounds like a real quantity. But like zillion, jillion is imprecise.

4. One-named singer: ENYA. Not Cher.

5. Boxing decisions: TKOS. Technical Knock Outs. A TKO is declared when the referee decides during a round that a fighter cannot safely continue the match for any reason.

6. "Me too": SO DO I.

7. Corpulent: OBESE. Rarely used word, needed perps.

8. Ultrathin MacBook: AIR. Who has one? I shy away from anything that thin when it comes to a laptop.

9. War affliction, for short: PTSD. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. A little suprised this passed the breakfast test - but we've probably seen it before, it's a great crossword entry.

10. Jordan's capital: AMMAN.

11. Entry-level job?: DOORMAN. Great clue.

12. Astrology diagrams: ZODIACS.

13. Ancient ascetic: ESSENE. A member of an ancient Jewish ascetic sect of the 2nd century BC–2nd century AD in Palestine, who lived in highly organized groups and held property in common. The Essenes are widely regarded as the authors of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

18. Invite letters: RSVP. French - Répondez s'il vous plaît; please reply.

22. __ al-Fitr: end-of-Ramadan feast: EID. Eid al-Fitr, also called the "Festival of Breaking the Fast", is a religious holiday celebrated by Muslims worldwide that marks the end of the month-long dawn-to-sunset fasting of Ramadan.

23. Fitting: APT.

24. Hosp. scan: MRI. Magnetic resonance imaging.

26. MS format details: SPECS. One of the regulars can explain this better than I.

29. Mexican money: PESO.

30. L.A. school: USC. University of Southern California, in Los Angeles.

32. Tray filler: ASH.

35. Milano cathedral: DUOMO. Closed to tourists right now for the Coronavirus alert.

36. Prov. bordering four Great Lakes: ONT.

37. Authentic: REAL.

39. Early TV maker: RCA.

40. Freezer cubes: ICE.

41. Game for little hitters: TEE BALL.

42. Wrinkly dog: SHARPEI.

45. Jumps in the lake: GETS WET.

46. Summer in la ville: ETE.

47. Vast quantity: SEA.

48. Served like cherries jubilee: FLAMBE.

49. British co. letters: LTD.

50. A teaspoon, say: DOSE.

52. Ottoman title: PASHA. A higher rank in the Ottoman political and military system, typically granted to governors, generals, dignitaries and others.

54. French-speaking Caribbean country: HAITI.

55. Colorful memory game: SIMON. Players take turns repeating a sequence of lights and sounds. Play in your browser here.
58. Heart tests, briefly: ECGS. An electrocardiogram — abbreviated as EKG or ECG — is a test that measures the electrical activity of the heartbeat. With each beat, an electrical impulse (or “wave”) travels through the heart. This wave causes the muscle to squeeze and pump blood from the heart.

60. Golden Triangle country: LAOS.

61. SASEs, e.g.: ENCS. SASE = Self-addressed stamped envelope. ENC = Enclosure. So a SASE is a type of enclosure.

64. Missy Elliott music genre: RAP.

65. Battery for small electronics: AAA.

66. GI's furlough: RNR. Hm. If you say so, but  I usually see R&R, which is military slang for rest and recuperation. RNR is how it's pronounced, so maybe that's why ..?

Mar 11, 2020

Wednesday, March 11, 2020, Bryant White


Hi all, Melissa here. The second word of each theme answer is a shade of green. See the chart above, where all four of our shades appear. The artichoke shade seems more like a shade of grey, but it does look a lot like the color of a cooked artichoke heart.

16. *Orson Welles' role in "The Third Man": HARRY LIME

23. *James T. Kirk player, in recent "Star Trek" films: CHRIS PINE.

50. *"Pogo" cartoonist: WALT KELLY.

59. *"Damn Yankees!" star: TAB HUNTER.

35. Dollar bill, e.g. ... and what the ends of the answers to starred clues have in common: GREENBACK.


1. School of thought: ISM.

4. 1972 Kentucky Derby winner __ Ridge: RIVA

8. Landlocked African country: MALI.

12. Sense of balance: STABILITY.

15. Half of a folk-rock duo: SIMON. Simon & Garfunkel. The Harmony Game, a 2011 documentary that tells the story of their landmark album ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ is streaming now on Amazon Prime Video.

17. Public square: PLAZA. Seeing PLAZA just below SIMON makes me think of Neil SIMON's PLAZA  Suite - on Broadway March - July.

18. Court answers: PLEAS.

19. Org. promoting fluoridation: ADA. American Dental Association.

21. State of calm attentiveness: ZEN.

22. Fair-haired: BLOND.

26. Kareem, once: LEW. NBA great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, born Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor Jr.

27. Deli order: HERO. Nice clue.

29. Police trickery: STING. Not always police - as in the 1973 movie The Sting, inspired by real-life cons, brothers Fred and Charley Gondorff, and documented by David Maurer in his book The Big Con: The Story of the Confidence Man.
30. Koala's hangout: TREE.

32. Crest container: TUBE.

34. "Bus Stop" playwright: INGE. William.

38. Curly top: AFRO.

40. Landlocked Asian country: LAOS.

41. "Elephant Boy" boy: SABU. 1937 Movie based on Rudyard Kipling's "Toomai, of the Elephants," from Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book. Sabu was the young Indian actor who played Toomai.

45. Jigsaw unit: PIECE. Puzzle piece.

47. Color printer refills: INKS. Ink and toner has to be some of the most overpriced office supplies ever invented. Come in for the free printer - come back soon to buy the $250 ink.

49. "What's shakin'?": SUP. Short for 'what's up?'

52. Finds the right words, say: EDITS. As an editor, I like this clue.

54. Step into character: ACT. Favorite clue of the day.

55. It may need massaging: EGO.

56. Crouch down: SQUAT.

57. Word with ice or cookie: SHEET.

63. Wetland birds: TERNS.

64. Pushing to the limit: STRAINING.

65. "Put a tiger in your tank" brand: ESSO.

66. Babe in the woods: FAWN. Also, the paper-shredding legend from the  Iran-Contra hearings.

67. LP successors: CDS. From long-playing vinyl records to compact discs.


1. "More or less" suffix: ISH.

2. Desktop item: STAPLER.

3. "The Big Sleep" private eye: MARLOWE. Detective Philip Marlowe is a fictional character who first appeared under that name in the 1939 novel, The Big Sleep,  twice adapted to film.

4. Most populous Arabian Peninsula city: RIYADH. Capital of Saudi Arabia and the largest city on the Arabian Peninsula.

5. Pandora's boxful: ILLS. From the ancient Greek story about a character named Pandora, who was given a box as a wedding gift but was ordered not to open it. Eventually, curiosity overcame her and she opened the box, releasing death, evil, and misery into the world.

6. Sundial seven: VII.

7. PIN point: ATM. PIN = Personal Identification Number.

8. End of a soldier's URL: MIL. From Wikipedia: The domain name mil is the sponsored top-level domain (sTLD) in the Domain Name System of the Internet for the United States Department of Defense and its subsidiary or affiliated organizations. The name is derived from military.

9. Jaw-dropping: AMAZING. 😮

10. Cough drop: LOZENGE.

11. Absurd: INANE.

13. WWII light machine gun: BREN. Made by Britain in the 1930s and used in various roles until 1992.

14. Class ring number: YEAR.

 15. Acting fitfully: SPASTIC.

20. Talk smack about: DIS.

22. Deli order: BLT. Clecho of 27a.

23. Pitiless: CRUEL.

24. Boot stud: HOBNAIL. In footwear, a hobnail is a short nail with a thick head used to increase the durability of boot soles.

25. Legendary Hollywood hot dog restaurant: PINKS. Can't go to Hollywood without stopping here for a dog. My daughter in front of the famous painted logo, way back in 2004.

28. French summer: ETE.

31. "Snowy" bird: EGRET.

33. Black shade: EBONY.

36. Houston NBA team: ROCKETS.

37. "Try me": ASK.

38. Cochise followers: APACHES. According to Tom Brown, Jr., the famous tracker, the Apache were desert-dwellers and therefore excellent trackers. In his books and classes, track patterns that he calls "pressure releases" are described using geological terms like ridge, peak, and plateau, as variations in prints could be clearly seen in sand.

39. Instagram overlays: FILTERS.

42. Like some lions: ASIATIC.

43. Rifle handle: BUTT END. That was tricky.

44. Good times: UPS. For some reason I could only see UPS as the delivery service, until I finally realized it was not an acronym.

46. Brain scan inits.: EEG. An electroencephalogram is a test used to evaluate the electrical activity in the brain.

48. Costume spangle: SEQUIN.

50. Fritter away: WASTE.

51. They may be drawn: LOTS. Drawing lots = making a chance decision by using lots (straws or pebbles etc.) that are thrown or drawn.

53. Country duo Brooks & __: DUNN.

56. Bandleader Artie: SHAW.

58. Rock producer Brian: ENO.

60. DOJ division: ATF. Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

61. Bikini half: BRA.

62. Some NFL linemen: RGS. Right guards are positioned on the right of the offensive line.