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Apr 28, 2017

Friday April 28, 2017 Alan DeLoriea

Theme: H-BOMB (29. Its testing awakened Godzilla ... and what's dropped, facetiously, into five puzzle answers) - B is added to the start of each common phrase. (I meant H. Thanks, CanadianEh!.)

17A. Cool site? : HIP ADDRESS. IP address. Every computer has one. You can google "What's my IP address" to find out yours.

38A. Android greeting? : HI ROBOT. I Robot. Crossing the reveal H-BOMB. Very nice.

62A. Congress taking some R and R? : HILL AT EASE. Ill at ease.
11D. When the punch line hits? : HAHA MOMENT. Aha moment.

27D. Lonely banquet reservation? : HALL FOR ONE. All for one.

C.C. here. Some of you are aware that Lemonade had a scare following his sciatica surgery. He was hospitalized for six long days to deal with a few terrifying health issues. He's now at home recovering. Hopefully he'll be back guiding us next Friday.

Today we have a classic Friday letter addition/deletion/replacement theme with a pinwheel design, which is frequently used when there is a reveal entry. Pinwheel often allows smoother fill, but it also limits long fill (8+ letter answers). In today's case, we only have two: LAST GASP (20. Like a Hail Mary pass) and  ALCATRAZ (57. "The Rock" (1996) setting). Both sparkling.


1. Smears : DAUBS

6. Warthog weapon : TUSK. What do you call the pair above his tusks?

10. Leave behind : SHED. As in fur. I was thinking of LOSE.

14. __ de l'air: French Air Force : ARMEE. Helpful clue

15. Bart Simpson's bus driver : OTTO. D-Otto's surname is Uttormark. I forgot what it means. Burnikel means "Don't kill the child".

16. Vendor offering : WARE. Was picturing food.

19. Melville's "grand, ungodly, god-like man" : AHAB

21. "Animal House" rivals : FRATS. Got via crosses.

22. "Suicide Squad" actor Jared : LETO

23. TV fantasy drama inspired by iconic brothers : GRIMM. Helpful clue.

25. Post-run feeling : ACHE

28. Younger Simpson sister : ASHLEE. Jessica's sister. Not LISA or MAGGIE.

30. Mining target : ORE. Also 18. Mining target : DATA

33. Clutch : GRASP

35. DealDash offers : BIDS. Never used DealDash. You?

36. Do a DJ's job : MIX

37. Press output : OIL. Not "The Press" press.

41. N.C. winter hours : EST

42. Seminary subj. : REL

43. Former L.A. Laker Lamar __ : ODOM. Troubled life.

44. Capp chap : ABNER

46. "Speak" follower : ARF

47. Liable to spill the beans : BLABBY. Never used this word.

50. Mediterranean hot spot : ETNA

51. Willow twig : OSIER. Learned from doing crosswords. This tree is very Osier-y.

53. CPR pros : EMTS

55. Show tune that begins, "The most beautiful sound I ever heard" : MARIA

61. Conductive nerve part : AXON

64. Wilder acting : GENE. I know "Acting Wilder" will lose the  "capital W" trick, but it sounds better grammatically.

65. Digging : INTO. So what was your sciatica surgery procedure called, Dave? You're so lucky that it's totally gone.

66. Up : ASTIR

67. Whole mess : SLEW

68. "The Hunger Games" president : SNOW. Stranger to me.

69. __ pad : STENO. Not LEGAL/MOUSE.


1. Oompa-Loompa creator : DAHL

2. Song from Strauss : ARIA

3. Frequent callers? : UMPS. Great clue.

4. Apple Records founders : BEATLES

5. Swamp growth : SEDGE

6. Trunks : TORSOS

7. Sch. that calls the Sun Bowl its home : UTEP. University of Texas at El Paso.

8. New Eng. sextet : STs (States)

9. Mayweather stat : KO'S

10. Be like bees : SWARM. Not STING.
12. Part of Q.E.D. : ERAT

13. Society newbies : DEBS

21. Gala gathering : FIESTA

23. Slick-talking : GLIB

24. Second shot : RE-DO

25. Prefix with 34-Down : AGORA. And 34. Irrational aversion : PHOBIA. Agoraphobia = Fear of public spaces

26. Town __ : CRIER

31. Up : RISEN

32. More than expected : EXTRA

39. "Spamalot" lyricist : IDLE (Eric)

40. Loud cry : ROAR. And  48. Loud cry : BELLOW

45. Childish descriptor of a childhood friend : BESTEST. Are you still in contact with your childhood bestest friend?

49. Where "It's fun to stay," in a disco hit : YMCA

52. Tendon : SINEW

54. Exit lines : TA TAs

55. Money and Fortune, briefly : MAGS
56. Winter Olympics leap : AXEL

57. Adele, vocally : ALTO

58. Use a Yelp account, say : RATE

59. Words used for a spell? : AS IN. Spelling.

60. Cold temperature : ZERO. It was so warm last weekend that Boomer and I started our garden. Then we had a  few cold days. Snow on our deck yesterday morning. 

62. Half a matching set : HIS

63. Place to stay : INN

Some of you probably still remember Wayne R. Williams, who used to edit our old Tribune Media Daily crosswords. He passed away on Tuesday morning.

Our local Star Tribune now carries Timothy Parker's crosswords and the 6-week-behind New York Times crosswords. Does your paper have two puzzles or only one puzzle? Do they give bylines? Let me know in the Comments section.


Apr 21, 2017

Friday, April, 21, 2017, Paul Coulter


Husker Gary in today for Lemon who is on the Disabled List, hopefully on a temporary basis! Paul has chosen six two-word phrases where the last letters of the first word are also the first letters of the second word as you can see in the grid below. Then he clues the resulting silly phrase with overlapping letters as an economy of letters in making his ENGAGINGENIOUS theme. 

Let's investigate the PLEASANTICS of Paul's in his six, count 'em,  six, theme answers

17. Compressed "Blue Suede Shoes" as sung by Elvis? : COVERSION - One of Elvis' first big hits was a COVER VERSION of a song originally done by Carl Perkins

28. Compressed piece of hardware? : COMPUTERMINAL -Alan Turig's "Bombe" built to decipher German Enigma codes was a forerunner of the modern COMPUTER TERMINAL

21. Compressed syntax topic? : WORDER - WORD ORDER can be slightly different in Spanish. 

44. Compressed Homeland Security role? : COUNTERRORISM - Both sides of any conflict have COUNTER TERRORISM strategies

52. Compressed carnivore? : MEATER - A MEAT EATER who lives with a vegetarian

57. Compressed gastric complaints? : STOMACHES - Astronauts can get STOMACH ACHES in 0g. They can just swallow this water bubble and its fizzy contents

Now for the rest of Paul's cluing in this FUNBELIEVABLE puzzle


1. African currency : RAND - Who gets the fries in this R99 Durban, South Africa deal?

5. Tater __ : TOTS

9. U.K. equivalent of an Oscar : BAFTA - British Academy of Film and Television Fine Arts

14. Burnt toast indicator : ODOR - A man next to me at a Denny's once ordered burnt toast

15. Heroic poetry : EPOS - A word I learned and forgot in this venue

16. Noble objective : IDEAL 

19. Make happen : CAUSE

20. Imply : GET AT - Speaking of ODOR - "What is she trying to GET AT?"

22. Ecol., e.g. : SCI

25. Traitor : RAT 

26. Canal locale : EAR - The only thing you should put in your ear is your elbow

27. Emerson's "jealous mistress" : ART - "It makes a bad husband and poor provider"

32. Nordic counterpart : ALPINE - Today's puzzle theme inspired me to choose this TV overlapping gimmick composed of two competing ALPINE skiers 

33. Heat source : OIL

34. Judgment concern : BIAS

37. Nothing, in Nice : RIEN

38. On the other hand : BUT

39. Salinger title character with professional singing aspirations : ESME - How do I clue thee? Let me count the ways.

40. Creative singing style : SCAT - Did you forget the words, Ella? :-) 

41. Home sick, say : OUT - Did you ever call in sick and try to sound as sick as you can on the phone? Uh, me either. 

42. Perfumery compound : ACETAL - I never cared for organic chemistry 

47. "That's awful!" : UGH

49. Lush : SOT

50. Tiebreakers, briefly : OT'S - A t-shirt celebrating an Orangemen sextuple OT win 

51. Old anti-Union gp. : CSA  and 57. The CSA's eleven : STS - What if they had won?

54. Manuscript marks : STETS

56. Austrian composer Berg : ALBAN - If Paul says so...

61. Author known for teddy bear stories : MILNE

62. Amos at the piano : TORI

63. The last Mrs. Chaplin : OONA - OONA's celebrated dad, playwright Eugene O'Neill, ended their relationship when she married Charlie who was 36 years her senior. 

64. Latin clarifier : ID EST - ID EST, "That is" we know more familiarly as "i.e."

65. Smart answer, sometimes : SASS  but not 60. KLM competitor : SAS - A follow-up on Wednesday's sassy discussion here

66. Terrible time : TWO'S


1. Elephant predator of myth : ROC - From Arabic   رخ (rukk), an enormous legendary bird of  prey

2. Brouhaha : ADO - Brouhaha seems pretentious to my ear

3. Scorpio mo. : NOV

4. Remnant : DREG - In It Was A Very Good Year, Old Blue Eyes sang, "And now I think of my life as vintage wine, From fine old kegs, From the brim to the DREGS" 

5. Willed? : TESTATE - The lower example

6. Sleep inducer : OPIATE - Not a good long term solution

7. Binge : TOOT

8. Identity thief's target: Abbr. : SSN - He stopped running this ad after his identity was stolen 13 times

9. Crescent-shaped : BICORN - A UNICORN variance

10. Purim month : ADAR

11. Like a Middle Ages social system : FEUDALISTIC 

12. It's a stunner : TASER - These will cover the waterfront

13. It may be red : ALERT

18. "Friends" episode, now : RERUN How did they have no minority Friends in NYC?

21. Knock 'em dead at the jazz club : WAIL

22. Lasting marks : SCARS - Mine is in a place you will never see

23. Infant illness : COLIC - Col. Potter's horse Sophie had COLIC in a M*A*S*H episode

24. Like high-level treason : IMPEACHABLE

26. Put out : EMIT

29. It's spotted in Westerns : PINTO - Tonto on his PINTO, Scout

30. Way to go : ROUTE

31. "Drink __": 2014 Luke Bryan #1 country hit : A BEER - "So I'm gonna sit right here, On the edge of this pier, Watch the sunset disappear and Drink A BEER". Eat yer out Shakespeare!

35. Gather : AMASS

36. 1965 march site : SELMA - I wonder per cent of people that claim to have been at SELMA or Woodstock actually were

38. Target : BUTT - Of a joke

41. __ about : ON OR

42. Diana's Greek counterpart : ARTEMIS

43. Spanish seashore : COSTA

45. Early online forum : USENET

46. Chopper parts : ROTORS

47. Savory taste : UMAMI 

48. Very cold : GELID - "Eventually boots and socks had to be removed and ankles submitted to the GELID waters" Sunday Times (2013)

53. Beige cousins : TANS

54. Portico for Pericles : STOA

55. Conan Doyle, for one : SCOT

58. The sixth W? : HOW

59. "Ambient 1: Music for Airports" artist : ENO - This would be "TAN music" at ORD

Now it's time for your condensed or unabridged comments. Perhaps you can come up with some variations on Paul's THEMETHOD.

Apr 14, 2017

Friday April 14, 2017 Mark McClain

(Note from C.C.: Lemonade just had a surgery for his severe sciatica pain last Friday. He's now at home recuperating. He already got the post started, so I'll just complete rest. Let's send Lemonade all our healing thoughts and wish him a quick recovery. We need the good old Lemonade back talking about puzzles his way!)

Title: NOPE!

Our new friend Mark McClain delivers a fun comparatively easy Friday. The letters "PE" are removed from common phrases to reveal a new entertaining phrase. What makes the puzzle elegant is the first two relate to bad people and the next two are golf-related. I am not sure I have seen a "remove letters" that was so precise. CAD CRUSADER required perps but that opened the rest. There were few 3/4 letter fill and some glitz with 6/7 fill. I liked TUM TUM, MIRREN, TRISTE, ERRATIC, RETINAS and TRUISMS. He does this all in a nice pinwheel. Well let's get to it.

17A. Insensitive zealot? : CAPED CRUSADER (11). Batman (a good guy) is replaced with a CAD (a bad guy). Nice.

56A. Reprobate's regular expense? : SINNER'S REPENT (11). Yes sinners must find a place to live.

10D. Golf course equipment of the future? : FLYING CARPETS (11). Having both seen and done bad driving on the golf course, the thought of crazy golf throwing clubs also in the sky woth a golf cart is frightening.

25D. What many golfers regularly engage in? : THE PAPER CHASE (11). 1973 film. Par chase accurately describes what most golfers seek. Birdies and eagles are icing on the cake

And the reveal:

66A. Casual refusal ... and, another way, a hint to this puzzle's four longest answers : NOPE. Puzzle falls into place with the correct parsing of this word.

On to the rest.


1. Tablet input : DATA. Your handy i- or Samsung product.

5. Stick (on) : PASTE.

10. Groovy : FAB. Properly cluing this out of use with a passe clue.

13. "The Quiet Man" co-star : O'HARA. Maureen. LINK.

15. Take in, maybe : ALTER. I was thinking duping someone at first.

16. Mauna __ : LOA. 120 feet lower than one of the other volcanoes that are the creation of Hawaii.

19. Wine bottle figs. : YRS. A CSO to our wine peddler Chairman Moe, who can discuss vintages as long as you listen.

(OK, C.C, starts here)

20. Asian capital : HANOI.

21. Where Gauguin painted "Woman With a Flower" : TAHITI.. Here's the painting.

23. Lays to rest : INTERS

26. Eye parts : RETINAS

27. Gung-ho : RAH RAH

28. Concurrent with : DURING

29. Poetic praise : ODE

30. Like Mandarin Chinese, linguistically : TONAL. Mandarin has four tones. So same spelling MA can have four different meanings. In First Tone (Level), MA means "Mother". In Second Tone (Rising), MA means "Hemp" or "Numb". In Third Tone (Falling/Rising), MA means "Horse". In Fourth Tone (Falling), MA means "Scold". This chart has an extra one, but it sounds the same as the First Tone. Dear Jayce knows them all.

32. '80s-'90s slugger Fielder : CECIL. Dad of Prince Fielder.

35. Popular wine region : NAPA

37. Summer Triangle twinkler : DENEB

39. All there : SANE

40. View : SLANT

42. Get rid of : SCRAP

44. Rotation meas. : RPM

45. Downgrade, maybe : RE-RATE.

47. Tot's indigestion area : TUM TUM. We also have 59. Toddler's downtime : NAP.

49. Grows periodically : ACCRUES. As interest.

51. Sad, on the Seine : TRISTE. Je suis triste sans toi.
52. Sweater wool : MOHAIR

53. Rodeo critter : STEER.

55. Item under a top : BRA

61. Funny pair? : ENS. Letters in Funny.

62. Like Mexico's Pyramid of the Magician : MAYAN

63. Part of UTEP : TEXAS

64. Whiskey option : RYE

65. Rested : SLEPT. How many hours of sleep do you get daily?


1. Bashful comrade? : DOC. Seven Dwarfs. Comrade always makes me think of China & Russia. That's how my Dad and his colleagues addressed one another.

2. "I thought so!" : AHA.

3. 1860s White House boy : TAD. Lincoln's son.

4. Tell, memorably : ARCHER. William Tell.

5. Part of UTEP : PASO.

6. Fronton game word : ALAI. Jai alai court is called "Fronton".

7. Kind of deviation: Abbr. : STD

8. Wobble : TEETER

9. Unpredictable : ERRATIC

11. Big artery : AORTA

12. Rationale : BASIS. Rationale is a favorite word of my old boss. 

14. Genesis mount : ARARAT

18. Like wild horses : UNSHOD

22. Duncan of baking fame : HINES. Wow. Never heard of it. I never bake cakes.

23. Shackles : IRONS

24. Clay-court legend : NADAL. "The King of Clay"

26. Yardstick : RULER

28. Reel, for one : DANCE. Hi there Yellowrocks!

31. Fledgling launching spots : NESTS. This clue made me smile.

33. Feedback : INPUT

34. "I wanna try!" : LEMME.

36. End of __ : AN ERA.

38. Frying preparation : BATTER. Hmm, tempura.

41. Self-evident actualities : TRUISMS

43. Least spoiled : PUREST

46. Ham's accessory : AERIAL

48. "The Queen" (2006) star : MIRREN (Helen). Amazing actress.

49. Color in "America the Beautiful" : AMBER. "For amber waves of grain..". I got via crosses.

50. Like many bar jokes : CORNY

53. Blow a fuse : SNAP

54. Canvas shelter : TENT

57. Actress Carrie who was married to Dick Cavett : NYE. Stranger to me.

58. Skeletal opening? : EXO. Exoskeletal.

60. Japanese market letters : TSE. Tokyo Stock Exchange. Nikkei Index.

Lemonade & C.C.

Apr 7, 2017

Friday, April 7, 2017, Jeffrey Wechsler

Title: JW picked this one as title and reveal- OY VEY.

In this puzzle, the exasperation that causes people to use this expression comes from the placement of OY in various known clauses -- and each groan-inducing result.

The themers are a bit inconsistent, with TOMBOY oddly clued and OYSTER breaking the second word. However that one is also my favorite image.  JW has a wonderful knack for making the puzzles challenging and interesting. Here we have the array of fill from all over the language. PHOTON, MANILA,  YODELS,  NUBILE, TWO DAYS,  BUG EYED, GO TO CHURCH, and LOCAL PRIDE are the showpieces. 

17A. Young Pharaoh's mischievous playmate? : TOMBOY OF KING TUT (15). In my world tomboys are young lady tweens or teens who prefer roughhousing to cotillions.

25A. Overly sweet fruit? : CLOYING  PEACHES (14). Never had one.

43A. Useless metallurgical product? : ALLOY FOR NAUGHT (14). Really fun.

56A. Small shellfish of high quality? : PRIME MINI-OYSTER (15). As I said the one I thought was best presentation of the theme. And the reveal-

35A. Apt cry in reaction to four puzzle answers? : OY VEY.

1. Chanel product : SCENT. I spent way too much time trying to think of a five letter perfume.

6. Father of Hector : PRIAM. Back again with the trouble making son. 55D. Paris' realm : TROY.

11. Interruption : GAP.

14. Give the green light : ALLOW.

15. "The Flintstones" co-creator : HANNA.  Part of the dynamo team HANNA-BARBERA that dominated cartoon production for many years.

16. Martial arts accessory : OBI. Sash. 

20. It's on display while boasting : EGO. Love the clue.

21. Eccentric : DOTTY. I love the old words.

22. Stephen Colbert forte : IRONY.

23. Papuan food staple : SAGO.

24. Solar prod. : ELECtricity.

31. Features of a Los Angeles aerial view : POOLS.

32. Charged thing : ION. Simply wonderful.

33. Chekov colleague : SULU. Do I need to mention Star Trek? 6D. Laser particle : PHOTON. Yes they are used in future torpedoes.

34. Line on a globe : ARC. latitude, longitude.

37. One in a cage : RIB. More fun cluing of 3 letter fill.

38. Carson predecessor : PAAR. I get Jack often; I wonder when he will be forgotten.

40. "Norma __" : RAE. Sally Field got her first Oscar.

41. Salad garnish brand : BACOS.

47. Coll. employee : PROFessor.

48. Motivate : URGE.

49. Helped create, in a way : SIRED. Does this count for humans?

51. Hold for another time : TABLE.

53. "Law & Order: SVU" rank : SGT.

59. Succor : AID.

60. Parking garage component : LEVEL.

61. Keats' Muse : ERATO. Not exclusively.

62. Montpelier-to-Providence dir. : SSE. An interesting mini-clecho.

63. Ski resort near Montpelier : STOWE. The closest nice resort when I was a youngster.

64. In la-la land : DITZY. One of the all time best....LINK.


1. Opposite of starve : SATE.

2. Obstruct : CLOG.  Like a toilet.

3. Saint Erasmus of Formia, familiarly : ELMO. Think fire. LINK.

4. San Francisco's __ Hill : NOB.

5. Weekend, usually : TWO DAYS. Duh! Almost fooled me.

7. Large quantity : RAFT. I guess less than a boatload?

8. Black : INKY.

9. "Wheel of Fortune" purchase : AN I.

10. Capital south of Taipei : MANILA. Seems to be due south. I have friend who is getting married in Taipei - sadly I must miss the ceremony.

11. Seek a higher authority? : GO TO CHURCH. Fun deception.

12. Have __ in the oven : A BUN. typical of 50's euphemisms.

13. "How unfortunate" : PITY. Tis a pity.

18. Hindu ascetic : YOGI. Berra?

19. Athenians, to Parisians : GRECS. French for Greeks.

23. Four after do : SOL. Re, mi, fa, sol....

24. Selection word : EENY.  meeny.

25. Foundation of many islets : CORALLINK.

26. What a homecoming parade generates : LOCAL PRIDE. Only four hours long.

27. Alms provider : GIVER. For the poor....

28. "Hop-Frog" author : POE. You might like it as we enter the literary corner. LINK.

29. Literature Nobelist of 1948 : ELIOT. From Cats to prizes for T.S. The year I was born.

30. Fills in : SUBS. CSO to HG, and I'll have a veggie.

31. Literary sobriquet : PAPA. When I had the beard some called me PAPA. I think C.C. has some pics.

35. "Carmina Burana" composer : ORFF. Music continues our high brow journey. LINK.

36. Former Rocket Ming : YAO. My wife is Thongyao - in Thai yao means young.

39. "Air Music" composer : ROREM. Our friend Ned.

41. Obviously astonished : BUGEYED. Cartoonish.

42. Vital statistic : AGE.

44. Some Alpine entertainment : YODELS.

45. Like Victoria's Secret models : NUBILE. Nubile historically meant of marriage age.

46. Woody offshoot? : ARLO. Cute way to clue the Guthries.

49. Getaway options : SPAS.

50. Camera lens feature : IRIS. She comes with every camera and cleans the lenses.

51. Blessing for a couch potato : TIVO. Did you KNOW?

52. One way to start : ANEW.

53. ER shout : STAT.

54. Stan with a sax : GETZ. Oddly Dancing with the Stars began on Monday with BASSO NOVA.

57. Exchanged handshakes : MET.

58. Indian honorific : SRI. Sanskrit śrī, literally, beauty, majesty

Our Friday regular, JW delivers a fun challenge with some compelling word pictures. He has so many variations on the add letter(s) puzzles that is the type  I look for first in blogging his work. Wish me luck. Lemonade out.

 Okay I found one....

Mar 31, 2017

Friday, March 31,2017, Andrew Woodham

Title: It is Greek to me

I love this first time puzzle from Andrew Woodham, who we invite to stop by and tell us more. As you all know I love word play puzzles and this adds a new variation by using sound alike Greek letters to replace words in known phrases. Each of the three themers uses two letters to replace the beginning of each phrase. The reveal is the simple referential answer GREEK LETTERS. We also have some nice fill RECEIVE,  LAB TEST,  ZEROES IN,  SHOTGUNS, SNARE DRUMS  and LIQUID SOAP to finish off this debut. Many of the short fill are clearly clued to make sure this Friday is not too easy.

20A. Unused car using some 56-Across? : NU ALPHA ROMEO (12). NEW ALFA ROMEO is clued appropriately.

35A. Movies using some 56-Across? : PSI PHI FILMS (11). SCI-FI FILMS

42A. Compulsive sort using some 56-Across? : PI RHO MANIAC (11). PYROMANIAC.

56A. "Antigone" characters? : GREEK LETTERS (12).

The 2500 plus year old play by Sophocles is the somewhat hidden reveal.


1. Serious service : MASS. Religion, no comment.

5. Toaster opening? : HERE'S. My first thought was "popup."

10. Moxie : ZEAL. Meh.

14. Settled down : ALIT.

15. Treasure : ADORE. Je t'aime, je t'adore.

16. Crop, say : EDIT. Pictures.

17. Taboo : NO NO.

18. Parade instruments : SNARE DRUMS. Begun with snare drums, but they were led by  trombones.

22. It can be bid : ADIEU. Hopefully is a fond one.

23. Coin toss winner's option : RECEIVE. NFL.

27. Large Eurasian group : SLAVS. But where are the Northern SLAVS?

31. Very, to Puccini : ASSAI. Italian word.

32. DJIA company alphabetically following Home Depot : IBM. The THIRTY.

38. PC alternatives : MACS.

40. Dreamers have big ones : IDEAS.

41. A scarf can protect it : NAPE.

45. Yahoo! alternative : MSN. Nope, replaced by Microsoft Edge.

46. "Silas Marner" author : ELIOT. This woman who reminds me of Amy Farrah Fowler.

47. Static source : DRYER.

49. Doctor's order : LAB TEST. I have had more than my share this year.

52. Latin dance : SAMBA. Samba is a Brazilian musical genre and dance style, with its roots in Africa via the West African slave trade and African religious traditions, particularly of Angola and the Congo, through the samba de roda genre of the northeastern state of Bahia, from which it derived. Wiki.

60. Dawn, for example : LIQUID SOAP.

63. Place for pins and needles : ETUI.

64. Amazon ID : ISBN.  International Standard Book Number.

65. Unlimited free mileage pioneer : ALAMO. Part of the building of a success story for the Florida based COMPANY.

66. Mapmaking name since 1872 : RAND. Cannot forget McNally.

67. What much insurance covers : LOSS.

68. Family nicknames : NANAS.

69. Wild plum : SLOE.


1. Heavenly food : MANNA.

2. Audibly : ALOUD.

3. Decalogue delivery site : SINAI.  Deca=10: Logue=laws.

4. Wraps not made in delis : STOLES. Do women wear them any more?

5. Jumble : HASH.

6. Poet __ St. Vincent Millay : EDNA. She wrote, " My candle burns at both ends; it will not last the night; but ah, my foes, and oh, my friends -- it gives a lovely light!"

7. 2013 Katy Perry chart-topper : ROAR.

8. Diamond mishap : ERROR. Baseball.

9. Teacher's note : SEE ME. The dreaded note.

10. Focuses (on) : ZEROES IN. Back again. Maybe as wiki suggests the phrase comes from adjusting a sighting mechanism of a firearm to minimise the discrepancy between where the sight points and where a bullet lands on a target. 12D. Focus : AIM. clecho

11. Part of an academic address : EDU.

13. 62-Down protectors : LTS. Since most quarterbacks are right handed, the "blind side" tackle is critical.  LINK. 39D. Common football passing formations : SHOT GUNS. 62D. Snap receivers: Abbr. : QBS.

19. It may be served from an orange-handled pot : DECAF.

21. Orange stuff : PULP.

24. Faith with Five Pillars : ISLAM. Faith, Charity, Praying, Pilgrimage, and Fasting. More religion, no comment.

25. Sirens : VAMPS.

26. Innsbruck iron : EISEN. Now we have German this week.

28. "... __ sure you know" : AS I'M.

29. "Livin' la __ Loca": Ricky Martin hit : VIDA. Dupe? 44D. "__ la vie" : C'EST. Whatever happened to Ricky?  LINK.

30. Lighten one's wallet : SPEND.

32. Press : IMPEL.

33. Sri Lankan pop music : BAILA. No idea. Anyone get this without perps?

34. Periodic McDonald's pork sandwich : MCRIB.

36. What alopecia sufferers lose : HAIR.

37. "My word!" : I SAY.

43. Cheri of "SNL" : OTERI. She is a little hyper for me.

48. Yelp users : RATERS. True but ich.

50. 65-Across choice : SEDAN.

51. Roadster maker : TESLA. Wow,  not on my list. LINK.

53. Music genre word : METAL.

54. Musical Mars : BRUNO. Any watching the new Season of The Voice?

55. Better half? : A-SIDE. Nice rendition of the oft forgotten A-SIDE.

57. Zen riddle : KOAN.

58. Buddhist teacher : LAMA.

59. "Beowulf," for one : EPOS. A singular epic poem..

60. Adjective for rapper Jon or Kim : LIL.

61. Tonic go-with? : ISO. Made famous with gloves.

Hard week healthwise, but we are hanging in. Enjoyed the diversion; hope you all did. Lemonade out.

Note from C.C.:

Splynter (Richard) and I made today's The Chronicle of Higher Education  "Shellacked" puzzle. You can click here to solve it. Congrats on your crossword debut, Splynter!

Mar 24, 2017

Friday, March 24, 2017, Ed Sessa

Title: Are you crazy, you are acting ENOTS?

It has been a few years since I had the pleasure of writing up an Ed Sessa puzzle. This one made me miss Barry G., as the revealing circles do not exist on this Friday effort, eliminating the competitive disadvantage we have heard about.  After filling the first three theme answers, I had no clue where we were going. It did not take long to decipher the reveal, but finding the "stones" which were hidden was a challenge. Once RUBY was was revealed, it made me look for GEM stones, and poof.  Thank you my role model and mentor. With two 15 letter themers and two 12s, we have a full theme. We also have some very interesting fill -  JELLICLE, CEREBRAL, ISLAMABAD and  FRAGRANCE are each nice challenges.

17A. Last line of Dale Evans Rogers' "Happy Trails" : TILL WE MEET AGAIN (15). This was one of the first TV shows I saw in the mid 50's. I sing it in my head, but never aloud.

27A. Got laughs, hopefully : CRACKED A JOKE (12). I was trying to make something out of rearranging JOKE.

43A. Alternative for beef avoiders : TURKEY  BURGER (12). Then this happened and I was lost, until the RUB met the Y.

57A. What's left by an ace investigator ... and in each of the four longest puzzle answers : NO ENOTS UNTURNED (15). NO STONE UNTURNED is the phrase that turns STONE to ENOTS, ETAGA to AGATE; EDAJ to JADE and YBUR to RUBY. It is also what a good detective would do. Since solvers are in part detectives, I say- the game is afoot Watson!


1. Device used with a planchette : OUIJA. Really cool, hard first clue, which luckily comes from French. (little plank)

6. Hail in old Rome : AVEAve atque vale. Catullus.

9. 2000s Israeli prime minister Sharon : ARIEL. His END was a strange story.

14. Rip out stitchwork in : UNSEW. Legitimate word, but why do we need it.

15. "The Louisville __": nickname for Ali : LIP. Mostly when he was still Cassius Clay.

16. "Five Weeks in a Balloon" novelist : VERNE. This was his last publication. LIST.

20. Puget Sound swimmer : SEAL.  These GUYS.

21. Bull pen locale : RODEO. Nice deception for the baseball people.

22. Sci. subject : ANATomy.

23. Recipe directive : MIX IN.

25. Cat of many colors : CALICO.

31. Stately : NOBLE.

32. Tomato type : ROMA. I mentioned this before, but they are not from Italy.  "It was developed by the USDA's Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientists in Beltsville, Maryland in the 1950s as a fusarium wilt-resistant cultivar." Wiki.

33. Bird __ : FLU.

36. Scottish countryside sight : BRAE.

37. Northern Kentucky county : BOONE. Not far from Cincinnati.

39. Complain : CRAB. An odd dupe with this Simpson's star...56D. Krabappel of "The Simpsons" : EDNA. When actress Marcia Wallace died so did this CHARACTER.

40. Dancer Charisse : CYD. Making her second appearance this week. She was born Tula Ellice Finklea and her baby brother called her "sid" trying to say sis. She was an amazing dancer, and her turn was a great part of Dancing in the Rain.

41. Stew veggies : PEAS. I never use them, but it does rhyme with....

42. Kid around with : TEASE.

46. Prepare for cooking, as sole : DEBONE. Fillet anyone?

49. One getting under your skin : VEXER. Okay Ed, you win. I know this is real, from the French VEXER, but with CRAB, DEBONE etc. it is a bit much.

50. From the top : ANEW.

51. Time server, usually : FELON.

54. Block in a barn : BALE. Hay, now many barns have you been to lately?

60. Mischievous : ELFIN. Because they were small they were not thought to be as dangerous.

61. Gloucester's cape : ANN. Not a garment but a New England site to see.

62. "The Heart of Georgia" : MACON. It is literally close to the center by the Ocmulgee River,

63. MS. enclosures : SASES. Self addressed stamped envelopes.

64. Strings for Israel Kamakawiwo'ole : UKE. The name was obviously Hawaiian so the fill was easy. I was not familiar with this bigger than life performer.

65. Legislative assemblies : PLENA. While I know the Latin, I do not understand this usage. I know it is the plural of PLENUM....anyway a tough beginning and end to the acrosses.


1. See 59-Down : OUTS. OOOO.

2. Combined, in Cannes : UNIE. Etats unis.

3. Capital NW of New Delhi : ISLAMABAD. Maybe for your next VACATION some time in Pakistan.

4. Type of cat in "Cats" : JELLICLE.

5. "How cute!" : AWW. I am sure CED went to see Cats many times..

6. Marzipan staple : ALMOND. I am a FAN.

7. Competed : VIED.

8. Parrier's tool : EPEE.  To ward off a sword.

9. Clark's "Mogambo" co-star : AVA.

10. Entertain lavishly : REGALE.

11. Tabriz native : IRANI. More mid-east geography.

12. "Giant Brain" unveiled in 1946 : ENIAC.

13. Slowly, to Salieri : LENTO. The Italian composer depicted in Amadeus as Mozart's rival.

18. Point Pelee's lake : ERIE. Back to our heartland.

19. In the future : TO COME.

24. Jag model : XKE. I wanted one badly back in 1972 but could not afford the $2,500.00 she wanted.

26. Dossier shorthand : AKA. Also known as.

27. "Squawk Box" airer : CNBC.

28. 2016 FedExCup winner McIlroy : RORY.

29. Came up : AROSE.

30. "The Daily Show" host before Trevor : JON. Stewart.

33. Chanel offering : FRAGRANCE. Or more officially- smell good.

34. Whack a mole? : LASE. All perps- no idea what this game has to do with lasers.

35. Lyft competitor : UBER.

37. Deprived (of) : BEREFT.

38. Whiskey barrel wood : OAK. Now breweries are buying them to use for their beer.

39. Highbrow : CEREBRAL.

41. "The lowest form of humor—when you don't think of it first": Oscar Levant : PUN. My kind of guy; he would tell all the starlets if they played their cards right they could take home an Oscar.

42. Prom rental : TUX.

43. Many an off-campus local : TOWNIE. As a product of private schools, I had many varied experiences with townies.

44. '60s Batgirl portrayer Craig : YVONNE. She was on the TV show. I remember best for this DANCE.

45. At an angle : BENT.

46. Some North Sea fishermen : DANES.

47. Name on a historic B-29 : ENOLA. The first A-bomb.

48. Squawks : BEEFS.

52. Genesis brother : ESAU. Who was sadly for him and his children...a....

53. Blockhead : LUNK.

55. "Coming Home" singer Bridges : LEON.

58. Add-__ : ONS.

59. Caller of 1-Down : UMP. End where we began the downs.

Well, I am back this week with a challenge from Ed. I look forward to your thoughts as my mind is all over the place. Thank you all, and thank you Ed. Lemonade out.