Jul 2, 2014

Wednesday, July 2nd 2014 Tracy Bennett

Theme: I yam what I yam! Popeye's fans sign on to Twitter.

Hola all! Steve here - I'm in Mexico for a week, and this time it's vacation, not business, so I can really focus on the World Cup! Olé Olé Olé! Great effort by the USA. Let's look forward to Russia in 2018!

OK, fan-fest over. let's focus on Tracy's puzzle for today. I think it's her LAT debut, but a rummage around the interwebs will reveal she's been concentrating on "themeless" offerings for the Washington Post and the NYT. She might rethink her focus. This theme I  loved. It's a challenge sometimes to come up with a title in the blog for such a great idea, and I'm sure I'm a country mile away from the best offering. So let's move on to the expo instead. Here we have first-name nicknames applied to an occupation, all of which produce .... umm .. things in themselves. Yep, I can't even elegantly describe such an elegant idea! So let's get into the details ...

21A. Apt username for John, the labor organizer? : UNION JACK. The British flag, and John, who became Jack. All my explanations for the evolution of the nicknames are credited. They're certainly not mine! John = Jack

One of the most famous bearers of this name, John F. Kennedy, was known to friends and family as "Jack." But I wonder if he knew how much history that name had? John is a name with history stretching back far into Biblical times. However, during medieval times, the name John was altered slightly in the Germanic tongues to Jankin or Jackin. Out of that, we get the nickname Jack.

OK, July 4th is coming .. I'm slipping this one in early

41A. Apt username for Catherine, the handywoman? : DO-IT-YOURSELF KIT

I've just realized that if I reposted and credited every researcher cited for each nickname you'd have a blog longer than any other. I encourage you all to Google and enjoy the wordplay. Catherine = Kit

56A. Apt username for Margaret, the geometry teacher? : SQUARE PEG. What about an octagonal hole? Dang! Margaret = Peg

4D. Apt username for Dorothy, the Oktoberfest accordionist? : POLKA DOT. "We're not in Kansas anymore!" Toto! We're in Munich! Oh My! Dorothy = Dot

43D. Apt username for William, the rural worker? : FARM BILL Why did I think of apples on heads? William = Bill

So the theme was split between acrosses and downs, and five entries and no asterisks means that there's not a lot of leeway for the fill. No asterisks means no regular entry longer than a theme one. The fill had some sparkles and few, if any, clunkers. Bravo!

Here's Asterix the Gaul to celebrate France's win on Monday in the World Cup and to teach us all how to pronounce and spell "Asterisk".


1. Sprang : LEAPT. Would you ever use "sprang" over "leapt"? Style guide experts, please help ...

6. "Black __": 2010 Natalie Portman film : SWAN. Nothing to see here, move along.

10. Inseam unit : INCH. I've got 32 of 'em. One of the reasons I don't play basketball (the other big reason is a complete lack of talent for the game).

14. Yoke attachment : OXBOW.

15. Tuscan river : ARNO

16. Writer Ephron : NORA

17. Authoritative reference book : BIBLE. Because "OED" or "Roget's Thesaurus" are either lacking or wildly excessive in the letter count department.

18. Protestant denom. : METH. 

19. Don't have to guess : KNOW

20. Gambler's fund : STAKE. I love the proximity to 23A but to me, a gambler's fund is a stash, or a bankroll. The stake is part of the stash.

23. Gambler's payment : ANTE

25. Misery : WOE

26. Fez bearer : HEAD. Great, wanted "Richie's Dad in Happy Days."

Mr. Cunningham didn't fit
29. Chamonix peak : ALPE

The biggest one you can see from Chamonix is called Mont Blanc. The biggest one you can't see is Alpe D'Huez.

32. ESPN data : STATS. Underpinnings of the Entertainment and Sports Programming Network. Thank goodness for ESPN - it was United States 101 when I first moved here. I can parrot those statistics until you all fall asleep. (Anyone awake?)

36. Equanimity : APLOMB. Word of the Day. I always show this when I go through the security checkpoint.

38. "Orinoco Flow" singer : ENYA. Funnily enough, I was debating recently whether "New Age" music is old enough to make the tag a misnomer. No issue with this clue.

40. Gun lobby gp. : NRA

44. False front : ACT

45. Goofball : DORK

46. Aquanaut's station : SEALAB. I wanted all kinds of stuff here - "Stingray", "20.000 Leagues under the Sea" but ahhh well. Here's the amazing Troy Tempest and Princess Maaaaarrrrrinnnnnaaaaa

Sealab? That's too deep. We are mere puppets.

47. "God helps __ ..." : THOSE ... who help themselves? Great, let me go nuts in the buffet line.

49. Rhône city : LYON. If you want to find out how I woke up in a tent in the middle of a roundabout on the outskirts of Lyon on a Thursday morning, let me know. I'll  be happy to tell y'all. It ended well.

51. Fall back (on) : RELY

52. La Brea muck : TAR

54. Ian of "The Hobbit" : HOLM. It's hard to know how you'll be remembered as an actor. Personally, I prefer his role as the "professional" athletic coach in "Chariots of Fire". Now, he's a halfling. Oh well,

61. Honolulu-born president : OBAMA. He really was. 'nuff said.

65. Reunion guest : AUNT

66. Gucci of fashion : ALDO

67. Watchful attention : VIGIL

68. Windy day toy : KITE

69. "Superman" woman : LOIS

70. Escape cleverly : ELUDE

71. Preppy shirt brand : IZOD, That makes me "preppy" - who'd a thunk it?

72. Legend : MYTH

73. Done in : SLAIN. I'm almost "done in" with 73 clue/answers! Girding my loins and off to the downs:


1. Alternatives to passing shots, in tennis : LOBS. Timely reference to "The Championships, Wimbledon". Note the "d", not a "t". Now you know how to pronounce Wimb-el-Don". Thank you.

2. Walk out : EXIT

3. Agnetha, Benny, Björn, and Anni-Frid, collectively : ABBA. Fresh clue to an old favorite. Lovely.

5. Many a middle schooler : TWEEN

6. With 28-Down, justice since 2006 : SAMUEL

7. Birdhouse warbler : WREN

8. Con : ANTI

9. In any way : NO HOW

10. Canon product : INK-JET. I wanted cameras ... this one look a little while.

11. Actress Gaye of "Ali" : NONA. Crosses all the way. I'll pay attention next time ...

12. Swamp beastie : CROC. I'm not convinced that crocodiles hang around in swamps. Gators, for sure.

13. Peddle : HAWK

22. Old cash register key : NO SALE

24. It's off-limits : TABOO

26. Really dug into : HAD AT

27. Prominent period : EPOCH

28. See 6-Down : ALITO

30. Chipper : PERKY

31. Type widths : ENS. Why do I always put in "ELS" and then go back and change it?

33. Bracelet spot : ANKLE. Funny that the reason for having to wear one is imediately below.

34. Courtroom event : TRIAL

35. Didn't do anything : SAT BY

37. Last thing Rhett called Scarlett : MY DEAR. Rhett's under-his-breath "last thing" might not have been so printable.

39. Kind of question : YES/NO

42. Clickable link : URL. A Uniform Resource Locator on the World Wide Web, as well all know so well.

48. Made explicit : STATED

50. "Gee whillikers!" : OH GOSH!

53. Royal domain : REALM

55. Treasures : LOVES

56. Munro pen name : SAKI

57. One may be popped in class : QUIZ

58. Passé preposition : UNTO 

59. Tricky maneuver : PLOY

60. Make less explicit, perhaps? : EDIT

62. Madrid water : AGUA

63. Skirt length : MIDI Fill  in M__I and wait for the N, D or X.

64. Chrysler Building architect William Van __ : ALEN. I posted a great view of this iconic building one Wednesday that I blogged from NYC in January. I might have to dig the picture out again.

That's about it. No food! and no music links that I can see. HG and Marti can fill in my blanks! I'm wallowing in the land of tequila, huaraches and futbol! I'll be checking in from the pool.


Oh - here's the grid!


OwenKL said...

Here is today's Cryptic clue. As usual, guessing the answer will probably be easy, figuring out how the answer is arrived at will be the problem.
Location where unfurling umbrella is discarded (3)

CATHERINE put her tools on the shelf.
Asked to help, she'll say DO IT YOURSELF.
The gods will help THOSE
Who tackle their own WOEs,
Once you ANTE, play the cards that you're dealt!

DOROTHY could play a mean POLKA,
And if pressed, a passable carioca.
As a sideline she HAWKs
Her brand of squeezebox,
And for Starbucks, a squeezebox of hot mocha!

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Fun puzzle. Generally smooth and I figured out what was going on pretty quickly. Didn't know that KIT was a nickname for Catherine, but the perps took care of that part easily enough.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

A little too fast out of the chute this morning; I had Lane before LOIS - only strikethrough.
Experienced several unknown names like ALEN and SAKI, but the perps were sufficient.
ABBA fell quickly. Agnetha is my mother's name without the 'H'.

Have a good day.

Al Cyone said...

Not much to say though, oddly enough, HEAD was the last fill. I was expecting something more specific (e.g. TURK).

For those wondering about the house numbers in the CAPTCHA (e.g. PK yesterday), my understanding (subject, of course, to correction) is that they come from Google Maps Street View images. You can learn more about that here, including the current locations of the Street View vehicles. I've actually seen them twice. Anyone else?

Yellowrocks said...

I thought this theme was fabulous. I grokked it with the first theme answer for a very fast solve. Also, great fill. My only hesitation was ALDO. Its cross, E_IT, needed me to run the ABCs in my head. EDIT, how clever!
Santa "SPRANG to his sleigh, to his team gave a whistle." I believe this is one of the most common uses of SPRANG.
"American crocodiles inhabit brackish and saltwater habitats and are typically found in coastal mangrove wetlands, ponds, coves, creeks and canals." Wiki agrees with this.

Owen, funny poems. What does the (3) stand for in your Cryptic clue? Friends, let's agree not to post the answer for a while.

Argyle said...

I haven't seen a Street View vehicle on the road but found one parked at a house on a dirt road near the NY/VT border. I stopped and looked it over, of course.

Where do I go to apply for the job of driving one of those rigs? It would be awesome.

Mari said...

Good morning everybody.

Fun puzzle today with only a few write overs: I tried to start 41A with CATHY in stead of DOITY and I wanted SQUARE MAG instead of SQUARE PEG.

I didn't know NONA or SAKI, but did pretty well on the rest.

Have a great day!

Mari said...

Al Cycone: I've seen the Google Maps car around a few times.

I looked up my house on Google Maps shortly after I had my roof replaced, and noticed they had the new roof in the photo. I don't know how often they take those photos, but that one was pretty current.

thehondohurricane said...

Hello all,

After a quick look see, methinks we're dealing with a panagram today. 11D NONA drove me nuts, but INCH was all I could come up with for Inseam unit.

I figured out what the theme was early on, but it did not help much in reaching the solution.

I'm long past DO IT YOURSELF KITS. Now it's break out the checkbook for the Professional "Do it for you" types.

This was an enjoyable solve, but by no means easy. I bounced all over the place filling in a word or two at a time. Tracy, hope to see you again.

Wonderful write up Steve. i imagine there is a señorita or two to ogle when it's halftime of the futbol match.

No name yet for new kitten. The old cat is pretty upset and angry. Not my problem, it's dear Lucy's.

TTP said...

Good morning all.

Fun puzzle. Filled in POLKA DOT within the first minute. Immediately checked it's opposite at 43D, and knew the game.

Not that it was easy. I have a feeling that Rich didn't change many of the clues. The "Made explicit" and "Make less explicit, perhaps ?" combo has a "Rich-like" feel to me.

Steve, I too wanted STAsh where STAKE belonged, and for the same reasons you stated. At 9D, I wanted AT ALL, and at 30D I first entered PEppY.

At 44A "False front", I wanted FACADE, but the keyboard would only allow me to enter 3 letters.

I over (or under) thought 26A "Fez bearer", and wanted to enter TURK, but POLKA DOT would not allow it.

As often happens mid to late week, the unknowns (SWAN, HOLM, NONA) were filled by perps and wags.

I especially liked each of the theme clues.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day.

Husker Gary said...

-55°F, overcast and very windy = golfus interruptus
-FARM BILL – Question “How does a farmer double his income?” Answer, “Get another mailbox”
-An OXBOW film that is an indictment of mob psychology
-Redux - A verse from Harry Chapin about false fronts
And here, she's ACTING happy
Inside her handsome home
And me, I'm flying in my taxi
Taking tips, and getting stoned
I go flying so high, when I'm stoned

-The president proposes, the congress disposes but SAMUEL and the Supremes have the final say
-These guys seem to be intent on killing every gator in Louisiana
-Those guys that HAWK purses on the streets of Rome swear that’s a real ALDO Gucci bag
-How’s this for PERKY? (2:31)
-My friends SAT BY while a guy was using the “n-word” over and over last week in a story. I couldn’t stand it and simply said, “Jerry, that word makes me very uncomfortable” and he quit.
-A POP quiz as punishment speaks more poorly of the teacher than the students. Never did it!
-MIDI? Talk about hiding your light under a bushel!
-In what movie did Eric Stoner have to get a STAKE from William Jefferson Slade against Lancey Howard?

Big Easy said...

I'm with Cyone on this one. My last fill was also HEAD. As for 12D, CROCs are found in swamps, notable in the Everglades. The only unknowns,NORA HOLM ALEN WREN M__I LYON were easily solved by perps. My memory leaves me on the spelling of SAKI or SAKE. IZOD- my wife and I had the discussion yesterday as she saw one of the players at WimbleDon wearing a Lacoste shirt and called it Izod; wrong, as Lacoste quit letting IZOD distribute their shirts years ago.

I thought KAT or CAT or Katie were nicknames for Catherine( Cathy,Cathey,Kathy, Kathey, Katherine, Kathryn. Gimme a break for a KIT-KAT bar. ( couldn't resist)

HeartRx said...

Good morning everyone!

Steve, you did an admirable job 'splaining the theme! It sounds like you are having a good time on your vacation - who do you think will win the FIFA? We watched yesterday, only because USA was playing. Those guys are super athletes, IMO.

I figured out the theme at POLKA DOT, and it was off to the races. Hand up for PEppY before PERKY, but that soon got fixed. But in the end it was a DNF - I had LOdES for "Treasures" and the only word that made sense for 67-A became dIGIt. Did not remember Van Alen, so AtEN kinda sorta sounded OK...

Siggghhh...let's hope i do better on tomorrow's puzzle - especially since I have to do the write up on it!

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Harold. Nuff sed. Three miles. Check! Change into a clean shirt. Check!

Got the theme right off, and thought it was cute. Just right for a Wednesday. I had to wait for the perps to decide if "Done in" would be OFFED or SLAIN. Otherwise it was a smooth, no-nits solve.

Steve, I thought US 101 was the Pacific Coast Highway.

YR, I think Owen is indicating that the answer has 3 letters.

Husker, my high school math teacher (small school -- same guy taught all 4 math levels) told us we'd only have quizzes on Fridays. We'd walk in on Monday and he'd greet us, "Good morning! Today is Friday."

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Well, little Miss Smarty Pants got off on the wrong foot by ever-so-confidently filling in Steven Brier (Breyer) instead of Samuel Alito. That sort of goofed things up for a while.

Very clever theme and some fresh cluing and fill. Thanks, Tracy, for an enjoyable solve and thanks, Steve, for several chuckles. I, for one, would love to hear the Lyon/round about/tent story!

Having a friend and her SO for lunch today, followed by a game or two of either Dominos or Rummikube. (Sp?)

Have a wonderful Wednesday.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Tracy Bennett, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Steve, for a line review, as always.

Cruciverb is not being friendly this week. I used the Trib site, which is a little clunky, but got through it. Never did yesterday because of cruciverb, I hope to do it via the Trib this evening.

This puzzle today gave me fits to get started. I could not get a word in that I could hang my hat on. Finally got NRA, of which I am a member.

Slowly got a word here and there. Finally got the theme and that helped a lot. From then on I was able to go pretty quickly.

Liked HEAD for fez bearer. Mine is one of those.

Needed a couple perps for the S C Justice. Got it.

SAKI was easy. Had that author before.

We got back to Johnsonburg late Monday night. Had a great trip through Mass, RI, and New York. Saw some of my wife's relatives that she had not seen in decades. Great wedding in Mass/RI as well.

See you later today if I get my work done and yesterday's puzzle.



C6D6 Peg said...

Loved the theme, Tracey. Off to a slow start on the across clues, and minimal help on the downs. Once I got a toehold on the theme, it was a smooth solve.

Steve, thanks for the write-up, as usual, and I, too, would love to hear the Lyon story!

JJM said...

Fun Puzzle today. APLOMB, now there's a word that's definitely not your typical WED fill. Interesting.

Somehow, I don't think that the last thing that Rhett Butler called Scarlett was MY DEAR, we just couldn't hear what he was saying under his breath as he was walking out the door!

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Really fun puzzle with the punny names. Got some chuckles from them. SQUARE PEG & FARM BILL were apt for former colleagues. Thanks, Tracy!

I liked the anagrams ARNO followed by NORA. Also liked NONA crossing NORA & KNOW.

I didn't know HOLM or NONA & struggled with ALITO & ALDO for some dumb reason.

I tried "haems" & "reins" before OXBOW as connecting to the yoke.

Great expo, Steve! Ole! I'm dying to hear about the roundabout near Lyon adventure.

Al Cyone, thanks for the Google Maps link. I've spent many interesting hours exploring via that in places I once lived and the homes of people I know but whom I can't visit in person. Several times all I got were bare fields. The next time, the new house was there. Most shocking: detailed views of a military base overseas. Didn't think that should be on Google.

Lucina said...

Good day, puzzlers!

Yowza! I SPRANG into Tracy's wavelength and sailed across the grid. Loved the theme!

Yesterday I saw APLOMB in another puzzle. Didn't KNOW HOLM or ALEN but they perped easily. I wanted Moroccan for fez bearer but HEAD bore the four letters needed.

This was really fun enhanced by Steve's detailed explanations. Thank you, Steve.

I am once again reminded of LOIS (both of them)with a CSO.

Sake=the drink. SAKI=the writer. I must keep reminding myself.

Have a lovely Wednesday, everyone!

Anonymous said...

52A "La Brea muck" is redundant. "Brea" is Spanish for TAR, and "La Brea" would have been a sufficient clue.

61A I thought he was born in Kenya.

50D "Gee Whillikers?" I see that we still are taking the Lord's name in vain.

Tinbeni said...

Steve: Nice write-up. Hope you enjoy some libations-by-the-pool.

Tracy: MY-GOSH! I enjoyed your themes and this FUN Wednesday puzzle.

Liked the "Shout-Out" to our Mari ABBA.

Not-so-sure about KIT being a nickname for Catherine. But I'm a gamer ... and the perps were solid!

STAKE is what I use to kill vampires.
My "stash" is something I have in a baggie. Smoke-'em if you got'em, lol ...

I always thought the "Last thing Rhett called Scarlet" was "Frank Lee" ...
Then again, on-the-other-hand, ... I Don't Give A Damn ...

I see a Tropical Storm, Arthur, has popped up ... must get Hurricane supplies.
1) Case of Scotch
2) Carton of cigs
3) Rolling papers
4) Bag of Potato Chips
5) A small 7-Up


July 2, 201

Misty said...

Darn, I thought I had nailed this one, but when I read Marti's post I realized I made the same LODES/DIGIT mistake she did. But, hey, what a fun puzzle, nevertheless--many thanks, Tracy! I loved getting the theme early because it made it so much fun filling those nickname answers in. And Steve, thanks for the picture of Asterix, my son's favorite comic book hero during our year in Heidelberg when he was 11.

I tried ARAB for Fez bearer before I realized it just wouldn't work.

That long hilarious list of Retirement states and cities on the blog yesterday cracked me up. Had to print it up and read it out loud to my husband. We both thought it was a riot.

Have a great vacation, Steve. And have a good Wednesday, everybody!

Chickie said...

Hola Everyone, I didn't exactly whiz through this one today, but had a good time anyway. I caught the theme with Polka Dot, but had to wait for some fill before I had all of the theme answers done.

I didn't remember Nona Gaye, or Saki. Maybe, Lucina I'll remember the Saki, Sake difference next time, too.

I haven't seen the Hobbit, so Ian Holm was an unknown. The perps took care of that one.

Thanks for a great writeup, Steve, and enjoy your vacation.

I drove behind one of the Google cars and couldn't figure out for the longest time what kind of contraption was on top. Not until it turned into the Google parking lot did I realize what it was. I was going to a restaurant just beyond the Google campus. The car competed with all of the multicolored bicycles that were everywhere at noontime.

Have a great day, everyone

CanadianEh! said...

Like others, I had a slow start but once I got POLKADOT, I saw the theme and things fell into place. But it was a fun solve and thanks to Steve for the witty write-up. Don't you just love the word APLOMB!

ALUM before AUNT (oh wrong kind of reunion!), BLANC wouldn't fit so back to ALPE, WRIST before ANKLE. ALITO was the last to fall because I was not familiar with him.

Now to watch Wimbledon. Canadians Raonic & Bouchard have advanced to the quarter-finals in men's and women's so we must cheer them on!!

Lucina said...

Another trick I have is, I wonder if SAKI drinks SAKE?

I'm still working on the unfurling umbrella.

PK said...

Owen, if it isn't at the EXIT, I don't KNOW it.

Preparing the Google Maps sounds like a monumental task. Interesting that several have seen all the little cars. I haven't.

Avg Joe said...

Fun puzzle with plenty of Hmm moments and a theme that was clever as well as helpful. Since I work in blocks, Polka Dot was the first theme fill, and got the ball rolling. Wasn't real sure about Kit being the right nickname, but it perped solidly.

I've seen a Google Car prowling in Lincoln one time. Living in a more remote area, they haven't updated the earth images for our area very often, but I checked today and they did update it within the past one from 2 years ago.

Sounds like a pleasant vacation Steve. I'd like to hear about the Lyon adventure too!

And Tin, I'll bite. What's the 7-Up for? (Also, you're going to run out of potato chips. Better get several bags.)

HeartRx said...

Owen, I have the answer to your discarded umbrella cryptic clue - they go to Inwood Hill Park in NYC.

alexscott68 said...

It's too bad the puzzle creator felt she had to resort to using obscenities like SAMUEL ALITO and NRA. On the plus side, she at least confirms that President OBAMA was indeed born in the U.S., making the puzzle impossible to solve for birthers (assuming they do crosswords, which I suppose is a big assumption).

Nice easy puzzle for a Wednesday, with theme entries that all work pretty well--there's usually one in the theme answers that seems forced, but not this time.

Anonymous said...

46a had me thinking. Do SEALs really have ABs?

Well of course they do!!

Eye of a hawk said...

The Third 'guy' on the right is a woman. His 'abs' are too convincing. Not that I mind, mind you. Seals, like everyone else, need some gender equality.

thehondohurricane said...

In these times, I wouldn't be surprised if a case of scotch was cheaper then a carton of smokes.

Just the facts, maam, said...

alexscott68 -

No politics on the blog, if you please, - no matter how you couch the terms.

Just because some word makes it into the puzzle doesn't give it credibility, sanctity or otherwise.

Just solve the puzzle and enjoy dem blinking lights. Keep your opinions to YOURSELF.

Enough said.

OwenKL said...

I read Asterix online. Probably violated copyright to do it, but I'm a miser who wouldn't pay for it anyway. Let your conscience be your guide.

The hero sprang into action, the hero LEAPT into action? They sound equally acceptable to me.
The spring is sprung, the grass is riz.
I wonder where the birdies is.
To say the birdies on the wing's absurd.
Because the wings is on the bird.
unknown (not Ogden Nash, as commonly blamed)

God helps them, God helps THOSE? That I'm not so sure about.

I've got a pillbox (Scottish Rite) and entitled to a chapeau (York Rite, but expensive), but not a fez (Shriners). Hey, Abejo, got a photo of yourself in your fez?

I tried Elena Kagen before SAMUEL ALITO. Wasn't positive on the spelling, so the letter count being off wasn't worrisome, and ELANA was still viable as it morphed into ALENA->ALINA->ALINO.

Canon product, first thought was cannon balls, with smoke and noise; then Cannon towels. This could have been a clencho with 17a, though.

Cash registers don't have No Sale keys any more?

Saki's The Open Window is surely one of the cornerstones of English literature!

Hand up for WRIST>ANKLE, ALUM>AUNT, and having seen a Google car. A picture-taking one, not one of the driverless.
This may be a more ingenious clue than most, although the the principle, subtracting letters, is a common one.
Location | where | unfurling | umbrella is discarded (3)
[URL] [=] [unfURLing] [covering letters ignored]

Point of order said...

I don't think so.
Your attempt at Self-Aggrandizing is pathetic.
Just like today's Cryptic clue.

PK said...

Cryptic clue: hunh? Too cryptic for me.

Unknown said...

I got a really late start on the puzzle today after going to the doctor to check out my foot that I injured nine weeks ago and that hasn't gotten any better (in fact, it's worse). Hopefully, it'll improve now that she gave me a prescription for antibiotics.

This was a really fun puzzle. My only write-over was ARAB before HEAD.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Cruciverb is still frozen at June 29, as far as I'm able to tell. Anybody else having the same result?

Anonymous said...

Cryptic clue was a Thumper today.

Lucina said...

Yes. I got the unfURLing umbrella!

I've never seen the Google car. It looks interesting.

Bill G. said...

My avatar recently has been a photo from 1983. We scheduled an unofficial mini-reunion back at our co-op at Cornell. It was a lot of fun. We old timers had a pickup basketball game against the college guys and we beat 'em. It was one of my few athletic triumphs. Can you tell which one is me?

Live and let live said...

the one with the big paunch ?

Point of Order : Leave Owen alone. If you're not into his cryptics, just ignore him. You do not speak for all of us. Who appointed you God or bog boss ?

Bill G. said...

The 75th anniversary of Lou Gehrig's "Luckiest Man" speech, recited by the first basemen in baseball today.
Luckiest Man speech

An MIT linguistics professor was lecturing his class the other day. “In English,” he said, “a double negative forms a positive. However, in some languages, such as Russian, a double negative remains a negative. … But there isn’t a single language, not one, in which a double positive can express a negative.” A voice from the back of the room piped up, “Yeah, right.”

Anonymous T said...

Evening all!

Well, this DORK put oompaDOT in at 1st. I had to EDIT that later. For me, FARMerBILL was the 1st to fall and I was able to go back and fix THOSE earlier errors. Central CA was the hardest for me.

Hand up w/ Al C, wanting TURK or amAD or something very specific. V8 smack and a little chuckle. Thankfully that gave me the P in 36a via EPOCH (my fav. - UNIX's EPOCH is 1/1/1970)

Thanks Tracy for a wonderfully fun puzzle. Steve, the same can be said (and will be!) about the writeup - it was fun and the John/Jack link was interesting. Enjoy the time off! I'll get mine Friday :-)

I've seen Google (pic) cars around Houston. I've always wondered what would happen if they passed in opposite directions?

Cheers, -T

Tinbeni said...

Husker @8:17 am
To answer your question:
The movie was "The Cincinnati Kid"

Gotta have something if I run out of Scotch ... (like that'll ever happen).
[One bag of chips will suffice ...]

PK said...

BillG, are you the guy in the middle front row?

Tin, What size bag of chips? You need something to soak up all that booze and produce a nice even feed to the blood stream. Otherwise it runs through too fast.

I didn't mean to be attacking Owen, just admitting I'm too stupid to do his cryptic.

PK said...

I checked my house on Google Maps and decided the picture was taken in May 2013 because of the redbud blooming in the back and other indications such as sparse grass on my front lawn. The grass is now lush so the picture wasn't this year.

Anonymous T said...

Tin - I forgot to mention how I admire your hurricane plans. When Rita* was nearing Houston, I went to Specs (our local liquor super-store) and stocked up. After Katrina, I knew what was at STAKE so I ANTEd up for cases of beer, Gin, Vermouth, Rum, for DIY cocktails. NO HOW were we going to run out.

Oh, I think DW got the pop-tarts for the kids :-)

Cheers, -T
*OK, that's a CROC, this really happened for Ike, but Rita was the post Katrina hurricane. If I was going to keep the PLOY in place, I had to keep the storms STATED.

Anonymous T said...

Sorry for the back-to-back posts but, while I want to let the above jest stand, we are not monsters!

We LEAPT into ACTion and had a stocked freezer over-stocked with potable water to keep copious food (had a 1/2 a pig in there!) frozen if power failed, plenty of water in the fridge, bathtubs were full for waste flushing and hygiene (it always surprises me folks hit the stores for bottled water when we have 5 day's notice and the tap is fine), three propane tanks at the ready, a s***-ton of batteries (always kept on hand), and then, yes, libations while we road out the storm and post-hurricane power failure and clean-up relaxing.

We and neighbors ate and drank* well before the freezer thawed 4 days later. C, -T

*OK, we didn't share libations with the kids - maybe we are monsters :-)

Bill G. said...

Yes, that's me in the middle.

AnonT, let me know when you have another power failure. I want to stop by for some of your pork and potables.

Anonymous T said...

Bill G - Ya' KNOW The Weather Channel (aka - the natural disaster network) will let you know when to book your flight :-) Yummies and potent-potables are always on hand and you are welcome to partake.*

Cheers, -T
*Bring math puzzle QUIZes to entertain me & the kids!

Tracy Bennett said...

I'm very late responding, but thanks a million times over for the warm reception. It's a thrill to have this LAT debut, and the write-up/comments are both fun to read and encouraging. Thanks again!

Tracy B.

Argyle said...

Better late than never. ;~)