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Feb 16, 2020

Sunday February 16, 2020 Ed Sessa

Theme: "Change for a Buck" - Anagrams of HORSE span across each theme entry.

26. *Ball game record: SCORE SHEET.

37. *One may be six feet long: HERO SANDWICH.

55. *Historic site in Paris' Latin Quarter: THE SORBONNE.

72. *Epithet for a fair British maiden: ENGLISH ROSE.

87. *Totally ripped: TORN TO SHREDS.
16D. *Car coolant carrier: RADIATOR HOSE.

61D. *Tourist's eye-opening experience, perhaps: CULTURE SHOCK.


102A. 1971 Stones hit, or what can be found in the answers to starred clues: WILD HORSES.

Great title. I'd be stumped and sent a SOS title help to Gary and D-Otto.

The key is to find different combinations of the letter HORSES and make sure they span across two more more words.

Lots of sparkly long fill in the grid, as it's expected from Ed, who's also an accomplished themeless constructor.


1. Ports in a storm: HAVENS.

7. Queens stadium namesake: ASHE.

11. HUN neighbor, to the IOC: CRO. Hungary. Croatia.

14. Wasn't indifferent: CARED.

19. Reading disorder: ALEXIA.

20. Car thief's contact: CHOP SHOP.

22. Cremona strings master: AMATI. Stradivarius' teacher. Sometimes we get STRAD in the grid.

23. How to handle fine china: GENTLY. Pretty tea cup.

24. "In your dreams!": NOT A HOPE.

25. Encouraged through chicanery: LED ON.

28. Was indebted to: OWED.

29. One way to solve crosswords: IN INK.

30. Nomadic Kenyans: MASAI. Maasai is the Wiki spelling.

31. Need an eraser, say: ERR.

33. __ New Guinea: PAPUA.

35. Near-eternity: AEON.

42. Asian holiday: TET.

45. Leveled, with "up": TRUED.

47. Like many indie films: ARTY.

48. Some interruptions: AHEMS.

49. Music to a matador's ears: OLE.

50. "Try it": TASTE THIS. That's baby yellow squash on the left.

53. Diner menu info: PRICE.

54. Apple starter: CRAN.

58. Indian title of respect: SAHIB.

59. Early Earth life forms: BACTERIA.

63. "The Great Dictator" Oscar nominee Jack: OAKIE. Oldie.

64. As an example: FOR ONE.

65. Either of two Indy 500 racers: AL UNSER.

66. Not fulfilled: UNMET.

67. Wanted poster listings: ALIASES.

68. Weaken: DILUTE.

69. Sheik's land, in song: ARABY.

70. Most ready for trouble: ALERTEST. And 76. Ready for trouble: ON THE BALL.

71. Baltic people: LETTS. FINNS too.

74. Burden: ONUS.

75. Yucatán "you": USTED.

81. __ Lingus: AER.

82. "The Jungle" author Sinclair: UPTON. A couple more authors:  94. "The Black Cat" author: POE. 110. "Rabbit" series author: UPDIKE.

83. Smoothie berry: ACAI.

85. Reliever's stat: SAVES.

86. Born, in some bios: NEE.

91. Woodwind piece: REED.

92. Courtroom pro: STENO.

95. Blood of the gods: ICHOR.

97. First name in furniture: ETHAN. There's an Ethan Allen in our neighborhood. The good old Slumberland was closed last year.

99. Intent look: GAZE.

107. Level and plane: TOOLS.

108. Mix thoroughly, as oil and vinegar: EMULSIFY.

111. Musician Minaj: NICKI.

112. Poppycock: NONSENSE.

113. E Street Band notable Van Zandt: STEVEN.  Wiki says he plays plays guitar and mandolin for the band.

114. Hydrocarbon group: ALKYL.

115. Enjoy a run, perhaps: SKI.

116. Director's challenges: EGOS.

117. Most affected by a workout: SOREST.


1. Baddies with pointy hats: HAGS.

2. Actor Guinness: ALEC.

3. Like cobras, but not pythons: VENOMOUS.

4. Web system allowing outside access: EXTRANET. Only knew INTRANET.

5. Frasier's brother: NILES.

6. Obeys a stick-wielding doctor: SAYS AH.

7. Bad marks in high school?: ACNE.

8. "If it fits" item: SHOE.

9. Most popular: HOTTEST.

10. Lead monitor, for short: EPA.

11. Word with line or hound: CHOW.

12. Climbing gear: ROPE.

13. Slanted column: OP-ED PIECE.

14. Islamic leaders: CALIPHS.

15. "Can we see __?": diner's request: A MENU.

17. Thames campus: ETON.

18. Tennis drop shot: DINK.

21. Fleeced: SHORN.

27. "... __ you home to dinner": Shak.: HIE.

32. Flat fish: RAY.

34. Summit: ACME.

35. Motion maker: Abbr.: ATT. Attorney.

36. Period of time: ERA.

38. Mrs. Gorbachev: RAISA. So elegant. Her husband is still alive.

39. Roughly: OR SO.

40. "Shoot!": DARN IT.

41. Weimaraner's complaint: WHINE.

43. Eatery seen in the film "Manhattan": ELAINE'S.

44. Car and Driver yearly listing: TEN BEST.

46. Can't brook: DETESTS.

51. Number of singers in The Chipmunks: THREE.

52. Estate beneficiary: HEIR.

53. Cans for cons: POKEYS. Great clue.

54. Jeweler's measure: CARAT.

56. Clown mascot's first name: RONALD.

57. Thumper's friend: BAMBI.

58. Evening parties: SOIREES.

59. Banking misjudgment: BAD LOAN.

60. Property recipient, in legal language: ALIENEE.

62. Letter-shaped fasteners: T NUTS.

64. Crayola color renamed Peach in 1962: FLESH.

66. Like a "Stat!" instruction: URGENT.

67. Way more than some: A LOT.

69. Composer Bruckner: ANTON. This is like our English Anthony, right?

70. Links army leader: ARNIE. Palmer. "The King" .

72. Ovarian hormones: ESTROGENS.

73. Frosty coat: HOAR.

75. Knowledgeable about: UPON.

77. Manhattan, say: BAR ORDER. Another great clue.

78. Causing avoidance: AVERSIVE. Only know AVERSE.

79. Peggy or Brenda of song: LEE.

80. Hallucinogenic letters: LSD.

82. Fork, for instance: UTENSIL.

83. Japan's largest active volcano: ASO. Mount Aso. We also have 97. Italian hot spot: ETNA.

84. Pondering, with "on": CHEWING.

88. Cars that sound like gems: OPELS. Opals.

89. "__ you really just say that?": DID.

90. Run down a mountain: SCHUSS.

93. Blathering: TALKY.

96. "__ it!": "Get moving!": HOP TO.

98. Hard work: TOIL.

100. Berserk: AMOK.

101. Pueblo people: ZUNI.

103. "That being the case ... ": IF SO.

104. Soapmaker's supplies: LYES.

105. Just makes, with "out": EKES.

106. Mailed: SENT.

109. Watch: SEE.


Feb 8, 2020

Saturday, February 8, 2020, Ed Sessa

Saturday Themeless by Dr. Ed Sessa

After only three weeks, Dr. Ed is back again and his distinctive grid immediately caught my eye.  His 10/13/15 horizontal top rows were mirrored with his 15/13/10 bottom row (TERRACE LEVEL?) in this 64-word puzzle. The bottom such trio was much more helpful but as usual Dr. Ed's Rhelped mitigate some of the gloom of this dreary, winter season here on the Great Plains. I wonder if the fill dictated the grid or the grid dictated the fill. Maybe the good doctor will enlighten us.

Avoid Walgreens today and get your elixir direct from the Sessa enclave on Sanibel Island, FL (a spoonful of crossword helps the medicine go down):


1. "We're done here": CASE CLOSED.

11. Wit: FACETIOUSNESS - How hard can she throw that club?

14. Lead-in for an old saw: AS THE SAYING GOES - "Hell hath no fury..." (see above)

16. Bio lab preparation: STAIN 

17. Star associated with Venus: SERENA - The tennis star sisters

18. It may be taken before a vote: POLL 

19. Reality: FACT.

23. __ Stadium, home to the 49ers: LEVIS and 48. Word with box or dome: SKY - Here's a SKYBOX at LEVIS Stadium

24. Wild fruit is a feature of it: PALEO DIET - A diet that emulates our hunter-gatherer ancestors

27. Unadon fish: EELS - A classic Japanese dish consisting of steamed rice topped with filets of EELS (Unagi).

28. Manufacturing statistic: NEW ORDERS 

30. Either co-author of Curious George books: REY.

31. Ward of "FBI": SELA - A beautiful and frequent crossword law enforcement visitor

32. Clubs for Cubs: BATS - In 1932

34. Movement-controlling pedal: GAS 42. Fill up again: REPLENISH - How hard you push the pedal determines how often you have to REPLENISH the GAS

37. Decides when: SETS A DATE - My granddaughter Emma has SET A DATE of January 2021 for her wedding after Colten popped the question in Estes park

40. Aphrodite's love child: EROS - Another cwd All Star

44. Opposite of original: TIRED.

46. Baseball's Maglie and Bando: SALS - If you're interested - Maglie - Bando

47. TurboTax pros: CPA'S - My tenth year using this instead of a CPA

49. Tequila sources: AGAVES.

51. Short-legged lizard: SKINK - Cute?

52. Song title line after "once, twice": THREE TIMES A LADY - A very nice musical respite

57. Basements, to Realtors: TERRACE LEVELS - This apartment building units are Upper Floor, Main Floor and, uh, TERRACE LEVEL

58. Sources of sprays: NEBULIZERS - The only way my poor asthmatic brother got through his childhood


1. Andorra's only official language: CATALAN - "I am a citizen of Andora" is "Sóc ciutadà d’Andorra" in CATALAN and "Soy ciudadano de Andorra" in Spanish

CATALAN is the first language of 38% of Andorrans
2. Victim of Paris: ACHILLES - I think we all know where Paris is aiming to kill ACHILLES 

3. Understood: SEEN.

4. "Men in Black" gp.: ETS and 5. "Men in black" gp., some say: CIA - Aliens and spooks

6. Myrna who played Nora Charles: LOY.

7. Sí, across the Pyrenees: OUI - When those ANDORRANS cross the Pyrenees into France 

8. Figs. with two dashes: SSN'S.

9. Tannenbaum topper: ENGEL - In Deustchland, "Our Christmas tree has an angel on top" becomes  "Unser Tannenbaum hat einen ENGEL an der Spitze"

10. Master's award: DEGREE - I've got one of those 

11. Depth-of-field setting: F-STOP.

12. To any extent: SO EVER.

13. Declining in later years: SENILE - MIL's Dementia and Alzheimers issues have dominated our last few months

14. Slithery danger: ASP.

15. Back-talking: SASSY.

19. Bit of deception: FOOLER - If Penn and Teller can't figure out how a magician does a trick on their TV show, the magician is called a FOOLER, wins a cheesy FU (Fooled You) trophy and gets to appear in their Las Vegas show. Sample

20. Marketing fees: AD RATES - The AD RATE for the Super Bowl I was $37,000 for thirty seconds. This year for Super Bowl LIV, it was over $5M for the same time 

21. "El Cantar de mío __": Castilian epic poem: CID The Song Of My CID (Lord or master)

More Spanish Geography

22. Minor league game?: TEE BALL - This minor is serious about using a TEE in this league game

25. Farm animals that sound like trees: EWES - Yews/EWES

26. Sports news highlights: TRADES The most lop-sided TRADES in history

29. Hockey Hall of Famer Mikita: STAN - One of a few STANS we get here

33. Exacting sort: STICKLER 

34. Try to say: GET AT.

35. Correctly: ARIGHT - Have you ever said something stupid and then had to set things ARIGHT with a sincere apology? Me too!!

36. Like a June day, to Lowell: SO RARE.

38. Where many get manis: SPA.

39. Observations: ESPIALS - A natural collection of ESPYING efforts

41. The U.S. Naval Academy is situated at is mouth: SEVERN - Two weeks ago, Evan Kalish clued Annapolis as the second city in an alphabetic list of state capitals.

43. Piano duet quartet: HANDS - These four hands had a beautiful Top 40 Hit in my yute

45. Caterpillar rival: DEERE.

50. Whack: STAB - I'll take a STAB/Whack at it!

51. Act with a rainy day in mind?: SAVE.

53. Hosp. area with few visitors: ICU.

54. "AGT" judge __ B: MEL She storms off the show dramatically by throwing water in Simon's face during a taping of America's Got Talent 

55. Singer in the Whiffenpoofs, e.g.: ELI.

56. Slangy states?: SEZ Mike Royko's book

I'm thinking of going off to pack to take up Dr. Ed's invitation of three weeks ago for any of us to visit him on Sanibel Island. You can comment while I get out my suitcase.

Jan 18, 2020

Saturday, January, 18, 2020, Ed Sessa

Saturday Themeless by Dr. Ed Sessa

So you think doctors won't make a Saturday house call. Well, Dr. Ed Sessa has arrived here at our crossword stand with his little black bag full of cleverness and learning (e.g. 1 Across) to help ease the winter blues for those of us north of the Mason-Dixon Line. Bringing along his faithful companion is a further boost for us!

Just for fun I found out how far it is from my town here on the frozen steppes of eastern Nebraska to Ed's home on Sanibel Island, Florida. BTW, I see they do have three golf courses on the island.

Let's check out what Dr. Ed has for us on his rounds today:


1. Indian anna, e.g.: COIN - An anna (or ānā) was a currency unit formerly used in India and Pakistan, equal to ​116 of a rupee. I'm sure the word play similarity to Indiana did not escape Ed.
A 1919 mint condition 8 anna
coin worth $400

5. Baked potato topping: CHIVES.

11. Billy the Kid preceder?: AKA - "Also Known As" is "Better Known As" below

14. It's tossed into a pot: ANTE.

15. Play with Freudian implications: OEDIPUS REX - Freud - "It is the fate of all of us, perhaps, to direct our first sexual impulse towards our mother and our first hatred and our first murderous wish against our father18. Freudian component of 15-Across: PRIMAL URGE - You're on your own here

17. Result of spilling the beans: MESS.

19. Catering preparation: PLATTER.

21. Whale fare: KRILL - They can eat millions per day

22. Jam-packed: FILLED - NFL stadiums are not necessarily FILLED anymore 

23. 1989-'90 Broadway one-man show: TRU Robert Morse as TRUman Capote

26. Gift-wrapping occasions: EVES.

27. Arm of the sea: INLET.

28. Serial standout: SOAP STAR - The longest serving American SOAP STAR 

30. Short rules?: REGS.

31. Enjoyed a parlor game: SHOT POOL - When Fast Eddie SHOT POOL with Minnesota Fats, it was in a pool hall not parlor. "Like he's playing a violin"

32. Stumble: ERR.

33. Market research pioneer: NIELSEN - According to the NIELSEN Ratings, The Bob Hope Vietnam Christmas Show was the highest rated TV show this week 50 years ago

34. Suitable for family viewing: TV-G.

37. Actress who voiced Duchess in "The Aristocats": EVA GABOR - Movie also from 50 years ago

39. Cry over spilt milk?: MEWL - It'll be fine kitty!

40. Contemporary of le Carré: DEIGHTON - Spy novelist Len's first name is standard fare here

41. Movie character who might say 3-Down: ZORBA and 3. "No clue": IT'S ALL GREEK TO ME.

42. Facebook nudge: POKE.

43. Texting nicety: THX - YW seems to be the apt reply

44. Finalized, with "up": FIRMED - We finally FIRMED up the sale of MIL's house last month

45. Join the cast of: ACT IN - I'll bet all of you know what TV show these ladies joined to ACT IN after the previous one moved on

47. Propaganda tactics: BIG LIES - It's been done for centuries 

48. It's usually stuffed on planes: STORAGE BIN 

52. Suspicious of: ONTO.

53. Garden support: TOMATO CAGE - It's hard to see the CAGES that are holding up my wife's lush TOMATO and cucumber plants. Daughter, niece and nephew are harvesting from her bounty!

54. Storm preceder, at times: CALM.

55. "I kissed thee __ I killed thee": Othello: ERE - In English and in, uh, English

56. Govt. savings vehicles discontinued in 1980: E BONDS - Initially offered in 1941 to finance WWII. They became known as "War Bonds"

57. "Red Balloon" painter: KLEE - As it hangs in the Guggenheim 


1. Hand warmer only used outdoors: CAMP FIRE.

2. Little crack: ONE LINER - The King!

4. Settles softly: NESTLES - So many to choose from online ("from which to choose" for the grammar police 😏)

5. Managed to get by: COPED.

6. German title: HERR.

7. Forest's Oscar role: IDI - A Scottish doctor on a medical mission becomes entangled with this brutal dictator who declared himself to be the title of this movie

8. Drive: VIM.

9. Acid Rain Program org.: EPA.

10. Have a pouty face: SULK.

11. Carousel location: ARRIVAL TERMINAL - Michael Richards hurt himself sliding onto this carousel but finished this Seinfeld scene

12. Seeker of turkeys in alleys?: KEGLER - When a KEGLER (bowler)  gets three strikes in a row 

13. Eponymous jumps: AXELS - Named after its Norwegian creator AXEL Paulsen

16. Gonna: SURE TO.

20. Hanoi holiday: TET.

23. Hobbyist's organizer: TOOL BOX - I'd call this a deluxe model

24. Fingers: RATS ON.

25. __ deck: UPPER - In the UPPER deck at Yankee stadium you are 7 stories up and about 180' from home plate

28. Scabbard: SHEATH.

29. Dad bud, often: SON.

31. Tourist attraction: SIGHT - Old Yankee Stadium was on my bucket list as a SIGHT to see that I checked off

33. Badger or hound: NAG - Yeah right, I was the only one who put DOG first

35. "Punch buggy" in a car trip game: VW BEETLE - We called it "slug bug" and it gave you license to punch a sibling after yelling out "slug bug" upon seeing a VW BEETLE. Hey, we didn't have glowing screens to occupy us!

36. Full of joy: GLADSOME - Makes sense. Use over time:

38. "25 Words or Less" host Meredith: VIEIRA A play-at-home game published in 1996 and put on the TV in 2018

39. Wells predator: MORLOCK - Here they attack Sheldon in a dream he has while sitting in the prop used in the H.G. Wells movie The Time Machine

40. Who on TV, with "the": DOCTOR All you wanna know about one of aforementioned Sheldon's favorite TV characters 

41. Turn sharply: ZIG.

42. It holds things together: PASTE - Haute cuisine in Kindergarten 

44. Ticket prices?: FINES.

46. Archibald of the NBA: NATE - NATE is the second from the right standing on this team that split time between the two cities

47. Cowboys' city, familiarly: BIG D - Carol Burnett and Julie Andrews sing this fun song from Most Happy Fella

49. Lump: GOB.

50. Green opening: ECO.

51. Taboo: BAN.

Thanks for the visit, Dr. Ed. Comments?