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May 18, 2020

Monday May 18, 2020 Matt McKinley

Theme: What THE Road

20. Discards as useless or obsolete: KICKS TO THE CURB.

35. What people are saying: WORD ON THE STREET.

49. Through many experiences: AROUND THE BLOCK.

Boomer here. 

A long, long time ago, I can still remember ... a visit to Great America Amusement Park near Lake Michigan and a few miles north of Chicago. I used to play Pacman (mostly in bowling centers) and Great America had a machine in the open air of the park.  I popped in a quarter and ran up a score of 208,000.  When I finally lost, there were about a dozen people behind me watching me run up that score. No applause.  The reason I bring this up, and since most of us are safely in our homes for more hours than we would care to admit, I found a Pacman game on the internet.  Just Google Pacman on Google and it will appear.  It's not the same as the original screen, and of course there is no joystick.  You need to move Pacmann with the directional arrows on the keyboard.  My high score is 54,710 and you're not allowed to use any of those nasty four letter words when a ghost gobbles your Pacman.  C.C. rules, not mine.  Enjoy!

Speaking of home confinement, I had a nasty fall a week ago which created an injured left leg.  C.C. was a very great help in getting me through this and I can walk now without a limp, and playing golf today. I had to skip last Monday. 


1. Parson's home: MANSE.  Parsons is a very famous national electrical contractor based in Minnesota.  I have a great hoodie they gave me at their Christmas banquet.

6. Wall St. hedgers: ARBS. Arbitragers. I heard that there was a U.S. Senator or four that fooled around on Wall Street sometime in February.

10. Seize with a quick motion: GRAB. I guess they were GRABBING a profit or avoiding a loss.

14. Carne __: burrito filling: ASADA.

15. Anklebones: TALI.  "The shin bone's connected to the anklebone."

16. Piece that starts next to a knight: ROOK.  Bishop didn't fit. The ROOK is supposed to look like a castle (for the King and Queen.)

17. Set of blank pages for notes and doodles: SCRATCHPAD. A little different than a SCOTCHPAD, which can sooth what itches you.

19. Rowboat pair: OARS.  "Gently down the stream".  My dad purchased a boat for our lake cabin and it was "Oar powered".  (Guess who got to pull.)

22. Bro's sibling: SIS.  I have three, but no BROS.

23. Ones elected to office: INS.

24. Make illegal: BAN.  I wish we could BAN Covid-19.

25. It comes before the ques. on "Jeopardy!": ANS. Answers. I wonder if Alex is doing okay.  There is nothing but reruns on recently - maybe due to the fact they cannot have a studio audience.

26. Unfilled calendar slot: OPEN DATE.  Lots of OPEN DATES for professional sports these days.

31. Desire: WANT.  "If you want it here it is, come and get it, but you better hurry 'cause it's going fast.  (Badfinger).

33. Going __: fighting: AT IT.  I believe I'll skip this one.

34. Mangy mutts: CURS.

38. Deuce topper: TREY.  Deuces and Treys are worthless.  I believe we remove them from the deck for a game of 500.

39. Riles up: IRES.

40. Snakelike fish: EELS.  I really would not call an EEL a fish.

41. Diminutive two-seater: SMART CAR.  We own a dumb van.

43. Morning moisture: DEW.

44. Furniture wood: OAK.  I believe that most of our furniture is particle board.

45. Come out on top: WIN.  "Root, root, root for the home team, If they don't win it's a shame.  Because they are all going to play in Arizona and Texas.

46. Musical gp. that performs summer programs at Tanglewood: BSO. Boston Symphony Orchestra.

54. Persia, now: IRAN.

55. Car showroom site: AUTO DEALER. Not sure if they are open around here. They are all advertising free delivery.  Are they selling cars or pizzas??

56. Route-finding app: WAZE.

57. Baseball Hall of Famer Willie: MAYS.  Willie played for about a month for our minor league Minneapolis Millers, farm club of the Giants. I was very young, but the Giants returned to Minneapolis to play the Millers around 1957 for an exhibition and I saw Willie hit one about 500 feet.

58. Appliance brand: AMANA.  Based in a city of  the same name in Iowa. 

59. Do as ordered: OBEY.

60. Fashion monthly: ELLE.

61. Battery components, to a doctor: TESTS.


1. Surgeons' protection: MASKS.  We were able to find some for our use when we go to a grocery or Target. I am still seeing a few people without. I have a VA appointment coming up in a couple of weeks and I am curious to see how strongly they have adapted the medical center.  They cancelled two of my blood draws in April and May but June is a bit more important.  Last time we were there, the blood draw area was a zoo. 

2. Computer data acronym: ASCII. American Standard Code for Information Interchange.

3. Feds busting dealers: NARCS.  I think our governor closed down our drug dealers with a stay-home order.  He hasn't opened them up again.  Sorry, I should not create sarcasm about these worst of times.  I apologize.

4. State known for 60-ft.-high presidents' faces: S DAK.  I was on my way one day, but it was really foggy.  So I turned around.  I've been to Deadwood, but I regret never having been to Mt. Rushmore.

5. Erodes, as profits: EATS INTO.  I cannot imagine what has happened here in the U.S. Airlines traveling at 10% capacity, Restaurants, bars, and bowling centers shuttered.  And Las Vegas must be going crazy!!

6. Musketeer pal of Aramis: ATHOS.

7. Engrossed: RAPT.

8. Uninteresting: BLAH.  A woman from the supermarket ran to call a cop. "He must be high on something someone said."  Though it never made the New York Times, in the Daily News the caption read - and Blah Blah Blah.

9. Auxiliary wagers: SIDE BETS.

10. Airplane maintenance group: GROUND CREW.  They are not too busy these days.

11. Lion's warning: ROAR.  In the old days it was the ROAR of the crowd when the LIONS came to U.S. Bank Stadium to play the Vikings.

12. Choice of two: A OR B.  I'll take "B".

13. Novels and such: Abbr.: BKS.

18. Amazon delivery boxes: Abbr.: CTNS. We get a few of them on our doorstep since all of the local stores are closed.  Except grocery, drug, Target, Costco and Walmart.

21. Recycled container: CAN.

25. Longtime "60 Minutes" closer: ANDY ROONEY.  I write a column on  I used a pen name "Randy Ooney" out of respect for this grumpy old man.

26. Significant __: OTHER.  The most important person in my life, C.C.  I hope all of you and your "significant others" are safe and healthy.

27. Crusted desserts: PIES.  My favorite is still pumpkin.

28. "The Clan of the Cave Bear" author Jean: AUEL.

29. "__ chic!": TRES.

30. N.J. winter hours: EST.  Eastern standard time, an hour ahead of Minnesota.  I remember when the East Coast had Daylight time and we did not.  Then the TV shows were all out of whack.

31. Wriggling bait: WORM.  Sometimes C.C. and I would dig a dozen or two from our garden.  Sometimes we would buy them at a bait store.  Probably the best fish bait you can find.

32. General vicinity: AREA.

33. Gillette razor: ATRA.  I like the BIC product better.  5 blades!!

35. Lb. and kg.: WTS.

36. "Stevie" for Stevie Nicks, e.g.: NICKNAME.  Why not just call him NICK ??

37. Former magazine aimed at adolescents: TEEN BEAT.

42. Greek cross: TAU.

43. Conked out: DIED.

45. Start of a question of possession: WHOSE.

46. Gauchos' weapons: BOLAS.

47. Bloodhound's pickup: SCENT.  There was a report that men are trying to train dogs to see if they might be able to sniff out Corona virus.  I can see them now standing next to the TSA agents at the airport.

48. Gumbo vegetables: OKRAS.  Gumbo is a strange name for soup.

49. Speedy steed: ARAB.

50. Level, as an abandoned building: RAZE.  It's amazing to watch a skyscraper come down.

51. For two countries, as citizenship: DUAL.

52. "Chat soon," in texts: TTYL.

53. Unconvincing, excuse-wise: LAME.  There does not seem to be any excuse for the virus.

54. __ Jima: IWO.


Feb 24, 2020

Monday February 24, 2020 Matt McKinley

Theme: SKIP INTRO (65. Command to bypass a recap of prior episodes ... and what the puzzle circles do) - Each theme entry contains a split- up INTRO.

17. Keyboard chamber work: PIANO TRIO.

24. Shih Tzu or Chihuahua: MINIATURE DOG.

40. Authorize someone to represent you at the shareholder meeting: DESIGNATE A PROXY.

52. Personal unrest: INNER TURMOIL.

Boomer here.  

Here's my intro - My bowling started last Monday with a 254 game. After that?  The same old, same old.  I was watching the PGA Mexico tournament and I have come to realize that I am not far off from the pros.  They hit their drives around 320 yards, my drives travel about 320 feet.  NBC - do you really have to show 6 commercials every 2 minutes ??


1. On a peg, as a golf ball: TEED.  Yup. FORE!! 320 feet.

5. Panda Express kitchen items: WOKS. We do not have a traditional WOK at home.  C.C. does just fine with a frying pan.

9. Aerospace giant __ & Whitney: PRATT.

14. Pre-deal payment: ANTE.  Craps does not require an ANTE.  Just put some $$ on the pass line and see what happens.

15. Rapper/actor with a cool name?: ICET.  Law & Order SVU guy with a funny name.

16. Talk show host in the National Women's Hall of Fame: OPRAH.  On her way up, she used to show up on the Johnny Carson show now and then.

19. Pending state: LIMBO.  In the late 50s and early 60s, this was a funny dance walking backwards under a stick.

20. Go off-script: AD LIB.  This would be more accepted if it was liberation from ads.

21. Indian royal: RAJA.

23. Very long time: EON.  The time it takes me to work a crossword can be measured in EONS.

28. Wet just a bit: MOISTEN.  No longer necessary on postage stamps.

31. Airer of old films: TCM.  Turner Classic Movies.  I wonder if the Braves have them on in their clubhouse.

32. Kindle download: APP.

33. Norse royal name: OLAV.  Sometimes known as Olaf.

36. Was shown on TV: AIRED.  When winter is over, we may open a window or two for some fresh air.

44. Tea biscuit: SCONE.  Does Baskin -Robbins sell S CONES?

45. Sank, with "down": WENT. "Down down in the sea, far from the lights of town."

46. Fellows: MEN.

47. Pontiac muscle car: GTO. "Three deuces and a four speed, and a 289"  (Beach Boys)

49. Financed like many fleet cars: ON LEASE.  I do not like car leases.  When the term is up, you have to return it to the dealer, then how are you going to get home.  Plus you have no equity to trade.

57. __ Paulo: SAO.

58. Bruins star Phil, to fans: ESPO.  I don't watch much Hockey but I heard that Alex Ovechkin Knocked number 700 in the nets this weekend.  Phil had 717 goals in his career.

59. Eye surgery acronym: LASIK.

63. Singer Ronstadt: LINDA.

68. Make sure not to see: AVOID.  I try to AVOID leaving ten pins.

69. "Electric" fish: EELS.  Drop one "E" and you have an electric golfer.

70. Product preview: DEMO.

71. Like a bad breakup: MESSY.  Like my spare shooting some nights.

72. Deuce topper: TREY.  I thought it was called a three.

73. Smoochy love letter letters: SWAK.  "I'll send you all my love ... every day in a letter, Sealed with a Kiss."  (Bryan Hyland - 1962)


1. Cantina snack: TAPA.  They may have been in the concession stands at the Mexican Golf Tournament last weekend.

2. Oklahoma city: ENID.  The ninth largest city in Oklahoma which makes it smaller than Brooklyn Park, MN.

3. And others: Abbr.: ET AL.  High School Latin, it means whatever I left out.

4. Jeans: DENIMS.  I have not worn Jeans for 50 years.  If it were up to me, Levi's would be out of business.

5. Quipster: WIT.

6. Text digitization meth.: OCR.  What I had in my baseball card store.  An Old Cash Register.

7. Knightley of "Love, Actually": KEIRA.

8. Brown ermine: STOAT.

9. Frigid zone ice formation: POLAR CAP.  This is what I call our driveway in February.

10. N.Y. tech school: RPI.  Apologies to you grads.  I thought this stands for Runs Per Inning.  Spring training has begun.

11. Carrying a weapon: ARMED.  I have two golf weapons, attached to my shoulders.

12. It's forbidden: TABOO.  I have to be careful with some of my bowling and golf words.

13. Skimpy swimsuit: THONG.

18. Column that aptly includes the letters BIO: OBIT.

22. Stick (out): JUT.

25. Sign gas: NEON.  No doubt we viewed lots of NEON in Las Vegas.

26. Relative via marriage: IN-LAW.  Certainly is.  But how come criminals are called Outlaws.

27. Mideast bigwig: EMIR.

28. Magazines with Alfred E. Neuman: MADS.  I'll bet I bought 50 or 60 editions back in the 50s and 60s.  Not anymore, are they still Around?  I still remember an edition in the early 60s featuring Richard Nixon and sung to the tune of "Tit Willow".  "In a house by the ocean Dick Nixon sang out, singing TV, damn TV, damn TV.  And I said to him Dickie boy why do you shout, singing TV, Damn TV, Damn TV.  Is it westerns you hate so immensely I cried?  Do those private eye shows hurt you deep down inside? None of those its those lousy debates he replied,  Damn TV, Damn TV, Damn TV.
29. Intl. oil group: OPEC.

30. __ facto: IPSO.

34. Had lunch: ATE.  Two and two are four, Four and four are ??

35. Snake's poison: VENOM.

37. Capital of Italia: ROMA.  My sister visits Rome frequently. We still call it Italy and Rome.  I wonder what Italians call Minneapolis ??

38. They aren't together anymore: EXES.  Between Ws and Ys.

39. Unit of force: DYNE.

41. "Picnic" dramatist: INGE. William.

42. Prepare (for): GET READY.  Get set, GO.

43. __ extra cost: AT NO.  We already charge too much so you can have this at NO EXTRA COST !!

48. Tense NBA periods: OTS.  We had this last week, Timberwolves are still 30 points behind at the buzzer.

50. Taylor of "Mystic Pizza": LILI.

51. Largest living antelopes: ELANDS.

52. Muslim religion: ISLAM.

53. Hardly worldly: NAIVE. My sister always called me this. Then one day I looked it up in the dictionary and hit here.

54. They're forbidden: NO NOS.  After that, calling me NAIVE was a NONO.

55. Unexpected win: UPSET. See Timberwolves (above).  They made a few trades and now they win once or twice a month.

56. "Today" weather anchor: ROKER.  Remember him on the subway in Seinfeld ??

60. Crock-Pot dinner: STEW.  Yup, we have a Crock-Pot, and I make beef stew.  C.C. does not like beef, but now and then she will try a carrot.

61. Hogwarts librarian __ Pince: IRMA.

62. Screwball: KOOK.  KOOKIE, KOOKIE, lend me your comb.

64. Prefix with card or count: DIS.  or ney World.

66. Land in l'eau: ILE.

67. Future therapist's maj.: PSY.


Jan 13, 2020

Monday January 13, 2019 Matt McKinley

Theme: Californian Hoopers

 18. Manicurist's tool: NAIL CLIPPER.

28. Eponymous '60s-'80s "Airways" entrepreneur: FREDDIE LAKER.

47. Attacker or defender of online information systems: CYBER WARRIOR.

62. "It" novelist: STEPHEN KING.


65. Org. for the ends of 18-, 28-, 47- and 62-Across): NBA
68. Home state for the ends of 18-, 28-, 47- and 62-Acr.: CAL.
Boomer here.  

Well, football season has ended here in Minnesota.  Good luck to the NFL teams that remain.  Although the NBA theme of this puzzle is a different sport and that season ended in Minnesota AROUND 1959.  Luckily, bowling season is still with us so here we go.


1. Hanks who plays Mr. Rogers: TOM.  I like him in "A League of Their Own".

4. Spanish houses: CASAS.

9. Watched secretly: SPIED.

14. Dr.'s group: AMA.  Stands for "I AM A Doctor"

15. Scarlett of fiction: O'HARA.  Shocking line in "Gone with the Wind".  "Frankly my dear. I don't give a d..."  Shocking four letter word in a 1939 movie.

16. African river: CONGO.  In the middle of Africa.  Flows into the Atlantic.

17. Server of shots: BAR. "Bar tender" is the actual server.

20. Word with sprawl or renewal: URBAN.  Also the name of Popes in the third and eleventh centuries

22. Norse trickster: LOKI.

23. Walrus feature: TUSK.  "I am the egg man, they are the egg men, I am the walrus" (The Beatles)

24. Made stuff up: LIED.

26. Like Mattel's Cathy doll: CHATTY.  My sister had one of these.  You had to pull a plastic ring on a string to get her to chat.

33. Like desperate straits: DIRE.

34. Send with a stamp: MAIL.  The first class stamp is now $.55.  Besides me, who remembers when it was .03 cents?

35. Old Detroit brewer: STROH.

39. Like frozen roads: ICY.  It's really bad here.  I hate to complain because Minnesota is my home.  But we had snow two weeks ago, then it melted a bit, then it got cold again and guess what happened.

40. Resolves out of court: SETTLES.  I would prefer ___ like dust, on the shoulders of the old friends.  (Simon and Garfunkel).

42. Paris summer: ETE.

43. Spot for a friendly kiss: CHEEK.

45. Bit of cat talk: MEOW.

46. Mennen lotion: AFTA.  I don't use it.  Got some "Old Spice" for Christmas.

50. Water heater: BOILER.

53. Nuremberg no: NEIN.  I learned a few words when I was in Deutschland.  This was ein of them.

54. German auto: AUDI.  A German vehicle.  If offered to me, I am afraid I would say nein danka.

55. Movie lab assistant: IGOR.  He did the monster MASH.

59. President #2: ADAMS.  John.

66. Remove the chalk: ERASE.  A "Stay after school" punishment.

67. Muslim holy city: MECCA.

69. Monica of tennis: SELES.

70. Beautify: ADORN.  "Major League II"  ADORN bought the Cleveland Indians from the lady.

71. Suffix with Japan or Milan: ESE.


1. "Forbidden" fragrance: TABU.

2. Actor Epps: OMAR.  Rep. Ilhan of Minnesota makes the news too frequently with negative opinions.

3. Bakery item Jerry stole from an old woman in a classic "Seinfeld" episode: MARBLE RYE.  It was the last one the bakery had.

4. Fooled in a swindle: CONNED.

5. "Figured it out!": AHA.

6. Windsurfing need: SAIL."We sail the ocean blue, in our saucy ships of beauty"  Gilbert & Sullivan.

7. Guthrie of folk: ARLO.  "You can get anything you want, at Alice's Restaurant."

8. Quarterback-tackling stat: SACK.  Saw a few of these on Saturday.

9. Biol. or ecol.: SCI.

10. Toaster snack: POP TART.

11. Data to enter: INPUT.

12. Spew out: EGEST.

13. Not at all cool: DORKY.

19. Kiss from a pooch: LICK.  I HATE that Allstate commercial.  Where do they come up with tripe like that.

21. Teacher's helper: AIDE.

25. Ten-cent piece: DIME.  U.S. keeps messing with quarters and dollar coins, but the good old FDR ten center remains the same.

27. Gas brand with toy trucks: HESS.  A collectable toy tow truck.

28. Bank acct.-protecting org.: FDIC.

29. Wealthy: RICH.  "Happy Days RICHie Cunningham:.  Not OPIE

30. Cake directive Alice obeyed: EAT ME.  First she drank the "Drink Me" potion and became too small.  So than she tried some "Eat me" cake and blew up like a balloon. A little more potion and she was Just Right. 

31. Soda bottle buy: LITER.  Mostly in Europe. Also a white wine buy.  I think Canadian gasoline is sold by the Liter.  It sounds cheaper that way.

32. Permit: ALLOW.  First you get a driver's permit. Then soon you need to spend your allowance on a car.

36. Arrange new terms for, as a loan: REFINANCE.  Banks and loan companies always make this sound like a good deal.  I feel sorry for people that have to refinance due to cash flow issues. 

37. Bart's bus driver: OTTO.

38. Perceive aurally: HEAR.  What??

40. Terrier type: SKYE.  In an Island off Scotland.

41. McGregor of "Doctor Sleep": EWAN.

44. "Total" 2017 event visible in a coast-to-coast path from Oregon to South Carolina: ECLIPSE.

46. Very dry: ARID.

48. Soft French cheese: BRIE.

49. President #40: REAGAN.  One of two Presidents whose history included a divorce.

50. Diamond quartet: BASES.  The Twins used to have an announcer named John Gordon who would shout "Touch 'em all" whenever a Twin hit a home run --BORING

51. Off-the-wall: OUTRE.

52. Perfect: IDEAL.  It's a wonderful toy --- "It's Ideal" (Commercial.)

56. Govt.-owned home financing gp.: GNMA.  Sometimes called Ginnie Mae.  They might do a refinance.

57. Gave the nod to: OK'ED.

58. Wealthy, to Juan: RICO.  You would think the Hurricane was bad enough.  Now they are living in the results of an earthquake.

60. Corp. execs' degrees: MBAS.

61. January "white" event: SALE.  Pitcher Chris who the Red Sox got from the White Sox.

63. "For __ a jolly ... ": HE'S. --- Good Fellow.

64. ATM giant: NCR.  Remember when you could request $25.00 or $50.00?? Those were pretty stingy machines.


Notes from C.C.:

Here are three fantastic pictures from Spitzboov. Cute and handsome.

 I’m 17 mos, old.  Before we moved upstate to the farm

I’m being hoisted into the helicopter from the ship’s fantail for transfer to the carrier Randolph in the right center background.
I’m in my full-dress whites - on occasion of ship’s change of command ceremony.  Sporting Lt.jg shoulder boards.

Sep 2, 2019

Monday September 2, 2019 Matt McKinley

Theme: LABOR DAY (64. September 2, 2019 ... and what the first words of the answers to starred clues commemorate) - The first word can follow LABOR.

17A. *New Year's Eve headwear: PARTY HAT. Labor Party,
40A. *Billiards stick: POOL CUE. Labor pool.

11A. *Ground out on which the fielder needn't tag the runner: FORCE PLAY. Labor force.

35A. *Great Britain's flag: UNION JACK. Labor union.

Boomer here.  

Greetings all.  Wishing you a restful holiday.  Why do the call it Labor Day and then give 3/4 of the country the day off work?  But most of all, I am sure most of you will join me in wishing safety and free of damage to Lemonade and all who may be in the path of Dorian along the Southeastern shoreline of our country. 


1. Grazing area: LEA.  In Southern Minnesota we have a small city named Albert Lea, named after a famous soldier and surveyor in the 19th century.

4. Islamic mystic: SUFI.

8. Would rather have: PREFER.  I would PREFER an easier clue.

14. Rock concert gear: AMP.  Okay, I know what turns up the volume, but to me an AMP will always be a measure of electricity.

15. Mellowed in a cask: AGED.  Or me in a townhouse.

16. Novelist __ de Balzac: HONORE.

19. Offshore driller: OIL RIG.  Maybe Desper-otto can tell us if they are still doing this.  I remember BP having a problem in the Gulf of Mexico.

20. Loses speed: SLOWS.

21. Absorbed: RAPT.

23. Treats with a cold pack: ICES.  I have been treating aches and pains with a heating pad.  I am ready to try ice.

24. Weather-affecting current: EL NINO.  I think I still have that Storm bowling ball.

26. Vinyl record feature: GROOVE. " Lookin' for fun and feeling Groovy "  Paul and Art.

28. Building sites: LOTS.  We have lots of building sites here in Brooklyn Park.  Many town homes and condos are reaching for the sky.  We may get two Reps after the 2020 census.

30. Comprehensive: IN DEPTH.

33. France, under Caesar: GAUL.  GAUL is a bit of a questionable name for a country.  Sounds like Gall and in Gallbladder.

36. "And __ what happened?": THEN.

38. Relative via marriage: IN-LAW.

39. Sprint: RUN.  Many are preparing to run in 2020.

42. "SNL" alum Poehler: AMY.  Don't know her, but we have Ms. Klobuchar in the running, plus I have a younger sister named Amy also.

Amy Poehler

43. City near Syracuse: UTICA.

45. "Trees," for one: POEM.  "I wish that I could only see a poem as lovely as a tree."  It would not look like the tired old ash tree in our yard.

46. Parting words: BYES.

47. Compound cry of dissatisfaction: BOO HISS.  Not hearing this too much at Target Field this year.  We will see how our Vikings do soon.

49. Agile: SPRY.

51. Common workday starting hr.: NINE AM.

53. OSHA's "S": SAFETY.  Occupational Health.

57. Indian royal: RAJA.

59. Powerful engine: V TEN.  Have not seen one of them ever.  I think a Rolls Royce or a Packard may have had one back in the thirties.  I think BMW may have tried it in the past also.

61. Patty Hearst's SLA alias: TANIA.

62. Florida fruit: ORANGE.  Speaking of which, I hope Dorian does not ruin the crop.

66. "Hannibal" villain: LECTER. 44. Italian wine favored by 66-Across: CHIANTI.

67. Jacob's twin: ESAU.  I am not a big bible toter, but this story is really strange.  Jacob killed his twin Esau apparently to fool his blind father and gain a birthright.

68. Outfielder's asset: ARM.  A high batting average would be helpful also.

69. Muslim ascetics: FAKIRS.

70. Sunrise direction: EAST.  If you travel west 12,000 miles you get to the far East.

71. ___ Bo: fitness system: TAE. 


1. Moment of forgetfulness: LAPSE.  I notice that since I got older I have had many forgetful moments.  Now I know what they are called.  I hope I don't forget it.

2. Online shopping mecca: E-MALL. C.C. does a bit of online shopping. Saves on gasoline.

3. Cook's protection: APRON.  We have one at the end of our driveway.

4. Refuses: SAYS NO.  "You say YES, I say NO, you say WHY, and I say I don't know.  Hello, Goodbye.

5. "That stinks!": UGH.  This could be an acronym for an Under Ground Home.  Might be useful this week in Florida.

6. Fright: FEAR.

7. Suitcase tie-on: ID TAG.  And yet Airlines still lose them.

8. Kind of "Star Trek" torpedo: PHOTON.

9. King, in France: ROI.

10. Give some pep to: ENLIVEN.  Remember a breakfast cereal called "Pep"?  Then you are old enough to eat Grape Nuts.

12. Canal across New York: ERIE.  There's that Great Lake again.  Must be superior to the others.

13. Rules, briefly: REGS.

18. Woven fabric: TWILL. Wow! I have not seen TWILL fabric since Pep was a cereal.

22. Harry and William of England: PRINCES.  Without the "S" - this Purple Rain guy is a Minnesota icon.  There is a museum in a Southwest suburb of Minneapolis.  Even the Twins had a Prince night where they gave away purple stuff.

25. Enzo's eight: OTTO.  I have heard of OTTO Von Bismarck.  Not sure if the capital city of North Dakota was named after him.

27. Slobbery comics pooch: ODIE.  Jim Davis created Garfield and this dog.  The reason I remember this is that we had a Lithonia lighting rep Named Jim Davis that called on Graybar, and we used to call him ODIE.

29. Frequents, as a store: SHOPS AT.

31. Get under control: TAME.

32. Interstate rds.: HWYS.  I think the Interstate highway system that was initially created by Dwight Eisenhower was a great idea.  We have an I-35W in Minnesota that could have been planned better though.   A few years ago a bridge (and a bunch of cars) fell into the Mississippi River, They rebuilt the bridge, and now they have a big mess downtown while they add a few lanes. 

33. Vittles on the trail: GRUB.  J.K Simmons, (The State Farm ad guy) used to call lunch "GRUB" when he was Emil Skoda on "Law and Order".

34. Prefix with correct: AUTO.   It does it by itself.

37. Symphonic rock gp.: ELO.

40. Ache: PAIN.  You name it, I got it.

41. Infield quartet: UMPS.  In the majors only.  Lower divisions get by with one or two.

46. Substantially: BY FAR.

48. Cuts off, as diplomatic ties: SEVERS.

50. Inform on: RAT OUT.

52. Big fight: MELEE.  NHL season is right around the corner.

54. Continue until: END AT.

55. Jewel-studded topper: TIARA.

56. "I did good!": YAY ME.

57. Massage deeply: ROLF.  A treatment.  I am surprised that there is no commercial on TV -- "Ask your doctor if ROLFING is right for you."  Or why doesn't Joe Namath let you know that Medicare does not cover Rolfing.

58. Rectangle measure: AREA.  Lengths times Width

60. Mission Control org.: NASA.

63. Olympic country code alphabetically just before GHA: GER.

65. Music majors' degs.: BAS.

Last Word. I woke up Saturday morning to learn that Valerie Harper passed away.  Of course I always liked the Mary Tyler Moore show because they pretended it was in Minneapolis even though the only Minneapolis scenes were Mary walking along Lake of the Isles, and tossing her hat on Hennepin Avenue.  Valerie played Rhoda Morgenstern well, and earned a few Emmy awards.  But my newspaper informed me that Valerie was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2013 and given about three months to live.  Six years later it caught up with her.  Thank you for setting an example for me, Rhoda.  Now rest in peace. 


Aug 12, 2019

Monday, Aug 12, 2019 Matt McKinley

Theme: Times 6

17. Half a million in annual pay, say: SIX-FIGURE SALARY.

27. Chromatic basis of much modern music: TWELVE-TONE SCALE.

63. Around the clock: TWENTY-FOUR SEVEN.

Boomer here.

This puzzle did a number on me.  I just want to take a minute to applaud all of you puzzle solvers out there. I enjoy commenting on the blog, and although I do not add many comments at the bottom shown on the next screen, I do read all of what you have to say. So many wonderful people on this blog!


1. Golfer __ Thompson, who had her first LPGA tournament win at age 16: LEXI.  She came on the LPGA like a fireball, and continues to play successfully.

5. College sports channel: ESPNU. Football is coming. Go Gophers!  Or your team! 

10. Inquires: ASKS.

14. Have too much, briefly: OD ON. Overdose on.

15. Surgical tool: CLAMP.  Used widely under a tent in M.A.S.H.

16. "Ignore that dele" mark: STET.

20. South Korean capital: SEOUL.  I have never been there however there are many ladies from Korea on the LPGA tour competing with Lexi.

21. Proverb: MAXIM.

22. Put the kibosh on: NIX.

23. Carry with effort: LUG.  This used to be a nut holding a tire on a wheel.  I guess they are still there but it seems the manufacturer hides them so if you get a flat, you need to call someone.

25. Like citizenship maintained in multiple countries: DUAL. Or like exhaust pipes and mufflers on a 1957 Chevy. 

35. Victory: WIN.  Root, Root, Root for the home team, if they don't WIN it's a shame !

36. In __: unborn: UTERO.

37. Sets straight: TRUES.

38. Mallorca o Menorca: ISLA.  The home of "Dragnet" IS LA.

40. Med. research agency: NIH.

41. Part of Q.E.D.: ERAT.  What comes after D Rat

42. Spanish girl: CHICA.

44. Like a chimney needing sweeping: SOOTY.  Like Santa at his arrival. Not Argyle.

47. Garden of Eden woman: EVE.  "And from the garden of Eden, picked the apple she was eatin" and I swear that I'm the one that et the core."  (Mitchell Trio).

51. Shoe or foot part: HEEL.  Folks used to teach their dog that.

52. __ de toilette: EAU.  About 100 miles east of Minneapolis lies Eau Claire, Wisconsin.  A very nice city, not a toilette.   I bowled many tournaments there in the past, at Wagner's.

53. Inveterate imbiber: SOT.

55. Impertinent: SAUCY.

59. Copy on transparent paper: TRACE.

66. Bonn article: EINE. The number of German Biers I could drink without getting sick.

67. "I'm innocent!": NOT ME.  Me neither.

68. Captain hanged for piracy: KIDD.

69. Toward the setting sun: WEST.  Also "Batman"  Adam.

70. Op-ed piece, e.g.: ESSAY.

71. Fruity beverages: ADES.  Shout out to Lemonade, same as last week.


1. It's often covered by insurance: LOSS.  I don't think there is any Dow Jones Insurance, other than selling short.

2. Actress Falco: EDIE.  I was thinking of Ernie Kovacs wife, Ms. Adams. 

3. Hugs-and-kisses symbols: XOXO.  Not a real good bowling score though.

4. Paid __: completely settled: IN FULL.

5. Heart test: Abbr.: ECG.  I thought it was an EKG.  Turns out they both mean the same thing.

6. Blighted inner city area: SLUM.  "On a cold and gray Chicago morn, another little baby child is born."  Elvis.

7. Law office hire, for short: PARA.

8. Ariz. neighbor: N MEX.  Large Southwestern state on the Mexican border. I have been there a few times and an SUV we are looking at from Hyundai is named after it's capital city, Santa Fe.  No relation to Santa Claus.

9. Potential for profit: UPSIDE.

10. Comm. system with hand motions: ASL.

11. Oliver Hardy's partner: STAN LAUREL.  Oh how I miss those guys.  Whenever a friend or relative needed to be in the hospital, I would always visit and bring them hard boiled eggs and nuts.

12. "The Americans" actress Russell: KERI.

13. River of Hades: STYX.

18. Candy heart sentiment: I LUV U. I don't know, the little candy hearts that we used to buy never had room for 5 letters.

19. Not optional: A MUST.  I had a 1968 Mustang many years ago.

24. Obtain: GET.

26. Farmland measure: ACRE.  I think there were green ones in Petticoat Junction.

27. A couple of times: TWICE.  Followed by ONCE, if you get to THREE TIMES you were in a lot of trouble.

28. "__ could help": WISH I.  "When you wish upon a star, males no difference who you are."  I think it was Jiminy Cricket.

29. Gives spiritual insight to: ENLIGHTENS.

30. Past, present or future: TENSE.

31. Mythical hunter: ORION.  This guy had some stars named after him.

32. Not at all: NO HOW.

33. Depart: LEAVE.  "Leaving, on a jet plane.  Don't know when I'll be back again."  Peter, Paul and Mary.

34. Compound with a fruity aroma: ESTER.

39. Nagging pain: ACHE. I's very uncomfortable in a tooth.  That's why I now have plastic.  I used to think Fixodent was an auto body repair shop.

43. Nuclear weapon trial: A TEST.  Hey!!  Cut that out in the Asian Pacific.

45. First word in many Grisham titles: THE.  Buck stops here.

46. Dublin-born poet: YEATS.  He's a poet but he doesn't know it.  His feet show it, they're Longfellows.

49. Comic Boosler: ELAYNE.  She thinks she's funnier than she really is.

50. California's motto: EUREKA.

53. Slow-cooked dish: STEW. I make really good stew.  Any cut of beef, celery, carrots, onion, potatoes, and a special spice packet or two.  In a slow cooker for half a day, it's Greeeaaat !
54. Scrape, in totspeak: OWIE.  We had many when we were kids.

56. Mysterious sci-fi ships: UFOS.

57. Collapsible beds: COTS.  Canvas, no mattress.  Hard as a rock.

58. Arizona city on the Colorado River: YUMA.  That Colorado is really something.  I have visited Lake Mead and it's odd to see that much water in a desert.

60. Gung-ho: AVID.

61. Formally turn over: CEDE.  I give up

62. Concludes: ENDS.  We're getting there

64. Ping-Pong table divider: NET.  Pretty small, tennis courts are bigger.

65. Spanish throne occupant: REY.

I noticed last Friday that I now receive CBS channels on DirecTV.  I don't suppose I will receive credit for time lost.  I only missed a couple of PGA finishes.

Jun 16, 2019

Sunday, June 16, 2019 Matt McKinley

Theme: "Low-Tech Glossary"- Punnily rephrasing some computer software terms.
23A. Part of a parallel parking lesson?: BACKUP PROCEDURE.

46A. Cookie recipe?: BATCH FILE.

65A. Déjà vu?: VIRTUAL MEMORY.

87A. Spider-Man?: WEB MASTER.

112. What a jittery camera operator may be having?: TROUBLE SHOOTING.

32D. "I'll skip it, thanks"?: PASS WORDS.

35D. Poirot's note-to-self about locating the Orient Express murder weapon?: SEARCH ENGINE.

39D. Meteorologist's rainfall prediction measure?: CLOUD STORAGE.
57D. Tide table?: FLOWCHART.

I think there's no extra layer. Just software terms, right? TTP will explain the theme better than I do.

I like how the middle entry crosses two Downs. Often the ease up filling. Sometimes it creates expected knotty spots.


1. Next to nothing?: CENT. It's indeed next to nothing: 0.99

5. New newts: EFTS.

9. Trying to break a tie, briefly: IN OT.

13. Battle zone journalist: EMBED. Sebastian Junger stopped reporting on war after his partner died. Sebastian also wrote "The Perfect Storm" and "Tribe".

18. Courier alternative: ARIAL. Font.

20. Area below Greenwich Village: SOHO.

21. Equivalent of neener: NYAH. When repeated.

22. Weeper of myth: NIOBE. You can see her face at here at Turkey's Weeping Rock.

26. "I might": MAYBE.

27. Redundant modifier of "bit": TEENY.

28. Sealskin boot: MUKLUK.They don't look comfortable.

29. Castle defense: MOAT.

31. City west of Boise: NAMPA. Third-most populous city in Idaho.

33. "__ for Alibi": Grafton novel: A IS.

34. Sch. in Manhattan: KANSAS ST. Manhattan, Kansas.

38. One of Mary Stuart's people: SCOT.

40. When one might have a late lunch: AT TWO. We have lunch around 11:00am. How about you?

42. Pet store array: CAGES.

43. Lead-in for worm: EAR.

44. Hesitates: FALTERS.

48. 1977 Steely Dan album: AJA.

49. Pleasing application: ALOE. The fresh aloe juice stings.

50. Nonfiction piece: ESSAY.

52. Mayall of "Drop Dead Fred": RIK. Unknown to me.

53. Go right to the top?: PRAY. Ha.

54. Monetary promises: IOUs.

55. Pretty pitcher: EWER. Here is a Chinese ewer.

56. Starbucks order: DECAF.

58. Stats for NFL defensive linemen: SACKS.

59. Fishing __: ROD. And 45. Land with a 59-Across: REEL IN.

60. Tar Heel State campus: ELON. Our standard pre-Musk clue.

61. Corporate agreement finalizer: SEAL.

62. Basic security feature: LATCH.

64. USN rank: ENS.

68. Shore bird: ERN.

71. Graph's depiction: TREND.

73. Schulz's "psychiatric help" dispenser: LUCY.

74. Tot's scrape: OWIE.

75. New beginning: NEO.

76. Devious intentions: PLOTS.

78. Scrap: SET-TO.

80. Soft shoes: MOCS.

81. PC scrolling key: PGDN. Page Down.

82. Not often seen: RARE.

83. "What __ the odds?!": ARE.

84. Get clean: BATHE.

85. Board game with a lawsuit card: LIFE.

86. Org. with a two-leaved flower logo: EPA.

91. Best way to play, teamwise: AS A UNIT.

93. Wrinkly-faced dog: PUG.

94. Bars on the road: AXLES. Great clue. We have two more bars: 104. Springfield bar: MOE'S. "The Simpsons". Also 111. Bar order: BUD.

95. Actress Samantha: EGGAR.

97. Tax-evasion agts.: T-MEN. And 101. Not quite first-stringers: B TEAM. And 41. Skier's aid: T BAR. A few letter openers.

98. Deceptively convincing: SPECIOUS.

100. Bearded bovine: GNU.

103. Fords whose initials didn't actually stand for anything: LTDS.

104. West Coast surfing mecca: MALIBU.

106. Musical symbols: CLEFS.

109. Just not done: TABOO. In China, we never share a pear, homophone of "separation".

116. Candy heart words: I LUV U.

117. Barely made it, with "by": EKED.

118. Where Zeno taught: ELEA.

119. Cellphone group pic, in slang: WEFIE. Most still call selfie.

120. Military rookie: CADET.

121. Upbeat: ROSY.

122. Snippy return: SASS.

123. Macy's div., e.g.: DEPT.


1. Locomotive compartment: CAB.

2. Q.E.D. word: ERAT.

3. "Impressive!": NICE.

4. What most do in class: TAKE NOTES. Do kids still take notes by hand these days?

5. Medium power?: ESP.

6. Configuration: FORMAT.

7. Bank heist unit: THOU. Thousand.

8. Save, as money: SOCK AWAY.

9. Pakistan's longest river: INDUS. Originating in Tibet.

10. Stooge laugh: NYUK.

11. Row: OAR.

12. Travelers celebrated annually: THE MAGI.

13. How tour groups move: EN MASSE.

14. Mazda two-seater: MIATA.

15. Youngster: BOY.

16. Go out on the beach?: EBB. New clue angle.

17. Bad mark: DEE.

19. Crescent-shaped: LUNATE. Spell check does not like this word.

24. Poe title stowaway: PYM. Refers to "The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket".

25. Jennyanydots' creator: ELIOT. Cats.

30. Turow memoir: ONE-L.

34. "The Trial" author: KAFKA.

36. "Solve or spin?" host: SAJAK.

37. Cafeteria staples: TRAYS.

38. Swinging-doors site: SALOON.

42. Gum source: CHICLE. Wiki says "The word chicle comes from the Nahuatl word for the gum, tziktli , which can be translated as "sticky stuff".

44. Renaissance __: FAIRE.

47. Like many shakes: CREAMY.

51. On its way: SENT.

53. Ms. __-Man: PAC.

56. Car battery pioneer: DELCO.

58. Apt rhyme for "eye": STYE.

60. Times to prepare: EVES.

61. Cooks in oil: SAUTES.

63. Happens: ARISES.

66. Michelob diet beers: ULTRAS.

67. Like arguments no longer worth having: MOOT.

69. European perch: REDFIN. With red fins.

70. A chamber work by Louis Spohr was the first to bear this title: NONET. No idea. Wiki says
"Spohr was a noted violinist, and invented the violin chinrest, about 1820."

72. W. Coast's 101, e.g.: RTE.

76. Jobs before the main job: PREPS.

77. Really enjoy: LAP UP.

79. Eponymous chair maker: EAMES. So low. Boomer won't be able to get up.

80. "CSI" actress Helgenberger: MARG.

81. Crashed: PLUMMETED.

84. Enchants: BEGUILES.

87. Bide one's time during, as a storm: WAIT OUT.

88. Bk. after Genesis: EXOD. Exoducs.

89. Much ado about nothing: BLUSTER.

90. Workout wt.: TEN LB.

92. As far down as it's been: AT A LOW.

96. Rule violations: ABUSES.

99. Garlic unit: CLOVE. Steve probably has tried black garlic.

100. Overly showy: GAUDY.

102. Prefix with tourist: ECO.

105. Composer Bartók: BELA.

107. Wind similar to a piccolo: FIFE.

108. Small cut: SNIP.

109. Involuntary habit: TIC.

110. Phrase on a menu: A LA.

113. "Top Hat" studio: RKO.

114. Already acquired: HAS.

115. Acquire: GET.

Here is the Pisa guy I was looking for last week. Once you meet Gary and hear his voice, you'll never forget him.

Husker Gary
Here is a picture of dear Bill G and his wife Barbara "at our favorite restaurant, Il Fornaio, celebrating our 54-year anniversary". Congratulations, Bill!

Barbara and Bill G