Oct 21, 2013

Monday, October 21, 2013 Erik Agard

Theme: S > > > s - Take a 5-letter word that starts with an S and is still a word after you chop off the S. Repeat the resulting word, add an S and hope it makes sense. Find an appropriate clue and you're done.

17A. German cars bought by Riyadh residents? : SAUDI AUDIS

21A. Cafeteria carriers gone missing? : STRAY TRAYS

54A. Streamlined onion relatives? : SLEEK LEEKS

59A. Stories you've heard a bajillion times? : STALE TALES

10D. Out-of-tune string instruments? : SHARP HARPS

27D. Neato water sources? : SWELL WELLS

Argyle here. You could say these are rhyming anagrams with the rows overlapping and the columns intersecting. Ambitious for a Monday but complex is Erik's forte.


1. Floating platforms : RAFTS

6. Guy or fellow : MALE

10. Haughty sort : SNOB

14. Creepy starer : OGLER

15. Top military draft category : ONE A

16. Skid row denizen : HOBO. No, no; a wino or a bum but not a hobo.

19. Not many : A FEW

20. Releases (on), as an attack dog : SICs

23. QB's mishap : INT. (interception)

24. Tennis icon Arthur : ASHE

25. Makes a choice : OPTS

26. Drawing upon : USING

28. 100-yard race : DASH

30. Shoulder wrap : SHAWL

32. "Once __ a time ..." : UPON

34. PC software : APPs

38. Rose of baseball : PETE

39. Hard to hear : FAINT

40. Was a passenger : RODE

41. Figure skater's leap : AXEL

42. Uncle Remus's __ Rabbit : BR'ER

43. Nursery-rhyme Jack or his wife : SPRAT. 11D. Like Jack 43-Across's diet : NO FAT

Jack Sprat could eat no fat.
His wife could eat no lean.
And so between them both, you see,
They licked the platter clean.

44. Put down, as floor tile : LAID

46. "__ my case" : I REST

48. Fixes with thread : SEWS

50. Plastic coffee container designed for a Keurig brewer : K-CUP

51. Sports enthusiast : FAN

57. Pie à la __ : MODE. Oops. 33D. Dessert with a crust : PIE. Often made with fruit.

58. Basketball's __ "The Pearl" Monroe : EARL. Wiki

61. Bad to the bone : EVIL

62. Promgoer's concern : ACNE

63. Leaning somewhat : ATILT. An A-word but better than ALOP.

64. Lousy grades : DEEs

65. Like so : THUS

66. inventory : SHOES. LINK


1. Big name in vermouth : ROSSI. Martini & Rossi®

2. A second time : AGAIN

3. Vary irregularly, as prices : FLUCTUATE

4. Koppel and Knight : TEDs. One newsman on TV and one TV newsman on WJM.

5. __ Lanka : SRI

6. Teeth-and-gums protector : MOUTHGUARD

7. Conductor Previn : ANDRÉ

8. "Star Wars" princess : LEIA

9. "Piece of cake!" : EASY

12. Does as directed : OBEYS

13. Curtain call acknowledgments : BOWS

18. Part of YMCA: Abbr. : ASSN.

22. How-__: instruction books : TOs

24. Feel lousy : AIL

28. Insult comic who was a frequent Johnny Carson guest : DON RICKLES. Johnny strikes back.


29. Crumb-carrying insect : ANT

30. Relaxation center : SPA

31. Put a curse on : HEX

35. Financial planner's concern : PORTFOLIO

36. Handheld computer, briefly : PDA. (personal digital assistant)

37. Go down in the west : SET

39. "The X-Files" gp. : FBI. On the TV series.

43. Ninth mo. : SEP.

45. Pop the question : ASK

47. Ploy : RUSE

48. Work really hard : SLAVE

49. Spooky : EERIE

50. Reeves of "Speed" : KEANU

52. Dancer Astaire : ADELE. Fred's sister.

53. Homes for chicks : NESTS

54. Future flower : SEED

55. J.D.-to-be's exam : LSAT. (Law School Admission Test)

56. __ A Sketch : ETCH

57. Trig or calc : MATH

60. Prof.'s helpers : TAs. (teaching assistant)


Note from C.C.:

For those who missed my link last time, here is the Washington Post article on today's constructor Erik Agard. Don't miss the weekly puzzles he posts on his blog.


OwenKL said...

Prince Turki* Al-Faisal is a SAUDI,
AUDI'S cars are his principle hobby.
He has one of pure gold
(Or so I've been told),
Painted black, so it won't look too gaudy.

Huey let his focus go STRAY,
TRAYS get encumbered that way.
He went through the line
Preparing to dine
And got heaped with the whole darn buffet!

To keep herself slender and SLEEK
LEEKS and garlic Gail ate every week
To display lingerie
On the stage she'd sashay.
It was grand -- till she started to speak!

To keep stories from getting too STALE
TALES should be like the shell of the snail.
As the wee beastie ages
It adds rooms in stages,
Like the minnow who became a White Whale!

The angels all want to look SHARP,
HARPS and halos are shined and look smart.
Gabriel felt they were fine
As he walked down their line --
Till "Ode to Joy" was sung out by a fart!

With water the great oceans SWELL,
WELLS drill down to where aquifers dwell.
But Fields, (W.C.)
Said, "No water for me,
Fish f*ck in it!" (There's no more to tell.)

* I don't know if Turki really drives an Audi, I just like the idea that there really is a prince named Turki! The W.C. Fields quote is real, though. I don't know if "Ode to Joy" was in their repertoire, but flatulists were also real.

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Fun Monday romp. I really enjoyed the theme, but I'll admit I was a bit thrown by the numerous long answers in the grid that weren't actually part of the theme.

Hand up for wanting WINO instead of HOBO, but that didn't take long to fix. Rossi was a complete unknown as clued (I've heard of Martini and ROSSI before, but always associated the name with sparkling wines). Rock solid perps took care of it quickly, however.


Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Erik Agard, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Argyle, for the swell review.

Could not sleep, so I got up and did the puzzle.

One of these days I will beat Barry and OwenKL.

The puzzle was really good. easy, of course, being Monday.

Liked the theme. Very clever. Caught on after the second answer.

Our old friend Arthur ASHE. Great man.

A few years ago APPS did not exist. Now it is the word of the day in our lives.

KCUP was unknown. Caught the CUP easy enough, but the K came with KEANU. Obviously we do not have one of those gadgets. Since I drink tea, I just boil water and put the loose tea in with a strainer. earl Grey, of course.

Had THIS instead of THUS for 65A, for a short while.

SEED reminds me of my fun of ordering my garden seeds this winter. Cannot wait.

Off to my day. Lots to do. Off to Evanston tonight.

See you tomorrow.



Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Argyle and friends. I had fun with today's Floating S theme. It was a one pass puzzle, but getting the SAUDI AUDIS gave me a "leg up" on seeking out the rhyming theme.

Bad to the Bone = EVIL reminded me of George Thorogood.

The X-File actors are interested in making another such movie.

Just Friday I was speaking with a woman who said she bought her SHOES from I had never heard of the company until then.

Happy birthday to Celia Cruz who makes frequent guest appearance in the puzzles (but not today).

QOD: As you get older, the pickings get slimmer, but the people don’t. ~ Carrie Fisher (Oct. 21, 1956)


OwenKL said...

"16. Skid row denizen : HOBO. No, no; a wino or a bum but not a hobo."
Right. OHNS this group runs one of my webcomics in their quarterly magazine.

Middletown Bomber said...

Thank you to Argyle for the great write as per usual and to Erik for the delightful Monday morning eye opener. HOBOs do not live on skid row they travel the rails but these days I guess the kids are learning that a HOBO is nothing more than a synonym for a bum, and I understand that as I learned when I was younger that a "NIMROD" was synonymous for an "IDIOT" only to find out that was very far from the truth. Here is to a good and quick week.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

I managed to find a few ways to go wrong with this softball: STOLE/SHAWL, COOPS/NESTS. But the perps quickly straightened things out.

I agree with the consensus on today's HOBO issue. They carry bindlestiffs rather than wine bottles.

Still trying to master this IMac. Everytime I put my cursor on a line to type something, a little menu box appears with options I don't want. Reminds me of the Microsoft "Assistant", which I stifled. I've run through my entire repertoire of cuss words several times lately.

Mari said...

Good morning everybody! Nice fun easy puzzle today. I liked the way some of the theme clues ran vertical, while others ran horizontal.

I needed PERPS on 23A INT, and 7D ANDRE, otherwise all went well.

Have a great week everybody!

Yellowrocks said...

Hahtoolah, I like your name for the theme, Floating S.
Very clever, Erik.
This was a piece of cake, a fast sashay. Getting the theme very early on made it so EASY. No unknowns.
I agree about HOBO. I guess there were A FEW winos among them, but they didn't live on skid row.
Spitz, thanks for last night’s shout out. We use dances similar but less complicated than that for an occasional mixer. For instance, as a mixer, when the men go into the middle they come out to the next girl in the circle and continue until they have danced with every girl.
Square dance clogging has an emphasis on the rhythm of the shoes with taps attached. It is done in a square and uses square dance calls. Here is an example of the footwork. Very energetic. I couldn’t find an example of it applied to square dancing.
Link clogging

kazie said...

I took longer enjoying the blog today that I took doing the puzzle. Thanks to Erik and Argyle respectively for both.

I needed perps for INT, EARL, K-CUP and SHOES, since I knew nothing of basketball, grid iron, Keurig or Zappos. I did follow the link and found some shoes I might order. So thanks again, Argyle!

Anonymous T said...

G' Morning All!

WEES - EASY Monday Thanks Erik! And of course Argyle for the write-up.

52d I know I've seen before, but I still needed the perps.'s policy is "no questions asked returns." They were the first to do that. There's now a UPS commercial featuring Zappos (we love logistics).

I loved Ted Knight in MTM.

For Rickles - Argyle's link is hard to top.

The MATH in my PORTFOLIO doesn't work out yet, so off to work I go.

Cheers, -T

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Thanks, Erik, for a very clever theme and fun solve, and thanks to Argyle for 'splaining it all.

I ordered a stunning pair of shoes from Zappos to wear to a wedding. Since the wedding was out of town, a group of us rented a huge house for the night before and night of the wedding. On the afternoon of the ceremony, I fell down a flight of stairs in the house and ended up with a very sore, swollen foot. The unworn shoes went back to Zappos and yours truly had to attend the wedding with one foot in a bedroom slipper. Embarrassing, to say the least.

Happy Monday.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Great puzzle, Erik! Cute theme. I caught on with the first two which helped with the rest. Great expo, Argyle!

I knew all the names for a change, but did not know of I can't figure out how to do computer orders anyway. I only do books on Kindle.

OKL: Oh, Lordy, no! I thought heaven was where no one had to suffer gas, either giving or receiving.

I did the puzzle and read the blog yesterday early but was too tired to get my thoughts together and post later. My daughter & I went out to lunch then shopped for stuff I needed. I managed to last through Lowes & Target. Usually I'm good for only one store. I got home and realized I hadn't used the Lowes Gift Card I got for Mother's Day -- the whole reason for going to Lowes in the first place. Aargh!

Re yesterday's puzzle: I had a colleague who bought a new Yugo, a rarity in our rural community. A few months later he traded it for an older American car. He said he got tired of the wags yelling, "Peddle faster", every time they saw him.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone. Nice intro, Argyle.

This puzzle could be entitled: "Piece of cake". Fun theme. No lookups or strikethroughs needed. Liked SLEEK LEEKS. BH makes a wonderfully delicious LEEK soup. Best leeks I ever saw was in a Farmers Market in Ottawa.
Knew about Keurig but didn't know the coffee container was termed a K-CUP.
Good job, Erik.

YR - enjoyed the link to the square dance clogging.

Bathymetry of a connecting waterway could be termed STRAIT TRAITS.

Have a great day.

Husker Gary said...

I agree Argyle, complex at a Monday level with a fun theme. Wow!

-My friend’s daughter still can’t drive her SAUDIAUDI in Riyadh
-It ain’t a HARP, but my guitar goes SHARP stored in the basement
-Many Nebraska counties are saying you can’t drill any more SWELL WELLS for USING the Ogallala Aquifer
-When does a look become an OGLE if ladies workout dressed like this?
-A single INT or FUM decided NFL games yesterday
-Some meets call the 800 meters a DASH. Maybe for Marti…
-PETE’S sins look paltry compared to what the PED users did and lied about to Congress
-My hearing’s fine, that jackhammer sound was just too FAINT
-A drunken MALE Jet FAN punched a woman New England FAN yesterday
-Good verb for a good marriage? Husband OBEYS!
-The sun is SETTING earlier and earlier these days
-The young man who sold me my treadmill will be working for the FBI in two months
-A KCUP system looks too dern expensive to justify buying
-What great musical has a song with the lyric, “…at the least suggestion, I’ll POP THE QUESTION”

Tinbeni said...

Argyle: Excellent write-up & links. Esp.Johnny.

Really enjoyed the themes plus the 4 add'l long clue answers. (That's 98 spaces easily filled!)

I thought that a 'Promgoer's concern' was (getting) LAID but I guess ACNE is the right answer.

Hand-up for wino before HOBO appeared. (and NiFAT made no sense).
(WINO W/H/B my favorite though, just sayin').

e.a. said...

@Husker Gary -

IIRC, it's the same musical that features the song "Gary, Indiana"

desper-otto said...

Erik, thanks for dropping by. I'm surprised you knew that one; it's quite a bit before your time.

What's smaller than an a-cup? A k-cup, of course. Who knew?

Montana said...

Good Monday morning. This was a one-pass puzzle although I read the down clues as I solved. It wasn't as easy as some Monday puzzles we have solved, but a fun one.
Argyle, thanks for the LINK in blue under the big blank white space in your blog. It worked on my iPad.

I am at work, so must get off computer as next client is coming in.

Have a good Monday,


Lucina said...

Hello, friends! Thank you, Argyle and Erik Agard.

This was fun to sashay through especially since the theme became clear right away with SAUDIAUDIS. I love that!

Even EARL the Pearl appeared thanks to the rhyming style.

A friend gave me a Keurig coffee maker about two years ago. She is the kind of person who if you admire something, she will likely buy it for you. She is generous that way.

Ditto on HOBO which might have been clued "a rail rider" or similarly.

Have a marvelous Monday, everyone!

Misty said...

The speediest, most satisfying speed romp ever--thank you, thank you, thank you, Erik! I got the theme within seconds in the NW corner, and after that all the theme answers just fell into place--each one cuter than the one before. I just loved this puzzle. And of course your expo, too, Argyle--many thanks!

The stroll down memory lane to Johnny Carson, Don Rickles, Ted Knight and the Mary Tyler Moore show was an extra gift.

Husker and Erik, "76 Trombones"?

Irish Miss, sorry to hear about the bad-shoe-day wedding. I have such awkward feet I could never wear a shoe I haven't tried on first, and even then it takes forever to break some of them in. So no Zappos for me

Have a great Monday, everybody!

Bill G. said...

That was an easy and enjoyable puzzle. Thanks Erik and Argyle.

Argyle, if I understand correctly, you are taking a little issue with the HOBO clue. If so, I agree. Hobos were poor, homeless and often migrant workers who 'rode the rails' to get from one area to another. Jimmy Rogers (the original, not the 'Honeycomb' singer) wrote all kind of great songs about hobos and their lifestyle. I think the clue is referring more to a tramp or a bum.

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

Easy Monday puzzle, with a simple theme.

Well - simple in concept, anyway, and easy to suss. Execution must have been quite difficult, though and it was handled beautifully.

Very rich in themeage, with some great long fill.

Yet doable, at a Monday effort level.

Very impressive.

Kudos, Eric.

Jim Leyland has stepped down as Tiger's manager. Good decision. It's time. Just listened to his press conference. Class guy.

Tigers made so many blunders in the series with Boston. I really feel they let this one get away. But they stopped scoring in September, and never got back on track. The rest of the team really let the starting pitchers down.

Cool regards!

Lemonade714 said...

Fun puzzle and write up; the Jets have so much to be proud of, thanks HG for the video. She did not even go down.

Hobo, fer sure said...

Vive la difference .....

A Bum refuses to work, under any conditions , he just doesn't like to work.

A Tramp will work, only if he has to.

A Hobo is someone willing to work, and actually travels, far and wide, in search of some sort of job. Read long term unemployed, not yet eligible for Social Security or ..... too stupid to apply for SSI disability.(?).

feminist said...

The woman in Husker Gary's video .... She started it, she provoked it, ..... If you mess with a hot headed, probably drunken fan, you should know what you may be in for. Females do not get free rides, or an exemption, in a riot.

Jazzbumpa said...

Gary -

1) It STARTS as an OGLE.

2) You might have to look that up in the library. Ask for Marian.


HeartRx said...

desper-otto, if you don't want the iMac to offer suggested spellings, just click on the apple in the upper left corner (main menu) of your screen and select "System Preferences" from the drop-down menu.

In the first group of icons titled "Personal," select "Language and Text." Select the "Text" tab, and then uncheck the field for "Correct spelling automatically." I guarantee the spelling bullies will leave you alone after that...

HeartRx said...

BTW, I liked the puzzle...

Anonymous said...

When a drunk, obnoxious woman is running after you to scream at you and hit you, your only option is to continue to try to get away from her. When that fails, punch her in the face. Stay classy New England.

Anonymous T said...

Re: HG's Jet's FAN: Never hit a girl nor a woman.

HG - Nice SPA you visit:-)

This is off-topic (a buddy sent it to me), but I am fairly certain Bill G & HG will like it if they've not seen it before (others may like it too). It is 1.5h, 2010 interview with DeGrasse Tysson (he's the astrophysicist that demoted Pluto.) Link . Enjoy when you have time...

JazB - So will you be for the BoSox or Cards?

Cheers, -T

JD said...

Good morning all,

a fun quick romp today. Thanks for the write up and extras today, Argyle. Also enjoyed the article about Erik.Would have loved to have seen a picture of his Afro.

No problems with this cute theme; I had a few write overs due to bad spelling of Keanu and Leia..also had sick, and buds before seed.

I knew K-cups because we bought a Verismo instead of a Keurig, not a smart buy.Ours has very few choices.

Have been in "rock country" for the past 2 weeks, and didn't bother to buy WIFI.So I am slowly working on some puzzles I missed.Perfect weather for taking pictures in Sedona and the Grand Canyon..a few clouds would have been nice.Brought back rocks for my 3 grand sons, not shirts.

Even though I don't write often, I missed all of you.

Lucina said...

I hope you were at the Grand Canyon when it was open. Also, do you have a lifetime senior pass? At $10 it's a terrific bargain.

CanadianEh! said...

Record time today as I saw the theme early. Wanted DOCKs at first instead of RAFTS.
I wasn't sure about ROSSi but left it to the end and got the TADA! Didn't understand INT until I came here.
Have a great day!

HeartRx said...

HG @ 9:24, I can't believe no one has answered your daily song question correctly. It was "Lida Rose" sung by the barbershop quartet. Lovely!

Bill G. said...

AnonT, I agree with you about hitting women. But then I began to think...always a dangerous thing for me. Why is it worse to hit a large woman who is being obnoxious and agressive rather than hit a smallish drunk guy doing the same thing? (I should note that I've never hit anybody in my life in that situation that I can remember.) I wonder if that's because I'm a peaceable sort of fellow or if it's because I tend to stay away from those situations?


Husker Gary said...

-Of course you are right, Erik. Barbershop quartets are a fav of mine and The Buffalo Bills rocked in that movie including Lida Rose that contained the lyric in question. Gary, Indiana was in there too! Knowing all that and constructing this puzzle at your age, are you kidding me?
-I agree, Lemon, that woman had no reason to provoke that idiot. Drunks are like a box ‘o chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get. I would have never engaged that oaf.
-Jazz, do you mean, according to Marian, I can’t even look?? Isn’t there a 2 second grace rule to reach OGLE proportions? If their intent was not to have males look, sweat clothes are an alternative.
-AT, it’s the at the Y but the coeds are in every manner of peek a boo clothing and I’m never sure if they’re more upset if they see you looking or not looking.
-Geroge Costanza’s take on it

CrossEyedDave said...

Hand up for the wino/hobo confusion, but Jack Sprat fixed that, I wonder what he drank?)

I thought it was just a rhyming theme, thanks to Argyle & the Blog for pointing out that the second word was the first word without the "S",,, Excellent!

Irish Miss @ 8:58, Ouch! Sorry to hear that, but I bet Monty Python could use it in a Cinderella Skit...

Owen, Owen, Owen,,, please take it from me, you have to be really careful what you say (or rhyme) on this Blog, as people (like me) can take it the wrong way... Your flatulists comment made me do a little research,,, & now I have a clip that I have to use NOW because I would feel really sorry for the next person with a Birthday on the Blog!

Mr. Methane (or, pls do not eat this cake...)

Bill G. said...

Marty and Gary, rats! That's my favorite musical of all time but I just forgot to respond. What a shame that Meredith Willson never wrote anything else to rival that one classic. Otherwise, I think I knew about him only from some shows like "The Name's the Same." (Did you know how to spell his last name? I didn't.) Wiki has all sorts of info about him I didn't know. He played piccolo and flute, wrote "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas," played in Sousa's band and played under Arturo Toscanini. His only other halfway-famous musical was "The Unsinkable Molly Brown" which wasn't in the same class as "The Music Man" in my opinion.

Lemonade714 said...

Bill G., writing one masterpiece is quite an accomplishment. Think of how many like Salinger also had only one, or singers with one hit.

CED, you opened the door to the world of CREPITATION HUMOR . A local talk show host introduce me and South Florida to this Canadian recording in the 80s LINK .

BG, the mixing of gin with dry vermouth got the name from the Martini company (the precursor to Martini and Rossi) which made the dry vermouth. They have also sold wines as Rossi was a wine maker, though they merged into our local Bacardi company years ago.

Jazzbumpa said...

Gary -

I never said not to OGLE. However, discretion is advised. Anyway 1) and 2) were disconnected.

Anon T -

Tough call. I'm not even sure I'll watch.

On balance probably Boston. I don't know jack about the NL. I was hoping the Tigers would get another shot at the Cards, but it probably would have ended badly.

IMBO - to rehearsal

Anonymous T said...

HG - You poked, I peeked, so what... Oh..., it's like the sun.

Bill G - You asked for it... From Gaston. Wait for the 3rd verse... Thinking is a dangerous pastime (I know).

I'm not a SNOB - potty humor makes me laugh. There's still a 12yr old somewhere inside this body.

Keep it up Owen! I just let MIL read your morning poetry and she was beside herself.

Cheers, -T

Qli said...

Great puzzle to come home to! Snappy theme. Thanks, Erik. and thanks to Argyle too.

Thanks for the Ted Knight reference. Loved The MTM Show and all those great characters.

Could use a SHAWL today; it's snowing again!

We love our Keurig. I use my own bagged coffee in a My-K-cup, so it's not so expensive.

Qli said...

PS, great poem, OKL!
abRwash 4

Anonymous T said...

Why do I feel impending doom -- YR, Lucina, or Marti is going to tell us boys to "grow up and knock it off."?

JzB - NL is so much more fun than AL with double-switches, pitchers hitting, and the like. More gray-matter seems to go into the NL game. As opposed to AL - "here bat; you hit ball." OK, now I'm the SNOB :-)

2 more days 'till baseball! -T

Lucina said...

If I live to be 150 I'll never understand the passing of gas as a source of humor, but far, far be it from me to call a cease and desist. I know a little bit about what men like, so have at it.

Jayce said...

Hello everybody. I really liked this puzzle, not only for the neat-o theme but also because there were no "clinkers" (far-fetched abbreviations, for example) among the many 3- and 4-letter entries. Now to read all your comments. Best wishes to you all.

JD said...

Lucina, yes the park was open, although we did have to change our plans.We used our pass at Montezuma's Castle also.We had been in that area before, but our friends hadn't.So beautiful!

Owen, as always look froward to your poetry.CEDave, howled at Mr. Methane!!

Jayce said...

JD, so glad you enjoyed Sedona, the Grand Canyon, and Montezuma's Castle. LW and I have enjoyed those places as well, so I relate. We also had to stop in Camp Verde (on highway 17 between Flagstaff and Phoenix) to pay a speeding ticket. Best regards.

Bill G. said...

CED, the less said about your video, the better. However, I think it may have been faked since methane is very flammable.

Lucina, as usual, I completely agree with you.

I think sexy young women often dress in a provocative way because they enjoy the attention but only on THEIR OWN terms.

I just tutored a nice young middle school fellow. He understands the algebra well but has a difficult time getting through a multi-step problem without a careless mistake.

fermatprime said...


Fun puzzle, Erik! Swell expo, Argyle!

Went rather swiftly, but not a speed run.

Anyone watch The Paradise? Getting monotonous.


Lucina said...

Yes, I finally caught up on my recordings and saw The Paradise. Up to last night I had really enjoyed it but Catherine's see-sawing between suitors is getting old and uninteresting.

I love the period costumes and decor, though. Do you also watch The Bletchly (sp?)Circle?

Yellowrocks said...

Lucina @ 5:43, well said, girl!

OwenKL said...

Bill G.: From Wiki page on French flatulist Le Pétomane "It is a common misconception that Joseph Pujol actually passed intestinal gas as part of his stage performance. Rather, Pujol was able to "inhale" or move air into his rectum and then control the release of that air with his anal sphincter muscles."

Bill G. said...

Oh snap! Thanks for the additional information. :>)

You guys turned me on to TBBT and I enjoy it about as much as Modern Family. Also, you taught me how to microwave an ear of corn with all the silk easily removed so I get an ear each trip to the supermarket. I learn so much here...